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    16.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    [4:35 p.m.] - huang renjun


    You strolled around the park, your hand wrapped around Renjun's as the two of you situated yourselves on the bench in front of the water fountain.

    You noticed a coin on the floor and picked it up. Your eyes lit up as an idea came to mind. Before you could speak up Renjun had beat you to it. "Not to be cliche or cheesy, but what if you made a wish and threw it into the fountain?" He says.

    "That's exactly what I was thinking!" You said as the two of you laughed. You got up and eneveloped yourself in the memories made today, your heart warming at the the thoughts.

    You gripped the coin tightly in your hand before tossing it into the fountain.

    "What did you wish for?" Renjun said, and you turned your head to him, smiling before you spoke up.

    "For moments like these to last forever."

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    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Your best friend, Jungwoo, wants you to take his current roommate off his hands. You agree, but what are you really getting yourself into?

    ~A roommate au where Jaehyun and Y/N are roommates, and the shenanigans that ensue. A slice of life series, with interrelated vignettes to be posted at somewhat regular intervals. Ratings will vary by chapter.~

    Pairing: roommate!Jaehyun x f.reader (eventually :)

    Special appearances: Jungwoo, Lucas, Taeyong, Doyoung

    Genre: fluff, smut (18+ only), angst, hurt/comfort, roommates to lovers, (extremely) slow burn

    Warnings: mention of road accidents and bad weather, fingering

    Word count: 2.1k

    Taglist: @jaehyunnie77 @deardellah @yixing-jaehyun​ @ghibli-tae​ @jeongvalentine​ @sunshinedhyuck​ @jjhmk​ @cryingforjae​ @blahblahblah-boo​ @mrg-jjh​ @tansyfleurwhisper​ @2-3-t-i​ @unknown5tar​ @itzsimplemagic​ @stuckonkpop​ @keeach​ @peachjaehyunsworld​ @the-universe-in-you-jjh​ @nootnoot-yoonoh​ @ahgastayzen​ @winniet​ @jaejoongiewifey-blog @live-your-wild-life​ @flwrtbz​ @lav-nct​ @iknowyuno​​ @wayvexo​ @nanascupid​ @shimyshimykoko​ @tamakikaname​ @ellethereal00 @10chitaphrr @crystallllllll @nctnews-main​ (send me a message/ask if you want to be tagged)

    Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch.11 Ch. 12 Ch 13 Ch 14 Ch 15

    A/N: wheeeee something happens ;)

    Ch. 16 - White night

    You came home to an empty apartment.

    It had been almost a week since the rooftop kiss, since you bared your souls to each other with no words spoken between you, except you’d both gone to your respective rooms afterwards and now it seemed your roommate was avoiding you. He’d come home late every night since, saying there was a major project at work that needed his undivided attention.

    Which meant you were a distraction to him, a distraction he didn’t need in his life. You closed the front door slowly behind you, and collapsed onto the couch without taking off your coat. Outside, snowflakes started to swirl lazily in the air, and you were glad you’d gotten home before more snow fell. You shrugged your coat off, deciding a nice hot bath would be perfect to warm you up, and hopefully take your mind off of your absent roommate.

    When you got out of the bath, your muscles and mind more relaxed, you got a text notification on your phone.

    HotRoommate: hey are you home?

    Me: yes

    HR: good

    Me: are you coming home soon?

    HR: don’t think i can leave anytime soon

    HR: the streets are a mess

    You wondered what he meant, just as the wind howled, shaking the windowpane. You looked outside and could barely see anything through the swirling snow. An unexpected snowstorm had hit while you were in the bath, and checking the news you saw that the city was in a gridlock because of it. You now worried for Jaehyun, his office was at the other end of the city and getting home in this mess would be long and dangerous.

    Me: ok stay there then

    Me: don’t drive in these conditions

    HR: you’re ok there?

    Me: yeah i’m fine

    HR: ok get some candles ready in case we lose power

    HR: make sure your phone is charged

    Me: ok

    HR: i’ll let you know when i can leave

    Me: ok

    Even though you texted ‘ok’ you really weren’t okay. Now you were really worried for him, stuck at the office with the threat of a power outage. As if to drive the point home the wind howled even louder outside, and when you looked out the window the snow seemed to be falling heavier and faster. The temperature was dipping fast too, so you grabbed your heaviest blanket and hunkered down, getting the candles and flashlight ready just in case.

    The power eventually went out close to midnight, and you sat in the dark, not wanting to waste the candles or the flashlight’s battery. You held your phone in your hand but Jaehyun still hadn’t texted you, and you resolved to stop checking it so you wouldn’t drain your battery. After a while you couldn’t stand the dark or the cold, so you lit a candle and placed it in front of you, rubbing your hands over it for warmth. You wondered if Jaehyun was okay, if he was able to keep warm, if he had something to eat. You took a peek out the window but the snow hadn’t stopped, the wind still whipping up the flakes into a frenzy. You had to know he was okay, but just as you were about to text him he texted you first.

    HR: i’m on my way home

    Me: really? Is it safe?

    HR: should be fine

    You were doubtful that conditions were good enough to drive, but Jaehyun’s confidence always gave you confidence.

    Me: ok then be careful

    HR: are you ok there?

    Me: yeah but power went out a while ago

    HR: ok i’ll be home as soon as i can

    Me: ok just pls be careful

    You hated sounding like you were nagging but you were so worried for his safety you thought you would die. Knowing he was out there in dangerous driving conditions frightened you so much you couldn’t sit still. You went from the couch to the window and back again, hoping to see the headlights of his car coming towards the apartment building. It was hopeless though, because every time you looked out the window all you could see was snow.

    Time passed and still he hadn’t arrived. You’d given up on the couch and stayed stubbornly by the window, gripping your phone with nervous hands. You’d sent a bunch of texts that remained unanswered, understandable since he was driving, but it still made you paranoid nonetheless. You wished he’d just stayed at the office, but maybe conditions there were worse which is why he decided to take the risk on the roads. You made the mistake of scanning the news and seeing stories of accidents and pile-ups, your worry and paranoia increased tenfold. You peered into the street once more, as if you could conjure him with just your thoughts.

    Then a light appeared. Headlights. You jumped up and down, unable to hide your joy. Sure enough the car pulled up to your building and parked, and Jaehyun’s familiar beanie appeared as he got out of his car. You couldn’t wait anymore, rushing out of your apartment and meeting him on the stairs. He looked exhausted but he smiled when he saw you, and the sight of him made all of your emotions spill out of you. You burst into tears and he suddenly rushed forward, engulfing you in his arms. His coat was cold and damp from the snow, but his chest was warm and his heart was beating, and that was all that you wanted. You sobbed into his sweater, ashamed of your tears but you really couldn’t help it.

    “Shh, it’s okay, I’m here,” he whispered into your hair, rubbing your back as he held you. “Come on, let’s get inside.” He put his arm around your shoulder and led you into the apartment. You didn’t want to let go of him, clinging onto his coat as he closed the door behind you. He gently removed your hands so he could take off his coat, but once it was off he reached for you again and you gladly went back into his arms. Noticing the chill in the apartment he grabbed the blanket off the couch and wrapped it around your shoulders.

    “Were you really okay here by yourself?” he asked softly, rubbing your back again as you kept your arms tightly wound around him.

    “Fine, I had the blanket and candles, I was fine,” you sniffled. He heaved a sigh of relief.

    “Oh good, that’s good,” he sounded so relieved, his shoulders actually relaxing a little, “I was so worried about you.”

    You pulled back to look at him, and even though he was smiling the creases of worry still lingered around his mouth and eyes. “But I was worried about you,” you countered, rubbing away your tears with the back of your hand, “you shouldn’t have driven in this weather!”

    He just shrugged. “I had to make sure you were okay.”

    “I told you I was okay!”

    “Yeah but I didn’t trust you. You’d say that even if you weren’t.” He smiled slyly, but his eyes were still tender. You wanted to be mad that he didn’t trust you, that he risked his life to get home just to make sure you were okay, but instead a tear just trickled down your face, and he reached forward and wiped it away gently with the pad of his thumb. “Don’t cry,” he whispered, and just him saying that made you cry more. You couldn’t stop the tears now, and so he cupped your face with his hands, the pads of his thumbs wiping away your tears, shushing you softly the whole time. When you didn’t stop, couldn’t stop, he leaned his face towards you, his forehead touching yours, “please don’t cry,” he said, his voice breaking, and then he was kissing your tears away, first along your cheeks, then along your jaw, and finally, on your lips.

    You melted under the feeling of his lips on yours, your knees buckling, and so he picked you up and laid you on the couch, his lips never leaving your skin. He was gentle with you, always gentle, as if you were a piece of porcelain he didn’t want to break, but there was intent in his movements, a sense of urgency you could feel when he touched you. His actions were like the tide, he would surge forward and then pull back, as if he was afraid he was going too far. You wanted him, all of him, but you understood the hesitation.

    “Y/N,” he finally pulled back, almost reluctantly, as if he couldn’t bear to be away from your lips for too long. You felt a rush of cold air between you as he pulled back, missing the feeling of him so close to you. He looked deeply into your eyes, like he was trying to solve a puzzle that had been eluding him.

    “Jaehyun, please,” you fisted your hands in his sweater and pulled him down towards you. He relented, once again diving in and kissing you, a heightened sense of urgency in the way his lips moved. His arms wrapped around your body to press you even closer to him, his hands roaming your back. You slipped your hands into his hair, the pads of your fingers treading lightly against his scalp. He moaned softly at the feeling, and you shifted so that he settled between your legs. You felt him hard against your core, making you moan into his mouth and involuntarily buck your hips up into him.

    He kissed you harder now, tongue in your mouth, one hand moving down and slipping under your sweatshirt. His hand was warm on your skin but his touch raised goosebumps anyway, and when he moved up to feel you weren’t wearing a bra he let out a soft groan. Your back arched up off the couch when he took your nipple between his finger and thumb, tweaking it ever so lightly but it still sent ripples of pleasure down your spine.

    You broke the kiss to take a breath, but also because you couldn’t contain the moans that wanted to spill out of your mouth. You figured he would feel good but you never imagined he would feel this good, and all you’d done so far was kiss and a bit of nipple play. You were almost embarrassed at how you would react once he touched you below your waist.

    “Jaehyun,” his name came out in an exhale, your breaths shallow as he continued to touch you, the pleasure he was sparking in you almost too much to bear. Encouraged by the sound of his name on your lips his hand moved under the waistband of your sweatpants, slipping past the cotton of your panties.

    You couldn’t help the loud moan that escaped you when he finally touched you where you wanted, when his fingers dipped into the wetness of your pussy, when he groaned deep in his chest at finding you so wet for him. His breath was hot on your neck as he stopped kissing you, all concentration focused on his fingers as he rubbed them through your slick folds. It was almost like he was relishing the feeling, committing it to memory, watching your face as you fell apart and he hadn't even penetrated you yet.

    You pressed your lips together, trying not to cry out but when his fingers did push through you were helpless. The strangled cry that left your lips was almost embarrassing, but you couldn’t even stop to think about it because his fingers pressed further in, and when he started pumping them you lost yourself.

    “Jaehyun!” you cried out, feeling your orgasm ramping up at a frighteningly rapid pace. He watched your face with hooded eyes, your reactions dictating his actions.

    “Come, baby,” his voice was low, almost commanding, and you shut your eyes tight as you came, your pussy squeezing his fingers tightly. He let you come down from your high, waiting until your breathing evened out a little, before he removed his fingers. You sighed at the loss, as he tilted his head back to look at you.

    As if on cue the power came back, the heating kicked in and the lights flipped back on, and in the glaring light your eyes took a while to adjust, only to see the look on Jaehyun’s face. There was adoration, and awe, and lust, but also reticence, and hesitation. His hand was on your hip and he squeezed, before he shook his head and dropped it into the crook of your neck. He stayed there for a while and so you wrapped your arms around him, holding him close to you, still wanting all of him but grateful for having him in your arms at all.

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    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just want to lay on my bed writing fics, but that’s exactly what I do everyday

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    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pairing: Vampire!Ten x Hunter!Reader (Female)

    Genre: Supernatural AU

    Warnings: Bit of violence, blood, lore I made up, bit of smut

    Summary: It’s your job to protect the human race from anything that creeps through the night. However, a chance encounter with a vampire called Ten threatens to upset an already precarious balance between light and dark.

    Word Count: 10,032

    A/N: Part Two! Part One can be found here. Third and final part to be posted soon! [Song lyrics = Out of this World by Bush, Hostage by Billie Eilish, Who Are You by Mikky Ekko] Tagging @whattaweeb as requested!

    part two: and the barriers are all self-made

    With a deep sigh you exited the mausoleum and closed the door behind you, slouching against it for a moment so that you could gather your bearings. Out of all the supernatural creatures you often had to tangle with, revenants were in the top five for being the worst. Mostly because they’d been actual people in their former lives; people that had died violent deaths who just couldn’t seem to find peace in the hereafter. So…they came back. Not to feed like a zombie or terrorize like a ghost, but to attempt to slip back into their old lives like nothing had changed. Sometimes they were summoned by powerful magic practitioners for a fee by some poor grieving family member. Either way it all usually ended the same because revenants always came back wrong. A little angrier, a little scarier, a little different… You’d honestly never encountered one that hadn’t given into its violent instincts to hurt those it could no longer connect with.

    The one you’d dealt with just minutes earlier had once been a young man with a promising career in something or other. Sadly, it no longer mattered. His twin sister had not been able to let him go, and after poking around on the right websites she’d found someone who’d actually had the power to help her. For fifty thousand dollars of course. Some fucked up ritual later and she’d gotten her brother back. Or, technically she’d gotten something back stuffed into her brother’s skin. Long story short he’d ended up attacking her and her boyfriend; would have killed them if you and Elizabeth hadn’t intervened in time. Hadn’t fought him off and knocked him out before dragging him back to the place where he was supposed to be resting. He was now back in his coffin with a rail road spike in his chest, waiting until sunrise when the magic would fade and he’d hopefully be at peace once again.

    Why was the world so fucked up? Or maybe it was just your world.

    Anyway since Elizabeth had a date with another member of your Order, you’d offered to deal with the clean up so she’d ran off. In all honestly you kinda just wanted to be alone with your own thoughts. You liked Elizabeth but she could be entirely too perky after a fight. Still she was better that Jeremy. But that was just how it went amongst the Pantheon. Many different personalities mingling together, all with the goal to make the world a safer place.

    Though lately you…wondered if that were truly the case. Usually things went pretty smoothly but tiny arguments were cropping up more frequently and they always tended to be between a Learner and a Sangre Pura. You never knew who started what but more than once the Learner had uttered something disparaging to the Pura before storming off. The Elders said you were all on the same level but the older you got the more you realized that wasn’t true. Someone being able to control fire wasn’t the same as someone being able to conjure fire.

    Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the bickering turned to blows.

    Which is dumb as shit. Infighting will just make us look weak to our enemies, you thought to yourself. Of which we have many.

    You huffed and wiped your dirt covered hands on your black jeans. All across the quiet cemetery were thick headstones adorned with colorful flowers and finely cut grass. Several benches dotted the property; the closest to you being under a tall tree with drooping branches. To the right was a small toolshed where the groundskeeper kept his things but he thankfully had not been on duty tonight. Tomorrow he would show up and see scuff marks in the dirt but probably think nothing of it. Have no idea of the secret now locked away where it belonged.

    Shaking your head, you kicked off the door and headed towards the rocky path that would take you to the main gate. You weren’t sure you would get much sleep tonight but that was alright. Sleep these days tended to bring with it dreams that you couldn’t make heads nor tails of. Disjointed and sharp like shards of glass, sometimes you were alone and desperately trying to find someone. Other times you were on a bridge with dark water rushing down below waiting for someone.

    Waiting for—waiting for Ten.

    He didn’t show up in the dreams and you knew he wasn’t sending them to you because Demios were immune to that sort of mind play. Nevertheless, you were certain they were about him. You felt it deep down in your gut like the painful twist of a knife. Not knowing what they meant or why they were happening was not fun, especially since you had not technically seen Ten since your chat in that bar.


    For the past two months—give or take a day—it was as if Ten had been everywhere and nowhere. A shadow hovering on the peripheral of your vision; always gone whenever you turned around. The first few times you’d waved it away as nothing more than your mind playing a trick. Picking up on that tiny kernel of the desire you had to actually see him again. With the way you’d left things it made sense to be honest. Held itself over your head like a guillotine ready to fall at any moment. However, after spotting those deep brown eyes in the crowd of a supernatural murder scene, you’d slowly realized perhaps it wasn’t a trick at all. Perhaps he was popping up wherever you were like a gorgeous yet weird jack in the box.

    If he were trying to drive you crazy, well he was doing a decent job. Though what did that say about you? That a vampire drifting on the edges of your life was somehow more worrisome than nailing a reanimated dead body into a coffin.

    A chirp from your cell had you pulling it out of your pocket. You smiled as Elizabeth’s message; at least she still liked you.

    Lizzy: Hey! Everything okay?? Still alive?

    You: Yup. Headed home now. Date going well?

    Lizzy: Eh not too bad. He gets a strike for not liking cats. Powering through tho!

    You: lol nice.

    Lizzy: See you later. Tell you all about it!

    You: Cool!

    As you were shoving your phone into your back pocket the hairs on the back of your neck jumped to attention.

    “I know you’re there,” you said aloud. “Hopefully you’re not here to cause any trouble. I was just leaving anyway.”

    A figure emerged from the darkness to stand underneath one of the yellow lanterns that had been placed sporadically on the grounds. “What are you doing here anyway?” asked a familiar voice. “It’s…late.”


    You didn’t even have to talk yourself into walking over to him—your feet moving of their own accord. Although you weren’t sure why, you were happy to see him in the flesh. Of course just the mere fact that he was here meant your theory about him orbiting you had been right. It didn’t explain the why but you figured you’d get to that later.

    “Hey. I um—work stuff,” you said answering his question. “What are you doing here?”

    Ten motioned behind him. He was wearing a long sleeved black sweater that looked extremely soft; the sleeves coming down over his knuckles and jeans. “There are graves deep in the woods back there, down the hill. I was visiting someone I used to know a long time ago.”

    You nodded slowly. “Is it the person you mentioned the Demios took from you?”

    He arched a brow. “No. When the Demios were done there was nothing left of them.”

    Burned then. Yikes. “I—as dumb as it might be to say I’m sorry.”

    Ten shrugged glibly. “If you were anyone else I’d accuse you of being superficial but I know you mean it so…thank you I guess.” Folding his arms across his chest, he stared at you without a hint of guilt. “I’ve been watching you.”

    “I know.” You bit your bottom lip. “At first I thought I was imagining things but I’ve seen you places you weren’t supposed to be. Lingering. You could have just caught me when I was alone if you wanted to say hello.”

    His lips curved into something like a smile but not quite. It lacked warmth. “Actually I was trying to see if your whole be and let be act was real. After our drink I started to wonder…”

    You snorted. “Oh you mean after you threw a tantrum and stormed out? Right. Well what’s the verdict? Am I real or not?”

    Ten sighed. “You’re naive. You think what you’re doing makes a difference, and it’s only going to end badly for you.”

    His words made you frown. “What I’m doing does make a difference. I saved two people tonight and maybe it’s not a big number, but that doesn’t take anything away from it. They are alive because of me.”

    He glanced off into the distance, face impassive. “And tomorrow they might be hit by a bus or attacked by something else just as sinister as whatever came for them tonight.”

    “So, what? I should just let people start dying now?”

    “Why not? If they shoe were on the other foot can you honestly say they’d help you?”

    Although you had a reply for him it wasn’t what came out of your mouth next. “Are you alright? You seem…I don’t know. Upset.”

    Ten chuckled but it was a dark, gloomy thing. “You don’t know me well enough to know how I seem. You’re out here in the middle of the night all alone fighting monsters. Talking to a monster. You have no self-perseveration instincts. I could scatter your body parts to the four corners of the world and no one would know. No one would care.”

    Swallowing hard, you dug your nails into your palm to keep yourself collected. You didn’t know why he was being so cruel but perhaps he was right. Maybe this was his default setting, and the guy you’d joked with in the bar had been an illusion. Something pretty to lure you in so you’d let your guard down.

    You steadied yourself and met his gaze head on. “You could be right, Ten. Hell you probably are—I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that no matter what happens to me, my life had meaning. It had purpose and that’s not something a lot of people can say. I could die tomorrow but at least I’ll have made a small difference. But I can see how that means nothing to someone like you.”

    “Someone like me?” he inquired with a hint of surprise. “What? A vampire?”

    “A cynic. Something has crawled up your ass and you’ve decided to take it out on me. You could have just walked away when you saw me if I offend you so much,” you told him. “Also for the record I’ve never called you a monster. Right now you’re just an asshole and I’m sorry to say, that doesn’t make you special. Assholes are a dime a dozen these days.”

    Suddenly he was directly in front of you, fingers hovering around your throat but not touching. He looked down at you with bright red eyes. “Y/N…”

    Your heart stuttered but you weren’t sure if it was from fear or something else entirely. You remembered quite vividly what his hand felt like around your neck as it had nearly squeezed the life out of you, but that was then and this was now. That had been unbridled anger and this was—you weren’t sure what this was.

    Your voice was a barely there whisper as you replied, “You said you wouldn’t lay a hand on me again unless I asked you to.”

    Ten wet his lips with the tip of his tongue. “You trust me to keep my word?”

    “I believe you’ll keep your word.”


    “Why not?”

    He grunted and turned away from you. “You’re not cute.”

    You blinked. “I’m—what do you want from me, Ten? I—I thought we were—we had a nice chat at that bar before you got an attitude. I still don’t know why you switched on a dime like that. I thought maybe it was because you saw Elizabeth coming and you wanted to make sure she didn’t see us talking to each other. I wouldn’t have cared by the way…if she had seen us.”

    Ten didn’t respond so you figured your odd, semi hostile conversation with him was over. Again you were left with a strange feeling of disappointment but it was what it was. Ten’s history with the Pantheon was obviously a deep and gnarled thing; like the roots of an old tree that towered over the others. You got the feeling whatever emotions he was fighting with were stronger than his quaint fascination with you. And while he did stir something inside of you—how, why—it wasn’t enough for the wishy washy bullshit.

    “Have a good night, Ten. Oh.” You began to walk away when you remembered the chain around your neck, and the ring tucked safely beneath your shirt. Grabbing the chain as you turned to face him, you yanked, breaking the tiny clasp with a silent snap. “Here.”

    With a practiced cavalier motion, you tossed it to him. Naturally he caught it easily, eyes stretching wider as he realized what it was. “My ring. You—you kept it? You’ve…been wearing it?”

    You ran your fingers through your long dark hair, unable to read his expression. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?”

    He opened his mouth to reply but no words seemed to be forthcoming. Instead of waiting for him to reboot, you slipped your hands into the pockets of your leather jacket and left, the sound of the rusty gate squeaking loudly as it slammed closed behind you.

    ~but this feels right, so stay a sec~

    It was rare that more than two people were needed for a mission but when said mission took place at a party, more of your friends tended to show up. Hence why five Demios were currently inside the abandoned warehouse attempting to blend in with the crowd. By drinking and dancing and letting pretty people paint them with neon paint because it was a blacklight party after all, and not standing out like a sore thumb was important. Yeah you all knew it was a bullshit excuse but thankfully the people who would have complained weren’t around. And technically passing as just someone there to let off steam actually worked in your favor considering what you were up against.

    The minute you’d walked in a young lady dressed as a fairy had pulled you aside and painted pink wings on either side of your cheeks. On your forehead and down your bare arms she’d drawn a series of white stars. Underneath the blacklights you glowed, radiant and mysterious. Lingering near the back you watched your friends dance and snorted at their lack of rhythm. The music was so loud it shook the windows and rafters, raining down tiny particles of dusk from the ceiling. You could feel the beat vibrating through your bones, and although you didn’t really realize it you were bopping along in place. It felt nice to not be in your head.

    To not be thinking about Ten.

    Two days since the cemetery thing and no sign of him—for real this time.

    Shaking your head, you maneuvered your way into the bouncing crowd until you were near two of your friends, Damien and Sam. Damien was a Learner and Sam a Pura but there had never been any bad blood between them or you. You all got along pretty well, which was why you were surprised to be paired up with Jeremy when those two were right there. The Elders decisions often made no real sense to you.

    Damien smiled as you arrived and grabbed your hand, pulling you between him and Sam. You thought about declining the obvious dance invitation but figured one dance wouldn’t hurt. Plus it might help lure out the incubus.

    Hands on his strong shoulders, you rocked your body to the beat. Damien’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief as he slipped an arm around your waist, above where Sam’s hands were planted. Together the three of you lost yourself in the music, snickering and showing off your moves. When the hairs on the back of your neck perked up you knew at once that someone or rather something was watching you. Downright staring at you if the tingling along your spine was any indication. You pretended not to notice however and fluttered your lashes at Damien, making him laugh.

    “I think this is working.” He leaned down so that he could whisper directly into your ear. “Suspicious looking guy just disappeared around the corner after checking us out. Could be going to jerk it.”

    You made a face. “Gross! In that case you and Sam can go see what’s up.”

    They grumbled good naturally but went to do just that.

    Fanning yourself, you headed upstairs to the second level, hoping the metal catwalk was not as unsteady as it looked. You rested your elbows on the thick railing and watched the people down below, admiring all of the different bright colors on everyone’s skin. To the naked eye everything appeared to be fine but you could sense a slight shift in the crowd. People were pressing closer; bodies starting to grind to the music. The energy in the room was gradually becoming thick enough to taste. It wasn’t weird for things to get sexy but you knew when feelings were being…helped along.

    “Huh. Shouldn’t be long now,” you murmured to yourself. “Good thing we’re immune or things could get awkward really quick.”

    “Do you always talk to yourself?”

    You exhaled deeply but kept your eyes on the partiers. “This doesn’t strike me as your scene. Unless you’re here for dinner?”

    Ten—because of course it was Ten—stepped up close behind you, caging you in against the railing with an arm on either side of you. The material of his shirt brushed your bare skin but that was the only point of contact. Idly you mused only someone in total control of their body could use it the way he did. Vampires tended to be elegant in general but Ten left them all in the dust.

    “I did grab a bite,” he said with an obvious smile in his voice. “A couple was looking for a third and I told them I could do amazing things with my mouth…”

    It shouldn’t have caused a twinge of jealousy to zip through your veins but it did. Emotions were stupid and you were tired of dealing with them. “Congratulations. Why don’t you go get dessert then? I’m on the clock.”

    He hummed. “You’re looking especially tasty tonight. Are you offering, kitten?”

    “Don’t call me kitten. And I’m sorry, but are you on drugs? Can vampires get high? Because I feel like that’s the only explanation for how you’ve been acting. Two days ago you basically called me a dumb bitch.”

    Stepping to the side of you so that he could see your face, he sighed. “No. Actually I’m here to apologize. I just—I saw you dancing with that guy and…”

    “Was that you watching me?” you asked in surprise. “I thought it was the incubus we’re hunting.”

    Ten glanced down to the crowd. “Incubus huh? I’m sure you caught his eye—with the way you look tonight I’m surprised everyone isn’t staring at you—but I was the one watching you. I thought about asking to cut in but I knew we needed to have a conversation first. Y/N I’m sorry.”

    You huffed. “Sure.”

    “No I’m serious.” He ducked his head, brown eyes focusing on nothing in particular. In that moment he looked oddly vulnerable. “Can we talk outside? Please?”

    It was the please that did it. You looked up at him; at his long lashes and tousled hair and knew there was no way you could say no. “Let’s go to the roof.”

    Ten smiled and followed you out of a wide square window onto a rusty fire escape. You both made your way up to the roof where the music was still loud but muted. Finding a couple of plastic crates that someone had left behind, you plopped down onto one while he took the other.

    “So…” He cleared his throat. “You were right the other day. There are things going on, things that have me stressed and I took it out on you. I was looking for a fight and I wanted you to take the bait. It’s messed up but it’s the truth.”

    Curious, you squinted at him. “What sort of things are going on?”

    He scratched at his wrist. “Someone from my past is back and they are causing problems for me and the Coven.”

    “What sorta problems?”

    “He wants to be the leader, and to do that he has to get the others to vote me unfit. Then he can challenge me.”

    “But you’re a Master vampire. Even if he does challenge you, you’d kick his ass. Right?”

    “In a fair fight, yes. But Tobias has never fought fair. Even now he’s undermining me and setting shit up, putting ideas into the heads of the younger ones. Telling them we should be out eating whoever we want, taking whoever we want because we’re at the top of the food chain. Most know he’s full of shit but some…”

    “If he’s hyping your Coven up to attack people then he needs to be dealt with. The Pantheon—”

    “No I do not want them involved. I’m handling it.”

    You weren’t so sure but you didn’t say that. “Okay. Is that why you were keeping your distance?”

    He nodded. “I’ve been dealing with his bullshit, and frankly I didn’t want him to see me talking to you. Don’t want you on his radar. I should have stayed away entirely but—it was like I just couldn’t. I wanted to see you if nothing else.”

    Against your will you felt a blush creeping up onto your cheeks. Suddenly it was like you were back in that bar, having a nice conversation with someone you didn’t expect. A very handsome someone. “Well as far as excuses go yours is pretty decent. I knew something was up with you.” You point a finger at him. “I’m willing to let what happened in the cemetery slide but I’m not a punching bag or one of those balls you squeeze to relieve stress. The stuff you said to me was fucked up.”

    Ten reached for your hand and after a moment, you allowed him to take it. His thumb brushing across your knuckles was strangely comforting. “I know and I am sincerely sorry. I can be a dick. I wanted to upset you. But Y/N you should know, I don’t believe any of the stuff I said. I do think you’re a bit too trusting, but you’re also a fighter. You’ve survived all these years fighting all manner of creatures because you’re powerful and extraordinary.”

    Earnestness is a good look on him, you thought absently as you tried to not fall into his dark, penetrating eyes. “What changed your mind? What made you decide to be honest with me?”

    Very slowly he entwined your fingers together. “Reality. I have enough enemies, Y/N, and I didn’t want to make you another one. Watching you walk away—it felt like I was losing something. If that makes sense?”

    It did. “I get it. We don’t really know each other but…” Trailing off, you chuckled softly. “I think I somehow missed you when you weren’t around. And I shouldn’t because you’re a vampire and I’m a Demios and—and we’re not supposed to make sense.”

    “But we do,” he whispered. “There is just something about you.” Digging into the front pocket of his pants, he pulled out his gold ring that was now on a fancy new expensive chain. “Here. When I left this in the bar I—well I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Leaving something to come back for later as an excuse to see you perhaps. Honestly I figured you’d probably thrown it away. Either way I want you to keep it.”

    Standing, Ten stepped behind you and slipped the chain around your neck, his fingers dancing across your skin as he secured the clasp.

    “Thanks.” You tucked the ring safely under the collar of your tank top. “I’ll make sure nothing happens to it.”

    He smiled, shoulders slumping as they lost tension. “Good because I’ve had it for a very long time. I stole it from a whiny Duchess in 1878 who didn’t want my type at her ball.”

    Amused, you chuckled. “Surprised that’s all you did to her. Not that I condone anything else but I’m being realistic.”

    Smirking, he tilted his head up so that he could gaze up at the stars. “I might have also ruined her reputation but in a way she cared about the ring more. It belonged to her late brother. I’ve lived a long time and I have done some pretty unspeakable things. But I guess it comes with the territory. You either learn and make peace with the monster you’ve been or you repeat those mistakes.”

    You hummed in agreement. “Well seeing as how I hadn’t heard of you before our…exciting first meeting, you must have been doing something right.”

    “Or your Elders are keeping secrets from you.”

    “I’m sure they are,” you replied poking him in the shoulder. “You know I’m not an idiot. There is no secret organization out there that doesn’t have its bad parts. I’ve never been one of those people who believe the Pantheon’s shit doesn’t stink.”

    “Then why continue to put up with them?” he asked. “You and others like you have all the power.”

    In all honesty—especially when you were younger—you often questioned why you had to listen to a bunch of old men simply because they said so. The usual answer was because that’s how it’s always been. But ideals were made to be challenged, right? Some anyway. Challenging the Pantheon was easier said than done though; you still weren’t sure who was at the very top. Who actually pulled all of the strings.

    “We have physical power but they have wealth and—and who knows what else? If anyone has ever stepped out of line or refused to help, I’ve never heard about it.” You exhaled shakily. “And that kinda terrifies me. Besides some people kiss ass like you wouldn’t believe, and they would be happy to turn against me. I’m not sure I could make it on my own.”

    “You wouldn’t be on your own.” Ten lifted his hand as if to tuck your hair behind your ear, and when you nodded he continued, pushing silky strands off your cheek. “Y/N you can come to me anytime for any reason. If I can help you I will.”

    Sometimes it was easy to forget that Ten was an all-powerful Master vampire and not just some good looking guy you’d happened to meet. Sitting beside you in jeans and a t-shirt—which he’d probably wore to blend in at the party—you found yourself wishing your circumstances were different. If you were both just two silly humans you’d never have to worry about your budding relationship putting each other in danger. While the Neos probably didn’t care who he associated with, your Elders were a different story.

    Yet just sitting with him right now? You kind of didn’t care what they thought. Others had done way worse than make a new friend.


    Pushing that thought away, you grinned. “I will keep that in mind. Also that vice is pretty much versa. If you ever need help I’m here.”

    He giggled and you rolled your eyes, hating that you found it endearing. “So this incubus. You aren’t worried that it might seduce you and make a meal of you? I’d imagine a Demios could keep it satisfied for a long time.”

    You made a face. “Thankfully I’m immune to the full force of incubus power. I might feel it like you’d feel a light breeze on your skin, but it wouldn’t rev my engine if you know what I mean.”

    Ten snorted. “I…guess that’s good then in your line of work. Of course the question now becomes what does rev your engine?”

    Okay I left myself open to that one. “Vampires that aren’t nosy. Anyway I’ve got a question for you. Why do you call me kitten? Are nicknames your thing?”

    “At the risk of pissing you off, you sorta reminded me of an angry kitten when I was choking you.” He had the decency to look embarrassed. “Just the way you were hissing.”

    “You mean gasping for air!”

    Ten laughed, his nose scrunching. “I’m glad we can joke about this now.” You pfft and he continued. “I wouldn’t say I have a thing for nicknames but I do sometimes refer to my friends as baby or whatever. Force of habit.”

    “Is it hard being the leader of such a large Coven?”

    “Not exactly. Most listen to me and like the way I do things, like Johnny and Mark. It’s more about making sure we are safe and have…food. I’m sure some would rather be out hunting but why invite that danger when plenty of humans would volunteer to be fed on.”

    “That makes sense. Consent is sexy. And I’ve always heard a vampire’s bite can be…”

    “Euphoric? Depends on the vampire.”

    You arched a brow. “What about you? I’m guessing that couple left without any complaints?”

    Watching you and obviously seeing something in your expression that had the side of his mouth ticking up, he licked his lips. “You know Y/N I could show you if you’re that curious.” He took your hand in his, slender fingers dragging across your wrist. His fangs descended and he nipped at your pinky.

    Your body gave a fully body shudder and for a wild moment you wanted to take him up on his offer. And it wasn’t the Pantheon’s rules or even your own sanity holding you back. It was the distinct impression that if you let Ten bite you, you wouldn’t want it to stop just there. You’d want more…

    “I’d let you,” you whispered breathlessly. “But I—I don’t think you could handle it.”

    Ten laughed again. “Oh? Why not?”

    You curled your fingers around his chin and smoothed your thumb across his bottom lip. “Call it a hunch.”

    Grinning, he grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss into your palm, tongue flicking out against your life line. Just the feeling of his tongue to something as innocent as your hand had you twitching, sending a tiny spark of electricity across his cheek. He jerked, eyes stretching wide. “Did you do that on purpose?”

    You thought about lying but figured he’d probably call you on it. “No. It—sometimes when I get excited—I lose focus and—” Why wasn’t a hole opening up to swallow you down? “Not that you excite me! I just meant—”

    By now Ten is holding his stomach as he laughed hard, the sound carrying off into the distance. You kinda want to smack him but he looked so carefree and cute that you just shook your head, hoping your face cooled down eventually.

    “You really are adorable; you know that?” he said once his laughter subsided. “Among other things.”

    “Uh huh.”

    “You are.” Ten’s eyes met yours and just like that, the air crackled with tension. “For what it’s worth I think I could handle you just fine. Glitching powers and all.”

    “Ten…” Your voice was low. You wanted to change the subject but all you could suddenly think about was how soft his lips were. Would they be that soft against yours? Was he a good kisser? He had probably centuries of practice under his belt so.

    “God I want to kiss you.” He grasped a few strands of your hair and twisted them around his finger. It’s as if he was reading your mind. “You’re like—everything about you just pulls me in. I can’t explain it. I’m old enough to know better but I don’t even care.”

    “It’s forbidden,” you managed to say as he drew closer.

    Ten nodded. “Then tell me to stop.”

    Your faces were inches apart; you could see the tiny bit of red that swam in the brown of his eyes. His skin was flawless and he smelled like roses and expensive cologne. It would be so easy to tangle your fingers into his black hair and drag his mouth to yours. Oh, how you wanted to. How you wanted to break the rules and do something for yourself; take something for yourself. There was nothing stopping you…

    “Y/N!” The sound of the roof door slamming back to the wall had you and Ten jumping to your feet.

    Damien hurried outside but came to a dead stop at the sight of you two together, his hand instantly drifting to the dagger strapped to his thigh. He’d cottoned on immediately that Ten was a vampire. Meanwhile you’d stepped protectively in front of Ten before you’d even realized it. It did not go unnoticed by Damien.

    “Y/N, what’s going on?” He arched a brow. “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine,” you replied in a tone that brooked no argument. “What’s up? Is it the incubus?”

    Damien motioned back inside. “We’ve got him pinned down in the basement. Caught him in the middle of instigating an orgy. His…admirers are forming a human wall to protect him so we need ‘em zapped and incapacitated.”

    You snorted. “Okay. I’ll be right there.”

    Damien gave Ten a quizzical look before turning and disappearing the way he’d came.

    Ten touched your shoulder. “Are you going to be okay?”

    “Yeah. Damien is a good guy. He won’t run off at the mouth if I—if I tell him the deal.” Smiling, you turned to go when he gently grabbed your wrist. “Ten…”

    “Meet me tomorrow at the bar. After sundown.” His arm snaked around your waist, and he reeled you in until your chest was pressed against his. “Please.”

    I should have known he’d wield that word like a weapon, you thought wryly. “Fine. But only because I kinda like the way you sound when you beg.”

    He laughed. “Meet me tomorrow night and I’ll beg for you all you want.”

    This was going to become a problem. Shaking your head, you pecked his cheek and wiggled out of his embrace before he could stop you. “Promises, promises.” Instead of sticking around for a reply you were running inside and downstairs.

    Duty called.

    ~see me bare my teeth for you~

    For the next two weeks you met up with Ten every single night, sometimes just to hang out while other times he actually joined you on hunts. He claimed he was more of a lover than a fighter which was why he’d stand in the shadows and watch you work, but you called bullshit after watching him put his fist through a ghoul’s chest after you’d been tossed into a tree. It shouldn’t have been sexy but you wouldn’t try to pretend because it naturally was. It was also quite sexy the way he’d rushed to your side afterwards, smoothing his hands along your sides to make sure nothing was broken. He’d even offered to carry you home; overkill but a part of you wanted to take him up on the offer.

    When simply hanging out you’d let him show you his favorite haunts. Old bookstores tucked away under yellowing awnings. Family run coffee shops where he’d watched several generations grow up. An art gallery where a portrait that looked suspiciously like him holding a white cat hung on the cream colored walls. Pieces of his life that he was happily willing to share with you; it’d made you feel special. And while you hadn’t been able to exactly strike the same balance, you’d opened up as much as you could.

    Showing him pictures of your parents and telling him about the emails they often sent. How much you loved being able to visit them when you could, and how sometimes you day dreamed about what your life would be like if you were normal. If you’d have gone to school, if you’d have a normal job, if you’d be better-off than where you were now. Ten never judged you, he just listened patiently. Your outings felt like dates but neither of you called them such. Perhaps the balance was to precarious and neither of you wanted to tip it in the wrong direction.

    Either way you enjoyed the time you spent with Ten and it was obvious he liked spending time with you too. And after speaking to Damien he seemed pretty chill about the whole thing, promising to not tell anyone. But it wasn’t a secret anymore—Jeremy had seen to that. He’d caught Ten walking you up the path leading to the gate of the manor, had seen Ten squeeze your hand before disappearing into the darkness. And then the asshole had gleefully announced to the entire house that you were apparently some vampire’s new chew toy.

    So now people whispered when you walked into a room. The Elders had pretty much threatened you to stay away from Ten, and just the thought of being forced to not see him had you exploding every lightbulb in the manor. The audacity of them actually hinting at harm coming to you for who you chose to spend your time with… Especially after following all of their rules to the letter for so many years? Well when the pressure in your ears had subsided they’d been cowering in the doorway, and you’d charred finger imprints into the chair you’d been sitting in.

    “We’ll talk about this when you’re not so emotional,” Elder Cross had snapped before dismissing you.

    The other shoe was going to drop soon. You just hoped you were ready for it when it did.

    Stretched out on a wooden bench under a buzzing streetlight, you glanced at your watch for the fourth time and sighed. Usually Ten was at least a few minutes late—too busy making himself pretty he’d joked—but honestly you were starting to get a little worried. A couple of minutes were one thing but almost an hour and a half? Something was…off.

    Or maybe he’s just finally grown bored of you, a tiny voice in your head whispered. Curiosity sated and all that.

    What would you do if he just up and ended your…whatever? The Pantheon was not the forgiving type.

    Swinging your legs around and putting your feet on the ground, you exhaled deeply and tried to consider your next move. The sounds of a vehicle approaching had you glancing down the otherwise vacant street, watching as a black motorcycle grew closer and closer. It practically squealed to a stop in front of you and you stood slowly, eying the rider as they removed their black helmet.


    He grinned. “You remembered. I’m flattered.”

    You blinked at him. “I—” It was then you noticed the bruises on his face, and that the front of his shirt was shredded as if by claws. “What happened? How did you know I’d be here? Where’s Ten?”

    Johnny sighed. “Ten told me this is where you guys have been meeting so I figured…” Trailing off, he shook his head. “You know Tobias right? I’m sure he told you all about him.”

    You nodded. “Yeah the dickhead who wants to be in charge. Did he—is Ten—”

    Johnny gazed at you for a second before replying, “Tobias didn’t have enough votes to oust Ten but he issued him a challenge anyway. Ten being Ten; he accepted but Tobias is a fuck head so naturally he didn’t fight fair. He’d offered us all a drink an hour before and like idiots we’d thought nothing of it. He poisoned us. Just enough so that when he really went after Ten we couldn’t help.” He swore under his breath. “All hell brook loose and he had his minions take Ten away. I was able to escape but I’m too weak to do anything.”

    “You were poisoned?” you inquired as a sinking feeling wormed its way into your gut. “Dead man’s blood?”

    “Yes. Ten got the most of it. Tobias’ weapon was coated in the stuff. A little can slow our reflexes and our healing. The amount he gave Ten? If it reaches his heart it’ll kill him.”

    Your body jolted in alarm. “Where are they?”

    Climbing off of his bike and passing you the helmet, he hobbled over to the bench and flopped down. “We have a sort of area where we conduct vampire business. Judge unruly vamps and sentence them. It’s not too far from here—the GPS is already set for it.”

    “Will you be okay?” You mounted the bike, your heart slamming against your rib cage. What if you were too late?

    “Yeah just help Ten,” Johnny said slowly. “Y/N be careful. Tobias’ gang doesn’t fight fair.”

    “Who said anything about fighting fair? I’m gonna kill them all.” With a sharp U turn, the tires screeched and smoked as you squeezed the throttle and took off down the road.

    Getting involved in the business of supernaturals just wasn’t done when you were a Demios. If they fought and killed each other then so be it. The Elders would probably rejoice if something happened to Ten and the other Neos, not realizing the power vacuum something that like would make. You didn’t even know Tobias but it’s obvious him in charge would only end with getting people killed, humans and vampires alike. You already knew there was no way you’d be able to look at him—knowing what he’d done to Ten—and make nice.

    One way or another his reign ended tonight.

    Your mind was a jagged mess of thoughts as you followed the GPS, taking curves and turns entirely too fast. Running red lights and weaving between the sparse traffic, you were happy when you were finally out of the city area. Flying down the dark highway you watched as your destination grew closer and closer until you were zipping off the road and through the towering trees along a rocky path. What you finally arrived at made your breath catch in your throat.

    The train yard had been long abandoned, that much was extremely clear. The few buildings left behind were nearly crumbled into nothing; rusty shells with tattered paper like windows and overgrown bushes. Three train cars sat in the muddy field covered with graffiti and dead weeds. In the middle were two fancy cars with their headlights bright and shining towards a figure that had been tied up onto a metal cross.


    He was surrounded by twelve burly looking vampires; all of their heads swiveling your way as you stopped the bike and cut the engine. Slipping off your helmet, you dropped it to the dirt and rolled your shoulders as you slowly made your way closer on foot.

    “What’s this then?” asked one of the men. “We didn’t order take out, did we?”

    The others laughed. “No but I could definitely go for a bite.” A dude with a wicked scar down the side of his face leered at you. “How did you find your way here, little girl?”

    “I’m here for him.” You pointed to Ten.

    Scar glanced to Ten, who hung shirtless and carved up from his cross, blood oozing slow from his wounds. “He’s…indisposed. Who are you anyway?”

    Reaching behind you, you yanked out two long ornate daggers with curved silver blades. “Demios.”

    That got their attention. Scar spit on the ground. “Fucking hunters! You must be one dumb bitch to come here all by yourself.”

    “If you ask me, you’re the ones outnumbered here,” you snapped. “And since I know you don’t wanna do this the easy way, let’s cut the bullshit. Ten’s too pretty to stay up there and get rope burns on his wrists.”

    There wasn’t any more talking after that. Scar leapt at you with a growl, throwing punches at your face. You ducked his wild fists and swung your right arm forward, slicing his head clean off his shoulders. His body exploded in a cloud of black, fiery ash and the others howled with rage. They came at you like a pack of rabid animals, kicking and slashing and trying to get their fangs into your neck. You’d never taken on so many before but you knew what you were capable of. And you put the terrain to good use.

    You clamored up onto a train car and kicked the first one to follow you in the face so hard his eyes popped out. He went down like a sack of potatoes and you flipped over the second—a bald man with a spider web tattoo on the back of his head—to stab him in the back. He poofed to nothing just as a third kicked you in the stomach, sending you crashing to the ground. But you were back on your feet within seconds, dodging the fist driving down towards your forehead.

    “Ha!” You chopped it off, caught it before it fell and slapped the guy with it. He stumbled backwards and you stabbed him in the chest, twirling your dagger as he was dusted away. This is taking too long! You need to get to Ten now!

    Retreating as the leftover vampires started to advance, you said fuck it, knowing you only had one real shot if you did this so you had to make it count. You threw your hands up towards the sky and screamed, calling down the lightning to you. The clear sky grew overcast in a split second, thick dark clouds rolling in as thunder blasted throughout the area. Inside you felt your powers rush to the forefront and barrel out of your fingers like fireworks as purplish streaks of lightning raced down to meet it.




    One by one lightning began to strike the ground, detonating the zones surrounding it. You glared at the vampires and with a shout, pushed the crackling energy towards them. With agony filled shrieks they erupted into flames, the lightning shooting through their mouths and ears and bodies. They shook and sizzled, heads melting like candle wax before evaporating into nothing. When it was over there was no one but you and Ten left, and the smell of burnt hair.

    “Fuck.” You dropped to your knees, nerves tingling. You could still see the electric currents skipping across the dirt. “Ten!”

    Pushing your sudden exhaustion aside, you pulled yourself up the best you could and shuffled over to him. His eyes were opened to mere slits, his skin clammy and covered in a sheen of sweat. There were cuts all over his chest and arms, the deeper ones crusted with black blood. You used your knife to cut him down and attempted to catch him as he crashed to the mud, your arms wrapped around his waist.

    “Ten? Hey…” You took his face between your hands. “Can you hear me?”

    He blinked slowly. “I—I guess I should be calling you Zeus instead of kitten…”

    You chuckled and pulled him to you for a gentle hug, relief washing through you so hard it nearly brought you to tears. “Asshole. C’mon.” Slinging his arm across your shoulders, you heaved him to his feet. “You need to feed and get that dead man’s blood out of your system before it reaches your heart. How do you feel?”

    “Like shit.” He groaned and wobbled towards the car you were taking him to. “It’s like my—my insides are on fire. Fucking Tobias! Ho—how did you even know I was here?”

    “Johnny found me and told me.”

    “And you…came for me?”

    “Of course.”

    “They could have killed you, Y/N.”

    “Yeah well…” Opening the back door, you dumped him into the backseat and then jumped behind the wheel. You really just wanted to get the two of you to a safer area.

    Five minutes later you were parked at an old campground. You slipped into the back with Ten and looked him over. “You need to feed, Ten. I’d call for a pizza boy but I doubt he’ll make it in time. So…” You took off your jacket and pulled the neck of your shirt off your shoulder.

    Ten leaned away from you. “You—no. Take me back to the manor, we—there is blood there—”

    “And so is Tobias. He’ll kill you the second you walk through the door.” You wet your lips. “That’s if you even make it back. Just feed on me. I trust you.”

    He dragged his knuckles down the side of your throat but yanked his hand back. “I—I can’t. Your blood it’s—not the neck. Not…when I’m like this.”

    You ran your fingers through your messy hair. “And the wrist is too thin. That just leaves…” Biting the inside of your cheek, you started to unbutton your pants before you could talk yourself out of it.

    “What are you doing?” Ten arched a brow.

    “If you can’t bite my neck because you don’t trust yourself, you’ll have to take it from my thigh. From the femoral artery. It’s one of the only places where the blood flows freely enough.” Shimmying out of your jeans, you dropped them into the wide foot well and tried to remain calm.

    “I say I can’t bite your neck so your solution is a place with an even greater chance of me killing you?” He snorted and it turned into a heavy cough.

    “We don’t have a lot of options here!” You exclaimed. “Either you feed or you die and I—I can’t—I don’t wanna lose you, okay? Not when I have the power to do something about it.”

    Ten’s expression softened. “Okay. Okay Y/N.”

    As you shifted and laid down, propping one heel up on the hunch of the backseat, he crawled forward until he was hovering above you. Even smudged with dirt and blood he was still handsome. He nuzzled your throat and kissed your collar bone, dragging his lips down between your clothed breasts and across your stomach where your shirt had ridden upwards. His teeth nipped at your bellybutton and you gripped the seat.

    You looked down at him and red eyes stared back. “Wha—”

    Ten pressed his face between your legs and sighed rather deliriously. “God you smell good.”

    “Ten! Ten you—this isn’t the—you’re dying,” you stammered. “Blood, feeding remember!”

    “Mmm…” He used his nose to nudge your panties aside, tongue slipping out to slide between your pussy lips.

    “Oh shit!” You moaned and slapped a hand over your eyes, hips tilting up towards his lazy licking. You’d thought about this, dreamed about this but… Tangling your fingers into his sweaty hair, you gave it a rough tug. “Ten, look at me.” He did as you asked, lips slightly parted. “After you’re healed, you—you can lick me all you like. After.”

    Dazed, Ten hummed and turned his attention to your inner thigh. Between one second and the next, his fangs were puncturing deep, mouth sealing over the holes to capture the blood that dashed to the surface. You’d never been bitten by a vampire before and while there was some pain, there was also immense pleasure. It felt like someone caressing every inch of your skin, massaging places you didn’t even know you had. It never made sense to you before; someone just letting a vampire feed on them until they died but now you understood. The urge to just sink beneath the surface of bliss hitting you from all angles only grew and grew the more Ten drank from you.

    Slipping away like this wouldn’t be bad at all.

    But thankfully even feverish and a bit out of it, Ten was still in control. He pulled away before things went too far on your end and used his sharp fang to prick his thumb, smearing his blood over the holes in your thigh so that they closed. He was completely healed now and almost glossy, cheeks flushed pink and eyes bright.

    “Y/N, are you okay?”

    You let your leg flop down so that your heel rested on his back. “Uh huh. You?”

    “I’ve never experienced this type of power before. Your blood…it’s like a battery inside of me, fueling every inch and every cell. Cranked up to one thousand.” He kissed your knee. “I don’t know how a thunderstorm tastes but if someone told me this was how, I’d believe them.”

    “Sounds good to me,” you said. “I—I’m just glad you’re not going to die. And that you can take control of the Coven back from what’s his face.”

    “Heh trust me I am going to make an example out of him.” Ten tilted his head to the side, fingertips brushing across the lace of your black panties. “But first…”

    Oh. “Y—you don’t have to.”

    “Have to? I want to. If I don’t get my mouth on you right now I might burst.” To prove how serious the situation was, he took the flimsy material of your underwear in his hands and ripped them clean off of you. “Can I?”

    “Looks like you’re halfway there already,” you teased and he laughed. “Kiss me first?”

    Ten kissed you eagerly and you melted against him, wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss was so sensual and warm that it kinda made your head spin. Made you feel so freaking alive, like you’d been sprinkled with fairy dust and any moment would rocket up into the clouds. He nipped at your bottom lip and sucked on your tongue, moaning happily at the soft sounds you were making. But he just tasted so good and it all just felt so right.

    “Y/N,” he said your name like it was a prayer, kissing your cheeks, your chin and your thudding pulse point.

    You combed your fingers through his hair and as he snaked down your body once again, hooking your thighs over his shoulders. He didn’t tease; he pressed his mouth to your pussy and ate you like you were a four course meal. Licked you over and over again until his lips were shining with you. The sounds it made—so loud in the cramped space—had you hiding your eyes with your arm even as you pushed closer to his face. And Ten just hummed; rolled his tongue inside of you like some people roll their Rs.

    Your toes curled, your back arching off the backseat as if you just couldn’t stay still. The pleasure was almost too much, too sharp and too strong. His hands were locked around your thighs tight enough to lightly bruise so that he could lick and suck your throbbing clit until you were crying out nonsense words. Even though your powers were depleted what was left of them threatened to spill out. With no strength to hold them back your fingers threw sparks into the floor, burning tiny holes into the upholstery.

    Ten smirked and gently pushed two fingers into you, knowing you were wet enough to take it. As they stroked deep inside of you, you felt your orgasm build blindingly fast, stealing your breath away. It hit with enough force to yank you up onto your elbows, chest heaving and body singing as pleasure spread from your head to your feet. You moaned loudly and grabbed a handful of Ten’s hair, using it as an anchor though not sure if you wanted to shove him away or pull him closer. Maybe both.

    With a high pitched whine you flopped back to the seat and folded your legs up towards your chest, body jerking and twitching and twisting. “Te—Ten! I—it—it’s too much! Please!”

    He sat back on his heels and dragged his fingers through his hair, silky strands falling right back into his eyes a second later. “Fuck. If I didn’t have to deal with Tobias I’d have you sitting on my face all night.”

    “That…would kill me,” you replied panting. This car was your home now because you were never moving again.

    Chuckling, he pressed a kiss to your mouth. “I hate to eat and run…”

    You snorted. “Go be a bad ass. Save your Coven. I’ll be fine.”

    The sound of the car door slamming shut was your only clue that he’d left. Alone, you stared up at the night sky through the window, unable to contain your giggles as they burst forth. “What the hell am I doing?”

    Answers didn’t come and by the time you finally made it home, it was about one in the morning. You waved off Elizabeth’s questions—people had heard about a dust up at the Neo Coven—and went straight to the shower. Afterwards you got a bite to eat and retreated to the safety of your bedroom, locking your door so that no one could just fumble inside.

    You were sleepily watching videos on your phone when a shadow moved into your room. “What the—Ten?”

    He grinned and perched on the side of your bed, looking all clean and refreshed. “Hi.”

    “How are you in here? Didn’t the wards block you?”

    “Nope. I strolled right through the gates.”

    “If the magic recognized you then it—I guess it might think you’re Demios because of my blood. I wouldn’t try to get in any other time though. Unless you wanna end up able to fit in an ash tray.”

    “Yes baby.”

    You smiled at him. “I’m guessing things with Tobias went…okay?”

    Ten nodded. “I destroyed him and the rest of his little gang. Your blood made me ten times faster and stronger; it’s like I could telegraph moves before he made them. I felt…like a God.” Glancing down to your lilac colored sheets, he reached for your hand, bringing it up to his heart. “I’d be dead if it wasn’t for you. My Coven would be in the hands of a maniac if it wasn’t for you. Y/N…you are so amazing.”

    Touched, you shrugged lightly. “Saving people is kinda my thing. Though it is different with you. Anyway I’m glad everything worked out and that you and the Neos are safe.”

    He kissed your fingertips. “When we first met I thought you were just another sanctimonious asshole, hiding behind a code you didn’t believe in. But you are so much more. You’re gorgeous, smart and sweet to a fault. And I know you don’t need it—that you can take care of yourself—but I’m gonna make it my mission to keep you safe. I can’t lose you either.”

    It should have been patronizing but it wasn’t. “Ten.” You threw your arms around him and hugged him tight. “Here’s to keep each other safe.”

    Easier said than done…


    #wayv#wayv ten#ten lee #wayv ten imagines #ten scenarios#nct ten#nct scenarios#ten imagines #bambi series: vampire #ten x reader #ten smut#wayv au #vampire!ten #supernatural series: vamp #woc reader#update #ten: blood wars #thank you for reading! #:)
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    22 - keep it a secret (m).

    previous chapter a reminder.


    warnings: this series contains themes of yandere\mafia, blood, violence, mental health, drugs, non-con.

    author note: this is pure fiction and it is not intended to romanticize any of the situations mentioned bellow.

    After two days, Jeno finally comes out of his room. you stop buffering your nails as you watch his door slowly opens, not knowing what to expect, your eyes follows him as he stumbles his way to the couch, his face buffed from too much sleep, you scan his appearance for any signs, maybe bruises or cuts but against all your expectations he looks normal, unaffected.

    His eyes squinting to adjust to the lights, his gruff voice mumbles a greeting to you, he plops next to you disturbing your peaceful quietness.

     “hey there stranger” you greet him back, he only smiles as he stares at the celling.

    Nothing is said after that, tranquility fills the air, your attention is back to your nails as you hum a tone, he on the other hand, has closed his eyes to take a nap, as if he wasn’t sleeping a minute a go, his head is thrown to rest on the couch head rest, his eyes are closed, he looks clam and relaxed, with his breathtaking strong jaw and plumb lips, and those long eyelashes.. not fair.

    When you were satisfied with your nails, you got up and walk past him to get your nail polish, but a set of hands grab your hips and pulls you back, you loss your balance, you stumble and fall in his lap. you were wrong about him napping, he is wide awake. 

     His strong grip shifts your hips until they were seating directly on top of his crotch, the intimate contact sparking your lust, his breathing hitches in your ear followed by a deep hum as he rolls his hips up and you push your hips down to meet his. your heart thumbs in your chest as it works double time, your body heat rises as you unravel in his arms, you feel him twitching beneath you as he’s growing harder beneath the you.

    Both of your hips find a filthy rhythm to follow, your breathing heavens as you let your lust guid you, your eyes closing in bliss as all of your senes focusing on him, if he wants you, who are you to deny him now?.

    you don’t remember his hands sneaking under your clothes, but you don’t mind, you are on the brink of losing your mind when they kneel your swollen breasts, you are about to start begging when jaemin’s loud voice interrupts you. 

    “hey hey! dick down she’s in time out” he points at jeno as he walks out of the door in a hurry, slamming the door behind him.

     In another circumstances you would have been daed due to embracement, but the frustrations you were feeling was too much to care, you roll your eyes at his childish games, who the hell does he thinks he is? Not allowing you access to yourself..

    “Time out?” Jeno halting all movements to question you “what did you do you naughty girl?” He chuckles in amusement.

    “nothing.. don’t mind him” you turn in his arms to kiss him, but he dodges your lips “I'm not touching you until you tell me” he removes his hand crossing them over his chest, he sits back and smirks at your annoyed and needy huff, you mirror his poster and cross your arms over your chest staring at him, but he retaliates with a harsh slap on your ass, catching you of guard, he demands an answer.

     you cant help but to gasp at the stinging pain his hand left, you answer him in defeat “he caught me touching myself” avoiding his eyes, he bursts laughing at your confession making your face turns red in humiliation, you hit his chest and push yourself off of him but he grabs your thighs and pull you back on him.

    “Hmmm so he caught you playing with yourself and he’s punishing you” he contemplates and bites his lower lips, his eyes studying your mortified features, you can see the devil works a plan in his head.

    “well, I'm not him” he flicks his eyebrow, his hands moves your hips to shift you to sit on his thigh, he leans closer to you, his nose traces the skin under your ear, inhaling you in a deep breath. “move” his whispers to you, his hands tightening their hold on your hips as his thigh muscles flexes under you providing a better friction, he helps you grinding over his thigh. 

    you gasp at the unexpected feeling, its faint but its there. you start to rut his thigh establishing your own pace, your hands claw his shoulders for support. a moan erupts from you when a the fabrics rubs against your erect clit. his hands move to cup your ass adding you, your head’s thrown back in ecstasy, your mind swimming in pleasure, you didn’t register his lips that were busy sucking a hickey on your neck, your moves becomes more frantic as you become desperate for a release, you call his name begging for it as your legs falter making you lose your rhythm, he slaps your ass again ushering you to keep riding him, you bury your face into his neck and resume your movements, you enjoy the faint orgasm as it hits you, its so faint that it doesn’t last more than seconds, if any thing it’s mocking you. your mind still colluded with need, you pant as you try to recompose yourself again, you left your head and look at him, his hand cradle your face “you’er such a bad girl, jaemin will be disappointed in you”. his name clicks in your head as you have forgotten about him, your mind blanking leaving your mouth hanging open, you want to say something, anything but you’er unable.

    Your thoughts started to race with images of his disappointed face, would he be mad at you? Of course he would, disgusted? Why wouldn’t he be?. All the worry bubbling inside of you mixing with the strong lustful hunger, producing a tearful mess, you stumble on your words not knowing where to begin to explain yourself, your quivering lips felt too pathetic to be witnessed, but he keeps quite as he’s watching you as you fall apart, you realize that he got you in the palm of his hand, playing you.

    “Aww” he coos at you,“don’t worry we’ll keep it a secret, out secret” the pad of his thumb wipe a fallen tear. 

    you shake your head “he’ll know”.

     the amused smile never left his face, he licks his lips “just tell him I forced you”,

    his proposed solution sounds like a believable excuse to you, you agree to it nodding while sniffling, and before you could thank him he speaks again,

    “now be a good girl for me and suck me of” he lefts you off of him, you oblige and get in between his legs and kneel in front of tent in his pants, both of your hands work on his sweatpants to free him, you wrap your hand around him and give him few bumps, he shivers in reaction to your touch, he hands your head bringing you closer. “you look so pretty when you cry” he mutters as you take him into your mouth, he hiss in pleasure and his hands fists your hair, he lets you suck him off but it’s not enough for him, he wants more and it shows in his rough actions. he pushes your head down, hitting the back of your throat making you chock around him, and new wave of tears breaks out of your eyes.. 

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    Ten: Had a dream where Yangyang shit himself at the club so I shit myself to make him feel better 😭😭😭 why the fuck didn't we just leave

    #nct#kpop#wayv#ten#chittaphon leechaiyapornkul#yangyang#liu yangyang #incorrect nct quotes #incorrect nct texts #nct incorrect quotes #nct incorrect texts #incorrect kpop quotes #incorrect kpop texts #kpop incorrect quotes #kpop incorrect texts #nct imagines#kpop imagines#nct scenarios#kpop scenarios#send help
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    [4:44pm] The sky was covered in light grey clouds, a light breeze shook the trees. Jeno's thumb stroked your knuckles as your hands rested in your lap. Music played quietly through the car speaker, wind blowing in through the open windows as you drove through the quaint neighborhood.

    unus annus m.l

    #thank you for readinggg #im so sorry for all these short pieces recently- my brain has not been in it :// #nct dream fluff #lee jeno fluff #nct fluff#lee jeno#nct#nct dream #lee jeno scenario #nct scenario #nct dream scenario #lee jeno imagine #nct imagine #nct dream imagine #nct jeno #nct dream jeno #nct jeno fluff #nct dream jeno fluff
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    Kun's POV

    (Y/N)'s POV

    Taglist -> @bbyyangiex2 @dejundongyoung @http-jongho @jisungs-ubb @flowerfallinsvt @midnightmoi @sunflower-euphro @haechanisnctssun @staysstrays @piphanee (let me know if you want me to add you to the taglist!)

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    Pairing: WayV (xiaojun) x fem!reader

    Genre: comedy, fluff, social media AU

    Plot: Finding a random message in your inbox from a stranger with a password to enter a groupchat with 7 boys wasn't the best plan for spending the beginning of the year. Although it wasn't your favorite plan, you will soon fall for these 7 boys and won't be able to reject their offer of helping them to hold a party and meet them face to face.

    Warnings: mentions of cheating, suggestive content

    A/N: The day this serie arrives to its end I'll feel an irreplaceable emptiness deep in my heart 😭 Hope you guys enjoy this chapter❤️

    #kpop#kpop imagine #kpop social media au #kpop fake texts #kpop fluff#wayv #wayv x reader #wayv imagine #wayv social media au #wayv fake texts #wayv fluff#nct 2020#wayv xiaojun #wayv xiaojun x reader #wayv xiaojun imagine #wayv xiaojun fluff #xiaojun #xiaojun x reader #xiaojun fluff#xiao dejun #xiao dejun x reader #xiao dejun fluff #nct xiaojun#wayv kun#wayv ten#wayv winwin#wayv lucas#wayv hendery#wayv yangyang
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    Better Off Alone

    Genre: fluff, angst Words: 473 Prompt: 90s grunge boy Jeno x reader Warnings: none?

    A/N: because you were so supportive of me posting snippets of my WIPs, I decided to post this. It’s not much... This is set some time during the original Everlong story.

    Everlong masterlist

    “You never told me how you became how you’re now.” “What does that even mean?” Jeno snorted, shaking his head. “You always had so many friends when we were children…” “And now I’m a loner?” “I want to understand you, Jeno,” you pleaded. 

    “I’m just better off alone,” he sighed. “That’s not true…” “Well for me it is,” he argued, “I’m shy to begin with and why should I waste my time with people that will talk shit about me behind my back anyway?” “You don’t have a good opinion about the guys at school.” “I don’t.” 

    For a while, no one said anything, just the sounds of the night keeping the silence from being too heavy. “Someone hurt you… Right..?” You asked quietly, sitting up so you could look into Jeno’s eyes that were partially hidden behind his shaggy bangs. “What difference does it make now?” He said, his voice just slightly thinner than it usually was, “I am who I am. And I am happier like this. Even if it means being alone.” 

    “But you’re not alone anymore.” “Because you’re here now?” “I’m your friend Jeno. And I won’t hurt you,” you promised. “What makes you different from the others, bubblegum?” 

    “I’m trying to see past your facade. I want to know the real Jeno Lee.” At that, Jeno’s eyes widened almost comically before he willed his face back into a neutral expression. “You just say that,” he spat, his tone lacking real strength. “I’m not,” you said firmly, taking his hand to squeeze it, “I’ll be here for you and I won’t judge you based on what you show at school during the day. You’re different than you want to make people believe.” 

    “Why are you so keen on getting to know me? There is nothing special about me,” he tried to deflect again. “There doesn’t need to be anything special about you for me wanting to become close with you again.” “You’ll not leave me alone again, will you?” He sighed, nervously playing with some loose threads on his jeans. “No. You’re stuck with me,” you grinned.

    “Will you stop asking me about why I distanced myself from the others if I tell you that the reason doesn’t matter?” “I can’t promise, Jeno.” “I just-” he cut himself off, taking a shuddering breath, “I’d rather forget about the reason. It’s- It’s rather personal and it shouldn’t matter anymore.” “You don’t have to tell me anything, Jeno,” you said softly, reaching out to carefully cup his cheek, “But sometimes talking about things makes them easier to bear.” Taking another deep breath, the boy nodded. “Maybe some time I’ll tell you. But not tonight.” “That’s all I can ask for.” 

    “You’re really something, bubblegum,” Jeno smiled lopsidedly, shaking his head. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” you smiled back. “It was.”   

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    —The dark room slowly turned brighter as time passed by, Taeyong was laying with his arm around your waist while you laid on top of him legs wrapped around him, he’s favourite position to wake up to. He felt so safe when you were around him, you were his favourite thing in life.

    As for you, you were in a deep slumber from the night before. As the room slowly got brighter and birds starting off the morning with a beautiful song you slowly woke up and found yourself in the current position you are in now.

    Taeyong was still in a light slumber as his breathing was at a steady pace. You smiled to yourself staring at his amazing features, in the mornings he just looked so unreal sometimes you couldn’t believe he was all yours. He was truly a sight to see.

    Next thing you knew you were turned to your side with Taeyongs arms and legs covering your small body while his nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, even though you couldn’t see you could feel a smile form on your lips. You smiled yourself grabbing his hand and holding it with yours pulling the blankets over you two a little more.

    “Good morning princess”

    [this is so bad sorry

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