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    ⌕ NCT DREAM hot sauce pack

    please like or reblog if u save/use ✦

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    09.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    blank - nomin

    pairings: nomin (jeno + jaemin) x deceased!fem!reader (ft. renjun)

    genre: angst, some fluff at the end

    warnings: fuck, i’m really sad right now. ilanguage, mentions of depression and suicide.

    synopsis: after the death of their third party, their lover and best friend, jeno and jaemin learn to live life without you by their side. despite all the challenges, they live on, trying their hardest to make you proud while you watch them from above.

    the pattering of rain remained muted in the background of the funeral, the tears and continuous sobs from the attendees weighing over it. jaemin’s hand was clasped tightly with jeno’s, said male letting his tears fall as they lowered down your casket. his boyfriend held two white roses, watching as your family members threw theirs inside the hole, landing atop the glazed and shiny wooden casket of yours.

    jaemin’s eyes were puffy, nose red and flowing with snot. he had cried earlier on when your father read your suicide note, and jeno had comforted him as he cried. now it was his turn to be there for jeno. it was a strange situation.

    maybe because they just weren’t used to not hearing your soft words or warm hugs.

    as soon as everyone had thrown in their roses, it was finally their turn. the boyfriends of y/n l/n. jaemin wiped away the overflowing snot from his nose with the cuff of his black blazer, handing over a rose to jeno who smiled sadly at the former, moving the umbrella to his other hand so that the one that used to hold jaemin’s was holding the rose. jaemin mirrored the older male, moving forward with jeno before stopping right infront of the hole.

    “we love y-you,” jeno told though his voice was hoarse, throwing in the white rose until he saw it land on where you rested in. “and we’ll miss you, love.” jaemin continued, lacing his fingers back with jeno as the buff male began to cry again, squeezing his hand so hard his own was turning blue.

    “it’s okay, jen. she’s free now...” he whispered in jeno’s ear, bringing the male into a hug -- in which he returned, dropping the black umbrella. the rain fell onto them immediately without the large barrier that used to protect them. droplets were now infiltrating their suits, but neither cared. 

    you were gone, and they had to get used to it.

    as they next week came by, jeno and jaemin had came back to school, looking miserable. they bright aura that always emitted from them was dimmed, it had burned out. they looked exhausted, too tired to put on the wide smiled they always had before. their hands remained intertwined of course, but it lacked the softness of yours. with theirs combines, it felt like harsh ground from all the calluses on their fingers; jaemin’s from rock-climbing and jeno guitar lessons.

    “jeno, jaemin.” a meek voice called out to the two males. the couple turned around, their eyes setting on a boy who seemed to be around your height, or maybe a centimeter taller.

    “what?” jeno’s rough voice interjected harshly, making the boy flinch. jaemin sighed, shaking his head. “sorry,” he muttered after seeing his frightened face.

    “did you need something, renjun?” jaemin’s soft voice asked, entirely juxtaposing his boyfriend’s. 

    renjun gulped, “i was wondering if you wanted to hang out? i-”

    “why? who makes you think you can hang out with us? we don’t need you. you’ll never replace y/n, so why don’t you just fucking give up like her!”

    every conversation in the hall halted at jeno’s statement. renjun widened his eyes, feeling tears brimming them.

    but no one expected what came next.

    a hand came in contact with jeno’s cheek, one hard and painful that the students around them winced at how loud the impact was.

    jaemin’s breathing was ragged, stray tears falling past his eyes as his lips quivered. the imprint of his palm on jeno’s face was burning with rage, his hand burned as well.

    “you’re an asshole.” jaemin stated, the crowd around them making way for the male who stomped his way out of the building.

    jeno’s hand slowly moved up to his face, his fingers outlining the burning sensation on his right cheek. a bruise was sure to form there. 

    “fuck.” he breathed out, pushing his way through the crowd to chase after his boyfriend.

    “jaemin?” jeno called out, pushing away the cobwebs in the familiar storage room of their school. it felt weird to be back here again. it’s been so long since he had been in here, in fact, it looked different than before. it lacked the smell of cigarettes -- specifically, the ones you and jaemin smoked before school started and when jeno was scold you two for smoking.

    “this is where she did it.” jaemin’s hoarse voice rang throughout the room, making the older male tense.

    right. this is where he and jaemin had found her a few months back.

    “yeah...” he muttered, leading himself further into the place as the visual of jaemin sitting on an empty paint tin emerged into jeno’s sight, making his heart clench.

    “she loved painting the walls here. they were so fucking ugly, but she didn’t care. something about painting from the heart or whatever the fuck that meant.” jaemin chuckled, blowing smoke from his lips as he brought the cigarette butt to the empty ash tray beside him. a few cigarettes were already in there, meaning jaemin has been huffing and inhaling some nicotine for awhile now.

    “jaem, i’m sorry for saying that back there...” jeno sighed, crouching to where he could meet jeno’s eyes.

    “you were right though...she gave up.” jeno shook his head at his boyfriend’s words, placing his hands on jaemin’s cold ones. “no, she didn’t give up. the world was just to harsh on her for her to find away out. it trapped her in, and she was too late to find the escape. i should’ve never said those things.”

    “i’m proud of her. with everything she went through, even i would want to lose hope.” the tears of pain fell from his eyes, creating a stream of water to slip down his cheek, before it fell on the sleeve of jeno’s black jacket. “i didn’t know she was going through so much. i thought i was having super bad days...now i just look pathetic. she was always there, holding me while i cried and cried about so little things. she just listened, even though she had her own set of problems. even if it was slowly eating her inside, she was always there for us, ready to listen and be there for us. she’d never leave us alone until she was sure we were fine. and the wost part of it all -- she never once came to us for her problems. i feel so, so- so fucking useless!”

    jeno immediately wrapped his arms around the younger boy, shaking slightly as his own tears fell. jaemin gave into the hug, wrapping his around the buff male. 

    “your problems weren’t insignificant either, jaemin. you deserve none of it, she deserved none of it either.” jeno told, his warm breath hitting jaemin’s skin. “you aren’t fucking useless either. even if you couldn’t be there to comfort her, you made her life amazing. you made our lives amazing, jaem. yeah, it was eating her, but you gave her light, you were her hope. we were the last strings that she held onto till the end -- and i’m sure she’s watching over us with that beautiful smile of hers. her two boys, getting through this together, and fucking thriving even if she isn’t here physically. what more could she ask for?”

    jaemin held on tighter to jeno, and jeno did the same.

    sure you weren’t with them now and you won’t be for awhile -- but they’ll learn to get through it. and they’ll do it together.

    “yeah, she’d be proud of us.”

    “fuck yeah she is.”

    ©bubutroubles2021 | don’t repost, copy or translate without permission!
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    맛 (Hot Sauce)

    NCT DREAM The 1st Album

    〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

    ➫ 2021.05.10 (KST)

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    맛 (Hot Sauce) JAEMIN

    NCT DREAM The 1st Album 〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

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  • drowninginfeels87
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    맛 (Hot Sauce)

    NCT DREAM The 1st Album

    〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

    ➫ 2021.05.10 (KST)

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    NCT DREAM The 1st Album 〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

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    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi!! It's me again! Can I request a Mtl private selca ship with NCT Dream? 🤗❤️

    Imma send my pictures again 😂❤️

    Btw thank you for making my previous requests! 💕🥺

    *.·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.*

    Hey there again love! Of course you can and thank you for requesting again!! Awee dear of course, I'm glad I can make you happy with the ships 🥰 My song for you is Dumhdurum by APINK @am-am

    In NCT DREAM I ship ou with:










    Gif not mine, credits to the owner

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    NCT DREAM The 1st Album 〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

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    only fools rush in...

    For my other works you can check them out here, and for my other story series’ you can check them out here.

    All works are copyrighted ©scarletwinterxx 2020 . Do not repost, re-write without the permission of author.

    Na Jaemin. 

    The sweetest boy to ever exist probably. Not only is he out of this world handsome, he’s also a good cook, likes photography, and is good with kids. He’s pretty much close to perfect.

    You went out on a couple of dates with him, but you told him you weren’t really to jump into a serious relationship at the moment. This did not discourage the boy like you thought it would, not even one bit. If anything, he just proved himself to be worth it. 

    He keeps on saying you’re worth the wait but really all you can think of is how he’s worth the risk. 

    “Do you want some snacks?” you asked him with a quiet voice, a few hours ago he asked if you wanted to hang out. You did but you also had tons of school work to finish. So the solution? He went over at yours to work with you, he said he didn’t mind as long as he get to spend some time with you

    “Sure, what do you have here?” he asked back, always with the smile you’ve grown to love. 

    You walked towards your kitchen to see if you have anything but much to your dismay the fridge was pretty much empty

    “Okay bad news, I don’t have anything. Let me run down the store real quick” you said as you grab your phone from the table. You were already out the door when you heard him calling out for you

    “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked, thinking if you did forget something but came up with nothing. 

    Jaemin just watched you fondly as you think about it, you tend to be forgetful at times so it became a habit of his to remind you things. What he didn’t expect was for you to walk back to him, hands on his shoulders and you on your tiptoe. Then you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

    When you stepped away from him, blinking your eyes as if what you did was the most normal thing even though it’s the first time you kissed. Jaemin can’t help but chuckle at you, “You’re so cute, I don’t know what to do with you sometimes” he said then pulled you in for a quick hug. 

    “I was referring to your wallet but yea a kiss is good too”

    That’s when you realized what you just did, “Oh my god, I’m-”

    “It’s okay, like I said you’re worth the wait”

    “But this was totally not how I thought our first kiss would go” you pouted up at him, suddenly feeling upset with yourself

    “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t be sad, why don’t we go get snacks together and eat at the park?” He asked you, he was already shrugging his own jacket on. Closing the door behind him while his other hand was holding yours

    “I’m no sad, I just- I can’t believe I did that”

    “You can’t believe you kissed me?” he asked with a laugh, “No! I mean not like that atleast”

    “How did you thought our first kiss would go then?”

    “I don’t know, I was just kind of waiting for it to happen. Maybe my mind just went you know what let’s just do it” he then stopped on his tracks making you stop too, he was a step below you making you eye level with him

    “You were waiting for it to happen?” he asked, he can’t help but smile at you. Felling a bit shy while he looks at you like that, “Yeah, this will be so embarrassing if that was never suppose to happen and I was just imagining things in my head. If that was the case please forget the last five minutes.”

    This time it was him who kissed you, his lips gentle on yours. 

    “No way, cutie. This moment will forever be bookmarked in my head” he said the kissed you on the nose, “I really thought you meant I forgot to give you a kiss”

    “I was talking about your wallet, which you did forget but hey atleast I got a kiss”

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    NCT DREAM The 1st Album 〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

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    Jaemin Jeno and Chenle on huya 210519

    #if i forget this time i will end myself #jeno#jaemin#chenle#huya live#nct dream
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    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Markhyuck: [at a basketball game]

    Markhyuck: [get on the kiss cam]

    Mark: [blushing like crazy, covering his head]

    Haechan: [making an obvious "no" gesture]

    Crowd: [boos]

    Markhyuck: [kiss cam comes back to them several times during the game and both object]

    Haechan: OH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!

    Haechan: [grabs Mark by the collar kissing him]

    Crowd: [cheers loudly]

    Mark: [sits quietly for half an hour staring ahead blankly in shock]

    Mark: i wonder why the camera kept coming back to us

    Haechan: [shrugs and continues to watch the game]

    Jaemin and Jeno: [slipping smiling a hundred bucks to a nearby cameraman]

    Jaemin and Jeno: thank you my good sir

    #incorrect nct quotes #nct incorrect quotes #nct#nct dream#nct 127#markhyuck#mark#haechan#jaemin#jeno #good parents jeno and jaemin
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    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #nct dream #nct dream jaemin #na jaemin#jaemin na#LOOK#THE MELANIN #he looks so good ohmygosh #IM SORRY #IM LITERALLY JUST #wow #w o w #he’s just#ethereal#kina rants
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    NCT DREAM - The 1st Album “맛 (Hot Sauce)”

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  • jaemotel
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    GAME OF SURVIVAL — nct collab call

    ❝ who's in the shadows? who's ready to play? are we the hunters? or are we the prey? ❞ — game of survival, ruelle

    welcome writers! this is my first ever collab hosted with your lovely co-host @glossyjaems <3 this collab is specially for the writers who love the thriller an action genre, though any other genre is allowed! i will be not writing for this collab skkssk, too much irl work-


    ↣ the theme is pretty self-explanatory, it revolves all around survival

    ↣ now, it can be anything apart from zombie apocalypses too! not necessary to only write about that!

    ↣ you can write about a purge-themed au

    ↣ you write about the reader/chosen member trying to hide from anyone

    ↣ apocalypse au

    ↣ or any au/fic/plot that has the reader or the chosen member surviving, or kinda close to hiding.

    ↣ any other sub-genre is welcome (like horror, supernatural, yandere) as long as the main focus is survival. the main focus should not move!

    ↣ you fic can include gore, injuries, yandere themes, dark themes, torture etc.

    ↣ all of the warnini should be properly tagged at the beginning of your fic!

    minimum word count: 1.5k

    ↣ there is no maximum word limit, you can write as much as you want. but the fic cross at least 1.5k words.

    ↣ writers above 18 are only allowed to write smut

    ↣ you can feature other members to make up your cast but the chosen member by you should be the main focus!

    ↣ pairings should be reader x chosen member only!

    the due date of the fic will be towards the beginning of January 2022. if you want to drop out, no hard feelings! but please inform me or @glossyjaems before the end of August!

    ↣ this is a writing event for writers to write and express/improve their writing skills and enjoy their writing time. if you're nervous or discouraged by it, please don't underestimate yourself. as long as you think you're willing to do it or want to, you can!

    RULES !

    ↣ first come, first serve

    ↣ reblog if want to join!

    ↣ dm the member you choose to me or to @glossyjaems

    ↣ please do not spread any hate between the writers or to any writer participating here. your participation will be terminated

    ↣ plagiarism is strictly not tolerated

    minimum word count: 1.5k

    ↣ no reactions or timestamps. only full length fics.

    due date: January 2022

    ↣ only reader/oc x reader. no member x member

    ↣ only writers above 18 are allowed to write smut! no smut for chenji please!

    ↣ if you have any further questions, please contact me or @glossyjaems

    ↣ optional: follow me and @glossyjaems for any further notices!

    SLOTS !

    6/23 open!

    moon taeil

    johnny suh taken by @oh-my-sparkle

    lee taeyong taken by @multi--kpop--fanfics

    nakamoto yuta taken by @127-mile

    qian kun

    kim doyoung taken by @stayinzencity

    lee ten taken by @hachanbaecon-main

    jung jaehyun taken by @daybreakx

    dong sicheng taken by @jeontaeil

    kim jungwoo taken by @kpop-vv

    wong lucas

    lee mark taken by @ni-kigai

    xiao dejun

    wong hendery

    huang renjun taken by @treasuretaeil

    lee jeno taken by @prettyjaems

    lee haechan taken by @sunryu

    na jaemin taken by @chweing--gum

    liu yangyang

    osaki shotaro taken by @moondustaeil

    jung sungchan taken by @ericismysohn

    zhong chenle taken by @reiichann

    park jisung taken by @seularcade

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    NCT DREAM - The 1st Album “맛 (Hot Sauce)”

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    NCT DREAM?! ! ! 🍄 私は長い間それについて考えていました...🥝

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