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  • young-dumb-and-vaccinated
    25.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Sommelier (Hannigram x Female!Reader) pt. 13

    Sorry this chapter took so long homies 
    Hannibal invites Will and y/n to dinner to discuss his proposition. 
    Trigger warnings: self-degradation

    The more you thought about Hannibal's proposition, the more it appealed to you. You simply needed to act on it before your inhibitions returned. 

    Luckily, Hannibal gave you the opportunity to do just that. He invited both you and Will to dinner that night. 

    The scene was just beautiful, just as you'd pictured the sommelier's house to look. Candles and fresh flowers decorated the table and soft orchestral music filled the air. Hannibal placed himself at the head of the table with you and Will on either side. Equidistant and within arm's reach.

    Two objects of his affection, ready for the taking.

    "Steak au Poivre with garlic butter prosciutto wrapped asparagus." Hannibal introduced the meal as if it were a fourth guest. "Enjoy, my loves."

    "More importantly," Will looked at you, knowing you had the same question on your mind. "What are we drinking tonight?"

    He reached across the table and grabbed a decanter full of dark red wine.

    "An excellent question." He said, pouring a bit in each of your glasses. "We will be drinking Armore Di Valpolicella from 2013."

    "That's a.." Will racked his brain. "Dry, full bodied red with a predominant tart cherry flavor."

    He looked at you as if to ask if he was right, and you giggled. He'd been practicing his wine vocabulary, if not for you than for both you and Hannibal.

    "Well done." You praised. "Except the part about the flavor."

    Will furrowed his brow. "Is it not cherry?"

    "Well," you picked up your glass by the stem. "It might be. But you have to, y'know, taste it first."

    You began to swirl the liquid in the glass, letting the scents grace your nose. Will followed your lead.

    After getting a good whiff, you brought the glass to your ear. "Hear the wine."

    Will looked confused. "What?"

    You swirled the glass close to your ear. "You can hear the ocean closest to the vineyard where this wine was made."

    Will reluctantly positioned the glass near his ear, causing you to lose your air of seriousness and bust out laughing.

    "Okay." Will rolled his eyes and placed the glass back on the table. "Very funny."

    "I'm sorry." You said over laughs. "Let's just taste it."

    Will smiled awkwardly and brought the glass to his lips. You did the same. This wine was lovely, dark and deep with a chocolatey finish.

    Will turned to Hannibal with his empty glass in hand. "I'm not sure what that taste is, but I like it."

    "Is it to your liking, [F/N]?" Hannibal asked.

    You dropped your shoulders. "It's delicious."

    "As you likely know, I've propositioned each of you separately." He said, filling each of your glasses. "I expect to end this night with one of you under each arm."

    "For the record." You piped up. "I'm absolutely cool with that."

    "Good girl." Hannibal praised. His gaze turned to Will. “Are you amenable?”

    Will looked at Hannibal, then at you. You silently begged him to say yes. He was acutely aware that all eyes were on him and he had to make a choice. 

    "I suppose I could be, given the right circumstances." Will leaned back in his chair. “You’ll just have to do a better job convincing me.” 

    “And I intend to do just that.” Hannibal took his seat at the head of the table. “[F/N], would you come here, please?” 

    You stood up from your seat, making sure to smooth the wrinkles from your dress. Hannibal produced a flat gift box secured with a ribbon from the inside of his coat and handed it to you. 

    “Welcome home, darling.” He said with a warm smile. 

    Your eyes widened. “Is this jewelry?” 

    “Open it and find out.” He urged. 

    You untied the ribbon and flipped the box open on its hinge. A pair of fancy little black gloves stared back at you. 

    “They’re suede, with a cashmere lining.” Hannibal explained as you lifted them from the box. “Perfect for delicate, scarred skin.” 

    When you realized what he meant, your mouth hung open in delight. “Are these for my-” 

    “Yes, love.” He interrupted. He took your bandaged hand and began to gently unwrap it. “You can say goodbye to these nasty bandages.” 

    You leaned over and pressed your lips against his cheek. "Thank you, Dr. Lecter."

    "Sweet girl, call me Hannibal." He insisted, his thumb tracing your cheekbone. "I'd like to get used to the sound of my name on your lips."

    Your heart skipped a beat. "Thank you, Hannibal."

    "That's a pretty cheap move, Dr. Lecter," Will taunted. "It's almost insulting that you think I can be lured in with gifts."

    “My darling must learn to expect only the finest out of life.” Hannibal said, slinking a hand around your waist and smiling smugly at Will. “Not that you would be interested in that.” 

    You pulled the gloves onto your hands and held them out to him. "They're really soft, Will."

    Will humored you and took your hands in his. "They are very soft."

    "Don't rub it in, [F/N]," Hannibal instructed. "He's already told us he's not interested."

    You returned to your seat and tucked the gloves back into the box. You sunk your fork into the tender filet and cut off a piece. “Come on, Will. Don’t make me beg.” 

    Will smothered a laugh. “That would be beneath you, [F/N].” 

    You raised your eyebrows and pointed your fork in his direction. “You underestimate how pathetic I really am.” 

    “Now we’ll have none of that, understood?” Hannibal scolded you. “You’re not pathetic.”

    You shot Hannibal a disarming smile. “I was just joking.”

    Hannibal’s serious expression didn’t falter. 

    “I’m going to have to agree with him on this one.” Will cut in, seemingly without thinking. “Even if it’s a joke, those kinds of words can leave a lot of damage, especially when you say them enough.” 

    Hannibal looked lovingly at Will. “That’s right.” 

    Will went quiet for a second. He seemed to have a whole conversation with Hannibal through a series of glances. 

    Will leaned over and placed his hand over yours. “That’s our lover you’re insulting, after all.”

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  • jfcbrahms
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Season 1 Spoiler ‼️

    Will after he just got done killing: 😭😖

    Me: 😳😍😍😘🤪🥳😇

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  • thebloodysacred
    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Someone rude: "Haha I can't believe I say these things what the hell is wrong with me"

    Hannibal Lecter: "The most significant thing is that you are not currently expertly butchered and stuffed in a Tupperware full of marinade in my fridge."

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  • neillblomkamp
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    From Best to Worst as Rated on IMDB: Hannibal

    Hannibal (2013 - 2015) Season 03 Episode 12 “The Number of the Beast Is 666” Directed by Guillermo Navarro


    #hannibaledit#tvedit#gifs#hannibal#nbc hannibal #the number of the beast is 666 #guillermo navarro#my gifs #hannibal season 3 #tv show#blood#hannibal ranked #this episode is so physically dark giffing this was a nightmare
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  • elaine-spades
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I will tolerate any treatment.

    Like I see a therapist sometimes, and I'll put up with anything.

    I'll go to therapy with some garbage practice---

    You know, I don't wanna name an actual psychiatrist so let's just make one up; let's call him “Hannibal Lecter."

    So I'll book an appointment with "Hannibal Lecter" and I'll show up at his office and I'll go, "Can you tell people I’m not crazy, please?"

    And he’ll go, "No. You have an empathy disorder."

    And I go, "Okaaay!"

    And then I go to the FBI.

    And then I come out of reading a crime scene and I go, "Do you believe I’m sane now?"

    And they go "No, we think you’re crazy for identifying with killers. Because we hate you. Now go to another crime scene and do it again, go fetch!"

    And I go, "Okaaay!" and I go over to the other crime scene and go, "I caught the killer, do you think I’m sane now?" and they go "NO!"

    And I go, "Okaaay!"

    And they go, "You"re a little psychopath, aren't you?"

    And I go, "Nooo," and they go, "SAY IT!" and I go, “I'm a little psychopath."

    And then I go over to Hannibal Lecter for psychiatric help, which is an oxymoron, and I go, "can you tell people I’m not crazy now!” and he goes “No! In fact, I’m gonna frame you for murder, and you're gonna go to jail for thirty years!"

    And I go, "Why are you doing this to me?!"

    And he goes, “Because I’m Hannibal Lecter, and I see potential in you!"

    But with my wife, she would just be like, "You haven’t murdered me or my son, so I guess you’re ok."

    So it's better.

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  • just-a-sleepy-idiot
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Multifandom Preference: Reader feeling shaky and lightheaded from eating too little

    I'm basically surviving on apples and coffee rn and Idk if my mood comes from the depression or from my eating disorder lol

    Brahms Heelshire

    Brahms won't notice that you're not properly eating even though that guy is basically watching you 24/7. When he starts to see signs of fatigue though he will grow concerned, worried that you might be falling ill. And since despite being a stinky wall boi he has been raised with manners, so he'll try his best to show care towards you by making you a Sandwich and silently urging you to eat it. When you do so he'll notice that you look much better already and starts putting two and two together, figuring that you have not been taking good care of yourself. In the future he'll make sure that you always have something with him when he's having his meals, waiting at the table and staring before you get yourself something as well.

    Michael Myers

    He's not really the type to actively look out for you because he'll assume you handle yourself. If you can put up with a literal killer as your boyfriend he'll assume you won't have a problem with your own stuff either. But when he notices the well known shakiness he usually only sees in his soon to be victims he'll tilt his head in question. Michael will assume you're scared, looking around for the source of this strong physical reaction ready to get all stabby- but there's nothing? So he'll eventually figure out it must have another source and checks your temperature. Will bring you lots of things trying to figure out what you need- he gets you a blanket, something to drink, even a tampon asufhj what do you need? Will only stop when you ate something and he sees that you're feeling better.

    Bo Sinclair

    He's not the type to openly show or express any concerns he might have, so when he begins to notice the symptoms he decides to observe and see if it's getting better on it's own. Bo will have an eye on you, especially as the physical reactions to your malnutrition become more clear. You don't notice how attentive he has been of you until the moment you stand up too fast and waver, from one moment to another he's right there steadying you with the worry now exposed in his face. Darlin' what the hell have you been doing? Is it the heat? He'll make you sit down while he gets you something to drink and eat, making clear that you better be listening to him. He's commanding but in a unusual caring context that's almost cute

    Hannibal Lecter

    As someone with a variety of medical training he can recognize the symptoms instantly and acts on them just as quickly. Hannibal will sit you down and ask how you are feeling, trying to determine the cause of you feeling unwell like this. He'll quickly find out that you haven't eaten enough and give you some vitamins and electrolytes to weigh up your lacking malnutrition. Hannibal will be worried as to how and why it could get to this point in the first place and question you on that like the psychologist he is while preparing a meal for you in his kitchen.

    - - -

    Hope you liked it

    #hannibal lecter x reader #nbc hannibal#hannibal lecter#michael myers #Michael myers x reader #brahms heelsire x reader #brahms x reader #brahms heelshire #the boy x reader #bo sinclair x reader #bo sinclair #house of wax
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  • shinelikethunder
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    staring at my list of quote-unquote comfort movies and going "listen, sometimes comfort is a depraved psychosexual nightmare with fabulous production design, a nasty sense of humor, and hot queer trashfires covered in blood"

    #apologies to the mutuals who were here for one of the handful of bangers Marvel managed to crank out in spite of itself #sometimes those are also comfort movies but honestly the hard swing into nbc hannibal is not so much a departure as a return to baseline #fandoms come and go but the formative sway of quills (2000) the hunger (1983) & select others is eternal and unceasing
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  • plainiack-arts
    24.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    “This bitch smells like ass”

    (My commissions are open!)

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  • silver-tongued-deovel
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    People who cry over Hannibal are my favorite kind of people.

    #they're literally the best #and like #my kind of people #idk anyways#nbc hannibal#hannibal#hannibal nbc#mizumono #the wrath of the lamb #incorrect hannibal quotes #hannigram#hannibal lecter#will graham #idk any other tags
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  • mannequin-manners
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    You know what? Browsing @heritageposts posts about hannibal makes me so happy about the hannibal content we have now.

    I'd rather watch catboy edits of mads mikkelsen than witness whatever the fuck was going on in 2013.

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  • sixtorches
    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    My headcanon for s4 is that Hannibal picks a super hot climate for their home with a stream out back so that Will spends a lot of time fishing in their backyard in very little clothing.

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  • talitokenart
    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    what was the reason

    #remember the gru meme yeah that one lmao #hannibal#nbc hannibal#hannibal fanart#will graham#hugh dancy#hannigram#2021#digital art #artist on tumblr
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  • mifunebooty
    24.07.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #cherry says #SUP GUYS IM SO SORRY #ive promised and promised #i didnt wanna be disturbed with note counting ayer #and ive been running around today trying to get my inspection sticker #and finally did along with some tres leches #but we have finally landed #please applaud this rb as much as you like this post #corny tag time #hannibal#nbc hannibal#hugh dancy#mads mikkelsen#hannibal lecter#will graham#murder husbands#hannigram #jesus i typed that #3x13 #the wrath of the lamb #GOD I LOVE THIS FINALE #hewwo ladies what have i missed today #my mom asked me if mexico and china are playing against each other in soccer #do they? #you know what GOOD FOR THEM they maimed killed and seduced they deserve each other #happy times bitch! #POP POP NEW COCK POST #KNOCK KNOCK CHERRY COCK POST IS BACK
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  • peoplesoup
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jack is Will's helicopter dad and Hannibal is the no-good troublemaker that will NOT be taking his son to the prom

    #thinking about 'I don't have to get used to you not talking to me too' #and 'You don't have to die on me too' #cause he compared Will to Bella so much like he was family just as much as she was #anyways#nbc hannibal#jack crawford#will graham#hannibal lecter
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  • littledeconstruction
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    can we please talk about the number of times Hannibal severely injures people with cooking utensils, and yes of course knives but also a sauté pan and a pepper grinder and the refrigerator door, twice

    #he disarms Jack Crawford with an apron!! ABSOLUTE MADMAN #hannibal #it is VERY FUNNY ALSO CLEVER in my opinion #hannibal nbc
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  • confusedfeelsfangirl
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    If anybody feels generous and wants to drop some links (Google Drive or other) to Hugh Dancy / Mads Mikkelsen movies in the replies , I would be very thankful as it seems I will be bedridden for the next few days. <3

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