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  • I felt I was chewing and stepping on shit the entire time I was watching tonight’s episode. Tonight’s broadcast was so obviously made just to talk shit on Big Bang and Block B. Watching this today just makes you realize how low of a broadcast agency they are. With this broadcast, I hope we get to hear an official announcement from YG Entertainment. I also felt bad for the victim’s mother. Did they really have to go to her and make her go through the pain again? Entertainment Relay is just so disagreeable.
    FALSE BROADCAST. From the very beginning, YGE and Daesung have paid for the funeral costs and compensation. They have already paid for everything. And it’s a lie that YGE didn’t answer their calls. The reporter who released this article had tweeted earlier that CEO Yang Hyun Suk personally visited the Entertainment Relay office to discuss matters, but as this episode was being broadcasted, the tweet was immediately deleted. That is proof that they were able to get into contact with each other. This reporter has always been known to have a strong disliking for YG Entertainment. Tweets are always directly made to diss them. Being a reporter and having no objectivity is just wrong. Today’s broadcast of Entertainment Relay was an episode of lies and false statements. At the end when the MCs said that they are a program that only conveys the truth, they snickered and smirked.
    I watched today’s episode, but I ended up changing the channel. Yes, it’s true that Big Bang’s comeback is still too early, but the episode today was just a flat-out way of talking shit on Big Bang. I honestly do feel horrible for the victim’s family, but where in the world did Daesung hear those words of consolation if he didn’t hear it from the aunt or older brother..?
    KBS, DISPATCH, Kim Yong Ho (the reporter known for having bitter opinions of YGE and all idol groups).. today’s episode was all created by them. Makes sense. It was just an episode made to bring Big Bang and YG Entertainment down. It’s obviously that they’re mad because YGE artists didn’t attend a concert that was hosted by KBS this year. I understand that they could feel upset and everything, but this is no way to behave just to take revenge on them. It just isn’t right.
    Also, Daesung has stated that the aunt and older brother of the victim were the only members of the victim’s family that actually went out of their way to meet him. They were also the two people who gave all interview answers during last year when the controversy broke out and the two were also the ones who stated that the victim’s parents were unaware of the entire accident at the time. There is a very high possibility that the settlement costs, compensation, and apologies were mainly made to the aunt and older brother, not the victim’s parents. Which all describes how they did not meet or see Daesung after the very first time at the funeral.

    KBS is trying really to get their ratings up and to get their “revenge” on YG Entertainment. Not only did they dig up all this shit to get back on Big Bang, but they even dragged in other celebrity controversies along with Block B’s recent incident. What does this tell you about KBS? With Reporter/Journalist Kim Yong Ho, who is infamous for his shit tweets about all idols, you can’t get anything good out of this.

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    #stop this pls #don’t u see that all the gay are falling over here #the old guard #quynh#veronica ngo#immortal wives #andy x quynh #ngo thanh van #ey viet netizens have a fun term to say when u see something significant #‘to faint’ ‘to lose consciousness’ (a verb right?) #im telling this bc there is a comment on her post from her friend (with blue tick) saying this word in viet #she replied ‘wa what- why..?’ #arrrr i want to sit on her lap arrrrhhhh she’s so beautiful 🥺 and cute 🥺 and adorable 🥺
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