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    29.07.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Night Drive - Feyre and Nesta have cute sisterly moment Modern Au ( I stir the story little)

    I couldn't take it anymore. I went straight out of Tamlin's apartment. I went to the nearest bench and sat down to figure out what to do. Damn it. There was no one to call. Elain was in Paris with More, and Amren was with her boyfriend in Italy. The ego wouldn't let me call Rhys. I thought ..... Nesta. Dialed the number and miraculously she picked up the first ring.

    Nesta: Yes!

    Voice and sound anxious.

    Feire: I ... well ...

    I couldn't finish my sentence. My tears are liquid as a stream. Nesta shut me up. Great. I was alone in the middle of the night with a broken heart. I don't know how long they beat me on the bench, but suddenly I felt someone hug me by the shoulders. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Nesta. I snorted. She was wearing a messy bun, oversize T-shirt that reached to the middle of her thighs, some very short black skinny pants, and white sneakers. It was an almost fucking spiral. It's as if she came just as she was about to go to bed. Nesta stroked me. Am I not imagining or was she looking at me with the same look as Elain. With such tenderness. With understanding.

    Nesta: Don't worry, Tamlin is a drummer who doesn't deserve you! Let's get out of here now!

    Nesta took my hands and placed me next to the driver's seat and really next to me. The moment we left, I cried again. So I cried in calm silence. Rather soothing. Suddenly we stopped. I turned to Nesta with a questioning look. Nesta smiled at me. I was really hallucinating. Nesta smiled reassuringly at me and somehow ... That smile more or less calmed me down.

    Nesta: We're not going home, we're going to Emery and Gwyn's villa. I have collected some of your clothes and cosmetics. We will go there until More and Elain return from Paris. And right now we are in a traffic jam.

    I nodded and felt my tears flow again. Nesta took my hand and made me look her in the eyes. In principle, the eyes and always the sin of rage, but at the moment it just shone soothingly.

    Nesta: Feyre, you are one of the most beautiful or even the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You are good and talented. The fact that some bastard thinks you're just a nice person doesn't mean it's true. Believe me, there are many candidates for you who are a hundred times better than this idiot. Without that, you are Archeron, and an Archeron never gives in to some idiot in this case, a crazy blond with a damn character. Now do you want us to play music and sing. Good or bad,- I laughed at that. Nesta knew that I was roaring like a gargoyle - Should we go to that gas station across the street and buy something to eat? I nodded. Nesta is an interesting person. In principle, she is always angry and with a sharp tongue, but at the moment when someone close to her needs help, she and her perfect friend. That's why I've never seen you in that light. Even if I once needed help, I couldn't help her and someone else, and in most cases that someone else was the most inappropriate. The column started and we stopped right in front of the gas station. We both got out of the car without worrying because the column might leave while no one was in the car. We entered the gas station and Nesta headed somewhere. I went to the ice cream stand. Nothing to worry about I took a big box of mentor ice cream with chocolate bars. I also took a latte, strawberry-flavored gum, and went to find Nesta. She was in front of a water melting machine and you were thinking. I sat a little behind her and it was as if she knew you were already there because she turned around and gave me my Ramen. With vegetables and sweet and sour sauce. Five minutes later she made her own (spicy chicken) and we headed to the cash register. On the way Nesta took some chips and a lot of Coca-Cola. We went to the cash register and only then I remembered that I did not have a protmone in me. I was going to open my mouth to apologize when Nesta just nodded that it wasn't necessary and paid for everything with her credit card. We just got in the car when the car started. We were moving at the speed of a turtle. We crashed again, only this time on our left there was a turn to Lost Angelis. I knew this way was much longer than we are now. I was just watching this turn when Nesta spoke.

    Nesta: Do you want us to go this way instead of leaving here? Without it, we will not waste our time and we will sing in peace.

    I turned to her.

    Feira: But you won't be able to eat like that ......

    Nesta:Feyre,I've eaten all day for three. Without it, I can eat a cold Ramen.

    And she smiled at me.

    Feeyre: I want to.

    Nesta smiled.

    Nesta: Okay, but I choose the first song.

    I laughed.

    Feyre: I accept the deal!

    Before turning the corner, Nesta chose the song and played it. Midnight Sky-Måneskin.Nesta was very attached to this group. The moment I got out on the road we both started singing. Honestly, Nesta sang better than me, but I didn't care because at the moment how she, my older sister, with whom we fight around the clock, is currently singing with me and helping me to overcome my ex-boyfriend. If I had known that would happen, I would have broken up with him a long time ago. Nesta opened the windows and stared even harder. I didn't stay behind. I chose the next song. Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande. So song after song ( Bills,Bills,Bills- Destiny's Child, Good 4 you - Olivia Rodrigo, One more night-Maroon 5...) we traveled at the night.I'm sure I won't have a damn voice tomorrow, I don't care.

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    29.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hybern's Edge - Chapter 2

    It just popped into my head. So I had to write it.

    Planning shorter chapters for this fic to make it a bit more manageable.


    An Ending and A Beginning

    Nesta gracefully approached the two waiting females. “Lady Adalya, Emissary Morrigan.” The greeting was polite but delivered with an air of coolness, normal in the Autumn Court where the slightest kindness was considered a weakness to be seized and exploited.

    “My new daughter, let us retire with Emissary Morrigan to a more private room. The Emissary has begged my indulgence to close matters satisfactorily before she returns to Velaris.” The same cold formality pervaded Adalya’s words, but Nesta could see the plea in her eyes. The almost daughter-in-law and the real daughter-in-law. All three females had suffered at the hands of those who sought to control their freedom, so for this single reason only Nesta agreed immediately. “Lead on my Lady.”

    “In time perhaps you may call me something else, at least in private. But you are learning fast.” Adalya turned and moved away quickly, leaving Mor and Nesta no choice but to fall in step behind her, walking side by side but in silence. Mainly because they wanted no stray words to find their way back to Beron. That would be unwise for all three females.

    A few minutes later they found themselves in a cosy, but well appointed parlour. The colours were mainly reds and golds, but here and there were a few swirls of navy blue. Nesta’s eyes were drawn to a chair of gold, but hints of silver carefully entwined in it. Adalya saw her noticing and sent her a look. Yes, that’s your chair in this small sanctuary for us. Nesta sank into it, but her back remained ramrod straight in the presence of her Night Court antagonist.

    “Nesta, I just wanted to say...to say...that my protective behaviour of Cassian and friendship with Feyre did you a disservice. Particularly after your bravery in front of the High Lords and especially after what you and Elain did in that final battle.” Mor was meeting her eyes, but Nesta could see it was a guilt laden struggle. “I always thought that Cassian deserved the best, but made a bad call thinking that nobody was good enough for him. That was somewhat driven by my desire to keep him as a buffer. I came here for your wedding, despite my own history, to say sorry for that.”

    Nesta Vanserra remained quiet for a few moments, Lady Adalya also seemed content to let her find her thoughts. Beron’s wife busied herself pouring tea for all three and arranging a selection of small cakes and biscuits. “Morrigan, I appreciate you telling me this. It’s too late for Cassian and I though.” Mor flinched again. “Did you suspect we were mates?” A small, shame filled nod from the blonde fae came in her direction. “And you still did everything to pull us apart?”

    “I did suspect. Feyre and Rhysand seemed so right, you and Cassian seemed like you would shred each other. I supported keeping you two apart. Hoping that neither of you would accept the bond and in time, come to some other accommodation….with other fae.” Mor’s shoulders had slumped, she was staring into the teacup that Adalya had presented her with.

    “You were feeling protective and you were certain you knew what was best for all parties?” Nesta sipped at her tea, now genuinely curious.

    “Yes, after living so long with all of them. I was absolutely sure this was the right course of action.”

    “Seems like we have a lot in common then. But you’ve got what you wanted. We’ll never be together and you can go back to your merry dance, all three of you.”

    Mor tilted her head, “In common? I suppose we do. You’ve always had your sisters’ best interests at heart, from your unique point of view.”

    On another day Nesta would have casually ripped the blonde’s head from her shoulders and tossed it in the nearest midden. Not today, not after the calm and dignified way Cassian hadn’t fought her decision. “As I said, we have a lot in common.” Mor gave her a rueful smile, but then frowned. “What are you going to do with the bond? Rejecting it might drive him mad, keeping it will absolutely drive him into misery.”

    Nesta sat the cup down on a nearby table, “He will be miserable. As badly as I was, but I will set him free of the bond. And when I do, I’ll make sure it’s at a time when he’s safe and protected by his family so you can help him get through that. I have no wish to see him end his life or be driven into insanity. I’m not that type of person.”

    “A little suffering never hurts any of us. We’re far too arrogant anyways. But do you hate him? Hate all of us?” Mor spoke quietly as if almost afraid of the answer.

    Nesta let her mind roam through her emotions. Dislike, contempt, anger and love were the main ones. But not hate, she was past that now - except perhaps her own self loathing. Her training and sex with Cassian had somehow manage to erase that horrific emotion. She wouldn’t admit anything remotely acknowledging that they were on the path to friendship when she decided to leave.

    She had married Eris because that was what she deserved. Nesta had been clear to Cassian on that Solstice Night, despite the giant Illyrian’s tearful pleading. There was no way she could inflict the broken, toxic viper that was her person and soul on him.

    But that didn’t mean he could get away for being part of the decision to lock her away and deny her freedom of choice. Maybe two years of feeling the bond before she rejected would be a sufficient amount of time?

    “No, I don’t hate you. Any of you. This is my life now and I hope that while we may never be friends, we won’t be enemies. Not with those lurking outside our borders hoping to destroy and enslave us. Mor, Truce?”

    She had the satisfaction of seeing the shock in Mor’s eyes at using her familiar name and the offer to start burying the hatchet. “Truce. And when the time comes, we’ll make sure he’s looked after.”

    Adalya looked on with a face showing nothing, but Nesta thought she saw a hint of pride in her eyes. “Welcome to the Autumn Court, Nesta.”


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    Valeris🌙 by : Craig Mullin

    #rhysand#feyre#starlight#craigmullin #sarah j maas #a court of thorns and roses #a court of war and ruin #a court of nightmares #a court of wings and embers #a court of mist and fury #cassian#azriel #nesta x cassian #nesta#elain archeron#feyre archeron#valeris
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    Reblog if you love Tarquin🌊

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    Nesta: You could have died, Cassian.

    Cassian: I’m fine. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal.

    Cassian: That’s where my blood is supposed to be.

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    You know I think a huge flaw in ACOSF was that SJM tried to make it seem like Cassian was the perfect man and one of the reasons I liked Cassian to begin with is that he was a flawed character like Nesta was. Sure he was flawed in more subtle ways, but they were still there. But I’ve already made my thought clear on how I felt like SJM cared more about the smut scenes than the actual love story and plot of the book. But I’m still going to reread this book multiple times because this is the only Nessian/ Nesta perspective book I’ll ever get.

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    29.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I finished ACOSF like 3 weeks ago (loved it) and I can’t get these two assholes out of my brains

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    The Lord and the Lady

    Feysand au

    A/N: Sorry for the long wait loves, life got in the way and so did a horrible writers block that nearly killed my will to write😅 anyhow I hope you enjoy this chapter, lemme know what you think loves💕💖

    INCYMI: PROLOGUE,CH 1, 2, 3 , Main masterlist


    “That’s right, the self-righteous asshole thought he could try to kill me and get away with it.” Feyre shook her head and made to get out of her bed and winced slightly at the movement. “Let’s talk in the study, the more time we waste, the more vulnerable we are to being invaded by the Spring court.” She bit out as the pain doubled, her sister leapt to her side to help her but a pair of hands looped around her and pulled her to her feet faster than her sister or the pain could comprehend. 

    Rhysand slipped his hand around her back and supported her while Feyre’s hand was placed around his neck. Rhysand looked at her as if to make sure she was alright, seeing that nothing was amiss he gestured to the other man in the room-Cassian and drawled, “ Let’s get to business, why don’t you and Nesta go on, we’ll catch up.” 

    Cassian grinned while Nesta groaned, “What do you say, sweetheart?” Nesta shot him daggers and retorted, “Call me that once more and I will make sure that you leave this court on your knees.” Cassian’s grin only grew wider, “I look forward to it.” Without a second glance, Nesta breezed out of the room, with her chin high ignoring Cassian. The man in question grinned fiendishly at Rhysand and followed Nesta out, leaving Feyre with Rhysand, alone yet again.

    “Well are we gonna walk, or do I have to kick you in the nuts again?” she said only half-joking, Rhysand sighed and started walking, albeit cautiously. “How do you feel?” His gaze fluttered to her briefly and Feyre swore that she saw a flash of affection in his eyes but she chalked it up to delirium and opted to answer his question, “I’m fine. I’m just worried about the repercussions the tool’s action would bring, I don’t want to have to face another war.” Feyre mumbled the last part of her answer to herself but Rhysand heard it all the same, “It won’t get that far. We won’t let it,” determination shone on his face and Feyre’s heart ached at the memories she must’ve brought up but she shook herself and asked, “ Why did you agree to meet with us? As you so kindly mentioned, our last meeting didn’t go so well,” Rhysand only laughed and shrugged, not relieving his intentions. 

    They walked in comfortable silence for a while, looking at everything but each other. Every time Feyre looked at him she was reminded of a different, sweeter time. Every glance towards him was filled with memories of late nights and shared kisses. She yearned for the kind of freedom and weightlessness she had felt, she needed a break from her hectic life but she was the High Lady, people counted on her- depended on her. She had no choice but to  continue going to meetings and train till she could no longer keep her eyes open, she looked up at Rhysand and saw that he was already looking at her, their gazes locked and the air grew tense, they had stopped walking in front of a door, but neither one of them seemed to care as they regarded each other with a familiar feeling of safety in being in each other’s arms, Rhysand’s gaze grew into one of longing, he opened his mouth to speak but  was interrupted by Azriel, clearing his throat, “ I’m sorry to interrupt but we found something.” 

    Feyre cleared her throat and nodded, “You’re not interrupting,” her words came out with more bite than necessary but instead of dwelling on the emptiness she felt, Feyre started walking, dragging Rhysand along, they walked in to find paper’s strewn all over the floor in the form of a circle, and Elain was sitting in the centre of the circle, examining them while Nesta and Cassian were discussing what appeared to be strategies to reinforce the borders, Feyre gathered that much upon seeing the model of the courts on her desk and the numerous blueprints taped onto the wall, with several threads going through them as if to connect each idea.

    “Well? What did you find?” Rhysand asked, looking at the room which looked like a reports room threw up on it. Azriel guided Rhysand and Feyre towards a particular pile of papers, Rhysand looked around as if he was searching for something. He frowned looking at her  her chair being occupied with more papers and books and  conjured up a chair from thin air and motioned for her to sit, Feyre shook her head adamantly. There was no way she was going to sit while he remained standing. Friendly or not, the gesture felt like a play for superiority to her and Feyre’s resolve didn’t break. Azriel seeing their expressions turned himself back to the reports, the shadows curling in on themselves, wrapping him in a blanket to shield him from whatever was passing between the Lord and Lady. 

     Rhysand sighed and knocked on her mental shield, she cracked a sliver open for him, his midnight veiled self along with the citrus and sea scent of him filled her mind, she almost sighed at the rightness of it all but stood with unwavering stubbornness while he spoke, “Feyre, you’re not at your full strength. You can’t overexert yourself.” She scoffed, “Really? Is that all you had planned.” He stiffened, “Yes. I-Feyre, I-” Rhysand stumbled over his words and Feyre was momentarily surprised on seeing the silver-tongued Lord at a loss of words. She recovered and  lifted a hand to put him out of his misery, “Fine you prick. I’ll sit if you do as well.” She could feel his shoulders droop with relief, “Fine. You are as stubborn as always darling.” She grinned devilishly, “I wouldn’t want to disappoint.” with that Feyre slammed her shield down, shutting him out only for him to help her onto the chair as if she was a fragile doll and continued to surprise Feyre by opting to perching on the arm of her chair instead of standing. He looked towards his spymaster, “Az, what did you find?” Feyre blinked at him but he was set on not looking at her. Feyre scoffed inwardly and crossed her arms over her chest, turning her attention towards Azriel. “ Unfortunately, we found that the shields to both of our courts have been weakened, we think that it could be because of, well-” the spymaster looked nervous, “Who?” Feyre demanded, sitting on the edge of her seat, ready to kill anyone who dared to cause harm to her court.

     “Amarantha” came the sombre reply and the room became deadly silent. Feyre shot to her feet, ignoring the lancing pain that bounced through her. Rhysand stood, his hands out to help her but she ignored him and started pacing, every step was painful but she needed to move around for the alternative was disastrous. She could feel the ground trembling with Rhysand’s anger while her fury caused the chandlers to shake. 

     Her sisters walked over to her with concerned looks on their faces which overpowered the fury shining in their eyes. She ignored all the worried looks and continued pacing the length of the room. “I’ll be back.” she hurriedly said to no one in particular and winnowed, she let her power take her where it wanted while she thought of what they could do next.

    While Feyre was busy being lovesick, Amarantha had made her move and she wasn’t there to protect her court from being vulnerable to another attack. She should’ve seen through Tamlin and his abusive behaviour a long time ago, it shouldn’t have taken her 3 years to understand his true intentions. In her gallivanting, she had forgotten their true enemy and had let the red-haired bitch get away with murder. 

    The guilt and fear had sunk their traitorous teeth into Feyre and she couldn’t shake the queasy feeling that the mess they were in was all her fault. Her thoughts turned poisonous making her breaths come out in pants, her vision tunnelled and her hands hurt from clutching them into tight fists, she was sure that she drew blood. Her chest was rising rapidly while she paced. 

    A strand of darkness wrapped around her wrists and pried her fingers open and only then did she realise that she was ensconced in a bubble of her darkness, so thick and beautiful that she was alone in the inky blackness. It seemed that she had winnowed to her  She stopped her furious pacing and sat down while her darkness swirled around her, forcing her to breathe deeply, she couldn’t let her family see her break down, she needed to show strength. She can’t look weak-especially in front of him. Feyre breathed deeply, allowing the cool air to clear her thoughts and realised as the darkness cleared that she was outside, under the starry sky. She was in Fairmeadow. She sighed in contentment, she needed to think of a plan, a way to effectively pull out the weed of a creature that was Amrantha with minimal casualties, that was exactly what Feyre was going to do. 

    As the stars blinked down on her, watching her-protecting her as her powers ran wild around her while she thought of Amarantha and whispered, “Time to die bitch.”  

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    the superpowered female losing all her powers at the end of the series/book is misogynistic actually

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    People keep talking about Gwyn maybe being a light singer-- which may be cool, honestly. (Just because legend says they're monsters doesn't mean they are. I bet legends say that about shadow singers too.) But I also keep hearing the "Gwyn is Tamlin/Eris/Lucien's daughter" theories and then Gwyn keeps glowing and I was idly like "LOL watch her be Helion's daughter with all that glowing" and then I was like "fuck, this better not means she's Lucien's kid". Because redheaded, Autumn Court, light powers... Yeah, no, I don't want that to be a thing. And I honestly don't think it will be. But also, I can only imagine how awkwardly hilarious family gatherings would be.

    Lucien, trying to connect with Gwyn, his long lost daughter.

    Helion, trying to connect with Lucien, his long lost son.

    Helion, trying to connect with Gwyn, his long lost son's long lost daughter.

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    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I’m currently rereading ACOTAR. So, you’ll be seeing a lot of me as I cry, laugh, and rant. 😂

    On my current commentary…

    Feyre’s family is literally useless. The Dad doesn’t want to work. Nesta is angry at the world but wants a good life. However, she won’t work for it. And Elain has too much self doubt to help.

    ALSO, why in the wooooorld did Feyre’s mom tell FEYRE (THE YOUNGEST) to promise to maintain the family?????? (Maybe I forgot something here but I’ll come back with updates as I continue my reread)

    #acotar#acotartheories #a court of thorns and roses #sarah j maas #sjmaas#feyre archeron#Feyre #feyre deserves better #nesta archeron#nesta#elain archeron#elain
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    Just a reminder that you are allowed to disengage from heated discussions for your own mental health and well-being 😌 You’re not being a coward or giving up, you’re just prioritizing yourself! That in and of itself is a radical act🧡

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    You are My Home: A Nessian Fanfic (NSFW)

    Day 25 of Nessian month, Prompt: After the mating Cermony @illyrianet

    Cassian swept Nesta in his arms as a giggle tore from her lips, an actual giggle,he spun them around looking down at Nesta with love and hunger in his eyes before taking the keys to their house from her and placing it in the lock.

    Their house. It had such a nice ring to it. She could imagine everything they would do to make this house theirs. Could imagine filling the rooms up with their future children when the time was right.

    When Cassian got the door unlocked, he looked down at her, smiling broadly.

    “I heard it was a human custom to carry your bride over the threshold.“ He stated making her smile before stepping over the threshold placing a kiss to her mouth, full of promises of what he was going to do to her. It thrilled her down to her very core.

    She wanted to do more, but the ribbon bounding their two hands together made things somewhat difficult, Cassian chuckled as if sensing this,

    “The band will sink into our flesh the moment I’m inside of you. “ He whispered to her inbetween his hungry and ravenous kisses.

    “Then what are you waiting for? Make me yours in every way, Cassian.”

    Cassian smirked taking her to the room that had became theirs setting her down on the floor gently as his free hand went to the buttons of her dress. unfastening them one by one inbetween his kisses. He couldn’t stop kissing her. Hadnt wanted to ever since they had officially been declared as mates.

    She didn’t mind. Wouldn’t mind if he kissed her like this for eternity.

    “That won’t work.“ She told him gesturing to the band. “My dress will get caught on this.“

    Cassian growled softly. “Are you fond of the dress?” He asked.

    “Depends are there tailors who can fix it?” She asked earning her a smoldering look from Cassian. He nodded.

    “Then what are you waiting for?” She asked.

    His face went primal with his need, his hands going to the back of her dress again only this time their was no gently fumbling with the buttons there. This times when his hands found the back of her dress, He grabbed the two flaps tearing the back of her dress open. The buttons of her dress scattering all over their floor.

    She let out a breath as he put her on the bed hovering over her. That Gods damned dress still in their way as she cried out.

    ”Cassian.” His name a plea on her lips.

    His hand went to her skirts ripping the fabric there. Her dress now in ruins as they got the remainder of it off. Nesta could have swore she heard Cassian breath hitch up slightly.

    He circled one of her bare nipples surprised to see that she had been wearing nothing underneath the dress.

    “I think you forgot your underwear this morning, mate.” He smiled down at her, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

    She raised her chin defiantly.

    ”I didn’t forget.“ She rasped out. going towards his dress shirt and ripping it open. The buttons of his shirt joining hers on the floor. “I just didn’t want anything to get in my way.“

    She pulled him to her, crashing his lips into hers as his grip on her waist tightened as if holding back. She tore her mouth from his, letting every bit of that fire in her gaze.

    “It’s our mating night Cassian, Don’t hold back from me. Not tonight.“ She told him smashing her lips back to his, biting it for emphasis. She didn’t want to make love at this moment. She wanted it rougher during their first joining as a mates couple. Wanted him to unleash every bit of power that he had been holding back.

    His tongue thrusted into her mouth, claiming every part of it as their tongues fought for dominance. His free hand going to his belt, but having trouble with it. Nesta‘s own hands flew to it. unbuckling his pants as he kicked them off in a frenzy.

    Hot need flashed through her, Her core throbbing from the undying want from him. They had told her that after the mating cermony, it would feel like her whole body was set aflame with want. That she would feel everything more strongly than she had before. Even his kisses had felt like magic. She could only guess how much ecstasy she would be in when they finally joined their bodies together.

    His hands raked in her hair, pulling at her scalp as he gathered her hair in his hands, winding it around them so she felt everything. She moaned at the pleasure with the sweetest edge of pain.

    “How hard did you want it my sweet mate?” He growled.

    “Hard.” She told him as he pressed another long hungry kiss to her mouth. before he pulled back.

    “Did you take your tonic tonight?” He asked her throwing her off slightly.

    “Of course. Why?”

    Cassian‘s hand went to her cheek, she leaned into that touch.

    “Because the Cermony makes you more fertile. And I know we don’t want to have children anytime soon.”

    “At least not until we’re both ready for them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get in a ton of baby making practice before then.“ She assured him, the corners of his mouth quirking upward as he pressed her firmly onto their bed.

    “I like the way you think Archeron.“ He whispered hovering above her lowering his mouth down to hers as she met his. “You know what’s also fun about this bond?”

    “What is that?” She asked.

    “We can only do it in the first couple of weeks after our mating, but you need to open up your end of the bond for me to do it. If you want to that is.“ He grinned.

    She nodded, curiosity winning over as she opened her side of the bond. Cassian pressed kisses down the length of her stomach, spreading her legs for him as he looked up to her for approval. She nodded as the first cress of his tongue shot through her, Only his tongue wasn’t the only thing she had felt.

    Her nipples tightened in pleasure until they were pebbled, feeling as if someone’s mouth was upon them She cried out. With each stroke of his tongue, her breast had taken their own pleasure.


    “One of the perks of the Mating Cermony is that we can pleasure each other’s bodies in more ways then one. For example, if I want to caress your nipples with my tongue, but my mouth is already occupied doing something else-”

    Nesta gasped, feeling the sensation.Her head dropped back.

    “Do you wish for me to continue?” He asked knowing that if he told her to stop that he would, but Hods this was a pleasure that Nesta had never known.

    “I’m going to miss that when the bond is sated in a couple of weeks.“ She leaned back on the bed, “Please for the love of the Gods, continue.”

    Cassian‘s mouth ascended upon her again, her nipples feeling the sensation once more. Nesta‘s hips thrusted upward making Cassian‘s tongue slip in further. His nails digging into her ass.

    Nesta rode Cassian’s tongue as what Cassian had said about the bond rang through her mind. She wondered if it had worked both ways.

    Letting her basic instincts take over, Nesta searched the bond, sending a brief thought through it as Cassian growled grabbing her hips and moving them in time with his tongue. She cried out.

    “Careful of the wings, sweetheart, you wouldn’t want me to blow my load before I have the chance to be inside you.“

    She smirked, so it had worked. She sent a thought again as his moan radiated through her core, This time the thought had been of her fingers stroking his cock, but it worked the same.

    “Nesta.“ He growled.

    She gasped as the invisible teeth big her nipple lightly. She thrusted upward,

    “I think you’re eager for me to be inside of you mate. It’s almost as if you don’t want my tongue between your legs. “ He stated. Nesta narrowed her eyes slightly.

    ” I never said that, I’m just eager for you to claim whats yours.“

    Another growl ripped from Cassian as an idea ripped from his mind, a slow, mischievous smile crossing that glorious mouth of his.

    “As you wish mate.“

    Before Nesta could register what was happening, Cassian flipped her over so that she was in a sitting position pulling her to his chest as his hands went to her breast.

    He sank her down onto his enormous cock plunging into her warmth as Nesta cried out in pleasure. She felt so full in this position.

    He leaned into her ear, nibbling it with his teeth as his invisible tongue flicked against her clit making her gasp.

    “Home sweet home.“ He told her making her gasp as he thrusted up into her as hard as he could, The invisible tongue still on her clitoris, his hands kneadi g her breast keeping them hard and pleasures for him as he continued to move in her in lovely, hard thrust.

    Their ribbon feel away, sinking into their skin, making it easier to maneuver however they wanted. Cassian’s teeth clamped hard on Nesta’s neck making her cry out. as Nesta ran invisible fingers down Cassian’s wings making him tremble. His pace quickening as Nesta‘s cries turned into sobs. Every part of her body feeling like it was on fire.

    His invisible tongue flicked against her tongue. barreling her towards her release, She clenched hard around him, milking him with her pleasure for him as he cursed at the tightness.

    Wetness pooled on her thighs, not sure if it was from her alone or if Cassian had so much of to release that it was leaking out of her already.

    Some noise Nest’s didn’t know she could make sounded out of her as she found her release. He thrusted up into her as much as he could manage as she felt the first spurts of him inside of her causing her to gasp out in pleasure.

    Her sex claiming every bit of his release that it could possibly manage before what was left of it leaked out of her coating her thighs with him as he pulled her against his chest, She swore she could feel the racing of his own heart. As his hands found their way to her heart. Feeling it beat underneath his hands as they caught their breath.

    Home. She thought. This was what home felt like. He kissed her neck flipping her on her back as he gazed down at pushing her hair back, kissing her forehead as he hardened before her again.

    He guided his cock into her again, both of them moaning in pleasure as Cassian pressed his forehead to hers.

    “You are my home.“ He whispered to her with each thrust.

    “And you are mine.“ She assured him as they made love to each other until their bodies were sated and sleep drifted over them, feeling at peace in each other’s arms.

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  • unhealthyfanobsession
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    Going for Gold Chapter 8



    Chapter Teaser:

    She actually stopped in the middle of the warmup floor. Oblivious to the other gymnasts tumbling around her as she planted her hands on her hips, and glared at him. Azriel had delighted in raising a hand high into the air and waving like an idiot.

    Gwyn was pissed. Azriel didn’t think he’d ever been so turned on in his life.

    #nessian#nessian fanfiction#gwynriel#Azriel#gwyneth berdara#nesta archeron#elucien#lucien vanserra#cassian#Feysand#feyre archeron#emorie#emerie#valkyrie#valkyrie trio#Morrigan #nesta and cassian #a court of thorns and roses #sarah j maas #a court of silver flames #a court of mist and fury #acosf#acotar#nestaxcassian #a court of wings and ruin #a court of wings and embers
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    Secrets Part Two - Nessian

    Written for Nessian month using prompt: Nessian on a date


    The terrace was empty. Nesta leaned against the railing and sighed, staring out over Velaris, the lights of homes and businesses glittering like stars in the night sky. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, reminding herself why she so often kept it braided out of the way, even now with only half down and the rest twisted up onto her head she knew it would end up annoying her later. But, for all it's annoyance, it gave her the opportunity to use Feyre's mating present to the best of its ability. She grinned to herself, imagining Cassian's reaction when he saw her, her usually golden brown hair glimmering with the stardust she'd brushed through it, shining with a light of its own in the absence of the sun. It had taken longer than she'd expected but it matched the glimmering thread woven into her black dress. Sleeveless, backless, cut just above her knees, it was daring enough to make sure Cassian would notice nothing else all evening, whilst remaining within her comfort. She glanced over her shoulder, and smiled again at the sight of her reflection in the House's windows, her new mating tattoo of Illyrian wings across her shoulders and back totally exposed by the cut of her dress.

    She sighed again, this time a slight huff of annoyance, she'd rushed to finish her hair, and Cassian had the nerve to be late after leaving her alone all day. She was still thinking of how to get back at him when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist. Nesta started but relaxed into Cassian's hold a moment later, murmuring a greeting as he pressed his lips to her temple,

    "Sorry I left you waiting, Sweetheart, I wanted it to be perfect,"

    "What? What did you do?" She questioned, suddenly worried that her planned some annoying practical joke, but her suspicions faded when he tugged her back against his chest,

    "It's a secret," he whispered, and she spun round to face him, her eyes widening at the sight of him. With a new, ironed, shirt tucked into a pair a black pants, and his proper coat, Nesta had never been so attracted to him, half of her was tempted to drag him back to their bedroom at once, but she wanted to know the secret so she'd play along. "You look beautiful, Nes," he murmured, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carefully lifted her into his arms, a glowing red shield appearing around them as he moved to take off. At her questioning glance her grinned, "I wouldn't want to mess up your hair," he chuckled, winking before leaping into the sky, leaving Nesta with no doubts as to what he wanted to do later.

    They flew over all of Nesta's favorite restaurants and continued along the Sidra, waving to Feyre when they passed over the River House. She knew something, Nesta could tell, her sister had been scheming with Cassian, and she couldn't figure out why, it was infuriating. Still, she kept her features carefully neutral, if a little entranced by the beauty of the city, at least until Cassian set her down on the far bank of the river, in Elain's garden, night blooming flowers surrounding them.

    Cassian reached out to pluck a rose from the nearest bush and tucked it behind her ear, grinning to himself as he led her through the multitude of blooming flowers, clearly noting her reactions to them all, she'd hardly be surprised to find a pot of the moonstone dahlias waiting on the windowsill when they got home. She matched his grin when her eyes landed on the little table by the water's edge, set for two with a little Illyrian slow cooker set a little away from it.

    "Did you do all this?" She breathed, "It's beautiful, Cass," he just grinned again and pulled out a chair for her,

    "I figured it was time I returned the favor and cooked for you,"

    "Perhaps yours will be better than a stale biscuit," she laughed, knowing full well how good he was at cooking. Still, he snorted with laughter,

    "Not setting the bar very high, are we?"

    "Oi! That biscuit sealed the mating bond so you can shut up," she huffed, trying to sound annoyed, but her soft giggle gave it away, and Cassian brushed a wing against her collarbone as he moved to the cooker.

    Nesta's mouth watered at the scent of the delicately spiced slow cooked lamb that he set down on the table, the delicate scent of Adriatan saffron from the accompanying Summer Court inspired rice dish. All her lingering annoyance that he'd left her all day faded at the first mouthful, the lamb practically melting in her mouth. Not that Cassian needed an ego boost, but she had to admit, there was one thing he'd always be better at, cooking, she could admit now that no matter how much she practiced, she didn't have the instinctive knowledge of which spices to use, how best to cook something. She could always learn, but she's never match the instinct to just know. She must have said as much as Cassian laughed and compared their dancing abilities, likening himself to an elephant. Nesta had never seen an elephant, having never traveled to the continent, but she knew what one was from her early education. She snorted in laugher and made Cassian promise that they could go to the continent just as soon as tensions died down and they could be spared from the Night Court.

    There was no other way to describe it, the evening was perfect, the stars glimmering off the Sidra's glassy surface, the flowers swaying softly in the wind, and Cassian. No one had ever done something like this for her, there had  never been anyone she had wanted this with, but she couldn't imagine anything more perfect. Once they'd finished eating, Cassian spent an hour or so pointing out every constellation until Nesta could see them, she could see Enalius' belt, see the shape the stars made of the ancient warrior. She grinned when Cassian pointed out the brightest star in the sky,

    "That one, Nes, that's ours, whenever you look up at that star when we're not together, I'll be looking too, that's our reminder, our way home." And it was their way home, for the star glimmered right above Velaris, their star, she would never forget that one, not in a thousand years, the other ones maybe, but their star, never.

    The table was gone when they turned back, everything cleared up, but Feyre's scent was unmistakable, and Nesta had no doubt that she'd also supplied the rarer spices for the meal. With the space empty, she could just lean back into Cassian's arms, the sounds of the garden and the city surrounding them, the light of their star shining down. They might have stood there for a minute, an hour, but time really stopped when Cassian spun her round in his arms, kissing her with all passion and love they'd both been holding back for so long. Nesta wound her hands into his hair, coming up breathless when he finally pulled back, their star reflected in his eyes as he whispered her three favorite words,

    "I love you ."

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    Cassian: I want that.

    Nesta: you want what?

    Cassian: *points at his daughter* what she’s having.

    Nesta: *inhales*

    The room goes quiet.

    Nesta: cassian.

    Cassian: yes?

    Nesta: that’s my breast milk.

    Cassian: so?

    Nesta: *tries not to kill him with her stare*

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    The mood hadn’t been helped by a rare red star blasting across the sky one day—an ill omen, Nesta had heard the priestesses muttering. (Pg634)

    Aelin probably: laughing somewhere at being deemed an “ill omen”

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    It goes without saying that when Mor joins the Valkyries for training, she'll undoubtedly take part in teasing the bat boys and kicking butt. The General and Spymaster won't stand a chance against these 4 female warriors. 😏

    Source: picrew 

    Credit: @blackberritea, creator of this avatar maker. Check out Laura's work on IG. 🖤

    #nesta archeron#gwyneth berdara#emerie#morrigan#cassian#azriel#acotar#acosf#the valkyries#Carynthians #yes i still love the bat boys #but i love my female warriors #a little more
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