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  • Being neurodivergent is someone saying something and you go into a depressive spiral because of it.

    then 1 person compliments you and you’re home alone so you sing and you read a fanfiction and they combine to give you the seratonin you’ve been missing out on

    #its like #ive been so depressed for like a week #then today a tutor said she thoight my essay was good and no one was home so i sang a song and now im like shanking because i just got #so happy all the sudden #you know that post about how people woth adhd write long ranbaling senteses but then cant read them #yeah#nd#jadden addendums
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  • Cw- medical trauma and vent (all of this is non Ed related btw)

    So I went to the hospital today to see a new doctor for my health. I’ve been dealing with really bad muscle fatigue and extremely exhaustion for around 8-10 months now and today was finally the day I got my diagnosis of CFS/ME- chronic fatigue syndrome. I’m not as happy as I should be as they still don’t know why my legs give out at points when walking or I slump over with such exhaustion I am on the brink of unconsciousness. They don’t know what’s actually wrong with me so have put it down to CFS/ME. The literally tens of scans and tests I’ve had on my body is getting tiring and I just want to know what’s wrong with me. I’m not allowed a walking aid because apparently that can fuck up my walking and legs permanently if I don’t actually need it- which i object to as I LITERALLY CANT WALK SOME DAYS SO IM BEDRIDDEN. It’s not fair. No one knows what’s wrong with my body and it so fucking fustrating:( not to mention the now diagnosed trauma of what my ex-girlfriend did to me during my last flare which has permanently fucked me up especially with my attitude towards my chronic illness :( anyways sorry for venting I’m just quite upset rn :(

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  • hellloooo everyone time to be active on this account again bc i have decided to conquer my childhood fears and finish the scary games I have not yet completed bc I get too scared

    #aka #BLACKMOOR MANOR LFG #nancy drew#clue crew #kate plays nancy drew #nancy drew games #also maybe mhm #But also it’s so scary #so maybe no #we shall see #dragging myself away from my tswift stan account to be here 🤡 #nd#cur#blackmoor manor
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  • okay but why does starving myself make me feel so full

    #and like happy #i like maybe chew and spit #nd #its like heaven its so nice im just like comfortable and im happy cus i didnt eat #its like? great<3 #ed#eating disorder#anorexia#ana#anareksia#anarexiz#anorexik#anorexx#anorekcia
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    yeah you!!

    guess what? however it is that you learn, thats great! you dont have to change it to be “the right way” what matters is that your learning! play guitar but go by number tabs instead of chords? thats cool!! totally fine! have to do your math differently? totally valid! theres almost mever a single way to do things, everyones different so whatever works for you is the right way.

    (also if youre nt or undiagnosed and relate to this youre okay too!! however you learn is great dont let anyone tell you its wrong!)

    #neurodivergent#nd#autism#adhd #negative autism feel #dyslexia#dyscalculia #trying to include as many as possible sorry if i miss any #dysgraphia#dyspraxia#nvld
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  • i still cant believe there was a point in time where no one, including me, knew that i was neurodivergent. like id be over here getting so excited or overhwhelmed/frustrated thats id aggressively shaking my hands to regulate myself and we were all like, eh im sure its nothinggg pfff. ever since i was diagnosed id been alot more self aware about it though, like a new song came out from my favourite artist and id be like OMG THIS IS SO GOOD *aggressive hand shaking* and ill look at myself like haha no one else does this 👋👁👄👁👋, i shook my hands in front of my mum when i was overloaded and she was like wtf are you doing and i just went, oh haha, thats right this isnt a normal behaviour oops

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  • yo a while ago i heard one person talk about how not knowing what to do with your hands in social settings or in general and just kind of hold it where ever its a neurodiverse thing, can someone confirm whether this is true? i was just thinking about how im over here like ,(0.0)°/ while talking to people if my hands are preocupied. hell not even just talking to people like, i will be looking for something ive lost, one arm down the other with my hand held to my chest in a fist just flopping there because im just like what else if there to do with it. genuine question, ive mever heard anyone else mention this aside from one post that ive lost ages ago.

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  • Nothing like having an undiagnosed neurodivergent adult in your family so every time you’re like “Hey my brain does this really weird thing” they can be like “oh no worries, that happens to me all the time!” so u just spend ur childhood thinking its normal to dissociate every time ure in a social setting

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  • i m so happy i finished my job this week perfectly, functioning like a regular human being! turns out my tics only stop me from doing stuff if theyre really bad at the time or if im a tic attack. i was worried because my first time back at work from a break and i had a tic attack and had to stop early. but i finished todays job with ease :) now i just have to wait until i can see a neurologist and hopefully find ways to manage my tics so i can keep working and having days as good as today

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  • #anon#new directions#nd#glee crossover #glee head canon #grey’s anatomy #or my new series called glee’s anatomy #asks #excellent question thank you anon #glee au#glee's anatomy
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  • okay new directions and their specialties if they were on greys anatomy

    artie - plastics

    blaine - pediatrics (fetal and neonatal)

    brittany - obstetrics and gynecology

    finn - pediatrics

    kurt - neuro

    mercedes - plastics and ENT

    mike - cardiothoracic

    puck - ortho

    quinn - neuro

    rachel - cardiothoracic

    sam - general

    santana - trauma

    tina - general (transplant surgery)

    and Matt is the bartender who works near the hospital and hears about all the shenanigans from these surgeons who are surprisingly talented at the monthly kareoke nights

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  • Does anyone have any tips or studying MUST HAVES for adhd? ADD tips are also appreciated, since I have ADHD-C :}

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  • the front bottoms are the only true neurodivergent lesbian allies

    #i stand by that #the front bottoms #nd#lesbian
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  • Why do people get so annoyed when I say I can’t do something. There are just some things I can’t do and not for lack of trying.

    I am dyslexic, when I say I can’t learn languages, I can’t learn languages. I had 4 years of language classes and I still can’t speak Portuguese. I’ve been to Portugal many times, I still can’t speak Portuguese. Half my family are Cape Verdean, and my dad only spoke Creol to me when I was a baby, I still can’t speak it. It was a battle to manage English and now I’m done. I explain this and people say, “don’t say you can’t do it, you can do anything, you just need to find another way”. Yes I could shift my whole life, live in another country not understanding the language for years and hope I eventually pick some of it up. Or I could not unnecessary disrupt myself and accept that I’m dyslexic and I just can’t do languages.

    And now, I need medication to regulate my sleep because I’m neurodiverse and I can’t do it by myself. And I get this response “don’t say you can’t do it, you could if you wanted, have you tried this…(bullshit cure like counting sheep)”. Do they think I enjoy being sleep deprived? Yes I’ve tried that OBVIOUSLY, I didn’t miss one night’s sleep and go straight to hard drugs. My brain won’t let me do this thing, so it got help

    I can’t do some things. That’s fine, I don’t need to be able to do everything. Why does it bother people so much that I’ve accepted there are some things I just can’t do. If it’s important I can get help. I can do other stuff better than you leave me alone

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  • gay asugi icons

    flags in order are:

    gay - gay trans boy - he/she gay

    he/she masc trans gay - he/she gay trans boy - adhd gay

    credit me if you use

    #mine#fe#asugi#pride icons#gay#trans#nd #queue may call me marth
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