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  • nctdream-minji
    11.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Jeon Minji Hot Sauce Concept photo 🌶🔥

    Chilling Jalapeño #MINJI

    Boring Jalapeño #MINJI

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  • nanac4tb0y
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    #NEOS :: GET BEHIND LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY ,, WE’LL PROTECT YOU ! ! ! 💭🌈⭐ 愛は常に勝つ  PR1D3 M00DB0ARD REQUESTED BY @neononymusses ON PINTEREST ( ˘ ᵕ˘(˘ᵕ ˘ )🧃🍊🐛🎆🏅 みんなを愛し、みんなを尊重する  (^_<)〜☆ L1K3 0R R3 - BL0G < 3 H4PPY PR1D3 M0NTH ! ! 

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  • nanac4tb0y
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    B4BY_N4N4 :: let’s cuddle together on this lazy day ! !  ૮₍ っ ̫- ₎︎ა   💭☕ あなたはとてもかわいい赤ちゃんです、あなたにキスをさせてください  ૮꒰/ฅ//ฅ//꒱ა nana moodboard -- like or re - blog ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ! コーヒーのように甘い GIF MADE BY ME CREDIT IF USED 

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  • nctwifeyang
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    kun: what an idiot didn't clean up the dishes after cooking! and why the smell of burning is so strong... I'll rip your head off, yangyang, was that you?


    chenle:I wanted to bake a pie and it didn't go according to plan...

    kun:*nervous* honey, are you hurt?

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  • seoultrashh
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    kpop might be annoying but once you become an nctzen it’s even worse

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  • nctdream-minji
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ‘ViViD’ is the first single by South Korean idol singer and songwriter JEON MINJI who is better known as a member of the South Korean group, NCT. 

    ViViD is a part of the company digital music project ‘SM STATION’. 

    The single was digitally released on June 9th, 2021 under ‘SM STATION’ youtube channel where it gotten 10M views.

    ViViD is an colourful-playful EDM and lo-fi track which shows MINJI in an colourless world and a colourful world.

    "ViViD" is an EDM track, that i wrote to tell of meeting a person who to love in a repetitive and colourless Déjà vu routine, and only then they themselves start finding a vivid colour within them.” - JEON MINJI  

    MINJI wrote ViViD with MARK on her mind.

    She shot the ViViD MV in France.

    The song went viral for its TikTok challenge which many idols and fans participated in. 

    It gained 10M in 24-hours.

    MINJI made the choreography with the help from her dance instructor  and TEN of WAYV

    She had to dye her hair brown for ViViD

    MINJI showed her vocal skill in ViViD

    MINJI hit 150K listeners on Spotify in a few hours.

    #jeon minji#heejin#NCTU#NCT#nct127#nctdream #Nctdream 8th member #nct 127 female member #nct 127 female addition #nct female member #nct female #nct female addition #nct female oc #nct extra member #nct 24th member #nct addition #nct additional member
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  • cutierj
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    NCT DREAM reacts

    "he already left, you can comeover now"


    mark was about to entered his car but after receiving the message he immediately act up and went back inside your house, "i change my mind" he said, you gave him a curious look "how about jaehyun and johnny they must be waiting" you replied "my tummy hurts" he plainly replied "can i see your phone?" you immediately hide your phone "no- i mean later I'll just-" "i said may i see your phone" he glared at you, you pouted "it's just a prank I'm sorry" he chuckled hugging you "i know, now come with me let's buy ice cream"


    "WHO IS THAT!" renjun shouted making you flinch "Oh my God huang renjun you shocked me!" you said his eyes are glued to yours waiting for your answer "I said who is that?" he said showing the text you sent to him "i, it's for a friend i accidentally sent it to you" you said he rolled his eyes "with red hearts? freaky emojis? I don't believe that's for a friend y/n" renjun said, you smiled giving up "alright I'm sorry it's a prank babe" you hug him "no cuddles for you tonight" "NOOO!"


    "what come over? your friends are coming?" jeno asks innocently "what are you talking about?" he shows the text you sent him, he pout "i wanna meet your friends y/n" you sigh, prank failed. "come here jeno lee give me a hug, it's just a prank." he hug you "so your friends aren't coming?" "nope" "but i wanna meet them" "then I'll invite them" "yey!"


    "wanna go out?" jaemin said putting his at his pocket after reading the message you sent "but jaemin i thought you're going out with the lee's today?" "nevermind i told them I'm not coming because my girlfriend is inviting someone to comeover at her unit, who was it y/n" you were speechless, this is the first time you see jaemin serious "speak y/n" "jaemin i- it's was a prank" "prank?" "i'm just joking" you said and he chuckled "don't do that again"


    "what? y/n care to explain?" he said showing the text "i send that?" you asked "uhm? who would send that to me? so explain missy" "it's not for you" "not for me?" he points at himself shocked "how dare you y/n" he act hurt laying at the floor fake crying "haechan get up, oh my god" "are you cheating on me y/n?" he said pouting still at the floor "I'm not- why HAHAHA why are you crying?" you laugh as you saw him crying "i hate you" "get up haechan it's just a prank, poor baby come here" "don't do it again y/n, I'm so- IM SO DRAMATIC!" "I'm sorry mister I won't do it again i promise!"


    "I'm not going" he said making himself comfy in your bed "jisung must be waiting babe" "i told him already he said ok" he replied, you nod and was about to go to the bathroom when he suddenly snatched your phone "what the fuck chenle give it back!" "are you hiding something?" he said, you can't controll your laugh "it's a prank" "when did you learn how to prank me ha?" "i just saw it on tiktok it seems fun so i tried it" you said and he chuckled "for a revenge, you won't see daegal for 5 days" "WHAT!?"


    "y/n! comehere!" jisung called "what?" you replied "come here in the bed i have to show you something" you went to the bed and was shocked when he suddenly tickled you "WH- JISUNG ST-OP O- HAHAHAHAHAHA JISU-NG" "STOP PRANKING ME LITTLE BIRD" "YES OH MY GOD STOP!" he stopped and you lay in the bed catching your breathe "i can't believe you'll do that!" "you started" "stop making pranks you're not good at it" "ay wow!" "joke" "let's watch Netflix" "okay"


    sorry for my bad english this is the first time i wrote english scenarios! and english is not my first language :(

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  • cutierj
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    [1:33] renjun looked at you eyes getting wet by tears he replied, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry y/n" you scoffs "that's what i always heard from you renjun" he looked down "I thought you would just teach me how to love. you also taught me pain"

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  • yakuly
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    The chosen one

    Pairing: Jaehyun!Candidate - Princess!Reader
    Warnings: None (just beware, Jaehyun is a philanderer here)
    Summary: Having lots of smart, handsome men at your feet and giving you all the attention you can think of might be the best possible scenario for some. But for me, it's been a nightmare. Everyone has their desires, but that doesn't mean it's my heart. At least, that's what I believed, until I found him...

    I believe that having thousands of perfect men vying for your hand, or at the very least, a second of your attention, can be all that many girls want. All the guys are daring, beautiful, with a thousand qualities and an incredible willingness to listen. But that's not what I want right now.

    All meals are little wars fought between them, which most of the time seems to tire me more than those involved. Mom keeps encouraging me to watch them with more affection, but I can't. Selection is not something I like.

    I was leaving the ladies' room, and heading towards my office, when two suitors corner me. They both start talking about the day, and how they would like to share me as we walk through the garden. I swallow my acid comments about not being a piece of meat to share, and smile diplomatically apologetically, and ask them not to follow me. Even with their protests, they let me go my way.

    When I hear their conspiratorial whispers trying to change my mind, I walk into the library beside me, and lock myself in it. The room was huge, and its huge shelves covered with copies of my favorites. Clever young men, though, I think I've only seen one or two come in here, so I know I'll be quiet.

    I start to walk among my faithful companions when I see a standing silhouette. He looked focused, trying to decipher something. I approach slowly and as I try to see what's in my hands, I try to remember his name.

    -A...Alqu...what is this? -he snorts in frustration.

    -"The Alchemist". -I reveal the name of the book, making myself present. I see the boy get red ears, and be embarrassed. I smile at your attitude, and the length. -It's an excellent book.

    -Ah, Your Majesty, I...-He bows in respect and I do the same then, approaching me a few steps. - forgive me, I don't...

    -Calm down! - I end up letting out a slight laugh, from his nervousness - the library is for everyone, although I don't believe that all suitors know about it... - I see the boy in front of me nodding. -So you like to read?

    -Yes, Your Majesty... I remembered a book, and I decided to come look for it.

    -Well, as it's a private collection, it might not have some titles...- I observe the spines in front of me. -Why don't you tell me the name, and we'll look for it together?

    Seeing the boy's smile, I feel something strange. A certain euphoria, for maybe it's the first sensible conversation I've had since it all started. I hear what he's looking for, and he started walking, with him beside me.

    -Sorry to ask, but there are still a lot of new faces... what's your name? -I ask.

    -It's Jaehyun, Your Majesty. Yoo Jaehyun. - the brunette seemed to gain confidence with every word.

    -Please, just you. We are alone. -I smile at him who agrees. - caste two?

    -Yes...how do you know?

    -Lovely face. - I shrug. I took a time to ponder what I should ask you now. I have a list of questions to ask the suitors so I can eliminate them as soon as possible. But something about him made me want to know more about him as a person.

    -I wonder how exhausting it must be for you. -He says, I'm surprised. The eye, looking for a reference to your speech - the selection... is an event for many of us, but I can't imagine it for you.

    -Oh yes...let's say I'm not found the idea of ​​having a reality show, to force me to choose a husband. - I make a face which makes him laugh lightly.

    - I always thought the program was unfair to you, and to the candidates, -this Jaehyun from caste two, starts talking, and when I think it's going to continue, he gives up. I instruct him to go into a hallway with books in Korean, and then into the romance session.

    -You should find what you're looking for here...-I turn my back looking at some old names.

    -I've already found what you wanted. -He assures me, and when I turn around, I catch him watching me intensely.

    -I knew i have found ever since I've layed my eyes here. - His sentence made me blush, and then he hands me the book he had in his hands. I nod, and turn to pick up a random book. I try to control my breathing and heart which accelerated rapidly. -Are all these books yours?

    -I share the space with my parents, but a large part of the collection is mine. - I shrug, proud of myself

    - What does your book talk about?

    -Love. Love and all its forms. - His voice was calm, and his face was that of someone who faithfully believed in that feeling.

    -So you are a romantic...do you believe in fate, or soul mates?

    -Yes, on both. -When I realize, we stopped walking and we're just staring at each other while we talk. -I believe that no matter what happens, you and your soul mate are bonded, and will meet and be together. How should be.

    -Akai Ito...- I whisper with his sudden approach. I give up trying to read who he is, and trying to understand why I can't act with him like I was with everyone else. - What do you want, Jaehyun?

    -Sorry, I don't think I understand.

    -In five minutes of conversation with the suitors, I can already trace their desires...money, power, a fairy-tale life...but I don't know what you want. -I start pouring everything in front of him, while he stares at me with a small and disconcerting smile at the corner of his mouth - I don't remember seeing you vying for my attention at dinners, or anytime... what do you want here Jaehyun?

    -I always waited for the right moment. That was my mom's advice... watch, not invade your space... and although I think the selection is unfair, I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to spend time with you, and get to know who you really are. - I watch him take a step towards me and take my hand. He smiles and looks deep into my eyes - even if it breaks my heart to little pieces, I wouldn't mind picking up the pieces.

    And in the next second, I did something I haven't done with anyone in my entire life. I leaned over her body, and pressed our lips together. I didn't know much about Jaehyun, but I knew I could take a chance with him, and maybe give myself up, for the first time.

    #nct#nct127#nctu#nct2020#jaehyun #jaehyun x reader #jaehyun x you #jaehyun x y/n #jaehyun scenarios#jaehyun fluff#jaehyun cute #nct jeong jaehyun #jaehyun imagines
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  • yakuly
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    O escolhido

    Pairing: Jaehyun!Candidato - Princesa!Leitora
    Avisos: Nenhum (só cuidado, o Jaehyun é um galanteador aqui)
    Resumo: Ter vários homens bonitos e inteligentes aos seus pés e te dando toda a atenção que pode pensar, pode ser para algumas, o melhor cenário possível. Mas para mim, está sendo um pesadelo. Todos possuem seus desejos, mas isso não quer dizer que seja o meu coração. Pelo menos, era isso que eu acreditava, até encontrar ele...

    Acredito que ter milhares de homens perfeitos disputando para ter sua mão, ou no mínimo, um segundo de sua atenção pode ser tudo que muitas garotas desejam. Todos os rapazes bem arrojados, belos, com mil qualidades e um disponibilidade incrível para escutar. Porém não é o que quero agora.

    Todas as refeições são pequenas guerras travadas entre eles, o que na maioria das vezes parece mais me cansar, do que aos envolvidos. Mamãe vive me incentivando a observa-los com mais carinho, porém eu não consigo. A seleção não é algo que me agrada.

    Estava saindo do sala das mulheres, e indo em direção ao meu escritório, quando dois pretendentes me encurralam. Ambos começam a falar sobre o dia, e como gostariam de dividir-me enquanto andamos pelo jardim. Engulo meu comentários acido sobre não ser um pedaço de carne a ser compartilhado, e sorrio diplomaticamente me desculpando, e pedindo para que não me sigam. Mesmo com seus protestos, me deixaram seguir meu caminho.

    Quando escuto seus sussurros conspiratórios para tentarem me fazer mudar de ideia, entro na biblioteca ao meu lado, e me tranco na mesma. O cômodo era enorme, e suas enormes prateleiras cobertas com exemplares dos meus favoritos. Mesmo sendo rapazes inteligentes, creio ter visto apenas um ou dois entrarem aqui, portanto sei que terei sossego.

    Começo a caminhar por entre meus fieis companheiros quando vejo uma silhueta parada. Ele parecia concentrado, tentando decifrar algo. Me aproximo lentamente e ao mesmo tempo que tento ver o que tem em mãos, tento me recordar de seu nome.

    -A...alq...o que é isso? -ele bufa frustrado.

    -"O Alquimista". -revelo o nome do livro, me fazendo presente. Vejo o rapaz ficar com as orelhas vermelhas, e ficar sem jeito. Sorrio com sua atitude, e o comprimento. -É um excelente livro.

    -Ah, majestade, eu...-o mesmo se curva em respeito e faço o mesmo em seguida, me aproximando alguns passos. - me perdoe, eu não...

    -Se acalme! - acabo soltando uma leve risada, de seu nervosismo - a biblioteca é para todos, embora não acredite que todos os pretendentes saibam disso... - vejo o rapaz a minha frente concordar com a cabeça. -Então gosta de ler?

    -Sim, majestade...lembrei de um livro, e resolvi vir procura-lo.

    -Bom, por ser uma coleção particular, pode não ter alguns títulos...- observo as lombadas à minha frente. -Por que não me diz o nome, e o procuramos juntos?

    Ao ver o sorriso do rapaz, sinto algo estranho. Uma certa euforia, por talvez ser a primeira conversa sensata que tenho depois que tudo começou. Escuto o que ele procura, e começou a andar, com ele ao meu lado.

    -Desculpe perguntar, mas ainda são muitos rostos novos... qual seu nome? -Pergunto.

    -É Jaehyun, majestade. Yoo Jaehyun. - o moreno parecia ganhar confiança a cada palavra.

    -Por favor, apenas você. Estamos sozinhos. -Sorrio para ele que concorda. - casta dois?

    -Sim...como sabe?

    -Rosto adorável. -dou de ombros. Pondero algumas vezes sobre o que deveria lhe perguntar agora. Tenho uma lista de perguntas a fazer para os pretendentes, e assim já poder elimina-los o quanto antes. Porém alguma coisa nele me fazia querer saber mais dele, como pessoa.

    -Imagino como deve ser exaustivo para você. -ele diz, me surpreendo. O olho, em busca de uma referência a sua fala - a seleção...é um evento para muitos de nós, mas não consigo imaginar para você.

    -Ah, sim...digamos que não gosto da ideia de ter um reality show, para me forçar a escolher um marido. - faço uma careta o que o faz rir levemente.

    - Sempre achei o programa injusto com vocês, e com os candidatos, -o tal Jaehyun da casta dois, começa a falar, e quando acho que vai continuar, ele desiste.

    O instruo a entrar em um corredor com livros em coreano, e depois na sessão romance.

    -Deve achar o que procura por aqui...-me viro de costas olhando alguns antigos nomes.

    -Já achei o que queria. -ele me garante, e quando me viro, o pego me observando intensamente. -Achei assim que coloquei meus olhos aqui. -sua frase me fez ruborizar, e em seguida ele me estica o livro que tinha em mãos. Concordo com a cabeça, e me viro para pegar um livro qualquer. Tento controlar minha respiração e coração que aceleraram rapidamente. -Todos esses livros são seus?

    -Eu divido o espaço com meus pais, mas grande parte da coleção é minha. -dou de ombros orgulhosa de mim mesma - Sobre o que o seu livro fala?

    -Amor. Amor e todas as suas formas. -sua voz era calma, e sua feição era de quem acreditava fielmente nesse tal sentimento.

    -Então o senhor é um romântico...acredita em destino, ou almas gêmeas?

    -Sim, nos dois. -Quando percebo, paramos de andar e estamos apenas nos encarando enquanto conversamos. -acredito que não importa o que aconteça, você e sua alma gêmea estão ligados, e vão se encontrar e ficar juntos. Como deve ser.

    -Akai Ito...-sussurro com sua proximação repentina. Desisto de tentar ler quem ele é, e de tentar entender por que não consigo agir com ele, como fui com todos os outros. - o que pretende, Jaehyun?

    -Desculpa, acho que não entendi.

    -Em cinco minutos de conversa com os pretendentes, já consigo traçar seus desejos...dinheiro, poder, uma vida de contos de fadas...mas não sei o que você quer. -Começo a despejar tudo em sua frente, enquanto ele me encara com um pequeno e desconcertante sorriso ao canto da boca - não me lembro de te ver disputando minha atenção nos jantares, ou em qualquer momento... o que quer aqui Jaehyun?

    -Sempre esperei o momento certo. Esse foi o conselho da minha mãe... observar, e não invadir o seu espaço...e apesar de achar que a seleção é injusta, não me importaria de ter a oportunidade de passar um tempo com você, e de conhecer quem realmente é, - o observo dar um passo em minha direção e pegar minha mão. Ele sorri e olha bem fundo em meus olhos - mesmo que parta meu coração em pedacinhos, não me importaria de catar o cacos.

    E no segundo seguinte, eu fiz algo que não fiz com ninguém a minha vida inteira. Me inclinei sobre seu corpo, e colo nossos lábios. Eu não sabia muito sore Jaehyun, mas soube que poderia me arriscar com ele, e talvez me entregar, pela primeira vez.

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  • nanac4tb0y
    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    鏡を見ると自分が嫌いになる、もっとあなたのようになれたらいいのに (;´д`)ゞ  ★ ★ ★ ★ C1TY 0F H3LL ! ! ! 🕷 心の底から...ファック ユー N4K4M0T0 YUT4 M00DB04RD < # 3 🎥🔗 like or re - blog (⊙_(⊙_⊙)_⊙)

    #NCT#NCTU#NCT 127#nct dream#wayv#nct icons#nct moodboard#nct layouts#nct packs#nct grunge #nct dark moodboard #nct grunge moodboard #nct dark #nct edgy moodboard #nct edgy#nct japancore#nct emo #nct emo moodboard #nct 127 moodboard #nct 127 packs #nct 127 icons #nct 127 layouts #nct 127 grunge #nct 127 grunge moodboard #nct 127 emo #nct 127 emo moodboard #nct 127 edgy #nct 127 edgy moodboard #nakamoto yuta#Yuta
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  • nctdream-minji
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Jeno; Does mark think in Korean or English?

    Renjun; I think he thinks in English

    Jisung; i thought he thinks in Canadian?????

    Minji; Bold of you all to assume he even thinks 

    Jaemin; ...

    Haechan; ... 

    Chenle; *sips tea*

    #NCTU#NCT#NCT 127 #nct dream 8th member #nct dream#nct female #nct female member #nct female oc #nct female addition #nct addition #nct additional member #nct extra member #nct 24th member #nct 18th member #nct 127 female member #nct 127 female addition #nct jeon minji #incorrect quotes#jeon heejin
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  • nctdream-minji
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    *NCT dream shopping*

    Jisung; Hyung, can I get ice cream?

    Dream Manager; sure

    Mark; Hyung can i get a watermelon?

    Dream Manager; okay

    Jaemin; can I get some coffee, Hyung?

    Dream Manager; alright

    Minji; Can i get this? please.

    Dream Manager; ....

    Dream Manager; minji, that toy is for ages 5 and up

    Minji; Yeah? I’m part of the “up”

    #NCTU#NCT#NCT 127#nct dream#nct u #nct female member #nct female #nct female oc #nct female addition #nct addition #nct additional member #nct 24th member #nct 18th member #nct dream 8th member #nct 127 female member #nct 127 female addition #nct extra member #nct members #nct jeon minji #jeon minji#jeon heejin#incorrect quotes
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  • nctdream-minji
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Jisung; *texting the dream groupchat* Guys I’m having some trouble with my math homework... can someone tell me how much a gram is?

    Minji; Shit, it depends on what you want....

    Chenle; ....

    Renjun; ...

    Jeno; ...

    Mark; ...

    Haechan; ...

    Jaemin; Jeon fucking Minji, STOP turning everything into a drug joke before I KICK. YOUR. ASS

    #incorrect quotes#jeon minji#jeon heejin#NCTU#NCT#NCT 127#nct dream #nct female member #nct female #nct female oc #nct female addition #nct addition #nct additional member #nct extra member #nct 24th member #nct 18th member #nct dream 8th member
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  • cutierj
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    just him.

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  • nanac4tb0y
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    TH3_N30S :: YeAH ,, wE EdGY  ☹︎. kEeP sCRoLlinG 🏴‍☠️🪒! ! 大きくなりたくない、叫ばせて ━((*′д`)爻(′д`*))━!!!! l1k3_0r_r3bl0fg 

    #NCT#NCTU#nct dream#NCT 127#wayv#nct moodboard#nct layouts#nct icons#nct packs#nct grunge#nct emo#nct edgy #nct 127 icons #nct 127 moodboard #nct 127 packs #nct 127 layouts #nct 127 grunge #nct 127 emo #nct 127 edgy #nct dream icons #nct dream layouts #nct dream moodboard #nct dream packs #nct dream grunge #nct dream emo #nct dream edgy #wayv moodboard#wayv layouts#wayv packs#wayv icons
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  • nanac4tb0y
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    #RENJUN : * cute baby noises * ! !  ( ᵔㅅᵔ )🍃🍵💭🧸 大丈夫、 (๑•ᴗ•๑)  なりたい自分になろう、それはあなたの人生だ!< 3 3 🐇🥑 H_RJUN MATCHA+BEIGE MOODBOARD ! ! ! うわー、彼はとてもかわいいです:( like or re - blog  🚌 ࣪˖ 🧩

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  • nctblogpct
    06.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    안녕하세요 마크입니다✨

    hi this is mark✨

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