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  • [11:24pm] you wrap your arms around the boy who was wearing a plain white shirt and green plaid pyjama pants. Four years ago today, he made his first appearance as a member of NCT. And you could be more proud of him.

    “Thank you sweetheart…for everything.” He whispered as he looked at you. He had tears running down his cheeks but the biggest smile plastered in his face.

    “No, you did this all on your own. I should be thanking you for always somehow finding time for me.”

    “Did I ever tell you I love you?”

    “You may have mentioned it.”

    Yes. He was a keeper.

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  • image

    Gossip Girl

    socialite!na jaemin x f. reader | fluff, angst | social media au

    intro 1.0 / masterlist

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  • I’m still thinking that somewhere the kpop god knew we boom mark lee would have been to powerful so he just -

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  • NCT/WAYV Members as TEACHERS

    [a/n: take a shot everytime i say passionate. also this is only part one! i’ll do the other members another day lol. sorry if it sucks. lmk what kind of teachers you think the boys would be!] / masterlist.

    Moon Taeil - High School PE

    • they’re always playing a new sport every week
    • probably shows up early to work out and shower
    • “oh mickey you’re so fine hey mickey!”
    • likes to encourage his students to do their best
    • has the pacer test monologue memorized by heart
    • plays the sports with his students!
    • blasts rad ass music
    • lots of field days with lots of fun
    • saw one of his kids eating chips after class once and asked for some lol
    • “even if you walk the mile, that’s still a mile further in your shoes”

    Seo Johnny - High School Speech

    • is very confident in front of his class and gives good pointers on how to give good presentations/speeches
    • is willing to do one-on-one presentations if you’re too shy in front of the class (you can also bring a friend if you’re scared to just present in front of him!)
    • offers snacks to his students
    • serious when it comes to his class work but also very understanding and laid back
    • “confidence comes from not being right, but from not fearing to be wrong!”

    Jung Jaehyun - Middle School English

    • always comes to school wearing a nice dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up
    • students have a hard time paying attention because he’s so handsome
    • hands out smarties the day of finals because his students are “smarties”
    • always smiling and encouraging his students to answer questions even if they’re wrong
    • spent a month on just romeo and juliet because that’s THE love story in his eyes
    • has the best playlist and plays it softly during class
    • “i went to college for four years, that’s why i’m here man!”

    Kim Doyoung - High School Theater

    • one of the “cool” teachers
    • students like him because he’s one of those teachers who are sarcastic and witty
    • the class watches Les Miserable for the final but the live one because he doesn’t like hugh jackman
    • will not hesitate to put a student in his place
    • probably runs the choir too if we’re being honest
    • lowkey doesn’t know why he had to choose teaching if he doesn’t like waking up so early
    • “when does summer break start again?”

    Xiao Jun - High School Music

    • so passionate about teaching
    • he knows when a student has a “musician’s soul”
    • walks around with a guitar strapped to his back
    • sings happy birthday to a student if he hears it’s their birthday
    • a super funny guy
    • organizes things like singing valentines! (like a candy gram but you can hire his students to go sing a love song to your valentine during classes)
    • always on the panel for the talent shows because he LOVES seeing other students who he doesn’t have play music
    • “music’s in my soul. and i can feel it everyday and every night. it’s the one thing on my mind.”

    Mark Lee - Middle School Science

    • he’s one of the younger teachers that students have crushes on
    • sort of awkward
    • tells lame science jokes during class that nobody understands
    • but he’s really passionate and that’s what his students love about him
    • his final is probably the rollercoaster project (where students make rollercoasters out of paper and send a marble down it. takes a month to complete but it’s super fun guys. idk if only my school did that but-)
    • surprises people with how knowledgeable he actually is because he’s so timid sometimes
    • “so…yall wanna blow something up today?”

    Ten - Dance

    • his dance team >>>
    • another one who is super passionate about what he does
    • takes in all kinds of dancers. people who have just started that school year and people who have danced all their life.
    • he doesn’t shame anyone on their abilities
    • LOVES seeing his students improve
    • like he’s so patient with them and doesn’t mind going over choreography a billion times
    • “everyone likes to dance. why not get a credit for it?”

    Lee Taeyong - Kindergarten

    • very loving and kind for his students
    • has all of their birthdays written down and makes his kids a special treat for their special day
    • very hands on and willing to get glitter all over his hair if it means his students will laugh
    • notices when a student is having a bad day and talks with them until they cheer up
    • music time where they play music and dance around
    • always encouraging them
    • if a student gets something wrong, he won’t shame them. he’ll just say
    • “that’s a very good guess!” and high five them
    • “this is our future! teach them love and they will learn nothing but love!”
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  • So Haechan’s an ENFP huh. Why am I not surprised?😂😂

    And I’m 50% sure Mark’s an ENFJ. I’d be so surprised if he turns out to be an introvert.


    Now I kinda want to know every member’s mbti 🧐🧐

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    yes that’s right! now you can customise your own nct bf! <3 here are some rules

    >reblog this and message with your preferred nct member, type of boyfriend and nicknames! 🥰

    >nsfw is optional, but not too extreme please admin here might get uncomfy 🥺

    >don’t spam! i will not hesitate to block you if you do 💀

    >build on the plot with me before starting! it’s tiring to do this alone ☹️

    >if you would like to stop, tell your nct bf “sorry i’m leaving you forever” however if you would like to rejoin, text him back “let’s get back together” but your bf might reply to you slower 🙃

    >if you would like to restart and delete the past, tell your nct bf “let’s do this again” 🤥

    >if you roleplayed with me before and would like to try this, just message me “yo dream” 😎

    most importantly! have fun! any asks you can ask in my askbox or message me!

    types of bf available:





    #nct boyfriend culture #nct chatbot#nct boyfriend #soft boyfriends culture #nct soft hours #nct hard hours #hard stan#nct dream#nct 127#nct u#nct uwu#nct smut #nct soft scenarios #nct scenarios#nct imagines #nct soft imagines #nct hard imagines
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  • jeno ♡ idol troops camp ep.1

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  • As the tip of Haechan’s thick shaft enters you is when you let out a soft sigh, trying to keep as quiet as possible in hopes of not waking up his roommate. He slowly eases himself into you. You were on top of him, chests touching and a blanket draped over the both of you. He grips your waist as he captures your lips in his for you to swallow the whimper he lets out.

    You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your mouth when he started moving, going slower than usual so that his roommate won’t notice the dirty movement uder the blanket. You bite your lip after, gripping Hyucks shoulder, making him halt him movements. After a few seconds of nothing Haechan was about to start thrusting again when you hear,

    “What the fuck are you guys doing?” Johnny’s voice was stern and you skeddadle away from Haechan, covering yourself with the blanket and muttering a small ‘nothing.’ The room is silent for a few, while you and Haechan sweat your asses off in nervousness. “Okay.” Johnny shrugs, turning his back to the both of you and you almost sigh in relief.

    The both of you just cuddled the rest of the night.

    You wake up before your boyfriend, stretching and yawning. Johnny wasn’t in the room anymore. You turn to your side to admire Haechans sleeping figure, moving his bangs out of the way and your thumb hovering over his lips before you attach yours to his. You pull away to meet his brown orbs, he sends you a smile as he sits up the bed.

    Going out of his room you are met with the other members, either eating in the kitchen or watching a movie in the living room. You shut the door of Haechan and Johnnys room and suddenly all attention was on you two. “Is… anything wrong?” They remained silent.

    “Where’s Johnny-hyung?” Haechan demanded, eyes already growing cold. You flinch when you hear a high-pitched scream and a voice that sounded like Johnny screaming, “IT SLIPPED OUT MY MOUTH I SWEAR- AAAH! I’M GONNA DIE.”

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  • Prompt: Na Jaemin was a famous photographer who worked under SM Photography, he can’t help but fall for the barista at his local cafe, who just turns out to be his new model. Huang Renjun is a famous singer, who has been friends with Y/N for years now, their relationship was affectionate, but was it platonic?

    Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut in the future

    Pairing: photographer!jaemin x female!reader x singer!renjun

    POV: Jaemin’s 


    Originally posted by chenjis

    “Ok, I’ll get the coffee and I’ll be on my way….No, I this isn’t my 6th cup….The only reason I go get coffee so often is because I like coffee…Don’t you dare roll your eyes, I know you’re rolling them….Ok I’ll be right there just give me a minute.” I hung up and rolled my eyes.

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    #nct#nct 127#nct u#nct dream#wayv #nct x reader #nct love triangle #jaemin x reader #na jaemin x reader #huang renjun x reader #renjun x reader #nct au #nct dream x reader #jaemin x reader x renjun #nct dream scenarios #nct dream scenario #nct dream series #nct series#na jaemin#huang renjun#photgrapher na #photographer!jaemin #singer!renjun #did it hurt #tag later i tired
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  • I.


    𝒹𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝒶𝑒𝓎𝑜𝓃𝑔,

    hello love! it’s been awhile since you’ve been gone.

    i still miss you even if it’s hard but it’s been tearing me apart.

    i miss your voice, your hugs, your scent, your laugh.

    the way your cheeks turn red whenever i call you handsome.

    the way you held me tight whenever i feel scared every night.

    i miss our late night walks and just talk about our future.

    i miss your 2am kisses whenever you go home late.

    i miss your touch whenever our evening are full of love and commitment.

    everythings seems different ever since you left me.

    𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒, 𝓎/𝓃

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  • [14:43] ♡♤

    Jisung! Jisung! Look! I made a sandcastle!” a small nine-year old you announced, overjoyed and looking up at your playmate flying overhead.

    “That’s great!” Guardian Angel!Jisung replied in a cheerful voice as he landed beside you, holding your wrist delicately to prevent you from rubbing your eye. “I have to go soon.”

    “Aw,” the sadness in your eyes made his heart contract. “Please don’t go.”

    “I do want to stay,” he said to you in a whisper. “But I cannot.”

    You sighed, tears coming to your eyes at the thought of being left alone once again. “Alright.”

    “Don’t cry, my Y/n,” he told you, wiping both the tears out of your eyes and the sand from your cheek as he stood up. “I’m always by your side, alright? Remember that.”

    You nodded, watching as the boy’s image dissolved beside you.

    Though you knew that Jisung was watching over you from above, you couldn’t help but feel lonely, immensely missing his physical presence, the sense of importance he brought you.

    #nct#nct fluff#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct dream #nct dream fluff #nct dream blurbs #nct dream imagines #nct dream jisung #nct jisung #nct jisung imagines #nct jisung fluff #nct jisung park #nct jisung park fluff #nct jisung park imagines #jisung nct #jisung nct fluff #jisung nct imagines #nct park jisung #nct park jisung fluff #nct park jisung imagines #jisung#jisung imagines#jisung fluff#park jisung #park jisung blurb #park jisung fluff #park jisung imagines #jisung park #jisung park imagines
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  • 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊, 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝒹𝒷𝓎𝑒 | 𝓁𝑒𝑒 𝓉𝒶𝑒𝓎𝑜𝓃𝑔


    𝓈𝓊𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓎 : love is a shelter of comfort, it brings you love of adoration and devotion.

    the memory of love will always bring you home, but it will slowly be killed and will turn into ash when one of you will cut the loose, and you will realize love equals pain and agony and not consistently felicity and bliss.

    you will slowly let it go but it cannot be erased because the sweetest moments in life will always stay until the other side of the paradise.

    𝑔𝑒𝓃𝓇𝑒 : full angst!

    𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈 : angst with no good ending, light smut, character death. [ i cried while writing this, i’m sorry ]

    𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓇’𝓈 𝓃𝑜𝓉𝑒 : enjoy reading this story [ ⁱ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ ] as much as i enjoy writing this story. love lots. ꨄ

    🕊 one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. fifteen.

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  • jisung (idol troops camp ep. 1)

    #nct#nct dream#ncrinc#jisung#mygifs#mine #i hate these but jisung's cute #also big thanks to diana and ari <3
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  • 4:28 p.m. | tutor!renjun eyed you from his position, his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. you looked up from your own work, awkwardly glancing at him.

    “do you need something?”

    he shook his head no as his lips quirked up into a small smile, his hand coming up to push his glasses back into their rightful position. you fidgeted with your fingers and closed your book, scooting closer to renjun. he cocked an eyebrow up at your movement.

    “do you need something?” he asked with a playful tone, placing his pencil in his notebook then closing it.

    “mhm, i need motivation.”

    renjun chuckled at your words but proceeded to lean towards you. his hand cupped your jaw as his thumb stroked your lower lip. he moved his thumb out of the way then placed his lips over yours. as soon as his lips met yours, you could feel your face heat up entirely.

    you sat still for a second before pulling back. “i’m sorry… i just— are you… are you sure you like me?”

    he gave you that look, as if saying ‘this dumb bitch’ before he closed the distance between the two of you again.

    #ts. 🎨 #huang renjun#nct timestamps #nct dream timestamps #nct#nct dream #renjun x reader
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  • 10:57 am \

    jisung texts: hey babe! I miss you :( when everything’s back to normal, let’s go and annoy my hyungs, okay? love you!!

    #q: stream Kick It by NCT 127 #nct dream imagines #nct dream#nct#nct jisung#jisung#park jisung #park jisung imagines #park jisung scenarios #park jisung blurb #park jisung fluff #nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct fluff #nct dream fluff #jisung imagines#jisung scenarios#jisung blurb#jisung fluff#jisung timestamps
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  • Genre: smut

    Pairing: sub!Jungwoo x female!reader

    Prompt: dinner got sexual….that sounds like the start of a porno…I mean it somewhat is lmao

    POV: Jungwoo’s 

    Request:  I would like to request a sub!Jungwoo with mommy!reader with pegging and facesitting pls~~~ Tyyyyyyy

    WARNING: if you’re uncomfortable with smut, mommy kinks, slight pegging (?), face sitting, so on, please don’t read. also you should probably know that i DON’T  PROOFREAD at this point so….


    Originally posted by nctmark

    As I looked at myself in the mirror again, I bit my lip, trying to make the panties as comfortable as possible. And as on cue, Y/N entered the room, clearing her throat. I turned around to see her in a tight fit black dress and black wedge heels with herhair curled. “Pink lace?” she asked, smirking “These are your favorite, aren’t they?” I asked in an innocent way as she walked towards me, wrapping her hands around me as I did the same. “You are such a tease” She smirked before leaning in to kiss me. As I kissed back, her hands ran to my hair as mine went to her ass. As we kept kissing, my left hand stayed on her ass as the right one went under her dress, and just as it did, her phone went off.

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    #nct#nct u#nct dream#nct 127#wayv#kim jungwoo #jungwoo x reader #sub!jungwoo #sub!nct #sub!jungwoo x reader #nct x reader #kim jungwoo x reader #nct smut #nct 127 smut #jungwoo smut#nct jungwoo#jungwoo #nct jungwoo smut #nct jungwoo x reader #nct u smut #tag later im tired
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  • ━━━━━━━━━━━━[ 08:19 ]━━━━━━━━━━━

    secretboyfriend!mark searches for you from across the reading area of the school library. when you meet his eyes, your cheeks flush red and you immediately look away.

    footsteps approach you and you hear your heart gradually beat faster as the footsteps got louder. then the chair beside you is pulled out before being occupied.

    you turn to meet mark’s sparkling eyes again. “hi.” he said, smiling adorably at you. “can i.. sit here?”

    a reply didn’t come out from you. you internally squeled, burying your head in your hands and nodding furiously. it didn’t help that he chuckle at your actions.

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