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    17.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    Get That All the Time

    Pairing: Johnny x reader

    Genre: floof💘

    Based off of this song

    You weren’t exactly looking for anyone while at the bar but it seemed like the night had other plans for you. Because the notorious charming boy in your town made his way into the bar. Everyone greeted him like you were on an episode of Cheers. His smile made your heart melt a bit and the way he gave everyone his undivided attention made you want to get it as well.

    “Ah there he is! We thought you’d never show up, Johnny!” He chuckled shaking hands with the owner of the bar before placing his order in. Of course the girls made their way to him, the same old lines that I’m sure he had memorized by heart. While he was flattered by all of them, they weren’t what he was looking for. You obviously didn’t know that as you sat silently in your chair.

    “Why don’t we skip the drinks and talking and you come with me?” Boy she was brave. Yet Johnny just shook his head. And another girl made her way over to him,

    “What’s it take for a girl like me to leave with a guy like you?” Johnny chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief. It seemed like they were getting bolder.

    “A lot more than those lines, hun. But I’m flattered. Thanks.” And she walked off while her girlfriends booed. You could never be one of those girls lucky enough to get Johnny’s attention maybe even his heart. You were dying to get to know that. Maybe a few more drinks and you might be ready?

    “Johnny come dance with me!” He sighed, that smile still present on his lips before getting pulled off his chair,

    “I don’t know if I want to do dance tonight.”

    “But you always know how to get the party started. You’re my favorite dancer.” The girl pouted still not letting his hand go. He smoothly released her hand asking her to go enjoy herself with the rest of her entourage.

    But that’s when it happened; your eyes locked with his and the whole world shifted. Johnny turned himself to you now, never breaking eye contact. As much as you wanted to turn away in embarrassment you found yourself standing up and making your way to him. Boy the alcohol really took over you as now you found yourself in front of the boy who, you swear, his smile got bigger.

    “Hi.” Oh gosh, him just saying that is making you fall harder. You cleared your throat before leaning against the bar, nearly missing the counter.

    “So…uh…this is probably nothing new to you but-“ Johnny began to laugh but he thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Your warm face and nervous smile was so cute as he waited for you to finish the line,

    “And you could have any one in here but…I would rather you and I-um. Go out and dance? No drinks but maybe some talk-“

    “Absolutely, let’s go pretty girl.” You swore you died in that moment when his hand touched your’s. You went straight to heaven. Gosh, you were blubbering mess but somehow it worked because you were still in his arms, laughing and letting him spin you around. This is all felt like a dream, no way a girl like you could have a guy like him.

    “You know how long I’ve been waiting for you to come and talk to me?” Your eyes light up in shock as Johnny pulled you closer to him.

    “I see you every time I come into the bar but I didn’t know if you even knew who I was. Ive wanted to come over and talk to you but I didn’t want to scare you off.”

    “Really? I didn’t even think you’d give me a chance so I didn’t bother…till tonight obviously.” The confessions made your faces heat up. Clearly the signs were there, everyone in the bar saw the instant connection you two had. And yeah, the girls gave you glares and scoffs…but guess who left with the boy of their dreams that night? Even with the same old pick up lines Johnny wanted them to come from you. Even if you two have a hood year of dating under your belts.

    a/n: song number one is here! Hope this was okay and I hope you guys like the song if you did listen to it. Thanks for reading!🤠

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  • nctsworld
    16.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    renjun ✗ lip ring // smcu express jacket behind
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    16.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    When will we see Jaehyun on the Prada runway😩

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    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    i really gotta start posting more nct content

    #to everyone following my nct sb im so sorry literally missed the entirety of nct 2021 skjdsjfsd
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  • iced-nct
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    *Pairing* Boxer!Jeno x (F) Reader

    *Word Count* 2.6k

    *Warnings* Pet names, Mentions of alcohol, some blood, illegal stuff, smut, oral (f receiving), Jeno being an asshole, language, Minors DNI. (I'm sure I'm missing some but y'all get the gist of it. it's a dirty one.)

    *Synopsis* You have a routine, and it never differs until a mysterious stranger appears at your job. He barely speaks, but he's caught your eye. He's an asshole, luckily for you that's just your type. (Mark, Haechan, Jaemin, Renjun, & Johnny make appearances)

    *Note* I got extra carried away with this, but I loved it so I hope you guys do too <3

    Life for you had always been simple and routine. It was so easy that being half conscious was hardly a requirement. Wake up, get ready, go to work at the little coffee shop below your apartment, go home, go to bed. A simple routine that seldom differed, until a rainy Sunday morning. You had finished serving the regulars that always visited you before 9am when the bell chimed, signaling that someone had entered the shop. Putting a welcoming smile on your face you turned to greet whoever had wandered in, that’s when you saw him for the first time. With his jet-black hair plastered to his forehead from the rain, and his clothes soaking wet, he took a seat at a booth in the furthest corner of the shop by the window. As you drew closer to where he sat you noticed the black eye and fresh cut across the bridge of his nose. He looked up to meet your eyes and you felt compelled to stop your approach, but you swallowed the fear that this stranger had instilled in you and continued to do your job.
    “Welcome to The Grind! My name is (y/n), what can I get started for you?” You beamed at him, the entity of customer service coming through to make your voice sickly sweet.
    He stared up at you with expressionless eyes for a moment before diverting his gaze to the drink menu laid out on the table before him. He eyed it carefully before pointing to the first item on the menu, a pot of dark roast coffee.
    “Any cream, milk, or sugar on the side for you?” You asked whilst jotting down the simple order.
    “No.” He responded curtly. You nodded before leaving to go grab the pot of coffee for him.
    He continued to stare out the window with complete disinterest for his surroundings. You stood with your coworker in the kitchen, watching your strange customer.
    “He seems awfully dark and brooding. Quite handsome though. Even with all the cuts and bruises” Anne giggled and bumped your shoulder with hers.
    “It’s worse up close. He’s not remotely friendly, and his hands are covered in scars” you told her without taking your eyes off him.
    With a deep breath to gather up some courage, you walked back out to the table with his order. You set the pot and a plain black mug down in front of him and turned to leave. There was no exchange of words, and maybe there didn’t need to be. But you were sure that a ‘Thank You’ wouldn’t kill him. As the shop started to fill up you found yourself busy with other customers. So much so that you hadn’t noticed his departure until Anne pointed out the empty pot of coffee accompanied by an empty table. Anger filled your veins as you stalked over to the table, so sure that this guy hadn’t paid. But there on the table under the mug sat a crisp $100 bill with a small note on it. “Thank You for not asking. -Lee Jeno” It read. You blinked in surprise at the outcome, the tip he’d left was significant and the note was baffling. You spent the rest of your shift wondering just who this Lee Jeno man was.
    The rest of the work week went by in an uneventful blur and finally it was Friday evening. Anne caught your arm before you managed to escape to the comfort of your apartment to binge some Netflix. She grinned at you in such a menacing manner that you knew she was going to try to drag you out somewhere.
    “Where now?” You asked while working on not rolling your eyes at how giddy she got.
    “Mark is picking us up in 30, we’re going to some fight or something. Then an after party!” She squealed.
    “Do I have to?” You deadpanned, and let your eyes roll freely.
    “Yes. You have to. I refuse to be the only girl with Mark’s friends.” Anne pushed you up to your apartment to get ready.
    She gave you very little options, but perhaps this would be more fun than spending your night off alone. Reluctantly you changed out of your uniform and into some ripped jeans and a black long-sleeved shirt, nothing too fancy because comfort was still a must. When you were presentable you met Anne downstairs by the door to the alley. Mark was out back waiting in his sleek black car to take you both to the event. He greeted both of you before taking off to wherever this ‘fight’ would be.
    Mark parked quite a few blocks away and you thanked the stars that you wore sneakers instead of heels. The walk led you down a long dark alley to what appeared to be the back entrance of a club. Mark handed the bouncer three tickets before you all were ushered inside. There was a long staircase to the basement, and the air reeked of smoke. Anne grabbed your hand as you descended the stairs with Mark leading the way. In the center of the room was a boxing ring, with some bleachers on either side, and a bar off to the corner of the sprawling basement.
    “Let’s grab some drinks before the fight starts, yeah?” Mark asked, you both nodded and followed him to the bar.
    After ordering some beer for the three of you, some of Mark’s friends spotted him and came over to strike up conversation.
    “It’s wild man, Jaemin bet thousands on the fight tonight.” You recognized Renjun speaking.
    Jaemin nodded along, clearly feeling the effects of his liquor and having to prop himself up on Haechan. Mark chuckled at his friend’s stupidity before clapping Jaemin on the shoulder.
    “Did you at least bet on Jeno?” He asked a tipsy Jaemin.
    Your ears perked up and you looked at Anne, who seemed to be thinking the same thing as you.
    “That would explain how he looked on Sunday morning.” She whispered to you.
    “Attention everyone! The fight of the night is about to begin! With our hometown hero LEE JENO!” an announcer shouted into the microphone from the ring.
    Your group of friends elbowed their way through the crowd to get good seats, you positioned yourself right in the middle of the guys. The cheering began and that was when you saw him entering. A black robe around his shoulders and black shorts hung low on his hips, leaving little to imagine about his drool-worthy body. Anne smacked your arm in surprise, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the strangeness of the situation. The hot customer with an attitude problem ended up being an underground boxer, seriously what were the odds? As he entered the ring he shed the robe, revealing his deliciously tattooed arms and muscular back. Your mouth hung agape as you took in the beauty of this stranger who left you a thank you note and massive tip.
    The fight began shortly after Jeno entered the ring. The opponent was smaller than Jeno was, but he was much quicker. The crowd was whispering about how if Jeno could land a punch that he would surely knock the guy out. Jeno’s strength was impressive, his muscles flexing with every punch he threw. As the first round came to an end you caught Jeno’s eye, and his head cocked at you in confusion. You looked away quickly, opting to throw yourself into conversation with your friends to distract yourself. Only a three-minute break between rounds and they were back to fighting. The opponent kicked Jeno in the knee, sending him back against the chain-link fence on the ring. That was when you locked eyes again, and as the other fighter tossed his weight at Jeno it gave him the perfect opportunity to land a punch. His opponent fell back and Jeno leapt on him, feeding him punches until his coach pulled him away. The crowd went wild as Lee Jeno was declared the champion, though he didn’t stay to enjoy his adoring fans. He wrapped himself in his robe and stalked off to the dressing rooms.
    Jaemin was buzzing with excitement as he showed off his winnings for the night to the group of friends. You were laughing and enjoying your second beer when a tall man wandered over to your group.
    “Miss (y/n)?” He asked, his voice laced with authority.
    “Yes?” You smiled wearily at him.
    “Jeno asked me to come get you. He would like to speak with you.” He looked at your friends before continuing, “privately.”
    Anne giggled and shoved you towards the stranger who wore a hoodie with the name ‘Johnny’ embroidered on it. You looked back at her, and she gave you a reassuring thumbs up, so you followed Johnny. He brought you to a door that had Jeno’s name scrawled on it and nodded at you to go in. When you entered Jeno was pacing around the room, a small cut on his cheekbone dripped a small amount of blood. He stopped pacing when you locked eyes before charging at you and slamming the door shut.
    “Are you a stalker or something? How the fuck did you find me?” He shouted at you.
    “Excuse you? I have better things to do with my time than stalk assholes” You countered. “My friends brought me here. I had no idea you were a fighter.” Your voice dripping with anger.
    “Oh, so you just happened to end up at my fight after I left you my name on Sunday?” He got right in your face, but you refused to back down to him.
    “Yeah, I did. Believe it or not, not everyone is fucking obsessed with you.” You shoved him back, though it was a fruitless effort.
    His eyes seemed to light up at the challenge you presented him with. “So you weren’t staring at me the whole fight then, sweetheart?” He drawled.
    “That’s literally what everyone was doing? How are you going to single me out for that?” You crossed your arms across your chest defensively.
    He smirked at you and stepped closer so his breath could be felt against your ear. “Because you’re the only one I saw staring back at me”
    He backed up and ran his eyes over your body, you felt a blush creep across your cheeks and mentally cursed yourself for being into assholes. Jeno smiled, as though he could read exactly what you were thinking. Your heart beat faster as your mind was flooded with thoughts of what you wanted this mysterious man to do to you. Him standing before you in just boxers was only fueling the fire, and as he reached out to caress your cheek you found yourself leaning into his touch. Jeno chuckled and took the chance, leaning forward and crashing his lips into yours. Your body responded to his eagerly, running your hands through is sweaty hair and down his toned chest. He picked you up with ease and wrapped your legs around him, all while never breaking the kiss.
    Jeno laid you down on the couch in his dressing room and you both made quick work to rid yourselves of the barrier of clothing between you. His eyes widened as he took in your nude body lying under him and let out a low groan as you palmed him over his boxers.
    “Are you sure, babe?” He asked while trailing his fingers down to your core.
    You nodded, having never been more sure of anything. In that moment all you wanted was to feel Jeno inside you. His fingers worked expertly into you, and you squeezed your eyes shut in pleasure. You felt Jeno’s breath against you and then his tongue against your clit. There was no way to stifle the moans you had as Jeno worked you to your climax. As you got close you bucked your hips up to feel more friction against his tongue.
    “You have to be patient, princess. Tell me what you want” Jeno looked up at you with a smirk dancing across his lips.
    You couldn’t help but whine at the loss of contact. “I want you to make me finish. I want to feel you, Jeno”
    That was all you had to say and he was hovering above you. Jeno tossed his boxers aside, giving you a fantastic view of his hardened cock. Your mouth watered at the sight of him stroking himself. You swatted his hand away so you could take over, pumping him up and down a few times.
    “Let me fuck you” Jeno growled into your ear.
    You released him just as he sunk himself into you. He grabbed your hips to steady himself as he pushed into you the rest of the way. Jeno was the biggest you’d ever taken, but he hit all the right places. You could hear him muttering “so fucking tight, so fucking wet for me” but you were too focused on how his cock filled you.
    “Please, please Jeno fuck me” You begged, your voice barely above a whisper.
    He enjoyed the sight of you taking him, begging for him. His grip on your hips tightened as he pounded himself into you, causing you to moan loudly. Jeno’s breathing got heavy and you palmed his chest, feeling his muscles ripple as he fucked you. Both of you were dripping in sweat and his thrusts became harder and more calculated. Jeno was skilled at hitting just the right places to send you over the edge, with his thumb rubbing circles against your clit you cried out as you finished for him. Jeno followed suit, pulling out and covering your torso with his cum. You were too fucked out to care how you looked with Jeno’s cum on you, but he fully enjoyed how you took it. He grabbed a towel from the floor to clean up the mess he made on you, and you smiled at him.
    “Who knew angry sex could be so good” You laughed as Jeno began getting dressed.
    “Hm, I think everyone who has ever had it thinks that” He winked at you, making you blush.
    You gathered up your clothes and got dressed as Jeno fixed up his hair. Once you were presentable you turned to leave, but Jeno stopped you by grabbing your hand.
    “Come to the after party with me.” He said while squeezing you hand.
    “That’s where I was going” Your brows knitted together in confusion.
    “No, I meant with me. As my girl.” Jeno brushed his hand across your jaw.
    You squeezed his hand back before he let go and tossed his arm around your shoulder instead. You leaned into him as you walked down the hall and back into the party. Your friends were still where you had left them, albeit a little more drunk. When they saw you with Jeno you got a few surprised looks, and Anne wiggled her eyebrows at you. Jeno looked down at you and caught your lips in a kiss before you continued to your friends to introduce him properly.
    Jeno coming to the café on Sunday mornings became a new part of your routine. Sometimes he came in the front doors of the shop, or sometimes he wandered in from your apartment. But it was a good change in your routine, one that you welcomed. Now he never sat alone in the corner, he was joined by your friends. Their table never sat quiet and brooding, in fact it was quite the opposite. Friday nights were reserved for supporting your boyfriend at his matches, and Saturday mornings were spent in bed taking turns pleasuring each other. But one thing is for sure, your life would never be simple after Lee Jeno stepped into it.
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    ✧ prince!boyfriend | mama 2021 | sticker ✧

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