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  • hi i have a newfound respect for carrie wilson after 5 minutes in her tag i love her i’d die for her shes amazing we stan

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    Victoria Pedretti’s Emmy campaign starts NOW

    #PLEASEEEEEE #THE BLONDE HAIR #IMMA SIMP #the haunting of hill house #the haunting of bly manor #victoria pedretti#netflix#lol#tv#horror#emmy#women
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  • Alpha Trion Feline edition.
    Link to video in profile.
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  • Lads I just realised … since Arvin Russell was born in the late 1940’s was well into his teens in the 60’s

    He would be in his SEVENTIES in 2020 😱😱 and we’re still thirsty af for him 🥵

    Forget Daddy issues, we all got grandaddy issues 😅😂


    Originally posted by milesgmorales

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  • Julie and the Phantoms

    Like the other series that I’ve seen recently seen, this show was recommended by a random girl on twitter. She said that it was a good feel show so I tried it because I’m in dire need of something good right now.

    Tbh, I wasn’t invested in the story that much and in my opinion the acting was a little off. But… the music. It was the one that made me stay, continue, and finish the whole thing. I was actually just watching it to pass time but then Luke’s birthday happened and don’t even get me started with ‘Unsaid Emily’. I was bawling my eyes out on that scene. I was not expecting to be that emotional watching it because it was a show for kids/ teens ffs.

    The story is not that deep but it had its moments. Don’t expect much from it but I swear the music was really GOOD! The whole soundtrack was amazing. My current favourites are Bright, Edge of Great, and Unsaid Emily. And even though I’m not a fan of the cast for their acting, they are all very talented musicians. Especially the main girl. I’m in love with that girl’s voice.

    #julie and the phantoms #netflix
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  • Cancelling a show seconds after it gained an award. Well done Netflix.

    Also, I ain’t putting up that poster without censoring it. Grim.

    #The Dark Crystal #the dark crystal age of resistance #Netflix#Cuties#netflix cuties #fuck uuuu netflix
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    Jealousy Incarnate episode 19

    I cried. Poor Jeong Won. He is a great guy. He loves Na-Ri so much, willing to do and sacrifice anything for their relationship to work out. For her to love him just the way he loves her. :(

    I hated Na-Ri for choosing Hwa-Sin over Jeong Won. Jeong Won is way way better than Hwa Sin. 3 years ago when Hwa Sin learned that Na-Ri has a crush on him, he treated her like a dirt. He always used to give her cold gaze. He talked to her with hatred. He ignored her and made fun of her. So why do you want her back now that she’s with your bestfriend.

    I am so disappointed and full of anger. :(

    I felt sorry for Jeong Won who gave his best for Na-Ri. He is so kind. And so HANDSOME. She’s definitely a lucky girl.

    I am so affected on this Korean drama that I thought I should stop watching it because I disagree so much on how the leading lady chose to be with someone who doesn’t value her. But I need to finish it, because my motto is “Sinimulan mo, tapusin mo.” You start, you finish. Whether you like how the story unfolds or not..

    Episode 20 on the way.. 4 more episodes to go ❤️

    #jealousy incarnate #Don’t dare to Dream #jo jung suk #gong hyo jin #go kyung pyo #kdrama#netflix#korean drama #Lee Hwa Sin #Pyo Na Ri #Ko Jeong Won
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  • Anyone know a tumblr that’s posted some of the best scenes from Cuties?

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  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen in the new trailer for The Haunting of Bly Manor 🖤

    #oliver jackson cohen #ojc #the haunting of bly manor #horror#netflix #the haunting series
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  • Have u guys watched enola holmes? Its good. Highly recommended. Really.


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  • Give Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes his John Watson.

    A Holmes without a Watson feels incomplete.

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    Originally posted by peachydrews

    A = Attractive (What do they find attractive about the other?)

    I honestly feel like Rafe would 100% be more attracted to you, whenever he would see you smile. I don’t know why, I just see him as a guy that literally would have to fight back his own smile when seeing you having fun.

    (But he obviously finds all of you attractive, and has a hard time finding an imperfection on you)

    B = Baby (Do they want a family? Why/Why not?)


    C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)

    Usually he’s big spoon, but in days that he’s more tired or just had a rough time with his dad, he would ask to be little spoon or just lay his head on your chest.

    D = Dates (What are dates with them like?)

    I imagine Rafe as a romantic guy, for some reason. So, I do believe that your dates would be something like, walking on the beach during the sunset, watching a movie on the park (like the whole rest of the island), and sometimes, expensive restaurants (but he still struggles with money, so, it would be kinda rare).

    E = Everything (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…))

    Anchor. (100000% because you just make his life better. You take care of him and look out for him all the time, or even help him out when he needs it but is too scared to ask. You’re just his guardian angel, honestly)

    F = Feelings (When did they know they were in love?)

    After months of friendship, and only because of Topper made a stupid joke about you two marrying each other the week after.

    G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?)

    He tries to be as gentle as possible, but he still struggles with his anger issues, therefore, he does explode and takes it out on you. Even though it is extremely rare, he just despises himself after doing it.

    H = Hands (How do they like to hold hands?)

    I don’t see him as intertwining fingers kinda guy, so I would say just casual hand holding. But…


    I = Impression (What was their first impression?)

    Honestly, just pure sweetness of a person.

    Only because of how nice you were towards him. He’s so used to people treating him like the asshole he shows to be, that you definitely caught him off guard when you used a soft tone and a smile.

    J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous?)

    Yes. But no further comments.

    K = Kiss (How do they kiss? Who initiated the first kiss?)

    Rafe definitely initiated the first kiss, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

    (How am I supposed to describe how they kiss? Help)

    L = Love (Who says ‘I love you’ first?)

    You. You. You. You. You.

    But once he hears it and answer it back, nobody is shutting him up. He will say it EVERY SINGLE DAY FROM THEN ON!

    M = Memory (What’s their favourite memory together?)

    Probably, your first date. Since it was the day that you two began everything and just had so much fun. (Maybe cringy at some parts since you two were nervous the whole time but wholesome in every way)

    N = Nickel (Do they spoil? Do they buy the person they love everything?)

    I wouldn’t say everything, but he does spoil you. He buys flowers a tone of times and your favorites foods when you’re down.

    Even though you do not want him to spend his money on your meaningless things, he will try his best to see what you wish to have, just for you to have it on your doorstep the next day.

    And let’s not even talk about how he spoils you with affection. When you two are alone he just makes you melt at how sweet and loving he is.

    O = Orange (What colour reminds them of their other half?)


    All because you make jokes about his baby blue suit, even though you definitely loved every second that he had it on. So, it kinda grew to be an inside joke in your relationship.

    P = Pet names (What pet names do they use?)

    All together, you two would use: baby, babe, bubba, bubs, angel… (the classic lovey-dovey pet names)

    Q = Quaint (What is their favourite non-modern thing?)

    I have no idea.

    R = Rainy Day (What do they like to do on a rainy day?)

    Lay down on the bed, talk about life, watch a movie, eat tons of food and sleep.

    S = Sad (How do they cheer themselves/others up?)

    Rafe, whenever he didn’t have you to cheer him up, would just try to remind himself of all the good things you experienced together and every time you told him how much you loved him no matter what.

    When you were there to cheer him up, you would just hug him close to you and whisper to him how everything is going to sort itself out and how it will all be okay soon. (As well, as remind him that you will always be there for him)

    T = Talking (What do they like to talk about?)

    Everything and anything. You two would be 100% invested into every conversation you shared. Rather it would be about food or even the color of your bedroom’s ceiling.

    U = Unencumbered (What helps them relax?)

    Just having you in his arms is enough to relax him to the fullest.

    V = Vaunt (What do they like to show off? What are they proud of?)


    He would just be so proud to say out loud that you two are dating. UGH! I JUST CAN IMAGINE IT SO WELL!

    W = Wedding (When, how, where do they propose?)

    Rafe would propose during or after college. But do expect a long engagement with him.

    He wouldn’t do anything way too over the top, I don’t think. Maybe just bring you to somewhere quiet and peaceful and wait for the right moment to kneel and make the question.

    X = Xylophone (What’s their song?)

    I took a minute to research and think about this but…

    I feel like a song such as “Elephant” by Tame Impala would be your song.


    Only because it would play in a restaurant when you two would be on your first date, and you would just vibe to it together while walking in the beach by the seaside restaurant (that was playing it).

    Y = Yes (Do they ever think of getting married/proposing?)

    YES! Once you two celebrate your two-year anniversary, marriage would just pop up in his mind right away.

    (He wouldn’t act on it right on that second though, he would consider it for a few more months before screaming for Topper’s help)

    Z = Zebra (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)


    (Am I the only one that sees Rafe with a family type of dog than anything else? Like a golden-retriever or something of the sort?)

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    Netflix: here’s some things to watch now that you’ve finished Julie and the Phantoms.

    Me: thanks, I’m gonna watch Julie and the Phantoms

    Netflix: but you’ve watched it three times already, how about-

    Me: Julie and the Phantoms

    Netflix: …

    Me: …

    Netflix: but what if you j-

    Me: Julie and the Phantoms

    #I will watch this show until I’m dead and buried #all other Netflix content is not worthy #juke gives me life #Julie and the phantoms #jatp#luke patterson#julie molina#netflix
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  • My only two problems with Enola Holmes:

    The implication that Mycroft is less intelligent than Sherlock.

    Lestrade saying Sherlock Holmes does not have an assistant. He works alone.

    (Then again, are the books set before Watson?)

    I might have started watching it to stare at Henry Cavill and because I was bored. I didn’t expect much from it. But the movie is great. Millie Bobby Brown carries the movie. She’s charming and does an amazing job.

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  • Enola Holmes is a fucking masterpiece and Millie Bobby Brown is one of the best actresses and no one can convince me otherwise. I absolutely loved this movie and we need a sequel now!!

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  • I’ll be honest with you guys, after all of this happening and all the other shows I’ve seen canned (with no remorse or love), I don’t really want netflix to have AoR or any other Henson property.

    #dc aor #the dark crystal #netflix #if i were lisa i wouldn't trust them anymore #not with aor or any other dark crystal or henson company projects
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