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    you show symptoms of mild dyslexia


    (seriously tho what AND WHY is this picture?????????)

    #i took a few dyslexia test cuz i was bored #and they all varied between mild to severe #oh well #thats on me for suspecting that i hv dyslexia for the past few years and never telling anyone about it #dyslexia#dyslexic#actually neurodivergent#neurodiversity#neurodivergencies#neurodivergent
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  • Ah yes the the three genders… Cluster asshole, cluster bitch and cluster cocky idiot

    #neurodivergencies#actually neurodiverse#neurodivergent#bpd #borderline personality disorder #histrionic personality disorder #antisocial personality disorder #Cluster a#cluster b#cluster c
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  • Someone on Tumblr: Autism stereotypes are very offensive and often inaccurate…

    Me: Hell yeah!

    Same person: …To women. We don’t fit the stereotypes because autism is really super-duper different for us Females™, it might as well be a separate thing! However, when it comes to men (and I guess non binary people??? Idk, they don’t count), every stereotype is 100% accurate. Seriously, every single autistic man is a walking trope who doesn’t deserve to be treated like a real human being.

    Me: Hell noooooo!

    Okay but seriously, I’ve noticed this a lot. Not just on Tumblr, but on other sites as well. The amount of times I’ve seen so-called “educational” articles and videos about autism (particularly ones that focus on women/girls) that try to educate allistics on autism acceptance for women, but in doing so reduce autistic men to outdated myths and stereotypes, acting like they’re facts! I assume this is to highlight the “many huge differences” between autistic men and women? Also, for some reason they never take trans/non binary people into account??

    I’m sorry if I come of as sexist, it’s not my intent, but autistic men deserve better than this. Imagine young autistic boys getting into the autism community for the first time, only to see this pretty damn (I’m gonna say it) ableist stuff coming from none other that their fellow autistic people! Stereotypes hurt all of us, regardless of gender, and a “girls vs boys” attitude could potentially cause real damage to the community.

    Oh, and I should probably mention that obviously there’s nowt wrong with being a “stereotypical” autistic. Also I’ve nothing against autistic women and girls, I’m AFAB myself! But I’ve noticed this kind of thing a lot around the internet lately, and I’m concerned about the effect it could have on young autistic guy’s mental health.

    This is a rant and I know this is a bit rambly and might not make much sense, I wrote it pretty quickly, but I feel like this needs to be said and I haven’t seen anyone else talking about it.

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  • i have this thing where i feel like im really close to pople and then i find out how they act with others and i realise i’m just not and i’m probably never going to reach that level of closeness

    i just feel like i’m missing something you know like i didnt get a functional part of the human being deal and now im a little defective. its so hard for me to keep friendships or maintain them that everytime i get a new one i feel like i have to trade one in.

    i keep forgetting that you have to stay in touch with people and you actually need to initiate conversation you cant just wait for someone to ask a question. that is has to be reciprocal

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  • I dont know how or if I can explain this to Ables ™ without them attacking me (when do they not lol)

    I’m excited to use my wheelchair. I WANT to go out just because I get to use my chair.

    Maybe its totally valid that I want to go out because I can leave the house without fearing pain getting in my way or fatigue or getting stranded somewhere because i can’t walk.

    But still I worry about people assuming I’m fake for wanting to go out more now.

    Which is why I say my thoughts to this lovely community on here.

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  • Does anyone wanna be friends? I feel so alone and I don’t have anybody anymore.

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  • So I could technically get an adhd diagnosis but 1. Its super expensive and 2. THEY DON’T GIVE MEDS TO PEOPLE OLDER THAN 16 IN FRANCE.

    It makes me mad.

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  • I love worldbuilding that involves coming up with non-human, superhuman or supernatural beings because in designing their society I ask questions like “How is their perception different? How is their psychology different? How are their senses different?” And in this world we have, everything is tailored to presumptions of how people perceive and feel that I often can’t fit into. But I get to explore the idea of a society and world where the way beings experience touch and connection and stimuli are fundamentally different, and their culture reflects that.

    Fantasy is an opportunity to violate what we generally understand as being Normal Human Experience. This is why I don’t really mind autistic aliens/nonhumans in fiction because they are opportunities to explore what an autistic world would be like.

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  • Me, a struggling neurodivergent, writing to my beloved: “ My dear, in our Spanish dub life …

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  • Question, for all the other people with misophonia

    has anyone else ever been triggered in a dream? i’ll give an example.

    one time, around may, when my misophonia had gotten way worse than usual for no apparent reason, i had this dream. i dreamt that i was inside a gas station or small grocery store. and i was at the checkout area and this guy was chewing insanely loud. even in the dream, i felt panicked, angered, yk, all the usuals. even when i woke up i was still triggered the same way i would be by a sound in real life, and the sound kept replaying in my head. has anyone else experienced this or something similar? i’m curious.

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  • Ok I see so many posts about being the only neurodivergent one in your family and feel so so bad for the people who’s family isn’t doing anything about their struggles (message me if you want to talk about it)

    But, the pure chaos and confusion that occurs on the daily in my house because my dad, my brother, and I all have some form of ADHD and both my Dad and I have ✨anxiety✨

    Like, honestly I feel bad for my mom who has to deal with this dumbass family who can’t remember anything. 

    Just off the top of my head, i remember a few weeks ago when my mom left the house and told me, my brother and my dad to remember to do the simple task of turning on the oven so the food could heat up for dinner and not a single person in the entire house remembered to do so. 

    But also, my parents have to deal with my brother and I hyperfocusing on different things like every two weeks. I vividly remember the time when I was in my Harry Potter phase in 4th or 5th grade and my brother was in his Mario Kart phase at the same time and we were both ranting about our different things at the same time at the dinner table.

    And thats just off the top of my head, I might actually make a series out of this.

    #neurodivergent#adhd#actualllyadhd #my family everyone #hyperfocus#family #harry potter phase #and thinking of it a ton of other family members also have the same issue in their house
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  • Y’all got me to 131 followers!!

    I know its not a lot but it is to me!!

    That’s more people than i talk to in real life

    Thank you all for being here and listening to a disabled voice.

    I’m always open to messaging if anyone wants to :)

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  • things i say in school, adhd edition

    “wheres my pho-OH FOUND IT!!! Wait where did i put my pencil…. I JUST HAD IT”


    “i didnt hear ANY of that”

    “what did she say the answer was again??”

    “wait can you repeat that sorry”

    “okay one more time”

    “are there subtitles on this video”

    “is anyone else bothered by how slow the person is talking ,,,just me????”

    #adhd #this is just my personal experience #neurodivergent
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  • I heard somebody say that an autistic trait is feeling outside of being human and if that’s a real thing,,, whew,,, that’s why I’ve always felt like a literal alien

    #neurodivergent#neurodivergency#autism #can anybody actually confirm that? #i don't mean like ''hehe i feel like i'm alien in this group'' i was just convinced as a child that i was a space alien kekw
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  • please ma’am, can you spare a crumb of executive functioning?

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  • what is it about having more than one family member in a room with you that triggers overstimulation and sensory overload so easily

    #like two friends im FINE with im living my best life #but god forbid the three immediate members of my family all be in the kitchen with me #it stresses me out so much #adhd#sensory overload#overstimulation#actually adhd#neurodivergent #haha im in pain
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  • I’m exhausted just standing inside.

    This morning we went to a cafe that’s like 100 meters or less away from the house. It’s super close but even doing that walk felt like too much. I could have used my wheelchair but its in the boot of the car because there’s nowhere in the house (stupid old houses) and I felt it was such a short walk to put the effort into my partner getting it out.

    Felt too much of a burden to do it.


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  • I’m so freaking sad rn, billie eilish posted this


    I think I’ll wait until everything is okay, I wanna cry

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  • Wikipedia is ADHD culture

    #those late night hyperfixations and research hit different #my specialty is being able to recite obscure and specific topics in social situations #adhd culture#hyperfixations#adhd#actually adhd#actually neurodivergent#neurodivergent#neurodivergent culture#adhd mood#adhd humor#executive dysfunction
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