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  • draftingteacups
    25.01.2022 - 48 minutes ago
    #twisted wonderland#pokemon #twisted wonderland x pokemon #pokemon au#ask#soni monet #night raven college #night raven college gained a new legend #untitled swanna game #dire crowley #ambrose the 63rd #swanna #royal sword academy #RSA getting vibechecked by swanna
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  • smilesrobotlover
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    No I definitely did not make a new Link character with a whole story planned out for him why would I do that????

    All jokes aside I’ve been teaching myself how to paint and I did make a new Link guy. I call him Moon cuz of his scar. The first painting is something I dreamt about so I added it to his story, did an entire scene which may have been out of my league with painting but that’s fine ya live and ya learn! And the second painting is when I was trying to push depth and highlights making it look more clear (which was something I wasn’t good at before) so ye. Hyperfixation am I right?

    The original painting is down below (I messed around with lighting and I’m glad I didn’t stick with this one cuz it’s more flat and less dramatic.)

    #legendofzelda #legend of zelda au #zelda au #I love himb #hyperfixation ended with Cursed now Moon is my new hyperfixation #I just think he’s neat #btw idk if I said this but his nickname is Moon #cuz… yeah #I think I really improved with painting #I still have a long way to go but I’m getting there
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  • beautifulcheat
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Dealing With Dragons (1/3)

    In Which Maria Refuses to Resign Herself to Betrothal and Happens Upon a Bootmaker

    Once upon a time, in a cold grey castle lived a princess.
    She wasn’t a particularly good princess. She abhorred courtly dances and constantly mixed up the dozens of courtiers and cousins, ambassadors and knights she was supposed to know. For sure, she was beautiful, kind and charming, and the court could do nothing but sing her praises out loud. But privately they whispered that she was too headstrong and sharp tongued. What could be expected from the daughter of a witch? Best to marry her off quickly to an obscure fourth or fifth son and forget she ever existed.
    Thankfully, Maria never much cared for what fat, old courtiers thought of her. She was the daughter of the most powerful seer in five generations. And she had a destiny. One that wasn’t going to be fulfilled sitting prim and proper by the side of a dull prince whose wits were as soft as his hands.

    Co-written with @ladynox

    Cover art by @beautifulcheat

    Lettering by @dr-lemurr

    Read more on AO3

    #roswell new mexico #rnm fic#maria deluca#michael guerin#miluca#dragon au#fantasy au#magic au #in which Michael is a dragon #and Maria is done with his shenanigans #everyone's shenanigans really
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  • linoragi
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    seven. / eight. — how jake concluded the plot twist of the century. / nine.

    you, me and the moon. — l. heeseung

    synopsis: lee heeseung is a famous frat boy who is known to be mysterious since he would always stay at the corner to observe people passing by but he does not like the fact that his eyes would linger a little longer on you than he likes to admit because who the fuck is he kidding? you're way too good for him.

    pairing: fratboy!heeseung x fem!reader

    content/genre: college au, fratboy au, pining, big ass slowburn (here we go again), angst, fluff

    warning(s): none

    note: i hope you guys dont mind me updating a lot hehe i rlly wanna share it with u guys what i planned with this smau <3

    au taglist [open!] : @amakumos @soobnny @jungwoniics @venusmir @dontcallme20 @ily-cuz-i @clarakyunisageek @angelicncity @jongsaengseong @rielleluvs @luvrseung @sirephines @c9tnoos @tyongsbbfish @prettysweet02 @ncityy04 @hobistigma @heelariously @sonjuyeonnie @enhacolor @arikiu @sakvas @leilaidk @jjunis @chirokookie @enhyped-up @alo-ehas @babygay-stay @lilacrosebud @sunshine-skz @ilovekflop @myvaine @rosieeyy @luvddeonu @msxflower @yeonwon @mariaantonya @bunniin @jalnandanz @mintbgyu @lhsng @nochuwastaken @mochisnlix @art-junkie-13 @asleephun @n1k1tty @magssu @mymeloem19 @httpheeseung @markleepooh

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    #jayjakehoon new three idiots #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #heeseung imagines #lee heeseung imagines #heeseung scenarios#heeseung reactions#heeseung au #heeseung social media au #heeseung x reader
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  • briarthorne
    25.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #briar answers#new kid #i have a new kid #but #i'm still a kid #is this like #a#future au #?
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  • pidgeon-peas
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Nao’s design in my dnd au! She’s a Druid sara and the gang picked up in the woods somewhere.

    #I’m so proud of this design actually…. #nao yttd#nao egokoro#yttd #Dungeons and dolls #<— new tag for the dnd au heheh #eli’s art
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  • salmonthestoryteller
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Destiny - Chapter 11

    I finally finished this, guys!  It’s completed! 


    Krull Fusion AU - A High Fantasy Sci-Fi in which the Invaders are aliens, there's a lot of magic, the main ship comes from warring kingdoms, and one member of the said ship spends the whole story captured by the villain. Chapter 11 Preview: “He fears you, though, Alex.  I could tell.”  Michael told him.

    Alex glanced over at him, ready to dispute it, but paused.  He thought back to what the Emerald Seer had said, and suddenly he understood.  “It’s not me he fears, Michael.  It’s us.”

    Michael turned to him, confused.

    “I give fire to water. It will not return except to the hand of he who I choose as my husband.”  Alex’s eyes bore into his, and he saw when Michael put the pieces together as well.

    “I take fire from water.  I give it only to he who I choose as my husband.”  He held up his fist, eyes closed for a moment in concentration.  When he opened his hand, flames danced along his palm.  Michael’s eyes opened a moment later, boring into his.  “Take the fire from my hand.”

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  • razzberryhairgel
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I'd Do Absolutely Anything For You

    (aka the 'Kurt has EDS-verse.')
    Summary: Kurt Hummel has ehlers-danlos syndrome, a genetic condition that makes his joints very flexible, but also incredibly prone to dislocating. Blaine, upon realizing how chronic Kurt's condition is, learns how to help put Kurt physically back together, while Kurt has to navigate putting himself mentally back together. (Set in modern-ish time. Yay technology and science, boo covid.)
    Chapter Two: Forever Fall
    Read under the cut below, or read the full story on AO3!

    Kurt slowly blinks awake, and is instantly met by his boyfriend’s steady gaze. “How do you sleep like that?” Blaine asks.

    “Sleep like what, with a stalker staring at me?” Kurt grumbles, closing his eyes for another second.

    “Babe. You’re on your stomach, and your chin is practically touching your shoulder. That can’t be good for your neck.” Blaine lightly scolds.

    “It’s how I slept, it’s not like I can really control it, weirdo. Can you please stop staring at me while I sleep?” Kurt cracks open one eye, and sure enough, Blaine is still looking intently at his face.

    “Well, you’re not exactly asleep, now are you? C’mon, we’ve got to start getting ready for glee practice.” Blaine gently rubs Kurt’s shoulder, jostling his body a little.

    “Yeah yeah yeah, I’m getting up. Ugh, why did we let Rachel talk us into a Sunday glee practice?” Kurt grumbles, slowly turning over onto his back. Blaine’s right, his neck is definitely upset with him. Whoops.

    “Blame Mr. Schue’s dead cousin in Saint Louis, I guess. If he hadn’t had to take three days off, I think we would’ve been fine. But Rachel wants to start looking at Christmas songs for Artie’s televised spectacular, and despite the fact that even the Warblers didn’t start until the New Year to start working on ideas for regionals, try telling Rachel that.” Blaine sits up, and his hair is already gelled for the day, and his outfit is already folded on Kurt’s vanity bench.

    “Ugh, sometimes I wish she wasn’t so driven. But, if we have any hopes of getting to nationals again this year, I guess I kinda get it. At least it’s a nice excuse to get you to spend the night over here.” Kurt sighs, and slings his arms over his eyes. “What time is it, anyway?”

    “Nine. If you didn’t get up on your own, I was about to wake you up so you had enough time to get ready.” Blaine smiles, and strides over to where his clothes sit.

    Kurt sits up slowly to smile at his boyfriend. “You’re sweet. How long have you been up?” He asks, trying not to stare as Blaine slips out of his pajama pants.

    “An hour, maybe? I brushed my teeth, did my hair, helped Carole bring in some groceries, and then I just kind of scrolled on my phone for a bit. You haven’t missed much.” Blaine details his morning as he tries to wriggle into a pair of grey jeans, which Kurt is definitely failing at not staring at. Blaine goes to zip them up when he meets Kurt’s gaze. “Now who’s creeping on whom?” He smirks, zipping up his pants slowly.

    Kurt swallows hard. “I should go wash my face.” He says blankly, throwing the blankets off of his lap.

    “Mmhm. See if you can get some blood flow back into it.” He teases, striding over to quickly kiss Kurt before he leaves. “Go wash up, I’ll have breakfast ready for you downstairs when you’re done.”

    “You’re too good to me.” Kurt praises, heading towards the bathroom. It doesn’t seem like Finn or Sam are awake yet, considering there’s no dirty towels haphazardly thrown onto the floor, and Kurt chuckles to himself. Normally, Finn and Sam wake up a lot earlier than Kurt, and they take quick showers before Kurt is even awake, because otherwise they whine that Kurt uses up all the hot water. Kurt claims it’s not his fault if he’s the only one properly cleaning himself, so it takes a little longer.

    However, Kurt and Blaine took an actual proper shower last night, so Kurt hops in for a quick 5 minute shower, just to wake himself up a little and wash any middle-of-the-night sweat off. Feeling the hot water relax him, Kurt takes a mental catalog of his body. The muscles in his neck are a little sore from how he slept, but that’s not that big of a deal. His shoulders feel a little too far forward, Blaine will probably have to fix those, but that can probably wait until after glee practice. His hips are definitely still causing issues, but he’ll take that one as it goes. He can still move with minimal pain, it more or less just feels like there’s an air bubble in his hip socket, so unless it gets thrown out even worse during practice, he should be fine. His ribs aren’t too bad either today, there are maybe one or two that are out, but they’re lower on his abdomen so it’s not causing any pain around his shoulders or when he breathes, so he’ll take it as a win. Anything is a win.

    Kurt rinses off, and turns off the water. Stepping out of the shower, he quickly dries off and throws on his soft black cotton robe, and gets to work on his skincare routine. He groans when he realizes that he’s probably going to have to pick up a shift or two at the garage this week to pay for a replacement bottle of toner, but Kurt’s morning routine goes off without a hitch. His teeth are brushed, skin scrubbed, and his hair is blow-dried to perfection; a little less volume than he normally styles his hair, but he has no idea if glee rehearsal is going to be about vocals, choreography, song selections, or all of the above, so he wants to feel prepared if he ends up sweating through most of the afternoon.

    Quickly making his way back into his room, Blaine is gone and there’s a little note on the bed. “Banana oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and orange juice will be waiting for you downstairs. I love you! P.S, your butt looks super cute today. :P”

    Kurt giggles at his boyfriend’s ridiculousness, but slips the note into his bedside table anyway. He can paste it to the newest volume of the ‘Gayest, Sappiest, Weirdest Scrapbook Ever Bro’ (as Finn has taken to calling it) once Blaine leaves this evening. But for right now, he’s got to get dressed so he can eat the breakfast Blaine has waiting for him downstairs, so Kurt throws on a clean pair of underwear and starts searching through his dresser and closet for the wardrobe options of the day.

    He slips into a pair of black jeans, snug but not too tight in case there is dance rehearsal today, a white button down and a navy vest over it, with a navy patterned scarf tied around his neck. Comfortable, yet truly Kurt Hummel fashionable. Quickly lacing up his knee-high Doc Martens, Kurt leaves his room, giving Sam a nod of ‘hello’ as he ducks into the bathroom.

    Kurt makes his way down the stairs, and just as promised, Blaine is sitting at the table, a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and sliced bananas, a small plate with scrambled eggs, and a large glass of orange juice is waiting for him. Blaine is slowly making his way through a small plate of pancakes, but smiles at Kurt when he appears in the kitchen. “No seriously, you’re too good to me.” Kurt says, sitting down across from Blaine.

    “Rehearsal isn’t going to go smoothly if nobody has any energy. I made some chocolate-chip pancakes for me and the other losers, and there should be enough scrambled eggs for everyone too.” Blaine says, cutting up another piece of pancake. “I figured you’d want oatmeal instead of pancakes, but you can have some of mine if you’d like.”

    “No seriously. Too. Good. To. Me.” Kurt emphasizes, grinning at Blaine. “Thank you so much, babe. You really didn’t have to.”

    Blaine blushes a little, and ducks his head to look at his lap. “I was awake and I wanted to. It’s no trouble at all.”

    Kurt and Blaine eat their breakfast, and eventually Sam and Finn join them as well. “Morning, guys.” Finn greets.

    “Hey! Blaine made pancakes and eggs if you guys want any.” Kurt says, gesturing over to the counter.

    “Blaine, if I was gay and you weren’t dating my brother, I’d kiss you right now.” Finn praises, grabbing three pancakes and a helping of scrambled eggs.

    Blaine cackles, and Kurt glares at Finn. Sam snickers and grabs a helping of food for himself. “I mean, same here bro. You’re a real life saver, I didn’t want to eat Burt’s stale Cheerios this morning.”

    “Carole went shopping this morning, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that anyway, but it’s no problem guys.” Blaine shrugs, finishing his meal and bringing his dishes to the sink.

    “You’d eat a cheerleader for breakfast?” Kurt asks with a raised eyebrow, causing both Blaine and Sam to laugh.

    Finn balls up a napkin to throw at Kurt. “Boo! No dad jokes until after noon!”

    Once everyone has had their fill of breakfast, Kurt and Blaine hop into Kurt’s car so they can head back to the house after practice, and Finn and Sam take Finn’s car so they can meet up with the rest of the boys at Artie’s house. However, because they left the house at almost the exact same time, they arrive on the William McKinley campus at the same time as well.

    “Oh my god! Howdy strangers, what are the odds of us running into you guys here! What a coincidence!” Kurt gasps dramatically when Sam and Finn get out of the car.

    “Nobody asked you.” Finn says flatly, although he immediately rolls his eyes and smiles as he walks towards the main entrance.

    “He threatens to make out with my boyfriend, and then doesn’t even acknowledge how funny I am. What a brat.” Kurt mumbles, walking towards the school as well.


    Lucky for Kurt, today is mostly a vocals day. While he enjoys the choreography that goes with performing, he’d be lying if he said that it was his favorite. He’s always a good sport about it, but nobody really realizes how draining the physicality of it all is to him. He wears his exhaustion well, but he’d rather not have to deal with it if he doesn’t have to. So when Rachel suggests everyone break into pairs and groups to look for Christmas songs, Kurt releases his held breath and walks over to Blaine. “So, what song do we want to sing to introduce our bachelor chalet?” Kurt asks, grinning wildly.

    “Well, I’d like to do something cutesy, but nothing explicitly couple-y. As much as I would love to sing Baby, It’s Cold Outside with you again, I do think you have a point. I don’t think they’d let us perform it as two ‘artists.’” Blaine says with a slight frown, using air-quotes around the word ‘artists.’

    “Which does suck, but it’s probably for the best. We weren’t together when we first sang that, so if we were to try and sing it now, it probably wouldn’t happen because I’d get three lines in and try to kiss you.” Kurt says matter-of-factly, taking note of the way a slight blush flourishes in Blaine’s cheeks.

    “Exactly. So, do you have any other ideas?” Blaine says, looking up at Kurt through his eyelashes.

    “Hm…Let It Snow is a favorite of mine! My dad used to jokingly sing it on mornings when school was canceled because of the weather. That’s kind of cute, but not explicitly couple-y.” Kurt suggests.

    “Bless you and your beautiful mind.” Blaine smiles, and leans over to kiss Kurt’s forehead.

    Things go fairly smooth once they have their song selection done, and luckily Mr. Shue already had the sheet music for it, so Kurt and Blaine sneak into Sue Sylvester’s office to make copies - normally an impossible task, but with Rachel running practice today, she was able to borrow the secretary’s master key since Rachel is so well-known throughout the school with her being involved in so many clubs. They look over their freshly-copied music, highlighting their own parts to sing. After work-shopping back and forth for a little while, both boys feel confident that they have the music down and swear to Rachel that they’ll work with Mike on choreography later this week.

    Rachel seems satisfied with the work they’ve done for the afternoon, so after goodbyes and hugs from everyone, Kurt and Blaine head back to Kurt’s house. While Kurt was expecting the house to be empty when he came home, he sees his dad’s truck in the driveway. Kurt looks over at Blaine in the passenger seat, who simply shrugs his shoulders. Both boys exit the car to head inside.

    After Kurt unlocks the door, he sees his dad laying on the couch, a fluffy blanket across his lap with the TV playing reruns of Fast & Loud, which only means one thing - his dad is sick.

    “Dad! Are you okay?” Kurt asks, hurriedly hanging his keys on the rack they have nailed to the wall so he can walk over to his dad.

    “Don’t worry about it, kid. I didn’t sleep too well last night because I’m congested as all get-out, and Carole says I’m running a light fever. It’s just a plain ol’ winter cold, Kurt. I’m fine, promise.” Burt says with a small sniffle, backing up his ‘winter cold’ theory. Kurt’s heart is still racing, though.

    “Are you sure? Is there anything I can do?” Kurt looks at his dad, worry evident in his face.

    “You can go spend time with your boyfriend, and leave me to watch my car shows.” Burt says, a small smile on his face. “I really am fine, Kurt. Stop worrying, you’re going to get wrinkles.”

    “He is right, you know.” Blaine chimes in from behind Kurt. “Is that why Carole did the grocery run this morning?”

    “Bingo. Go play Project Runway or whatever it is you two do, I have the TV loud enough that you won’t be bothering me.” Burt shrugs, but a thought pops into his head that makes him laugh. “Just keep your phones on in case that changes, because I don’t want to have to haul my sick ass up the stairs to tell you two to keep it down.” He teases with two quick raises of his eyebrows.

    Blaine starts giggling, but all of the color drains from Kurt’s face. “Gross, dad.”

    “Just tellin’ the truth.” Kurt’s dad says, holding his hands up in surrender. “Go hang out with your boy, your old man is going to be fine.”

    “Okay. Just holler if you need anything, alright?” Kurt gently grabs his dad’s shoulder, and he nods in agreement.

    Kurt and Blaine head upstairs, towards Kurt’s room. Kurt holds the door open for Blaine this time, prompting Blaine to fake curtsey as well. Kurt rolls his eyes and kisses him.

    “Is it okay if I leave the door open? I definitely want to get in some alone time with you if I can, but if my dad needs anything…” Kurt says, knitting his eyebrows together.

    “Whatever you want to do love, I’m game. I just want to spend some time with you.” Blaine says, a small pout appearing on his face.

    “Oh, and spending the last three days with me wasn’t enough?” Kurt teases, walking into his room to sit on the bed next to him.

    “It’s never enough.” He says quietly.

    “Hey. Stop looking so sad and kiss me.” Kurt says, leaning over into Blaine’s space.

    And he does. It’s nothing steamy, especially with the door open, but it’s not long before Blaine’s hand creeps up Kurt’s neck, and his thumb is gently stroking Kurt’s jawline. When Blaine gently licks Kurt’s lip, Kurt takes in a quick inhale of breath through his nose - and audibly gasps in pain.

    Blaine pulls back quickly. “Kurt? Are you okay?”

    Kurt groans slightly, holding his thumb into the side of his abdomen. “Mmm. Yeah. Fine. Breathing is just on the list of things I have to fight for today, apparently.” Kurt states, squeezing his eyes shut.

    “Hey, come on don’t do that. Lay down, let me see what I can do.” Blaine says, kissing Kurt on the cheek.

    Kurt begrudgingly does so. Blaine starts rubbing up and down his spine, a familiar sensation, looking for problems. However, there is one problem that Blaine can’t fix on his own. “Hang on, can you take your vest off real quick? It’s kind of hard to feel your bones with the extra layer.”

    “Oh.” Kurt sits up, unbuttons his vest, and folds it to set it on the floor by the bed.

    “There we go.” Blaine coos, sitting on Kurt’s butt. His hands get to work, slowly rubbing down each of Kurt’s ribs to find out which ones are out of place. “Kurt! You have 7 ribs out right now!”

    “Really? My guess was five. Normally I’m better at that guessing game.” Kurt speaks slowly and monotonously, internally having a mini-meltdown. But he tries to keep his cool, because the faster they can get this done, the faster Kurt can go back to having some semblance of a normal relationship.

    Blaine stays mostly quiet while he works, only asking Kurt if the rib he’s rubbing at hurts, prompting him to take in a deep breath, and then shoving his thumb during the exhale. It’s not until Blaine is almost done with his ribcage that he finally says something else. “Kurt, are you okay?”

    “As okay as I can be.” Kurt dismisses.

    Blaine stills his hands around Kurt’s middle. “That’s not what I meant. You’re upset, I can feel it. It’s seeping off of you like dry ice fog.”

    “Do you think I do enough for you?” Kurt asks quietly.

    “What?” Blaine scoffs.

    “I mean like…do I do enough for you. You spent all summer driving me to physical therapy, reading my notes, doing research online to help you figure out how my body works-”

    “In more ways than one.” Blaine states, trying to bring the mood up a little.

    “Yes, in more ways than one,” Kurt continues, “but you didn’t have to do all of that. You make me breakfast in the morning, you wake me up, you literally, physically put me back together…is it enough for you? I’m tired of feeling like something you have to fix, I want to feel like your boyfriend and not a chore, I’m just-”

    “Baby. Rambling is what you’re doing. Hang on, sit up for a second.” Blaine says, getting off of Kurt’s hips to sit next to his head.

    Kurt sits up, and Blaine has his arms extended out. Kurt sits next to him, resting his head where Blaine’s shoulder meets his chest, and he can hear Blaine’s heartbeat faintly underneath his sweater.

    “Yes, I didn’t have to do all that. And yes, sometimes I really don’t like resetting all of your joints. But do you know why that is?” Blaine asks, gently running his fingers up and down the back of Kurt’s skull.

    Kurt shakes his head. He can feel his eyes sting with tears as he stares at the far wall.

    “It’s because I hate seeing you in pain. I do it because I love you, and I never want you to feel broken, or like I’m trying to fix you, okay?” Blaine uses his finger to gently lift Kurt’s chin up to face him. “We’re a team. You rub my feet after intense dance rehearsals, and I pop your joints back into place. That’s how we work. And the fact that you think you’re not giving me enough is ridiculous. The entire drive home from glee, you were raving about wanting to design and make me a new suit for Artie’s Christmas spectacular.”

    Blaine chuckles, but Kurt stares at Blaine’s throat to avoid eye contact again. “That’s nothing, and I don’t know if I’ll even have time to do that or-”

    “Hey.” Blaine kisses Kurt’s nose, which makes Kurt look at him again. “Don’t do that. Don’t minimize your worth here. It means so much that you want to make me look sixty shades of spiffy on television. It means so much that you trust me enough to learn how to make you feel functional. It means so much that you know what brand of hair gel I use, and keep a bottle of it on your vanity.” Blaine kisses between Kurt’s eyes. “It means so much that you know that I hate barbecue sauce and that I put garlic on my pizza.” Another kiss, on Kurt’s forehead. “I love that you hum to yourself when you do the dishes.” Left temple. “I love that you hold my hands whenever we mess around.” Right temple. “I love that you love me. I love that you share all of these things with me, and I’m lucky enough to have you care about me.” Blaine kisses Kurt again, this time on the lips. “Please don’t ever question your worth when it comes to us. We are equal players, always.”

    Kurt’s eyes are brimming with tears, but for another reason this time. “I know. And I love you so so so much. I just hate feeling like all of what’s wrong with me gets in the way of us being a normal couple.”

    “We’re two gay guys who are madly in love in the midwest. It was never going to be normal for us.” Blaine chuckles. “Your body is part of what makes you, you. I love everything about it.”

    Kurt smiles, feeling a little bit more sure of himself. “Even that freckle on my butt?”

    “Especially that freckle on your butt.”

    #nat writes things #i'd do absolutely anything for you #glee fanfic#glee fanfiction#glee fic#klaine fic#klaine fanfic#klaine fanfiction #god i love this au so much #this is my new baby i've been writing nonstop!!!
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  • minhtblue
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    so many TPG ideas and SO. LITTLE. TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    #okay to be fair i spent a little too much time playing project sekai just now #but you know what i mean #literally i have a tray of post-it note thumbnails i've amassed #and it grows by the day #i just added 3 new ones to it #still haven't worked on my au comic #AAAAAAGH
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  • rainbow-journalist
    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    In an AU where everyone in is alive:

    Nazomi: People asking me if I have a crush on anyone, of course not-

    Setsuka: Good morning Sweetheart.

    Nazomi: ......

    Nazomi: (W-Well....maybe...)

    I think shipping Nazomi and Setsuka, it's basically like Setsukei (Nikei x Setsuka), since Nazomi is like the female version of Nikei, I know not everyone likes Oc x Canon, but they have common things, and I love Setsuka, it's just an alternate Universe where everyone stays alive, even Nazomi herself, I personally think they would get along well, being friends, lovers, family, anything.

    What is their ship name? Setzomi? I'm not good with ship names.

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  • bunnybon99
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I apologize for leaving without warning. I felt weird. Take a drawing of Shuichi.

    Adult Shuichi + Post killing Game AU

    #drv3 shuichi#danganronpa#saihara shuichi#shuichi saihara #new danganronpa v3 #new danganronpa killing harmony #adult shuichi saihara #danganronpa au
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  • evienyx
    24.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #ask#ask away #withered lotus au #if you couldnt tell #i love writing piandao and zuko #since piandao trained zuko when he was a kid #and we know from canon that zuko was a sweet kid in bad circumstances like cmon!!! #piandao seeing zuko again after like four years: omg wtf happened to you #zuko: uhhh #zuko: i got new swords??? #piandao: ... #piandao: ok holy shit those are cool but dont ignore my question young man #piandao: DONT WALK AWAY FROM ME THIS CONVERSATION ISNT OVER YET-
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  • diagonhq
    24.01.2022 - 8 hours ago


    AGE: Twenty Four BIRTHDAY: 5 November BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood PREVIOUS HOUSE: Slytherin OCCUPATION: Foreign Affairs Diplomat  FACECLAIM: Florence Pugh


    POSITIVE TRAITS: Dynamic, Eloquent, Insightful  NEGATIVE TRAITS: Dogmatic, Indifferent, Opportunistic 


    I. CHILDHOOD AND HOGWARTS YEARS: Arina Dolohov has never known an existence not predicated by the pursuit of perfection. As the youngest and only daughter in the family, she was held to a standard that necessitated excellence in every capacity – a commonality among each of her family members, and the generations that preceded them. Theirs was a strict upbringing, one of rigid and unrelenting expectations, though not without its perks. One of the few assurances they could expect, the Dolohov children had not wanted for much of anything. In exchange, it was understood that this generosity was to be returned in equal or greater measure, a deliverable of which she must seamlessly deliver.
    As a child, this mostly meant impeccable manners, dutiful attention during her lessons, and demonstrating a docile obedience to the authority figures around her. During her adolescent years, a great deal more effort was required on her part in order to be successful in maintain the Dolohov reputation.  Ultimately, this came down to three things: do the right things, with the right people, in the right way.  As a Durmstrang student and member of Slytherin house following her transfer to Hogwarts, these efforts had not come easy. But as the domineering patriarch of the Dolohov family was quick to remind his daughter, life rarely afforded such courtesies. If you wanted something, you had to make it happen yourself, which is precisely what Arina set out to do, earning every title and accolade that she could during her time at Hogwarts, and beyond.
    The prospect of hard work was not frightening to her, but not bearing any real significance or value? That notion was one that truly haunted her.
    II. DURING THE WIZARDING WAR: Modelled by the example of her mother, the expectation had always been that Arina would become an upstanding woman of pureblood society. Though vehemently opposed to a docile and domesticated existence, she had long understood that her life was not her own. This reality, as inevitable as it might have been, only fuelled her desire to be successful in her own right. Still as aware as ever of her family’s image, she remained firm in her resolve to represent the Dolohov name well, while also establishing a name for herself, separate from her familial ties.
    Unlike her brother and father, she didn’t officially join Voldemort’s ranks, though she often reaped the benefits of her family’s connections to his inner circle. Remaining distant from their activities had been a calculated move on the part of Arina and her father, one that allowed her to maintain and eventually repair the reputation of the Dolohov name. Though there were certainly times she wished she could take a more active role in their comings and goings, her position as a socialite among the Moscow elite had been the far more enticing and ultimately advantageous option. A calculated move on her part, one that allowed her to maintain and eventually repair the reputation of the Dolohov name. Her inclination to take a hands-on approach to the efforts of the war gradually dissipated, and she had been able to pursue her growing passions following Voldemort’s downfall.
    III. WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The day the war had ended was one marked in infamy, its shockwaves reverberating across the wizarding world on a global scale. But it had been a day Arina had long anticipated, her response being one of tactful indifference. If the history of her homeland had taught her anything, it was that the fall of a regime, no matter how seemingly impenetrable, was inescapable. The outcome hadn’t been ideal, and particularly not for the members of her family who were implicated by their involvement in the war. Still, life moved on, and after much fanfare, so did she.
    Unlike many of her counterparts and colleagues, Arina managed to arrive to the war’s conclusion relatively unscathed. The only Dolohov with a reputation remaining relatively intact, she was called upon as a character witness during the trails of her family members. Demonstrating a surprising capacity for the court proceedings, she had been credible and convincing in her testimonies, enough so that her father and brother avoided an Azkaban sentence, though much work would follow in order to help them returned to their once esteemed status in wizarding society.
    Arina has since relocated to London, both at the behest of Antonin and following an appointment as a Foreign Affairs Diplomat with the British Ministry of Magic. She has managed to thrive in the midst of unchartered territory, and the newfound independence that accompanied it suits her well. She doesn’t know what might come next, but that challenge is one she finds equally invigorating and thrilling.


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    Your roleplay has been added to our list of Network Members and you may begin tagging us using #krpnet!

    Name of Roleplay: Elysian
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    General/Themed: General, Slice of life, Semi-AU
    Literate/Semi-Lit/Mixed/Action?: Mixed Literacy
    Age Limit: 19+
    Mature Content?: in nsfw group only
    Who you accept (All Asians, etc): All Asian
    Elysian is where you can to rest and forget the idol workload. Retreat to a peaceful place without worries or judgment and let your real personality bloom. Make lifelong friendships, build truthful connections and enjoy the simple beauties the world has to offer away from the camera lenses. It’s time for you to take a break, don’t you think so?
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    Arina Dolohova

    Please make sure you follow all of the above accounts !

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    Alecto Carrow ​

    Alice Longbottom  ​

    Amelia Bones ​

    Amycus Carrow​

    Andromeda Tonks  

    Arthur Weasley 

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Edward Tonks & Rabastan Lestrange 

    Emmeline Vance

    James Potter

    Lily Potter

    Lucius Malfoy

    Lyanna Rowle

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    Sirius Black

    Wendy Slinkhard

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    Wow last references for my au!

    Saying this, I officially start the blog! So please, make questions or dares with the following characters :3

    (Please look at the other references, don't make questions to only those characters <3)

    #art #artists on tumblr #drawing#my art#digital art#babtqftim#digital illustration#thegreatrouge#tqftim #bendy and boris the quest for the ink machine #nc!au kitten the cat fox #new blog#q&a time#alternate universe#babtqftim au
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    finally, a horror au where i don't make Arthur the asshole

    #ive come up with many new ideas since the last horror fic i published #and ive now at last got a new au that spares Arthur from villainy #thank you brain for realising the psychotic potential of different characters <3
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    This a part of a au I want to make penny lived ,she on Jaune team as the new p,

    In this picture penny lost her scarf after flying around,so every help her look for it Jaune and Oscar found it,

    Gave penny a new look I may do a full body version of it later I re did Jaune look again I think I'll use this one more Oscar,in his same look I draw him in I just have it around his waste,and u see the under jacket/coat shirt I made it's purple or maybe blue the light on my computer monitor is different from how my

    phone has lighting so sometimes purple will look like blue and the blue will come out looking purple,I don't like drawing grass ,tress or shading art but I tried to do shading in this but it just looks ok to me I hope u all like it

    #oscar pine#jaune arc#penny polendina #oscar pine art #pine oscar #autumn sorbet art #art is mine #rwby#rwby art#rwby designs#rwby10#vacuo#rwby9#rwbyv10#rwbyv9 #oscar penny rwby #rwby oscar#rwby penny #ruby penny lives #rwby au: penny lived and got a new outfit #rwby jaune #rwby fan art #rwby redesign #rwby pine oscar #rwby oscar pine #oscar in purple #oscar pine orange
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    #intern riku au #snap chats #i dont even know what all the org members do exactly yet #i have vague ideas but not all of them are concrete #axel's prob in charge of like. recruitment interviews and training new hires #other than that he just checks up on other people in the building and just makes sure theyre doing their job right #spends most of his lunch breaks just taking a power nap on the break room's couch if roxas and xion are busy #saix is still pretty much saix in that he's xemnas's PA #certainly gets better treatment than riku and is given more important responsibilities- or at least he respects his position more #also the aggression of the ask made me snort so i knew i had to actually answer it LMAO thank you for sending it #i spat out my water
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