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  • granlance
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Day 26 - Ripple

    “What Flows” was the title of the episode and let’s just say there were a lot of ripples involved 😆

    It was surely spooky... until it was not. Just a mountain goddess and her follower searching for a lost hairpin

    (Natsume could have done without the visions of flooded floors)

    #artober#artober 2021 #artober day 26 #natsuyuu#natsuyuu fanart#natsume yuujinchou #natsume yuujinchou fanart #natsume yuujinchou natsume #natsume takashi #natsume takashi fanart #natsume yuujinchou nyanko sensei #nyanko sensei madara #nyanko sensei fanart #natsume yuujinchou yokai #yokai #this episode was oddly sad? in a way? #but it ended on a happy note #god I love this series #there’s no way I’ll ever make it justice #but I can still try to pour my feelings for it in paper #by the way is that water? is that mud? #is it an enormous amount of liquid tar?? #....what I mean is I tried and kinda failed with the water there #there’s a hairpin in there if you squint #rambling in the tags #as usual#juliartober #list of prompts from juli artwork on instagram
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  • darthasterisk
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Loving these Nyanko-sensei figures by Banpresto. They're flocked! and surprisingly heavy 🤔

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  • scorpionatori
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Here’s a Google Doc with the Chapter 113 translation. It’s the same except it has more images of manga panels inserted that I couldn’t fit into my tumblr post.

    #natsume yuujinchou #natsume’s book of friends #natsume takashi#natori shuuichi#nyanko sensei #I hope this works I know google drive links can be finicky
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  • skrrtpastry
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Still thinking about Natsume’s Lisa Frank looking shirt. Our boy really did wake up and put this on, and looked smug as hell doing it, too

    #natsume yuujinchou #natsume’s book of friends #natsume takashi
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  • dogcircle-scans
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #ask dcs#anonymous#natsume yuujinchou #natsume's book of friends #update #i'm taking classes rn and i need to prioritize that over scan work unfortunately #there are summaries for later chapters floating around on at least tumblr #i haven't read them for reasons #but if you're desperate enough look around for them
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  • granlance
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day 25 - Apart

    Already being separated from his family and home by time and space, losing the ability to see yokai took something apart from him that he missed more than he thought

    Or, that episode where he couldn’t see Madara’s true form for a day and he didn’t take it well

    #artober#artober 2021 #artober day 25 #natsuyuu#natsuyuu fanart#natsume yuujinchou #natsume yuujinchou fanart #natsume yuujinchou natsume #natsume takashi #natsume takashi fanart #natsume yuujinchou nyanko sensei #nyanko sensei madara #nyanko sensei fanart #how he asked if he was still there BROKE ME #this drawing by the way ALSO BROKE ME #putting all the versions in there so you can see the descend into madness #a lot of decisions were made and I’m still not sure they were good ones #definitely not for a drawing-a-day schedule #also watercolors and I just... didn’t get along today #(the sooner I say I’m making progress with this devil of a medium the sooner THIS happens) #(if you can’t tell because of the mess Madara’s lower body is transparent since it is in Natsume’s line of sight who cannot see him then) #(but he is still actually there so behind Natsume Madara is fully visible) #(....I tried) #rambling in the tags #as usual#juliartober #list of prompts from juli artwork on instagram
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  • terry-mcginniss
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    currently rewatching natsuyuu for the millionth time just so I can experience emotion 😌✨

    #this is how i cope with tough days lmao #natsume yuujinchou#about me
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  • out-of-context-natsuyuu
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #natsume yuujinchou #natsume's book of friends #natsume takashi #out of context
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  • lonespektr
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day 16

    natsume yuujinchou ep 1-2

    Another anime another kid who can see yokai

    I'm a fan of the art. This is slice of (spooky) life. The kid's sensei is a cat. He goes to school. People want his book so they can control yokai. The tone is cute but they yokai are drawn pretty scary/grotesque in contrast. Great voice cast.


    Day drinka!

    Omg frog!

    Wackest guard ever you know he got fired

    The bottle? lordt

    #spooky pandemic watch 2021 #natsume yuujinchou
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  • jupitersnake
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #arc 001 : i did not think that i would ever find a happiness ' natsume yuujinchou #charted '#natsume takashi#seai #sorry this took so long
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  • scorpionatori
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Natsume Yuujinchou Chapter 113 (“Younger Cousin” part 1) Summary/Translation

    [caption: “The falling snow accumulates. Cold, unending, never melting…”]

    I’ve seen a lot of people curious about this chapter as there was important character background information revealed and it’s kind of intense compared to your average Natsume Yuujinchou chapter, so I went ahead and typed out a full summary/translation since it will probably be a very long time before it’s scantalated or the official English translation comes out. I struggle with Japanese grammar, so don’t 100% trust every detail or translation on here, but I do feel fairly confident that almost everything here is accurate. If anyone else who can read Japanese and has read this chapter notices any important errors or mistranslations please let me know so I can fix them! Thank you to @dreamer1084 for sending me some manga panels to insert here since Hakusensha’s manga app doesn’t let me take screenshots. Enjoy<3


    [Natsume and Nyanko-sensei knock on the door of an old large estate]

    Natsume: Sorry to bother…

    Person: [peeking out behind the door] Who is it?

    [Natsume explains that he promised to meet with a “friend” at this place, and asks if the person can show him in. The person says they haven’t heard of any such meet up, and the man here here won’t be seeing anyone right now]

    Natsume: Please! Even for a second, I just have to tell him—

    Person: [shutting door] Please leave.

    [Natsume and Nyanko-sensei stand quiet for a moment]

    Natsume: What was that… could you see inside, Sensei?

    Nyanko-sensei: Nope, I just caught a glimpse. What now?

    Natsume: If the front entrance is no good we could try the courtyard, but… I won’t be able to talk to him if we aren’t meeting, anyway.

    [Nyanko-sensei doubts they’d get a response from him if they called out. He explains there’s a barrier encasing the entire estate that the guy they’re meeting must have been obsessively working all day and night to accomplish setting up. It’s an unwelcoming kind of barrier that would be meant to keep people/things away]

    Nyanko-sensei: I think he may have gotten trapped here. Or perhaps he’s done this to himself.

    [Natsume notices a camellia blossom fall from a stone lantern. He goes over to the lantern and reaches for the blossoms. A young woman appears]

    Woman: You’ll damage them with those warm hands. Isn’t that why they bloom now?*

    (*More literally she says “Isn’t that why there are so many in bloom?” but I think contextually she’s referring to how camellias bloom during colder seasons, even in snowy weather, as opposed to in warmer seasons like most flowers do. Hence they shouldn’t be touched with warm hands)

    Woman: [she scoops up the fallen camellia blossom in her hands] That man only picks up the fallen blossoms, like this. It’s funny, isn’t it? It would be fine for him to clip off as many fresh branches as he likes. Fallen, or in full bloom, they will only end up decaying either way… [she places it back in the lantern] Or, if you could freeze them here without their color fading, could you gaze at their beauty forever?

    [She looks at Natsume and smiles. She says he must be determined to keep his promise if he crossed through that man’s barrier. She apologizes for her rudeness earlier and tells him to follow her. He notices what looks like paper dolls flying in the sky amidst the snow and asks the woman what’s up there. She tells him it’s “paper”. She assures him they won’t attack company, but he should keep his hands off of them. The paper here is very powerful, and it could probably cut someone up easily]

    Natsume: What do you mean? You’re… who are you?

    Woman: I’m the family’s eldest daughter who looks after this house. My name is Natori Mitsuru.

    [She leads him through the house. Various masks and swords covered in talismans adorn the wall.]

    Natsume: That smell…

    Mitsuru: Hm?

    Natsume: It’s nothing… I’d like to hear more about this branch family but… this sure is an impressive estate.

    Mitsuru: …Yes. This was once a place where our family could gather together and host visitors. However, they eventually lost the strength of heart to maintain it. The family dwindled, and clients stopped coming. The rooms of this house have become like an empty den. Before long, our brilliant family had turned into nothing more than an old legend, and they now blame everything on revenge from ayakashi. There’s only one person left with the will to fight off the monsters, and now I’m sure our family even fears this light*.

    (*the kanji used here is 光, which simply translates to “light”. Given the context I’m guessing it’s used in a metaphorical way? Referring to the one person left being a sort of “light in the darkness”/“beacon of hope”)

    [Mitsuru shows Natsume into a room with a desk set up for calligraphy, and many talismans scattered on the ground. She apologizes for the mess. She’s been practicing]

    Mitsuru: I’m pretty abysmal at it. He just laughs. [lightly chuckles] I’m no good, am I. When I’m beside him*, I’m so captivated getting to watch what he does that I can’t concentrate on my own writing. His talismans and spells are as beautiful as they are powerful.

    (*She refers to him here as お手本 (o tehon), which means role model)

    Natsume: —Um, can I see him now? That’s what I came here for.

    Mitsuru: I know, but he is inside resting. Please leave him be for now, he is very worn out.

    Natsume: Mitsuru—

    Mitsuru: I want him to be able to feel at ease, at least a little bit. Even now I’m still treated as nothing but an unreliable* child, but one of these days, I know I will be able to support him. Common folk who wouldn’t understand** us, outsiders who flatter the family***, none of them could fulfill his need for a companion. That’s the reason why you were summoned all the way out here, is it not? I’m the only one who can stay close by his side. I alone can walk this path with him. There isn’t room for anyone else. So, for the time being, I’ll use you for practice.

    (*The word here was おぼつかす (obotsuka su) but I only ever saw it spelled おぼつかない (obotsuka nai) when I looked it up so I was having difficulties translating it. I think it might just be a stylistic or archaic way of saying it though)
    (**The word I got “[wouldn’t] understand” from, 通じぬ (tsuu ji nu, the ぬ being an archaic negative ending) has quite a few meanings. Lead to, communicate with, pass, flow, understand/comprehend, among others. I ultimately went with understand, but also considered she was talking about common folk not passing through anymore.
    (***The word here was 大家 (tai ka) which can mean an expert of something, or a large house, or a distinguished family. I ruled out referring to the house because she talked about outsiders flattering/pandering/kissing-up-to etc, but I’m still not sure whether or not she was supposed to be referring to the family as a whole or if she was talking about an individual master/expert (like Natori))

    [She flings talismans at Natsume and Nyanko-sensei. Hiiragi suddenly flies in and protects them. Sasago and Urihime appear beside her. They say they were ordered to protect him, and tell him to head to the courtyard while they fend off Mitsuru. Natsume thanks them and takes off. The three of them face her, Hiiragi holding her sword out and Sasago and Urihime behind her.]

    Mitsuru: How aggravating.* You three… you were having to conceal yourselves here all this time? And yet you’re ever so obedient. Were you stuck here without being permitted to meddle up until now?

    (*The word used here is あきれた (akireta) which has quite a few meanings, expressing things such as being surprised, astonished, fed up, or disgusted. I went with an annoyed reaction for the translation as it seemed to fit best in this context)

    Familiars (unsure of which one): Silence! We ought to rip out your vulgar tongue that spouts nothing but poison!

    Mitsuru: You’re his familiars… So noble of you to play such a pathetic role for him.

    [Natsume runs outside and finds Natori staring and smiling fondly at the camellia blossoms in the stone lantern. Natsume calls out to him]

    [Natori turns his head to look, and his face immediately darkens, looking alarmed and angry. He quickly goes over to Natsume and Nyanko-sensei, asking what they’re doing inside the barrier. It seems like he doesn’t know who they are. There’s a loud clatter from inside. He calls out to Mitsuru and runs toward the noise. Inside, Urihime is flying at her to attack, but a talisman flies in and plasters her arm to the wall. Natori is holding a sword out in front of him, shielding Mitsuru from Hiiragi and Sasago]

    Natori: Run, Mitsuru!

    Mitsuru: I’ll stay with-

    Natori: I’m fine, now go!!

    Hiiragi: Master…

    [Natsume runs in. Natori remains alert, still shielding Mitsuru]

    Natsume: Natori-san, you’ve got it all wrong! We’re not your enemies! I came here to tell you-

    Nyanko-sensei: Ugh, how irritating [he begins transforming into his true form] Are you out of your mind, boy?! Let’s see if I can’t knock some sense back into you…

    [Natori flings a talisman at him, plastering him to a wooden post and keeping him in his cat form]

    Natsume: Sen…

    [He shifts his eyes and sees Natori rushing at him with the sword]

    Natori: Begone, ayakashi

    [Hiiragi pulls Natsume back at the last second as the sword slashes the paper mask he’s wearing over his eyes. He recalls something he was told before coming here:

    “Natsume, I have a favor to ask. In case I—”]

    Hiiragi and Sasago: Master, stop! [they’re struck by talismans and knocked out]

    Natori: [grabbing Mitsuru and running] This way, Mitsuru!

    Natsume: Natori-san! You don’t have—

    [Natori activates talismans that plaster the sliding doors shut behind him. Natsume tries opening them but they won’t budge. Nyanko-sensei says there must be traps like this set all around the estate, and yells at Natsume to hurry and get the paper off of him]

    [Natori runs down a hallway, holding onto Mitsuru’s hand. They end up by a large door in a room]

    Natori: [out of breath] Mitsuru, hide in here. Those… those two are especially dangerous. They’ve come to get revenge on our family—

    Mitsuru: Shuuichi, wait, we shouldn’t separate. Hey, you made a promise, didn’t you? Let’s stick together… if it’s the two of us, I’m sure—

    [He grabs her hand]

    Natori: —…Your hands are cold.

    Mitsuru: —I’m sorry. I was outside scooping up the camellia blossoms, the way you were doing…

    [He smiles at her]

    Natori: It will be okay, Mitsuru. I promise I’ll keep you safe.

    Mitsuru: Shuu-

    [He let’s go of her hand and leaves her alone in the room, latching the door behind him. There’s a large spell circle prepared on the other side of the door. Natsume calls out to him from the end of the hall, and Natori begins chanting incantations, activating the circle]

    Nyanko-sensei: Hmph, there’s a magic circle on the floor. Does he really think chanting those useless spells will do any good? [he turns into his true form] I’ve had it up to here with your games, boy!

    [Natori shouts an incantation. What appears to be black ink scribbles from the circle rise up around Madara. He slams Natori against the wall with his massive paw and keeps him pinned there. Natori firmly maintains his powerful spell despite this and continues chanting. There’s now spell lightning surrounding them]

    Madara: This is bad, Natsume, at this rate we’ll all… Hurry, Natsume!

    [Natsume runs across the floor over to Natori, who is still pinned to the wall and chanting]

    Natsume: Natori-san! Natori-san, please listen to me! I… You asked me to come here…

    [Natsume recalls what he was told. There’s a panel of Natori smiling happily at him.

    “Natsume, in case I’m unable to leave that house, I want you to come here and tell me something”]

    Natsume: “You don’t…” [he sees Mitsuru in his mind and closes his eyes for a moment before finishing] “You don’t have a younger cousin”!!

    [This seems to awaken him from the illusion he was under. There’s a panel of the stone lantern with camellias standing alone outside in the snow, and Natori shuts his eyes for a moment. Natsume looks at him, sad and concerned]

    Natori: Ah, Natsume. [there’s a panel of his familiars lying unconscious surrounded by the talismans] I see… You came after all… I’m sorry. I was…

    [there’s a panel showing the bottom half of “Mitsuru’s” face, smiling menacingly] I was completely trapped in some kind of illusion.


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  • sleepy-monochrome-prince
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • granlance
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Day 24 - Malice

    A yokai who is a culmination of human evil and malice had to be the one for this prompt.

    Taki had to endure being chased by this thing for a year, and if that kind of joy in making others suffer doesn’t make this yokai the most malicious, I don’t know what does

    #artober#artober 2021 #artober day 24 #natsuyuu#natsuyuu fanart#natsume yuujinchou #natsume yuujinchou fanart #natsume yuujinchou taki #taki tooru #taki tooru fanart #natsume yuujinchou yokai #yokai #beat it with the stick Taki beat it with the stick! #but seriously what a horrible yokai this was #way up in the worst beings to ever exist category #these episodes were tense and scary #we got to meet Taki though so that’s a good thing! #ah and Chobihige too #this one goes to the creepy pile! #cw creepy #like many times I find myself wanting to add more and more watercolor layers to up the contrast #but I also feel less scared with dark colors so I have to add less? What is this PROGRESS?? #that I will forget once October is over and I return to animation! ... I could do some watercolor as a break sometimes... I should #rambling in the tags #as usual#juliartober #list of prompts from juli artwork on instagram
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  • out-of-context-natsuyuu
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #natsume yuujinchou #natsume's book of friends #natsume takashi#hinoe #out of context
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  • granlance
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Day 23 - Surreal

    To anyone who catched sight of Reiko battling one of the many yokai she challenged, they would only see the wind caring the leaves in a weird and surreal manner

    Surreal to Reiko, for sure, was to be able to form a connection with anyone

    #artober#artober 2021 #artober day 23 #natsuyuu#natsuyuu fanart#natsume yuujinchou #natsume yuujinchou fanart #natsume yuujinchou Reiko #natsume reiko #natsume reiko fanart #natsume yuujinchou shigeru #fujiwara shigeru #child fujiwara shigeru #remember how he was so carefree and couldn’t be bothered by anything? #what a kid #a shame Reiko fled the scene after *spoiler alert for season two* exorcising the yokai from his home #it was nice to see Reiko have a human friend #didn’t last long sadly #this hurts me deeply and on a personal level #in this house we love Natsume Reiko #rambling in the tags #as usual#juliartober #list of prompts from juli artwork on instagram
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  • aki-47
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Me when I google ‘Madara’ and get image search results for an incel who lost a fight against a lawnmower

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  • out-of-context-natsuyuu
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #natsume yuujinchou #natsume's book of friends #natsume takashi #out of context
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