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    — 2:30 PM!

    requested. no genre. fluff pairing. dong sicheng x gn!reader word count. -0.1k warnings. none

    “you’re late.” you say with your arms crossed.

    while your boyfriend had a sheepish smile plastered on his face. you playfully roll your eyes at him, i mean, how could you stay mad at your cute boyfriend?

    “i know… and i’m sorry i just wanted to get these on the way,” he says while handing you a bouquet of flowers. lavenders, you’re favorite.

    you pulled sicheng into a hug, while he kissed your temple. “i missed you.”

    “i missed you too, love.”

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    13.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The taste of your private parts

    Pairing: Boyfriend!Jaemin x female!reader

    Genre: SMUT, FLUFF

    WC: 1,388k

    Warnings: oral sex female receiving all the way, nipple play, fruit play? (If that even exists), exhibitionism, it’s a picnic oral sexcapade wahaha

    A/N: NOT PROOFREAD. I’ll fix it once I have time.. For Neo Smut Collective’s Sunny Side.


    Out in the open, skirt slightly lifted and Jaemin’s soft hand is roaming around your leg. And with propped shoulders and a peach on your hand, you feed him while he admires you, flirts with you and whisper sweet words beside you, with that deep voice of his that immediately makes your heart race whenever you hear it.

    He looked so ethereal and angelic as the ray of sunlight hits him from the back of his head, and as you look at him closely, you can see his brown eyes perfectly. How did you get so lucky?

    “So when are you going to let me touch you?” He asked with a flirty smile. Scanning your body slowly and looking around to see if anyone is present but no one is.

    “What do you mean? You are touching me” you teased him and eyed his hand on your thigh to prove your point, but you knew this is not what he’s talking about.

    “Come on, I’ve been patient. But lately... it’s getting harder” he grunts and lets out a heavy sigh. Letting go of your thigh and lying on his back with his eyes closed. It’s been a month since the last time you had sex with him and every time he asks you to fuck or even touch you, you just straight up refuse to it and told him to stop. It’s just a game you’ve been playing with him to make the sex even more greater than it already is. You just love teasing Jaemin.

    “If I let you now, will you really do it in the open?” you slighty went on top of him, completely blocking the sun from his eyes and he can’t help but to cup your face and reach for your lips to kiss it.

    “Yes, I’m that desperate” he said weakly, and truth be told you can’t believe that he said that.

    “Okay then,” you said while looking straight into his eyes and reached for his hand to put it under your skirt. “Finger me,” you challenged him. And just as you thought that he will not do it, he grabbed you by your right thigh and spread your legs open. Making you land on the picnic mantel, and Jaemin did not waste any time put his hand inside your panties.

    “You really think I’m not going to do it?” he said with a very sexy voice while you feel his hand pull your panties down until it’s fully discarded. Nervous to the core because somebody might see you like this, you scoffed and let out an awkward laugh to show him that you really can’t believe that this is happening.

    “I’ll show you how much I missed playing with you” he added and went in between your legs and kissed your inner thighs. “Now why did you toyed with me like that? Hmm?” He asked with a soft tone while playing with your needy pussy. Touching it oh so very softly, his hand almost felt like a feather against your pussy lips. “Frustrated?” He asked, you can only nod.

    “That’s how you tortured me for a month without sex baby, but now, I’m going to play with you. Even if someone sees us”

    But before he proceeds to what he has in mind, he made his way to your lips and planted a soft kiss first. “But we’ll continue if only you want me to,” he winked at you and smiled oh so handsomely. Because even though Jaemin is devious like this, he never meant to hurt or humiliate you in any way, he always ask for your approval first.

    “Fuck you made me so horny already- just stop if someone arrives”

    “I promise”

    Jaemin then reached for a piece of fruit from the container near him, his favourite fruit, bit a piece of it before he pulls down the straps of your dress together with your bra cups and immediately touched you. Playing with your nipples and making you moan with just a few soft touches. Until you feel something cold that made contact on your skin, it was the fruit, and Jaemin is using it to put flavor on your nipples before he sucks it.

    “Clever” you moaned.

    “And you’re hot” he answered back and licked your nipples finally. Tasting the fruity flavor of peach from your nipples. Twisting his tongue around your sensitive spot and biting it to make you moan even more deliciously. He took another piece of fruit from the same container, and did the same thing on your other nipple but this time his other hand is kneading and pinching your other boob, making you completely go crazy and moan his name.

    After playing with your nipples, he made his way up to your neck and kissed you for a moment there before he proceeds to go down and play with your cunt finally.

    “Clearly I can’t fuck you here, even if I want to,” he smiled and cupped your face, tracing your lips with his fingers before he puts some inside your mouth. “Which finger would you like to go inside your cunt? Hmm?”

    He traced your lips with different fingers while you decide, making you kiss his hand and cover his fingers with spit. The first finger that came inside your mouth was his middle finger. Your first choice. You swirled and sucked it to show him that this is what you chose. But he of course had a better idea, he did not tell it to you directly, but instead he made you suck it. It’s his way of telling you that he chose that finger for you. And that finger will go inside you.

    His thumb.

    “You ready?” He asked and kneeled in between your perfectly spread legs.

    “Kiss me while you do it?” you request.

    “Thought you’d never ask,”

    Jaemin then came closer to your face once again and kissed you while he plays with your wet slit with his thumb. Up and down he goes, slowly, and drawing circles on your clit just enough to start you up and make you even more aroused. Then to your surprise, something cold made contact on your pussy lips and wonder what was that.

    Turns out, while you were busy moaning and feeling his thumb stimulate you, you didn’t notice that Jaemin reach for another piece of peach and put flavor on your pussy just like what he did with your nipples. “You’re fucking crazy ” you smiled weakly and teased him.

    “You’re gonna regret that,” he said with a smirk.

    “No Jaemin- I didn’t mean it... oh fuck!” you moaned out and closed your legs so fast, crushing Jaemin’s head in between your legs but he doesn’t care. With two hand, he spread your legs and pussy lips, licking you up and down aggressively and kissing your pussy like it was your mouth. Your pussy tastes like peaches and Jaemin thought that he did not made the wrong decision.

    In a matter of minutes your legs are shaking due to to overstimulation and too much cumming. “Jaemin please” you whine, struggling with your words but you’re still smiling and you love how his tongue worked you up. After all, it’s been such a long time.

    “Okay one last. And I want you to tell me that you love me while you’re enjoying your high. Got it?” You nod.

    By this time, not only his thumb went inside you, but every finger already, even his tongue. And it all felt so good, but you’re most favorite part is whenever he lets you move your hips while his fingers are deep inside you.

    “Fuck I’m so close Jaemin, ah!” He pinched your clit and received a kiss on the cheek before double his pace, making you let go immediately. “Jaemin- baby, i love you! I love you! I love you, please stop I can’t do it anymore”

    “Okay I get it. You love me. There’s no need to beg” he smirked, happy that he get to overstimulate you for the last time then he stopped and removed his fingers from your pussy and started kissing you lovingly, feeling your warm and tired body from cumming.

    “I love you. So much” he said and reached for your panties and helped you wear them.

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    It's been brought to my attention that I am 1 away from 300 followers (already?!) I guess I will combine this with my current 200 special that I had going on.

    For 300 awesome people 🤠 you may send;


    Groups that I write for are still the same; ateez, nct, wayv, stray kids, and the boyz. Same format as last time; [Idol(s)] + [kink(s)]. (Also don't worry if I don't answer by 30 minutes, it's 3 am right now...teehee)

    Random questions?;

    Nothing too personal or weird please ☺️


    Ngl I want a lot more of these they're fun to write 🤔, I don't mind any group or member for these!

    In fact I don't mind anything in my asks I enjoy answering you all. I'd even be happy if you're just here to talk about your day or problems there so feel free to send whatever :)
    #nct hard hours #nct fluff#nct smut#wayv smut #wayv hard hours #the boyz smut #stray kids smut #ateez smut #ateez hard hours #nct dream smut #ateez fluff #the boyz fluff #stray kids fluff #wayv fluff #its actually nearing 4 am... #I NEED TO SLEEP ILL SEE YOU CUTIES IN THE AFTERNOON 👋♥️
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    #FUYCK#i 🤨 #my mind rememberinh that video-taking exists #fuck#jaemin smut #nct hard hours
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    I post 4-5 times a day when I'm not lazy. But if I am. I will only post 2-3 times. And Thank you very much for the lovely start!!!

    Pictures are mine. Like or reblog if you save<3
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  • papergirllife
    13.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Chapter 10


    You don’t know what it’s like to be free, to make your own choices, and live your own life. For your whole life, your parents have been treating you like a puppet on strings, controlling your life to every single detail, as well as ignoring the fact that you have feelings. Other times, when you disobey their wishes, or speak up about your own opinions, they bash you down with words, in other words, psychological abuse, has led you down the long winded road of depression and anxiety. What happens when you meet a man who’s willing to be your guide out of this terrible downpour? Would you give a shot at happily ever after?


    big age gap (kinda?)

    issues on anxiety

    issues on depression (mild)

    issues on parental abuse

    smut (maybe)

    You were mindlessly scrolling through channels when suddenly you came across a movie about brothers fighting for their dead father's company, when one of the brothers mentioned shares of the company, it instantly reminded you of the shares under your name, which shouldn't actually be yours.

    So you padded into Johnny's office, in your house slippers, locating the man behind his two giant monitors, head dipped down as he observes a document thoroughly, brows furrowed in concentration.

    You decided to take a seat on the bean bag he had strategically placed not far from his desk, for whenever you wanted to spend time with him.

    On days like these where most couples would venture into the most popular cafes in Seoul on a Sunday morning, your boyfriend would be working, signing off whatever that was needed at the Chicago headquarters.

    You didn't mind that he couldn't be the typical boyfriend for you that tends to go out and about with their girlfriend, you were a homebody anyways, at least you'd always have some energy whenever Johnny decides to take you out as a surprise.

    You took a seat at the bean bag, mindlessly watching Johnny work, he’d approach you when he's done, he'd never leave you hanging or tell you to leave him alone, in fact, he very much enjoys your presence around him, it reminds him that work isn't everything in his life, his greatest achievement is finding you, the love of his life.

    “Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you were watching TV,” Johnny said after he swivelled his chair to your direction, eyes lighting up when he realised he had broken the trance he had over you, you see him so often, but the adoration in your eyes never fades.

    “I was just thinking about the shares, shouldn't we be transferring them into your name before they hold the conference?” you asked.

    “I don’t need the shares to be under my name, Y/N,” Johnny said without a second of hesitation.

    “But you paid for them, shouldn’t those shares belong to you? Plus I don’t know how to manage a company, I don’t even study business in uni, Johnny,” you argued, panic stricken at the thought of needing to lead a large enterprise, you can't even drive a car for heaven's sake.

    “Having those shares under your name would keep my father away from marrying me to someone else. As for the company, you don’t need to run it, since it’s quite a large scale company, I’ll look for a new CEO for you to help you manage it,” Johnny said with an easy smile on his face, as if he just gave you the solution to one plus one.

    “Who's going to hire the CEO?”

    “He or she would be selected the new majority shareholder, you’ll be electing a new CEO on the board, which consists of the other shareholders, and he or she would manage most of the business for you, along with the team that he or she selects, some chairmen, or in your case chairwoman, would participate in the selection of the CEO’s direct reports, but it's not a requirement,” Johnny explained.

    “Doesn’t the company have a CEO now?” you asked, miffed at the sudden expansion of knowledge of the corporate world.

    “Most of the time, they'll be removed from their position, they are the old chairman's men after all, you wouldn't want them around, they won't listen to you either.”

    “They’ll get fired? Isn’t that a bit cruel?” you asked.

    “That’s how it works, baby. A new leader comes in and the board will change as well, just like a king and his court, but for your case, a queen and her court. Don’t worry about the board members, Jungwoo, Doyoung’s brother, would manage it. Jungwoo agreed to be your new CEO, he's a good guy with much potential, I'm sure he's the right person to lead the company,” Johnny assured you.

    “So it means I still go to school like a normal student?” you asked, hoping that all would remain the same.

    “You might have to show up once or twice a week to check up on Jungwoo, receive updates, see if he’s doing things to your liking. Other than that, everything would be back to normal. Sounds good?” Johnny asked, a hand placed on top of yours, an action that never fails to calm you down if needed.

    “Yeah,” you said breathlessly, still taking in the fact that you just bought out majority of a company’s shares.

    The day of the conference had you in jitters, fussing over your looks and constantly asking Johnny for reassurance over your choice of wardrobe and make up.

    “You look great, Y/N, and don't get your nerves this worked up, you'll just be introducing yourself and Jungwoo, then he'll take it from there,” Johnny reassured you, reminding you that Jungwoo would be right beside you, assisting you in front of the media.

    The conference is supposed to be attended by the shareholders and a handful of journalist, held in a closed environment of a hotel hall, but that wouldn't stop the people’s views on disapproving you as the director. You quickly shook those thoughts out of your head, focusing on drawing your eyeliner. If anything happens, Johnny would be there for you, it won't get out of hand, you desperately hope.

    Once the two of you were done, Johnny drove the two of you to the venue, walking together hand in hand, you could see a few of the guests at that hotel recognising the two of you, some of them were blatantly pointing at you, muttering something under their breath. You were dressed rather mature today, in a black pant suit, hand-picked at Balmain by Johnny, and you sported a bold red lip, very different from the photos that have circulated on the media of you in your student look.

    “Jungwoo is waiting for us at the café, we’ll head to him before going to the conference,” Johnny said, leading you to the direction of the café, and soon enough, a young man waved the two of you over.

    “Jungwoo, this is Y/N, and Y/N, this is Jungwoo, Doyoung’s little brother,” Johnny said, gesturing to the man.

    “Nice to meet you, Jungwoo, I’m so glad you’re willing to take on this position,” you said before bowing lightly in respect and greeting.

    “I was so excited to meet you, Y/N, the girl who tied down the Johnny Suh, impressive, it’s going to be a joy working with you. I interned by Doyoung’s side for as long as I could remember, a switch might be good for me, finance management isn't really my thing anyways, and let's be real, my brother  is a boring man,” Jungwoo said with a cheeky snicker, taking a jab at his brother.

    Jungwoo is a handsome young man who is only two years younger than Doyoung, but unlike his brother who constantly dyed his hair brown or kept it black, Jungwoo’s hair is dyed in a dark shade of red, which Doyoung disapproved.

    “I told you to dye it back to black for this, you’re going to be the CEO of Oriental Cruise Line Company, not just any other staff like you were back then,” Doyoung said when he walked over from the cashier.

    “And he’s such a pain in the ass,” muttered Jungwoo under his breath as you tried to hide in your laugh, Jungwoo should be a fun person to work with, his personality is the complete opposite of Doyoung.

    All of you set off to the conference room, a slight confidence boost in your steps as you’re surrounded by your friends.

    “Everything’s coming along,” Jungwoo said, gesturing at the deco and the set up of the conference room once he scanned the area.

    The conference, as per requested, is held at one of Johnny’s hotels, which gives the public a hunch that the merge between two companies is still happening, which is what Johnny wants. Johnny, Taeyong, Doyoung, and their respective fathers would be attending this conference as well, which is why you’re anxious about its come out and how the public would regard it.

    “Do you remember what you’re going to say?” Doyoung asked you, ever the mentor.

    “I’m reading through my script, it’s only a few lines, it’ll be fine, I hope,” you said half minded as you relayed the words over and over in your head.

    “Don’t worry, Jungwoo would cover for you if you can’t handle it, I’m sure you’ll be okay, you did well the other day, you’re improving lots,” Doyoung said helpfully.

    “Thank you,” you said, grateful for his assurance.

    “The people are coming in, I’ll take my seat and check where Taeyong and Johnny are at, good luck to you two,” Doyoung said before taking his seat at the front row, phone next to his ear, trying to locate the other two.

    You took your seat at the front row, a few seats away from Doyoung, Johnny’s seat next to you, Jungwoo on your other side. The people started filing in at quarter to 11, as well as Johnny, Taeyong, and their fathers.

    “Sorry I’m late, traffic was a riot,” Taeyong said as he sat down.

    “There’s still 15 minutes, don’t worry,” Johnny said.

    At 11 a.m. sharp, one of the staff announced your name as well as your new position in the company.

    “Good morning, everyone. I am Y/L/N Y/N, and I’m the new head of directors of Oriental Cruise Line Company. As the new director of this company, it would be my honour and duty, to lead this company to greater heights with our newly appointed CEO, Kim Jungwoo,” you said with maybe a slight quiver? You hope no one detected it.

    You stepped back from the podium to allow Jungwoo to introduce himself, as well as the up coming project under the pipeline for the company, which he only had everything studied within a few days time, you always wished you had a brain that works that well.

    After Jungwoo was done with his speech, the media outlets started asking questions, which were mostly steered clear from you, thanks to Jungwoo who denied answering any questions that were unrelated to the company.

    “Would you still be merging with Mr Suh’s company through a marriage, Miss Y/N?” a journalist asked at the final segment of the interview.

    “The merge is still in talks at an early stage, but we hope to bring good news in regards of the merge to the public, thank you,” you answered, just as how you and Johnny went through it beforehand, knowing someone’s going to ask.

    After the end of the interview session, you left the venue escorted by bodyguards, but was once again bombarded by questions from reporters that weren’t invited inside the venue.

    “Y/N, what’s your relationship with Johnny? Is he your fiance now?”

    “Y/N, were you the third person in Johnny and Seungyan’s relationship?”

    These were considered some of the less horrible questions that were uttered from their mouths, recorders and phones shoved up your face being pushed away by the bodyguards, hoping that you’ll answer their questions.

    You couldn’t wait to get home.

    “My baby looks so good in her suit,” Johnny complimented once you got out of the elevator into your home.

    You just reached home, you and Johnny had left separately because some of the shareholders, some of the bigger ones, had questions regarding the company of their own, you told Johnny to head home first, thinking it’d be best to avoid leaving together, the media would've ate it up like hungry hyenas.

    “How did you come back so fast? Weren’t there reporters outside the lobby when you left?” you asked, knowing that you hadn’t dwelled long enough for Johnny to take a shower.

    “I took the back door,” Johnny said as if it's the most obvious thing ever.

    “You took the back door? And you didn’t tell me?” you asked, thinking of the mob you had to push through.

    Johnny had came up to you and wrapped you in a hug, but when you realised he hadn’t told you about the existence of a backdoor, you pulled away to look up at him accusingly, punching his chest lightly, making Johnny laugh.

    “Hey, hey, hey. What happened to the skills I taught you? How can you punch this lightly if someone attacks you? As for the back door, leaving like that doesn’t leave a good image for the first time, it’s something all business people endure after their first conference. How’s Jungwoo by the way? Do you think you’ll be okay working with him? Any indifferences between the two of you? Getting along well?” Johnny asked.

    “Jungwoo’s great, I think he’s really friendly and funny, it’d be a blast working with him, don’t worry,” you said reassuringly.

    Johnny pulled back more to look at you clearly, a far away look in his eyes as he takes in your clothing, your hair, and your make up, looking at you all dressed up wasn’t a rare occurrence, but never this formally.

    “What are you looking at? You have this weird look in your eyes,” you said as you tip toed to get a closer look.

    “Sorry, I’m just admiring your beauty,” Johnny said as a pink dusts his cheeks lightly.

    “We live together, Johnny,” you deadpanned.

    “Yes, but you don’t dress up like this everyday, I’m not saying you don’t look beautiful every other day, but seeing you like this, so business-like, made me realised how much you grew up.”

    “I look old?” you asked in horror, yes you had stayed up a bit to look through some stuff, but that wouldn't ruin your youthful looks, right?

    “No, that’s not what I meant. What I meant is that the first time I found you, you were like a lost little girl walking in the rain with no shade, not knowing where you were going, but now, you’re all grown up, you have your goals set, you left your old life behind, an all new improved version of you came about. I should’ve realised this sooner, but I guess I wanted you to keep depending on me, as selfish as it sounds, I’m scared that you’ll fly away from this nest we built,” Johnny confessed, baring his heart to you.

    Johnny had many emotions swirling in those warm honey brown eyes of his, admiration, happiness, and fear.

    “Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Wherever you’ll be, I’ll be right by your side, and don’t even think of leaving my side, I’m not the type to share,” you said with a playful poke at his side, tickling him into a smile.

    “No other woman has anything on you, my love,” Johnny said, carrying you bridal style onto the sofa, love and adoration in his eyes.

    “I only came so far because of you, Johnny. In the midst of the rain, you were the love song that guided me into the warmth of your home, giving me a chance of starting over. I wouldn’t be anyone without you,” you said, thinking back about the day you first met Johnny.

    “I could say the same about you, I’d still be that asshole leaving a girl alone in the morning if it weren’t for you entering my life, I know there’s four seasons in Korea, but it’s been a long time since I saw the sun until you came,” Johnny said before pecking your lips to hide his face, shy of his sudden sappy romance side.

    “I love you, Johnny.”

    “I love you too, Y/N, always,” Johnny said before sealing his lips with yours, it'll be some time before he frees them, but you don't mind one bit.

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  • cleverhyuck
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    [3:20] AM

    “so. fucking. loud. ” renjun said in between thrusts. you tried keeping your whimpering down but couldn’t help him hitting all the right spots in your body.

    his hand over your mouth wouldn’t do, so he found your panties and shoved them in your mouth. you could slightly taste your wetness from the foreplay you had with renjun.

    even in the bare moonlight renjun looked as beautiful as ever. reaching your high you tightly grabbed onto his arm and came, clenching around his cock.

    renjun followed after and came inside you. after quietly and gently cleaning you up, you put on your previous clothes and pecked him a kiss goodbye.

    it was wrong to be fucking your best friend, right next to his girlfriend.

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  • jenluxnniex
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    [11:10 PM]

    "Mommy," the little girl said while crying going over to you. "Yes, my darling?" You asked tiredly putting the bottles down. And quickly bending to face her.

    "I can't sweep" the little girl stated to her mom while sniffing holding her teddy. "Awww baby do you want mommy to cuddle you to sleep?" The little girl just nodded to her mom. And went to her bedroom...

    Jaehyun just arrived. So he quickly went to your shared bedroom but you weren't there so he went to his daughter's room.

    He saw you laying down with your daughter sleeping peacefully. As much as he doesn't want to wake you up. He also wants you.

    "Darling?" He said tapping your shoulders trying not to wake up the little girl beside you. "Hm?" "I'm home," Jaehyun said.

    The little girl beside you didn't wake up but the little boy on the corner did. You didn't have any choice but to stand up and breastfeed him. "I will come back, my love. I will just go wash" Jaehyun said kissing your forehead. You just nodded with a tired smile.

    After washing. Jaehyun spotted you on the sink cleaning the baby's bottles.

    "Baby~," Jaehyun said putting his head on your neck leaving wet kisses all over. You can feel that he didn't wore any t-shirts yet.

    "This is the last one Jaehyun," you said. But Jaehyun didn't stop but instead carried you and put you on the top of the counter. Which leads to...

    The make-out session was hot. Jaehyun's hands were underneath your shirt playing with your breasts while your hands were playing with his hair. "Let's continue somewhere else," Jaehyun said carrying you going to the bedroom.

    I don't even know what this is😭
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    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Regular-Irregular: Part 3 (M)

    Preview: “Whatever, we’ll settle this once and for all.” The alpha seated on the desk turns toward you, brow lifting. “You squirt omega?”
    “Huh!?” Your eyes shift between the two sporting amused expressions.
    “Even better if she doesn’t. Then we’ll really see whose the squirt master here.”
    Pairing: female omega reader x alpha Haechan x alpha Yangyang
    Word Count: 2.7k
    Genre: omegaverse, pwop I mean this is porn, M/F, this is FICTION.
    Smut Warning: overstimulation, squirting, oral, slapping lower regions, explicit language


    Part 1–>

    Part 2–>

    “Hey, omega girl, get over here” an alpha you haven’t been properly introduced to you waves a hand flagging you down. Seated on the desk of another alpha. Both of them wiggling around two fingers in a specific way, glancing at the desktop screen.

    “No dude it’s like this” the one seated motions his two middle fingers, tips curling forward. “You have to push down like this.”

    “Haechan I fucking know how to make bitches squirt alright?! I’m a pro! One time I got this omega to cum so hard, looked like I got caught in the rain.” You shift around awkwardly listening to their back and forth banter. A few other alphas pretending to stay busy passing by with folders. It never seemed like anyone was actually working around here.

    “Whatever, we’ll settle this once and for all.” The alpha seated on the desk turns toward you, brow lifting. “You squirt omega?”

    “Huh!?” Your eyes shift between the two sporting amused expressions.

    “Even better if she doesn’t. Then we’ll really see whose the squirt master here.” Haechan responds, sick smirk growing . Two fingers parting over his lips, tongue wiggling out in between. Eyes watching you with nothing but impure intention. “How much do you want to bet I can make her squirt faster than you?”

    “Hey if we’re placing bets, my moneys on Yangyang.” Lucas steps in, sitting at the other side of Haechans desk. Smile large, hands clapping together. “Love a fun little competition.”

    “What the fuck Lucas, I thought we were partners in crime here?” Haechan sits up, hand over chest in offense.

    “Hey if I’m putting bills on this, I have to make the right choice. You’ll make her cum too Haechan. I’ve seen Yangyang in action though, he knows what he’s doing.” Lucas shrugs. Catching your bewildered expression, throwing a cocky wink your way.

    “He’s not wrong, as I said- I’m a fucking pro.” Yangyang returns his gaze back to you. Tongue darting out to the corner of his mouth. “Now answer the question omega, you a squirter?”

    Your face could not feel any hotter with three sets of alpha eyes eating you up. Everyday just had to be something new, didn’t it. Yangyang sits up from the desk, hands wrapping around your waist.

    “Are you stupid? Why aren’t you answering me.” It’s hardly a question. His face inching in close, menacing eyes tearing into your mind.

    “Yangyang come on dude, don’t be like that. She’s still new.” Haechan stands up, pulling you out of the other alphas hold. Hands smoothing up and down your sides. “You catch more bees with honey, you know that right?” Yangyang scoffs with annoyance. Eyes lazily glaring at you upset with your lack of response.

    “You know the rules boys. Friendly competition! Johnny’s using the conference room today though.” Lucas stands up, head hovering high above the cubicle walls. “We’ll just have to make it work here.”

    Staplers, pens, and files go flying. Lucas clearing the top of Haechan’s desk to make space. Your eyes turn into saucers, sweat gathering in your lower back. The building kept a cool temperature- something about alphas not wanting to break a sweat at ‘work’. Haechan goes on whispering sweet nothings into your ear, sounds fuzzily passing out the other.

    “Here? On the desk?” Yangyang questions glancing around the office for another spot. Another alpha settling down across the way into a seat. Paper cup of water in hand, interest in what will happen next peaked.

    “Where else? This way it’s fair. You know Johnny’s rules.” Lucas shifts around the desktop closer to the desk ledge. “Try not to get this covered in slick.”

    “Yea yea.. fucking Kun ruining everything for us..” Yangyang mutters, unbuttoning open his blazer. Haechan moves you to the desk, nudging you back until your ass meets the ledge.

    “Hop up baby” with a nervous nod, you quickly obey. Shifting your lower half up onto the desk. Yangyang stepping forward, abruptly stopped by Haechan’s arm.

    “Since you’re the pro, it’s only fair I start don’t you think?” Haechan throws a sly smile toward the other alpha. Shoving past, settling between your legs.

    “I’ll start the timer whenever you’re ready then Haechan.” Lucas voices out, phone held up. Yangyangs eyes roll, moving around the desk. Eyes scorching into your back.

    “You ok?” Haechan’s palms spread over your bare thighs. Warm hands dragging against your over heated flesh. He’s calming, a false sense of calming no less. Presence more mischievous than dangerous. Youthful, a young eager to learn alpha. With a lick over your lips, you nod slowly. Hands trembling, balling up into tight fists.

    “I don’t think I’ve...” with a bite to your lip you pause. Eyes falling to the peak of desk between your legs.

    “What is it? Say it...finish your sentence.” Haechan’s grip on your thighs tightens. Fingers dancing at the edge of your skirt. Core already beginning to twitch and convulse between you. Scent of arousal traveling up both your noses. The embarrassment of everyone always knowing when you’re ready to be split open only turning you on more.

    “Squi...” your tone cracks, knuckles digging into the wooden layer beneath you.

    “Dumb omega, can’t even say it out loud can you?” Yangyangs lips press to your ear. Whispering harsh words, nails dragging down your spine like a knife. Something about him immature, but too intelligent for his own good.

    “Don’t taunt her.” Haechan’s stern vocals interrupt your thoughts. Air passing through your lungs with a struggle. Two strong alpha bodies trapping you between them, slick gushing out of your entrance. Ass becoming uncomfortably damp against the desk.

    “You’re not a dumb omega right baby?” Haechan lifts a hand, nudging your chin up with two fingers. “Now shut Yangyang up and say the words.”

    “I don’t..” Haechan’s parted lips softly drag across yours. Bumping against each other as you stutter out. “I don’t...think..I’ve...sq-squirted..before” heat soars throughout your limbs. Like a bucket of boiling water pouring down you. Flashes of pre-heat triggering your memory of the familiar sensation.

    “That’s a smart omega.” Haechan leans forward, soft lips pecking you. Hand making way between your squished thighs, fingers coating in the slick across your skin. You gulp, swallowing, nodding. Lips growing hungrier for attention, seeking more of his mouth. Fingers teasing up and down your slit.

    “So juicy, you’re gonna give me all your slick right?” You rapidly nod, unsure that’s even something your body can do. Desperately needing to be touched. Haechan’s fingers snap in Lucas direction, motioning to start the time. “Lay down baby, let me see you.”

    You fall back easily, thighs spreading further open. Back of your head meeting a sturdy chest. Eyes rolling up, locking with Yangyangs.

    “I got you” his arms move between yours. Lifting you up, head resting against Yangyangs shoulder. His fingers toying at your blouse buttons, only a few sealed. Top low enough to expose your nipples at any turn, any drop of a paper. Xiaojun insisted you spilled his files every morning, getting on your knees to pick them up, extra slow.

    Haechan’s palm cups around your mound, humiliating sound of wetness sounding out. Hand lifting, glistening with slick under the fluorescent office lights.

    “Fuck, you’re so wet..” his fingers spread, thick stickiness spreading between each.

    Haechan’s eyes full of galaxies as he admires the way you glow over him. Grin growing and twisting, dick hardening. Your eyes fall closed, Yangyang tweaking nipples between fingers, ruthless in his pulling and tugging.

    With a wipe of his hand across your skirt, Haechan roughly tugs the minuscule thing off your body. Daily requests from alphas for more revealing clothing flooding your emails. ‘If I can’t see your pussy when you bend over, don’t even bother with that shit.’

    “Did I say you could close your eyes omega?” Haechan slaps down your core, droplets of slick jumping up. Eyes flying open, scream ripping from your throat. Yangyangs arms tighten around you as your torso jumps forward. Haechan’s hand repeating the motion, laying down slaps between your thighs. Mound heated up angrily, swelling up with pathetic need.

    “Alpha!” Voice finally finding courage to yell out. Evil smile crossing Haechan’s lips, fingers rubbing all around your center. Slick loud and nasty, pooling on the desk.

    “Look at you..” Haechan tsks, hands slapping down your inner thighs, squeezing at the fat. Slutty hole fluttering at the sight of an alpha, more than begging to be filled. “So fucking nasty. All you omegas are the same..”

    “Tick tock tick tock” Yangyangs voice surprises you, arching into him. Eyes twitching open and shut as Haechan spits on your center. Shooting Yangyang a glare, Haechan moves down to his knees. Eyes drawn in to your ready hole.

    With another shove at your thighs, Haechan’s tongue darts into your heat. Working way in past your clenching hole, rapidly. Muscle sliding in as far as it can. Fingers pressing down on your clit. Other hand gripping the back of your thigh, holding you to stay open. Yangyang intently watching for your reactions, lightly pressing your hardened perked buds in. Not wanting to assist Haechan too much with getting you off.

    Your chest tightens, head turning to the side. Lucas squeezing at his fat cock through tight slacks. Arousal coursing through you faster at the sight. Not to mention the alphas hovering around as if it’s just another day- because it is. Slurping sounds between your core and Haechan’s mouth so loud. Toes curling behind his back, hips jumping up. Tongue working inside you deep, using strength to pleasure your squeezing walls.

    “S-shit fuck” eyes squeezing, thighs attempting to clamp shut around the alphas head. Earning a slap across the inside of one. Hiss slipping past gritted teeth. Hole clenched around Haechan’s tongue as he pulls away. Face filthy, chin dripping in slick. The alpha rises to stand, one hand working at his belt. Tongue licking around lips and any skin within reach.

    “So tasty omega, nasty little whore.” Zipper opening up, Haechan tugs out his throbbing dick. Another slap landing on your cunt. Eyes rolling back as the pleasured pain reacts in your coiling stomach.

    “Alpha, p-please please!” Neck falling back on Yangyangs shoulder, tongue licking swipes along your neck. Haechan gutturally groans, rubbing over his cock head. Slapping the meat down on your wet folds. He’s teasing too much, not enough, refusing to give you what you need.

    “Please, I can’t alpha” your face squeezes. Hips trying to lift toward him. Tip swirling at your entrance, dipping in only enough for a taste of your tight walls. Haechan’s eyes fluttering, lips pulled tight, forcing his hips away. With an extra rough slap to your cunt, he shoves two fingers in. Nothing patient about his motions, knuckles gliding in. Fingers reaching deep into you, jerking around as his face breaks into concentration. Haechan leans over above you, forearm roughly shaking. Teeth gritted, other hand moving to your lower stomach.

    “Come on baby, I know you can do it..” Haechan grits out words, hand pushing down on you. Fingers thrusting inside you savagely, determined to win. He finally feels it, that spongey like texture. Palm beating against your clit with each thrust of his fingers.

    “Fuck” Haechan mutters, head shaking. Sweat collecting along his forehead. Arm trembling with all his power. He presses in roughly, hand on your stomach shoving you in.

    “ALPHA!” Jerking around in Yangyangs hold trying to break free. Orgasm exploding inside of you, like an electric chair shock killing every nerve in your body. Haechan screams through grinding teeth, cock jumping between his legs. Pussy sucking his fingers in so good, nearly crying to himself. Thumb reaching down, swiping at the hood of your clit. He works it into a circle, forcing pressure down.

    “A-alpha! No!-..” Hips jumping off the table, clear liquid shooting up everywhere. Alphas around the offices jaws falling open watching Haechan’s blissful face get drenched in slick. Your slick endlessly bursting free, Haechan not letting up one bit. Mouth hung open, tongue lapping at the squirt hitting him.

    “Holy shit..” Yangyang mumbles against your cheek. Dick becoming painfully hard the longer he has to wait. Loud pants fill the room, some from you, Haechan, others.

    Haechan’s fingers rip free, immediately returning to his knees. Mouth opening wide over your mound, sucking up every last drop of slick like a madman. Face contorting in pain with overstimulation, tingle never leaving your stomach. Omega inside of you desperate for more, for alpha cock.

    “My turn..” Yangyang moves away, rounding the table swiftly. He shoves Haechan with no remorse, eyes wide and crazed blazing into your core. Haechan grunts falling back to the floor, dizzy off your taste. Face dripping in absurd amounts of slick, hair drenched.

    “Fuck this..” Yangyang unzips himself. Long cock falling free, messy strokes up and down. Shifting up to your elbows, eyes hungrily watching. He presses in, cock head pushing at your swollen entrance. Core tightening nervously, mind appeased focusing on relaxing open.

    Yangyang slides in, pussy spreading around cock with an extra loud wet squelch. Satisfied smirk drawing onto his lips, grinding into you with every inch. Hands wrapping around your knees pressing them forward. Yangyang gets you folded up, looking for the perfect angle. Hips swiveling into you nonstop, cock issuing harsh punishing thrusts. He can’t wait, watching you and Haechan took too long. Balls filled up ready to spill.

    Wetness covering his slacks with each thrust forward. Nothing about his movements slow, fucking you with no concern. Only stilling to grind in deeply, nose scrunched up in search for your deepest spot.

    “Fuck I’m gonna fucking cum..” his eyes squeeze shut, face wrinkling up. Head shaking, resisting the urge. Hips slam into you faster, hands wrapping around your neck loosely. Trying to gain a hold on you, using all of his body weight to fuck into you. Your head turning side to side catching Lucas tugging at his cock roughly. Pained scream falling free as another orgasm hits. Yangyang not slowing down, needing to push you past your limits. Groaning to himself as you tighten up.

    He pulls away, when you start convulsing around his size. Cock slowly slipping out, pushing your leg open. Delivering brutal slaps back and forth across your clit. Whined screams and cries fleeing your lips. Another rush of slick pouring from your hole. Yangyangs hand roughly stroking your walls together, slick shooting out aggressively. Landing all over Haechan’s work desk, keyboard, Yangyangs shirt. His hands and forearms shining.

    With a deep growl, he plunges back in, chasing an orgasm. Your eyes rolling back as Yangyang anomalistically fucks into you, slick shooting up between your bodies. Shout tearing out from his lips in climax. He finally drops, cock pulsating with every pass of cum. Your muscles relaxing, back falling flat. Tension of needing more finally freeing you. Minutes passing as you lay in a daze catching your breath.

    “Who won?” Yangyang lifts up, skin drenched in you. Chest rising and falling trying to catch his own breath.

    “The fuck, how should I know..” Lucas grunts, tucking himself back in. Zipper seal sounding as he steps away with a leg shake.

    “If anyone asks, I won.” Yangyang smirks, hand slapping down on your core. An embarrassing sound of wetness sounding out, loud enough for anyone within 20 feet to hear. Your hips twitching up, pussy too swollen for anymore. Both alphas half redressed before stepping away with barely a wave goodbye.

    With wobbly legs you stand, picking up your discarded skirt from the floor. Holding on to one of the cubicle walls as you hobble back into the ruined garment. Wetness left behind on your body sticky, some drying tightly on your skin already. Needing the bathroom, you drag a hand down the hallway wall. Feet slowly dragging toward the omega restroom- your own personal one with shower and toiletries.

    Releasing half a weak whimper before a hand slaps down over your opened mouth. Pressed into the wall, hard covered cock pressing into your lower back.

    “Don’t make a sound” a low rasp whispers directly into your ear. Other hand squeezing your breast, fingers dipping into the pocket on your top. “If you say anything I’ll make you regret it.” The alpha releases you, foot steps quickly walking out of the hallway.

    You slump against the wall, mind still wracked. Confusion settling over you yet again. Forehead pressed against the wall, eyes falling to your pocket. Corner of a folded up paper poking out- a note. Holding yourself up with one arm, you shake it open.

    ‘Copy room tomorrow. 10am. Do not repeat this to anyone.’ -J

    a/n: “there is no plot”

    omg theres kind of a plot🤪


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  • yoongsicles
    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    warning: abusive relationship, cheating

    Without Me (Jeong Jaehyun ft. Johnny Seo)

    Inspired by:

    Jaehyun is the love of your life. You've known him since high school, he's one of the people who made your high school life difficult and by that meaning, he was known as the rebellious kid who was also your bully. Funny right? Your bully is now the most important person in your life.

    Your relationship with him has always been difficult because of your parents. You're rich and he's just nothing according to them but that didn't stop you from loving him. Jaehyun's life was completely different from yours, growing up with no parents and no one to be with. You still admired him even though he was a jerk before.

    He learned how to love you wholeheartedly and you helped him reached his goals in life. You were always by his side no matter what the situation was. He completely changed into a better person, or so you thought.

    Wiping your tears, you looked at yourself in the mirror trying to hide the pain away from your eyes by faking a smile. Walking out from the bathroom to go back to the party, you found Johnny, Jaehyun's friend outside waiting for you.

    "Since when?" he asked with concern "What do you mean?" you're about to walk away from him when he grabbed your arm making you hissed in pain "You should've covered it properly," he said referring to the bruise on your left arm that's barely covered in concealer.

    You didn't know what to do. Of course, Johny would notice because aside from not being stupid, he's the only friend of Jaehyun who would constantly ask how you're doing.

    "It's nothing" you can't lie, you're on the verge of crying right now but you still pretended as if it was 'nothing'. "Jaehyun's been flirting with some girls out there in a party YOU organized for his new project but you're acting blind," Johnny says looking at you seriously.

    He came closer to you and held both of your shoulders "Since when?" you knew he's referring to when did Jaehyun start hurting you physically. You broke down instantly in front of Johnny while those painful memories came back to you.


    The trust you have for your boyfriend has always been a hundred percent but when you found an exchange conversation on his phone from a random girl, you felt like your whole world just collapsed.

    The exchange of nude photos and the nasty conversation could make you throw up.

    "Why the fuck are you on my phone?" Jaehyun grabbed his phone from your hand and hide it in his drawer "Y-you c-cheated" you were trembling and you can't even breathe properly.

    Jaehyun scoffed "Don't be stupid, that was nothing" you glared at him "Stupid? Me? I saw everything! You're disgusting!" that's when your tears betrayed you. You hit him a few times before he slapped you making you fall on the floor.

    He grabbed you by the jaw while staring at you with madness "Don't you ever look through my things again" he said before leaving you there scared and shaking.

    End of Flashback

    At that moment you never knew Jaehyun again. He's always mad at you for no reason and will only have sex with you if he needed something. Whenever you try to break up with him, he would turn back into the Jaehyun who's afraid of losing you. He would tell you how much he's going to be miserable again without you.

    The love you have for Jaehyun is much more than the love you have for yourself. You always end up losing and accepting him again not knowing that you're slowly losing yourself.

    You continued sobbing on Johnny's chest while he hugs you. "You're smart and beautiful, y/n. You know what to do" he said patting your back making you calm down.

    Meanwhile, Jaehyun was looking all over for you only to find you in his friend's arms. He was furious seeing you with another man so he immediately walked towards the both of you grabbing Jonny by his arm and punched him.

    "Jae! Oh my God!" you panicked holding him to stop his attempt from punching Johnny again but because you're too fragile, Jaehyun pushed you and continued his business with Johnny.

    Some of the guests got to the commotion helping you get up and pulling Jaehyun away from the now covered in blood, Johnny.

    "Yun-o, please! Stop please stop!" you cried hugging Jaehyun from behind. One of his weaknesses is whenever you call him by his real name. You're the only one who can call him that.

    "Yun-o, please" you plead hugging him tightly "I'm here, I'm just here" Jaehyun calmed down still looking at Johnny. You looked at Johnny and whispered "I'm sorry" before pulling your boyfriend away from everyone.

    Even though Johnny was badly injured, you were still in his mind. Disappointed with your decision, he got up looking at the both of you walking away.

    Inside your hotel room, you and Jaehyun are still hugging. He can't seem to let you go even though his hand is still covered with Johnny's blood.

    "You're mine. Only mine, y/n" you nodded with your tears falling, defeated by your own feelings again.


    more here
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  • yoongsicles
    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Best friend to lovers (Huang Renjun)

    Your romantic relationship with Renjun started just last week and the both of you are struggling to tell your other friends because they've always known the two of you as the best of friends.

    Renjun confessed his love for you after your finals and that caught you by surprise because you didn't expect a confession at all. Knowing his reputation as the Art Department's representative, the girls in his department would die if they knew that their one and only Renjun has now a girlfriend.

    And you? You're just his best friend since middle school who has always been in love with him.

    This is all new to you but the moment Lia, your girl best friend noticed how Renjun keeps clinging to you right now, she immediately knew something is fishy.

    The moment Renjun stood up to get another drink, Lia asked you a question out of nowhere "So how long?". You gave her a confused look but she just shot you a glare "You think I don't know how Renjun got EXTRA clingy with you? And how he looks at you like he's a hungry wolf?" she added.

    You were taken aback by this which made you feel nervous instantly so you just laughed it out "Renjun's been clingy ever since". In this kind of situation, you wished Renjun didn't leave you behind.

    When he came back, you grabbed his hand taking him somewhere private "Is there a problem?" it's clear in his voice that he's worried about you "It's Lia, I think she knows" you answered. Renjun sighed cupping your right cheek "Our friends will know eventually and there's nothing wrong with that. I love you okay?"

    Renjun kissed you passionately, forgetting that you two are still at a house party. The kiss became deeper and it made you two feel hot. You don't know if it's the alcohol or is it because of Renjun's hand squeezing your ass right now but one thing's for sure, you both want each other.

    "I knew it!" pushing Renjun instantly, you found Lia laughing with excitement "You idiots! You could've just told us," she added. Renjun just held your hand and kissed it whispering "it's okay" making Lia squeal.


    more here
    #kpop imagines#nct imagines#nct drabbles#nct scenarios#nct smut #nct dream imagines #nct dream drabbles #nct dream scenarios #nct dream#nct renjun #renjun x reader #idol x reader #huang renjun#renjun imagines
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  • cleverhyuck
    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    warnings : hickeys , possessive jeno , kinda toxic ?? , pain kink , slapping , bondage , raw ( stay safe mfs ) , jealous jeno , crying , overstim , orgasm denial

    wc : ?€{*]€~]*~€


    “mine. mine. mine. mine.” he said while kissing all over your neck. you knew you would get bruising and marks all over you in the morning but you couldn’t care. boyfriend!jeno found it very hard to keep his calm while you were talking with his mates.

    not even three hours into the party you are being dragged back into the car with an angry jeno slamming the door shut. “are you jealous jeno?” you asked him. you knew he already didn’t like that you were in a very short skirt but you knew he hated it when all his friends grinned and complimented you.

    “jealous? me? oh i’ll show you jealous.” he said while gripping your thigh. his hand squeezed your left thigh even tighter and you were sure little red imprints of his fingers would appear if he gripped on any tighter.

    arriving home, he dragged you into the room and practically threw you on the bed.

    “you better watch what you say darling, i’m not going easy on you.”

    as you took off your clothes and threw them somewhere, he took off his belt, and tied your wrists together. “jeno is this really that seri-“ holding your wrist with his left hand above you, he used his right to smack you. “shut it.” was all he said and it kept you quiet.

    he kissed all over your neck leaving love bites from your jaw down you your cleavage. “all mine.” he said when he was satisfied with his work.

    his hard cock slapped his stomach and that only made your mouth water more. squeezing your thighs together you tried to keep your wetness together. he spread them apart and abruptly entered into you, never giving you a chance to adjust to his large size.

    “jeno! fu-fuck!” you cried out while he relentlessly pounded into you. his sharp breaths had your eyes rolling back. “you like it don’t you?” he spat. the pain from his size was so pleasuring you could only cry out.

    “so fucked on my cock aren’t you?” he panted while railing you. you could only moan what seemed to be a yes when he started you rub your clit. “who can fuck you like this?!” he yelled. you could only moan, which led to another smack on your face.

    “answer me!” as he slapped your other side. the pain had never felt so good. “on-only you je-jeno!” you tried to speak. his pounding had you seeing stars and had the bed shaking. you knew you were close and he did too. your legs shook vigorusly before he pulled out, leaving you whimpering.

    “you don’t get to cum, slut.” you moaned at the nickname. legs still wide open and wet, he entered you again, causing you to scream. the sounds of your skins slapping together filled the room.

    he was getting close and called out to you, pulling you out of a trance. “i’m gonna cum. fuck. you better take it like the cockslut you are. cant live without cum in you can you?”

    you cried his name out and jeno came. long spurts of his cum filled you up and you moaned at the feeling. you came after him in a loud moan. he pulled his dick out and watched how your hole clenched around his cum.

    “you came without permission.” he said. your eyes widened, but before you could speak, he slapped your pussy, sending cum pouring out. you whined at the sensitivity, feeling tears well in your eyes.

    he suddenly plunged back into you and you felt the tears drop down your face. “too much!” you cried out. he slapped down on your pussy again and replied, “take it. you’re only a cumbucket for me.”

    you were nearing an orgasm again due to the over stimulation. he harshly grabbed your jaw and forced your mouth open. he spat in your mouth and you swallowed.

    you were a sight to see. tears ruining the makeup on your face, drool running down the sides of your mouth. the perfect look of being fucked out.

    you were shaking again and he knew. “come.” he said. “come right now or you aren’t cumming for the rest of the night.”

    and you followed. cumming on his dick, making it white. the restraint on your wrist was digging into your skin as you tried to move.

    jeno pulled out, letting you think it was over. you took your time to breathe before you felt him inserting his fingers into you.

    “baby, the night isn’t over yet.”

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  • jungcherie
    13.06.2021 - 8 hours ago


    ►pairing: Jeno x fem!reader

    ►word count: 2.9K

    ►genre: smut

    ►warnings: mentions of STD, unprotected sex, creampie, choking, mentions of oral

    ►summary: Jeno started working at a porn video production company as an editor, but ended up filming... and even acting.

    ►disclaimer: this is all fiction, I'm not part of the porn industry (means im CLUELESS about it) and i don't have anyone close to me who is into it so, i had to do a research and i got all the info from an interview of an ex porn actress, just to make it more realistic. Nothing, just that, enjoy ;)

    Huang Brothers company looked like an ordinary company, although they were all dressed casually and Jeno was the only stupid who was wearing a suit the first day here. The guy who received him laughed when he saw him, he laughed too, but of embarrassment. In his defense, the desperation of get a job to survive was so big that it didn't give him time to investigate more about the place, only that it was dedicated to filming and producing porn videos.

    "Well, this is your office," A pretty spacious room with shitty lighting and a dusty desk. "The videos you have to edit are already on the computer, you have a program but if you want, you can download the one that's most comfortable for you"

    The slam of the door made him jump out of the place with fright, he was alone in his new workplace. He ran his hands over his face and pulled off the tie that had been choking him from minute one he left home.

    Jeno didn't expect he would have millions of videos to cut, paste and fix. He spent about a week trying to finish everything but he kept getting more and more. They were all from the same girl with a different boy.

    He also realized, Huang Brothers had a very bad organization, and it was because the company was almost bankrupt. They tried to recover by filming thousands of scenes. Jeno was tired of hearing loud moans through his headphones.

    "Lee, we need you, it's an emergency"

    Those were the words that made him confuse. He? Why would they need help from a simple editor?

    "What's going on?" he asked Renjun as he tried to follow his quick steps, everyone was just as excited as he was, Jeno couldn't understand anything.

    "Our cameraman quit at the last minute" he replied, frustrated, opening the door of the set.

    Jeno knew very well what that meant, and he panicked. one thing was watching two people having sex through a screen, he wasnt prepared to see and witness it with his own eyes. Also, he wasn't hired to handle a camera.

    "But I don't know anything about angles and stuff." In his nervousness, he tried to justify himself and escape. From all the people there, why him?

    "Don't worry about it" Renjun stands next to the artifact Jeno was going to use. "The director will guide you and tell you what to do"

    He left. There were people everywhere, going around and screaming when a girl appeared in his field of vision, wearing a black satin robe and compared to the whole environment, she was calm, standing with her arms crossed, perhaps waiting for someone to tell her something.

    This was the first time he had seen her fully clothed.

    "Hey" a touch on his shoulder took his gaze off from her. "I'm Lucas, a pleasure"

    Lucas was the famous director who would teach him, he briefly explained he was going to tell him where to focus and truly, it wasnt that difficult work to do.

    By the time everything calmed down, the two actors were on top of the bed, naked, and the makeup artists doing their final touch ups, Jeno felt the heat rise up his face, his cheeks were probably red, even though he was watching them through the lens and not directly, he was embarrassed, he muttered wishing he didn't have to hide an erection in the middle of filming.

    "We can't film" Lucas says suddenly looking at his cell phone, everyone turned to see him as if he were joking, some angry, others fed up with all this. "There is a positive case of HIV"

    Jeno opened his eyes in disbelief, had one of them been infected?

    "It's neither of us," the actress spoke. "We can film"

    So it was an external case?

    "Sorry, Y/N. But rules are rules" Lucas replied before walking out the door followed by all the staff.

    You put on the robe and said bye to the boy who was going to perform with you.

    "Saved by the bell, honey" you mumbled passing Jeno's side.

    A knock on the door caused him to remove his headphones and say 'come in' to whoever wanted to enter his office. Jeno froze when he saw the person on the other side.

    "So you're the new editor right?" you said walking towards him, with your arms crossed, to see how he was working on his computer.

    About five days had passed since the failed attempt to shoot a video, and he hadnt received any explanation or news about it. Jeno had been left wondering what had happened after that.

    "It seems so" he answers raspy voice, he had to clear his throat after saying that sentence. "I'm Jeno"

    "Nice to meet you Jeno" you say giving him your hand for him to take, which he did, but in a very hesitant way. "I guess you already know me"

    Yeah, I know every part of your body, he thought without saying anything, and adjusted his glasses to go back and continue doing what he was doing. Your presence was making him uncomfortable, every two seconds Jeno glanced over his shoulder to see what movements you were making. "Do you... Need something?" he asked when he already felt unable to move the mouse.

    "Oh," you blurted out covering your mouth a bit and walking away from him. "No, I'm just going around the company since, you know, the incident"

    "You can't film" he cooed. "Yeah,it stops for a couple of days and they send us to renew our STD tests" he nodded.

    The memories of that day haunted him, he knew no one would be the same idiot as him and would agree to work in this company, that meant he would have to work as a cameraman when they said so, and also meant he would see you naked fucking with someone else.

    "Why are you here Jeno?"

    Curiosity was killing you, why was someone as cute as him involved in one of the most raw and disreputable industries?

    Jeno was wearing an oversized shirt, but his pants were tight. You noticed he had big thighs and strong arms. The veins ran through his forearms until they reached his hands, you couldn't help but think about the well-worked body Jeno was hiding under that giant garment.

    You ran your tongue over your lips while he had his sight elsewhere.

    He didn't look like the previous guys who worked this position.

    "I ask you the same"

    Jeno didn't understand why someone like you kept working here, literally Huang Brothers was falling apart and you kept making more and more content.

    "Surely we have the same reason" you muttered.

    "Don't ask him to delete any scenes Y/N! I know you!" Renjun saw through the door you were talking to Jeno and he scolded you, you just rolled your eyes and yelled back you didn't want that.

    Were you starting a conversation with him to ask him for a favor? Because if so, it made sense for you to come visit him.

    "Don't believe him, I just wanted to meet you" you spoke sweetly, touching his shoulder. Jeno had stopped being tense but he froze again when he felt the physical contact.

    You two stared at each other for a few seconds and involuntarily, you ran your tongue over your lips again, Jeno's gaze was positioned right in that place, until he realized he was looking at your mouth in a strange way .

    "Nice to meet you, Y/N"

    Shit, shit, shit.

    That was the only thing Jeno could think about as he hid his face behind the camera lens. This filming was quite exhaustive, every two or three minutes everyone stopped and the makeup artists did touch-ups, the actors changed positions and he was getting closer and closer to them.

    Jeno was surprised by his holding, it had been fifteen minutes since it had started and everything under his pants was under control, disgust was winning over his, having the smell of sex entering his nose wasnt pleasant, the lubricant had a very peculiar aroma, almost nauseating, not to mention hearing two bodies colliding rhythmically.

    "Cut!" Lucas yells next to him. "Change your position"

    Also, the bad thing about this work is that he couldnt take a break, not even go to the bathroom or drink water, and unfortunately for him, Jeno wanted to pee so bad.

    The two actors changed position: this time the guy was lying down facing the ceiling while you were on top of him, with your feet on his knees and your hands on the mattress for support. Jeno had a perfect view of your pussy being pounded by that actor's cock, he was going in and out quickly while you moaned loudly.

    He was questioning many things right now, first, how the hell did all those men do to maintain an erection for so long? And second, this was a performance, but was the pleasure of sex ever real?

    This was the last scene to shoot, Jeno was sweating from fatigue, he wanted to go home, take a shower and sleep in his bed until the next morning, however, what happened right after woke him up more than ever.

    You looked straight into the camera, that man's dick still hitting you, your frown and your mouth open. Jeno felt touched, every sound that came out of your throat wore his name, even if it wasnt explicitly, and you wanted to let him know, you wanted to tear down that innocent look that Jeno had and corrupt his thoughts, make him want and think things undue, and you were part of all that.

    The thrusts stopped, you were still with his cock inside, feeling how you were filled with all his cum, just by moving your hips a little, you took it out and gave the camera a close-up of your pussy, dripping from a mixed white liquid with your own fluids.

    "It's done! Thank you everyone! You can go and clean yourself guys"

    Lucas's words were a salvation for Jeno, who nearly dropped the device, and trotted off to the bathroom, his face red and sweaty and an hard on that would be difficult to lower.

    Chaos had returned to Huang Brothers, the situation was even worse than before, Jeno wouldnt be surprised if he lost his job in a couple of weeks, or even days, but he didnt understand why the company didnt fire everyone and finally close.

    "You are the only actress we have left" Hendery, one of the directors could be heard on the other side of the door. "We can't film"

    "Why not? I can do a solo" you protested. "You can, but you won't get many views"

    Jeno snorted, of all sectors in this building, why should they stand in front of his office and argue there?

    "There is something wrong?" he asked opening the door and surprising the two people on the other side. You and Hendery didn't utter a word or sound, you two stared at Jeno's body. He was wearing a tank top, now you could see his arms and his shoulders.

    It is as if you and Hendery are connected, because you looked at each other at the same time and smiled as if you had the same idea, which in fact, you did.

    At first, the offer to act in a porn video sounded like a joke to Jeno, although after seeing your serious face when asking him to participate with you he knew it wasnt a joke at all. You insisted a million times and he refused a million times.

    "Please do it" you said, almost begging. "No, Y/N. I don't want to be naked on a porn site" he replied back.

    "Please, you have a good body, I'm sure everyone would love you"

    And after some lengthy discussions, Jeno agreed, knowing that he would probably regret it at some point.

    Nerves dominated his entire body, he had already been tested for STDs, had shaved to the core and bathed before filming. He was afraid of not getting an erection, or not being able to maintain it for long. Of course Jeno had had sex before, but doing it while everything was recorded was something else.

    And do it without a condom too.

    "Are you good?" You asked him when you entered the room, Jeno was hiding in his office, cowering from his decision, he could only nod quickly, breathing rapidly. You walked over and took his hand to calm him down a bit. "It's okay, if a problem arises, everything has a solution"

    The set was the same, the design of that room was different from the last time he had seen it. There weren't many people around, not only one actor had quit, but more of the staff had left.

    "Well, guys," this time, the director was Hendery and not Lucas. "As you can see, the makeup artists are gone, so we will have to make this simpler and more amateurish"

    Jeno frowned, confused, he wasn't understanding what Hendery meant. "That the video is going to be a single shot, without cuts, without editing"

    You and Jeno had to reach at least six minutes.

    When Hendery indicated that you could start, everything around you no longer existed. You had told Jeno everything that was done during the shoot was consensual and planned, although you and he hadnt agreed on anything, you just got carried away.

    A good way to waste time was foreplay, it is something that in many videos wasnt going to be seen and some people say its better than sex itself.

    You two were kissing slowly, Jeno took you by the neck and waist while you had your hands on his chest, little by little, he began to lower his limbs until he reached your hips, then the sudden grip made you jump and hook your legs around your waist, your lips didn't detach in any moment, and with firm steps, Jeno went to the bed.

    He took a seat, you sat on his lap with both legs at the sides of his body, Jeno massaged your ass and you caress his arms with gentle movements, his skin crawled, you could already feel his erection grow underneath.

    You both stopped and looked at each other without saying anything, soon a smile started to appear on each of your faces.

    The sheets came into contact with your skin when you lay down on the mattress, you took off your bra to expose your chest, Jeno instead took off the only garment he had and was completely naked. He ran two fingers over your panties quickly that made you let out a sudden sigh, he traced a path of kisses all over your stomach until he reached one of your nipples and caught it with his teeth, gasps came out of your mouth when you felt him playing with his tongue.

    Your nails scratched his hair, trying to let him know he was making you feel good.

    Where was the shameful Jeno?

    By that time at least three minutes had passed, and and the good hadn't even started.

    He returned to your lips to kiss you and take off that garment that was quite annoying once and for all. He pulled away momentarily and slid the panties down your legs, always looking into your eyes. Jeno had lost the glow in his pupils, his aura had changed and had turned dark, you couldn't be more satisfied with this.

    He lay down on the bed and let you position yourself on top of him, the desperation you had to have him inside you so immense that you omitted the idea of sucking his dick.

    Both of your hips at the same height, Jeno ran his tip through all your folds, soaking it all, causing him to groan. You withdrew his hand and took it with yours, aligned it with your hole and lowered, bending your knees, taking it entirely and without problem, your moans got mixed.

    It really felt different and better, Jeno thought to the touch of your walls trapping him.

    You start to move up and down rhythmically, letting the camera see Jeno's cock go in and out of you, causing you pleasure, letting out moans that sounded different from the others. He could notice, the sounds you were emitting now sounded more realistic in his opinion, Jeno couldn't help but think they were because of him, and he increased his grip on your ass, digging his nails into you, which would probably leave the odd mark later.

    The six minutes had passed a long time ago, you looked tired, and Jeno decided to change positions. Now you were lying down, your legs spread, giving him all access to you.

    Something you never thought would happen was that Jeno were into choking, but it made you smirk. His palms around your neck applying pressure added to his hard thrusts, was something you were enjoying more than ever.

    He looked at you, you were grabbing his wrists, eyes almost rolling, you tried to speak even though you couldn't, however the clenching of your walls warned Jeno, you were close. He didnt stop at any time and continued until your legs were shaking and he was left with his dick pulsing, he made sure every drop of his cum was inside you.

    Both sweating and tired, you kissed one last time and Jeno came out of you. Seconds later you could see the white liquid drip out of your hole.

    "Bravo! That was a great performance guys!"

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  • nctsplug
    13.06.2021 - 9 hours ago


    pairing: mafia boss!jaehyun X reader (arranged married)

    You quietly walk out to the indoor pool where you saw your now husband, sitting there on one of the pool chair. You might’ve had too much to drink but, you weren’t too drunk, you were drunk to the point where you still knew what you were saying and doing.

    You put a hand on Jaehyun’s shoulder and stand in front of him. Without a word you straddle him, he doesn’t say a thing, not even when you attach your lips to his neck, his soft neck. He sat through the whole thing with a glass of whiskey sitting in his hand, he didn’t make a noise while you marked him as yours.

    You slowly got off his lap with his hand on your waist which you did not know was there. You slid your hands through his soft locks and then down to his chest, you unbuttoned a few of his buttons from his button up before sliding your hand all the way down to his crotch.

    You looked up at him, oh so innocently with an innocent smile before giving it a rub. You noticed him get all tense, he sat up more straight and cleared his throat.

    You giggle and stood up, leaving him there all hard and alone. You ran upstairs to your shared room and slid under the covers.

    He smirks and shakes his head, scoffing at what you just did. He sets his drink aside and goes inside to find you, once he does, oh boy.

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  • yutahoes
    13.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Bucket List

    photo from Pinterest

    pairing: boyfriend! Yuta Nakamoto x reader
    word count : 1.2k words
    genre : smut, fluff
    summary: A picnic date crosses out your bucket list.
    warnings : teasing, hand job, exhibitionism(?), can I say food play?, kinda subby Yuta but you didn’t hear it from me. 
    another fic for the Sunny Side Event by @neosmutcollective​

    June 13. Picnic

    Picnics. Always on your bucket list but never crossed out. Maybe it's the guys you dated. Although you loved a date with picnics, no one had ever done it for you. And you have always thought that you will never cross out a picnic date from your bucket list. 

    Then came Yuta Nakamoto, a guy you met in a mixer and started dating after having a fun time with him. 

    Another guy, like the others. 


    He actually listens.

    You thought he would shrug it off when you told him about liking picnics, he was too busy playing with his phone that time. It surprised you that he called you one night asking if you wanted to go have breakfast with him the next morning which you agreed on. Surprised, he woke you up at 4 am to say that he's outside your apartment and it's a long drive to the place where you're having breakfast. 

    You know Yuta loved nature so you're not surprised when you both hiked a forest path. What startled you is when he took a mat from inside his backpack and placed it on the grass, putting out containers and bento boxes filled with food. "What are these?" 

    "Just some picnic snacks." A picnic. He's giving you a picnic. He's crossing out that bucket list for you. "I'm sorry for waking you up early but this is the perfect picnic spot where you can see the sunrise." He gestured to the orange, yellow, and red hues illuminated in the sky. You never thought a picnic could be this beautiful. "Did you like it?" You nodded, tears welling in your eyes. This is so perfect.

    Even the food he prepared was so good that you kept on moaning in delight every time you tried each food from the container. "Can we leave later? I'm so full, I feel like I'm really sleepy." 

    "I did wake you up early." You lay on the mat, your head on his lap. "Get some sleep." You tried to close your eyes but the sunlight was hitting you so you turned around to turn your back from the sun. You smiled when he placed your hat to cover your face from the sunlight. 

    The moment you woke up, you were still facing his body. A faint sound of guns shooting can be heard and you know that he's playing with his phone. But what's startling is the bulge in his pants that is eye level with you. Wow, Yuta is huge. And he is hard. 

    You slipped the hat covering your face as he put down his phone to smile warmly at you. Total contrast. "You're hard." You glanced at his bulge then saw how Yuta visibly gulped, cheeks reddening while he tried to push you out of his lap. "Are you shy? What were you thinking about?" 

    You sat down to stare at him. He looks cute like this. "Stop teasing." You shrugged and he whined, making you laugh. So cute. "I'm sorry. Your face is just so near my…" He looked bashfully away from you. "I was thinking of things." 

    "What things?" He glared at you yet you only looked at him in confusion. "Come on, tell me Yuta." If possible, his face got redder. Is it that embarrassing? Your hand touched his thigh and he almost jumped in surprise. "What do you want me to do?" Your hands trailed on his thigh, the tips of your fingers touching the outline of the bulge in his jeans. 

    A groan escaped his lips, eyes closing as you felt him twitch in your touch. He's so turned on. And here? In a public place? "Touch me, please." 

    You giggled before pulling down his sweatpants to reveal his hard cock. A gasp escaped his throat as you carefully glanced around. There are some hikers and people with their picnic mats, enjoying the day as you are. You even spotted a kid nearby which made you bit your lip. This is so indecent but highly exciting. A thing you didn’t realize was needed on your bucket list. 

    Your index fingers started circling the tip of his cock, touching the slit which is already slippery with precum. Yuta’s eyes were closed, cursing quietly. “Y/N, please.” He begged, gripping your arm which made you smile. How cute. Your fingers traced the vein of his cock, touching from the tip to the base then back again. “Stop teasing me.” You giggled at his desperation. 

    You used two hands to touch him as he covered his nakedness with his jacket, your left hand fondling his balls while the other went up and down his shaft. The pleasure on his face made you smirk. Isn’t he too obvious? His eyes were closed, his mouth agape as he whispers a moan, hands both on his sides to give you full access to his cock. He looked so erotic and it’s turning you on as well. Additional was the fact that you’re in a public space with lots of people walking around the two of you. How thrilling. 

    He hissed as you keep pumping his cock, your eyes scanning around. Two teenage girls caught your eyes before one looked away blushing while the other just stared. Audiences. “Someone is watching you.” You whispered as his eyes shot open, looking at you curiously. “Should I stop?” You watched as his gaze fell on the younger girls you were looking at earlier. But you kept your pace on his cock, rubbing the tip of his cock with your palm. Yuta bit his lip as he bucked his hip up. “Do you like this? Will you cum knowing that someone is watching you in a public place?” 

    Your boyfriend released a heavy breath before nodding, thrusting his hip to fuck your hand. “I’m close.” He held your shoulder, another hand used as an anchor to thrust himself up. “Fuck, Y/N.” He cursed as you felt his cock twitch and liquid oozing from his tip. You kept on pumping him, either to get his white cum on your hand. 

    Instead of cleaning your hand with a tissue, you used a slice of bread and smeared the white stuff from your hand. You folded it in half before putting it inside a sandwich bag. He was already covered, removing the jacket from his lap and standing up to fix your things. “Are we going?” He nodded. “Your place or my place?” You knew how this will end. You don’t need an Einstein to know that it’s either you cannot walk or you’ll be marked with purple hickeys, maybe both, tomorrow. 

    “The car.” You smirked before standing up, holding the sandwich bag tight. “What are you going to do with that? Eat it on the way?” 

    You shook your head. “It’s not for me.” You skipped to where the two girls are, looking at you in surprise. “Here.” You handed them the sandwich bag that made one girl almost rip it from your hand. Yuta chuckled when you return to him, holding his arm. “Thank you for the picnic. We should do it again sometime.” 

    He kissed your cheek. “Thank you for crossing out two of my bucket lists.” You stared at him in surprise before making him laugh. 

    Y/N’s bucket list:


    Go to Disneyland

    Travel to Paris

    Get an apartment

    Get married

    Yuta’s bucket list: 

    Watch the sunrise with Y/N 

    Let Y/N touch me there with those soft hands

    Complete Y/N’s bucket list

    Move in with Y/N

    Get a puppy with Y/N

    Marry Y/N  

    #nscsunnyside#neosmutcollective#yuta#yuta nakamoto#nakamoto yuta#yuta smut #yuta nakamoto smut #nakamoto yuta smut #yuta scenario #yuta nakamoto scenario #nakamoto yuta scenario #nct127 smut #nct 127 smut #nct smut #nct yuta smut #nct127 yuta smut #nct 127 yuta smut
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  • strwbrymush
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    you felt your lover’s hand slightly brush against yours, the sky painted a pink-hue. a smile grew on their face, “cold?” you nodded, warming up in the sweater that was now being slipped on you. “thank you,” you said quietly, receiving a kiss as a ‘you’re welcome.’

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  • lattaeyongs
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    [4:14 PM] Standing beside you is Yangyang, who observes you fondly as you chat with some friends at the end of your shared class, a wide grin plastered on your face as you laugh about something he wasn’t paying much attention to. Once you’re finished, you link your arm with Yangyang’s, walking to his car so you can go home together. Right now, all he can think about is seeing that gorgeous smile again, and ways he can make you laugh so he can see it. 

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