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  • mark, renjun, haechan, jaemin, jisung reaction: them scaring you too far

    🎐 listen to wind flower by mamamoo

    warnings: reader being scared of bugs, almost drowning??, chenle scaring y/n, angst w/ some fluff

    a/n: only did certain members bc i couldn’t think of any other scenarios :(


    — mark

    • mark loves to tease you, it was just one of those things
    • but this time, he went too far when he pushed you too far near a bug
    • it might’ve been just a bug, but you were terrified of bugs and absolutely hate being near them
    • so when mark saw a beatle near him he prenteded to push you near it but didn’t realize that it would actually touch you
    • you screamed
    • and screamed
    • and then screamed
    • once you were done screaming, you looked up at mark with the most scared look he has ever seen before
    • he instantly went to hug you and it would’ve been fine but he felt you shaking and knew he messed up
    • when he felt you shake, he gulped you in the biggest hug and said a million apologies to you like “im so sorry y/n” and “i only wanted to tease you a bit, im so so sorry baby”
    • he would be so guilty but once you reassured him that you were fine and to NEVER do that again, you guys were good

    — renjun

    • you were swimming with the dreamies and having a nice pool day
    • but renjun being renjun wanted to scare you a bit and see your reaction
    • you were just walking by the pool minding your own business own your way to talk to jisung when renjun decided now was the perfect time to push you into the pool
    • so right when you were at the perfect spot, he pushed you in and a *splash* was heard
    • but you almost forgot your swimming skills for a second there and took longer to swim back up
    • and renjun was scared, like deathly scared
    • he instantly jumped in to make sure you were okay and not drowning
    • so when the two of you came back up, you pushed renjun back into the pool and stormed into the house
    • of course you were mad, you almost drowned and didn’t want to face everyone staring at you
    • while you locked yourself in the bathroom trying to dry yourself, renjun jumped out of the pool and raced into his/your room
    • “y/n please open up, im so sorry” … “angel, i know you’re mad and i understand but just please open up, please”
    • you finally opened up and he felt his heart drop, you were on the verge of crying and didn’t know what to do
    • he felt beyond guilty and carried you over to your shared bed to place you on his lap
    • he explained to you everything and swore on his life that he would never to anything like that again
    • you obviously made up with him and joked about the matter but stopped when you saw his sulking, guilty face

    — haechan

    • haechan absolutely loves to tease the living life out of you, and you grew okay with that, but sometimes he took it too far
    • you and haechan were watching a scary movie and he thought now would be a perfect time to scare you
    • as there was a scary scene creeping up, he screamed so loud and shook you that you felt like your soul left as he was shaking you
    • you screamed so loud that you were sure all of south korea heard
    • you looked up at haechan and instead of him seeing you with a laugh he saw big doe eyes and a pout forming
    • feeling bad was an understatement because he swore to lash protect you and kill anyone who hurts you
    • but he violated that rule and thanked god that you weren’t crying, even though this was bad
    • in a moment, he wrapped you in his arms and placed sweet kisses on top of your forehead, your favorite place to get kisses from him
    • “y/nnie i am so sorry, it was supposed to be funny and i messed up”
    • “please forgive me love im supposed to be protecting you not scaring you”
    • you told him it was okay and that you’d love since you weren’t too bad with scary movies it was just this time
    • he still felt bad and got you ice cream later that night and treated you to whatever you wanted
    • and he may have also spent the next day with you, not caring about whatever plans he made to make sure you were still okay, safe, and happy

    — jaemin

    • you and jaemin had a playful relationship where you guys teased each other a lot just to see the others’ reactions
    • but this time jaemin scared you by pretending to be mad at you
    • he didn’t want it to go too far, he just did some things like not being too clingy or asking for hugs and kisses
    • so when you came over to him after a l o n g and tiring day all you really wanted was to see jaemin and give you his famous kisses
    • without you knowing his plan, you came home and sank on the couch beside him
    • you snuggled closer and closer to him and whined for hugs and kisses
    • what you did not expect was for him to say “not right now babe” very abruptly all of a sudden
    • you were shocked and then you started to wonder if you did anything wrong
    • did i not text him this morning, did i snore too loud, did i do something i wasn’t supposed to do? was all of the thoughts you had in your head
    • you went over to him to ask him to talk but then he said “y/n please not now”
    • after that you went off saying how you had a bad day and all you wanted was for him to give you kisses and before you knew it, you were tearing up
    • jaemin’s heart practically broke then and there
    • he hugged you and pulled you closer to him and whispered “i’m so sorry y/n, it was supposed to be a prank angel. my love im sorry you didn’t do anything wrong”
    • once he told you everything you understood made sure that he didn’t do that again
    • after that, he took the two of you to bed even though it was 6 pm and snuggled you even more and gave you a million kisses to make up for what he did

    — jisung

    • jisung is a shy baby who didn’t really like to tease you because he hated seeing you hurt
    • but this time he decided to spook you a bit by pretending that he didn’t know you
    • you always texted him once he was done with practice to walk to the dorms together and fall asleep
    • so when you texted him that you were outside of the building you were most certainly not expecting him to text you “i’m sorry but who are you?”
    • you felt like he was just joking and texted back that it’s you
    • but you really didn’t expect a “sorry i don’t know a y/n, you must have the wrong number”
    • you felt as if you could crumble right there and you felt yourself confused and scared
    • what if something happened to him or what if you dating him was all some sick joke
    • at this point you fell on the floor and started staring blankly at the ground, you’re mind going through a hundred things
    • when jisung came out, he saw your hunched figure and rang like the flash to make sure you were okay
    • as soon as he saw you, he knew that this prank went too far
    • he reassured you that he knew you but what really broke him was when you asked him “is this whole thing real, are you really dating me?”
    • jisung was scared of losing you, his light in his life
    • he repeatedly said how it was a joke and that he loved you and would never ever do that to anyone, especially not to you
    • you calmed down and realized that you weren’t thinking straight as well
    • you were a bit mad at jisung but he made it up to you by buying you strawberry milk and giving you kisses everywhere on your face
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    A Jung Jaehyun Fanfiction

    Part of  “𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒅𝒆𝒇𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒆𝒙𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒆” writing event - @dearncityy

    Genre : Highshool/coming of age au, Medical AU, Fluff, Angst, Slow-burn
    Warning(s) : Mentions of blood, mentions of patient death, mildly strong language.

    The first time he saw you was when he had transferred to your school, how you stayed nulled in your dreamland despite the obnoxious sound of hollering throughout the whole classroom. The second time was when how you clumsily (but it was extremely cute nonetheless) spilled the whole bowl of curry on your uniform because you were too busy fretting over the upcoming term exams, especially over your most despised subject chemistry (as you would shout all day how much you hate chemistry from your seat). The third time was when you accidentally bumped into him during one of your lab classes; you were absent mindedly running to fetch the bottle containing methyl-orange which happened to be on the shelf of the table he was seated in.

    And that’s how folks, the story begins.

    Taglists are open!

    Release Date: Mid of March approximately

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    ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤグロ 🧺 ꧇ ⠀⠀⠀ xiaojun • 𝟥𝟥 アリス

    ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    #icons #black and white #black icons #black and white icons #white icons#nct#nct icons #nct u icons #nct u#wayv#wayv icons#xiao dejun#nct xiaojun#xiaojun nct #nct u xiaojun #wayv xiaojun#xiaojun wayv #nct xiaojun icons #xiaojun nct icons #nct u xiaojun icons #xiaojun nct u icons #wayv xiaojun icons #xiaojun wayv icons
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    Day 1 of drawing kpop boys until I learn how to drawing again


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  • 🕸️MY FF LINKS🕷️


    1. jackson x oc, book, Mafia au, wattpad.

    2. Jinyoung x Jackson x jaebum x female oc, werewolf au, abo au, smut, one-shot, wattpad, ao3.

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    Pairings: Doyoung x Reader, ft. Johnny, Taeyong

    Words: 2.6K

    Warnings: Language (there is almost always language in my writings), angst to fluff


    Y/N and Doyoung have a fight over a misunderstanding and many things go awry. Will Doyoung and Y/N overcome this argument?


    You always get the same rush as you step into the venue, no matter how many times you come; the busy bustle and organized chaos felt almost reassuring. The first fans had already been packed in tight, each one eager to catch a glimpse of their idols, the rest slowly pushing their way in. But you had the best view, you always got the best view, you thought as your eyes flitted around backstage searching for a specific pair of warm eyes.

    When your own eyes locked with his, an unconscious smile broke out on your face. But before you could move towards him, he was swept away by his hairstylist, for yet another ‘final’ check up. Your shoulders dropped with a sigh and you turned around to look for a spot to wait, but were blindsided by a black haired man. 

    “Are you supposed to be back here?” He asked, eyeing you up and down. You could see where he would think that, you weren’t wearing a badge or anything and to be honest looked a bit sketchy wandering around aimlessly. 

    You smiled at him warmly, hoping to win him over, you didn’t want to go through the hassle of explaining and having to get Doyoung here to account for you. “Yeah, I’m… a friend of one of the members. Are you new here? I come all the time, I’m surprised we haven’t met yet. I’m Y/N.” You said as sweetly as possible, hoping to weasel your way out of the situation.

    “No we haven’t met before. I think that you need to leave, before you cause a scene or put anyone in danger. We can’t have crazy people back here. ” He said, taking an aggressive step towards you in order to take you out of the vicinity. 

    “No, wait, I really am! I can explain. I’ll call him over now, just let me-”

    “Hey, Y/N.” A voice interrupted you, making both you and the security guard freeze as an arm wrapped around your shoulder.

    You slowly looked up to see a familiar face as you sighed with relief, pulling your arm out of the guard’s grip. 

    “Johnny, I thought you were still getting changed. They said everyone was getting ready.” You said with a puzzled look on your face. 

    “I finished up early,” he said, shrugging and then turned back to the guard to flash him a smile.

    “Oh, is this your friend? I’m sorry I didn’t know.” He said, biting back his words before bowing deeply to both you and Johnny. Soon after he ran out the door, back to his station.

    “Thanks,” you said to Johnny, “Doyoung would have hated it if I had to call him out here to explain again. He lets me know every time it happens. You know, you’d think by how annoyed he gets he would have gotten me a pass or a badge by now.” You ranted a bit to Johnny, still frustrated that this is such a routine thing when you come to their shows. 

    “Don’t worry, I’ll have one made up for you. If you had let me know sooner I would’ve gotten you one earlier.” He said smiling down at you, arm still wrapped around your shoulder. “Hey, did you know there was food in the other waiting room? Are you hungry? We could grab some while you wait for Doyoung to finish.”

    You nod back at him with a smile, you’re always up for food. The two of you headed to the back room chatting noisily.

    Doyoung stood in the doorway, hidden out of view, watching the whole thing. Not only did he see his hyung’s arm wrapped around your shoulder, the two of you smiling at each other as if Doyoung wasn’t even in the picture, but he also heard the latter part of your conversation.

    He felt thorns of jealousy build in his stomach and scratch at his throat before they made it to his head. He couldn’t think straight with the image of you two burned in the back of his mind, and it drove him crazy as he stomped towards the room the two of you had just entered.

    He was furious and he had no idea what he was about to do, and what it would do to the two of you.


    You jumped a little, startled by the sudden grip on your shoulder, but soon relaxed the moment you realized it was Doyoung.

    “Oh, you’re done already? I thought it would be longer-” he interrupted you with a scowl.

    “W-what’s going on? Is everything okay?” You were used to the cute and goofy Doyoung, not this guy who looks terrifying.

    “What was that!?” He hissed at you under his breath.

    “What are you talking about?” You nervously asked, Doyoung was acting so strange and you had never seen him like this. 

    “Oh so running your hands up and down Johnny is normal!?” He whisper-yelled starting to get increasingly louder.

    “I was not! He helped me out of a situation, that’s it! You know I would never do that to you, especially with him.” You said defending yourself. What he had seen was just a misunderstanding, but by seeing the look on his face you didn’t think that he would just let it go.

    “Oh really? Because by the looks of how much you two were flirting this obviously wasn’t the first time!” His voice reaching a pitch that started to draw attention.

    “Stop it! People are starting to look, let’s just take this somewhere else.” You hissed at him, attempting to pull him out of the room.

    “No! You’re not denying it! So it’s true, god you are unbelievable!” He said, shouting and running his hands through his hair. 

    You had given up at this point, patience running low you shouted right back at him, “What is me denying it going to do!? You won’t believe me any way! And now we’ve just made a huge scene.” You threw your hands up and started for the door.

    “Yeah! Walk away! I never liked it when you come anyway! You’re just in the way and following me around like some lost puppy that always needs my attention. Just leave!” He screamed at your back making you pause in the doorway. 

    Your breath caught in the back of your throat and you could feel the familiar sting rise up, tears threatening to fall, but you refused to let them. You let out a shaky breath and shook your head, without looking back you walked out to the sitting room that you would normally watch from and sank into a seat.

    As soon as you fell you could feel the walls and any strength you had break down, the tears ran down your face and had no intention of stopping them. Is that what he really thought? About everything? That you were cheating on him, that he never even wanted you here, that you were attention-seeking? You covered your face with your hands, bawling your eyes out, a little too preoccupied to notice Doyoung watching as he made his way to the stage. The moment he saw you his face fell and contorted into a wince, immediately wanting to comfort you. But the moment was gone and he was rushed on to stage.

    For the entirety of the song his mind was not on the performance. While he didn’t mess up, he wasn’t his best. He worried constantly about you and the minute he was let off stage for a wardrobe change he rushed to find you, only to be welcomed with an empty seat.

    He was frantic, fearful that you had taken his words to heart and really left. He asked around and found an answer that he didn’t want. Exhausted and defeated he sank into a chair and buried is head in his hands. A hand came down on his back and rubbed it in a comforting manner. Doyoung’s eyes opened and he recognized the shoes before lifting his head to confront the member.

    “Look, I don’t know what the misunderstanding was with Y/N, but you two will get through it.” Johnny said cautiously, having an inkling that it was partially about him. “I can try to clear anything up if it will help.”

    Doyoung’s face was halfway between a glare and heartbroken expression. “Yeah, why were you two all over each other earlier?”

    “When?” Johnny thought back trying to remember a moment that might have been misconstrued. 

    “You had your arm wrapped around her and were talking about how annoyed and fed up she was with me. Is that what you two do? Just talk shit about me?” He said, starting to get worked up again.

    “Doyoung, calm down. That is not at all what happened. The security guard was trying to kick her out because she didn’t have a badge and I just came in to help. I didn’t realise that you don’t like it when I put my arm on her shoulder. I guess I’m just used to doing that with her, she’s like a little sister to me, you know? I’ll stop if you don’t like it.” Johnny calmly explained.

    “So you two aren’t seeing each other behind my back?” Doyoung faltered.

    “No, not romantically at least. Our relationship is strictly platonic Doyoung, I swear.” He assured with a smile.

    Doyoung cocked his head, not liking the thought of them seeing each other without him, even if it was just platonic.


    “No, we don’t talk shit about you when we hang out. We have more interesting things to talk about.” Johnny interrupted with a small grin.

    In return Doyoung gave a teasing glare before breaking out a small smile. “Okay, good. I’m sorry for making a scene earlier, I just lost my head when I saw you guys together.”

    “That’s okay. But I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.” Johnny gave him a sad smile before leaving to go get his hair and make up retouched.

    Almost instantly Doyoung’s face fell.

    “On in five! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

    He was rushed on stage for the next song, his mind not quite there. 

    On stage he looked over the crowd, a tight smile pulled on his face. He wanted to be happy for his fans, he wanted to show them everything he could, but it was getting hard to focus again.

    An arm was thrown over his shoulders, swaying him back and forth forcing his movement to follow.

    “Don’t worry about it too much. You guys will be fine.” Johnny yelled into his ear, far from his mic. He pulled back and gave a nod before running off to chase Haechan. 

    “Right. It’ll be fine.” But he faltered as he recognized a blue shirt in the crowd.


    He was already too out of it and searching for a clearer view in the crowd didn’t help his concentration.

    He missed his cue.

    While Taeil picked up the slack, Doyoung was overwhelmed with embarrassment as his face morphed into a bright red. 

    He was frustrated beyond belief and he could feel the burn in his throat choke him. The performance quickly ended and he was rushed into the black SUV that would bring him home. He hadn’t bothered to shower or wipe off the stage makeup, only tearing off the outfit for the sake of the stylists, he couldn’t disappoint them too.

    He was a disappointment, to his fans, to you, to himself. He couldn’t even hold a performance without screwing up and looking like a fool in front of his fans. They came all this way for a show that they could remember and what did they get? A rookie that forgot he was on stage. He groaned banging his head against the back of the headrest. 

    He was a disappointment to you. He attacked you and let you down when he should’ve been there for you. He groaned again. 

    What a disappointment. 

    “Doyoung? Can you stop that?” Taeyong asked from the seat next to him.


    “You’re going to hurt yourself. What would the fans do if they found out you got hurt? What would Y/N do? She’d be worried sick, don’t do that to her.” Taeyong said softly, staring straight ahead. 

    Johnny had confided in Taeyong about the situation between himself and you. Taeyong wasn’t proud of the way that Doyoung acted, in fact he wanted to scold him, but how could he when he could see how much Doyoung was beating himself up over it.

    He leaned against the window, staring at the streaks of lights that they passed.

    “Just go home, shower and rest up, okay? Things will be fine. I promise.” Taeyong assured him.

    Doyoung just let out a sigh.


    The door closed shut softly, Doyoung was hoping that you were here. And in the chance that you were, he was not going to wake you.

    After setting his bag down and taking off his shoes he turned towards the kitchen but froze instead. He took in a sharp breath.

    You were sleeping on the couch, curled up in a ball, used tissues scattered below you. His heart dropped and he felt guilt take over him.

    He made his way into the seat next to you and wrapped his arm around your back, pulling you into his embrace. He smiled sadly when you snuggled yourself deeper into his chest. 

    “How did it go?” You mumbled, startling him.

    “You’re up?”

    He felt you nod against his body.


    “Why?” You frowned, sure you were mad at him, but that didn’t mean you wanted him to feel bad about his performance.

    “Cause you weren’t there.” He gripped you tighter, resting his face on top of your head. “And I messed up. I forgot my lines.”

    You heard the waver in his voice and knew that he was taking it rough.

    “I’m sure they loved it anyways baby. You don’t have to be perfect all the time you know. Your fans love you for you and that’s why they go, the perfect performance is just a bonus.”

    You moved your head to make eye contact with him. “You’re more than good enough. Don’t ever tell yourself that you’re not. Okay?”

    He smiled, “How did I get so lucky?”

    You gave him a peck on the lips, “I’m the lucky one.”

    “No really, I totally made a scene and said some really horrible things and here you are comforting me. I should be on my knees begging for your forgiveness.”

    “I’d like to see that.” You hummed re-situating yourself in his arms so that you could give him a good look.

    “I’m sorry. Johnny and I talked about everything. I feel horrible the way that I reacted, I should’ve never accused you and talked to you that way. I didn’t mean a single word of it. I just got jealous and exploded.”

    “So you don’t hate it when I go to your shows?” 

    “No! I would die if you stopped showing up. I was a total wreck today knowing that you left. And I shouldn’t neglect you like that. I promise I’ll get a special badge for you and I’ll show every guard your picture and say that they’ll get fired if they ever try to make you leave. You know what I’ll fire them if they ever let you leave. You’re not allowed to leave without me. Okay?” 

    You laughed at his apology. “Okay.”

    He smiled, closing his eyes feeling peaceful once again.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you more.”

    “Not possible.”

    He flashed you a gummy smile before bringing your head into his chest again.

    “You stink.”

    “Do I?”


    “How does a bath sound?”


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  • Cr. anelderlymeme on ig and tiktok

    #nct#johnny#jaehyun#mark#fanart #this is so adorable
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  • Chenle x Reader, 0.4k, angst, rich kid!AU, swearing.

    “I really don’t want to be here.”

    You glared at Chenle pointedly, silencing his whining. “You know that you have no choice. Might as well just accept it instead of complaining so much.”

    “But it’s so boring here. I’m literally sick of having these random women come up to me all the time and try to talk to me when I know that all they want is my money.”

    Sighing, you looked away from your best friend. This was the third gala of the year that he had dragged you to, unable to refuse considering both of your families were close. Chenle was older than you by two years and his parents had decided that apart from taking over the company, it was also the perfect time for him to get married. What they didn’t know, however, was that the two of you had been seeing each other for over a year now, Chenle having confessed his feelings for you during one of the many vacations that both of your families often attended together. You knew that your parents had different plans for you, hellbent on marrying you off to another wealthy suitor, but there was nothing you could do to change their minds.

    “I need another drink,” he muttered, waving over the nearest server, who walked over with a tray full of champagne flutes.

    “If you get drunk, I am not covering for you like last time,” you hissed at him as he downed the liquid in one go.

    “At this point, I really don’t care. I just want out of this stupid arranged marriage bullshit.”

    Your heart ached for the man beside you. It was difficult to see the one you loved torn between his desire to be yours and his familial duties. The easiest solution would have been to have the two of you marry each other, but in this world of money and opulence, it would do no good for neither of your companies. Your fathers were friends since childhood, but they worked in two entirely different business fields and it just didn’t make sense to marry their children together if it wouldn’t benefit them in any way.

    As you watched yet another woman sidle up to him, you began wondering just how much longer you could keep this up, knowing that things between you two would never work out in the long run, but unable to pull your heart and yourself away from the force that was Zhong Chenle.


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  • 〉yuta x fem!reader

    word count 1.1k

    warnings vaping, drinking

    from my 500 follower event

    〉for @fruityutas​ ok so i was excited to write this but then actually writing it i dont think i did a great job? the concept is better than the drabble tbh. i still would love to hear what you think of it though + im super excited to read yours if you’re still going to do a rockstar!yuta au


    The wolf whistle thrown in your direction immediately made you tense up, with cautious eyes you turned to see who it was from. But right away you relaxed, releasing the tension as you were meet with the smile of your boyfriend.

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  • #30_Days_Renjun_Challenge: what is your favorite Renjun fancam?

    191225 SBS Music Awards fancam + 200108 Ganon Awards fancam

    #nctinc#tw flashing#renjun#nct dream#nct#nct renjun #these are focuses by the networks!! not fansites! #my/gifs #countdown to renjun day! #you don't understand the silver hair is exceptional oh my god #FIXED WHAT HAPPENED
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  • the final round ver.1

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  • [C-Pop] WayV has released a set of Hitchhiker version individual concept images of WinWin, YangYang, & TEN for their upcoming 3rd mini-album “Kick Back” which is scheduled to be released on March 10th.

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  • Jaehyun saying “That’s right.”

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    Changed my lock and home screen. New month, new season 🌸

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  • #nct#taeyong#lq #lord....
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    lq yuta screenshots <3

    #the center one...do i change my pfp or not #nct#nct 127#yuta#osaka:prince#nakamoto yuta#nct yuta #nct 127 yuta #yuta icons #nakamoto yuta icons #nct icons #nct 127 icons
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    help im in [redacted] with him

    #i miss RenD T~T #sm please give him another solo gig u cowards #his hair length is too much for my sanity #i wanna boop (bite) his nose #im a renjun's nose enthusiast it's literally perfect and adorable #i was badmouthing his choice of wardrobe tho #why is he in a leopard print im screaming sjkdlslmaooo #idc if it's ysl it's uglee af #loml#huang renjun#nct#nct dream#mark#renjun#jeno#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung#renjun pics #2021.02.02 weibo live
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