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  • THE NEW COLOSSUS - A REMINDER - By Kimberly Stickrath, 2/11/2017

    The New Colossus - A Reminder

    She stands.

    Quiet & magnificent.

    Awaiting the day

    Those “yearning to breathe free”

    Will light up the world w/ the torch temporarily within her keeping.

    We are the caretakers of this flame,

    She is only

    “Holding It for a Friend”.

    And she waits,


    until her burden becomes Ours again.

    Until we truly understand that it is _Our_ Commitment, not Hers

    That keeps that light on high.

    A Steady Glow when ash fell all around her.

    Still Focused

    Still Certain

    when Darkness closes in.

    Our Guide

    Our Lamp

    Our Lady

    Still, She Stands!

    Liberty does not come to us encased in bits of copper,

    Or welded with rivets and gold.

    Liberty comes when Hope

    Climbs off the pedestal

    And gets to work

    One hand in another’s

    One step at a time.

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  • “This is the new America, we are the new America”

    - Rihanna (”American Oxygen”)

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  • @michaelrapaport spitting truth. Nazi’s were people AMERICAN soldiers gave their lives for to stop. You’re not patriotic you’re just a scared little bitch with a tiny dick complex. #spreadlovenothate #americaisforeveryone #nationofimmigrants

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  • INDEPENDENCE DAY 2015. Freedom is for all!! LOVE, EQUALITY, CHARITY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, FAMILY, and HEALTH are all what America is about!!

    #fourthofjuly #letfreedomring #4thofjuly #nationofimmigrants #weareallonenation #notundergod #freedomisforall #USAdreams #equalityforallamericans

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