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  • Ahab
    Aprox. 1966-1974

    Ahab was a male Southern Resident Killer Whale who was captured on October 15, 1968 at approximately 8 years old in the United States. He passed away in 1974.

    Ahab was moved to a US Navy base in California for training soon after his capture. He and another male names Ishmael were both captured and moved to assist the US Navy. The two whales were later moved to a US Navy base in Hawaii. In February 1971, Ishmael escaped the sea pen. Unfortunatly, Ahab was alone until his passing in 1974.

    Ahab, along with another orca named Ishmael and two pilot whales named Pip* and Morgan, was part of the US Navy’s Project Deep Ops. In 1969 the Naval Undersea Center in Hawaii carried out this research program “designed to determine first, the maximum deep dive capabilities of trained whales wearing harnesses and carrying hardware and, second, the feasibility of using these animals to mark and recover pingered objects from the open ocean.”

    The Navy was looking for more reliable ways to recover lost experimental and exercise ordnance from its ocean test ranges. Objects at a depth less than 300 feet could sometimes be recovered by human divers, while unmanned submersibles could reach depths of 2,500 feet. However, the use of humans or submersibles depended on mild sea and weather conditions. It was believed that whales might be able to dive up to 3,000 feet to retrieve objects in much rougher conditions.

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  • The Epic continues! Still politically incorrect, violent, and sexual, if you enjoyed Smokepit Fairytales then you will love the follow up: Sing Goddess, The Wrath of the Fonz. A war story combined with the supernatural in the style of a classical epic to tell a snarky, uproarious, and very poignant tale mixed with an edgy Sci-Fi and fantasy twist to keep you guessing. While on a NATO training mission gone awry in Latvia the Russian Federation invades the Baltic States. Hank and Doc are stuck in the snow of far off northern lands fighting for survival. Never losing their nerve. However, things go poorly when the Marines push into Russia. Ivan is a formidable opponent, and Death is an equal opportunity employer. Who will survive?
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  • Indepence day parade at Helsinki Naval Station. Rear admiral Eero Rahola inspecting the march past. 6th of December 1943 Helsinki, Finland.

    Itsenäisyyspäivän viettoa Laivastoasemalla: Kontra-amiraali Rahola ottaa vastaan ohimarssin.
    Helsinki 1943.12.06

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  • In 1989 Pepsi briefly owned the sixth largest navy in the world when it took payment from the USSR in the form of twenty decommissioned submarines and warships.

    To make a long story short…

    Pepsi had beaten Coke to the USSR by cultivating company president Don Kendall’s personal relationship with then Vice-President Richard Nixon. Since the Soviets were cash poor, they traded for it with vodka, which Pepsi would resell.

    This worked until the mid-1980s, when the vodka market took a tip after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Again, the Soviets did not have cash, but they did have plenty of military surplus which they could use to make up the balance. In the end they traded Pepsi 17 decommissioned submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer.

    Pepsi, alas, did not use their new navy to launch an all-out strike on Atlanta. They resold the ships to a Swedish salvage firm.

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