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    Chapter 9: In Memoriam


    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

    An NCT mafia AU with OT23. Summary: Working for the mafia comes with many layers. There’s excitement, violence, loss, and betrayals. Yet there’s also friendship, family, loyalty, and code. The last thing it needs? Love and all the complexities it brings.

    TW: violence, death, mentions of sex, drugs, and other illegal activities. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, feel free to skip. Author’s note: This is purely a work of fiction. In no way am I supporting all the illegal activities and behaviors that might be mentioned in the story nor am I implying that any member of NCT acts whichever way I may write them here.

    Chapter: 1/ First Stage

    Chapter: 2/Overture

    Chapter: 3/The Conductor

    Chapter: 4/Crescendo

    Chapter: 5/Canzona

    Chapter: 6/Rapture

    Chapter: 7/Proem

    Chapter: 8/Ophelia

    10 Years Ago. 

    Location: City of Seoul

    It was dark, damp, and cold. Even with more than half of my face covered by cloth, I could tell from the stale air clinging on my cheeks that I'm currently somewhere with poor air circulation, most likely underground. The little skin exposed from my tightly bound arms was covered by a light sheen of sweat and what I can assume are bruises from the way my flesh throbbed. Above me, I could pick up the sounds of distant cars and the soft trickle of water from overhead pipes. 

    I tried to give my shoulders a little wriggle but stopped at the sharp pain that flashed on the base of my neck. It was a harsh reminder of the blow that I received there from the butt of a gun, the last thing I could remember before I passed out.

    It was supposed to be an ordinary day out with my mother. It was a routine visit to the family's private doctor—one of the few reasons I was allowed to leave the prison I call home. Everything started the way it usually does; my mom kissing my father’s cheek who, as usual, barely looked up from the papers he was reading, her holding my hand and telling me secretly how we will snuck into the mall after our appointment, and me smiling, squeezing her hand back to thank her. Thinking back, I should have noticed the small but telling signs that pointed to the abnormality of the situation. How my father's hands tightened when my mom kissed him or the fewer number of guards that were assigned to us for our little outing.  

    It happened 20 minutes into our ride. Unfortunately for me, I only noticed something was off when our car spun out of control in the driveway after our  driver had to step on the brakes to keep ourselves from slamming against the two plateless vans that showed up around the corner. The next thing I know, there were gunshots ricocheting around us, and there was my mother pulling me back against her chest as she tried to unlock the door on her side. She was unfortunately too slow to do it though, her soft cry filling my ears as I watched her get grabbed by the hair before her head was slammed  against the window. That was the last I've seen of her before I blacked out myself. 

    I was brought back into my current reality by the sound of my voice breaking. I didn't know how long I had been out, but the soreness on my hands and feet could tell that it's been a few hours since we had been ambushed. I have always been warned about this kind of situation, been trained for it even, but all those don't seem to make a difference when you're finally on the spot, cold and alone. 


    My voice cracked as I tried to call out into the room. I could tell from the silence surrounding me that I was alone, but the confirmation that I got when no one answered me was enough to make tears prickle my eyes and mix with the sweat that has already collected behind my blindfold. I tried wriggling my hands again from behind me as desperation and panic started rising from my chest like bile. Before I even realized what was happening, I felt my chair crashing to the floor in my pointless panic and struggle. I grunted in pain and tried to roll over to no avail.

    The sound of a door being unlocked caught my attention as I tried to control my quiet sobs. Whoever opened the door stopped on the threshold before finally making their way towards me. 

    One. Two pairs of steps. One was dragging their other leg as if they were injured, the other was wearing cheap rubber soles. 

    "Heh. The little princess is awake, I see."

    I flinched from my spot on the floor as the man knelt in front of me. I could smell cigarette breath as well as the hint of alcohol in the air as he spoke. My legs tried to kick back to put more distance between us which caused him and the other person in the room to chuckle in amusement.

    "Feisty. Just like her mother."

    The mention of my mother made me freeze. It took a few seconds for the statement to sink in, before I was finally thrashing and screaming profanities in the air. 

    "Ah shit. Shut your trap, little girl. You're not doing yourself any favors here."


    "Back upstairs entertaining our boss. Don't worry you'll have your turn later," the other man who remained standing said in a sleazy voice that reminded me of maggots crawling on dead flesh. I thrashed harder, ignoring the pain shooting on my legs from the ropes binding me.

    "You think the boss will let us have a turn on this bitch?"

    The man asked his partner again, clearly unbothered by the fight I was trying to give. The other answered with a grunt before stretching up. "No idea. She'll be a good punching bag though. Probably will last longer than her mother. Mamba's getting pretty tired of the lady."

    The mention of the name made me freeze. Though I haven't been fully exposed to the outer workings of the family yet, I am not entirely left out of the loop when it comes to the basics. "Mamba" is one of the names that is often dropped in the conversations of those in the higher circles, the sole competition of my father for full control over Korea's underworld. The two crime families have been toe-to-toe in the past decades, with one group always trying to do something to entirely wipe out the other. Things have calmed down in the past few years as the faction focused on overtaking parts of South Korea that my father didn't have much interest in, but it seems like the former has gotten tired of being handed scraps from the less powerful cities.

    The realization made ice slowly creep through my veins. This isn't a normal kidnapping. This is the long overdue war between the two biggest groups operating Korea's criminal underbelly, the one people from my own family had been regarding with watchful caution for years.

    My fear and shock must have been so obvious that it caught the eye of the two guards above me. To my horror, the one with the sleazy, hair-prickling voice shuffled closer to me again and bent over to get a closer look at my terrified state. 

    "That's right. You realized it now too, doll?" he sneered in a tone that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I felt the back of my chair roughly lifted up from the ground before his hot breath fanned on my face. 

    "You and your mother are never getting out of here again. So I suggest you start praying now before we—"

    I reared my head back and slammed it blindly against him.

    A loud shout ripped through the room. I couldn't see, but judging from the crack I heard, I must have made a good target on the asshole’s nose. I didn't get the chance to do anything else though as a backhanded slap made my cheek snap sideways. 

    "You slut! I'll make you pay for that, you goddamn whore—"

    I could hear the faint sound of a gun's metal being pulled from a holster. I couldn't care less though, even when blood started trickling from the corner of my lips that caught the ring of my attacker. There was only one thing going through my mind again and again, like a chant and a prayer to whoever god is listening. 

    My mom. My mom. I need to get out of here with my mom. 

    "What are you doing? Don't be stupid. The boss said not to touch her until he says so," I heard the other man say above the heavy breathing of the man in front of me.

    "SHUT UP. Bitches like this one need to be taught a lesson. Put them in their place."

    "You'll be the one put in your place if you kill her now."

    "I won't kill her. I'm just going to put a hole in her leg."

    The soft cocking of a gun screamed back at me in the split second of silence that followed his warning. 


    My body froze at the sound of a bullet slicing the air. Another one tore through the room and for a moment I wondered where I was shot.

    But there was no pain that assaulted my senses. Instead, I could hear hurried footsteps running towards me before my blindfold was pulled up from my eyes. 

    "Noona! Are you okay?"


    "Come on, we don't have time." 

    I blinked back quickly to gather my senses as the boy of 16 dipped out of my vision to undo my binds. My eyes found the owners of the voices earlier sprawled on the floor with matching holes on their foreheads. 

    "—go. We need to go."

    My attention snapped back to Taeyong who was currently trying to haul me up from my seat. His face was pale even in the dim light of the room but there was a definite set on his brows that shook me back to attention. 

    I tried to stand up and stumbled a little, my balance off after being tied to the chair for god knows how long. He lifted my arm pressed against him and draped it over his shoulders to steady me as we both wobbled to the door. The moment we got out of the room where I was being held, I was suddenly assaulted by the sound of shouts and gunfire echoing around us. An explosion from upstairs shook the whole building and rained dust over the two of us. 

    "Shit. We don't have time. I'm sorry can you run? We really need to get out of here."

    "Taeyong, my mom. Mom is still here. We need to get her."

    "Jihoon is taking care of it—"

    "Jihoon—but did he get her already? She was—I heard — she was with the boss," I pressed, my voice rising as the pair of us emerged from the basement and started making our way to what I can assume as the exit. Taeyong gritted his teeth and suddenly pushed my head down to shoot at someone behind me.

    "Just a little bit more, you'll be safe outside," he said as he hauled me up again to my feet. 

    "Give me a gun."

    "You're injured—"

    "I can still shoot, just give me one!"

    He shot me a torn look before pulling a handgun from his holster. I quickly grabbed it and tried my best to steady myself on my feet as we both made our way to the exit. 

    We were able to escape through one of the backdoors of the building which opens up to a clearing fringed by a dense area of trees. The first thing I noticed when I broke through was the number of cars parked outside and the crowd of people weaving between them. Men—my father’s men to be exact. Before I could take in everything though, Taeyong pulled me towards one of the vans, guided me inside, before slamming the door behind us.

    Panic rose on me again when he started the engine. My hand shot to grab his arm, forcing him to look at me. 

    "Wait! My mother—"

    "Noona, Jihoon's assigned her. We can't go back even if I want to, your father said I need to get you back as soon as possible."

    "I'm not leaving until I make sure she's safe!"


    "Please. Your radio—just please let me make sure she’s safe first."

    He hastily pulled his right earpiece and handed it to me. I pressed a small button to the side and quickly talked through it.

    "Jihoon. Where's mom? Are you two out of the building?"

    Nobody answered at the end of the other line.

    "Jihoon? Jihoon!"

    I looked up at Taeyong with eyes filled with fear. He turned the other piece that's still on his ear to echo my question, only to be met with the same silence 

    "I don’t understand. He should have found Goomah by now," he said through gritted teeth as he grabbed for his gun again. 

    "How—maybe he couldn't. We need to go and help him."

    "I checked and both of your trackers were intact before we broke in. She was on the top floor," Taeyong quickly explained as he unstrapped his seatbelt again. It took me a few seconds before his words sunk.


    Why were we being tracked?

    ...like everyone knew we were going to be taken?

    I didn't have enough time to dwell on my question as the line cackled and came alive. Both Taeyong and I froze as we listened to it. 

    "Sir, Mamba dragged Goomah with him into one of his safe holes. We can't break through it right now."

    I froze at the sound of Jihoon's voice. He clearly wasn't speaking to us. I was about to jump in and bombard him with questions when another voice answered him. 

    "How secure is the safe hole?"


    "Level three resistance. But probably can be taken down when we blast the whole building."

    "Does it have an escape route?"

    There was a moment of silence.

    "It leads to an underground road, sir. Goomah's tracker says they are headed there now," Jihoon answered, his tone emotionless.

    My heart jumped to my throat. I looked at Taeyong who was staring ahead, eyes etched with foreboding. 

    "You can't get her before they escape?"

    "It will take a while...sir."

    The line went quiet. It was only for a few seconds, but it was enough time to make my world start to crumble around me. When the voice spoke again, it decimated everything to ashes.

    "Bomb the whole building before they leave."


    This time, the line went quiet for good. 

    A blinding flash and explosion knocked me back to my seat before I could fully haul myself out of the car. My ears rang from the explosion as the ground beneath me shook. 

    I couldn't hear or see anything, but I knew; I was screaming.


    "Wake up!"

    I almost jumped up from my covers at the sound of the voice above me. The light in my room was on but even its blinding glare didn't stop me from turning my head wildly, my hands grasping for something to hold. Something grabbed my arms and I hurriedly took purchase of it, my fingers closing in on a set of shoulders. 

    "Hey, it's okay. It's okay. You're alright."

    My eyes finally locked at the man in front of me. Taeyong sat on the edge of my bed, looking equally shaken. 


    "Yes, it's me. It's just me. You're safe. You're here with me," he said softly as his eyes scoured over my face. I felt one of his hands move towards my back to gently rub circles on it. Before I could say anything else, he gently pulled me towards him and pressed my face against the crook of his neck.

    "I'm sorry I barged in. I heard you screaming and I just had to check…" he explained quietly as he continued rubbing my back. I kept quiet as I tried to calm down my breathing, still shell-shocked from my nightmare. Before I could stop myself, I reached out a hand to grab onto his shirt. 

    "What was it…?"

    I kept quiet. It took me a while to notice how much I was shaking until Taeyong took my free hand and held it on his own. He didn't say anything but his silence was enough to tell me that he knew exactly what my nightmare was about. It's been years since he had to calm me down like this, but it has always been the same dream, the same memory.

    "It's okay… You're safe… It's just a nightmare."

    My face crumpled and I pressed my face closer to him. 

    "It's happening again."

    "What is?"

    "I'll lose someone—you"

    He stilled for a few seconds at my words. How long has it been since we found ourselves in this kind of situation? When was the last time I was this honest and vulnerable, and him this open? 

    The past few years spent covering up everything seemed to fall away like paper blown away by a gust of wind. All those years that I spent trying to live my life differently as I left everything behind... All those moments he tried to keep up with my silent request for us to act nothing more than simple associates. All of them, gone. 

    "You're not going to lose me. You've never lost me…" Taeyong answered quietly as he buried his nose into my hair.

    "Then don't do it. Don't let him use you."

    "We don't really have any other choice."

    "We do. I can tell him—"

    "You're not going to tell him anything you don't want to do… We both know that."

    That made me stop. Tears started pooling in my eyes again and I felt him hold me just a little bit tighter. 

    "I'm so sorry… I'm so selfish."

    "No, you're not. You have your reasons," he stopped briefly before speaking again. "And I have mine too."

    I slowly pushed myself from his hold so I could look at him. Taeyong spoke gently, as if he's trying his best to explain everything without adding to my doubts. 

    "I want to do this for the people who mean a lot to me. Yes, I didn't want to at first but then I realized, if I win this, everyone will be happy, right? You, our friends, even me… So don't beat yourself up over it. Okay? And you’re not going to lose me. Because I’ll win. I know I will."

    I didn't say anything. When Taeyong squeezed my hand that he was still holding though, I felt myself squeezing it back. 

    "How can I help?"

    The smile he gave me was enough to chase away some of the heaviness on my chest. 

    "Just stay with us… with me. A mafia head needs a good wingwoman, right?"

    I felt my lips twitch into a small smile despite myself. I will probably regret letting this honest moment happen between the two of us after trying to keep a distance for so long, but for now, this is enough. I nodded and gently moved my hand that he was holding between us. While he didn't pull me back, I felt his touch linger for a little while longer before letting me pull away. 

    "Taeyong! Where are you?"

    The two of us looked at each other one last time before turning to the door of my room. He must have left it slightly ajar when he barged in because we could hear voices from the first floor living room float to where we were.

    I wiped my tears with the sleeve of my shirt and tried to fix myself before following him outside. We both stopped on the second floor to peer at the crowd of people that had collected downstairs, Taeil standing out from the crowd. He looked up to us and lifted a folded piece of paper. 

    "We have a letter from Jihoon."

    Taeyong and I exchanged glances briefly. 

    "Let me see," he said, turning to  go down the stairs to join the rest. He hadn't made two steps before Taeil stopped him though, his voice quiet. 

    "It's not for you," he said quietly before his gaze slowly landed on my unmoving form. "It's addressed to her." 


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    [127 having meeting]

    Yuta : hey can I go to the br real quick?

    Taeyong : yeah sure go on-

    One hour later

    Yuta : *casually walks in the room with ice cream* bonjour

    Taeyong : where have you been you said you went to the br?!

    Yuta : i did—

    Taeyong : it took you an hour to go to the bathroom?

    Yuta : bathroom? no i meant baskin robbins. who the fuck would call the bathroom as br?

    Taeyong : :)

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    Request: Hi can I request a 127 reaction to the first “i love you” exchange <3 thank you


    JOHNNY: ✧* ・゜

    Johnny would be the one to say “I love you” first. He would have spontaneously decided to do so, his heart beating fast in his chest. He would say it nonchalantly, while you two were making pancakes in the morning. You would look at him, his focus on cutting bananas and you would nudge his shoulder and whisper “love you too.” Johnny and you would exchange a smile, looking into each other’s eyes for a long time, just feeling the love, the genuine love and almost burning the pancakes in the process.

    TAEIL: ・゚✧.

    You would be doing the most mundane thing, like sitting next to him on the sofa as you two watched a movie and suddenly your attention would wander to Taeil. And the way he sat there, holding you, his laughter echoing through the living room, as he was focused on the movie. And it would so easily fall from your lips, “I love you”, and Taeil would turn his head and blink at you. A flustered smile slowly forming on his face, when he would say it back without hesitation. And only after that you went back to watching the movie, Taeil now being the one unable to focus, his mind racing, his heart fluttering and the smile on his lips not yet fading.

    YUTA: ・゚* 。.

    “I love you, Yuta”, you would confess, falling into your boyfriends arms, when you were hanging out in his room one day. Yuta would hug you back tightly, suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed, “love you too. So, so much”, he would whisper against your ear. And when you parted again, he would give you a kiss, before you went back to listening to music together. Yuta would take it cool, he would feel his eyes sting a little, because in his opinion Love was just something so beautiful and he felt lucky to share it with you

    TAEYONG: ✧ .・゚゚・

    Taetong Taeyong would almost get startled when he heard you say you love him, when all he did was tie your shoes, while you were out in the park. He would get up, eyes suddenly shaking and his heart racing. “I love you”, he would say back, almost choking on the words. He would quickly grab your hand, pulling you towards him, to hug you, so you wouldn’t see how flustered he was.

    JAEHYUN: ・゚ ✧。*

    you both just woke up, lying close together under the blankets in bed, when those three words, “I love you”, so easily fell from both of your lips in unison. You would smile at each other, realizing you had said it at the same time and then you would lean over and peck Jaehyun on the lips. His ears would be as red as ever, indicating how flustered he was, but he was quick to pull you in his arms to prevent you from noticing anything.

    DOYOUNG: ・✧ 。*

    you were sitting on the bed, watching Netflix on his Notebook, when you would confess your love to him. And then you would turn your head, studying your boyfriend’s expression and he would shrug, saying “I love you too, now focus on the Drama.” And you would, a big smile on your face, while Doyoung would place a kiss on your head, before he also smiled so widely, his cheeks started hurting.

    JUNGWOO: ・゚✧*・゚

    Jungwoo and you were driving back home in a taxi one night, when he would lean over and tap your shoulder. “I love you”, he would whisper with a cheeky grin and you would only chuckle. He would repeat himself, his smile still wide and you would shush him, thinking it was maybe a joke. “I’m serious”, Jungwoo would whine, furrowing his brows and then you would finally look at him and say it back, heart hammering in your chest, just like Jungwoo’s. He would continue to smile to himself, both of you going back to staring out of the window.

    MARK: *✧:・゚゚

    Mark and you were sitting on the floor in your room, both of you laughing about a random funny story he told. And somehow seeing each other laugh like this those three little words would come out naturally. And Mark’s “I love you” would follow immediately. Both of you would be startled and Mark would almost panick. He would be like “okay” and then he’d get flustered and his cheekbones would start hurting for all the smiling. And you would look at him and just feel very lucky to have him in your life.

    HAECHAN: ✧・。*

    You would be sitting cuddled up on the sofa, watching a movie when you would look up at him and say “I love you” and Haechan would snort and be like “I know”. And you would smack him a little and make him laugh and he would coo at you. “My baby, I love you more”, he would whisper, peppering you with the sweetest kisses.


    a/n: thanks anon for the cute request! This was so much fun to write and I thank you for your patience. I know it took a bit long :) enjoy it though!!

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    [2:38 PM]

    You were in the locker room with Yuta since his game will start in just a few minutes.

    "I know you can do it Yuta," You said fixing his hair. "But babe-" "Yuta your a great player stop worrying. And if you win this game I promise to give you a gift later," you said winking at him. "But what if I don't win?" He said pouting. "I will still give you your gift don't worry" You said giggling.

    "Can I please have my good luck kiss first?" He asked still pouting. "Sure why not," you said giggling more. The kiss was supposed to be short but Yuta deepened it.

    Which turned into a make-out session. "Yuta, you gotta get ready," you said moaning quietly while yuta still continued kissing you everywhere.

    "Yuta!" One of his teammates shouted meaning it's time for him to go. "Were still not finished," he said going out while giving you his charming smile.

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    Pairing: Husband!Yuta x wife!reader

    Genre: Comedic floof🥸

    9th tik tok: Prank Text

    Disclaimer: because I do not condone cheating or cheating pranks I re-wrote it to a more innocent text prank. Please DO NOT pull a prank like in the video on your s/o.

    “Baby I’m heading to the store real quick. I’ll be back soon.” You ran out of your room before your husband made it to the door and left a quick kiss on Yuta’s cheek.

    “Don’t be gone too long.” Yuta simply blushed before heading out. Feeling a little mischievous (and lonely because you really do miss your husband) you decided to see what reaction you would get if you simply texted to your best friend:

    ‘He really left for the store and idk what to do. Come over?☹️’

    Basically you wanted your best friend to come home and fill in the time till Yuta came back. Except, oops, you accidentally sent it to your husband. Waiting patiently at the window you waited very excitedly for the arrival of your husband, hoping your little ‘prank’ worked. Plus you really wanted to go with him.

    Yuta was in the middle of stepping out of his car when he felt his phone buzz in his hand. There he saw your cute text. Yuta cooed before jumping back in the car and heading home as fast as he could. Ice cream can wait, you were a priority. Giggling like a little school girl you saw the car pull up and out ran Yuta making his way inside and to find you waiting cutely in your shared room.

    “You planned this didn’t you?”

    “Maybe. But that doesn’t matter, I need cuddles so get your booty over- AHH!” Before you could finish your sentence Yuta scooped you up in his arms then fell upon your bed, both of you giggling at the action. You snuggled deeper into your husband’s chest, gently running your finger across his chest while he played with your hair a bit.

    “I really do need to go to the store though. We ran out of ice cream.” You lightly gasped before meeting your husband’s eyes.

    “I didn’t know that’s what you were getting! Well c’mon, we can’t survive without it!” Well so much for that prank.

    a/n: sorry if this didn’t meet up to anyone’s standards but thank you to those who did read it💕hope you enjoyed it☺️

    #the couple tik tok series #kpop#nct#nct 127#nct 2020#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct blurbs#nct fluff #nct soft hours #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 blurbs #nct 127 fluff #nct 127 soft hours #nct yuta#nakamoto yuta#🦢
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    yuta’s into milfs, don’t ask how I know I just do.

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    some users 🐇

    @ iKooRyu @ ryugirlie @ gukmafia

    @ nekoyuta @ nekovies @ nekomiau

    @ kittytell @ i5kitt

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    Telling Him Your Pregnant ~ NCT 127 Reaction


    The sound of a key entering the front door of your apartment quickly made you jump, not expecting Taeil to be home so early, you sat yourself up, grabbing a cushion and placing it into your lap to hide your test. Your behaviour instantly caught Taeil’s attention, concerned that something was going on with you.

    He moved through the room, taking a seat on the sofa beside you. “Why can’t you look at me in the eye’s Y/N, you alright?”

    Your head nodded, letting go of a deep breath. “There is a little something,” you whispered.

    Taeil smiled softly, knowing that you could never lie to him. However, as you moved the cushion to reveal the pregnancy test, he never could have seen that coming. “Your pregnant?” He questioned, staring at you in disbelief.

    “It’s definitely positive.”

    “That’s amazing,” he hummed, taking you by surprise. He couldn’t help but laugh as you glanced across at him questionably. “You’re not really telling me you thought I’d be upset about this?”

    “But your career, and the group Taeil.”

    “I know, but it’ll be fine, we’re all adults who can make this work,” he quickly reassured you, “I’m thrilled, and going to be there every step of the way.”

    “Thank you, I should’ve known you’d be happy really.”


    Your smile instantly grew as at last you managed to get through to Johnny, noticing how light the background was behind him in comparison to the darkness you found yourself in. You were gutted when sickness stopped you going on his trip to visit his family, but as Johnny reminded you, your health came first.

    Your eyes studied him closely, noticing the wide smile that he wore. “You look like you’re having a good time seeing everyone.”

    “I am,” he replied, “although it would be a lot better if I had you here to keep me company love.”

    Your eyes looked down to the test you held in your hands. “Well, I think I’ve found out the reason that I felt so sick,” you informed him, bringing the test up until it was in shot, and a loud gasp came from Johnny.

    “Your pregnant?”

    “I’ve got a whole box in the bathroom, I wanted to be sure,” you smiled back at him, “I just couldn’t wait until you got home to tell you. I felt too bad for leaving you there to visit by yourself.”

    “Don’t feel bad, I’ll be home soon.”

    “I’m not going to let you fly home early,” you interjected, knowing exactly what he was going to say next, “enjoy some time with your family, I’ll be fine.”

    “I’m ringing the boys, make sure they look after you.”


    Your hands ran aimlessly through Taeyong’s hair as he rested in your lap, staring absentmindedly through his phone as he rested after his day. You knew that days when the whole group came together were tough on him, leading them was enough, but leading another, would be a huge task for him.

    With that thought, you gently nudged the top of his head. “How would you feel Tae, theoretically, if you had to lead someone a lot younger than you?”

    His eyes looked up to you, “I have to do that anyway, I’m getting old Y/N, they keep reminding me.”

    Your head nodded, figuring you’d need a better explanation. “Let me ask you this then, how would you feel about having to lead a new life in nine months’ time? With all your experience, I’m sure it would be easy for you.”

    “Are you saying what I think?”

    “That depends, do you think I’m pregnant?” You asked, smiling widely at how quick his eyes were to light up in response to you. “Because if you do, then I’m definitely saying what you think I am.”

    “Really? That’s amazing.”

    “Well, we always did say that leading the group would be excellent practice for the future,” you teased, “so now it’s time to see if you’ve really learnt.”

    “I can’t believe it, a baby, this is the best.”


    Nervous hands reached out as the timer on Yuta’s phone went off. As you grabbed onto the test, you took a moment to breathe, it was a step you’d done numerous times, and each time the outcome was anything but what you wanted. With a smile from Yuta, you turned it over again, studying the test closely.

    His eyes widened as he realised what was on the test, “that’s never come up before, does that mean what I think it does Y/N.”

    “I think it means I’m pregnant,” you laughed, letting go of the test, wrapping your arms around him.

    Yuta’s hands instantly moved to rest over your tummy, hoping that somehow the little one inside of you would know who he was. “I don’t even know what to say, just when I was beginning to give up hope, we’re pregnant.”

    “We’re finally having a baby.”

    “Wow,” Yuta laughed, as the news slowly began to sink in for him. “I wish I had more to say, but I don’t even know what to say. It just all feels slightly surreal right now, it’s finally happening.”

    “You’re happy though, right?”

    “Happy?” He scoffed back at you, kissing the tip of your nose. “Happy doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel, I’m elated, ecstatic, on top of the world.”

    “Me too, I feel all of that, and so much more.”


    Your body jumped at the sound of Dongyoung yelling out your name from the bedroom. As you made your way up the stairs, your heart began to race, finding him sat on the bed. His hands slowly lifted up a pregnancy test, having his questions answered as soon as he noticed how your body tensed up in response.

    You stepped a little closer towards him, “I found this in the bin, I don’t suppose you know whose it is or who’s pregnant?”

    Your eyes looked down to the floor, “I’m sorry, I was just trying to find the right time to tell you.”

    His head nodded, walking across to you, bringing your eyes back up to look at him. “I’m guessing this is yours then,” he joked, pecking your lips, “you don’t need to apologise, I was hoping you’d say that it was yours Y/N.”

    “Really? You’re happy?”

    “We’re having a baby Y/N, what’s there to be sad about?” He questioned, smiling across to you, “I’m guessing pregnancy hormones are already bothering you, I don’t want you to start crying.”

    “They’re happy tears, not sad tears.”

    “Good,” he chuckled, holding tightly onto both of your hands, “I’m over the moon we’re having a baby, you don’t need to be so scared, I’m here with you now.”

    “That’s a relief, first scan tomorrow, and you’re coming too.”


    As soon as you noticed the positive line along the test, your first thought was Yoonoh. His career was flying, his schedule was packed tight, and this was bound to put a bump in that. Your mind was lost, staring into the distance until the sound of a knock on the bathroom door made you jump quickly opening it up.

    Your heart stopped momentarily when you came face to face with Yoonoh. “Sorry, I didn’t realise you were waiting.”

    “I wasn’t,” he hummed, “you just seemed to take a while, I wanted to check you were alright?”

    Your head nodded, noticing his eyes look past your shoulder, knowing straight away what he’d caught sight of on the side of the bath. “Is that a pregnancy test? Are you pregnant?” He smiled, grabbing your shoulders.

    “I am.”

    “Y/N,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “are you sure? I don’t want this to be some sort of trick, am I really going to be a dad?” He asked, the excitement clear in the sound of his voice.”

    “I thought you’d be mad.”

    “Why would I ever be mad about this?” He laughed, “your crazy, honestly, but at least now we can blame that on baby brain, don’t you think?”

    “Yeah, I guess we can, seeing as we’re having a baby.”


    You handed the last birthday present across to Jungwoo, watching on as he tried to shake it to figure out what was inside. When your head shook, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to even try and guess, he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brown box, decorated with a string of red ribbon around it.

    Jungwoo instantly looked to you, “I told you that I didn’t want any jewellery this year, do you ever listen to me?”

    Your hand pushed against him, “just open it, you idiot, you don’t know what it is yet, do you?”

    With a sigh, Jungwoo pulled at the ribbon, lifting the lid of the box up, stunned by what he saw in the box. “Have you switched gifts with someone else?” He teased, letting go of a laugh when your head shook.

    “No, that’s mine, or ours.”

    “Your pregnant?” He smiled, taking the test out of the box to have a good look for himself. “I bet I sound like a right fool now for giving you lecture on how I didn’t want any more jewellery.”

    “You would’ve never guessed this though.”

    “Absolutely no way,” he laughed, unable to take his eyes off the test. “I think this wins the award for the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”

    “I’m glad, and next year, we’ll get to celebrate as three.”


    The moment you sat down with a glass of water to dinner, Mark knew that something was up. It was almost a tradition for the two of you to sit and have a beer and a glass of wine at your evening meals, and yet without saying a word, you’d decided tonight that was something which you didn’t want to do.

    Mark’s eyes furrowed together, staring across at you, “have you decided your suddenly going on a diet, and not told me?”

    Your head shook, noticing what he looked at. “No but think why else someone wouldn’t drink.”

    The confusion was clear in his eyes, thinking through a few different instances, until you noticed his eyes went wide. “You’re not pregnant, are you? Is that why you’re not drinking, because we’re having a baby?”

    “You’re spot on.”

    “Seriously?” Mark yelled, throwing his chopsticks down, racing over to wrap his arms around you. “This is the best news ever; we’re having a baby? Are you definitely sure that this is happening?”

    “Of course, you know what I’m like with these things.”

    “I bet there’s thousands of tests upstairs,” Mark chuckled, “wow, I don’t even know what to say, aside from thank you, for choosing me.”

    “I’d always choose you, you’re the best in the world.”


    You were far too nervous to turn the test over as the timer went off, sliding it across to Donghyuck for him to turn over instead. Without words, he knew what you wanted, picking the test up and bringing it close to him. Your eyes watched with intrigue, as the corners of his mouth slowly turned up into a smile.

    After a few moments, he looked across to you, turning the test around. “I think we might have a busy nine months ahead of us.”

    “Positive?” You mumbled, getting the answer to your question as Donghyuck held the test out.

    His arm instantly moved around your shoulders, suddenly becoming very delicate with his movements. “At last, we finally have that positive test,” he whispered into your ear, pressing a kiss to the side of your head.

    “Are we definitely sure?”

    “What about that spare one we left in the cupboards for when we wanted to be sure?” Donghyuck suggested, “I get why your anxious, but this will definitely give us the right answer.”

    “But what if it comes back negative?”

    “Then we won’t panic,” he assured you, waving the test in front of you, “but I’ve got a good feeling Y/N, our first positive test, I think we might be pregnant.”

    “So do I, but I just really want to be sure about this.”



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    210611 | MEN’S NON-NO’s Twitter update with NCT 127

    MEN’S NON-NO’s NCT 127 ON THE STREET series has been concluded. The B-cut photos + breakdown of the outfits to match the members’ personalities are a must-read! Thank you so much for the great support. You can read through it here.

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