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    21.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Here’s the request for Taeyong!

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    21.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Here’s the request for Chenle!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#zhong chenle #zhong chenle smut #nct chenle #nct chenle smut #nct dream chenle #nct dream chenle smut #nct#nct smut#nct dream #nct dream smut
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    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ꭰąվ 𝟙

    ➱ Ƥɑɾƙ Jísմղց

    Jisung is a shy boy, someone who can’t tell the difference between love and simple affection. It isn't until his partner starts to drift away from him that things finally start becoming crystal clear.

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings: none

    a/n: hihi! This is the first day of my 1k special, hope this isn't too shitty 😞

    ☞ taglist: @morningsunandnightsky @soberhani @aaasteroidsky @chenlewifey @piaozhisheng @doeilovr

    falling masterlist



    “Ji!” He hears you shout from across the hallway, quick steps rushing to catch up with him. He shoots an apologetic look to his friend, who simply nods and starts walking away. “Good morning.” Your arms wrap around his torso per usual.

    “Good morning.” He simply smiles, patting your arms for you to loosen your hold.

    “Are you coming to see my art show tonight?” Your eyes shone with excitement. His front teeth caught his lower lip. “...you forgot, didn't you?”

    “I’m sorry, y/n, I have an important game tournament tonight.” He patted your head reassuringly, trying to soothe the frown deepening between your eyebrows.

    “But I told you about this weeks ago. You promised to be there.” No matter how mad you were, you never shouted, and he thanked you for that.

    “I’ll try to get there after my tournament, alright?”

    “Whatever.” You swatted his hand away, taking long strides to get to your class.


    “He’s not even doing the bare minimum!” Your very best friend threw her hands in the air, mad at your so-called boyfriend.

    “I know.” You'd given up on trying to find an explanation for every mistake he made. “Should I break up with him?” But the mere idea of leaving Jisung made your stomach stir uncomfortably.

    “You should do whatever feels best for yourself.”

    And those simple words drove you to stand outside of his classroom, asking him for a break.

    “What do you mean a break?” He frowned, clearly confused about your sudden decision. “Is this because of the art show?”

    “Do you even love me, Jisung? Or did you accept my confession to avoid making me feel bad?” To be honest, he'd never thought about it. Your relationship with him as friends was so close that becoming a couple felt only natural. Now, he wasn't so sure about his feelings. “You should think about it.”

    But how could he tell if he was actually in love when you were his first girlfriend, the only girl he'd ever kissed or hugged? As he started into the ceiling of his dorm, unable to think of an answer, his roommate barged in.

    “What are you doing? The tournament starts in half an hour. You should be practicing.”

    “Huh?” Chenle dropped his belongings on the bed, staring at his friend with squinted eyes.

    “What happened?” Jisung opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, trying to find the right words to say. “Spit it out.”

    Sitting on Jisung’s bed, Chenle received a question he never thought he'd have to answer.

    “What do you think about my relationship with y/n?” Now it was his turn to stutter.

    “I-I...look, It isn't my place to say this, but since you asked...” With a deep breath, Chenle blurted out: “It seems to me as if you only saw her as your friend.”

    “So she wasn't being dramatic...” Tears stung his eyes like a thousand needles. Being unable to hold back the liquid gathering in the corner of his eye, a teardrop finally slid down the side of his cheekbone. “I’m an asshole, she must think I was just playing with her all along.”

    “Jisung, my perspective and hers are not the absolute truth. Only you know what you feel.” Chenle patted his friend’s knee, feeling his heart squeeze at the sight of his shattered state.

    “The problem is I don't.”

    “You do. It's just you'd never thought of it in-depth. Give yourself a break from her, see how you cope with it and make a decision.”

    Jisung knew there was truth in his friend’s words. So for the next three days, he didn't come close to you. He wasn't feeling anything different than normal; after all, it wasn't the first time you'd spent days away from each other. Maybe Chenle was right.

    It was Friday, his last class, that he coincidentally shared with you. Without hesitating, you walked past your shared seat, putting down your belongings on one of the tables at the back of the room. An uncomfortable feeling pinched his chest as Jaemin, one of your classmates, walked straight to the empty seat beside you.

    “Hey, sweetness. What are you doing here?” That gross nickname had his delicate nose scrunching in disgust. But you didn't seem to mind as a small giggle escaped your mouth. Were you into pet names? He never called you anything other than your name.

    “Just wanted to take a nap. Classes have been draining me out.” Whenever you were sleepy, Jisung would drape his jacket over your head so the sun coming in from the window wouldn't hurt your eyes. Would Jaemin do the same? “Kick me or something if the teacher comes near.”

    “Sure thing.”

    Jisung kept peeking back through the corner of his eye, making sure Jaemin wasn't too close. Your fine eyebrows were knit together, bothered by the sunlight.

    As soon as the bell rang, he finally let out the breath he was holding. Jaemin left the room as well as everyone else, only your sleeping figure and he were left.

    All through the class, the only thing he could think of was you, sitting with someone that wasn't him. An idiot is what Jisung was. He was delusional for doubting for even one second his love for you.

    “Y/n.” He softly called you, walking to your place to wake you up. “Class is over, we can go now.”

    “Hm?” His hand unconsciously flew to your hair, petting it with his big hand. “What are you doing?” You asked in a husky tone.

    “I want to talk, but I'm afraid this isn't the right place.”

    You nodded, gathering your backpack to leave the classroom with him. This was finally it, the moment you'd been anticipating for the past few days.

    “Just do it quickly, I don't want a speech about it.” You said as soon as you were sitting on one of the benches at the entrance of your building.

    “Are you sure?”

    “For the sake of the friendship we once had, stop playing with me.” The first tear fell on your pants, turning the light grey fabric darker.

    “I’m sorry for not attending your show and for being the shittiest boyfriend ever. But above all...” His fingers found their way to the nape of your neck, thumbs sliding over the shells of your ears. “...I’m sorry for not realizing how much I love you.”

    “Don’t say things like that if you don't mean them.” You had every right to doubt him, yet, the only thing he wanted was to see those lovely eyes that stared at him as if he were your whole world.

    “I’m not gonna lie. I doubted myself too. But what other reason can explain the fact that ever since we met, I never looked at another woman?” He could see your busy mind running through possible arguments to contradict him. So before you could open your mouth, he kissed it. Not the usual pecks you shared, but a real kiss. “I just realized what love feels like, and I'll need you to be patient with me for some time. But I promise I'll get better if you still want me back, of course.”

    A small pinch in his back made him hiss, slightly pushing your body to shoot you an incredulous look.

    “Did you just pinch me?”

    “Shut up, Andy Park. You're taking me for dinner to compensate for all the suffering you made me go through.” He shook his head in disbelief, plump lips curving into a smile.

    “I should've never told you my English name.”

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  • kpoppwriter
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    WayV Reaction - Another Member Catching Him Making Out

    ❧ Anon asked: Making out with Kun and things are getting ~heated~ but then another member comes in and interrupts the moment 😳 (you can just make this a Kun drabble/oneshot or you could turn this into a WayV reaction, whatever you prefer doing !) take your time, love your works~

    ❧ A/N: decided to do all the members cause why not? also just wanted to write for Xiaojun lol

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~


    Kun wouldn’t be too fazed if another member walked in on him making out with you. He would just sternly tell them to knock next time and shoo them away from his room. He’d be down to get back to what you were just doing if you were still willing. 


    Ten is a wild man. Does he care that one of the members just walked in on the two of you making out? No. Did he stop when said member walked in? Absolutely not. Unless you pull away, he’s not stopping for anything. If the member didn’t want to watch, they could leave. 


    Sicheng didn’t expect any of the other members to be home this early and to just waltz into his room looking for him. Man, did Sicheng’s face turn bright red when one of the members caught the two of you. He would probably be too embarrassed to continue your heated activities.


    Lucas would be a bit embarrassed after getting caught but that wouldn’t deter him from continuing. He knew he’d get teased by the others later but that didn’t matter much to him. There was a cute red tint to the tips of his ears as he let out a shy giggle before going back to kissing you passionately. 


    Aww poor Xiaojun would get so shy. His face would be beet red even after the member that had just walked in on you two left. He’d need some time to recover from his embarrassment but once he knew it was safe to get back to making out, he would. 


    Hendery wouldn’t be too deterred by someone walking in on the two of you making out. He may be a tad flustered and have a bit of a blush on his cheeks but once the member left the room, Hendery was back on you, his desires taking over again. 


    YangYang wouldn’t care much if someone walked in on the two of you. He may get a tad annoyed but he’d just ask the member to quickly leave so he could return to his activities. You could tell he was a bit embarrassed though, the light pink tint on his ears gave it away.

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    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    hello! i've recently said how im working on converting my seasonal inconveniences 00 line series into an smau. a lot has changed from it, and since this is going to be my first smau, as well as my first smau series and series ever. i would like your input on what i should do!

    i tried keeping it pretty short, if any of you are interested please consider filling it out, it would mean a lot to me!

    the form can be found here!

    please note that my masterlist is not released right now because i'm still making changes to everything, so there's not really that much information out, but i can link the old masterlist. it's a bit inaccurate from im making now, but it has the same concept since it's derived from it soooo yeah...

    i will close the forms before i start the very first smau, which won't be until a little while after the masterlist for all of the smau's come out so there's plenty of time, but i will update when it closes at some point just in case.

    thank you for your time, and have a great day!

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    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I just posted a fic and it's not appearing in the tags ... so

    time out (prequel)

    please read it ._. I worked really hard on it, specifically the beginning
    #nct smut#jeno smut #jeno x reader
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  • tenderlyrenjun
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    time out: the prequel

    ↦ summary: here it is, the beginning - not of your rivalry but of your fucking relationship (pun intended)

    ↦↦ includes: excessive use of commas, yelling (?), slight rich kid au, car sex/safe sex (!): dick sucking, fingering, little bit of a praise kink, and penetration; it’s kind of a soft fic, like tender

    ↦ hockey co-captain/architecture major!jeno x figure skater/bio major!reader

    11,6k words (i am so sorry) | preview one, preview two

    if you are under 18 and you interact with this fic at all, I will block and report you

    a/n: i think that this is going to be my last attempt at posting fics. if it doesn’t work out, if people don’t reblog or don’t like this one, i really don’t know what else i can do except stop.

    Hockey practice, tonight, ended on a pretty low note – for the entire team, yeah, but none more than their zealous co-captain, Lee Jeno, who left the locker rooms deaf to any worried remarks. ‘Are you okay?’ followed him pointlessly, because everyone already knew how he felt going into the rink.

    If Jeno’s demeanor did not make it evident, Renjun, who accompanied Yangyang after a figure skating competition, gave a repeating throat slicing gesture, signaling not to test the guy’s patience. Captain Lee 2.0 (nicknamed per birth order) already had a rough week: physics exam Tuesday afternoon, a huge digital technology project due Wednesday morning, a series of advanced geometry proofs to study for next week’s pop quiz, etc. But he stayed up, regardless, chained to a desk in his apartment, ordering Postmates everyday because he had no time to cook, wanting solely to focus on understanding and creating new plays for the season, possibly more than his maths class (but his parents don’t see his grades, so it’s fine). It’s just … This is his first full season as captain (or co-captain as people will not let him forget), after having been asked by Mark during last school year’s bye week. And to commemorate the promotion, he really, really wants to break the team’s losing streak. It has been going on for a few years, since the last official playmaker joined the NHL in North America. You know, good for him, hope he’s happy and healthy, Jeno guessed, shrugging begrudgingly, but there has been no obvious starting point to rebuild the same success in the team’s current lineup. Playmakers do not just drop into existence! People work insanely hard for that position – which is what Jeno tries to do. Not that it is particularly working out at the moment.

    The playmaker is fast, super-fast, like Quicksilver fast, but Sungchan, their tallest player, can lap him twice in less than a minute. The playmaker keeps his eye out for openings on the ice, usually scoring more assists than goals, but Mark, his other half and co-captain, when he is on the ice, not in line, stands and observes during the game before making any moves, which typically lead into assists anyways – Mark actually got an award in high school, twice, for most assists in the league, and this season looks like he may be on track for the same thing. The only thing Jeno has in common with any playmaker is the forward position, the most advantageous position to score, at least, more than defence or goalie. Although, Haechan pulled a Hextall during one of the initiation practices, and the memory will keep him in the goalie spot, assuming that he can recreate it in an actual game. But, despite all the reverence, each player still has areas to improve upon. Jeno does not want to be in a position where all the “good” players are benched, or where, God forbid, someone gets too injured and the entire team has to forfeit a win because Jeno did not invest time into every. single. member.

    For this exact reason, Yangyang, their newest member, lacking any real prior skill (also a weak link at the moment), was assigned 6AM solo drill practices. Okay, well, not assigned per se – Mark told Jeno that he cannot do that, or film their practices, because he gets a bit … too obsessed. But once Jeno found out that Yangyang started going the extra mile, it felt like a loophole, and he started giving out more guidance, a.k.a. specific drills that he knows would help Yangyang not only get in a good practice but also improve his skill. Jeno can simply pray that someone will eventually become available to practice a one-on-one arch backchecking – he would do it, but he has an 8AM, and the drill would make him skip class. Hockey is important to him, just not as vital as his architecture degree (the main thing he is in college for … although, he cannot blame anyone if they assumed he planned on going pro). Jeno has enough self-control to recognize when not to play – doesn’t mean he likes it though. And unfortunately, Yangyang is not the only … hurdle this year. Haechan, who inherited his number (66) from a graduating senior last year and typically plays defence, has not fared as well as his namesake, or older brother, with the new plays lately. But, considering the irreplicable (but hopefully replicable) goalie shot, Jeno keeps Haechan, on the ice, opposite Winwin – both as goalies, a position that Haechan has not held since little league. And Sungchan, the team’s most recent high school graduate, and former varsity star player, like Mark (!) … Actually, don’t get Jeno started on Sungchan.

    The maknae is friends, a dongsaeng to, his mortal enemy.

    Alright, hardly a mortal enemy, but Jeno does not consider you one of the friendliest people. You are too argumentative against him, branding your name in a golden calligraphy at the forefront of his hippocampus, drawn like the Illuminated Manuscript. Literally anyone would debate that the two of you are symmetrical, but the last year or two has shown that two sides of the same coin describes your relationship way better – you both obsess over your individual sports (figure skating and ice hockey, respectively), but where Jeno dedicates himself to the rink, you hog it, or, at least, that is how he sees it. You see him exactly as he sees you – passion tainted by frustration, framed as hatred. And it’s not like people haven’t pointed it out the similarities; Jeno believes Renjun’s exact words were, ‘just fuck and get it over with’ (he doesn’t know if Renjun was serious or not). And if he is not mistaken, your coach encouraged you to ‘make nice’. You are the one who cannot get through the irritation, the screaming matches, the – the dry mouth and headaches an-and feeling flushed before, during, or after an argument. And him, too. You always leave, always leave him staring, jaw clenched tightly, eyebrows frozen deeply into his face.

    In fact, to really further his perspective (that the problem is you), Jeno was nice, earlier in the day, before practice; he wanted to be nice, to you.

    Jeno was heading into practice sooner than the others, as he usually does (Mark arrives early too, a couple minutes after Jeno, to set up the rink and go over practice goals), but this time Sungchan texted him, asking for a ride, delaying Jeno’s typical entrance). Their youngest member generally catches a ride from you, which Jeno absolutely abhors because it means that he has to see you, but Sungchan’s license is still on the way and he does not have a car at the moment (all ice teams use an off-campus rink, the one on Anam, and Jeno seems to schedule practice for the most inconvenient times, a.k.a. all the damn time). But, like, half a minute before Jeno got to Sungchan’s dorm – literally as he turned into the carpark – the giant Bambi dude texted that he had a friend emergency at a different dorm, not even a dorm! An apartment building. The SoHo Apartments, where you live.

    How Sungchan got there, Jeno will never know, yet he still went. Jeno still went, despite knowing that there was a near 100% chance of running into you. He wanted to assume that Sungchan was simply being a fiercely loyal friend, hopefully to that one upperclassman in the med school, Jungwoo (Jeno only knows about him because Jaemin mentioned him in passing), but no! Sungchan sauntered out of the building, you on his arm wearing loose black pants and a number 27 jersey – probably one of Sungchan’s backups, which is technically against the rules (!). Players are not allowed to give out their jerseys … during game season. Off season is fine, but not during. It is the only rule Mark agreed to so quickly, solely because it is practical. They are all college students, and only have so much free time, especially with the way Jeno wants to get everyone in shape; therefore, laundry days are limited, meaning that their jerseys are limited.

    So, Jeno totally protested! … Silently, of course – biting his lip, taking out his anger via extra tight grip on the steering wheel, just left of the horn, almost sounding the alarm. Like, fucking hell, if his day could get any worse, he thought.

    Except, apparently, you got dumped, or stood up, or whatever – he was not particularly paying attention – before heading out to some rare house party around Anam. But, like, see; This is why Jeno cannot stand your personality (overbearing priss): you are still going to that party, braving face, even though something devastating happened. So fucking concerned with public appearances, and for what? People date the wrong person! It happens! Your ego cannot be that ginormous. And come to think of it, he has never even seen you alone. You are always with someone: your coach, another skater; Sungchan; some guy who you probably met on Tinder, etc. He has never even seen you standing awkwardly in line at the on-campus coffee place between classes, staring at your phone just to look busy – not that he does it … often. Sometimes he will carry a playbook or annotate his geometry notes while waiting.

    Still, Jeno let it slide (not without an eyeroll thought); he let all of it slide, saying nothing, just to get to practice faster, and get you out of his backseat faster. He glanced at you in the rear-view mirror a couple of times, briefly, during the short trip, just to verify that you are, in fact, upset, or, at least, displaying some human emotion other than the contempt he has become accustomed to over the last two years. And you were, kinda sad. So, if his gazes started to soften, that was between him and God. Although, to really keep up his appearance, he made you walk to the party from the rink, claiming that it is literally a less-than-ten-minute walk and the sun had not even set yet, much to your disdain. Sungchan protested for you, obviously caught in the middle like a child of divorce, but you relented, knowing, along with Jeno, that you cannot really complain because he did give you a ride, when he was in a position to abandon you on the side of the road. You only took, maybe, three steps before Sungchan ran after you, claiming that practice did not start for another half hour at least, once again reversing the roles and leaving Jeno alone.

    Honestly, Jeno thinks as he sits in his car, head pressed against the steering wheel, a once-again-empty carpark in front of him, he feels abandoned. Stupid Mark and ending the Cross Fire drills early. Just because “it’s a Saturday night” and “Everyone deserves a time to rest”. Hockey is the rest! That is his stress relief!


    Jeno considers going back inside for some solo practices – he could even try the ones that he assigned Yangyang, just to make sure those drills are effective for any skill level, as a precaution, on the off-chance that someone else starts solo practicing as well (the team really needs them; it’s just hard because everyone had different majors and other commitments). But Jeno recently showered and changed into his favorite shirt – the sweater-like one with thick black stripes and white stripes, and skinny black and purple stripes across the white stripes. He paired it with some black joggers and silver accessories, a chain connecting a belt loop to his wallet. The outfit is cozy enough for him to fall asleep in, so he could, alternatively, head home for the evening. But his apartment acts like a revolving door for both him and his roommate, Jaemin, his earliest childhood friend from all the way back in elementary school (along with Haechan, but he lives on-campus still). Jaemin inconveniently joined a study group for the MEET (medicine major entrance exam) though, hence why there is no number 42 (Jaemin’s jersey number) on SNU’s current hockey lineup. He said something about the sport being too time consuming for his major, and he prefers to sleep, if he gets the chance. Unfortunately, Jeno needs his emotional support attachment doll right now – to either vent or to spot him at the gym, the one on-campus is open 24-hours, mostly for the Olympian athletes but they have a healthier sleep schedule, so they use it at normal functioning people hours (a.k.a. daytime). Jeno can only really lean on Jaemin right now, because Renjun (a friend from high school; the latest addition to their friend group) is utterly obsessed with some student in Kun’s class; Mark is eternally busy with a thousand other commitments; going to Sungchan seems like a sort of treason – to what? To whom? Against himself? Jeno cannot answer for certain. And so he bangs his head on the steering wheel center (thank God that he inadvertently had the foresight to not turn on the ignition yet, otherwise the carpark would basically hear one elongated, yet comical, alarm scream). Maybe he just needs to befriend more people, particularly people outside his team and (high school) graduating cohort. Well, he received the foresight to learn about the party on Anam, so he could make friends there, and being semi-popular, he might already know a person or two there (besides you, of course), allowing himself to ease into the setting more gracefully.

    Jeno groans again, hitting his head successively on the horn a few times. Jaemin did tell him to go out more. But, Jeno reminds himself, slowly sitting up, tilting his head to the side, he is, technically, outside right now. He just … would not be as alone if he went to the party, a party. Then, he groans again, erecting his spine against the chair, hair thumping on the headrest. He doesn’t even know why he debates himself. People must be meeting up right now – literally anywhere other than a stupid house party! No one even throws house parties! And in a city that, essentially, never sleeps? In Seoul? Yeah, right. Plus, it is the weekend, party time!

    Jeno digs through his pants until finding his phone. It feels colder than the ice rink, even the bright, 96%-charged screen cannot warm his hands, or the car. First, he opens Twitter, scrolling through his main account with random follows, but his DMs, mentions, and timeline suggest something else going on. Everyone is either coupled up, depressingly pining, or just staying in. It forces him to close the app without bothering to switch accounts (the other would tell the same story, only unfiltered), a deep sigh erupting from his diaphragm, through his nose. He tries Instagram next, tapping through stories, public and private, like rejections on Tinder – not that he has it. Jeno refuses to download the stupid app, no matter what Mark’s equally stupid intro psych class says (Mark isn’t even a psych major!). But all his friends seem to be eating out, doing karaoke, studying, etc., in small groups. Like, Jeno knows that house parties are usually saved for special occasions: moving into a new place, national holiday celebrations, Chuseok, etc., but it offers more control than, like, some random 1-hour coffee thing. And all the clubbing invites are such a turn off because it sounds so sweaty, and, again, he just took a shower. Ugh, all the people who come to mind are diving into Seoul’s night life. Annoying.

    Jeno grumbles something incoherently and does not have the faintest idea what the sound could, should, or would have been. Practice was absolute hell on his voice, yelling over skates scratching new ice chips to the surface and carbon fiber sticks hitting steel posts. He rubs his neck between his thumb and index finger, rolling his head around his shoulders. Yanno, alcohol is in medicine, so, he thinks hesitantly, a bottle of soju will help.  (no, it won’t).

    Hongjoong’s entire party cheers for Jeno when he walks through the foyer, showing off a bottle of sansachun like the trophy he wants so bad, in one hand, above his head, and a 12-pack box of soju by his thigh in the other hand. Jeno inhales shakily, breath hitching at his thin smile, ego slightly boosted but … disappointing. And after the applause dies down, he tries to find comfort in something familiar, looking for anyone recognizable. But everyone turned around just as quickly as they looked up. Well, everyone except you. Your outfit is different from earlier – a new, black skirt, a short skirt, not covering your legs; a tight, quarter-sleeved crop top; and a pair of maroon Converse, making him realize how much you rely on ice skates to elevate you (and your narcissism). He only spotted you first, in the crowd, because you were part of the scarce few facing him and you rolled your eyes to Yeeun beside you, most likely about him, muttering snidely (as expected of a shrew), but he could not discern it, as you said it into your red solo cup. And since Yeeun is a friend to the both of you, Jeno takes a step to defend himself, his socks slipping on the glazed wooden floor.

    Juyeon, a basketball player and fellow winter sports mate, thankfully catches Jeno by the arm.

    “Hey, man,” Juyeon waves, slowly releasing. He moves two hands between them, gesturing to take the alcohol into the kitchen.

    “Thanks,” Jeno comments, voice low and strained, “again.” He rubs his Adam’s apple into his larynx, for some relief on his vocal cords. The motion generates a yawn, which does release some tension, just not enough, so he gives it one more go, then points at a near by table with bright neon colors. “What is all that for?”

    Juyeon glances over his shoulder. Hongjoong, ever the art major, displayed pretty glowsticks, uncracked right now, alongside jelly bracelets and gel pens under a crumpled piece of construction paper too far away for either blind boy to read without their glasses. “Uhh,” he hesitates, then snaps his fingers loudly, a few people (you included) looking around for the source of the sound. You accidentally make eye contact with Jeno and glare at him, to which he rolls his eyes at. He almost returns to Juyeon when he catches sight of the blue bracelet peeking out of your sleeve. “Those,” Juyeon interrupts, “are for some game.” He lifts his wrist up, shifting all the bottles on his waist, to show off his own red bracelet. “You pick a color, and if someone steals it, you gotta do that action. Like, if Gahyeon stole mine, I’d have to give her a kiss.”

    “On the lips?” Jeno asks for clarification. The rules seem vague.

    Juyeon pauses and tilts his head to the side, squinting his eyes a bit. “No, I don’t think so. The party is based on consent.” Then he shakes his head. “I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed to kissing her, but if I didn’t want to, I guess I’d just kiss her cheek or hand or do a body shot off her stomach again.”

    “Again?” Jeno raises an eyebrow.

    Juyeon playfully shoves him at the chest, shuffling the bottles as they lose balance on his hip. He almost loses them to the floor, so he moves them into the kitchen while Jeno is still giggling. Then, after Juyeon leaves a lonely hockey player, Jeno walks around to the table with all the stuff on it and reads the note that neither Juyeon nor he could see from six feet away, without their glasses:

    Entrance fee: write your name on a slip and place it in a jar! Two names will be called every hour for 7 Minutes in Heaven. The only rule (besides be a decent human being) is don’t fuck in my closet. Thanks.

    He scribbles his name in a tiny font, hoping that if he writes illegibly, then Hongjoong would not be able to read it out loud in front of everyone. There are also about a hundred names, give or take a few, so realistically, he has, like, no chance of actually being called, hence why he is more inclined to drop his name in the jar than, say, the Swear Jar that Haechan installed at practice. Still though, he flicks it in before reading the list of acts associated with each jelly bracelet color:

    Pick up one jelly bracelet to play!

    Red – a kiss

    Pink – flashing (a body part)

    Yellow – a hug

    Green – oral

    Blue – spanking

    Purple – a hickey

    Black – sex


    Steal someone’s bracelet to “get” their prize.

    If you don’t want to give them your prize, then stand on a table and make out with your hand for 30 seconds, make sure the people are watching.

    You gotta be clean to play. All rule breakers will be immediately blacklisted from any future activities.

    Jeno thumbs at a black jelly braclet, pondering that last sentence.

    During second semester freshman year, there was a chlamydia outbreak in one of the dorms. Basically the entire floor got it. So, like, totally fair statement. Especially since Jaemin caught, too, and was majorly pissed about the antibiotics – doxycycline, which he ended up forgetting to take a dose of, twice, and gave him a raging headache right before a stats exam. Probably another reason why Jaemin is taking a break from the dating scene (in addition to the biochem incident). Jeno remembers that he almost mistook one of the pills for mint gum until Jaemin quite literally smacked it out of his hand, then ate it off the floor (five second rule). And maybe he has a thing for spanking because he chooses a blue bracelet as well.

    Slowly, Jeno starts adjusting to the party, his fingers no longer twitching at his phone. He puts his hands above his hips, thinking back to what he was going to do before Juyeon explained the party’s general rules. It looks like other people are just talking, scrolling through Tinder, mixing drinks – being casual. Rooms overflow with people leaning on doorframes, trying to relax vertically since all the horizontal places are taken – the couches, the floor pillows, the bedrooms (probably). Jeno scans his eyes further into the living, searching for someone familiar, then he spots you and Yeeun. Well, you first. He noticed that he always does this: sees you before you see him, and it turns into this whole thing.

    You roll your eyes after catching him in the act and put a hand on Yeeun’s arm, loudly whispering as Jeno walks over, “I’m going to talk to Noze. The company around her might be more …” you trail off, intentionally looking Jeno up and down while Yeeun stares at you expectantly, oblivious to his presence. “Tolerable. Bye.”

    Yeeun waves you goodbye as well, frowning, lines creasing between her eyebrows, until she spots the your object of … affection. “Oh, hey,” she greets him, a quick kiss on the cheek like a cool aunt, as he leans down to meet her. “I didn’t expect to see you here. How’d you even hear about the party?”

    Jeno raises an eyebrow, gesturing to half the room. The population so clearly indicates that the party is not so exclusive. “It looks like half the engineering building heard about the party.” He also nods his head at the revolving door leading into the kitchen. But he knows what she means. Jeno is not the type to go out, much less the type to go to parties. He really only attends post-hockey celebrations or the rare team icebreakers that Mark plans; you know, stuff involving the other players. Jaemin occasionally invites him to a bottoms-up with his lab classmates, but Jeno never says yes to that. He doesn’t like the crowds or not knowing everyone. “There’s like a thousand people here.”

    “Ha!” Yeeun laughs at his hyperbole, passing her poktanju to him. “No, it’s gotta be 40 to 50 at most, and you can thank Hongjoong’s roommate for that.” Jeno nods, agreeing, sounds like Seonghwa. “No, but!” Yeeun slaps Jeno’s arm.

    “Ow!” Jeno steps back, rubbing his bicep. “You didn’t steal my bracelet; you can’t hit me.”

    Yeeun rolls her eyes – he is getting that response a lot tonight. First, you in his own fucking car; then Haechan at practice; then Juyeon; and now his best noona (don’t tell his actual sister)? Wow.

    “No, not that,” she says, staring him down, knitting her eyebrows at him, wiping her hand on her pants now, mock disgusted. “And gross by the way. You’re like my little brother.” She takes her drink back and downs another shot. “No, I meant that I thought you had practice tonight. You still haven’t told me what the hell you’re doing here.”

    “I heard about it,” Jeno reinforces.

    “You said that. Who’d you hear it from?”

    “In passing,” Jeno shrugs. But Yeeun smacks him again, and harder, splashing her beer a bit on his sleeve. “Okay, okay. I heard it from Sungchan. Alright, damn.”

    “The tall kid?”

    “Eung,” Jeno confirms, voice low, distracted while he wipes his wrist drier. “Yeah, the new kid, number 27 on the hockey team.”

    “Oh,” Yeeun says slowly, eyes wide, sipping her drink deeply. “But he’s not,” she hesitates, stuttering, “your dongsaeng, right?” They come to the same conclusion – that he shares yet another person with the one he hates most.

    “No,” Jeno answers, “but he – Sungchan – is on my team,” he reinforces. And suddenly, he needs that medicinal shot of alcohol to treat his recurring symptoms in the form of a headache now. “So, I heard it from him. Whatever.” He looks above Yeeun’s head, which is not hard to do with the, like, 15-centimeter difference. “Where did Juyeon put the alcohol?”

    Yeeun absentmindedly points to the left, her own drink in hand. “I think Hongjoong told him to put it on the island in the kitchen. You’ll see it when you get in there.” Jeno watches her wave at a girl with black hair, already knowing that she is about to leave him, but hey, this time, he has something to do: get alcohol. “Go –“ She pushes him toward the drinks. “– find yourself something to drink. I’ll meet up with you again later.”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he waves her off, then hugs her and walks off.

    Halfway before he even gets to the door, Jeno bumps his shoulder into yours, and yet another drink spills onto his favorite shirt.

    “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” both of you whisper at each other, the anger radiating far enough to briefly turn some heads.

    “Let me pass, Lee,” you bite, suddenly closed off in the narrow hallway; people standing against the opposite wall just talking to each other or behind you, waiting for the bathroom or another drink, or the next best thing.

    You have the same look in your eyes as when Jeno first met you. It took a few more meetings, after that one, until he was able to name it: contempt, maybe even irritation, or disrespect. However, unlike now, he was unable to discern why he had been so deserving of your precious scorn; all he did was show up to practice! This time though, Jeno concedes that it was partially his fault. He was weaving between couples and trios, trying not to hit anyone on his way to alcohol; he barely had any in his system, to be so wobbly on his feet, like a drunkard, but he walked too close to the drywall and bounced off it, in an attempt to avoid two people making out, then he hit you right in the shoulder, your arm carrying a shot glass filled to the brim (you would get dinged in a chem lab, Jeno thinks, not that he has taken chemistry recently; he mostly listens to all the ways Jaemin kept failing the lab safety quiz). You spilled peach soju on his wrist and the edge of his shirt, forcing him to lift it enough to show off his sharp v-line, his transversus abdominis, that gets cut off by his pants tied above his waist, rather than at his waist – a tease, honestly.

    Jeno’s arm jerks backward, responsively, to force some space away from everyone, mostly you, but your watch snagged on the fabric, pinching the draw string tightened around his hips, wrapping you closer the more that Jeno tries to detangle himself. He takes a step to the wall, shoulders alert, feeling for the rough material until he falls against it. Your waist slumps against his as he drags you with him, and you grumble, ugh, holding out a second while people pass behind you, pushing past you away from the kitchen. Jeno presses your hips down, your feet coming to the ground, his hands resting more on your butt than your lower back, almost like a trap. The hallway is too narrow for this many people, Jeno thinks, wishing that Hongjoong had the sense to either limit how many students could attend or limit Seonghwa’s invites. Although, he probably would not have been able to attend had any of those two events occurred. And his hands tighten with the thought, locking you between his arms. He can feel you stare at him, blocking out the crowd that he watches equally intently.

    Once the hallway is empty (or, at least, emptier), you put a hand on Jeno’s pelvis, where your wrist is stuck, and another on his chest, then pump your arm to break free. It fails, the first time, so you use the momentum to crash on his body again and push yourself off. The loud sound creates an asymptotic barrier. On one side, you sigh a heavy relief, touching your bare wrist. On the other, Jeno pats himself down, touching his front muscles down to his belt, where your hands previously were. He almost mirrored your sigh, but then, he found a silicone bracelet, broken, in his shirt folds. It was easy to find, the red color contrasting against his stripes. He is surprised to find it at all, honestly, thumbing it against his long fingers.  You did not push him that hard, certainly not enough to give him, of all people, your bracelet. And it looks like he mistook your color, too; this one, even in the poorly illuminated hallway, is red, a kiss. Would you even give him that so easily?

    Jeno looks up at you, from his hands, dangling the thin material delicately, and half-smirks, hoping that he won’t falter. “Looks like you owe me something.”

    You roll your eyes. One more time, Jeno thinks, and your face will get stuck like that; you might even go blind. “Kiss my ass.”

    “And here I thought you wanted to leave,” Jeno retorts. You suck in a breath, thinning your lips, releasing all the tension through your toes, tapping your heel-less shoes into the ground. He exhales oppositely, exaggeratingly, tone sharp. “You had the privilege of feeling my hands on your body for the last minute, and you still want more?” He whistles lowly and says, “Damn,” appreciatively.

    “Just give me back my bracelet, ass.”

    “And,” Jeno ignores your interjection, “if anyone knows about privilege, it’s you.”

    “Ha-ha,” you assert blatantly, fists and arms tense at your sides, coming lower than your skirt. “At least I’m not a Daechi-dong, dong head,” you spit back. And he crinkles his nose at your attempt to call him a dick. “You’re the one who is barely captain because of nepotism. Or did you make everyone forget with your military drills?”

    “Oh really?” Jeno nods his heads sarcastically. “Imagine being a top skater,” he taunts back, “because your coach gets paid to elevate you!”

    “At least I am a top skater,” you seethe, purposefully quieting your voice as people start looking away. Your hiss comes out as if telling him to shut up, which he, obviously, takes offence to.

    “I would never have guessed,” Jeno scoffs, continuing with a powerful voice. “Sounds like a lie. God knows you’ve never even been on the fucking ice.”

    “Because you steal it every fucking day!” You point a finger at him. “What’s it like to constantly work toward playmaker and fail every time?”

    “Funny, coming from someone who recently got demoted.”

    You slap him.

    Jeno stares at you incredulously, jaw clenched. His mouth feels sticky, dry, tongue weighing heavy and raw, and his throat feels hoarse all over again, more agitated now as his neck heats up, just from looking at you. And his voice had already been sore from practice, barely letting out few phrases to his friends. But with you, he becomes compelled to say everything. He opens his mouth to verbally strike back.


    Hongjoong’s voice rings loud and clear at the end of the hallway. Everyone rotates toward the announcement. At the sight of the host squinting to better read the tiny handwriting, Jeno suddenly remembers the game he entered: 7 Minutes in Heaven. His body stiffens, straightening against the wall, stomach sucking in to pull further from you, though your hand comes to his forearm, dizzily, your body having been alarmed by the declaration.

    Then, Hongjoong calls your name, too.

    “Fuck,” you and Jeno whisper.

    Hongjoong pushes Jeno into the closet first, followed by Chaeyoung pushing you, into Jeno’s arms. As soon as the door closes, you shove him against the opposite wall and tug the pull chain light switch on. Jeno blinks at the yellow glow, rubbing his eyes as a result of the brightness change. He looks around first, completely neglecting you so that the time goes faster. None of the clothes, he notices, belong to any party goer, because they are neatly hung, organized from red to indigo, beige fabrics on the end; who ever shed their jacket did so in Hongjoong’s equally tidy bedroom. Aside from the jackets, there is really nothing else, maybe a few boxes underneath an empty shelf, but naught to distract him from how hot the inside of this closet is.

    Jeno looks you up and down again, eyes glossing over the outfit he already inspected so he stays on your face. You spun the moment you fell inside, looking away from him, jawline prominent as your lips tightened, frowning. “Nothing to say without an audience?” he asks bitterly, then laughs dryly.

    “What more is there to say?” you comeback, quietly, defeated. He wonders if you mean it rhetorically, because … “You got the last word.” He meets your eye, leaning further on his right side. “This time.”

    Jeno stands on his two feet, challenging you to a staring competition now, straight on. It is hard not to see every emotion written on your face; the lighting is not on your side. Something in your voice, too, has him on edge, like you have more to say. He opens his mouth to speak again, but you beat him to it, inhaling sharply and talking slowly:

    “And you’re the one who likes the attention.”

    “Yeah?” he scoffs. Ridiculous. “You were a soloist, –” He collaborates, to this day. “– and now you’re malicious to anyone and everyone, just because you have to work on a team.”

    “Why do you think that happened in the first place?! I’m not the one who hogged the rink so much that none of the other skating teams could practice!” You put your hand on your mouth, trying to physically calm yourself down. The next words out of your mouth come in a whisper, “I’m not the one who started shouting during a party. Couldn’t keep the hatred in, even for a second?”

    Jeno takes a step toward you, an instinctive comforting move that he would do for his friends without a thought. The closet seemed so much smaller on the outside and so cold where he stands. How are you still six feet away? Does anger heat up your side? Would anything change if he treads nearer? Jeno tests the waters, adding another step toward you – one foot down, four to go. And you take note of him; he is being too obvious, but you say nothing. Jeno cannot read you very well while you are far away, so when he finally reaches you, when he leans over you, all intimidation vacant from his eyes, you narrow your gaze, less like a glare, he thinks, more … curious, scrutinizing. Anyone outside might have thought that you offended him, or, maybe even, vice versa, especially as he presses you against the wall, your head slowly knocking into the wall. His hand comes to your waist again, and you stutter a breath, making him falter as well, his hand slipping on your ass.

    “Can I kiss you?” Jeno asks, though he breathes heatedly, quietly.

    Your eyes stumble to his nose, and next his lips, taking in the downward bent – his gaze has never left your eyes though, permanently glued to how you perceive, anticipating your answer, because, after all, he did possess your red bracelet.

    “For a,” you start, then gradually speed up, “Daechi-dong, you sure are slow.” You bring him in for a kiss, swiping his pink bottom lip to undermine his stature. His jaw drops open and his knees weaken, allowing you to push him against the wall, pressing your tongue on the center of his, saliva tasting void of alcohol.  You put an arm on the wall, caging him into the closet, like an anime love interest. “This changes nothing, by the way,” you inform him, as he cradles your hips. “I’m still me, even if I’m kissing you.”

    “Obviously.” Jeno rolls his eyes. He rolls your head against the wall, knotting the crown of your hair in the process, reversing your positions. Your eye lids wilt as he leans in, tilting his head to the side for deeper access, and your fists loosen, sneaking around his belt loops, bringing his body closer. The atmosphere brings an alcoholic blush across his nose, definitely not the way you turn his hips, as if trying to guide his head, lips, and tongue. He retreats just a little bit, ultimately coming back after he finds another unexplored part in your mouth. Everything is all mouth – you never smack your lips on his; he never closes his lips over yours; there is no pecking. Jeno senses the corners of your mouth, stopping his body from moving while you tongue circles on his tip. You pull back after a few swirls, starting to drool – Jeno can feel it, so he nibbles on your bottom lip, gnawing the top half lightly, getting rougher and rougher the more you enable him. Until he stops. “I’m still pissed off though,” he lets you know, reverting to your conversation.

    “Obviously,” you repeat, equally mad.

    The pressure builds up in Jeno’s cheekbones the more time passes without your face attached to his, and he takes the moment to soften at your features, asking them why you are so heated at the sight of him. When he finds no answer, he implores your mouth, pecking pillowy lips on yours, jerking your head like a joystick. His lips drag you to the tips of your toes, bringing your pelvis against his; his long fingers outline the sides of your face, sketching around your ears; his thumb drags along your cheek to your jawline, tilting your face as he opens his mouth, preparing to suction on your mouth.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Jeno feels your torso tense and your hands come to his pectoral muscles again. You push him away and pull your limbs back to your body, shutting down with a low strike on the wall. It definitely sounds like you slapped him again.

    “If you two are hate fucking in my closet, I’m kicking you out,” Hongjoong says from behind the door.

    “As if,” Jeno croaks, voice still low and hoarse because he has not drunk water in the two hours since practice ended. He dives through the crowd, emerging first.

    All eyes are on him, and he knows that they think you two sat in silence, simmering angrily. He likely looks angry too, face warm and red, the vein in his neck throbbing, chin jutted out as he looks for someone else, a real friend. They might think you offended him with the way you just stand in the closet (he didn’t hear you walk away), yet no one says anything. He can only imagine what they think – your baby hairs float off your face; your lips caught in your mouth, trying to hide the bruising; eyes darting from him to them to your hands. Jeno shakes his head. He has to get out of here.

    But you chase him – everyone thinking that it is to apologize.

    You catch Jeno outside, in front of his deep red car, and tug on his arm.

    “Why are you leaving?”

    Jeno shrugs you off and opens the car door, leaning between it and the rest of the car, standing tall. It barricades you from him. “Because I know how you are.” You tilt your head to the side. He wonders if you know how easy to read your face is. “You are so caught up in appearances. Why would I ruin that over some stupid game?”

    You nod slowly, absorbing his explanation, eyes darting around his silhouette, trying to focus on everything behind him. He even glances back but sees nothing, just rows of cars lining up the sidewalk. Not a single person leaving the party right now either, probably because house parties are so rare; movies and books make them seem like common occurrences, so people want to cling to them before they go away. But Jeno is not always right. And another group of people exit the party, walking down hill to their car, laughing loudly enough to alert you two. You shove Jeno in the driver’s seat, hovering above him as he adjusts to the leather chair.

    “What the fuck did you do that for?” he asks, rubbing behind his neck.

    You yank the lever that forces the seat toward the back and sit on your knees, between his legs, looking at him through your eyelashes. “There were people outside,” you say as if it were obvious, lifting your hands into the air then smacking them back on your bare thighs.

    “You –“ Jeno begins incredulously, tightly. “You cannot be serious.”

    “You’re the one who said that I care so much about appearances! So what if it’s true?”

    The lights turn off in his car, and instantaneously, the atmosphere reminisces Hongjoong’s closet. Jeno searches for your face, relying on a streetlight to see, not wanting to feel around for you. He puts a hand over the door, searching for the handle, but he catches his pretty wrist in the moonlight, sans blue bracelet. Jeno brings his arm between you two, closer to his chest though, inspecting the nakedness. Where the hell did his bracelet go? Surely, if someone stole it at the party, he would’ve heard something. Everyone is practically preening for the chance to steal a bracelet. He pats his chest down again, hoping that he could find it the same way that he found yours – in the folds of his shirt. But you, who gathered where his thoughts were, felt along the ground and found it by his foot. Jeno stares at how you hold it up curiously.

    “What?” he exclaims sarcastically. “Are you going to slap me again?”

    You laugh dryly but your voice trails distantly. “I didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.”

    “As expected.” Jeno rolls his eyes, ultimately returning to your face, just to see the nosy expression take over again. “You don’t really know anything about me.”

    “Bullshit,” you counter, rising on your knees. You loose balance easily, trying not to step on his toes, literally, and he catches you, again, by the hands this time, putting them on his thighs. He swears that a thankful smile cracks your façade, but it disappears in the same second. Your hands are the only reminders that you are arguing with him, pushing hard and hot into his muscles, like a terrible massage. He cracks for a second, whimpering in pain, and you alleviate it a little bit, only ghosting your touch on his pants, no longer leaning. “I know so fucking much about you, Lee.”

    “Oh yeah?” he taunts. “What’s my first name?”

    You crawl over him, placing a hand on the chair, under his thigh, moving the other behind his shoulder to hover on of him. He watches you, only able to move his chin with you, lips following yours. You lean down to his ear, hiding your face, making him doubt, a little bit, that you are the real person whispering, “Jeno”. He creeps his hands on the edge of your skirt, yanking it lightly as a signal to bring you forward, which you do, staring deeply in his eyes. “I know that you started hockey after all your friends, so now you stay later than them on the rink.” You trail your lower hand up his thigh, under his top sweatshirt, haunting around his defined muscles. “I know that you did your freshman honors thesis on hockey pucks and friction.” Jeno grabs your waist harder at the innuendo, accidentally pulling you into straddling his leg, and you yelp, falling into his chest. You straighten up quickly, trying to find a position comfortable enough to look at him, to tease him. In the midst of it all, you confess, “I know that you are more than hockey, and you’re infuriatingly good at other things, like –“

    Jeno swallows a groan.

    “– math and drawing.” You smirk. “Did I say something to make you mad?” you ask, faux-innocently. “Did you know I could do that?” You lean into his ear, twirling a strand of hair behind his ear. “Do you even know anything about me?” Jeno nods; of course, he does – no one spends all the energy he has on this … this rivalry, to come out with nothing. You lean away, slowly, dropping back on your knees, on the floor, and rub the inside of his manspread thighs. “Can you tell me one thing? I gave you three.”

    “I know that –“ Jeno swallows, not sure if he wants to tell about an intimate moment he once witnessed, but you look at him with expectant eyes crinkling with innocence, even if that innocence might be hidden behind sensuality. “– during competition season, in the quietest moments between performances, you disobey your expensive coach’s direct orders –“ He throws the nepotism back in your face, alleviating the familiarity that neither of you should be sharing. “– and sit in an empty rink, eating a strawberry McFlurry.” The silence after is deafening, bringing back that ringing sound he heard after practice in place of his teammates, so he adds, “I don’t know what you think about,” but he can guess. It is probably the same thing that he thinks about before games – less about the plays, about the potential for losing, more about being on the ice, how fun everything is, despite the misery that comes from losing.

    Jeno locks eyes with you, wondering if he finally found a common ground. Your hands, and eyes, responsively drop to his ankles, fiddling the hems. He starts to consider … that he went too far … again, and he exhales, collapsing further into the cold leather chair, scooting away from you. It’s not like he has Jaemin’s boy-next-door-charm, or Renjun’s suavity; and he is certainly not as approachable as Yangyang. He can never get it just right, find that perfect balance. You always fly off the handle with him, and he has the hardest time even talking to you. Nothing he says is ever the correct thing.

    “Can I kiss you?”

    Oh. Maybe being vulnerable was a good thing, though his body is still humming as if angry.

    “Ye-yeah,” Jeno answers, after a second, his voice rasping moreover. He goes to you, angling his whole chest, but you stop him, a hand just to the right of his heart, almost like missing the point completely, which he does, in this case, tilting his head to the side, a frown settling in.

    “Not on the lips.”

    Jeno examines your face, searching, first, for malice, last for answers. You have a tint of rivalry glowing across your cheeks, obscured by mischief.

    “Hold this.” You hand him the edge of his shirt, and he accepts, wordlessly, bunching it high enough to show off all his abs – a smart choice, given the way you pause to admire each defined muscle band.

    Jeno twists his wrist, during the quiet, readjusting the material, but as he does, it rubs on his hardening nipples – which are not the only thing hardening. You travel your hand up his chest, starting from the top half of his v-line, ending under his nipples, under his shirt. His knee spasms, motioning for you to start whatever you were going to do, hoping that you might put your mouth south. But you take your opposite hand and cradle his face, making him look up at you, his eyes seeming wider – innocent, less resentful than you are known to see, no taunts or mean names on his tongue. Although, another breathless statement about God might hang in there. You scratch your nails along his cheek, simultaneously leaning down on the other side of his face, to his ear.

    “Not right there,” you instruct, then move the frayed end into his mouth, the rest of the shirt gathering under his pecs like a bra. You trail down his neck to his hand, where he holds his two shirts, then unwind his tight grip. He lets the material unravel, mouth parting smally with it too, just like you want. You draw his bottom lip open and hang the shirt on his teeth. He nods consensually biting into the material, expecting you to actually tease his muscles this time, but you only guide his mouth to a close.

    Then your icy fingers curl under his belt line, and he whines.

    “Why – hnng,” Jeno starts, finishing with a tremble, silenced.

    That is when he understands: you want to gag him. Not completely, to the point where he is void of response, but enough to prevent him from saying anything completely; though, he could reject you right now, at any point, if he didn’t want your touch. Jeno stares at you, on your knees, fingers paused from sliding his pants all the way off. Neither of you have ever made this much eye contact, and he … he just wants to keep watching you. Have you always been this passionate?

    “Keep that there for me, okay?” you ask, implicitly talking about consent over the boundary you are about to cross.

    Jeno nods smally, not wanting to drop his shirt or wet it so disgustingly.

    You tease a finger through his underwear, where his cock would normally peek from, using the space to prod him out the waistband. He nudges you, needily, trapping your palm between the tops of his thighs, all the muscles there pulsing faster than his currently erratic heart. You give him an impatient look, wagging your head, tsk, tsk. It makes him curl his chin to his chest, sheepish, like he did something wrong, and he shakes his hair, too, curtaining his blushed face behind his long, black bangs. Jeno feels you gently pull him out of his headspace, figuratively and literally. You strip his bottoms all the way to his ankles, careful not to touch his dick, even though he wants you to, so badly. When you straighten your back up, brushing your tits on his knees, resting them perkily above him, you stare at his dick, just for a moment, head tilted to the side. He almost ruins it, tongue poking his clothes away to ask if you want to stop, but you kiss the underside of his penis head – only once, waiting for his reaction, and he gives it to you, of course. The weightless smack from your lips tickles, and he wonders if you actually did it. Then you do it again, and again, and again. Kisses turn into flicks, all on the underside, building up more saliva as you curl the dorsal side, flicking it easily.

    Hnng. You are a figure skater, Jeno remembers. Being graceful is in the definition. It is why your insults always have such a clean cut and give him an opening to respond. He usually gets the last word. But this is a different kind of graceful, where you are gentle with him – asking for consent, touching him delicately, making sure that he is okay every step of the way.

    When you are ready, you slowly creep your lips over his cock head and retreat, backing off along with the heat from your mouth. Jeno can feel his dick follow you in anticipating, trembling the longer you study him, and he moans brokenly: please. It comes out incoherent and muffled. You relax your jaw lowly, letting your tongue slide outside your lips to cover your bottom row of teeth as you swallow a portion of the top. His cock bounces in your mouth, slapping around your small mouth. He clenches his fist by his thighs, not knowing where to put them. You circle your index finger and thumb halfway down his shaft, jacking him off along one of the veins that come above his balls. He wonders if you want him to give you a facial, especially after you come up, rubbing it long your innocent looking cheek, but a hand comes above his balls, stopping him from cumming. And he groans, throwing his head back again. Maybe you’ll suck the cum out of him, like a well-blended smoothie through a straw.

    Jeno drops his shirt out of his mouth, covering his abs once again. The groan reverses onto your throat – he guesses that you don’t like the cover. You muffle the whine with his dick in your mouth again, the sound constricting all the way around him. Jeno grabs a hold of your throat, nicely, feeling how your esophagus adjusts for him.

    “Oh, God, oh fuck,” he whispers, abs tightening shakily. He gains some control after you begin a steady bobbing, using your salvatory ducts to prevent from gagging. You curve your tongue at the back of your throat, feeding his dick against it. The feel is no different from deep throating, if Jeno is being honest, but your tongue is much more pillowy and your cheeks suck in air, pulling them tightly over your teeth, giving him a vacuum suction that reminisces a really good fleshlight and would need a lot of practice to get as right as you do. “Is that what those practices are?” he asks you. “A chance to practice for my dick?”

    Jeno cups your cheek and pulls his dick out of your throat, like giving you a chance to answer. But before you can, he taps his cock on your tongue again, just the tip, rasping the underside of his head on your reflexively curled tongue, which appears half-prepared to answer his question, half-prepared to get throat fucked.

    “Uh, uh, uh,” he drags out. His hand comes into your hair, scratching along your temple to tuck those pretty little strands behind your ears; his thumbs briefly emerge through the top, then hide, again, in the tangled ponytail. You perform faster, ruining his illusion of control, and he clutches your hair tighter, holding you in place to stop from cumming. He pants through his nose, and you give him a short rest until bringing both your hands along his exposed cock, twisting them in opposite directions while your tongue remains steady under his twitching tip. “Ah,” he pleads, trying not to come. He sits up fully, knees almost going with him, had it not been for your strong chest, and you pull off, panting equally hard. And, fuck, your tits are sexy.

    You stand up as much as you can in the cramped space, spine rubbing up the headlining as you put one foot forward then straddle him with the other leg. Jeno helps you adjust, bringing your cushiony thighs closer into his chest, just right under his pecs. He looks up at you, and you stop fidgeting, putting your hands on his shoulders for balance, teetering on your knees until you finally fall into him, your hair covering the both of you. You crane your neck down blowing on his earlobe first, then inside his ear. He grabs you harder, supporting your ass as you hold his throat in place, marking the area between his clavicle and right ear.

    “Do you have a condom?” you whisper, slowly bending down, tracing the outline of your underwear with his tip – repeating the gesture over and over again, several times, until he answers.

    Jeno’s head bobs – nods, yes – on your shoulder, but you mistake it for pleasure, grabbing him by the chin again, so he looks into your eyes and swallows. “Yeah,” he verbalizes, “in the glove compartment.”

    You pull away from his chest, and he instinctively stabilizes your waist, possibly obsessed with it. Jeno accidentally grabs you too roughly, he thinks, situating you over his really big tip. You brace yourself on the center console, moaning loudly.  Your tits push into the leather so difficulty that they nearly pop out of your bra, which would not be too difficult. Jeno can see your strap falling down your upper arm. You shallowly bounce on him through your underwear. It feels so good, so wet, so disappointing because he wants to fill you up already. While he grinds his ass into the chair, flopping his cock over your clothed pussy, you reach over the passenger’s seat, which seems to be two metres away now, your arm reaching shakily. And finally, you pull out a condom, turning the golden wrapper around in the shallow light to find the front.

    “A large?” you read, treating it like a question. You come back to him, sitting on his sculpted v-line, grinding your ass languidly into his cock standing tall behind you. “An extra large?” you squint at the foil, then raise a suspicious eyebrow.

    Jeno pulls your thighs up to his chest and plucks the condom from your greedy little hands.

    “You’ll need it,” he answers, tone implicitly asking you to trust him.

    He tears the foil open and fingers around for the right side. It is difficult in the poorly illuminated street. So, he is thankful when you take over, repossessing the condom. You climb over his cock, sticking your ass out again, to get in a better position. Your hands are so pretty.

    “Pinch the tip,” Jeno instructs breathily. “Yeah, fuck, like that.” He watches you catch his restless dick and fit the ring over his tip. You grab him hard, fingers not quite reaching all the way around. He isn’t sure if that is because his dick is so big or if your wrist is too loose. None of it matters, though, when you take both hands and roll the condom all the way down, not stopping until his voice is back to cracking, pushing out those ah, ah, ahs again. Jeno pulls you up again, forcing you to brace on his pecs. Both of you start stripping now. Jeno takes off your long-sleeve and tugs your tits out of your bra cups, leaving them supported by the push-up wire. He is tempted to suck them, staring at them, stunned; hands sculpting your sides, then jiggling your tits until your nipples harden more than his dick. You take your turn after he has his fun but before he mouths them. His shirts come off easier and you ignore his muscles, immediately rubbing your nipples over his. He wonders if you have ever been touched like this, touched here, but the thought is fleeting as you take off your panties, throwing the soaked material on his shirts. You situate on his thigh, muting any arguments that might arise, rubbing the newly naked skin together.

    Jeno lets you grind on his thigh a few times, feeling the way your clit twists and turns. He flexes his muscles, all of them – his abs under your hands, his leg under your pussy, his arms under your body. Your grinds turn into bounces, so Jeno catches your ass, prying your legs open again, on either side of his hips. He pinches the inside of your thighs, fingers loosing their adhesion from all your self-lubrication, then pushes his index finger inside – his long, muscular finger with clean, polished nails. His thumb swipes back and forth on your clit, replacing his thigh to stimulate you. And you falter, shuddering, legs shaking a little bit next to his cock. You rest your head on his shoulder, giving him access to yours. He opens his mouth along your collarbone, suctioning the lightest hickeys then getting rid of them with forceful laps from his floppy wet tongue.

    “You like that?” Jeno whispers as he pushes in two extra fingers. First, curls all three upward, cupping your clit with his palm, and you start grinding on it, waiting for more movement, but still needing to adjust to the drastic change in size. When you relax, sitting on his hand, Jeno flexes his hand back and forth, desperately manhandling your body to and from his. You stay still above him, arms tightening around his shoulders, muscles shaking; you try to respond yes, but he doesn’t hear it, trying a new tactic. “Does that feel good?” he asks. His fingers start moving in different directions, scissoring a whole new stretch. They scrape a new, high-pitched ah, aah, ah out your throat, the sound only elongating when his thumb stops swiping your clit to rub circles on it as trying to clamp his entire hand through your pussy. “Fuck, you sound so good. You’re doing so well.” Jeno grazes his teeth on your shoulder, tipping you over the edge, and you grip his dick harder, for some anchor on reality. Both of you moan, throwing your heads together, almost kissing. Your lips are so intimate with his, breathing hot air over his closed mouth. Jeno nudges you, brushing the tip of his nose on yours. “Are you ready?”

    “Fuck,” you whisper, possibly wondering how the hell he can be so considerate. You lick a stripe on his cheek, at the corner of his mouth. “I’m not glass,” you reassure him, although sounding irritated. “You can’t be that big,” you answer, “Like, there is no way that I need to get prepped by so many fing –“

    Jeno pulls out his fingers and slams his dick up your pussy in the same second. The both of you swear simultaneously, and your breath, specifically, becomes more winded, becomes faster, becomes shaky.  Jeno didn’t consider that he might need to adjust, his cock throbbing as if trying to stretch your circumference even wider.

    “You – You were saying?” he stutters, then throws his head back on the headrest.

    You teeter on your knees, outside his thighs, slowly and shallowly bouncing on him. He pushes the tops of your thighs until you rest on the cold steering wheel, turning it as you gain more momentum to ride his dick. You lead with your hips, swaying forward and back into his pelvis.

    “Now I know where the ego comes from,” you bite – and literally bite his neck.

    “I deserve it,” he retorts, pressing his feet into the ground, then slamming his hips into you a few times. The new adjustment displays your tits so beautifully, chest raised and propping out, so he leans down, suctioning sucking your warm skin from shoulder to areola. Your back locks on the steering wheel, changing the angle at which his cock hits your G-spot, and you moan loudly. In response, Jeno puts his thumb in your mouth, squashing your tongue, saliva pooling so quickly that you immediately close around it. You slump forward, grabbing at his veiny arm, fumbling around until one hand clamps on his wrist and the other over a vein. “You’re too loud,” he whispers, until you swirl your hips in small figure eights. His hand relaxes and he groans, throatily – to which you cover.

    “Who’s being loud now?” you taunt. “Guess I’m that good, huh?”

    Jeno cannot disagree. You feel so good, and tight, and warm. His hand drops between your bodies, allowing you to come back up again, then back down, then back up, and down, and up, and down, and up. You massage at a vein behind his ear with two fingers and suck on one of his nipples, occasionally biting the edges of his areola then licking bite mark healed. When you reach a hand underneath his, toying between your clit and the parts of his cock that become exposed, he gathers that you are trying to make him cum first.

    “Why are you still competing with me?” he bites angrily. Jeno takes away your fingers and plays with your clit himself, tugging it through the lubrication. He massages it with big circles, going around your pussy lips, the bundle of nerves at the top of your clit, spreading the wetness everywhere. “Fuck, I’m stuffing you so full, huh?”

    “Mmhmm,” you agree without thought, all words choking in your exposed throat as he blows your back out. “’m suh ‘ucking ‘ull,” you whimper, though the syllables break into petty gasps that he can barely string together. “Ah,” you whine sharply, squeezing your eyes shut until they pulse at an opposite rate to your vaginal walls. Then, Jeno finds another angle, moving his ass against the cold console (he yelps at it, hips driving upward, away from the box, and his cock buries itself in your guts), and your eyes pop open, along with your jaw. Every new pound coaches a sob off your lips.

    Jeno, still utterly obsessed with your waist, digs his thumbs into the front of your pelvis, his long fingers massaging your ass as you come forward to match his thrusts. You fall forward again, hands bracing on the shoulders of the chair behind him, tits right in his face. Jeno pants heavily, breath lost with each release, but he still chooses to kiss you.

    Well, your tits. He mouths at the skin around your nipples, kneading his lips into the plushy flesh as his abs lock and your thighs tighten.

    “Oh, oh, oooh,” Jeno cries, his hips stuttering as your pussy clenches get smaller, firmer.

    “C’mon, c’mon,” you whisper, “c’mon. Right there, Lee.” He pushes particularly hard, as if breaching another barrier. “Ah, Jeno.”

    His name brings him back to attention, staring at the tension in your face. You stutter your hips, and he tries to still his, letting you build up to an orgasm. You manhandle his cock, jerking it around inside your body. Your glossy muscles start constricting tighter and tighter, no longer throbbing, as if your pussy tries to drink his entire cock. Jeno belts an arm above your ass and clamps a hand on your waist, getting you in a stationary position. He settles his feet firm, stable, into the ground, preparing himself this time, this last time, then he palpitates into you, his hips grinding into your clit a few seconds after every thrust to really get deep. You claw on his muscular shoulder, fingers digging hard, all the tension going straight to the ends of your body and up your pussy with his cock. He feels you sucking him in and holds his thick dick there, swirling it all around – one, two, three.

    “Fuck,” you whine, high pitched, croaking tiredly. Your walls scrape and then beat out a samba all over his cock, throbbing with your orgasm.

    Jeno returns half a second later when his tip catches on a particular tug and he empties into the condom, possibly elongating his member. You whimper weakly at the stimulation, but hold him securely, preventing him from pulling out just yet. He lets you lay on him, like that, for minutes, maybe hours, arms circling his neck. Jeno thinks, wow, this feels nice – better than hugs from his friends and surprisingly, even better than those team huddles after a good practice.

    But his arms are stuck, frozen at his sides while fatigue takes you over. Jeno gives it another second, then his fingers twitch, suddenly gaining the momentum, again, to return your embrace. You, on the other hand, have different thoughts, and pull away, patting him on the chest, relieving yourself of him.

    Jeno thinks that the worst kind of time travel is this one, where you two are on opposite schedules. He just needs a break from it.

    A time out.

    remember to leave a comment, please ♡
    #lee jeno#nct jeno#nct smut #nct dream smut #jeno smut #jeno x reader #jeno angst#jeno fluff#nct angst#nct fluff #nct dream angst #nct dream fluff #nct jeno x reader
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  • euphoriclele
    21.10.2021 - 9 hours ago


    park jisung x fem!reader
    genre: fluff, suggestive
    warnings: suggestive!! implications of sex, reader is wearing a revealing bikini and 7dream are practically drooling the whole time, language, reader is very seductive, possessive/jealous jisung (?? kind of)
    1k words

    jisung wasn’t expecting this when he invited you to the beach. now that he thinks about it, why shouldn’t he have expected it? it’s normal, after all. what you’re wearing is completely normal. but why were you so different? as if he’s never seen a girl in a bikini before.

    it was supposed to a be a nice, calm, easy-going day. he was at the beach on such a beautiful day with you and his other six best friends. the eight of you simply couldn’t wait to feel the sea water, soaking up the sun together while you could. however, the second you took your sundress off, jisung’s brain practically malfunctioned.

    you, in a black bikini that didn’t leave much to the imagination, smiling at him like a child in a candy store. the look on your face was a total contrast to the rest of your body, and jisung couldn’t help but feel hot. his cheeks were burning up and his throat felt dry; maybe it was the heat, or maybe it was you, he wasn’t sure.

    it was definitely you.

    the second you turned away to grab a towel from your bag, the sight of your backside made jeno clear his throat with an awkward chuckle. chenle could barely look at you, his cheeks a bright red, and even haechan had his mouth open with drool pooling on his lip. jisung didn’t like that.

    “c’mon guys, let’s get to the water!” mark shouted, noticing the look on jisung’s face as his friends eyed his girlfriend like a piece of meat. you, oblivious to the stares of your friends, clapped in excitement and made your way to the water. once you were away from ear shot, jisung turned on his feet to face his friends.

    “you guys better keep your eyes off my girlfriend. or i’ll kill you!” he whispered angrily, pointing his finger at them in a (not-so) threatening manner. he huffed, stomping away towards your happy figure. once he approached you, you practically jumped into his arms, a ginormous smile on your face as you giggled at his startled reaction.

    and once again, his face felt hot as your (barely covered) chest pressed against his own, your arms linked around his neck and forcing you on your tippy toes. you slightly craned your neck, connecting your lips to his in a deep kiss that left him breathless. you pulled away, biting his lip in the process and smirking at his cute reaction.

    “what was that for?” he chuckled lightly, wrapping his arms around your middle as he tried to ignore the heat crawling up his neck at your passionate kiss. you smiled, biting your lip as you ignored his question. instead, you brought him down for another kiss as you took his hand and dragged him to the water.

    “you’re a pretty loud whisperer, you know,” you stated casually, wrapping your arms around his bare middle as you stood waist-deep in the ocean. he quirked a brow, a confused look on his face as he stared down at you.

    “i heard you tell them not to look at me, you idiot,” you chuckled lightheartedly. jisung’s eyes practically bulged out of his skull, stuttering over his words with an attempted explanation. great, now i sound like a possessive asshole. “and i’m not oblivious, you know. i know they were staring. i know you were staring,” you stated, raising your eyebrows in an accusatory way.

    “well. . . i’m your boyfriend. they’re not,” jisung huffed, pouting like a child. he tried to look angry, but his puffed out cheeks and furrowed brows just made him look adorable in your eyes.

    “exactly! you’re my boyfriend. and incase you didn’t know. . .” your voice trailed, biting your lip as your hand slowly traveled down his bare chest and just above his swim shorts. he visibly gulped at your seductive action, his eyes shaking as he nervously chuckled.

    “what. . . what don’t i know?” he whispers, his breathing slowly becoming more erratic as you pulled him down towards you by his neck, leaving a gentle kiss on his cheek.

    you lean up just a bit, your breath fanning over his ear and making goosebumps rise on his skin—“you’re the only one that gets to see what’s underneath.”

    if jisung thought he was hot before, he’s on fire now. his cheeks a bright red and his eyes wide as saucers, he cleared his throat as you proudly smirked at him. you kissed him one last time with a small laugh, dipping yourself deeper into the water and bringing your boyfriend with you.

    you could see the rest of the boys finally making their way to the water, already beginning to splash and throw sand at each other. under the water, you wrapped your legs around jisung’s waist as he carried you through the small waves, his hands on your upper thighs and a smile on his face. you definitely boosted his ego with your little comment, the both of you knowing fully well that your friends were watching from a distance.

    “you know, i’m already done with the beach. i wanna go back to the dorms,” jisung joked, dunking the two of you under the water as you laughed at him.

    “and why is that?” you asked teasingly, lightly splashing him as he laughed into your neck.

    “because your bathing suit is so tight. it must be uncomfortable. and i want you to be comfortable. so i think you should take it off. in my room. while i’m in there. alone.”

    you threw your head back in laughter, your arms still crossed behind his neck, loving the way he acts with a boosted ego. “sure thing, baby. but actually, i don’t think i’ll be able to untie the back of my top. you might have to do it for me,” you said, jisung smiling in ecstasy at your teasing words as he happily nodded his head.

    people can look, but only jisung can touch.

    all rights reserved, © euphoriclele 2021

    #nct dream #nct dream boyfriend #nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct #nct dream jisung #park jisung drabbles #jisung park nct #park jisung#jisung park#nct jisung#jisung fluff#jisung smut #park jisung fluff #park jisung smut #jisung imagines#jisung scenarios #park jisung imagines #park jisung scenarios
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  • todayisreveluv
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Forever yours pt.2

    Jung Jaehyun

    Warnings: For mature audiences only! BLOOD! Mentions of Killings.

    Watch out and take care!

    Y/S/N = Your sons name.


    After you left, Jaehyun found himself in the bathroom the next day, staring at the pregnancy test on the sink, along with a note. His heart hurt reading the note and he longed for you and his unborn child, he was determined to find you and make things right.

    He searched everywhere for you, at your parents house, at your friends house, any place you've mentioned to him, nothing. Then he used his connections around the city to find you, but no one could provide the answers he wanted to hear.

    And it sent him in rage.

    Three years later...

    Your son runs down the halls of you and your fiancé's house, he laughter loud as he runs from Doyoung, who is your husband to be.

    "I'm going to get you!" Doyoung chuckles.

    "No!" Your son laughs running to the living room, where you were relaxing on the couch, "Mommy!"

    Before he could reach you, Doyoung catches him, lifting him up.

    "Got you~" Doyoung chuckles and sits beside you, tickling your son.

    You watch them both with a soft smile and your son laughs hard, trying to get away from Doyoung hands.

    "Okay, enough, enough." You laugh softly.

    Doyoung chuckles and lets him go. Your son keeps his bright smile and keeps his arms over his stomach and he pants, catching his breath from all the laughing.

    "T-too funny." Your son smiles and sits up, his hair all over the place, "D-daddy too funny."

    "Daddy's too funny?" You smile, reaching over to fix his hair, your son nods, "Does daddy keep finding you?"

    "All t-the time, daddy find me." Your son smiles.

    "That's because you always hide in the same place." Doyoung smiles, patting his head.

    Your son giggles, leaning his head on doyoungs chest. You smile and lean down to kiss his cheek.

    "Don't forget about me~" Doyoung smiles and you kiss his cheek as well.

    "No, not there." He puckers his lips.

    You shake your head with a small smile and kiss his lips. Doyoung hums and you slowly pull away.

    "I love you." He smiles.

    "I love you too." You smile, pecking his lips again before leaning your head on his shoulder.

    Doyoung holds your hand, he brings it up and kisses your hand, then kisses the bright ring on it.

    "I still can't believe we're getting married soon." Doyoung smiles, "It feels like a dream."

    "I know, it feels like we just met yesterday." You say with a soft laugh.

    Doyoung smiles.

    "Next week." He says, "I can officially call you my wife."

    "But you even called me your before you proposed." You chuckle, "I specifically remember you introducing me to your company friends as your wife."

    "Can you blame me? I fell in love with you before agreed to be my girlfriend." He chuckles.

    You smile,, closing your eyes.

    "I remember when I first met this beautiful boy." Doyoung pats your sons head, "He was so afraid me, didn't want me to carry him."

    "Because you looked so mean back then, that's why he was scared of you." You chuckle softly, "But eventually, he got used to you being around and here we are now."

    Doyoung hums, he moves his hand to wrap it around you.

    "I never got to ask, but did his biological dad ever got to see him?" He asks, softly, "Like when he was born?"

    "No, I ran away before he knew I was pregnant ." You say, opening your eyes again, "And I don't want (y/s/n) to know about his biological dad, nor do I want his biological dad to know about (y/s/n)."

    Doyoung nods softly.

    "That's good then." He says, "I am his dad now, even though he's not mine biologically, he'll always be my kid and our first born."

    Doyoung kisses the top of your head and it relaxes you.

    "Anyway, I have to meet with the wedding planner then with my friends to go out." You pat doyoungs thigh.

    "Yeah, I called the driver, he should be outside." Doyoung says, sitting your son down beside him.

    "Thank you~" you smile, getting up.

    "When you come back, This one will be asleep." He looks at the little boy, "And me and you get to have a little fun time together~" He smirks softly.

    "Hey~ we agreed to wait after we get married."you chuckle.

    "I know, we agreed not to have sex, but we didn't agree on me not giving you oral." He says.

    "You are so impatient." You laugh softly, "we have a month of our honeymoon we can do it, any time you want."

    "Fine~" He says, "But I'm going to be in bed, naked, when you come home."

    You playfully roll your eyes, putting your bag on.

    "I will see you both later on." You say, leaning down to kiss their cheeks.

    Doyoung slaps your ass as you walk past him, a smirk on his face as you glare at him.


    "Sir." A man walks into a dark room, his hands placed in front of him, "We've found her."

    In the shadow, emerges a tall figure, Jaehyun.

    His buttoned shirt, opened revealing his scars on his chest and abs. His eyes making the other male lower his gaze.

    "Where is she?" Jaehyun looks at the male.

    "She's on her way to meet with an event planner then to meet with a couple of friends." The male says.

    Jaehyun walks to the other side of his room, pouring himself a drink.

    "How do you know this." Jaehyun says.

    "A driver." He looks back at the door, giving a nod to another man.

    The door opens and a skimpy short man is thrown into the room. Jaehyun looks at the man.

    "Him, one of our men over heard this one talking about Y/n at one of your bars, sir." The man says, "He was drunk enough to give us all the details about her, how he was the person who was ordered by his boss to drive her around, he's supposed to pick her up today, but don't worry, we have one of our men in disguise to go pick her up and brings her here."

    "Good." Jaehyun says, he drinks the vodka from his glass and places it back down.

    He then walks over to the driver and the man and takes his gun from his waist band, facing it to the driver, then faces it to the man standing.

    "S-sir." He puts his hands up.

    "You keep my Y/n's name out of your filthy mouth," He says, "Understand?"

    "Y-yes, sir." The man says.

    Jaehyun puts his gun down.

    "Tell the person who's bringing my Y/n here," He puts his gun back in his wait band, "That if my Y/n is hurt in anyway, I'm going to kill him and kill his whole family."

    "Yes, sir." The man says and bows, "What do you want me to do with this one?" He looks at the driver who's scared on the floor.

    Jaehyun looks down at the driver then turns around, walking back to make him a drink.

    "Take him away from here, and kill him."


    The other ending will come soon...

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  • suhweetdreams
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #nct#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct fluff#nct smut#nct angst #nct x reader #nct headcanons#nct 127 #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #nct drabbles #nct 127 smut #nct 127 fluff #jung jaehyun#nct jaehyun #nct jaehyun smut #nct jaehyun x reader #nct 127 x reader #jung jaehyun smut #jaehyun scenarios#jaehyun imagines#jaehyun smut #jaehyun x reader #jaehyun fluff #jung jaehyun imagines #nct hard hours #jeong jaehyun#jung yunoh#jaehyun fic
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  • neopuppy
    21.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Preview: Déjà Vu (M)

    Summary: the wrap up for Regular:Irregular/Be There For You/Dive Into You.
    Pairing: 00’line/others x female reader(ends as OC)
    Teaser WC: 2k+
    Tentative WC: idk pray for me.
    Genre: PWP(like a lot of plot), smut, M/F, M/M, some bullying, enemies to lovers, soulmates, multiple partners, threesome, angst, crack, horror(?), religious themes, time skips, not a happy ending
    Smut Warning: hand jobs, cum eating, mild blow job
    Dropping October 25th(I hope). Celebrating my one year of writing😭💙 no taglist! This is only a preview. Yes, I am trying to mislead you with this😇


    Jaemin’s perfect. Everyone wants Jaemin. Every guy wants to be his friend. Every girl wants to date him. He’s perfect, especially when he’s cumming into your palm.

    “Like this.” Jaemin rasps. Hand covering yours around his length assisting you in pumping him the way he likes best. This is what he did. Molded you into whatever he wanted. He said he liked you, at least in private. “I love how you listen to everything I say..”

    Maybe that’s what he liked about you. If he liked anything at all. Your mind elsewhere as you focus on the parting of his lips. His long neck arched back in such an alluring sublime way. A familiar tingle itching down your abdomen as you took in every detail. Mesmerized by the way his nose twitched whenever he was about to cum.

    Your spine straightens as Jaemin turns to face you. Lazed features even more sultry than usual as he licks across his upper lip. Throat bobbing in swallow with a jolt of his hips. His cock girthy and rageful in your grip. With a nod of his chin to beckon you closer, you close the divide between your bodies. His car large enough to fuck in the frontseat.. if you ever allowed. The idea of losing your virginity to a guy that was ashamed of you in a car becoming more appealing the more you explored his body.

    It was desperate and sad how easily you’d be willing to do whatever he needed. Jaemin said ‘jump’ and you’d ask ‘how high?’ without hesitation. It hurt of course, but the thought of not having any part of him hurt so much worse.

    Jaemin cups your face, long fingers sweeping through the sides of your scalp. Massaging around, lulling you deeper into false hope. His half-lidded eyes paired with visible front teeth between lustful gasps encouraging your strokes. He was everything you craved, everything except yours.

    “Touch me.” Jaemin exasperates. Implying to touch him where and how he liked. Replacing your right hand around his length to with your left to continue jerking him off. Your fingers slide lower fondling the dip in his full sack. His lips curling up in satisfaction when you venture even lower. Tentatively stroking over his rim, smearing precum down his length. Smooth, clean, steady strokes bear down faster. Fingers working around the contracting muscle. Too fearful to venture further in still, despite Jaemin’s begging.

    “You’re so good. You know how I like it..” he breathes out. Squirming against your touches. Smooth forehead bunching up as pretty deep struggles of breath trickle from his chest. Lips crush against yours, sucking in a gust of air with another agonizing drive of his hips. Cock pulsating in release, vibrating in your mouth as he exerts powerful groans. “Fuck..”

    Jaemin pants, chest visibly moving up and down. Warm cum spilling over your fingers down to his balls. The fingers in your hair moving along to the back of your head shoving you down. You weren’t allowed to leave a mess behind, Jaemin insisted.

    Lapping up his cum, your eyes squinting in the dark of his car. The only light coming through from street lamps around your neighborhood. The strain in your eyes could be from trying to adjust, could also be from the urge to cry.

    Your chest only aches when he helps you sit back up. Thumbing his cum off your chin and lower lip. Easing it all inside of your mouth. Nodding when you suck it all down. A soft smile plays on his lips, using the backs of his fingers and knuckles to caress your feverish cheeks.

    “Same time tomorrow?” He asks. Brows half lifted charmingly. It makes you feel weak every time when you agree. It felt impossible to give him up. No matter how harmful he’d become for your mental stability.


    They were all laughing at you.

    Jaemin’s friends smack each others arms. Hands covering their faces, pointing at you to egg on the humiliation. He’s watching you, fingers tensing around the edges of his desk. Throat tight doing his best to resist speaking up.

    The secret admirer candy grams continued to pass around the room. Announcing added notes of a crush, liking someone, wishing to get serious.

    The one in your hand read out loud- “The way you stare at me every second of everyday has made me fall in love with your vile creepy stalker behavior. Please accept my love, I wish for nothing more than to be yours. -Jaemin Na”

    Of course, because that was the joke around campus. You, the loser that could never get a guy like him. Jaemin, too good to even breathe the same air as you. If only they all knew.

    You knew it wasn’t actually from him. The constant butt of bullying from the team of clowns he played football with. Slurs written on your locker, food in your hair after lunch, tripping you in the hallway. Who knows why really, Jaemin shrugging it off whenever you asked. Excusing it to lack of maturity- ‘they’ll move on to something else eventually.’ Is what he would often say. Kissing you until the subject was dropped yet again. You let him get away with it, because he’s Jaemin. You’d let him get away with anything.


    “You really thought Jaemin would send you a candy gram?” Renjun’s brows furrow together growing upset. Feeling more pathetic the longer he stares at you with such concern.

    “Is it that hard to believe he could really like me?” Your voice cracks. Biting back tears ready to mortify you further. The burn hitting your eyes tightening an empty ache in your chest. Why wouldn’t it be hard to believe Jaemin could like you. He’s perfect, and you…..you aren’t.

    “It’s not that, it’s just..” Renjun sighs. Forehead tipping down thumping against your shoulder. “It’s different in private. When we’re at school he’s.. he has an image to uphold that we don’t fit into.”

    “But when he..” your head shakes. Eyes falling shut tightly suppressing the urge to cry to the best of your abilities. “When we’re alone he’s so..”

    “I know. You have to forget that though. That’s.. it’s an act. This is an act, he’s..” Renjun looks off. Scanning the opposite end of the lawn. Tables scattered full of stressed out Freshman on break. Most trying to get in last minute assignments and projects before the semester ended for summer. He finds Jaemin laughing, sat amongst his group of ‘friends’. The football team that tormented you. Perverted jokes, mocking your appearance, harassing you with names and immature behavior. Renjun’s lips purse together sitting up straight. “He’s different.”

    Tears skim down your cheeks. Sniffling away the shame as you break. The back of your hand wiping away evidence from your chin. You curl into Renjun’s side, burrowing into his chest. Comforting hands stroke up your back, upset soft sounds escaping his lips. You whisper to yourself- “Why doesn’t he like me.”

    It hurts. It hurts you. It hurts Renjun. Having to hold back the ‘I know’ tickling his throat. Opting to soothe your breaking heart with silence and hugs. Jaemin didn’t deserve you..

    Renjun unsure he even deserved you. Opting to keep your tryst in private as well. The war-path Jaemin would commence if he found out about the two of you would easily end their friendship. All of your friendships, it wasn’t worth it.

    But when you went from studying together, to knees brushing, elbows nudging. Faces inching closer over a shared textbook. It felt right, of course it did. With your lips wrapped around his dick on your knees, gazing up at him so pretty. Renjun seeming to forget where his loyalty lay any longer.

    “You’re so good at that..” Renjun heaves, tempted to admit he doesn’t have much to compare your skills to. You were the first of many experiences for him. For both of them. Jaemin unaware of the secret relationship you’d developed over the years. Where Jaemin was nonchalant with his approach, Renjun was clear. He wanted more, both of you deciding it’d be best to wait. Explore each other first, learn what you each like.

    Renjun bites harder on his lip when you suck on his inner thigh. His legs parting open further for you. Pretty cock thrumming on his lower stomach when you pull away. Skin marked up, shining in your spit. He loved when you marked him up, Renjun loved the pain.

    It never took much to make him cum. Laving your tongue under his cock. Suckling on the tip in a teasing manner. Your nails sunk into his sides sending him into a frantic jostle. Butt lifting off his chair spurting cum on your cheek.

    “Fuck. I’m sorry…I should have warned you.” He huffs, falling limply into his seat. You kiss over his sensitive length, cum smearing on his smooth skin. Stomach muscles squeezing when you lick it all up. Moments like this making his friendship with Jaemin seem.. expendable.


    “You can’t keep leading her on like this.” Renjun’s back stiffens. Sitting up straight wanting Jaemin to listen up. Sat together in his friends garage after an emotionally draining day at school. Having to assist you home, unanimously deciding it’d be best to not show your tear stained face in class. Jaemin ignores him, distracted with his current battle in Mortal Kombat. Easily winning with Renjun losing interests to continue this game.

    ‘Finish him!’ with a final roundhouse kick, Jaemin shoots up. Controller in the air as he roots and cheers for himself. The self-praise of a true Leo, the perfect counterpart to Renjun’s Aries. Truly having always gotten along even as they discovered their own personalities and hobbies over time. Jaemin falling into the jock route, a handsome well-built popular football captain straight out of some cheesy teen romcom. Renjun taking the path of liberal arts. Praised for his skillful talent of painting by a ‘niche’ type of crowd. More time spent in theatre club, defining the quirky emo goth boy. Currently struggling through his vampire obsession after binging Anne Rice novels. Lestat was simply too relatable.

    “Dude, you suck.” Jaemin snorts. Nostril flaring as he sucks in air harshly. Returning to the home menu to choose a new character and setting. Renjun throws his controller aside, arms folding over his chest. Frilly white blouse wrinkling together, bunched up around his throat. Jaemin sighs, turning to his friend rolling his eyes.

    “Look, I’ll apologize to her. It’s not a big deal, she knows I’m not looking for anything serious.. right now.” Jaemin slumps into the old couch his parents set-up in the garage. Often times filled with rowdy teenage boys, now adults able to purchase alcohol. Indications of reckless parties whenever his parents went on vacation noteable from the scuffs on the ground. Dents on the walls a reminder of many messy drunken nights. Many that Renjun had not been invited too, because- ‘You don’t like any of my football friends anyway. You know how it is right dude?’

    “Right now? Is that what you tell her? That implies that someday, you could be. You know that calling her up practically every night to suck you off and make you cum says more about you than it does her right?” Renjun’s brow twitches up in question. Jaemin shooting him a glare, flicking the black leather collar adorning his neck. Annoyed his childhood friend could even question not wanting to be seen with him in public wearing such a ridiculous vampire costume. What next? A damn cape!?!

    He shrugs nonchalantly, shoving aside whatever thought attempts to creep into his mind. “I like how she listens to me.”

    “She does that cause she likes you asshole.” Renjun sighs. Unsure what that means for himself. Ignoring the jealous twinge pinching his heart whenever he has to acknowledge you actually like Jaemin.

    “I like her too!” Jaemin reacts. Eyes wide with offense, as if he can’t believe Renjun would dare to question him. After years of knowing the truth amongst the three of you. He had little choice when Renjun showed up unplanned finding Jaemin stuffing your mouth.

    “Then what the fuck was that today?! You really hurt her! She’s our friend before a hole for you to get off in.” Renjun shouts. Riled up whenever Jaemin confesses nonsense.

    “I.. I really had nothing to do with that. My friends, they’re just assholes.” Jaemin shrugs. Slumping into the cushion as your face flashes through his memory. The sadness in your eyes burning his retina. Shattering something he isn’t quite sure he’s ready to accept.

    “Then you need to do something about your so-called friends! How do you allow for them to torment her like this if you seriously like her?!” Renjun grunts. Pushing at Jaemin’s side in anger.

    “Listen! I have a plan alright!” Jaemin snaps. Hands held up in defense to calm Renjun down. “Summer camp.. it’s our last year. We’re gonna be counselors this time. That means we get to fuck around and do whatever the fuck we want. I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend.”

    Renjun’s eyes shoot open, hunching forward ready to gag- “You’re what?!”

    “First week we get there. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m gonna fix this. She’ll be mine. Everything will change at summer camp.”

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    hi guys! i just wanted to let you know that i now have a nsfw twitter account where i’ll post visuals and shit like that so if you want to follow that, the username is @neocvm

    you must be 18+ to follow

    if you don’t have your age in your bio or somewhere visible on your account, you will not be accepted/you’ll be blocked

    do NOT follow me on a sfw account. i want to stay away from sfw twitter. if you need to make a burner account, please do. sfw will not be accepted/blocked

    #nct smut#cix smut #the boyz smut #cravity smut#tbz smut #nct 127 smut #nct dream smut #wayv smut
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    #thank you! #nct 127 smut
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    touch 🔞

    ― optional female mc | fem!reader ― w: mutual masturbation, fingering ― 852 w. ― s: when you tease and please one another ― [original]

    When she touches you, your body comes alive with a burning hot desire. Every time her fingers brush your skin, electricity surges through each limb to make you anticipate the moment she goes further. As you lay on the bed together on a lazy afternoon, her wandering hands always lead to more. With her fingertips ghosting over your mound, it’s only a second before she dips her hand between your parting thighs. 

    A gasp fills the room and it makes her giggle. She is fully aware of what she does to you, what she does to your body. Goosebumps flood your skin as she teases your folds, running her fingers down your slit only to draw them back up toward your clit. Your eyes flutter closed before you’re grinning, and then you bite your lip as she circles the swollen, aching and ready nub with gentle caresses.

    She can’t help but to touch herself when she feels the softness of your skin. Her own hand lowers down her stomach before she’s sinking her fingers between her thighs. A quiet whimper falls from her lips, causing you to open your eyes to turn and look at her. Your sights fall to the hand working between her legs first, before your attention is drawn back to the one touching you. 

    She quickens her pace on the both of you. The motions earn another gasp from your lips and you can’t help it when your hand falls to cover her fingers working diligently. Slick arousal spills from your entrance as you begin moving your hips in time with her. She can’t stop the moans spilling from within, either. You notice her sink her hand lower to dip her fingers into her soaked pussy, the sight making your body flushed with desire.

    She does the same to you, lowering the digits to the arousal dripping out before pulling them back to your clit, continuing to circle the swollen bud to have you whimpering her name.

    “So wet, baby,” she whispers with a grin to send a wave of heat rushing through your body. 

    “Feels so good,” you can’t help but to moan in return, digging your nails into her skin as she plays between your thighs. The tension begins to build. The warmth bubbles from between your legs thanks to her. Every touch is electric, pleasure filling your body until you can take no more.

    Suddenly, you’re gripping her wrist as the waves of bliss roll through every inch of your body. You hold her tight as you ride out the pleasure thanks to her fingers, coming undone with a gasp and a moan of her name. 

    And after you begin coming undone, she continues her teasing. Her fingers drop to your entrance, gathering up your juices after the pleasure before returning to your clit, brushing over the far too sensitive nub until you’re gasping and pushing her away.

    But now that you’re taken care of, you turn your attention to her. Climbing to your knees, you gently push her hand out of the way to pin to her side as she giggles. With a devious glint in your eye, your hand dives between her thighs, picking up where she left off. You feel the slickness of her arousal between her folds, toying with her slit for a moment before finding her clit.

    “Make me come,” she whimpers desperately, sending another wave of heat through your body, but this time it’s with the desire to give her pleasure, make her feel good, and get her off. 

    “You’re so wet, baby,” you taunt her with her own previous words, a smirk on your face to make her bite her lip. Even more so when your hand lowers to pump your fingers inside of her dripping heat, only a few times, curling them against her walls to make her back arch from the bed and her toes curl. Then you pull away to align the digits with your mouth, pushing them inside to suck her juices right off your skin, tasting her sweetness right from the source.

    “Fuck,” she gasps in surprise, and you’re pleased enough with yourself so you return the attention to her clit once again. Steady motions of pleasurable circles are drawn against her flesh. Her breaths grow heavy as her eyes snap shut. You feel the tension in her body and know she’s growing close.

    “Come for me, baby,” you whisper the encouragement, feeling her hips roll and her thighs quiver with the need for release.

    It doesn’t take much longer for her to spill over the edge. The pleasure rushes through her as she gasps and tightens her thighs around your hand. A few whimpers of your name fall from her lips. The moment takes hold as she squirms and moans and gasps and trembles. 

    Then she begins coming down from the high. Her body is spent. Her breaths remain heavy. You lean in to place a few kisses against her temple to soothe her to relaxation, and the worn out grin on her lips tells you just how much she loves it.

    #Optional bias #optional bias smut #optional bias x reader #x reader #x reader smut #idol x reader #idol x reader smut #kpop#kpop smut#kpop imagines #optional bias imagines #bts smut#exo smut#got7 smut #monsta x smut #nct smut#ateez smut #stray kids smut #blackpink smut#twice smut #red velvet smut
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    genre: smut

    author: SIN!

    word count: 3,5k

    warnings: stripper!taeyong, stripper!reader, voyeurism, edging, sex!tapes, lots and lots of smut related tags ig

    One of Taeyongs big paying customers wants to see something a little more extra tonight and Taeyong appoints you as his partner. The only problem is both of you want to do way more than the customers intended to pay for.

    a/n: this is pure filth, I’ve lost my damn mind. Sorry @ God (I also didn’t proofread yet so if there’s mistakes sorry.)


    You stepped foot into Entropy, the club where you worked as an exotic dancer for a few months now. This wasn’t an ordinary grungy strip club where grimy men hung out, this club was the highlight of the elite nightlife area.

    Club Entropy was a place where classy businessmen and women hung out to close their deals. There were supermodels from all around the world flying in just to do shoots in the club’s infamous mirror room. Just like the guests, the club's chef, bartenders, and especially the dancers were all world class. Now just because it was classy, it didn’t mean there was no nudity or provocative visuals all around, in fact you were pretty certain Entropy had more nudity and shock value than a usual strip club.

    “I swear to God if they make me cage dance tonight I’m gonna fake a sickness” Kitty, one of the dancers and your friend yawned as the two of you got ready backstage.

    “Ugh yeah, cage duty is the worst because you can’t leave until your shift is over '' you smacked your lips as you applied a second coat of gloss.

    “The only fucked up thing about working here is they’d literally ask you to do something random five minutes before your shift” Your friend continued as she pulled her netted stockings over her thighs.

    You hummed in agreement more invested in putting together your outfit than listening to her ramblings. Thanks to the wealth of the club and the crazy salary you were honored to receive, the extent of your wardrobe was out of this world.

    “What do you think ?” You did a little spin, showing off your dazzling fit to your friend. Kitty inspected your outfit then gave her usual thumbs up approval before snapping a selfie with you.

    “You look like the whore of fairytopia” Kitty smiled into the camera and you chuckled.

    “Well that’s what I was going for.”

    The two of you suddenly heard a knock on the door, interrupting your photoshoot and just from the hand that pushed the door open you knew exactly who it was.

    Entropy’s number one male exotic dancer.

    Lee Taeyong.

    “Hey ladies” he grinned and allowed himself in, “you guys look as beautiful as ever.”

    Taeyong sported a leather ensemble, but instead of a shirt under his jacket he was roped with harnesses. Taeyong was a fucking dream for men, women, genderfluid, every fucking type of being on this planet. The man just exuded sex appeal to the point of some of the straight male dancers questioning their sexuality on more than one occasion.

    That being said you were definitely no exception. You only had the opportunity to dance with him once and it was enough to make you wish you were in his bed hours later. The way he moved, the way he delicately touched himself and the other dancers was hypnotic. It was no wonder he was the VIPs' favourite for two years now.

    “What’s up Taeyong ? Please don’t tell me you’re here to give me cage duty” Kitty sighed and Taeyong just chuckled cutely.

    “Nah I think you got the swing set tonight” Taeyong ran his fingers through his hair and then focused his attention on you. “Uhm y/n can I talk to you for a second ?”

    You nodded and curiously followed him into the private room next door and took a seat on the plush pink sofa. Taeyong took a sip of water and pulled up a chair to sit in front of you, all his harnesses and chains rattling against each other as he made himself comfortable.

    “I just got out of a meeting with the manager and we’re hosting a big fashion designer tonight” Taeyong explained and you listened intently. “They requested me for a performance but they’d like me to have a female partner to add a little more….sensuality.”

    Taeyong bit down on his lip as he hoped you understood what he was getting at. Unfortunately for him you weren’t able to comprehend his tone.

    “Sensuality ? Like what ? Just grinding on each other or something ?” You asked blankly.

    “A little more than that” Taeyong crossed his leg over the other and frowned, “they want to see kissing, touching and foreplay, specifically edging.”

    Your eyes widened and Taeyong nodded, fully understanding your reaction to the entire ordeal. It’s not that you were shy to do it, come on your tits and ass were out every weekend but being teased by Taeyong and trying to keep your composure was going to be a fucking task.

    “Im going to be a fucking mess oh my God” you said, unaware that you shared your sentiments out loud.

    “Me too” Taeyong shrugged and your eyes darted to him. “That’s why I chose you y/n, Its going to be difficult for me to not fuck you in front of everyone and I really do love a challenge” he licked his lips.

    Your head was spinning.

    You were chosen ? By him ?!

    “Do you like or ever want to be filmed ?” Taeyong asked suddenly, snapping you back to reality.

    “I don’t mind….but who will be watching exactly ?” You questioned and Taeyong pulled out his phone and showed you his infamous onlyfans account with the list of possibly the richest people that ever frequented the club.

    “If we’re going through all this torture for this little event why not reward ourselves and film it to reward ourselves again with money” Taeyong smirked, satisfied with his smart business move.

    “I get to fuck you and get paid on top of that, sounds like a win win situation” you held out your hand, “I’m in.”

    “It’s a pleasure doing business with you sweetheart” Taeyong winked and shook your hand.

    The club was starting to fill and it was just under an hour until showtime. You were ordered to keep hidden from the crowds just in case another person with way too much money demanded your attention and messed up your schedule. Taeyong told you he’d come get you after he greeted his customers and talk you through any changes or additions they’ve made.

    You were about to take a seat when you spotted his pink locks bouncing toward you and your stomach fluttered with nerves when he grabbed your hand, leading you upstairs to the private rooms.

    The room for tonight was the mirror room. Fucking great. You were already freaking out that you’d have to keep your composure but now you were going to see yourself get frustrated while Taeyong had his way with you.

    “We’ll be in here,” Taeyong led you inside the cube where it was surrounded by one way mirrors. “They’re on the outside, sitting around the cube. They can see us but we can’t see them.”

    “Can they hear us ?” You touched the leather chair that was placed in the middle of the cube. Taeyong closed the door of the cube and joined you in the middle.

    “Nope, I’m pretty sure the music would be too loud for them to hear anything anyway” he smiled and your heart did a somersault.

    You admired how calm and collected he was in all of these situations. He was professional but not pretentious. Anyone with his fame and popularity would become an egomaniac but Taeyong was absolutely humble and you loved that about him.

    “Once the music starts, that’s our cue” Taeyong tossed his jacket aside and adjusted his harness on his chest. You nodded and decided it was time to match his professionalism. Not only did this give you a chance to learn from Taeyong but this little show could most likely boost your career at Entropy.

    The music started to fill the room and Taeyong was already at your side, taking hold of your hips as you swayed along to the music. He smelled like cocoa butter and strawberries, making you intoxicated with just his aura. Taeyong’s plump lips trailed across your glittery skin, moving from your shoulders up to your jawline. You kept your grinding to a minimum for now, if the two of you needed to lead up to foreplay the least you could do was not rush Taeyong.

    Taeyong placed his index finger under your chin and turned your face to meet his, giving your lips a small peck. The instant contact already made you want more but you were working on his movements. It was safer to follow him.

    “Bend over the chair” Taeyong whispered into your ear and you abided, dancing your way down to the chair and placed your hips over the armrest.

    Taeyong traced his hand down the curve of your back and met your Swarovski g-string that was covered by a thin layer of fabric. You bit down on your lip as he smacked your ass as he rubbed his crotch slowly against you, the action already making you wet.

    What you didn’t expect was Taeyong’s tongue against your thigh, licking his way up to the curve of your ass and a bit too close to your heat. The motion signaled you to push yourself up and move behind your dance partner, shaking your hips down to the ground and moving your hand between his legs, cupping his member from behind.

    “Fuck” Taeyong muttered and threw his head back as you stood up and placed your lips against his ear.

    “Kiss me” you mused and you felt absolutely fucking powerful when Taeyong followed your order, turning around and pulling you into a tantilzing kiss.

    His hands were on your ass as you swayed your hips, still giving your viewers a dance not just a make out session. Your tongues moved against each other and you unconsciously moaned at how good he made you feel.

    Taeyong moved from your lips to your neck and chuckled lightly. “You’re fucking incredible.”

    The small praise made you giddy, and for a second you forgot that there was most likely twenty people around this cube watching you right now.

    The music slightly switched up, giving you indication of how much time was left and Taeyong took the opportunity to take a seat on the chair and pulled you to straddle his lap.  The new position made you realize that Taeyong was much harder than what you had felt earlier and that alone excited you.

    “You’re so fucking hot” you grabbed onto his hair and pushed your hips roughly against his while he let out a breathy moan.

    “You’re killing me here baby, I just want to be inside you already” Taeyong whispered into your ear, making sure his onlookers don’t see your sneaky exchanges.

    You pulled him into another sloppy kiss before turning your body around, your back pressed against his chest and your legs spread open for everyone to see.

    “I’m ready” you gave him the go ahead and Taeyong unclipped your shimmering bra, letting your breasts hang free before cupping one in his hand and pushing his other hand down your panties.

    You sucked in a deep breath as you got comfortable with his slender fingers rubbing your folds. You moved your hips on his lap, looking for the best angle for both you and him to gain some sort of friction.

    The sensation of Taeyong playing with your nipple and him rubbing circles on your clit only to pull away every few seconds was driving you insane. But you knew Taeyong was going easy on you, if he really wanted to send you over the edge he’d have his fingers inside you until you were on the brink of orgasm and pull them out.

    “That feels so good God” you bit down on your lip and arched your back into his touch. Taeyong hummed in response, concentrating more on how his boner was now pushing harshly against his pants and he couldn’t do anything about it. He tried focusing more on his fingers rather than his member that was now probably leaking with precum.

    “We’re almost done, can I finger you  for a bit baby ? I know you can take it” Taeyong tugged your ear with his teeth and you nodded desperately.

    Could you take it ? You had no fucking idea. But having his fingers inside you right now ? Sounded like bliss.

    Taeyong locked both your hands strongly across your chest and shifted forward in order to give his customers a better view of your soaked panties before pushing two fingers inside you.

    “S-shit Taeyong” you moaned, throwing your head back as he bit into your shoulder, fingering you at the most agonizing pace you’ve ever experienced.

    Scratch what you had thought earlier. He was not going easy on you. He was two fingers deep into your core and you had to concentrate on not orgasming to appease some rich weirdos.

    Taeyong sped up his movements as you contorted your body in his touch, the speed building up an extremely high orgasm and the only thing you felt next was emptiness. A tear ran down your cheek from the missed orgasm while Taeyong stuck his soaked fingers into his mouth and ended his show.

    “Baby you’re okay ?” He asked with concern as the cube light dimmed signaling that the viewers were now unable to see inside anymore.

    “I think I just lost one of the best orgasms of my life” you sighed, trying to get to your feet while your legs trembled.

    Taeyong snickered and helped you back into your bra and grabbed his jacket as the two of you exited the cube and walked down the hallway of VIP rooms.

    “Nah babe, I’ll give you your best one tonight, trust me” he winked and led you into a room a few doors down and turned on the lights.

    This room was way more comfortable. It was a velvet decorated room, very burlesque, with a circular bed placed in the very middle. You grabbed a pillow and lay on your stomach as you watched Taeyong set up his phone on a tripod.

    “So do you do this often ?” You asked casually.

    “Onlyfans content ?” Taeyong questioned back as he tried to find the perfect angle for his video.

    “Bringing girls up here to fuck for your content” you replied and was surprised to hear him giggle.

    “You’re the first one I’m fucking y/n” he made his way over to you and took a seat on the bed. You cocked your head to the side and frowned up at him.

    “You expect me to believe that ?”

    “Believe it or not but that’s the truth” Taeyong shrugged and moved a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I normally just do solo stuff, dances and what not. But after we danced together that one time the idea of a sex tape popped into my mind.”

    You sat up and narrowed your eyes at him. His face was completely serious, and you couldn’t believe what he was telling you right now.

    “…why me ?” You raised a brow.

    “I know I’ll put on my best performance if it were you” Taeyong pushed you back down onto the bed and straddled your hips. “You’re just so addicting and if I have to say it out loud I may have a little crush.”

    “You have a crush on me ??” You laughed and pulled one of his harnesses, “you could’ve told me the night we danced together, can you imagine how many times we would’ve fucked by now ?”

    “Well here’s to night one” Taeyong leaned down and gave you a kiss, rougher than the one in the performance. You were glad he wasn’t as delicate as he was during his shows because you were not in the mood for more teasing.

    Taeyong removed your bra and panties, throwing them aside before removing his pants and harness, this being the first time you’ve seen him down to his Calvin Klein boxers.

    “I don’t think there’s any need for foreplay then huh?” Taeyong smirked as he pulled down his boxers and rubbed his hardened member.

    “Fucking hell I can’t go through that shit again” you groaned, licking your lips as he stroked his member roughly and smacked your thighs to open up for him.

    Taeyong pushed his member into your core and you arched your back in satisfaction, finally being fulfilled after thirty minutes of torture. He grabbed hold of your hips and slammed himself into you repeatedly, grunting every time his length disappeared inside you.

    “All I ever want to do is…this” he moaned, leaning down and wrapped his hand around your throat as he mercilessly fucked you.

    “No fuck I’m already so close” you whined, hating that your time with him might be short lived.

    “Cum for me baby it’s okay, I’m still gonna fuck you until you cum again” Taeyong placed a kiss on your forehead and continued his pace.

    You silently thanked him and allowed yourself to chase your orgasm while Taeyong aided you in rubbing circles on your clit.

    “That’s right baby, cum all over me” Taeyong muttered dirty words as your eyes practically rolled back and your orgasm came in strong. You moaned his name so loud that anybody walking outside the room would be able to hear you.

    Taeyong slowly pulled out of you and flipped you over, making you get on your knees, pushing your ass up in the air and your face buried into the pillow you were now clutching to.

    You shivered when he rubbed the tip of his member against your folds, the sensitivity made you tremble with both tiredness and excitement.

    “Good girl” he praised, pushing his length back into your dripping core and dug his nails into your ass, feeling out the new position.

    Taeyong started moving his hips until he was back to his favourite pace, grabbing hold of your hair and slamming into you over and over again. He was an absolute wild card. How could he go from being so soft to fucking you in the most animalistic way ?

    You already felt the second orgasm on the way and Taeyong felt his own quickly approach but he wasn’t ready to give in just yet.

    “Taeyong fuck I’m gonna-“ your muffled voice was buried by the pillow and Taeyongs loud grunts.

    “I think you deserve to come from my fingers right baby ?” Taeyong cooed, pulling his length out of you and replacing it with three of his fingers. You were already seeing stars but Taeyong decided to add his tongue to the mix and you swore you were on the verge of passing out.

    “Hmmm you taste so good baby, come on be a good girl and cum for me” he hummed against your core while his fingers curled inside of you.

    That was it. The way he spoke to you, the way he treated you like a fucking princess was enough for your orgasm to release and your legs to give out. You moaned his name for the 100th time that night and collapsed onto the bed, rolling onto the back completely forgetting that he still needed to cum.

    Taeyong jumped off the bed and grabbed the camera, holding it above your fucked out body and smirked to himself.

    “I treated my baby well didn’t I ?” He spoke to his audience and slowly rubbed his member.

    “You didn’t cum though” you looked up at him and pouted.

    “I was waiting for those pretty lips to get to work” he swiped your lip with his thumb and you smiled sweetly and got to your knees.

    Taeyong focused the camera on your mouth around his length and threw his head back as soon as you took him in. You did your best in order to bring him to a satisfying orgasm as he did to you. Using your hands to stroke him and your tongue to stimulate his tip, a small twitch showing you that he was ready to release.

    Taeyong tilted your head up to face the camera and stroked himself until he came all over your tongue and chest, licking his lips at the sight of you covered in his seed.

    “Hmmm that’s my good girl” he praised once more and gave his audience a final look at you before switching off the camera.

    Taeyong quickly fetched a clean towel and helped you clean up before joining you to relax on the bed.

    “You know now that you’re mine I expect you to be in all my shows, at Entropy and onlyFans” Taeyong raised a brow and you rolled your eyes.

    “I’m yours ? In what context ?” You narrowed your eyes.

    Taeyong grinned and pulled you closer to his chest. “In the context of I’d like you to be my dance partner, my fuck partner, and my sexy girlfriend” he cheekily smiled.

    You placed a kiss on his cheek. “Well I’m not one to say no, I hear what Lee Taeyong wants, Lee Taeyong gets.”

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  • jaesqueso
    20.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Kinktober day 20 - Sthenolagnia + Hate sex (m)

    pairing: johnny x female!reader

    word count: 751

    warnings: sthenolagnia - sexual arousal from displaying strength or muscles; hate sex - having strong, forcefull sex with someone whom you absolute despise; unprotected sex

    You can’t take your eyes off Johnny’s flexed biceps as he pulls the rope to his team’s side. You never really understood the fun in playing tug of war but the way you could trace his muscles under the drops of sweat rolling down his arms as he tugs on the cord is driving you crazy.

    Everybody’s cheering brings you back to reality. What the hell are you doing drooling over this douchebag? While the people around you go and congratulate the winning team you decide to go back into the house and get something to drink.

    Opening the fridge you grab whatever drink you see and lean against the counter taking a sip. As the cold liquid slowly runs down your throat you can’t help closing your eyes recalling the way Johnny’s arms looked as he applied all that strength into the game. Considering the massive asshole he is, he does have a killer body.

    “Thinking of me much?” Your thoughts are interrupted by the annoyingly familiar voice.

    “You wish.” You roll your eyes as Johnny grabs a beer.

    Chugging the whole thing in one go like a true frat jerk, he crushes the can with his hand and you find yourself gulping at the view.

    “It’s ok to admit you like it.” He teases you.

    “You know what I’d like?” He curiously raises his eyebrow. “I’d you to leave me alone.”

    “Those words come out of your lips,” he comes closer, trapping you against the counter, “but your body’s telling me a different story.”

    “Fuck off.” Pushing his shoulder you exit the kitchen.

    “Rude.” He pretends to be offended. “Wait up!”

    You huff as you hear him chase you down the hall. His hands falls on your shoulder pushing you against the wall. You could feel his breath on your face as his strong hand lingers on your skin.

    “Why the fuck are you always so angry at me?” His gaze is intense as stares right into your soul. “If anything I should be mad at you!”

    “What?” You shout. “What the fuck did I do to you?”

    “You know exactly what you did.” The tension raises as his faces gets closer to yours.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You meet his gaze.

    “Don’t play dumb right now.” He says though clenched teeth.

    “Oh so we’re name calling now, moron?” You challenge.

    “You’re really getting on my nerves now.” Johnny slams his fist against the wall right next to your face and almost hearing the blood boiling on his veins so close you lose it.

    Grabbing his face you smash your lips on his in a messy angry way. His hands instantly drop to your thighs pulling them up to wrap around his waist. Your bodies collide against the wall behind you and you can feel his bulge pressing against your core.

    His lips move down to your neck sucking on that sensitive spot he unfortunately knows about and you curse yourself for ever letting him know about that.

    “Don’t you dare leave a fucking mark.” You harshly tug on his hair.

    “Too embarrassed to explain that to your friends?” His cocky expression reminds you how much you hate his guts.

    “Just don’t want anything to remind me of this.” That makes him chuckle. “Look, are you going to fuck me or what?”

    “Who said I was here to fuck you?” He cocks his head to the side.

    “Well in that case,” you let your feet drop back to the ground, “stop waisting my time.”

    You were about to step away when he tugs on your wrist turning you to face the wall as he presses your body onto it.

    “As this what you want, you prick?” He groans into your ear rubbing his hardness against your behind.

    “Are you actually going to do something with that?” You poke the bear.

    Finally he flips your skirt over your ass and pushes your panties down before down the same to his shorts and underwear. Spitting on his hand he pumps his length and then aligns it with your entrance. Without a warning he pushes himself inside you until you feel his hip bones on your butt cheeks.

    You bite your lip hard, trying to contain a moan as you remember there’s people outside that could come in at any second. Johnny roughly pounds you as he holds your hands against the wall. Considering the massive asshole he is , he does know how to fuck your brains out.

    day 19 | masterlist | day 21

    taglist: @yokshi-unbeliebubble @nc-ten @yutahoes @dimplehyunn @meowniee @sunshinedhyuck @jenorenle @moonlightlilcat @jeongyunosproperty ​ @seengularity @sunny-nyu @legbouk @neohoestechnology @cheesy-gimb0ps @nanaluvrsblog @hyuckluvrz @itzel4120 @nctlovesme @chitaphrrrr ​ @leedonghyuck-sun @kpopmultistantrashsstuff @cheryltooy96 @bebsky @iknowyuno @see3milyblog @renjunato @allie-mcginn @scruffiejelly ​ @annyeonghaseyo @i-love-park-jisung @ne0cultur3technology @nurenciye ​ @resceluwu @if-i-like-i-reblog ​ @sunflowerhae ​ @ahsshilee-me ​

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  • newdecades
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    After Hours | Jeno

    pairing: jeno x female! reader

    genre: college! au, established relationship, smut, fluff

    words: 2.3k

    contains: unprotected sex, switch jeno, handjob, making out, nipple play, some little aftercare

    author’s note: this has no plot really,,,just jeno sneaking into y/n’s dorm room at night. this is an impulse write inspired by jeno’s 3am relay cam and only took less than a day for me to complete it! please let me know if you enjoyed it, thank you <3

    Never in a million years Jeno thought he would be climbing up trees and buildings to sneak into your dorm room in the cold after midnight. But here he was, standing on a window sill with his life at stake. Thankfully, due to his athletic build and the fact that you lived on the third floor made his life the way it was right now 10x easier.

    “The lengths people can go to for love. Lee Jeno, do you think you’re Mr. Romeo?” Jeno’s roommate, Jaemin’s voice kept ringing in his head as he balanced his weight on the tree branch. He wanted to see you. Scratch that, he needed to see you even though you two bid each other goodbyes just a few hours ago. Luckily the climb had a good amount of handholds due to the building’s exterior but was still a challenge. He climbed up to your window sill and tapped on the glass hoping that you were in the room alone.

    You were sitting in your room at your study table, catching up on your studies, and you didn't intend on sleeping until much later. You perked up a little when you heard tapping at the window and looked over to see the stupid sheepish smile which belonged to your boyfriend on the other side through the blinds on your window. You hurriedly approached the opened the window and opened it, "Jeno, why are— what the fuck?"

    Jeno simply snickered as he pushed himself up into your room with a thud. “Are you not happy to see me?” He laughed, brushing off his hoodie before getting a better look at you. “Were you studying or something?” He pointed at your laptop and pile of textbooks on the table.

    You ignored him. “What if you fell and fractured our arms? Why couldn't you just call me—

    Jeno placed his hands on your shoulders and silenced you with a kiss. His lips were warm, they mold to yours as though they were two puzzle pieces merging together. He pulled apart first and mumbled against your lips, “I didn’t break my arms though.”

    You playfully pushed him away and walked over to your chair and sat on it with one leg crossed over the other. ”What brought you here at ass o’clock?"

    Jeno replied with a shrug. "Jaemin has been sleeping ever since he came back from classes and I’m really fucking bored so…" He paused and added, “You mentioned Yuna went home for the weekend as well.”

    “Are you sure you just wanted to see me?”

    “Why are you askin—Fine, I came for some pussy.” Jeno dramatically raised his arms leaned back on your bed. “But I don’t think I want that anymore after climbing up pipes and trees like that, the security down there also looks like a fucking demon.”

    You laughed, walking over to the bed where your boyfriend was sitting and sat on his lap, your hands on either side of his shoulders. “He should’ve kicked your ass. What if someone saw, you’re fucking insane!”

    “Insane for y—ouch!” Jeno burst into laughter when you playfully punched him in the chest and immediately shushed him, panic washing over you. Your roommate might’ve been out for the weekend but there were others residing there as well and you definitely didn’t want to be known as the one sneaking her boyfriend in late at night.

    “I can sit here and play games with headphones on if you wanna continue studying.” Jeno suggested and kissed you on the cheeks gently. “I need yours thoug—

    “I’m done studying…”


    “What if I kick you out now?”

    Jeno laughed again, that pleasant laughter that made your stomach tingle as if a thousand flowers were blooming inside every single time. "God, you’re impossible."

    You grinned against his lips and muttered “I love you.”

    In response, Jeno slid your hand down from his shoulder and pressed his lips on the back of it, a soft kiss that was full of fondness, then grabbed your waist to pull her to sit down on his lap comfortably. “I love you too, my princess.”

    You laughed heartily, relieved and happy in his lap, sliding your arms around his neck. “Don’t climb up the window for my pussy again, please.”

    “I was just kidding.” He giggled, nuzzling his face on the curve of your neck. “I came here because I missed you, the sex is just a bonus.”

    “Much better reason to come here.”

    Jeno suddenly pushed you off his lap and onto the bed, “Jeno!” and you whined as he rained kisses along your throat and to the neck, your body inevitably squirmed beneath him. “Wait, wait!” He abruptly stopped and leaned away, frowning with sudden concern as he stared down at you.

    Mischief in your smile, you quickly wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down and your lips found his, nibbling playfully to part them before your tongue slipped in between. You kissed him fiercely as your fingers were tangled in his hair, pulling and tugging to match the intensity of the kiss.

    Jeno’s eyes widened at your sudden attack of kiss, but he responded eagerly nonetheless as his lips moved in sync with yours, his eyes now closed. A harsh intake of breath filled his lungs when the kiss broke apart, he was panting like you but the burning love in his eyes now became one with unbridled desire. “Oh wow, what has gotten into you suddenly?” He asked, looking intensely down at your now kiss-swollen lips.

    Without saying anything you kissed him again and Jeno let himself melt into your kisses, closing his eyes to relish the emotions that carried within your kiss.

    After a while you started to wriggle in his arms, and he immediately let go of you. You got up and sat on the bed and let him push your chin up. You grinned at him as he bent down to kiss you again.

    "I’ve got something for you." You whispered against his lips as his hand continued to caress on your thighs. "My love, you’re gonna sit back and enjoy everything," You grinned again, and he gently nibbled his lower lip before he laid a kiss on your forehead.

    “Is this the part where I get to have fun?”

    "Let me have my fun first." You sat back up to discard your tank top and shorts and Jeno gulped nervously because fuck, you weren’t wearing your bra and panties. Your fingers ran over his side, letting one of your hands play with the strings of his sweatpants.

    "Should I be scared?"

    "I don't know, should you?" You replied mischievously and kissed the corner of his mouth while your hand slowly ran over his clothed length. Jeno was still nuzzling your hair, and you did the same with his neck. He sat up to pull his hoodie over his head and sweatpants down as you spoke—

    "Okay, your fun's over." You breathed out, propping yourself up on your elbows and giving him a lazy grin.

    "Got it." Jeno replied smoothly, rising to meet you in a quick kiss. When you broke away from it, you ran your hands over Jeno’s shoulders and down his chest, taking him in with appreciative eyes. The slow and steady rise of his chest was comfortable underneath your palms.

    "I have no idea what you're up to but honestly, I'm not complaining." Jeno breathed out followed by a nervous chuckle.

    "Sit up straight." You ignored him, taking a great delight in the way he scrambled to obey quickly.

    "Y/N, this better be a one time thing because I’m not gonna let you boss me around ever again." Jeno said as he laid back, half-sitting against the pillows. He splayed himself underneath you and licked his lips. They were swollen against your own when you leaned forward to kiss him again.

    With a smile you straddled his hips and ran your nails down his chest once more, leaving light lines over it. Jeno shivered at the contact, and groaned when one of those hands slid down to wrap around his hard cock and stroke. You gave the head a squeeze and he bucked up into your fist.

    "Yeah, I'm not letting you do this shit again." Jeno panted out, a chuckle escaping his lips. “Fuck this.”

    "Shut up." You giggled and in a fluid motion, you raised yourself up and lined yourself over his cock. You dropped down swiftly and mounted him, triggering a loud groan from both of you.

    "Fuck!" You gasped quietly, grinding down to find the right angle. Your fingers moved down to toy with your clit as you rocked slowly back and forth on his cock, shuddering at its girth.

    Meanwhile, Jeno’s hands drifted down to your stomach and hips, then up again to cup your tits and gave a firm squeeze. You threw your head back with a moan and let him knead them between his hands. He took the opportunity to sit up further and place nips at the crook of your neck and kiss over your collarbones. Jeno brushed his thumbs over your nipple and trailed wet kisses up your neck.

    Victorious in getting you to let out a whimper that turned into a silent scream halfway through, Jeno grew bolder. He met your riding with agonizingly slow thrusts and leaned back, pulling you down with him until he could find the right angle to hit the spot he knew would set your nerves alight. One of the hands that rubbed at your tits drew down to your hips. He stretched his thumb to replace yours on your clit, circling around it and pulling back the hood.

    "Fuck, my plan failed." You snickered out, making Jeno laugh as well.

    “You thought you could dominate me, that's cute." Jeno was practically glowing with pride as he thrust up into you again, moving the pad of his thumb over your clit lightly. You sighed, bracing your hands on either side of him and closing the last few inches between you two.

    “You’re gonna drive me craz— fuck!”

    Jeno stifled a chuckle and gave another shallow thrust that found your spot, sending you into a chorus of curses.

    His lips found your tits, kissing them and flicking his tongue over a nipple as his thrusts became more sloppy. You quietly cried, hands flying over your mouth out with every thrust. Jeno matched you with his own groans and together the sounds echoed around the dorm room. If anyone lurked outside the door, they would have undoubtedly heard you both by now.

    Jeno’s voice cracked when you clenched around him, making him squirm against the bed. "Fuck!" he groaned, pupils blown wide and chest heaving.

    You kissed him once more, long and hard, before drawing away and sitting back up. You locked eyes, and gave him a breathless grin.

    Together you worked fast and hard, you rode him in a frenzy as he thrust up with no real rhythm. His strokes against your clit became quick circles, and you clenched around him every time he bucked up into your core. You felt as though fire was licking at your skin, brushing every sensitive spot over and over again. When Jeno drew himself up and pulled you into one last kiss and thrusted at exactly the right place, it was almost as if you had exploded.

    “Fuck fuck, pull out—fuck!”

    You threw your head back and came with a silent scream, while Jeno ignored you and eased off, slowly fucking you through your orgasm. He brought you back down, letting you collapse on top of him with a huff of air and rubbing a hand down your back to steady your shakes. Somewhere between you falling on top of him and him brushing your hair out of your now sweaty face, he had pulled out. And to your shock, he still hadn’t cum yet.

    "Fuck, I thought you were gonna cum." You laughed, when you were lucid once more and had rolled off of him. And it only took five strokes of your hands over his cock to get him to release his load all over his stomach with a cry. He screwed his eyes shut as he did, mouth forming into a perfect 'o' and hands gripping at the sheets until his knuckles turned white. Jeno came down from the high faster, opening his eyes with an exhale, and a dorky grin plastered on his face.

    "Where did all that confidence go?"

    "Fuck off." He laughed as he gasped for air.

    You smiled at him and rolled over to fetch tissues from the table, using them to wipe away the cum from his stomach before tossing them aside. Jeno kissed you deeply when you turned back to him, and you curled up against his chest with a satisfied smile.

    “I should come in like this more ofte—

    “Never even think about it.”

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  • tophendery
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    If Tumblr ate your recent asks, I am deeply sorry! But my inbox is empty and hungry for some discourse!

    Send in whatever is on your mind! But if you need some inspiration, I’m always down for some:

    Top 3/5/10 questions (”Top 3 members of BTS that like dirty talk?”)

    Most likely to (”Who in Twice is most likely to send a lot of nudes?”)

    Most to least/MTL (”MTL in SNSD enjoy shower sex?”)

    Shipping/compatibility questions (”Who in Seventeen is most compatible with San from ATEEZ?”)

    Person A/Person B scenarios 

    Would You Rather questions

    General K-Pop discourse! 

    Bring me whatever’s on your mind! But please note that I do not discuss orgies/group sex/sex games or contests or anything overly jokey/silly, and I DO NOT DO IDOL/READER IN ANY CAPACITY! This blog is totally fiction and I greatly prefer to talk about ships instead of idol/reader stuff.

    Let me entertain you on this boring Wednesday evening! 

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  • writemekpop
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    [10.42 PM]

    wc <0.5k, genre: suggestive, pairing: lty x reader

    Your belly was full of wine, but it was Taeyong that made your blood run hot. It was the end of the perfect second date, and you were standing outside your house. Taeyong's breath came out in clouds of silver, curling against his sharp jaw.

    "I guess this is good night..." Taeyong dug his hands into his coat pockets. His brilliant red hair shimmered in the streetlight.

    "I guess so..." Your body ached to touch him. The faint, flower-shaped scar beside his eye was driving you crazy.

    You were both too nervous to make the first move, yet too excited to leave.

    Unable to bear the tension any longer, you rushed up the steps, when-


    Taeyong leapt up the steps behind you.

    Your skin sparked where his fingers met your jaw. "Before I go... let me do one thing," he whispered.

    Eyes burning into yours, he kissed you on the mouth. His lips were soft and warm and doused in wine. As you kissed, time warped into infinity. When you pulled away, you were panting.

    "Wow," you gasped. "We need to do that again."

    Taeyong grinned. "Let's never stop."

    🌼Timestamps Masterlist 🌼

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  • peachybun-bun
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Exhibition/Voyeurism - Jaehyun - Day 20

    pairing; Jaehyun (ft. Jungwoo) x f reader

    genre; smut, exhibition/voyeurism

    notes/warnings; masturbation, fingering, oral (f and m receiving), unprotected sex

    word count; 800 and some change

    kinktober masterlist

    You moan softly as your fingers slide through your folds, fingers spreading them to expose your clit as you look down between your legs. You know you shouldn’t be doing this in the living room with so many people at home, but the idea that anyone of them can wake up and find you here on the couch, touching yourself, is almost as exciting as the action itself.

    Jaehyun leans against the wall with a smirk on his face as he watches your fingers slide into your wet pussy. He has to bite at his thumb to keep himself from groaning too loudly. His free hand almost palmed at his hard cock just below his pajama pants. He can’t just stand here and watch as your pathetic little fingers can’t do the job like he can.

    Gasping,you close your legs around your hand as you see someone move around in the dim light.

    Jaehyun grins at you and grabs your knees, pulling your legs apart. “Don’t stop on my account. You wanted to get caught.” He tsks and puts his finger into his mouth, getting it wet with his spit, before running it between your folds. “If you needed help, why didn’t you just come to my room? I’d help you anytime, baby. No need to do so much work with your little fingers, when my dick can do the job in half the time.”

    You smirk a bit at his dirty words and lean your head back on the couch, as you push your hips towards the end of the cushion, as he kneels between your legs and runs his tongue along your wet folds. You run your fingers through his hair, moaning his name softly as you push your shirt up, exposing your breast. You let your fingers move over your pert nipples as you arch your hips towards his mouth.

    Jaehyun moans to your taste and nips at your clit, making you squeal slightly, only to watch him smirk up at you. “Quiet, you don’t want to get caught twice, do you?”

    You flush brightly and close your eyes as his finger pushes against your g-spot a few times, before he slides his fingers from you and stands, pushing his pajama pants down to expose his cock to you.

    Licking your lips, you reach for him and slide your hand over his tip, making him lean his head back with a groan and a smile on his lips as he rolls his head to the side. His eyes make out the figure of Jungwoo, who holds his own cock in his hand, lazily stroking himself in the dim light.

    Jaehyun decides to let him be and let him enjoy the show as your mouth slides along his shaft, taking him to your throat with a hum as you moan around him.

    “Fuck...just like that.” His hands pull your hair into a ponytail as he starts to thrust his hips towards your mouth, letting you keep your head still as he does most of the work. “I’m...fuck no. Stand up, get your shirt off.”

    You back off from him and lick your lips, standing up and tossing your shirt to the side as you watch him sit on the couch and reach for your hips, pulling you down into his lap to straddle him. You moan as he lifts your hips and pushes his cock up and into you fully.

    Jungwoo whimpers, biting on his arm as his hand moves quickly over his cock as he watches you ride Jaehyun, wishing he could take the few steps to join the two of you. Instead, he groans and closes his eyes, cumming into his hand as he hears you let out a lewd moan as Jaehyun begins to bounce you over his cock.

    Jaehyun looks up at you as you arch your breasts towards him and his hips smack against your legs, pushing you to your orgasm quickly as his thumb presses to your clit. He groans and quickly follows you and Jungwoo, having watched the younger male cum just a few moments before, finally making eye contact with him.

    Turning around, Jungwoo closes his eyes and shakes his head, feeling dirty, but still smirks as he moves back down the hall knowing that Jaehyun had seen him, and somehow that made the experience all that more exciting.

    You collapse against Jaehyun, his lips meeting your throat, before he mutters in your ear. “We had an audience. I thought you should know. Not only did you make me cum, but Jungwoo came too. Such a minx.”

    Face flushed, you look towards the hall as you see Jungwoo glance back and head into the bathroom, a smirk on your lips, before you bury your face against Jaehyun’s neck and laugh, trying to catch your breath.


    tag list: @binzuli @kvnmoonies @m1ss-foodi3 @chaebb @astroodledream @michaellangdonscockslut @jievnbp @yokshi-unbeliebubble @hyuckswifey @stopitvpls @bellamendoza @subhyuck @dnghycks-bestie @fixbsh @sparkly-haechan @wearywarrier @chittaphonstar @leaurcitee @frappenha @pewpewpwe00 @nonosjams @mxrcayong-main @pukupukupawpau @bebskyy @hyunsberry @nohyuckieduckie​ @aarfyie

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