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  • cryptid-on-a-string
    01.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    I feel that it is very important to me for you all to know I have a folder in my gallery with 902 images of Neil cicierega

    #Neil cicierega#neilcic#lemon demon #and YES I know some people have more than this but Iโ€™m proud of this accomplishment k??
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  • theundeadpumpkin
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Redesign Your Logo feels like a song about a CEO looking for a way to brainwash the entirety of humanity. I imagine the music video being animated by hand but heavily inspired on the "corporate art style" automated cartoons. A tabby cat kills the CEO at the end.

    #redesign your logo #lemon demon#neilcic#neil cicierega#neil cic #that man definitely had to study Publicity #the logo itself would be a play on the nuclear disarmament symbol
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  • commander2ollux
    22.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Neil does not know you

    Neil is not your friend because he does not know you personally

    Neil doesnt care about you because he does not know you

    Neil is a real person and not a mascot

    Neil has his own personal life

    Neil is a human being with flaws like everyone else

    Do not worship Neil

    Do not form parasocial relationships with Neil (or anyone else)

    #neil cic#neil c#neil cicierega#lemon demon#spirit phone#view monster #bumping into neil for like 5 seconds does not constitute knowing him #chill the fuck down ld fandom #dinosaurchestra#damn skippy #i am become christmas #two trucks #think of neil as a funny person online and not your best friend #nature tapes#aimkid#cabinet man #live from the haunted candle shoppe #neilcic #hip to the javabean
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  • gnoshferatu
    21.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    it took me a while to get into mouth dreams because there was so much hype and i have that repulsion reflex but holy fuck it's pure evil for nightmovin' to be this good

    #if i ever log in to sp*tify again it's going on the crying list i can feel the twinge at the end of the chorus lol #yahoo also. yahoo made me cry shut up #it's about the [harmonies] #neilcic stop making mashups my dead mother would love challenge
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  • flamebearrel
    14.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Touch-Tone Telephone -> Ancient Aliens

    Something Glowing -> Kaleidoskull

    [A song thatโ€™s trying to point out the existence of a phenomenon and namedrops it] -> [A song of the phenomenon itself]

    Even if it's not always in that order... why has he done this multiple times

    #kris pratt-les on #neilcic#lemon demon #finally an excuse to get this out of drafts #it's been there what... probably since january or february #so not at all a new observation #my excuse is that I incorporated both something glowing and kaleidoskull into an idea and was sharing with a friend today #this is a rather obvious detail but THE POINT IS if this pattern keeps happening it could very well happen again ๐Ÿค”
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  • violetswhiskey
    29.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    if neil cicierega comes out w a song titled 1111. i fucking told yall so

    #a couple days. nights? idk whatevers ago i had a dream #it was a wack dream basically i was like shoplifting with my older sister and there was a chase scene at one point? #i guess? idk if it was that but i was going thru this like hallway it was like the back o a building #and there was a song playing. could not tell u for the life of me what it sounded like but it was by neilcic #and it was called 1111 and i was like oh is that a song ive listened to before becayse theres no way id just generate a song like that #and i looked it up and it doesnt exist. #so if 1111 by neilcic drops i fucking told yall so!!!!!!!!
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  • waterproof-wristwatch
    24.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I just had to draw Neil with his notepad full of notes about a shitty dinosaur movie

    Iโ€™m pretty happy w this sketch, so I might end up redrawing it digitally later!

    Screenshot from Guaranteed Audio episode 10

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  • flamebearrel
    23.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dinosaurchestra Commentary Liveblog

    While I work on gathering some forms and finishing my dad's birthday card, let's go through the DSA text commentary! Don't know how much I can say about already behind-the-scenes stuff but it should be fun seeing if any of my theories get discussed

    Want to mention that I have done one other commentary on this album before - that being on the titular trio of songs! Check that out if you so desire :)

    Woah okay the text changes kind of fast I may need to pause more often than I expected

    So he's talking about it specifically being the start of the Jurassic Era? Interesting he mentions it cause I'm pretty sure he pulls the mentioned dinosaurs from different eras

    Alright well now he's calling it an "ALBUM of LIES" (capitalization transcribed verbatim). Guess that resolves that

    "First musical reference to the cannibalism of children" ๐Ÿ˜ณ is there more than one...

    TYPO It's missing the word "of" in the sentence talking about the backwards loop.... (Don't mean to be rude/judging at all - I'm super prone to typos myself, and this is never something I'd call attention to when someone else does it in conversation; I simply get some kind of twisted joy from picking up on them in more professional things like textbooks or pamphlets)

    I do have to wonder what other song the backwards loop is incorporated into, though, unless he just means parts 2 and 3

    Yeah the junk drawer transitions!! They're so quick and snappy, I love love love the AMHB one lining up with the "I'm bad"

    Real maracas :3 I have a box of little maracas and shaker instruments in my room

    The first time I heard AMHB, the bridge's desynced stereo admittedly threw me off (but I've warmed up to it since). Glad to hear it was for a good reason though!

    It's funny comparing how he describes the guitar solo vs. how he describes the recorder solos from I Earn My Life in Spirit Phone. It seems like they were a similar process but here he's like "It is Very Intricately Stitched Together" and for IEML he's like "Yeah I played two notes and then hit undo and did it again like six times"


    But this sure is! The little "One, two, three, four"

    Neil called attention to the hi-hats and 1. love that visual 2. I don't usually pay much attention to the drums unless I'm specifically trying to understand how they work for a song, so I'll probably do that for the rest of Fine now

    Oh no keep talking about the songwriting nerdery it's good advice

    The lyrics for this song in particular are really solid, especially the second verse - it ties up like multiple sayings and superstitions in a really effective and easy to understand way

    Never heard anyone but my mom use the word "hifalutin" until now, but now I know it's not spelled "high-folluting" thank you

    Is it just me or does the guitar during the breakdown do the kind of thing that Float On by Modest Mouse has too? And they're both kind of positive cheer-up songs! (Or maybe I'm just mishearing it. I'm not a guitarist, so this is all just assumption)

    Telling you now, folks: when he says this next one is a song about mowin' the lawn, he MEANS IT

    There's mini life stories in this one!! Cool!

    Oh he got banned from actually doing it fsjdkfj better call the Lawn-Mowing Man amirite

    I think I've also only mowed the lawn a couple times in my life? When we do landscaping I'm more of a tree-trimmer-weed-puller girl

    ...Okay, starting to think a few of these stories are exaggerated... only a couple though

    My personal fun fact is that to me Lawnmower is the most B-tier song ever. I have this tier list I add to whenever I listen to a new LD song and this is right smack in the middle. Perhaps I'll share it sometime

    Stuck time yay!!!!! The text segways into this one WONDERFULLY

    There's enough distortion on the whistling for it to be hard to tell what it actually is, but if he didn't feel confident in his og performance then this is to good effect! Whistling is hard - the only reason I can at all is because in seventh grade I practiced for a week straight so I could do the Proto Man theme




    Don't worry Neil a lot of people on the interwebs listen and skip this song. From what I've seen in various comment sections, anyway

    This assortment of punctuation really accents the emotion here (Sorry, still reeling over Carlos Betty; I have got to draw something about that)

    Y'all know what comes next!! The hype builds with the transition AAAND...


    Ohhh so there is like trivia about how and why certain characters beat each other!! The Shaq and Aaron Carter fun facts are cool

    "^_^" :D

    Chuck Norris jokes were dying in 2006...? Maybe they just had a revival later on, but I swear I remember hearing those years later

    Yes I've always interpreted the Vow of Silence guy as being really, really bad at actually keeping his vow. So it's cool that he mentions how much the song is just chattering on and on

    "Of course... It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." Hm. Wise words


    ...Sir I thought you said you were BAD at whistling?

    I kind of assumed that the names mentioned in the song were film characters, but wasn't very familiar with 'em I lack culture, I'm sorry... at least him spelling everything out helps ring a few bells

    There are absolutely constant sounds that come from yourself and that go ignored! Aren't there like those sensory blocking chambers that make you so much more aware of your own heartbeat and similar sounds, cause there's nothing else to hear? Terrifying yet awesome

    "The point is... [memo to self: invent point]"

    What makes Neverending Hum so memorable is definitely in part to Neil's version of scatting! I hope he goes over the different distortions he put throughout those sections too

    Good to know Corey is good at critterizing :>

    Okay, back to good 'ol DSA... Nothing really to say except that it's nice he identified those auxiliary instruments

    And also why are the "las" written out like a question

    Probably my favorite of the transitions here!! A little bit of bored whistling and clicking sticks together that suddenly just transforms into the actual percussion *chef's kiss*

    I've always wondered what the bird tweets were. My guess was that he used something like this one toy I used to have: a little red bird-shaped whistle that you would put water into and it would warble in very similar fashion to this song

    ALORA MENTION! She seems really cool

    ...Got caught up in the song and forgot to commentate for half of it. First of all the text alleviates a good chunk of the tension fsdhfjsh, second that's a very different way to imagine the IF than I've been picturing (which to me is sort of ladybug-esque)

    But you said this was the album of lies and now you're saying it's true??? Make up your MIND sir!!

    One never notices the backwards stuff until it's mentioned in the commentary... first with Cabinet Man, then here, with this sick guitar echo


    This is actually getting much longer than I expected, and we're only halfway (slightly over halfway to be precise; included Your Imaginary Friend here because the second half is longer than the first)... So I'll split this into two posts, and the second one will be linked here once it's up. See you then!

    #kris liveblogs on #cw: caps#neilcic#lemon demon#dinosaurchestra#dinosaurchestra commentary #this gets long - please click the read more at your own discretion! #carlos betty.......
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