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  • isearchedtheyooniverse
    29.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [1:27 AM]

    "P-please ma'am," Mark's eyes were pleading, begging you. "I'll be a good boy,"

    "Whose good boy?" You ask, sliding your right leg over his shoulder, making it a point to graze the heel of your pumps down his spine, teasing him with your core hovering before his face. Mark inhales a sharp yet shaky breath, taking in the scent of your soaking pussy and looks up at you from his position on his knees.

    "Your good boy, ma'am,"

    A pleased look crosses your eyes.

    "Suck it,"

    Mark wastes no time in diving between your folds, making you throw back your head immediately. His tongue flicks back and forth over your soft bundle of nerves, occassionally sucking your clit harshly. The moan that escapes your lips draws one from his own mouth on your pussy, and it reverberates through your body. Your hands grip on his shoulders oh so tightly, the stiletto heel over his shoulder digging into his back and you're unaware of the way your fingernails are drawing blood, and Mark's own tears.

    Your thighs tremble when his tongue laps up the remaining traces of the mind shattering orgasm crashing over your body in warmth, forcing you to grab on to his dark locks as you ride the soft muscle in his mouth like a madwoman, your lips muttering soft yes's and sighs.

    Mark pouts, doe eyes gazing longingly at you when you move yourself away from his mouth, and you lean down to capture his sweet lips in a searing kiss, regardless of your own slick dripping over his mouth.

    "More," he whines, licking his lips. His voice cracks when he begs, "I want more, ma'am,"

    "Good boys get what they want, yes," you say, sauntering over to your bedside drawers, mind still cloudy from your high, dragging the drawer open and running your fingers through its contents.

    Recalling his sharp tongue earlier that night, when he was late to your date over a gaming match with his members, you smile menacingly, grabbing the oblong purple object with its accompanying straps. You look over your shoulder at your baby boy on his knees, his eyes wide at your fingers that wrap around a bottle of lube.

    "But bad boys get what they deserve, Mark. On all fours, now."

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  • jae-canikeepyou
    29.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you sighed heavily at the noise, the boys were loudly bickering each other, one teasing others who were vulnerable to whatever topic they talked about. boyfriend!jaehyun took a glimpse of you sitting at one corner. to him you looked tiny and adorable, a blanket wrapped around you where your head was the only one visible. you were quite troubled in your thoughts and he knew exactly what you were moping about.

    jaehyun then slid on his bum to be in front of you. you tried not to show any reaction, he was the reason why you acted the way you were now. he said he was alone earlier, but then he greeted you along with the boys once he arrived at your doorstep.

    he pinched your cheeks to catch your attention. “i’m sorry.” he smiled. “they tagged along when they heard you sick on the phone. they’re worried as i am.”

    you moved backwards to prevent jaehyun from getting your fever. “but i didn’t ask you to come here. i don’t want to be blamed on if the company gets word their artist’s sick.” you whined with your hoarse voice.

    “but i want to see you though.” jaehyun copied your tone in a playful manner, leaning towards you for a kiss.

    “don’t kiss me in front of the boys.” you refused and continued to avoid his face that was closing into you.

    his lips puckered that the boys squirmed and expressions turned sour as they saw how attached and sweet their friend was. “give me a kith.” his arms wrapped around your waist to pull you between his legs. “c’mon bub.”

    the noise at the background changed into fake gags. jaehyun winked at you, his friends’ loud and chaotic footsteps hurried to leave your apartment, greeting you bye’s and get-well-soon’s.

    once the door slammed shut, you thought jaehyun would stop being embarrassing and overly sweet. he didn’t. he continued and slid the blanket from your head downwards. he threw his head back and pursed his lips, ears reddening with a growing smile. “what’s wrong?” you asked, giggles bubbling out of you.

    “nothing i just thought of something.. nice.” he tried to calm himself yet he couldn’t hide his feelings.

    “which is?” you questioned. jaehyun didn’t answer. he just pulled you in a deep, passionate kiss where his fingertips grazed gently on your chin.

    although you were left wondering, jaehyun smiled within the kiss thinking that when he slid the blanket down, he imagined it was your veil,

    and imagined that he was kissing his bride.

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  • moodorchid
    29.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jaehyun knows that alternate universes exist. this is a fact he’s known since he was 10, back when every night memories from his past life came to his dreams. Jaehyun knows that he was a princess of a faraway kingdom who died when soldiers from an allied kingdom betrayed her and charged the castle. Jaehyun also knows that there are absolutely no records of the kingdom in the history books, and for a good reason. The kingdom doesn’t exist.

    No, not in our world. Not when magic can happen at the point of a finger, zapping out in neon rays. Jaehyun knows its all real, however. Especially when out of curiosity he points his finger like she did (her name was Elizabeth, Princess of Zerestria), and a bolt of neon green zaps out of his fingertip burning a hole in his wall. Belatedly, he remembers a fact from his past life; anyone who dies from magic will be reincarnated.

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  • isearchedtheyooniverse
    29.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Reblog if you think Tumblr needs more Kim Doyoung content.

    I am trying to prove a point.

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  • jeontaehui
    29.07.2021 - 10 hours ago


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  • isearchedtheyooniverse
    28.07.2021 - 17 hours ago



    30 likes and I'll post it

    Also comment if you want to

    Read [1:27 AM] x Jaehyun

    Read [1:27 AM] x Johnny

    Read [1:27 AM] x Taeil

    Read [1:27 AM] x Yuta

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  • suhweetdreams
    28.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    anon: “hewoo !! umm can you make nct ideal type like age , apperance , height , cute or sexy etc 🌬️” let’s fuckin GOOOO. i’ll be using gender neutral terms for this! please tell me if i used she/her for any part as i’m more used to writing for fem readers!

    sorry this took like almost a week i’ve been really busy lately, i apologise! under a cut because its so long lol

    disclaimer: tons of “i feel”s and “i think”s; plus, this is just my headcanons of the boys! remember that all of you are beautiful and lovely and special in ur own way!! <3


    i feel like taeil would want someone closer to his age (+/-), unless,,, UNLESS he finds someone he really clicks with (like haechan for eg) if they’re at a younger age

    if he really does then taeil will 100% make the effort

    ngl taeil would love a person taller than him, would worship the shit outta them 

    if he gets teased for being shorter he doesnt care LMAO this man will have his hand around your middle and eye the other person mockingly

    would love when you own your appearance with confidence, he likes to be by your side to admire how comfortable you feel in your skin

    see him being a more traditional man by dating a korean person, but if he’s attracted to someone not of his race, i can see him making the effort

    appearance? maybe someone who cleans up well, in a sense who’s a bit proper in their hygiene and like hair or accessories ig. he doesn’t mind what you wear tho, personally leaning more towards the comfy styles of cardigans and baggy clothes.


    either wants someone younger or older… i’m leaning more towards a younger s/o though bc he naturally has a “taking care” kinda vibe, and it’s sweet to see since he naturally takes care of the younger members like mark and haechan

    wants to SMOTHER his s/o so i also think he’d want someone shorter than him. the man is a fucking skyscraper lawd

    generally likes to give love A LOT since he’s an only child and wants to share that affection with someone who aren’t his parents or the members

    but, but, like taeil, i see him really liking being held by his s/o, not just in a small spoon but laying on your chest, lying in between your legs with his head on ur tummy… so cute

    i feel like johnny wouldn’t care much for appearance, nor your race since he kinda has the freedom to engage in english conversation. likes a cutesy positive vibe that can share the positivity and happiness he radiates normally!!


    feel like he would go for someone a tad bit older than he is, bc he likes to be taken care of

    looking over the members can become really tiring and he needs some sort of solace to relax in

    honestly if you’re younger too, he wouldn’t mind, he just needs to be babied LOL

    likes tall people… ngl…

    would like someone more in tune with their emotion and just not afraid to speak their mind? he likes confidence tbh

    can see him going for a foreign person if he’s really passionate about them, would learn english/your native language 

    taeyong likes a person that likes their outfits and doesn’t care what you wear out as long as you feel comfortable in it

    would prefer more of a calm s/o, but easy-going and fun when they want to be


    doesnt really care for age tbh. if you’re able to bring him happiness and love him he doesn’t mind whether you’re older or younger

    shorter 100%. wants to hold you very much, big spoon, the one holding you in the relationship

    would go for a foreign person, but honestly, would want someone he can speak japanese with too. even he has shotaro now, he wants like just a closer person to confide in and also just share lil cute inside jokes with <3

    yuta just wants his s/o to be themselves. just. yes. (i mean unless your personality is shit but he doesnt want someone to put on a front with him)

    although he also likes cute people… he just wants to pamper u and make u feel like you’re the only one


    goddamn, six kids plus three pets? this man is hanging on by a thread, but he would like a younger and shorter s/o

    what’s one more right? 

    also naturally has the taking care vibes like johnny, but there’s just something so… dom… about him AHASHFHEHR

    would lean more toward a chinese- or korean-speaking s/o but

    doesn’t mind a foreign s/o IF they make the effort. he would if he knows you would too. 

    kun is lowkey energetic tbh and would want someone who can read the room of whether he’s comfy enough to let loose and remain the ‘parental’ figure

    cute people i think will attract him, but oh my gosh when you’re self-assured? WHEW he really likes that, how you’re uncaring of people’s opinions regarding your appearance or personality


    doesn’t mind older or younger or the same age, although i seem him gravitating toward an older s/o

    this man is also 100% stressed. needs to be held, there’s a balance though in your relationship of who holds who though

    would stay dating a korean/korean-speaking person i feel. not saying he wouldn’t make the effort but he takes his idol life very seriously and the outcomes if he were to get together with someone who doesnt speak his native tongue

    he would want someone proper, like taeil, and would prefer his s/o to be cute and stuff

    doyoung needs to know what you want though, so you’ll need to be sure of your choices basically

    would like it more if his s/o was calm and just collected bc like taeyong, he needs a haven to relax in when he’s done for the day or when he needs to recharge


    same age or older s/o !!! wants to be taken care of, this man also has a lot of love to give, altho they’re towards selective people like his members, pets, you

    would gravitate towards tall people i feel

    you need to love leon and louis. period. bella is a hot second.

    ten would want an s/o who supports him wholeheartedly, seeing as he has so many talents that sometimes he gets caught up in showing talent for his idol life as opposed to creating things for himself. it’s easy to get lost in the pressure of the media to put out content that he feels is half- assed.

    ten knows of his worth, but sometimes he just needs a bit of confirmation and support from the right people to truly create and post what he wants to

    he would date a partner who doesn’t speak korean/chinese. he has english and thai and basic japanese baby!!! but yea, he def wouldn’t mind a foreign partner AND would go search up on resources to learn your native tongue!

    another person who doesn’t care about how you dress. nor how you look as long as you’re being yourself!


    oh, younger definitely and a shorter s/o

    definitely doesn’t mind an english speaking s/o, although he would prefer someone who can speak korean as well. with s/o’s of other languages, he wouldn’t mind learning your language, although give him some time

    the language barrier will be a bit awkward a first tho, but if you know minimal english, i think that’s more than enough for jaehyun to at least steer the convo!

    jaehyun is the guy to always give me first love, love from high school vibes so he’s usually the one to embrace you, but LOVES it when you’re the one to initiate contact and affection

    jaehyun knows he’s good looking, but he does want an s/o who loves him for who he is, who sees all his good traits as equal to his looks. he would also like an s/o who has a live in the moment mindset, bc he spends a lot of time in his idol life, that a carefree s/o to take him away from the stress of idol life would really help

    a sucker for a cute style ngl, pastels and clips in your hair and stuff. 


    wouldn’t mind someone a tad bit older, although i can see him with a younger person/same aged person too

    shorter s/o!

    sicheng wouldn’t care much for appearance, but he likes it when his s/o is confident, or in general confidence attracts him like the other guys in this post. that confidence would allow for him to be ‘guided’ in the relationship

    would lean more towards a chinese/korean speaking person, but would try forming a r/s with someone of a different race to see how the language barrier would work

    someone who is respectful of his space 100%. winwin wants someone who knows their boundaries in a context that there’s this sense of “i know when he’s feeling upset and wants to be left alone”, something like unspoken exchanges that the other just understands

    sicheng also likes when his s/o is a little playful and cheeky, but not to the extent of the boys. just the right amount of outgoingness i guess haha. he would accommodate a bit of wildness, but sometimes it tires him out so you’ll need to know when to tone it down


    feel like he would lean to an older s/o, but not necessarily needing to keep him in check because you’d be on the other side entertaining his antics lol

    jungwoo uses up a lot of his energy tho, so sometimes he tends to go quiet and just likes to slump in your embrace

    when he’s not quiet tho, he’s pretty cheeky in a sneaky kinda way and would want someone to reciprocate that.

    jungwoo would also like an s/o who cheers him on a lot. he’s a bit insecure naturally, so he would want someone who doesn’t miss a beat to tell him that he’s doing good that day and would like a random compliment sometimes

    would like to be held more than holding someone tbh

    he wouldn’t care much for appearance, but does lean more towards cutesy appearances


    younger and shorter s/o

    would want an s/o to just calm down and rest with at times. sure he likes to have fun with his members and with his partner, but most dates with his partner has him in their arms and usually involves a calm activity

    i mentioned this in chenle’s one as well, but the happiness he feels with his members is different from the one he feels with his partner, although lucas’ one is more of a blur where chenle’s a bit more distinct. does this make sense

    wouldn’t ask much in an s/o, tbh. even if they’re just doing nothing, as long as lucas know he’s making you happy then he’s content with that. like when you’re smiling and loving him, then that’s all he really needs to be honest

    lucas would not mind taking up an r/s with a foreign s/o, although he would have trouble with language barriers. would prefer a chinese/catonese speaking partner bc then he’s able to practise his dialect. he’d have a korean-speaking s/o too, although he sometimes stumbles over his korean a teeny bit

    would love a cute style definitely!!!


    same age, probably. he would feel more comfortable in terms of affection and conversation i feel!

    equal amount of who holds who, but loves when his s/o initiates and cuddles him first 

    likes baggy clothes on you tbh, likes to match appearances and styles with you

    wouldn’t mind an s/o of any race. he’s dedicated to learning your language if anything, the man likes to learn about new things

    mark just wants someone fun to be around who returns his laughter and jokes, kinda like how johnny does

    he’s suffered enough from johnny though (“ah, mark! the smell!”) and would probably like it if you defend him instead LOL (sometimes you poke fun tho)

    he would also want his s/o to just reciprocate him in terms of laughter and happiness level. mark is always so bubbly that he wants someone to smile at him and laugh with him


    would like an older s/o ngl, i feel like he would want to be guided as well

    doesn’t care if you’re tall or short tbh

    but would like an s/o who brings him out of his shell like the members do.

    he wants to be able to laugh without trouble around his s/o and let loose. xiaojun sometimes gets annoyed, mostly feigned annoyance, so it would be nice for an s/o to fit in like the members: making fun of his angry face and rolling eyes and then having some light banter

    he’s also gonna need an s/o who’s not afraid to pull him back whenever he says out of pocket things. they’re not necessarily harmful just extremely blunt at times that makes you cringe and you have to pull him back to tell him of his comments LOL

    xiaojun would... not go into an r/s with a foreign partner i feel, but he will TRY if the conversation is not too awkward, save for like activities and such. like others in this post, he’ll make an effort if he’s committed to you, and only if you’re sure of dating him as well

    xiaojun loves a cute style lawd!


    same age, younger, older, tbh i don’t think hendery cares that much

    he would want a shorter s/o though, i feel

    wants a fun and playful s/o, someone who’s just so enjoyable to be around that he sometimes forgets himself and gets lost in the happiness you two give out

    he does also want an s/o who can make him shy and basically challenge his personality, but not in a headbutt way where it’s your same two personalities against each other. it’s rather two variations of the same feeling like your playful aura against hendery’s playful aura, which would be honestly quite fun to watch and experience bc you’re just trying to one-up each other

    and idk, because he’s talkative quite often, he feels like it would be nice to be the flustered, eyes-wide one for once

    hendery in a foreign partner relationship... he would try, but i think he’d be a little intimidated at the languages that he has to have some time to warm up. he would commit and make the effort if he was willing to, though

    oversized fits are his shit!!!! he also doesn’t mind seeing you explore with your appearance and style, esp in the goth or rebel kinda style 


    same age or younger, wouldn’t mind if you were taller since he knows his height is not THAT high

    renjun loves for you to hold him though

    the cheeky lad wants a laid back s/o, who doesn’t take life so seriously as well and like hendery, would like it if his s/o was a bit goofy and playful

    would also want an s/o who’s deep about the universe and stuff, kinda intelligent to debate alien life and what not, he wants to be able to talk to you about anything and keep the conversation going even if you’re talking about something simple and dumb like snacks

    i also can’t exactly see renjun go for a foreign s/o, mainly because of the language barrier, but i can see him trying if he’s able to get help from mark hyung and if the situation allows for you to meet frequently

    renjun would definitely like a cute style on his s/o, but also would like more flashy or out-of-the-box outfits. as long as you’re comfy then he’s fine


    same age. he likes to be taken care of though, would maybe be a 60/40 split of you taking care vs him taking care of you respectively

    i feel like jeno would like a shorter s/o!

    cute s/o, maybe matching up to the personality of jaemin since he was his longest friend from before. enthusiastic while he takes the back seat and admires you

    while jaemin loses his social battery over time, jeno wouldn’t mind if you were a literal menace like haechan bc he feels that would make the r/s really fun

    see him preferring a korean-speaking person. kinda like doyoung but not quite, he’s more careful than serious (?) about his idol life, and he wouldn’t want to take the risk


    same age or older i feel. equal split of who’s the embracer in the relationship though 

    wouldn’t mind a taller person, although he’d prefer if you were around the same height bc he doesn’t want to be teased by his members lol

    i feel like haechan would rlly like y2k outfits on his s/o? a mix of baggy outfits as well as cute ones

    his natural outgoing personality allows him to get together with a foreign person i feel, bc he’d suggest things that don’t need talking like bowling or an arcade y’know? he struggles a bit with native languages tho, bc he’s so used to speaking korean

    btw please egg him on, he loves it when you do it and also do dumb things with him. he would want someone who doesn’t take life so seriously while also possessing the ability to think deeply i feel, but mostly someone who can keep smiling and strong even through hardships. kinda a happy-go-lucky personality


    younger, i feel. like johnny he has a lot of affection to give like he usually does to jisung…. jisung is grown up alr tho so :”(

    loves giving the cuddles, big spoon, etc. he just wants you to feel loved no matter what size you are

    he also would love tall people ngl! although sometimes he can’t decide between short and tall people

    jaemin would appreciate an affectionate s/o who’s committed to him and also a person who’s just naturally shy i feel

    they don’t necessarily need to return the energetic bursts of aegyo or stuff (he’d love it though) and also someone who just enjoys life and the small little things in general

    would not mind dating a foreigner, would love to learn about your native language actually!

    he likes cutesy appearances i reckon, a bit of oversized styles but overall likes the pastels


    same age or older, likes to be taken care of tbh

    yang yang is also someone who doesn’t care if you’re short or tall, and likes you either way :)

    does not mind a foreign person, plus he’s moved countries a little and could maybe find solace in the fact that his homes are sometimes not fixed, esp with how many languages he speaks as well

    yang yang would want an s/o who lives up to his excitement in jokes and memes. he would feel a bit down if you happen to not understand a joke although he cant blame you, but he would want someone almost identical to him? 

    create chaos together and then fall asleep together

    can see him liking a cute style tbh, and also reaaaaally likes to match outfits with you in your own respective styles


    same age, def.

    i think being in nct has made him a little shy as compared to before when he was in a dance crew, so he’d need someone to encourage him while also taking care of him!!

    talking to a non japanese- or korean- speaking person might scare him, so he would settle just for that. shotaro wouldn’t mind in a sense if he knows the other person is committed, but the language barrier for the first few dates would be awkward

    ooohhh likes it when people are confident definitely, comfortable in their own skin. shotaro is another person i feel would really be attracted to y2k fits

    like i said earlier, shotaro just needs a little push, which would help with an outgoing s/o and someone who’s not afraid to try new things. he feeds off your confidence and uses that to boost his!


    doesn’t mind an s/o who is the same age or a tad bit older, i’m not sure if i see him with a younger s/o

    doesn’t care if you’re tall or short as long as you give him his damn hugs!!!! 

    outgoing personality? check. he would literally befriend anyone, and wouldn’t mind a foreign s/o who doesn’t speak korean or chinese. with his limited english, he could probably make an outing fun by doing activities together and will learn your language!!

    an s/o who can calm him down. chenle uses up his energy a lot and can get worn out and just wants someone to embrace at the end of the day. i wouldn’t say its similar to taeyong who’s sometimes tired from taking care of the members, but rather in a way where it’s a little playful and bubbly in your own little circle.

    it’s a different kind of happy that chenle feels with you as opposed to the joy that the members bring him.

    chenle also would want someone who’s sure of themselves, more so in personality rather than apperance. he likes all sizes and colours and styles, altho leans more toward the oversized sector


    sungchan is bit mischievous, so i feel like he naturally lean towards an s/o who can kinda be the “mother slash partner” of him: either the same age or younger, leaning more toward a same aged s/o

    lawd this man is so tall. i think he’d want a shorter partner, sometimes a bit awkward with the affection but overall likes to give it. plus point: he likes to see you struggle wrap your body around his to get all of him in your cuddles

    he wants to be able to relate to them and wouldn’t want awkwardness, so i don’t think he would go for a foreign person as of now

    sungchan likes someone to have fun with him, ofc he’s aware that he can’t take away all their problems but he would want his s/o to feel relaxed and content around him with his goofy personality

    sungchan likes a cutesy style, maybe, BUT i always see him being really drawn to y2k fits!!!


    leaning more towards the same age (+/-1). i think a noona would make him shy and a younger s/o would just feel weird to him idk. 

    this man is also very tall, so probs a shorter s/o,,,,, would not mind if you are tall though!! he just likes to have you in his arms instead of the other way round (so you can’t see his flushed face)

    not sure if he’d commit to a r/s that is foreign, but he would try with the help of mark-hyung or something. the reason why he’d take it was because the members would help me, but if not, he wouldn’t take the risk with his idol life at stake.

    jisung wants someone who’s self-assured as well, strong in mettle and who has a strong character that helps him build up his drive. seeing you in your element helps him achieve more and he appreciates that you are able to provide him with a source of motivation

    jisung likes cute stuff, but he does like oversized fits!

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  • ddonghyuckss
    28.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    [ my sky - Lee donghyuck ]

    [07:57PM] - “The sky reminds me of you” you muttered softly to the boy who was looking at the ground with a beaten up face.

    “You feel warm like the sun,” you said, he finally looked at you with a swollen face, grinning forcefully. “But sometimes the moon reminds me of how you always light up the darkness that swallowed me once”.

    “ you’re as wide as the sky as well, no matter how much I think I know you I always end up missing something out” your eyes locked with his. Playing with your fingers. “ you change rapidly but you are still familiar”, “you’re the sun the makes my day bright, the moon that illuminates my room at night and the star that always make me look up at the sky” your eyes were still focused on his.

    “Sometimes you’re a soft cloud that provides shadows and sometimes you’re a dark cloud that always starts the storms” your hand went and held his hand.

    “ you know how to talk “ donghyuck smiles with his swollen cheek as well. “Aren’t you going to ask why?” He stood up fixing his shirt that was full of the dirt from earlier. “Let me guess, jaemin provoked you?” You said while helping him get rid of the dirt on his clothes. “No, ok Well he did but that’s not the main reason” he giggles while sitting next to you again. “He said that the bracelet you made is ugly”. As tough as he looks, he is the softest inside. He brushes his pain away with his humour, his rain starts at night and will finish at sunrise.

    “You mean so much to me hyuck” you muttered to him. He smiles at the sunset soft light hits his brown eyes. “You too”.

    ©️ Ddonghyuckss 2021

    Network tags : @nct-writers @neoturtles

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  • channoticedmeuwu
    28.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Metanoia | Chapter 84 : Find A Glass Bottle With Notes Inside 

    pairing : zhong chenle x fem!reader

    Genre : fluff, tad bit of angst, crack, smau!

    started : 6.1.21

    Finished : ???

    Warning : none

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    metanoia : masterlist

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    send an ask or a dm if you wanna be in the taglist ;D

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  • luvm4rk
    28.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    — 10:34 am ☘︎︎ mark notices the shuffling of your footsteps from behind and glances over his shoulder. he finds you leaning against the kitchen counter like a blob of glue; sloppy, sad and devoid of life.

    "hey, what's wrong?" his voice softens and he turns off the stove, his fourth fried egg barely cooked and burnt on the edges.

    mark quickly wipes his hands and walks to you with open arms. "aw, don't cry." he brings you into his embrace and you broke into more tears.

    "dang, you're making me sad now," he coos and strokes your hair. "baby, what's wrong?"

    you sob. "your eggs are disgusting."

    #mark lee #mark lee blurbs #mark lee fluff #mark lee imagines #mark lee scenarios #nct blurbs #nct dream blurbs #nct dream fluff
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  • jeontaehui
    28.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    8:34 am — a few people on the street turn heads when they caught sight of a sleek black porsche 911 turbo s pulling up to the sidewalk, looking dashing as it is brand new.

    they all watch with curious eyes as the tinted windows slowly rolled down, their eyebrows raising in anticipation as the owner reveals themselves inch by inch.

    a woman with a white mask and aviator sunglasses, donned in a simple light blue button up sat on the driver’s seat with one hand on the wheel. it’s no doubt she looked elegantly classic.

    “she looks familiar,” one of them says. “how could you know when she has her face completely covered?” her friend loudly inquires, and out of panic, she immediately shushes her as they decided to look away and continue with their walk.

    “i swear i saw that jawline somewhere…”

    “what the hell—”

    taehee tries to come off as flirty as she kept her hand on top of the wheel, using her free one to pull down her sunglasses slightly as she eyed her manager standing outside.

    “hello jiyeon-ssi,” she starts off formally, “are you perhaps…single?”

    “i knew getting a car was a bad idea,” the older girl responded, sucking air through her teeth, feigning disappointment.

    “mm, i was starting to think of the same too when we got the house.”

    “please tell me you’re joking.”

    “just kidding!” taehee cheers, showing off her pretty eye smile as she pushed her sunglasses up on her head.

    jiyeon, besides from being taehee’s manager for three years, had been the closest to acting as her older sister when she came to korea a few years back.

    taehee still remembers the day she was introduced to her — soft yet determined and leader-like. she was kind to everyone there yet she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind despite being new. it was one of their many similarities together, so even if she was five years older than taehee, it didn’t take long before they eventually got close and started joking around one another like friends.

    taehee sends her a cheeky grin through her mask before her bottom lip juts into a playful pout, “don’t frown! what if dispatch is here and thinks we’re dating. you have to smile for the headlines!”

    “don’t worry,” jiyeon casually speaks, walking to the passenger’s side and getting the car door open, “i barely even recognized you.”

    “then what if you thought i was some creep!”

    “i think that’s for you to reflect on, taehee-ssi.”

    they both share a laugh over this as taehee begins to drive, casually tapping her fingers on the wheel while humming to one direction on the radio.

    #taehee.ts #nct#nct 127#nct u#nct dream#wayv#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct drabbles#nct blurbs#nct timestamps#nct reactions #nct x reader #nct fluff#nct angst#nct au #nct female member #nct female addition #kpop female oc #kpop female addition
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  • wow-jeno
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    [9:15] “jeno, i don’t feel so good,” you were trying not to throw up as your fidgeting figure settled on your seat. jeno looked at you apologetically, his thumb rubbing your hand comfortingly to calm you down.

    “i’m sorry. we should’ve took the train, that’s faster. i didn’t knew you would be having motion sickness.” “neither did i, it’s my first time riding a bus.”

    both of you were on a trip to roommate!jeno’s hometown, your semester break just started yet you still had a week before going back to your home. jeno invited you back to his house where he grew up at. though you declined his offer, he insisted.

    “no i won’t leave you alone, it’s dangerous.” that’s what jeno said while packing his clothes night before.

    “are you feeling better?” jeno let you lean on his shoulder, your arms linking together as you snuggled to his arm. his other hand caressed your head when you murmured, “i’m fine, i guess.”

    he lent you one of his earphone buds, “you should take a nap. it makes your sickness go away.”

    you dozed off to mellow tunes he offered you to listen, his familiar scent, his soft humming.

    you could feel him kissing your forehead.

    read part 1 here
    like and reblog!
    to @btssf9nct , i might’ve accidentally wrote one 😳
    #jeno#nct jeno#jeno imagines#jeno fluff#jeno scenarios#lee jeno#nct#nct dream #nct dream fluff #nct dream imagines #nct drabbles #nct dream drabbles #jeno au#nct au #nct dream au #jeno soft hours #nct soft hours #nct dream soft hours #jeno blurbs#nct blurbs #nct dream blurbs #nct scenarios #nct dream scenarios #jeno timestamps
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  • haruharu-egypt
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Some of my favorites from my screenshots

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  • neocain
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    image is not mine

    Jaehyun x Reader

    Genre: Fluff

    WC: 279

    Warning: Suggestive


    A/N: Hello friends, I apologize for being inactive for this long. I have been very busy with life things and also been having a very hard time with writing. I hope that you guys like this short piece, I wrote it to try and get back into the groove of things and I'm hoping to have more works up soon. I'm also working on a sort of a collab with a friend, so whenever that gets somewhere I will let you guys know, and if your interested you can check it out.

    As usual please ignore and grammatical errors, I checked it over however somethings probably still slipped through.

    The breeze blew in through the window, a gentle cradle of cool air that filled the room. Flowing into the corners and trying to fit in between you and him. The heat flowing off him into your body was stifling, but you liked it.

    The way his hands gripped at your waist was fogging up your brain, his fingers bruising your soft skin. He was pulling you further into his lap, letting your hips move lightly against his. You were so far gone as Jaehyun's lips moved against yours.

    "W-we should stop." You stuttered, trying to pull away from him. He hummed, but his hand trailed up to the back of your head, pulling you back towards him. You let yourself sink into him again, telling yourself only a minute longer.

    "Jaehyun," You muttered as he trailed his lips down your throat, "You have to go."

    You could barely breathe as he pushed at the strap of your tank top, letting it fall off your shoulder so he could get at more of your skin.

    You let out a soft sigh before grabbing his face. Gently pulling him away from your shoulder and making him look at you.

    "You're already late for practice. You have to go." You said.

    Jaehyun let out an irritated huff.

    You didn't want him to go, just as much as he didn't want to go.

    "You can come back right after." You reasoned.

    "You better believe I'm coming back right after." He replied letting you finally move off his lap so that he could get up.

    You let out a soft giggle as he stomped towards the door.

    "I'll hold you to that babe."

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  • cafe-moon
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Requested: Dad!Mark x mom!reader

    Genre: bebe floof👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    To say your son wasn’t really excited for a new sibling...would be an understatement. Of course when you were pregnant with your daughter he was totally fine and a bit excited for baby sister. But when she was born everything turned upside down. Your husband, Mark tried so hard to encourage and reassure your son that you two would not abandon him for his sister. If anything you tried to get your son involved with baby but he wanted nothing to do with her. So here you are crying your eyes out because you feel like you failed your son,

    “What did I do?! I thought he was ready! Was he not? Did I miss the sign?” Mark gently pulled you into him quietly hushing you.

    “Nothing you did was wrong, he’s just being toddler. He’s just scared we’re going to forget about him. I’ll keep talking to him, okay? Don’t worry baby.” Mark kissed your forehead and helping you wipe your tears away. You were so thankful for your husband as he was your rock in these tough times. Little did you know there was a very sad little boy sitting outside your door listening to your cries. He didn’t understand what was wrong but he did not like hearing his mama cry. Mark nearly stepped on him till he heard little sniffles at his feet.

    “Hey buddy, what’s wrong? Aren’t you supposed to be napping.”

    “Is mama mad at me?” Mark’s heart cracked at his sad words, quickly shaking his head he scooped your son up in his arms.

    “No buddy, mama’s not mad. She’s just sad that you don’t like baby sister. She loves you so much, okay? I love you so much and baby sister loves you!” Your looked at his dad with those big boba eyes, (inherited from his dad) and let out a quiet ‘really’. Mark nodded while carrying him to the nursery where said sister lay awake, ready to see her brother. Your son met his sister’s gaze making her smile and coo.

    “See? She’s so excited to see you! Do you want to help me pick out an outfit for her?” Your nodded softly nodded, wiping the remaining tears away before filling Mark to the dresser. From your baby monitor you watched as your son excitedly moved around the nursery, helping your husband get your daughter ready for the day. You teared up again as you watched your son talk to his sister, making her laugh and holding her tiny hand. You decided to go join your family and witness this moment in person.

    “Mama! Look sissy’s laughing! I made her laugh!” You smiled, scooping your son up in your arms and leaving kisses on his chubby cheeks.

    “You’re a great big brother, I love you.” Your son whined as you kept smothering him in kisses.

    “Stop~I want down!”

    “Alright, alright! Hey I love you buba.” Your son said ‘I love you’ half heartedly as he made his way back to his sister. Mark laughed as you gawked at your son.

    “I’ve been replaced by the baby now.” Mark just kept laughing reassuring you that’s not the case.

    “I told he’d come around. Nothing to worry about.” You nodded leaning your head on his shoulder as you watched your babies interact.

    Since that day your son never left you or Mark’s side. She needed to be fed? Your son had to do it. She needed to be changed? Will hand you a diaper but evacuate the room from the stinkiness. She needed to be rocked to sleep? Will come into her nursery and will practically sleep in your daughter’s crib until she is sound asleep. So many times

    Mark had to pry your son away from her just so you could take care of things. But it was so sweet seeing your husband on the couch cradling your daughter and your son sitting next to them telling his sister about his day in preschool. You absolutely have the best little family ever.

    a/n: requested by a moonie! Hope this was okay and thank you for reading! If you have any requests feel free to send them in☺️💕

    #kpop#nct#nct 127#nct dream#nct 2020 #nct dad series #nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct blurbs#nct fluff #nct soft hours #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 blurbs #nct 127 fluff #nct 127 soft hours #nct mark#mark lee#🦢
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  • wow-jeno
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    [19:43] con artist!haechan still couldn’t forget how heartbroken you were when he revealed his true persona to you. you were shaking on your knees, pleading him to stay but without any traces of guilt he turned his shoulder from you.

    he admitted that you were just like girls he tricked before; pure, innocent, unsuspecting. but there’s this one thing about you that made him almost felt bad for you, the way you actually cared for him.

    when he asked you to cover his college fee you ended up being his emotional support, when he said he needed fund to cure his bedridden little sister you’re the one who lent shoulder for him to sleep on during those gloomy nights at the hospital. turned out that young girl didn’t have any relationships with him, you just wished she gets extra money for getting involved in his plotting scheme.

    before you left him in hitched breath you whispered, “i hope my heart doesn’t yearn for you anymore when we part,”

    but now why it’s his heart that was longing for you instead?

    like and reblog!
    #haechan#lee hachan#haechan angst#haechan imagines#haechan scenarios#haechan timestamps#haechan blurbs#nct#nct dream#nct 127#nct au#haechan au#haechan drabbles #nct dream imagines #nct 127 imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct 127 scenarios #nct dream angst #nct 127 angst
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  • b0m1n
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i’m bored and wanna write something but literally idk what to write so drop some shit in my asks i write mainly for enhypen but i’m willing to write for all nct subunits but if you want a specific subunit make sure to lmk. i’m also willing to write for bts or txt! also i don’t write smut or anything super suggestive or super angsty. i’ll still write suggestive and angst just nothing too much. (btw i’m not active with bts anymore nor do i consider myself an army anymore but i still think i know enough to write accurately about the members as someone who was a fan for two years lmao)

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  • dreamykram
    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    what a shame

    your boyfriend is defeated. again.


    even from the front row you have to stand up to get a better view, and with a glimpse of the ice rink, the crowd suddenly goes crazy.


    the sound of everyone hollers loudly blasting around your ears. the huge screen in the center of the roof replays the last goal, your eyes focus on the screen as they follow the punk until it’s shot into the goalpost. you let out heavy breath which quickly turns into a thin smoke before vanishing into the cold air. your boyfriend clearly didn’t do very well today. the team has been defeated two times in a row and only by one opponent, the nct team. you don’t know whether you’re disappointed or not, you didn’t anticipate this would be a legend match where nct loses either, they never lose.

    people are still chanting the name that you least want to hear at the very moment. mark lee. the captain of the nct team. also the one that scored the last goal, which was actually a wondrous one that you have to admit.

    your gaze is fixed on your boyfriend when someone approaches you, not that you acknowledge until they start talking.

    “what a shame.”

    mark takes the helmet down, revealing his goddamn handsome face that you always have to try hard to resist. yet he’s made it harder for you with the arrogance plasters by a cocky smirk on his thin lips.

    “shut it lee.” you glaze over the man. you definitely hate yourself for seeing this but he always looks so good when he all dresses up for a hockey game. quickly you look away when you realize you’ve been checking him out patently, embarrassed that you should be next to your boyfriend now instead of talking to the guy that has scored 5 out of 7 goals against his team.

    your little visual scrutiny is not become unnoticed by mark as his lips curl up further. “what a shame. could’ve been with me instead of-“, he turns around, his eyes looking for the captain of the other team, no one besides your boyfriend. “what’s his fucking name?”

    you glance at the opposite direction only to see that he’s been watching you and mark. your brain malfunctions as he stares at you in utter disbelief.

    #mark lee#nct mark#mark blurbs#mark boyfriend#mark imagines #mark lee imagines #mark lee scenarios #mark scenarios #nct x reader #nct mark lee #mark fluff #mark lee fluff #nct fluff#nct scenarios #nct u scenarios #nct drabbles#nct imagines #mark lee x reader #mark x reader #nct suggestive
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  • chuusoulee
    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    7:14 pm

    the reservation for two. you and haechan sat admiring the starters on the table, whilst avoiding eye contact with you. he found himself tounge-tied whenever he looks at you, which never happens.

    “soo… how’s work?” you ask, prodding for any form of conversation to avoid longer silences.

    “really good” he chirps, finally looking up, although not for long. he knows you’re taking offence to his unmissable awkward tone, if only you knew the real reason.

    “listen, hyuck. i want you to be honest with me, and tell me how you feel. why haven’t you made eye contact with me for even a moment?” you question, your heart begins to race as your not one for confrontation, or rejection.

    “y/n, it’s not that i don’t like you, i actually think i’m falling in love with you.” you freeze, having completely misread where this conversation was going.

    “i just get this weird, fuzzy feeling when i look at you. i cant look at you for too long or my mind just goes blank and i cant even speak. please, i didn’t mean to come off rude by not looking at you, i couldn’t keep my eyes off of you actually-“

    he continues rambling. never had such heartfelt and genuine words been spoken between you two. in the heat of the moment, not one for regrets, you grab his hand. your other hand went to his cheek to pull him closer, to kiss you.

    it was like a release of energy that needed to be transferred, you felt him ease into your touch. his hands naturally gravitating to hold your face as he kisses you with intent. after the fleeting moment passes, you separate.

    “i’m falling for you too, hyuck. why couldn’t you just tell me, then i wouldn’t have gone thinking you hated me all night” you share a lighthearted sigh, he looks into your eyes finally, and smiles, contagious.

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