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    sooyoung’s relationship with nct 127!

    ✿ taeyong

    hes literally whipped for sooyoung okay

    like he will do ANYTHING for her

    he wants to look after her because she’s just so cute and child-like

    well she is a child, and taeyong was like, this kid, i must adopt and protect 🤞

    another one of her dads; she has many parent figures in nct....


    they act like they haven’t seen each other for years.... when in reality it’s only been three days



    constant head pats from both parties 🤞

    sooyoung always wants to help him out the best she can, and once she tried to fill in as a leader during practice.... yeah that didn’t work

    taeyong appericated the effort tho 😭


    she loves that song sm omg

    she always plays it during vlive even if it’s been awhile since it came out 🤞🤞

    shes a taeyong shooter 🙄✋

    ✿ taeil

    so it took both of them a bit longer to get closer than the other members

    but not as long as her and jungwoo okay

    they got more close when nct 2018 happened

    they danced close by each other for a lil bit and they just naturally got close

    they fooled around a lot and just laughed with each other


    sooyoung was lowkey having a hard time in 2018 and the first member she opened up about it to was taeil surprisingly

    even tho she didn’t really know taeil for that long, she just felt like she could trust him a lot

    like she just felt instantly comforted around him and safe,,, if that makes sense??

    she talked to him over the phone, and taeil literally wanted nothing more than to just hug her,,,

    he gave her the best advice he could give her, and promised that they would hang out soon

    and sooyoung is just forever greatful for him because he helped her a lot during that time even if he didn’t really realize it

    they got so close in such a small period of time it was amazing, and so soft

    they trusted each other so so so much

    like sooyoung loves her members and all and would never ever trade them for anything

    but she felt like taeil was the only one who didnt make a huge deal out of her being a girl in a boy group

    he didn’t comment on it or anything, or treat her any differ at first and she appreciated that a lot :(

    taeil best boy okay

    sooyoung loves him to pieces and he loves her too <3

    ✿ johnny

    ok they are literally brother or sister

    or father and daughter ???? idk

    but monique and johnny are like, super super close

    and so are sooyoung and monique

    and whenever all the members were together, sooyoung would literally just gravitate towards monique because monique literally adopted her okay 🤞

    and monique was normally always w johnny so sooyoung and johnny were BOUND to be friends

    and now monique and johnny are literally sooyoung’s parents LMAO

    sooyoung is so energetic and bubbly around him and johnny is ALSO very bubbly and energetic with her so they just CONNECT

    like their vibes fit together so well

    other than monique and mark and haechan, johnny is her closet friend in 127 <3

    whenever she was at the 127 dorm, she always goes into his room even if she didn’t come to see him like 🤞


    once monique fell asleep while her and sooyoung were hanging out, and sooyoung being the social butterfly she is, went to johnny’s room to just hang out, and they literally had like a FOUR HOUR CONVERSATION

    and them monique woke up and was like ??? were you both talking the whole time i was asleep ??

    they didn’t even realize it had been four hours.... LMAO


    they both beat each other equally, but they normally team up and play against other members

    once, haechan, johnny, monique and sooyoung were all playing video games together

    monique and haechan were on one team, and johnny and sooyoung were on another


    it was legendary

    it had haechan begging for mercy 😭

    ✿ yuta

    okay yuta is like one out of few people that sooyoung is lowkey shy with

    like she always tries to get to know people, but yuta just makes her like 😟😟

    she finds him like super super cool

    maybe she has a crush on him 🤭 we’ll never know

    but like, she looks up to him a lot and is literally amazed at just his BEING

    okay i think we all would BECAUSE YUTA IS JUST SO COOL OKAY

    she wants to get a belly button piercing because of him 🤞

    like he’s just someone who she looks up to alottttg

    they have had a few conversations and sooyoung was just like “....hii”

    yuta was trying SO HARD not to laugh, because it was funny to see sooyoung so shy and nervous because that’s barely how she acts 😭😭 so he knows about her lil crush

    and he teases her for it <3

    ✿ doyoung


    never pair them together

    because they will NOT GIVE U A BREAK

    literally spawn of the devils

    the members swear that sooyoung used to be really nice and caring (ofc she still is) but ever since she met doyoung she hasn’t been the same since 😭

    doyoung is like I DID NOTHING ???

    he really didn’t do anything.... sooyoung just sat back and learnt

    doyoung do sooyoung do type beat

    no but they are very very chaotic,,, in their own way

    yk how doyoung had that 5am time slot for the relay cam (that was him right?)

    he complaied about it to sooyoung, and she normally stays up late (doing god knows what)

    so she made sure to call him EXACTLY at 5am, and would not stop until he answered

    he answered and was like .... “hello?”

    and she was just DYING she was laughing so hard, because doyoung was so confused and obviously so tired 😭 and sooyoung here was awake as ever

    she gave him good luck and then hanged up, and she called him back like thirty minutes later to make sure he was awake 😭

    he tried exposing her face on facetime on camera, but luckily the editor blurred her face out 🤞


    she just looked sleep deprived....

    doyoung scolded her to go to bed and she was like “🙄 don’t tell me what to do i go to bed on my own time.”

    doyoung just rolled his eyes and hanged up on her, and texted jeno to make sure this child went to bed




    ✿ jaehyun

    a very chill friendship

    now, they can have their moments, but it’s mostly calm and quiet, but it’s not awkward yk ?

    okay THEY DO HAVE AN AWKWARD MOMENT, but it was ONE TIME, and their first time like, hanging out by themselves, so you gotta give them a break 🙄

    sooyoung was at the 127 dorm, yet again, and she came to hang out w monique BUT SHE FELL ASLEEP ON HER,,,, AGAIN

    i cant tell u how many times monique has fallen asleep when sooyoung hangs out w her at the dorm


    and monique is old,,,, ANYWAYS

    sooyoung was pretty sure she left her charger in the living room, so she went to go get and jaehyun was in there,,,

    and she was like “....hello....” she rlly didn’t know what to say, she just wanted her charger 😭

    and jaehyun was like, “lemme guess, monique fell asleep on you?” and sooyoung nodded her head and chuckled nervously, sighing when her charger was no where in sight

    jaehyun asked her what she was looking for, and when she told him that his was her charger, jaehyun chuckled and left for his room, before coming back with it

    “i put it up so no one would steal it” JAEHYUN BEST BOY 🙄✋

    he invited her to watch tv w him, and she did and it was lowkey awkward but the show was good and jaehyun brought her some snacks so it was worth it

    since then they got closer, and they exchanged numbers and now they just facetime whenever they are bored

    they mostly just talk about what they have been doing since they have been talking last, but sometimes sooyoung will give him a tour of the dorm or her room, and will randomly interview her members

    once she re did her side of the room while jaehyun and her were calling 😭

    jisung came back and was like ???? what did you do

    jaehyun is like her chill brother

    like he doesn’t fuss over her or anything, they just idk how to explain it BUT THEY JUST VIBE OKAY

    like their relationship might seem boring but they both love it vry much and appreciate it a lot 🤞

    ✿ jungwoo

    okay at first these two werent very close

    like ofc they talked, and joked around but they never really got close close because there’s just so many members and things get chaotic yk

    they didn’t get closer until work it, yes sooyoung was in the work it unit :D

    and they like, immediately connected

    they were like.... HOW WERE WE NOT FRIENDS BEFORE ???

    sooyoung literally finds jungwoo so funny... HE IS HES A COMEDIAN ICON OKAY

    together they are litteraly so funny omg 🤞


    after jungwoos relay cam got released sooyoung called mark and was like “WHAT THE HECK MARK YOU ARE SO UNCULTURED HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THE SIRIUS BLACK??”


    anyways... iconic and hilarious duo we love to see it

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    Yuta 💜

    posting this picture again cause I like how I edited it🥸

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    04.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    p : doyoung × fem!reader | g : angst, fluff, slight humor, purge!au, frenemies kinda dynamic | w : blood, killing, weapons, it's a purge au c'mon
    a/n : haha I'm a sucker for this specific au so hehe a part three! enjoy <3

    This is a part 3 to the purge au I've written <3 can be read as a stand alone too

    part 1 | part 2

    — [03 : 33 HRS] "we really shouldn't be doing this."

    doyoung sighed, following y/n towards the back alleys. Down here, it smelt like cardboard, wet pieces rotting away underneath the sky. He shoved his hands in his baby blue hoodie's pockets, scuttling behind y/n as he saw a black cat's eyes glow in the dark.

    She scoffed, the familiar jingling of the charms hanging from her oversized leather jacket halting. She cocked the pistol in her hand. "Never thought you'd be that type."

    "the type to what?"

    "be scared of alley cats."

    "it's dirty," he shivered, inching away as it waved its tail, curious, "and it lives in the corners of the city."

    "no one cares about comfort when your life is on the line, doyoung."

    "what do you mean?" He asked, turning his head towards her.

    "I mean," she held her hand out, shooting someone behind him. The body stood senseless for a second, before it collapsed, dropping the shiny knife in it's hand. Blood splattered on the filthy wall, and seeped down on the floor, "That this is a purge, we need to keep moving."

    "yeah," he said, holding his ears. For a second, he thought y/n would shoot him, and that would be the end of it.

    "grab the weapon."

    he picked it without a word, staring at it for a while, before hiding it away in his pocket.

    "doyoung," she said, not turning around as she walked through the alley, wet newspaper sticking to the bottom of her boots. The silver gun was glowing dangerously underneath the moonlight in her slender, pretty, fingers, "let's go."

    he looked down on his sleeve, red blood diluting as it spread around in the soft cloth.

    "man," he groaned, trotting across the heaps of boxes and trash littered across the damp, stinky place, trying to keep up.

    "this was my favorite hoodie."

    main taglist (hmu to get added!) : @koishua @navyhyuck @allegxdly @daystiny  @yunntext @neotism @bluejaem @radiorenjun @sleepylixie @oifelixcmerebrou @coffeevddict @mrkcore @imdamnconfused @sicluvz @hyuckefi @jenoly-simp @cafe-jeno @abhirami20
    I’d appreciate if you’d give me a little feedback on the drabble if you read, whether it’s an ask, a reply or in the tags of the rb! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
    #neoturtles#neocult:sin#nct#nct 127#kim doyoung#nct doyoung#doyoung fluff#doyoung drabbles#doyoung blurbs#doyoung reactions#doyoung imagines#doyoung scenarios#doyoung timestamps #kim doyoung x reader #doyoung x you #doyoung x y/n #doyoung x reader #nct 127 fluff #nct 127 angst #nct 127 drabbles #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 blurbs #nct 127 reactions #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 timestamps #nct 127 x you #nct 127 x reader #nct 127 x y/n #nct fluff#nct angst
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    request; hiiiiii !!! i saw your request is open current !! can you a drabble or a short one for angst and fluff/smut for jaemin ? 🥺

    pairings: jaemin x fem!reader

    genre: angst and fluff

    note: i hope you’ll enjoy !! 🌿☁️

    [ 𝟐𝟑:𝟒𝟑𝐩𝐦 ] — “jaemin, can you finally listen to me?“ you called out his name for the tenth time today. he didn’t listen to you because he was playing games with his friends. you were sad because all you wanted was his attention. “...let’s broke up.” you said all of sudden and he stopped playing. he looked at you, you could see the fear in his eyes. “..what?“ he asked you in case he misheard your words. “you aren’t paying any attention to me... all you do is sitting on that stupid computer and talk to your friends.“ you said, tears starts to form up in your eyes. he sighed and stood up, walking towards you. he sat next to you and hughed you, rubbing your back gently as he kissed your cheek. “baby, i’m so sorry. i’m all yours now.“ because you couldn’t resist his touches, you attacked him with kisses on his face and a tight hug. “i love you, na.” you smooched his lips. “i love you too, babygirl.“

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    Want to start writing again. Any requests? Fake snaps, drabbles, mtl, smut, story, etc.

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    Giving very much soft boy vibe

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    Love him in leather🤤💕

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    NCT Next Door: 7.2

    After cleaning the dorm up and putting things back to how it was a few years ago, Hyejun took her carry on and suitcase over to the door and opened it, Jaehyun was there on his phone, looking down at her he kissed her and picked up her carry on and let her walk out the room, she was giving a shh motion.

    “Jaeun is sleeping, so I don’t wanna wake them.” she said pulling her suitcase out the door and closing the door quietly and locking it.

    “They?” he asked as he followed her down the hall, “Jungwoo is there?” he sounded concern, he saw her looked back at him

    “They are in a relationship Jaehyun, it's common.” she said with a bit of an attitude, “people actually like to spend time with each other.”

    “I spend time with you.” he said opening the elevator door for her, “I don’t see what’s your problem.”

      “I asked to stay with you for three days, Jaehyun three days!” she looked at him and pressed the button, “and you said you have no room, to stay with Chitt. So, guess what?” the door closed.

    When the door opened up he saw it was the second floor, she was on the fourth floor, and there was someone standing there, “So I am staying with Doyoung, don’t wanna bother your next three days” taking the carry on from him she had Doyoung help her out the elevator. As she walked out of the elevator a young boy who was friends with Renjun and Hendery walked past, Shotaro entered the elevator before the door closed as Jaehyun watched his girlfriend walk away mad at him.

    “And he didn’t even follow you.” Doyoung said as he took her bag and suitcase, he smiled as she gave him a death stare. “still want him to live with us?”

    “Don’t give me any ideas” she said as he guided her to his dorm room, he was room mating with Taeyong who already moved his stuff out into his new place and was going to be away for the night so offered his bed to her. 


    NCT Next Door: Last Day of School 7.2

    Summary: The end of the school year was approaching and the restless nights, hours of studying and most of all stress was catching up with various students of Neo Ridge School of Business and Technological Arts. For three girls in particular school was hectic, but the nonstop drama within their friend groups was even worse.

    Genre: Comedy, Angst, Smut, College!AU,

    Warnings: Swearing, Mature Content Future Parts

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    04.08.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    NCT Next Door 7.1


    Waking up from a well-deserved nap, she gave a little stretch and turned around to face away from the soft summer light shinning through the sheer blinds pulling the sheets more over her shoulders she looked to see a beautiful face sleeping next to her. He was sleeping on his stomach with his arms pushed up underneath the pillows and his hair was tossed over his face covering his eyes like a sleep mask.

    Jungwoo looked like a beautiful angel next to her she wishes she did not have to wake him, deciding to check her phone first, she saw a message in the group chat, something about finalizing the graduation trip. Graduation trip, its going to be wild, but better they are graduating! Locking her screen, the click made Jungwoo slowly wake up looking over at him Jaeun couldn’t be any happier, he smiled up at her as he pulled himself up on a pillow, he laid on his back to look at his phone. Exhaling heavy he looked over at her and they both got up.

    Jungwoo took her last few bags and followed her as she walked to the bathroom to see what she must clean or take, and everything was exactly how it was when she first started school.

    “Did Hyejun clean up everything already?” Jungwoo said as he peered into the kitchen and see all the dishes, table, and counters clean and put back into its place. “is she not here still?”

    “She took all her stuff over to her place already, I guess she is going to stay at Jaehyun’s place until Friday. I guess she cleaned up before she left, I feel bad I didn’t help.” Seeing Jungwoo leave the room she was so happy to leave but missed the fun. Closing the door, locking it, and left with him.

    “Are you all set to move in?” she asked him as they make their way outside

    “Yup just gotta get a few more things from my room and I am all moved in, why?” he said kissing her head as he opened the door so she can pass first.

    “Didn’t see why you have to move across the city, aren’t you going to be alone, we still need a roommate”

    “Closer to work, besides, I thought you have one.”

    “I have Jaemin, trust me if I could replace him I would. I posed a Roommate Wanted ad on NUchat, I don’t want to be alone with that kid” he chuckled as he put her stuff into his car and took her to her new home. Her phone chimed.

    Jaeun looked up at Jungwoo after reading the message, and gave an unpleasant look, “Yuta really?! That man isn’t going to leave!”

    “What do you mean, Mark and Yuta got a place, he’s gonna wanna start the South Wing rep from home now.” He laughed as he started the car.

    “He never got the place; they didn’t have the deposit in time” she said as they took off. Men, doing shit without thinking!


    NCT Next Door: Last Day of School 7.1

    Summary: The end of the school year was approaching and the restless nights, hours of studying and most of all stress was catching up with various students of Neo Ridge School of Business and Technological Arts. For three girls in particular school was hectic, but the nonstop drama within their friend groups was even worse.

    Genre: Comedy, Angst, Smut, College!AU,

    Warnings: Swearing, Mature Content Future Parts

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    04.08.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    7.4 Last Day Drama

    The sun was high in the sky and class had just finished for the term, putting all his books in his bag. Yangyang threw his bag over his shoulder and made his way to the cafeteria.

    Checking his phone, he saw a message from Xiaojun

    ‘Hey, are you still coming over? I have more time since Mina is going home tonight.’

    He let out a small chuckle as he entered the line to Subway, sending a quick reply as he made his way through the lineup and to the counter.

    “If it isn’t my favourite sandwich boy, how are you doin?” he said with a smile looking at Jeno who was standing on the other side of the counter taking out bread. “I’m feeling better now that you two aren’t meddling in my personal life.” He said cutting the bread in half, “Extra cheese?” looking up at Yangyang who nodded his head. “You can’t blame us for wanting to help a friend in need. I’ll have you know I got a HUGE number of DMs asking about you, and I had to turn them down cause you didn’t want to get laid.” Yangyang said watching Jeno put the bread in the oven, another student walked in and joined the line quietly taking out his phone. “It’s not that I don’t want to get laid, it’s that you PIMPED ME OUT! You put an ad on NUchat like it was a job offer. Plus, I don’t want just any random girl to sleep with.” He turned toward the oven looking at the timer, “So is there a girl you’re interested in?” Yangyang raises an eyebrow at Jeno as he takes the bread out of the oven, “Is that all you have to ask? I told you how I felt about what you two pulled yesterday, and you’re more concerned about who I’m interested in?” he sighs softly and places the toppings on the sandwich with a small smile Yangyang pointed to the guacamole. “I want guac, and you didn’t even ask me what I wanted. Shouldn’t I, the customer, tell you what I want on my sandwich? Also, who are you interested in? Do I know her?” Jeno rolls his eyes as Yangyang let out a laugh, walking towards the cash register, “You’re getting your usual today and yes you know her. No, I’m not telling you.” Jeno says rolling the order up and placing it in the bag, “$8.53, or would you like to make it a combo?” he asks with a smile, Yangyang looks over at the cookies and back to Jeno, “Combo with white chocolate chip and iced tea.” Jeno nods his head and goes to grab the cookies, “Is it Yuna? I know you two are really close.” Yangyang asks getting out his wallet out and eyeing Jeno’s facial expression, he scrunches his eyebrows and shakes his head. “No, it’s not. $11.89, whenever you’re ready.” The other boy walked up towards the counter and smiled at Jeno, he smiled back and put up a finger signaling he needed a minute. He hands Yangyang the bag and drink, smiling. Yangyang leans in and whispers, “What other girls do you know? Other than Yuna, Jaemin’s sister and Jaehyun’s girlfriend? Or is it someone in our class?” Jeno chuckles and steps back, “I’ll see you later.” He smiles and Yangyang walks out towards the doors of the cafeteria towards the West Dorm.

    While walking down the pathway towards the dorm Yangyang took a sip of his drink as he walked across the parking lot, looking at the cars parked under the big oak tree. He stopped for a second and noticed Chenle’s car wasn’t there, a small white car parked crookedly took its place. “That’s Chenle’s parking spot. Weird.” Shrugging it off Yangyang walked through the West Dorm doors, stopping at the front desk he handed the girl his student card. While he waited for her to get the papers, he checked his phone. Chenle made a group chat with him and Jisung, something about Jisung and... A GIRL?!

    Yangyang stared at his screen in shock, Jisung likes a girl? But who? ‘He knows just as much girls as Jeno does, or less.’ Yangyang thought to himself, he ran through all the girls he knew mutually with Jisung and only five girls came up, ’Not Jaemin’s sister, Jaehyun’s girlfriend or Yuna. Unless it’s that girl from the Starbucks? What was her name again? Katy? Yeri? Yerim. No, I think she goes by Yeri. Or Katy? It can’t be Wendy; they don’t talk enough.’ He stood there pondering so long that he didn’t notice the girl is standing there with the paper and pen for him to sign. “Yangyang!” she said loudly, he locked his screen and took the pen. “Sorry, um?” he tried to look at her nametag, “Just sign the papers. Then you can go with your loud friends upstairs.” She said sitting back down, “My friends and I aren’t loud.” He said handing her back the papers, scoffing she took them and put it with his ID, “Tell that to Renjun and the others on that floor.” She handed him the visitors pass. He smiled and walked towards the door, he heard the phone ring at the desk and turned around. The girl picked up the phone and looked at him, “Okay, I’ll let them know. Thanks.” She hung up the phone and looked at him again. “Tell your friends to keep it down, this is the second call I got complaining.” Nodding his head, he turned back to the door, “Sure thing. We still on for tonight?” He raised a brow, “Bye!” she said going back to her computer.

    He took the stairs up to the third floor, as he got closer, he heard a female voice yelling. “Yea Giselle, she sure sounds like my friend.” He rolled his eyes as he made it to the door, pulling it open. The yelling was getting clear, Yangyang walked down the hall when he heard a male voice yelling back, “THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM! IT’S NOT MINE!” Yangyang stopped, he recognized that voice. After hearing him sigh heavily, his eyes lit up and he practically ran down the hall. He stopped dead in his tracks upon the view of Renjun and some girl arguing, looking at both of them, he took out his phone and texted Chenle.

    “HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S NOT YOURS!? YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE I SLEPT WITH IN THE LAST WEEK!” she was pretty much screaming, Renjun let out a small laugh “What about Yuta?” he asked, her face went pale. “H-how did you kn-“ Rolling his eyes Renjun leaned against the wall, “You think you could sleep with one of my friends and I wouldn’t find out?” he cut her off, looking at him she lowered her voice, “I already asked him and he said he’s not the one who could’ve.” She looked over at Yangyang, “Your friend is here.” She said in a low voice, Renjun turned around to see Yangyang leaning against the wall with a smile on his face. “What? Now you wanna get quiet?” Renjun asked her “You came bursting all up in here yelling at me and saying I knocked you up. Now you want to get quiet cause Yangyang’s here? Or are you planning on fucking another one of my friends? ‘Give the ponytail another good ‘ol slap?’” he said making him and Yangyang chuckle. Her face turned red,


    “I’m sorry, how come you slept with Yuta three days ago, ask him if he got you pregnant, he said no, and you’re cool with it. When you ask me, and I say it wasn’t me you wanna throw a fit? You slept with him the day AFTER you slept with me.”

    “It has to be one of you.”

    “Can’t be me. I didn’t go”


    “You heard me Jenna; I didn’t finish.”

    Her eyes went wide, Yangyang directed his attention to her. “LISTEN HERE YOU ASSHOLE JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE MAD DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN LIE LIKE THIS! I KNOW YOU DID CAU- “

    “WAIT!”, a voice cut her off and all three of them looked over at Chenle who was running down the hall with his hand up. He stopped beside Yangyang, panting, he put a finger up. “I got here as fast as I could, what did I miss?” he looked at Yangyang who looked at Renjun, who looked at Jenna, who was about to say something when the door beside her opened up, “Yangyang, in here. Now.” Xiaojun pointed towards his room and looked at Yangyang with an annoyed expression. The door across from Xiaojun’s opened up and Hendery stuck his head out, “Yangyang, Chenle. A word?”

    Chenle let out an exasperated sigh and walked into Hendery’s room, Yangyang looked between Hendery and Xiaojun. With a sigh Xiaojun walked out of his room and pushed Yangyang into Hendery’s room, closing the door behind him Xiaojun crossed his arms and leaned against the door. Walking to the fridge, Hendery took out two cans of coke, handing one to Chenle and offering one to Xiaojun. He shook his head, “I’m good thanks, what I would like to know is what is wrong with you two?” Xiaojun said facing Yangyang and Chenle who were both sitting on the small sofa, “Well in my defence,” Yangyang started as he took out his iced tea again, “I was actually here to see someone. So, I have reason to be here.” He takes a sip and looks at Chenle, “He’s just here for the drama.” Chenle let out a loud chuckle. “Of course that’s why I’m here, why else?” he opens the can and takes a sip, “Would have been here faster if some idiot didn’t take my parking spot.” He rolled his eyes and put the can down, “Jenna took your spot.” Chenle looked at Hendery who said it so nonchalantly. “SO YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT’S THE BITCH THAT STOLE MY SPOT!?” Chenle yelled and stood up, walking angrily towards the door. Xiaojun stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder, “She’s not worth it.” He said trying to hold in a small laugh, “I know that I just want that bitch to know that it’s my parking spot and I paid for it.” Chenle pushed passed Xiaojun and placed his hand on the handle when Yangyang stopped him, “I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you yelling at other girls.” He said with a smile and Chenle turned his head. “I don’t have a girlfriend.” Rolling his eyes Yangyang said in a low voice “I don’t think Nari would appreciate you denying her like that.” Chenle let go of the door handle and turned back into the room, “She doesn’t need to know.”

    Xiaojun cleared his throat, “Why are you yelling in our halls?” he asked looking at Chenle, “I didn’t wanna miss anything. Can you blame me?” Chenle said sitting back down, “I don’t think Jenna wanted an audience. Did she pick the wrong place, tone, and time? Yes. But I don’t think she wanted everyone to hear her business.” Hendery said leaning on the counter. “Not everyone likes their business out there.” Xiaojun added.

    “Like how you don’t like when we point out your relationship with Nari.” Yangyang laughed, “and how Jeno doesn’t appreciate you exposing his personal life.” Xiaojun said, “Or lack thereof.” Chenle laughed, “Or how Winwin is into some real kinky shit and doesn’t like to talk about it,” Hendery added.

    There was a brief pause between the four boys, Hendery’s eyes widened, and he dropped his head. “Shit.” He whispered, Yangyang raised an eyebrow and Chenle looked up, “Winwin’s into what?” he asked looking in Hendery’s direction, “Way to go dumbass.” Xiaojun mumbled, Yangyang smirked “What kind of kinky stuff?” he said. Hendery took in a deep breath, “You didn’t hear this from me but Win-““I LOVE WHEN THINGS START WITH ‘YOU DIDN'T HEAR THIS FROM ME!’ ” Chenle yelled, cutting him off. “Let me finish!” Hendery said, “So Winwin’s kind of a- um, well... He’s into some BDS- no he’s a bit of a swinger I guess.” He laughed, Xiaojun shook his head and turned to open the door, “I can’t believe you actually told them. Winwin is gonna kill you.” He said in a low voice in hopes that only Hendery heard and walked out. “Yang, just come over when you’re done causing trouble.” He said before leaving.

    After Xiaojun shut the door there was a silence, “Well, I heard enough to suffice this afternoon. I’ll catch y’all later.” Chenle said, breaking it and getting up, checking his phone. “I gotta meet my girlfr- GIRL! One of my girls tonight.” Yangyang laughed, “Please! You don’t have girls! Hahaha!” He made his way to the door and before he turned the handle he turned his head, “Girlfriend heh.” And he opened the door, “Yo! Winwin is coming out of a room down the hall!” he said in a harsh whisper causing both Hendery and Chenle to rush towards the door. The three boys pushed out of the room and closed the door behind him, Yangyang leaning against the door, Hendery standing awkwardly and Chenle grabbed Renjun who was standing in the hall on his phone and put his arm around him. “What are you doing?” Renjun asked, putting his phone in his pocket. “Shhh watch and see.” Chenle whispered to him “I heard Winwin is doing a lot more than tutoring with that couple.” He continued raising his right eyebrow in the direction of Winwin talking to a couple in their doorway, Renjuns eyes widened and looked at the other two boys. “Is he for real? I don’t believe that.” Renjun replied with a scoff, “Watch and learn then.” Chenle said as Winwin waved and walked down the hall towards them.

    “Hey Winwin!” Chenle called out waving at him, “How’s things?” he said with a smile. “Great actually, I just got this place. It’s really nice.” Winwin said, pulling his bag up carefully on his shoulder, “Still tutoring this summer?” Yangyang asked, raising an eyebrow. Shaking his head, Winwin let out a sigh “I’m done, unless you need tutoring this summer? Then I can help you find someone.” He said smiling at the two who had summer classes, “So no new activities? Haven’t been in any trouble?” Chenle asked, slapping Winwin’s back causing him to let out a yelp, “OW!” he winced at the pain and looked at the others who were staring at him with concern. “Are you okay man?” Yangyang asked, trying not to laugh, Renjun turned his head and leaned back to look at Chenle who was eyeing Winwin’s neck, which had some red marks peeking from the top of his shirt. “I’m fine, just I’ve been working out lately and straining myself a bit.” Winwin said walking through towards the elevator, “Wait!” Renjun said before Hendery stopped him “Don’t say anything.” He muttered under his breath. “Yea?” Winwin asked, “Um, Hyejun wants you to go over to her apartment later. That’s all.” Winwin nodded his head and turned around pressing the button “Alright I’ll be there. Thanks.” And left.

    “So, I take it you guys aren’t gonna help me with my problem?” a voice startled all four boys who turned to see Jisung standing on the other side of the hall, phone in hand. “Oh Jisung! How long have you been there?” Yangyang asked leaning forward to see him, Jisung sighed and put his phone in his pocket “I got here a while ago actually. When I was talking to the girl at the front desk she said Chenle needs to go sign in and she will call security if there’s any more disruptions.” Chenle rolled his eyes “Yeah yeah I gotta go anyway see you guys.” he said and lazily waved his hand before walking towards the elevator, “Wait! What about my issue?” Jisung asked again, looking between both Yangyang and Chenle, “Take her for a spin and then bring her home.” Chenle responded nonchalantly, crossing his arms “I don’t have one.” Jisung muttered “Can I borrow yours?” he asked, eying Chenle’s expression as his lips curled into a smile, “Of Course! As long as you clean up after yourselves and I don’t find anything in there after it’s yours for the weekend!”  he yelled with enthusiasm and tossed Jisung a key from his pocket, Yangyang looked at Jisung “I can’t believe this is your big day! Your first time taking a girl for a spin!” he said putting an arm around Jisung, “Don’t forget to use protection!” Renjun added, “and feed her after too!” Hendery said smiling. “We are so proud of you Jisungie!” Chenle yelled before the elevator doors closed, “Is this the key to the car that is sitting outside right now?” Jisung asked Yangyang who was on his phone, “Yea it is. Good luck on your outing tonight.” he answered and walked into Xiaojun’s room, Renjun waved and left and Hendery went back inside his room. Jisung was still standing in the hall.

    “Hey, you okay?” Xiaojun asked suddenly, causing Jisung to jump slightly. “Yea I just, well… I asked Chenle and Yangyang for help with this girl I like and well they kinda just…”


    “Yea, I don’t know what to do now.”

    “Well you could just tell her you like her.”

    “I can’t do that, what if she doesn't like me? I fumble my words when I’m with her.”

    Jisung let out a sigh before looking back at Xiaojun, “You have a girlfriend!”

    “Thanks for noticing”

    “I mean how did you do it? How did you take her out?”

    “Ew! I wouldn’t do that for the first few dates. I told her I liked her and would like to take her on a date. When she said yes I took her out for a day of fun, did a bunch of things she liked and we ended up going on like four more dates after. You just gotta be upfront and honest about things.”

    “I didn’t plan on taking her ‘out’ like that. I was gonna take her for hot chocolate and we could go for a drive or walk whatever she wants, I’m not picky.”

    Xiaojun let out a soft chuckle.

    “You really like her?”

    “I do.”

    “If it gets chilly tonight, which it will, give her your sweater. Based on how she acts going forward will tell you what you need to know.”


    “Yea if you see her wear it again then she likes you.”

    Jisung’s expression lit up, “Thanks Xiaojun! That’s the best advice I've heard yet! I’ll text you later and tell you how it goes!”. Smiling, he waved and ran off towards the stairs, Xiaojun laughed “THE CAR!” he yelled, causing Jisung to run back, “Oh yea I forgot. See ya!”  Xiaojun waved “Bye!”


    NCT Next Door: Last Day Drama 7.4

    Summary: The end of the school year was approaching and the restless nights, hours of studying and most of all stress was catching up with various students of Neo Ridge School of Business and Technological Arts. For three girls in particular school was hectic, but the nonstop drama within their friend groups was even worse.

    Genre: Comedy, Angst, Smut, College!AU,

    Warnings: Swearing, Mature Content Future Parts

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    nct 127 - small things with them

    「 masterlist 」

    a/n: loosely based on their natal charts <3 cw: mention of food

    ✦:˒ Taeil ◞⁺☆.

    showing his support in quiet ways - if you have something coming up, he would buy the tickets, make a copy of your dissertation, and would show up no matter what

    he'd start sizing up on his hoodies and sweaters just so they are bigger on you too

    sending you the most random videos of himself (check out his instagram if you don't know what i am talking about lmao)

    spacing out together

    being the chill couple everyone loves to hang out with

    will love just staying in and watching movies together

    he buys more fluffy blankets when you two start dating

    can't stop smiling when he talks about you

    face-timing him would be so fun

    he'd hold the phone way too close to his face so that you're only talking to his nose the entire time lol

    the type to do skincare with you after he notices how soft your skin actually is

    gets you little gifts that reminded him of you

    he would looove the way you giggle

    he already smiles all the time but when you laugh at his jokes? it get's even bigger how is that possible (give me a kim -)

    would be more protective than you'd think at first

    but more in gentle ways

    like he'd nag you if you don't take care of yourself, he'd pull out a chair for you, he'd help you put on your jacket and pull your hair out of it if it gets stuck

    he may also romanticize a lot about you

    in his head you're just perfect what can he do (˵ᵕ̴᷄ ˶̫ ˶ᵕ̴᷅˵)

    the type to text you "did you eat well today? >:(" in the evenings

    i didn't wanna say this but you'd have to convince him to clean his room bestie

    my man it's not okay living like that

    ✦:˒ Johnny ◞⁺☆.

    bringing you with him anywhere he goes

    that wine lady probably knows your favorite wine as well hehe

    takes your hand when you cross the street or get on a bus

    throws his arm around your shoulder when you two walk somewhere - and then he tries to annoy you by bending his arm and trying to drink his coffee while your head is in the way

    likes to scare you in the grocery store when he gets bored

    teases you and then acts like you brought it on yourself

    "not my fault that you can't cook"

    but then he has these sweet random moments

    like if you burn your finger when failing at you cooking attempt, he suddenly gets serious and gently pushes you out of the way to fix the thing you messed up

    and later tells you that the meal only tastes good because you did all the ground work

    compliments you a lot and he always sounds so genuine

    bouncing off of each other's jokes

    his mom would LOVE you

    like taeyong i am sorry sweety but you are #2 now

    putting his hand on the small of your back in public

    patting the top of your head cause you so smol next to him :(

    johnny is a big softie tho and we all know it

    but he is also the type to go "that looks good but it would look better on the floor eheheh"

    i think he'd admire you for your hobbies a lot

    you can sing? wow your voice is like honey, the best he's ever heard

    you play an instrument? you should play in front of the president, you are perfect at it!

    you don't think you have any talents? boy's got your back you got so many good things rooting for you -3-

    he'd be one of the members who'd go crazy for you wearing his clothes

    bc he is just so tall, so no matter how tall you are, they would always be just a tad too big

    and if you suddenly start incorporating them into your closet and make some bomb outfits? marry him on the spot pls

    ✦:˒ Taeyong ◞⁺☆.

    t to the a to the e to the yong ~

    gives you puppy eyes when he tells you he bought yet another fish and johnny didn't even care

    opening doors for you and letting you walk ahead always

    sitting unimaginably close to you to the point where you are basically sitting on top of each other (but not really)

    randomly going up to you and holding your hand / playing with it

    he always knows where your stuff is when you can't find it

    likes head-pats but don't tease him for it :(

    i think he'd be the type to help you dye your hair purple at 3 am

    and then spontaniously join you so you are matching ! <3

    sooo clingy with you

    you wouldn't be able to walk in the dorm without him trailing behind you

    he's got so little time for you already, so why don't you spend yours with him huh >:(

    he'd wanna try doing your makeup for you when he sees you doing it (if you wear makeup ofc)

    calls you pretty like it's your name

    "hello pretty" "can you pass me the salt you beautiful angel" "what do you wanna order you model"

    yeah smth like that lmao

    personally i think he enjoys some lighthearted teasing too

    he teases his members (doyoung) a lot too soo

    gives you fashion tips too

    "you should wear your blue top with that, that'd look so good!"

    sometimes he tries to speak english with you out of nowhere

    bc if you aren't from korea, he just kinda wants to learn how to talk with you more personally and the way you can articulate yourself the best

    so he'd try learning your native language too

    ending up in you two meshing words together all the time

    but who needs words when you have taeyong amirite *insert his puppy eyes*

    ✦:˒ Yuta ◞⁺☆.

    being the sassy duo at the party and being the best at all the drinking games

    learning random japanese phrases from him so your conversations turn into a multilingual mess

    annoying him when he plays games and him getting back at you with way too much fun

    sprinkling the remaining water from his hands into your face when he's done washing them

    pulling weird faces when looking at each other from across the room

    dare i say it? dirty jokes. all the time.

    following the feminist agenda like you should hehe

    actually getting to see his more ~deeper~ and ~poetic~ side

    i feel like he has some very nice opinions about some bigger issues that he'd love to discuss

    and you'd be a perfect partner for that hehe

    roasting the members when they tease you too much >:(

    always showing you off

    he's the type to do the will smith thing (ya know where he showed off his wife on the red carpet yee)

    would know you better than yourself

    you'd be like "should i do this?"

    and he'd KNOW you wouldn't like it and he always turns out to be right

    he's quite observant and would show his protectiveness like that

    if you seem uncomfortable in any way, he'd be by your side in a second

    walking hand in hand everywhere

    one of the most supportive people like what

    but he always looks so warmly at you, you'd never have to doubt his feelings for you

    wants to spend all his time with you too

    probably would randomly show up at your place with no warning

    he'd share all the dorm secrets with you hehehe

    ✦:˒ Doyoung ◞⁺☆.

    him making you laugh with the faces he pulls around the members

    overexaggerating his reactions just to hear your laugh again

    him ranting about things to you because he knows you actually pay attention and listen

    rubbing your shoulders when you get frustrated

    him babying you but also knowing you are an independet and free person bc he admires you sm for that

    nagging you and to you

    i think he'd find your quirks very adorable, even if he acts like you're a weirdo

    would get so pouty if you don't take his side on smth

    "okay then go be with jaehyun then if you think he's so much better"

    "all i said is that i like his vinyls??"

    he's only teasing you ofc <3

    the type to randomly spill his guts in bed at 3 am

    it's just because he realized how comfortable he is with you

    congratulations you'd have to take pictures of him constantly

    but he's pretty so why would you say no hehe

    acts unaffected by you wearing his clothes but he is m e l t i n g

    also super supportive, but he'd be the mom type of supportive

    like if your work and his schedule let's him, he'd always be there

    "you're doing amazing, sweetie!"- type of bf

    goes to you when he is sulky towards his members

    not the type to be super into pda, but he hugs you a lot from the side

    and you two always sit together, no matter where you are

    like if you aren't in his car for the drive he gets so pouty lmao

    "i don't wanna be in the car with taeyong :("

    anyway ty would be your #1 supporter tho

    buying things for you for pretty much the same reason he buys stuff for ty

    he is more "economical"

    poking your side when he is bored

    imitading your pout when you get upset with him

    ✦:˒ Jaehyun ◞⁺☆.

    him looking at you with the softest expression known to man

    his dimples always show when he does that

    brushing past you and touching you oh so slightly but just enough to notice

    being his no. 2 wine buddy (sorry johnny comes first - bros before hoes)

    ordering an extra dish or drink for you even though he didn't even ask you

    picking out parfumes for you and describing what he is looking for to the worker and they fall in love with him on the spot because of the way he talks about you

    having this chemistry where you don't have to talk to each other to know what the other wants

    him being uncharacteristically clingy towards you

    being one of the only people who laugh at his dad jokes : | (that man is hilarious don't @ me)

    adopting mark together (at this point every hyung will adopt him somehow)

    he always invites you to his hangouts but is never mad when you don't wanna come with

    actually is pretty observant and is ready to leave before you even utter a word

    looking like a high class model couple

    like you aren't just a couple, you are the couplé

    isn't really that public with his relationship but anyone can see right away that you two are whipped

    also the gentleman type

    fixes your hair for you, gives you his jacket when you wear smth short, would carry you home when your shoes hurt like a bitch

    bro he'd be so appreciative of aesthetics i feel like?

    like his instagram gives me high class aesthetic vibes

    if you make coffee and it looks really good, he'd be like "wow okay, so why aren't we married yet?"

    putting your head on his shoulder

    the resident "wants to go home"-face award goes to you two

    he'd be so shy when you are supportive, he can barely say thank you uwu

    red ears red ears red ears red ears

    shy hand holding

    「Winwin version here 」

    ✦:˒ Jungwoo ◞⁺☆.

    so definitely the best cuddles ever

    watching kids' movies together

    pouts when you both have to leave for the day

    holding your hand like it's made of glass

    cheesy pick-up lines even if you've been dating for years !!

    playfully argues with the members over you and completely denies you having any flaws

    "what do you mean she always leaves the light on? she's perfect, so therefore you must be wrong >:)"

    LOVING to make you laugh

    bumping shoulders when you sit next to each other and he wants your attention

    third wheeling when he spends time with mark :')

    or is mark third wheeling when he is around you two? 🧍

    anyway he feeds you constantly and gets pouty when you reject his affections

    tries to serenade you but when you ignore him he swears he never does it again

    will do it again after a few minutes don't worry

    he is just such a cutie you could never say no to him

    and he'd be like jaehyun when you compliment him

    shy shy shy with the reddest ears known to man

    i feel like when he gets so nervous he immediately searches for you bc you calm him down so well

    likes it a lot when you stroke his hair :3

    squishes your cheeks and imitates your voice

    random dance breaks and pulling you to him

    hugging you all the time

    the members don't even say anything anymore

    「Mark version here 」

    「Hyuck version here 」


    © mndchldsung
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    Sunday Afternoons

    The warm air of the stiff afternoon was sitting on your skin. It was the type of heat that made you prone to sweating, your clothes sticking to your skin. You wanted to peel your clothes off and sit down in front of a fan. It was suffocating and uncomfortable.

    Simple walks were the solution for you and Mark’s Sunday afternoon boredom. It was the perfect balance of reclaiming a day and doing nothing. Many words often were not spoken between the two of you. The silence provided comfort for your internal thoughts. Sometimes Mark pointed out the duck swimming in the lake, or you pointed out the moon that occasionally appeared during the day. Regardless, it was a moment of individuality, but it was spent together. On this particular day, it happened to be the hottest day of the year. You were sweating through your clothes, yet Mark wanted to keep you close to him. 

    “But Mark, it’s so hot. Just being close to you makes me sweat even more,” You challenged his desires of holding you hand. You already anticipated the unbearable stickiness of his hand clasped with your hand. It was a normal thing to do on your walks with him, but the heat made the mere idea unbearable.

    “C’mon. It’s not that hot,” Mark stuck his hand out. He was stubborn and knew what he wanted. He was sweating at the nape of his neck as a result of the sun facing your backs. He was lying through his teeth to get what he wanted. 

    You tucked his hand to his side again, confirming that you were stubborn too. He tucked his hands into his pockets. There was a moment of silence as you walked next to him. A cool, refreshing breeze went by.

    Mark tried again, but subtly. He nonchalantly lifted the same arm back up again, but looked the other direction while wrapping his arm around your shoulder. The result of his actions pulled you closer to him. 

    “Mark,” You said weakly, lightly tugging on the hand wrapped around you. You felt the suffocating heat of his arm around your shoulders.

    He silently removed his arm from your shoulder. You looked at his side profile in anticipation for anything he was going to say. You observed his messy hair, losing it’s color from being washed. You looked at his gentle eyes. He pushed the glasses that were falling down his nose bridge up with his hand. His lips were a bright pink from being licked so much because of the dry air. 

    You started to feel guilty. He wanted to remain close with you, yet you were being selfish. That was how Mark loved you. You foolishly dismissed the sentiment since you only considered yourself. Mark loved holding you. He didn’t mind the stickiness, in fact, that’s what he wanted. Pieces and nuances of you were all he wanted. He liked how you would rub his thumb with your thumb when your hands were clasped together. The stickiness of your hand in his was so inherently you, and he loved it. It took you feeling guilt to understand who he is as a person. 

    You moved yourself slightly closer to him. You brought your hand closer to his, letting it linger to test the waters. No response from him. You had pushed him away too much. Slowly, you threaded your pinkie finger through his pinkie. He slightly perked up and looked down at what you were doing to his hand. 

    “Compromise?” You said with a smile. You did not have to deal with additional sweat. Mark still had the chance to hold on to you, keeping you close to him. 

    He smiled back at you, leaning close. He placed a kiss at your temples, his licked lips leaving a bit of moisture on your skin. This was how Mark loved you. Together you finished the afternoon walk, pinkies intertwined. 

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    doyoung ⊹ natural republic cf
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    Nature Public 🍃🍃🍃

    📸 Take pic by Taeyong

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    min haeun, otherwise known by her stage name haven, is a south korean singer-songwriter, model, dancer, and actress under sm entertainment. she’s most recognized as the main vocalist and female visual of k-pop coed group, nct. she debuted as a member of sm entertainment’s supergroup, superm, in 2019.

    ⋆﹕TRACK ONE. basic info !

    ˒ ┊STAGE NAME: haven

    ˒ ┊BIRTH NAME: min haeun

    ˒ ┊ENGLISH NAME: celeste min

    ˒ ┊NAME MEANING: from sino-korean 夏 "summer; great, grand, big" and 恩 "kindness, mercy, charity." the first syllable can also come from 하나님 ( hana-nim ), the korean name for god, for meanings like "god's grace."


    𓈀 ゛. min-min: just a cute little nickname that taeil gave her when she first debuted into the group!

    𓈀 ゛. minnie mouse: chenle was actually the one to give this to her back in 2018 on halloween when haven dressed up as minnie mouse for their party.

    𓈀 ゛. miss korea: haven is no doubt the nation’s visual, and no, she wasn’t actually named miss korea, but she sure has the potential. fans began calling her this the minute they first saw her, and it has stuck !! haven is aging like fine wine <3

    𓈀 ゛. tiny noona: haven best noona !! the dreamies originally came up with this nickname all the way in 2016 :0 haven is… rather smol, and all of the younger members are taller than her LMAO — nobody really calls her this, it’s kind of just a title.

    𓈀 ゛. sarang-i: sarang-i means “lovely baby” in korean !! and haven is definitely a lovely baby <3 she’s the sweetest ever with the kindest heart, and she is nct’s baby after all !! the younger members don’t really ever call her this, but the older boys jump at the chance.

    ˒ ┊BIRTHDATE: july 9, 1998

    ˒ ┊ZODIAC SIGN: cancer

    ˒ ┊CHINESE ZODIAC: tiger

    ˒ ┊BIRTHPLACE: seoul, south korea

    ˒ ┊HOMETOWN: seoul, south korea

    ˒ ┊RESIDENCE: seoul, south korea

    ˒ ┊NATIONALITY: south korean

    ˒ ┊ETHNICITY: korean


    𓈀 ゛. korean: gyeonggi dialect ( 100% )

    𓈀 ゛. japanese: tokyo dialect ( 100% )

    𓈀 ゛. english: canadian dialect ( 76% )

    𓈀 ゛. french: standard dialect ( 32% )

    ˒ ┊HEIGHT: 157cm ( 5’2” )

    ˒ ┊WEIGHT: 44kg ( 96lbs )

    ˒ ┊BLOOD TYPE: a

    ˒ ┊NATURAL HAIR COLOUR: jet black

    ˒ ┊CURRENT HAIR COLOUR: jet black

    ˒ ┊NATURAL EYE COLOUR: dark brown

    ˒ ┊BODY MODIFICATIONS: seven ear piercings ( three on her left ear, four on her right )

    ˒ ┊FACECLAIM: kim jisoo ( blackpink )

    ˒ ┊SPEAKING VOICE: kim jisoo ( blackpink )

    ˒ ┊VOCAL CLAIM: kim jisoo ( blackpink )

    ˒ ┊DANCE CLAIM: roseanne park ( blackpink )

    ˒ ┊RAP CLAIM: kim jisoo ( blackpink )

    ⋆﹕TRACK TWO. career info !

    ˒ ┊STAGE NAME: haven

    ˒ ┊EXPLANATION: before debut, she was looking through a bunch of different names that could possibly be used for her stage name, and if she couldn’t find any, she would ultimately stick with haeun. johnny suggested “haven” because of how fitting he thought it was; haven means safe place !!

    ˒ ┊OCCUPATION: idol, singer-songwriter, dancer, model, actress

    ˒ ┊AGENCY: sm entertainment ( smtown )

    ˒ ┊TRAINING PERIOD: 2010 — 2017

    ˒ ┊GROUPS: nct, superm

    ˒ ┊UNITS: nct 127, nct u

    ˒ ┊POSITIONS: main vocalist, female visual, lead dancer

    ˒ ┊DEBUT DATE: january 5, 2017

    ˒ ┊POSITION AT DEBUT: lead vocalist, female visual, sub rapper

    ˒ ┊INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENTS: samsonite red ( 2015 ), nikon 1 j5 ( 2015 ), dior beauty ( 2019 — present ), cartier ( 2020 ), dior ( 2021 — present )

    ˒ ┊INDIVIDUAL FANDOM NAME: celestials

    ˒ ┊REPRESENTATIVE EMOJI: 🐭 ( minnie mouse being one of her nicknames, fans thought this was very fitting, and started using the mouse emoji on twitter )


    𓈀 ゛. vocals: 10/10

    𓈀 ゛. dance: 8.4/10

    𓈀 ゛. visuals: 10/10

    𓈀 ゛. rap: 5.3/10

    𓈀 ゛. modelling: 10/10

    𓈀 ゛. stage presence: 7/10

    𓈀 ゛. songwriting: 9.6/10

    𓈀 ゛. public speaking: 5/10


    𓈀 ゛. instagram: @nct127 ( staff/group: 2.5k posts, 11.4m followers, 11 following ) @haveun ( personal: 57 posts, 10.8m followers, 0 following )

    𓈀 ゛. twitter: @nctsmtown_127 ( staff/group: 6m followers, 4 following )

    𓈀 ゛. tiktok: @official_nct ( group: 5.6m followers, 1 following, 93.4m likes )

    ⋆﹕TRACK THREE. personal info !

    ˒ ┊MBTI: isfj, the defender

    ˒ ┊MBTI DESCRIPTION: defenders are known for their compassion and care towards others, often working to secure the safety and well-being of other people without asking for thanks or anything in return. while they are introverts, they tend to be warm and quite social. defenders are often described as kind, reliable, and trustworthy.


    𓈀 ゛. supportive: defenders are the universal helpers, sharing their knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who need it, and all the more so with friends and family. people with this personality type strive for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgment whenever possible.

    𓈀 ゛. reliable and patient: rather than offering sporadic, excited rushes that leave things half finished, defenders are meticulous and careful, taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish their end goals. defenders not only ensure that things are done to the highest standard, but often go well beyond what is required.

    𓈀 ゛. enthusiastic: when the goal is right, defenders take all this support, reliability and imagination and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives – whether fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making a customer’s day.

    𓈀 ゛. loyal and hardworking: give a little time, this enthusiasm grows into loyalty – defender personalities often form an emotional attachment to the ideas and organizations they’ve dedicated themselves to. anything short of meeting their obligations with good, hard work fails their own expectations.

    𓈀 ゛. good practical skills: the best part is, defenders have the practical sense to actually do something with all this altruism. if mundane, routine tasks are what need to be done, defenders can see the beauty and harmony that they create, because they know that it helps them to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it.


    𓈀 ゛. humble and shy: the meek shall inherit the earth, but it’s a long road if they receive no recognition at all. this is possibly defenders’ biggest challenge, as they are so concerned with others’ feelings that they refuse to make their thoughts known, or to take any duly earned credit for their contributions. defenders’ standards for themselves are also so high that, knowing they could have done some minor aspect of a task better, they often downplay their successes entirely.

    𓈀 ゛. overload themselves: their strong sense of duty and perfectionism combine with this aversion to emotional conflict to create a situation where it is far too easy for defenders to overload themselves — or to be overloaded by others — as they struggle silently to meet everyone’s expectations, especially their own.

    𓈀 ゛. repress their feelings: people with the defender personality type are private and very sensitive, internalizing their feelings a great deal. much in the way that defenders protect others’ feelings, they must protect their own, and this lack of healthy emotional expression can lead to a lot of stress and frustration.

    𓈀 ゛. take things too personally: defenders have trouble separating personal and impersonal situations. any situation is still an interaction between two people, after all — and any negativity from conflict or criticism can carry over from their professional to their personal lives, and back again.

    𓈀 ゛. too altruistic: this is all compounded and reinforced by defenders’ otherwise wonderful quality of altruism. being such warm, good-natured people, defenders are willing to let things slide, to believe that things will get better soon, to not burden others by accepting their offers of help, while their troubles mount unassisted.

    ˒ ┊GENDER: cisgender female

    ˒ ┊PRONOUNS: she/her

    ˒ ┊SEXUAL ORIENTATION: heterosexual

    ˒ ┊ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: hereroromantic


    ˒ ┊FAMILY: parents, two little brothers

    ˒ ┊MOTHER:

    𓈀 ゛. name: lim kyoungja

    𓈀 ゛. birthdate: july 4, 1974

    𓈀 ゛. birthplace: incheon, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. occupation: surgeon

    𓈀 ゛. residence: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. marital status: married ( since 1997 )

    ˒ ┊FATHER:

    𓈀 ゛. birth name: min yeongcheol

    𓈀 ゛. birthdate: september 1, 1975

    𓈀 ゛. birthplace: daegu, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. occupation: ceo

    𓈀 ゛. residence: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. marital status: married ( since 1997 )

    ˒ ┊BROTHER:

    𓈀 ゛. birth name: min haseon

    𓈀 ゛. birthdate: february 16, 2000

    𓈀 ゛. birthplace: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. occupation: youtube gamer/streamer

    𓈀 ゛. residence: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. relationship status: single

    ˒ ┊BROTHER:

    𓈀 ゛. birth name: min haru

    𓈀 ゛. birthdate: november 5, 2005

    𓈀 ゛. birthplace: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. occupation: student

    𓈀 ゛. residence: seoul, south korea

    𓈀 ゛. relationship status: single

    ⋆﹕TRACK FOUR. trivial info !


    𓈀 ゛. elementary school: seoul younghoon elementary school

    𓈀 ゛. middle school: jamwon middle school

    𓈀 ゛. high school: seoul school of performing arts

    ˒ ┊PHYSICAL + RECOGNIZABLE TRAITS: fluffy hair, pale skin, small and heart shaped lips, short, strong legs, fluctuating weight, pretty eyes, deep voice, bold laugh, high cheekbones, smol dimples, oval face, long eyelashes, glass skin, soft jaw

    ˒ ┊HABITS & MANNERISMS: playing with her fingers, biting her bottom lip, smirking, jumping/hopping instead of walking, raising her eyebrow, rolling her eyes, cursing in english ( help ), saying english phrases like “oh my god” as a joke, thinking out loud, pouting

    ˒ ┊HOBBIES & SKILLS: playing piano, drawing, making lists, exploring with friends, touching her nose with her tongue, writing songs, taekwondo, cooking, imitating different animals, crotchet


    𓈀 ゛. colours: sky blue, white

    𓈀 ゛. foods: rice ( she seriously just says “rice” when asked about her favourite foods ), samyang cardbonara, rabokki ( spicy rice cake and ramen noodles )

    𓈀 ゛. drinks: bubble tea, subak hwachae ( korean watermelon punch ), dalgona coffee

    𓈀 ゛. number: 8

    𓈀 ゛. season: winter

    𓈀 ゛. emojis: 🫀, 🤯, 🤍, 🤸‍♀️

    𓈀 ゛. animals: polar bears, beluga whales

    𓈀 ゛. artists: sunmi, dpr live, cigarettes after sex, crush, b1a4, keshi, jeremy sucker, sik-k, dean, chase atlantic, slchld, june

    ˒ ┊PERSONAL PLAYLIST: angel by twlv, restlessness by bibi, where it hurts by slchld, paris in the rain by lauv, can’t by gsoul, free flight by dvwn, cry for love by baekhyun, by my side by junny, always, i’ll care by jeremy zucker, nostalgia by crush, la don’t look good on u by astn, like i need u by keshi

    ˒ ┊LIKES: taking walks, cooking with friends, reading netflix before bed, cleaning, making her own clothes ( mostly just sweaters ), writing lyrics, silk material, visiting her hometown, the snow, fashion, pretty cafes, spoiling people, travelling

    ˒ ┊DISLIKES: overly hot days, roller coasters, heights, repeating herself, long schedules, dispatch, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, beauty standards

    ˒ ┊FRIENDS: all of; red velvet, nayeon and momo; twice, sejeong; former gugudan, new; the boyz, jinyoung; got7

    ˒ ┊IDEAL TYPE: someone tall, knows how to respect people, a good cook

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    he looks so cuddly 🥺

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    the time after a SM recruiter noticed Juae

    The grip on Juae’s hand was unrelenting but she was confused; why would her father react so strongly to her being asked to sing? It’s not as if Juae was particularly talented, having been barred from joining the choir at her school in Seoul. She supposed it was another thing to be explained in private where her father would have no need to censor himself.

    There was a lot of things that needed to be explained in that way.

    Juae, at only 15 Korean age (something she enjoyed having after the move; it made her older and thus, wiser), understood she was different than other kids. Maybe not so drastically from the other children at her school, but vastly so from the kids she can see on a swing set as her father continues to drag her to their chauffeured vehicle. Juae was never explicitly told not to associate with them, but the way her nannies looked at kids like that said enough; her private tutors took up so much of her energy anyways.

    Her father always said the nannies were to keep her safe. She had never been hurt, so Juae supposed they worked as intended, and continued to listen to the nonverbal scoldings.

    The luxury car smoothly pulls into the garage of her family’s house. Just as smoothly, her personal chauffeur opens the car door, bowing while helping the small girl jump down to the ground. Her father continues to storm around, softening when he catches Juae looking at him. He pats her hair carefully and ushers her inside, nodding to dismiss the worker.

    Her mother appears with a brilliant smile at her loved ones. She had chosen to stay home instead of accompanying the two to the park; Juae was sure her mother was working on dinner at this time of day. The older lady (never elderly, Juae remembers the scolding a tutor gave her when she confused the two Korean words) wraps her arms around Juae in a warm, welcoming hug that both sink into. “How was the park, Mochi?”

    Juae went to answer her mother, but her father interjected before she got the chance. “An entertainment recruiter approached her while she was alone,” he scoffs. Juae carefully studies her mother’s face for a reaction. Was it a dangerous situation she was unable to recognize?

    Instead of ire or concern, her mother looks amused. “Is that what had you coming in here pouting?” She asks, grin beginning to play on her lips.

    “Yes,” her poised father whines. At this time of day, no staff remains in the house, just his two girls who never hold him to his reputation as a terrifying business man.

    Her mother fully laughs at her husband’s expression. The sound is light and replicated in Juae as she begins to relax. “We knew our Mochi was beautiful, why are you upset?”

    Her father continues to whine, “Juae is too young to be an idol! She’s a baby!”

    “Too young to be an idol, yet old enough for board meetings?” It is a light-hearted challenge. Her father’s attachment to Juae has always been strong, to the point she was a literal newborn in meetings with millionaires. Bringing Juae to work simply never stopped; she grew to love the business and numbers. Plus, the other executives enjoyed spoiling her with hard caramels. “Well, what do you think, Juae?”

    Juae startles slightly. She had been enjoying the volleys of banter between her parents and was not expecting to be involved. “About what?”

    “Being an idol,” her mother kindly reminds.

    “I am not sure what that entails,” she hums, rocking back on her heels. “Is it singing?”

    “You’re close to the definition! It’s being a celebrity because of music; you sing and dance, maybe model or go on television to be funny.”

    Juae shrugs, “That sounds fun.”

    Her father groans from where he threw himself over the couch. “It is a lot of work, Juae. You need to feel something more than that it would be entertaining if you wish to pursue such a career. Besides, I thought you had fun with the Board; idols work in a very different way. Are you sure it would be fun?”

    “I am not sure,” she hesitates now. Her father’s response made it seem like she answered wrong. Juae hates being wrong most of all.

    “Well,” her mother stops Juae’s racing mind, slowing finger-combing her hair, “You can always try it. There’s no need to make such a decision now, we have the recruiter’s card.”

    #nct 127#nct u#super m#nct blurbs#nct imagines #nct female oc #nct female member #nct female addition #kpop female oc #kpop female addition #nct 24th member #kpop!oc
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