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  • kpoppinandlockin
    18.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Porcelain | NCT Collab *:・゚✧

    Precious things dolls can be. Companions, mirrors we hold to our own faces, friends we make by hand. Loved, collected, dreaded, feared- they have fascinated humanity for centuries, all due to those close bonds... or that uncanny valley. What if, many of us ask, our beloved or despised dolls come to life, just like the most fantastic fairy tale loves, the most deeply human childhood tales, the darkest, most twisted recollections. Would, they ask, my companion become friend or foe?

    。o°✥✤✣    ✣✤✥°o。

    Hi loves! I am so excited to be hosting my first collab on here with @qianinterprises 🥰 we all know these have been my new obsession but how could they not be when it means working with such amazing humans 😊

    。o°✥✤✣    ✣✤✥°o。

    ୨୧ Details ୨୧

    ➳ The theme will be living dolls- as mentioned, this can be used in lots of ways so long as at least one character/aspect of the story involves a doll coming to life (is not required to be reader or member).

    ➳ Genre is entirely up to you 😄 while to many this may sound like a horror concept, it can be as fluffy or funny or magical as you’d like it to be!

    ➳ Each writer will choose the member they’d like to write for (so long as he is open) & you are off to the races!

    ➳ Simply DM me or @qianinterprises if you’d like to secure a spot!

    ➳ We will send you a discord link for that is the easiest way to keep track of everything plus it’s quite fun to meet some fellow NCTzens & hype up our friends’ stories on there in a supportive community!

    ➳ Due Date: Halloween (October 31st) 2022 👻

    ➳ Final Drop Time: August 2022

    Life happens & your health, mental or physical, is our top priority, so if you need to drop out for any reason it is ok 🥺

    。o°✥✤✣    ✣✤✥°o。

    ୨୧ Rules ୨୧

    ➳ Minimum word count: 1k (can be as long as you want!)

    ➳ Drabbles, reactions, timestamps, & headcanons are not accepted, sorry!

    ➳ Like with all of these, we’re giving spots on a first come first serve basis, so let us know you’re interested as soon as you can! As hosts we will each be taking spots, leaving 21 remaining for you guys!

    ➳ As mentioned, any genre is welcome! Fluff, fantasy, horror, angst, AU, etc. Themes we will not accept include: rape, pedophilia, non-con, dub-con, hate speech or offensive language/topics of any kind, or incest.

    ➳ If you are writing a piece with potential triggers of any kind, we ask you to label those up top before they appear! Examples of such topics include but are not limited to: substance abuse, violence/gore, smut, toxic relationships, self-harm or suicide mentions, bullying, vomiting, death, panic attacks, eating disorders.

    ➳ If you’re writing a romantic pairing, please keep it to Member x Reader or OC rather than Member x Member, thank you!

    ➳ Keep your Reader as inclusive as possible please! This means avoiding describing features, body type, etc. (ex hair length, skin tone, or how much taller Member is than Reader/Reader swimming in his clothes/hand being so small in his). Specify Reader’s gender upfront (ex. Neutral Reader, Female, Male, in title)

    ➳ We don’t tolerate plagiarism! & frankly, don’t hesitate to call it out if you know it’s happening. If this is the case, those practicing will be removed.

    ➳ Absolutely no bullying, judgement, or harassment, or generally rude behavior towards your collaborators period! Criticism is fine if asked for, but be kind & respectful as possible!

    ➳ If you plan on writing any 18+ content, you must be 18+ yourself, no exceptions. While suggestive content is ok for all stories, we will not be allowing smut for Sungchan, Chenle, or Jisung.

    ➳ Once you have been accepted & tagged, please reblog this 😊

    。o°✥✤✣    ✣✤✥°o。

    ୨୧ Taeyong —

    ୨୧ Taeil —

    ୨୧ Johnny —

    ୨୧ Yuta —

    ୨୧ Kun —

    ୨୧ Doyoung — @127-mile​

    ୨୧ Ten —

    ୨୧ Jaehyun — @qianinterprises

    ୨୧ Winwin — @junjungsunwoo​

    ୨୧ Jungwoo —

    ୨୧ Lucas —

    ୨୧ Mark — @kpoppinandlockin

    ୨୧ Xiaojun —

    ୨୧ Hendery —

    ୨୧ Renjun — @symoneismeh​

    ୨୧ Jeno —

    ୨୧ Haechan — @dundun-baby​

    ୨୧ Jaemin — @hachanbaecon

    ୨୧ Yangyang —

    ୨୧ Shotaro —

    ୨୧ Sungchan —

    ୨୧ Chenle —

    ୨୧ Jisung —

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  • editsty
    17.05.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    ↬ Like/Reblog if you save ♡

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  • konikostuff
    17.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    nct jungwoo icons

    dê os créditos se usar @712JS/@H97YG <3 coloque pelo easychirp para conservar a qualidade.

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  • abiu
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i honestly see no sense in shitting on aespa's song or mv because to be completely honest all songs in the last 3 years have been sounding the same and kpop is constantly recycling concepts

    #also extremely hypocritical to judge aespa when u stan nct exo bts bp txt got7 or whatever the fuck #like i cannot take any of you seriously LMAOOOOO #kpop is not even that deep.... just enjoy the ride. or dont. idc
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  • koreanwstuff
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Like if you use - do NOT repost

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  • goldenkookfilms
    17.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #pulled this out from the DRAFTS #and still shook to my core #what???? #idk why feels not same man ??? #nct#harry styles#kpop#one direction#moon taeil #nct 127 taeil #nct u taeil #nct taeil
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  • mabushii--hikari
    17.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    taeyong's rap bridge in summer127 is still one of the wildest and best things to exist

    #just 10pm thoughts lol #mark kills the bridge to but oh lawwwd #yongie m u r d e r s it #anyway #i love summer127 its such a bop #idk#nct#nct127#taeyong
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  • specsforwoo
    17.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Son of Lachesis | Demigod!Jung Jaehyun

    Parent Deity: Lachesis (Goddes of the String of Life; the Second Fate)

    Allegiance: Hades

    Dark Humor was a thing

    He probably picked it up from his dad

    His dad was this super successful thriller author

    So they had this huge penthouse in New York but Jaehyun was your normal edgy emo teenager

    He claimed to hate his life, hate his family, hate his friends

    But like, his dad wasn’t bothered by it???

    At first Jaehyun thought it was because his dad just didn’t care about him

    But then he started to realize that his dad was the same way

    He would rather disparage himself in the name of humor than anything else

    It was more of a coping technique but oh well

    And for some reason, Jaehyun’s senior year of highschool, he moved to Korea

    Still doesn’t know why tbh

    Something about his dad telling him that it was safer for their family to be closer together

    But like his family only comprised of himself and his dad

    And his beagle Chu-Chu but that’s it

    As far as he knew, he didn’t have any family in Korea

    But surprisingly, he fit in well

    His last year of high school went by quickly

    And soon he was accepted into the medical examiner’s program @ KAIST


    He felt more comfortable around cadavers than live humans

    It wasn’t weird he just had hella social anxiety

    He had a real gift for it too

    He could just look at a body and be able to tell how they died

    He was oddly able to tell how long ago they died too

    He was actually starting to get creeped out by it

    So he started talking to the only person he could ever confide in

    His dad

    It was a long weekend off of uni

    And the Friday before he got into a huge argument with his toxicology professor about the substance that one man ingested that led to his death

    His professor swore it was Croton tiglium

    And he doesn’t know why but something in his gut was screaming that the diagnosis was wrong

    So what did he do?

    He stole the toxicology report to review it

    And he barged into his professor’s office claiming it was actually Daphne mezereum

    What scared him the most was that he could swear the man who was lying helplessly on the table was the one who told him what the poison was

    So back to his dad’s apartment

    Jaehyun was in tears explaining what had been going on to his dad

    And sure his dad was the one to lighten up any room he could

    But his dad just laughed

    And for the first time he actually felt like he was going crazy

    He thought that if anyone would be able to help him understand it would be his dad

    I mean what was that Ph.D in psychology hanging on the wall for then

    But his dad placed a hand on his shoulder and talked to him very calmly.

    I think it’s time that you met your mother.

    Sniffing, he looked up

    I thought she had been dead since I was a baby.


    How can someone be ‘sorta’ dead?

    She’s more like… undead?

    Suddenly a gray smoke started swarming around his feet.

    And a young woman, dressed in black with a rose in her hair appeared behind his dad

    Jaehyun almost screamed

    Dear, Many people are in need to relief so why are you calling me up?

    She spoke and her voice was as light of as the mist swirling around her feet

    She looked up and made eye contact with Jaehyun

    Dear, you know how dangerous it is for them to meet their other parents… why is he here?

    She didn’t break eye contact with Jaehyun as she spoke to his father

    It’s time he knew. Maybe Taeyong or Yuta could help him? They’ve been through this before.

    The anxiety and stress was piling up on Jaehyun until he couldn’t stand it anymore

    Knew what? Who is this? Why is our apartment filling with smoke? What have Taeyong and Yuta been through before?

    You are a demigod Jaehyun. The woman spoke up, inching closer to his side.

    My son, the son of Lacheses.

    Lacheses…. The goddess of the string of fate.

    I’m the son of a death goddess.

    He burst out laughing

    He couldn’t tell if it was from shock or denial

    Everything made sense

    His ominous ability to tell how people died

    How long they would live for

    So you are telling me Taeyong and Yuta are demigods too?

    He looked between his mother and father

    Yes, sons of Themis and Bia, respectively of course.

    So that summer Jaehyun ended up going to camp with Taeyong

    He didn’t feel that comfortable in the Hades cabin, and ended up rooming with Sicheng in the Achelios cabin instead

    He also tended to help out with medical care when super dangerous competitions were taking place

    If he remembered correctly, Sicheng asked him to because your weird ass ability to tell how long people have to live comes in handy so I can override it.

    He said it with all smile on his face too, like people thought Jae was creepy

    He is still actively attending uni, still the top student is his toxicology class, despite his prof throwing the hardest cases his way


    But camp is his life now

    He never knew what he would have done if he didn’t have the support system that he did because of it

    Yuta is his best friend

    Partly because they are apparently first cousins

    But also because they just mesh really well together

    Whenever Yuta is fighting or practicing

    He is there to makes sure to call game before anyone gets fatally injured

    It actually got close one time

    But other than that

    His life is really normal

    He eats out a lot

    He studies a lot less than he should

    He has made lasting friendships

    And he has the hugest crush in the world that he refuses to reveal

    hey , you

    Just tell me! You know I can keep a secret from the hyungs!

    Cue Jisung pestering him as they run the track at camp

    How do I know that?

    Taeyong still hasn’t found out that Chenle and I sneak out every Saturday to go to the arcade and that we were the ones who broke his cat mug.

    Good Point.


    Still not telling.

    Honestly though, not like it wasn’t obvious enough

    Sometimes he wonders if everyone is oblivious to him staring at the back of your head while you run rounds for Sicheng

    Or how his eyes follow your figure when he spots you in a crowd

    Dude has it bad

    And might be a little possessive too

    He saw Taeil hug you once and he refused to talk to Taeil for a week

    Until Kun saw what was going on and forced them to make up

    But you

    Girl you might have an even bigger crush

    Who knew volunteering was so fun when you got to see Jaehyun every day

    Highkey only Renjun knows that you both like each other

    What? Renjun knows E V E R Y T H I N G

    At least he is like ‘passively’ helping Jaehyun score a date with you

    And by ‘passively’ I mean he straight up walked over to you and asked you if you would want to grab dinner with Jaehyun on Thursday, something about studying for toxicology finals

    And by ‘passively’ I also mean him straight up telling Jaehyun that you were going to be a the hole in the wall diner on 53rd street a 7 o’clock and if he didn’t show up he was going to kick his ass

    So you both showed up

    You with study materials

    And him with flowers

    Johnny told him that flowers were always the way to go

    And Jaehyun was beyond embarrassed and confused when you looked up and saw him standing there in a button down shirt that definitely wasn’t his holding a bouquet of flowers

    And you were sitting there in sweatpants and your glasses falling down the bridge of your nose

    So he did what he does best

    Laugh it off

    Oh, these are to thank you for helping me study.

    Of course, you didn’t have to get me anything though.

    In his head he is sitting there cussing Renjun out while also trying to create that empathy link with Yuta so he could tell Yuta to go beat his ass

    But he brushed it off and starts studying with you

    Only after ordering pecan pie and hot chocolate

    Because everyone needs snacks for studying


    But you suddenly looked up and stared him straight in the eyes

    Why do you even need my help? Aren’t you like top of this class, and IDK you can talk to dead people? Just ask them what happened.

    Jaehyun is back to being embarrassed and this time he can’t laugh it off

    Well– ummm— you see– Renjun— I—-

    Oh for Zeus’ sake can’t you just say that little twerp set us up on a date?

    Well… yeah, yeah he did.

    YoU — umm— you can leave if you want, I understand if you don’t like me

    Why would I leave. And you shouldn’t understand because you are a great guy, of course I like you.

    You gave off a cheeky smile before stealing a bite of his pie

    Y’all started off really casually

    Like a group date here and there, nothing alone

    Something in Jaehyun told him it wasn’t going to get serious unless he made the first move

    Your father was probably to blame

    Zeus was known for being a little aloof when it came to love

    But Jaehyun

    God Jaehyun had no guts whatsoever

    Not until his best friend from New York came to town

    Jameson had come to visit over his own spring break, claiming he wanted to see why Korea was so special and “Jeff” as he knew him, never returned to the US

    And Jaehyun had taken you with him to the airport, better than dragging along Jeno or Jungwoo, who for some reason was terrified of planes themselves, and Yuta was out of town for a competition and Johnny was still passed out from last night’s party

    And when Jameson stepped off the plane, he came barrelling towards Jaehyun, screaming JEFFFFFFERRRRRYYYYY as loud as he could and tackled him into a hug.

    After that he began speaking in English a mile a minute

    To say you were a deer caught in the headlights was an understatement

    Jaehyun obviously wasn’t fazed, he was able to talk back to Jameson at the same speed, not even stuttering

    So you felt kinda lost, shrinking away from the boistering boys, opting instead to starting rolling his friend’s luggage to the car

    Jaehyun caught wind of your suddenly shy personality and cut off his friend to instead walk over to you

    In a much calmer voice, and this time in a language you were actually able to understand, Jaehyun asked if you wanted to be introduced to his friend

    You nodded and Jaehyun grabbed your wrist before shutting the trunk of the car.

    Pulling you back over, Jaehyun spoke in English again

    You could barely make out something along the lines of This is my friend, Y/N, daughter of Zeus.

    You gave a small wave and bowed, hoping he wouldn’t speak to you directly, prompting you to speak in your broken tongue.

    Just a friend, or something more? Jameson smirked at Jaehyun before looking back over at you

    A friend that you can’t have. You couldn’t really understand what Jaehyun said but you could tell that whatever was said, he wasn’t happy about his friend’s comment.

    After that you all got into the car where Jaehyun made you sit in the front seat, holding your wrist the entire time, in obvious view of Jameson

    Things died down for a while and it went back to the usual

    You were still on the track team (more like Pegasus Racing team but whatever)

    And Jae came to cheer you on at every game

    And Jae was still top of his classes @ KAIST

    And you came to cheer him up when the workload got to much for him

    But it STILL wasn’t serious

    So one night

    Specifically, Jameson’s last night in Korea

    Everyone decided to head out to Hongdae to go club hopping (pls tell me you people know what club hopping is)

    And you were all having fun, dancing, most were also drinking, especially Jameson

    Jaehyun somehow ended up being DD after a brutal battle of scissors, paper, rock

    So he was sitting there on the side lines, nursing straight tonic water watching everyone else get shit-faced drunk

    You weren’t any better to be honest

    Jameson started having a habit of trying to get you alone or get you to dance with him

    So you thought that if you had to deal with that all night you had to have a couple shots in your system.

    PSA TIME PEOPLE!!!!!! PSA!!!!! If someone in your group keeps trying to get you alone or get you to dance with them, both men and women, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT resort to drinking to deal with it. If they don’t get the hint by you avoiding them, tell them straight to their face that you don’t want to be with them. If they still don’t get the hint, seriously consider just leaving wherever you are. Under no circumstances is it okay for them do that. PSA OVER!!!!

    Jaehyun had been watching you try to avoid Jameson from the bar all night and after Jameson came up behind you and grabbed your waist he was done

    The vision of fully sober, properly pissed off, ready to throw punches Jaehyun was not a pretty sight

    Thankfully, at the moment he had enough self-control in his system to not deck his friend straight in the throat

    He instead opted to grab your wrist, much more forcefully than last time, and drag you out the back door of the club into the alley way

    Then, much more gently, backed you into the wall of the club

    He was so close that you could feel his breath on your forehead

    Muttering to himself in English, you couldn’t understand what he was saying

    Suddenly he looked down and his eyes kept snapping from yours to your lips

    I’m probably going to do something I regret right now

    Poor you couldn’t even understand him because of him still speaking in English

    Next thing you know he was kissing you, pushing you up further against the wall, wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer

    After he let go, worry flashed across his face, like he finally realized something

    Oh my god, did that bastard hurt you?

    He started checking your arms and wrists, even running his hands along your waist to make sure there wasn’t bruising there

    For once, Jaehyun actually had the guts

    He ended up calling everyone rides, and left early with you so he could take you out on an ‘official first date’

    To an ice cream shoppe

    Mind you average temps in Korea during, let’s say March is still around 28 degrees Fahrenheit @ night

    He realized his mistake after seeing you sit there in the booth, shivering as you picked up your ice cream

    So he quickly shrugged off his jacket, wrapping it around your shoulders and grabbing your hands in his to warm them up

    First date was still a success in his mind

    And all the dates there after

    Renjun takes full credit for your relationship, but so does Sicheng, they actually fight about this

    Jameson actually isn’t in Jaehyun’s life anymore

    And Jaehyun is madly in love with you

    Proposes after he graduates, in front of all of his friends, @ the stupid little hole-in-the-wall diner that he claims was his first real date with you

    While they all scream JEFFFERRRRYYYY in the background.

    really tho, Yuta has it on tape, along with Doyoung forced feeding Jaehyun wine, and him sleep talking about your first official date, all of which he plays at your guy’s wedding

    Good luck having all of these idiots as brother in laws :::)))))

    #nct#nct u#nct 127 #demigod!nct #demigod!nct u #demigod!nct 127 #jaehyun#jung jaehyun#nct jaehyun #nct jung jaehyun #nct imagine #nct u imagine #nct 127 imagine #jaehyun imagine #jung jaehyun imagine #nct jaehyun imagine #nct jung jaehyun imagine #nct u jaehyun imagine #nct u jung jaehyun imagine #nct 127 jaehyun imagine #nct 127 jung jaehyun imagine #specsforwoo
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  • honey-hyvck
    17.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    chapter two : them, and an old friend

    pairing : mark x haechan [markhyuck]

    warning : smoking, psychotic

    words : 832

    Groans and moans were sounded in a room with the balcony door opened wide. A boy was laying on the bed, shifting in his bed as the blanket was thrown off. "Why the hell it's so hot in here," moaned Donghyuck with a raspy voice. He forced himself to sit up with eyes barely opened—trying to get familiar to the lightings that were surrounding him.

    He rolled to his bedside table and grabbed his phone. 13:00, it read.

    Sighing, Donghyuck abruptly got off of his bed and walked towards the cupboard—lazily walked towards it. He grabbed a white short-sleeved shirt before he took off the shirt he was currently wearing to be replaced with the new one he picked.

    Donghyuck did not even bother to take a shower or even a quick shower. He knew he had not get himself put together since their friendship ended; his heart broken. Nearing the balcony, he saw three sticks of cigarettes on the balcony floor. He scoffed but with a smirk on as he closed the balcony door after he shoved both the cigarette box and the lighter in his pocket.


    "You're late today,"

    "Yeah. Kind of slept in—my mum came over last night,"

    The barista just nodded before he handed Donghyuck the balance for the coffee he ordered. "You can wait—" said the barista, which Donghyuck obeyed even before he finished the sentence.

    You can tell that Donghyuck often visit the café that the barista already recognised him and could tell he was a bit late. The honey skinned took a sit near the counter, did not want to miss his name being called once his order was done. But his eyes snapped to the door. A familiar laughter echoed the café and not going to lie, it gives Donghyuck butterflies in his stomach. His eyes were lit up and he back was straightened, but not until his eyes wandered lower to the person's hand.

    Intertwined with a girl's hand. Koeun's hand.

    His fists balled up and teeth clenched. Koeun. How Donghyuck despised her—for being the reason he and Mark separated.


    Donghyuck's eyes widened and quickly stood up and went to the counter without giving the barista a glance or even say thank you and paced to walk out of the café. He did walk pass the two—which he saw by the tail of his eyes that Mark was turning his body towards him. But of course, Donghyuck would not want to talk. At least not there, with Koeun in the way.

    Finally, he let out a sigh and slowed down his pace after he got out of the café. But he was not happy. He was not smiling. His eyebrows furrowed. Seeing Mark in that café, especially when he was with Koeun, is something that Donghyuck wished to not happen again in the future as that café was the only café he would go around the neighbourhood.

    But he did wish he would see Mark again but without her.

    Donghyuck looked down at his latte, he had his other hand trying to open the cap of the cup since it was easier to drink off. But of course, with his troubled mind and while walking, he could not get the cap off easy. Which made him less focus on where he was heading or his steps.

    "Watch out!" someone exclaimed, making Donghyuck stopped his track so suddenly.


    He looked up to see a guy. A friend. A classmate. Someone he had not seen for a long time after graduated high school.


    The said person smiled but then frowned again as worries plastered on his face. "What's with your face?"

    "Huh? Why?"

    "You seem tired. Are you alright?" asked Shotaro. Donghyuck could only sigh and nodded, "yes, I'm alright."

    Shotaro chuckled and shook his head. "Your sigh and that expression of yours make me doubt it. And... hot coffee in this hot weather? You're not alright, Hyuck."

    Donghyuck did not say a word but he just shrugged and took a sip as he finally opened the cap. "I don't know if you're really busy or anything. But it's been like three years? We haven't seen each other. And so do the others—I mean for them to see you. We often hanging out together but not with you ever since."

    "Maybe because you guys didn't invite me or something," Donghyuck shrugged with a forced smile. He really was not in the mood to talk especially about old friends—even meeting one.

    Shotaro chuckled again, but a bit forced and hesitated. "You left the groupchat on the graduation day, Hyuck. We tried to contact you back but seemed like you changed the number," Shotaro mumbled at the end of his words.

    Silence engulfed the two of them for a few moments. Then, Donghyuck turned to his old friend. "I really need to go. See you next time, I guess," said Donghyuck before he stormed off without giving Shotaro a chance to bid him.

    chapter one | chapter three

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  • a10vely-yutazen
    17.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Yangyang: *drawing a pentagram on the floor*

    Kun: wh- what are you doing???

    Yangyang: you texted me to satanize the floor, so I'm doing it

    Kun, on the verge of throwing yeeting himself out of the window: bITCH I TOLD YOU TO SANITIZE NOT SATANIZE WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN

    #nct#nct u #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop#incorrect#incorrect quotes#weishenv#nctzen#wayv#weishennie#incorrect wayv #wayv incorrect quotes #incorrect nct #nct incorrect texts #nct incorrect quotes #wayv incorrect texts #kun#yangyang#nct kun#nct yangyang#wayv kun#wayv yangyang#qian kun#liu yangyang #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect cpop quotes #cpop
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  • wh6res
    17.05.2021 - 5 hours ago


    tw mentions of urine

    ✰ — is a gentleman and will always keep it down for you. would use the bidet or shower head to get rid of itty bitty puddles in the lid that don't exactly get into the toilet bowl. will also probably use the bathroom rug to clean the wet tiles so it will be nice and dry for the next person to use. oh you know being an absolute angel.

    TAEYONG : kun : TAEIL : xiaojun

    ✰ — he doesn't normally do it. he needs to be told first either face to face or through message that it'd be nice if he puts the toilet seat down after he uses it. you only need to tell him once, and from then on he'll always do it. probably won't take initiative in cleaning up a wet bathroom though but oh well its aight.

    renjun : JENO : shotaro : WINWIN : DOYOUNG

    ✰ — okay so you tell it to him once and he does it and its great until he takes his next piss and forget to put the lid back down again :(( so you have to tell him once more if it'd be nice he put the lid down. its inconsistent. sometimes he does it. sometimes he won't.

    MARK : hendery : sungchan : TEN : jaemin : jisung : jungwoo

    ✰ — maybe he'll do it once to shut you up but thats it. you try talking to him the next time but hell nah bitch. he probably won't leave pea puddles on the lid though, he still has some manners ig and will use the shower head to clean it. but he still won't put the seat down and will not wipe the mess of wet tiles from the shower head water omfg whatta nightmare

    johnny : yuta : JAEHYUN : lucas : haechan : yangyang : chenle

    #oh u know just getting inspired from my own frustrations #i had so much fun making this 🤣 #nct#nct dream#nct 127#wayv#nct ot23#nct headcanons#wayv headcanons#nct imagines#wayv imagines #nct 127 imagines #nct dream imagines #nct x y/n #nct x reader #nct x you
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  • obsessingovermusic
    17.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I don't even know how to describe Ten's attitude while performing. Sassy? A little bit cold? Intimidating? Idk but he definitely knows what he's doing. 🤫

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  • renjuyvv
    17.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    7:00 pm | Mark Lee

    - genre: Angst, suggestive

    - warnings: mentions of drugs; Marijuana

    - pairing: Mark lee x reader

    “ you know for someone who acts like they have it all figured out, you seem so hesitant to talk to her.”

    The smirk that carries your lips shined softly under the reflective purple neon sign that Mark has learned to memorize from finding you lost here.

    “You know for someone who loves telling people what to do, you seem to love me putting you in to your place baby.” He forced a sweet smile towards the blunt that laid peacefully in your hand after taking a drag. The jab of him knowing how good you feel under him made you squint your eyes at the pretty boy.

    “That’s even low for you Lee.”

    Throwing the dead bud towards his feet, you stood up and walked away not getting that far before Mark called your name jogging up to grab your elbow

    “ I’m sorry that was uncalled for, I simply don't want to talk to her because I don’t have a reason to.”

    “ Don’t have a reason too? Maybe because she’s your girlfriend that you cheated on? You’re pathetic if you don’t talk to her.” Laughing you brushed his hand off of you, stumbling back as that euphoric feeling that has helped you keep the boy in front of you out of your mind, take over your body.

    Ever since the night where he had walked into a dealer house not knowing how to “order” 24oz of weed for that frat party his friends were planning, but thanks to you, he left with no bruises nor did he get ripped off. And to everyone’s surprise , it wasn’t the first time you had to do this for him.

    “ come on let’s get you home.”

    “Nonono, I'd rather OD than be with you right now-

    “ you don’t mean that come on let’s go.”

    “ I don't. But I meant what I said that night. I wish you were mine.”

    “ I know. I'm sorry. Let’s go home together, I promise I’ll talk to her if you let me hold you tonight.”

    “ promise?”

    “ I promeise.”

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  • myeonzen
    17.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #jeno lee#lee jeno#nct jeno#jeno #neo culture technology #nct dream#nct#kpop#nct u#nctzen#kpop nct #nct dream jeno #hot sauce #nct dream hot sauce
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  • myeonzen
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #nct dream#nct#kpop#nct u#kpop nct#lee jeno#jeno lee#jeno#nct jeno #neo culture technology #nct dream jeno #hot sauce #nct dream hot sauce #nctzen
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  • sichengmark
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    hello! @/najaeminsgirl on twitter and i (@/lovsdino) are planning to host a MARK and JAEMIN birthday cupsleeve event in chicago this august!! 😎 we are looking for donations to help fund this event and freebies!! 💓 if anyone is willing to donate anything, please send it via paypal!! 🥰

    #if u don’t have paypal just dm me and i can send u the venmo or we can discuss some other method like quickpay or something!! 💓 #nct#nct dream#mark#jaemin #nct dream hot sauce #mark lee#na jaemin
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  • blwmym
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The way SM never produces music that suits the public, it makes the public adapt to the music it produces.

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  • lovelychocolateberry
    17.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Johnny: “my parents and i 👨‍👩‍👦” (Date:05.17.2021)

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