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    04.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    he looks so cuddly 🥺

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  • wenjunsss
    04.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    𝐧𝐜𝐭 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬:


    • super chill boyfriend

    • constant jokes and laughing

    • laughs at everything you say

    • plays the guitar for you

    • not big on PDA

    • but will hug and kiss you a lot in private

    • dates involve watching shows and ordering takeout

    • calls you dude by accident, but does it so much, you don't mind

    • rests his head on your shoulders


    • the most attentive boyfriend

    • picks up on your mood

    • and is so good at comforting you

    • is the softest boy around you

    • probably pretty romantic

    • i can see him trying to style or braid your hair and actually doing it really well

    • at this point it's a collectively accepted headcanon that he'd draw portraits of his s/o

    • and i strongly agree!

    • you have the privilege of hearing his angelic voice often, bc he sings a lot in general, and for you

    • i'm dead and collapsed into a pile of uwus just thinking about it

    • would enjoy movie nights a lot *cough* the avengers *cough*

    • and having long conversations

    • will playfully fight you though

    • and makes sarcastic jokes often


    • very protective

    • also very active

    • would enjoy outdoor activities

    • like taking bike rides

    • loves to see you in his clothes

    • rubs your back to comfort you

    • it's either outdoor dates

    • or chilling in the dorm

    • games with you a lot

    • doesn't let you win though


    • the most loving bf

    • affection is his middle name

    • hugs you to death just bc you exist

    • and covers your face in kisses

    • so. many. cuddles

    • would prefer staying in and chilling

    • you're cold? he's already pulled his sweater over your head, put his jacket over your shoulders and bundled you up in a blanket, just in case

    • covers your legs if you wear something short

    • cooks for you and you often cook together (mainly for the other members)

    • feeds you bits from his cooking and adjusts it to your liking

    • you've basically adopted jisung bc you're over there so much and share his parental instincts

    • greets you with coffee in the morning and brings you food when you're having a rough day

    • please cherish him


    • savage

    • teases you 24/8

    • it's his love language

    • also hugs you 24/8

    • you waddle around the dorm with him attached to you

    • drapes himself all over your body and cuddles you like that

    • big on PDA

    • shows you off to all his friends

    • keeps you awake at night by bothering you

    • in a loving way of course

    • keeps you laughing all the time


    • the best friend type boyfriend

    • treats you like his friend

    • just occasionally kisses you

    • and hugs

    • and cuddles

    • makes you Daegal's parent this means Mark is now your son

    • and invites you over often

    • big on sharing secrets

    • so much laughter

    • very happy energy all around


    • confused babie

    • doesn't know much about love

    • but tries his absolute best to be the best boyfriend!!

    • he'd enjoy watching movies

    • and having conversations about anything that interests him

    • supports you in everything you want to do

    • teaches you the nct dream dances

    • not big on PDA

    • but would love your cuddles

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  • kpopdivination
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    renjun from nct dream “something happening within the next three days for him” astro dice req

    mars, aries, 2h

    an unexpected purchase or impulse buy. he will switch from a period of erratic spending to obsessive saving or (most likely) vice versa.

    he may also come into a large sum of money when one of his old songs starts charting again. it’s possible one of his groups will release something new this week (i haven’t been keeping up with them lately but this is also a strong possibility).

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  • i5rocky
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    all my love is gone

    like or reblog if you save

    follow me for more

    #bg icons#bg layouts#nct icons#nct layouts #nct lq icons #nct lq layouts #nct packs #nct dream icons #nct dream lq icons #nct dream moodboard #nct dream layouts #nct dream#jaemin icons#jaemin layouts#jaemin lq #jaemin lq icons #renjun icons#renjun layouts #renjun lq layouts #renjun lq icons #renjun packs
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chenle (ft. jaemin & jisung) moodboard: order for anon | want one?

    #mb#moodboard#aes#aesthetic#cottagecore#kpop mb#kpop moodboard#12#17#11#19#chenle#nct chenle#nct#nct dream #i had to make a cottagecore-ish mb bc i love his lil crochet cardi so much
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  • moodcafe
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chenle moodboard: order for anon | want one?

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  • moodcafe
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chenle (ft. jisung) moodboard: order for anon | want one?

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  • moodcafe
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    chenle moodboard: order for anon | want one?

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  • jaemin-hours
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if you want to request any scenario, drabble or anything related, you need to give me these details;

    pairings, ex. jeno x fem!reader ( i write only for females )

    genre, ex. fluff/smut/angst/suggestive,...

    type, ex. scenario/drabble,...

    i don’t write hella long stories, ex. 5k, 15k, 30k,...

    i’m always trying my best to satisfy your requests but please follow these criteria for better works. thank you so much for understanding !! ❤️

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  • nctzenslovenct
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mark: “📸in between the on/off work mode ➡️⬅️” (Date:08.04.2021)

    #kpop#nct#nctzen#nctzens#nct u#nct dream#nct 127 #nct mark lee #nct dream mark lee #nct 127 mark lee #superm mark #nct u mark #nct 127 mark #nct dream mark #nct mark#mark lee#mark#lee minhyung#🐯#💕🐯💕#💕
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  • taemin-jaemin
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Okay so I've kind of decided to start taking requests because they look so fun to do.

    So if you guys have any requests feel free to drop them. I'll be reigning prompt lists too, so if you want you can request from them too.

    Just a few rules:

    I write only for the members of SHINee, EXO, NCT or SuperM.

    Once you make the request, please do give me some time. Because I've got my own wips which are parts of events and collabs, sometimes I need to give them more commitment.

    I write only sfw stuff, slightly suggestive is fine...though I wouldn't recommend you asking for it since...well it might flop.

    I love doing AUs which defy the laws of science.

    Any other genre is fine, but my strength is angst. Feel free to request fluff too, because I would love to improve it.

    #superm#shinee#nct#exo #taemin x reader #kai x reader #baekhyun x reader #mark x reader #taeyong x reader #lucas x reader #ten x reader #jeno x reader #haechan x reader #jisung x reader #sehun x reader #exo x reader #shinee x reader #nct xreader #nct dream x reader #nct 127 x reader #wayv xreader
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  • zlmzym
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    1.2 ☾ — don’t let history repeat itself

    volleyball player!haechan x dancer!oc

    summary. - in honour of the blue moon this year, the student parliament decided to hold a blue moon gala for the school. along with that, they created an activity. you pay $1.50 for either a lock or key. each lock and key have a pair with the opposite pendant (you would know if they were your partner if the key can unlock the lock). the person you pair with is your partner for the gala. mina thinks it’s fucking stupid. donghyuck, well—he’s always looking for some excitement in his life—but deep down he just wants someone who doesn’t like him for just his reputation.

    taglist. - @oc-helps​ @jiheonie​ @philanarose​ @jiye0n0​@eommayaaaaaasehunnieee​ @softrenjunnie​ @mark3le​ @purpleheejin​ @eboyjuni​ // lemme know if you’d also like to be added!

    𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔. | 𝒏𝑒𝒙𝒕.

    𝑏𝒍𝒖𝑒 𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝒎.𝒍𝑖𝒔𝒕

    "...You all will have two weeks to do this assignment, and are to hand it in by 11:59 on the day that it is due. Anything late will be deducted marks. Best of luck to you all." 

    Mina's head was lowered, looking at her phone secretively under her desk. She had managed to tune out everything around her—barely hearing the last bit of her teacher's sentence. Her eyes lifted from her screen only when she heard the shuffling of footsteps and the voices of her classmates murmuring. 

    People had gotten out of their seats, moving to a desk that wasn't theirs. Conversations sprung as people brought out their devices, beginning to jot down things.

    Mina looked both ways, trying to figure out what was going on. Eventually giving up, she shrugged before continuing to scroll through her phone. Though, she slowly came to a halt.

    Her mind wandered to the gala. Unconsciously, she began to toy with the key pendant around her neck, feeling the texture of each rhinestone on the pads of her fingers. Cynical thoughts began to invade her head, twisting all over the place—messing with her senses.

    What if my pair- no.

    You don't even want a pair, Park Mina. Pull yourself together, Mina told herself.

    A wave of insecurity washed over her. 

    But what if they don’t- Mina, stop it.

    You won't let history repeat itself. 

    Maybe Mina was just good at tuning out the outside world whenever she pleased.

    She didn't notice the body that had slipped into the empty desk next to her.

    "Hey, partner."

    "Oh my GOD," she yelped, the sudden voice scaring her. Mina jumped in her seat, her head snapping up so fast she could've sworn she'd gotten whiplash. 

    Mina's eyes widened, slapping a hand over her mouth when she realized the noise she just let out. A couple of people around her turned to see what the commotion was about, looking at her. 

    The embarrassed girl pursed her lips together, awkwardly smiling. When everyone turned back to their work, the smile quickly faded into an expression of humiliation and irritation.

    An annoying snicker came from the person who had caused all this, making her turn towards him with a scowl on her face.

    "Lee Donghyuck, sincerely... what the actual fuck." 

    #nct#nct smau #nct social media au #nct fluff#nct angst#nct crack#haechan#haechan fluff#haechan angst#haechan crack #haechan x reader #haechan x oc #donghyuck fluff#donghyuck angst#donghyuck crack #haechan social media au #haechan smau #nct dream smau #nct dream social media au #haechan imagine#nct imagine
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  • hyuckluvrz
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    jaemin u fucking blueberry

    this blog contains nsfw content. there will be warnings on the top of everything i post and it is not my job to make sure you stay clear of what i write. read at your own discretion, i am not your mother and i cannot make you not read it. for nct dream, i may start writing smut for chenle and jisung, but for now it'll just be, like, kissing nd shit
    i also post sfw stuff !! i'll have specific tags for the genre of my writing at some point :(
    i mainly post for nct dream, txt, and sometimes other boy / girl groups.
    my pronouns are they/them. please respect that.

    ⏜ ₊ GIFS / ICONS◝

    hello future !

    ⏜ ₊ MARK◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ JENO◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ RENJUN◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ JAEMIN◝



    ⏜ ₊ HAECHAN◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ CHENLE◝


    ⏜ ₊ JISUNG◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ GIFS / ICONS◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ YEONJUN◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ SOOBIN◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ TAEHYUN◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ BEOMGYU◝

    coming soon.


    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ GIFS / ICONS◝

    queendom mood sampler.

    ⏜ ₊ IRENE◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ JOY◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ WENDY◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ SEULGI◝

    coming soon.

    ⏜ ₊ YERI◝

    coming soon.









































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  • johnnysnostril
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    NCT 127 & THEIR KINKS ❤️‍🔥 [18+]

    so i was reading this article on kinks and it got me thinking about what kinda kinks i feel like the boys would have. i’ve taken the liberty of writing a small story with each kink, just to put things into prospective for the ones who are new to this. all stories are from your point of view. let me know what your favorite one is. enjoy, xoxo.

    1. ♋︎ t a e y o n g

    [k n i f e play:] a practice of running a knife or a blade along your partner to enhance sexual gratification.


    he flipped his pocket knife in between his fingers. the clicking sound was starting to irritate me. “taeyong, i swear to god- if you don’t stop flicking that damn knife around.” i was beyond annoyed. this paper was due tomorrow and he has been twisting that damn thing for about fifteen minutes now and i just couldn’t take it anymore. i rolled my neck and shut my eyes. the laptop was burning into my exposed thighs but i tried to pay it no mind. i opened my eyes to find taeyong staring at me with a devilish smirk on his lips. he was slumped in my pink computer chair, swinging himself side to side. i ignored him, turning my attention back to my school work. an hour before i started this paper, he decided that he wanted to argue with me over some stupid shit. half of me was wondering why he was even still in my bedroom at the moment. i huffed a frustrated breath and slammed my fingers against the keyboard as i typed. he chuckled as he rose from my chair, clicking his tongue. “fuck your paper.” he groaned. as he approached me, he slammed my laptop down- just as i ripped back my fingers from the keyboard. “what the fuck is your problem?” i yelled. his eyes burned with lust. he slid my computer across the floor, forcing me back onto my bed- hovering over me. “you know i like it when you cuss at me.” taeyong flipped open his knife, caressing my cheek with the cold blade. my breathing hitched. his slim fingers wrapped around my throat and he squeezed ever so lightly. taeyong licked his lips like i was about to become his dinner. i unconsciously spread my legs, letting him fall in between them. my fingers wrapped around his wrist- the other tugging at his shirt. this is the apology i wanted. taeyong bit down along side of the blade for a moment as he pulled my shirt up to my mouth- demanding the fabric in between my teeth. he then traced down my breast and stomach with the sharp point of the knife. “do i need to remind you what happens when you act up, my love?” he growled.

    2. ♊︎ t a e i l

    [a l t o c a l c i p h i l i a:] sexually turned on by high heels.


    i tied my hair back in a bun and sighed. “i’m gunna miss you baby.” taeil mumbled. i sank my teeth into the side of my bottom lip. “i know, my love.” i whispered to him as i got up from the mattress. he leaned against the door frame with his hands in his pockets. he had been a mess since i took this flight attendant job. tonight, i was scheduled for a flight to the Polynesian islands, being away from home for a week. taeil and i were so used to being together everyday. we had lived under the same roof for two years now, being able to sleep in the same bed ever since then. “what time do you have to be there?” he questioned, looking over at the clock. “12:30pm.” i replied, grabbing my belongings. he tilted his head as he watched me. slipping on my heels, i took one last glance at myself in the mirror. smoothing out my skirt, i smiled. i loved my job. taeil approached me from behind, wrapping his arms around me. he gently kissed my neck as he looked me in the eyes through the mirror. “you look amazing.” he groaned. i shut my eyes, indulging in this feeling. i wouldn’t feel his lips for a week. way too long. “thank you, baby.” i whispered. my knees were starting to become weak from his touch. his hands traveled down to my thighs and he gently squeezed. “you know, i won’t be able to touch you like this for a week.” he continued. taeil’s hands explored my body, making their way to my breast. i arched my back as he squeezed. “taeil, please..” i whined. “you’re only making it worse.” i could feel him smirking. “hm- i won’t even get to see you in those shoes.” he chuckled. i licked my lips. these were his favorite ones. he loved it when i wore these heels. i sighed and turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” i questioned, tilting my head. a small smile ran across the both of our lips. taeil kissed me softly before backing me into the boarder of the mattress. he playfully tossed me back and i giggled. catching my ankle in the air, he lifted my foot onto his shoulder. i held myself up with my elbows and watched him. taeil’s eyes darted to my now exposed red lace panties. he groaned, caressing the strap of my heel with his fingertips. “you might have to change those before you leave.” he smirked. taeil’s lips pressed against my ankle. his eyes were pleading for me to stay. my legs shivered as he kissed over the top of my foot. “i’ll make you a deal.” he spoke softly. “you can leave, if you’re able to walk after i’m done with you.”

    3. ♒︎ j o h n n y

    [b r e a t h play:] restricting one’s breathing and blood supply to the brain by applying pressure to the carotid arteries by hand.


    i rolled my eyes, clinging onto johnny’s arm. “pleasee.” i begged. he continued to ignore me, his eyes fixed on the movie screen. i hated action movies. i only agreed to come because i hadn’t seen johnny in almost a month. he had a two day break before he had to go back to touring. i hated it when he was gone for long periods of time. “johnny..” i whispered again. i propped my heels onto the edge of my seat, spreading my legs a little. “i cant wait anymore..” i yanked on his arm and he smiled a little. he was making me beg on purpose. “stop ignoring me.” this was always our game. i yanked his arm off the arm rest and forced his hand underneath my dress. i pressed his fingers into my soaked panties. he didn’t move an inch. i was over begging for him to touch me. “fine, whatever.” i tossed his arm back over towards his lap, slamming my feet onto the floor. i stood up, making my way down the stairs that were softly lit along the edges. i pushed open the revolving door, tossing my hair off my shoulder. i was over this. i angrily forced open the door that lead into the ladies room. thankfully, it was empty. i rested my palms against the counter and stared at myself in the mirror for a moment- before laughing. “if he won’t do it, i’ll just take care of myself.” i said proudly. a shot of paranoia made its way down my throat as the bathroom door busted open. moments later, i heard a click- signaling that the door was now locked. johnny rounded the corner, racing over to me. my thighs trembled. “t-this is the girls bathroom, johnny.” i mumbled stupidly. rolling his eyes at my statement, johnny forced his lips onto mine- sliding his tongue in my mouth. his hands tightly gripped my hips as he lifted me off my feet and onto the counter. i wrapped my arms around his neck and he quickly pulled back. grabbing both my wrists with one hand, he slammed me back against the mirror- pinning my arms up. we both breathed heavy as he rested his forehead against mine. “have you lost your fucking mind?” he growled. my legs found their way around his waist as johnny gripped my throat and squeezed. my brows furrowed and i wiggled underneath his grip. “p-please.” i spit out. i could feel the blood rushing to my head already. he smirked as i looked into his eyes. “now look at you.” he breathed. i ran my tongue across my lips, making them glisten with my saliva. johnny inhaled sharply as he witnessed my lips become even more plump from how tightly he was choking me. suddenly, he released my arms and i immediately wrapped both my hands around his wrist. johnny’s free hand trailed down to my underwear. “looks at those pretty little lips.” his voice was becoming faint. i tried so hard to breathe, i really did- but i couldn’t. with every breath i tried to take, my panties became more and more soaked. “don’t you ever try and pull that shit again.” he groaned as he snatched my panties to the side.

    4. ♏︎ y u t a

    [l a t e x fetish:] sexual preference for latex and similar materials.


    tapping my index finger against my chin, i hummed. “so, what’s the plan this year?” yuta chuckled as he searched the isle opposite of me. this halloween, i wanted to try something new. i always dressed in something cute or innocent- but this year; it was time for a change. i was feeling completely confident about my body, as i ran my fingers against the hard plastic bag that held the perfect costume. this was it. i squealed as i noticed they had my size. “babe?” yuta called out for me. i quickly ripped the costume off the silver stand and placed it behind my back. smiling widely, yuta peaked his head from around the corner. “what are you doing?” as he approached me, he kissed my forehead. “did you find something?” yuta mentioned as he questioned what was behind my back. i nodded. “i think so-“ he was really going to enjoy this. “let’s see.” he placed his hands on his hips, waiting for the reveal. “mm, i have a better idea.” i motioned as i tilted my head. yuta and i were always looking for ways to spice things up within our sex life and today, was not a drill. i was taking things into my own hands now- demanding my dominance. taking his hand, i turned on my heels- placing the bag against my chest and leading him to the fitting rooms. rushing him inside, i pushed him onto the small bench. “now, close your eyes.” i shut the door and took a deep breath, hoping my plan wasn’t going to fail. “no peeking.” i giggled. yuta did as instructed, placing his palms over his eyes, waiting patiently. i slowly wiggled into the latex cat suit. glancing over, i noticed a smirk on his face. “what are you smirking at?” i laughed, pushing my arm into one of the sleeves. “i have a feeling that i know what you have on right now.” yuta replied. grabbing the black velvet ears from the bag, i placed them on top of my head and fluffed my hair. “ta-da!” i sang. as he opened his eyes, i posed for him. the instant change in his facial expression caught me off guard. “what?” i whimpered, slowly letting my arms fall to my stomach. i hugged myself, regretting this decision. i had way too much confidence. yuta was silent as he stood to his feet, lips parted. i noticed his breathing had picked up quite a bit as he stopped in front of me. his eyes locked with mine, sending butterflies off in my stomach. gently pushing me back into the fitting room wall, he held my waist- pressing his body against mine. resting my palms on his chest, i felt how fast his heart was beating. “are you trying to kill me?” he whispered. “what do you mean?” i replied. yuta breathed a laugh. “this.” he groaned as he ran his fingertips against the latex suit. lifting one of my legs, he rested my thigh at his waist. “we might have a bit of a problem.” he mumbled. my body trembled. “you don’t like it?” i whispered, snaking my arms around his neck. yuta snapped, turning me around to face the body length mirror. he gripped my hair, gently tugging as he forced me to look at my reflection. “the worst part is- you don’t even know how delicious you look, princess.” he sneered. as he pulled my head back to look down at me, i arched my back- purposely pushing my ass against him. he snickered at my actions, taking a step back and smacked my ass with his palm. the sound of his hand against the latex sent shivers up my spin. “shall we break this costume in?” he moaned. “on your knees, now.” yuta demanded.

    5. ♒︎ d o y o u n g

    [s e n s a t i o n play:] a practice of stimulating body senses to heighten sexual gratification.


    the scent of vanilla and cinnamon filled my nose as doyoung rubbed his hands together. i smiled as i laid on my back, watching him. climbing onto the bed, he found himself in between my legs as he pushed them open with him knee. i couldn’t help but get excited as i watched. “relax, baby. i’ll take care of you.” he whispered. positioning himself, he gripped my waist to yank me closer to him then began the massage. deeply digging his thumbs into my skin, i exhaled and shut my eyes. i could feel the smirk on his lips. he rubbed his thumbs in circles against my pelvis, causing me to arch off the mattress. “how’s that feel, baby?” he groaned. i couldn’t speak. all i could do was smile, which gave him the reassurance that he needed. a small moan escaped my lips as he moved down towards my thighs. his grip was strong and aggressive. i liked it- and if he were to remove my panties, he could be a potential witness. “don’t move-“ be demanded as i wiggled underneath his touch. his hands moved to my inner thigh, kneading my skin. “doyoung..” i moaned. he breathed a laugh. lowering himself down, he kissed my inner thigh. i moaned again. “babe-“ kissing up my skin, he made his way to my pelvis, sinking his teeth into the fabric of my underwear. i let out a stretched moan as i gripped onto the sheets. he was smirking again. kissing over my belly button, his hands followed- massaging as he trailed up to my breast. yanking down my bra, he exposed my nipples to the cold air. i could feel myself drooling. gripping my breasts with his hands, he squeezed firmly- running his tongue against my tummy. “doyoung, please.” i begged. he continued. circling his middle fingers around my nipples, our eyes connected- sparking more lust into his body. snaking up to my lips, he pressed his body against mine. i instantly wrapped my legs around him. “didn’t i tell you not to move?” he questioned before kissing me roughly. he knew that i liked disobeying him. ripping my legs off of him, he pushed both my knees forward- holding the back of my thighs. “you never listen do you?” he growled, keeping his eye contact. lowering his lips down to my soaked panties, he ran his tongue over the wet spot. my legs trembled at the feeling. he slowly flicked his tongue up and down while smirking- before planting a soft kiss on the fabric. “this time i’ll make sure that you learn your lesson.”

    6. ♒︎ j a e h y u n

    [s t o c k i n g s:] - sexual arousal to the wearing of stockings.


    setting down my wine glass, i swatted jaehyun’s hand away once again. “stop it.” i mumbled underneath my breath. he smiled, exposing his dimples. he couldn’t keep himself together just for an hour, while we were having dinner with his parents. they talked on and on about how their life was as they traveled. i was actually interested in the conversation, but a little someone kept distracted me. once again, he reached under the table- running his fingertips across my black stockings. i shot a frustrated look at him. “doesn’t that sound like fun, babe?” i said forcing him into the conversation. “most definitely.” jae replied as he squeezed my thigh. i clenched my jaw, sitting up straight and smiling over at his mother. “maybe one day i can ride one.” i set myself up for failure. “you have plans on riding tonight- don’t worry.” he whispered. i huffed, shutting my eyes. “what was that, sweetheart?” his mother said sweetly as she picked up her red wine. “oh, nothing mom.” he stated. “could you excuse us for a moment, please?” he said standing up and taking my hand. his father nodded and smiled. “more wine?” he said pointing to jae’s empty glass. “absolutely.” placing his hand on the small of my back, jae lead me outside the restaurant. my heeled boots clicked against the asphalt as i walked in front of him, reached the parking lot. “you have no control, do you?” i said folding my arms as i turned to walk down the corner. jae pulled back my arm and smiled, turning me around to face him. “when it comes to you- not really.” he said licking his lips. “in front of your parents though? i’m really trying to make a good impression.” i pouted as i smacked his chest. he held on tight to my waist and lowered his head. “i’m sorry- i can’t help it. you look so good. what am i supposed to do?” he pleaded. i playfully rolled my eyes and sighed. “you need to learn patience.” jaehyun laughed at my statement. “so teach me.” he said sliding his hand underneath my skirt. his fingertips kissed the top of my stockings. i quickly removed his hand and chuckled. “mr. jung-“ i started. “please behave.” he smirked and furrowed his brows. “you know that’s impossible, right?” he said pushing me into the brick wall. i peered up at him, trying not to give in. “control yourself, baby.” i spoke lightly. jae shook his head. “you did this shit on purpose, didn’t you?” he said falling to his knees. i smiled and shut my eyes as he kissed up my thigh, pushing my skirt up. of course i did it on purpose. “i was just trying to show you that i pay attention.” i admitted. the night before, we had a conversation about things that could potentially make our sex life better. he just so happened to mention a tiny kink of stockings. so yes, i wore stockings on purpose. moving my hands, i tangled my fingers in his hair as his lips made their way to the crease above my thigh. “mm- good girl.” he mumbled. jaehyun bit down on my skin, breaking back the fabric. i slightly winced and tosses my head back a little. my body shivered with goosebumps. “so i guess that means i should reward you, right?” he said tugging my stockings and panties down in one motion. i softly moaned, biting my bottom lip. “jae, we’re in public.” i whimpered. he chuckled, licking his lip. “then, let’s put on a good show.”

    7. ♓︎ j u n g w o o

    [c o l l a r i n g:] - wearing a collar or seeing others being collared to show submission to a dominant.


    placing the box in front of me, jungwoo smiled. “what’s this?” i giggled as i sat myself up on my knees. leaning back on his palms, he propped his knee up. “open it.” he gestured towards the box. i tilted my head, guessing what it could be. it was too big to be a ring. the long rectangle sat on the blanket against the grass. the sun beamed against my exposed back as i shifted a little to examine the box further. he laughed at my actions. “babe- just open it.” jungwoo demanded. picking up the gift, i held it in my hands for a moment. “if it’s expensive, i’m giving it back- just so you know.” i stated. he waved me off. pushing the top open, i smiled at the necklace. my lips parted as the “j” sparkled in the sunlight. the slight hint of rainbow in the diamonds made me blink a little faster. “this- this isn’t actual diamonds is it?” i questioned. jungwoo slid his way next to me, kissing my shoulder. “of course they are. i wouldn’t give you fake jewelry, babe.” he laughed. i immediately snapped the box shut. “i can’t take this.” i said shoving the box into his chest. he furrowed his brows. “you will- you don’t have a choice.” taking the necklace out of the box, he unhooked the chain- beckoning me to sit in his lap. i hesitated for a moment before slowly moving towards him- settling into his lap. “it’s a choker?” i asked innocently as he stretched it out. jungwoo calmly smiled, motioning me to move my hair. i did as instructed. “it’s a collar, baby.” he finally stated. strapping the collar around my neck, i inhaled sharply- feeling like i couldn’t breathe for a moment. hearing the chain click together, jungwoo smirked. “perfect fit.” i rested my fingers against the thick velvet band. “you know what this means right?” he said sliding my dress up my thighs a little bit. i shook my head and wrapped my arms around his neck. “i’m marking my territory. you’re mine.” he said in a low tone. as he traced the outline of my panties, i blushed- looking down into his lap. “aw, is my princess getting excited?” he chuckled. i couldn’t answered- just gave a little nod. jungwoo kissed my temple then moved his lips to my ear. “don’t be embarrassed, my love.” he gently bit down on my earlobe and my breathing hitched. “my initial looks so pretty around your neck.” he admitted. i moved back a little, meeting his eyes. “can you teach me more about the world of domination?” i asked angelically. he was slowly introducing me to the different things he liked in the bedroom. jungwoo licked his lips then smiled. slipping his finger underneath the elastic band to my panties, he pulled back a little- snapping it against my skin. “if you continue to be a good girl, i’ll show you everything you need to know- tonight.”

    8. ♌︎ m a r k

    [r o l e p l a y kink:] act out or perform the part of a person or character.


    i took one last look at myself in the mirror before praying that this would work. mark had been upset with me for not being able to fly out to his home town for the last stop of the tour. but that was only a lie. i was already here, freaking out in his hotel room. he’d have to forgive me after seeing me in this outfit. placing my hands on my stomach, i tried to calm myself down. looking over at the clock that sat on the mini table, i squinted. 11:40pm. my phone binged. right on time. johnny texted me, letting me know that they were on their way up- giving me a heads up that mark was still upset. “baby.” i mouthed and giggled a little. setting my phone back down, i took my position in the lounge chair that sat in the corner- crossing my legs. the white latex of my costume cut into my thigh as i patiently waited. finally,i heard the beep of the door, signaling that the room key had opened the door. mark walked in with his head down, visibly exhausted. my poor baby. “what the-“ he jumped back a little, smiling as he seen my face. “surprise.” i said standing up and throwing my hands in the air. he forced the door closed as i walked towards him in my heels. hands behind my back, i laced my fingers together. “you look a little sick-“ i said getting into character. pushing back his hair, he examined my body in the nurse costume. “let’s get you in to see the doctor.” taking his hand, i lead him over to the mattress, slightly pushing him back. as he sat on the edge of the bed, he chuckled- licking his lips. “is this your apology for lying?” mark voiced as he looked me up and down. straddling his waist, i wrapped my arms around his neck. “i’m not sure what you’re talking about, sir.” i played on. “you’re delirious. your condition is worse than i thought.” i giggled. pushing him onto the mattress, his hands fell at my hips, slightly squeezing. “i guess i really do need your help then.” mark said joining in. he playfully slapped my ass, pulling me down to meet his lips. “i need your help, nurse.” he whispered against my lips. “i have the perfect remedy for you.” i replied as i forced my lips onto his. mark immediately kissed back, trying to pull me closer to his body. slipping his tongue in my mouth, he trailed his hands up to my breast- ripping open the costume and busting the silver buttons off. i squealed into the kiss and he smiled before pulling back. “do you forgive me?” i voiced, breaking character for a moment, slightly breathing heavy. mark smirked, suddenly rolling us over and pinning my hands back against the sheets. “i think i’ll be the one asking you that, once i’m finished with you.” he growled.

    9. ♊︎ h a e c h a n

    [r o p e w o r k:] a sexual obsession with rope, especially in the context of bondage in BDSM


    i clapped as i watched dream finish their performance. i eyed the side of haechan as he stood in his pose for a moment. the crowd roared as the boys took their bow and made their way off the stage. high-fiving the members as the trickled backstage, i waited for haechan to make his way to me. he smiled brightly and immediately embraced me. “you did so good babe. i’m proud of you.” i said squeezing him. haechan buried his face in my neck, softly kissing my skin. “thank you, sweetheart.” he mumbled. feeling the sweat transfer to my body, i laughed and pulled back a little. “you’re so sweaty.” wiping the sweat away with my palms, i pushed back his hair and kissed his forehead. he smirked and took my hands, pulling me through the small hallway that lead to the dressing rooms. “where are we going?” i laughed. he shushed me, pushing me into one of the free rooms. closing the door behind him, he made sure it was locked before flipping the switch on. as my eyes adjusted, i watched as he took off his suit jacket and began to unbutton his shirt, taking the hint. i smiled and removed my top, throwing it off to the side. haechan quickly tossed me back onto the small couch and chuckled. “we only have fifteen minutes.” he groaned. “dont fucking act up, understand?” haechan ran his thumb across my bottom lip before softly kissing me. i nodded, with all intentions on behaving. ripping his tie from his collar, he took both my wrists- clasping my hands together and tying them up tightly. “just in case you decide you wanna disobey me.” swiftly ripping my bra straps from my shoulders, he exposed my breasts- attaching his teeth to my nipple. i moaned in pleasure, watching him with intense eyes. his lips trailed down to my stomach as he planted small kisses against my skin. “keep it down, baby.” he mumbled with a smile. i complied and nodded. “that’s my good girl.” his voice melted my insides. slightly lifting himself up, he unbuckled his pants- keeping his eyes locked on me. “no cumming allowed, until i instruct you to do so.”

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  • yourenotmystyle
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Doyoung: So, when did this happen?

    Jaemin: I was thinking of dying my hair red.



    Jeno: Babe, that doesn’t answer the question.

    Jaemin: That’s the information I have.

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    𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐮𝐛𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐞: 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐥𝐞𝐞 ♘ - 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐱

    𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: while he admits to the occasional moment of stupidity, mark lee was no idiot. and like a rational, non-idiotic person, he knew to expand his following, he needed to expand his content. but accompanying his content expansion? meeting you. and man, his stupid moments were apparently due for an expansion, too.

    𝐚/𝐧: def tried to make chenle and felix sound like they were doing a drug deal. did you get that vibe? hope u like, lemme know whatcha think!

    𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @raethethey @jipuroshi @nct00baby @sulfurcosmos @daydreamiies @jeongyeonsluvbot @jungmoverse @bls-luv-me @sunshine-skz @luvemme {wanna be added? drop a comment or ask!}

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