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    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Honestly at this point- I'm watching Marvel movies for the friendships/ side-kicks.

    Like, the main characters are cool and all. But let's face it, Katy, Yelena, Ned, Slyvie, Agatha, Torres, Tommy and Billy, Eli, and MJ are the real stars of the shows/movies

    #marvel#mcu #really im watching it for the sidekicks and the friendships #its not even for the plot anymore #spider man homecoming #spider man far from home #spider man no way home #black widow#wandavision #falcon and winter soldier #shang-chi#ned leeds#michelle jones #tommy and billy #katy chen#yelena#slyvie#morbius#eli bradley#joaquin torres #heck i'll throw in kate bishop because i know she'll be the true star in hawkeye #heroes are great #but we really know who the true stars are #agatha harkness
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    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Peter: You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos. Y/n: That's the most hopeful thing I've ever heard. MJ: But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos? Ned: Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day.

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  • hollandsvogue
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Peter: How did none of you hear what I just said? Y/n: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours. MJ: I got distracted about halfway through. Ned: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.

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  • themultiverseofmarvel
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gotta love Ned! Do you think he'll appear as the Hobgoblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home? He's one of 7 characters to take on the moniker in the comics and I'm hearing rumours of a surprise 6th villain in the film. That would be pretty sweet!

    As we wait to find out, you can get this Funko Pop on Amazon here and from Forbidden Planet here!

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    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    *Ned and Peter sitting in jail together*

    Ned: so uh…who should we call?

    Peter: I’d call Mr Stark but I feel safer in here.

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  • superherotiger
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Home is Where the Heart Is (Western/Outlaw Irondad AU)

    Hey, hey everyone! I'm so excited to be sharing this fic with you all today because I've been working on it steadily for about a month and it's been a labour of love (and an up till 6am writing session) to complete it! I really hope you all enjoy this next instalment to the Western AU, and that it makes your heart all soft and fluffy before I inevitably throw in the angst in later instalments hah! There's a lot of fun interactions that I got to put into the chapter, and I just really hope you all enjoy it!

    Also big thank you to my lovely discord family and especially @iron-mum for cheering me on as I wrote this instalment! Hope you all enjoy, and have a great day!

    (Warning: Vague mentions of past child abuse)


    Chapter Summary:
    “So, do I get to join you for your adventure today?” the boy asked cheerily as he laid the blanket out and lifted the saddle on top of it.
    “I assumed you would be,” Tony said nonchalantly, though it made Peter’s heart swell with an unexpected sense of belonging. “Unless of course you wanna go join Bird Brain or Ice Cap for a change of company?”
    There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation before Peter shook his head and replied, “I’d like to stay with you- if… if you don’t mind…”
    The sheepish twinge in Peter’s voice had the bandit softening for just a moment, before he concealed it behind a sharp sniff and said, “Alright then. The sooner we saddle up, the sooner we can head out.”
    “And where are we going to this time?” Peter asked excitedly as he began fitting the saddles on with practiced hands.
    An uncharacteristically fond smile flashed across the bandit’s features before he replied simply “Home.”

    ~~READ ON AO3~~


    “Why’re we splitting up?” Peter asked curiously as he brushed down the coat of his mare Karen, readying her for a saddle and the journey they were about to undertake.

    “Our haul’s too big now to keep carryin’ around with us, so we’ll offload em’ across different hideouts,” Tony’s voice was quick to answer. “Less chance of getting stolen that way.”

    Scoffing lightly, Peter teased “Who’d be stupid enough to rob the Avengers?”

    “You’d be surprised kid,” Tony smirked as he walked past the stableboy with a playful ruffle of his hair.

    “Yes, like those foolish ‘Ravagers’ that tried to ambush us once,” Thor’s voice boomed across the camp with glee. “They weren’t so keen to dance once we had run them into the canyon, hey?”

    “Or how about that mangy Hammer crew?” Clint chimed in from where he was loading up a cart with chests of silverware and stolen jewellery.

    A scowl pulled at Tony’s features just at the mere mention of the rival outlaw, spitting both verbally and literally into the dirt “Don’t remind me of that chicken-hearted little fuck, Barton. He’s lucky to still be breathing.”

    “Especially after he tried to woo ya girl, eh?” the archer added with a mischievous quirk of his brow, only to scramble back a few steps when Tony rushed upon him like a deadly storm.

    Before the famed Iron Bandit could get his hands on the equally as notorious Hawkeye though, a familiar redhead stepped between the two and fixed them each with a hardened stare, like a mother hen scolding her chicks. Peter couldn’t help but snicker under his breath at the sight of the two toughest criminals in the land cowering back from the Black Widow’s disapproving frown. “As much as I would love to see you boys throw a few rounds in the dirt, we’ve got work to do,” she said as calmly as ever. If there was anybody who could pull the rag tag set of outlaws into line, it was Natasha Romanoff.

    And sharing one last defeated glance with each other, Tony and Clint parted ways without another word, knowing that there was no point in fighting the likes of Widow on the best of days. Scuffles amongst the team weren’t a rare sight to Peter. He’d been with them for almost eight months now and had witnessed more bickering and brawls than expected from the country’s most fearsome team of outlaws. But underneath the bouts of anger and frustration that came with living in constant proximity with each other, there was always a sense of comradery. An understanding that nobody would ever truly want to hurt the other, regardless of whatever stupid insult was thrown or disagreement held.

    The Avengers were dangerous for a reason, and that’s because their individual strengths had come together to create something powerful and fierce. Their teamwork had made them invincible. And like any good team, they would fight and argue and tease, but at the end of the day they would always have each other’s back.

    Peter still found it hard to believe that by some crazy fortunate stroke of luck, he had become a part of that team too…

    “Snap out of it, Buckaroo,” a familiar voice cut through Peter’s thoughts, and with a shake of his head, the boy glanced up over Karen’s back to see the famed outlaw fixing him with a teasing smirk from the other side. “Daydreaming again, huh?”

    “Sorry,” Peter chuckled, relishing in the fact that he was actually free to laugh these days without the fear of punishment. Without his joy getting drowned out under the wave of dread he felt every time he fell asleep in that rickety old stable…

    No, he could smile and tease and be happy as much as he wanted now. And Peter was determined to make the most of it.

    “So, do I get to join you for your adventure today?” the boy asked cheerily as he laid the blanket out and lifted the saddle on top of it.

    “I assumed you would be,” Tony said nonchalantly, though it made Peter’s heart swell with an unexpected sense of belonging. “Unless of course you wanna go join Bird Brain or Ice Cap for a change of company?”

    There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation before Peter shook his head and replied, “I’d like to stay with you- if… if you don’t mind…”

    The sheepish twinge in Peter’s voice had the bandit softening for just a moment, before he concealed it behind a sharp sniff and said, “Alright then. The sooner we saddle up, the sooner we can head out.”

    “And where are we going to this time?” Peter asked excitedly as he began fitting the saddles on with practiced hands.

    An uncharacteristically fond smile flashed across the bandit’s features before he replied simply “Home.”

    (Read the full story on Ao3 here!)



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    #irondad#spiderson#tony stark#peter parker #Irondad Outlaw AU #Western AU#my writing#james rhodes#happy hogan#pepper potts#ned leeds#maria stark #I'm literally so hyped that this is finished!!! #Please let me know what you thought!! <3
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  • jurassicworjd
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Locked In On Halloween Night

    Title: Locked In On Halloween Night Square: Halloween for @spidermanbingo Ship: Ned/Peter Rating: General Summary: Peter is not like most normal teenagers. He doesn't like Halloween, so he decides to spend his Halloween night at the library. Of course, he regrets this decision when a thunderstorm hits, causing Peter to be trapped inside during the storm. Word Count: 1,272 AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/33951928

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  • karimac
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    …in the details, Part 5

    A/N: Warning for this series: 18+ audience (minors DNI), some cinematic level violence, some fluff and angst. Doubt that smut will be involved, but it may be implied. I’ll make sure that is noted clearly if it pops up.

    All relationships, at this point anyway, are platonic.

    Please do not repost or translate my work. Likes, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated.

    A bit about the OC Kari

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    All mistakes are my own.

    Word count: 5,214

    You really knew better than to think either Bucky or Sam would move their seats up. You had heard all about their chat in the Volkswagon Steve procured before the Berlin airport fight. Luckily the trip to the Andrews Air Force Base was short.

    You looked at the C-130 Hercules transport plane and smiled as First Lieutenant Joaquin Torres met Sam and Bucky on the tarmac. Then you saw a lot of the flight crew staring at you.

    {{They know}} you thought as you looked toward the three men near the plane. {{And now to explain this. Great}}

    “They know who I am,” you whispered as you finally got within earshot of the trio. “It actually happens a lot more than I let on to anyone. Dr. Raynor was right. I forget the shadow I cast at times.”

    “Joaquin Torres, this is Kari MacOrish, the goddess lady,” Sam said with a smile as he made the official introductions. “I think the three of us are gonna crash for a bit. It’s been a long day.”

    “It’s a pleasure, lieutenant. Let me stow my gear, and maybe we can chat for a bit?” you said to Torres as you slowly made your way to the staircase to the plane. You suddenly had the feeling that this flight was going to seem like one of those 24 hour trips to Perth, Australia and not one of eight or so hours to Berlin, Germany. “Thank you for the ride. It’s greatly appreciated.”

    “Hold on,” Torres said as you stopped just short of going up the steps. “Sam didn’t tell me there’d be three on this trip. How did they rope you in? Did he promise you some of Sarah’s gumbo? With the corn bread, of course.”

    The man was perceptive. You had to give him that. “I worked with Bucky and Steve Rogers long before The Avengers were a gleam in Nick Fury’s eye,” you said as the number of years started to hit you in the gut. "And I’m still swinging my sword after all this time. They didn’t rope me in, trust me, but I would not mind some gumbo and corn bread, Samuel. I would love to go to Delacroix and meet your family sometime,” you said as you tried to reassure all three men that you were there because you wanted to be, even though it was not entirely true. Who really wanted to walk in and see Helmut Zemo in a German prison anyway?

    “May I call you Joaquin?” you asked the lieutenant as he nodded in agreement. “Thanks, Joaquin. I guess I know these two will likely need backup when this all plays out. That’s partly good old common sense, but it’s also a bit of limited precognition,” you noted as you tapped your left temple. “Sam, you can add that to your list,” you added with a wink. “I know you’re keeping one.”

    “How long has that been? The swinging the sword part?” Joaquin asked as you shifted your backpack again. Suddenly it felt like you were carrying rocks in the damned thing. It might have been all the guilt you were feeling after Thanos’ defeat, or it could have been that you really had overloaded it. You just felt very weighed down at the moment. “Sam has brought you up, and you just said that you were around in World War II, but beyond that, I’m clueless.”

    “I was born in 513 on a battlefield in Ireland. I started training when I was three. My first battle was when I was six. Guys,” you said as you looked down and shook your head, “let’s just say I’ve been around the block a bit. Now, if you all don’t mind, I think I’ll head inside.”

    The trio watched as you climbed the metal steps and disappeared inside the hatch. You found a corner in the rear where you could be alone, because, to be brutally honest with yourself, you were not up to playing 20 Questions or strategizing about how to handle Helmut Zemo just yet. After what he did to Bucky, he would be lucky if you didn’t pin him to a wall and leave him there, upside down, for the rest of eternity.

    “You good back there?” Bucky asked, and you waved him off with a thumbs up. Of course you wanted to be here and not in your own bed. Sitting in the air over the Atlantic was the exact place you wanted to be. Not. Yet here you were, because your friends needed you.

    The takeoff was uneventful, and you had been in the air for at least an hour when you looked out one of the windows. Still over the Atlantic. You actually toyed with the idea of “blinking out” of the plane once it hit Irish airspace. Home. Horses. Sanity. A pint of Killian’s and a pack of cheese and onion Taytos at your local. Maybe catch a show by The Comstocks or Luka Bloom if you had the chance. All sounded very inviting right about now. But you had a job to do.

    Your phone started to vibrate just as you were settling back in your makeshift bed near some crates. “Parker?” you mumbled as you turned on the FaceTime on your phone. “What time is it? I’m on my way to Berlin, and I’m not sure where I am over the Atlantic at the moment.”

    “Hey there, Ms. M!” a voice rang out behind Peter. Apparently he had Ned over for a late night study session or something. Maybe it was movie night? With those two, you never could be too sure. They did have a nice assortment of Lego on a shelf behind them. Peter had told you about the hobby he shared with Ned, and he said he’d show you the joys of building one day when the world was not ending. He also promised to show you every custom Avengers minifigure he could find online. He swore one or two were of you, and you prayed he was wrong about that. Teeny tiny plastic versions of you seemed a bit too much to handle at the moment.

    “As you can see, Ned is checking up on me, so Aunt May said maybe we should call some of the Avengers. To check in. You know…”

    You had told Parker as much as you had told anyone else that you were not officially an Avenger. He never listened either.

    “Just a sec,” you said as you waved your hand and put up a silence barrier so you didn’t wake up Sam or Bucky. “Guys, I need to keep it down to a dull roar. Falcon and the Winter…” you started to say as Ned yelled “You mean Sam and Bucky!” back at you.

    “Peter?” you asked as you shot him an odd look.

    “Mr. Stark sent an intel pack once, and I played it before I knew it had everyone’s real names in it,” Peter said as he turned bright red. “Ned was there…”

    “And I bet your aunt knows because Happy told her?” you said as a joke because you had seen Tony’s right hand man eyeing up Peter’s very attractive aunt, but Peter shook his head no. “No, because you told her? Oh geez. Why did you guys pick me? Wait. Am I the only one who picked up?”

    “Uhm, maybe,” Ned chimed in as you wanted to pound your head on one of the crates near you.

    “Seriously, guys?”

    “No,” Peter said as he glared at Ned for a minute. “But you are the only one who said to call any time, even if it isn’t an emergency. We just wanted to say Hi.”

    That last comment made you mad as hell, but not at Peter. “That’s fine, guys. But I am going to fix that when I get back from Berlin. I should not be the only familiar voice at the other end of the line. I’ll talk to Bruce. It may take a bit of time, because I am not sure how long this mission will last, Peter. I have to see Bruce about something else anyway. Wong, too, so…”

    “Can your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man be of any help?” Peter asked as he finished off the snacks May must have made for him and Ned. It looked like the last of a huge plate of nachos with gooey cheese and beef topping. “Oh! Major news! We’re going to Venice in the summer. School trip!”

    “Right now, Peter, your call is helping more than you will ever realize, so thanks for that. Venice in the summer? Guys, it’s going to stink pretty badly. You probably knew that already, but it’s worse than what the guide books say. I remember the one time I went for Carnivale way, way, way back when, and it was not pleasant in the winter. You know, Peter, I may swing by Midtown Science before you all head out. I might have some interesting material for walking tours. You told me about that classmate who likes all that macbre stuff. I might have some fun facts to share and maybe a few non-electronic guidebooks. I have them back home, and I’m planning to head there after we wrap things up in Berlin. Now, I better get some sleep. Thanks for checking in.”

    “Night, Ms. M!” Ned shouted as he high fived Peter. “Say hi to the guys for me,” Peter added as he ended the call.

    You closed your phone and got rid of the barrier before turning back to your teammates. Sam was sound asleep on one side of the plane, and Bucky was sitting and staring at him from the other. You tried to close your eyes and sleep, but the thought of Bucky sitting there wide awake was driving you nuts.

    “Just got off a call with Parker. He wanted me to say Hi to you and Sam. You look tense. Do you need me to help you relax?” you whispered as you got up and walked toward Bucky. He gave you a very odd double take, and then you realized what you had said must have sounded weird. “I’m not being a perv. Sorry, but my brain is misfiring. Let me rephrase that. I can sing for you. It might do the trick. Or maybe adjust your chakras a bit? You look exhausted, Buck. If I had a way to make warm milk with cinnamon, I’d try that, too. I’m sorry if I got you upset by talking to Walker. Trust me, I understand why you are ticked off about this.”

    You plopped down next to Bucky and rested your head against the bulkhead of the plane. “Maybe you’d be more comfortable in the back where I was sitting? You can stretch out a little bit better back there. Up here with all this gear is a bit more cramped. I’m a lot smaller than any of you guys, and I can just sort of twist myself around here. See?”

    By now you were in some contorted pose—kneeling on the bench with your feet tucked under you, left arm used as a brace so you didn’t hit your head against the bulkhead—and Bucky seemed to be trying not to laugh at how odd you looked. “Did you win Miss Utz Pretzels of 1942? I don’t remember that. You look really uncomfortable. Go back and get some sleep. Please. Before I wake Sam up with my laughing.”

    “I am awake,” Sam grumbled as he looked at the two of you. “Why are you sitting like that, Kari? And did I hear you mention Arachna-kid?”

    “It was a dumb idea,” you said as you got up and started to go to the back again. “I seem to be full of them lately. And yeah, Peter FaceTimed with me. He says Hi.” As you moved back to your area, you muttered under your breath, “You guys probably would have been better off with the kid.”

    You were able to get a little bit of sleep, but then you “heard” the chatter over where Wilson, Barnes and now Torres were talking about you. They thought they were being quiet, but their thoughts screamed louder than any audible voice. If they had questions, they could have waited until you were awake, or they could have just woken you up.

    “Will you three stop broadcasting, please?” you growled as you got back up and walked over to them. “Your talking was bad enough, but I heard every thought you had. Thank you all for not going into lewd territory. If you had, and if he were alive, my brother Cormac would have punched you all out of the plane hatch. He was a brawler bar none. He was my Ravenheart. My protector. And before you ask why, even the avatar for a goddess can be brought down. He always had my back. Seriously though, no one ever trained you to develop any form of psi-shields, did they?”

    “What? You sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, or that old TV show Babylon 5 with the Psi Corps people,” Sam said as he looked up at you as if you had suddenly started spouting in Klingon, Babylonian or some other tongue he didn’t know.

    “Guards against attacks from telepaths? Walls to keep your thoughts to yourself? No wonder no one could resist her when Wanda rolled in with Hydra. Another thing to bring up with Bruce before I head home. Let me demonstrate.”

    You looked right at Sam and smiled. {Do you want me to give that cupcake recipe to Sarah? Do you think Cass and AJ would like them?}} you spoke directly into his mind, and Sam jumped out of his seat.

    “Did you two hear that?” he stammered as you shook your head that they didn’t. Bucky and Joaquin confirmed that.

    “I am not going in Bucky’s mind. Period. I am not screwing up what the Wakandans did for you, sir. I am not dying one day with that on my conscience. And I don’t know Joaquin well enough to do it without giving him a righteous headache. I needed to show you guys what I meant. Sorry, Sam.”

    “May I ask then,” Torres said as he looked like he was an enthusiastic little kid who was going to raise his hand in school, “what can’t you do?”

    “Instead of what can I do? That’s a twist. Well, I can’t raise the dead. Make people fall in love with me? Nope. Make money just appear out of thin air? Not happening. Keep myself from getting hurt in any way, shape or form, physical or mental? I wish I could claim that one. I can heal quickly, so I guess that takes the edge off injuries. Will children into existence, which is something Wanda did…”

    You couldn’t un-say it. You could not will the words back into your mouth.

    “Joaquin, you can’t tell anyone this next stuff. Please. I’ll owe you for eternity if you can keep this between the four of us,” you started to say as you sat down. “Wanda had a breakdown after she lost Vision. Her powers went berserk, and she basically took over a small town in Jersey and made it into a sitcom. She was a big fan of American sitcoms back in Sokovia. She used her powers to recreate Vision and make two children. Twin boys. And I wound up in the middle of it with two magically-created cats. Another witch, named Agatha Harkness, was there, and she tried to take Wanda’s powers. It backfired and caused Wanda to evolve. I got hit with stray magic blasts during their fight, so that’s why I’m a tad off right now. And to top it all off, Wanda suppressed The Morrigan somehow. I’m still trying to figure that one out. She was trying to make everyone there happy, and it was a disaster.”

    “Were you happy? Even a little bit?” Bucky asked, and you knew you could not give him the full answer on that one. It was too complicated, and it freaked you out way too much.

    “No. Except for the two cats, I was alone. Wanda kept calling me her best friend and tried to make it feel like it was while we were all on the run together. But it wasn’t working. I think it’s because I gave up on having someone in my life romantically a long time ago. Two husbands who die in your arms will do that to you, I guess. Maybe I still do want it, deep down inside, and she sensed that, but I just can’t let it happen. No one deserves to have my life, warts and all, dumped into their lap. Wanda promised to bring someone for me, but that didn’t work out. Thank heaven.”

    The three men just sat there in silence until the pilot said we were approaching Berlin. “I won’t say a word,” Torres said before he went back to the cockpit, and you walked back to get your gear while Sam and Bucky just sat there.

    “What does she mean Wanda evolved? Like some human Pokemon?” Sam asked Bucky as the former assassin just shrugged his shoulders. “Well, any idea would be helpful.”

    “I’m not exactly the magic expert here. Just because I could feel Kari that one night and see what she saw doesn’t mean I know anything,” Bucky retorted as he looked over at you again. “What do you mean she evolved?”

    “She’s magic. Like me. She is The Scarlet Witch, at least that’s what she’s called in a book called The Darkhold. It’s complicated because that book is full of dark magic. This is some of the stuff I need to talk about with Wong and Bruce and Strange when he gets back from whatever he’s doing. But this mission has to come first…”

    “Why?” Sam asked as he took a deep breath, the plane shaking a tad as it landed on the tarmac. “I mean, it sounds like you went through a nightmare, and you weren’t even asleep.”

    “Everyone there shared Wanda’s nightmares when we slept,” you said quietly as you looked at your compatriots. “I am no stranger to nightmares, Sam. And this mission goes first because I really can’t do anything for Wanda or about her issues until we find her. The magically-inclined crew, I mean. I am not betting she was the catalyst for this, and neither was Harkness. She’s a succubus, but I don’t think she has that much power. The government agency SWORD was screwing around, trying to get Wanda’s energy blasts to activate a new version of Vision. They may have manipulated her. Guys…”

    You sat back down and grabbed Sam’s left hand and Bucky’s right. “Sorry for the touchy feely stuff. I’m scared. Me. Cupcake Lady. The horse lover from County Kildare. The Morrigan doesn’t do terrified, but the empathic healer who holds her essence can get scared witless. That’s the joke. My paternal grandmother bartered with The Morrigan to make me her avatar, and my mother prayed to Danu that I would not be chosen, asking that I be a vessel of light and love. You guys can wretch now if you want. It does sound like a plot from a very bad soap opera or a cheesy romance novel. I’m the twisted combination of both wishes. Go me,” you added with a slight chuckle. “I’d never wish my life on anyone. And frankly, I hate that I seem to be roping you into it more and more.”

    You let go of their hands, and you kept talking. You were really starting to pull in any pain they had when you were holding their hands, and that was getting a bit too much to handle.

    “While I am not so sure what help I’ll be to you, and maybe I should go back to attend to this stuff with Bruce and Wong, my gut is telling me I need to be here. Trust me. I almost opened a portal over Ireland. I want to sleep in my own bed and see my horses. Hell, I’d love for you guys to see it all. Eventually, I mean. Whatever you two have going on regarding Walker and Hoskins and what Steve wanted and the shield, I can’t fix any of that. That’s on you guys. I can empathize with both of you, but I am not your referee. I’m sorry I bolted that day. I never thought I’d be that important to anyone in that compound. Not after what Tony said. He wasn’t wrong, but it still hurts.”

    “Tony is a topic for another day. Back to you. One thing doesn’t make sense,” Sam said as he seemed to look into your mind, even though you knew he couldn’t. “We haven’t heard from you for six months. How long were you with Wanda?”

    “Apparently a week,” you said as you kicked the crate you were sitting on with the heel of your boot. “I went home for a couple of weeks. I remember that. One of my horses had a foal. I had to have repairs made to the barn. The roof on the guest house needed rethatching. There was a festival in the town near my house, and I went there for a dance competition and a dinner with friends. A local girl who I sponsor in dance classes came in third at the competition. Then I got a lead on Wanda. So that accounts for about a month. The rest? I have no clue. That’s what freaked out Thor’s friend Darcy Lewis. She thinks that blast that hit me screwed me up. But she is an astrophysicist. She’s just guessing.”

    “We’ll find out,” Bucky said, his voice exuding much more confidence than it likely should have. “It is the three of us after all,” he added with a smirk. “But first, we need to go see Zemo. Sam and I can’t be out fighting Super Soldiers alone. We think seven or eight Flag Smashers took the serum so far, but that’s a guess. And while Parker is a nice kid, this is not in his roundhouse yet. I did hear that comment, Red.”

    You smirked when you heard that nickname. The last time you’d heard anyone say it was 1944, and then it was Dum Dum Dugan yelling it as you helped The Howling Commandos take down another Hydra base.

    “Thanks for remembering,” you said in the most gentle of tones. But then you thought for a minute about what Bucky said to Sam before about being able to see what you saw. “Wait. You said you saw things I was seeing? Buck, I’m going to think of something very random. Can you tell me if you see it?”

    You reached back for a memory of your brother Cormac. He loved the sea as much as he loved your family, and you were remembering his favorite boat.

    “A boat? Cormac was a seaman? You never said that,” Bucky said as you stood there and shook your head.

    “Great. Whatever happened with Wanda…shit.”

    “What am I missing?” Sam asked as you saw Joaquin make his way back toward you all.

    “I’m starting to piece together what Wanda did, and I am not liking it. Buck, with Sam and Joaquin as my witnesses, I am not trying to pull a fast one. Wanda was trying to give me a happy ending. The last person I talked to her about before she left was you. And it was nothing particularly romantic. I was talking about your need to get some more clothes for your hearing. She put two and two together and tried to play matchmaker. I think she was trying to find you and bring you to her little piece of New Jersey. She linked us in some weird way. I’ll get it fixed. Somehow. I won’t go into your mind. I promise.”

    By now your hands were bathed in green energy, and all you wanted to do was scream to the heavens to fix this damned mess.

    You’d liked Bucky as a friend in the 40s. If he had not fallen off that damned train, maybe life would have taken you guys down another path. But that was not what you got in the end. A chance to see Steve again was something you dreamed of when he came back out of the ice, but you never thought you’d see Bucky again, at least not the Sarge you knew.

    When you showed up at Avengers Tower that one Samhain night with your batch of cupcakes you were trying to figure out if you should tell Steve who you were. It never dawned on you that Bucky would be back in the picture at all after that night.

    Right now the man deserved to find his place in this world without your Celtic-tinged nonsense. Anything you felt needed to stay squarely in the 1940s, by your own choice.

    “Ahh. Sorry,” you said as you stopped thinking about the past and doused your hands. “Zemo. The Flag Smashers. Then we fix this mess. So, how do we get to Zemo?”

    Bucky seemed a bit unnerved by the light show around your fists and the whole Wanda matchmaking thing, but he kept up his usual stoic front as he took a deep breath and nodded to you. “Sam got us a ride to the prison. We better get going,” he said as he got up and headed for the hatch. You grabbed your bag and ran after him and Sam.

    You and Sam were more or less benched by Bucky once you got to the Berlin Correctional Facility, so you stood and waited for Buck to come back out of Zemo’s cell.

    “So, you and the cyborg back in the day?” Sam started to ask with a grin as you kept looking at the cameras all around the hallway.

    “No. I had hoped he’d ask me out before that damned train accident, but life had other plans,” you said as you wanted to talk about anything but this. “I am not going to go on feelings from the 1940s, Sam. Bucky does not need my brand of crazy, and I do not need to go back and think about lost chances.”

    “So, you want him to go out and try to date, instead of seeing if there is anything there? You want it to be like the rest of the world? How would that work out so much better?” he asked as he leaned against the wall and watched as guards went by at the other end of the hallway. “Bucky and dating apps? Really? Speed dating? Hell, do you date? We never talked much when we were on the run about stuff like that.”

    “I’m just used to being on my own, Sam, even if it isn’t always the best thing for me. And Bucky can live his life however he wishes. It is as much my call to weigh in on his life as it is his about you keeping the shield, and we both know it. I need to fix whatever the hell Wanda tried to do so he isn’t seeing what I’m seeing. No one wants that. Trust me. That level of intimacy is not meant for casual friends. It isn’t meant for lovers much of the time, either. I make exceptions for battle. The rest of the time people need space and privacy.”

    You took a deep breath before you got to the Sam-related topic that was really bothering you. “And no, I am not going to take sides on the shield issue. You have your reasons. I respect that. I think you are the perfect man to carry it, but that isn’t my call. Just, please, remember that Buck isn’t likely going to budge on it for a good long time. He’s stubborn, and he’s still finding his way. Anything connected to Steve, in anyone’s hands but yours or mine, will likely send him reeling.”

    Bucky came out of the cell area and motioned for you two to join him back at the car. The driver dropped you off at some warehouse, and you could tell Sam was ticked.

    You let the guys go in first, and you lingered and looked at the car repair parts and equipment all around the room as you walked in. You had no damned clue why Sam and Bucky were suddenly being so weird.

    “Can I walk you through a hypothetical?” Bucky asked as he and Sam walked around the garage bay.

    “What did you do?” Sam asked, and Bucky explained to him, in very interesting detail, how someone could, given the right circumstances, break out of jail.

    “He didn’t? Did he?” you muttered as you fiddled with some wrenches on a workbench. Sam then freaked out as Helmut Zemo appeared from behind a plastic curtain. “Oh fuck.”

    You glared at Zemo as Sam and Bucky went back and forth. Buck was first up in this verbal boxing match, reminding Sam that he had broken the law to help Steve find him back when the team went against the Sokovia Accords. Sam then reminded Bucky in return that Zemo was the one who framed him.

    “Here we go again,” you said as you listened to Sam clarifying that Zemo could not do anything that he or Bucky hadn’t cleared him to do, and you cleared your throat to remind the three men that you were still there. “Ah, screw this.” You waved your hand, and soon wrenches, screwdrivers and any other handy car repair tools were floating around your head in some perverted halo, all pointed at Zemo. “I’m glad I got your attention, gentlemen. If you cross them, Zemo, if you do one thing that gets them in trouble, I will open a portal and drop you at the feet of the Dora Milaje.”

    “Is she always this animated? I have heard stories about her,” Zemo asked as Sam and Bucky looked like they were waiting for you to send Zemo to Okoye and Ayo now. “We haven’t been properly introduced. Helmut Zemo,” he said as he came over and kissed your hand.

    “Kari MacOrish, but of course the former leader of EKO Scorpion would know that already,” you said as you made the items return to their proper places. “And I suggest all three of you remember we are here,” you said as for the briefest of moments The Morrigan came out in all her glory, hair like fire and black wings unfurled. “We are not part of the bloody furniture. So? Where are we headed, Zemo?” you asked as The Morrigan stepped back once more.

    “To see a fence I still have a line on. Selby.”

    The look on your face said volumes.

    “Wait. We’re going to Madripoor?”

    “I think the better question is this,” Zemo started to ask before filling a satchel with items from the cars in what you had learned was his personal automobile collection. “Why haven’t you told them your nom de guerre, my dear?”

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    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    {Wings AU}

    Disclaimer: Nope. Still don't own Marvel.

    TW: Insecure Peter. Bullying.


    Everyone in the world has wings. A beautiful pair of wings of different colors and sizes that they get when they are 10 years old. The color represents them and their personality.

    Steve has gorgeous red wings with a wingspan of 12 feet. Red represents energy, war, danger, strength, power, and determination, each title fitting the supersoldier well.

    Tony has wings as blue as the ocean with a span of 9 feet, the color representative of his limitless wisdom and intelligence as well as his trust, loyalty, confidence, and faith.

    Natasha has green wings with a span of 10 feet, the color representing her healing from the Red Room. This restful color symbolizes growth and renewal.

    Thor has huge 14 feet purple wings, the color of royalty. The color represents nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.

    While Hulk doesn't have wings, Bruce has 10 feet wings which start with dark blue and end with a lighter shade of blue, symbolizing his calm attitude, knowledge, tranquility, and stability.

    Clint has bright yellow wings, as warm as the sun, with a wingspan of 8 feet. His color signifies optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and friendship.

    Wanda's 9 feet wings are a very light shade of blue, symbolizing her hope, innocence, and naivety.

    Pietro's 10 feet wings are magenta in color, representing his compassion, kindness, and cooperation.

    Sam's wings are a light shade of brown with a span of 9 feet, symbolizing his confidence, casualness, reassuring presence as well as his reliability.

    Bucky has huge orange wings with the same wingspan as Steve, representing warmth, creativity,  change, determination, and freedom.

    While some of the Avengers like Steve, Bucky, Hawkeye, and Sam keep their wings out during battle, the rest kept theirs retracted in their backs so that they don't get in the way or get hitten. However, in the compound, all of them let their wings out comfortably.

    Well all of them except one.

    Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man, has never let his wings show. He always keeps them hidden at all times.

    Reason? The moment his wings grew at the age of 10, both Ben and May ordered him to keep them retracted at all times. He never understood why. He loved his wings the first and last time he saw them when he was 10, but Ben and May never let him show them. Even when May died last year, she ordered Peter to not show his wings to anyone.

    It has been 7 years since Peter has seen his wings. He has even forgotten their color. All he knew was that he got bullied daily for not showing his wings. Flash Thompson with his dark black wings goes as far as calling him a freak and abomination.

    Peter hated it.


    "Say, Peter," Sam suddenly said one day, "Why don't you show your wings around us?"

    Peter looked up from his book and shrugged, "Aunt May and Ben always told me to keep them hidden." The team members looked at each other, concerned.

    "What color are they, Underoos?" Tony asked, sitting down next to his mentee(son).

    "I... don't remember. It's been a while since I saw them," Peter said softly.

    "You can show us, Peter, we would never judge you, you know that, right?" Pietro stated in his thick accent, Wanda nodding beside him.

    Peter looked at all of the team. All of their eyes only conveyed kindness and concern. He took a deep breath and nodded. He was tired of hiding them. Maybe the team can give him answers?

    He took off his hoodie, leaving him in a thin black shirt. He closed his eyes and concentrated on taking his wings out. He heard the soft whooshing of the wings from his back.


    The Avengers stopped breathing.

    Peter had 14 feet wings of the purest color of white. White was the wing color envied by all. It symbolized innocence, purity, light, brilliance, perfection. People with white wings were literally called angels.

    Peter looked at his teammates shyly, "Guys? Is there something wrong with my wings?" This shook everyone out of their stupor.

    "Pete, have you seen the color of your wings?" Natasha asked, crouching down in front of him. Peter shook his head. "Look at them," she softly said.

    Peter slowly turned his head to look at his wings and froze.

    "I'm-I'm an angel?" Peter asked with wide eyes.

    Steve laughed out loud, "Literally and practically kid."

    "May and Ben, bless them, never let you show them because they were jealous. White wings are envied by all kiddo. Show them off from now on," Bucky said from his perch on the sofa.

    "Don't use them in battle," Clint suddenly said, "White wings are easily distinguishable. Show your wings when you're Peter Parker, retract them when you're Spider-Man. They won't be traced back to you."


    "OI! NO-WINGED FREAK," Flash called out in the hallway after the last class. "Puny Parker, I'm talking to you."

    "Oh really?" Peter raised an eyebrow from his position between Ned and MJ "I thought you were calling a no-winged freak?"

    "Yeah, you're the no-winged freak, Puny," Flash sneered.

    "Oh but I do have wings," Peter smirked.

    "I don't believe you," Flash snorted, "Show them and I will."

    "He doesn't need to prove you anything," MJ said in a monotone.

    Peter set a hand on her arm in reassurance. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his wings coming out. He heard the soft sound of his wings unfurling, and the entire hallway turned quiet.

    All the students in the hallway were wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Peter Parker, the nerd supreme, had white wings? They were having trouble believing it.

    "You-You're an angel," Flash stuttered after a beat of silence.

    Peter just shrugged and walked out of the school with Ned and MJ by his side, both unfurling their brown and red wings respectively.

    Peter shook his wings and flew in the air for the first time in a long time, Ned and MJ following him with whoops and loud laughter, his bright white wings shimmering in the bright light.

    (Sorry for the bad ending lol. I didn't know what to do to wrap it up)

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  • gothgirlpeep
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tony: i need another word for water.

    Peter: no bones ice.

    Ned: ocean juice.

    Loki: earth juice.


    Tony: i understand the kids are doing it but Loki, you're like a thousand years old-

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  • incorrect-assvengers
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    Peter: Croissants: dropped

    Ned: Road: works ahead

    Harley: BBQ sauce: on my titties

    MJ: Shavacado: fre

    Shuri: Miss Keisha: fucking dead


    Happy, grumpy: I didn’t understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you.

    #marvel#avengers #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect quotes#peter parker #incorrect peter parker #incorrect spiderman#ned leeds #incorrect ned leeds #harley keener #incorrect harley keener #mj#incorrect mj#incorrect shuri#happy hogan #incorrect happy hogan
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    I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your journey into this amazing–


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    As far as dumb retcons go this is some plausible bullshit

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  • flame2216
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    Mj: “Hi, welcome to Applebees. Would you like apples or bees?”

    Luke: “Bees?”


    Peter, Ned, and Shuri: *appears out of nowhere and shaking a jar of bees*

    Luke: “WAIT-“

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  • frankopop
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    Ned: So… I’ve seen you’ve been spending a lot of time with Y/N recently.

    Peter: No, Ned, it's not what it looks like, I swear.

    Ned: Oh really? So no reason for me to be jealous?

    Peter: No! You’re the only one for me.

    Ned: Is that so?

    Peter: I promise! Y/N and I are just dating, okay? They’re my partner.

    Ned: So there are no best-friends-feelings involved?

    Peter: You are still my one and only best friend! They’re just the love of my life, nothing more!

    Ned: But I’m still the platonic love of your life, right?

    Peter: Of course Ned!

    Ned: Peter...

    Y/N: What the-

    #peter parker #peter parker x reader #ned and peter #spiderman #avengers incorrect quotes #incorret quotes#marvel#avengers #peter parker x male!reader #ned leeds
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    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    We are only a month away from  Interwebs Week! =D

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  • chaeyoung26090
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    {Call in Class}

    Disclaimer: As talented as you think I might be, I don't own MCU.

    TW: School. Bullying.



    "Is that your phone Mr. Parker?" Mrs. Warren, his English teacher questioned furiously.

    "I... think so. Sorry, Mrs. Warren," Peter Parker nervously said, fumbling for his phone.

    "Since your call is important enough to interrupt me, answer your phone on speaker," she said angrily.

    Peter quietly accepted the call and put it on speaker, ignoring Flash's loud taunts, "Hello?"

    "Peter Benjamin Parker," Tony Stark's voice came through the speakerphone. The entire class quietened down, "Why- exactly- is my entire lab covered in sticky notes?"

    Peter scoffed, momentarily forgetting about his class, "You know what you did, Mr. Stark. You shouldn't have eaten my pizza."

    "You little piece of shi-," Tony started.

    "Who have you paid to pretend to be Tony Stark, huh, Penis?" Flash suddenly said.

    The phone was completely silent. Peter had his eyes squeezed shut.

    "Pete, who was that, and where are you?" Tony said, and thanks to his super-hearing, Peter heard the soft sound of the Iron Man armor engulfing him.

    "I'm in my English class Mr. Stark, and you're on speaker," Peter said softly, desperately wishing that Flash would stop his chants of 'Penis Parker' from the back of the class.

    "You're in class then. Why isn't your teacher doing anything about the bullying happening in the class?"

    Flash jumped from his seat and snatched the phone out of Peter's hand, "Listen hear, you old fool who Penis paid to pretend to be Stark. I am Flash Thompson and I am not a bully. Penis just deserves what I put him through for being a poor, worthless orphan and lying about his Stark Internship," he laughed mockingly. Mrs. Warren very pointedly looked away from her two students.

    There was a moment of silence, then the end dial tone rang through the silent classroom.

    "I would move away from the window if I were you," Peter said wincing slightly. Ned and MJ sniggered in their hands and Peter could see a vague outline of Flash's face in MJ's crisis book. Traitors, Peter thought.

    "Why would we do that Penis?-,"

    The window crashed into pieces as the Iron Man armor entered the classroom. His classmates screamed.

    The mask of the suit retracted, and Tony Stark raised his hand as the repulsor charged.

    "Which one of you is Flash Thompson?"

    Flash, who had gone very pale, didn't move a single muscle. Tony raised an unimpressed eyebrow at the boy, showing that he obviously knew who Flash was, and turned to Mrs. Warren, who had also turned white.

    "Well, why don't you tell me, Miss Teacher? Why weren't you doing anything when my kid was being bullied?" Tony's face was a picture of serenity, no emotion present on his face, but his eyes were burning with such intense rage, they nearly burnt a hole through his sunglasses.

    "I'll tell you," MJ's silky voice came, "Flash is an immature bully and Peter is an easy target because he refuses to hurt a hair on that idiot's head even if he deserves it," MJ ignored Peter's obvious signs to cut it out, "Flash's bullying of Peter is rooted in his own insecurities and wanting to feel better about himself. Peter is poorer financially when compared to Flash, but Peter is smarter and has people who like him because he is not a jerk. Flash for reasons unknown, zeroed in on Peter being a weak link, and putting Peter down made him feel better. Physically bullies him every day after school. Mentally bullies every single time Peter is within his vicinity, even during the lessons, because he knows that his parents will get him out of everything and the staff here loves taking bribes."

    Tony was quiet for the next five seconds. Nobody moved a muscle as they watched in growing horror the sheer fury that painted his face.

    Peter quietly fidgeted in his place. He'll have to let Mr. Stark do his thing. The only time Peter had seen such an expression on the older man's face was when a man tried to harass Pepper right in front of him. 'May God be with you Eugene,' Peter thought to himself.

    "You," Tony pointed straight at Mrs. Warren, "You are going to get me a meeting arranged with your principal, all the teachers, and the school board. Am I clear?" Mrs. Warren stayed stock still, a continuous mantra going through her head: we'rescrewedwe'rescrewedwe'rescrewedwe'rescrewedwe'rescrewedwe'rescrewedwe'rescrewed

    "AM I FUCKING CLEAR?" Tony roared.

    Mrs. Warren jolted to life, immediately running over to her computer, "Y-Yes Mr. Stark," she stuttered, shaky fingers trying to desperately write an email.

    "And you," Tony looked at Flash, who seemed as if he was going to pee his pants any second, "You are used to your parents buying your way out of everything, right?" Flash stayed quiet. "Try and get your parents to get you out of the lawsuit I am filing for physical and mental abuse during and even after school hours. I have over 1000 hours of footage of all acts of bullying from you since middle school, and your parents will be lucky to ever see sunlight again. And you will be lucky to even have a career." Flash turned even whiter if possible, tinges of green creeping on his face.

    "Come on kid, we're leaving," Tony said, the Iron Man helmet covering him again. He walked out of the class and Peter rushed after him. He paused at the doorway for a moment. "I'll try to get Mr. Stark to not do anything drastic, but it'll be difficult," he then turned and walked out briskly.

    MJ stood up from her place, pulling Ned up with her. She looked Flash and Mrs.Warren dead in the eyes and said,

    "You deserve this."

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    Ned: Hey Peter, how well can you perform under pressure? Peter: Eh. Not well. But I could try Bohemian Rhapsody.

    #peter parker#ned leeds#spider-man #guy in the chair #peter and ned #ned and peter #friends#best friends#friendship goals#interwebs #if you so desire it lol #anyways i saw this on twitter and couldn't stop laughing #i mean #IT'S SO FUNNY #and it would totally happen to these two #i love them so much #mcu #mcu incorrect quotes
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