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  • kpopincorrect-quotes
    13.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hendery, muffled from the other room: YES your catboy is a big dumb himbo with bastard baby energy, can I please see my family again

    Kun, turning the page in his book: *deep sigh*

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  • junjungsunwoo
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    << 6:57p.m>>

    (Ignore the fact that this was actually posted in the middle of the night)

    -> Jaehyun x reader (ft. Taeyong)

    -> 0.597

    -> Angst

    -> @geniejunn, @kvydence

    You and Jaehyun stood as you both watched your kids play on the swings, watching them as they take turns pushing each other while laughing in joy.

    The family of four all had smiles on their faces, as the women picks up the small boy and placed him on the swing he wanted to get on, while the man does the same for the little girl.

    Laughter and giggles could be heard as the family had fun in their own world, not minding anyone or anything else.

    “That could’ve been us.” Jaehyun says for the first time since he’s met you here coincidentally, his eyes now focused on you.

    “It could have been,” you told him as you start to get your stuff that was laid out in the bench table next to where you stood. “it would’ve been. If only you didn’t…” you hesitate to continue. What he did years ago never healed, it still had hurt you to this very day.

    Picking up all of your stuff, you begin to walk over to your child as you feel Jaehyun pull you back by your wrist.

    “Please,” he begs you, “please- let me try again.” His eyes teary, and his lips trembling.

    You shake his hold off, and you began to walk even faster towards your child as you see your boyfriend Taeyong standing near his car waiting for you.

    As you were leaving the park, you let your son run to his soon-to-be step-father. You feel a hand grabbing onto your wrist again, this time it’s grip stronger, harder to break through.

    “He’s my child too, I’m his father!” Crystal tears were now running down his face, as he begs you one more time. “Please, let me just try again. Please- I love you so much-“ you cut his sentence off.

    “If you had really loved me,” you paused, taking in deep breaths before continuing, “then you never should’ve cheated on me with my best friend and got her pregnant too.” Tears were gathering up in your eyes as well now, as you once again breaks through his hold on you, and you walk away- wiping your tears with the back of your hand, and never looking back to see the man you once loved- a man you still love, heartbroken, crying and a girl you once thought you could trust behind him- holding onto his child while glaring holes onto your back.

    As you reached your boyfriend’s car, he kisses you on the forehead. You wrap your arms around him as you peek thought the back window and you see you son sound asleep in his own seat. You lay your head in his chest as he gave you words of encouragement, telling you how proud he was that you could face Jaehyun again, after all the pain he’s caused you.

    “I love you,” you told him, “I love you, and I’m sorry.” You cry in his arms.

    Tears began to run down Taeyong’s face as well when he hears your words. He knows exactly why you are apologizing-

    You loved him, you loved Taeyong. But nothing could ever replace the love you had for Jaehyun.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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  • woocci
    12.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    shotaro icons

    #nct#nct icons #nct lq icons #shotaro icons #shotaro lq icons #kpop icons #nct 2020 icons
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    12.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ~ Nct 2020 Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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  • kpophoneybunny
    12.06.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Go hype my first tiktok, maybe? It took a long time and I now have 80-something pictures of Doyoung on my camera roll lmao

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  • byeolhyesisi
    12.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Xiaojun, at 3AM making his oreo cake : ok now where are the oreos

    Ghost : here *hands him a pack of oreos*

    Xiaojun : oh thanks *takes the pack of oreos*

    Xiaojun : ...

    Xiaojun : hold on...

    Xiaojun : wAIT WHAT THE—

    #and thats why they moved out #of their dorm :) #nct#nct 2020 #neo culture technology #nct u#wayv #wayv incorrect quotes #nctzen#xiaojun#wayv xiaojun#nct xiaojun#incorrect nct #nct incorrect quotes #kpop incorrect texts #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#nct memes#nct wayv
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  • alphaechan
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Park Jisung Layouts

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  • kpopincorrect-quotes
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cashier: That’ll be eighteen dollars and ninety eight cents.

    Haechan: I don’t have the money

    Cashier: ...then I’m sorry but I can’t sell this to you

    Haechan: [sneakily sliding the cashier a twenty dollar bill like it’s a bribe] how about now?


    Mark, from the chip aisle: Donghyuck stop fucking with the Americans.

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  • byeolhyesisi
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    [127 having meeting]

    Yuta : hey can I go to the br real quick?

    Taeyong : yeah sure go on—

    One hour later

    Yuta : *casually walks in the room with ice cream* bonjour

    Taeyong : where have you been you said you went to the br?!

    Yuta : i did—

    Taeyong : it took you an hour to go to the bathroom?

    Yuta : bathroom? no i meant baskin robbins. who the fuck would call the bathroom as br?

    Taeyong : :)

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  • hyunjinoncrack
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ☆彡 resonance  — nct masterlist: navigation

    ☆彡 nct 127: under construction
    ☆彡 nct dream: under construction
    ☆彡 wayv: under construction

    © 2021 hyunjinoncrack

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  • sagemusesoutloud
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Anti-Romantic, Part 1

    (credit to the original owner of the image)

    Character | Jaehyun x reader Genre | nonidol!au, Mutual Pining, Slowburn, Fluff WordCount | 3.6 K Author'sNote | lmaoooo the fact that I intended this to be a oneshot type of thing oops. Wellllll, I tried. Most likely to be a two part series, but we'll see.
    This is part of a series I intend to call "If Songs were Fics" and this particular one was loosely inspired by TXT's Anti-Romantic bc I'm obsessed. I hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoyed writing it!

    I don't know who loves me

    And I don't care, It's a waste anyways

    A romantic feeling, Kinda scares me

    “Any plans for you birthday next week?”

    Jaehyun shakes his head at you, “no, not yet, don’t you have that date with that barista?”

    “I’m not sure, he’s been acting weird over text lately. Might not be worth it,” you shrug your shoulders. “Besides, it’s your birthday! You only get one of those a year, we should plan something.”

    You were on your way to the gym, a ritual you and Jaehyun had ever since you both found out you worked for the same company. You had been childhood friends, but ended up losing touch since you went to separate universities.

    It was a nice surprise to see a friendly face on the first day of orientation and throughout the duration of your training for the next six weeks. Although you were both from different departments, you enjoyed taking your lunch breaks together and sharing small gossip about your old class-mates.

    “ugh, don’t remind me,” he let’s out a long sigh, “every year, it seems like my family won’t stop pestering me about starting a family.”

    “What’s so wrong about that?”

    “Nothing, just not for me. Or at least not yet. I don’t think I’m the type to settle down,” he shrugs again as if it were no big deal.

    You gasp, “how could you say that? I’ve seen your insta account. It’s got your cousin’s kids all over it!” You stop to take a good look at him as he holds the door of the gym open for you. “Back in school too, you used to tutor those elementary kids for volunteering hours. Even when you didn’t need them. You’ve always liked kids.”

    “That’s different…”

    “Right. Totally different things. Got it,” you roll your eyes. This wasn’t the first time he mentioned not wanting to settle down. At first, you had thought it was because he liked ‘keeping his options open’ like back in high-school. Or, not that you knew for sure, but if the rumors were true then it meant he slept his way around. Apparently, he never slept with someone twice and despite the cold shoulder the other party would get, all you had ever heard were praises. Not that you paid that much attention or anything.

    You and Jaehyun had the same circle of friends, but despite that, he had never made any advances towards you. You’d be lying if that didn’t bother you at least once or twice. You just assumed that he didn’t want to make the friendship awkward or mess with the friend dynamics of your group. Which was why your crush on him in junior high ended as soon as you got to high-school.

    You ended up going on dates with other people, but nothing that kept your interest. Nothing that compared to how you felt around him. Not that he seemed to think the same, so you tried your best to stay the good friend you always have been. You didn’t want to push something he clearly didn’t want; not that it didn’t hurt any less. Throughout the years it’s become bearable, at least. Almost like a painful habit.

    You check in and head to the locker rooms to change. His nonchalance about the subject had always puzzled you. You’d seen first hand how all the female coworkers seemed to sway their hips as they walked by him, how some would pop a blouse button more than usual when around him, and you swore no one else was getting that much help throughout training more than him. He was handsome and a gentleman, that much was painfully obvious.

    You meet him outside by the water fountain, “ready for warm-up?” he guides your way to the treadmills.

    “When’s the last time you dated?”

    You would have laughed if you weren’t so shocked to see him trip from the corner of your eye. “why the sudden curiosity?” He finally responds.

    “Not sudden, I’d always wondered.” You defended. “You’re good looking and you’re very…I mean, you live on your own and have your own car. You have good relations with your family AND you’re good with kids. So, what is it?” You hadn’t realized how troubling you thought it all was. But now that you started digging you couldn’t stop.

    “I just—” you pause, “it doesn’t make sense.”

    You hear him chuckle, “you might wanna slow down before you pull something.” You look down and realize that your pace had gone from a relaxed jog to a borderline run during your rant. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to psychoanalyze your only friend in the city.

    “Well, I just don’t know how to let people in. It’s just that.” He finally responds. “I love kids, but I don’t know or think I’d be a good partner.” He slows down before stopping, ending the conversation. He waves you off with an easy smile as you stay running.

    Huh, maybe you pushed him too far. Your eyes can’t help but follow him around the gym.

    Sweet and bitter chocolate, The taste at the end is always the same

    Like the saddest movies, Only tears in my eyes

    Your hands were sweaty the entire morning, anticipating your lunch time. It was his birthday today, and while you hadn’t made any concrete plans you ended up agreeing to go over to his place after work. Your gym bag was ready with snacks and comfy clothes to stay over. You remembered him saying he was excited to watch that new Marvel movie that had recently come out so you had bought it online to stream it at his place as a surprise. But what had you nervous was the small heart shaped box sitting in your purse. You didn’t know what possessed you to buy it but you had immediately thought of Jae when you passed by it at the mall. You remember vaguely mentioning that it was a special occasion to the sales lady (as in, his birthday), but she must have thought it was your significant other rather than friend because she changed the box to the red velvet shaped one while giving you a wink. In her defense, you could have protested but…why didn’t you?

    You hear a knock on your door, “hey little miss sunshine.” Ah, Nakamoto, this couldn’t be good news. He was only sickly sweet to you when he needed a favor.

    “What do you want?” you deadpan. He only laughs as he makes himself comfortable in your office. “Well, nothing in particular. Can’t stop by and see how you’re doing?” he feigns hurt.

    “Right—the last time you ‘came by’ you left me working over-time through the weekend,” You sigh, “so what is it this time? Missed meeting? Late proposal?” To be fair, your supervisor WAS overworked sometimes. And since you were the only worker under him, it was normal for him to sometimes share some of the load with you.

    He smiles at you, “nope. Just have a proposal for you. I know you’ve been working hard these past few months and I’ve been really impressed by your work ethic.” He stands and moves closer to your desk, “And I thought some sort of reward was in order, as well as celebration.” Ok, now you’re confused. You were ok with the reward part, it usually came in the form of a gift card to your favorite coffee shop, but celebration?

    “Why would we celebrate? Did I miss something?”

    “Not yet, but I did recommend you to the partner position with me. And I wanted to be the first to tell you that the boss approved it earlier today. So, what do ya say? Dinner on me?” he extends his hand out to you and wiggles his eyebrows playfully.


    Shit! You were hoping this would happen eventually, moving up from the entry-level position you had. But you had never thought it would be this fast. “Oh my gosh, are you serious?” You give him your hand and he shakes it in mock salute.

    “Of course, some people will come by to move your computer to the office next to mine. You start Monday!” he winks, “So, wanna go to that new rooftop restaurant? This is a once in a life-time ticket, so you best say yes.”

    But your dinner with Jae…He’ll understand, right? He has to. It’s not like he seemed that excited about it anyway. And you could always spend the day together tomorrow, too. It would be pretty rude to turn down Yuta after he pulled some strings for you…

    You smile at him, “Thank you Mr. Nakamoto, I won’t let you down as a partner. Yeah, dinner sounds great. Wanna meet there?”

    You sit down on the small table, now nervous for other reasons.

    Jae sits opposite of you, a small smile on his face. “Hey you,” he greets.

    “hey…” you start, “I hate to change plans so suddenly, but…” crap, you feel really shitty. But you really were between a rock and a hard place.

    “everything ok?”

    “yeah, no. I actually just got promoted,” you start.

    “You did? That’s awesome! So fast, too. Wow—but shouldn’t you be more enthusiastic about it?” he chuckles.

    “I am, just—my old supervisor wanted to go to dinner to celebrate. And I don’t think I could say no after helping me out like that.”

    “I mean, did you want to skip it or?” Now he’s confused.

    “Well, he wanted to go out tonight since I start Monday and today’s Friday…I don’t think I can come over tonight,” you explain.

    Realization crosses his features before he gives a small smile. “Don’t worry about it, you’re fine. And he’s treating you! You don’t know when the next time he offers might be,” he continues, “we can celebrate another day anyway.”

    “Are you sure?” now you feel like shit.

    “Of course I’m sure.”

    For the rest of the lunch, a thick silence settles before he excuses himself back to work.

    Jaehyun knew this was coming. Nothing ever went his way; it’s why he kept everyone at a distance from his heart. But he was weak when it came to you. This game of push and pull was bound to keep happening, and it only brought him that all familiar foul taste in his mouth.

    I know, that sweet love song, Those words of promise

    When you turn around, It's just an unfamiliar someone

    It was why he decided to go else-where for university, instead of joining you and some of your friends to the one closest to home. He chose to go across the globe—far, far away from the curse of you.

    It had started on a windy day, back when you were 4 and new to the town he grew up in. Jaehyun didn’t want to leave his mother’s arms, he didn’t like the thought of being with strangers until later in the day even if his mom promised that she would be back. A little girl with jean overalls like his came up to him and his mom, “why are you crying?”

    “I am not!” he sniffed. He didn’t need to make new friends like his mom was trying to tell him. All he needed was to go back home. You took out something from your pocket and showed it to him, “look, my mom said I could give one to my first friend. She said it was sharing. Want one?”

    In her little palm, were two kiss chocolates. “You’re not my friend,” he grumbled, “I don’t know your name.” At that, you giggled, “I’m Y/N!” you took his hand and placed a chocolate there, “there, now we’re officially friends.”

    “See, Jae? You can spend some time with Y/N and have fun. Before you know it, I’ll be back,” she promised.

    “Yeah, Jae! Come play blocks with me, and then we can try the coloring.” You held his hand as you led him deeper into the classroom. Just like that, Jae began to feel a little warmth in his chest. He didn’t mind that his favorite thing to do was play tag outside or that he wasn’t really good at coloring inside lines yet. But that didn’t matter to him. As long as he had this one friend around, he was content.

    Sorry I'm an anti-romantic, I want to run far away

    My heart that already chases after you, Blazes up as a small flame

    Looking back at it now, it was a little funny. All it took to let you in back then was a simple chocolate kiss and your little sticky hand in his leading the way. You were always larger than life to him, sometimes he forgot that you were just as human as him.

    As you two continued to grow, nothing seemed to change your friendship. But he knew that the depth of his feelings wasn’t mutual. It was in the way that you brought a lot different people together and decided to call it your family. Another of your friends, Jungwoo, liked to joke that you collected introverts for fun. To Jaehyun, it was more likely that you just didn’t see the fun in leaving people out. You were charming and passionate. Traits he wished he had. Your empathetic nature and gentle disposition were all that Jaehyun needed, even if he wasn’t the only recipient.

    Once you guys started to hit puberty, things started to feel rocky. Jaehyun couldn’t help but physically distance himself from you, his ears were always red-hot. You had always been pretty to Jaehyun, but you were starting to become really beautiful. And if the boy’s locker rooms’ talk were anything to go by, then other people were definitely starting to realize “what a great catch” you were.

    It really pissed him off. Who were they to say things as if all you were was a piece of meat? It disgusted him. But what disgusted him more was the fact that sometimes, he couldn’t help but also feel the way your body felt in his when you hugged in greeting. He hated the way his body reacted to everything you did.

    He first messed around with a senior girl back when he was a sophomore, Sooyoung. She was leaving and he couldn’t take it anymore. Your boyfriend was a piece of trash and he was tired of hearing the way he would share what Jae considered to be intimate moments that had no business being public. But you seemed so happy… that next game, Jae stole the ball from him and scored on his own. Even if it cost him a three hour lecture from the coach, he would do it again. Fuck being a team, that guy was an asshole.

    What he hadn’t planned on was liking messing around. He would never admit it, but the reason he couldn’t commit was because he couldn’t get rid of that small grain of hope that glowed in his chest every time you stared at him longer than would be deemed normal. It wasn’t often, but he knew he wasn’t seeing things. So, he succumbed to the cycle of push-and-pull that you guys had going on.

    Jaehyun wasn’t blind, he knew that your work definitely spoke of your professionalism, but he’s also seen the way Nakamoto stared after you. Of the way his hand would often touch your waist when walking together. Even now, as he hears you apologize through the phone again as you get ready for your “date” with him he can’t help this heart feel heavy with anger. Anger at himself, for letting you slip away once more. He usually hopes for nothing but the best for you, but this time, he wishes you had an awful dinner.

    Sorry I'm an anti-romantic, I don't believe in romance

    I'm afraid that after burning my whole heart, It will only leave behind ashes

    Throughout the entire dinner, you can’t seem to get Jae out of your mind. It keeps you from enjoying the delicious food, keeps you from keeping your usual banter with Nakamoto.

    You’re about to call it a night and thank Nakamoto for inviting you out when he beats you to it, “damn, I was hoping this might be a good break from the usual overtime we do, but something tells me your mind has been elsewhere,” he offers good naturedly, “I know it’s valentine’s, so maybe this is why we feel so awkward, right?”.

    You grimace a bit at that, “ah—I’m sorry. I really am grateful for the way you look after me in the company and I’m also thankful for this lovely dinner,” you stop a bit, afraid you might offend him, “I agreed to come out tonight, so no need to feel awkward.” You offer a smile.

    “Alright then. I guess you already have your sights on someone?” he prods. Should you be honest? There was no rule against dating outside your department, and you were pretty sure your new boss’s wife also worked within the company. “…I do. But I’m pretty sure they don’t feel the same way. It’s been so long since we’ve known each other. Surely if something were to have happened, it would have by now.” You were loosening up, definitely the wine’s fault.

    Nakamoto sighs at that, “damn, and here I thought I could woo you after this,” he winks jokingly but you laugh him off. You knew he didn’t care for you that way. “I really hope you’re talking about the guy you always eat lunch with. I swear everyone thought you guys were married when you were released from training.”

    “What?! No, I—we’ve been friends since we were children—”

    “Aha! So it was him then,” he smirks. “Good.”

    You groan, “Please, no.”

    “What, it’s not him? You sure about that?”

    “I will neither confirm nor deny that statement,” you groan. Why were you discussing your love life? You push the wine away and take a sip of your water.

    “Hmm. That’s too bad. Could have sworn that guy was after you.” He stands up. “But fine, I’ll stop prodding.”

    You sigh in relief—“for now.” You groan. “What do you even mean by that? You don’t even know him. Or me, or at least personally at least.”

    “Mmm, I don’t have to. Some things you just know. Like how he wishes I was six feet under every time we run across him at work,” he sobers up at that. “He seemed like a cool dude, but his glare isn’t too friendly. I don’t know how you fell for that.”

    You scoff, “just because someone has a resting bitch face doesn’t mean they’re a bad person.”

    You both make your way to the underground parking. “You’re right, it just makes them unapproachable. Is that why you won’t confess?” His genuine tone rubs you the wrong way, you don’t need be given false hope.

    “Stop it, you said you would drop it,” you frown, “Anyways, thank you for the food boss—”

    “—not your boss anymore. Just call me Yuta, we’re partners now.”

    “Aren’t you two years older than me?”


    You shrug at that, “well, thanks Yuta. For the food, not for the interrogation.” He chuckles at that, nodding while pulling out his car keys. “see you Monday!” he waves you off.

    You sigh as you get home. It wasn’t as late as you thought it was, only a few minutes past nine. You really wanted to see him. Would he be busy?

    You fish out your phone and dial his number before chickening out.


    “Jae! It’s me. Are you busy right now?” your heartbeat is pounding so loud, you’re scared he could hear it on the other end. “Right now?” you hear shuffling on the other end, “no, I was just reading that book Jungwoo sent me. Might have dozed off a bit into it but don’t tell him I said that,” he chuckles.

    “Why, is everything ok? It’s still early, did you end dinner that fast?”

    “Oh, Yuta and I called it a night pretty early. Too many couples were out and about and it got a bit awkward,” you explained.


    “Ah, yes. Yuta Nakamoto, but now that we’re associates, he said it would be better to address him less formally.” You waive him off, “actually, I was wondering—if it’s not too late, can I still come over? If not, that’s cool. We can still hang out tomorrow, but your birthday is today and I thought—”

    He laughs at your rambles, “of course you can come over, you know you don’t have to ask. How many times have I told you that?”

    “Ok, ok. Just checking,” you still had your comfy change of clothes in your car, so you opt to save those for tomorrow and change into something causal for tonight.

    “Do you want me to go get you? We can get ice cream on the way, hopefully they don’t close early.”

    “Sounds like a plan then,” curse your heart for melting at everything he says.

    “Alright, give me 15 and I’ll be there.” He hangs up.

    You look at your bag, resting on your sofa and you sigh. The entire night, it’s almost as if you could feel the weight of his gift weighing it down. Yuta is known for being very observant, it’s why he was so good at his job. Closing deals and making contracts in advertisement. Would he be right about this? You know you desperately wish he was, but is it worth risking your best friend?

    EndNote | Woooow, that was a longass ride. Let me know if you liked it or if there are other typos I missed! Or just to let me know what you thought, that would be much appreciated. I'm thinking of finishing it by Sunday 6/13, so hopefully the next part is up by then. Until then!
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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    JISUNG ICONS !! ♥︎

    最高の男の子... >_<

    #nct 2020#nct icons#kpop icons #kpop icons lq #nct dream#icons#icons lq#icons kpop#jisung icons #jisung nct icons #park jisung icons #lq nct dream #bg icons#kpop boys#nctzen#nct layouts #nct dream layouts #park jisung layouts
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  • cafe-moon
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pairing: Husband!Yuta x wife!reader

    Genre: Comedic floof🥸

    9th tik tok: Prank Text

    Disclaimer: because I do not condone cheating or cheating pranks I re-wrote it to a more innocent text prank. Please DO NOT pull a prank like in the video on your s/o.

    “Baby I’m heading to the store real quick. I’ll be back soon.” You ran out of your room before your husband made it to the door and left a quick kiss on Yuta’s cheek.

    “Don’t be gone too long.” Yuta simply blushed before heading out. Feeling a little mischievous (and lonely because you really do miss your husband) you decided to see what reaction you would get if you simply texted to your best friend:

    ‘He really left for the store and idk what to do. Come over?☹️’

    Basically you wanted your best friend to come home and fill in the time till Yuta came back. Except, oops, you accidentally sent it to your husband. Waiting patiently at the window you waited very excitedly for the arrival of your husband, hoping your little ‘prank’ worked. Plus you really wanted to go with him.

    Yuta was in the middle of stepping out of his car when he felt his phone buzz in his hand. There he saw your cute text. Yuta cooed before jumping back in the car and heading home as fast as he could. Ice cream can wait, you were a priority. Giggling like a little school girl you saw the car pull up and out ran Yuta making his way inside and to find you waiting cutely in your shared room.

    “You planned this didn’t you?”

    “Maybe. But that doesn’t matter, I need cuddles so get your booty over- AHH!” Before you could finish your sentence Yuta scooped you up in his arms then fell upon your bed, both of you giggling at the action. You snuggled deeper into your husband’s chest, gently running your finger across his chest while he played with your hair a bit.

    “I really do need to go to the store though. We ran out of ice cream.” You lightly gasped before meeting your husband’s eyes.

    “I didn’t know that’s what you were getting! Well c’mon, we can’t survive without it!” Well so much for that prank.

    a/n: sorry if this didn’t meet up to anyone’s standards but thank you to those who did read it💕hope you enjoyed it☺️

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    Well hello kids. I like mans and this account is only about mans. Shall we begin? — @kboyzworld

    Oh hi, Lucas.

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     ִ۟ ˒  ׁ۪  ּ R-renjun dark boy ໒۪۪۫꒱ ⛓ ݂

    ˖ ݁ ˓ ⚔️ ⋆ ∿ moodboard ̼˓  ׁ۪ 🔗 nct : Renjun


    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀> @moonlovelya <


    in case you get it, let your like it

    or just from rt to help. / caso

    pegue, deixe seu like, ou apenas

    de um rt para ajuda.

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    Jeon Minji Hot Sauce Concept photo 🌶🔥

    Chilling Jalapeño #MINJI

    Boring Jalapeño #MINJI

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