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    ☽ 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝘼 𝙒𝙞𝙨𝙝 ☺︎︎

    Genre: smut

    Warnings: adult content ahead…

    established relationship w/ lucas

    synopsis: it’s Lucas’s birthday and you treat him to a night full of surprises

    Mentions of oral (male rec), first time fingering (male rec), etc…

    a/n: I know there’s a lot controversy stuff going around about Lucas and because of it, he’s been excluded from a lot things. How you feel about the whole situation is on you. However, I will still write for him. If that makes you feel some kind of way, you can leave.

    “Slow down, baby. You wanna leave room for dessert.” You giggled, seeing how full Lucas’s cheeks were with the food you made.

    “There’s dessert too?” His eyes lit up like they usually do whenever he’s surprised or happy. Nodding, you reached over to wipe away the oil that seeped from the corner of his mouth. He was so cute.

    Your plate was already empty from your small portion. It’s not that you weren’t hungry but for what comes next, you didn’t want to be too full.

    Once Lucas is finished, he rubs his tummy with a huge grin on his face.

    “That was delicious. Thank you for making me dinner.” He says.

    You stand from your seat and place a short kiss on his lips, “you’re welcome baby. I hope your ready for your next surprise.”

    Holding out your hand for him to take and lead him over to your shared bedroom. The lights are dim low with a few scented candles lit to set the mood. Sitting him down at the foot of the bed, Lucas looks at everything as you brought your hands to his chest and loosen the first button of his shirt.

    His gaze follows the moment of your hands as you continued to work on the rest of the buttons. The moment it’s open, you ran them over the pecs of his chest sensually. His own hands came up to caress your forearms. You then gently pushed him back to rest on his arms, hands trailing down his torso to do the same to his pants. Lucas watches it all, loving every touch.

    Pulling his pants down his legs and discarding his shirt completely, he’s left only in his boxers. His hard cock is noticeable too. It’s now your turn. Removing your clothes ever so slowly to tease him a bit to make him anticipate for what was coming next. Your pastel purple bra comes into view along with its matching panties. It was his favorite lingerie set on you and you wore it just for him.

    He curses under his breath and reaches for you, can’t helping the urge to touch you. His hands were so warm as they ran over your hips, sides, and up to cup your breast.

    “You’re so sexy, baby.” the huskiness in his voice is evident of him being turned on and caused the arousal in the pit of your stomach to stir.

    “Can I kiss you, please?”

    Nodding, Lucas leans up, planting those plump lips on yours. Kissing Lucas always brings you back to your first time, how everyone talks about sparks flying. After a few years of being together, you still experience those same spark as if it were your first kiss all over again.

    A whine nearly escapes you when he breaks the kiss, only to grab your hands and pull you with him further up the bed. He brings you back into a feverish kiss, his hand moves down to the back of your knee, guiding you over to sit in his lap. He moans low against your lips at the feeling of your clothed heat coming in contact with his.

    Feeling how hard he was must’ve been painful which Lucas never complains. He’s always willing to take his time with you even if it causes him a little discomfort. Your hips rocked over his to give him some kind of friction. His moan lets you know how grateful he is by your choice.

    “Does that feel good?” You murmured against his lips.

    “So good. I want more. Please, can I have more?”

    Pecking his lips once more, “of course. Lay down for me, baby.”

    He obeys and settles against the pillows. You then crawled off his lap, to take a spot between his legs.

    “Lucas,” you start, “remember how we talked a couple of times about wanting to try new things in the bedroom?”

    He nods as a sudden smile breaks on his face. The two of you have talked about wanting to try new things and voiced to each other those things to see how the other felt about it. Lucas has been opened minded a lot more than you expected him to.

    “In honor of your birthday, I would like to try one of those things if you’re up to it.”

    “Anything for you.” His smile still is clear as day, provoking one of your own, and proceeded forth.

    Lifting your hands, as they made contact with the waistband of his boxers, shimming them over his hips and down his legs, causing his cock to spring out against his tummy. Your mouth watered at the water at the sight. Lucas watches you take him into your hand and graze a thumb along the vein under his head, to admire him first.

    Your tongue then flicks against him with a small lick. The twitch in his hip approves of what you’re doing, encouraging you to do the action again with a bigger lick before taking him in your mouth. Lucas sucks in a breath as his eyes flutter close and open again, a little hooded.

    Picking up the pace, bobbing your head up and down on him, makes Lucas more noisy. The feeling of your cheeks hallowing around him as you took him deeper. This drives him crazy every time, fighting to not buck his hips abruptly out of fear of hurting you. However, it didn’t stop him from tangling his fingers in your hair, holding you there with your nose pressed against his pubic area as you allowed him to before coming up for air.

    “You always take me so well baby.” He pants.

    Pumping him a few times in your hand as the other trails down pass his balls, stroking for the spot that lead to his hole. It was important that you payed attention to his reaction for any signs of wanting to stop but to your surprise, he spread his legs a bit wider for you while maintaining eye contact. They were inviting and showed that he trust you no matter what.

    “Color?” You wanted to make sure he was okay with this even though you talked about it before.


    Proceedings forward, you finger circles around his rim, gently pressing on it so he knows what to expect before going in. Bringing your fingers to your mouth to collect some saliva for lube and returning to his hole to moisten him up. Only then, you pressed in a little harder but he’s so tight that you could hardly get in.

    “You have to relax or it will be uncomfortable.”

    The hand once was on his dick, left to rub over his thigh to help him relax. Once you felt that he was, you tried again, and slipped one finger in little by little. You don’t make haste to move yet but allowing him to get use to the feeling and adjust. It was definitely strange for him though he didn’t hate it.

    Involuntary, his body sunk down, begging for more and drawing a moan from him in the process. Taking it as your cue to begin moving in and out of him.

    Not even a minute of having one finger but he’s already asking for more. Who were you to deny him on his birthday.

    A much louder grunt erupts from his chest at the feeling of being stretched as a second finger is added. Your other hand return back his cock, stabilizing a synced rhythm both areas. His noises are deep, tumbling after each other. The sight of him slowly falling apart, adds more to your arousal which is leaking out you.

    “Ahhh—oh baby, please don’t stop. I’m so close.” Seeing as his hand grips his hair tightly, feeling overwhelmed by it all. He lets out a cry when your finger discovered his special spot and curled against him. That, alone, being enough to throw him over the edge.

    “I’m cumming.” He rushes out, almost seeming surprising to him. Lucas grunts as you rode out his high before pulling away from him entirely.

    His torso is now painted in cum along with beads of sweat. Giving him a minute to catch his breath, you get up from the bed and run out the room. Lucas is confused to what you’re up to now but stays put, meanwhile, cleaning himself with a few tissues.

    You soon returned with a cake in the shape of a heart, lit with a bunch of candles as you sang happy birthday. Lucas smiles brighter than the candles as you approach the bed.

    “Make a wish.”

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    Advice - Lucas

    A/N: Finally a Lucas story!! Just a little drabble as we celebrate his day. Enjoy :)

    You were sat snuggled up with Lucas on his bed, dreading the fact that you would be leaving soon.

    "How did you move here?" you asked him suddenly.

    "Umm, I got in a plane?" he replied.

    "What? That's not..." you sighed, looking at your mischievous boyfriend. "I mean, how did you just leave everyone and everything behind?"

    "They're still there," he reminded you. "I can go back and see them. But I was moving out here for a good reason. I wouldn't be who I am now, with an amazing job and these friends I think of as brothers."

    "Huh," you said thoughtfully. "You make it sound so simple."

    "Why do you ask?"

    "Well, I don't really want to leave, but I'd be nervous about moving here," you confirmed.

    "Wait," he said, sitting up suddenly. "You'd move here?"

    "If you want me to, yes. I'm seriously thinking about it."

    "Wow," he said softly as he stared into your eyes. "You think I'm worth moving out here for?"

    You couldn't help but smile fondly at him before running your fingers through his hair, allowing your hand to rest at the back of his neck. "I really do."

    "I love you, you know," Lucas announced.

    "I do now," you continued to smile. "And I love you, too."

    He shifted your positions so that he was now hovering above you, ducking down to bring your lips together tenderly.


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    of kisses and golden snitches (teaser)

    pairing :: hufflepuff seeker!lee jeno x gryffindor!fem!reader

    genre :: fluff, humor, slight angst, enemies to lovers!au, hogwarts!au

    wc (for the teaser) :: 0.35k

    warnings (for the teaser) :: swearing

    notes :: this is the second installment in the chocolate frog chronicles, as well as my entry for the all too well (23 minute version) collab hosted by brooke and toffee. i'm posting this so that i feel more motivated to write it lmao, we'll see how it goes :>

    “We have to pair up for this assignment.”


    Sure enough, when Jeno raises his eyes to look at the blackboard, ‘DRAUGHT OF LIVING DEATH’ written on the top in white chalk, he hears Professor Moon calling out names and students shuffling around, exchanging seats. He waits patiently—it does take a while, because the teacher accidentally dropped his list into a cauldron full of some slime-green liquid bubbling at the top—and soon enough, he hears Professor Moon call out his name.

    “Lee Jeno and Y/N L/N.”

    Oh, fuck.

    You and Lee Jeno have a rivalry that spans over six years. If he’s being honest, Jeno has no idea whatsoever about why you hate him so much, but he loves bickering with you. Brings some sort of drama into his boring life, even if it’s only a petty school rivalry. Besides, he thinks you look cute when you scrunch up your nose when you’re pissed off. And maybe he kind of, sort of likes your voice.

    But that’s besides the point.

    Jeno can already feel your eyes glaring daggers at the back of his head, and he turns around, flashing you a winning smile that would make most girls swoon, quite literally. You, on the other hand, merely roll your eyes, grabbing your bag and making your way towards him.

    Once you sit down next to him in the place Jaemin had previously occupied (his best friend is sitting next to his own partner), Jeno doesn’t let his smile falter even a little bit. “Hi.”

    You roll your eyes again, opening your textbook and placing it in front of you.

    “What, no hi back?” he asks.

    “I don’t think we’re on good enough terms to exchange greetings, Lee Jeno.” You glance sideways at him, before looking away.

    The boy shrugs. “Suit yourself, then, I guess.”

    “I will,” he hears you mutter under your breath.

    general taglist :: @rutowonz, @cookydream, @squiishymeow, @ourbeautifulaffair, @flower-lise, @arishaechan, @n0hyuck, @blossom-rea, @cahiwo, @doublesung, @cosmic-marauder, @prdshobi, @fullsunfluff, @baekhyunstruly, @le-chenle, @subhyuck, @moonsclover, @beombon, @kookaine, @vantxx95, @lovelygalaxy333, @chicksung, @ryuflix, @hello-yav, @nc-teen, @sexchyuck, @jaeyuncult @jaeyunverse (send an ask to be added to my general taglist!)

    series taglist :: @sunshine-skz @keemburley, @nctisthecity @neocuddlytechnology @fanficbitchwhowriteskpop @subways-stuff @beombeomlvr @ryu-naa​ @lanadreamie​ @jayla-lover @marklexleaf @ilvaussie (send an ask to be added to the taglist for this series or for just this fic!)​

    networks :: @k-radio

    © JENSROSE, 2022.

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    three — hypnotic

    pairing: huang renjun x reader

    word count: 1.4k

    “Magnetic everything about you

    You really got me now

    You do it to me so well

    Hypnotic taking over me

    Make me feel like someone else

    You got me talking in my sleep.”

    One year earlier

    It's been a year since you and Renjun moved in together and other two since you started dating.

    The entire experience had been both beautiful and challenging because, despite loving each other to death, it took more than that to keep a relationship going. The strong bond and trust between you was built up on both sunshine and rain, which made it all be worth it. You had both fought for what you had now and found ways to accept and work through your differences (that weren't few) without neglecting neither of your feelings and sore spots. You had taken your time to learn how the other works, physically and emotionally, and reached a point where you'd balance each other out whenever things would get rough.

    When you first started dating three years before, none of your friends expected you two to last more than a couple of months, knowing how fiery and stubborn both of you could be. A passionate affair, they called it, yet it turned out to be much more than that. The initial frenzy between you had melted and developed into a complex, full-blown array of feelings that only seemed to grow stronger as time flew by.

    "They were wrong about us", you and Renjun said in unison as you reminisced about your beginnings while clinking your glasses of wine in honour of your third anniversary.

    Your connection ran so deeply that you'd either complete each other's phrases or say the same things at the same time. You were so different, yet so similar. Like yin and yang, always drawn together by a magnetism so powerful that neither of you could oppose it. It was exhilarating, intoxicating, even, and you both wanted to get drunk on one another forever. You knew it from the moment you first kissed.

    Renjun displayed a calm and collected persona, but the sparks of his true essence would burst through the cracks of his protective façade. It made you wonder how nobody else could see this and feel the soft burns of those sparks of his on their skin, because you surely did.

    To him you were the intrigue that made his head spin. The one mystery he could not seem to solve. Renjun prided himself on being good at figuring people out, so his interest amplified when he couldn't read you. You wore your heart on your sleeve fearlessly and could talk about an endless amount of topics for hours, yet somehow he'd still leave barely knowing anything about you. That was your charm and it pricked him. So much so that he made it almost his life mission to decode you, the girl who had managed to steal his heart without him even knowing when or how. And that was quite something considering the fact that Renjun had always been one unaffected and unbothered human being whose attention was particularly difficult to catch.

    You teased the hell out of each other back on the mid-summer night when you first kissed under a full moon, with the stars as your witnesses.

    You had already gotten to the point of hanging out together without your common friends, but this time it just felt different from your usual meetups. It was all a spicy, sassy banter sprinkled with moments of laughter that gradually built up the tension between the two of you until the air around you felt thick and charged with the kind of voltage that sent shivers down your spines.

    After collecting your favourite snacks and beverages, Renjun drove the two of you to the spot that you had discovered together when you grew tired of the cafes that buzzed with people and went out in search of more privacy and silence. The Hideout, as you called it, was a high hill on the outskirts of Seoul from where the city lights glimmered beautifully after dusk. 

    Once the car was parked in the position that offered you an equally pleasing view of both the city lights and the starry sky, you and Renjun got out and sat yourselves on its hood as usual. Somewhere during the flowing conversation, you lifted your hand to playfully smack Renjun's arm for teasing you, but he caught it in his before you got to do anything.

    Renjun's warm fingertips enveloped your own and the impact of such a simple action was much more powerful than you'd expected. It felt like jolts of electricity were sent all across your body, making your skin prick with a rush that was hot and cold at the same time. You've both been laughing, yet, as your gazes locked, your initial laughter melted down to small smiles. All of which made you suddenly become aware of how close the two of you were seated as the lingering scent of Renjun's cologne flooded your senses. It was comfortable, being around him. His presence, his mind and the way he carried himself made you feel at ease. You could fully be yourself with him and he never made you regret letting him in, as he had been nothing but reliable and trustworthy. He felt safe. He felt like home.

    His gaze was unwavering and so was yours, refusing to look elsewhere. You stood there, analysing each other's faces, as if you were trying to memorise and embed them into your minds for the moments when you were apart. Renjun's fingertips slowly let go of yours and started travelling up your arm till your shoulder and along your neck, leaving behind traces that felt like lines of fire. Then, when he reached your face, he gently cradled and caressed it with his thumb, eyes flickering from your eyes down to your lips and back.

    Your eyes traced his face that looked entranced, with pupils dilated and plump, pink lips suddenly seeming so alluring.

    You'd been good friends so far. Though, for a while, you'd been stealing glances at one another a bit too often to remain just that. It was a line that both of you wanted to cross and shatter, having brewed for months. You gently leaned into his touch and he understood it was your permission for him to go on. And he did. When his thumb grazed your lower lip and he felt you gasp lightly under his touch, Renjun lost it. All the feelings he had accumulated clouded his mind and all his barriers came tumbling down, making him close the gap between you and crash his lips onto yours.

    To say that kissing Renjun was addictive would be an understatement.

    It felt like jumping straight into the eye of a hurricane and allowing it to consume you entirely as waves of adrenaline and bliss would wash over you.

    The moment his lips landed on yours, you instantly turned your body towards him and pulled him closer to you. He smiled in the kiss and so did you, wrapping your arms around his neck and running your fingers through his hair. With one hand holding you by the waist and the other resting on the side of your neck as he kissed you, Renjun's head was spinning with how intoxicating your lips felt against his. You took his lower lip between your teeth, sucked on it gently and bit it a little harder before letting it go, making Renjun's breath hitch in his throat. But he didn't back down. He grabbed you by the waist with both hands, lifting you up and placing you on his lap in a straddling position. He then responded by sliding his tongue across your lower lip and deepening the kiss once you granted him access, tongues and hearts intertwining in a dance of passion and dominance.

    After kissing until you consumed all the air in your lungs, you finally parted, foreheads leaning into one another for support. Renjun's cheeks were dusted with pink and so were yours, full lips now swollen but smiling. Your fingers rested on the nape of his neck, caressing it gently, which made him smile even wider. You sat in a peaceful silence that was governed only by the sound of your heartbeats and breaths that were calming down together.

    When Renjun regained his composure enough, he spoke softly, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this."

    You leaned in and kissed him one more time, then whispered on his lips, "The best things in life never come easily."

    Renjun giggled, pulled back a little to look into your eyes and cupped your cheek with one hand, "Exactly. So now that you're finally mine, I'll never let you go."

    >> part four
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    Watching a filthy magazine together | 18+

    ☆ Pairing: Johnny x Female reader

    ☆ Genre: smut

    ☆ Word count: 1.1 k

    ☆ Warnings: oral sex (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, a bit of dirty talk, cursing, just pwp, tbh.

    ☆ Prompt: The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

    It was getting late and you still had a lot to do at your boring as hell job.

    Classifying the more than 100 new books that had been donated to the library, coding them, and creating their file was already giving you a headache. You thought it might be less boring if those books were at least more interesting, but apparently, they were all self-help, about the universe, cliché romantic teen novels, etc. There was only missing one last box at the warehouse and who would've known that you would find a treasure in there, a filthy vintage porn magazine.

    You quickly put it in your bag intending to look at it later in your apartment, but unable to wait any longer, curiosity took over you and you sat down on one of the furthest sofas to look at the magazine.

    The images were quite explicit and were turning you on as fuck, feeling your pussy throbbing and your nipples hardening. You began to caress the inside of your thighs up to your cunt, when you suddenly heard Johnny, your stupidly handsome colleague, coming down the stairs and heading towards you in your lil pleasure corner. You got up from your seat very quickly, hiding the magazine behind you.

    "Do you have the books? I need to place them up before I go home." He asked you, hurried.

    "Uh... yeah, I'm almost done." You hesitated a bit.

    "Are you okay, is something wrong?"

    "I'm perfectly! You can take the ones over there, I'll give you the last few missing ones in a moment. "

    "You look very strange tonight, are you sure everything is all right?" He asked again rising an eyebrow.

    "Yes, really." You felt your cheeks blushing.

    "What are you hiding there?" Johnny said as he tried to look at what was hiding behind your back.


    "Show me!" he reached over and you couldn't resist long because he was way taller and stronger than you, so within seconds he just grabbed the magazine out of your hands. Johnny was surprised to see it, then looked at you with mischievous eyes.

    "You, pervert!" He said chuckling "Do you want to watch the magazine together?" You nodded biting your lower lip.

    Johnny stood behind you, your back pressed against his chest, his hands by your sides on the table in front of you, so you couldn't get away.

    He started flipping through the magazine looking at it over your shoulders. It was no longer the filthy contents of the pages that were turning you on, but the feeling of his huge hardening bulge pressed against your ass.

    You were already so turned on that you suddenly slid one of your hands down his pants and started stroking him over his clothes.

    Johnny moved closer to you and started to move his hips to receive more caresses, while his hands were already resting on your waist, moving up your torso to your breasts, massaging them.

    He took your jaw to make you face him so he could kiss you passionately, his tongue eagerly exploring the inside of your mouth.

    At this point neither of you were trying to hide your excitement, you were simply kissing, rubbing each other, and moaning without any modesty.

    He couldn't contain himself any longer, so Johnny dropped the magazine from the table, bending you over it, lifted your skirt and got down on his knees.

    With one hand he grabbed the edge of your panties and pulled it aside to expose your glistening, swollen folds.

    When his face was level with your pussy, he spread your legs and licked your entire slit, from the clit to your entrance, teasing at it making you gasp with pleasure, but you were barely aware of the list of curses coming from your lips because of the sudden feeling of his fingers sliding deep into your pussy, stretching your walls just right.

    It was a delicious sensation to feel his skilled fingers curling inside you, hitting your sweet spot and his warm tongue devouring your pussy, tasting you as if your cunt was the best dish in the world, making him growl deeply.

    Wanting to let him know how much you were enjoying yourself but that you still wanted, needed more of him, you turned around your head to look at him while you spread your buttocks even further apart with your both hands to give him even better access to your pussy, signaling him to go deeper. He got the hint because you immediately felt his tongue fucking your cunt as deep as he could.

    Johnny stood up and you heard him unzip his jeans, excited by what was about to happen, you wiggled your ass towards him and felt the swollen tip of his cock running along your slit, coating in your juices, teasing you a little, with his hands firmly pressed into the dip of your hips, Johnny leaned down against you to whisper in your ears.

    "You're so wet, baby. I could slide inside of you so easily and fuck you raw right here, would you like that?"

    "Yes, Johnny. Please, fuck me!" you begged and then, the man moved closer to you and slammed hard his thick cock into your tight little pussy.

    He began to move his hips aggressively, at a fast pace, pounding you deeply, making you see stars. The lewd noise of his balls slamming against your butt, moans, and heavy breaths filling the place. You had to bite your lips in an attempt to muffle your whimpers.

    An electric shock ran through your whole body as you felt his fingers tracing circles over your clit. You could no longer hold back your moans of pleasure, Johnny was ramming you so hard and his fingers were pressing even harder on your clit.

    Suddenly, your orgasm hit you as strong as a tsunami, sweeping everything in its path, leaving you weak and dizzy.

    He pulled his cock out of you, your juices dripping down your thighs to the floor. You turned to look at him, his eyes dark with desire, he had his cock in his hand, it was red, swollen, about to explode. So you got down on your knees in front of him and took his cock in your hands, pumping into it fast until you felt it twitching. You opened your mouth, eager to take until the last drop of his cum, licking him clean.

    The sight was a poem, his head back in bliss, lips barely open letting out deep growls.

    Johnny looked at you exhausted but grinning mischievously. You got up from your knees and kissed him hard.

    "I'm glad that you caught me watching the magazine, otherwise I would've never knew you have such a delicious cock."

    "Yeah, me too. We should definitely do this again, I think I just became addicted to your cunt."

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  • multifandom-02
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Their First Win

    Masterlist Summary: When they had their first win Time circa: MFAL era

    "NCT Dream!"

    Boyoung's eyes widened in disbelief, gasping loudly while jumping on her spot when the confetti exploded on stage.

    She couldn't believe it. Was it true?

    Did we really win first place?

    She looked around at her members, all of them expressing shock, glee, gratitude, relief...

    Some had tears in their eyes while others tried to remain cool.

    What do I look like right now?

    Jeno from beside her laughed slightly at her form, his hand gently nudging her chin so she closed her mouth that was still open from shock. He noticed the look on her face, did we really win?

    We really did win, was Jeno's reply with his own look.

    Sniffling could be heard from her other side, the female member realising it was Renjun who was visibly crying. Seeing her fellow member cry made her tear up.

    We really did it.

    After sacrificing so many hours in their childhood - not having the average childhood memories - and being told that NCT would be the first failed group in SM...

    Look at us now.

    "We won," she breathed out under her breath, her whisper unnoticed from the loud studio as their fans screamed in glee, music playing in the background, and Mark saying a quick speech to everyone.

    We won...however...

    Tears filled her eyes, but not from joy as one would expect. No...

    They were tears of guilt, of sadness...

    Why would she be crying tears of guilt and sadness, you say? One person comes to her mind when she thinks of their win...

    As everyone except the winners began to leave the stage, and as their song began to play for their encore, Boyoung looked to the camera in front of her with a watery smile, holding her mic ready with shaky hands.

    "Nana, we did it. I wish you were here with us..."

    She quickly whirled around so the cameras wouldn't see her front, barely managing to control her sobs at the realisation that her best friend wasn't celebrating their first win together with the other members.

    All eight of us should be here right now...

    Jeno was quick to rush to her, encasing her small form into his arms, swinging them from side to side gently. "It's okay, it's okay," he comforted her. "Jaemin will be happy for us nonetheless, okay? He won't like it if you are crying because of him."


    "No buts," he chided gently, wiping away her tears. "Jaemin's injury is not your fault - it's no one's fault, okay? We spoke about this before, Boyoung-ah. There was nothing we could do, he just needs some rest."

    She nodded in understanding, looking down with pursed lips. She was still exuding sadness at the fact their best friend wasn't with them on stage.

    "Come on," he smiled brightly at her, his eye smile appearing to cheer her up. "Let's give Jaemin some shoutouts, yeah?"

    "Okay," Boyoung finally smiled brightly since they heard the news of their win, the two turning back around to face the crowd and cameras. "Nana! This is for you! We did it!"

    "Yeah, Jaemin!" Jeno agreed, the two waving at some cameras. "We'll give you the trophy afterwards!"

    The others gathered around the two friends, saying their own messages to Jaemin with the fans screaming in joy in the background.

    And Jeno kept to his words on stage.

    As they all left the van, Boyoung took the lead to Jaemin's home, the trophy grasped tightly in her hands.

    As they knocked on the door to the Na house, all of them calling out for their dear member, Jaemin answered the door with a bright smile, eyes connecting automatically with his childhood friend.

    "Nana!" Boyoung beamed, holding out the trophy he also dreamed of receiving for their group. "Congratulations!"

    The two collided into a tight hug much to the female's dismay, everyone hearing her cries of, "Wait! You can't do this! You need to rest!"

    But Jaemin didn't care; his best friend thought of him during their win, gave him shoutouts, letting him know that he wasn't forgotten and that they were thinking of him as well - and even afterwards demand their manager to stop at his place to hold the trophy as well.

    Who could ask for a better best friend than Chwe Boyoung?

    It was a very memorable First Win for them all.

    #nct female addition #nct female member #nct dream female member #nct dream female addition #nct dream #nct dream 8th member #nct female oc #nct scenarios #nct 19th member #nct jaemin#nct jisung#nct jeno#nct chenle#nct renjun#nct mark#nct haechan
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  • hyuckhoon
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #aí sla acho que viajei e sai do ponto inicial #ficou um pouco mais emocional do que eu tava pensando #jisung headcanons#jisung scenarios #nct dream scenarios #nct dream headcanons #park jisung por favor seja o meu namoradinho emo 🥺 #asks🌀
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  • doderyscoffee
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    pairing: johnny suh x fem!reader (oc) genre&au(s): light fluff, comedy, enemies to lovers(ish), explorer!au warnings: language, Y/N threatens to kill Johnny, sexual innuendos length: 0.6k words

    [3:13 pm]— I stepped out from behind a tree, tying the end of my braid with a hair tie. Johnny leaned against a neighboring trunk with his arms crossed over his chest, as if my momentary absence was a burden to him.

    “You look like you just had a run-in with an elephant,” he said, taking in the brush jacket I now donned. His eyes landed on my hat and he smirked. “Are you chasing George, too?”

    “Oh, shut up.” I stomped past him, heading further into the jungle.

    “You’re mad because I’m right.” He fell into step beside me, raising his arms above his head.

    I gagged. “You stink.”

    He smirked and moved his arm closer to my face. “Want another whiff?”

    I shoved him away, and he narrowly missed running into a tree. “Fuck off.”

    His laugh echoed like a bird call, but he didn’t say anything more.

    We traveled for a while, finding nothing but tall trees and big, green leaves. It seemed that the sun would be setting soon, and a chill ran down my spine at the thought of having to camp out in the dark of the jungle. We only had a few matches and the food in our packs, but otherwise, we were ill prepared for the night. Fuck me for letting Johnny pack.

    “Do you want to sleep in a tree?” Johnny asked. “It’d be safer than on the ground.”

    I looked up at the branches that hung high above our heads. Even if I were to stand on Johnny’s shoulders and jump, I wouldn’t be able to graze my fingers against one. “And how do you suppose we do that?”

    To my surprise, Johnny pulled a grappling hook out of his pack. “We climb up.”

    “Since when did you have that in there?”

    He threw me a cocky smirk. “Since forever. Step back.”

    I did as he said and he threw the hook up, catching it on the lowest branch, and with a few good tugs, deemed it safe to climb. I braced my hands on the rope, sucking in a deep breath, and began to wiggle my way up.

    My palms burned by the time I was halfway there, and they were most certainly raw when I finally heaved myself onto the branch. Johnny made quick work of pulling himself up, and when he reached me, he pulled me into his lap.

    “What are you doing?” I glared at him over my shoulder, but his hold didn’t soften.

    “I’m tying us to the branch,” he said.

    “Do you have to tie me with you?”


    I let out a heavy sigh and crossed my arms. Johnny wrapped the cord of his grappling hook around my lap, just under my stomach, and gave it a nice tug. The air left my body, and I made a sound akin to one of those plastic chickens. It was a wonder that my eyes didn’t pop out of their sockets.

    “What was that for?” I snapped, hitting him in the gut with my elbow.

    He grunted, but only pulled me closer. I stiffened. “If you do that again,” he said, breath tickling my ear, “we’ll both fall. So don’t squirm.”

    “You’re just a dirty fuck, aren’t you?”

    “And a good one, too.”

    “When we get back on the ground, I’m going to kill you.”

    I didn’t need to turn around to know that Johnny was smirking. “Sure you will.” He gently cupped my cheek and pressed the back of my head to his chest. “Now sleep before you make me shove you off this tree.”

    And despite myself, I relaxed my shoulders and fell asleep.

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  • aehyei
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #! — prompts game #nct drabbles#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct#nct angst#nct fluff#hyej4e fics #nct dream fluff #nct dream imagines #nct dream x reader #nct dream scenarios #nct dream fic #nct dream fanfic #nct dream angst #jeno fluff#jeno angst#jeno fanfic#nct jeno#lee jeno #jeno x reader #jeno imagines#jeno scenarios#jeno drabbles
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  • yoon-oh-what-i-deserve
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    (credits of the gif to @nctaezen because tumblr wouldn't let me find it any other way)

    Jeong Jaehyun

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  • yoon-oh-what-i-deserve
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Jeong Jaehyun Masterlist

    *indicates smut. Minors, do not interact.


    Body Say*

    Growing Cold (coming soon)

    Two Of Us (coming soon)

    Person of Interest (coming soon)

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  • yoon-oh-what-i-deserve
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Body Say | Jeong Jaehyun

    Summary: Jaehyun didn't know that teasing his girlfriend at dinner would lead to the following events that night. Warnings: Minors, do not interact! +18, cowgirl, unprotected sex, handjob, oral sex (m receiving), teasing, language. Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader Word count: 2.7k

    Y/N's back hit the wall at the end of the corridor, her eyes closed as she felt her neck being attacked, her senses heightened by the sensation, her fingers, trembling, reaching for the knob that would let them in her room, but there was so much going on, so much need within her that she couldn't comprehend what she was supposed to do. With a chuckle, Jaehyun pulled away from her skin, nibbling on it before letting go with a popping sound.

    "You need any help?" his chuckle reverberated through his chest, sending vibrations through her body due to their proximity, her breath panting as she looked into his eyes, darker than they usually were, swimming in lust. He was on the same page as she was.

    Shaking her head trying to conjure some sober thoughts, the girl turned in his embrace, her back now pressed against his chest as she finally found the metal knob, twisting it rather forcefully, trying to pry open the wooden door that would finally lead them to safety, but, once again, it proved to be ineffective since Jaehyun had found the need to sneak his hand down the waistband of her shorts, brushing slightly over her covered core, teasingly.

    Y/N hissed and shook her head. She was not in the mood for that kind of foreplay. She needed him and she needed him fully. Jaehyun had been much of a dick enough to take her to the edge far too many times during dinner.

    The lock finally jiggled, the door opening without a ceremony, their hurried steps leading them into the room before Jaehyuncould shut it close, pushing Y/N against it one more time, his lips finding hers in a hungry kiss, forcing against her, a small gasp leaving her which only added to the fuel he had within him, his tongue slipping past her parted lips, exploring every little corner of her mouth, dancing over her own muscle before slithering back, teasingly.

    “You’re such an ass,” she mumbled, her teeth grazing his lips, pulling them towards her in an almost savage way, a small groan coming from the man standing in front of her. “Always teasing me,” she pulled away, her hands splaying over his chest, running up and down his toned torso. “Think I’m gonna have to play with you for a little bit.”

    Before he could protest anything, Y/N summoned the will to push him away from her, the back of his knee hitting the end of her bed, making him fall ungracefully back, his upper body shooting up, suspended by his elbows, as he watched the beauty in front of him, his chest heaving in small pants, his tongue running over his lips, smoothing the soft indentations her teeth had left. He had never seen her acting that way and he couldn’t say he didn’t approve it.

    Jaehyun watched, entranced, as his girlfriend finally snapped at his early actions, her eyes drowning in desire, her face heated in lust. He could see the way she clenched her legs tight, her trembling fingers trying to unbuckle his belt, adrenaline coursing through her veins as she got rid of the offending piece of clothing tauntingly, her eyes burning into his, watching in anticipation for the moment he would tell her to hurry up. But he just squirmed under her touch, her hands grazing his thighs, nails scratching the pale skin slowly, red trails following her fingers as she took her time to make him groan in annoyance at her pace.

    Y/N bit her lower lip, the sight under her making her core ache and a powerful tremble to rock over her body. She couldn’t understand how that man had the power to make her feel that way when all he did was stare at her, his brown eyes piercing into hers, watching her every move without a single side glance, his elbows still supporting his body, seeing her do what she wanted with him. He had never been this submissive before. She had never been this dominant. They were treading unknown waters, and both were too lost in the desire to put their minds into it.

    Slowly, but surely, she ran her hands back up his waist, finding the band of his boxers and snapping it, a low hiss coming from the boy and a dark chuckle to leave her mouth. She was enjoying it too much. Her hands ghosted over the boner he sported now, her face coming closer to the area he wanted her the most to, her breath fanning over him. If he could only just say something to make her strip that stupid t-shirt she was wearing…

    He knew she wasn’t wearing any bra under it. He knew, the moment the shirt was gone, he would be graced the view of her perky breasts and there was nothing more than he wanted than to have them wrapped around his cock at that moment.

    But Y/N had other plans. Had it been any other night, she would be more than likely to comply to anything he wanted, but this time… this time she wanted to have her fun with him. To see him writhe under her. And with that determination, she pulled his boxers down, his cock springing free from its confines, happily slapping against his lower abs, glistening in pre-cum.

    Humming appreciatively, Y/N drummed her fingers over his erection, the feeling of her expert hands sending chills over his body, his head falling back as a deaf moan vibrated in his throat.

    “Fuck,” the low, strained voice that came from him amused her. There was nothing sexier than a man surrendering himself into desire and she felt a whole new wave of excitement to flood through her. She was the cause of it.

    Without thinking twice, Y/N launched herself forward, her small hands gracefully wrapping themselves around his cock in a firm grip, her thumb smearing over the pre-cum, lubricating the member before she could jerk her hands up and down in an agonizingly slow pace, her focus turned to his face, seeing his arms surrender under him, his back hitting the mattress, his eyes closed. The soft whimpers and groans coming from Jaehyun were of great help to accelerate her pace, one of her hands now cupping his balls, his brows furrowing.

    But before he could get too happy with it, the strokes stopped, her hands leaving his body. Jaehyun’ eyes shot open, in a trance and hazed as he stared at her, his whole body screaming at her to keep going, but all he found was a sly smile plastered on her lips, her hands coming in aid as she positioned herself better in the bed, her face lowering, even more, making him fall back against the soft surface once again, completely at her mercy.

    Without much of a thought, Y/N lips wrapped around his tip, her tongue smoothing over the head, lapping at the small droplets that sipped from his slit, delighting in the fact that he was getting harder, if that was possible, because of her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, going deeper each time, fighting back the gag reflex that only him had been able to trigger.

    She could feel his shaky fingers intertwine in her hair, pulling it into a ponytail, the curtain no longer shielding him from the vision, his hips bucking up to meet her movements. It was almost possible to feel his blood running through his body, rushing faster and faster until it was about to explode. She could feel his legs starting to shake, his breath to get heavier, his fingers to lose strength. She knew he was close, so close that one more suck and he would be done. She could feel him about to cum, the tip of his cock ready to spurt out his load.

    And that was when her movements stopped once more, his groan of annoyance reaching her ears again, much to her contentment.

    “You didn’t think it would be that easy, right?” She laughed, her eyebrows shooting up, small beads of sweat now present on his forehead as he watched her have her fun, his eyes glazed, trying to hold on to the orgasm he knew he was losing. “No, babe, you only get to cum when I tell you to,” she mumbled, her body hovering over his, her mouth close to his ear, nibbling his earlobe before biting the skin under it. “And only then.”

    Jaehyun gulped, her newfound dominant side showing him how things could change in their relationship and he liked it. He couldn’t wait to see more of it, to see everything she was capable of doing to him. He wanted to be at her mercy, he wanted to surrender to her, he wanted to make her feel like she could do anything, because she could.

    Tentatively, the boy reached out for her, his hands sneaking under her t-shirt, fingertips dipping in the skin, running up and down her stomach, up to where the hem of her bra should be, his thumb brushing over her nipples, a jolt of electricity running through her. For a second, he saw all her confidence shake, her eyes betraying her for a fraction of a second. At that moment, he saw her on the verge of pushing it all aside and letting him have way with her, but just as it showed, it was gone.

    Y/N crossed her arms over her chest, her hands gripping the edge of her t-shirt before pulling it over her head, tossing the fabric carelessly to the ground, watching Jaehyun’ hungry eyes race over her body, his hands still gripping her sides before sliding the buttons of her shorts, fighting against it in his hurry. With a small smile, her hands smoothed over his, helping him undo the button before leaning forward, letting him take it off her body.

    Her clothed core came into contact with his cock, the feeling of his member pressing against her clit making a soft moan to come out of her mouth, her hips rocking back and forth, trying to get some friction to get rid of the burning sensation she had been living with ever since they walked out of the diner.

    “As much as I love this new you,” Jaehyun croaked, his voice hoarse. “I’m not sure how long I’m gonna be able to hold back.”

    Smirking, the girl rocked her hips on his a few more times, watching attentively as he closed his eyes and swore under his breath, the sweat intensifying on his forehead.

    “You’re lucky you teased me way too much, Jeong,” she mumbled, her finger hooking on the sides of her panties and pushing it down her legs, her exposed pussy now in full contact with his cock, her own arousal coating him. “You ready, big guy?”

    It was purely rhetorical, of course. Y/N reached between them, aligning his cock with her entrance before sliding down, slowly feeling herself being stretched by him, his girth filling her to the brim, her eyes closing at the feeling and mouth opening in a perfect ‘o’ shape. She stilled for a few seconds, getting used to him being inside of her. It wasn’t their first time, but she hadn’t grown used to the feeling yet. Jaehyun could come out as a shy and quiet guy, but the pack he hid under those jeans knew how to be handled and the shyness would be suppressed by this other side of him.

    Y/N shook her head, her eyes snapping open, the need to feel him moving inside of her awakening.

    Placing her hands on his chest, Y/N slowly rocked her hips against his, his cock sliding out until it is about to leave before sliding back in fully. A moan ripped through the air as she enjoyed the feeling of him filling her.

    Jaehyun’s own moan followed, watching her body moving, his hands on her hips, guiding her. Y/N’s hand reached out for his, running it over her body before covering her breast with it, her pace picking up, moving in shorter and faster rocks, her head falling back, the moans becoming louder.

    “Fuck!” she cried slightly, not a care in the world if anyone in the complex she lived in would be able to hear them.

    The feeling of Jaehyun growing inside of her intensified. Her shaky hands grabbed his again, dragging it all the way down to her clit, edging her on, adding more pleasure to what she is feeling.

    It was a new thing for them. She had never been so daring, so confident and vocal. There always the possibility of them being, somehow, getting caught, but this time, no one cared about it, their bodies responding only to one another, their breaths mingling in the heavy air, the sweat on their bodies making their skin slick, hands running all over, curses falling out.

    Jaehyun's hips lift up, thrusting up into her, the sound of his balls slapping against her skin cutting through the air, his eyes focusing on her bouncing breasts, his tongue poking out to wet his lips at the sight of it, a newfound strength reaching him, the man coming to a sitting position, his head dipping as his mouth found her nipples, sucking on it vehemently.

    “Oh God,” she moaned, her toes curling up at his sides, her thoughts less coherent. She wouldn’t last much longer and they both knew it. All the teasing from before finally catching up with her body, a knot forming on her stomach quickly, about to unravel at any time. “Oh fuck, I’m close,” she rasped out, her raggedy breath almost not carrying her voice, her movements slowing down, the pleasure making it harder to focus on it.

    A hoarse, free moan of Jaehyun’s found its way out, the sound rippling through the air and resonating through Y/N, her skin raising goosebumps at the sensation he was causing her, the tip of his cock hitting continuously her spot, molesting it with every thrust, making her eyes roll back in its orbs, his hands never stop rubbing at her clit, stimulating her to the breaking point, her walls closing in on him, making it tighter than ever, contracting his member inside of her, milking his upcoming orgasm.

    Without an announcement, Y/N head snapped back, a scream ripping out of her throat, her hands shaking and legs closing around him, as a wave of pleasure washed over her, her juices running down her legs and coating Jaehyun’s cock, aiding to the constant rock of their hips, his own orgasm following close after, spurts of white sperm shooting from his tips into her, mixing their juices, their chests heaving, limbs frail, sight spotted.

    Slowly lying back into the bed, Jaehyun wrapped his arms around the tired girl on top of him, her heavy arms falling at her sides, lifeless. Her eyelids fluttered open for a brief second, exhaustion embed all over her.

    “Shit,” she mumbled, a small spasm going through her body as she felt Jaehyun sliding out of her, a smile on her lips.

    “You tell me,” he chuckled lowly, his tongue running over his chapped lips, his fingers running over her naked back in a soothing way, lulling her into a slumber.

    “It wasn’t weird, was it?” Y/N whispered, her eyes finally opening, her chin digging into the skin of his chest giving her the opportunity to look at his glowing face.

    “What?” He scoffed. “Where did you get that from? It was so hot... You’re so hot.”

    Y/N bit her lower lip, her eyes casting down and finding his naked torso, her hand slowly, but surely, tracing the skin carefully, before her lips took over, depositing a chaste kiss on it.

    It was at times like these, the pure bliss that came afterward, that everything seemed so far away from them. It was like there was only Jaehyun and Y/N in the world and nothing else.

    And it was exactly then, lying comfortably next to each other, with the rapid, muffled thump of their heartbeats, they knew exactly what their bodies were trying to say.

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  • fangirlblog
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Radom thoughts about what NCT´s role would be in a Mexican Xmas party a.k.a Posadas. (PT3)

    No excuses, lets goooo

    (Given the circumstances, I will not include LC this time)



    You can say whatever you want, but Mark would be a good entertainer at night, I imagine him dressed in a big jacket, scarf and wool hat while playing the guitar near the campfire. OMG, I imagine him playing Sin Bandera songs because the guests keep asking him to. He drinks beer, I feel like he might not like tequila. He eats about 10 pambazos and another two just for the whim, he likes the green mole ones.


    Baby, ay noooooo.

    Let's start with Dejun´s agenda as being the middle brother. They bring it like the errand boy "help Kun with this" "Go buy this" "Bring me this" "Check this" "Do that" But he always goes with his favorite cousin on his mom's side haha.

    Late at night he eats as much as he can for a while because he needs time to play with his little cousins ​​and Bella. He plays the guitar too, butjust for his dad to sing with his uncles. I truly believe that Dejun would take his crush to the party if the opportunity presented itself (and everyone would tease him a bit).


    I need to do this as Dery as the guy you invite to the party. Really shy but he wins over all your relatives, he helps your aunts in the kitchen, help your cousins ​​to place the chairs in the patio. Dance with your aunts and let the little kids drag it around to any game they can think of.

    Have you ever played jack with shots? Well, Dery wouldn't be afraid to play with your uncles and cousins.


    Perfect boy, nothing more to say.

    He is polite and charming with his aunts, funny with uncles, cool with his cousins, and good with children. He sings at least three rancheras at the request of his abuelita. He doesn't drink, but if he could drink the whole pot of punche he will, he eats tamales like there's no tomorrow. Is the one who breaks the piñanta and plays chase after YangYang with the broomstick.


    Attached to Jemin, obviously, he plays soccer with his older cousins ​​before starting to eat, he likes to eat pozole in a cup (I don't know if I understood, but I hope so) he likes to drink soda with his fried tacos and puts them lots of cheese and green salsa. Oh no, he starts playing video games on his cell phone with his cousins ​​at one point because they don't know what else to do. Believe it or not, he dances with anyone who asks him haha ​​he's excellent at dancing cumbia.


    Number one moodmaker, life of the party. My God haha ​​this kid goes around singing and giving everyone a drink, he makes sure everyone is eating. He is the organizer of games haha, skipping rope, charades, etc. He is the one who starts with the mess of wanting to break the piñata before his uncles get more drunk.

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  • neokive
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ⌗ i’d always wait for you ɞ johnny suh

    pairing: johnny suh x fem!reader. — oneshot, fluff, comfort, husband!johnny, domestic!au, johnny being a sweetie wc: 0.691 now playing: j’s lullaby by denaney

    miso wanted to let you know! i hope you enjoy angel <3 feel free to leave any feedback :)

    “when do you think mommy’s gonna be home, hm?” johnny quietly inquires to your puppy, latte. gently patting her back while she lays comfortably on his lap. latte shifts looking up at johnny with raised brows, tilting her head at the sound of your tittle around the house. johnny chuckles scratching behind her ears.

    a few hours ago johnny had came back from work. took a small nap, made a small dinner for the two of you, took latte on a walk and finally got ready for bed. during that time he got a message from you telling him you’d be working late due to some complications in some documents that make johnny’s head hurt to even think about. it’s now around midnight and you still haven’t gotten home, there wasn’t any other updates from you after you sent that message with was around seven.

    worry bubbles in johnny’s chest as time goes by, it wasn’t out of the ordinary that you came home late, johnny’s gotten so used to sleeping in bed with you that he can’t sleep without you. hence why he’s currently staying up so late, it doesn’t matter how long he has to wait or how tired he feels after work. he wants to be there when you get home. make sure you come home safe and sound. this became a sort of routine between the two of you, though you always tell johnny there’s no need for him to stay up, knowing he has work in the morning– johnny is as stubborn as a bull, you don’t know the exact reason as to why he waits for you to come home. all you know is that he wants to make sure you come home safe and that keeps you content. johnny is also shy to tell you the exact reason so to keep himself from embarrassment he’ll be keeping the real reason to himself.

    johnny reads in the lounge, one hand occupied by his book and the other mindlessly petting latte. one of johnny’s favorite ways to pass time while waiting for you. after a while johnny gets bored of his book and moves to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, latte following behind him. the loud tapping of her paws resonating throughout your apartment. as he pours hot water into his mug he hears the sound of the door rattling. you’re home. hurriedly johnny dips his tea bag into the mug before plucking latte in his arms before she can get to the door before him– meaning she gets to see you first, not on his watch though. with latte safe in his arms, johnny jogs his way to the main entrance, jumping on his toes like a little child. he’s just excited you’re home.

    a beeping noise emits from the door and soon reveals you in your full glory, beautiful as ever. latte yips at your arrival as a wide smile grows on johnny’s face “welcome home.” he welcomes in a gentle tone. the sound of his voice makes you heart warm, a voice you’ve been yearning to hear this whole day.

    “stayed up again?” you implore, pulling off your shoes before walking into the threshold. approaching your lover.

    “actually i was catching up on my book, ended up losing track of time.” he reasons, watching as you coo at latte before taking her in your arms. johnny’s heart feels full at the sight. you nod at his reason, walking into the kitchen. johnny hasn’t given his welcome home kiss yet, huffing unsatisfied he follows you like latte did to him earlier.

    “did you not miss me?” he whines wrapping his arms around your waist, halting your movement. you giggle at his clingy behavior melting as he presses a kiss to your lips. a content sighs leaves him– finally feeling his lips against yours after a long day. latte yips again, johnny pulls away from you, leaning his cheek against the crown of your head. joking about latte ruining the mood.

    “you don’t always have to wait up for me, you know.”

    “i’d always wait for you my love, you know that.”

    this belongs to neokive! please do not copy, modify, repost, translate or claim as your own.

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  • iced-nct
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    💕NCT Dream Masterlist💕

    🍑-Smut 🍒-Angst 🍓-Fluff

    Updated: 01/23/2022

    The Camboys:

    Peaches - Haechan x F Reader 🍑

    Sweet Like Honey - Jaemin x F Reader 🍑

    Sugar - Jeno x F Reader 🍑

    Men Are From Mars: (sci-fi/zodiac based)

    Mark x F Reader 🍑

    The One-Shots:

    Anti-Romantic - Renjun x Reader 🍒

    Sweetheart - Jeno x F Reader 🍑

    Did You Log A Workout? - Chenle x F Reader 🍑

    All Night Long - Chenle x F Reader 🍑

    New Year, Same Love - Jisung x F Reader 🍒🍓

    The OT7 Reactions:

    What Lingerie The Dreamies Prefer On You 🍑

    The Timestamps:

    [11:52pm] - Mark x GN Reader 🍓

    [8:34am] - Jaemin x GN Reader 🍓

    [2:45am] - Jeno x GN Reader 🍓

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  • ravn-flame
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I Told You So | Yandere! Nakamoto Yuta × Fem!Reader

    Warning : stockholm syndrome, possessive behaviours, mentions of death, guilt tripping, fluff. No proofread so please beware of any errors.

    "You're not going anywhere, Y/n." Yuta sternly said through his gritted teeth. His eyes were clenched close as his fingers rubbed his forehead. His coat was thrown beside him and his tie was hanging loosely on his collar.

    He just got home from work when he caught her on their bedroom changing into her outside clothes after she got out of the shower. He told her to change into her comfortable clothes but she didn't listen.

    Y/n sighed. "Yes, I can, Yuta. I'll be right back before seven, I promise." she bent down to put her high heels on.

    It's been months since she last saw her friends personally because Yuta told her to just stay at home while he'd be the one to work and provide for the both of them. It took him a while to finally convince her to do so and when that happened, he prohibited her from stepping out of the front door.

    Everytime she asked him if she could at least hang out at the garden on their backyard, he still won't let her. The next attempts she did lead to nothing but a heated fight with him.

    She'd shut the bedroom door locked the whole night so he had no choice but to sleep on the couch. He'd apologize to her in the morning but that doesn't mean he's willing to let her roam around. Nothing's going to change his mind from isolating her inside their own house.

    "I'll be going now—" before she'd get a hold of the doorknob, she was immediately stopped by a hand gripping her wrist tightly. "I said, you're not going anywhere! How hard is that for you to understand?!"

    "I just wanted to see my friends, Yuta. Why are you making a big deal about it? You've been locking me up in here for so long. Aren't you already satisfied with that?"

    "I was doing this for your own safety! Don't you hear the news about people getting killed every day and night? Countless of them went missing for a couple of days and were found dead. There's a damn murderer freely walking out there! What if you get killed by him, huh? What would you do?"

    She stopped trying to free herself from him and became silent. She did heard the news about it. Same reports were casted on the mass media for the passed months, the suspect was never really identified yet and the crime investigators had a hard time finding out who it was cuz they keep on receiving false reports.

    Yuta has a point. What if she's one of the killer's next target? For sure, she'd never get passed him and wouldn't be able to at least ask for Yuta's forgiveness for not listening to him. She looked down at her feet in shame.

    "If you know what's best for you, don't be stupid enough to risk your life just for you to be able to meet your friends. But if you really want to see them..." he let go of her wrist. "Then don't expect that the door behind you will still going to be open for you."

    Her lips parted but nothing came out of her mouth, she couldn't find the right words to tell him and she could only bite her lower lip. This time, Yuta was the one who walked away from her and shut the bedroom door. Loud enough for her to know that she made him mad and upset.

    All Yuta wanted was to protect her because he loves her but she keeps on insisting to go outside. She wanted freedom from the home where she's safe. The home that he built just for her. Was she being too self-centred? Yuta gave her everything she wanted but she wanted more. She is selfish.

    With her head still hung low in guilt, she took off her high heels and placed them back on the shoe rack. She sat beside his coat that she ironed last night, now it has crumples and a small spotless stain of coffee.

    She remembered him rushing to work this morning for an unexpected meeting with his co-workers and tons of paperworks to finish. He left without eating his breakfast but never forgets to kiss her goodbye and shout an 'I love you' before he drives off.

    No matter how busy he was, he'd always reminds her how much he loves her. He must've been really tired and stressed from work yet here she is, being ungrateful for everything he did for her.

    How terrible could she be?

    Y/n lifted her head when she heard the bedroom door open. Yuta came out of there, wearing freshly washed clothes after showering. He silently went to the kitchen, ruffling a towel on his wet hair. "I thought, you're going out? Why are you still here?" he asked, his back facing her.

    She fiddled with her fingers, "I-i'm... I'm sorry. I was wrong." she mumbled.

    He stopped midway from drinking the bottle of cold water, a smile making its way on his lips when he realized he succeeded again. Of course, he did. He always do. There's no way she could ever escape from his trap once she stepped in.

    He twisted the cap of the bottle close, putting it on the counter and went to her. She watched him with regret filled in her eyes. He knelt down in front of her, taking her hands in his. "I told you so. Then why didn't you listen to me?" he asked softly.

    She gulped the lump on her throat, shaking her head. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know I was being so selfish. I'm really sorry..." warm tears ran down her cheeks and he reached out one of his hands to wipe them.

    "Shh, it's okay. Just promise me, you won't do it ever again."

    She nods, "I promise and I might've forgotten to tell you I love you too this morning." he felt his heart flutter and he can't help but smile widely.

    "I really can't stay mad at you when you're like this. I love you more, Y/n. More than you'll ever know." He leaned towards her, claiming her plush lips. "Always remember that."

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    I’m opening my requests.

    I will only write for nct. Nothing too gory or nsfw(not comfortable with that yet).

    If you’re interested, drop me an ask.

    Specialty: angst (imo)

    Exo are my bois but I’m not taking requests for them rn

    #nct#nct imagines #nct dream drabbles #nct scenarios#nct dream#nct angst#nct oneshot#nct drabbles#nct requests #if this doesn’t show up in the tags I’m going to cry
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