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    17.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    slamming lockers, heavy backpacks, and secretly passing crude drawings to your friends during class. the smell of the pages of your ages old textbooks with each turn, and the wooden chairs scraping the tiled floors fill your ears. remember when adults say that you’ll miss these years? you’re not sure you will. 

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    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    In another life I'd make you stay

    Yuta x reader

    Genre: angst

    your hand involuntarily went up to your forehead as a response to the tiny pain that was felt in your head. massaging the ached area, you inhaled a big amount of air inside you. you were sat at the corner of a majestic couch while the others indulged more into the party. if not for your best friend, you would have ditched this party perhaps binge watching your favorite kdrama right now. but where is she? squinting your eyes you scanned the hall. but no sign of Hyo. 

    "probably banging some random ass stranger" you regretted agreeing to come to this party. a sigh left your lips as you shrunk deep into the warm cushions. you didn't notice someone pass your figure and seated himself on a spot near you.

    "heyyy! didn't know you'd be here!" you know this voice. very well. your eyes shot open and head bent to face him. the owner of the voice was named Nakamoto Yuta. to you, all boys meant nothing except this one boy. you were a baddie until he crossed your way. if given a chance you'd send all your love letters to his address. why? because he was that gorgeous. not the regular kind of 'gorgeous' but a special one. it seemed like all the light in the room radiated out from him, he shined the brightest. the japanese was your sole center of attraction.

    "are you drunk?" the confused boy snapped you out of the dwam. yes, on him. 

    "no. what? I'm just distracted" it was quite a struggle to sit up straight keeping your previous condition in mind but you were definitely not drunk.  not yet. "the loud music is killing me" you grinned to which he nodded in agreement.

    "I agree, even though I just came. this is boring" he casually crossed his legs

    "yeah.." the headache and surrounding music, directly proportional to each other. both increased. 

    "are you okay? wanna go home? I can drop you off" one more good quality, he was always kind to you.

    head now hurting terribly you tried to speak "no I can't leave. I still have to find Hyo" to which he mumbled a small "oh.." 

    you scratched your head a little then proceeded "but I think I need some fresh air, it's really stuffy here" before you could look up he was already on his feet, ready to leave. "let's get outta here" you smiled at his remark instantly.

    Johnny's house was a maze. you already knew it but you couldn't realize it until now. it's been ten minutes and you were nowhere close to the exit door. yuta has been taking lead all along and it felt safe in his presence.

    you were out. the backyard was calmer than the inside. as you walked around you could see some people -mainly couples.

    "ugh couples" he clicked his tongue. "at least we're out of that chaos, it's much more pleasant here. we can ignore 'couples' " you touched his shoulder softly. slightly taken aback he gazed at your hands as it touched the fabric of his shirt. there was a sudden tenderness on his expressions

    "d did you mock me just now?" you felt a friendly slap on your shoulder

    "You don't like couples, so I just emphasized. don't think so much" you made a hand gesture which made the boy burst into laughter. oh lord that was the purest shit you ever knew, him laughing with heart's content never failed to give you the most cherished euphoria. your eyes told everything. you loved him.

    "what are you staring at?" his exotic eyes were observing your eyes observing his beautiful profile. you see everything on my outside, when will you see whats inside?

    "nothing." you shrugged and looked away "it's getting late I should probably go home, tomorrow there's early class. I'll have to drop Hyo too" you insisted and he hummed. you even denied his request to drive you home. "I'll call you when I reach" reassuring him was necessary as he wasn't letting you go alone

    the clock ticked exactly midnight when you reached home. thanks to the spare keys, you could get in. you tiptoed to your bedroom because you didn't want to wake anyone up. throwing away your purse to the end of the room, you jumped onto bed and in no time you were sleeping like dead.

    2:17 am




    oh. OH







    the phone screen lightened up when he picked it up to keep it inside his bag. and a message from Hyo was the first thing that his eyes caught.



    "then you have lost it. clear." and here it was.

    it was still unbelievable that you, YOU lost your phone. you were near university gate and you were still thinking about the lost belonging. where could it have dropped? lost in your own world you bumped into students left and right. but you didn't mind anything. busy blaming yourself for being so damn careless, you showered yourself with slaps.

    "sorr-" and it was yuta again, his hand held something


    "you dropped it at party yesterday" he informed and you hummed "I couldn't return you there cuz you are probably speed personified" Both of you chuckled

    "Thank you so much! I really shitted my pants when I couldn't find it" you took the phone to your chest and sighed in relief. he smiled warmly and made way for you.

    you had a really hectic day. you couldn’t even check your phone after finding it. taking a sip of your favorite iced americano, you took your phone out. just at that moment a text popped up on the screen. the content of the message were a few  sentences but it was enough to make you readjust your glasses as you couldn’t believe what lay in front of you. the text was from Yuta 


    I know you like me. I saw Hyo’s message on your phone yesterday, I didn’t mean to but I did. Sorry for that. I was as surprised as you are getting my text like this now. regarding you liking me, if you can please stop liking me. please try to move on from me. don’t waste your time behind me, it isn’t worth it. forget me. please.


    But why? he never gave a reason. you got up from your seat and hurried out of the canteen. you searched the whole campus. everyone was there, except him. the one who you wanted to see madly was out of your sight. you felt restless and your feet felt weak from all the running, soon making you collapse on the ground. finally tears took place of the worried thoughts and you found yourself surrounded by people, all alone. 

    you were not the only one who felt this way. there was another person who was experiencing the same pain. Yuta did not want to push you away from him like this. but situations compelled him. he had the same feelings for you. he wanted to be with you, more than you wanted. if not forever, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, the last one month of his lifespan he wanted to dedicate to you. his eyes defined pain. a cough aroused and he saw blood on his inner palm. he smiled.  please don’t misunderstand me. my days in this world are coming to an end. even though I stop breathing but my love for you will never die. I’ll always love you and only you

    one thing was there that he was relieved about. that is spending his desired time with you last night and seeing your precious smile. it was all that he ever wanted in life, the night of the party which was the only proof of your love story, a story of love that ended even before blooming. 

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  • nakamotonudes
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Obsession (three)

    Jung Jaehyun x Reader (+ Johnny Suh)
    “Jaehyun has a secret obsession. You.”
    genre/warning; MATURE. smut. suggestive. crack. angst. stepbrother!jaehyun. dom!jaehyun. possessive!jaehyun 😈. JAEHYUN MIGHT HAVE A CORRUPTION KINK. badboy!johnny. innocent/fem!reader. weak af reader, for sure lol. 6.6k words.
    note; i’m still very rusty at smut writing so please bear with me. i had to literally cut the smut scene cause I had no idea what I was writing lmao... also not proof read! 💕

    After quickly straightening the ends of your skirt, you follow your step brother back towards the front lawn but was immediately met with a worried looking Johnny, his eyes obviously scanning around for you.


    “Are you alright? You disappeared for so long,” his eyes flicker between you and your step brother questioningly, his hand reaching out to grab at your shoulders but was immediately stopped by Jaehyun.

    “Of- of course- I was just-”

    “She’s fine,” Jaehyun says nonchalantly, his hand harshly pushing away the older male’s arm. “You don’t need to worry about her.”

    You could see the way Johnny’s gaze darkens once they fall upon Jaehyun’s pair, the obvious but unspoken tension between the two made you feel ten times more uncomfortable than you already were. It‘s silent for a brief moment, the two boys continuing their stare down as you look down at the ground.

    There’s definitely some history between them.

    “Do you want me to take you home?” Johnny finally speaks up, his eyes going back to you worryingly, “You don’t look very well-”

    “I already said you don’t need to worry,” Jaehyun interrupts the taller boy once again, this time his tone seemingly more annoyed than before and for a moment there you felt as if he was really going to throw a punch.

    “Yeah I’m fine!” you chuckle awkwardly in an attempt to calm the tension between the two, “Johnny you go in first. I’ll be right behind you.”

    Although the older boy’s face told you that he was a bit sceptical, he thankfully listens to you and left you alone with your step brother. Not many words are exchanged in the next few minutes, with you obediently standing beside Jaehyun as he called you an Uber that arrived in a matter of seconds.

    Opening the car door for you to get in, Jaehyun leans down slightly so he could look at you, his sharp eyes boring into your face, “Be good and wait for me at home. I won’t be long.”

    Once you were home, you stumble up the stairs and straight into the shower. The entire Uber ride was spent in a drunken daze, your legs pressed together whenever Jaehyun’s face popped into your mind. Images of him trailing his fingers down your body and into your skirt, touching you so intimately had your core dripping into your drenched panties again and for the first time in your life, you wanted to be touched.

    Jaehyun’s words “wait for me” stayed in your mind for the rest of the night and as much as you wanted to do that, you were just too tired. And crawling into your bed proved to be the wrong option because you fell asleep almost immediately.

    In your half asleep state, you hear the bedroom door creak open, followed by soft footsteps entering the room. At first you thought maybe it could’ve been your mind playing tricks on you until you felt a dip at the end of the bed, a familiar scent of cologne immediately filling the air around you. The one you’ve become so addicted to in the past few weeks, the one that would give you butterflies without even seeing the owner.

    Your tired mind had barely registered the situation before you felt a body hovering over you, a pair of familiar soft lips hastily pressing onto your exposed neck teasingly and rough hands grabbing onto your waist. His breath felt warm on your skin, a stark contrast from the coldness of his finger tips that made their way underneath your sleeping gown.

    “Jae? What are you doing?”

    “Were you waiting for me, princess?” his husky voice made you nervous, the cute nickname instantly had your panties damp. It was definitely different from when Jungwoo called you the same thing.

    You just wanted to hear it fall from Jaehyun’s lips over and over.


    “Fuck. It drives me insane when you say my name like that. So soft and innocent.”

    His hands were quick to rid of your silky night gown, hastily pulling it up your body and over your head, leaving you in just your panties. Your arms naturally cross over your now fully exposed chest in a weak attempt in covering them away from Jaehyun’s gawking eyes. The way he’s looking at your body has your cheeks instantly flushing a darker shade, the way his tongue would hungrily swipe at his bottom lip made your insides twitch. Your arms naturally embrace his neck to hold him down closer to you as your legs spread themselves more for his body, allowing him to get himself comfortable on top of you.

    You have no idea when he had rid of both his pants and boxers but the sudden feeling of his hard on against your inner thigh had you fully awake. His hands were quick to rid of your panties, sliding them down your legs and throwing them somewhere on the ground. A cold sensation immediately hits your aching core, sending a shiver down your spine at such a new feeling.

    “Jae... it’s- it’s my first...”

    You could hear him chuckling into your skin at the embarrassing admission and you internally slap yourself because as if he didn’t know already. Just look at the way your body reacts to everything he does. A complete mess.

    “You don’t know what you do to me princess.”

    You gasp again when you suddenly felt his erection against your clit for the first time, the feeling so weird that your entire body is practically shaking but you want more. Your fingers gently thread through his hair as he kisses his way down your chin and towards your neck, the one place you never knew you were so sensitive about until his lips were on it.

    The moment he leans down to kiss your left shoulder, his hips also thrusts forward, filling you up completely. Your back naturally arches upwards from the sensation and your eyes instantly shut themselves at the sudden uncomfortable feeling of being so stretched around him. Although this was your first time, you knew for a fact that Jaehyun was big, much bigger than you had expected.

    “Fuck you take me so well princess.”

    Tears fall from the corners of your eyes as he finally snaps his hips, drilling his entire length into you so deeply every time. Moans are pouring from your lips, your nails now digging into his shoulders as his pace quickens without any warning, immediately hitting a specific spot that had you feeling like you were on cloud nine. You’ve never felt this way before in your entire life, the way it felt so good to have him pounding into you at such a fast pace that you’re so sure you’re just about to pass out.

    “You’re such a good girl,” he praises you, his voice so soft that you almost melt right into his hold. His lips are now on your face, lightly kissing at your tear stained cheeks as he gazes into your eyes.

    It’s not long before you feel a familiar knot in the pit of your stomach, similar to the one you experienced before at Taeyong’s party and you knew you were about to finish.

    “Jae- I feel like I’m going to-”

    A mixture of profanities and his name spills from your lips as white washes over you, your body becoming completely undone beneath him. You could feel your walls desperately clenching around him, his sudden grunt a clear indication that he rather liked the move. You could tell he was also close, his thrusts more erratic and desperate, his grip on your body so harsh that you’re sure there’ll be bruises by tomorrow.


    Quick breaths and low grunts fill the room as he finishes inside of you, his hot cum filling you to your brim, a feeling so weird yet so sensual that you definitely don’t mind having again. Your fingers unknowingly cling onto his shoulders as you come down from your high, your chest heaving so hastily that you think your heart might just jump out at any moment.

    You could see him staring at you through your blurry eyes, his intense stare had you melting further into the sheets. At this point you’re past the point of exhaustion, the only thing running through your mind was sleep. Before passing out completely, you felt him plop down beside you, his arm swinging over to hug your waist to bring you close to him.

    Apart of you was half expecting Jaehyun to be beside you when you woke up the next morning, with arms wrapped around your body like they were last night. What you got instead was a cold, empty space beside you and then the view of a topless Jung Jaehyun leaning against the countertop in the kitchen when you came down.

    You could feel your heart thrashing so hard against your chest to the mere view of him, the nervousness of being so close to him again made you feel sick. You just couldn’t believe that your first intimate experience was with none other than your step brother.

    “Morn- morning Jae.”

    He barely acknowledges your presence as you enter the kitchen, his eyes fixated on his phone screen while his mouth munched away at a piece of toast. Though you had initially promised yourself that you wouldn’t expect much of a reaction from him, deep down you had secretly held onto the tiniest bit of hope that he would. Especially after last night.

    As you rummage through the fridge for some juice, hands suddenly grab at your sides from behind, roughly spinning you around, forcing you to face him. You had no time to question him because in the next moment, he’s lifting you up by the waist. Your hands cling onto his shoulders as he easily places you onto the kitchen countertop, his body quickly finding a comfortable spot in between your bare dangling legs.

    Your eyes dart around nervously, not sure where to look with his face and bare torso so up and close to you. Naturally, you gaze over the extensive collection of such beautiful tattoos that decorated his body and gulp at the sight. You were never one to care too much about tattoos but they looked so heavenly on Jaehyun, like they belonged on him.

    “How can you look this innocent but be so willing to spread for me?”

    “Jaehyun put me down-”

    “Ah-ah I wasn’t done talking yet,” his hand moves to clutch the back of your neck, his fingers lightly digging into your skin but you don’t dare to make a peep. “Do you remember what I told you the day you moved in? That I was surprised dad let you live with me? Do you understand why now?”

    “No... why?”

    “This is why,” and his lips were suddenly on yours, kissing you with so much force that you almost fall backwards but his other hand was quick to wrap around your waist to pull you flush against him. You close your eyes and groan at the move, almost immediately feeling his hard on against your inner thigh. “I guess dad trusted you to be sensible enough to stay away from me but imagine if he knew how willing you were to spread for me just like all of his previous partners’ daughters.”

    You felt your throat go dry at his words, your heart unknowingly sinking to the pit of your chest now knowing that nothing that happened between you and him last night meant a thing. But what did you expect from someone like Jung Jaehyun? Someone that popular, that good looking and with a mouth so unbelievably smooth. Anyone would fall for his charms. Unfortunately, you included.

    “So last night-”

    “What about it?” he taunts back immediately, his hands playfully squeezing your waist, “Did I not make you feel good?”

    “That’s not what I meant. I mean us- us... we slept together...”

    “And?” his chuckles appeared so light heartedly but the look behind his eyes sent chills down your spine. He looked like the devil himself. “Do you think we are in some sort of relationship just because we fucked?”

    “... no- no of course not.”

    To your surprise your step brother suddenly leans in towards your cheeks, his lips hovering dangerously close. You immediately turn your head to the other side, afraid that he would see your teary eyes but his hand is quick to grab your chin so you would stay looking at him.

    “You’re such a good girl.”


    You don’t mean to peak but the curiosity in you had your eyes glancing down at his phone screen to see a new text message from an unsaved number, the words immediately peaking your interest.

    [From: Unknown Number]
    “Come over. My roommate is out. Miss you x”

    You watch as a smirk instantly appears onto his face as he also reads the message and before you knew it, he was out of the kitchen, leaving you on the counter top like some sort of used rag.

    *ding dong ding dong*

    The sudden sound of door bell interrupts your study session, your head perking up from your laptop to see if you could spot any cars outside your bedroom window. There’s a newly parked silver car in the driveway, one you’ve never seen before so you just assume it’s Jaehyun’s guest and go back to reading.

    *ding dong ding dong*

    Why isn’t he getting the door?

    *ding dong ding dong ding dong*

    Your brows knit together in annoyance, unsure why Jaehyun wasn’t answering the door because you remembered him being at home just half an hour before. Hearing the doorbell yet again, you decide to go answer it yourself, only to be met with a very beautiful girl on the other side of the front door. She was much taller than you, with long black hair hugging her small face, emphasising each and every one of her perfect features. She almost looked unreal.

    “Who the hell are you?” she spat almost immediately, her face turning unpleasant upon seeing you, “I fucking asked you a question!”

    “... And who are you?”

    “I’m Jaehyun’s girlfriend!” her voice was so loud that you’re sure one of your neighbours would’ve heard her but you had no idea what to do or how to calm her down. “Are you the bitch he’s been sleeping with?!”

    Technically yes.

    “What- no! He’s my broth-”

    Before you were able to reply, her eyes suddenly widened at the appearance of Jaehyun. Shoving her way right past you, she made her way over to the unamused man now standing a little behind you, immediately clinging onto his arm as you’re left to silently watch from the doorway.

    “Jae baby where have you been? You haven’t answered any of my calls,” she desperately pleads, her eyes hopeful yet teary at the same time. “I really missed you. When will we-”

    “I’m sorry who are you again?”

    You could see the blood drain from her face the moment those cold words left Jaehyun’s lips, her hands dropping to her sides in such a defeated way that even you begin to feel bad for the poor girl who had just yelled at you. You glance around awkwardly for a moment, wondering whether to just leave them alone or not but to do so... you’d have to pass them.


    “Jae babe- What do you mean?” her voice trails off to almost a whisper as tears began to spill from her eyes, “I’m Soojin. You came to my house several times? What do you mean you don’t know me?”

    “Yeah no. Sorry I don’t think I know you,” he simply shrugs at the sulking girl, his face so emotionless that it even scared you. His eyes then shift to you and you instantly feel your body stiffen up, unsure of his intentions. “Don’t let random people into our house. I didn’t think I’d have to teach you that at this age. Send her out, I’m going to take a shower.”

    Shaking the poor girl’s hands off of him, Jaehyun then leaves for the stairs as she continues to cry in the middle of your doorway. Without another word, she runs right past you and out, leaving you to finally close the door and go back to your own room.

    This was who Jung Jaehyun really was and you were just another one of his toys, one that he could have access to literally down the hallway of his own home.

    Due to your curiosity, you peek out of your bedroom window again to see that Soojin had indeed not left the driveway at all. In fact she was now in a crouched position on the pavement, balling her eyes out while screaming incoherent words; the only words you could pick out was Jung Jaehyun, over and over.

    You were too focused with the scene outside to realise that there was someone now leaning over you, their chest partially grazing against your back and their face almost touching the side of your own. When or how he had gotten into your room, you have no idea but his sudden appearance almost made an unwanted wet spot in your undies.

    “Oh my god Jaehyun! You scared me!” you yelp and spin around to face him, your chest heaving dramatically at the man behind you, “You know she’s still in the front yard, crying...”

    “That’s not my problem. She’ll leave when she’s tired, they all do.”

    “But... she said she knew you so why did you treat her like that?” you blurt out of the blue, your mind not registering your own words until it was too late.

    “That’s nothing you need to worry about,” his threatening tone has you backing up against your table but this only causes the older male to laugh menacingly at you, obviously amused at how you could be so frightened by his words alone. “You just need to stay out of my business. Understand?”

    And he was out of your room before you could even answer him.

    “Look who it is. Of course you’d be day dreaming.”

    Your eyes shift from whatever you were gazing at to the person now taking a seat beside you on the bench. You had just finished class not too long ago and was now waiting on one of the benches outside for your best friend to finish hers so you could get some lunch together.

    “Johnny!” you were surprised to see your giant classmate now beside you, his eyes watching you curiously. “About the other night- I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to ruin your night so I left early.”

    “I could’ve taken you home nerd, you got me worried when you left so suddenly and didn’t pick up my calls,” his hand gently pats at your head, making you unknowingly smile at the gentle action. “So you and Jae. He seems very protective over you.”

    “Yeah... because he’s my older brother.”


    Just something about the way he said the word ‘step’ has you glancing over at him questioningly. He sounded rather doubtful, like he didn’t really believe you but played it off to prevent an awkward moment. Hopefully you were just thinking too much.

    “Hey Johnny you’re here too!” Eunji’s high pitched voice echoed from somewhere in the distance and you both turn to see her jogging over with an over-excited-no-good grin. “What are you both doing tonight!”


    “Great! We’ll all go to that new club in town then!” she happily claps her hand before sending you a suggestive look, “Girls enter for free tonight!”

    “Uh... the club?” your words trail off, unsure if going to the clubs was something you wanted. Besides, nothing sounded better to you than a Friday night in with some take away and a movie on your laptop. Alone.

    “Oh come on. You always bum around at home!” she says and although you wanted to defend yourself, you knew she was right. “It’ll be so much fun! Trust me!”

    “Well you could go and hang out with me?” Johnny suddenly chimes in from the side, “Make up for ditching me at the party.”

    “Okay fine but if I’m not feeling it, I’m leaving and no one can stop me! Peer pressure sucks!”

    “Alright it’s set! We girls will go get ready and meet you at the club! See you at 10 Johnny!”

    “You never fail to surprise me nerd.”

    “What do you mean?” you say and take a sip from the pretty coloured cup in your hands, your eyes going down to your short, black dress that your best friend had practically forced you to wear. “Is my outfit that bad? It’s Eunji’s clothes, not mine.”

    “No, I think it looks really good on you. You might as well keep it.”

    Knowing that your cheeks must’ve turned a different shade from his compliment, you hastily look away from him and onto the dance floor to try and find your friend amongst the crowd. The moment you had arrived at the club earlier, Eunji had immediately ran off with some of our other classmates, coincidentally leaving you behind with Johnny who was more than happy to just chill by the less crowded bar.

    “What?” you blurt out with a soft chuckle, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the way he’s still blatantly staring at you from the side, “Why are you still staring at me? Something on my face?”

    “I’m not sure either but I just can’t stop looking at you.”

    “We- we-well stop!”

    “You blush really easily, did you know that?” he playfully pinches your cheeks, making you immediately wide eyed at the older male. “It’s actually really adorable, nerd.”

    “Ano- another drink please!” you nervously scream towards the bartender in an awkward attempt to get away from Johnny’s gaze but he’s already laughing at you, “Please! Anyone!”

    Before you knew it, an hour passed by and your friend was still enjoying herself on the dancefloor while you stayed busy at the bar with Johnny by your side, the two of you drunkenly pointing out and laughing at random things around the place. You were seated on the barstool the entire time with the handsome male standing against the counter, one of his arms comfortably on the back of your seat, thankfully making you feel a little safer in such a chaotic club.

    Occasionally your eyes would scan the dance floor to look out for your crazy best friend, only this time you’re met with a very familiar trio emerging from the hallway that connected to the entrance. For a moment there, you thought that you were hallucinating... until you spot a pair of dark eyes staring right back at you.

    No way. It can’t be him. Out of all the clubs and he came to this one?!

    “What’s wrong?” Johnny says from beside you as he leans down in an attempt to look at where you were staring into but you were quick to stop him, “What are you staring at nerd?”

    “Ah- no nothing at all! Actually I need to go to the bathroom real quick!”

    After reassuring the taller male that you’ll be okay and that you’d definitely return from the bathroom - unlike the last time at the party - you hurry away from Jaehyun’s gawking stares from across the club. You could only assume that he looked the way he did because you were with Johnny but he was also occupied with such a beautiful girl clinging onto his arms so why did it even matter what you were up to?

    Just as you exit the bathroom and turn into the empty hallway, a hand suddenly grips onto your wrist, dragging you into what must’ve been a closet for random equipment. Your heart is beating at a hundred miles per second, eyes frantically searching around the darkly lit room until the dim lights flicked on, revealing the face of the person who had grabbed you.

    “What the hell- Jaehyun?! What are you doing!”

    Your step brother simply chuckles at your frightened state and walks closer towards you, trapping you against himself and the shelf behind you.

    “Who are you trying to impress with this skimpy outfit?” he questions lowly, his fingers tugging at the thin material of your dress, “Do you want attention that badly?”

    “It’s my friend’s dress.”

    The slight twitch in his brows tells you that he’s not one bit happy about your words and you quickly look away from his intense gaze. A little whine slips your lips when his hand suddenly grips the back of your neck, his fingers gradually digging into your skin in such an uncomfortable way that you’re sure would leave marks. You attempt to move away from his hold but his other arm around your waist has you securely in place in front of him.

    “Jaehyun we should go... someone is going to find us in here-”

    “I already told you to stay away from him,” he interrupts you mid-sentence, his grip on your neck tightening with every word, “But now you’re even letting him touch you? Princess you’re really testing me.”

    “We’re just friends!”

    Your hands grip onto his leather jacket when he suddenly smashes his lips onto yours, kissing you with so much force that you almost fall back. Both of his hands easily lift you up onto the shelf, his body quickly slipping in between your opened legs, allowing you to feel his hard on against your inner thigh.

    You knew you should’ve stopped him, to tell him no, to push him off of you but you couldn’t. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, your body yearned for him; to have his hands touch you all over, to make you feel loved and wanted.

    You wanted Jung Jaehyun even if you knew it was wrong in every way possible.

    “Look at me,” Jaehyun's sudden demand has you immediately locking eyes with him, eager to please the man before you. “Look at me as I punish you for disobeying me.”

    You obediently nod your head like a dog to its owner, the simple word ‘shame’ completely thrown out of the window.

    “Use your mouth to answer me.”

    “I- I understand Jaehyun.”

    His fingers are gripping you so hard that your skin is turning red and his lips are kissing you rashly that you begin to taste blood but you don’t want him to stop. All you wanted was to have him work you until you’re screaming for a release like the other night in your bed.

    You impatiently watch him fidget around with his jeans before hearing them fall onto the ground around his ankles, leaving him in just his boxers that failed to hide away his obvious hard on. Everything happened way too quickly because before you were able to comprehend what was happening, Jaehyun had already gotten rid of your panties and was now aligning himself with your aching core. In a swift move, Jaehyun slams himself into you without warning and you throw your head back at the sudden feeling of being stretched around him.

    “No other man can touch you but me.”

    “Yes! Oh my go-” your lewd moans are so loud that you’re sure anyone who passes by could’ve easily heard you but you couldn’t care less. The only thing on your mind was how heavenly it felt to have Jaehyun so deep inside of you with every thrust.

    “Jae I can’t-”

    “You really drive me insane. You really do.”

    Jaehyun’s thrusts gradually get faster, each movement so rough that the shelf behind you is creaking. Your hands are grabbing onto his shoulders for dear life, afraid that you’d lose balance and fall but his grip on waist keeps you stable in place. His lips at the crook of your neck only drives you crazier, your eyes almost roll to the back of your head from the way he’s roughly marking your skin all over.

    It’s not long before you feel that familiar knot in the pit of your stomach and judging by the way he’s beginning to fasten his pace, you knew he was also close.


    As soon as his name passes your lips, you become undone, your eyes blurring from how intense your release was. The way your walls are clenching around him also pushes him over, bringing him to his end inside of you. He lays his head onto your shoulder, the two of you silently trying to regain your breaths in the dingy storeroom that you had totally forgotten about.

    Before you’re even to see straight, Jaehyun pulls out of you, leaving behind a trail of his hot cum on your inner thigh. The sudden emptiness has you groaning a little, your body just not ready to be left alone but Jaehyun’s cold eyes tell you that he doesn’t care at all.

    Helping you down from the shelf, your step brother begins to dress himself up before pulling your panties out of his pockets, handing it to you.

    “Tha- thank you.”

    You had barely slipped them on before Jaehyun suddenly opened the door but luckily no one was outside in the hallway so you were able to slip out as well.

    “... are you coming home tonight?”

    Smirking at your question, Jaehyun walks away from you and eventually disappears around the corner. Although you knew clearly of the situation between you and him, you couldn’t help but feel upset at how cold he was to you right after being so intimate a moment before.

    With your hands straightening out the ends of your dress, you also make your way back to the overcrowded club’s main floor and towards an impatiently waiting Johnny. You could see the way his expression immediately changes to relief the moment he spots you from afar, the boy quickly jogging over to you.

    “What took you so long nerd? I was going to go find you in a minute.”

    “There- there was a line,” you quickly mutter and lead him back to the bar, sweat beginning to form on the sides of your face.

    “Are you okay nerd? You look a little shaken up?”

    “I’m fine!” you try to conjure your most reassuring smile but the thought of having Jaehyun’s cum on the insides of your thigh in such a public place really clouded your mind. “I really am. You worry too much John.”

    “Okay if you say so. But I’m feeling kind of stuffy, want to go somewhere else?”

    Your eyes instantly pan over to where you knew Jaehyun was to see him occupied with a different beautiful girl, his arm around her waist and her hands grabbing onto his jacket. The scene had your stomach in a knot, an uneasy feeling immediately filling your chest at the thought of him doing what he did to you a moment ago, to that girl. You know it’s not something you should be feeling over your brother but you can’t fight against it.

    You could feel unwanted tears forming in the corner of your eyes at the reminder of how he fucked you in such a dingy storeroom, how he used you and left almost immediately like you didn’t even matter.

    Maybe it’s time for you to detach yourself from him. To put a stop to this.

    Although you knew exactly how Jaehyun would react if he caught you with Johnny yet again, you forced yourself to not care. If he could screw you in a dirty storage room one minute and make out with another girl the next then you could do as little as hang out with a friend.

    “Yeah okay John, lets get out of here.”

    Placing an arm over your shoulder protectively, Johnny kept you close to him as he led you through the crowd, his body shielding you away from any possible collision with anyone. Your eyes can’t help but wonder to the tall boy’s face, mesmerised by just how handsome he really was. Although you’ve hung out with him on multiple occasions, this was the first time you’ve actually taken the time to look at him properly.

    Saying he was handsome was quite the understatement.

    “Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

    Hearing his words knocks you right out of your drunken daze, your cheeks flushing at the thought of being caught staring red handed. Keeping your head low, you follow an amused Johnny out of the club and into his car that was thankfully not parked too far away.

    “Where are we going?”

    “I was thinking we could go for a drive then whatever,” he turns over to look at you, his brows playfully wriggling about, “I’m warning you though. Don’t fall in love with me while I’m driving because trust me, I look pretty damn good when I’m driving.”

    “Pssh, I’ll try not to.”

    The drive was more enjoyable than you had initially thought. The windows were slightly down, allowing small amounts of the night’s cool wind to slip through as the soft radio music played in the background. Just everything about it made you feel at ease for the first time in a while and before you knew it, you fell asleep.

    When you came to, you realised that you were still sitting in Johnny’s car with his coat now covering most of your body but the owner was not beside you anymore. Your eyes frantically scan around to see that his car was parked in front of a convenient store with Johnny sitting against the bonnet, scrolling through his phone and enjoying an ice cream.

    “Why didn’t you call me up?” you pout at him once you leave the car, the cold breeze immediately attacking your bare legs, “How long did I sleep for?”

    “Only about four hours. Not long at all.”

    Your heart immediately drops at the words ‘four’ and ‘hours’ because no one should have to wait that long for you.

    “You looked so peaceful,” he continued with a soft smile on his face, “It’s fine, you worry too much. Now lets get sleeping beauty home.”

    The drive home was quick, with you spending most of it apologising for wasting his time and although he reassured you several times that it was okay, you still felt guilty about it.

    “Thanks for taking me home Johnny... and I’m sorry for falling asleep for so long... I feel so bad.”

    “Nerd, please. Say it one more time and I might just get angry. For real, try me.”

    “I’m sorry- actually I’ll treat you to breakfast, lunch and dinner sometime. How’s that sound?”

    “Whatever you like,” he chuckles and nods towards your house, “Go in. Good night, sleeping beauty.”

    Knowing your cheeks would definitely flush to his words yet again, you quickly mouth a soft goodnight before bolting it to your front door, hoping that he wouldn’t notice. You turn back as you heard his car begin to pull away, a smile unknowingly creeping onto your face at the thought of what happened tonight. From the way he held you so closely against him at the club to how he willingly let you sleep for four hours while he waited... just something about it tugged on your heart strings just a little.

    Whoever his future partner is, is going to be one lucky person.

    Unlocking the front door, you step into the quiet home to unexpectedly find your brother on the couch in the living room, his eyes fixated on his phone screen. After seeing him with that hot girl at the club, the last place you had expected to see him was at home. You’re tempted to question him about it but end up scoffing at yourself for even thinking it’s any of your business to do so. Besides, knowing him, he’d probably go off at you instead, especially in his intoxicated state.

    Heading up to your room, you grab some pyjamas and make your way to the bathroom for a much needed shower. Slipping off your outfit, you let the skimpy so-called dress fall into a puddle on the ground around your feet along with your undergarments. You were just too tired to care at this point, all you wanted was to immerse your body under the hot running water for a good ten minutes before hopping straight into your heaven of soft white sheets and sleep for the entire weekend.  

    You had just adjusted the water temperature when you suddenly hear the bathroom door squeak open, your heart almost jumping out of your chest from the thought of someone seeing you standing in the shower, completely bare.

    “JAE- JAEHYUN?!” you manage to yell at your intruding step brother who had just stepped into the bathroom without care, like as if you weren’t about to take a shower at all, “What- what are you doing in here! I’m showering!”

    You were quick to turn your naked body away from him in an attempt to cover your modesty but what you weren’t expecting was to have him actually join you, his arms immediately clutching onto your waist to pull you back against his bare chest. You squeal at the sudden touch, not used to having someone else with you in the shower, especially not your step brother.

    “Where were you?” his low voice had you immediately melting into his arms, the tenderness in his tone something you’ve never heard from him before, “I was waiting for you.”

    “I- I went to hang out at my friend’s place...”

    “Don’t lie to me,” his grip around your waist tightens as he spoke, a clear indication that he was in no way joking, “I know you went off with him.”

    “Why do you dislike Johnny so much?”

    “Because no one knows him better than me. He doesn’t come with good intentions. He’s going to ruin you.”

    “But... he’s so nice to me?”

    Almost immediately after those words left your lips, he turns you around in his hold and harshly pushes you up against the cold tiles of the shower wall. Your body shivers from the contact but you’re more concerned about having Jaehyun’s eyes roaming around your exposed chest like some sort of predator, eyeing its prey.

    “Nice?” he scoffs mockingly as one of his hands cup your cheek to make you look at him, “There’s nothing nice about Johnny Suh.”

    “But... I like him.”

    And his lips were on yours, kissing you in a way much softer than when he had kissed you at the club. Your mind is in a complete daze, not sure of how to react to it all but the way he’s kissing you has your stomach full of butterflies. You could feel your heart pounding erratically inside your chest as he steps closer to you, his entire body now pressed up against yours as both his hands cup your cheeks.

    You know you shouldn’t feel this excited to be kissed by him but you are.

    “You’re mine and I’m not going to let him steal you away from me.”

    As crazy and toxic as it was, you were now sure of one thing about this whole fucked up relationship. The one thing you were afraid of happening but it was too late now.

    You have a crush on your step brother.

    to be continued.

    tag list; @chanyeolscoon @knamjooncrazy @omisemi @yourchasingsunsetslove @babyracha97 @ukiyoneo @keuriiii @the-universe-in-you-jjh @jeongjaepeach @lunakua @painted-hills @thejungjaehyun  @yourchasingsunsetslove @daegalfangirl @raven-rin @xsnelly @kyngaji @bockhyun @marklexleaf @yixing-jaehyun @nanascupid @resceluwu @ncityintruder @jae-yunooh @renjunato @allie-mcginn @therewillalwaysbearainbow @jenoxygen @cvpidyuta @jenosuh @chenlewifey @chitaphrrrr @multieonnie @princess-ella14 @thebreakfastatmidnight @woojae1997 @daegalfangirl  @aestheticofanintrovert @johtastic @gsknikki @neozonemyback @cinamocroll @primadxna-girl @shiberrysan @yincotton @lilstargazing​ if I missed you, I’m sorry! please send me a message!

    couldn’t tag: @nctzen-doie @ne0yong @chokemecalumm

    - C @nakamotonudes​

    #jung jaehyun#obsession#nct#nct smut#nct imagine#nct fanfic#nct fic#nct fluff#nct angst #nct step brother #nct jaehyun#nct scenario #nct hard hours #nct drabble #jung jaehyun smut #jung jaehyun fic #jung jaehyun fanfic #jung jaehyun scenario #jung jaehyun imagine #jung jaehyun hard hours #nct reactions #jung jaehyun angst #jung jaehyun drabble #jaehyun smut#jaehyun fanfic#jaehyun fic#jaehyun scenario#jaehyun imagine #jaehyun step brother #jaehyun fluff
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  • xblackkurox
    17.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Mr. Jung {Capítulo 7}

    Habiendo dejado varios turnos en su trabajo, Marie tenia mas tiempo para estudiar y aquello se vio reflejado en sus notas a las pocas semanas. No era excelente, pero se sacaba todas las asignaturas con facilidad, o casi todas.

    La única de ellas que le jodía la mente era "mundo contemporáneo". La asignatura más aburrida y espesa con la que nunca se había topado, la asignatura que impartía YoonOh.

    Ella había estado dedicando horas exageradas solo a aquella asignatura, a pesar de no ser de las más importantes sentía que debía aprobarla, por sus propios esfuerzos y capacidades intelectuales, no por favores sexuales.

    Llevaba ya dos horas con todos los apuntes sobre la cama y el bolígrafo dando vueltas en sus dedos índice y corazón, no era capaz de memorizar nada y la frustración la hacia resoplar y tirarse de los pelos cada dos por tres. Estaba por enviar a la mierda la sesión de estudios de la tarde cuando recibió una llamada.

    *Llamada entrante de YoonOh*

    -¿Estàs ocupada?- Preguntó directamente.-De hecho estoy estudiando.

    -¿No llevas estudiando como toda la semana?

    -¿Estas insinuando que deje de estudiar?- Una leve risa ronca resonó haciéndole sonreír.

    YoonOh seguía siendo serio y algo borde, pero había adoptado una actitud mucho más dulce y risueña si se compara con el principio, sonreía con mucha más facilidad, dejando ver unos preciosos hoyuelos que a Marie le gustaban más de lo que quería admitir. Incluso en ocasiones, como lo había sido aquella, dejaba ir una pequeña risa, ella se sentía orgullosa de ser la detonante.

    Por su lado Marie ya no se sentía tan tímida a su alrededor pero aquello no quería decir que los rubores se fueran de sus mejillas o que los nervios en su vientre desaparecieran, porque no era el caso.

    El sexo se había vuelto tres veces mejor desde que Marie tomó la iniciativa aquella vez, no podían apartar las manos el uno del otro y ella había descubierto que era extremadamente erógena en su control. Se estaba volviendo adicta a cualquier roce que él le proporcionaba, y por la necesidad y exigencia con la que YoonOh la reclamaba supuso que también estaba en la misma situación.

    -No, no es eso.- Suspiró a través de la línia.- Sólo quiero verte.

    Y ahí volvía a estar el típico sonrojo adornando los mofletes de la chica.

    -¿Que asignatura?

    -La tuya. -No escuchó respuesta hasta unos largos segundos después.

    -¿Porque siempre que te pregunto estás estudiando mi asignatura?

    -Porque es la más difícil.- Casi pudo verlo rodar los ojos.- Al menos para mí lo és.

    - Te daré clases de repaso, tú misma lo dijiste, las querías.

    Era verdad, ella las había exigido cuando acotaron las normas a seguir en su "relación". Ahora no estaba tan segura, no quería quedar en ridículo o como una tonta delante de él. Pero era verdad que ella realmente necesitaba ayuda con la materia, ¿y quién mejor para dársela que el mismo profesor de esta?

    -Esta bien. ¿Cuando?

    -Mañana después de clases.

    Se despidió y colgó. Una hora más tarde estaba en su casa, en la cama más concretamente, desnuda y abrazada a su pecho. Ambos sudados y calientes, a ambos les daba igual.

    -Marie.-Le llamó la atención. Ella contestó con un pequeño "mmmm" interrogante.- ¿Porque estás estudiando artes escénicas?

    Se sorprendió por la pregunta, levantó la cabeza para verle, él ya la miraba.

    -Es lo que más me gusta, se me da bien actuar, escribir, y bailar. Sobretodo bailar.

    -No te he visto actuar, pero he leído trabajos tuyos y si se te da bien escribir, en especial ensayos de teatro y guiones.- Dijo pensativo.- Y he notado que bailas.

    -¿Lo has notado?- Se volvió a recostar. Dio gracias más tarde porque así pudo esconder el sonrojó tras las palabras que continuaron de YoonOh.

    -Como decirlo... Cuando estás encima te mueves bien.

    Maria carraspeó nerviosa.

    -No creo que eso signifique mucho.

    -¿No? Entonces debería verte bailar para saberlo. -Sonó divertido.

    Ella se giró curiosa, el hombre miraba al techo distraído con una fina sonrisa en la cara, adornada con los preciosos hoyuelos que calentaban el corazón de Marie. Una sensación que había empezado a asustarla.

    Justo en ese momento escucharon sonar un móvil en la sala, supieron que era el de la chica por el tono, una canción de k-pop del momento resonó en su estribillo.

    Escapando de los brazos del mayor se levantó y se puso lo primero que pillo del suelo, sus bragas y el jersei azul bebé de él.

    Corrió descalza hasta el sofá donde vibraba su móvil. Una sonrisa, que no se iría en un rato aún después de colgar, nació en su rostro al ver quién llamaba. Su madre. Descolgó sentándose.

    - ¡Mamá!- Exclamó- ¿Cómo estás?

    Unos segundos más tarde aparecía por el pasillo un semi desnudo YoonOh, tan solo vestía el pantalón de chándal de siempre. Se sentó a su lado con el móvil entre las manos y fingió no prestar atención a la conversación que se daba a su lado. ¿Pero como no prestar atención a la sonrisa y voz aguda plena de felicidad que definían a la chica en aquellos momentos?

    -¿Y tú cómo estás? ¿Momo bien? ¿Y papá? Me alegro mucho. Sí sí, ya sé que debería llamar más. ¡Claro que os echo de menos! Pero estoy muy ocupada mamá. Intentaré llamar más de todas formas. Sí Johnny está bien. ¿Cuántas veces más voy a tener que repetir que no es mi novio sino mi mejor amigo? Es muy guapo ya lo sé, pero él no está interesado en mi. !Ni yo en él mamá! Sí, sigo más sola que la una ha ha.

    YoonOh notó como lo miraba de reojo. Él no estaba entendiendo nada de la conversación pues era en español pero estaba disfrutando de los notables cambios de humor que Marie estaba experimentando. Se dió cuenta de que hablaba mucho más fuerte y de manera mucho más expresiva cuando lo hacía en su idioma, y sin querer se volvió una cosa que amó de ella.

    - Mamá colgaré ahora y te llamo cuando llegue a casa ¿Si? Con un amigo. No, no es Johnny. ¿Acaso conoces algún amigo mío de aquí más que Johnny? Aunque te diga el nombre no vas a saber quién es.- Suspiró exasperada- YoonOh.

    Ahora fue él quien la miró con una ceja alzada. Ella casi se puso roja chillón.

    -¿Apellido para qué? Para buscarlo, que te conozco. Ay... Adiós mamá, te quiero.

    Y colgó.

    - Has dicho mi nombre.- Ella asintió.

    - Mamá me ha preguntado el nombre de la persona con la que estaba.- Al darse cuenta de cómo había sonado eso abrió los ojos grandes.- Es decir, con quién estaba ahora mismo físicamente.

    - Cambias al hablar con ella.

    -¿Que quieres decir?

    Ambos estaban sentados de frente, con las piernas cruzadas encima del sillón.

    - Te ves animada,y de repente exasperada. Además no le hablas con el respeto con el que me hablas a mí por ejemplo. No estoy reclamando nada, solo me da curiosidad.

    Ella sonrió.

    - Suelo ser así con mi familia, el respeto funciona diferente allí, puedo hablarle parecido a como les hablo a mis amigos sin que pase nada, de echo eso quiere decir que nos llevamos bien.

    -¿La echas de menos?- La pregunta salió en voz baja, como si no estuviese seguro de preguntarlo.

    - Mucho. - Miró abajo.- Muchísimo. A mi madre, mi padre y mi hermana pequeña. Es lo más duro de estar aquí, que ellos están ahí. Y todos mis amigos de siempre. No es que no esté agradecida de tener a Johnny, creo que él sería mi mejor amigo allí también, supongo que solo quiero tenerlo todo.

    No sé dió cuenta de que estaba llorando hasta que la mano ancha y pálida de YoonOh le retiró una lágrima delicadamente de su mejilla. Acunó su cara.

    - No es como si vaya a hacer un drama de esto, estoy bien.- Rió un poco pero el entrecejo fruncido del hombre no desapareció.

    Acarició su nuca y la empujó en un abrazo. Marie, sorprendida, al principio no reaccionó.

    Eventualmente se acomodó en el regazo de él, enrollándose en su cadera con las piernas. Sus pechos juntos y la cabeza de ella escondida en el cuello opuesto. Las caricias no cesaron y sintiéndose tan bien se dio cuenta de que algo andaba muy mal.

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  • allaboutthedongs
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Cheater | 18+

    ☆ Pairing: Jaehyun x Female reader x Mark

    ☆ Genre: smut

    ☆ Word count: 5.3 K

    ☆ Warnings: Dom!Jaehyun, cheating obviously (don't be a piece of shit and stay loyal to your s/o), fingering, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex (again, don't do this at home or pretty much anywhere), cursing, dirty talk, I don't remember what else.

    ☆ Prompt: What should've been just a simple visit to your boyfriend, turned into a night of filthy pleasure with his friend when you both notice that you were alone at the dorm, again.

    ☆ A/n: So... this is my second writing and I hope you like it as much as I do. Feel free to leave feedback, requests, suggestions for upcoming posts, questions, like, reblog, etc. Thanks in advance for your support.

    You turned the key in the lock, pushing the door back and stepping into the apartment. It was all so quiet and all the lights were off, so you assumed you were alone.

    Mark would be back later tonight and you had promised to be at his dorm, waiting for him. Yuta, Jungwoo and Mark had a photoshoot and interview for a special edition of Dazed Korea.

    The whole apartment was flooded with the distinctive scent of him. The scent of his expensive cologne, coffee and hormones.

    You went to the living room and turned on the TV, switching it to a random channel, trying to distract yourself from the dirty thoughts that were running through your head. Your eyes were on the TV and you could hear the annoying voices coming from it, but you really weren’t watching it, you were thinking about Jaehyun. His cocky smile, his cute dimples, his bright eyes, huge hands and that perfect, delicious cock.

    It’s not normal to be having those sorts of thoughts about your boyfriend’s friend, but neither was fucking him for 2 hours straight either.

    You told yourself that it was a mistake. "I was so horny, Mark was gone again for work and Jaehyun was there, looking hot as fuck, dark and mysterious… as ever. Anyways, it's not gonna happen again, so we don't have to tell Mark or anyone else." Even so, deep down you couldn’t bring yourself to truly regret it.

    It had almost been a week and you could still feel him between your legs. You could still feel his tongue tasting you, drinking you until your legs began to shake and he lifted his mouth from your pussy and gave you his crooked grin. His voice growling dirty nothings in your ear as he led you to your orgasm.

    When you snapped out of the mental trance you were in, you realized your hand was cupping your heat, which was throbbing erratically against your palm. You jumped up from the couch and made your way down the hallway to Mark's bedroom. You really needed to stop getting yourself off thinking about Jaehyun… but not quite yet.

    You slowed your pace to a tip-toe as you noticed a familiar body standing inside a room, you didn’t realize anyone was home. You could see Jaehyun’s bare feet on the wooden floor in his room. The black quilt, black pillow, even the towel wrapped around his waist was black; a sexy and mysterious color. It suited him perfectly.

    You assumed he had just stepped out of the shower, from the sight of his wet body. A towel was tightly wrapped around his waist showing off his perfect torso, the deep V that teased you every time. His hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, droplets of water dripping from loose strands of hair onto the floor and as he shook his mop of hair, the water sprayed in all directions.

    “Oh shit,” he muttered when he realized his mistake. You snorted at his carelessness and his eyes snapped up to see you, standing in the hallway in front of his slightly opened door, spying on his half-naked form.

    He smiled lazily, his lips curved slightly making his dimples appear. He blinked slowly. He almost looked innocent, almost. Leaning against the doorframe, crossing his arms and legs as he rested his head against it. His torso seemed even more toned that way, his abs more prominent as his muscles strained to support his weight. You were convinced he was trying to kill you.

    When you finally managed to tear your eyes away from his stunning body and glanced up, your eyes met and locked for the first time since that sinful night. It was like he was staring right into your core and your stomach fluttered.

    ”Hi,” he said softly.

    ”Hi,” you replied, quickly. There was an awkward silence as you chewed your lower lip and you leaned your arm against the wall, trying to act nonchalant. “So…what’s up?”

    His mouth twitched as if he was trying not to laugh. “Not much, you?” Simple one-word answers, but somehow it managed to turn you on. Everything this goddamn man did, turned you on as fuck.

    “Just waiting for Mark, what about you?”

    This time, Jaehyun couldn’t hide the grin on his face. “You’ve…already asked that.”

    You mentally swore at your stupidity. Of course, you’ve already asked him that, you dumbass! You hadn’t even noticed he had moved closer to you until you felt his hand upon your burning cheek.

    “God, you’re so adorable when you’re embarrassed,” he whispered, eyeing your lips.

    Of course, you couldn’t blame only yourself. He’d corrupted your mind with his charm, his good looks that made your stomach flip, his slow, deep and sexy voice like melting chocolate.

    “I need to go,” You muttered quietly, but you didn’t move, and though he didn’t hold you physically, his eyes seemed to have a grip.

    “No, you don’t,” he spoke carefully, ”Mark and the boys won’t be back for a few hours now.”

    You felt his fingers dance across the line of your collar bones and then lower, over the curve of your breast. His lip was tucked beneath his teeth, his eyes still trained on you. He leaned close and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, so gently he merely brushed them. He shook his head, a pained look in his eyes as he chuckled softly to himself.

    “Mark doesn’t deserve you.”

    You kept quiet, pursing your lips. Mark was a really nice guy, but sometimes you just couldn’t help feeling that he wasn’t right for you. He was kinda immature sometimes, well... almost all the time and you felt like you couldn't talk about serious stuff without him making some joke or laughing his ass out like it wasn't important, you didn’t think he did it on purpose, that's just the way Mark is. Not to mention that his sex drive was nothing compared to yours.

    But once again, you seemed to forget about him as Jaehyun tilted your face towards him, his thumb running the width of your bottom lip and separating it from its twin. Everything he did was with such precision, such care. Even on that night, he was gentle, touching your face, kissing your lips, taking away the discomfort and awkwardness of being with him for the first time.

    “I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered against your lips.

    “Me neither,” you admitted shyly.

    “Good… because I like you, a lot,” a smile was etched across his face, his eyes bright and dimples present. His gorgeous smile was contagious and before you knew it, you were grinning right back at him. Then his eyes darkened, and his face was serious. “I really need to kiss you,” he blurted out suddenly.

    “Then kiss me.” He wasted no time, his lips on yours almost immediately.

    Electricity. Fire. Heat. That’s all you felt as you kissed his gentle lips. His tongue molding perfectly with yours. He tasted sweet, like fresh fruit and you moaned in his mouth. His fingers held your hips tightly, flexing when you made a sound, it was like he was using them as an anchor to steady himself, to keep him from falling apart, to keep him from losing control.

    You rocked your hips forward and he growled, throwing your arms over his broad shoulders and grabbing your thighs, bending them forward. He lifted you and you tightened your arms around his strong neck, wrapping your legs around his waist.

    It was such a turn on that he was able to lift you so easily, that he didn’t cause your lips to depart once as he carried you back into his room and laid you onto his bed. It was only when you pulled back for breath that your lips were separated and you both were left panting hard.

    “Jae, shit, no.” You murmured, knowing that wherever you were going, it wouldn’t lead to anything good.

    You pushed at his body that was hovering above you but he didn’t budge and your hands lingered there when you felt the smoothness of his torso under your palms. The towel at his waist was falling low, a tiny trail of his pubic hair trailing from his navel into the towel. You just wanted to tear it off and fuck him like you’d never fucked anyone before, make him cum inside of you.

    “Why are you so fucking hot?” You whispered, shaking your head in disbelief. He chuckled breathlessly, shaking his hair to the left of his face.

    “I think I should be asking you, how the hell you’re so beautiful.”

    Naturally, you snorted, burying your face in his shoulder. His thumbs curled beneath the soft material of your sweater and stroked the skin there, somewhat warily, experimentally.

    “Is this okay?” His voice was gravelly, strained and when you looked up so was his face. A vein in his neck pulsing, eyes quickly darkening and jaw tensed. He wanted more of you, that much was clear but was unaware of where his boundaries lay. You smiled, guiding his hands higher until they rested on your breasts. His eyes fluttered closed and he sucked in a sharp breath.

    He said your name. You liked the way your name sounded when he spoke it, how it rolled off his tongue. Slow, sensual, seductive. You moaned in response, pulling his fingers tighter over your breasts. His hands cupped them tightly, squeezing your flesh unexpectedly and you gasped.

    “Let me fuck you this time.” His blunt words made your stomach clench and you just nodded giving him permission. Without another word, he took off your sweater from your hot skin, reaching for your bra and unclasping it expertly. Jaehyun groaned when the material fell from your chest and bent his head low.

    “Jae, wai-” You were silenced when he looked up at you, placing a kiss on your left nipple.

    You shivered from the feeling of his mouth and the lust in his eyes. He lingered there for a few moments, closing his eyes and holding it between his lips. He wasn’t licking or kissing, just letting his warm breath wash over it. It might sound quite basic, but you could feel your pussy wet in response to him.

    He moved onto your right nipple, repeating his actions but this time blowing the air over it.

    “Fuck!” You whimpered, your body jerking up involuntarily.

    “You like that?” He grinned up at you, lifting his mouth from your sensitive body to let his thumb and forefinger play with your nubs. He knew you fucking liked that, he didn’t need to ask. You simply glared down at him and he chuckled.

    “Alright, don’t shoot,” he muttered, raising his hands in surrender.

    “Would you just shut up and undress me?” You grabbed his hands, placing them over the waist of your jeans. He smirked as he pushed the button back and pulled the zip down, removing the denim from your legs.

    “Hmm. I do quite like it when you’re feisty.” Jaehyun brought his mouth down to your panties, pulling the fabric towards him, before letting it snap back against your skin. You hissed at the sting but relished it. You knew that pleasure was soon to come.

    “I’m going to take off your panties now. Is that okay?”

    You rolled your eyes. “Jaehyun, it was okay the first time, wasn’t it?” You snapped impatiently.

    He seemed to be ignoring your hostility, grinning thoughtfully as if remembering something funny. “Little more than okay, don’t you think?”

    He bent his head low again, running his nose over the length of the panties. A groan rumbled as it erupted from his chest and it tore through you sending shock waves from your head, right down to your pussy. You spasmed.

    “Oh fuck, baby, I can smell you.” You could smell yourself too. The strong scent of arousal and lust gathered in your heat.

    Suddenly, Jaehyun gave your slit a long lick through the lace, and then he took another, and another, tucking his arms under your thighs to bring you closer to him. The wet material being moved across your skin made the feeling even stronger and every now and then, his wet tongue would flick hard against a sensitive spot and make your body quiver.

    “Jaehyun!” You screamed. You weren’t even sure if you were calling his name in protest or appreciation.

    He ignored you, hooking his long fingers over the edge of your panties, and pulling it to the side. “Shit, it’s so fucking beautiful,” he breathed, running a finger over your slit.

    He darted straight in, his mouth sucking your clit hard as he slowly slipped his fingers inside you. He was taking his time, obviously trying to test you. As expected, the slow burn was driving you insane, so you grabbed his wrist, pushing his fingers right to the hilt. He had frozen his tongue when you had held his wrist, and now he was staring up at you with complete disbelief and lust.

    You had an urge to laugh at his startled expression but managed to suppress it as you cupped the back of his neck with your palm, urging his head back down between my legs, wanting his full attention on your clit again. “Don’t stop licking me, please.”

    He blinked at you a few times before resuming his assault, flicking harder, curling his tongue up, and letting it’s warmth and wetness be absorbed by your clit. You had gripped his wrist tighter, pulling out before slamming his fingers back in. You wriggled, pressing your lips together to muffle a wild moan.

    “Don’t you dare hold back. I want to fucking hear you.” It was the first time you’d ever heard him speak like that, his tone almost always gentle and soft when he spoke to you, but that sentence was coated in authority. It was a command.

    “Tell me how you want my hands.”

    “S-spread your fingers out… oh fuck.” His fingers spread wide out, stretching your inner walls before curving them even wider to stroke you firmly. Your walls clenched suddenly and Jaehyun’s fingers snapped back together.

    Once again, he was surprised at how your body reacted to him and a throaty chuckle caught in his chest.

    “Oh God… you dirty girl,” he whispered before curling his tongue to cup your clit and thrashing his tongue wildly against it. You guided his wrist faster, fucking yourself deep, right to his knuckle, while his tongue drilled against your clit.

    “Curl up…yes, fuck, Jae.” You managed to cry.

    He needed no guidance now, his fingers curling up and stroking your most sensitive spot without fail. “Like that?” He asked, teasing you.

    Your whole body clenched hard and you were frozen. You couldn’t think or move, let alone speak.

    “Oh baby, I wish you could see yourself right now. How fucking hot you look,”

    Your back arched up and you clawed at his chest, desperate for something to hold onto.


    Your orgasm was stirring up in your stomach and your eyes rolled up in the back of your head.

    “your body contorted like this.”

    You could feel it beginning to burn and your toes curled in anticipation. The pads of his fingers were barely moving back and forth, meaning he never strayed away from your g-spot.

    You felt a gust of air suddenly and though your eyes were closed shut, you knew he had moved closer to you. His presence was too strong to go unnoticed.

    “Cumming,” he murmured against the pulse in your neck.

    “For me.” His words seemed to unravel you. You needed to come undone beneath him, because of him, for him.

    “Jaehyun!” You screamed loud as your orgasm took over you completely.

    You slapped both hands against his sculpted chest, nails digging into his skin. Managing to open your eyes to look at him, his eyes focused on you, a crease between his brow as he furrowed them, mouth twisted with desire.

    “Don’t stop cumming, love.” How the hell would you stop cumming? Obviously not with those deadly fingers still working wonders inside you.

    You were creating long pink scratches across his perfect creamy skin and it had to have hurt but he didn’t even flinch. He rode out your orgasm with you, his fingers curling and twisting just to get you wriggling.

    His lips came down hard on you, a kiss you knew you’d feel for days. He pulled away, teeth bared as he bit his lip, looking at you in a way that had "I want to fucking destroy you" written all over it.

    “Can you taste that? How sweet you are?” You sucked your lips, running your tongue over it, and gave a long groan, nodding fervently.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever been so hard in my life,” he growled.

    He’d lost the towel and his delicious cock was standing erect.

    “Fuck,” you whispered. It did seem to be bigger than when you'd last been together and as you wrapped a tight fist around his base and pumped him to his tip, you knew he hadn’t lied about being so hard.

    “It won’t bite, I promise.”


    “You look a little scared,” the amusement in his voice had returned.

    You glared at him. “No, I don't.” Intimidated, yes. Scared? I think not.

    “Yes, you do.”

    You pulled your hand away from his cock, frowning at him.

    “Hey, listen,” he put two fingers under your chin, turning your head to face him. “We’ll take it slow, yeah?” He still sounded amused.

    You shook your head in disbelief. You weren’t a virgin and of course, he knew it, so you didn’t need him to hold back. You wanted him to fuck you hard.

    “No, don't take it slow,” You whined and sat up in front of him. “I want all of you. I want to feel you in the pit of my stomach.” He groaned, his eyes fluttering closed and you knew he was imagining your tight walls enveloping his cock.

    “Remember how wet I was for you? How warm my pussy was? How tight I felt around your fingers?”

    When he didn’t reply, you pressed your fingers to his sensitive tip, tugging softly. “Yes,” he hissed through his teeth, eyes still closed.

    You leaned forward and whispered to his ear. “Fuck me, Jae.”

    You dragged your teeth along the shell of his ear before sucking his lobe into your mouth and releasing it with a loud pop. He growled quietly.

    “You do want it hard, don’t you?” He stared down at you with his jaw tense. You nodded, looking at him with innocent eyes from beneath your lashes. He slammed your hips back down on the bed, gripping them tightly and you squealed in surprise. He lined his erection up with your entrance and hooked both of your legs around his waist, bringing him closer.

    “You ready?” he pressed the swollen tip of his cock to your clit and you shuddered.

    “Fuck yes.” He slid himself in slowly, pausing halfway to throw his head back and moan. “You're so tight Y/N,” he breathed before sliding the rest, filling you to the hilt and stretching your walls.

    Your breath caught sharply, your body tensed and then relaxed; you knew he was big, but it was a satisfying surprise to feel just how big. You could feel him everywhere, in every single spot of your dripping core, filling you so well. His dark eyes glowed mischievously as he grinned down at you and just when you thought he couldn’t get any deeper, he thrust up hard, the head of his cock smacking perfectly against your favorite spot and it just felt divine. “Oh my God!” you screamed.

    “Bingo,” he murmured with a smirk of accomplishment on his perfect face.

    He hit it with so much force that it raised your upper body from the bed, your hands immediately clutching at his biceps that were supporting his weight by your sides.

    “Babe, you know,” he started to say before pulling out back to the tip, “now that I’ve found your…” paused as if he was in deep thought, though you could tell from his cocky smile and the dimples that had appeared that he wasn't, before drilling his dick back inside you, “let’s call it weakness, yeah?” he continued. “I won’t hesitate to tear you apart.” He said the last part quietly, a soft whisper against your ear that made you shiver, your walls clenching in excitement. “You’d fucking like that, wouldn’t you?”

    Mark had hit it before, your past boyfriends had too, your own fingers had managed to get there, but it had never felt as amazing as when he did it. Your g-spot wasn’t your weakness. Jung Jaehyun was.

    You nodded biting your lower lip, lifting your hips from the bed to roll them up to his and there was a twinkle in his eye. The next thing you knew, he was thrusting into you relentlessly.

    An exceptionally hard thrust pushed your pelvis against the mattress and stripped you of air, your arms waving frantically for something to hold on to. Jaehyun didn’t stop and you probably would’ve killed him if he did, he just kept pounding into you, hitting your g-spot, sending you to heaven every time.

    His dick bottoming out so deep you couldn’t even scream, your body just didn’t have enough air and it was coming out breathless screeches. Jaehyun held your face with one hand bringing his so close that his lips were about a millimeter away from yours. You watched him move up and down above you, his hot breath pouring into your mouth.

    “Breathe, baby.”

    Your lungs finally seemed to respond at his command and you heaved in a deep breath of air from his mouth before letting the scream that had been trapped be ripped from your throat.

    He was thrusting inside you faster, deeper, fueled by the delirious passion, that you felt your fingernails begin to claw at his biceps. His bed creaked under the weight of the two moving bodies.

    “God, you feel so fucking good,” he grunted giving a particularly hard thrust and when you arched up, Jaehyun caught your breast with his mouth.

    He sucked at your nipple, grazing it with the edge of his teeth, a deadly smirk on his lips. His hips slowed a bit, now focusing on your breasts. He worked your nipples like a pro sucking with hunger, rolling them around his mouth, pressing them between his lips, while his hips still rocked against you slowly, fucking you like it was a piece of cake to him.

    It was hard to believe that a lovely boy with such a cute smile like his, could be that filthy and was fucking you like a maniac. You pressed your palm flat against his ass and your own hips up, gesturing that you needed more of his cock.

    “Come on, baby.” He said grinning at you in a way that made you wanna melt in his arms, before biting down gently on your nipple, his eyes still trained on you.

    “Jae, you’re gonna kill me with that goddamn mouth,” you warned with a shaky voice. Fuck, your whole body was shaking.

    He hummed against the sensitive skin, kissing your other nipple softly and you groaned again.

    “We wouldn’t want that now, would we?” he murmured softly, taking your hands from his arms, to intertwine them and pin them to the bed. He set a faster pace again and you could feel the pleasure building up to your core as he fucked you relentlessly.

    “Shit, put your hand in-” you didn’t even have to finish the sentence before his thumb was pressed to your clit, rubbing it round in circles.

    “Oh fuck,” you whimpered, holding his moving hand. You were seeing stars, your mind almost blank. “Gonna cum.”

    He immediately rubbed your clit faster and his hips knocked harder against yours. “Yeah? You gonna scream for me?” He growled.

    You nodded, dragging his face down urgently to kiss him. You could tell he was taken aback but he kissed you back regardless, holding your face tightly as if his life depended on it.

    It was almost silent, apart from the slapping sounds of hot skin clashing, moans, and the heavy breathing that escaped from your mouths and then, your whole body tightened and your breath got caught again before you came undone with a loud cry of Jaehyun’s name.

    A tsunami of bliss crashed over you, pleasure spilling out of your mouth in the form of his name as your orgasm racked your entire being. You couldn’t stop your body from clenching and convulsing, and you knew it was having an effect on him. His mouth fell slack and his hips paused briefly when your walls pulsed hard around him.

    “GODDAMMIT!” he roared, throwing his head back and slapping a hand against the headboard, eyes closing shut. You tucked a hand behind his head, bringing his face down to look down at you in the eyes as you spoke.

    “Cum inside of me, Jae. Fucking fill me." He blinked at you, looking kinda surprised at your words. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill.” and you kissed him hard again.

    Those last ten seconds or so, you don’t think Jaehyun could’ve fucked you harder. You saw the way pleasure was flooding his eyes, the way they blinked heavily just to shoot open again and you knew he was about to lose his mind. He lost his steady rhythm in the heat of your kiss, and now his hips smacked messily and slightly painfully against yours. Then, he slowed down completely, letting his warm liquids pour into your cunt with the sexiest moans you've ever heard.

    His body collapsed next to you when he was utterly exhausted and you both lay there, trying to catch your breath.

    I don’t think either of you knew what to say. I mean, what do you say after you’ve just had amazing sex like that, especially in those circumstances?

    “God, that was the best fuck I've ever had,” Jaehyun finally mumbled.

    You kept quiet, trying too hard to comprehend your thoughts and what had just happened. You would’ve gotten out of bed if you weren’t so sure that you’d collapse, your legs felt weak and still trembling a little.

    Jaehyun said your name, but you ignored him.

    “Look at me.” He had moved, so he was now hovering above you. Just as you were about to turn away from his gaze, he held your cheek, turning you back to look at him.

    “Hey, no. You're not doing me this again.”

    You rolled your eyes. “Doing what again?”

    “Just ignoring me, like I’m not even here!” he snapped back. You tried to wriggle out from beneath his body, but he held your hips firmly to the bed.

    “No, you're gonna listen to me,” he commanded.

    You huffed out a breath from your nose in frustration. “Go on, then.”

    “Do you know how many times I’ve had to jack off during the course of 7 days because of you?”

    You felt your face burn. It was odd to think that he thought of you when he touched himself because, in fact, you too had thought of him when you touched yourself.

    “Seriously. You don’t answer or return my calls, you don’t reply to my texts pretending that I just don't exist, but suddenly, one night when I'm all alone in the dorm, you appear here, at my bedroom door to fuck like animals. You’re driving me fucking insane!”

    You laughed bitterly, shaking your head. “Well, excuse me Jaehyun, but have you forgotten that I’m your friend and bandmate’s girlfriend? You know Mark Lee? Do you even remember him? And, just so you know, I didn't come to the dorm to fuck with you.” You snarled.

    Jaehyun’s chest heaved hard, his jaw flexing. “Oh, now you suddenly remember that you actually have a boyfriend?! C'mon Y/N, you don't even love him, I don't get why you're still with him when you could be with me, instead. It’s just not fair what you're doing to me either, and you know it.”

    You snorted. Fair? Really? Absolutely nothing about that situation was fair, starting from the betrayal you both were committing against Mark.

    “You can keep on blaming me all you want, baby, but you wanted to fuck me just as much I wanted to fuck you, and we both know it.”

    You were pretty much silenced by his statement. You definitely weren’t going to deny it and embarrass yourself with your terrible lying skills, besides, your body has told him everything by itself.

    Jaehyun pinched the bridge of his nose, breathing slowly. It was quite bad that you could feel your pussy aching and your nipples hardening all over again at the sight of him angry. It was all his fault for being so damn hot.

    When he spoke next, his voice was much calmer. “Listen, all I’m saying is that you can’t fuck with me one night, then decide that I don’t exist the next. I don’t like not knowing where I stand with you.”

    “Okay. Right. I get you. I’m so sorry.” you muttered, “Can you let go of me now?”

    His grip on your body had most definitely gotten tighter as he spoke. He looked at you quizzically for a moment, before smiling wryly and releasing you. You chewed your lower lip, feeling guilty.

    “Look, Jae, I'm-“ A loud buzzing sound, followed by your ringtone interrupted and made you both jump. You leaped up from the bed, almost falling as you did, your legs really weren’t ready for that. You managed to crawl around on the floor and rummage around in your jeans for your phone.

    “Hello?” You said breathlessly.

    “Hi, babe. What’s up?” Mark’s voice.

    Your eyes widened and looked at Jaehyun who was rummaging in a drawer, his brow furrowed as he stared at your bare body. He looked up, mouthing ‘who is it?’

    “Babe?” Mark said when you didn't reply.

    ‘Mark’ You mouthed back. He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes.

    “Oh yeah, nothing’s up, why?” You replied, holding the phone between your cheek and shoulder while sliding your panties back on. Jaehuyn had put on a pair of Calvins and was pulling a loose black tee over his head.

    “Oh nothing, you just sound a little breathless.” Your heart thudded hard. What were you supposed to say to that?

    “Anyways, the boys and I are on our way to the dorm now, sorry for the delay, I was expecting to finish earlier.” You blew out a sigh of relief at the change of subject, zipping up your jeans.

    “Can’t wait, baby,” You said.

    “Good, me neither," You just knew he would be grinning cockily and you rolled your eyes. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”

    “Yeah see you, Mark.” You tossed the phone on the bed, sighing heavily.

    “What did he say?” Jaehyun asked, stepping into some grey sweatpants.

    “He’ll be here in a minute.” You put on the rest of your clothing and fixed your smudged makeup. “You like to stare, don’t you?” You said without looking up, but you could feel his eyes scoring your skin. He laughed dryly.

    “Only at some things,” he muttered so quietly and you weren’t sure if you were supposed to hear it. You tucked your phone into your pocket, walking to the door before pausing and tapping your nails on the doorframe. You turned to look at him.



    “I’ll… I’ll call you tomorrow.” You told before blowing him a kiss.

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  • bbyminnie4
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago


    “I know baby, I’m so sorry,” your boyfriend, Jeno,told you sympathetically over the phone.

    You had been sick in bed all week, and tested positive with covid. It felt like ever sickness you’d ever had came back and attacked you all at once, and it was not a good feeling. Luckily, there was Jeno, always on the phone when you needed to talk to him.

    “Can you.. can you sing to me?” You asked, voice hoarse from all of the coughing you’d been doing. Your throat was burning by now.

    “Of course,” he whispered, voice flowing softly through the speaker of your phone. It calmed you, soothing you to the point of falling asleep. It was something that made him feel proud, that he could make you feel better when you felt so bad. Jeno stayed on the phone even well after you’d fallen asleep, maybe even taking a few screenshots.

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  • luckysevenwrites
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago


    Y/n went out last night with their co-workers and is feeling the pain of it the next day. They are suppsed to be going on their frist date with Johnny but a hangover changes those plans.

    Part of the long term couple series.

                Rolling over in your bed your head pounds, your mouth tastes like regret, and you can feel what you like to call it sweaters on your teeth. Pulling the blankets up over your head you groan and wish that you could remove your head from the rest of your body. You hate being hung over and you should have stopped drinking last night but you were having fun and had lost count of your drinks and after a while you stop caring how much you were drinking and was just focused on having a good time with your co-workers. You hoped that the rest of them were feeling just as awful as you were.

                Closing your eyes, you pray that you’ll find sleep again and that when you have reawakened your headache will be gone. As you are thinking this you hear your doorbell go off and almost cry. Why, why were you being punished for having a good time last night. You lay there thinking that if you don’t answer the door whoever it is will just go away. Unfortunately for you that is not the case and whoever is at the door continues to ring your doorbell. Flinging the covers off yourself you sit up and instantly the room spins. Dam you really need to learn to cut yourself off.

                “I’m coming,” you call and wince at the own sound of your voice as you make your way towards the door. Pulling it open you lean heavily against the door jam and look up at the person outside your door.

                Standing there looking handsome, healthy, and annoyingly not hung over is Johnny. You narrow your eyes at him and wonder how much it would hurt your head to tell him off. Probably a lot you figure so you settle for just glaring at him. Johnny for his part just smiles down at you and holds up a coffee carrier. You don’t hesitate to reach out for the coffee. He laughs as you pull the cup towards you like it’s the most precious thing you have ever set your eyes on.

                “Party a little to hard last night?” You ignore him and move into your apartment and settle onto your couch with your coffee. Johnny follows behind you laughing as he shuts the door to your place and takes a seat on the opposite end of your couch.

                “Y/n if I would have known you would go this hard last night, I would have told you to cancel your evening plans. We can’t go out and do what I planned with you hung over.” Johnny shakes his head at you in disappointment. You know that he’s joking but you are not in the mood for Johnny’s teasing.

                “Stop talking,” you groan as you curl up on the couch and take another drink of your coffee. Why did he have to be so annoying when you were suffering.

                “Alright I’ll take pity on you. But only because you’re suffering,” Johnny tells you and you note that he has lowered his voice as he tells you this, “You owe me though. I had the best date ever planned.”

                “Johnny,” you whine.

                “Okay, I’m done. I’ll get you some pain meds.” He gets up and starts to walk pass you when you reach out and wrap your hand around his wrist.

                “Will you also order us some really greasy food and not judge me when I walk to the bathroom holding my head so I can brush my teeth to get rid of the sweaters?”

                “The sweaters?” Johnny questions and you nod your head slowly.

                “On my teeth.” You tell him, Johnny smiles and gently pulls you up and moves you towards the bathroom. “I won’t judge you at all.”

                He kisses the back of your head before shutting the bathroom door behind you with a promise to bring you a change of clothes and tells you to take a shower, it’ll make you feel better and when you come out the food will be here. You shuffle your way to the sink and brush your teeth already feeling better with the awful taste and feel out of your mouth. You get into the shower and sigh at the feel of the hot water. Johnny was right it would make you feel loads better. You heard the door open and turn your head towards the door.

                “Just bringing you a change of clothes.” Johnny continues to use his gentle voice and you hear the door click close once again. You spent more time than you normally would in the shower, but it felt good, and you figured you deserve to spend a little extra time in the shower than normal.

                Exiting the bathroom, you are greeted with the smell of food, and you stop waiting to see how your stomach is going to react. When it grumbles in hunger you sigh in relief. At least you’re not so hung over that the smell and thought of food makes you sick. You’re already feeling better after your shower and you’re hoping that the pain meds you took will kick in soon and you’ll be feeling more like yourself in no time.

                Making your way back into the living room you find Johnny sitting on the couch with a burger in his hand. On the coffee table is your burger and what you are hoping is a cup full of diet coke. You shuffle around your couch and flop down onto the couch. You reach out for the burger and take a huge bite out of the burger and let out a satisfied moan and then reach for some fries. Johnny chuckles at you but doesn’t say anything else. Which surprises you he usually has a comeback waiting to be delivered.

                “What no smart-ass remark to make?” You question as you reach for some more fries with your one hand and take another bite of your burger with the other.

                “I’m going easy on you today, don’t worry though I’ve got them all saved up here.” Johnny taps the side of his head. You roll your eyes and take another bite of your burger. Johnny let’s you eat in silence and your thankful for it. Once you finish eating you feel more human again.

                “Thank you for getting me some food,” you tell Johnny as you lean back against the couch. Johnny leans back as well causing your shoulders to touch.

                “No problem. You know that you can call me anytime for anything,” you know that Johnny means it and it just makes you like him more. Rolling to the side a little you lay your head on Johnny’s chest and drape one of your arms over his stomach.

                “How amazing was the date that you had planned?”

                “It would have gone down in the history books as the best date ever. Lucky for you I’m quite fond of you and still plan to take you on said date.” You look up at Johnny and see that he has a determined look on his face.

                “Fond huh?”

                “Fond.” Johnny confirms looking down at you his hand comes up to tuck some loose strands of hair behind your ear. Johnny starts to lean down towards you, and you know what he’s intending to do and before his lips can touch yours you start to pull away.

                “I just ate a burger with onions,” you protest but that doesn’t seem to matter to Johnny. Who hooks his arms under your armpits and pulls you closer to him so you two are only a breath apart?

                “Don’t care, I’ve been wanting to do this forever and I’m tired of waiting.” With that statement Johnny connects his lips to yours. It starts off gentle with just a touch of his lips to yours but once you let out a sigh Johnny doesn’t hold back. He wraps his arms around you and his tongue finds its way into your mouth. The two of you continue to kiss until you have to break apart for air. But even then, Johnny doesn’t stop. He trail’s kisses along your jawline and down your neck.

                “Johnny,” you pant trying to calm your breathing.

                “What Y/n?” Johnny asks in between kisses.

                “I know this isn’t the date you planned but I’m putting this down as one of the best dates ever.” Johnny laughs into your neck causing you to smile. He pulls away and frames your face with his hands.

                “Good to know but I’m still taking you on the date. Now kiss me.” You don’t hesitate to reconnect your lips with Johnny and it’s while you’re kissing him that you realize your headache is gone. Who would have thought that kissing Johnny would make your headache go away? Or maybe it was the pain meds, but you liked to think that it was Johnny’s kissing that cured your hangover.

    #nct 127 fanfic #nct 127 fluff #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 reactions #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 oneshots #nct 127 drabbles #nct johnny #johnny x you #johnny x y/n #johnny x reader #johnny fluff#johnny oneshot#johnny drabbles#johnny fanfic#johnny reactions#johnny imagines#johnny scenarios
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    aitai-tai (horimiya au)

    part 11 - #ncitlibrarybrawl

    jisung x reader


    prev // next

    #aitai series#nct fic#nct fanfic#nct fanfiction #nct fan fiction #jisung au #park jisung fic #nct jisung series #nct series #nct socialmedia au #nct social media au #nct social au #nct sm au #nct texts #nct fake texts #nct text au #nct fluff#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct drabbles#nct reactions #nct x reader #nct reader insert #nct dream fic #nct dream au #nct dream series #jisung fic#jisung fanfic#jisung series #nct jisung texts
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  • shwazzberryswriting
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Moving On

    Pairing: Winwin x Original Female Character|Reader Genre: Alternate Universe - College/University, Romance, Light Angst, Fluff, Slice of Life, Fake Dating Rom Com

    Summary: What started out as a simple favor soon turns into a wild weekend

    Word count: 21.4k+ (someone take this fic away from me and post it!)

    Rating: Mature for Sexual Content, Drinking, Cannabis Consumption (implied), College/University Party Warnings: Fake Dating/Trickery/Lying, Explicit Sexual Content; Smut, Kissing, Drunk Kissing, Nipple Play, Praising, Penis in Vagina Sex, Unprotected Sex (always cover up IRL 💚), Oral (F receiving), Heavy Petting, Creampie, Pussy/Cock Stroking, Slightest Bit of Accidental Dry Humping and Body Groping *Part 11 of my “The NCT Frat House Series”* Author’s Note: Hello, thank you thank you thank you X 3000 for your patience to my readers!!!!! From where this fic started to what it is now...I don't even know how it turned into what it did, but please enjoy!!!! I am so excited to post this fic! ALSO: Victon's Heo Chan has a supporting role in this fic!!

    SMUT IN EPILOGUE: I honestly didn't plan for any smut but when I wrote the epilogue I went with the flow

    Apologies in advance for any mistakes or shortcomings, this fic was WIP for so long so I'm pretty sure there are things I missed or got wrong! As I do with all of my longer fics, I broke the story up. This one is split up into 3 Chapters and an Epilogue! Please let me know if any of the links aren't working Chapter 1 (Below) | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Epilogue ---

    Chapter 1

    Shiny red and green streamers were lined along in criss-cross patterns in the links of the metal fence to the used car lot, Hearts’ Automotive, making it festive with Christmas spirit. The decorations were unseasonably out of style, but Rhea still hummed “Jingle Bell Rock” as she window shopped. Approaching the main building as her eyes scanned the cars in the lot, she fleetingly daydreamed of jumping into the old red Mazda Miata convertible to drive up to the mountains for some solace.

    “Thinking of getting a new car?” she heard a low, gravelly voice ask.

    As if appearing from thin air, a man in a short sleeve button up shirt was fixing his spinach colored tie at the collar with one hand while the other dabbed a dull grey handkerchief against his temple. Sweat beads glided down his shiny red face as he held a hand for her to shake.

    “We’re having a Spring Blow-Out Sale,” the salesman said as he stuffed his handkerchief into his pants pocket. “You look like an adventurous girl. Why not take your girlfriends on a hike in this 2012 Subaru Outback?”

    He pulled out the same grey handkerchief as he stood beside the red Outback that sat next to the Miata Rhea had been admiring. Her stomach curdled as the salesman began wiping the front hood of the car with his handkerchief. She’d barely been able to speak before he moved to the blue Ford Focus behind him.

    “I’m wa-”

    “-Or daily visits to the mall with your gal pals!” He kicked the front passenger side tire with his stained leather shoes. “You know this baby has good gas mileage. You’ll save on gas as you make your frequent shopping trips.”

    “I’m waiting for-” she began before the man interrupted her again.

    “-Oh, so you’re waiting for your dad! Of course!” The salesman’s neck collar was yellowing, damp with sweat. “While we wait for the old man to arrive, why don’t you tell me what sort of car dear old dad wants for you?”

    Glancing at the way the salesman was subtly shifting his weight from one leg to the other, she had a feeling he would continue to hover. If Sid ever showed up, she was going to kill him. Frustrated that her brother could never show up on time, Rhea looked around for a way out.

    “Babe!” Rhea called out immediately as she saw a familiar face exit the front doors of the dealership building, right behind the sweat-ridden salesman. His thick eyebrows and full pink lips always stood out to her, making his handsome face give off a boyish innocence that contrasted with his broad shoulders and tall stature. It was difficult to mistake him with just any stranger. “Sicheng! Babe!”

    She rushed past the salesman, and walked under the shade of the building. Grabbing the hand of her diner waiter, she leaned over to whisper a quick, “Please help me get rid of this guy,” before pecking a kiss on his cheek. He jumped a little, but looked over at the salesman before turning to look at Rhea.

    “Can you tell this gentleman we’re not buying a car?” she asked clearly when their eyes locked. Pressing her lips together, she prayed that the man who’d served her onion rings for years would play along. The thin line between his eyebrows uncreased, and he squared his shoulders as he looked at the wide eyed salesman.

    “Good afternoon, sir, I’m-”

    “-We’re not interested,” Sicheng said immediately. He gripped onto her hand firmly, leading them past the salesman.

    “Thanks,” she said softly as she let go of his hand.

    He glanced over their backs before throwing his arm over her shoulders. She felt the sun’s rays blaring onto her scalp, her dark curls absorbing the heat as his jawline tightened. She’d never considered what Sicheng’s body would feel like, but with her body pressed against his side her mind blanked, shocked at how firm his arm felt draped over her shoulders.

    “That dude’s still staring,” he said.

    She felt a hard thump in her chest, similar to the time she caught her falling bookbag and Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” slammed against her cleavage so hard she almost fainted. Face hot like a sun soaked leather covered car seat, she was speechless as they walked out of the lot. She had to stop thinking about how long it had been since a man had held her for longer than a couple seconds.

    “Thanks,” she said once they were walking away from the lot, crossing the street. They stopped together at the bus stop. “You have no idea how much you helped me out.”

    He nodded, sitting down on the green painted metal bench meant for bus riders. She worried that he wanted to be rid of her as he remained quiet, glancing down at his watch as his eyes were nearly shut tight, squinting from the sun’s rays hitting his face. After all, if he’d come up to her to ask her to help him, she would have…she didn’t know what she would have done.

    Feeling like an idiot for having put him in an impossible situation, she licked her lips, trying to find the right words to apologize. Before she could even clear her throat, he threw his hand up to shade his eyes, giving her a half grin as the left side of his lips curved upwards.

    “Rhea,” he said, “you always tip 25% and your usual order is coffee and onion rings.”

    “Is that how you remember your regulars?” she asked, sitting beside him. The tension in her chest loosened when he smiled. “Our tips and orders?”

    “More or less.”

    “It’s weird to see you outside of Nectar,” she said, referring to the diner that Sicheng worked at. She couldn’t recall the first time she met him, but they’d only ever existed together at Nectar before. And strictly as waiter and patron. “So um, are you here to buy a car?”

    “No,” he replied, holding up a white paper bag in his hand. “One of my friends works here, so he gives us discounts on car parts.”

    “What kind of car do you have?”

    “This is for one of my other friends. His front headlight is dead, and I offered to help pick up the replacement.”

    “You can fix cars?” she asked, sitting up straight. Her chest felt light knowing that she could keep talking to him about cars. “My brother’s a car enthusiast, too.”

    “I know a little here and there,” he said with a shrug. Her eyes fell to his hand falling down to his side as he set the bag down. “Why were you visiting Hearts’ Auto?”

    “I need a car,” she replied. Looking up, her eyes followed his gaze. “HEART’S AUTOMOTIVE” was written in bold acid tripping neon green letters against a matte black billboard at the top of the main building to the used car lot. “My brother was supposed to meet me here to help me buy a car. He didn’t show up.”

    “Who’s your brother? Does he eat at Nectar?”

    “He went to Berkeley,” she replied, rolling her eyes. “He would never step into Nectar or anything affiliated with our university. I don’t know if you know my brother, Sid? I think he said he had a friend connected to Heart’s.”

    “Wait, Sid,” Sicheng said, resting his hands behind him on the bench, “Sid has the blue 2004 Toyota Celica, right?”

    “You know about his Celica?” she replied, picking up her legs to cross in front of her. “Did you know he sacrificed his summer break saving up for it?”

    “He told me about how he worked as a waiter at your aunt’s restaurant.”

    “Please,” she said with a head shake, “I was there. I don’t need to hear that story again. So you’ve seen his precious Celica?”

    “Yuta and Kun helped him fix the alignment on his front axles. Kun works at Heart’s. Have you met Kun or Yuta?”

    “They sound familiar,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. Was Yuta the soccer jock a former roommate tried hooking up with a couple years ago? “I don’t really hang out with Sid and his car enthusiast friends. When did you meet my brother?”

    “He brought the Celica to our house last summer.”

    “Wait a minute,” she said, holding up a hand in the air, “my brother's visited the NCT frat house?”

    She laughed when he nodded, another half a grin growing on his face. His boyish smile was charming, she realized, because the apples of his cheeks popped out and turned the slightest shade of pink. Clearing her throat, she stifled her laughs before speaking again.

    “So much for never going where I go,” she said with a snort.

    “You’ve been to my place?” he asked with raised eyebrows. He sat up straight.

    “I’ve been to a few parties,” she said, feeling her cheeks grow warm. Rhea knew she wasn’t a social butterfly, but she had enough friends to get invitations to the NCT Frat parties. “I’m sorry if I was stepping into your territory.”

    “How come I’ve never seen you?” he asked, his half grin returning, though his eyes were moving to the ground. Her hands fisted into her jeans when he glanced up at her. Sicheng's overbite was noticeable when he gave a full on smile, adding to its charm. “It would have been wild to play Beer Pong against my best tipper.”

    “I’m your best tipper?” she asked, surprised. Most of her orders were under $10 given that she went to Nectar to snack on onion rings while she studied. “Do you have a chart of your customers’ tips?”

    The top of his ears turned red, and she felt her cheeks grow hot once more with a bright smile refusing to disappear. She covered her smile by throwing her hands over her mouth. She wanted to ask him half a dozen questions, mostly wondering why he suddenly seemed so shy, but she realized she was afraid of stuttering if she were to open her mouth.

    “Winwin?” a woman in a red hoodie was waving her hand as she looked at Sicheng. She stood right before them on the bench.

    He sat up straight and threw his arm over Rhea’s shoulders, his fingers gripping onto her arm. His body felt rigid as she uncrossed her legs to straighten herself up. Their eyes met for a second, and she knew he was asking her to play along with him.

    “Wen! Hey!” he said loudly, the cheerful tone almost as fake as their relationship. “Rhea, this is Wen. She’s friends with Kun’s girlfriend. Wen, this is Rhea, my girlfriend.”

    “Girlfriend!” Wen’s eyebrows raised and her mouth hung open for a solid five seconds before she shut her mouth. Squaring her shoulders, she glanced at Rhea with her lips pressed together before looking back at Sicheng. “That was kind of rude of you not to tell me.”

    “Why?” he asked, pulling Rhea closer to him. Between the sun and his body, Rhea’s body was too hot for comfort. Her neck was starting to sweat. “I found out through Yuta that you began dating Mike-”

    “-It’s nice to meet you, Wen,” Rhea said, holding her hand out to Wen. “I’m Rhea. Sicheng was so sweet to come with me to pick up a lightbulb for my car.”

    “Rhea?” Wen said with a soft tone, shaking her hand with a gentle grasp. Eyes squinting for a moment, she scanned Rhea’s face. “Didn’t you model at the university fall fashion show with that gold showstopper gown?”

    “Oh - no,” she said, feeling her face grow hot, sweat suddenly forming at her temples. Not only was she lying to a stranger about Sicheng being her boyfriend, but her five seconds of viral fame with her real exboyfriend was haunting her months later. “No, like, my-um...Chan, you know Heo Chan? He was modeling for his friend and like, it was a joke. It was during his rehearsals and Hanse posted it on Instagram but I didn’t model during the actual show.”

    “Wow, Winwin,” Wen said as her eyes shifted to Sicheng, “your rebound is a model? What the fuck was I to you?”

    Before Rhea could register whether or not Wen was insulting her, Sicheng scoffed, and squeezed her arm gently.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, squaring his shoulders. “You broke up with me. Three weeks after we broke up you went out on a date with Mike. The guy you swore was too stupid to know how to tell time.”

    “It was just a date,” Wen replied. She squared her shoulders again. “I actually have a date with my new boyfriend tonight! Care to join?”

    “Why not?” Sicheng spoke up, tilting his chin up. “Text me the restaurant and time, and we’ll be there."

    “Fine,” Wen said, picking up her phone. “I hope you like GT Steakhouse.”

    “Am I supposed to be impressed?” Sicheng said with a scoff, a sharp, low “tsk” sliced through the air.

    She’d never seen Sicheng be anything but polite or tired, so she felt numb watching him be so expressive. It was like a black and white picture turned into a fully colored feature length movie. The dull features of a simple, pleasant sight transforming into a colorful piece of art, full of wonder and much more depth than a mere snapshot could ever grasp.

    “We need to go,” Rhea said as the giant white and blue public bus came into view. “Don’t forget the bag, Sicheng.”

    “Thanks, Rhea,” he said as his ears turned bright red. He met her gaze and she read the fear in his eyes as sweat glided down the side of his face.

    Making sure she wasn’t still watching then, Rhea glanced at Wen furiously tapping her thumbs onto the screen of her phone, her tendrils falling over her forehead as a gentle breeze passed. Her eyebrows were creased together and her pink stained lips were curved into a frown. They didn’t exchange farewells as Sicheng let go of Rhea so she could get onto the bus before him. Once they were seated at the only unoccupied pair of seats at the front, Sicheng ran his hands over his eyes and he threw his back against his seat.

    “I’m sorry about that,” he said, shaking his head as he threw his hand down. “I’ll tell her you broke up with me so she wins. Dinner’s canceled.”

    Eyes downcast, staring at his lap, Sicheng’s eyelashes curved upwards beautifully as Rhea looked at him. She was used to the contemplative frown paired with the thick, long eyelashes. At Nectar though, she’d never cared to think of the context behind such a sad expression.

    “What did she win?”

    He met her gaze, the frown remaining. She gave him a smile, hoping he knew she meant him no harm. Showing teeth was too expressive, so she kept her mouth shut.

    “She’s the one who moved on first and moved on better,” he replied. “It’s stupid right?”

    She shook her head, clasping her hands together. Trying to get a car was her big girl moment. Chan had driven her to work and picked her up when they had dated. It took 2 months of waking up early and arriving home late to wear her down enough to ask Sid to help her find a car. Instead of a new car, she’d gotten herself a frat boy as her fake boyfriend.

    “Heo Chan got the shoot manager position at Vogue Japan,” she said, turning to look at his face. His blank stare made her smile. “Chan’s my exboyfriend. Anyway, he spent months applying and interviewing for that job. He told me that he’d let me know if he got it. I found out from my brother congratulating him on Instagram. So…”

    Her smile disappeared as she recalled how her stomach tightened into a rock when she realized Chan had moved on from her. Sure, they hadn’t spoken since the day they broke up, but they’d agreed that they’d be too busy to communicate. Then again, he had promised that even if they were broken up, he would tell her if he got the job he’d been wanting for months. She bit back her tears, regretting the thought of Chan.

    “Why was your ex calling you ‘Winwin?’” she asked, turning her body in toward his. She stopped when she realized their knees were about to touch, her fingers digging into the strap of her purse as her heartbeat quickened. She’d never been so shy about being near him before.

    “It’s a nickname,” he replied. “A lot of people call me Winwin, but Sicheng’s my real name. Call me whatever you want. I think my name today is Loselose.”

    His voice was faint, his eyes unfocused as he looked at the ground. She gave a small chuckle, getting him to look up at her. A smile broke out as his round cheeks rose high and he gave a small guffaw.

    Sicheng had helped her escape the relentless salesman. If he had to admit defeat to his ex it meant she hadn’t returned the favor. At what other point in her life would she and Sicheng have to pretend to be a couple in which she’d be doing him the favor? And if she was to be completely honest, she’d had a lot of fun playing his girlfriend in front of Wen. She liked the more complex version of Sicheng.

    “Let’s go on the double date,” she said, tapping her knee against his for a second. Their eyes met, his mouth hanging open. “You’re moving on so much better, because I’ve been the perfect girlfriend.” She tapped his chin with a finger, and laughed when he closed his mouth. “Let her know that your rebound model girlfriend has made you so much happier.”

    Her stop was approaching, so she stood, and he followed her. They got off together as he stared around, seeming to take in his surroundings. She walked toward the street light that led to the pearl pink painted apartment complex across the street. It was behind a park where she took her morning runs. At that moment, the park was occupied by a handful of kids climbing on the slide and monkey bars with their caretakers watching nearby.

    “Did you get off at the wrong stop?” she asked as Sicheng walked beside her.

    “No,” he said immediately, reaching up to rub the back of his neck. He looked at the ground for a moment. “We’re going to need to get our story straight. When did we meet? How long have we been going out? What are your likes or dislikes? Because what if I order us shrimp and you’re allergic?”

    “Have you done this before?”

    “What makes you say that?”

    He’d stopped walking, his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. She heard the paper bag crinkle in his pocket.

    “You’re telling me we have to get our story straight,” she replied. “I didn’t even think to do that, but it makes complete sense. I mean, when did we start dating?”

    He shrugged, glancing around the street.

    “Is there a place where we can get coffee or tea?” he asked. “We should drink as we hatch this plot.”


    White grains scattered across the small round table as Sicheng tore open the pink packet of sugar. They had the last table outside with an umbrella, which Rhea appreciated. Her scalp itched when it became too hot, and her focus couldn’t wander since she and Sicheng were in the middle of an unplanned scheme. His rough handling of a packet of sugar was tempting her patience as her mind wanted to roll into the gutter.

    “How long have you been broken up?” Rhea asked, forcing her eyes to look up to his face. He was completely focused on mixing his coffee concoction. “Chan and I broke up almost 4 months ago, so when would be a good window for us to have started dating?”

    “Wen and I broke up 3 months ago,” he replied, mixing his drink with a wooden stirring stick. After sipping his coffee, he set the mug down. “You and I have been dating for just over a month.”

    “You said it so casually even I believed it.”

    The apples of his cheeks flushed as he guffawed, reminding her of the last time she’d seen him before Heart’s Auto. His face had been red like a maraschino cherry when he had given her a hot basket of onion rings. She’d noticed because a few sweat beads from his face had landed onto her notebook, staining her doodles. The marigold chain on the outside corner of her notebook had wrinkled into squiggly lines with Sicheng’s sweat.

    “I asked you out the last time I visited Nectar,” she said. “You gave me the onion rings for free, so I felt compelled to ask you out.”

    “Oh shit, it was because I ruined that drawing you’d been working on.” She smiled, teeth showing, appreciative that he’d remembered that day too. “I’m sorry.”

    “I’m your girlfriend now, I think we’ve gone past you having to apologize for that.”

    He grinned and she returned the smile. As they drank silently together, Rhea noticed how Sicheng squared his shoulders as he sat up straight, putting his mug down before he looked at her. He cleared his throat before speaking.

    “I can get a couple of friends to play along with the ruse,” he said. “Wen’s going to ask why I haven’t shared my girlfriend with our friends.”

    She nodded. Unlike him, she had never been good at remaining friends with exes and the mutual friends that had come with the relationship. Why keep company around who all were extensions of the person who broke her heart?

    After the split with Chan, all their mutual friends constantly updated her on how sad Chan was, as if the sad feelings would be enough to convince them to get back together. Eventually, it was easier to work more, study harder, and start research on what would make for a good car to purchase for the first time than try to balance out a safe distance between her friends and Chan.

    “You still talk to each other’s friends?” she asked as her index finger slid onto the table, collecting tiny grains of sugar under her finger. She was creating a line, pointing toward him.

    “We were friends before we began dating. We only dated for like, 6 months, but we’ve known each other for a couple years.”

    “Why did you break up?”

    “She wanted to go to Coachella and I wanted to roadtrip to Austin for our first trip together. There was more to it, but…we were such good friends. We didn’t make a good couple, though.” He cleared his throat, causing Rhea to stop her finger on the table, her eyes drifting up to meet his gaze. “What about your history? Why’d you break up with your ex?”

    “We were talking about getting an apartment together because my lease was ending,” she replied, her eyes returning to her finger. She pushed the grains of sugar under her finger off the ledge of the table, swerving left, before placing her hands into her lap. “But Chan was worried about the potential job in Japan. And then I want to stay here because I still don’t know what grad schools I should apply to next year. So like, yeah, we were both realizing that life wasn’t going to be us forever.”

    “How long did you date?” he asked.

    “A little under a year and a half,” she replied. Afraid that he’d start grilling her about the finer details of her breakup, she asked, “So if we’re dating, are you the type to hold hands? If you want Wen to be jealous we can hold hands. I don’t mind cheek kissing, hand kissing is actually really sweet,” - she paused as she noticed the tips of his ears turning red - “but we can just call each other babe or something.”

    “No,” he said, sitting up straight. “Um, yeah, we can hold hands. If things get awkward, just kiss me on the cheek and I’ll know that means you want to leave. With you and Chan, was it a bad breakup? Who was the one to call it off?”

    “He broke up with me. I knew it was coming, but,” she paused, feeling her throat dry up as she finally picked up her cup of coffee and took a large gulp of her milk and sugar heavy coffee. “So like, before we leave to get ready for dinner with Wen, we’ve been dating for a little over a month right?”


    “Are we the type of couple that calls each other babe?”

    “No,” he replied, firm and clear. “I don’t like pet names. Should I pick you up for the date?”

    “How about I come to your place and we leave together from there? I'm familiar with how to get to your house, but not with how to find GT Steakhouse.”

    They exchanged phone numbers, and she made sure to save Sicheng’s number with a heart emoji to get herself into the role of his girlfriend. Walking home, she decided that she was going to play the role of a girlfriend who was head over heels infatuated with Sicheng. It was clear that his breakup with Wen had been tense. As long as the dinner ended on a good note for him, Rhea would consider it a favor returned in full.


    Chapter 2

    #nct fanfic#nct smut#nct winwin#wayv winwin #winwin x reader #nct au#nct #no beta read #winwin x ofc #dong sicheng x reader #winwin smut #nct university au #nct college au #wayv smut#winwin fluff#nct fluff #fake dating au #fake dating#light angst #fluff and smut #drunk kissing #drunk in the closet accidental groping #a lot of short cameos in this one too #nct romcom
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  • sixzeroes
    16.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    mark me in your heart.

    summary | one deep, dark secret of yours? that undying desire you have to fuck mark lee. one difficult issue to work around? mark lee is the head pastor’s son. (he’s also got a lot of enemies, but you don’t know that. yet.)

    characters | spider-man!mark x reader(f).

    genres | fluff, smut, a smidge of angst, romance, slice of life, acquaintances-to-friends-to-lovers, university au, spider-mark au, avengers au.

    warnings | references to avengers & spider-man movies (mark is basically peter), spoilers for no way home, spoilers for endgame, profanity, car sex, cockwarming, sex-based fantasies about mark, mentions of death, mark is indecisive, y/n kinda keeps forgetting boundaries, reader and mark are christian, shitty plot, not proofread lol.

    word count | 9.9k.

    playlist | 34+35 by ariana grande ⋆ falling in love by 2ne1.

    tbh i have zero clue what i wrote,,, i wrote this entire fic over the course of like two weeks at 3am in the morning.. pls forgive me if the plot makes no sense i was kinda desperate to post smth :”D but nonetheless, i channeled all of my inner fantasies of spider-mark bc i’m a wh//re for spider-mark <3 anyway, welcome to my vv first fic, hope u enjoy!

    YOU’VE COME TO learn that Sunday services are the best times to fantasize about Mark Lee. He sits at the front, facing the crowd as the guitar rests in his lap. His hands—oh God, his hands—delicately grasp the instrument, strumming the chords to the beat of the drums. He softly sings along, bobbing his head as he does.

    Mark Lee truly is the head pastor’s son.

    Jesus, I want his hands around my neck.

    You gulp at the thought, a rather unholy image flashing before your eyes. Ripping your eyes away from Mark’s concentrated figure, you digest the lyrics on the board, attempting to sing along in harmony with the rest of the adults. It probably wouldn’t be the brightest idea to get horny during the head pastor’s sermon, especially considering how the boy of your daydreams is none other than his son.

    For now, you’ll have to drop the Mark and choking agenda.

    For now.

    You’ll return to it later in the warmth of your room.


    For now, you’ll simply admire his beauty and fantasize about the way last week could’ve gone had you played your cards a little differently when he’d given you a ride. If only you hadn’t over-thought about the outcomes of fucking him, maybe, just maybe, something could have happened in the backseat of his car. Maybe, your stupid little fantasies would’ve finally had a taste of reality.

    But you’re a chicken, a scaredy-cat. You’d rather simp for Mark than possibly face rejection. After all, your church is small, and it’d be impossible to avoid him.

    But damn, how nice would it be to ride him in his car.

    The service crawls by at the speed of a tortoise, your consciousness struggling to stay awake. It’s torture, moving up from the youth’s services to the adult’s. You can’t handle a sermon for forty minutes—it’s simply too much.

    By the time the service concludes, you’ve gone through at least seven different scenarios with Mark. You purse your lips as you gather your stuff. There’s no way you’ll be able to look Mark Lee in the eyes today.

    You don’t get the chance to anyway, because Mark is gone the moment the service is done.

    “Mark’s gotten busier in the past year,” your mother observes, noticing his disappearance. “I wonder if it’s because of the Stark internship?”

    “Probably,” you mutter, a little disappointed. You were hoping he’d stay longer today just like he did last week, but he’s obviously got priorities elsewhere. You don’t blame him though; school is tough, internship even more.

    Next week, you think to yourself. I’ll see him again next week.

    Spoiler alert: you don’t.

    Three weeks pass, and not once did you see Mark. He’s missed three Sunday services in a row, which is unusual for a guy like him. You try not to think much of it, but you can’t help but wonder if the Stark internship really means that much to Mark.

    (Well, it probably does, seeing how he bawled his eyes out after Tony Stark died.)

    (He’s a fanboy. You find it cute.)

    You sigh, looking out the car window. Perhaps you should move on, seek the dick of another man. You’ve been all over Mark Lee for a year now, and where has that gotten you? Nowhere. It’s not like you actually harbour feelings for Mark, just a certain curiosity for the way he tastes. Probably better to put an end to your fantasies now anyway, as you’re struggling to meet the head pastor’s friendly gaze out of guilt and embarrassment.

    “Y/N?” your mother calls, briefly turning her head to glance at you. “Are you alright? That was quite the sigh.”

    “I’m fine,” you answer, offering a harmless grin. “Just a little stressed with my upcoming ex—”

    One minute, the car is racing down the bridge, the next, it’s sent toppling off the side.

    A scream rips from your throat, overlapping with your mother’s terrified shrieks. The car, heavier than a rock, falls straight for the lake head-first. Your hand manages to grasp your mother’s, tears escaping your eyes at the fate you’re about to face. Death is inevitable, and at this moment, you hate that it is. But the fall is cut short when an unknown force tugs you to a stop, the car recoiling at the sudden pull. Your head hits the head restraint, a buzzing sound echoing in your ears. You can vaguely hear your mother sob your name over and over again, her voice faltering in fear. Despite your vision blurring, you reach to comfort your mother.

    “M—Mom,” you gasp, lips dry, “I’m here, I’m here. I love you, mom—”

    There’s a thud from the back of the car, and you dissect that the weight of something—or someone—is sitting on your car. Your mother faints, and you catch her limp head with your hand. You purse your lips, swallowing the tears.

    “Hey! Hey, can you hear me?” you hear a muffled voice shout. “Hang in there, I’ll get you out!”

    The trunk door is ripped off with ease, the impact slightly shaking the car. You twist your head to see who it is, one hand still cradling your mother’s head.

    “Help!” you cry, the waterworks shifting gears. “My mom—she’s—she—”

    A familiar voice warms the air. “Woah, calm down! Calm down for me, yeah? Breathe in, breathe out. I’ll get you and your mom out of there, ‘kay?”

    Relief washes over you when the silhouette becomes recognizable. “Spider-Man,” you murmur, “thanks.”

    “Y—Yeah. No problem.”

    “Please, my mom first. She needs paramedics, her blood pressure might be unstable. I can—I can wait,” you beg.

    Spider-Man seems hesitant. “The car is bound to break. It’s too risky to leave you alone.”

    You shake your head. “I’ll be fine. My mom is my priority. Please.” You whisper the last part.

    The Avenger stays still for a moment before silently nodding. He moves over to the driver’s side, tearing the car door off with ease. He gently removes the seatbelt, embracing your mother with care. He cradles her in one arm, and looks at you. “Stay put. I’ll be back for you in a second.”

    You can only nod as Spider-Man shoots a web to the sky, swinging away with your unconscious mother. You swallow harshly, unable to turn back to the nauseating view below you. It’s nearing midnight, the night sky a dark navy shade, the waters pitch black. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you find yourself muttering a prayer to God.

    “Please don’t let me die yet.”


    Oh my God, I’m going to die.

    Carefully, you glance up at the rope of web holding onto the car. It’s thick, but you can see it has started to snap under the weight.

    You need to get out of here.

    There’s nothing but white clouding your mind as you unbuckle your seatbelt, pressing your feet against the dashboard to work against gravity. Using all the energy you can muster, you squeeze yourself through the two front seats, stretching an arm to grab a hold of the middle seat’s headrest. You breathe as steadily as possible, heaving yourself up while attempting to keep the car from swaying side to side. It works, until it doesn’t.

    Snap. Snap. Snap.

    The web has fallen victim to the weight, and only a string of it is keeping you suspended up high. A wild idea runs through your mind, one you’re crazy enough to enact on. Spider-Man did say he’ll be back for you in a second, and it’s been more than one. By now, he ought to be on his way to save you.

    With that hope in mind, you crawl out of the car, jumping just as the last string snaps.


    The wind howls in your ears as you claw at the air, the painful realization of failure settling in your gut. You should have just stayed in the car.

    You’re plummeting backwards now, gravity dragging you to your demise. The edge of the bridge is only getting farther and farther, bright blues and reds peeking out from behind the wall. A figure closes in on you, his desperation clear despite the mask covering his face. You can see it in his body language, see it in his reaching hands.

    “I’ve got you,” he whispers in your ear, securing his arm around your waist. You automatically cling to him, fingers grasping at the soft yet solid material of his suit. You bury your face into the arch of his neck, choking up a sob.

    You’re alive.

    You’ve been saved.

    You’re not ascending tonight.

    “Y/N!” your mother cries, breaking free from the paramedics’ hold when Spider-Man swings you to the edge of the bridge. He softly sets you down on the road, which has been blocked off by the police. You nearly fall from her tackle, releasing breathy sobs as she hugs you tightly. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright.”

    Paramedics rush to your side, a first-aid kit in tow. They examine your well-being, attending to a wound on your forehead you hadn’t noticed before. Your hands are shaking from the accident, your breathing shallow.

    “Mr. Spider-Man,” a police officer says, his voice full of authority. “We thank you once again for your help in catching the criminal.”

    You break away from your mother, gazing over at the Avenger. Your mother staggers over to him, her frail hands gratefully clasping his clothed ones. “Thank you, Mr. Spider-Man. Thank you so much. I will forever be indebted.”

    Spider-Man scratches his head. “Ah, well, it was no biggie. I’m glad the criminal didn’t severely hurt anyone but…I can’t say the same for the bridge.”

    “Yes, well, that is our problem now,” the police officer grunts, obviously unhappy with the current state of the bridge. He then turns to your mother. “Ma’am, I’m Officer Suh from the National Security Investigation unit. Are you alright with lending us your personal address so we can take you home? All information shared will stay confidential.”

    “Yes, yes, of course.” your mother nods, letting go of Spider-Man’s hands. She rejoins your side, her fingers wrapping around yours. “Thank you, officer.”

    “It is my pleasure.”

    In the next five minutes, your mother and you are placed in a police car to safely escort you back to your house. It’s past midnight, and the moon continues to glow a muted silver. The conversation outside doesn’t cease, Officer Suh furiously scribbling down witness statements and Spider-Man’s testaments. The cop with you, a relatively young recruit, revs the engine of the car. Your mother is fast asleep, her heavy head resting on your shoulder as she snores without a worry. You pat her thigh, feeling fatigue overwhelm your senses, too.

    You’re nearly asleep when a shiver runs down your spine.

    How did Spider-Man know your name?

    “I heard you nearly died on Thursday,” Yerim mentions, chewing on a piece of rice cake. “It’s all over the news. My mom almost fainted, you know, when she saw your car dangling from the bridge. I’m glad you’re alive.”

    You steal a chunk of her injeolmi. “Spider-Man’s real.”

    Yerim raises an eyebrow. “Yeah? Why wouldn’t he be?”

    “I don’t know. I always thought the Avengers were surreal.”

    “They literally saved the earth from Thanos last year.”

    “Shut up, Yerim.”

    Two days have passed since the accident on the bridge, and here you are, attending church as if death wasn’t at your doorstep just a few nights ago. The news spread rather quickly throughout the city, and even quicker throughout the small church community. You’d received messages from adults and youths alike, wishing you well and showing their gratitude to God—and Spider-Man—for saving your life. Forty minutes ago, during the usual Sunday service, a separate prayer had been presented by the head pastor to thank the Holy Spirit for the miracle. Like always, your eyes had searched for a certain figure amongst the praise team. And once again, Mark Lee is absent.

    “So, what was Spider-Man like?” asks Yerim, redirecting your attention to her. “He’s an Avenger. Is he hot?”

    You shrug. “Didn’t see his face, but he sounded like he was our age. Which is surprising, since most of the Avengers are…older.”

    “Like, middle-aged.”

    “Yeah. Middle-aged.”

    “Ah, I wanna meet an Avenger!” Yerim pouts, sliding down the pew. “I wonder if Mark gets to meet the Avengers a lot.”


    She nods. “His Stark internship, remember? He probably doesn’t, though. Bet he works with everyone but the Avengers.”

    “Speaking of, where has he been for the past month?” you ask, hoping the question comes off as an innocent inquiry rather than an ‘I’m interested in him so I want to know about him’ type. “Mark hasn’t come to church for like a month now.”

    Yerim juts out her bottom lip, scrunching her nose as she thinks. “I texted him, like, two weeks ago. He said he was busy training with Stark Industries. He’s probably all the way in New York right now.”

    You hum, chewing on the last portion of injeolmi. “I wonder if the internship pays for his expenses.”

    “Must be nice if they do.”

    You wonder what Mark is up to right now. It’s a little devastating, being unable to see the boy of your fantasies for five weeks. His bright smile, his kind eyes…his hands. You really miss witnessing his veiny hands caress the guitar as he strums a melody.

    Next week, you tell yourself again. I’ll see him next week.

    You see him before Sunday ends.

    It takes everything within you to not let out a terrified scream, the ongoing storm outside doing nothing to help. You don’t see him when you first enter your room, occupied by the link your friend had sent you moments before. When lightning flashes and you briefly look up at your open window, you see a man hanging upside down, looking straight into your room.

    “W—Wait!” Spider-Man whispers, his voice nearly drowning in the downpour. “It’s not what it looks like—and I know this looks bad, but I swear—”

    “How the fuck do you know where I live?” you hiss, standing in front of your window with your arms crossed. “Aren’t you a hero, not a stalker?”

    Spider-Man vigorously shakes his head. “I’m not a stalker! I just—I was worried, you know? After everything that went down on Friday, I just wanted to check up on you, see if you were alright.”

    You scrutinize him. “Do you do this to all the people you save?”

    “Uh, no?”

    “Then why are you here?”

    “To see if you’re okay?”

    You prod your inner cheek with the tip of your tongue. “Spider-Man, do you like me or something?”

    “What—no! No, that’s ridiculous!” You can’t tell if you’re hallucinating, but the Avenger seems…nervous. “I’m just doing my job as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

    “But why me? You don’t check-up on anyone else, so why am I any different?”

    He shrugs. “Because I couldn’t go to church tod—”

    Spider-Man slaps a hand over his mouth at the same time your heart drops.


    “Mark?” you whisper, uncertainty laced in your voice.

    “Uh…no. I’m not Mark. Who’s Mark?”

    Your heart is beating at an abnormal pace. You can’t unhear it now; that voice is most definitely Mark Lee, the head pastor’s son, the boy of your fantasies. On Thursday, you couldn’t really dissect anything due to the adrenaline of nearly dying. But now, with a much clearer head and the time to think, you can connect the dots. Mark’s been missing the Sunday services due to his duty as a hero. He has an internship at Stark Industries because he’s an Avenger (or it might just be a cover-up). He’s saved millions of lives, and even battled against Thanos. He personally knew Tony Stark and that was why he bawled his eyes out when he died.

    Mark Lee is Spider-Man.

    Mark Lee is Spider-Man, so that’s why he knows where you live, that’s why he knew your name on the bridge, and that’s why he didn’t sound like a middle-aged man.

    “Well, since I’ve checked up on you, I’m gonna go—”


    “Yes? I mean! Who?”

    You suppress a snort, pursing your lips to do so. “Thank you. On Thursday, I mean. When you saved my mom and I from, well, dying.”

    Spider-Man—Mark—bashfully shrugs. “It’s my job.”

    “Do your parents know you’re Spider-Man?”

    The guy coughs. “Well, I’m not Ma—”

    He falters when you tug off his mask, his eyes widening at your unexpected action. A small smile dances on your lips as you whisper, “Liar.”

    A look of defeat paints his face. “Fine. I’m Mark.”

    It’s nearly impossible for you to breathe as you take in the wonderful sight of the boy before you. Despite the lack of light and the shadows cast across his face, his beauty is incapable of being dimmed. You notice his damp hair, and the rain running down his skin. The suit fits him tightly, defining his abs and toned muscles.

    You set his mask down on the windowsill. “Wait here. I’ll grab you a towel to dry yourself off.” You turn towards the door, but swivel around to order, “Don’t leave, Mark.”

    Your trip to the bathroom is silent, working hard to blend in with the night. In the bathroom, you grab three sets of towels, one for his hair, one for his body, and one just in case. Additionally, you grab a fresh T-shirt from the laundry room that fits oversized on you.

    When you return from the bathroom, Mark is gone. In his place, on your phone, is a KakaoTalk message received a few seconds ago.

    mark lee: pls don’t tell anyone.

    Disappointment settles in your gut, but you’re not exactly surprised. You probably shouldn’t have taken his mask off during the heat of the moment, regret running through your veins. He must hate you now, there’s no way he doesn’t. Mark’s an anonymous superhero for a reason, and some girl who’s not even a friend uncovering his identity defeats the whole purpose. You’re about to move around when your phone lights up from a second KakaoTalk message.

    mark lee: i’ll drop by tomorrow night. good night, y/n

    Your heart picks up an erratic speed.

    you: will do. good night, mark :)

    You hope the smiley face isn’t too weird.

    Mark does not keep promises, and you learn it the hard way. Monday arrived and passed in a blur, and no pastor’s son clad in a red bodysuit showed up at your window. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday resulted in the same outcome; no Spider-Man in sight, and no messages explaining why. But two hours into Friday, three days past the night Mark had promised to revisit, rapid knocks at your window jolt you awake. A scowl occupies your half-asleep face at the familiar sight of Mark Lee in his superhero attire.

    “It’s two in the morning.” A displeasured grunt tumbles from your lips as you push your window open, letting Mark settle on the window sill in an uncomfortable position. You click your tongue. “Just come in. I can wipe the floor after.”

    Mark sheepishly nods. “Thanks. And sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to show up unexpectedly.”

    “You couldn’t have sent a single message?”

    “That…kinda didn’t cross my mind.”

    You sigh, slumping onto your bed. Mark hesitates by the window. You gesture to the office chair beside your desk. Mark complies, politely sitting down. He takes off his mask, a sheer layer of sweat coating his skin.

    “So…” the boy begins.

    “So.” you repeat.

    “About Sunday…”

    “My lips are sealed,” you say, mimicking a zipper across your mouth.

    Mark softly smiles. “Thanks, Y/N. I knew I could trust you.”

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Your heart skips a beat at his words. Stupid.

    “So, uh,” you lamely attempt at a conversation, “how did you become Spider-Man? I’ve known you for years now, so it’s kinda cool, I guess, that you’re a hero.”

    The boy scratches his head, and under the faint moonlight, you see a faint blush dust his cheeks. “I don’t know, really, it just sort of happened. Got bit by some glowing spider and the next minute, I could climb walls and was way stronger than an average human being.”

    You muse, “A glowing spider?”

    “Ridiculous, right?”

    “It’s realistic,” you grin, “something that would definitely happen in this universe. And I remember seeing you with a bandaid on your neck for the longest time. The spider bit you there?”

    “Ah, no.” coughs Mark, and his cheeks grow even redder. “I was scratched by Jeno’s cat there. The spider bit me”—he points to his left wrist, a finger landing on a vessel—“here, right where my blood flows.”

    You peer at where he points. “Interesting. It must’ve had some sort of special property—maybe a poison—that changed your body to what it is now. Do you make webs, too? Like, the way spiders do?”

    Mark sputters. “No! No. I do not shit webs out of me. I make them in the school laboratory out of chemicals.” He taps the gadget on his wrist.

    “That is cool,” you breathe, in awe of his invention. “And the suit? Did you make it too?”

    “No, Mr. Stark did.” You don’t miss the way his expression falls at the mention of the late Avenger. “He—A lot of my suits were made by him. But I kinda got most of them destroyed from fighting and shit.”

    There is a line you shouldn’t cross, and you’re wary of it this time. Sunday evening, you got a little nosy and unveiled Mark without his permission. You’re not about to disrespect his boundaries again. You settle with saying, “Your current suit is nice. I like the fabric.”

    Mark smiles, a little too sadly for your liking. “It’s pretty soft on the inside.”

    Silence blankets your bedroom as you awkwardly play with the hem of your T-shirt, unsure of what else to say. You rack your brain for conversation topics, but Mark ceases the brewing storm by standing up. “I should get going now,” he says, looking at the digital clock on your shelf. “It’s nearly two-thirty a.m.” He cheekily adds, “Can’t afford to miss school tomorrow.”

    “Oh.” You forgot he’s a university student, too. “Right. Studies are important.” You stand up from your bed, walking over to the window. Mark has already perched himself on the ledge, one hand attached to the building’s outer brick wall. “Uh, Mark?”

    “Yeah?” Mark’s voice is muffled as he slips his mask back on.

    “I’m really sorry about Sunday. I didn’t mean to just—expose you like that. I got nervous and excited and I couldn’t stop myself—well, not that this excuses my behaviour—but I’m really sorry. I swear on my mother’s life that I will not tell anyone about your alter ego. Your secret is safe with me until the millisecond I die.”

    Mark laughs, and your ears burn in embarrassment. You really suck at dealing with guys you find attractive. Maybe it’s time you reevaluate your feelings for the head pastor’s son.

    “Y/N?” He snaps you out of your thoughts. “Don’t worry about it. I’d been really stressed without having anyone to talk to about being an Avenger and all. I’m glad you’re the first person to know about my identity.”

    Your eyes widen, and the heat creeps up your neck. “I—I’m glad you feel that way,” you murmur, tongue-tied. Your heart stutters from excitement. With a genuine grin, you look up at Spider-Man. “Good night, Mark. Get home safe.”

    “Night, Y/N.” With that, he’s off, swinging into the dark.

    It’s funny how relationships can change overnight. Just over a month ago, Mark was nothing but a sweet daydream to lose yourself in during Sunday services. Now, you leave your window open for him to sneak in through.

    Truthfully speaking, you don’t know what he is to you, nor you to him. He’s a companion, but he’s possibly more. A friend? A crush? You’re unsure, and you’re somewhat afraid to find out. But one thing’s for sure: Mark has found a sort of comfort within you, and you within him. The once-awkward air has now dissipated into a cozy warmth you like to indulge yourself in.

    It’s been two weeks since that fateful Friday morning. Two Sunday services had gone by, and Mark had popped in for one of them. Many were delighted to see him, and you didn’t have the chance to talk to him. Only a simple hey had been exchanged between the two of you before Yerim pestered the poor guy about his Stark internship. It was funny, watching him blurt out white lies to protect his identity. In retrospect, you probably should’ve helped him worm out of the conversation, but alas, you’re not the best when it comes to covering for someone else. One lie from you and Yerim would’ve caught on to your dishonesty. He was better off wiggling his way out than relying on you for support.

    Friday, ten at night, Mark is sliding the window shut behind him.

    “Dude, you won’t believe what I saw today.”

    You sit up in your bed, not even surprised to see Mark’s shadow in your dimly lit room. “What’d you see?”

    “Do you know Mrs. Kirby?”

    You nearly gag at the name. “The maths teacher from S.M. High? I hated her so fucking much. She taught me calculus over the summer and holy shit, the worst experience in my life.”

    “Oh, I had her for AP Calculus and she threatened to fail all of us over winter break.” Mark shudders at the recollection. “But that’s not the point. Kirby’s literally a sugar mommy.”

    This time, you do gag. “Mrs. Kirby’s a what?”

    “Yeah, a sugar mommy. I was out earlier, fighting the bad guys, doing what I do, when I saw her with some dude twenty years younger on the street. She was, like, all over him, touching his abs and shit. It was so bad.”

    “You could’ve kept that to yourself.”

    “I really couldn’t.”

    A groan slips from your lips as you hop off your bed, walking towards him with your arms crossed. You glare at him, and he ignores you, tugging off his mask and tossing it onto his backpack. He sits on the floor as per usual, a grunt escaping his throat. You sigh, grabbing the bowl and chopsticks from your desk.

    “Our family ordered takeout earlier,” you explain as you set a bowl of chow mein down on the floor before him. It’s become a routine now; Mark sneaking in at night and you providing a filling dinner. You learned a lot about Mark in the past few weeks, and him a lot about you. Mark is in quite the predicament right now, lying to his parents about being in New York for the internship. He’s struggling to juggle both his student life and his superhero career, unable to find a balance between the two. Numerous nights are spent listening to him rant about the difficulties of shouldering two characters, and repeatedly suggesting that he quits school. You urge him to use the Stark internship as an excuse, or to simply come clean as Spider-Man. And each time, Mark vehemently refuses to tell his parents the truth.

    Such as now.

    His cheeks are full of chow mein when he disapproves of your idea for the nth time.

    “But why?” You question, again. “You get paid a stipend from the Starks. Isn’t it possible to have a proper career as Spider-Man?”

    Mark sets down his chopsticks. “It’s possible, and dream-wise, the most appealing future.”

    You chew on a Starburst. “Well, you obviously can’t give up on Spider-Man no matter what. You told me you might forfeit university, but never Spider-Man. I think even you agree that the superhero life is what you yearn for, so why not make a living off of what you want to do?”

    The Avenger stills, and his eyes fix on the chow mein.

    You continue to ramble. “You could pull a Tony Stark. Reveal your identity, build a company. Or just stay anonymous. Up to you.”

    Mark’s shoulders stiffen, and you notice the way his eyebrows furrow. You gaze at him, worried. Guilt pricks at your conscience as you deduce you’ve said something wrong.


    “Y/N,” his voice is barely a whisper, “I risk my life every time I enter a battlefield. What if one day…one day I don’t return? Like Mr. Stark, or Miss Romanoff.”

    Oh. You stare at him helplessly.

    “Being Spider-Man is amazing, and I love everything about it. But I’m also a university student and I want to live like one. I want to go out drinking with friends. I want to apply for part-time jobs at restaurants or cafés. I want to stay active in the church community. I want to go on dates, find a girlfriend. I want to be Mark Lee, but Spider-Man is holding me back. And I…I don’t know what to do.”

    There’s a burden Mark shoulders, a mountain of expectations and responsibilities he must live up to—both as Mark Lee and as Spider-Man. Not only does he have to save the world when trouble comes, he has the duty as a student to maintain good grades and aim for graduation. As Mark, his parents expect nothing but the best. As Spider-Man, the whole world depends on him to rescue the day.

    Mark Lee is torn between his two identities.

    “Doctor Strange told me I’m indecisive,” Mark continues, prodding at his chow mein. “He says I’m trying to live two different lives at once, and that it won’t work. Eventually, I’ll have to choose between one or the other, but I don't want to. I’m selfish and I want to live both at once.”

    “I don’t know if I have the right to say this,” you speak, gaining Mark’s attention, “but I genuinely think you should sit down with your parents and talk about this. You’re struggling to keep up with both your parents’ and the world’s expectations, and it’s eating you from the inside. Maybe talk to this Doctor Strange, too. He sounds wise.”

    “Maybe,” chuckles Mark, a sad smile gracing his lips. “I wish Mr. Stark was alive. He’d probably know what to do.”

    You don’t know what to say, and Mark notices. “Sorry,” he sheepishly chuckles, rubbing the back of his ear. “Didn’t mean to share such depressing thoughts.”

    “Oh, uh—”

    “I’ll get going now,” Mark interrupts, abruptly standing up. “Thanks for the meal, Y/N. Sorry I couldn’t finish it all. I’ll see you later, ‘kay?”


    Your voice falls on deaf ears as Mark moves quickly, pulling his mask back on and slinging his backpack over a shoulder. He mounts the window sill, gives you an ungainly peace sign, and jumps off the ledge. You can only watch as he blends in with the dark.

    “Idiot.” you whisper. You begin to clear the bowl and chopsticks, neatly organizing them on a food tray. Concern lingers, and you reach for your phone.

    you: talk to your parents or dr strange, mark. and just know, i’m always here to lend a shoulder. u can rant whenever you like. you: goodnight, mark :)

    You’ve been left on read for about thirty-two hours.

    Surprisingly, Mark is at church today, the guitar sitting in his lap at a comfortable angle. There’s a hymn playing, your mother’s soulful singing ringing in your ears. Your lips don’t move, nor do your eyes. They stay fixated on the boy, your mind replaying Friday like a broken record. Did you say something wrong? Or does Mark need space? You’re not sure, and you’d certainly appreciate a word or two from Mark. It’s strange, having him sort of ignore you after several weeks of non-stop conversing.

    Maybe he’s tired of me?

    You grind your jaw. He wouldn’t be; you’re not dating, just simply enjoying each other’s presence in a platonic sense.

    Perhaps I still want his dick.

    You grimace. That’s not good; he obviously thinks of you as a friend. To view him in that light now would just ruin the friendship you’ve built with him.

    The service ends with your thoughts in a turmoil, your eyes unknowingly spaced out on Mark. He catches you staring and avoids making eye contact, but you’re too deep in your hypotheses to notice. You snap out of the daze when a finger pokes your shoulder.

    “Y/N,” Yerim calls, seeking your attention. You turn to look at the girl. “Service is finished. Wanna grab lunch with me downtown?”

    You glimpse Mark’s figure near the doorway, standing beside his father, greeting the passing elderly. What right do you have to go talk to him here? The friendship the two of you share is basically a secret. It’s better for you to contact him later, during the peak of the night when no one is awake. Your eyes return to Yerim. “Sure.” you reply, gathering your stuff. “What restaurant?”

    Yerim pulls out her phone and types in a location on a maps app. “There’s this ramen house I really wanna try. The ratings are, like, four out of five stars, and I heard there’s some really cute waiters there.”

    You mindlessly nod.

    Twenty minutes later, you’re sitting at a corner table at Chef Moon’s Ramen, a menu spread out in front of you. Yerim hums as she skims through the offered ramens, while you browse the side dishes.

    “So, what’s gotten into you lately?” asks Yerim, her gaze never lifting from the menu.

    “Hm? What do you mean?”

    She flips the menu. “You know, you’ve been a little distant these days. Not from me, but from reality in general, I guess. Did that even make sense?”

    “No,” you shake your head, “it didn’t. What’re you trying to say?”

    “Is there something on your mind, Y/N? You can tell me, you know.”


    You falter as a waiter walks up to your table, his smile charming as he says, “Good afternoon, ladies. Ready to order?”

    “Yes, I’ll have the”—Yerim points to a dish on the menu—“miso pork ramen with a side of gyoza, please.”

    The waiter nods, writing her order down. “And for you?”

    You glance at the menu. “Just a regular veggie ramen, thank you.”

    “One miso pork ramen with a side of gyoza and a regular veggie ramen?”

    “Yes.” Your voice overlaps with Yerim’s.

    The waiter disappears with the menu, and you nibble on your bottom lip. Yerim stares at you, analyzing your every move.

    “There’s this guy,” you start, ignoring the way Yerim perks up in interest, “and I don’t know how I feel about him.” You can’t tell if you’re doing the right thing, telling Yerim about your worries. As long as she doesn’t know it’s about Mark…

    “Is this about Mark?”

    You choke on air. “Wh—How’d you know?” Your eyes widen when you accidentally slip up. Great. “As long as she doesn’t know it’s about Mark” my ass.

    Yerim hums, taking a delicate sip of water. “Well, I’ve been speculating about this for a while. It wasn’t hard to figure out, either. You’ve always been looking at Mark, so I kinda concluded that you might like him.” She leans in. “Why? Is he being a dick to you?”

    You clear your throat, awkwardly playing with a napkin. “Well—no, not really. He’s not being a dick to me, he’s just…not communicating.”

    “Wait. Are you guys a thing or something? It’s not one-sided?”

    “Well, we’re not a thing or whatever, just…friends? Sort of? But Yerim, the problem is me. I don’t know how I feel about him. I always found him hot, attractive, blah, blah, blah, but nowadays…I don’t know. I keep thinking about him.”

    The girl whistles, crossing her arms. “So you like him.”

    You blink. “Do I?”

    “Sounds like you do. Look, I find Mark attractive, too. But I don’t think about him twenty-four seven. Hey—do you get jealous whenever you think of Mark being with another girl?”

    To be frank, you’d never thought of Mark being with another girl. He’d always been at your side when the clock struck twelve, so to think of him in another girl’s bed was unfathomable at the time.

    But what about before twelve? What if he was with a girl before he came to me?

    Your ears turn red.

    “Yeah,” you whisper, a new found shyness building up within you. “I don’t like the idea of Mark being with another girl besides me.”

    “Voila!” Yerim cheers, tossing her hands up. “Congratulations, Y/N. You have a crush on Mark Lee!”

    “Yerim!” you hiss, heat gathering in your cheeks. The table next to you eyes you. “You’re being too loud!”

    “Since when did you guys become friends?” she asks, tossing aside your complaint. “I never see you interacting with him at church. What, did the two of you accidentally meet over Tinder?”

    You groan, concocting a white lie. “We just…kinda began messaging each other on Instagram, you know? Nothing special.”


    You don’t have the chance to refute as your orders arrive, the smell of ramen infiltrating your senses. Yerim wastes no time and dives in right away, taking a bite of a gyoza.

    She’s right; you caught feelings. And you’ve known for quite some time now that whatever you felt for Mark was more than friends, more than a sexual desire. The worries you carry for him, the amount of effort you put into lending him a home for the nights, the way your mind always makes its way back to him. You like Mark Lee; you always have. Perhaps a confrontation with the help of Yerim was needed to accept the truth wholly.

    That’s one burden resolved. Now, you need to figure out a way to fix the sudden strain between you and Mark.

    But before that, the ramen is calling your name.

    you: mark, i need to talk to you. pls come to my room tonight. it’s urgent.

    The text was sent five hours ago, and now you’re having dinner with your family. A plate of pasta sits before you, half of the food displaced into your stomach. Noodles for lunch, noodles for dinner.

    Your phone buzzes.

    mark lee: u busy? i’m outside ur window rn.

    You’re no longer having dinner with your family.

    mark lee: sry i frogot to send a msg before coming

    “Y/N?” your mother inquires as you abruptly stand up, wolfing down the remaining pasta. “Is everything alright?”

    “‘m fwine!” you reassure her, placing your dirty plate and fork in the sink. You swallow the food. “I forgot I had a—uh—meeting with some friends today. I’ll be back later!”

    “Don’t be out too late!” is the last thing you hear as you zip out of the dining room and straight up the stairs. Your heart is pounding, the beat reaching your ears. Sweat coats your palms as you push your bedroom door open. Under the setting sun, you can see Mark’s figure at your window, clad in a suit you’ve never seen before. You waste no time and lock the door behind you, scurrying over to unlock your window for him.

    “Hey,” you breathe, chest heaving up and down. “Come in.”

    You’re about to move aside when Mark grabs your wrist, the material of his suit cold against your skin. You stare at him, eyebrows raised out of curiosity.

    “Can I take you somewhere?” he asks, tone gentle and soft.

    You don’t hesitate. “Just bring me back by ten.”

    Mark nods, loosening his grip. He extends an arm towards you, inviting you into his embrace. You blush, hard. “Don’t tell me…”

    “I won’t drop you,” he laughs, voice a little airy. “Trust me, Y/N.”

    “Fine. Wait a second.” You run over to your closet where several of your shoes are scattered. You pick up a pair of comfortable slides and make your way back to Mark. “Okay. I’m ready.”

    One arm firmly wraps itself around your torso, his hand grazing your stomach. You try not to focus on the close proximity, but it’s impossible when Mark’s neck is the only thing you see. With his strength, Mark lifts you out of your room, leaving the two of you dangling from the side of your house.

    “I’m gonna swing,” he whispers, “you ready?”

    You squeeze your eyes shut and hug him tightly. “Sure.”

    You’re not ready, and Mark probably knows from the loud scream you let out as he drops from the building and swings up in one go. Buildings of all kinds whiz by in a blur, the only solid shape being Mark’s nape. Your hands become clammy with a cold sweat. Nausea begins to bloom at the pit of your stomach, and it takes everything you’ve got to not puke all over the boy.

    How the fuck does Mark do this shit?

    The rollercoaster of a ride finishes when Mark lands atop a tall building, both of his arms now wrapped around your figure. He carefully sets you down, and your knees nearly give out on you.

    “Woah,” says Mark, clasping your arm. “You good?”

    You sarcastically chuckle. “Yeah, definitely. That was one hell of an experience.” You drop your slides, slipping your feet into them. “What is this place?”

    Mark walks over to a large, brick wall, where a mural of Iron Man proudly shines. In awe, you scan the beautiful artwork. You join Mark beside the wall, raising a hand to touch the brick. “Did you paint this?”

    He shakes his head. “Renjun did. He’s another Stark intern, like me. And this,” he spreads his arms wide, gesturing to the area, “is where I go when I’m anything but fine.”

    Your heart jumps several stairs. Did Mark Lee just bring you to a place only he (and Renjun) knows of?

    Don’t get weird ideas, Y/N.

    “I can listen if you want to rant,” you offer, sending him a warm smile. “I’m all ears.”

    You’re caught off-guard when Mark’s suit…disintegrates? Crumbles? You can’t think of a proper word, but the main point is, you’re shocked at the advanced technology his suit contains. The Spider-Man suit has now been replaced by a pair of baggy, navy green jeans, and a moss-coloured sweater.

    You conclude Mark is more attractive in casual wear.

    Mark breaks the ice. “My parents know I’m Spider-Man.”

    “Wh—What?” you sputter, caught off-guard for the second time in a row. “I mean, I know I encouraged it and all, but…wow.”

    “My dad nearly fainted,” he continues, rubbing his nape. “My mom, on the other hand, was not happy. She threw her wooden spoon at me. Started yelling about my future, how unsafe being Spider-Man was, threatening to lock me in my room. You know, Asian mom things.”

    You take a seat on the ground. “I’m assuming you ran out instead of talking it out with her?”

    Mark frowns. “Yeah.”

    “That’s not very smart.”

    He sighs. “Yeah.”

    You pat the space beside you, and Mark settles down. “Continue.”

    The boy fiddles with his fingers. He resumes, “Honestly, I knew how my mom would react. I knew she’d criticize my whole double-life act and try to pull me away from Spider-Man. And I know she’s like that because she cares about my well-being, but…I just wish she’d consider my feelings too, you know? I understand how dangerous being Spider-Man is—fuck, I literally experience that shit first-hand. But I can’t give up on the Avengers, on Spider-Man, just like how I couldn’t give up on university, or church.” Mark breathes. “I just ran off to give her some space, I guess. Let her think her words over. And, well, to let me cool my head and reorganize what I wanna say to her.”

    Your hand finds Mark’s, and you pat it reassuringly. “I guess that was a rather smart move, Mark.”

    He nods. “But, you know, when she was shouting at me earlier, it kinda made me really realize how terrifying it is to be a hero. I really do put my life on the line every time I fight, especially when it’s against supernatural creatures like Thanos. I’m barely an adult.”

    “True,” you hum in agreement. “The work you do is not exactly cut out for a guy who just turned legal.”

    Mark snorts. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish there were more Avengers my age. But the whole idea of being a superhero is dangerous, especially for teens who are still developing—”


    “—their brains, but yes, puberty works.” His eyes gaze up at the mural. “I mean, when I was fighting Captain America’s team at age fourteen, all I did was talk half of the time. Not a very ideal situation to chit-chat in.”

    “So,” you begin, “are you thinking of letting Spider-Man go?”

    Mark grows silent, and you can see the gears turn in his head. He glances at you, then at the mural, and then at you again. Finally, he shakes his head. “The opposite, actually. I’m going to let go of my regular life.”

    Your jaw slacks, a wave of disbelief crashing into you. You maintain a calm composure. “Why? Everything you told me sounded as if you were quitting the Avengers. Why are you…why?”

    “My family is struggling to get by right now,” says Mark, nibbling on his lower lip. “My dad works full-time as a pastor and my mom isn’t strong enough to keep up with her labour job. Jeno needs to finish high school. If I work full-time as an Avenger, I’ll earn more pay and it’ll help my family live comfortably. I don’t want to see them suffer.”

    “But you leaving to fight fucking villains won’t ease their hearts, Mark.” you say, wrestling the rising panic down. “It’ll make them suffer more.” And me, too.

    “They’ll understand my decision,” he insists, but his tone is as if he’s trying to convince himself of his own words. “I know they’ll be worried, but if it’s for the greater good of our family, they will let me pursue a full-time career as Spider-Man.”

    “But…” You search for words. “What about your wishes of living a normal university life? Going out for drinks with friends? Staying active in church? Getting a girlfriend and going on dates?”

    Mark’s eye twitches, and he grits his teeth. “Y/N, I don’t know why you care so much. I’ve made up my mind.”

    You cast your eyes downwards, hiding the upset expression painting your face. “Sorry.”

    “It’s—It’s fine,” he mutters, his tone laced with emotional exhaustion. “I’ll give you a ride back home.”

    “By swinging?”

    “No. My car’s parked down there.”

    Your arms are around Mark’s neck as he lowers the two of you from the top of the building to the sidewalk below. His car, a grey civic, is located across the street. Mark is sweet enough to open the passenger seat’s door for you, but he doesn’t say anything. There’s a thick tension surrounding the two of you, one neither of you are willing to cut with a knife.

    There’s no need for you to enter your address as Mark knows the way there, having visited you for the past month or so. He drives with one hand on the steering wheel, the other hanging out of the window. You stare outside the window, watching the scenery change from foreign buildings to a familiar neighbourhood. In about thirteen minutes, you’re turning the corner onto your street. Mark stops the car a few houses down from your place.

    You stay still. Mark taps the steering wheel. For five minutes, the two of you sit in an uncomfortable silence. You decide to wield the knife. “Mark, I care because I like you.”

    You confessed.

    Holy fucking shit. I confessed.

    Mark’s eyes widen, a pink tint dusting his ears. He whips his head to face you, and you bravely make eye contact with him. “You what?”

    It’s now or never. Yay. “I said, I like you. Like, like-like you.”

    “You’re kidding.”

    You’re a little annoyed by his response. “I’m not, Mark. Why would I joke about that? I genuinely have feelings for you, and that’s why I’m so concerned about you. I don’t like the idea of my crush running around and placing his life on the line for a paycheck.”

    “Fuck, Y/N.” groans Mark, gripping the steering wheel with both hands. “Please don’t make this harder for me. I’ve already made my decision.”

    “Fine. So be it. You’re going to pursue a life as Spider-Man. I understand your situation, and I’m not going to impose my wants on you. That’s no longer important to me, because Mark, I want you to be my boyfriend.”

    Mark gawks at you.

    You blow out air. “Okay, wait, I kinda just imposed my wants on you. But the moral of the story is, I like you. I like you a lot. Reject me or just leave me hanging, I don’t care. I just thought I’d let you know before you leave to become a full-time superhero.”

    Your cheeks are red. Your ears are red. Your neck is red. You’re probably red all over from embarrassment.

    Quickly, you begin to exit the car.

    “Uh, good luck with your parents, Mark. I hope they’ll understand your decision. Thanks for the ride, I’ll maybe never see you again—”


    “Yes?” you breathe, looking over at him. Bad idea. The dim moonlight highlights Mark’s features, leaving you speechless and blessed.

    “I can’t lose you, too.” His hands ball into fists. “I’ve lost Mr. Stark, my Aunt May, Uncle Ben. I nearly lost you on the bridge.”

    You’re taken aback. “The bridge…”

    He inhales sharply. “I’ve liked you for quite a while now. Kinda stupid, since we never really talked. But I’ve had a crush on you for almost two years. Yerim would always make fun of me for it.”

    Wait. Yerim? She knew I liked Mark and that Mark liked me back?

    Wait. Mark likes me back?

    “You like me?” you repeat. “Like, like-like me?”

    A stupid yet sad grin is on his face. “Yeah. I genuinely have feelings for you, too. That’s why I visited you that one evening, and that’s why I kept on going over every night. I was being selfish, possibly endangering you because of my enamourment. But I can’t stay selfish forever.” He licks his lips. “So, please, Y/N. Don’t make this harder for me.”

    You shake your head, re-entering the car and shutting the door. “Mark, I’m willing to stay by your side.”

    “And what if I can’t protect you, and bring you into harm's way? I can’t afford to lose you too.”

    “I’ll learn how to fight,” you persist, “how to shoot a gun. I’m not a weakling, Mark. I can defend myself.” You cup his face with your hands. “Stay selfish, because I really, really like you.”

    Mark loses himself in your eyes, and he mumbles, “You’re unfair.”

    “So are you,” you tease. “Now that I know how you feel, I’m not going to let you go so easily. The bad guys have nothing on me.”

    Mark’s response is to kiss you, his fingers tangling themselves in your hair. You give into his touch, your lips naturally fitting together like a puzzle. The kiss lasts for a minute, and you both pull away, gasping for air.

    “Mark,” you whimper, your desires getting the best of you.

    “Shit,” he growls, caressing your face. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

    Me too, you’re tempted to say, but you decide to bury your horny fantasies of him. After all, the real thing just might happen.

    No words are exchanged as Mark tugs you into his lap, pushing his seat back to allow room for the two of you. The driver’s area is quite stuffy, but nothing you can’t handle.

    You kiss him fervently, hands clasping onto his shoulders for dear life. Mark’s fingers dance down your body, his large hands finding solace on either of your thighs. His thumbs rub circles into your sweatpants, the mere action fuelling your lust. You remove your lips from his, planting sloppy kisses from his jawline to the base of his neck.

    “Hey, can I fuck you?” asks Mark, thumbs tracing the edge of your sweatpants.

    “Do you have a condom?”

    He nods.

    “I’d like to cum at least two times, pretty please.”

    Mark smiles widely. “As you wish, princess.”

    In no time, Mark’s hand is down your pants, fingers sliding in-between your bare skin and underwear. The tip of his middle finger prods your clit, eliciting a gasp from you. Enjoying your reaction, he dives deeper into your warmth, running two fingers up and down your folds. You leave a hickey near his collarbone as he fastens his pace, the slick sound of your wet folds echoing throughout the car. Unannounced, he pushes a finger into your pussy.

    “Mark!” you squeak, face turning red.

    “I’m adding another one,” he says, and he does. Mark snakes a second finger in, stretching you out with his long, rough fingers. You cry out as he thrusts into you at an incomprehensible speed, reaching knuckles-deep before pulling out halfway. He litters kisses on your cheek as you whimper and whine, your first orgasm building up in your stomach. “You gonna cum?” he taunts, his pace increasing. You can’t reply, lost in the rabbit hole Mark’s fingers are. When you orgasm, you sink into the boy’s embrace, breathing heavily from the immense pleasure you’d just experienced.

    “Mark,” you whisper, trailing your hand down his abdomen. Your hand brushes over the growing bulge in his pants, swallowing thickly when you register how big his dick is. “Let me put the condom on.”

    Mark kisses your nose. “Are you wet enough?”

    You clench around his fingers. “There’s no way I’m not.”

    He hands you a condom, and you rip it open with your teeth. With the plastic dangling from your mouth, you unzip Mark’s jeans, tracing the outline of his dick with your fingertip. You hook your pinky fingers over the hem of his boxers, tugging them down to let his cock spring free. You inhale at his size.

    “Can’t take it?”

    “Shut up. I can take it.”

    You pump his dick a few times, leaving it erect and red as you slip the condom on. Mark moves his fingers inside you, massaging your insides before pulling them out. He licks his fingers clean while you tug off your pants, struggling to move around in the tight space. When you’re ready, he props his cock against your entrance, and shoves himself in with no warning.

    “Ah—fuck!” you moan, one hand landing flat against the car window. Mark grasps your hips with his hands, his fingers digging into your skin. He lifts your hips and slams them down, over and over and over again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

    “You feel so good,” groans Mark, thrusting into you with all his power. “So, so good.”

    “Mark,” you whine, repeating his name like a mantra. “Harder, oh my God.”

    You’re drowning in bliss as Mark’s dick slides in and out of you at an inhuman pace, hitting the very spot that makes you writhe in pleasure. Mark tosses his head back, drinking in the sight of you bouncing on his cock. Cries and whimpers tumble from your lips, and you cum for the second time.

    Mark, with a newfound energy, thrusts into you harder than ever. Sweat forms on his forehead, his gruff pants intermingling with your sweet moans. One of your hands wrinkles his sweater, and the other leaves handprints all over the driver’s seat’s window. He chases his high and releases with a guttural groan. Your third orgasm overwhelms you, shaky breaths escaping your lips. Once again, you lean against Mark’s chest, coming down from the excitement. His cock, limper than before, sits still in your pussy.

    “I didn’t know car sex was this hot,” he pants, resting a hand on your back. “You good, Y/N?”

    You breathe in his scent. “Mhm. Let’s stay like this for a bit.”

    Your head rests on the dip connecting his neck to his shoulder, and Mark places his chin in your head. Although the act was short, you feel a lot closer to Mark now, in terms of both the heart and the body. You snuggle into his embrace.

    “You didn’t answer my question from earlier.”

    He tilts his head. “Hm?”

    “I want you to be my boyfriend. Do you agree, yes or no?”

    Mark laughs, his dick shifting inside you when he does. “I don’t think that’s how you ask someone out.”

    You pinch his thigh. “Shut the fuck up.”

    “Yes. I want to be your boyfriend. Do you want to be my girlfriend despite the shit you might face?”

    “You’re stupid. I wouldn’t ask you to be my boyfriend if I didn’t want to be your girlfriend.”

    Mark plants a kiss on your forehead, and you feel his lips spread into a grin. “I like you a lot, Y/N. I’m sorry for the shit I’ll put you through in the near future.”

    You fiddle with his sweater. “Will you be moving away to New York?”

    He sighs. “Unfortunately. I got a private apartment and all, so I’m basically on my own.”

    You press a kiss to his neck. “Talk to your mom, Mark. I know she won’t stop you from leaving, but talk to her. To your dad, too. If you can’t convince them, at least tell them the full details. Tell them your worries, the whole two lives thing you told me. It’s the least you can do for them.”

    It’s quiet, then Mark nods. “I will. But first,” he thrusts into you, and you drop an ‘eep’ when his dick grows. “One more round, princess.”

    God, please help me survive another fuck.

    “We’ll call every day, right?” you ask, pulling away from Mark’s arms.

    “Of course,” the boy hums, peppering kisses all over your face. “I’ll call you whenever I can. But don’t stay up late waiting for me. You need to sleep properly.”

    You snicker. “Whose fault was it that I stayed up past two for a month straight?”

    “Not mine,” he winks.

    “Jesus, Mark,” you roll your eyes, but fail to suppress a giggle. “I’m going to miss you.”

    Mark points to the left side of your chest. “Just mark me in your heart, princess. Even if I’m across the world, I’ll always be with you.”

    “Alright, alright.” a grumpy Happy snaps, pulling you away from Mark. “Enough of the lovey-dovey chat. Get on the plane, Mark. Doctor Strange is waiting for you at the headquarters.”

    You step aside to let Mark’s parents share their heartfelt goodbyes. The three of you watch as Mark and Happy walk towards the private jet, the former dragging a large suitcase behind. Before he goes up the stairs, Mark glances back, sending you a loving smile. You wave in response, and he giddily boards the plane.

    Mark Lee was torn between his two identities, but he’s now actively pursuing one. To say you’re happy would be an overstatement, but you’re satisfied seeing the joy Mark finds in his alter ego. He’s your boyfriend, and no matter the path he chooses to take, you’re willing to support him with your whole heart.

    You’re ushered to a safe zone as the jet revs its engine, preparing for take off. A melancholic smile graces your lips. Wherever you are, wherever Mark is, he will always be with you, and you with him.

    After all, he’s marked in your heart.

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  • neocain
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    1k Drabble Event

    Hello, I’m here to finally announce my 1k event. First i want to thank all of you who have followed me. I appreciate all of you! 

    I made a new but short prompt list for this. You can also still use the older ones if you wish. The older ones can be found on my navigation pinned on my blog. 

    Please read the rules for requesting before sending in a request, they’re pretty simple and easy to follow i think. 

    the length for all will be under 3k. 

    Anyway thats it for the rambling, here are the new prompts. 

    71. love at first sight

    72. “you make me so mad”

    73. group project 

    74. “get closer”

    75. ruby necklace 

    76. “I’m not going back.” 

    77. stars 

    78. “cause you're worth it”

    79. fight club

    80. “You don't know I need you”

    I will only be accepting requests until the 20th of January, after that I’ll probably delete anything that comes in. 

    -neocain ♡

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  • shininginthemoonlight
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Demonic Patron

    ❝When the creatures of the night strike, only someone equally as demonic can save you❞

    Summary— When you find out that evil supernatural forces are out to get you, you‘re assigned a demon to protect you. The only downside? You fight so much it wouldn’t surprise you if he’d be the one to end you one day.

    Pairing— demon!Xiaojun x human!reader

    Genre— angst, supernatural!au

    Warnings— monsters, violence, fighting, profanities

    Word count— 1.7 k

    Authors Note— In celebration of Wayv‘s anniversary! Here is to many more beautiful years with these talented amazing human beings

    ≿—————————— ❈ ——————————≾

    You're beyond exhausted, as you enter your room. A long day of uni lays behind you and you want nothing more than to fall into bed and never wake up again. However, it seems like some else has other plans for you.

    You feel your soul leaving your body as you turn on the light switch, only to find someone already looking back at you. You gasp and jump before you groan and roll your eyes.

    "Goddammit, Xiaojun! How many times have I told you to stop doing that?!"

    The blonde man sitting on your bed only chuckles humorously before he gets up and walks over to you.

    "And how many times have I told you, that I can't leave you alone at night? Do you want to die that desperately?"

    "Well, I'm going to if you keep giving me heart attacks by pulling stuff like this! How did your even get in here?"

    The demon smirks, shrugging. "I have my ways."

    "Pf. Pervert."

    His eyes almost bulge out.

    "Pervert?! Is that any way to talk to your guardian angel?"

    You laugh. "Guardian angel my foot. More like the devil's lapdog."

    Suddenly, he's standing right in front of you. Your eyes that are still glued to the spot on your bed where he sat seconds ago dart towards him. A dangerous glint lays in his eyes as he stands mere centimeters away from you.

    "Watch your mouth, darling." His hand reaches out and plays with a strand of your hair. "Boss may have ordered me to protect you from the creature that's out to get you, but he didn't say anything about me having to play nice with you."

    You gulp but manage to smile at him. "And you think I'm scared of you, little demon?"

    You step even closer to him. "We both know you'd never disobey the Dark Lord. So you," you poke his chest, making a muscle in his jaw tense. "aren't going to do shit." With every word, you keep poking him.

    However, as soon as you're done, he's got you pinned against the wall. The hand that was on him before now pressed next to your head.

    "Don't test me," he hisses.

    But you're way too stubborn to give in now. "Or what? Demon or no, we both know you're just a pretentious, bluffing—"

    You're interrupted by the sound of your window shattering.

    "Down!" Xiaojun yells before he throws you two to the side, shielding your body from the shards of broken glass flying around.

    You don't even have time to scream as you look around frantically. But the only thing you can make out is Xiaojun's form on top of you. His eyes meet yours and there is nothing left from the irritation that resided in them moments before. Your fight from before is forgotten as he looks at you seriously.

    "When I give you the sign, run."

    That's all he says before he's standing in front of you, facing whatever intruder it was that broke your window. You stand up on shaky legs, practically stuck to the wall behind you to keep you steady.

    When you finally look up, you see it.

    A blue creature, more monster than human stares at the two of you. It's way taller than any human you've ever seen and you can't make out if its blue limbs are fluid or solid. Maybe it's something in between.

    You've never seen anything like it.

    But that doesn't seem to apply to Xiaojun. "Mendelias, it's been like what? 5 centuries since I last saw you? Time really does fly, huh?" Though his tone seems light, the tension in his voice is unmistakable.

    "I wish I could reminisce in old memories with you, my friend. But I'm afraid I'll have to take the girl, first." His voice sounds the way he looks. Something between sleek and rough. Like blood on concrete.

    Xiaojun just sighs, ever so subtly looking back at you.

    Get ready.

    "Well, I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

    "What a shame," the other replies. "What a shame indeed."


    The monster's arm extends and flies towards you, like a snake charging at its prey. The brick where your head was mere seconds ago is bashed in and as you throw a glance over your shoulder, you see that Xiaojun has thrown himself at the creature, throwing it off balance.

    A second later, though, the blue demon fights back. Its arm extends again, wrapping around the blonde like a rope that crawls up his body all the way to his throat where it sets and starts to tighten.

    A scream tears itself from your throat as you watch the monster strangle him. "Xiaojun?!"

    But his eyes shoot towards you, stopping you in your attempt to run towards him. "Run," he croaks out.

    And for a moment, you feel torn. But then you watch a crease of agony form between the blonde demon's brows and you can't help yourself.

    "Hey! Dickhead!"

    "No! Y/n!" As Xiaojun writhes in its grasp, the creature merely looks at you in amusement, as if doing all this is its form of entertainment.

    "Your fight is with me." You try your best to ignore the panic in Xiaojun's eyes that practically beg you to just go.

    "Fight?" A gargle that must be supposed to resemble laugh sounds. "Oh, darling. You're funny, I'll give you that."

    It carelessly throws Xiaojun's now unconscious form through your apartment and you cringe when you watch him hit the wall next to your fireplace and slump down.

    "Still going to have to kill you, though," it adds.

    And then it charges at you.

    You dodge the first swing of its arm but the second one hits you with full force. You're sent flying through the room and collide with the wall that Xiaojun hit shortly before. All the air is forced out of your lungs as you slump to the ground, right next to the blonde demon.

    You're gasping for air as the man next to you regains consciousness. Once he catches sight of you, he gets up as quickly as he can, standing in front of you as the monster approaches you two again.

    "Dejun, my friend. I don't want to kill you. Just give me the girl and I'll be gone. What's the use in dying for her, huh? You've never cared about humans before. Why start— Oh, I get it." The monster interrupts itself, and the smirk that finds its way onto its face sends a shiver down your spine.

    "Mendelias." His voice sounds sharp, like a blade cutting through skin. A warning.

    But the demon only grins wider. "You care for her."

    Your eyes widen and you stare at the back of Xiaojun's head, but he remains unmoving.

    "Oh, you poor son of a bitch," it says. "Then you leave me no choice."

    The monster charges at you again and he urges your form back. You're trapped in a corner with no way out. But suddenly, your eyes fall on the fire poker next to your fireplace.


    The blue arm hits the wall between the two of you as you jump from behind the blonde demon and dive for the iron rod. Once you get your hands on it your body hits the ground hard.

    The monster looks between you for a moment and Xiaojun takes the opportunity to charge at it. As he attacks the creature you get up and look at the tangle of limbs that is the two of them.

    The blue monster gains the upper hand and climbs on top of Xiaojun, strangling him once again. You take advantage of the fact that it's not paying attention to you and sneak behind it.

    A squelching noise sounds as you ram the fire poker through its chest and for a moment it freezes before it slumps on top of Xiaojun, lifeless.

    "Oh my God!" You throw the metal rod to the side as you help the blonde demon get up from under the creature. He groans and hisses as you drag him away from the intruder's body and lean him against the wall next to the fireplace, instead.

    "Are you okay, Xiaojun? Can you hear me?"

    His eyes are closed as he leans against the wall breathing heavily. "Xiaojun?"

    You cup his face with your hands, swaying it from side to side gently.

    "I'm battered, not deaf." It's probably the first time that you appreciate his snide remarks.

    You sigh in relief. Before you can prevent it, your arms are thrown around him, holding him close.

    "I'm so sorry," you whisper, tears forming in your eyes. "I didn't want to believe that this is my life now. I wanted to be a normal university student whose worst worries are whether she passes her classes and not someone who's wanted by some supernatural assholes."

    You pull away from him, just as his hand finds the back of your head. "It's okay," his voice is gentle this time. Maybe even for the first time.

    "It's not!" You protest. "You're hurt because of me!"

    "Hey, hey, hey." Now he's the one cupping your cheek. "I'll heal." And when he sees that you still don't believe him. "Seriously! I heal way faster than you humans, so don't worry. Okay?" He leans closer to you, urging you to comply.

    "Okay," you whisper finally.

    And suddenly you realize how close you actually are. With your knees placed between his legs, his one hand on the back of your head and the other still cupping your cheek. When your eyes find his, you find them looking down at your lips before they drift back up to meet yours.

    The distance between you closes a second later. His lips meet yours in a kiss that is passionate yet gentle. Your hands snake around his neck as the hand around your cheek directs your head upwards, deepening the kiss.

    Once you part, your foreheads meet and you linger in the comfort of your closeness for another moment.

    "So you, uhm, care for me, huh?"

    "Oh, shut up."

    But when you look up, you find him smiling at you.

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  • eonrry
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Sometimes home can be another person for me, it was always you.

    ♡ like or reblog if you save. Don't repost
    #nct icons #nct u icons #Lee Taeyong #Lee taeyong icons #Jeong Yoonoh #Jeong yoonoh icons #jaeyong#jaeyong icons#jaeyong layouts#jaeyoung packs #jaeyong icons gifs #nct u match icons #120x120#120x120 icons #icons with psd #spirit fanfic#kpop#social spirit#kpop icons
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  • kookskiii
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    [00:29am] | mark lee

    summary: when you and your bestfriend admit to not having gotten laid in a while, you decide to change that
    warnings: smut, unprotected sex, not much plot, tiny bit of fluff i think? talk of fwb!jaehyun, swear words
    pairing: bestfriend!mark lee x reader
    wordcount: 2k-3k (idk tbh)

    mark and you talked about everything, literally everything. so sometimes the topic of your sex lives just naturally came up. "what are some tips for giving head as a boy?" mark casually asked, as you were both chilling in your bed after he had played the guitar for you a little bit. "mark you're a rapper, im sure you're already pretty talented with your mouth work" you laughed, making him snort out a laugh. "no seriously, just give me some advice" "dude just ask jaemin, he's a god-" you slapped your hand over your mouth as soon as those words left your lips, mark not moving an inch as he wide eyed looked at you as realisation kicked in "wait WHAT" his voice went an octave higher.

    "you and jaemin?" he asked, shook written over his face. “yeah, uh-“ you stuttered, pretty much flustered with the situation. “how did that happen” “basically, last summer at some party we made out and then fucked in jenos bed and he found out, that’s another story tho, ever since then we’ve been sleeping around for a few times”

    "what the fuck is wrong with y'all" mark groaned, rubbing his face he was probably imagining the scene. "please, just don't tell anyone" you begged, holding up your pinky just for mark to blindly link his with yours and nod. he sighed, "who else did you have sex with that i know?"

    "what the fuck is wrong with y'all" mark groaned, rubbing his face he was probably imagining the scene. "please, just don't tell anyone" you begged, holding up your pinky just for mark to blindly link his with yours and nod. he sighed, "who else did you have sex with that i know?"

    "dude you're making it sound like i'm a hoe or whatever" you scoffed "but since you asked, jeno jaemin, kai and jungwoo but that you already knew and well, jaehyun, you knew about that too-" "yeah dude, probably whole world knows about you and jaehyun but both of you are just too big of a pussy to confess and finally date"

    you slapped him with your pillow at that "there's nothing to confess" you whisper yelled at him, making him laugh and nod, just holding his hands up in defense as he didn't want to argue with you about the same thing once again.

    "when was the last time you had some action?" he asked, making you shrug your shoulders "probably a few months ago" you sighed. "nothing with jaehyun anymore?" he asked, raising his brows in question as you sighed once again at the thought "no, i don't know why, he's been just, i don’t know. hasn’t talked to me in a month or something" you thought for a moment about the possibility that jaehyun was probably just never going to talk to you again and you literally had no idea why.

    mark didn't know what to answer and before the atmosphere could get weird you asked "what about you?" "pffff" he exhaled, chuckling "it's been a whiiiiiile dude, probably last year when i was drunk as fuck, cant even remember it" you gasped as you heard that "no wayyyy" you felt a little bad for him.

    "i really just want to like at least make out with someone" he sighed, turning his head back to look at you "just like to have the feeling of it, not even sex just making out would be enough"

    "same dude" you sighed, looking into air for a second before you you noticed mark was looking at you so you turned your head and realised how close your faces were. you noticed his eyes looking down at your lips, yours daring to the same at his. the tension seemed to get thicker and thicker around you.

    looking at his lips you bit yours "are we about to kiss right now" you quoted, making him groan at how you just ruined the moment meanwhile you fell into loud laughter, not able to hold yourself back. "i hate you" mark sighed, a chuckle on his lips as he rubbed his face again "didn't seem like that a second ago" you teased, pinching his side as he tried to ignore you "so?" you asked, making him now stop his act of ignoring you and turn around with a raised eyebrow as he didn't know what you were implying.

    "wanna make out or not?" those words made mark blush as he chuckled, looking away from your eyes as you bit your lip to hold back a grin. "sure" he chuckled, not giving you a moment to react as he smoothly flipped you on your back, his arm under your neck as he gently cupped your cheek and pressed his lips on yours, taking your breath away.

    you took a second before you relaxed into him, closing your eyes and kissing back with a cheeky grin which he had on his lips just the same. getting more into it your wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him even closer onto you as your tongues played with eachothers, his easily taking lead. a soft hum escaped your mouth into his as he pressed his thigh between yours, applying pressure right against your core which was slowly but surely getting wetter by second.

    the make out session got messier and deeper every moment, marks hardening dick pressing right agaisnt your thigh as he slightly rubbed agaisnt you.

    pulling away from each other, both heavily breathing, mark brushed one of your hair strands away as his hooded eyes looked at yours which where hazily looking down at his moist lips, cheeks already flushed and pupils dilated and he swore he's never been more attracted to you than now. of course he's always thought you were pretty, beautiful and attractive, but looking down at you right now topped everything, he now knew why jaehyun couldn't get enough of you.

    "do you want to go further?" he asked softly, not wanting to make you feel pressured into doing anything or uncomfortable, but you instantly nodded, making him chuckle as you looked at him with big and eager eyes.

    instead of saying anything he leaned back in to connected your lips once again, this kiss being more passionate and messy than the first one.

    marks lips left your mouth and slowly kissed down your jaw, making you whine out his name as he sucked on the sensitive skin of your neck, leaving a purplish mark (hah) on it. "hm?" he hummed teasingly, you could feel him smirk agaisnt you. "please do something~" you whined, grasping his biceps as you grew more and more worked up from the feeling in your core.

    "i am doing something baby, aren't i?" he teased, kissing back up your neck until he was over your face again, teasingly smirking as he loved to see you so desperate under him. "mark please~" you whined again, slowly getting impatient as he let his hands drive under the hoodie you were wearing, himself letting out a hum at the feeling of your soft warm skin under his hands as he pushed the clothing up until it was resting over your boobs, exposing your bare chest to which he let out a pleased groan at the fact you weren't wearing a bra (even tho he knew you most of the time weren't wearing one at home)

    "what do you want me to do?" his breath hitting your skin as he licked a trail up your middle until he started sucking on your boobs, making you arch your back into him. "please- ah- your fingers, i want your fingers mark please" 

    as much as he was loving how you were so responsive and obedient, he wasn't surprised since he knew what type of guy jaehyun was and the older one wasn't quite secretive about his sex life, so he basically knew how you must be like in bed.

    "since you asked so nicely" he chuckled, quickly pulling down your sweats to let his hand cup your wet still in panty clothed mound to which you tried to grind your hips into his hand "you're so needy" he chuckled, but before you could whine once again or defend yourself he smashed his lips on yours again, his right hand smoothly taking off your panties just to let his fingers glide through your wet folds, your body shivering and a soft moan escaping your mouth at the contact instantly.

    he hummed into your mouth, seeming to be pleased with how wet you were already. he skillfully collected some of your arousal before starting to circle your clot with two fingers at once, making you moan and pull away from his lips as he touched the spot perfectly.

    mark cooed "don't be too loud baby, we don't want anyone to walk in on us do we?" you shook your head instantly, making him chuckle and peck your lips once more before he pushed the two fingers that were on your clit into your hole at once, making you almost cry out at the sudden stretch but before you could, mark slapped his hand over your mouth, muffling your sounds.

    he fingered you with his hand over your mouth until you came, muffling every sound of moan, whimper or cry that left you, sending vibrations through his hand.

    "want your dick mark" was the first thing you breathed out as soon as his hand left your mouth, making him crack up at your horny ass. "you just came and already want more" he chuckled, and as if sensing you were about to go off on him he connected your lips once again, taking your breath away as you didn't expect it.

    he was quick in getting out of his sweats, positioning himself between your perfectly spread legs as you couldn’t wait anymore. he wrapped his hand around his dick, pumping it a few times with a low hum as he kept looking at your pussy. right when he was about to move and let his dick touch you, he stopped.

    “mark what the-“ “condom?” he looked at you with big eyes, not knowing what to do next.

    “you want to use one?” you asked with lifted eyebrows “no, but i can if you want me to-“ “mark just fuck me please” he chuckled at that “needy girl”

    finally, mark pushed into you, making both of you sigh out in pleasure, finally getting the release both of you craved for so long.

    “goddamn it” mark cursed, making you moan softly as he pushed further in until his hips were touching yours.

    he gave you a few moments to adjust before starting to thrust his hips against yours, moans of his name leaving your lips.

    you gasped out loud when mark suddenly manhandled you into doggy position, his dominant acts taking you by surprise since he was way difffrent outside of bed.

    “oh god mark!” you cried when he pushed into you from behind, the new angle hitting way harder and deeper spots inside you that had you gripping the bedsheets.

    “hm?” he hummed, sounds of skin slapping and your moans/cries filling the room “feels good huh?”

    “feels so good mark!” you yelled, moaning when his hand grabbed your hair and pulled your head up with it, your hands that were holding you up slowly growing numb under you.

    mark only grinned when he noticed your arms shaking, loving the sight of you in that position on his bed, tho he would never admit it, he had always been jealous of jaehyun having you wrapped around his finger, you were perfect in so many ways.

    “mark i’m close!” you cried out, face now pressed agaisnt the bedsheets as you couldn’t hold yourself up anymore, it was just too much pleasure. “me too baby”

    after a few more thrusts both of you came st almost the same time, moans and grunts filling the room once again as both of you reached your high.

    you now collapsed complelty under mark, breathing hardly while he was trying to calm down too.

    when he had calmed down, mark carefullh pulled out of you, his cum leaking down your thighs as you were still breathing heavily with closed eyes in after shock. he lifted himself off of the bed, taking a tissue to clean himself before cleaning you, trying his best to not hurt you as you were pretty sensitive now.

    mark got you one of his boxers out of his drawer with a sweater, dressing you as you were still a little dazy and out of breath. when he was sure you were tucked in warmly he got out of bed, getting some clothes for himself and midway getting caught up in organising his drawer.

    "m-mark?" your fragile voice pulled him back to reality and his eyes softened as he saw you laying in his bed with red cheeks and swollen lips "can you come back to bed please?"

    “oh jesus of course” he gasped, only now realised how used you must’ve felt that he just left you laying like that. he quickly joined you under the covers and pulled you in his arms, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head which made you feel warmer again.

    “you’re gorgeous you know?” mark softly hummed, making you smile and tilt your head up to him a little. “thank you mark” you whispered, not trusting your horse voice at the moment.

    mark softly smiled, caressing the back of your head as he rested his cheek agaisnt you, both of you calming breathing in the scent of the other.

    mark and you really had a bond no one could break.

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  • rosesarerosii
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    - long distance relationship with nct

    part1; nct dream version
    (back to my favorite format!! also, how do I open requests? help lol)

    - - - - ——— mark

    ꒰ messages you all the time!

    ꒰ I can feel like he would even spam you sometimes-

    ꒰ hating on time zones 24/7

    ꒰ because, he wants to talk to you so bad but you are asleep...

    ꒰ 100% he would stay up late for you, often falling asleep while talking which is super cute

    ꒰ "soooo... you asleep?"

    "it's literally 3am!!!"

    "but, you aren't asleep!!!"

    "I'm not saying I waited for you but that's exactly what I did..."

    ꒰ sending little "vlogs" to each other

    ꒰ thinking about making a couple youtube channel one day

    ꒰ because let's be honest, we all at least once thought about making one and he thought about it too-

    - - - - ——— jaemin

    ꒰ probably met on Instagram

    ꒰ he would love all your photos; your main hype man!

    ꒰ "omggg, so pretty!"

    "that's so aesthetic, I can't-"

    "are you even real?"

    ꒰ you would send eachother cute packages for birthdays and other extra occasions

    ꒰ they would include lots of snacks and plushies

    ꒰ so you have something to hug! even tho he wishes that you could hug each other... plushies need to be enough for now!

    ꒰ sending cooking recipes and then cooking the meals on FaceTime (or something else if you, like me, don't have iPhone lol)

    ꒰ and then eating it together

    ꒰ even if it didn't end up being that well

    ꒰ y'all are basically married haha

    - - - - ——— renjun

    ꒰ you would be the one to start a conversation because he's a bit shy

    ꒰ calling to eachother very often; of course he thinks you look very lovely but your voice- that's what makes him melt

    ꒰ I can imagine him singing to you

    ꒰ doing your homework together (if you go to school of course)

    ꒰ he's a smart boyyy

    ꒰ playing Animal Crossing together

    ꒰ because you two are the sweetest bubs

    ꒰ lots of gifts and messages in the game

    ꒰ you both like to take 'things slow' but still are super close

    - - - - ——— haechan

    ꒰ you would meet on discord

    ꒰ y'all would play lots of games together

    ꒰ probably Minecraft- what can I say, it's a perfect game for dates! (I know what I'm talking about-)

    ꒰ lots and lots and lots of flowers for you!

    ꒰ also, many wholesome memes

    ꒰ he would probably also make some himself!

    ꒰ lots of heart emoji

    ꒰ cute lunch dates on discord

    ꒰ probably matching the food so it would feel even real

    - - - - ——— chenle

    ꒰ chill and funny but also super sweet couple

    ꒰ just pure goals!

    ꒰ you probably would share Spotify

    ꒰ making cute playlists for each other but also trolling with putting meme songs between

    ꒰ using reaction pics instead of emojis

    ꒰ you would share a lot of your friends and play games together

    ꒰ I feel like sometimes he would prank you and pretend that he can't hear you or something like this

    ꒰ watching Netflix together and suddenly changing into the finest movie critics

    ꒰ making bets about what'll happen next in the movie/series

    - - - - ——— jeno

    ꒰ going back and forth on twitter

    ꒰ making lots and lots of plans for the future

    ꒰ like, meeting eachother and traveling to lots of places

    ꒰ finding a niche game and trying best to beat eachother at speed running it

    ꒰ 'I love you but I'm beating your record today'

    'Aww... you wish'

    ꒰ playing made up bingo while watching silly and 'cheap' movies

    ꒰ 'yes! I got bad green screen clipping!'

    ꒰ I feel like he would send you his hoodie one day and you would do the same

    ꒰ so you could feel each others presence at least in a small way like this

    - - - - ——— jisung


    ꒰ 'I miss you' messages even if you guys talked like half an hour ago

    ꒰ sending selfies with 'xyz check!' ('lunch check!', 'school check!', 'dance training check!')

    ꒰ sometimes just sitting on FaceTime (or something else) and not even talking

    ꒰ despite the long distance, you guys like to 'feel' each others presence in this way

    ꒰ he has you on his wallpaper and you have him too

    ꒰ or the eye color lockscreen from TikTok (if you don't know - there was a trend to make wallpapers where would be hearts in the color of your so's eyes)

    ꒰ proud boyfriend, always says great things about you when someone asks about it

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  • pasteljin
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    new girl.

    ❝ they had warned you of the man known as lee jeno, yet you refused to listen. and it appeared there would be multiple repercussions for your actions. ❞

    ❛ genre drabble, smut, fluff, m for mature

    ❛ warnings slight corruption kink, poorly written smut, vaginal fingering, oral (receiving), breast play

    ❛ word count 1k

    There weren’t many things that you hesitated on in life. All your life you have been impulsive—a daredevil you could say. Nonetheless, when Lee Jeno offered to show you around campus being the new girl, you never expected it would end with you sprawled out across his bedsheets, hot and bothered underneath him as he undressed you.

    And it wasn't that your hesitation stemmed from the act of sex with him, but instead the aftermath of it. You had heard the stories of the notorious Lee Jeno people spoke of around the campus. How he played with girls' hearts and dumped them right after he got the chance.

    And it wasn't that your hesitation stemmed from the act of sex with him, but instead the aftermath of it. You had heard the stories of the notorious Lee Jeno people spoke of around the campus. How he played with girls' hearts and dumped them right after he got the chance.

    It didn't help that the two of you were merely good friends, and with almost every girl in sight pining after the man, there had to be a reason why someone as wanted as him would go after someone as green as you.

    Yet, here you were, taking off your blouse for Jeno, only stopping to watch Jeno remove his own clothing.

    “They told me about you,” You piped up, breath hitched as you watched Jeno undo the fabric of his own shirt, “they told me you'd break my heart.”

    “And what did you say?” He asks curiously, shrugging his sweater off to reveal the taut muscles and ridged abs that laid underneath. The sight of his own body alone was enough to make you breathless.

    “That I didn’t believe them.”

    He smirked at your comment, making his way back above your body. Jeno loved the sight of you underneath him, so vulnerable and small.

    He quickly brought his lips back to yours, meeting your embrace in a slow, sensual kiss. With ease he unsnapped your confining bra, freeing your round, supple breasts and exposing them to his touch.

    Slowly, Jeno pulled away, grazing his hand under the swell of your breast just soft enough to earn a whimper from your lips. “Don’t worry princess, I’ll take good care of you, if you want this.”

    Reluctantly you gave him a nod, watching as he pressed another soft kiss to your neck, trailing them down even further until he reached the valley of your breasts, eyes still meeting your gaze with every soft touch of his lips. Steadily, he wrapped his lips around your soft mound, licking his tongue over your hardened nipple while the other was teased by his own hand.

    The mere sensation of his mouth against your skin was enough to relinquish a soft groan from those pretty lips of yours, fueling his own arousal that throbbed tightly against the confinement of his boxers. He decided to ignore his own release however, wanting to give you his full and complete attention as he pleased you.

    A few moments passed before Jeno continued sloppy kisses down your skin, finally reaching the hem of your underwear, feeling your own arousal against the thin fabric.

    He looked up once more, "Are you sure?"

    You bite your lip in an attempt to stifle a moan, nodding at his question.

    With one last glance, Jeno swiftly pulled the fabric of your panties off of your legs, wasting no time to slide a long finger up and down your core, groaning at the sight of your already glistening pussy. All for him.

    He continuously slid his finger up and down against your entrance, only slightly prodding his finger against the slit as he spoke, "Tell me (Y/n), what do you want?" He asks, finally pushing a finger into your heart. You lift your hips up against the bed as your fingers dig into the bedsheets, eyes shutting tightly at the unfamiliar stretch of his digits. It wasn't unwelcomed though, instead different, but a good difference.

    You attempted to form words to answer Jeno's question but nothing came out. To help Jeno curled a finger inside of you, highlighting his words.

    "I don't know! I've never done this before." You cried out loudly, embarrassed you had to tell him such personal information like this. Of course he knew you were fairly inexperienced from the few encounters you had experienced before today, but never this in depth. It only made Jeno want to ruin even more.

    "Let's make your first time good then. Alright?"

    Without giving you a chance to respond Jeno pressed a soft kiss to your clit, licking a long strip up and down your lower lips thereafter. He savored the sweet taste of your arousal, moaning loudly against your pussy as he spread your thighs in order to taste more of you. You threw your head back in pleasure, not knowing how to react to all the new stimulation you were feeling.

    Not long after you began to get used to the sensations, moving your hips to meet every swipe of his tongue, soon turning into thrusts as he slipped two of his own fingers into the mix, doubling the feeling. You could sense a weird coil form in your lower stomach as he quickened his pace, only earning louder and messier moans from your lips in return.

    It only took one last thrust to make you come, the hard spasming of your hips and the clenching of your walls around his digits confirming that you had already reached your high. Jeno gave a few more thrusts before letting his fingers leave your shopping hole, a cocky smirk written across his features as he returned back above you.

    "I told you princess." He chuckled, pressing one last kiss to your lips before pulling away, earning a pout from you in response. "I'll always take care of you."

    And deep down, something told you that wouldn't be the last "encounter" you had with Lee Jeno.

    written by pasteljin. please do not copy or steal

    #jeno x reader #jeno x y/n #jeno x you #jeno smut#jeno fanfic#jeno drabbles#nct smut #nct x reader #nct x you #nct x y/n #lee jeno smut #lee jeno x reader #smut#kpop smut#Jeno imagines
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  • sunfleurrose
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    🌿 Firefly Fields: Chapter 2 of 9


    Childhood Friends AU

    90s/00s Setting

    Explicit  🔞


    Ten-year-old Kim Doyoung didn't need friends. He was perfectly content to keep himself occupied for the summer. Jaehyun disrupted that.

    Twenty-five-year-old Kim Doyoung doesn't need anybody. He's perfectly content to lead his own independent life. Jaehyun disrupts that.

    Read on AO3 | From the Beginning

    Read on AFF | From the Beginning

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  • potate-ohgosh
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Its been almost a month since I posted :(( in the meantime I’ve been dealing with my mental health and I got COVID-19 (omicron girls are the best girls 😎)

    Scenario: texts with boyfriend!Mark

    Mark is a just the sweetest boyfriendiest boy to ever boy 😌

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  • lavendernavi
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Your Move [M] Ch. 1

    Preview:“I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”
    Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”
    You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.
    “Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”

    Word Count: 5,183

    Warnings: Mark is a bad boy/ delinquent/pissant who enjoys getting underneath the skin of the reader. Talk of sex, squirting, and mild dirty thoughts/arousal of reader. Oh and lots of cursing! Mark says “vanilla” :P but we know better.

    You scream into your backpack as your best friend Yuna tries to calm you down. She strokes your back, knowing just how bad this situation is for you. The city bus bumps a little, masking the kicks that you dish out to the empty seat in front of you. You were about to rip your hair out as your eyes teared for the fifth time today.

     If he had left you alone, this wouldn't have happened. Everyday Mark picked on you for being about school, not having a boyfriend, and not looking like the resident school sluts. The argument all started when Mark decided he was going to trip you, but when he tried, you ended up falling on him. 

     Your breasts were sitting up in your canary yellow long-sleeved crop top, and your ass fell right on his lap in your black high wasted distressed jeans. You stare at each other.

     And then… you slapped him. 

     You slap Mark Lee so hard that he doesn’t just fall back on his desk; he falls out on the floor with blood on his lip.

     “Bet you’ll think twice next time before tripping me, huh?” You say with your hands on your hips.

     Mark grits his teeth as he wipes the blood from his lip and his friends help him up. “Didn’t have to make me bleed, you crazy bitch!”

     “Didn’t have to put your foot in my path, you narcissistic fuck wad!”

     You two give each other every single insult from your mama jokes to your daddy jokes, fat jokes, and even insult each other’s clothing. You stomp your combat boots out of anger, getting ready to lunge before Yuna holds you back, but... trouble arrives.


      You were on the city bus, en route to the area in which Mark Lee lives, so that you could be his private tutor; Why must you endure such suffering?

     You scream once again in your backpack, and groan as you stomp your boots on the floor, moaning and groaning in despair as Yuna continues to stroke your back to ease your mind. 

    Yuna sighs, “I see it now. ‘And in tonight’s news, two high school teens kill one another in a battle royale; more details at 10’.”

     You shake your head at your friend’s sense of humor, running your fingers through your hair. You didn’t know what was worse, tutoring Mark Lee or having to tutor him in his home instead of your own; Did everything have to blow up? 

     Things could’ve had gone a different direction if Mark Lee would’ve left you alone, but this tyrant was inescapable.

     You glance over and there is a big smile on Yuna’s face while she texts on her phone. Once she sees you eyeing her, she finishes her text and puts it away as if you didn’t notice what she was doing. The expression on your face makes Yuna gulp, causing you to scowl at her before she gives up and passes the phone to you. 

     Seeing who she is talking to and you give back the phone before pouting.

     “Oh, come on Y/N,” she holds her phone, checking if she has a reply yet from the last person you thought she would be with.

     “Nope. How could you?! Here I am, hoping that you give a damn about what is happening, and you are dating a close friend of tyrant Mark Lee, behind my back?!” you click your tongue before feeling a pinch to your arm and wince in pain.

    “Don’t get mad at me because your temper got the best of you; Jaehyun and I don’t have to join in your feuding because we are your friends.” She has a finger in your face.

     You resist the urge to snap at it like a dog, but you decide to let her have this one; she may be right, but the whole thing hurts you. Yuna sighs in defeat before tapping your arm to get your attention, but your eyes are tearing up.

      “Stop it, ok?! Jaehyun and I are an official couple; have been for some time. He’s been telling me I should tell you, and he has wanted to get you, I, and Mark together hoping we can all get along and be friends.”

     You don’t buy it for a second, but why would your best friend lie to you, of all people? Sure, she and Jaehyun were dating, but he had done nothing to you but smiled and always kept Mark from making a bigger mess with you. 

     Now it was all making sense as Yuna’s phone rang.

     “Hi baby,” Yuna answers, a little too cute for your taste as she presses speakerphone.

     “How are you beautiful?” Jaehyun has a sexy tone that has the power to melt a girl. You watch as they both exchange details about their day across the line, and soon you get pulled into the conversation.

     “Is she right next to you?” Jaehyun’s tone is hopeful, which makes you curious. “Am I on speaker?”

     Yuna begs you to be civil as you sigh in defeat and take the phone. 

     “Hi Y/N, how are you? I’m uh... sorry for how Mark acted today.” It wasn’t Jaehyun’s place, but at least he knows what kind of person he was.

     “No need to apologize; it’s not like you meant for that to happen.”

     “No, not at all! If I had known he would’ve acted like that before, I would have stopped it, but Mark is impulsive; like... he uses his brain for everything except making better decisions.”

     You stifle a chuckle and make Yuna smile before Jaehyun finishes. “But hey, I only called Yuna because I figured you may be with her. Mark told me not to give you his address, but I will anyway; because he doesn’t run me, and he needs to face you outside of school for a change.”

     You scowl at that.

     “You don't have to.”

     “Yes, I do Y/N. Mark has no excuse for how he treats you. Your tutoring sessions may teach him a bit of respect and humility. I mean... Mark has either scared away, seduced, or lied to his last previous tutors that his parents hired, but having someone that he knows a bit more about may block any ill intention for once.”

     Scared away, seduced, or lied on? Jeez…. you weren't dealing with a school tyrant anymore. This kid was as bratty outside of school as he was in it. Yuna notices your expression and asks if you want her to let him go, but you shake your head to refuse.

     “So, what’s the address?” you curse. 

     Jaehyun says he’ll text the address to Yuna’s phone in a few minutes so she can forward it to you, but there is a loud bang and screaming in the background about old food on the table.

    Jaehyun groans, explaining how it wasn’t he who did it, but the other male has already threatened to commit murder on everyone there if no one fesses up. 

     The line hangs up, and seconds later a text with the address and some words makes you both question what will happen to Jaehyun by tomorrow.



    Sorry. This may be the last time you hear from me. Good luck Y/N. I hope it all works out, and if you find out about a body found in the Han River...it’s mine. Bye!

     You can’t help but laugh at that, but your laugh falters once Yuna sends the address to your phone. You enter it in your GPS.

    After talking with Yuna some more, you reach your drop off point and grab your backpack before standing up and waiting for the driver to come to a stop.

     “Might not be so bad; what could go wrong? The second the tyrant makes me upset or uncomfortable, I’m leaving.”

     Yuna nods her head and gives you a hug before pushing your hair behind your ear. “Call if anything happens. I’ll pick you up when I have the car later.”

     Before you leave the bus, you nod and smile. Yuna gives you a thumbs up and wave to you as the bus leaves.

     You soon stop in front of a white gate. It is open, and after enough deliberation, you decide to go in. Your eyes widen at the sight before you, a beautiful modern home with a wooden and stone exterior surrounded by different trees and bushes. It’s like you have walked into a movie as you approach the house.

     Did Mark Lee live here? You text Yuna, telling her you made it, but you aren’t sure if you found the right place.



     Jaehyun says that there should be a skateboard by the gate before you enter. That means that Mark is home. Do you see it?



     None in sight, but this house is...wow.

     Jae, Yuyu


     Jae: Did she find the house?

     Yuyu: Yeah, but she says there is no skateboard Jae.

     Jae: That kid is not home yet; he was with Jeno, seeing as how he came home, too. He only lives a few houses away from him.

     Me: Should I wait here or…?

     Jae: Yea Y/N, wait there. I’ll text him you are there.

     Me: Thanks Jae. You get a boyfriend who is nice to me for once.

     Yuyu: -.-

    Your patience wears thin; waiting for Mark outside the gate would be better. You make your way out to the street and decide to use snapchat. You do your signature face and sneer while puckering your lips, lip syncing to one of your favorite songs. The sound of skateboard wheels coming closer isn't something you notice while looking through recent snaps. You chuckle and giggle at some of your friends’ snaps back home, messaging how much you miss them before you look up and scream when you see a boy on a skateboard coming straight for you.

     Jae: :P No problem, love.

     You duck for cover, but when you notice you are still standing, you open your eyes. As you look at who almost crashed into you, you stand up straight and make sure you’re still alive. You assume an all too familiar position with your hands on your hips as the dirty blonde-haired boy steps one foot off of his skateboard and picks it up with one hand. The air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. As he walks through the gate of his house, you scowl at him, earning an eye roll. 

     “Let’s get this over with cause I’ve got better things to do and better people to see.” His tone is bitter.

     He slides the front door to the side, jerking his head as if to say that you can go first.

     He has some manners? Is what you think, but Mark retorts.

     “Got to lock the door after I let you in. It’s not me being nice.”

     Your eyes wander around the house and marvel over the interior decorating. Mark snaps his fingers to get your attention.

     “No shoes,” he states as he points to your feet. He mutters something that you couldn’t hear, but you think he said something about not being house trained. You decide to let it slide as you untie your boot laces and slip your feet out of them. 

     You allow him to take your shoes. He grimaces once he takes them from you.

     “One mark on my boots, and I will make sure you see them from heaven during your funeral.”

     Mark scoffs at your threat before placing the shoes in a cupboard right by the door. You feel something hit your ankle.

     “Huh?” You pick up a purple ball and look to see a set of bright eyes looking at you from around the corner of a hallway. You crouch and hold out the ball with a smile to show you are not a bad person.

     A little boy comes scampering towards you and accepts the ball back. 

     “Hi,” you greet, as the boy waves at you while cradling the ball.

     “My name is Y/N, what is yours?”

     The boy shows you his two front teeth in a gummy smile. “Jun.”

     “That’s a cute name. It’s nice to meet you Jun. I like your ball.”

     “Purple is my favorite color.”

     You can’t help being charmed by the cuteness of the boy and his adorable face in front of you. You forget about Mark standing there as you converse with tiny little Jun.

     “Purple is my second favorite color, next to yellow, that is.”

     Jun gets closer “Is that why you are wearing a yellow shirt?”

     You nod before Jun comes up to your ear and whispers something, “Are you my brother’s new girlfriend?”

     “I can hear you twerp!” Mark barks, only for the younger to stick his tongue out.

     You giggle. "No, we’re only school friends."

      Jun then gets close and whispers in your ear, making your eyes widen as you blush and cover your mouth.


     Jun nods before looking at Mark, who rolls his eyes and goes upstairs to what you assume is his room and slams the door. Jun flinches a little, a sad look appearing on his face.

     “Hey, don’t be sad. He’s like that towards me, too.”

     Jun looks up at the stairs to make sure Mark can’t hear him. “Did you come to play with Markie… like his other girlfriends?”

     You gag hearing such words from an innocent child.

     You shake your head “No. I am going to help him get good grades in school.”

     “Well, good luck. Mom and Dad have tried everything. They even got other people from other countries to help him, but they always ended up leaving. He’s not so nice to them… or me.”

     The poor baby’s story breaks your heart as you tip his chin up and see tears in his eyes. “Put a smile on that cute little face.”

     Jun sniffles, and a beautiful smile follows. 

     “That’s a good boy. I believe I saw a corner store down the street. Are you old enough to leave the house by yourself?”

     Jun nods with a smile as you take your wallet from your bag and give him some money. “Go buy yourself something sweet on me. After today, I promise I will do everything I can to make your brother be nice to you.”

     Jun nods his head before giving you a hug.

     “Thank you Y/N! I hope my brother makes you his girlfriend, then we can all play together!”

     You curse yourself for loving small children. You notice Mark hasn’t come back down and decide that maybe he is doing something more important.

     “Guess I’ll wait here then.”

     You sit down on the couch and go through your phone to pass the time. After about 5 minutes, you hear footsteps on the stairs and look to see Mark raising his eyebrow at you.

     “Why haven't you come up, dummy?”

     “Excuse me?” you fire back, as Mark mimics you.

     “You heard what I said. I’m not repeating myself.”

     You stand up and cross your arms, showing off your trademark sass.

     “First, you leave while I’m talking to your adorable little brother. Second, you never came back.”

     Mark mimics you with a hand puppet and mouths everything you say while rolling his eyes.

      “And third, there is a thing called kuh-myoo-nee-kay-shun; you little prick.”

     Mark continues to mimic you before realizing you are mocking him. “There is also a thing called pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Stupid.”

     Jun then walks in licking on an ice cream cone “Says the one who has a hard time following die-reck-shuns and pay-eeng ah-ten-shun. Haha.”

     “You wanna die?!” Jun runs away and leaves you holding your stomach in raucous laughter. Mark puts his sights back on you.

      “Sounds to me like your lovely charms don’t work so well at home, hey, Markie?”

     “You call me that again, and I will make sure you regret it. Now shut up and get up here.”

     You make your way up the stairs and wink at Jun. Mark is waiting for you at a door with a sign that reads “KEEP CALM AND BEWARE OF THE BEAST WITHIN” hanging on the front. He jerks his head, gesturing for you to come in before closing the door and walking past you. 

     He sits In a gaming chair and puts on headphones before grabbing a Xbox controller.

     “Yeah, I’m back. No, it’s nothing important; got distracted. I’m still good to play.”

     You roll your eyes as you look around the room; the smell of styling gel and AXE body spray is strong. Posters of artists like Drake, Kanye, and other rappers fill the walls. You see what looks to be a small home studio setup and a notebook with lyrics inside of it. There is an Iron Man comforter on his bed and you can’t help but snicker.

     “Hold on, guys. The fuck are you laughing at?” You shake your head. You look around for somewhere to sit down, but don’t see a chair anywhere near, so you decide to just stand.

     “You gonna keep standing there like an idiot?”

     He points to his bed. You walk over and sit on the bed while holding bag close. Mark notices your demeanor plans something devious.

     “So, Sowon came over yesterday, right? Yeah, Kim Sojung.”

     Wondering what the hell he was on about, you keep listening. He speaks of how she is a pro and even though she is a virgin, he still wanted to score. You cannot believe what you are hearing, but still wanted to know more.

     “Man, she almost choked. Yeah, omg she was so damn ready for me I couldn’t say no. We kissed a few times, nothing too intimate, and then she took off her shirt. She has got some small ones, but I managed.”

     You hold your bag tighter and tighter, hearing each detail, not even noticing that Mark is side eyeing you; he gauges your reaction before deciding to take it up a notch.

     “So she’s on top right not facing me, but she’s so wet and loves how much it feels that she ends up squirting on my bed. Bro... I could’ve drowned if I hadn’t pushed her off.”

     The moment you hear squirting and bed in the same sentence, you snap your eyes to the comforter. Was Mark such an asshole that he would let you sit in another girl’s fluids? All you did was slap him — he needed it — but damn, how disgusting and foul could a guy be?

     “So I take her from behind,” you hear Mark as your heartbeat quickens. “I’m pounding, pounding, and pounding into her. Like bro, I’m trying to make her not only say my name but wanna have my kids at this pont. We keep going and going until she screams that is she is cumming for me, and again she squirts all over the bed!”

     Your head spins as Mark’s words echo in your head. You feel a sensation in between your legs, cleaning them together. The words coming from this asshole’s mouth appal you, although it arouses you.

     You let out a low groan. Could this get any worse?

     “Oh, and guess what?”


     “I still haven’t washed the comforter since it happened. The stain is still there and everything.”

     You rise and head over to the door.

     “Whoa, where are you going?” a coy tone with a devious smirk. His smirk fades when you turn around and giving him a clear view of your flushed face. 

     How could you let him get to you like this? How could you allow him to break you down? You were a fool to think maybe things would be different, but guys like Mark live for nothing but childish games; hurting the feelings of good people. You refuse to play games that were pointless.

    A lot of anger, a hint of disgust, and maybe, if Mark was more perceptive, a bit of envy and lust.

     “Home.” Your tone is bitter yet calm, which makes Mark hurry and speak into his headset, and if you didn’t know any better... he sounded nervous.

     “Hey bro, I gotta hop off. Something, uh… happened.”

     He turns off the Xbox and TV before standing up to face you. “What’s wrong? Was it something I said?” There goes that damn sarcasm again, making you want to do more than slap him.

     “It was everything you said! You’d allow me to sit in another girl’s filth after having fucked her?! You are such a dick, and I don’t know why I even listened to Jaehyun—”

     “Wait… Jaehyun? As in my friend Jaehyun? The hell did he say—”

     “That’s none of your damn business!”

      You wanted to mention what Jun whispered to you earlier also, but this has nothing to do with him; you won’t let Mark hurt him because of you.

     “If you hate me then ok fine, but don’t you ever put me in the same boat as one of your fuck toys! I am not one of your mindless sluts that let you treat them like fast food!”

     Your words stun Mark, but he knows he can’t humor you by showing any emotion.

     “I am NOT about to waste my time with a spoiled, pretentious, arrogant, chauvinistic, womanizing, obnoxious, skateboarding brat that can’t keep his dick in his pants whenever a short skirt and big tits pass by!”

     Mark’s expression remains passive, but it is clear your words affect him. You huff before running your hands through your hair.

     “I bet I am the only girl who you haven’t slept with in school yet. You know why?”

     Mark tilts his head to the side and crosses his arms. “Why?”

     You then walk up and get in his face, figuring out that he is just a few inches taller before going on with your rant.

     “Because I am not attracted to you, never will deal with you, and know that the only thing you want from a girl is what’s in her pants. I see you Mark Lee, and I am disgusted, appalled, and put off every time I see you.”

     “Oh?” Mark moves forward, making you back up.


     He smirks as you move until your back is against the door. 

     “It’s about time you fought back. I thought you were all bark and no bite. Now, I’m glad I get to see how you get. — slapping me was your first mistake.”

     “Should have never messed with me. You wouldn’t get this side of me if you showed some respect.”

     “That’s a tall order. Y/N, if I didn’t respect you, I wouldn’t mess with you at all,” Mark states as he looks down at you, putting his hands up on the door on both sides of you.

      “You got a mouth, and I like that. Makes it fun when it’s time to break girls like you down. I’m a bit of a sadist, everyone, but you knows that, until now.”

     “Get over yourself. The only way someone will ever break me is willingly; I’m difficult.”

     Mark chuckles “You’re funny...”

     “You are about to find me hilarious if you don’t back away.”

     “Make me back away,” he spouts.

     You scowl at him, wanting to slap that smug look off his face. He smiles at you, his eyes lighting up.

     “So then, you are confident that there is no way that I will ever attract you Y/N?” He looks you in your eyes.

     “Yes. I am nothing but confident, Mark.”

     Mark then licks his lips before backing up and giving you space. “Ok then ‘Miss Confident’. So how about you put your money where your mouth is?”

     You knit your brows as you glare at him “Excuse me?”

     “Let’s make this interesting,” he voices before sitting at the foot of his bed. 

     You raise your brow. “I’m listening.”

     Mark looks pleased. “How about we bet on it? You know about you never being attracted to me?”

     You raise your eyebrow, your interest now piqued. 

     “Go on.”

     Mark smiles before stroking his chin. “Today is Friday, right? Which means 3 weeks from now, the Spring Dance will happen.”

     I did not know. You continue to glare at Mark.

     “OK, so?”

     “So… I bet I can make you not only have sex with me, but fall for me the night of the Spring Dance.”

     You curl your lip. “You can’t be serious?”

     “Dead serious. By April 8, I will have you in my bed, screaming my name, and telling me how much you want me to take… you… down.”

     “And what are you willing to wager on this ‘little’ bet, Lee? What makes you think I will agree to it?”

     Mark takes some time to think before walking over to his nightstand, pulling out a blue jar. 

     “How about we sweeten the pot? No fun without cash involved.”

     “I’m listening,” he has your total attention.

     “Within the 3 weeks, I will tease you, and in return, you can also tease me. If you get the better of me, I’ll drop $5 in the jar, and vice versa. “

     You nod your head and think it over, wondering if you both could pull this whole thing off, but you were never one to shy away from a challenge.

     “You tease me, I tease you? Are there conditions for this?” you inquire.

     “Conditions like?”

     You look elsewhere “I don’t know, conditions like: ‘How far can we go with the teasing before the Spring Dance’? Let’s try that.”

     Mark thinks for a second, “We could keep it vanilla, with clothes on; not like I need much to turn a girl on.”

     His words offend you as you lean down to him. 

     “These are pretty high stakes for this to just be vanilla. You sure you want to lose 3 weeks’ worth of money like that? I told you, I’m difficult.”

     Mark shrugs, which makes him look all the cuter as he sets the jar down. “Then what have you got to lose except money? If you are not into me, conditions or not, you’ll ace this.” 

     You think about it a little more while biting your thumb, pacing for a minute before you sit on the bed, but you tense up when you think about what Mark said earlier while playing the game. He notices your body language.

     “I didn’t have sex with her.”

     “You expect me to believe that?”

     Mark rolls his eyes. “Look, I may be an asshole towards you, but I‘m not a total ass. ”

     You’re unconvinced. “So then, how far do we go with the teasing?”

     Mark sits next to you on the bed, looking at you with a serious face. “From today till April 8, you and I will enter a turn on battle. The goal is to do intermediate level things that could get us to be attracted to the other. They don’t have to be sexual — seeing as how you are a goody two shoes — they can be PG-13.”

     “PG-13?” you muse.

     “Yeah, like making out, feeling each other up, dry humping; sorry to say I won’t be so inhibited.”

     “Fine then, but I want a safe word for when things get too heated between us. If I say it, we stop.”

     “Hmm, sounds kinky, but if you can’t do anything but tell me you want me, that won’t bode well.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

     “Yeah, sure,” you roll your eyes.

     “Then it’s settled. If nothing I do phases you and we don’t end up having sex, then I will tell the principal to hold me back and never bother you again, but…” he raises his finger as if these were contract conditions.

     He gets closer to you and causes you to lean back a little. “If you have sex with me before the 3 weeks are over, or April 8 11:59pm, then you have to help me pass so I can graduate this year...”

     His next words make your eyes widen. “And you will have to admit that I got the better of you.. to everyone.”

     You look over your shoulder at Mark, biting your lip, and he looks sexy right now as he gazes at you, wondering what your answer will be. 

     “No one is holding a gun to your head. If you don’t want to do it, then ok, but I refuse to let you tutor me otherwise.”

     “And why is that?” you furrow your brows before the skateboarder lays back on his bed. 

     “This isn’t some movie where I change my ways. I am still going to be the same Mark Lee who does whatever the hell he wants. I’m not changing for anyone, especially you.”

     A thought comes into your mind, and then a sly smirk appears on your face as you lean against the door.

     “Then let’s make it even more interesting.”

     Mark raises his brow. “More interesting?”

     “Yeah,” you start as you put your arms behind your back. “Like you said, I have nothing to lose.”

     Mark smiles a little at that, liking the fact that you are into this just as much as he is, but what you say next not only raises the stakes, but seals the deal.

     “If you and I don’t have sex by the 11:59pm on April 8, like you predicted…” you hesitate a bit as you lick your lips, battling the slow, creeping anxiety. Now or never Y/N.

     “Then you have to change your ways and stop giving everyone a hard time.”

     Mark sits up and gives you that signature look. “Define ‘everyone’?” He stands up and comes closer to you, lessening the space between you. “Your parents, your brother, and me.”

      He is now mere inches from your face, gauging your reaction as he brings his hand up and places his palm against the door above your head. You feel so small as you avert his gaze, but you know have to be stronger as you lock eyes with him.

     “If I win this bet, you not only have to let me tutor you, but you have to be nicer towards Jun and your parents. If you win, then I’ll admit that you broke me to everyone... over the morning announcements at school.”

     Mark purses his lips, poking his cheek with his tongue, but then he gives you that same smirk before speaking against your lips in an almost whisper.


     You both stare at one another before you’re spun around, chest pressed against the door. Your head spins as you look to see Mark standing behind you, holding your hands together above your head. Things have escalated way more quickly hangout expected, but it isn’t until you feel your ass being squeezed that you now are thinking twice.

     “W-What are you doing?”

     You feel Mark’s hands roam your body as he squeezes your thigh and grips your hair before pulling your head back and whispering in your ear.

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     “Making my move. Let the games begin.”

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