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  • Placements for a very attractive/seductive person:


    dedicated to @fatalinsomia that has requested this post


    - In general: Masculine planets and harsh aspects add a more seductive, alluring, edgy and hot type of atttactiveness, while feminine planets and positive aspects add a more cute, ethereal, peaceful and friendly type of attractiveness

    - Lots of Taurus or Libra energy in the chart: the Venus ruled signs are all about beauty, they have a naturally beautiful energy but also characteristics. there is sth very magnetic about them.

    - Lots of sagittarius energy or lots of planets in the 9th house, may create a very attractive body as well. Sagittarius rule the thighs so the specific area may be the most emphasized and the body characteristic that stands out the most. Even for men, they may have very toned muscles in their thighs, or they are either very finely defined.

    - Lots of Capricorn energy can create a great bone structure, very beautiful hands, fingers, back. Just the whole posture holds lots of power and tenderness at the same time

    - Lots of pisces energy can actually create a very desirable body shape that is very alluring.

    - Every scorpio placement in the personal signs(sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars) or the ascendant: Scorpios are just the ones on the top for carrying the most sexual energy. There is just always sth very seductive and sensual in their energy and whole behaviour. There was no way that i would not put my dear scorpios as in the most attractive babes. Literally every scorpio I’ve met irl have the most attractive gazes and very deep and magnetic eyes. They will make you blush just by seeing them staring at you istg- KDUDJW

    - Pluto aspecting with personal planets(sun, moon, venus, mars, except mercury cause i have other opinions for it): Since i said all scorpio placements create a very sensual, magnetic and seductive person, there was no way that i wouldnt mention their Planet. Pluto harsh aspects(square or opposition) with another planet create an even more attractive and seductive person than with the positive ones(conjuct, trine, or sextile). But even with the positive aspects, it still creates a very attractive person, with more friendly and cute characteristics.

    - Moon in capricorn: This one is especially for guys. I dont remember where i read it since it was long time ago but ever since i started noticing guys that have moon in capricorn, there is literally sth so attractive about them. Its their whole energy.

    - Moon, sun, venus or mars in the 8th house: Yall know that 8th house is the house of Scorpio. It creates a very sensual energy about them and especially the moon in the 8th house creates a person that you can get emotionally attached to since when they express their feelings, there is just sth very appealing to it. Ik this post will end up being a clownery dedicated to scorpios- HAHSHAHA BUT I JUST CANT RESIST MAN, THEY ARE SO GOD DAMN ATTRACTIVE, IDC IF YOU SAY IM BIASED BUT WITH SCORPIOS YOU EITHER HATE THEM OR JUST LOVE THEM TOO MUCH AKXHSJAK

    - Lilith conjuct Midheaven, mercury, venus: This doesnt need many explanations, Lilith is the asteroid for sexual desires, dark emotions. With lilith conjuct in Midheaven, this persons social image gives off a very dark but hot aura at the same time. With lilith conjuct in Mercury, there is sth about the way this person’s communicate that will leave you hanging and wanting to hear more and more from them. And lastly with lilith conjuct Venus, i just have no words, you may be a lil freaky cause the planet of love gets involved with very strong sexual desires and dark emotions, so this aspect is more attractive towards the ones that like more of a coldhearted but quite kInKy partner-

    - Lilith in Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Aquarius or Libra and lilith in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 11th or 8th house: firstly i have a Disclaimer for lilith in the 8th house; there is a ver extreme scenario with them ending up somewhat a bit twisted and i dont ever wonna sexualise anything that is fucked up. But as i said, its a very extreme scenario where it needs more factors from the chart to be true so rn lets appreciate the Lilith in 8th house as a normal hot sensual ass- JAJSHAH I want to say that all of them are so hot but there is also sth about Lilith in the 11th house/Aquarius that is just too appealing. Aquarius are very cool people, they always have this zen energy around them, seeming like they dont give a fuck. I have noticed that many people get attracted with such independent individuals so ofc lilith in aquarius/11th house, is just HOT.

    - stellium in the 7th house: I put this placement here cause 7th house stellium people get along romantically with lots of people easily. There is sth in their energy and whole aura that makes them so attractive and well-liked. So imo to be so likable romantically by other people, makes you a very attractive person

    - Mars, Venus, Pluto, Uranus in the 5th house: 5th house is the house of Leo. Most of us know that a trait that characterizes Leos is their flirtatious and very confident aura. As you can guess with this placements in the 5th house, the person has more of a flirty, confident, attractive type of energy. This people will draw you towards them without realising.

    -mercury conjuct venus: Mercury is the planet of communication and Venus is the planet of Beauty so a person with this aspect has very good manners and a very beautiful way of speaking. Maybe even their voice will be very pleasing to hear. Its the people that you will want to hear them talk and just start falling in love with them.

    - mercury conjuct or trine Neptune: Again very great manners and very appealing ideas. This person’s remarks and suggestions will surprise you very positively as you will see the depth of their brain and how creative they can be. You get attracted to them cause of their unique imagination and charisma in talking very elegantly.

    - Juno positive aspects(conjuct, trine or sextile) with Sun, Asc, Venus: Juno is the planet based on Beauty and influences in your life. The most important from these aspects would be Juno/Asc as asc is associated with yoru appearance and first impressions, while Juno and its beauty, will give a magical and magnetic aura in the person.

    -Mercury aspecting positively with Pluto: A person that will stay in your memories. A person that you may even get obsessed for the way they speak and behave. This is an aspect that gives the person a very addictive aura towards the others as their speech and communication skills are magnetic.

    -Venus positively aspecting with Sun, moon, ascendant: the one with asc is the most important one as once again Venus is all about beauty and sensuality while ascendant is your appearance. With this aspects, the person has just so much charisma and beauty in most things that they do. Many positive Venus aspects in a chart, just give such an attractive and elegant individual. Blessing to be around.

    - Mars conjuct Venus: With this placement, the person may not be considered that attractive in their appearance BUT this folks have such a way to make you so frustrated around them. They know what to say, when to say it, how to act. Somewhat bold and fierce in the way they express themselves but that is well liked by most people and can give you sparkles. They are very passionate and it can be very evident in their energy and behaviour.

    - Mars in the 1st house creates a very nice figure with a very fit and attractive body type.

    - Neptune positevely aspecting with Venus: this placement can actually create a very attractive figure throught the years. This person may become more and more attractive as they get older in age.


    I wish i could put even more but this list would just never end.

    You should remember that each one of you has their own type of attractiveness and you should be confident in yourself no matter what. You are such a unique indivual and you shouldnt worry if you will end up with someone or not based on your “beauty”. Cause believe me at the end of the day, there is always a person that will get attracted to you for whatever negative or positive you have on you. We are not perfect and most of the times, the beauty inside us is what comes out long term and not just from first impressions. Have confidence and trust in you. Youre beautiful💕

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  • A Post Punk / Coldwave selection:

    - Tasaday - L'Eterna Risata  

    - Утро  ‎– Утро 

    - Neptune  ‎– Gong Lake

    - Swell Maps ‎– A Trip To Marineville

    - Wire - Pink flag

    - Xiu Xiu ‎– Forget

    - This Heat ‎– Deceit

    - Former Ghosts - New Love

    -  The Sisters Of Mercy ‎- First And Last And Always

    - Live Skull ‎– Bringing Home The Bait 

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    god of the sea and earthquakes

    Roman name: Neptune

    Amphitrite’s husband

    brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, et al

    Poseidon is the sea god and the guardian of all marine characteristics. after the overthrow of their father, Kronos, the brother of Zeus and Hades drew lots with them to share the universe. he ended up becoming a sea lord. he was worshipped widely by seamen. he married one of the granddaughters of Titan Oceanus, Amphitrite

    at one point, he wanted Demeter. she asked him to make the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen, in order to discourage him. so, Poseidon created the first horse in an attempt to please her. his first attempts were unsuccessful in some accounts, producing a number of other animals in his quest; hence, his love for Demeter had diminished by the time the horse was created

    his weapon was a trident that allowed him to shake the earth, cause earthquakes, and smash any object. in strength among the gods, he was second to Zeus. he was considered a complicated, quarrelsome personality by the Greeks. combined with his greed, during his separate attempts to take over the cities they were patrons of, he had a series of conflicts with other gods

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  • #neptune in the 3rd house #neptune#astrology#3rd house
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  • reply in the tags with who you stan in snk, what your favorite planet is, and what kind of socks you’re wearing i’m curious

    #ill go first #mikasa#neptune #and blue socks w foxws and owls on them hehe #txt #dnt let this flop i swear
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  • A Metman comes ashore
    #neptune #posiden #atlantis #atlantian
    Photographer @warreng3 (at Cocoa Beach, Florida)

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  • 💔🕯Astro notes NSFW edition pt.3 🕯💔

    [DISCLAIMER: everything I’ve written comes from personal experience and observation. It may not resonate with you and it’s totally fine! 🥰 tysm and stay safe!]

    🕯-Libra placements love Lingerie! (gender neutral!)

    🕯-Taurus are extremely POSSESSIVE towards their sexual partners.

    🕯-I’ve noticed that Pluto/Scorpio in the 8th house (males especially) LOVE strippers.

    🕯-Aries Mars don’t enjoy fore play as much. They prefer getting straight into the action.

    🕯-Virgo in the 8th house are into dominating partners. They like being submissive. As well as Lilith in Virgo.

    🕯-Contrary to what is believed, usually Cancer in Mars males prefer dominating than being dominated.

    🕯- Gemini Mars are sooo good at stimulating damn. They’re especially good at using their hands. (Gemini rules our hands)

    🕯- Capricorn Mars are MASTERS in the bedroom. That’s because Saturn also rules everything that we master.

    🕯-Lilith in the 8th house are usually Sex symbols, they have something to them that draws people in.

    🕯-Pluto in the 1st house love laces. Especially black ones. They also wear a lot of Lingerie rather than normal underwear.

    🕯-Mars square Venus are usually big players. No matter if it’s a male or female. They’re very good in the sheets, but I’ve seen a lot of people with this placement being unable to commit.


    Originally posted by purplegrapezeus

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  • image

    I will shelve almost all my designs in the new remake into the solar system.


    Emperor of the solar system, from the very beginning of the remakes, I thought I would stick to the fantasy style of clothing on all the planets, but in the end only the Sun and its closest planets are dressed in a fantasy style, I want to explain this by the fact that in the Imperial Palace and its surroundings (the type of noble district where the Earth lives), it is customary to dress intricately. By dressing the Sun I wanted to show its real colour, i.e. white, and gold inserts and jewellery, it’s like a tribute to the stereotype of the golden Sun, plus it adds “kingliness” to it.


    I liked working on Mercury the most because, first of all, I love the shot, and secondly, I found a very cool reference that was nice and interesting to implement in kisekay. You can see a change in my style in Mercury to a greater extent, and I enjoy it too. And since it was the first planet among the remakes, I set the rules with it, i.e.: 1. the hair, most often the surface of the planet 2. the clothes reflect both the surface and a little bit of the interior of the planet 3. the body of the planets, it is the interior of the planets. So from this you can understand why Mercury has such hair and legs. That is the craters on the outside, the hot core inside. So based on his personality, i.e., the Emperor’s chief servant, you can understand why he is dressed like that.


    Venus has also undergone a big change. I decided not just to remake the characters, but to add some personality to them, if Mercury was a servant, then Venus became a dancer, I decided that because of the strong winds on the planet, and that the name Venus means beauty goddess, and I associate beauty goddesses with dancing, just like that. In the case of Venus, the clothes only reflect the atmosphere of the planet, the body is a surface, and a small crystal in a star is something like a core. The most interesting thing about her design is probably the tears, the acid rain on the planet.


    For me, the earth has always been a failed humanisation in all cases, I don’t know, it seems more beautiful and elaborate than I can realize. Everything is clear in its design, as it is our planet, and we all know the nature of our planet. Hair is a dense, dense cloud that goes into water. Clothes, the surface of the planet. On the dress, I decided to portray stars as a sign of intelligent life, because only we in our solar system can see, discern and study them, so they affect the ocean of the Earth’s clothing. The body is the interior of the earth, and the chocker, like the last version, is the core. And you can see throughout the Earth that she is an aristocrat, I decided this again because of the presence of intelligent life, and not just intelligent life.


    Personally my favourite among the planets, and not just as a character, Mars. Those who have read carefully understand why. The only interesting thing about his design was his hair, which I wanted to depict the stony surface and snow at the planet’s poles. You can see from his clothes and pose that he is well provided for, self-confident, as he is an actor, but you can also see that he is still a mischievous child. Even though the planets in our system are not children anymore, huh.


    On this character, of course, I parted well; you can also see the differences in my new style. He has a very standard police detective design, although he is a guard at the Imperial Palace. Even though I said that everyone dresses up as a fantasy under the Emperor is wonderful, but Jupiter is an exception, as he does not live in an imperial environment, but only works. Out of interest, I wanted to display a beautiful drawing of clouds, winds and on the top of the head you can see the polar glow on the surface of Jupiter, and of course the Big Red Blur, but it did not turn out well, because the planet is too beautiful in this respect. Well, it looks older than everyone else, as I wanted to portray its severity. But despite that, he wears an earring in his ear, in general it’s such an interesting Easter, I decided that all gas planets will wear earrings, although the next planet has them hidden under his hair.


    Well, here we are, the main bison of the solar system, the main model of the Empire, Saturn. In terms of design, everything is standard, hair looks calm, cloudy planet surface, clothing I tried as hard as I could. My hands reflect the polar lights this time, not the top of my head. Generally speaking, I tried to make the famous Saturn’s shisteugol in my hair, it’s such a constant hurricane on the planet, but it didn’t work out and I decided to make it round, because from afar it looks round in photos of the planet only if you look at the hexagon. Even with this humanisation, I decided to put the chemical composition of gas planets on their clothes.

    Uranus and Neptune

    For me, they are brothers, so I will write about them in one sentence. Uranus should lie down well, because its orbit is tilted at 97°, but I decided to show that as in the last version of the ring, yes, Uranus has rings, just like Neptune, and in general like all gas planets have rings. Design standards, hair and clothing surface, and the inside of the planet, or rather the presumed core, pupils of gas planets, the rest of the gas giants have the same. In previous versions, they were almost indistinguishable twins; in the new version, I decided to add more personality to them, the fact that Uranus is closed and cold, and Neptune is the opposite of it, well, you can see it in the faculties where the fate of brothers. With Uranus, I wanted to show his love of tidy and fashionable clothes, and with Neptune it is a sports suit, although at the instigation of his brother it is also quite fashionable. Uranus’ hair is also very different, and Uranus has tidy and tidy clothes, and Neptune is ruffled and fluffy, and of course without the Big Dark Blur, although it seems to have already dispersed, but I decided to keep it, because there are always hurricanes like that on Neptune, and as a tribute. Just as the brothers’ characters can be explained by the fact that of the gas giants, Uranus has the slowest winds, and Neptune has the fastest winds.

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  • Konica Minolta Panel

    Moon - Mercury - Mars - Jupiter - Venus - Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - Saturn

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  • ◌ Full moon in Virgo ◌

    🦋 Plans that were refined during and after mercury retrograde and born out of the new moon in Aquarius will start to form their wings and transform.

    💙 Be softer in your approach to yourself and others. Full moons and the mercury ruled Virgo can manifest intensely critical thoughts and mindsets. Rest up, buttercup.

    🧿 Psychic downloads will unveil some internal and external subjects that require analysis. Health, service and work themes may be at the centre of this.

    💎 If something doesn’t work out this full moon then remember your worth. Things can get foggy when we are left to our thoughts. If you’re Pisces Sun, moon or rising then channel your sister sign (Virgo), ace of swords that shit and slice through the fog!

    🔷 Mutable-Cardinal energy so it’s important to take action but learn to go with the flow. Once again, ace of swords energy. Carpe Diem! Seize the moment. Let the waves of mother moon (Cancer) take you in its stride to where you wanna go once you’ve initiated your plans.

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  • image

    Aaand here is last of Solars System that I own, Neptune! He’s very grouchy, and is also the only one in the gang who can cook.

    you might notice that Mars and Pluto are missing. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget’ those two belong to @andizoidart​ , so I’m not the one making them

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