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  • commander2ollux
    22.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Neil does not know you

    Neil is not your friend because he does not know you personally

    Neil doesnt care about you because he does not know you

    Neil is a real person and not a mascot

    Neil has his own personal life

    Neil is a human being with flaws like everyone else

    Do not worship Neil

    Do not form parasocial relationships with Neil (or anyone else)

    #neil cic#neil c#neil cicierega#lemon demon#spirit phone#view monster #bumping into neil for like 5 seconds does not constitute knowing him #chill the fuck down ld fandom #dinosaurchestra#damn skippy #i am become christmas #two trucks #think of neil as a funny person online and not your best friend #nature tapes#aimkid#cabinet man #live from the haunted candle shoppe #neilcic #hip to the javabean
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  • cdifffoundation
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    C. diff. Spores and More Live Broadcast to Podcast Is Available: Prevent CDI: Boost Immunity, Restore Microbiome, Replace the Bug

    C. diff. Spores and More Live Broadcast to Podcast Is Available: Prevent CDI: Boost Immunity, Restore Microbiome, Replace the Bug

      We are pleased to share  “C. diff. Spores and More ™”  with you because, as advocates of  C. diff.,  we know the importance of this cutting-edge new weekly radio show and what it means for our Foundation’s community worldwide.     July 20, 2021:  Prevent CDI: Boost Immunity, Restore Microbiome, Replace the Bug With Guests: Neil Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Destiny Pharma, PLC Mr. Clark…

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    #Are there any C. diff. clinical studies? #Are there C. difficile clinical trials? #C. diff. Radio #C. diff. Spores and More Radio #CEO #Dale Gerding MD #Destiny Pharma #Kevin Hersh C. diff. Spores and More #Kevin Hersh Int&039;l Health Coach #Neil Clark #non-toxigenic C. difficile strain M3 #NTCD-M3#PLC #What is a C. diff. infection? #What is a clinical trial? #What is a Fecal Microbiota Transplant?
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  • darkbucky
    09.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    been reading neil's last name as newborn 😂

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  • filmlababry
    08.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004) | Dir. Simon Cellan Jones

    #Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking #2004 #Simon Cellan Jones #Rupert Everett#Ian Hart#Neil Dudgeon#Title S#Dir C#00s#Crime#Drama
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  • primatechnosynthpop
    04.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Do any of you guys ever fixate on a media property for so long that even after the actual fixation has long since faded the media is still so embedded in your brain that you still keep Having Ideas about it because that's just the Thing That's In Your Brain and you haven't found another fixation strong enough to take its place so it's just your go-to Thing To Think About.... but without the active fixation you no longer have the motivation to fully manifest those thoughts and ideas so they largely just stay trapped inside your brain.... or do I just have issues and problems etc.

    #heroes was definitely the last thing this happened with. where i just kept thinking about it for years on end #i guess that's more of a special interest than a hyperfixation. idk im not a psychologist #anyway im still Having Ideas about those three bozos im always talking about. the three main ideas at the moment are #a) third scenario (or like a 'scenario 2.5') for 'your computer has a virus' where there's an antivirus usb that they use to fix neil #b) cool powers au that i have partially manifested but only really shared with kris but which i want to expand further #into like a full narrative about them being on the run from the government and whatnot because if media has taught me anything it's that #the government generally doesn't like people with powers #and uh c) fantasy/dnd au as seen in that suffering game concept i was kicking around a while back only instead of doing that #they're just going on quests and being their usually silly weirdo selves only in a fantasy world #one bit i feel like you could do with the fantasy au is reappropriate the line 'we've just got to face it there's no such thing as treasure' #but in the context of them stumbling across a mimic that was pretending to be a treasure chest #you know like what sometimes happens in DnD. a game i have never once played in my life #oh also i've had the idea of like. ok so pink and i both have slightly different catified new kids designs #and theirs are warrior cats whereas mine are kittypets who get up to kitty versions of their human counterparts' antics #which makes me think that if the two sets of cats existed in the same universe (which im sure they don't but WHAT IF) #then if they met it could lead to some interesting conflict #well that's all. im probably not going to fully manifest any of this stuff but i might do some notebook doodles about some of it
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  • likedestiny
    01.07.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #honestly re the good omens thing im... hm. #the promo picture they're using is very gay so it looks like they're capitalising a bit on the enthusiasm for the a/c ship #which admittedly they maybe couldn't have done in s1 even if they wanted to #but the things neil wrote at the time made it fairly clear that he didn't see them as romantic in the human sense #and ngl if he still feels that way i don't want him to compromise his view of his own characters just to satisfy shippers with a narrow per #perception* of what a love story is #every other consideration aside; that never leads to good writing #but we'll see!! #*
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  • shelfperson
    29.06.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #no but seriously i am very exited #very scared#but excited #i hope we get some more development for anathema #newt #adam and the them #etc #cause i it's about humanity vs heaven/hell this is the perfect opertunity #and i am hoping for some ze/zir pronouns for beez #in the actual canon #and by god if az and crowley don't get their mcfucking cottage by the sea #i am going to scream #good omens #good omens season 2 #aziraphale#crowley#neil gaiman#ineffable husbands#ineffable parteners#a/c
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  • neilwatts
    29.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    eva rosalene number one character of all time

    #like actually shes so interesting as a character and well written and. as a character compared to neil who is very easygoing you think she- #wpuld be mean but she is just so incredibly kind and thats such a huge part of her character #and im so excited for impostor factory considering how we see her in the minisodes #c#ttm
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  • iceglade
    26.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    whenever cc dream wins someone over, it makes me really happy.

    #he isnt malicious he really cares and hes messy as hellll but hes really really trying #i like growth. i can trust it. when someones learning. #i wish i have the weight of years with people. i say this a lot but #theres something to having known someone - a friend - for years #the time that ties you together that says they are no temporary thing #its different with ccs and strangers. you only know as far as they are transparent with you obv #and sure friends can lie. its very similar. but internet folk you watch cant exactly watch you back ahah. #something about having your messy 19-20-21s immortalized forever in footage and rumor #i dont know what it is about the dream team but they appeared overnight yeah? and they feel like they've been here forever yeah? #dream and george are so..... familiar #like ive been hearing vague things abt them for years in the way neil c. is familiar #that helps that sense of distant trust. but #dream also does things that i recognize and identify with that ive never seen a cc do. personal things. #so it was the easiest thing in the world to hyperfixate on him. he made it easy because he knows how it feels to hyperfix anyway-- #but when dream does things that i do and then people express care for him #its validating. its safe. its a massive massive relief #don't betray us. please. ccs are never good people. please. #hooooly shit dont betray us the internet already has such massive trust issues. ccs are fucked up people sometimes!!! with no warning!!!!! #people fall to two extremes on that trust issue #''no ccs are ever good you need to not trust them and be critical or you will be giving someone secretly evil lots of power'' #''this cc cannot be evil. because if this cc is evil. i will kill them. and then i will kill myself. /srs.'' #cc are human but. so are fans. and so are antis. we're all just traumatized humans. #idk. something about- ''when does the hurt end? when does the mercy end. when is it undeserved?'' ethics etc #idk. i dont think people need to work to earn the benefit of the doubt+mercy. #but when someone genuinely works to earn that anyway - #i dont know. it matters to me. #especially since hes always extending the benefit of the doubt to other people first. even obvious trolls and horrible ppl. #OPENLY bc he expects too much of himself - he feels like he couldve been them - and he would want to be able to get better + kinder then #AND THATS NOT ALWAYS GOOD BUDDYYY!!! BUT DESPITE EVERYTHING. I CARE ABOUT YOU #don't mind me
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  • cypric-rat-hyperfixation
    25.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #I'm gonna shit myself #n I n e i n c h n e i l s #neil banging out the tunes #memes#repost #? #rats#fancy rat#r/RATS
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  • radii0headd
    20.06.2021 - 1 mont ago



    its already 3am????????????????????????

    #micah.txt #HOW #i thought it was only like 1am What #god. God! #IvE BEEN O N MY PC FOR THE PAST LIKE 4 HOURS #I WAS LIKE ''oh hm im gonna draw something!!!!!!!'' #AND I HAVENT DRAWN S H I T #I vE BEEN SITTING HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE #LISTENING TO NEIL CICIEREGA AKA LEMON DMEON #AND I HAVENTTTTTT DONE SHIt #fU c K !
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  • radiopng
    19.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i forgot how fun digital painting is

    #and by fun i mean agonizing . but also fun #my art#art #artists on tumblr #illustration#neil cicierega#lemon demon #long time no neil c fanart. i just kinda wantd to practice digital painting bc i havent in a hot second #also wtf two posts in one day ?!!?!?!??!!
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  • tala-paraluman
    10.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Lost in the sea’s unforgiving blue, I seek you. Before me the day unscrolls its naked scripture: sun, vision’s burning field, islands, faint presences crumbling in the distance, water, the fickle immensities life is made constant by. And it strikes me I love the sea because it borders this suffering world and the next: the soul, it is said, travels in a boat from a winding inland river, homing clear-eyed toward the ocean-- which is the bottomless beyond. And I know: here, upon this beach, wash the crushed remains of what was once mortal: bone and kelp, driftwood and tentacle, porous red coral-- keepsakes life leaves behind before dissolving back to brine. I am home here, then, whom the world never loved, and from its torn edges I can almost see it all end: an onrushing tide, a radiant sea-swell sweeping away all appearance, gentle eddies whittling the self till it is no longer even sand. I think of you landlocked and lost in another element-- your body. The sea teaches me love is a wish not for safety but for destruction. I am not ashamed to admit it: I love you the way water loves. Which is to say I wish the world were through with you, so you could return to me ravaged, upon this shore: a shell held tight inside my palm.

    J. Neil C. Garcia, "Gift, 2"

    #J. Neil C. Garcia #philippine literature#poetry #happy pride month!
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  • catleen9
    08.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dokik (2001-2010), 1-9. évad

    Dokik (2001-2010), 1-9. évad

    Nem tagadom, a pandémia alatt szépen rászoktam arra, hogy újra előveszem kedvenc szitkomjaimat és rendre végignézem őket. Ez történt a Már megint Malcolmmal, a Brooklyn 99-al, és most éppen a Dokikkal is. (more…)

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  • geekmythologie
    02.06.2021 - 2 monts ago
    Olduvai Stone Chooping Tool: Found in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania 
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  • 30daylation
    29.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    1 - explanation under cut

    This is honestly kind of a cop-out, but I figured it’d be better to get the ball rolling with a cop-out than to not get it rolling at all, lol. 

    One of my favourite comics artists on this site - JunkworldUSA - did a comic a couple of months ago using a process inspired by Burroughs’ cut-up poetry, and like, dadaist art/poems/writing of that sort. [post explaining that here!]. So, essentially here I’m shamelessly stealing the vibe of that idea - introducing randomness into the structure to see how that influences the form, I guess - and doing a worse job at it. For this basically I just used a random number generator (0-9), and pummelled that into youtube to hop around the song; time spent on each part being dictated by how long it took me to move between windows, and if I remembered to do that. I didn’t hear how this sounded until after I edited out the accidental jumps*, because I can’t listen to, and record, in computer audio at the same time. Idk! It’s a weird little piece, if you're being kind about it. Has made me more familiar with the sounds it has though, which should hopefully be helpful! 

    *probably a further cheat to edit those out surely!

    #bltr #honestly /should/ be having an explanation about why in the fuckin world im doing this at all ['doing'] but yk..// #if I had to compare this to anything does a little remind me of Neil C's 'Fly Away (lyrics)' vid yk?
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  • levi-ackerham
    26.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    What do you guys think the Foxes order when they go to mcdonalds?

    #which one of them would get a kids meal each time? I feel like nicky or neil would do that lmao #and andrew would get hi-c because that shit is so good #the foxhole court
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  • cake-lovin-ace
    25.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i stand here alone / begging for answers that i need to know (how can i let go?)

    chapter five out now! excerpt below the cut:

    “it hasn’t—it hasn’t been easy. i love him, bee. it’s so hard watching him suffer so and being unable to do anything.”

    bee squeezed his hands. “i know,” she said. “i’m so sorry, neil. i’m sorry that he’s suffering and i’m sorry that you are both alone with only each other to lean on. but,” she said, ducking her head so their eyes met. “it doesn’t have to be like that. there are people who love you, both of you, and it’s not shameful to lean on them. that includes me.”

    neil nodded, swallowing past the lump in his throat. bee’s eyes were soft, her voice warm and tone gentle. “we both know andrew is like a son to me, and i’ve told you about how i wish to adopt him. but that’s not all, neil. you are like a son to me, too. and not just because you are andrew’s partner, but because the past three years have allowed us to get close in ways i could only hope for. you are an amazing man, neil, and i admire your passion for life and the compassion that you have for the people you love so, so much. somewhere along the way i started to see you as someone i want to protect, as more than just my patient. i cherish you and i want you in my life, just like i want andrew. that’s why i could not bear the thought of being so far away in palmetto from the both of you when i knew you were struggling and needed help. i want to be here, neil. i want to be with you and andrew for as long as you will have me, in whatever capacity, through both your joys and your sorrows. do you believe me?”

    neil nodded, and nodded again. “yes,” he said and his voice cracked. he pulled a hand free to cover his face with it, shoulders shaking with emotion. “yes, i believe you. thank you. thank you so much.”

    #i have no idea how to proceed from here #its point C to point G with nothing in between #writing problems#ao3fic #link to ao3 #all for the game #andriel#andrew minyard#neil josten #the foxhole court #aftg fanfic
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  • tala-paraluman
    23.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
    Before me the door quivers like a butterfly. I will burst it apart, it will fly from its hinges, redeemed. Outside, I will open all things and sing. Doors, shaken and shocked shall slam on my wings.

    J. Neil C. Garcia, from "Closet Quivers"

    #J. Neil C. Garcia #philippine literature#Poetry
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  • cithaerons
    22.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    J. Neil Garcia, Psyche

    #poetry#psyche#poems#words#quotes #j. neil garcia #j. neil c. garcia
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