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  • cherriboba
    12.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    ⤿ to do list!

    ⤿ fluff/non suggestive

    Idol group leader!reader x producer!bang chan duo headcanon

    Ateez reaction reaction s/o being comfortable around them topless (non suggestive)

    Stray kids reaction to seeing their s/o waking up next to them (fluff)

    Stray kids around their crush headcanon

    Stray kids reaction to idol!reader performing with male idol who gets touchy

    Blackpink reaction to their female partner being insecure of her weight

    Mafia ateez reaction to their s/o getting hurt by someone

    ⤿ Suggestive/nsfw

    Wooyoung as your boyfriend headcanon (fluff+nsfw)

    Ateez reaction to s/o wanting to try handcuffs

    Stray kids reaction to other member's partner having hickeys

    Songs nct 127 would fuck you to

    Ateez reaction to s/o having a daddy kink

    Ateez and wayv reaction to getting safeworded

    Stray kids reaction to their s/o sub drop

    Ateez reaction to s/o sending them nudes

    Poly relationship with xiaojun and hendery headcanon (fluff+nsfw)

    send an ask or message if you want to get tagged in any of them

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  • swinterr
    12.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    fluff fic rec ii continuation: nct ♡

    fluff | fluff | fluff


    please keep in mind that these fics are featured on the fic rec, this is like a compilation of the smuts in the fic recs i like okay hehe.

    first batch: smut | angst | fluff ii


    nct | nct ii | bts, jungkook | bts, jungkook ii | bts and txt


    nct | bts, jungkook


    to be added


    no title | f by @ncteaxhoe

    [12:29] | f s by @hyucksong

    lullaby | f by @jungnoir

    there’s no place like you | f s by @sehunniepotwrites

    baby it’s cold inside | f s by @alreadyblondenow

    love shot | f by @raibebe

    body guards and boyfriend by @pastelsicheng | f

    lipstick smears by @kopikokun | f

    6:58 am | s f by @immabiteyou

    pussy blocked | a f by @luvdsc

    high hopes | f by @jaeminlore

    4:37 | f by @dreaming-hehe

    just give in | f by @jenoismydad

    3:22 am | f & 11:52 pm | f by @dont-look-down-on-me

    i heard a rumor | a f s by @markresonates

    addiction by @love-mi | s f

    surprise visit by @nakamotonudes | f s


    there’s stars in your eyes, my love | f by @chwetuan

    lessons | f s by @neosincity

    unwrapping you | s f by @alreadyblondenow

    exquisite taste by @weishenkonbini | s f

    for you always by @labyrinthsofyou | f

    6:19 by @cozykpopblurbs | f

    10:18 pm by @nctsoftarchives | f

    16:47 by @sichengssmile | f s

    missed you by @tokyobts | a f

    [4:31 pm] by @dont-look-down-on-me | f

    king of hearts by @raibebe | f s a


    silent treatment | f a by @hyucksie

    all of our friends know | f a s by @renjunfromthestars

    petty fights | f a by @neoiovebot

    14:52 by @ukiyoexo | f

    untitled | f by @loviejaehyun

    [5:21] by @dont-look-down-on-me | f

    you’re warm by @dreamystuffers | f

    you’re short too by @pastelsicheng | f

    wishes by @lucaswithnoshirt | a f


    1:01 am | f by @imjustuhhvibing

    hyuck is always right by @luvrenjun00 | f

    just 14 days | f by @marksicecream

    back to you | f a s by @tyongxnct

    one minus on plus one by @wonjaekook | f a

    [12:03] by @dont-look-down-on-me | f

    camera flash by @morkleemelon | f

    retrouvailles by @kireimarkeu | f


    short and sweet | f s by @markresonates

    [10:47 pm] by @dont-look-down-on-me | f


    snow storm by @whereisten | f s

    1:59 by @smoll-tangerine | f

    friday evening | s f by @neoculturetravesty

    love at first flight| s by @twentythreejoys

    #nct fic rec #nct fluff
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  • softminn
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nct dream 00 liner as you older brother

    [ 🧺Renjun ]

    ♡︎ okay, ya'll really be bickering 24/7. Like you guys are arguing now and act like nothing happened 5 mins later.

    ♡︎ he is the smarter one duh.

    ♡︎ Also acts like your mom sometimes.

    ♡︎ He'd also cook for you and take care for you. Probably made you homemade lunch atleast once.

    ♡︎ But beside all the arguing and roasting, he is always there for you, after all you're his little sister.

    [ 🧺Jeno ]

    ♡︎ the overprotective brother.

    ♡︎ Always there to take care of you.

    ♡︎ won't let any guys date you and also prolly warned his friends to not hit on you.

    ♡︎ If any one hurts you they might just say goodbye to this world.

    ♡︎ Bossing you around most of the time and uses the "i'm older than you" phrase.

    ♡︎ ya'll also probably have 3 am karaoke in your rooms.

    [ 🧺 Haechan ]

    ♡︎ Him as your brother means teasing and roasting 24/7.

    ♡︎ Both of you are equally dumb and annoying.

    ♡︎ ya'll pull pranks on eachother every week and post eachothers embarrassing photos on social media.

    ♡︎ And one time he told your crush about the time you had a butt rash when you were 9 years old. chaotic!!

    [ 🧺 Jaemin ]

    ♡︎ An absolute sweetheart. Deserves the best brother title.

    ♡︎ Acts like your mom at times. Will scold you if you do anything wrong.

    ♡︎ he'd cook for you, help you with your school works and maybe even make your bed for you. pLeAsE!

    ♡︎ always there for you if you ever need to open up to someone.

    ♡︎ no one is allowed to date you. and even if you do have a boyfriend, he'd have a talk with them on how if he ever hurts you, he's done for good.

    taglist : @bluejaem @nayutata @yutabell @sweetylele (send an ask or dm to be added)

    Networks : @neoturtles

    A/N : my first time writing a headcanon. Feel free to leave your feedback on this.Thank you for reading, have a good day - Rose ❀ softminn

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  • pixelhyuck
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    so that you may shine

    [ 1:30 am ]

    "my love," chenle cooed as he softly wipes your tears away with his thumb,"i know your work is important but you also have to give yourself time to rest," slowly patting your head with his free hand.

    nothing filled the room except for your sniffles and hiccups. chenle frowned at the sight of you trembling and barely being able to breathe as you choked up on your tears.

    as your tears continued flowing down, he patiently sat there humming your favourite songs; rubbing circles on your back and leaving small kisses on your forehead, never once letting go of your hands.

    you felt bad for breaking down just at his touch but it really wasn't a surprise given the amount of stress that was piling up with everything going on in your life.

    "sorry," was the first word that your room heard in the past hour. chenle gave a frown once again, heaving out a sigh.

    "sorry for what? for crying?" he pouted to which you slowly nodded.

    "i must've taken up too much of your time," you hung your head. chenle scooted closer to you, the bed creaking a bit because of it.

    "no way! i don't regret staying here beside you at all!," he placed his hand under your chin and lifted your head up,"i know you would do the same for me too," a smile plastered on his face, swiftly pressing his lips on the corner of your own.

    "now!" he held his arms out,"i think you are in a ready enough state for a hug...?" what started off a confident sentence ended up sounding like a question.

    you stifled a laugh. it wasn't necessarily because what was being said was funny but rather what had led up to that exact moment – you bawled your eyes out, probably looking the ugliest you've ever been spewing gibberish cry talks yet he quietly stayed and waited ( and demanded a hug ). you moved closer, the bed squeaking once more as you held your arms out too.

    chenle took you into his embrace as he squishes his cheek with yours and aggressively rubbing them making you whine which didn't last too long as you let out a laugh. chenle pulled back as he stared at you, so full of love that if you had to put it into words, you'd only have a single word written : home.

    yes, the books and papers scattered on the floor turned what once was your safe space to an dark, alienated room built off of nothing but negative emotions. however, it seems that all you needed was one person to walk into your room; into your life to cheer you on as you work on the darkest parts of you–

    –so that you may shine.

    a/n : this is an updated version of a previously badly written ( and published on wattpad lol ) lele imagine.
    (・–・) \(・◡・)/ !! yeah
    #nct dream #nct dream fluff #nct chenle#chenle imagines #chenle x reader #nct dream chenle #zhong chenle#kpop imagines#nct #zhong chenle x reader #nct imagines#nct fluff
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  • hyuckefi
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    you; na jaemin

    genre: fluff ; au: established relationship ; pairing: jaeminxgn!reader ; word count: <200 ; warnings: none

    He opened his arms and you crashed into him, pushing him back slightly but he held you nevertheless. Your skin was warmer than his, and engulfed him completely.

    Jaemin’s arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him while his other arm reached up your neck, palm flattening on the back of your head. Your head was on his shoulder, eyes tight, hands pressing onto his chest. This was your home, next to him, and nothing else would feel like this, ever. Finally, he’s around you.

    He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of your shampoo, smiling. Your body felt so right in his arms, fitting into every space and leaving no room between you two. Every time Jaemin hugged you he knew this was where he was supposed to be, where you were supposed to be: together, in each other’s arms.

    sunny’s notes: this was completely self indulgent because i don’t think anything but this could keep me alive right now heh

    taglist: @jaeminpeachy @songsongm @sicluvz @mrkcore @nayutata

    hi! a lil reminder that i’d love some feedback! let me know what you thought of this drabble, may it be through a reblog, comments or an ask <3

    #nct-writers #nct x reader #nct fluff #nct dream x reader #nct au #nct dream fluff #nct dream scenarios #jaemin x reader #nct jaemin fluff #nct dream drabbles #nct jaemin drabbles #nct jaemin scenarios #nct jaemin x reader #jaemin fluff
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  • jisungsmochi
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    somebody to you - hrj

    somebody to you - renjun

    behold,, the FINAL part of my nct dream x the vamps songs series! leaving y’all with something really wholesome and fluffy bc i’m inlove with renjun 

    word count: 2.8k 

    summary: huang renjun didn’t like relationships. he thought they were messy, and honestly, a waste of time. he had his whole life ahead of him, so why would he need a significant other to be happy? that was all until he met you, and thought to himself, maybe it wouldn’t be all bad...

    read the rest here! 


    I used to wanna be

    Living like there's only me

    But now I spend my time

    Thinking 'bout a way to get you off my mind

    renjun scrolled through his endless instagram feed, swiping through threads of his friends with their girlfriends. he would be lying if he said it didn’t make him

    borderline sick. he was always a realist, never really seeing the point of having a serious relationship at such a young age. in his life so far, he’d probably say he’s only had one girlfriend, and it was a random girl he asked to prom so he wouldn’t feel left out. renjun was never opposed to love, he just wasn’t actively seeking it.

    “dude i reckon you’re gonna like her! she’s super cool from the sounds of it, and she goes to our university!” haechan insists as the four boys sat down for dinner in their shared apartment.

    “i don’t need you to set me up on a blind date. i’m capable of finding someone on my own, thank you very much” renjun rolled his eyes, fed up with the continuous discussions of his single status.

    “yeah, and how’s that going for you?” jaemin chimed in, causing jeno and haechan to chuckle in response. renjun just scoffed, shoving his mouth with more food to avoid speaking further.

    “give it a chance. the worst that could happen is that you don’t vibe with her and you never talk to her again” jeno tries his best to convince the stubborn boy. renjun just shrugs, his mind contemplating the idea.

    “okay fine, one date. if you guys really think she’s soo good for me, let’s see how accurate you guys are” renjun snickers. he was not confident in their matchmaking skills at all, but he loved seeing them fail.

    “perfect, i’ll set it up for you. just sit back, relax and be your boring self” haechan grins, tapping away on his phone. renjun ignores the cheeky boy’s comments, finishing up his dinner. his first date in over two years, this should be good...

    I used to be so tough

    Never really gave enough

    And then you caught my eye

    Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike

    renjun was regretting this date already. all he knew about you was your first name and your uni course, nothing else. the boys had refused to show him any photos of you, claiming that it would be more ‘romantic’ if he fell for you at first sight...what a cliche, he thought to himself.

    “how will i even know it’s her, if i don’t know what she freaking looks like?” renjun groaned, nerves slowly building up as haechan pulled up to the date location.

    “i’ll point her out, okay? just trust me” renjun let out a short sigh, hands slightly jittery. why the hell was he nervous? it wasn’t like he was going to see her after this one date.

    as renjun stepped out of the car, his eyes scanned the scenery.

    “jeez, you guys really went all out for this date” he was amazed by the view. it was a restaurant that was by the water, multiple little boats sailing across it and the sounds of birds humming.

    “of course, you only deserve the best” haechan winked, eyes looking for renjun’s date.

    “dude what if she doesn’t even show up. does she even know what i look like?” renjun was slightly panicking at this point, drifting from his tough exterior.

    “haechan?” a soft voice interrupted his thoughts. renjun’s eyes diverted to the owner of the voice. he felt stunned by the sight of you, dressed neatly in some jeans and a flowery blouse. you had slightly curled your hair, hands clutching to your purse as you greeted the two boys infront of you.

    “hey y/n, this is renjun, your date for tonight! see you kids later, don’t get up to anything crazy” haechan chuckled to himself, shoving renjun to meet you. renjun almost clashed into your smaller frame, catching you off guard. you gently held his arms, keeping a small distance between you both.

    “o-oh my bad, i-i’m renjun” he stammered, eyes meeting yours. you were slightly blown away by his looks...he was really attractive. well done, haechan.

    renjun would say the same about you. even though he didn’t have a particular type, (as he found it kind of dumb tbh) he believed you could fit it perfectly.

    “i’m y/n! nice to meet you” you widely smiled, renjun returning your expression as he pulled out his hand for you to shake. maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

    Look at me now, I'm falling

    I can't even talk, still stuttering

    This ground I'm on, it keeps shaking

    you were currently trying to hold back your laughter as renjun recounted the story of how he caught jaemin with his girlfriend...doing the nasty, during their first week of university.

    “oh my goodness! were you scarred for life?” you slammed your fist on the table, causing others around you to glare. but renjun couldn’t even focus on them, attention solely on you.

    “of course! it was the first week! like couldn’t they have just waited until midterms?” renjun chuckled at the memory, proud of himself that he made you laugh so much. he must be doing something right.

    “you’re really funny, renjun. some of the other guys that haechan tried to set me up with were lowkey boring. i guess he sees me as boring too” you slightly frowned, watching as renjun piped up in his seat,

    “y-you’re not boring at all! you’re funny! and pretty too” he muttered the last part, not wanting you to have heard. but you did. you decided not to linger on it much, afraid to make him too flustered.

    “you’d be the first guy to say that” you shrugged, taking a small sip from your glass of water.

    “have you had boyfriends in the past?” renjun suddenly asked, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

    “i-uh i’ve had a few. nothing too serious though, how about you?” you curiously ask in return, watching as renjun looked down to his lap. he hesitated before answering,

    “i’ve only had one girlfriend before. i’m not really an avid dater” renjun admits to you, hoping that you didn’t find him lame.

    “oh neither am i! we have another thing in common! i feel like relationships can get really difficult to manage, especially if you aren’t in the right headspace, you know?” you started rambling, renjun stringing along to your every word. he found such beauty in the way you articulated your words. he was so entranced he almost forgot to respond.

    “i totally understand how you feel, i’ve always thought that i should live my life to the fullest before i consider settling down” he commented, causing you to nod along. you really liked his answers, it seemed like you were both on the same page about relationships. you didn’t expect to enjoy his company this much, initially agreeing to go on the date so that haechan would stop teasing you for not having a boyfriend in uni yet.

    you walked alongside renjun, waiting for your roommate to pick you up.

    “i had a really good time tonight, renjun. thankyou” you kindly complimented, causing renjun to become more shy (if that was even possible).

    “no thankyou! there were times i felt kind of awkward, but you really know how to carry a conversation” he smiled, watching as you started to get shy.

    “are you flirting with me, huang renjun?” you teased, nudging his arm gently.

    “so what if i am?” he nudged you back,

    “well i don’t think i’d want you to stop” you smirked. before renjun could say anything back, your heard the familiar voice of your roommate urging you to get in her car.

    “oh that’s my ride. i have to get going. this was nice, i’ll see you around renjun!” you hurriedly embraced the boy, placing a gentle peck to his cheek before rushing to your roommate’s car.

    renjun still didn’t say anything back to you, his body frozen from your touch.

    ‘no no no’ he thought to himself...he was falling for her.

    All I wanna be, yeah, all I ever wanna be, yeah, yeah

    Is somebody to you

    Everybody's tryna be a billionaire

    But every time I look at you, I just don't care

    “so are you gonna tell us about the date or do we have to call and ask her instead?” haechan teased as the rest of the boys sat in their living room. renjun has a book in his hands, wanting nothing more than peace and quiet after his long night.

    “gosh, will you let me finish this chapter?” renjun huffed, causing jaemin and jeno to snicker. haechan pulled out his phone, holding it to renjun’s face,

    “oh would you look at that? it would be a shame for my finger to slip and dial y/n” before he could continue, renjun hurriedly tossed his book to the side, tackling the pestering boy onto the ground, holding him down firmly.

    “holy shit, did you get stronger?“ haechan could barely speak, still in shock from the sudden attack. renjun slowly leans back, letting out a tired sigh.

    “you two are ridiculous, let’s cut to the chase, did you like her or not?” jaemin rolled his eyes, ready to hear all the tea.

    renjun looked from side to side, not liking all the attention that was on him.

    “i-she was really cool. honestly yeah, i did like her. but i don’t think she’s looking for anything too serious at the moment” renjun shook his head, thinking back to your heated discussion about relationships.

    “okay that sounds like a cop out excuse. i think you’re just scared” jeno chimed in, the two other boys nodding along. renjun glared at them, trying his best to maintain his composure.

    “yeah, i mean, did anything happen aside from good conversation?” jaemin continued to push, renjun now becoming more reserved. of course he trusted his friends, but they never really openly spoke about their feelings like this, it was quite new to all of them.

    “she kissed me on the cheek before she left, does that mean something?” renjun muttered, watching as haechan tips himself over, now laying on the ground.

    “you’re an idiot, must we spell it out for you? she’s totally into you as well” jeno groaned in frustration.

    truth was, renjun wasn’t sure how to properly ask someone out, nonetheless be in a proper relationship with them. he was in desperate need of help...but all he had were his three idiot friends.

    “i know i don’t know her well and all, but after she left, i couldn’t stop thinking about her. is this what it’s like to fall for someone? oh god...i’m falling” renjun started rambling to himself, jaemin and jeno now rested against him, shoulder touching either of his.

    “the answer is pretty clear, man. go for a second date! make the move, she might be thinking the exact same thing” jeno shrugged, trying his best to advise his friend, the best he could. renjun bidded, actually agreeing with jeno for once.

    suddenly, renjun felt his phone ringing. he immediately picked it up without looking at the caller ID.

    as if you were listening in on their conversation, your voice rang through renjun’s ear.

    “hello? is this renjun?” you nervously stammered, waiting for a response. renjun was completely frozen, his mouth hung wide as jeno pressed his own ear closer to the phone.

    “y-yes this is him” renjun finally spat out, hands slightly shaking.

    “oh great, this is probably coming as a surprise to you. but i uh, wanted to know if you’d be interested in going on another date” you were able to finish, heart racing as you held the phone tightly. renjun felt his heart stop after your words, jeno shaking him gently to snap out of his daze.

    “o-oh yeah, i’d be really interested” renjun replies, mentally face palming himself for sounding a little too eager.

    “amazing, i’ll keep in touch” you smiled to yourself, trying your best to contain your excitement. eventually you hung up, screaming into your pillow, kicking your feet up and down. was this how it felt to actually like someone?

    “there’s your chance, don’t blow it!” haechan teased, throwing a cushion over to renjun who was still frozen well after the call had ended.

    ‘holy shit’ he mumbled.


    the date you had planned for renjun, involved attending the local food markets they held once a month. you thought it would be a social enough setting for conversation to not get too awkward, as well as enjoy a variety of food. renjun met you at the bus stop, dressed in baggy jeans and a blue wind runner jacket. his hair was slightly styled, some strands gelled back. it really accentuated his facial features, making you admire him even more than you did before.

    “you look really good today, i mean, not like you don’t look good everyday i’m sure you do..” you shook your head at your rambling, wanting nothing more but for him to laugh it off. renjun just smirked at you, planning another witty comment to respond,

    “not as good as you though” he gently guided you to walk with him, his hand travelling to the small of your back. you slightly froze at the contact, but aimlessly followed him. he surely had his way with words.

    as you both tasted some amazing food, renjun found him standing quite close to you. if you were trying a sample, he would stand behind you, his chest touching your back occasionally. it seemed really natural to him, and you didn’t mind it at all. he would often touch your shoulder gently to grab your attention, or pull you along by your waist. it gave you massive butterflies that you could shake off.

    “did you want to start heading home? we can walk to the bus stop together” renjun offered kindly, his arm wrapped around your shoulder as you slowly made your way out of the large crowd. just as you were about to respond, rain started sprinkling from the sky. renjun quickly moved you to stand under some shelter as the rain came pouring.

    “how the hell are we meant to walk in this?” you half shouted, clutching onto renjun’s side. he couldn’t bear moving you away from him,

    “let’s just run, we can’t wait for it to pass” he suddenly took your hand, pulling you along as he bolted to the nearest bus stop.

    “you’re so crazy, renjun!” you shout at the boy, giggling at the entire situation. before you knew it, renjun span you around, pulling you close to his chest.

    “the only thing i’m crazy about is you” he confessed, catching you completely off guard. he had a habit of making such flirty comments, but this time you felt he wasn’t trying to joke around.

    “w-what?” rain was washing over the both of you, your clothes completely soaked at this point.

    “i really like you, y/n. i really freaking do. i didn’t want to admit it at first because i was scared of the idea of dating. but i want to be with you. i want to be somebody to you. everyone is out here trying to settle down and start their lives, but i feel like with you we can go at a steady pace. i don’t want to rush things, incase it gets messy, and difficult. but i just needed you to know that i really like you, and i hope it’s not all in my head that you like me back” renjun firmly confessed to you, eyes never leaving yours. you slowly raised your hand to wipe some rain drops off his face, watching as he smiled into your touch. he held you tightly in his arms, awaiting your response.

    “renjun, i think i made it really clear that i like you back. i was also nervous about how you’d react, considering you weren’t really looking for anything serious at first. i think we should give it a shot, we can worry about all the stress and possible fights later on. all i know is that right now, you’re the only person i want to be standing in the rain with. now can you please kiss me?” you couldn’t contain your smile as renjun leaned into you. his lips pressing gently against yours. your fingers now running through his wet hair as he held your waist firmly. the kiss started getting deeper, the atmosphere really playing into the romantic nature of it all. eventually you both pulled away, foreheads presses against eachother, softly giggling.

    that was the beginning of your relationship with renjun. despite having ups and downs (as expected) you both persevered and tried your absolute hardest to make things work. renjun finally admitted to himself: falling inlove wasn’t so bad...especially when it was with the right person.

    #huang renjun #nct dream imagine #nct dream fluff #nct dream fic #nct renjun imagine #nct renjun fic #nct dream renjun #nct writing#nct fluff#nct fic#nct imagines#renjun imagine#renjun fluff#jisungsmochi masterlist#jisungsmochiimagines
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  • suhweetdreams
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    hi everyone!!!! 450 days baby. sorry i keep going MIA 😢 i'm really busy with school and teaching and everything has just led me to be stagnant on this account :( i'm truly very sorry guys

    i... don't know if i still will be writing for nct because i haven't been keeping up with their videos (hot sauce album and save slaps tho!!) but i'll try because i really love writing for you guys and getting all the feedback in the tags or reblogs.

    i also have to figure out how the use the new tumblr LOL i've been off of it for so long.

    side note, to any jjk fans out there, hi! i might write for jjk too bc gojo is really occupying my mind quite often rn guys. we'll see! :D maybe i'll post a fic or two relating to jjk and see if any of you likes it hehe (๑╹ω╹๑ )

    let's open requests right now 😄

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  • bunnyprincesshours
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    domination [3] / NCT


    Genre: University!AU / slow-burn romance / smut

    Word Count: 3k

    Warning: mention of masturbation, swearing, descriptive smut scene: oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, protected sex, penetration, riding 

    "Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.”

    { masterlist }

    tag list: @janedukiesworld​ 

    At the sound of the front door unlocking, Rosie perks up like a puppy. Working at a report she’s not nearly interested in, the girl has been itching for a distraction since you left her, precisely, three hours ago. And now that you’re back home, the brunette deems her essay no longer interesting - not that it ever was to begin with - shutting her laptop and walking away from the desk. Hearing your footsteps enter the apartment, she ties her silk robe to a close, calling out your name with a sweet ring. Stepping out of her room, the girl expects you to be standing at the end of the hallway, waiting for her to appear (like you usually do). But instead, she finds your back trudging away, slipping into your own bedroom at the other side of the apartment. 

    Rosie frowns. You never ignore her call. Ever. 

    Strutting to the other side - your side - of the apartment, Rosie pops her head into the open doorway, finding you sprawled out on your back, foot hanging off the edge of the mattress. There’s a detachment in your eyes, but a knot sitting between your brows. Clearly knee-deep in your brain, Rosie feels the need to interject, if only to satisfy her nosy habits. Stepping into the room, she gently nudges your foot, wondering if you’ll even respond to that. 

    “Mark’s roommate is Jaehyun."

    “What?” Rosie dramatically falls into your bed, curious and scandalised.

    “They’re roommates,” lifting yourself up to your elbows, you look at your friend with a helpless frown. “I was just sitting on the couch and he came out of the other room.”

    “Did you talk to him?”

    “Yeah, we talked about Mark’s essay,” thinking back to the fleeting interaction, you die a little as you recall your words and your behaviour. “I think I made an idiot of myself.”

    “I’m sure you didn’t,” Rosie hushes, gently pushing aside a stray strand of hair. “But, then again, this is Jaehyun we’re talking about, so maybe you did.”

    Groaning in embarrassment, you lie back on the mattress, covering your face with both hands. Jaehyun’s the type of guy who has probably seen it all, tales of girls fawning over him run amuck in girls bathrooms at clubs. Someone knows someone who has had the privilege of his attention. And when you somehow managed to get yourself in front of Jaehyun for a span of a conversation, you royally mess up any chance of having anything with him. 

    “Come on babe, tell me what happened.”

    “I just,” you rake your fingers back against your hair, before ruffling it in frustration, “I just kept staring at him. Like some idiot, I couldn’t keep my eyes away. He probably thought I was objectifying him.”

    “Well, what was he doing?”

    “I don’t know, nothing.” Standing up, you resolve to pacing to rid your body of the unwanted jitters. “We were talking about Mark’s essay, and then about Mark. And then we were sitting on the couch, and he asks me about helping him with something, but he must’ve changed his mind because I’m such a loser who couldn’t act like a normal human being for one conversation.”

    “Darling,” Rosie rises to her feet, arms reaching for your shoulders to keep you still, “you’re not a loser. And who’s to say he wasn’t just as flustered by the interaction?”

    “Because he’s Jaehyun,” you state the obvious, “he’s a demi-God, he won’t be phased by some girl.”

    “But he did buy you a drink,” Rosie rebuts, hands smoothing down to your hands, “at the bar. Remember the way he was looking at you?”

    “Yeah, but that’s an entirely different setting, with alcohol involved in the scenario.”

    Tugging your hands away from her hold, you plop back into bed, pulling your knees to your chest and willing to just hide away from the world for the rest of the day. Attempts to act normal around Jaehyun seem to be in vain, even in a conversation as simple as an English essay, you managed to suffer the cruel effects of his charm: dry mouth, ragged breath, nervous gaze. It wasn’t enough that you turned him down the first time, but you also blow it on your second chance. Three strikes and you might as well be just another one of those girls in the club bathrooms, gushing about their five second interaction with Jaehyun. 

    “Why do you care so much anyway?” Rosie crosses her arms, eyes piercing into your vulnerable state.

    “I don’t know,” you cry out, arms unfolding in defeat. Staring at the ceiling, you contemplate why this matters to you so much, why you’re so emotionally bent over a measly conversation. And after little deliberation, you conclude with the simple fact that you made a fool of yourself in front of Jaehyun, someone so cool and collected. Maybe you just felt like you needed to justify your presence around Jaehyun by trying to be an echo of him, and failing to do so makes you feel like you’re not on his level of cool. 

    That must be it.

    “You’re right,” pushing away from bed, you dust off your clothes as if it’s going to rid yourself of the simmering embarrassment at the pit of your stomach. “I have no real reason to fret. I’m just overthinking this.”

    “Right,” Rosie hums, but she doesn’t tell you that she’s not entirely convinced. 

    “You wanna get Thai for dinner?”

    This is not how Jaehyun wanted to handle his problem. But what can a man do at this point? 

    You’ve simmered him down to nothing but this animal, with a primal urge that outdates even caveman instincts. One would think that masturbating would solve the problem, but then you were still there, sitting pretty at the back of his mind. It’s as though someone painted a photorealistic image of you into the insides of his eyelids, so that when he closes his eyes, you’re all he can see. Soft smile tugging at the corners of your eyes, warm skin encased in a lacy pink bralette. It’s killing him. 

    Something needed to be done. Jaehyun has enough sensibility to understand this isn’t his proudest moment. But it’s not like Min will ever know. 

    The knock at the front door catches his attention, and before Mark could emerge from his room, Jaehyun slides over to the entrance. Swinging it open, he can’t help but nitpick the sight of the girl before him, mind fretting over how much Min doesn’t look like you. She doesn’t carry herself with the same grace that you do, doesn’t smile with an instinctual politeness, nor does she practice any sort of restraint. As he steps aside to let Min into the apartment, her hands attach themselves onto his chest. And he wills himself to believe that it’s your finger tips trailing down his stomach, tugging at the waistband of his sweatpants. 

    “I’ve missed you,” Min coos, dragging him towards his own bedroom. 

    “I’ve been a little busy lately,” Jaehyun shrugs, not as an excuse, but simply to reply. 

    “Well, let me help you de-stress then.”

    As soon as the bedroom door shuts, Min is on her knees, pulling Jaehyun’s pants down. She readily takes his length into her mouth, moaning as if it’s the sweetest thing she’s ever tasted. And usually this would excite him, to have a girl enjoy his dick so much. But he can’t help but think that this wouldn’t be the way you’d do it. You’d lead him to bed first, pushing him to sit down before straddling his lap. And only after tasting each other lips would you go down on him. 

    But Jaehyun tries to not be picky, instead savouring the feeling of someone’s mouth on his cock. Head resting against the wooden door, he closes his eyes and imagines that it’s your glossy lips sucking him, kneeling on his bedroom floor in your culottes and bralette. Biting down on his bottom lip, Jaehyun suppresses the name that threatens to erupt out of his mouth. 

    “Mmm,” Min moans, pulling her lips away, “you’re so hard for me baby.”

    Jaehyun doesn’t let slip that there’s someone else on his mind, instead he just enjoys the sensation, and the image in his head. 

    “Look at me,” Min demands, stroking him expertly, “I want to see you.”

    He really didn’t want to do that, not when he has such a vivid image of you behind his eyelids. So instead, Jaehyun grabs Min, pulling her up to her feet, and pushing her onto his bed. Seeing her fall back on the mattress, he can’t help but notice it again. Min really looks nothing like you. Although no one else can really hit that sweet spot between woman and goddess, Jaehyun thinks.

    “Take your clothes off,” Jaehyun instructs, stripping his own clothes in the process. 

    “Yes sir,” Min giggles, shimmying out of her clothes. 

    As soon as she’s naked, Jaehyun pulls her knees to the edge of the bed, before he himself kneels before her. He may be doing this for selfish reasons, but he’s not the type to just leave a woman unsatisfied. Although, as he buries his face in-between her legs, he can’t help but feel like this is just a chore. There’s nothing in this for him, because the sound of Min moaning his name and the way her fingers claw at his hair is doing nothing to further his arousal; and usually it would.

    But that story starts to change as he closes his eyes and pictures you above him instead, tugging at his hair and sighing expletives. At this, he begins to lick and suck a little more passionately, spreading your thighs so he can gain better access. Expertly flicking his tongue against your clit, he smiles at the way you squirm, hand pressing into the back of his head. 

    “Ah fuck, just like that Jae.”

    Her voice throws him back into reality, and the image of you severed from his mind as Min orgasms. He lets her ride out her high, tongue flicking at her clit continuously until she pushes him away, the nub becoming far too sensitive. When he pulls away, he watches Min fall to her back. He can’t help but wish it was you who’s naked on his bed right now. Maybe you wouldn’t moan as loud as Min, or maybe you’ll be louder. Maybe your manicured fingers would rake down his scalp, before grabbing a fistful of his hair and using it to push his face between your legs. 

    “You just gonna stare pretty boy?”

    God he hated that nickname. 

    Kneeling on the mattress, Jaehyun grabs reaches for his drawer, before lining himself up in front of Min. Cock hardening, he strokes the condom onto himself, body hovering above hers. He wanted to take it slow, work himself up with the thought of you once again. But he never did play it slow with Min, so she acts as she usually would, not thinking anything else. Grabbing his cock, she strokes him as she whispers dirty things in his ear, lips nipping at the skin just below, before inserting his cock in herself. 

    Of course, Jaehyun is only a man. He welcomes the sensation as he begins to thrust his hips. Although, much to Min’s disappointment, his pace is staggered, which she notes is very much unlike Jae. She leans up to kiss him, pulling him out of his head. But even his lips feel lazy. There’s something else on his mind. But Min, not knowing any better, chalks it all up to stress. 

    “You’ve worked so hard tonight,” Min whispers into his ear, “why don’t you lie back and let me do all the work?”

    Jaehyun smiles, trying to mask the embarrassment of being caught with his head in the clouds. Rolling off, he lies back on his bed, positioning his head against the headboard. Min stands on her knees, swinging one leg over his hips, and positions herself on top of him. He smiles as she takes his hands and places it on her waist, before urging one of them to slide up to her breast. 

    “Don’t think,” Min smiles sweetly, leaning down to kiss his lips, “just feel.”

    Realising there was no replacing the actual experience of you being in the room with him, Jaehyun relents and decides to heed Min’s advice. The girl straddling him is arguably attractive, with hair that always seems to be styled nicely, a toned physique that proves she doesn’t just go to the gym for selfies, and breasts that bounce with the way she rides his cock. Min is physically attractive, but her personality is a little lack lustre, Jaehyun thinks. 

    There’s a reason he only keeps her around as a midnight companion. 

    Lying back, he tries to let Min do all the work, letting her set the pace as he toys with her nipples. But as he stares up at the girl that is literally fucking him, he struggles to convince his body that he’s attracted to her. Instead, his stupid brain is yearning for something - someone - else. It was starting to frustrate him, to the point where he closes his eyes and focuses on not losing his erection. 

    Unfortunately, the only remedy seemed to be you. 

    As Min picks up the pace, he begins to meet her thrusts with his own, pushing into her with the thought of you straddling him. He still pictures you in that pink bralette, with matching underwear pushed aside so he could fuck you. When he trails his hands down to Min’s thighs, he imagines them to be yours, squeezing with hunger as he thrusts harder. He remembers your eyes, and their doe-like stare, picturing the way they would melt into lust. Glossy lips parted as you pant above him, quietly muttering an expletive or two, eager to reach an orgasm. 

    He brushes away Min’s comment, thrusting harder and feeling your walls tighten around him.

    You lean down, closer to his face, and attach your lips to his neck. Your eager kisses nip away at the skin, leaving a mark on his body that he surprisingly welcomes. There’s an urgency in the way you meet his hips, and Jaehyun can’t help himself, reaching down to the space between your bodies, and pressing his thumb against your clit. Working his thumb in fast circles, the unholy moan that leaves your throat urges him to thrust harder, your own hips losing rhythm as they simply search for their climax. And somewhere in the commotion of moaning and thrusting, Jaehyun manages to finish. 

    He doesn’t open his eyes immediately, still willing to believe that it’s your body falling limp on top of him rather than someone else’. 

    “Holy shit,” Min gasps in exhaustion, pulling Jaehyun away from his fantasy. “If it’s going to be like that every time you’re stressed, maybe I should hold out until exams.”

    “Haha, yeah,” he chuckles. 

    Sitting up, he gently pushes Min off of his body, hopping out of bed to discard of the condom. He walks gingerly, the repercussions of his actions yet to catch up to him. But as he carefully peels the plastic off of himself, he catches sight of his reflection on the mirror, particularly at the red mark sitting on the side of his neck. He should show more restraint, but the words just slip out of his mouth. “What the fuck?”

    “What? What’s wrong?” 

    Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Jaehyun points to the hickey on his neck. “What did I say about marking?”

    “You were enjoying it five minutes ago!”

    “You went against my request,” he argues, angrily throwing the used condom in the trash, “I have rules for a reason Min. What the fuck were you thinking?”

    “I was thinking that we were having a good time Jae,” she rebuts, sitting up on his bed, “it’s just a hickey, it’s not even that bad, it’ll go away by tomorrow noon.”

    “It better,” Jaehyun huffs, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. Even though he feels the mattress sinking behind him, Min’s hands still take him by surprise, wrapping around his waist as she presses her front against his back. Aftercare should be an expectation, even in casual relationships. But tonight just isn’t his night. “Maybe you should go.”

    “Are you fucking serious?”

    “Yes Min,” his voice sounds stern as he tugs her arms away, “please.”

    Scoffing, the girl removes herself from him, hopping out of bed with a mix of anger and hurry. She moves like a tornado, leaving everything a mess in her wake, slightly embarrassed that she’s being kicked out so early after having sex. This isn’t the usual Jae she knows, he’s a lot more sensitive, more in-tune with the moment, and he definitely doesn’t snap just like that. 

    “Look, I don’t know if it’s a deadline or an internship that’s got you all worked up,” Min sneers, slipping her clothes on haphazardly. “But whatever it is, don’t take it out on me. I’m just trying to be the good guy here, I don’t deserve this from you.”

    Without another word, Min walks herself out of the apartment, slamming the front door shut for effect. Ruffling his hair, Jaehyun slowly slips his clothes back on. Standing in the silence of his room, the boy is left to simmer with the guilt from the aftermath of his hasty actions. He can’t keep latching on to the fantasy of you. He realises that if he’s ever going to get you out of his head, he has to do something about it. But what that is, is still unknown to him. 

    Slipping into bed, you feel your body relax at the way the mattress sinks beneath you. There are few joys in life that could compare to the feeling of your body resting. Admittedly, you’re not the most overworked person. But given the events of today, you’re fatigued enough to crave deep slumber. Although, you do have a terrible habit of checking your phone before going to sleep; something Dahyun warned you against. 

    Opening up instagram, you mindlessly scroll through your feed, thumb swiping a little faster when a picture of a couple pops up. But you take pause at Dahyun’s latest instagram post, showing off the fact that she’s finally back in the dance studio, grinning at the mirror as she takes a selfie. Tapping on the post, you shift to lie on your back so you can use two hands to write a comment, something along the lines of ‘I’m so proud of you’. Before you can post it, a red dot at the top right corner of the screen catches your attention, before the notification pops up at the top of the screen. 

    [ _jeongjaehyun started following you ]

    Tapping on the notification section, you refresh the page, confirming what you refused to believe. Jaehyun started following you on instagram. This shouldn’t feel like a big deal, but somehow it does. Sitting up in bed, you tap on his profile, deciding to do the due diligence of following him back; it’s the polite thing to do after all. And before you can take a screenshot of the notification to send to the group chat, another notification pops up. This time it’s a message. From Jaehyun. 

    Jaehyun: can’t sleep?

    The normal reaction is to reply, something casual or even humours. But your mind decides to overthink the situation first. Overthink the circumstances in which he’s sending you a message, overthink the nature of your relationship, and overthink every possible response you can make. The truth is, you were more than ready to rest for the evening, however, now that your heart is racing, bubbling with anxiety, sleep is suddenly the last thing on your mind. 

    You: something like that

    Jaehyun: I hate not being able to sleep, which unfortunately is quite often these days

    You: what’s keeping you up?

    It’s strange how much easier it is to talk to Jaehyun when you’re not sitting in front of him. As if there’s less pressure for you to behave a certain way, given that he can’t see you in your mismatched pyjamas right now. In the span of one conversation, you develop a growing likeness towards him; not that he wasn’t attractive to begin with. It’s easy to forget that he’s only human when everyone’s built him up to be some sort of greek god. But when you shed away the physicality of interaction, it’s a lot easier to imagine him as just another guy on campus, trying to get through the week’s tests and deadline. 

    You don’t really know how long you talk to him, or how the conversation steered so far away from insomnia. But when you awake the following morning, your phone is still in your hand. Turning off the soft alarm, the first thing you see is a notification from Jaehyun, a message you missed after you fell asleep. 

    Jaehyun: we should get coffee tomorrow, my treat 


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  • hyuckssunchip
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    did this for dreamies because i've been in the mood for dream 

    never done headcannons before but here goes... apologies in advance


    **Y/N has an emotional day and needs to be cheered up. Y/N not being herself and trying to get back into doing what she loves. Has hopes to move to L.A. to pursue music film, but doesn’t think that she can do it on her own.


    so he’s like the most awkward person ever... 

    but he has this thing where he makes people feel super comfortable around him, that’s why he’s insanely likeable

    he’d def notice that you were acting different

    he’s said he’s touchy with affection before, but like not too obvious so i think he’d do little things 

    like just rubbing your hand, or holding it for a bit for no reason, because he wants to

    he’d def push you to pursue what you want, tbh i don’t think there’d be anyone in nct that wouldn’t encourage you

    then maybe he’d play you some songs on his guitar and you’d have a sweet little night in for emotional support


    i can see renjun being super empathetic and realizes a change happens with y/n very quickly

    he’d sit you down and you’d have a level headed convo with him about why you’re upset

    when you talk it out he’s super supportive esp because he loves that stuff

    he lets you know that you should appreciate your work and stuff more

    be more confident because you’re good

    maybe it’s because i’ve been in the mood for stargazing renjun, but maybe he’d take you somewhere late and you’d just relax in each other’s company and go stargazing


    he would get concerned as he notices a change but i feel like he might not confront it

    i rmbr he said that he bottles things up and prob wouldn’t want to say anything because he doesn’t know how to handle it

    he’d probably be a little more touchy to comfort you and he’d def notice but he’d just watch

    like you have this feeling that he knows, but he doesn’t do anything about it for a bit

    eventually he’d come around and you’d talk

    maybe give you one of his hoodies and chill together until you feel better


    he’d try to cheer you up in other ways besides words at first

    like he would crack jokes and be all touchy with you so that you feel better and comforted

    like big bear hugs and cuddling up next to you

    i could see him throwing his legs over your lap a lot (idk why)

    he’d do a lot of that baby talk thing that he does as well, like it’s his way of comforting you but not really obvious, lots of pouts

    but he notices that it’s not helping too much and you guys talk about it

    would want to play games as a healing thing, but instead maybe he’d sing you some songs or you’d watch a movie and relax

    oooh, maybe build a fort, i could see him doing that for fun


    would worry about you distancing yourself and when he finds out he’d shower you with affection so that you know that he loves and appreciates you

    like an incredible amount of affection

    (rmbr that vid of him teasing renjun about his hair color not suiting him and then when renjun agreed his face fell and he did that thing where he pouted and reassured him with puppy eyes???)

    yeah that.

    he’d get all pouty and touchy with you

    then he’d make sure that you knew that you need to do what you want because you are certainly good enough

    too much coffee is not good for you (lmao)so he’d make you a hot tea and stay up with you 


    he’d notice and i feel like he’d understand the mood quickly

    like i said before, when he’s not loud af and hyper, he’d be super soft with his s/o

    you’d talk about it and he’d be super encouraging.


    chenle. is. a. hype. man.

    that’s it.

    after you talk about it he’d def tell you about how amazing you are and completely ignore anything that you claim otherwise

    then he’d def want to make you laugh and cheer you up and he’d do that for you


    would worry from afar. 

    idk if it’s because i still see him as a shy little bean, but i feel like he would notice a difference but take a while to confront it because he’s scared

    he’d like nervously sit you down and tap on your shoulder shyly

    (when his finger does that weird little thing, like he doesn’t know where to put them... like his pinky... idk if that made sense)

    he’d hug you and let you rest your head on his shoulder as he awkwardly pats your head

    but he’d eventually get there and encourage you 

    maybe spend the rest of the night watching a movie??

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  • nayutata
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ¬ nct dream reaction when you make them breakfast

    [🍶] mark

    ⌇Mark is in shock. "What is this?" He would point to the table full of dishes in surprise. He already knew you could cook but he didn't think you would wake up early to make food for him.

    "Is today a special day or something?" He questions and you shake your head. He really enjoys the food but wonders if he forgot that there was something special going on that day. Definitely secretly hopes that you would make breakfast for him again, but doesn't ask.

    [🍶] renjun

    ⌇When renjun wakes up to the smell of food, he would immediately get up and eat without thinking about other things. Head empty, just food. I don't think he would realise that it was you who cooked it for him, probably think you ordered in.

    "Wait, it was you who cooked the food this morning?" His jaw hangs open in disbelief at what you had just told him. He had asked you to cook multiple times, but you always turned him down. "I just felt like being caring today," you look at him with a cheeky smile.

    [🍶] jeno

    ⌇This man would probably question you, he thinks it's super weird that you decide to make him food all of a sudden. He tries to stall time, not daring to eat your food until you make him sit down and try it.

    Jeno slowly puts the food in his mouth, eyes shut tight, embracing himself for the taste. "Wait, its unexpectedly good," his eyes open in surprise as you hand raises, ready to hit him. "What do you mean unexpectedly?!"

    [🍶] haechan

    ⌇When he sees the food layed out on the table, he thinks of asking you if today was a special day. But after he catches the smell of his favourite Kimchi stew, he doesn't catch a breath and immediately sits down to eat.

    "Cook for me again," He constantly pokes your arm as your gaze is locked onto the screen of your phone. He would snatch your phone and continuously annoy you about your cooking skills until you agree to cook it for him again.

    [🍶] jaemin

    ⌇Jaemin immediately snaps a thousand pictures, non stop compliments throughout the whole meal. He basically finishes it in a flash and begs you to make it again tomorrow and the next and the next.

    "Jaem, I can only make this though," you mutter, not wanting to dissapointed your boyfriend. Jaemin being super sappy, would probably say "I'll never get sick of this, because you made it and I'll never get sick of you."

    [🍶] chenle

    ⌇Another one who's shocked but would snap millions of pictures. Goes around boasting to his friends that his significant other is a michelin star chef. He would constantly brag about how both of you can cook well, definitely say both of you are the best.

    "Who's cooking is better, mine or yours?" You ask as you playfully glare at him, eager to win. "You're good but I'm slightly better," you scoff at his words and raise your eyebrows. "Fine, we're both on the same level," He ruffles your hair at the sight of the pout on your face.

    [🍶] jisung

    ⌇Thinks that the person who's cooking is not his significant other. Questions you as soon as he find out you're cooking for him. "Is this actually y/n, what have you done to the real y/n?"

    But after he tries a bite of your food, he can't help but wolf the whole thing down. His cheeks full and eyes wide, he'll raise his thumbs up and groan in delight. Definitely shyly asks you to make it again another day.


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  • rrxnjun
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    — ☆ thirty(one) things i like about you

    pairing: huang renjun x fem!reader

    genre: friends to lovers, high school au, fluff

    word count: 3k

    warnings: making out, mutual pining, swearing, wrote this at midnight bc i am in love w huang renjun dont @ me

    A sound of a pencil dropping to the table wakes you up from your state of immersion, your head snapping up to see the only friend you have in your art class, Huang Renjun, scowling at his piece with disappointment in his eyes.

    "Relax, would you? You're shaking the whole table, I can't even work here." you roll your eyes at him in mock annoyance, seeing him throw his hands up into the air and tangling them in his hair, huffing. 

    "I can't fucking get this right! Who even thought of drawing portraits? I did not sign up for this when I took art classes, I literally don't give a shit! I just wanted to draw pretty brids and shit, not people." Renjun storms out with a disgusted look on his face and you watch him with a glint in your eye. Seeing your friend angry was always something you liked to watch, finding his pouty lips adorable and laughing at the intensity of his voice. "I can't get the right eye right. She just looks bad. I can't do this anymore." he mutters and throws the sketchbook closer to you so you can examine it, pointing his eyes to the ceiling.

    "You're right, she looks fucking degenerated, dude," you snicker and push the sketchbook back to him, wanting to continue on your piece with no other interruptions, when Renjun gives you a side eye and huffs in annoyance.

    "Way to bring my ego up, thanks." 

    "Well, what else did you want me to say?" you roll your eyes. "You know I didn't mean it, come on. We know each other good enough to tell, don't we? 

    Renjun shakes his head in disbelief and sighs. "You're always like this. I don't think I've ever heard you say any nice things about me. It's like you hate me sometimes." he rolls his eyes, avoiding your eyes.

    His words shock you. You never say nice things about him? That surely must be a lie. You adore Huang Renjun way more than you'd like to admit sometimes, there's no way a compliment or two haven't slipped past your lips over the past few years you've known the boy, coincidentally crushing on him as well, ever since you first saw him smiling proudly in your shared art class-- at the place where you met, finding joy in the work of art and creating. 

    Or… maybe he was right? You see, you've been successfully hiding this really big, fat crush on the young artist for as long as you remember in fear of losing him or worse, embarrassing yourself in front of him. Maybe it's possible you tried to play it cool so much you forgot to compliment him sometimes, making sure you don't accidentally slip up and make your feelings too obvious.

    You regret it now, though, with his eyes staring at you with a hint of hurt behind them, goosebumps rolling down your back in regret. 

    "I don't hate you. Come on, you know that," you roll your eyes, playfully kicking his shin under the table.

    "Prove it," he says, raising his brows up at you in challenge.

    "Huang Renjun, we are literally friends, I don't have to prove to you that I don't hate you!" you gasp, shaking your head in disbelief.

    "Well, you sure act like you do hate me sometimes," he mutters, shrugging. His eyes leave yours and you stare at him from your place next to him behind the desk that is a little too small for being a table used for the art class (your hands accidentally brush against each other a little too much to sustain your calm heartbeat sometimes), when you sigh. 

    "I don't." you pout.

    "Okay, compliment me, then. Say something nice about me," he says, meeting your eyes again. In this moment, the whole classroom disappears, your gaze melting in his, when he snaps you out of your daze and snickers. 

    "See? I thought so. You can't even say something nice about me-" 

    "I can name at least 30 things I like about you from the back of my head right now, as we speak, if I wanted to. Don't test me." you say, twirling the pencil in your hand from nerves.

    "Oh, I am testing you. Come on!" he insists, lightly smacking your thigh in playfulness, making you internally scream.

    "O-okay, well," you mumble, "One. I like your art." you say, throwing him a meaningful look.

    "That's not true. Another one." he rolls his eyes, folding his arms at his chest.

    "It is true!" 

    "You just criticised it!" 

    "It was a joke." you sternly say, gazing deep into his eyes. 

    He only rolls his eyes at you for what feels like the seventeenth time today, nudging his chin to you as a sign to make you continue. Oh how you will repay him for this once you're done. You're going to make him say at least 50 for you and if he doesn't, you'll sing that song he doesn't like over and over again until he goes insane.

    "Okay, number two. I like your shoes." you say, seeing him scowl.

    "That's not even a thing about me, it's my fucking shoes-" 

    "Number three," you ignore him, "I like it when you whine and shit because it makes me feel superior." you smile ironically at him, causing him to glare at you with narrow eyes.

    "Number four, I like your… I like your voice when you sing. It sounds nice. And sweet." you compliment him, seeing the boy in front of you losing words as he only gasps for air, looking like a fish on the sand. 

    "My voice isn't even that good-"

    "Number five. I like how humble you are." you giggle, nudging him with your elbow. 

    You see your friend becoming the real life reenactment of the grumpy cat as you continue, smiling at his sulky figure sitting on the chair next to you.

    "Six. You have… nice style?" you say, slowly running out of presentable things to say so you don't reveal much, your compliment sounding more like a question than a simple statement at this point.

    "You don't sound sure." he laughs.

    "I am, though. And I like the smell of your laundry detergent. Number seven. I know you picked it because Jaemin told me, oh and also, number eight, I like that you do the grocery shopping at your dorm because it shows that you are responsible." you mention, pointing a finger at him in the process.

    "You like that I'm Na Jaemin's slave. Amazing." he nods, snickering as you playfully smack his arm.

    "Stop! I'm being serious. I still have a plenty on my list," you say, taking a green pencil out and starting to work on the undertones of the skin on your portrait, being glad for the distraction so you don't have to stare at his face, "number ten. I like that even though you sulk and throw a fit when your art doesn't look the way you'd like it to, you never give up. Oh and also, I like it when you get angry because you look really adorable doing so. Number eleven." 

    "I don't get sulky-" 

    "Number twelve!" you cut him off, laughing, "I like your car playlist. It sounds nice. You have a nice music taste." 

    "Thirteen. I like that you help your grandma so much. You are really sweet for doing that and I adore the bond you have with her." you point out, looking over and seeing your friend smile fondly at the wooden desk, lost for words. You take that as your cue to continue.

    "Fourteen. I like how you see everything around you as beautiful. It's really satisfying to me." you gingerly smile.

    "Fifteen. You are polite. I like that." 

    "Sixteen. You don't let people walk all over you and you stand up for yourself. I think that's pretty admirable," you say, "and you stand up for others too. I like that." 

    "Seventeen. You are a good dancer." 

    "I'm n-" 

    "Don't even try to argue with me on this one." you send him a death glare, then focus back on your work.

    "Eighteen. I like your new hairstyle. I know the boys called you a skunk boy but it's just because they're jealous of you," you scrunch up your nose, "I think it looks neat." you nod. You hear a sincere chuckle from your right, continuing.

    "Numero nineteen. You're bilingual. That's- that's-" you almost say hot and stop yourself, mentally screaming at your mind for almost using the hidden autofill function you didn't even know your mind had, "it's admirable. You're smart." 

    "Twenty! I like that you cook me ramen when I sleep over. I know Jaemin's technically the better roommate at that, but the gesture is nice." you point out.

    "Don't compare me to Jaemin-" 

    "Don't try to make me and yourself believe you are better at cooking than the grill master Na Jaemin. You'd be lying to yourself." you quickly shut him up, giggling.

    "Twenty one! You… you…" you start to run out of things to say, your mind going blank, "I like your… eyes? They're pretty, I guess?" you say, chewing on the inside of your cheek.

    "U-uh, thanks? They're not that special, tho-" 

    "Twenty two. You're funny," you say, nodding. 

    "Stop teasing." 

    "Excuse me?" you look at him, eyes big. "I mean it! Not my fault you have small self-esteem." you grunt, shaking your head. "Twenty three… let's see. You're…" 

    "You're running out of things to say."

    "Shut up, of course I'm not." you mutter. "I like your personality as a whole. I think we match," you shrug, "there, twenty four." 

    You see him grinning from the corner of your eye, slowly putting the pencil down to look at him. You stare at him a little too long, getting lost in his presence, when he licks his lips to say something, the action admittedly catching way more of your attention than it should have.

    "Continue?" he asks, snickering. What a little shit.

    "Isn't twenty four enough?" you nervously ask. 

    "You said thirty. Does that mean you admit you don't have thirty things you like about me? Is this you admitting that I was right all along-" 

    Well, Huang Renjun for sure knows how to rile you up. You'll never back away from a challenge like this.

    "No." you shake your head, "of course not." 

    "Okay then, continue." he smirks, nudging your knee to make you speak. 

    You search in your head for things to say, your mind wandering to dangerous waters as you examine his handsome face, when he makes your brain short circuit with counting down.

    "Five, four, three-" 

    "AH! I think you're pretty." you blurb out, instantly hating yourself for letting such words come out of your mouth in front of the male. His cheeks are dusted with pink now, blush spreading all across his face, only further proving your point when your eyes land on his beautiful features. Huang Renjun might just be the prettiest boy you've ever met.

    "Thanks?" he mumbles, scratching the back of his neck in a nervous habit, making you feel heat in your cheeks. You really fucked it up right now, didn't you?

    "I think-" he starts, but you don't let him continue. You don't want to hear what he has to say. It's too embarrassing-- and so you result to continue your checklist, finding a more appropriate thing to say to one of your best friends.

    "Twenty six. I like your height. I know the guys tease you for it because you're the shortest, but just for the record, I think it makes you really huggable and comforting to hold." you ramble, mind going back to the only time you two hugged, when you were tired after working the whole day and the seven of your best friends came to pick you up after your shift. Renjun brought you take out and you threw yourself into his arms as a thanks without much thought, enveloping his figure with your arms. He was warm and comfortable against you. He fitted just right.

    "I'm- I'm glad," you hear him stuttering, clearing his throat shortly after, shifting back his composure and teasing you again. "Next?"

    "Twenty seven, twenty seven…" you mumble, looking everywhere but at him, eyes jumping around the full classroom. You almost forgot everyone was there, lost in conversation working on their individual portraits. In your world, it was just Renjun and you, you and Renjun.

    "Five, four, three-" 

    Your eyes roam all around, finally landing on his hands in his lap, when something inside of you breaks and you blurb out the first thing in your mind in fear of losing.

    "I like your hands," you snap, "they look really… holdable." you complete, mentally cringing at your straight-forwardness. He must know about your feelings now, there was no way he was so dull.

    He snickers at your comment, subconsciously playing with his fingers upon hearing you. "Twenty eight?" 

    You look up at him, your eyes meeting with his. The darkness of them overtakes you, drugs you, making you wander all around his face like hypnotized. When he licks his lips again to speak up and possibly rush you again, you take your chance and beat him to it.

    "I like your lips. They look really…." you trail off, the heat in your cheeks overpowering you, the embarrassment fully setting in now. 

    Renjun doesn't seem to be as shy and taken aback now, a smirk meeting his lips as he leans closer to you, teasing. "They look what? A cat got your tongue?" he asks, grinning. He is a little shit and he knows it, testing your patience now.

    "What were you going to say? How do they look, Y/N-ie?" he uses a pet name, making your insides tumble and turn, shaking your head in panic.

    "Were you perhaps going to say that they look… kissable?" he asks, eyebrows raised. His features are full of teasing now, the air between the two of you growing thick. You don't even register the whole class exiting the room, leaving the two of you alone in your small bubble.

    You finally master up the courage. Huang Renjun is here to tease you, rail you up and make you all hot in your cheeks and weak in your knees, but you won't let him play with you anymore. He hasn't won, this is not his game. And so you choose to snatch your prize.

    You quickly lean in, putting a soft peck onto his plump lips, catching him off guard. You pull away for a millisecond, your bodies still so close his breath is hitting your skin, when you decide it's a good time to lean back in, this time kissing him deeper, skin to skin, your hand meeting the apple of his cheek, your thumb tracing his cheekbone. He shyly kisses you back, his hand ending up on the side of your neck, your knees bumping as you lean into him, putting everything you have into the action. Once he grows more secure and familiar with the feel of your lips on his, he takes the lead by gently moving his tongue across your bottom lip, surprising you with the boldness. 

    You gasp into the contact, letting him in like you never did any boy before, your tongues meeting in a blissful symphony. Your hands move to tangle into his hair, playing with the long strands, tugging on them when he makes you feel particularly week in your knees with how he glides his lips across yours. 

    His hands meet your waist, tugging you closer. You bite down on his lower lip with a new wave of confidence, making him lowly whine into your mouth, a sound so beautiful to your ears it sounds like singing. You smile widely into the kiss, making you breakapart as you both gasp for air, foreheads touching for a few seconds until you pull away completely, finding him looking even more beautiful than ever-- rosy cheeks, swollen lips and eyes looking at you still a little out of it and shy.

    "Twenty nine. I like it when you're flustered. You look cute," you grin, making him hide his face behind his hands in embarrassment, your heart swelling at the sight.

    Your hands reach to take the palms off his face, playing with his fingers and interlocking your hands with his, testing out your previous theory. Yes, Renjun's hands are, indeed, really holdable.

    "Thirty. I like you. I just like you." 

    You did it-- you finally confessed, three years after meeting him in the same exact spot, his energy still pulling you in just like the first time.

    You look at him with expectations in your eyes, teeth involuntary chewing on your bottom lip, the feeling of Renjun's lips against yours still present in your muscle memory.

    "You like me." he repeats. 

    "Y-yeah. As in.. more than a friend. If that's what you're… asking, yeah." you nervously admit, your hands becoming clammy and sweaty, when you're reminded of the fact that Renjun is still holding them when he gives you a reassuring squeeze, smoothing the skin of the back of your hand.

    "Great," he huffs, an enormous grin taking over his features as he excitedly nods, "that's great. I do too." 

    "You do?" you ask, surprised, eyes big and lips pouty. You look like an adorable puppy, Renjun thinks, clueless and shocked from the things happening around you in the world. One of the things you somehow are so clueless about is the growing feelings your classmate has had for you for the longest time now-- everyone knowing about his crush on his friend but you.

    "Yeah," he nods, smiling.



    "Are you sure?" you ask, baffling him.

    "Do you want me to prove it to you or something?" he raises his voice, a little frustrated at how after all these years, you still don't get it.

    "I-I mean, I-" you stutter, when Renjun thinks he's finally had enough, shutting you up effectively by bringing his lips to yours again, kissing you to prove his point.

    When you pull away, there's a humongous grin sitting on your lips and Renjun's eyes sparkle at the sight of you. That's how you find his orbs the most beautiful, ethereal and full of life. You never realised you are the one who single handedly put the stars into them with so much care the day he met you.

    The portraits on your table are long forgotten and so is the next class, both of your minds somewhere else as you try to process the moments happening the past few minutes.

    You sweetly peck his cheek, hugging him around his neck. Your lips gently brush the skin on his ear when you lean in and whisper to him, a smile spreading on your lips.

    "And let me give you a bonus one, 'kay?" you giggle, "number thirty one. You're a really good kisser, Jun." 

    #nct dream fluff #nct dream drabble #nct dream oneshot #nct dream scenarios #nct drabble#nct fluff#renjun fic#renjun fluff#renjun drabble#renjun oneshot#renjun scenario#nct dream#renjun#nct imagine#renjun imagine #nct dream imagine
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  • nayutata
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    — ADORE YOU ; haechan x reader

    GENRE. established relationship!au, fluff

    WC. <500

    WARNINGS. neck kisses

    "My heart feels so full when I'm with you, angel"

    You squirm in Donghyuck's tight embrace, trying your best to get some fresh air. Your face buried into his chest, the waft of his cologne felt like home.

    "Hyuck, I've only been away for three days, it wasn't that long, " your hands softly hitting his sides, hoping he loosened his grip on you.

    "Anytime without you is far too long," He states, letting you go from his embrace as you roll your eyes.

    As expected from the drama king you called your boyfriend. Through the three days you were away at your grandparent's house, he never failed to check in at least three times a day. Whining over the phone about how much he wanted to see you in person.

    As he traces little nothings on your hand, both of you walk hand in hand to his car.

    "Your honour," he opens the car door fancifully, eyes trailed on you as he bows. You look around, embarrassed by your boyfriend's shameless antics.

    "Hyuck, stop it," you whisper-shouted, hand lightly slapping his shoulder. He gives you a teasing smile, eyes lighting up at the sight of your red cheeks.

    "Never," his tongue sticks out of his mouth, face full of mischief, a look that you missed for the last three days.

    "God, why do I have to love an annoying brat," You chuckle as your lips turn upwards. Donghyuck engulfs you into a back hug, chin resting on your shoulder. His lips dangerously close to your ear as he mumbles a quick 'I love you' before placing a kiss on your neck.

    tag. @softminn

    nets. @neoturtles @prism-nw


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  • sunwoahs
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ➳ [17:12]

    You chuckled as demigod!Jaehyun collapsed on your bed after he went back from another date. He huffed and laid on his side, propping one elbow to face you while you're reading a novel, back resting against the headboard.

    "No spark?" You asked.

    "None. It's so dull. She's pretty, she's smart. She has a personality. I don't even now what I'm really looking for at this point." Jaehyun shifted, now laying on his back, both hands resting on stomach as he closed his eyes.

    Looking at him in your peripheral vision, he's ethereal despite only wearing his black shirt and denim jeans. He's beautiful, he's smart, he's kind. He's strong– a given for a son of Zeus. He just needs to find 'the one', as he calls it. You think of all the girls he'd be perfect with but none comes to mind. No one seems to be perfect for your bestfriend.

    Can it be me instead?

    The sunlight shining from the cabin window momentarily shifted directly to his face making him groan and cover his eyes with his arm. You chuckled as you saw his expression but you instantly stopped and glared at the window.

    Only if a certain sun god stops meddling.

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  • alreadyblondenow
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    Two is better than one

    Pairing: Lifeguard!Mark Lee x female!reader

    Genre: SMUT, FLUFF

    WC: 2,857k

    Warnings: unprotected sex, couch sex, quickie, swearing, mentions of making out, this drabble is very light smut and fluffy HEHE

    A/N: NOT PROOFREAD. I’ll fix it once I have time. Please let me be, I just want to write something fluffy for Mark to take away all my stress. For Neo Smut Collective’s Sunny Side.


    There’s this one guy in school that your friends have been telling you to date during summer vacation because you’re the only single gal in your circle of friends. Of course that’s completely fine, but whenever your friends has double dates and they wanted you to come, you simply turn them down because you don’t want to be a burden during their date.

    “And that’s why we’ve been telling you to date Mark, give him a chance, he’s a nice dude. Not to mention very good looking,” Your friend whines while she scans the clothes on the rack.

    “I know what he looks like and I know that he’s nice,” you giggle at what your friend said, “but we don’t know if he wants to date. What if he’s perfectly fine with being single too? Seriously you guys, you’re wasting your time. I’m fine with being single,”

    “Oh honey you can’t fool us. Admit it, you don’t want to date Mark because you want him to earn it, and not because we set you up with him” she smirked.

    If you’re being honest, what she said was partly true. Partly. It’s true that yes, you wanted him to make the first move and actually like you first before you go on a date with him. And what you said earlier about being happy while you’re single is also true.

    And the reason why you wanted him to like you first is because there’s no doubt that you will like him back. He’s Mark Lee. The guy is basically perfect and you knew already that falling for him is not going to be hard. He’s cool, funny, loud and you heard that he’s actually nice with everyone and not in a flirty way.

    Given that you’re single and you’re used to do things alone, on a perfectly good day and nice weather, you decided to get some sun at the beach alone. With your juice on the side and a book on your hand, this day is going to be perfect you thought.

    But while you were admiring the beach while siping on your drink, you saw a familiar figure sitting on the lifeguard chair which immediately made you remove your sunglasses so you could have a good look at him and to confirm your own judgement if you were right. And yes, you were right. It’s Mark Lee. Guarding the beach with no shirt on and just wearing his beach shorts... looking so hot and handsome with his shades on while smiling back to you.


    Just when you realized that he caught you looking at him, you feel so jumpy and nervous for no reason and you avoided him immediately. Going back to reading your book, just reading and not actually understanding a word. But when you saw him come down from that tall chair and saw him heading towards you, you suddenly got up and gathered your stuff with panic movements.

    “Is she avoiding me?” Mark murmured to himself while walking towards you. “Wait! Look behind you-“ he shouted and tried warning you about the waiter carrying a tray of cold beverages. But too late because you already bumped on him and spilled different kinds of juices on your swimsuit.

    “Don’t worry about it I’ll pay for it” he said to you while wrapping a towel around you and keeping you close to him. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up”

    And just like that, without further discussions, you found yourself in Mark’s arms. Heading over their backdoor and you, entering his house for the first time. Everything happened so fast that you didn’t have time to refuse his offer of getting you cleaned up. He brought you straight to his cozy room, preparing the bathroom for you and telling you that if you need anything else just call him.

    “Uhm... Mark?” You shout from the bathroom.

    “Yeah? You need something?”

    “My clothes are ruined and wet because of the juice-“

    “Right, uhm... Gotcha! I-I’ll leave the clothes on the floor, okay” and off he goes to his closet to look for something that you could wear. Mark was all jumpy and nervous as he heads to the bathroom door and leave the clothes on the floor. This was all his fault, if he didn’t startled you by running towards you at the beach, you would’ve stayed in your comfort under the sun and the accident wouldn’t happen.

    “I’ll pay for the damage and I’ll make sure to bring your clothes back immediately”

    “No, don’t worry about it. Uhm... the restaurant, we own it. So don’t worry about it” he said nervously. Smiling so big in front of you. “So you know my name, huh? Why’d you ran off like that earlier?”

    “Hmm. To be honest I got shy. And it’s so stupid, now I’m humiliated” you put your on your face and let out an awkward laugh, Mark did too but you notice that he can’t stop looking at you. That’s when you noticed that he has a pretty big head, beautiful eyes and sharp cheekbones. In other words, you’ve never appreciated his handsome features quite this close.

    At the end of the day, Mark walked you home and you had a good talk with him. Taking it as a chance for apologizing to him for whenever you don’t show up during planned double dates. Turns out he never showed up too. Does that means he’s not interested with dating? Or with you in general?

    A week after that unforgettable interaction with Mark, you found yourself looking at the neatly folded sweatpants and hoodie in front of you while thinking long and hard if you’re going to message Mark first and let him know that you’re going to his house to bring back the clothes... but it looks like you’re flirting with him already and you don’t like that... “fuck it” you murmured and head to their house just because you knew you’d have to return his clothes eventually. And just when you were a couple of blocks away, he came from behind and tickled you on your waist. Making you jolt and turn around with quick and sharp movements. He giggled and greeted you with a handsome smile, surprised that he even looked dashing with a shirt on.

    “No lifeguard duty?” you asked, returning his big smiles with awkward ones.

    “Just finished, that’s why you have no choice but to hang out with me” he said confidently like you two have been friends for a long time already.

    Funny how just a week ago, you and your friend were debating whether you should give Mark a chance to take you out but you still refused because you wanted him to make the first move first. And now as you two hang out together in their house, watched the sunset by the beach with a couple of beers on the side, you can see that you’ve been missing quite a lot.

    “So you’re saying that you’ve been waiting for me all this time?” he said out of nowhere while eating a pizza crust. You’re now in their kitchen, eating pizza and having more beers with him. Getting a little too friendlier than earlier.

    “Not really waiting. I wasn’t expecting anything, but off topic...You’re cuter than I expected you to be” and just as the words came out from your mouth, you don’t know where the bravery came from. This must be the alcohol’s doing, you thought. You tried to avert your focus on other things like munching a few chips and finishing your beer in one down. Thinking of a better escape for this awkward situation that you started but before you come down from the kitchen counter, he confidently went in between your legs and came closer to you. So close that you can smell each other’s breath and smell the sweet flavor of the alcohol... but Mark wanted more than smelling you.

    He wanted to taste your lips, and so he did.

    Tongue swiping on your lips the moment his touched yours. Letting him dominate the kiss while he reaches for your arms and make you embrace him. He smiled and put the kiss to a halt.

    “How’s that for my first move?” He smirked and placed another sweet kiss on your lips. And the next thing you know you and Mark are exchanging kisses nonstop until you reached their living and continue what you’re doing on their soft couch. Sitting comfortably on Mark’s lap, legs on both sides, while your hands are all over him.

    “Take these off, let’s have some fun” he whispered while tugging your shorts. Completely aware that he’s brave and confident like this because of the alcohol push.

    “Oh Mark Lee, you’ve been challenging me lately huh”

    And it only takes a few seconds for you and Mark to get naked from waist down and go back to your previous position. Oh you wanted to feed your lust and look at his cock just for a few seconds but you need him already.

    “Parents will be home soon, fuck-“ he informed you while you put his cock inside you slowly. Breathing heavily when you finally moved your hips slowly, then fast. You watch him furrow his brows, rest his arm on his head and watch you move with lidded eyes as you fuck him good. “Faster” he requested, grabbing your clothed boobs and kissing your neck that immediately put you both on edge.

    With fast movements and sweet moans, soon Mark cant handle it anymore and grabbed you by the waist so fast that you didn’t even saw it coming, pulled out his cock from inside of you and pumped it while you kiss him during his orgasm. Not giving a fuck if his cum stains on their couch.

    “I was planning to ask you on a date. Sorry this happened earlier than expected. I promise to try and stop myself from luring you to having sex with me. I promise” he apologized and looked at your swollen lips from kissing, tracing it gently and letting out a satisfied sigh as he tries so hard to not look down and look at your pussy.

    “It’s fine with me Mark. But y-yeah. You’re right. We should do this the right way” you shyly admitted. Getting up from his lap and making yourself decent again. Why do you feel like you’re having great regrets?

    After that night you and Mark did not see each other for a few weeks again. Well, mainly because you’re avoiding him and whenever you remember about the sex and how good it felt... it just feels wrong at the same time and you don’t know why you feel this way.

    “Are you really not going to give Mark a chance?” your friend once again nags you about Mark. Maybe Mark kept what happened between you two and did not tell it to his friends.

    “Uhm. I seriously don’t know” you answered weakly.

    “Well, I hope you won’t get mad because we tricked you. He’s going to the park with us tonight”

    But right before you get mad and whine about the situation, Mark and his friends appeared. And immediately forcing you two to stand beside each other.

    The park was packed and busy with people wearing big smiles the whole night. You wanted to smile too and laugh loudly whenever Mark tries to make you laugh or even make a decent conversation but you’re afraid that your friends will get the wrong idea.

    Good thing, Mark knew that you’re not comfortable right now especially that your friends are around. He also knew that what happened between you two completely ruined everything already, and he admits that he fucked up.

    “Want to go somewhere else?”

    He whispered beside you while your friends are riding the roller coaster and you and Mark are on bag duty. You wanted to say ‘yes’ of course, and you will use this time to apologize to him privately and explain what you’re really feeling.

    Coming up with different excuses, you and Mark left the park and your friends separately and eventually meet him at the beach near their house. When you arrived at their house, surprisingly he set up mini picnic just for you, ordered pizza and made sure you two drink non-alcoholic beverages tonight to avoid what happened last week.

    “This is not our first date. Not yet. But this is my way of apologizing for what happened. I’m sorry,”

    “You did nothing wrong. I should be the one apologizing. It’s not right that I left you hanging just because my regrets got into me. I’m sorry”

    After apologizing and talking about random stuff that comes out of your mouths, Mark finally had the guts to ask you something serious. Something that he has been thinking the moment his lips crashed on yours for the first time.

    Firstly he admitted that he liked you. A lot. And that didn’t surprised you already because you found out with the way he kiss and hold you during the day you had sex. But what surprised you is that, you don’t feel the same way towards him even though he’s perfect.

    “Honestly I was expecting myself to fall in love with you easily. But turns out you can’t really force your feelings” you said. Careful with your words so you won’t hurt him but you don’t have a choice.

    “But do you want to give it a try? Give us a try?”

    “I’ll think about it” you answered honestly. Because truth be told you don’t want to give him false hope.

    And after a night full of truths and honesty, you and Mark remained close friends and promised each other that you will be honest with your feelings for him no matter what happens. As part of being friends, you visit Mark at the beach whenever he has lifeguard duties and wait until his shift is over to hang out or whenever it’s raining and his parents are away, you and Mark stay in their living room and watch Netflix while enjoying the weather together with his fluffy blanket covering your entire bodies.

    Being single is not a problem to you, you are perfectly happy and contented with your self love and you believe that having a boyfriend will not make much of a difference in your life. And you also believe that Mark, a genuine and very lovable person, deserves someone who will shower him with love. You just can’t see yourself doing it with him.

    But with almost a month of hanging out everyday, you grew fond of him that sometimes you unconsciously hug him and became unexpectedly sweet. Like that time at the beach, while watching the sun go down. You rested your chin at the top of his shoulder and decided to play with his black soft locks. Massaging his scalp while you admire him closely. Even Mark was shocked to the core when he realized that you are incredibly close. After that moment, you saw him as someone who can add up to your happiness. You’re now confident that Mark can double the happiness that you have in your heart now. Love is not easy. Loving someone is never a walk in the park. But being loved by someone like Mark, is not an opportunity that knocks on your door everyday.

    Tonight is stargazing night and as usual he let you have his blanket, now your favorite blanket. It was a very tiring day for him and he accidentally fell asleep next to you. A thin mattress on the sand is not that comfortable but he will trade any comfortable bed in the world as long as you’re beside him while he rests. When he opened his eyes, the beach was blue and the sun was just about to come up. He noticed that you’re shivering, so he decided not to share with the blanket with you and give it to you completely instead.

    “No, we can share. Come here” you murmured when you feel him move aside. So to keep him beside you, you wrapped your one arm around his waist and hugged him tightly. “This is better” you said, and in that very moment, even though the beach was still dark, you witness him blush and smile from ear to ear. Showing those sharp cheekbones and returning the tight hug.


    “Hm? Still cold?” he asked while keeping you warm using his hand, rubbing it on your shoulders.

    “Not at all. But I decided to give us a try”

    He let out a satisfied sigh and became instantly clingy and giggly, “Finally,”

    And you were right. Mark made you happier than you could have ever imagine. But even though that he won your heart already, for Mark, he still thinks that you can leave him so easily. One mistake, one fuck up and he can ruin everything that he’s building right now. That’s why while making you happy everyday, he’s working on keeping you forever by showing you that he can love you even more each day. Showing you that two is better than one and you don’t have to experience love alone

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    lee mark | euphoria

    summary: mark makes great efforts to show you he’s into you. he wonders whether you’re really oblivious or not when you push him away, but one thing’s for sure when he kissed you, you're definitely not put off by it

    pairing: mark x reader

    genre: classmates to lovers, high school au; angst, suggestive? fluff

    word count: 5.4k

    a/n: based off the hbo max tv series: ‘euphoria’ (kat & ethan’s relationship) some pieces of the dialogue are pulled word for word directly from the show while some aren’t, so credits go to the writers for that <3

    Your whole life you’ve been in love once. Granted, you were in the sixth grade and that relationship at most was just hand holding and him giving you his chocolate milk daily, but at that age, it felt like love. It didn’t come to a surprise when he broke up with you after two months. At that age, kids were in love with everything and anything, so you moved on relatively quick.

    But now you’re grown and you knew better. Love only exists in fairy tales. It’s nothing more but a mere waste of time and money, distracting people from reaching their full potential and goals. You know this better than everyone when your dad had gave up everything to be with your mom only to have her leave for someone younger. Nothing good ever lasts in this small town.

    Now you’re a senior in high school, and you vowed to yourself never to let your guard down liked your dad did. Lucky for you, he still cared about you, so he raised you and always made sure you’re aware he loved you.

    So if you’ve learned anything from observing the relationships around you, you knew it would only leave to one person getting hurt. And if you ever did fall in love, for real this time, you’d make sure you’d never end up on that end. So whenever you felt a little too much attraction towards a guy, you pushed those feelings down to stop them from developing any further.

    Living with a broken heart is no fun, so you ensured that would never happen to you.

    No commitment, no heartbreak. Easy as That.

    But when it came to a particular boy in your biology class, he sure made it hard.

    His name was Mark Lee.

    You remember the first time you met him. It was really the only time you had ever made it to class before him, as it was the first day of senior year. You were unsure as to why he had decided to sit next to you that day, but he did, even greeting you and smiling which took you by surprise. Because who the hell would be that cheerful the first day of school?

    Mark could never take a hint when you had your ear buds in, always opting to make small talk with you for some reason, whether i’d be asking about what you did over the weekend, or just to ask you for help on class work. You found it a bit annoying, but still talked to him to be nice.

    He was cute, a little awkward, but who wasn’t? It was high school after all, but something about him made you decide to act indifferent towards him.

    You’re not sure if it was the energy he gave off, but the way you would feel his eyes linger on you, you’re put off by it. You had a small feeling Mark could like you, but you weren’t sure. You’ve been in your head before thinking the guy liked you, only to man up and confess only to be rejected. You vowed after that, to no longer be the first one to confess. Even if you would end up dying a prune with no ring on your finger. You’d rather that then to face the humiliation of rejection. Being vulnerable never did anyone any good.

    You're kept to yourself and really only talked to your small group of close-knit friends. You're content with that, but when they leave you to go sit with their boyfriends or to go to a club meeting at lunch, you’re left alone, opting to grab something then to head to the library to avoid sitting at lunch as a loner.

    Not particularly hungry this day, you grabbed a grapefruit, skipping to the front of the line. Greeting the lunch lady, you’re short of a dollar. “Can i pay you the rest tomorrow?” You pleaded quietly before looking back at the line behind you, embarrassed as everyone’s eyes were on you.

    “I’m sorry honey, you know the policy.”

    You sigh at that, before digging inside your bag, hoping a dollar would magically show up when Mark holds up his wallet, two places behind you in line. “I got you.” He smiles before skipping to the front, ready to pay for your lunch.

    “Hey.” he begins.

    “Hi,” you return his tight-lipped smile.

    “How you doing?” he begins.

    You nod awkwardly. “Good.”

    Mark asks the lunch lady how much and offers to pay for you in full, when he noticed how you only grabbed a piece of fruit as lunch. Opening his wallet, he turns to you with a worried expression. “Just a grapefruit? Did you want something else to eat?”

    “No,” You try to decline politely as it was embarrassing enough not having enough money for a grapefruit, but he was reluctant.

    “If you don’t have enough money, it’s fine. l'll be happy to get you some real food to eat, it’s-“

    “No no, I’m fine.” You smile, not wanting him to spend anymore money on you.

    “Well okay.” He’s defeated, not wanting you to eat just a grapefruit, but hands the lunch lady the money nevertheless as he was holding up the line.

    When the lady gives you the grape fruit, you thank him and before you walked away, Mark made sure to bid you farewell. “I’ll see you in biology?”


    Embarrassed, you hurriedly made your way out of the cafeteria while Mark went back to his spot in line.

    You and him weren’t close by any means, so you wonder why he helped you out, but then again, Mark was always kind despite your coldness towards him. You don’t question it though and make a mental note to return the money later.

    The next day, Mark made it to the class room early as per usual.

    With a smile, you approach him with the owed money in your right hand. “Here.”

    Mark eyes the cash in your hand before pushing it back towards you with a smile. “I told you yesturday, I got you. Keep it.”

    You sigh in solidarity before getting situated in your seat. “Why are you always so nice to me?”

    He grins. “I cant be nice?”

    “No. It’s just there's no reason for you to be nice to me. Especially when all I’ve been is indifferent towards you.”

    Mark laughs, “Yeah, but you're my partner in crime who i copy half the answers from, I have to be nice.”

    You relaxed at his joke, but still felt regretful of your attitude. “Fair point. Which is why you should just take the money. I feel bad.” And so, you reach for his hand, and forcibly make him accept it.

    Mark sighs, but stuffs it into his pocket when he realizes there would be no use in trying to give it back, given how reluctant you were. “So, speaking of the fair, they're opening up this Saturday, are you going?”

    You nod mindlessly, as you dig through your bag for a pen. “Yeah, you?”

    Mark smiles to himself. “Yeah.”

    The night of of the carnival fair, you arrived in a group with Jennie and Yuna. You guys quickly dispersed soon after though due to the fact that they were going to look for their boyfriends, and you? Well, you tried to make the most of it as you went around the fair by yourself.

    First off, was the stand fair games such as the bucket tosses and the balloon dart games which were a must play game despite how lame they were. They were boring, but the guy at the ballon dart stand was hot, so you kept utilizing your tickets.

    Eventually you grew bored though and headed for the more thrilling rides.

    Your first choice was the tagada where you held onto the bars and would just be spinned around. The way the wind would hit you whenever you rode this ride was your favorite. You just hoped in the midst of it, you would forget all about the stress of how you were behind on applying for scholarships and college.

    Getting on the ride, you grabbed onto the bars, preparing yourself by shutting your eyes, taking in the cold breeze of the night.

    “Hey.” a familiar voice rings out.

    You open your eyes, turning your head to meet Mark. your eyes widened suprised, but you're not totally put off but it that he was riding beside you, so you greet him back with a short smile. “Hi.”

    He smiles back, and for some reason your heart skips a beat. You convince yourself that it was just because you were delirious from all the waking around you did, so you brush it off, trying not to think much of it.

    After that ride, you're smiling as you steal a glance at Mark’s hair all messed up by the wind. He actually looks kinda cute you note.

    “So you came by yourself too?” Mark began as you guys got off the ride.

    “Um, no. I came with my friends but they’re with they’re...um occupied.”

    Mark nods knowingly, the awkward silence filling the air again. He scans the area, looking for something else to say. "So you want to go on the bumper rides together?" he suggests hesitantly.

    And you nod.

    With no one else to spend your time with, you figured it wouldn't hurt to spend it with Mark right?

    That night, you guys made it a mission to hit every ride on sight, bathing in each other’s presence. He was pretty humorous and fun to hang out with. And you couldn't even lie, you enjoyed spending time with Mark. You liked seeing his smile.

    But then again, when was it not nice spending time with him? You realize now that it was all your fault. You and him could’ve been friends a long time ago if you weren’t so put off by the idea that he had felt something for you. You’re still unsure of your own feelings, but decided not to dwell on it, as the feeling of regret consumed your head.

    You felt bad again for all the times Mark would try to make conversation with you in class only to be met with your blunt responses. You felt regretful, but given that you couldn't change the past, you decided that on this day forward, you would be nicer to Mark.

    Getting an ice slushee together, Mark convinced you to skip the flavored sugary syrups and pulls out a flask filled with some sort of alcohol. “It’ll be good.” he cooes.

    “I didn’t peg you as an alcoholic.” you tease.

    Mark chuckles, and the raspiness in his voice inevitably sends butterflies to your stomach. “I’m not. But it does help for some fun.”

    Mark should know, because without the shot of alcohol lacing in his veins from earlier, he’s not sure if he would have to courage to hang out with you this long.

    You giggled as you watch him continue to pour the whole flask empty, “That’s a lot.”

    He nods ignoring the comment, before holding the straw towards your lips. You meet his warm eyes, not missing the small glint present. “Try it.”

    You’re skeptical, as it was just ice and some sort of booze, but you don’t question it as you just wanted to let loose and like Mark said, it helps you have some fun. “That’s actually pretty good.” You hummed, as you took another sip, now holding the plastic cup with your own two hands. “I think i could drink this everyday of my life.” you added, getting drunk on the taste.

    Mark laughs as he watches you devour the slushee. “How about you go grab us another slushee while i go grab us some tickets, and then we’ll get super drunk and ride the ferris wheel?”

    You smile at Mark before separating, “Deal.”

    After thanking the vender for the cup of shaved ice, you walk back to meet Mark talking to some other girl, smiling. You’re not sure why he is laughing at what she’s saying, or why he seems so close to her but a part of you feels uneasy. You’re not sure why you’re feeling this way, as before today, you wouldn’t even bother as to send a smile towards Mark, but here you were, fuming with something.

    You threw the cup of shaved ice in the trash before storming off.

    And that’s when it hit you on the car ride home.

    You liked Mark.

    But you’d be damn if you’ll let yourself fall for another high school boy.

    That following Monday, you try to ignore Mark as you make your way into your shared class, but it was hard when he kept trying to initate a conversation with you.

    There was a documentary playing which had to do a follow along sheet so it wasn’t even like you could pretend like you didn’t hear him. With a pencil in hand, you focused on the board, where the film was projected.

    Mark was tapping his pencil anxiously onto his notebook, waiting for you to arrive and when you did, he only grew more anxious. But at least you were here now.

    “Hey.” He whispers, his head turn towards you. “Did you get my texts?” he mumbles.

    You lie past your lips. “No.”

    He clicks his tongue against his cheek. “Really? I sent you a bunch of texts.”

    “Well, I didn’t get it.”

    He doesn’t believe you. You know it, but still proceed with it. Why text you when he seemed to have so much fun with that random girl at the carnival fair?

    “Well it says delivered on my phone.” Mark sighs.

    You took a deep breath, eyes still glued on the screen. “Look, I really don’t wanna talk about this right now.”

    Mark swallows the lump on his throat, worried and confused as to why you were acting so indifferent again. “Did I do something wrong?”

    You huff, rolling your eyes to which he doesn’t miss. “I don’t know Mark. Did you?”

    Mark stayed quiet, not knowing what he did wrong, turning his attention back to the movie, going back to tapping his pencil. He’s hurt, not understanding why you were ghosting him. But given how you’re not willing to talk, he just decides it would be best to give you some time.

    And so he does. And for the next two weeks, he treats you almost like a stranger, only talking to you when required.

    Lee Jeno, the full on most richest and most popular guy at school was holding a party at his penthouse, eager to be on everyone’s good side to get votes for homecoming king. And so he invites everyone, from freshman to seniors to his house for his halloween party, filled with an assortment of booze, assuring an for an unforgettable fun night, sure enough to make him everyone’s favorite.

    The only requirement? You had to dress up.

    You weren’t planning to attend, not having a costume on hand but with the help of your girl friends, they took some eyeliner drawing on some whiskers, along with doing some basic makeup, they made you into a basic, black cat.

    Jennie gives you her cat ears from the year before and pushed you into a slightly scandalous black corset and tight fit leather leggings. Thanks to her, you’re here at Jeno’s party, dressed like every other girl who didn’t bother to buy a proper costume.

    As your friends left you, you’re left with no option but to stick in the kitchen, with your only friend: your can of bud light.

    You’re minding your own business, leaning against the counter, when you notice Mark approaching you from afar dressed as a vampire. You sigh when he nears, not bothering to walk away.

    Perhaps it was because you missed Mark talking to you that you stood where you were, but you blame it on the fact that you were here first, so if anything? He should be the one to leave.

    Mark stops in front of you, chuckling when he gets a closer look at your costume. “A black cat?”

    “Yeah.” you awkwardly smile. You’re confused as to why he was talking to you, as you had originally thought he was mad at you, but you supposed not.

    “Nice. Nice” he nods.


    “So can i ask you a question?” Mark begins, a midst the awkward silence.

    You tensed up at that, but nod in agreement nevertheless. “Uh, sure.”

    Mark gulps. He doesn’t know what he’s so nervous for, but he is. “What happened the night of the carnival? I mean, it felt like we were having a lot of fun hanging out together, but then you just disappeared.”

    You sigh, as the memories of him flirting with some random girl rushes back into your memory. You wonder if he really is that oblivious or if he was just playing with you. “What is it with you Mark?”

    Mark’s brow furrows, genuinely confused. “What do you mean?”

    “What I mean is why do you always try to talk to me when you have no reason too? At this point and age, there’s no reason for us to be talking to each other unless the other person needs something, so tell me Mark, if you want me to introduce you to one of my hot friends then just say it, if you want me to help you with some applications or something, just say it, stop acting like we’re friends as if you actually enjoy hanging out with me.”

    Mark is frozen, taken aback from your sudden outburst. He just looks at you as he tries to figure out what you meant. Feeling hot again in the confided space of the kitchen, he downs the rest of his cup.

    You take that opportunity to walk away from him, heading to find your friends for some company. To say the least, the party was getting a bit boring.

    “Sorry.” You mumbled as you bumped into some guy’s chest.

    You’re about to walk past him when his hold on your shoulder turns you back “Y/n?”

    “Jaemin!” You greet him with a proper hug, filled to the brim of joy upon seeing his face.

    You’ve always had a thing for Jaemin as he had graciously took you out to homecoming freshman year when no one did. He saved you from the embarrassment of going alone, so you owe it him.

    “You came here alone?” He asks, running his hand up your arm, opting to catch up with you.

    You’re about to respond when you catch a glimpse of Mark in the back and something just ignited in you. Something ran through your head in that moment as you ignored Jaemin’s question. “You wanna dance?” you ask the boy in front of you with a grin.

    “Um yeah, sure.” Jaemin smiled.

    “Great.” you hurriedly pulled him to the middle of the room where you got more comfortable moving your body against him to the pounding music boosting through out the house. Jaemin is confused, but isn’t one to back out of some fun, letting his hands run along the sides of your hips and waist.

    You shut your eyes as you danced with Jaemin, trying to make Mark jealous, trying to make him hurt the way he made you that night. If he could flirt, you could too.

    Two can play at that game.

    Mark sees you from afar, all up on Jaemin, bitterly drinking the mixed drink he made. Something inside him boils at the sight of you two so close, and so he kept drinking to get the thought of you off his mind.

    Eventually, when you don’t see Mark in sight anymore, you thank Jaemin who was happy to help you make your ‘boyfriend’ jealous. Jaemin tells you you’re in denial when you tell him that you feel nothing towards Mark, but he saw it in the way you looked at Mark.

    You don’t admit it out loud, but deep down you felt something too. But you only push down that feeling as you scurried off to chill on the sofa, drinking in another can of beer as you let your thoughts consume you.

    Eventually, feeling the need to use the bathroom, you make your way upstairs to where it was locked. Groaning, you leaned against the wall, waiting for it to open.

    Coincidentally, Mark stumbles upstairs to find you standing there, arms crossed, with the slight pout on your lips. Mark doesn’t know what ran through his head at that moment (probably all the booze he drank) but all he wanted to do was to kiss the pout off your lips.

    And as of right on queue, the bathroom door opens.

    So taking a deep breathe, he goes for it as he approaches you, wrapping his hands around your wrists pulling you into the bathroom. Hurriedly, he locks the door, before turning back to you.

    “W-what are you doing?” you mumble as you leaned against the counter sink.

    He doesn’t answer as he comes towards you, crashing his lips harshly on yours, his hand traveling to the nape of your neck to keep your head up. The kiss was feverishly sloppy and eager, but you’re not complaining as you wanted to kiss him too, despite all the resentment you felt towards him.

    On the surface, you gave into your heart as you kissed him back with passion, deepening the kiss. And when you slightly groan into his mouth, he feels his heart beat through his chest even harder then it was before. Your lips were so soft against his and he couldn’t get enough as he continued to take your breathe away.

    “There’s so many girls. Dressed as black cats. Tonight, but. You’re the hottest one.” Mark mumbles between his gasps for air. He doesn’t dare distance the heat between your bodies, as he moves his hands down your thighs, helping you sit up on the counter.

    His deep voice resonates in your ears, sending a shiver up your spine. You couldn’t help but pull his body even closer, one hand playing with the ends of his hair as your legs wrapped around him.

    When you feel something hard against your inner thigh, that’s when you realize what you guys were doing, how you were now allowing yourself to fall deeper for Mark. You immediately push him back. before things could escalate. “I’m sorry-“you mumbled short of breath.

    Mark’s confused, not knowing what he did wrong. “Did I do-“

    “We’re both drunk Mark.” you frantically spoke as you hopped of the counter. “I’m sorry.” you mumbled as you hurriedly rush out the bathroom.

    That night you realized that you were falling deeper for Mark, and you hated it. You couldn’t break the promise you made to yourself though. You worked so hard to build up your walls, but here you were bending your own rules for some guy.

    That night you scold yourself. You couldn’t let yourself fall any deeper. But as hard as you tried, you couldn’t push down your feelings.

    And so you fell asleep with Mark on your mind. He was consuming your thoughts in more ways then you could imagine that long weekend. The ghost of his lips lingered on yours and you couldn’t help but want to kiss him again, but you knew better.

    So when Monday rolled around. You tried your best to act like nothing happened, as if you guys didn’t make out in the middle of a party that weekend, as if you weren’t falling for him, but it came to be incredibly hard to block him out of your head, when he sat right beside you in your shared class.

    “Hey.” Mark begins with a forced smile, when you sit beside him.

    “Hi.” you sigh.

    “About that night-“

    You whipped your head knowing what he was about to bring up, “Can we not talk about it please? We were both drunk.”

    Mark’s quick to bark. “What if i want to talk about it?”

    You groan. “What is there to talk about Mark? We were both drunk. The kiss? It meant nothing.”

    Mark felt like his heart had been broken into a thousand pieces as his gaze at you lowers towards his lap. The kiss meant something to Mark despite him being intoxicated. But to you? It meant nothing... So feeling bad, he apologizes for forcing the kiss upon you that night.

    You want to assure him that you didn’t care and that you had actually wanted to kiss him too, but nothing comes out of your mouth that day.

    It’s better this way, you tell yourself.

    So for the next two weeks, Mark didn’t speak a word to you, often skipping class. And on the few days he did show up, he sat far from you in the back. He doesn’t meet your eyes but you could feel his eyes lingering on the back of your head.

    The night of homecoming, you got all dolled up, sitting with a few of your friends who were single and didn’t have a date. Jennie’s boyfriend had cheated on her and Yuna’s boyfriend was in college, so he was distant. But that’s a story for another time.

    You chatted with your friends, dwelling over your sad lives while swirling the punch around in your red solo cup to pass time.

    Then that’s when spot Mark standing next to one of his guy friends. They seemed to be talking but his eyes were on you. The black suit he wore fitted him perfectly, and although you tried not to stare, you were sure you were. He was breath taking.

    You’ve never felt so strongly about someone so before.

    You couldn’t even deny it. You missed Mark.

    You supposed the saying “distance only makes the heart grow fonder” was true, because as of right now, and in this moment, you decided to fuck it. It was your senior year, and you weren’t about to spend your last homecoming just drinking punch and sharing sob stories with your friends.

    You wanted Mark.

    Maybe that was why you were so set on making him jealous that night of the Halloween party.

    Downing the last of your punch, you stood up, posture straight as you made your way up to Mark. “Can we talk?” You blurted out.

    Mark’s eyes widened, not expecting you to want to engage in a conversation with him, looking at his friend for some reassurance. And when his friend urges him to go, he does. “Um yeah.” he gulps.

    You wrap your hand around his wrist leading him outside of the gymnasium to where he could actually hear you. But even then, you could still hear the faint lyrics of BTS’s euphoria in the air, but somehow, you found the song quite fitting.

    You didn’t know it then, but looking back, maybe you had always subconsciously look for Mark in crowded spaces for a reason. You always found yourself looking for his face at lunch or when there was pep rally or whenever he was absent in class. You were never that happy when without Mark. Because no matter how annoyed you tried to act, deep down, you knew that you liked it. You liked his company. You liked Mark.

    “Whats up?” Mark says casually, knocking you out of your thoughts. He didn’t even seem to be mad at you for acting so indifferent towards him all this time which only made you feel more guilty.

    Taking a deep breathe, you spoke your mind. “I’m sorry.” you began. “That night at the carnival when i saw you flirting with that girl, i didn’t know what came to me, but i guess i was jealous? I tried brushing it off, but i couldn’t, i couldn’t stop thinking about you and it took me a while to realize but now i know why. I guess I was just hurt because i thought you kind of liked me? i was hurt so i tried to hurt you back and i know that sounds juvenile, which is why i feel really bad because you’re actually really nice and kind and i’m just a shitty. person. I wish i could turn back time and fix everything, but i cant, i’m sorry.”

    A tear prickles at the corners of your eyes when you force yourself to look into Mark’s warm eyes. There was no ounce of anger or resentment for you in his eyes.

    Mark reaches for your hands, “I’ve liked you since i sat next to you on the first day of school.” he assures you. “And that girl i was flirting with at the fair, she was my sister’s coworker asking me to tell her to cover her shift. for her... I know that you’re scared of falling in love and that you think there’s a zero chance that we’re gonna end up together since we’re barley nineteen, and that our whole lives are basically ahead of us, and you’re probably right about that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So, is one of us gonna get hurt in the end? Yeah, probably... But if it does happen, i’ll do my best to make sure it’s me.”

    “I-m sorry.” You mumbled as you wiped your tears, still looking in his eyes. You felt bad.

    Mark’s hands reach for your shoulders. “For what?”

    “I cant be who you want me to be. I’m not like the others, Im not easy to love.”

    Mark saw it in your eyes how you’re hesitant, how you’re scared of falling in love, how you’re scared of letting your guard down. He inches closer, lifting your chin up to meet his eyes, one hand reaching up to wipe a tear from your cheek. “Look, I know you’re scared of falling in love, but I am too. We’ve got something going for us, i feel it and i know you feel it too. Both of our hearts will be on the line, but i’m willing to take a risk if you are.”

    You sniff, “Why do you like me Mark? There’s so many girls out there you could choose to like yet you choose me.”

    “First of all, you can’t choose who you fall for.” he chuckled, “But I like you because of how independent you are, how you never let anyone talk shit about you, how you don’t need anyone to strive, how funny you are, when you do actually decide to talk to me,” he adds, eliciting a regretful chuckle from you. “And not to mention, you’re beautiful.”

    Mark searches for something in your eyes as you don’t reply. The glimmer in your glossy eyes spoke more than a hundred words, and that was all he needed as he cups your cheeks in his hands, inching closer.

    “I’m sorry.” you mumbled. “I don’t know why i’m crying.”

    “It’s okay.” he assures you.

    Mark just smiles as his eyes flickered from your left eye to your right, then down to your lips, and based off the way you looked at him he decided to take the leap, tilting his head as he crashed his lips with yours.

    This time, the kiss was slow and steady. You’re both sober and you both have spoken your feelings. You feel like your on cloud nine as you wrap your hand wraps around his neck to pull him closer to deepen the kiss.

    Your breathing intensifies as you’re gasping for air, “I like you Mark. I really, really like you. And i’m sorry. I lied when i said that kiss the night of the halloween party meant nothing. I was drunk, but i was still sober enough to push you away but i didn’t. I didn’t because i wanted to kiss you too. I was just scared.”

    Mark cuts your rambling short, a smiles now plastered on his face. “I know.” he assures you, “Its okay.”

    He then takes a step back, extending his hand out, urging you to hold his hand. “Now let’s make the most of our time shall we? Care for a dance?”

    You looked down at his hand then up at him with a beaming smile. “Yeah.” Intertwining your hands with his, you followed him back inside the gym.

    You’d soon noticed that when you opened your heart to Mark, that your perspective on love changed. He proved to you that love didnt hold people back, and that it didn’t distract people from their goals. Mark only supported you endlessly and gave you the push of motivation when you lacked it, driving you even closer to your whatever you wanted to do.

    Nothing lasts forever, you know that. But given how Mark was your real love, you could only hope he would be your last too.


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    12.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    [2:38 PM]

    You were in the locker room with Yuta since his game will start in just a few minutes.

    "I know you can do it Yuta," You said fixing his hair. "But babe-" "Yuta your a great player stop worrying. And if you win this game I promise to give you a gift later," you said winking at him. "But what if I don't win?" He said pouting. "I will still give you your gift don't worry" You said giggling.

    "Can I please have my good luck kiss first?" He asked still pouting. "Sure why not," you said giggling more. The kiss was supposed to be short but Yuta deepened it.

    Which turned into a make-out session. "Yuta, you gotta get ready," you said moaning quietly while yuta still continued kissing you everywhere.

    "Yuta!" One of his teammates shouted meaning it's time for him to go. "Were still not finished," he said going out while giving you his charming smile.

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    [8:11 PM]

    Jisung just got home from practice so he was really tired. "Baby?" Jisung asked while walking towards you on the bed. "Yes, jisung?" You looked up from your laptop seeing his tired eyes.

    "Do you want anything?" You asked standing up holding his cheeks. "Cuddle with me," he said holding your hands which are on his cheeks. "Sure why not." You took off your glasses and walked with Jisung on your bed.

    While cuddling you then started playing with Jisung's hair which he flinched at. "Did I make you feel uncomfortable?" You asked. "No. I'm sorry I just got surprised" he said laughing awkwardly.

    Jisung then put your hands back up to his hair. "You may continue," he said closing his eyes. You can't help but giggle at him.

    After a few minutes, you then heard him snoring. "Good night my love," you said kissing his forehead while closing the lampshade also sleeping.

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    [8:42 PM]

    "Why are you ignoring me?" You asked to Sungchan. "Nothing," he said continuing to walk over the kitchen. "Then why are you like that?!" You shouted at him. "Freaking-" before he can continue. Your phone then started ringing. "See? That goddamn boy is calling you again" He said getting the water. "Are you jealous of my brother?"

    You asked sungchan. "Huh?" He looked at you "This is my goddamn brother sungchan. His number is new that's why" you stated angrily. "I'm sorry I didn't know-" "Because you didn't even bother to ask and that means you don't have a trust in me," you said storming out of the kitchen.

    After a few minutes, Sungchan then tried to confront you. He seated on the bed in front of you where you are reading.

    "Baby I'm sorry," he said. "Not now sungchan," you said coldly. "So you won't talk to me huh?" Sungchan said and you just nodded.

    Sungchan didn't have any choice but to try his shot. "Look at me," he said. But you didn't follow. "I said look at me" you sigh and looked at him. He then started doing his favorite aegyo.

    And that's the time you know you will lose. You started laughing out loud at him while Sungchan just started rolling his eyes. "Are we okay now?" He asked stopping you from laughing. "Oh sungchan," You said while continuing laughing while the boy just looked at you with a disgusted face.

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