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  • duskfellpromos
    27.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    the golden apple: city of opportunities; kairos looks down upon the city with more love than any other, with everything to show about it. it might be the flourishing and divergent neighborhoods in the residential area that gets you, or is it the high rises in downtown manhattan, the ones that kiss the skyline with their neon lights, the CEOs and CFOs argue numbers with whatever men and women in button ups and ties they bought for too much money, or maybe it’s the small sandwich shop in brooklyn that’ll get you, the one that knows you by your first name, making every sandwich for lunch from the day you started kindergarten.

    you would never be able to tell that this city was a BATTLE GROUND of species, one that left some to be wanting more, yearning for revenge against the one’s who wronged them all those years ago. there’s turf wars, of course, between species; because what city doesn’t have them ?

    BUT anyone who knows anything, knows the real opportunities lie beyond the daytime life of new york, through the passing glances those families who live in the hills or in the high rises that you so desperately want to be in, of those who hold their head high — or maybe hang it in shame — through crimson drenched souls, stinking of death and iron, or those who sharpen their weapons just to feel the blade in their hands, or the ones whose tarot cards are a little too accurate, or maybe it’s just that one person you can’t put your finger down on what exactly the hell is wrong with them.

    is an appless, plotless, original character supernatural based rpg in new york city that focuses on character development and small plot drops & events to move the story forward.
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  • lory-draws
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    Tiefling Warlock - min price 75€. You are free to change their gender, race and alter look to suit best for your needs ♥

    DM me if interested! Payment will happen via Paypal invoice. Owner will receive high res versions with no watermarks. Optional transparent bg version possible, ask if you need one!

    Rules are simple: Please give credit to me where applicable. Do not resell for more than you paid. Thank you!

    #adopt #adopt for sale #original character#oc#lorydraws #new lad looking for a good home \o/
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  • ask-badly-drawn-sk
    27.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    A mischief tiger

    Bonus: Bunny Xie Lian. He lives my head recent free

    #I've done reading TGCF manhua and I went it fandom wow #Don't worry I still into Hetalia even Kpop too lol #Xie Lian my new comfort character #xie lian#my art #aph south korea #hetalia#badly drawn #tgcf xie lian
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  • solarisrenbeth
    27.10.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    “Jafsel. A strange one,” she says. “Being named for sin is a burden of its own.” - @faithofgods

    Jafsel Khine

    a weary man from Ire, the forgotten city of Sedruadal

    art sources: x | x | x | x

    #wake up besties new augur just dropped! xoxo #named after the ascended god of festival and song 🎊🎶 #but does not follow the gods himself 👀 #still getting to know him but cían better get ready 💋 #ch: jafsel khine #if: faith of gods #fog moodboard #meet my characters
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  • eddiemunsonsvest
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i didn't know if i should add the new characters or not but eddie and argyle are also my faves 🤙 #stranger things #matthew.asks
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  • howtosingit
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #saw a fic in the tag - got angry about it #AGAIN #I'm so tired of seeing this lazy racist problematic headcanon #the man cheated #he was canonically distant #none of that says that he beat TK #OR WORSE #my god stop falling into the pit of making black men abusive #stop falling into the pit of making relationships between two men aggressive #it's not cute it's not new it's not even good writing #it just continues to feed into problematic narratives that we do not need more of #(I also stand by the fact that the only character we've seen put their hands on their partner was... TK - but no one's gonna write that fic)
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  • nightmarewritings
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Aside from the massive ableism in the plot (disabled children who are evil for no reason and become evil ghosts because they're disabled?) this movie was good. The characters were VERY likable and engaging and the concept was fun. The ending sucked but it wasn't terrible.

    I’m tagging these mini-reviews 31 New Horrors!

    #horror#my stuff #31 new horrors #halloween party #I didn't include the title in my review because twitter only allowed a limited amount of characters #and warning about the ableism was much more important than a title drop #this is a VERY recent movie they should know better than that
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  • inviral
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Wait,  I  had  to  add  something  I  forgot  to  that  last  HC  post.  Okay  NOW  I’m  going  to  bed.  Goodnight  again  ❤️  ❤️ 
    #⊰ ° ⊚   ●  𝄪 ° ━◞  OUT  OF  CHARACTER ⊱ #resident evil brain rot has taken over my life again #the new movie looks like ass but im excited for it still #i almost can't wait #tbd
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  • martuwucrossing
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    nook’s cranny remodeling!
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  • fairy-of-the-dark
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Y’all ever get on a kick in your video games where you’re like I am going to MAKE CHARACTERS. I am going to play Monster Hunter and Skyrim and Dark Souls over again from the beginning so I can MAKE NEW OCS. And your brain is fumbling desperately like “maybe we can focus on developing the ocs we already have??” but it’s too late because character creation is the most fun part of the game I’m booting up my Xbox so I can play Dragon Age just to use the character creator I’m fucking bonkers for this lads

    #personal junk #yeah idk either I’ve started 25 games in the last day or so just to make a new character and stop to go to another game and start all over
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  • meeraria
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am seeing all these fanfics and headcanons etc. where August is always painted as the irredeemable villain. And everybody else is so understanding and accepting (even Henry???). Everything is not black and white. Yes August is borderline abusive, manipulative, controlling, jealous and condescending but his behaviour is not unique to him??? Literally everybody in the school is like that including Sara, Felice AND WILLE. Just because he doesn’t use it with Simon doesn’t mean it is not there or he doesn’t know how. He used it to save Simon from expulsion (to get what he wants). Because that is how his world works.

    I mean the initiation, the getting on the table thing, the society. How do you think people could survive those? Why do you think the parents are  mocking/manipulating their own children? Felice's mom, August's stepdad, The Queen??? They all went through the same things. Naturally their kids learn from them. August is not the ultimate big bad.

    #august horn#prins wilhelm#young royals#my post #I mean everyone is not %100 bad or good #like erik would have accepted wille yes- but he'd ask him to keep simon a secret for the sake of appearances #everything in his speech in wille's room points to that #the queen would never outright abuse wille or ban him from seeing simon #she'd make him think it's for the good of everything #and wille would do it himself #felice is lying to everyone she knows #maybe except sara #wille was trying to stay true to himself but it is impossible everyone is out to get you #ALSO STOP WRITING HIM TRUSTING MALIN OR A NEW CHARACTER AFTER A FIRST MEETING #royals are literally thought not to do that #wille didnt even trust simon with how he actually feels about eriks death #only august #because family is the only thing you can trust #that's why you are not part of my family anymore is a huge thing #he might trust felice a bit more now but never to the extent of everything going on in his life #maybe enough to get her to ask sara about simon #because he is so self centered and doesnt inquire or care about simon's own life until simons yells him to #he needs to be reminded that he is supposed to care - i dont think he even knows the situation with micke - season 2 is gonna go into that #hopefully #he might learn stuff from felice accidentally #as he cant have simon romantically but he also cant stay away he is gonna have to learn to be his proper friend #and no they were never friends first - they wanted to bone and then thought mutually like oh ok he is cute CUTE #ok rant over
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  • sleepycloudart
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just a little oc sheet I made on ibis paint x, feel free to use it if you want🙂

    Note: if you are going to use this (yes, I am aware that basically no one will even think about using it and that I am just a Tumblr acc with like seven likes, but still) please feel free to fill out the answers any which way, I know some of the "questions" can be taken more than one way.

    Also, the little boxes at the bottom are for drawings of the oc 💟

    ALSO, for the "associate/s" question- it just means if there are any other notable ocs/characters that correspond with said oc. bf, gf, friend, enemy, etc.


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  • vredeir
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


            words peel off of the man like nails through rotting carcases ; while seemingly easy  there’s a strange sense of wrongness to them , even though she can’t quite place it. but that sense of wrongness could simply be the man before her ; ivar , was — a dangerous creature , and one she knew better than to speak with unless spoken to.            ice-grey eyes focus on the kife between his figures , a small slip of her lips and she’d be finding out out how deep the small knife can cut. the sameness , that came with speaking to one who thought and acted oh so similarly to herself on the outside , was bizzare. she wondered if , this was what it was like for others to confornt her , the danger she felt at the simple notion that trying to read ivar was like trying to read a black solid wall.    she wonder’s what she’s done form him to confide such , strange words in her direction.                but wonder was not something that would keep her head on her shoulders if the wrong word was spoken.  « superiority , what a god-like quality. i have yet to meet a man who is in all ways superior to any other.  » she pauses, lips pursing for a moment.  « but , then again , you ivar , are not like most men, so it seems mankind finally has it’s contendor for it’s place amongst the gods. »

    TO  BE  A  KING.  TO  BE  LIKE  A  GOD.  TO  BE  A  GOD.  He’s  been  playing  with  all  these  notions  for  his  purposes,  (  revenge  for  the  murder  of  his  mother,  )  for  his  ambitions,  (  to  be  far  more  famous  than  his  own  father,  )  . . . and  he  likes  none.  Ivar  still  prefers  to  honor  Floki’s  guidance  and  to  live  by  the  gods.  HE’S  GODLY.     ❝     Well,  maybe  not  superior  in  all  ways.  I’m  a  cripple———  How  could  I  be  superior  to  any  capable  warrior,  no  matter  where  they  are  from,  in  questions  of  combat  on  the  battlefield  ?     ❞     He  cackles.  Eyes  lit  with  mischief  as  he  arches  both  of  his  eyebrows.  It’s  both  the  truth  &  a  lie.  Maybe  they  both  know  he  is  not  entirely  helpless  either  though.  Underestimation  more  often  than  not  leads  to  hesitation.  That’s  when  Ivar  strikes.  He  lashes  out.  Enraged,  loud  and  driven  by  blood.  He  chuckles  quietly  as  he  shrugs  with  one  of  his  shoulders,  unbothered  by  his  own  claim.  He  no  more  play  with  the  knife  between  his  fingers,  instead  he  continues  to  carve  a  small  statue  he’s  been  working  on  all  along.     ❝     Is  that  what  you  said  truly  what  you  believe  ?  Or  is  that  something  you  think  I’d  like  to  hear.     ❞

    #ontcri #thank you so much #that's what my open starters are for #to break the ice #thus i also decided to make a new post (thread) for easier tracking #—— IV. VIKINGS : NEVER TRY TO DISCERN HIS SUFFERING. HE / SHROUDED IN SORROW AND BLINDED BY IT ALL #—— VI. STATUS : CANON DIVERGENT #—— VI. TIMELINE : SEASON 6B #c slur #in character use of c slur
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  • littledashie54
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    One of my new Ocs. Their name is Amanda. :)

    And here's one for spoopy season:

    more info on her coming soon. 🙂👍

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  • siaanme
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I don't expect my Slay the Spire achievements are that interesting or parsable to those who don't play it, but I just finished my first run as the Silent, and I managed to beat the Time Eater with a Shiv deck. So I'm pretty happy with that.

    #The long explanation: Slay the Spire is a deck-building roguelike where you go through a bunch of combat encounters by playing cards #The Silent is one of the playable characters and they typically focus on low cost low damage cards #But a lot of them #Like Shivs which are 0 cost cards that don't do a whole lot of damage on their own #But typically you get cards that give you three or four of them at once #This death of a thousand cuts strategy works pretty well except against the Time Eater (one of the 'final' bosses) #Because after every 12 cards you play they forcibly end your turn and increase in strength #Which means beating them with lots of low cost low power cards is practically impossible #And technically I didn't have lots of low cost low POWER cards #Because I had three cards that when played permanently buff the power of Shivs by 6 each #Plus another passive buff that increased the power of all my 0 cost cards #So by the end my 0-cost Shivs did 35 damage each #I had other things going for me but I've struggled against the Time Eater before so I'm happy this worked out #And now I need to start learning a new character and how their deck mechanics work and how to build their deck
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  • tessa1972
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Not really in the mood, good physical and mental health to be on social media atm, but I wanna share this here, because I adore the artist, a dear and lovely friend, to bits and pieces:

    @sanzosin - I love you and this gift of friendship❣ Thank you for your precious time, the funny chit chat, the acceptance for my weird stuff - you are adorable and... I am speechless and I love you so much 😭😭😭

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  • saleenacoope
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Posting the opening lines of each chapter: Book One

    Am I procrastinating? Perhaps. Do I care? Lol, nope.

    0. “There’s many ways this can go wrong, and you wearing that stupid hat is one of them.”

    1. In a single blink, seventeen years had passed by, but Amilly’s parents had yet to return.

    2.  The atmosphere was thick enough to be cut with a knife, and Amilly felt the density of it against her every limb.

    3. As the sun shone brighter in the indolent June sky, the following week was filled with Amilly being put in less than desirable situations.

    4. “History? Out of everything magical in this wonderful universe of stuff, it had to be history?”

    5. Upon their return, commotion flared in the auditorium.

    6. The next morning cut Amilly’s sleep short to the sound of Carmen shuffling noisily around the hallway.

    7. “Riding a dragon sounds way more ideal than whatever you’re interested in.”

    8. Tucked under the carpet, were secrets that Amilly was desperate to uncover.

    9. It was late afternoon by the time they arrived back from New York.

    10. The kitchen counter top was hidden under books sprawled open.

    11. It was too early in the morning for this, but Carmen managed to push (literally push) the three of them out of bed.

    12. Her middle name might as well be pacing considering the amount of it she did.

    13. Amilly was not a morning person.

    14. The morning sun bled on the horizon and right after a breakfast of high-stacked waffles, they were ushered straight to their lessons.

    15. She gingerly placed the wine glass next to her.

    16. Amilly wanted nothing more than to cosy up by the crackling fire and pretend she was the star of her own show, moping like a wuss.

    17. It was Noel’s birthday.

    18. “It seems to be a spell,” said Elena.

    19. “I understand it’s called the Secret Society, but I’m getting fed up with the secrets.” 

    20. Days of tension passed by, a rift in their group desperately covered up by the fairies.

    21. “I know she’s here, King!”

    22. If it wasn’t for the two black slits that formed her eyes, Amilly would have never spotted Hildegarde amongst the icy, snow-covered ground.

    23. It was still dark when they awoke from their slumber.

    24. The wind tickled the tops of Hildegarde’s pointed ears. 

    25. It was good for her to be alone.

    26. She wasn’t dead.

    27. She didn’t even have to look behind her to know what they were talking about.

    28. Lennox was resting rather casually on the highest tops of the mountains, where his eagle eyes could view the chaos that erupted down below.

    29. August 3rd 2017.

    30. In her childhood house, two weeks after returning from the realm, the team all waited - because that’s all they could do after surrendering. 

    You know, after reading all of these, I’ve realised it isn’t exactly easy to guess what this book is about lmaooo. Oops. Have fun deciphering.

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  • starwalker-deluxe
    27.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #But like. Unironically though. #I'm tired of repeating characters I want NEW characters!!! #If you like papyrus that much just go play Undertale.
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  • thenotoriousscuttlecliff
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I know a lot of people want the second RTD era to just be one big nostalgiafest for the first, but I hoping Russell does what he did in 2005 and keeps refs to previous eras to a bare minimum. The show is not going to be a big success again if it only caters to one particular set of fans. Save the nostalgia for the 60th special, but keep the rest of the show accessible to the new generation of kids who will be watching the show for the first time.

    #Doctor Who#DW #there's going to be at least a 13 year gap between the two eras #there'll be teens watching the show who weren't even born when RTD last ran the show #many of them won't care about Rose or Martha or Donna #the new era should be focused on a creating great new stories and characters #not constantly looking back to old ones that a lot of people watching will have no nostalgia for
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  • movielosophy
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Rebirth for you - guarded

    #poor baby #so far i like this series #the couple trust each other to the point li qian can even read bao ning's mind #she's also strict against other people #misunderstanding resolved very quickly because main cp don't like drama #she's smart and he's loving #i hope they give new girl for ZX #he deserves to be happy too #rebirth for you #cdrama #rebirth for you ep16 #wang zhuo cheng #character: zhao xiao #ju jing yi #character: jiang bao ning
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