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    imagine nakamoto yuta being your bf
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    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Your Body Is A Wonderland | Johnny

    - Genre: Smut & Fluff
    - Warnings: Unprotected sex
    - Word Count: 1.4k

    You yawned and tried to stretch but you were being held close.  You smiled as you looked behind you to see your boyfriend Johnny.  His hair was messy, his lips slightly parted, and his eyes were shut.  He looked so peaceful.  You turned in his arms so you were facing his chest.  You admired him, noticing the way his face slightly twitched as he slept.  His chest was moving up and down slowly as he breathed, you wanted to stay with him like this forever.

    He smirked, opened one eye, and raised his eyebrow “You know it’s rude to stare.” Your face heated up and you looked down.  He laughed and pulled you closer to him.  Then grabbed your chin and tilted your head up so you were looking at him. 

    “Don’t I get my good morning kiss?” You smiled and leaned up and kissed him, your hand resting against his chest.  He pulled away and kissed the tip of your nose.

    “Sorry for staring.” He chuckled, “I never said I minded.”

    He kissed your forehead and sighed softly, “You are just too comfy, baby.  I wanna lay with you forever.” You smiled, “I could lay in your arms for a lifetime.” “I hope it’s more than a lifetime because I will find you in every life I live and hold you just like this.” Your heart felt heavy, in a good way, like it was so full of love.  “I will be with you in each life I live Johnny because we are simply meant to be.” He chuckled, “Just because you love the movie doesn’t mean you need to be stealing lines from Nightmare Before Christmas.” You pouted, “I was trying to be sweet.”

    “I’ll give you an A for effort.”

    You rolled your eyes and scoffed.

    He gasped, “Did you just scoff at me?”

    “Maybe.” He rolled so he was on top of you, trapping you beneath him, a large smile covering his face.

    “What are you doing Johnny?” “Hmm, let’s see…. This.” His hands moved down to your sides and he tickled you.  You gasped and tried to push him away, “No Johnny, stop!” He smiled and laughed as his fingers rubbed against your sides making tears well in your eyes as you laughed so hard.  You pushed against his chest and flailed your legs trying to get away, but it was no use he had trapped you down good.

    “Johnny, stop!” He arched his eyebrow and stopped for a moment, “What’s the magic word?” You raised your eyebrow, “Please?” He smiled, “There we go.” You giggled, “Such a child Johnny.” “Only for you baby.” He laid down next to you and pulled your head onto his chest, then his arm wrapped around you.  You could hear the soft beating of his heart and the air filling in his lungs then leaving, it could easily lull you to sleep.

    You moved your leg over his waist but froze when you felt something poke against your leg.  “Did you enjoy tickling me that much?” You couldn’t see his face but you know he had to have rolled his eyes.

    “Yep tickling you really gets me going.  More like seeing you fidget around underneath me.” You bit your lip and moved your hand slowly down his chest.  He grabbed your hand stopping you, “Just wait, it will go away.  I wanna lay like this longer.” You pouted, “But Johnny.  I wanna help you.” He still held your hand but turned so he was facing you.  Your leg still over his waist he was now pressing up against your core.

    “I really don’t think we should baby, I was rough on you last night.  I don’t want to hurt you.” You leaned up and kissed him, “I’ll be fine Johnny.” His eyes softened, “You are too good to me baby.  I don’t deserve you.” “I think I am the one who doesn’t deserve you, Johnny.” He rested his hand on your cheek and connected his lips to yours.  Your lips moved against each other softly, neither of you wanted to rush, just cherishing the moment.

    He pulled away and let his forehead rest against yours as he stared into your eyes, his lips connected back to yours, as you stayed wrapped up in each other's embrace.

    He let his hips slightly roll up against you making you moan softly into his mouth.

    His hand moved from your cheek down to your waist, he pushed your shirt up and let his hand rest on your skin.

    His lips moved from your lips across your cheek then down your neck, and his hand moved past the waistband of your panties.

    “So wet for me baby.” You buried your head into his hair as he pushed your panties down and you pushed them the rest of the way off, putting your leg back over his.

    You rolled yourself against him, and he groaned lowly, “Let me prep you first baby.” You pouted, “I’ll be fine Johnny, please I just want to feel you.” “Fuck, okay.  If you are sure, baby.  Just let me know if it hurts.” He pushed his boxers down just enough to release himself from the confines, then he lined himself up with your core.

    He slowly slid into you, his arm wrapping around your waist until he was fully inside you.

    You moaned, whimpered, and wrapped your arms around his shoulders tighter.

    You were laying on your side facing him and he was laying on his side facing you, your bodies pressed against each other as he stayed inside you not moving yet.

    You leaned back and kissed him, your hands wrapped up in his hair.  His lips moved against yours as he finally pulled out a bit then rolled back in slowly.

    “Fuuckkk.” Your foreheads rested together as he slowly rolled his hips in then out.  Your warm breaths mingled together as he continued to roll into you at a slow and deep pace.

    “Fuck, I love you so much.” You blushed softly, he had said it many times before but every time he did you got butterflies. 

    “I love you too Johnny.” He connected his lips with yours and started to thrust into you faster, the heat under the blanket starting to get to you.

    He pushed the covers down and rolled over on top of you.  You gasped slightly and he smiled down at you.

    You wrapped your legs around his waist and he leaned down hovering close to you.  He buried his head against your chest as he started to thrust into you a little faster, still staying buried deep inside you.

    You whimpered and wrapped your hands up into his hair lightly tugging, he groaned in response.

    “I am getting close, baby.” You whimpered, “Me too.” He leaned up and connected his lips to yours and let his hand drift between your bodies, his fingers rubbing against your clit.

    This made you moan loudly as your back arched off the bed.  He chuckled lowly and breathlessly, “So beautiful.  Let’s cum together baby.  Think you can do that for me?” You nodded and he smiled against your lips then kissed you. 

    His thrusts got faster and his fingers moved against your clit faster.  He groaned lowly and you moaned, your fingers holding onto his hair tighter.

    He lowly breathed out into your hair, “Cum for me.” As if on-demand, you tightened around him, arching up against him.  This sent him over the edge and he groaned as he came.

    You both came down from your highs and he still held you in his arms, not wanting to pull out.

    He leaned up slightly to look at you, and you pushed his sweaty hair out of his face.  He smiled and kissed you softly.

    “Did you know that your body is my wonderland?” You raised your eyebrow and laughed, “Okay John Mayer.  That was worse than mine earlier.” He kissed your nose then stared into your eyes, “I want to get lost in your eyes.”

    You realized something, “Ahh Johnny you didn’t pull out and we didn’t use a condom.” He smirked, “It’s fine, plus I didn’t want to.  I wouldn't mind anyways.” You raised your eyebrow at him, not sure what he meant but then it hit you and your face heated up.

    He ran his thumb along your cheek, “What I mean is that if you got pregnant I would be happy.  The thought of having kids with you makes me so unimaginably happy, you are my future, my everything.” You kissed him and stayed close in his embrace.

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  • wulfies-kpop-fanfics
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    One Photo → Mark Lee [7]

    ↳  Pairing: Mark Lee/Reader

    ↳  AU: Soulmate!AU - The first touch of two soulmates permanently scars their bodies.

    ↳  Word count: 3,097

    ↳  Chapters: Prelude | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

    ⁙ Summary: For an end of the year photography project, you’re tasked with taking a photograph for your favourite group, NCT127, and coincidentally, discover your soulmate.


    SATURDAY - 7 

    You awaken to a streak of morning glow shining into your bedroom through your window, the curtains slightly parted. You feel warm and comfortable, your polar bear plushie tucked neatly in your grip. When you manage to gain some semblance of morning vision, you notice that Mark wasn't with you. Before you can jump to conclusions, though, the smell of eggs and bacon wafts into your nose. 

    Standing and grabbing your glasses from your desk to put them on, you yawn and make your way out of your room, following the smell of breakfast. 

    "Here, make sure you crack it so there aren't any eggshells. The most important part is that you make sure the water is bubbling, but not boiling all the way. Then we carefully slip the egg into the water from the bowl." 

    Your feet idly carry you down the hallway from your room, and your eyes follow the sound of conversation and a fork scraping a plate. You meet eyes with Donghyuck, who is sitting in your makeshift dining room, freezing just as he takes a bite of scrambled eggs, his eyes wide and staring straight at you. Without a word between either of you, he chews and swallows, getting up and quickly shuffling into the kitchen. 

    Furrowing your eyebrows and licking your lips, you approach the arch of the kitchen and peer inside. Rhiannon is standing next to Mark, who is dipping a slotted spoon into a pot of steaming water. There's a breakfast in bed tray next to them on the kitchen counter, already topped with toast and bacon on a plate accompanied by a glass of milk. 

    Donghyuck comes back into your view, leaning toward Rhiannon and whispering in her ear. Her head snaps to look in your direction, elbowing Mark in the side. He nearly drops what looks like a perfectly poached egg, but still successfully manages to put it on the plate. 

    Mark, too, looks over at you. 

    "You couldn't sleep for like, five more minutes," Rhiannon is the first to speak, her words causing your cheeks to heat up. She quickly places a metal cover over the plate, shoving Mark in your direction. 

    Mark stumbles for a moment but quickly approaches you, taking your hands in his. He sheepishly smiles at you, leaning forward to kiss your cheek. "Go," he starts, kissing your other cheek, "back," kiss "to bed," kiss. "I wanted this to be a surprise." He's gently leading you to step backwards, down the hall and all the way back into your bed. He smooths the covers over your legs, kisses your forehead and then dashes from the room.

    Your mouth hangs open with genuine surprise, your eyes glued to your bedroom door. It's not long until Mark appears again, carefully carrying the little table into the room with him.

    "You really didn't have to do this for me," you remark as he gently places the table over your lap. "I should be the one cooking for you."

    "You will have a million chances to cook for me in time," he said, nudging the table closer to you and lifting off the little metal cover that hid your plate. The bacon was crispy, one poached egg was on top of a piece of toast and the second piece had strawberry jam spread to the edges, just the way you like it. 

    "Thank you, Mark, this is too sweet, I feel bad," you laugh softly as you pick up the toast with jam to take a bite. 

    "Don't feel bad, I had fun cooking these, (Y/N). One second, though." Again he dashes from the room and comes back with his own plate with toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. You scooch over enough so he can fully join you again in bed, and you both share a quiet breakfast. 

    You begin to notice an aura in the air as you look at Mark. He seems cheerful, poking away at his meal and occasionally looking back at you, cheeks full of food and his lips decorated with crumbs from his toast. Today was the last day you would see him in person for who knows how long. You would have to let all this go- all the time you spent with him, his cheerful expressions and his touch. 

    You quickly peeled your eyes away from him, poking your egg with your fork and watching the yolk spill down the edge of your toast. You didn't want this week to end. 

    "Your exams start next week, right?" Mark's voice is soft as if he knows exactly what you're thinking about. 

    "Yeah," you reply, "then I have to wait for my graduation form, and then I can go to the ceremony, hopefully." 

    "I feel like I might have taken away any time you would have had to study," he comments dejectedly, and it makes you look at him again. 

    "No," you retaliate quickly, taking in a deep breath, "I've never really needed to cram like people do in the movies- I study subjects as I go. I could technically do all my exams today and be confident. Please don't feel bad, I already do." 

    "Ever since I met you I've been dreading today," Mark says, placing his fork and knife down on the empty plate sitting on his lap. "The day I had to leave."

    You licked your lips, taking a long blink. His tone of voice made your stomach flip and your chest hurt like you were being stabbed. "Me too. I, uh, was thinking… I wanted to go to the airport with you."

    Mark's eyes widened. "Really? I mean, I'm happy, but aren't you worried about all the fans and the media?" 

    "Yes," you nod, "but they're all going to find out eventually. I just want to spend as much time with you as I can." 

    "I do too," he agrees, finally wiping his mouth. "I just don't want to pull you into a world you might not be ready for." 

    Slowly you nodded, looking back at your nearly finished breakfast. You finish off your egg in silence, scraping up the last of the yolk with the final corner of toast. "You're a good cook," you say, a small smile tugging at your lips. 

    Mark laughed sheepishly, standing up. "Only because I had help. Can I take that?"

    "Y-yeah. I'll get dressed. Thank you."

    Mark loomed over you for a moment, gently placing his plate on top of yours and lifting the tray off your lap. "Okay. We'll leave when you're ready." With that, he was gone. 

    You were glad you hadn't decided to wake up early and put on makeup because if you did it would have been ruined almost as quickly as Mark left your sight. It wasn't that your mind was racing with thoughts, with what-ifs. No, it was just the idea that your life changed so quickly in one week - and now you had to go back to your normal life like nothing had happened at all. 

    You would be able to see him again sometime in the future, you knew this, but when he left the room, pain hit you like a wave, knowing that when he went to customs at the airport, it would really be the last time you saw him - indefinitely, until something brought you back together. So you cried, hoping to get all of it out now. 

    Finally dressed and looking like you had banished evidence of your tears off your face, you grabbed your backpack and looked inside. Two items were neatly secured in a cloth tote bag lined with green tissue paper - the photo frame that was neatly wrapped in bubble wrap and your most prized piece of clothing. It was the Star Wars: The Last Jedi sweater you bought on your trip to Florida with Rhiannon in the year previous, nearly three sizes too large. Smiling sadly, you ran your thumb over the fabric, then closed your backpack and secured it over your shoulders. 

    When you exited your room, everyone was waiting for you in the front hall. The day wasn't a happy one despite the sun bursting through the patio door, especially judging from the aura of melancholy that hit you as soon as everyone laid eyes on you. 

    "Ready to go?" Rhiannon was always the bravest to speak first, gently taking Donghyuck's hand. You in turn gently took Mark's hand, squeezing it ever so slightly. 

    "Yeah. I'm ready." 

    The further you went, from the dorm to the subway and from the subway to the streetcar, you felt increasingly sad. You knew that everyone was feeling the same way as you since the entire way had been completely silent. You and Rhiannon already knew the way, so the boys just followed your lead, sitting and exchanging sad smiles when any of you made eye contact. 

    Next stop. Next stop. Next stop. Change here for line two. Next stop. Change here for streetcar. 

    Once you arrive at the airport, their manager meets you. He eyes you and Rhiannon sternly until Mark speaks up, and once he is finished the manager reluctantly nods and leads you to the first-class lounge. The lounge is nearly completely empty, except for where the rest of the group is, surrounded by luggage. 

    There is little exchange of words when Mark and Donghyuck both take their luggage from the others. All of you gather around a flight board, watching for the Vancouver gate. You hear distant conversations, your mind almost blanking out. You took Mark's hand, causing him to look back at you with a sombre smile. 

    "It's not forever, you know," was the first thing Mark said to you since leaving the house. You can barely make eye contact with him, nodding and leaning into his side. 

    "I know, but it feels like it." You lifted your arm, looking at the scars that decorated both yours and Mark's bodies. "When I graduate I'll visit."

    Mark's smile became more genuine, looking down at you with a sparkle in his eyes. "You won't just be visiting, you'll be moving."

    Your eyes widened for a moment, and then you also begin to smile. "I hope so." You both settle into a mutual gaze, one that isn't exactly awkward, but it's not happy either. "Mark," you say again, after waiting far too long. 

    He raised his eyebrows at you, nodding questioningly. "What is it?"

    You take in a deep breath, taking off your backpack and opening it up to pass Mark the tote. "As commissioned." You held it up to him, and his curious expression changed back to a genuine smile. 

    "Thank you," his voice was barely above a whisper, taking the tote from you and peering inside of it. "What else is here?" It sounded like he was asking that to himself as he pulled out your sweater. 

    "It will remind you of me," you add quietly, "and it will probably fit you better than it fits me."

    "(Y/N), I can't-"

    "Please?" Mark looked you in the eye as you muttered that one word, noticing that tears you had long thought you had been rid of were beginning to surface. 

    Mark quickly tied the sweater around his waist and gently set the tote with the photo frame to the side so Johnny could pick it up, quickly engulfing you in another hug. "Okay," he whispered, letting you dig your forehead into the crook of his neck. "Thank you."

    Not long after, a small chime rang through the lounge as the next lineup of gates appeared on the large screen everyone was lurking around. It was time for the boys to head for their gate. You were reluctant to leave the tight hug Mark nearly trapped you in, and you could feel that his breathing was beginning to stutter like he was crying. 

    "Come on," you heard Jaehyun from beyond the grip of your soulmate, "we can't miss our flight."

    You gripped your fingers into the fabric of Mark's shirt, but you knew you had to let go. As soon as you separated, Mark reached for your hand, wiping his face.

    Mark and Donghyuck insisted that you and Rhiannon were allowed to walk with them until they went through security, so you decided to go with them. Your heart thumped in your chest when you remembered that fans would be waiting for them. Mark squeezed your hand gently once you tensed, hearing the sounds of camera clicks getting closer and closer. Soon enough you were bombarded by flashing cameras and stunned fans who were staring at you with varying degrees of surprise and confusion. 

    Mark waved toward the small crowd with his free hand, leading you past them with an experienced fervour. Once you arrive at the end of the line, still inwardly panicking, Mark turned to you, taking your other hand in his. 

    "I'm going to miss you," he said, smiling shyly. "Send me lots of pictures from your graduation, okay?"

    "Of course," your mind was nearly taken off the crowd until Mark kissed you. Nothing like you haven't done before- sweet and loving- just like you had come to adore and sometimes crave. Only this time, so many other people were watching you. Once you separated your lips you caught him in a hug. "I love you,"

    "I love you too, (Y/N)."

    You took in a deep breath, standing next to Rhiannon and taking her hand as everyone began to put up their luggage and go through customs. You waved back at them, putting on the best smile you could, trying to keep from looking at the multitude of photographers behind the black ribbon barricade. 

    Once they were out of sight, everyone had their cameras trained on you and Rhiannon. Taking her hand, the two of you pushed back through the growing crowd and ran as fast as you could to a place where you both could lay low until the fan sites lost interest. 

    Once you got home, you dreaded going onto the internet, knowing you would see yourself, red-faced and melancholy, basically attached to Mark at the hip. So, you shut yourself in your room.


    "Are you studying?" 

    Night had fallen when you woke up from your impromptu depression nap, so you had rubbed the sleep from your eyes and headed to Rhiannon's room. She looked back at you from her desk, the light from her laptop the only source of illumination in the house. 

    "Kinda," she sighed. She rolled her computer chair to face you, crossing one leg over the other. "I've been mostly pretending to worry about my studies and instead checking my phone every five seconds for a text."

    "They're probably busy," you mumble, inviting yourself into her room and sitting on her bed. "I miss them."

    "I do too. All we need to do is save up enough to move, I guess," Rhiannon said, turning back around and opening one of her textbooks.

    "If only it were that easy."

    She scoffed when she heard you. "Yeah, if only." 

    You licked your lips, laying down on top of the sheets of Rhiannon's bed, taking her stuffed turtle into your arms. "Have you been on the internet today?"

    You could hear her chair moving again, her mouse clicking and her keyboard following after. "Yeah," she answered with a sigh. "It's not all bad, thank God, but people are really trying to speculate who we are." 

    You groan into the fabric of the turtle. "I really hope people don't feel like they have to, like, deduce who we are and start following us around." 

    Rhiannon didn't answer. After a minute, you put the plushie to the side and sit up, looking at her silhouette framed by the light of her computer. 

    "You okay?" 

    She perked up, shrugging. "I guess. I suppose that it's all, y'know… sinking in. This week I've just been thinking about Donghyuck and I, but now the rest of the world is going to be involved, too. Even if we have the scars to prove it, some fans will never let them go." 

    You looked down. "Yeah, you're right. I guess that maybe we shouldn't have gone. I just didn't want to say goodbye." 

    "Me neither." Rhiannon sighed audibly, and then the gentle tapping of keys on her keyboard became the primary noise in the room. You stayed sprawled out on her bed, not fond of the idea of being alone. 

    "Can I sleep in your bed tonight?" As soon as you finished your question, the typing stopped. The deadly quiet made your heart thump in your chest, worried that she would say no. 

    "Yeah. I don't want to sleep by myself either." 

    Sighing with relief, you smile. "Are you going to keep studying?" 

    Rhiannon hummed. "For another while yet. You can sleep if you're tired, I'll keep it down."

    "Okay." You quickly made a trip to your room to grab your polar bear and your phone, and then you did your best to snuggle in the sheets of Rhiannon's bed, claiming the left side as your own. You placed your phone right by your pillow, too afraid to unlock it and see your face on Soompi, Allkpop, Koreaboo and worst of all, Twitter. 

    You stayed awake and listened to the sounds of Rhiannon's studying, slowly dozing more and more. Once you were on the cusp of sleep, your phone buzzed. Then it buzzed again. You groaned, turning over to grab it. Running your fingers along your pop socket, you wondered if you should even look at what the notification was. That was when your screen lit up again with another faint buzz, revealing Mark's contact photo and a line of sparkling heart emojis. 

    You found yourself donning a tired smile as you unlock your phone to read Mark's texts. 

    Mark: I'm not sure if you're still awake but I thought you might want to know that I'm safe and we are all settled in Vancouver 

    Mark: my mom said that you are very pretty 

    I miss you

    Mark: aaaaaa you probably really are asleep please sleep well, study hard, I love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    You: I love you too Mark, rest well, I miss you too

    Before temptation could get the better of you, you locked your phone and quickly shoved it beneath your pillow, holding your polar bear tightly. You did your best to focus on Rhiannon's typing once more to lull you back to sleep, wishing with all of your might that the next couple of years would pass you by while you slept. 

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    nct 127 masterlist

    ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

    ┏━━━━━━༻❁༺━━━━━━┓                 nct 127 request box : OPEN   ┗━━━━━━༻❁༺━━━━━━┛

    ➳ series/full length fic (5k+)   ✔ completed ✎ drabble (<1k)   ☼ head-cannon   ❀ fluff   ☤ angst/dark themes   ♚ fantasy   ❥ smut   ø consensual non-con

    ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

    -coming soon

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    -coming soon

    ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵

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    Hot sauce - NCT dream

    filter: GOTTHATGIRL by starscgyu

    #nct#nctdream#nctu#nct127#nctdream edit #nct dream hot sauce #nct dream icons #nct dream edit #nctdream mark#nctdream renjun#nctdream jeno#nctdream jaemin#nctdream chenle#nctdream haechan#nctdream jisung #nct dream mark #nct dream renjun #nct dream jeno #nct dream haechan #nct dream jaemin #nct dream chenle #nct dream jisung
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    Hot sauce - NCT dream

    filter: GOTTHATGIRL by starscgyu

    #nct#nctdream#nctu#nct127#nctdream edit #nct dream hot sauce #nct dream icons #nct dream edit #nctdream mark#nctdream renjun#nctdream jeno#nctdream haechan#nctdream jaemin#nctdream chenle#nctdream jisung #nct dream mark #nct dream renjun #nct dream jeno #nct dream haechan #nct dream jaemin #nct dream chenle #nct dream jisung
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    Hot sauce - renjun and jisung

    filter: GOTTHATGIRL by starscgyu

    #nct#nctdream#nctu#nct127#nctdream edit #nct dream hot sauce #nct dream icons #nct dream edit #nctdream renjun #nct dream renjun #nctdream jisung #nct dream jisung
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    Hot sauce - haechan, jaemin, chenle

    filter: GOTTHATGIRL by starscgyu

    #nct#nctdream#nctu#nct127#nctdream edit #nct dream hot sauce #nct dream icons #nct dream edit #nctdream haechan #nct dream haechan #nctdream jaemin #nct dream jaemin #nctdream chenle #nct dream chenle
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    Hot sauce - mark and jeno

    filter: GOTTHATGIRL by starscgyu

    #nct#nctdream#nctu#nct127#nctdream edit #nct dream hot sauce #nct dream icons #nct dream edit #nctdream jeno #nct dream jeno #nctdream mark #nct dream mark
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    guess the celebrity

    a series in which i turn part of a celebrity’s chart into poetry (or myth & legend) and the first person to reblog this post, correctly guess the idol, and be following me, will receive a free reading.

    (this weeks celebrity just so happens to be a kpop idol)

    ~ 5th house taurus jupiter conjunct IC ~

    carries an energy of creative expansion

    finds solidity, peace, and abundance through this expansive creativity

    feels most at home within themselves when they are expressing and growing artistically

    "an old soul with a young heart. the winds of time and change pass me by without a second thought. they brush my skin as these colors on a canvas and leave me unchanged entirely in the exact lighting i wish to be seen through."

    ©2021 hannah katelyn

    ~ this person finds their spark of life through family and other things kept private.

    ~ they are most inspired when they feel safe and are given physical breath by the dynamic of their interpersonal or contractual relationships.

    ~ they find expansion through exploring the unknown surfaces of their spirituality, and lesser seen aggressive side.

    * this is currently a 10th house profection year for them and they are learning a lot about what they receive from their relationships with others, as well as reevaluating (and making changes to) the ones that don't seem to fit quite right.

    * they have their north node in their 8th house indicating a slight obsession or possible over indulgence in the occult. it is also very possible that they have been overly self sufficient in past lives and are learning to trust and rely on others in this one <3

    * they are seen by the public as very scorpionic. they appear to have this specific type of intensity about them, especially when they are working or at events that have to do with the public.

    that’s all for this one! happy guessing my loves <3

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    SM, sweetie, NCT is not the AKB48 you think they are

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  • luckydreamer
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I laugh everytime I think about it ☠️😂

    I saw this in 3 different fb groups so not sure who should I credit for 😢

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  • irregularmassive
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    “Ouch!! Just kidding 😜”

    “I bet i made you guys anxious”

    “Ouch it’s hot!! Just kidding 😜”


    ; he knows how to playing around with us 🙂

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  • irregularmassive
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    🌬💚 “accept my love!!”

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  • irregularmassive
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Wanna protect him at all cost 🥺🤍

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  • irregularmassive
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    To. Mom and Dad

    I Love You, I Miss You, Stay Healthy!


    Your child

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  • toaster-ch1cken
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Every Nctzen is watching NCT like a ship that is slowly sinking....

    I really dislike the new idea, and I thing we all know why. There are so many arguments which are clearly against the new NCT unit. And I just hope it won't happen...

    But even if it will happen I will still stan my boys for the sake of bubu🙏❤️ until then I'll just ignore the fact that nct Hollywood is a thing 😀

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  • irregularmassive
    07.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    JOHNNY NCT127 for Men’s Non-No Magazine

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