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  • I just watched the first episode of The Good Doctor and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna become a hyperfixation. :’)

    Shaun, please marry me so I can make mac and cheese for us every day and agree that pickles are a crime.

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  • I thought i posted this but


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  • i hate so say this, but. sometimes. they might. might actually be right when they say that doing something nice for yourself. can make you feel a little better. like i am still ✨depressed✨ but now i have an overpriced mocha and snacks

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  • Charlie Noises Compilation

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    #charlie kelly#charlie day#neurodivergence#iasip#neurodivergent #charlie kelly is nd #its always sunny in philadelphia #adhd#nd
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  • I had a dream where I was carrying my massive Kenma plush around in a shop while wearing PJs and a cop got me and interrogated me because she thought I was a child without parent supervision.

    So I yelled at her and was like, “just because I am carrying a massive plush doesn’t mean I’m a child! I came here to get stuff to clean the mole out of my room.”

    She was confused as I’m sure you are, too.

    #autism#adhd#neurodiversity#neurodivergent #i’m always mistaken as a child #please make it stop #i’m an adult i swear #nagichi talks
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  • I took my extra help meds for my depression but I took them at night because I can’t remember them in the morning but they cause insomnia so now I can’t sleep and am stuck with the depressive thoughts that my meds are supposed to help but they won’t help so why did I take the extra meds

    #it’s mental illness innit #mental health#actuallyadhd#neurodivergent
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  • Dear diary,

    I’m awake early again. Fell asleep around 4am and here I am, wide awake at 9. I can’t be bothered.

    I woke up feeling so disorientated. Like I didn’t know where I was or what’s going on.

    I had a strange dream. I was with my family through most if it. Even if it was weird and scary in some parts like a nightmare, it was nice to be with my mom and siblings again. I miss them so much.

    My little sister is 4 today. I miss her. I miss them all. My nans. My grandad. My mom. All of my brothers and sisters. Fuck you covid.

    It’s cold in bed but I’m too tired to get some clothes on. The heating is on but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m sick of living here. The house is a dump, structurally. As much as I love it, there’s too many things wrong with it and I can’t be bothered with it.

    Anyway, I’m going to try and get a few more hours sleep even though I’m wide awake. I need to generate energy from somewhere for this walk, and considering there is nothing to eat for breakfast, I’m just hoping I don’t collapse when I’m out and about. Fun times.

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  • image

    am i cool yet i made one of these

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  • Alight the adhd switches in my brain with no in between let’s go!

    • Being overly clingy<——>being distant
    • Not being able to sleep<——>not being able to wake up
    • Remembering the first line of every episode <——>not remembering the last time I ate
    • Being able to finish a game in two hours<——> being able to finish a three page book in a month

    And finally

    • Being able to ramble til word salad<——> forgeting to talk
    #actually adhd#adhd#add#actually add#neurodivergent #cool if you relate cool if you don’t
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  • exceptionalism is poison, even though i am different i want to be one with everyone.

    #neurodivergent #this was vent art about being called a gifted kid then experiencing horrible burnout #and chronic exhaustion #im tired #i dont wanna compete i wanna collaborate #my art
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  • image

    I feel like that 25/8

    #me #it do be like that #i need therapy #but i won't #because hyper self independence #and trust issues #I'm in partial denial #stim#stimming#neurology#neurodivergent
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  • You don’t know struggle till you’ve hyper focused on a peice of media (book, movie, manga, game, etc) with no fandom.

    All you wanna do is consum content about this thing that you can’t stop thinking about but there’s nothing there.

    No fanfics.

    No fan art.

    No one you know who has read/watch/played it.

    That shits fucking hell.

    #this is me right now with the morose mononokean #I’ve made 3 video edits in the past 2 hours #and I’ve reread the manag like 3 times #in the past week #the morose mononokean #someone talk to me about them 🥺 #my adhd#adhd things#special interest#adhd#neurodivergent#hyperfixation
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  • im not really a coffee person, i like iced coffee but dont have it often. i wanted to try having coffee to see if it could help my focus in any way, i know coffee doesnt affect my energy but, having adhd and not being on medication currently, i thought hey, why not try having a strong cup of coffee. and suprisingly it seemed to calm me a bit and help my focus, my brain was less all over the place, i wasnt thinking random ass shit with my mind going 50000 mph, i just got a short essay done easily. that might be because my family isnt home so theres less noise but i have a loud fan and a bird chirping like crazy in the background and yet i could focus easier. maybe not as easily as others but it helped a bit. less distraction from my own thoughts and less distraction from other stuff outside. guess im becoming a coffee person now :)

    i was also worried how caffeine would affect my tics seeing as i havent had coffee since my tics developed/got worse but luckily it didnt make a difference thank the gods for that

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  • thinking people dont deserve respect unless they act completely like a neurotypical isn’t something to be proud of fyi

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  • did everyone know i had adhd except for me why am i the last to know

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  • When I’m upset or anxious about something, a lot of the time I’ll retreat into my own head. I’ll lay there still and it looks like I’m not really doing anything, but really I’m talking and arguing with myself and trying to understand and make sense of it. If you try to interact with me or even if I know I should be interacting with you, it might be really hard for me because I will be acutely aware that I need to be talking to you at this moment but unable to open my mouth or make the words that are in my head come out. It’s really difficult and I’m not trying to cause any damage, it is hard to keep from putting myself back into my head.

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  • Not to be intensely mentally ill but I might literally have to block tags related to kinning stuff like angels or deities, not because I kin or know anything about it but because I get vivid delusions of literally being a messenger of the gods and then that gets influenced by me hallucinating auras on people and big ass feathery wings on my back and on other people.

    Like yeah I like the cute feathery aesthetics or whatever but people talking about thinking they ARE that kind of thing or that it’s physically possible to BE that kind of thing is just NOT good for not giving into delusions

    #hallucinations#delusions#unreality#kinning#angel kin #like if you wanna have your fun with roleplaying as an angel and all that stuff its totally fine and i hope you have fun! #but i might need to start avoiding that content for the sake of my mental health #unreality tw#tags#blocking tags#hallucinating#visual hallucinations#psychosis#psychotic episode#mental health#mentally ill#neurodivergent
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  • 1) Habitica

    It’s an app that gamifies your to-do list and your habits in the form of an RPG. It rewards you with various pets, advancing levels, items, etc. You can also do quests, join guilds (there is an ADHD one and an autism one), form a party to play with friends, and more. And there is an active subreddit and a wiki, and overall a very active community!

    2) Routinery

    An app that helps you build routines. Routines are super helpful for people with impaired executive function (watch this video for a great explanation of why that is). What I like about this particular app, and what sets it apart from other routine apps is that the routines are very flexible. If you start the routine late, the entire routine moves forward. I’m not entirely sure how to describe it but you’ll get it when you try it out. You tap “start” on your routine, and the app notifies you with a chime when the time comes to move on to the next task in your routine. I would advise starting with a simple routine of a few steps, and adding more steps over time.

    3) Bearable

    By far the best symptom-tracking app I have tried. You can use it to track your symptoms, mood and energy levels. You can also keep track of your medication, of when you’ve taken it, of the dosage, etc. as well as set reminders for it. The app can also track other factors, such as how much sleep you’re getting, what hobbies and chores you’ve been doing, your exercise levels, food and water intake, blood pressure, heart rate, step count, and pretty much anything you can think of.

    4) Time Timer

    This app is great for those who have a bad sense of time. It’s a visual timer. Many people with ADHD find this app to be very helpful. There isn’t that much more to say about it, it only does one thing and it does it well.

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