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  • jaesqueso
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    1980s horror film

    pairing: classmate!jaemin x female!reader

    summary: you decide to pour your feelings out as you watch a 1980s horror film

    word count: 811

    warnings: hm crack, fluff and angst? idk this is weird, based on the lyrics of the song by the same name by The Wallows

    a/n: well this is a really poor attempt to get back to writing but I promise something better is coming, don’t kill me just yet! thanks for reading ❤︎

    ☽ ・・・・・ ☾

    “You should totally come over and watch it!” Jaemin excitedly says as your mouth dries up.

    You don’t know when it started but neither does every other girl in school, literally everyone has a crush on the tall handsome boy with the brightest smile. He’s obviously pretty popular and, even though he could date anyone he wanted, most find it hard to believe he never had a girlfriend. Not  for lack of trying by the female population, he just doesn’t seem interested in getting into a relationship. But that doesn’t stop the flirting coming his way.

    “Y-yeah, sounds great!” You pray he doesn’t notice the nervousness through your voice.

    You wouldn’t exactly say you too are friends. You share a few classes and because of an assignment he found out you share the love for horror movies so sometimes when he sees you eating alone at the cafeteria he sits down with you. After all these years your heart still skips a beat and you forget how to breath when he comes around, but once you start talking about horror movies everything else disappears and it’s just the two of you. And this was exactly one of these situations when he suddenly asked you to come to his house to watch a 1980’s horror film.

    After ringing the door bell, you nervously play with the hem of your shirt as you heard the steps inside. At first you thought he wasn’t serious about the invitation, you know just something people say but don’t really mean it, but then he texted you the time for you to show up and it all became real. You are really going to Jaemin’s house to watch a film. This seems like such a typical teen movie scene but when he opened the door and let you in you knew it was real by the way your legs almost froze in place.

    Greeting his parents that sat in the living room, you follow your crush to his bedroom. His room is dark, the curtains are down and the only source of light comes from the string lights decorating his desk. He gestures for you to sit on the bed as he pulls his desk chair and sets up the movie in his laptop. Settling on his duvet you can’t help the thousands of thoughts going through your head.

    This is where Jaemin sleeps. Does he perhaps sleep naked? Does he lay on top of the sheets? Am I sitting somewhere his bare skin touched? I can only imagine the things he has done in this bed alone. Or perhaps with someone too. Oh I wish it was me. Feeling his hands roam through my body as my clothes slowly come off to lay careless on the floor-

    “I hope you like it!” Your thoughts are interrupted by his sweet voice that brings you back to reality.

    Simply nodding your tear your gaze from his dreamy face to focus on the small screen. But not long after the initial credits roll your eyes drift back to him. Its been so long since you had a boyfriend, you miss cuddling, you miss doing couple things, you miss the simple touch of someone who cares about you. And honestly from where you’re sitting you could easily lift your hand and run your fingers through his smooth brown locks. But you don’t do that. You look back to the 1980s horror film.

    Halfway through the movie and you still don’t know what it is really about because while your eyes are on the moving figures your mind is on him. You can’t hold your feelings in anymore. You’re both seventeen, your finishing high school soon and god knows when you’ll have an opportunity like this again. Taking a deep breath you part your lips to speak.

    “Jaemin, I don’t know what to say to you, I feel you’re always on my mind.” He looks over his shoulder and you consider stopping but you started so might as well finish it. “And now that I know what I need I’m taking the long way round in my mind. It’s not right. I can’t help the way I feel anymore and I need to ask you Jaemin.” You take a deep breath. “Could it be that you feel this way, too?”

    He gets up from the chair and joins you in his bed. The light from the screen of his laptop lights the side of his face and the whole mood just seems so right. You look deep into his eyes trying to understand what he’s feeling, trying to demystify the thoughts in his head and the feelings in his heart. But then he said.

    “I’m really not that into girls.”

    And without saying another word you look back to the small screen and continue watching the 1980s horror film.

    ☽ ・・・・・ ☾

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  • tinysushimark
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Little Things, LMH

    fluff, slight angst in btw, happy ending.

    0.354k words.

    For you the little things mattered.

    The little things made you happy, the small gestures filled your heart with love, the slight nudge of Mark's shoulder against yours in a crowd of people and his sweet smile when he saw it's you, made your heart full.

    Whenever he'd hug you from behind while you cooked, made your heart flutter, his small efforts of trying to learn how to cook made you happy.

    Because for you, the small things mattered.

    Mark's smile and laugh when you played a wrong chord on the guitar even after he had taught you multiple times made you happy, because he'd wrap his arms around yours and teach you again, his small praises when you got the chord right, kept you going.

    Your small arguments about food made your heart full, because you knew that you could tell him what you want at any given time, no matter how trivial it might be. He'd usually comply with what you wanted and that made you feel over the moon.

    But you didn't know that because of the little things, you lost control over the big things.

    You knew it when he had walked away from you that it was because of the little things that he had left, and it was because of the little things that he always stayed in your heart.

    Asking to try again was a big thing, and you still loved it, because you knew, if it's him, you'll be alright. He made you love the big things too.

    And slowly and steadily, every small detail became huge, and he became the star of your life.

    Your eyes glimmered when you watched him walk ahead hand in hand with your daughter, a smile on his face while he called out for you to walk faster to catch up to them.

    And that is when you remembered again, it's the small things that mattered, so this very moment was special.

    And you giggled and ran over to both the people you'd give your life up for.

    Because even in these small moments, your love grew second by second.

    Read More: Masterlist

    Networks: @superm-net @nct-frathouse @knet-bakery @pretty-neos

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  • nctinthehouse
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago


    pairing: reader x bf!Doyoung
    genre: fluff, established relationship!au
    wc: 0.5k
    ⚠️ warning(s): none
    A/N: We’re almost at the end of the series!! 😓
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    29th November

    Early mornings are Doyoung’s enemies.

    Doyoung was supposed to be up half an hour ago. But as soon as he heard the annoying sound of his alarm, he hit the snooze button and told himself “five more minutes”.

    That was 30 minutes ago.

    Those “five more minutes” turned into another five and another five and another.

    It’s one of the disadvantages of staying over at yours instead of his dorm when he has a schedule the following day especially when he has to get up early for it.

    As much as Doyoung wants to stay in the warm bed with you, he knows that if he doesn’t get up, he’ll be late for his schedules. He doesn't want his manager to wait for him downstairs for long and he knows that he’ll get a scolding from his manager telling him that he should’ve stayed at the dorms yesterday. He doesn't want to keep his members waiting either so he gently moves your arm away from his waist and sits up on the bed.

    He stays there for a few minutes, trying to fight a few yawns as he rubs his face with his hands as he tries to wake himself up. The only sounds he can hear are his breathing and your little snores. Finally, he scrambles off the bed and gets ready to start his day.

    Before he heads out, Doyoung goes back to the bedroom to give you a kiss goodbye.

    He snickers at your silliness as he sees you now occupying the whole bed. You’re still sleeping, legs sprawled out across the bed as you lay on your stomach. The duvet is only covering half of your body as the other half is just barely on the bed. One side of your face is squished down on the pillow, cheeks slightly puffed out.

    Doyoung approaches you and crouches down beside the bed. He moves the hair out of your face, gently tucks it behind your ear and places a delicate kiss on your forehead.

    “See you later sleepyhead” he whispers as he strokes your cheek with his thumb

    Doyoung picks up the duvet that’s about to fall off the floor and places it over your body again so you don’t get a cold.

    He hates having to leave you like this when you look so warm and comfy in your bed and all he wants to do is to jump back in again and cuddle the shit out of you but he has his schedules to attend to. Even though he loves you very much he also loves his job.

    He places another kiss on your forehead before quietly leaving the apartment.

    As he gets into his manager’s car and drives off, Doyoung sighs and leans back onto his seat. His manager takes a quick glance at him and chuckles.

    “I know how you feel. It’ll be fine. Time will pass quickly and next thing you know, it's the time when you can see her again”

    His manager is right. Though it’s only been a few minutes, he's already looking forward to the time when he can be with you again.

    network tagging: @pretty-neos

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  • 127-hira
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    license for love

    “This is the first time i’m seeing you blush, what a wonderful sight to see”

    PAIRING » na jaemin x fem!reader

    GENRES » fluff, mild angst. best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, secret admirer.

    WARNING » lots of fluff. featuring jeongin and hyunjin and jeno as your best friend.

    PLAYLIST » falling for you by The 1975, It’s You by Ali Gatie.

    WORD COUNT » 2790 words


    "I'm not surprised," Jeno said, looking up from his book to meet Jaemin's eyes and shrugged, "I'm really not, she's number five this month. Are you trying to break a record or something?"

    In response, Jaemin just rolled his eyes, "Ugh, just pass me the textbook, I need to finish this, it's graded."

    You, on the other hand, was busy completing the essay you had to do but you overheard what your two best friends had said. "You're doing the essay on 'Pride and Prejudice', right? Here's my summary if you need a reference." You handed him your note book.

    "Yeah, uh-thanks."

    "Who's your next target?" You joked as you raised a brow and smirked at him. He kept down his pen and raised his right hand to make a posture as if he was deep in thought. "Hmm, you" He said whilst tilting his head to study your features.

    You instantly felt all the heat rush to your cheeks, "What? Nooo, I like Jeno better than you!" You pulled the guy with the puppy face closer to you and hugged him.

    "Suit yourself," he sulked and continued his work. You just shrugged and did yours too.

    Only this part of the school was fairly comforting, you guys were settled on one of the wooden benches and tables, located behind the school building.

    The afternoon air was cold but it was perfect in this hot season, the wind lightly ruffling your hair and leaving soft kisses on your cheeks, skipping lunch wasn't such a problem now.

    "Wow really?!" You were snapped out of your little daydream by Jeno's voice. You closed you finished work and faced them. "What's up?" You asked.

    "Y/n, look, Jaemin's saying that he's taking a break from dating," Jeno scoffed, with the same mocking tone.

    "Well, it's time you gave up." You smirked.

    "I need to focus on studying more, what are you guys even expecting!" Jaemin's ears reddened as he shifted his position in his seat.


    Jeno and this time, Jaemin were with you on the way home, you were going through your essay's draft as you smiled proudly for not procrastinating this time.

    Right as you stepped out of the school building, "Y/n," a voice said making you look up from your file, but as soon as you saw his face, you dropped your file. It was Hwang Hyunjin, the most good looking guy in class 2-4, he bent down and picked up the file and handed it to you.

    "Uh, um, thanks," your cheeks suddenly caught a crimson shade. Not like you liked him or anything but it was Hwang Hyunjin, there was nothing you could have done better.

    He rubbed his nape and slightly looked down, avoiding eye contact. Jeno and Jaemin raised their eyebrows and waited for him to say something.

    "I wanted to talk to you about something," Hyunjin said meeting your eyes.

    "Yeah, sure, go on."

    "Can we talk uh, privately?" He shuttered, cutely. You let out a short chuckle and replied, "Sure, can you guys wait for a while?" You looked at Jeno and then to Jaemin, to which they nodded skeptically.

    You walked with Hyunjin towards the small sitting area on the front lawn of the school. "I-I um, can we meet tomorrow, if you're not busy, I need to tell you something." Hyunjin said shyly which was a big surprise because Hyunjin was known for being the most confident guy in the whole of high school, second only to Jaemin.

    "Uh yeah, we can meet after school, maybe?" You suggested, your hands holding the strap of your backpack, fingers tapping nervously.

    You went back to your best friends, just to be greeted by two dudes with folded arms, their expressions asking for an explanation.

    "What?" You went in between them and dragged the both of them away, "Okay, he said he wanted to see me tomorrow, he has something to say."


    The next day, you were about to leave the class when you remembered that you had to see Hyunjin. You exited your class and made way to class 2-4.

    "Is Hyunjin here?" You asked a girl that was in the class. "He left for a meeting with the counselors," she replied, still working on her little piece of paper.

    You walked back to class and went to your seat and started packing your bag to leave when you noticed a white rose stuck on the side of your bag.

    "Huh?" you picked it up and held it in your fingers, admiring the beauty of the rose, so simple yet so beautiful.

    You left the classroom and walked towards the school gates and saw Jeno and Jaemin waiting. "What are you guys doing here?" You questioned the two.

    "What was it that Hyunjin had to say?" Jaemin spoke making eye contact with you. Your face broke into a playful smile and grabbed your two best friends by their necks and walked forward. "I got stood up, actually it wasn't his fault but I still got stood up but hey, I got a rose from someone."

    You took out the rose from your backpack and took it in your arms before it got snatched away by Jeno. "Oh, a secret admirer, any guesses, Na Jaemin?" He hopped around with the rose. You chased him but he stood on his toes and showed off his height.

    You grumbled and gave up, "Just take it, Jeno since you lack attention, I'll share mine."

    Jaemin just stood there, holding the straps of his bag and smiled at his two best friends.


    Every monday was a surprise because every start of the week, Jaemin would show up late with disheveled hair and an undone school tie with his bag hung around one arm.

    Jeno and you would stop writing your undone homeworks right at that time and wait, expecting a bag thrown on the table where Jaemin would describe what his new date was like and what qualities he liked best.

    He started this behavior as soon as the three of you joined high school. At first, it hit you like a truck and your heart broke but knowing that friendship comes first, you knew you had to keep your feelings to yourself.

    Even though your infatuation, as you liked to refer to your 4 year crush as, remained. Eventually, you got used to it and grew on you, it was all fine.

    This time, the surprises were new. First, Jaemin decides to stop dating and then every other day, you just found yourself waiting, expecting a white rose stuck on the side of your backpack when you went to submit the class' assignments at the end of the day.

    "Hi, Hyunjin told me to give this to you, he passed by earlier this morning," F/N looked back from her seat and placed a paper on your desk.

    after school near

    the gate? i'm sorry

    for last time :(

    - hj

    You smiled at his note, the cute emoji face was written in an adorable handwriting. You felt a gaze on you and looked to your left and saw Jeno, chin resting on his palm, elbow on the table. His eyes were squinting, judging you.

    "Did you turn into a girl, Y/N?" Jeno blurted out. You never really felt like a girl hanging out with these two guys all the time, but you acted hurt. And gasped, a very exaggerated one.

    "Oh my gosh, does the length of my hair and my skirt not show that I'm clearly a girl? Jeno, you know, I could kiss you," You said earning a gag sound from Jeno.

    "You don't want to hear my reasons, ask Jaemin. And ew, kiss? don't be gross, Y/N." You rolled your eyes as Jeno made a disgusted face, you had to admit that it was cute. No hetero though.

    You looked back at Jaemin, whose seat was behind yours and asked him, "Yo Nana, I need your expert advice, tell me."

    Jaemin, who was fixing his tie, choked on air and quickly said, "Uh, well, I just want to say that you should be careful around guys who look like Hyunjin, you know," He motioned his hand to his hair and styled it down mockingly, "Those type who have bleached brown hair and cheeks, you know, those kind of thick lips. Those are never meant to be trusted."

    You were left speechless at what he just said. "Jaemin, what?" You raised a brow and blankly stared at him with a baffled look plastered on your face.

    "It's time but the teacher's late today, got to go style my hair, keep my image, you know?" Jaemin said, really fast, and stood up and left the classroom in a dash.You then looked at Jeno, who replied with a shrug.


    You stood at the side of the school gate nervously waiting for Hyunjin to walk thorough the gate to meet you. Your usual white rose stuck on to the side of your backpack.

    As much as you told them to leave, they insisted on staying and observing the scene from afar- there near the food stall, near the school gate stood Jaemin with a slightly unreadable expression and Jeno who kept smirking at you.

    Hyunjin came a little later than promised with his hair disheveled in all directions and panting from running, "I'm so sorry, so sorry for making you wait for the second time, the council called us for an emergency meeting, I escaped," He said finally breathing at a normal pace.

    He brought his bag infront of his body and took out a red rose and gave it to you, smiling his boxy smile, Hwang Hyunjin had the prettiest set of teeth, there was just something about guys who smiled with their teeth that made you want to slap yourself.

    You fixated your gaze on him with your eyebrows slightly raised in question,"Wait Hyunjin, a red rose? I thought you were the one who was sticking a white rose in my bag all along, wasn't that you?"

    Hyunjin eyebrows furrowed as he slowly shook his head for a 'no'. You both stood there puzzled at what was unfolding before you.

    "Wait then who could it be, no one outside of my friend group, besides you, talk to me or came to talk to me in the past month and I got a rose every day for like twenty days now?"

    You bit your lower lip in thought and was lost for a moment that until Hyunjin shrugged and sighed, "Well, Y/n, I'm guessing I lost my chance at a date with you, whoever the guy was who gave you the roses, which I think I might have a slight clue of because of all the death glares I got from him while talking to you, hope he musters the courage to come up to you, and if that doesn't work out, give me a call. Hyunjin winked, his eyes slightly, at a loss of color. You felt bad, it was like you turned him down without actually turning him down.

    "Hyunjin, what do you mean death glares?" You said as you clicked your shoes to start walking with him outside the school gate.

    "You'll probably find out soon, I have to leave for now, I'd walk you home but your two best friends are threatening me to let you go with their stares," Hyunjin chuckled, eyes forming crescents, as he adjusted his bag on his shoulder and left the other way. Leaving you feeling weird and puzzled.


    Y/n hadn't talked about having any crushes on guys since middle school ended and Jaemin had always felt queasy whenever she did talk about liking a guy.

    Jeno to this, kept putting it into Jaemin's head that Y/n had a huge crush on him and that he should confess of his liking to her. Jaemin always pushed it away saying that Y/n could never see him in that way, he promised he'd get over her and date around till he finally found someone he truly loved.

    And he did, it actually came to them easily, unsurprisingly.

Na Jaemin was perfect, Jeno was too, so when they started high school, all the girls swooned over the two of them, letters flooding their lockers on a daily to which Jeno kindly rejected saying he didn't want a relationship, but surprisingly Mr.Na had different ideas.

He always found it as a way to distract himself of his growing feelings for his best friend which worked on a short term .

    But, after so long, hearing Y/n talk about how dreamy and how amazing a guy who wasn't 2D was broke all the walls Jaemin had tried to build over the past two years of high school. Jaemin had nothing on Hyunjin but the way his name rolled off your tongue and the way you hit it right off, talking to him comfortably since the first meet up made something in him burn.

    Jaemin pulled out a white rose from his desk and walked to your seat to stick it in your bag seeing that you had left to submit today's classworks.

    On your way, Hyunjin was carrying a couple of books from his class with his friend, Jeongin who instantly smiled at you when you came to Hyunjin's side.

    "Hey, I'm going to submit the same subject, want me to submit your class' for you? My friend here is free," Hyunjin started as he bent down to see what subject was written on the cover page of the books you were carrying.

    "You sure? Nah, I can do it myself," You said as you shook your head.

"Just consider it as me doing you a favor, Y/n." You couldn't argue so you passed your books to Jeongin and left back to your class to get to your two waiting friends.

    “Guess what-" You walked in with hands in your skirt's pocket to see Jaemin concentrating hard to make the rose stick in to your bag unright but it seemed to be keep slanting downwards for some reason.

    On hearing your voice, his head immediately shot up, oh shoot, he cursed under his breath as he took small steps away from your seat.

    "Your rose had uh,fallen, on the ground, I guess? I just came to pick it up for you?" He said all in a question, one thing Jaemin was bad at was at lying and you saw right through him, his ears were bright red and you'd never seen Jaemin blush before.

    "Jaemin, quit lying, what were you doing on my seat." You interjected, you had your doubts, after what Hyunjin had said. It kept you up at night for the whole weekend thinking about all the possibilities.

Na Jaemin? No, he'd never see me in that way.

    To this, your heart started beating at a crazy pace, you felt queasy as you boldly took steps towards Jaemin whose feet stood planted on the floor, he gulped.

    "Ugh fuck it, look, Y/n, yes-it was me who kept the roses there and if that doesn't sound fucked up enough, I had a crush on you since middle school," Jaemin blurted out, his cheeks bright as summer.

    Your heart did flips knowing you were the reason behind his flustered self, who on other times, wouldn't even have anything make his confidence waver.

    "Wow." You answered, baffled with wide eyes, eyeing Jeno sitting in his seat in the empty classroom, Jeno was smiling like a maniac.

    "I know I have absolutely no right to and I was planning on keeping our relationship as friends that way but when you started talking about Hyunjin, looking all lovey-dovey, whipped, I was so jealous, embarrassingly, I thought I had gotten over you." Jaemin continued to ramble, his eyes were desperately asking for escape. He feared for what you'd say to this.

    "And you think I never felt jealous at all when you brought all those girls to dates and didn't even bother on telling me, no, us, beforehand?" You confessed, eyebrows mocking him.

"What?" Jaemin replied, flustered, as he fought back a smile.

    "Thanks for the roses, Jaemin, this is the first time I'm seeing you blush, a wonderful sight to see." You smirked at him, Jaemin looked down at the floor, feet still stuck in the same place, the color of his ears enough to keep you up for the whole night.

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  • 127-hira
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    hi everyone, i’m hira and i sometimes write stories.

    PARK JISUNG “blessed by santa”

    ↳ idiots to lovers | fluff | 3.3k | high school au

    “okay then, let me rephrase that, will you be mine?


    “the string of fate”

    ↳ soulmate au | angst | 1k

    “You know I don’t believe in love.”

    JUNG SUNGCHAN “midnight city”

    ↳ strangers to lovers | fluff | mild angst | 2.5k

    "I think Jeffrey is better than Andy although it's like saying suffocating is mildly more amusing than drowning."

    NA JAEMIN “license for love”

    ↳ best friends to lovers | fluff | 2.8k

    “This is the first time I’m seeing you blush, what a wonderful sight to see”
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  • jensrose
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    24 hours (teaser)

    pairing. mark lee x fem!reader

    genre. fluff, mutual pining, best friends to lovers!au, idiots to lovers!au (more to be added)

    wc (for the teaser). 0.25k | warnings (for the teaser). none! | est. release date. christmas, 25 december! (date may change based on how busy my life becomes)

    “It’s drooping.”

    “It is not.”

    “It’s gonna fall over any second now.”

    Mark huffs, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ve set up the Christmas tree at your place since we were eleven. You really think I don’t know whether that tree’s gonna fall or not?”

    “It’s made of cardboard, Mark,” you snort. “And it’s already bent because you couldn’t carry it through the door.”

    The boy rolls his eyes. “Not my fault your door’s tiny.”

    “Blame it on my door,” you tease him. “How cute.”

    The tips of Mark’s ears turn into a vivid shade of pink, and you can’t help but chuckle at his embarrassment. You shift your glance to the cardboard cut-out of the Christmas tree in front of you, placed in a corner of your tiny living room. Since you live in the city, and your parents live in the countryside, celebrating Christmas with them is near-impossible, and as much as you try to remain unaffected, you know Mark knows that you miss them terribly.

    Which makes this small gesture of his that much more special. The tree isn’t much; it’s cut roughly at the edges, and the light green paint is blotchy and the strokes are uneven. The little baubles and coloured lights he’d painted on top are still wet (the back of Mark’s hands are a curious shade of blue because of them) - but despite all that, you think this might be one of the best Christmas trees you’ve ever had. Not that you’re going to tell your best friend, of course.

    taglist. @cookydream, @squiishymeow, @ourbeautifulaffair, @flower-lise, @arishaechan, @n0hyuck, @blossom-rea, @youngiez @aluxuriousjourney @doublesung @beombon @verifiedsunghoonsimp @nuoyi-city (send an ask to be added to the taglist for just this fic or for my permanent taglist!)

    © JENSROSE, 2021.

    #fic :: 24 hours #maybe this will actually give me some motivation to write it lol #nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct fluff#mark scenarios#mark imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct 127 scenarios #mark x reader #mark fluff #nct dream fanfic #mark lee imagines #mark lee#lee minhyung#nct dream#nct 127#nct #nct x reader #nct 127 x reader #nct dream x reader #nct soft hours #nct dream soft hours #nct 127 soft hours
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  • 127-hira
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    midnight city

    "I think Jeffrey is better than Andy although it's like saying suffocating is mildly more amusing than drowning."

    PAIRING » jung sungchan x fem!reader

    GENRES » mild angst, fluff, strangers to lovers, high school au

    WARNING » none! enjoy ! :P

    PLAYLIST » beautiful by AshIsland, U R by Monsta X

    WORD COUNT » 2589 words

    Sungchan hated seeing the girl he always had a crush on go on random dates and have a broken heart, he knew he could treat her better than all the boys she dated.

    On the other hand, you and your boyfriend were fighting again, your boyfriend started screaming, "I know why you started dating me, you're just playing with me, like all your earlier boys." The two of you were in your university's entrance, students who were passing by threw you inquisitive looks, something you were pretty much used to now.

    If it was another time, what your boyfriend(s) said wouldn't have hurt you. You have had way too many one-time flings. But you were growing feeling for him, and losing people was traumatic for you. Tears threatened to drop so you turned away and left the school grounds, no way I'm catching feelings for anyone ever again.

    Your classes for the day were all over and the sun was also setting, the setting sun reminded you of sad things, reminded you that things end and that the light must go away one time or another. Taking this as a chance to go see your mother, you went to the 'Midnight City.'

    Midnight City was a 'dark' theatre, they showed movies but there were no front seats, only a couple of back seats. That was why they also called it the Dark Theatre, you couldn't see a thing because the light from the movie didn't reach you, and it was fun, it allowed you to think about everything that's been happening with you and you felt happy that you are always with your mother when you're here.

    When you were young, you and your mother used to come here, during weekday as the seats would be filled during the weekends. You mother had always told you that her father used to take her here too and if she's ever not in person with you, she'd always be here.

    You grabbed the coupon the salesperson gave you and took a seat, it was a weekday so it was only you in the huge theatre, it didn't scare you a tad bit too, you knew this place was where all the warm things were.

    There was no one, as usual, none you saw. So you started talking to your mother. "Mom, I miss you, always and everyday, you told me you'd be with me till you see me happily married but here I am now, dating around and breaking hearts to mend my broken one. How are you mom, I really, r-really miss you," you didn't realize but you were crying, soft, light sounds escaped as you covered your mouth with your palm.

    You promised you wouldn't cry, but the thought of your mother leaving you had always been a terrifying thought. You knew you were still in denial, but it was too hard to accept the fact.

    A hand tapped your shoulder startling you, "Hey, are you alright?" A voice spoke right from beside you. "Are you crying? Uh- do you need me to call anyone for you?" he added.

    It was dark, indeed. You couldn't see the person and you knew you should be freaking out to be in a dark room with a guy at this time but something about his tone and voice gave out a soothing aura. You wiped your tears and swallowed the lump in your throat. "Yes, I am fine. It's nothing to worry about."

    Turning to the screen, you watched the movie that was playing, a movie you didn't know the name of was being screened.

    "You like that guy? I think he shouldn't even talk to her, she's so much better in person and in everything, oh my god." The person beside you started.

    "I think Jeffrey is better than Andy although it's like saying suffocating is mildly more amusing than drowning." You laughed as his comment, it was your first time in a long time, laughing genuinely without having to fake it.

    "You're right, you're right. I think the girl should just get over herself, she doesn't need a boyfriend." You commented. Hypocrite.



    Days had passed, you still didn't know what the X-dude looked like. Yes, you guys didn't want to reveal each other so you're basically Y-girl and he's X-dude. You always went to the theater, more often than usual, partly because you could finally be yourself with someone around and partly because you knew he'd be there.

    It was great that you remained anonymous, you hated that people befriended you for your looks, and got with you for the same reason. It was cruel and unfair to the world, you didn't like standing out because of just a reason -something as insignificant as your face.

    You walked into the theater and handed the person next to your usual seat a coffee, after comfortably sitting down on your seat. Today, you had gone to your mother's grave and it was lonely, especially lonely as it had rained and simple dark things made you sad. To add onto that, some new girls had befriended you, just to leave you out in their plans when they knew you weren't all that 'rich'.

    "You know, I hate people when they 'judge a book by it's cover'. I hate it so much, I hate it when people befriended others for money, I hate it when people-" you stopped when you realized you were rambling. "Sorry."

    "No, go on. I've nothing better to listen to right now." X said, after taking a sip on his coffee.

    "It's like I'm begging for pity, I won't." Your gaze focused on the screen but none of you two really ever watched the movie all the time, it was like a thinking-about-life area in here.

    "Okay then, let me start, let me beg for pity before you do then. So, I have had this crush on a girl for 2 whole years, I know I'm just a background character in her story but I like her, I like everything about her, I know she has her flaws and even though I know that I can never be good enough for her, I still like her." He said as he sighed.

    "I'm glad you're telling me this," you sniffled a snort as you tried to no chuckle hearing this sad story. "What is she like? Why do you not have a chance, maybe you should just go talk to her, I bet she'd like you."

    "Tsk, don't laugh at me," he complained, you were pretty sure a pout was on his face. "Well, she's this most amazing person ever, I know she's all pretty and stuff but what I like about her is that she's...just amazing, she has this beautiful thought on life, every time she speaks, it's like the world just wanna stop all the fossil fuels from burning and stop climate change from happening just to make her happy." His eyes had stars, you sweared.

    "I can't go talk to her, like I said, I'm just a supporting character. She may be amazing but she's always occupied, she has swoons of "cool" boys around her and she has, or had a boyfriend, I don't know what to think anymore, I know that the boys she dates are no good for her, I've seen them cheat with my own eyes, she deserves so much better." He sighed again.

    "Well, I don't get it too. I don't get why people date someone just because of their looks and doesn't give a damn shit to what they really think of life, what is going through the other person and what is really in her heart. I don't get why something so small as a hug with a guy-friend be so bothersome. I don't get why all the bad things happen to me. And I don't get why your crush doesn't notice you." You looked at his side, trying hopelessly to find his eyes.

    His head tilted to the right, as he looked at your side. "I don't think things go my way too, I wish I could see my dad once again, for the last time, again."

    You coughed, you didn't know about this. "He's not...dead, he just, you know, abandoned us," he laughed in anguish.

    "Oh. Uh, I'm guessing it's my turn now-" you started.

    "No, you don't need to tell me if you're uncomfortable," he interrupted. He was this considerate guy, you knew much about him now through all the conversations you had with him and how he always asked what you wanted and liked before going to his preferences about the snacks, small things like these made you drawn to him much more.

    "No, I want to, I've been bottling it up for so long, I don't think I'll be able to keep this up." So you told him, you told him about your mother, you told him about your dates, you told him about school, you told him about your step-mother and your dad.

    You told him everything.


    Sungchan walked into the school and saw her again, he saw his crush, smiling with a couple of people. He smiled as he looked away, focusing on walking to his scheduled class. It was just amazing how just her single smile could brighten up his whole world.

    You were down walking when your friend nudged you with her arm and pointed at someone, "That guy is staring at you."

    "Oh shut up, F/N, he isn't." Your turned to go to class when you crossed paths with your ex, well, your recent ex, he eyed you with a 'hot' chick in his arms before walking away. You rolled your eyes and stomped away.

    It had been months since your first meeting with X-guy, but still you guys did not reveal anything such as your school, or name or even seen each other's face. You liked it better this way or were you just scared, you didn't know.

    He was the first person, since your mother that actually really cared about you, but what if he was just like the others, what if he likes you just because of your looks once you see him in real, you were scared, indeed.

    You were scared that he'd be like the others, you were scared that your only true friend would leave. But you trusted him. Now. You trusted him but you felt these weird feelings around him, you didn't know what it was but you found yourself feeling low whenever he talked about his crush.

    "You know, I think I'm getting over her."

    "Huh, what did you say?" you looked at his side from the screen.

    "I said I'm thinking about my real feelings for her." He explained. "What about them?" You asked, referring to his feelings.

    "I mean being with someone like you makes me over-think, the good kind. I was thinking about my feelings for her and I think I never really loved her all that much, what if the reason I liked her was just because I wanted to have someone to admire, I don't know, I've been thinking too much." He said passing you the popcorn.

    You held the popcorn's pack he passed and started to stuff it in. "Mhmm, tell me about it."

    "Is this what they call 'falling out of love'. I'll just have to figure it out myself. We have fight our own struggles to win fair." I winked.

    "Thanks for teaching me that. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out your feelings, it's not so complicated as you think it is.

    "You know it feels like you're some kind of my guardian angel, because I never saw your face and in here, I just hear your voice and everything you say seems to make sense in all the right ways, thank you again." You added.

    "I think I'm sure now." He smiled. "Hey, I think I owe her something for teaching me a lot of things in life, what do you think I should do?"

    "You mean, your crush? Um, maybe write her a letter. You could tell her everything. From the start till your end and everything, even about her dates. You could tell her everything." You suggested still feeling weird in your guts.

    Being with him made you realize that what you felt when you were with your ex wasn't love at all. Were you falling for someone you didn't know?

    "I won't write a whole novel! Also what name should I give myself." He complained like a child.

    "I mean, there's a thing called summarization for a reason, right? And about your name, that's for you to decide." You shrugged.

    "Okay then, I'll write it as soon as I get home, also, make sure you come tomorrow, okay? Keyword: make sure!"


    You walked to your locker when the cute boy from yesterday, made his way to you. He might be just passing by. But, he stopped right in front of you. He was taller than you and was so freaking cute, you wanted to squish his cheeks.

    He handed you a neatly folded paper and smiled, "Hi, I'm Sungchan, and uh- I just wanted to give you this." You received the paper and he had left after saying a short good-bye.

    You were seated in class, waiting for your lecturer to arrive, when you remembered Sungchan and his little letter. You took the small paper out from your bag and you were shocked by the sender's address.

    On the back of the paper, it was written, 'From X-guy, Sungchan." You just sat there dumbfounded. Was X-guy Sungchan all along?

    Sungchan. Saying the name felt much better now that you knew who he was. The whole last period, you kept thinking about all he said about his crush and how much he liked her yet she never saw beyond her boundaries.

    You felt bad but smiled that the way you got to meet him was more than just a mere blessing.

    Right as the school-end bell rung, you rushed to wait outside the school gates for Sungchan. He came out pretty soon, you taking the chance, grabbed his wrist and started leading him.

    "Um, where are you taking me and why do I feel like I'm being kidnapped," he asked as he still trailed behind you. "I need to show you something," you said still walking ahead of him.

    "I have somewhere I need to be right now, did you not read the letter?"

    "Yes I did and I swear it will just take a minute to get there."

    You walked and when you reached near the theater, you let go of his wrist and faced him. "Yes, so Mr. X-guy, why did you want me to 'make sure' to come here yesterday?"

    Sungchan just stood there, stunned, staring at you. You chuckled lightly and hit his arm. "Wait. What?" He said.

    "You didn't read the letter, did you?" He added, finally processing what had just happened.

    "Um, now that I think about it, I did not," you looked at him, apologetically.

    "You're a dumbo, I wrote that I'm not in love with you anymore because I'm falling for you." He said almost laughing at your puzzled face. You took your time but hugged him as soon as you got what he meant.

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    Neighbor (f)

    Title: Neighbor Pairing: Nakamoto Yuta x female reader Genre: fluff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dang, he's hot." Your best friend said, You two were currently sitting on the balcony of your house, drinking apple juice. Your best friend had been eyeing the person who was moving into the house right next to yours. There he was, standing next to the moving truck with his arms crossed, checking if everything is being unloaded properly or not. You slightly hit your best friend on the arm and say, "Would you stop staring? He'll think we're a bunch of creeps or something." "Hey in my defense, you're staring too." She was right, you were staring. He had a tall and strong built, and hair that fell over his eyes, and somehow he managed looked like a model by just wearing a plain black tee and jeans. You shook your head to get yourself out of your thoughts. The next evening, there was a knock at your door. You were just chilling on the couch, wearing an oversized tee and a pair of grey sweatpants, with your hair up in a ponytail. But when you opened the door, you definitely wished you would've dressed better. Because there stood the man you admire himself, with his big eyes and beautiful kind smile. And next to him stood- oh You looked at the girl standing beside Yuta. She was beautiful, with big brown eyes and wavy long hair, wearing a casual dress. Much unlike you, who was standing at the doorway in awe, with a ponytail and a pair of glasses, wearing oversized clothes. "Hello!" The girl's cheery voice interrupted your thoughts. You gave her a smile and greeted them, inviting them inside your house, which was thankfully neat. "Hello, I'm Nakamoto Yuta, nice to meet you." The man said, handing you a box which contained some sweets. But you were too lost in his voice to care. "Even his voice is gorgeous." You thought. "O-oh I'm Y/n, nice to meet you too." You said, trying your best to regain your composure. "Hello Y/n, I'm Aiko." The girl said. "A-are you two living together?-" You asked, hesitantly. "Ew no." Both of them said at the same time. You were lost,

    "Were they not a couple, perhaps?" You thought. "I think you misunderstood everything. She's my sister." You finally understood, and the three of you had a long talk, before they left. It had been around 2-3 months since Yuta had moved in, and it was safe to say that both of you had grown pretty close. You two spent a lot of time together on the weekends, considering neither of you had anything better to do. Your feelings for him were growing day by day, and it didn't help when your best friend kept saying that you two would look good together. As much as you wanted to believe her, you didn't consider yourself that beautiful. You thought you may not be enough for Yuta. He was an incredibly attractive man, and you were sure he had tons of other better girls chasing him.

    A few days later, your friends set you up on a blind date, and you accepted the offer with the hopes of getting Yuta out of your mind. You reached the restaurant where you were supposed to meet your date at exactly 7 p.m, but when he didn't show up after 45 minutes of waiting, you left the place. You walked back home, clearly sad. It wasn't the fact that you had gotten stood up, but it was the fact that it made you feel like nobody even wanted you. Plus, you still really, really liked Yuta. You decided to go cool your mind at the park and so instead of heading home, you headed straight there. You sat on a bench, letting out a deep breath and closing your eyes, feeling the soft wind against your face. "Y/n?" A voice made you open your eyes. There stood the devil himself. "Yuta? What are you doing here?" You asked. Yuta smiled a bit and sat next to you on the bench. "I think I should be the one asking that to you. You look like you're about to go somewhere." Yuta said, eyeing your outfit. You looked really pretty, and that was all he could think about. You let out a sigh. "My friends wanted me to go on a blind dated, but the guy stood me up." You said, looking down with a bitter smile. "What kind of a dummy would pass up an opportunity to date you?! I'd love it if I got an opportunity like that!" Yuta said, before realizing what he had just said. Both yours and Yuta's eyes widened. "I-I mean you're pretty and nice and charming and stuff-" Yuta stumbled on his words, trying to cover up. "Do you know the reason I agreed to go on this date? It was so that I could get you out of my mind." You said, whispering the last bit near his ear with a mischievous smile on your face. Both of you looked at each other, and Yuta unconsciously leaned in, and your lips touched each other's. You were kissing Yuta. It lasted for a short while, a short yet sweet and lovely kiss, and both of you pulled away, looking into each other's eyes. "You know....we're both dressed up so if you're free...." Yuta mumbled leaning in closer to you and whispering into your ears. "Wanna go on a date right now?" a/n: ok so I'm really late with this update but I finished two updates for a day! I hope you liked it! like and follow<3

    #Yuta#Yuta nakamoto#yuta fluff#yuta nct #yuta nct 127 #yuta scenarios#yuta imagines#nct#nct 127#nct u#nct fluff #nct 127 fluff #nakamoto yuta fluff #nct x reader #idol x reader #yuta nakamoto x reader #fluff
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    blessed by santa

    “okay then, let me rephrase that, will you be mine?”

    PAIRING » park jisung x fem! reader

    GENRES » fluff, crack, high school au, idiots to lovers

    WARNING » it’s an old writing, i’m editing the typos and posting it here so beware of the cringe :) ft. Jaemin, Chenle and Mark being your annoying best friends.

    PLAYLIST » 24 to 25 by Stray Kids ; 7days by nct dream

    WORD COUNT » 3288 words

    "Ah yes, Mr. Jung said that class 2-4 will have a combined session with us today," one of your classmates reminded an other girl that was on leave the earlier day, you would have remembered this little detail too if you weren't so engrossed in your very interesting surrounding.

    You picked up the brightly colored feathers that served as a decoration for your classroom, from the ground. They were stuck on long threads with glue, and some were separated from the thread as a result of the dried up glue.

    An idea struck your head. You held the threads on your hand and curled it around your ears and stuck some red and blue feathers into your hair, and climbed onto your table and started making weird noises.

    You were always the entertainer of the class, every class had one, didn't they? This didn't mean that you didn't at all care about school stuff, you did your work on time and surprise tests got your nerves crying in your blood.

    What others thought never really mattered to you, and it wasn't even a bother in class 2-3, the girls were always immersed in the screens of those little devices and the boys were always busy creating an evil plan to conquer the whole world. Your two close friends and some other girls were the only one that gave you a little attention you deserved.

    "Oh darn, Y/N, hahahah!" Your best friend, F/N said as she clutched her stomach to stop the pain from laughing so hard. "God, are you pretty?" You hoped a little and continued your silly little dance with the colors of the feather and it felt good standing on a high stage and have your fans clap around you. Oh yes.

    From the door to your classroom came some muffled voices and sounds of dragging chairs. You looked back but no one came into the class, might be some other freshmen students, you couldn't care less.

    Jisung, complaining under his breath and slightly irritated by the rush of his classmates, entered class 2-3 just to see the sight of you dancing, acting like a cuckoo. His thoughts of being roiled all vanished as a smile spread across his face.

    "I'm sitting on Y/N's table, where are you sitting, Ji?" Asked Jaemin as he passed by the former to go to your groups table.

"And I will be sitting here, Y/N." Declared Jaemin as he pulled his chair near yours and made some space for Chenle and Jisung. "So will some other dudes." You had got down from the table and laughing over it with your friends when you heard a deep voice saying your name.

    "What are you doing here?" You looked at the boy from the other class quizzically, not realizing that you still have the feather accessories on you. "Mr. Jung's class. Don't tell me you don't know, he announced this just this morning." He put his notebooks down and pulled out some pencils and started doodling on the back of his book.

    Wait so if Jaemin is here, and if he's from class 2-4, and Jaemin is Jisung's classmate because Jisung is also in class 2-4 then Jisung must be here too. Taking a while to process everything, you remembered that Mr. Jung did that say 'that' and that you still had your beautiful, beautiful hair clips around your ears and on your hair. Your hands reached to pull them out but your eyes caught sight of Jisung pulling his chair next to Jaemin's. Oh shoot.

    You quickly pulled out the feathers out and just prayed in your little heart that no one saw you goofing around. Too much for not caring about what others think. Well, it was okay if the one who saw was Jaemin and Chenle. You guys were childhood friends and you very well knew how much more weirder they were than you. But Jisung was different, he mattered. Everyone's first crush do, don't they? And your feelings for your first crush had followed you till sophomore year from middle school.

    "Oh hey, Y/N," Jisung said as he tried to hide his obvious smile. All you could do was nod to hide your embarrassed face, and quickly sit on your seat. You wished you'd just dissolve in thin air.

    Mr. Jung entered the classroom as all of you stood up and greeted the teacher. "Yes, today we'll b starting with Unit4, Algebra.." He said but all you could think about was sitting next to your crush. Jaemin wanted to sit with Chenle and Jisung didn't like sitting on the seat right next to the aisle, so he had changed seats with Jaemin and you were very distracted.

    Jisung was just so effortlessly gorgeous, everything he did was glorious, the way he held his pen, the way his right brow raised when he didn't understand the lesson, the way his bleached hair fell just perfectly on his forehead exposing a little of his forehead, the way he was right next to you and that he knew nothing about your heart that was about to explode as it banged on your rib cage desperate to escape.

    "Oh here," Jisung said handing you a small piece of yellow paper, without even looking at you for a second, he continued to take notes. You were cut off from your reverie, startled, you opened the folded piece of paper.

    『 i won't be surprised if you failed

    algebra and if jisung has a hole right

    through his face, you've been literally

    staring at him for straight 35minutes 』

    You, realizing what you were doing, flushed a pink tint all over your cheeks. You looked up to see who passed you the paper and Jaemin was there smirking behind Jisung who was bent down to write in his book.

    'What?' You mouthed to him. Jaemin, still smirking looked away and shook his head slightly.

    Since the very embarrassing moment, Jaemin always invited no, dragged you to small hangouts at cafés with his whole squad. It was very awkward at first but as time went by, you grew used to their presence, you got to know other four friends of Jaemin and everything was worth it.

    You and Jisung talked but it was invariably the same, about school or just some shit talks about how annoying Jaemin is and how cute his smile is. It was like this since middle school when you guys first talked on Jaemin's birthday party.

    You felt that Jaemin knew how you felt but it wasn't only him, Chenle knew the whole shit, but they always chose to not interfere and make you two go on a date or something. They always said 'Fate does his work well, just wait'.

    "Guys, what will I be getting for Christmas? It's like nine days away and we've prepared what?" Haechan beamed as he had flowery thoughts for Christmas.

    "Why are you the only one not prepared?" Jaemin said as he took another sip on his lemon-flavored iced coffee. "What? You guys did not!" You smiled at the boys laughing and teasing Haechan. Jisung was seated across of your seat, you took your chance to stare at him as he smiled the world's brightest eye smile. He was laughing and it was the most melodious sound you've ever heard. You found yourself smiling contently.

    "I see where this is going," Mark who was right beside you, leaned down and whispered in your ear, startling you. "What? No, I wasn't, I was just, i mean-" You tried to reason out but he just nodded and gave a knowing smile. One more on the list.

    "I am having a party at my place, my parents said that they will be going to grandma's for Christmas and I, being a responsible son, told them that I'll go home after Christmas eve to look after the house."

    "That's very responsible of you, Chenle."

    "Shut up, Jeno. Anyways, let's have our outfits picked and you guys 'need' to be there, see how the host is personally inviting you all. And it's a themed-party, this one will be like a Halloween part2 because we had tests on October."

"What will you be going as, Y/N?" Jisung spoke as he walked beside you while exiting the café. The sun was setting in the west, the sky was lilac-colored, the night air replacing the atmosphere of the morning brought a sense of calmness.

    "I am not sure whether I'll even be able to come, what about you?" You noticed he was looking down at you, the height difference was crazy, as well as the fact that his face perfectly went in pair with the sky's color.

    "What? You need to come, it'd be boring without you." He said almost complaining.


    "I-I mean, Chenle did invite us personally and all the eight of us must be there."

    "Oh. Since it's with Jaemin, I'm guessing my mom will consider me leaving for the night." He nodded. The two of you walked in silence as school stuffs were too far away to talk about and Jaemin wasn't annoying these days. But weirdly, the silence wasn't awkward, it was surprisingly comforting, a smile spread across your face of all that was made of today.

    "I hope you're coming," Jaemin said catching up to you just when you were nearing the bus station to get home.

    You smiled bitterly, remembering the last Sunday, you taking the whole day just to decide what to go as, you browsed the net, asked your mom, nagged your friends but it had taken less than a second to decide what to buy once you got into the costume store in Hongdae.

    There were stacks and stacks of hanboks in one aisle and you had instantly fallen in love. But then again, there were a lot to choose from so you searched for a hanbok that ancient queens wore, something that would have the features of an olden royalty clothing, because gorl were you of the superior human race.

    Going through it, you found one, no two hanboks, it was a king/queen couple hanbok, the king's hanbok had a beautiful navy blue color with gold embroidery, you weren't that big of a fan of the huge head accessory.

    Since Mark asked if you wanted help with picking a costume, you thought it'd be polite to send him a picture, so you did and told him about the situation. He wanted to come over to the store but you said that you were going to buy this and that it was decided.

    "Of course, I am, don't want the money I spent on my costume to go to waste now, do we," You looked over at the boy. His eyes were literally glowing in the bright sunlight. You reached out your hand and zipped his bag for him, it was something Jaemin was always forgetful about. "Oh thank you. I won't ask what you're going as, make sure to be in time!"

    "I will be before time, I want to help you guys, how 'bout I come at around 3pm?" You asked as you boarded the bus with Jaemin following suit. You guys lived just four blocks away and it was convenient to use the same bus. "Your costume won't be a surprise then."

    "Oh it'd be uncomfortable too, anyways I'll go back home and change or something, oh, i know, I'll bring it in a bag with me." You pointed as you sat down. "Do that then, but really, you don't even have to help, we'll manage!"

    You piped frosting on the last gingerbread man and then stretched. "And that's a wrap!" The other two boys were just about done with the X-mass tree.

    "Yep, now we're free." Chenle dusted his hands and smiled. "We've finished an hour earlier, now you can go and change or something, girls do take quite a while getting ready, don't they?" Jaemin said as he looked at the time on his watch.

    You rolled your eyes. "Yeah, I'm gonna go now."

    You took your time getting ready in Chenle's room, it was pretty well, very spacious enabling you to move around and practice walking in the big dress of a hanbok. You walked down the staircase, and most of the people had already arrived, the girls looked amazing and the boys well, dashing, you coughed.

    You had on you a beautiful, bright hanbok. The lower part of the dress, Chima, literally flowed, it was of a wine red shade, and the top part, the Jeogori was dark red in color, almost a scarlet red, and it was decorated with embroidered symbols which were done in gold, showing that you were an empress.

    On the hem of your dress, you carried a Phoenix symbol. Your hair was let out loose and you had done some light wavy curls, because you knew big turban-hairstyles would make you look like a literal potato. After putting on some minimal makeup and some liptint, you were on it.

    "Bow before your queen, peasant!" You held a spatula on your right hand to knight your best buddies and your left hand held your hanbok from sweeping the floor, you were really trying to look at the very least, a little elegant.

    People were complimenting you and Mark again looked at you with that same knowing smile from the day at the café before telling you something nice.

    You had notice the other boys, they were dressed in weird clothes, one was pennywise, one was micheal jackson and one was petter pan, everyone who was invited was to see how much of a crackhead your friends were.

    You were having a lot of fun but a little part of inside of you were searching for a sight of Jisung, you hadn't seen him all day.

    "You're in for the Christmas Couple Contest for tonight, right?" A girl that was from Jaemin's class interrupted you from knighting your fellow brave citizens for holding this party. Also by 'couple' ? you've got the wrong person.

    "Well, find me a king and I'm in," You shrugged and turned back to look at Chenle and Jaemin, the peasants of Y/Nland but they were busy having a little fangirl moment of something you wanted to know.

    "I'm in then," a familiar voice spoke from behind you, your cheeks, in response, took a crimson color. Oh shoot.

    Jisung walked to your direction, his pink-colored hair slightly curled, fell over his usual luminous eyes, the only difference, you noticed was he had grey contacts in his right eye which on his left eye wasn't present, his ears had long hanging silver earrings throwing in a hint of modernness into his outfit.

    And if this was what coincidence was, you were ready to believe in all those 'fate' bs. Jisung was wearing the corresponding costume to yours making you guys a match.

    The navy blue brocade, looked just right on his proportionate body, everything looks so good, Jisung was a walking art.

    "Okay, you two it is then," the girl interrupted again as she jotted down some names and made way to some other group of people listing their names on the sheet.

    "Now you two can dance," Mark said as he pushed you and Jisung out of the counter area and onto the dance floor.

    You were vigorously shaking your head but you noticed that Jisung was just calm and going with the flow, you doubted why he was acting weird, to make matters worse, he grabbed your hand and walked you to the dance floor.

    He held your two hands and started moving side to side, to make the atmosphere calm down, there were people around the two of you, there were best friends, couples and classmates dancing with each other but everything was a blur beside Jisung, it was like nothing in the world mattered but him.

    Jisung's pale skin was flushed with a tint of pink, his left hand had a Daniel Wellington watch and it was funny to see a modern accessory with a hanbok. "Um— uh, you look great," You managed to speak, finally.

    His smile remained the same but the the look in his eyes was about to say a lot to you.

    "I don't know if you noticed me but that time you were dancing on the table with those crazy earning," He rolled his eyes whilst smiling. "I saw you." You turned your line of sight away since the vase near the hallway suddenly got really interesting.

    "I—i could see another side of you and hell my feelings just grew, I knew it was wrong to like someone my best friend might possibly be liking. Jaemin," He added seeing the puzzled look on your face. But then, he shook his head saying that it was just a stupid assumption.

    "Yes, I liked you way before, which is amazing because I usually got over my old crushes in about a month or so, you lasted a lot more." His feet moved in sync with yours as you two gracefully danced, you noticed so girls eyeing you with envy written all over their faces.

    "What is even there to like in me, there are a lot of beautiful girls out there who are dying to get you to look at them."

    "Well Y/N," the music changed to a much slower one, a sentimental ballad, it was a typical partner dance music. He shrugged making you aware that of the obvious fact that it was a couple song. And exactly at that moment, you wanted to escape rather than fall down after having Jisung so close to you. It was already hard to take in the fact that your costume was matching him.

    "May I?" You nodded.

    His left hand made its way to support your back while his other hand held your left hand a little high, his closed the space between you two making his face come awfully close. You could just see how flawless his skin was, you nearly asked him about his skincare routine.

    "...You serious? Beauty doesn't matter, although you are very pretty. I just, you know, like you. I don't exactly know the perfect reason but as time went by, I just got more dragged into you. And knowing you was a whole lot better.

    "I like how you always put everyone before you, I like how you like seeing other happy, you always try to make others smile. And you understand what it means to really care. You care about not just about your close friends but of everyone, why would you even volunteer to work at the school infirmary, that's legit the most dreaded punishment.

    "Moreover, you notice everything, the smallest of details, I bet you already noticed my earrings and contacts," He pointed at his ears and eyes with his left hand. You couldn't hold in your smile, you secretly prayed that the dim light in the room lasted as you were so sure you were shape-shifting into a cherry red tomato.

    "So, um, will you go be my queen?" His body gained confidence after a nanosecond. You damned cheesecake.

    "Cheeseball, can't you see, I am already a queen!" You were quite surprised your voice didn't break.

    "Okay, then cut off the queen, will you be mine?" Avoiding the question you got closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder, still swaying your body to the music, Jisung took a moment to process everything. "Hey, don't leave me hanging like that!"

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    Jonnnysuh’s Masterlist

    Please do not repost, translate, or publish any of my work, even if you give credit. I write when it feels right and will update when I can. 
    ✿ Requests are closed! ✿ Rules
    Updated: 11/29/21 (accidentally deleted :-()


    ✿ Rating Seventeen
    ✿ Dating Seventeen
    ✿ Seventeen’s tinder profiles
    ✿ Dating NCT


    ✿ Dating Mark would include
    ✿ Dating Jay B would include
    ✿ Dating Jackson would include
    ✿ Dating Jinyoung would include
    ✿ Dating YoungJae would include
    ✿ Dating Bambam would include
    ✿ Dating Yugyeom would include
    ✿ Never Not [Jinyoung Oneshot]


    ✿ “Can I get a kiss?”
    ✿ “Do you notice anything different about me?”
    ✿ What would svt be like on a road trip?
    ✿ Would I fight svt?
    ✿ Could svt tolerate me?
    ✿ How svt crushes on you
    ✿ Can svt figure out who has a crush on them?
    ✿ How to Write Good [Vernon Series]
    ✿ 8:52pm [Scoups]

    NCT 127

    ✿ Buttercup [Mark Oneshot]
    ✿ When I Loved You More [Jaehyun]
    ✿ Would I fight 127?
    ✿ How 127 crushes on you
    ✿ Love languages


    ✿ How Dream crushes on you
    #nala writes#got7 masterlist #nct 127 masterlist #nct dream masterlist #seventeen masterlist#seventeen images#got7 fluff #nct dream drabbles #nct 127 scenarios
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    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ [11:31 pm]; you belong with me; Taylor Swift

    Random spurt of courage? Check

    Hope? A dangerous amount of it

    Back-up plan? What’s that?

    You pace about the terrace, occasional pausing to feel the paper of the handmade card that peeked out of your coat’s pocket. It had been a last-minute ordeal, the making rushed, and certainly not the best way to ask someone like Lee Jeno out for prom. Though, for that matter, you don’t think anything could do your best friend justice.

    “You better have a good reason for calling me up this late.”

    You stumble in surprise, but recover quickly, shooting Jeno a sheepish grin, “Hi.”

    He frowns, “You’re disrupting my beauty sleep you know?”

    You chuckle lightly, a small attempt from your side to ease your nerves. What was that breathing technique you read about in wikihow again? “Just give me a min.”

    He leans against the metal railings, shaking away the strands of coffee-coloured hair falling on his forehead, no doubt silently wondering where this was going.

    “I’ll wait.”

    Waiting. Funnily enough, that’s all he has been doing. Waiting for you to notice the brilliant red colouring his cheeks when you slipped your hand into his to make sure you don’t lose each other in a crowd. Waiting for you to wonder why he paid more attention to the book of Newtonian physics he held when the direction of conversation swerved towards your romantic interests. Waiting for you to see what it meant when he turned down every single promposal he’d got.

    Now that you knew it all, you’d be damned if you make him wait any longer.

    You don’t waste another minute in pulling out the card and handing it to him, the very scene which you had pictured in your head one too many a time now playing out.

    “Jen.” You clear your throat “Jeno do you want to come with me for prom?”

    Silence. Lips parting and eyes widening in surprise, he accepts the card from you with hesitance, “Me?” he splutters, “I thought you wanted to ask-

    -you think too much.” You cut him quietly, before pocketing your hands and staring intently at Jeno’s sneakers, unsure of what to say next.

    Jeno doesn’t reply, eyes crinkling as he goes through your words, words which you would’ve cringed at had it been anytime else or anyone else. Words strung together in a letter into which you had poured all of your heart.

    You direct your gaze at the entrance of the terrace, the cheap light bulb casting a mellow shade of yellow on the staircase below. Was this was a mistake? Would you be able to hold yourself together and walk out if he says no?  

    You turn to look at Jeno, only to find him looking back at you, expression indiscernible but soft.

    “I’m coming- only if you let me take you out on a date first.”

    The stars suddenly seem to shine brighter and the night air more warm. And just like that, it’s done. You smile, moving closer to wrap your arms around him and pull him into bear-hug. “Deal.”

    Jeno tugs you closer, “Also, at least one of us has to do the thinking you know?”

    “Shh, don’t to ruin the moment.”

    #jeno x reader #jeno x y/n #jeno x you #jeno soft hours #jeno scenarios#jeno drabbles#jeno fluff#jeno timestamps #lee jeno x reader #lee jeno scenarios #lee jeno nct #nct dream timestamps #nct dream fluff #a peace offering to make up for inactivity #bc i just realized that the cheerleader in the vid is ts ive been lied to all my life
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    im pink, baby!

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    The Rainy Night (f)

    Title: The Rainy Night Pairing: Kim Doyoung x female reader Genre: fluff, boyfriend!Doyoung Doyoung can't control himself after seeing you wear his clothes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You and Doyoung entered the house, laughing till your stomachs start hurting. You two had been on a date. A movie and dinner, and then you were going to go stargazing, and it would've been a perfect evening, if only the weather hadn't been so bad. On your way to go stargazing, it started raining, and since no cabs were available, you had to walk back home in the rain with Doyoung. Both of you were dripping wet from head to toe. Doyoung was still in a daze by what just happened, considering it was his first time experiencing something like this, and it was with you. This was the first time you had been in Doyoung's house at night, since you two hadn't been dating for a long time. Doyoung guided you too the bathroom, and gave him one of his t-shirt and sweats. He himself went to the other bathroom to take a shower. You finished first, and came out of the bathroom wearing the clothes Doyoung had given you. You looked... small. His clothes were huge and oversized on you, but you were comfortable so it didn't really matter. You used his hairdryer and dried your hair up and went outside the room. Seeing that Doyoung hadn't finished up yet, you decided to go to the kitchen. You both did have dinner, but all the running had made you hungry again. You looked around and decided to cook some ramen for the both of you. Doyoung came out of the shower with his hair still wet and a towel draped around his shoulders, and he was wearing a t shirt and his pajamas. He looked around and found you in the kitchen, your back towards him as you hummed away a song while cutting a few vegetables. The feeling Doyoung felt was foreign to him. You and him, alone in the house at night, and on top of that you were wearing his clothes which were oversized on you. It made Doyoung want to hold you tight and never let you go. He crept up behind you and snaked his arms around your waist, back hugging you, which startled you at first but then you relaxed when you saw it was Doyoung. Doyoung buried his face into your neck, and you smiled at the feeling. "What are you making?" He mumbled against your skin. "Ramen. I figured you would be hungry, since I am too. It's almost ready." You two sat at the table across each other and Doyoung tasted the ramen. "Is it good?" You asked with hopeful eyes. "Good? It's amazing!" After dinner you two decided to retire on the couch, and watch a movie. Doyoung moved closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, smiling when you relaxed in his hold. "It wasn't the date we planned but, this feels nice right?" You asked. "Of course. Everything feels nice when I'm with you." He said, tightening his hold around you and cuddling you. "Y'know, you look awfully adorable in my clothes." He mumbled, growing a bit shy. You chuckled at his behavior and lightly pinched his cheeks. "You're so cute!" Doyoung turned into a whiny and blushing mess and buried his face into your neck again. You two stayed like that, and soon fell asleep on the couch in each other's hold. The sunlight fell on your face, waking you up from your sleep. You found Doyoung sleeping beside you, his arm's around your waist and your arms around his neck. You smiled to yourself as you examined his calm features. You were glad it was a rainy night yesterday. a/n: Hello! Today's second update may be a tad bit late, since I have my exam. I hope you liked this one. Like and follow, requests are open and I would really appreciate your feedback <3

    #Doyoung#Kim Doyoung#doyoung nct #kim doyoung nct #doyoung fluff #doyoung x reader #nct#nct 127#nct u#nct fluff #nct 127 fluff #idol x reader #nct x reader #fluff#kim dongyoung #kim doyoung x reader #kim doyoung fluff #nct u fluff #nct imagines #nct 127 imagines #doyoung imagines #kim doyoung imagines
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    ❝ timestamps ᵕ̈ .njm

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    [9:05pm] LEE DONGHYUCK

    pairing: lee donghyuck x gn!reader wc: 414 genre: fluff + comfort warnings: indirect mention of depression ig? ©gyuuss

    “Are you okay, Y/N?” Donghyuck asked softly, walking up to the side of the bed where you resided. Your figure was covered in blankets, only the top of your head shown. Donghyuck reached over, carefully pulling the soft material away from your face.

    He took in your tired expression with a pout, sitting down on the bed. He began to softly caress your face, noticing how you melted into his touch right away. Donghyuck leaned down towards you, observing your upset expression.

    “I don’t feel well. I haven’t done anything all weekend and I feel bad about that, but I can’t bring myself to move.” You sighed, your voice nearly a whisper as you spoke to Donghyuck. Your boyfriend nodded in understanding, knowing that there were periods of time where things got bad for you. Donghyuck experienced moments like those as well, but he was always there once he noticed your energy deteriorating little by little.

    “I’m just so tired, Hyuck.” You added, your eyes beginning to brim with tears at your confession. Donghyuck frowned, moving you towards the middle of the bed delicately so he could lay next to you.

    “I know, and it’s okay to not be okay. As cheesy and dumb as it sounds, it’s true.” He explained with a slight chuckle before laying down right next to your body. Donghyuck smiled slightly, making your lips upturn into a half smile.

    “Thank you for always being there for me.” You spoke up, grabbing his hand and pulling the male closer to you. Donghyuck abandoned your hand, wrapping his arms around your body and pulling you towards his chest. He littered kisses on your face, his heart fluttering when he heard your giggling.

    “Of course, Y/N. I’ll always be there for you, and please never feel guilty for what you’re feeling. You’ll be okay, you won’t feel like this forever.” Donghyuck reassured, pulling away slightly to look at your face. You nodded, watching as he wiped away your stray tears.

    “I love you, Hyuck.” You mumbled, burying your face into his chest. Your boyfriend smiled to himself, holding you even tighter than before.

    “I love you more my precious angel, baby, sweetheart, honeybun, love of my life.” Donghyuck replied in an exaggerated tone, rubbing his cheek against yours at every pet name. It made you laugh, which was exactly Donghyuck’s goal. All he wanted was to see you smile, and he was glad to be the cause of your joy.

    TAGLIST @junityy @eternallyhyucks @yeoforce @wonderwrench @cookydream @feyregels @13isacoolnumber @omgnctchina @bubblekla @wonjaems @fairybangtan @blveberryflavored @odetoyeonjun @squiishymeow @jeonginshq @xtra-cheese + taglist form <3

    #nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct dream x reader #nct dream haechan #nct dream donghyuck #haechan x reader #haechan imagines #lee donghyuck imagines #lee donghyuck x reader #donghyuck scenarios #donghyuck x reader
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    🎀𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦🎀

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    #stray kids fluff #nct fluff#nct drabbles #nct dream x reader #ateez fluff #idol x reader #na jaemin#nct dream#ateez fanfic #nct dream fluff #fluff #txt x reader #seventeen x reader #sf9 reactions
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    #♡—200 followers event #haechan x reader #nct haechan x reader #nct drabbles#haechan drabbles #lee donghyuck x reader #donghyuck x reader #nct x reader #nct haechan #nct lee donghyuck #nct lee haechan #haechan fluff#nct fluff
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