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    Once Red - Lee Taeyong

    Chapter 3

    "Hipernova's Arte and VIXX's Leo have reportedly broken up their relationship"

    That's what the headlines were occupied with that day. My failed one year relationship with Jung Taekwoon was over. Why? It's actually very simple.

    He had no time for me.

    I mean, I don't blame him. He had to go on tour with his group and he also had to rehearse for his musicals.

    What does upset me is the way he handled everything. Calling me things like "immature", "childish", "a waste of time".

    We were not in good terms. But I swore to myself that I would make him pay, one day. Revenge is best served cold. 

    I was heart broken, yes, but at least I knew that I was not alone. During the last two years I became best friends with the 95' liners of NCT, it felt as if they were my brothers.

    "God, I really want to punch him in the face" Yuta said bitterly. "How could he do that to you? My little princess doesn't deserve to be treated that way".

    He would always call me "little princess", which is funny, because he was older than me just for seven days.

    "Punch him in the face? He deserves to have all his ribs broken" Johnny said while he was coming out of the bathroom.

    "Why don't we do all that and just end up throwing him off a cliff?" Taeyong joined, sitting on Johnny's bed.

    I laughed, they always managed to make me feel better.

    "Guys, you won't do anything" I rolled my eyes, sitting next to Taeyong. "I will make him pay later, I don't need you to defend me".

    "I always knew it, he didn't deserve you" Taeyong said "you're too good for him".

    "I mean, you don't even know him" fuck, was I really defending him?

    "Fuck, are you really defending him!?" Yuta said the words in my mind, as usual. We had the same thoughts pretty often. "Buy some self-love, would you?" He rolled his eyes.

    "Why don't you lend me some?" I rolled my eyes too. "Whoops, you can't because you don't have any, either!"

    "Guys, don't fight" Johnny threw his hands in the air.

    "But that was a good one, though" Taeyong whispered in my ear and I choked a laugh. 

    "Anyway, I have to go, I'll have security cameras installed all over my house" I said, standing up.

    "Why? Your neighborhood is one of the safests in Seoul" Johnny frowned.

    "Oh, I've been seeing some ghosts around my house and I just want to make sure that I'm not going crazy, so they're being installed inside the house, like the living room, the kitchen, even my own room" I shrugged.

    "Can someone remind me why I'm friends with this weirdo?" Yuta said standing up, our friendship was very dual, five minutes ago he was calling me little princess but now I was a weirdo.

    "Yuta why don't you do us all a favor a get laid tonight? You've been really annoying lately". Suddenly I saw his eyes lit up. Oh fuck.

    "So that's why you're installing the cameras inside the house huh!? You wanna record yourself getting laid!" He exclaimed "you dirty girl".

    "Oh my god, go to hell, bye" I opened the door, ready to leave "Bye Johnny, bye Yong".

    "Byeee" they spoke in unison.

    "Bye, fucker" I told Yuta and exited the room.

    "Arte wait!" I heard Yuta yelling, and his steps rushing towards me, "You and I have a date, remember?".

    "Shit, I had forgotten about it, shall we go now?" I knew I was forgetting something. Yuta and I booked an appointment with a fortune teller, just for fun.  "Fuck, wait, I forgot my car keys in the room".

    I ran back to Johnny's room, but I heard Taeyong and Johnny talking, so I decided to eavesdrop a little bit.

    "Are you going to do something now that she's single?" I heard Johnny asking.

    "It's too early to make a move, they just broke up" Taeyong answered.

    "But you still like her, don't you?" 

    "I've liked her since I first saw her, nothing has changed". My eyes opened wide, was he talking about me? There was no one else that I knew that had just gotten out of a relationship. It made no sense, we had been friends for two years already. Hell, he even gave me some relationship advice when I was with Taekwoon.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Doyoung suddenly screamed in my ear, making me jump in my place and fall to the floor.

    "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" I screamed putting a hand on my chest, and he laughed.The door of Johnny's room opened and he looked at me, confused.

    "Arte, I thought you had left" Johnny frowned.

    "I was about to, but I left my keys in your room" I stood up quickly and entered his room, not daring to look at Taeyong. I took my keys that were placed on Johnny's nightstand and rushed to the door.

    Until I heard Taeyong clearing his throat, "Arte, your phone is here too".

    I looked at him and he had my phone in his hand. I walked towards him whispering a "thank you", acting as normal as possible. I left the room, and smacked Doyoung's arm because he was still laughing. 

    "Come on woman, we are running late" Yuta complained when I met him at the entrance. I decided not to tell him anything about my little episode. I adored him, but if you want to live a peaceful life, it's better to not trust him completely.

    When we arrived at the place, Yuta held the door open for me. The fortune teller's store looked kind of mystic. The lights were a bit low, burning candles placed here and there, imagery hanging in the walls. I loved it.

    A woman in her forties came out from a room, greeting us; she walked us to the room where she came from and invited us to sit in front of her, a table with a purple tablecloth between us. When I had her in front of me, I felt her energy, this was all real, she wasn't a charlatan. I saw her studying us with her deep eyes, evaluating our moves.

    "Good evening" Yuta broke the silence that was becoming overwhelming. 

    "Good evening, children" she smiled sweetly. "What brings your ways to me?"

    "We'd like you to read our cards" I smiled, feeling somehow safe in that place.

    "It would be my pleasure, it's always nice to read a young couple's cards". Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

    "Oh no, no. We are just friends" Yuta quickly corrected her.

    "You may be, but I can sense a higher connection between you two, something beyond the mortal realm".

    I frowned and looked at Yuta, who had the same puzzled expression.

    "Do you know about the connection of souls?" She smiled.

    "Are you trying to tell me that this guy is my soulmate?" I chuckled.

    "Why don't we look at what the cards have to say about that? Artemis, the goddess of nature, please shuffle the cards for your reading". She took the cards out of a black silk cloth.

    I looked at Yuta with my eyes wide open, I never told her my name.

    I suffled as she told me, being an expert in the art of shuffling cards after so many rounds of Uno with the guys. She gave me instructions to make smaller decks of cards and place them in no order, pulling out the cards that were at the front of each deck.

    Once there were eight cards placed in front of her, she smiled.

    "The cards confirm it, there is a higher connectionn between you two" She smiled, "Do you ever feel like you can hear each other's thoughts? Or like you know what the other is about to say before they say it?"

    "All the time" Yuta rolled his eyes.

    "I've found myself mimicking his actions unconsciously, small things like taking a sip of water, of taking off a jacket at the same time as he does".

     "That's the proper behavior of soulmates. Although it can happen too when two people spend too much time together". She nodded, a warm smile spread across her lips.

    I looked at Yuta, no wonder why I felt like I already knew him.

    "And yet, a soul mate is not the highest connection we can find". She explained.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "You two are soulmates, but that's not the deepest connection we can find, we have many soulmates, actually. And they don't necessarily have to be a love interest, a soulmate can be a friend, someone from our family, even an animal can be a soulmate. The highest connection we'll find is our twin flame. While the soulmate can complement us, twin flames are two souls that are already complete. Two souls that reunite to bring light, love to the world, it's the deepest possible connection. Two souls who see the world in the same way and do their best to make it a better place. You can find a soulmate by just looking at them in the eye, but you won't even be able to make eye contact with your twin flame at the beginning, but once you do, you'll know everything about them and their vision of the world. The connection of the twin flames goes beyond logic, rationality. Love in it's purest, rawest form. And the cards say, that you already found him, didn't you?"

    I was speechless, who was it supposed to be? I didn't feel that connected to anyone. "Those deer eyes and that killer jaw, I'm surprised you took too long to realize". She arched her eyebrows.

    Of course she was talking about Taeyong. Who else could it be? I was missing him before I even knew him. We couldn't make eye contact when we met, but I thought that that was because of his shyness. The way we always understood each other so easily now made sense. Of course it was him.

    "What about me? Do I have a twin flame?" Yuta asked when he saw that I wasn't going to say anything else.

    "We all have one, my dear, why don't you shuffle these cards so you find out?" She handed him another set of cards that she pulled out of a white silk cloth.

    I left the place confused. What was I supposed to do with that information?

    "So," Yuta spoke when we hopped back in my car "Taeyong, huh?"

    "Why do you even think it's him? She didn't say names" I rolled my eyes.

    "Like she needed to. Deer eyes and killer jaw? Bitch, please". He scoffed.

    "So what if it's him?" I did my best to not roll my eyes again, I had to keep them on the busy road.

    "At least we know that he likes you" He lifted his eyebrows. When I didn't say anything, he connected the dots. "But you already knew that" it wasn't a question.

    "I heard Johnny asking him if he was going to do something now that I'm single, before we left". I shrugged.

    "Is that why you looked like a tomato when we met at the entrance?" He chuckled.

    "Yeah, I guess I wasn't supposed to hear that" I shook my head.

    "Everything happens for a reason, sweety" He said.

    "How long have you known that he likes me, anyway?" I looked at him for a moment, he was picking a song to play from his phone.

    "Uh, since the beginning, I think" He smiled, teasing.

    I exhaled, "define beginning".

    "Since the day we met, Arte. Seems like he found you before you did".

    "So am I that blind that I never realized?" I felt guilty. How must he have felt all those times I talked to him about how wonderful my ex was?

    "No, he hid it very well. If only you knew the amount of times he has slapped or smacked me behind your back because I was about to tell you he likes you" He fake cried.

    "What am I supposed to do now?" I whined.

    "You're annoying me, I'll set you guys up". He scoffed.

    "Yuta, don't you dare" I scowled in his direction for a second.

    "It'll be easier, come on, I wanna see my babies together". He wiped an imaginary tear off his face.

    "No, if anything happens it has to be natural". I shook my head.

    "So you admit you like him?"

    I didn't know. Liking him would be a bit weird. We were friends.

    "I don't know" I whispered.

    "You didn't seem to remember that you just broke up with your ex when that woman told you about Taeyong, the answer to my question is a bit obvious, you just don't want to accept it".

    Oh, sometimes I hated how well Yuta could read me. 

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    26.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    The classic version of the favorite repackaged album is so nice…I really like the concept, the photo book and the pcs…crisp

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    26.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Beyond Live - Hot! Summer Dream | ‘Life is Still Going On’ 🍊+🍉

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    1. WayV (again) - I could make a post about them alone lol

    2. Jongin

    3. Taemin beloved is also a cowboy but like not my fave styling if I’m honest

    4. NCT 2020 but like Yuta mostly

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    26.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    I love you and love you
    I want to hurt even more relentlessly
    In this destiny
    Wild eyes, your existence, all of it
    Girl, you're my favorite

    I burst into tears and fall apart
    When I kiss you in this heat
    Like a storm, you're my favorite
    Without regrets, baby
    #fav lyrics #Nct 127 favorite vampire #Nct 127
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  • byeolhyesisi
    26.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago


    nakamoto yuta x reader

    They said love is only sweet and wonderful at the beginning of relationships. The same couldn't be said for what you and Yuta have. You both can't stop love.

    genre: soft, fluff, short fic, yuta au

    words: 3k words

    tags: @angel-hyuckie @joker0705 @bbjisungg @spectracully @mmarrie @jwoos-colored @leolo404 @aghaczen @deysii @trashlord-007 @intokook @neotechhsworld @kjpmin @czenshireland @je4nsv @hacheese

    a/n: this is my entry for @haruphoria 's nct cloud boy collaboration, thank you for letting me join this collab, marking it as my first collab participation. I enjoyed writing this a lot and I hope that you enjoy it as well! Make sure to check out the rest of the fics in the cloud boy collaboration! Thank you very much ✨ happy birthday to our healing smile, yuta, as well!<3 -byu

    My sweet dream, my everything and my cloud, what did I do to deserve you? A smile spread throughout your lips, your gaze locked at the man who is currently playing with his dog, Rapu, while the both of you were sat down on the couch. It was obvious that your eyes were filled with love and stars.

    You always ask yourself if you are dreaming, everything felt unreal, he felt unreal. The more the relationship lasts the more you fall for him deeper. Who could resist his charm? It felt like you were enchanted, you were caught in a trance. He felt like a lucid dream and he was the soft embrace you feel every second. Everyday it felt like the both of you were back to your teenage years, the flutter in your heart was still the same, the feelings you had for him was still the same and it felt like being lifted up in the clouds. Rapu's soft barking snapped you back to reality. "You okay, darling?" Yuta chuckled softly, the smile you fell for appeared on his face. Flustered, you averted your gaze for a moment, eventually looking back at Yuta. His starry eyes stared right at your heart filled orbs, the adrenaline was rushing to your cheeks, tinting them a rosy color.

    "I am... I was just lost in my head for a moment." You answered. "Adorable." He engulfed you in his arms, his aromatic scent sends you into a place of comfort. "I love you so much, you know that right, Yuta?" A dramatic gasp escaped from his lips and you couldn't help but shake your head playfully. "My my, you're soft today— I thought your 'yuta soft hours' happens during midnight." He laughed, and it was a melody you could listen to for days. "In my defense it can happen anytime—" You said.

    The two of you sat in silence. It was the type of silence where it wasn't uncomfortable, it was soothing; almost like a lullaby. In fact, Rapu was already asleep on your lap. Yuta still had his arms wrapped around you. His warmth melted you in his sweet embrace. There was a sudden pitter-patter outside the window, an unexpected rainfall made the atmosphere better. Yuta dislikes rainy days, but if it was spent with you enjoying coffee or cuddling with one another he would definitely wish that the rain won't go away.

    "I love you more than you can ever imagine." Yuta broke the quiet atmosphere. "I can't stop loving you. I won't stop loving you." He spoke softly, gently combing his fingers through your hair. Yuta knew you like it when he did that and he always liked seeing you fall asleep with the motion he does. He often referred himself as your personal cloud; the person you can cry to, the person you can confide to, the person you can lean on. Yuta absolutely adored you and every effort and affection you give him. You meant everything to him, you were his first love and you were the reason why he wakes up in the morning with a peaceful mind and a motivated heart. Seeing that you have already fallen asleep, he placed a soft kiss on top of your head. When he said that he won't stop loving you, he definitely meant it. He doesn't think there will ever be a limit and an ending.

    It felt too good to be true. It felt like an illusion made up by the brain. Everything was just surreal for the both of you.

    Ever since the both of you fell in love, it already felt like your head was in the clouds. He couldn't believe it and neither could you. The rain was still pouring and you were sleeping peacefully in his arms, he held onto you as if he wasn't planning on ever letting you go. Yuta felt his eyelids getting heavy so he closed his eyes.

    If there was something that the both of you know; it's definitely the fact that,

    He can't stop love and neither could you.

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  • johnsamericano
    26.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Ꭰąվ Ϭ

    ➱ Ɲɑ Jɑҽʍíղ

    Jaemin’s the most popular guy on campus. Having a body count almost equal to the number of students there, he's sure he can get whoever he wants in bed. That is until a stubborn, fashion student refuses him.

    genre: fluff, angst.

    warnings: mentions of sex, insults, jaemin is a fuckboy duh

    ☞ taglist: @morningsunandnightsky @soberhani @aaasteroidsky @chenlewifey @piaozhisheng @doeilovr

    falling masterlist



    Saturday mornings. Jaemin loved waking up to the smell of pancakes, freshly made by one of his frat brothers, Jeno.

    “Morning, sunshine. Had fun last night?” He had a smug grin while flipping the pancakes, proud at the perfect, golden tone they'd acquired.

    “Were we too loud?” Jaemin sat in front of the kitchen island, grabbing an apple to chew on while Jeno poured the last bits of the mix into the sizzling pan.

    “I think she has been one of the loudest ones yet.” He lowered the heat, turning around to properly see the black-haired boy. “Sounded like you were killing her or something.”

    “I was just taking our some stress and she happened to be extremely sensitive. She started whining after the first round.” He tsked, grabbing an apple to chew on while Jeno finished cooking breakfast.

    “I don't want to know about your sexual life, thank you very much.” Giving one last flip to the perfect circles, he finally placed them on top of the high tower of pancakes. “So...I heard someone rejected you last night.”

    “She was just playing hard to get. You’ll see her walking out of my room next week, tops.”

    “I don't think so, Jaems.” Jeno sat beside him, placing the big plate between them. “It’s Moon y/n we're talking about. Her brother is the standard.”

    “What does that even mean?”

    “You like to fuck around. Moon Taeil, on the other hand, is a gentleman. He used to have the whole school swooning over him with just a smile.” His voice was full of admiration. “She’ll never even lay eyes on you.”

    “First of all, ouch. Second, I can be versatile. Remember that church girl who wouldn't even come closer than two feet to me? We've fucked at least twice.” Jeno sighed, slightly disappointed at his friend’s antics.

    “I don't mean to be nosy, but I don't think you should treat sex as a meaningless activity. Sex is basically the union between two-”

    “Stop before I barf my guts out.”

    No power in the world could convince Jaemin to give up booty calls and one-night stands. At least not until he started talking to you.


    “C’mon, darling, I can be more fun than sewing pieces of cloth together.” That strange boy, whose name was still unknown to you, kept following you around for days.

    “Call me darling again, and the next things I’ll sew together will be your lips.”

    “Alright, y/n. What can I do to convince you to spend some time with me? Perhaps a box of your favorite chocolates?” A spark ignited in his heart as your fingers delicately grabbed his chin. Finally, he thought with the silliest grin on his face.

    “Fuck off.”

    Needless to say, his infatuation with you worsened. To his frat brothers’ surprise, he hadn't gotten his dick wet ever since he met you. Two weeks prior. A new record for the most infamous fuckboy on campus.

    He tried every method he knew. Flowers, chocolates, even a self-written song, but nothing worked. He found himself more drawn to you every day, trying to improve himself to fit your impossibly high standards.

    “What are you doing today? Let me take you out for dinner.”

    “I wouldn't go out with you even if I had the time.” He loved how stoic your face remained with every bratty reply you spat. It was amusingly strange.

    “Homework? I'll help you.”

    “A project, and no, thank you.” You entered the workshop, dropping your bag on one of the seats. To your surprise, he sat down on the large table. “Are you gonna stay here?”

    “If you allow me to.”

    “Even if I don't, you'll stay. So suit yourself.” Just a few minutes after your arrival, you started working, pulling out big rolls of fabric from the wall and extending them over the table.

    “How come you're working on a Friday evening?” He left his bag on the same chair as yours, pulling out a thick novel from inside.

    “No one is here today. It's easier when I have all the materials for myself.” You dragged the blades of the scissors along the line you'd traced in the linen roll.

    The room stayed silent for about fifteen minutes while you grabbed materials, making cuts here and there.

    “Make yourself useful and stand up.” His eyes drifted away from the book, surprised to hear you starting a conversation. “Quickly.”

    “Sure.” He adopted a soldier-like position, letting you take his measures for what he assumed would be a pair of dressing pants. He felt tingles where your hands brushed, excited to have you close enough he could smell your strong, cedarwood scent. “How much do you despise me?”

    “Excuse me?” Your tone was surprised, yet, your eyes were trained on his waist, trying to get his measures correctly.

    “I know you don't like me, so that seems like a more suitable question.”

    “I don't like you, nor do I hate you. You simply annoy the hell out of me.”

    “Would you like me if I were a bit more like your brother?” He wanted to touch those pretty eyelashes that cast shadows over the apples of your cheeks. But doing so would mean an invasion of your personal space, and he wasn't intending to lose the little progress he'd made.

    “What makes you think I want someone like my brother?”

    “I heard he's every girl’s ideal type.” You snorted, curving your lips in what seemed a crooked smile.

    “I think you're both extreme opposites. He’s excessively chivalrous, and you're extremely promiscuous. See the problem?”

    “So if I committed myself to you, would you finally accept going out with me?”

    “So you know the word commitment?” Your hands retrieved from his waist to take the measures of his bum. He didn't mind having your hands there, but different from his usual confident persona, a slight blush crept up his ears.

    “You can teach me.”

    “Jaemin, I'm not looking for a one-night stand or a fuckbuddy. And I don't think you're willing to give up fucking every day for me.” Once all of the measures were taken, you wrote them down in a notebook.

    “I would be. I don't mind having the same partner always as long as it's you.” He sat down again, crossing his legs to be more comfortable. “Speechless? Imagine how amazing I’d be if we dated.”

    “I don't date people I don't trust.” He sighed, redirecting his attention to the chapter he’d left halfway read.

    Silence had installed between you again, only the sound of the sewing machine and your pencil filling the space. You spent at least an hour together before he exited the room. Just as you thought he'd finally left you alone, he came back with two hot coffees.

    “Here, you need to take a rest.” He allowed himself to place his hands, still warm from holding the steamy liquid, over yours, forcing them to stop their actions. “It’s cold and you need to warm them up. They’re your most prized tools.”

    “Thank you.” You held back the need to clarify his sweet talk wasn't going to get him anywhere, accepting the sweet gesture. “God, this is nice.” You hummed, enjoying the warm sensation in your chest.

    After a brief break, you went back to sewing and Jaemin to reading. It was already dark by the time you triumphantly rose from your seat, extending a perfect pair of linen pants identical to your original sketch. Jaemin cooed at you from his seat, extending his palm to high-five you. To his surprise, you connected your palms.

    “You need me to try them on?” He offered.


    “On one condition.” Here comes the Jaemin everyone knew, about to ask for a sexual favor in exchange- “You’ll have to use me as a model for the rest of the semester if you get an A in the assignment.”

    “What? You're telling me you want to sit for hours in these uncomfortable ass chairs again?”

    “You look cute when you're all concentrated.”

    “You know that means giving up frat parties, right?” He nodded with his lips pursed in a smile, dragging a silent gasp from you. “Who are you, and what have you done with Jaemin?”

    The urge to increase his body count was no longer as important as making you trust him. One rejection was all it took for him to finally drop his facade, and his frat brothers would be forever thankful to the person who did the impossible.

    #nct au#nct imagines#nct ot21#nct smut #nct x reader #nct#nct scenarios#nct 127#nct angst#nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct dream smut #nct dream angst #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct dream jaemin
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  • lisired
    26.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    haechan is cruel and mean.

    he doesn’t always intend to be this way—in fact, lots of the time he throws in pretty and baby to lighten the blow—yet he’s just a little too cocky and you’re exactly what he needs to inflate his ego.

    but sometimes, he does one-hundred percent intend to be cruel, and right now - as he laughs, watching you squirm and cry desperately from his teasing - if you could think straight, you’d be thinking that this is one of those times.

    “pathetic,” he snickers, watching you wriggle around uselessly. there’s really no use, you can’t break out of the cuffs and he’s only going to watch longer the more you squirm, “isn’t that right? aren’t you my needy, pathetic girl?”

    you shake your head, cheeks stained with tears as you cry smally, “i’m not…pathetic…”

    “huh? what was that?” he presses his hand to his ear, pretending that he didn’t hear you, “can you repeat that for me, baby? i didnt hear you.”

    your lips part, but nothing parts from between them. haechan’s right, you both know that he is. you’re just his pathetic and needy girl, desperate for him, desperate for his cock, and you’ll do anything to have him inside you, even if it means having him call you mean names. after all, you love them anyways.

    “oh, i forgot. you’re too stupid to speak. the only thing you’re smart enough to do is take my cock, hm?” he teases.

    in response, a tear rolls down your cheek, but you’re soaking wet and he knows it. he knows that with every degrading name he calls you, you’re throbbing and grow more and more needy for him.

    “don’t cry, baby,” he coos, wiping at the tear. not-so-secretly though, he looks the sight of your cheeks decorated in tears, in awe at how sensitive you are yet how eagerly you eat up his words. he finally decides to release your hands from the restraints of the handcuffs, “im gonna make you feel so good, angel. i promise. gonna fuck you so hard you won’t even remember your name.”

    Very lazy yet self-indulgent bc i am generally v sensitive but also love being degraded . haechan luvrs talk to me!!!! my asks r open 24/7 and we can talk abt him together

    #haechan smut #haechan hard hours #haechan imagines#haechan scenarios #lee haechan smut #nct haechan smut #nct smut #nct 127 smut #nct dream smut #kpop smut
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  • techtechonmymind
    26.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    here is some of my favorite yeehaw fashion in kpop, no particular order


    2. Kibum (bonus points for being a space cowboy)

    3. WayV (bonus points for being the originators and also always being space cowboys)

    5. NCT 127

    6. Ryujin

    6. Momo

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  • babylion
    26.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #ahh......i connected the dots #favorite sounds like overdose #no idea if thats been alr established but still #minhyung#nct #edit just checked twt yes it has lollll #anywho i let the song marinate n i cannot say im fond of the song. v let down by the bridge actually #fucking dance creaks can we put a stop to those
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  • ggmarchwi
    26.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    is it just me or there's just something weirdly satisfying about favorite?

    the bittersweet-sounding whistle, the hums in the verses (especially in the second verse when it breaks the silence????? just *chefs kiss), doyoung's adlibs in the bridge while johnny narrates, and thE LAST CHORUS???? heartbreaking™

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  • simpingoveryoou
    26.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Happy birthday our precious Yuta ! 🤍 to the man who has the most kindest & pure heart! We live you 🥺 thank you for always blessing us with your healing smile! ✨ always be happy our yuta!🎂🤍🎉

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  • cinamonmina
    26.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    tag game!!

    thank you for the tag @mistybreak (my angel!!) <33your type is definitely the hot sweetheart hahaha!

    rules: list nine of your biases and let your followers/moots decide if you have a type.

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    26.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Judge Taeyong dance in 'Hey Mama'💚✨

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    26.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    taeyong dancing to "hey mama" 💚

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    26.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Beyond Live - Hot! Summer Dream | 'Life is Still Going On' Jeno

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    26.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    nct 127 - favorite (vampire) + shots

    #nctinc#nct 127#doyoung#haechan#jaehyun#johnny#jungwoo #look at the beautiful cinematography #if nothing else nct will give you aesthetics #this almost became a dy gf set #*mine
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    The smirk 😤😫

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    Walk You Home

    part 56 - platonic husband

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