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  • DORAEMON NEWS: Check out the official Japanese preview for the Doraemon anime episodes, “Frightening Justice Rope” and “Murari Athletic School”, which are both slated to air on TV Asahi (in Japan only) on June 6th, 2020!

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  • Craig Of The Creek Sets June Premieres Including Season 2 Finale & Season 3 Premiere

    Craig Of The Creek has set its June premieres and that includes a musical episode,Jessica Themed Episode, Poncho’s Backstory,Craig gets a dog, all to conclude in a epic half hour father’s day special!

    Also CN provided a sneak peek of the musical episode!

    • June 8
    • 10:00 a.m. ET/PT Craig of the Creek | “In the Key of the Creek” – When a rainy day keeps Craig inside, he uses his toys and imagination to create his own Creek adventure in Craig of the Creek’s first musical episode!
    • “The Children of the Dog” – Craig has tried to convince his family to get a dog for years but has never been successful, but he may have a chance if he follows the guidance of a charismatic creek kid and her three step program.
    • June 9
    • 10:00 a.m. ET/PT Craig of the Creek | “Jessica Shorts” – Spend some time with Craig’s little sister, Jessica, with a series of five short stories. Follow along as she trains to be the best video game fighter in “Power Punchers,” deals with a loose tooth in “Incisor Trading,” puts on her own TV show in “The Jessica & Small Uncle Show,” saves Kelsey’s sword in “Jessica in Operation” and takes family game night too far in “Jessica in Payup!”
    • “Ferret Quest” – The kids are on the search for an elusive ferret in the Creek. Kelsey unites her friends Stacks and Wildernessa to find it, but worries they’d rather hangout with each other instead of her.
    • June 10
    • 10:00 a.m. ET/PT Craig of the Creek | “Into the Overpast” – Craig and The Green Poncho travel to the Other Side of the Creek where Craig learns Green Poncho’s shocking origin story.
    • “The Time Capsule” – Worried he’ll one day forget all his favorite memories, Craig creates a time capsule to remember them all.
    • June 11
    • 10:00 a.m. ET/PT Craig of the Creek | “Beyond the Rapids” – Resident creek scientist, Wren, enlists Craig to voyage through dangerous waters in search of a path to the Ocean.
    • “The Jinxening” – Craig, Kelsey and JP help a kid who’s been jinxed and can’t talk, but they soon come to regret it.
    • June 21
    • 6:00 p.m. ET/PT Craig of the Creek Season 3 Premiere | “The Other Side: The Tournament” Hoping to win a special prize for his Dad’s birthday, Craig and his friends compete in a tournament on the Other Side of the Creek!

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    New plots for Senior Moment and A Star Is Scorned!

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    ‪New summer-themed episodes of The Casagrandes are coming in hot! ☀️ 😎 😓 ‬

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    New schedule with new titles, guys! Room And Hoard is about the kids trying to convince Rita and Lynn Sr. that they still play with their childhood toys.

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  • Hueso and his bro: *combine

    Everybody: OH GOD NO PLEASE STOP

    Hueso and his bro: *Turns into a sexy Spaniard 

    Everybody: *Whiplash 

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    Get ready for 2 new episodes of @theloudhouse tomorrow at 8pm followed by a new All That on @nickelodeon!

    #the loud house #new episodes#nickelodeon
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  • ‪Don’t miss brand new episodes of @theloudhouse and All That next Saturday starting at 8pm on @nickelodeon!

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  • ‪Brand new episodes of @theloudhouse will be served all next week at noon, 2 and 4pm on @nickelodeon!

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    ‪Well, after airing in the UK, get ready for brand new episodes of @theloudhouse all next week at noon here in the USA!‬

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  • Here are the synopses from TV Passport for these episodes of The Loud House (May 23):

    “Feast or Family”: When Luan must enroll in a culinary class, Dad uses it to share his passion for cooking with one of his kids.
    “A Dark and Story Night”: When the lights go out in the Loud House, the kids entertain themselves by taking turns telling parts of a story.

    “Feast or Family” sound really interesting to watch! How would Luan fare in cooking class? I think there would be nice moments between Luan and Lynn Sr. – and they would crack jokes together!

    #the loud house #tlh#new episodes #feast or family #a dark and story night #nickelodeon
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  • The way Janus said “You’re not stuck with an evil snake boy, you’re just stuck with a snake boy” killed me. And even get me started on that smug look on his face

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  • Deceit reveals his name.

    Everyone on tiktok using the mean girls musical for him.

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  • *breaths in*





    I LOVE?????


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    Hey! So, I haven’t talked in the sander sides fandom much. Like at all 😂, don’t know why. But boy, did this episode got me.

    Joan, Thomas and everybody else involved is SO talented. Like, they could absolutely write/direct a television show (kind like they are doing right now 😝), and it would be a HIT!!

    The feelings…are real y’all. And well, they got to me through the episode. In both good, and also ansgty ways.

    I am not going to make this long hehehe, but I just….it hit me. Roman is by far my favorite, maybe because in my eyes, with how he is protected on the series and talked about by the fandome, he is the underdog. Let me explain, y’all here, LOVE the original underdog (I do too), like Virgil, Remus, possibly Logan, and even now Janus. Why? Because they started as not the most “favoured” sides, and now, they have developed and showed themselves as good.

    Roman, and maybe even Patton, have taken the turn, tho. 😕 As the story started, they were the “favs” (maybe not the favourites of all, we know Roman wasn’t 😢), but they were literally seen as the good guys (with Logan as well, but the hasn’t been subjected as much as the steriotypes, because he was the intelligent guy but a little nerdy 🤩 as well)

    I don’t know why…I am sad. Patton is another subject, but Roman…well…he is my favorite. I am not blind, I get he has been suuuuper insensitive….but I cannot belive it’s out of malice. Roman, is not the typical guy we all like in stories: he is not as quick to chance, and therefore, not that quick to accept new “good” guys who in just a second became that, over being “bad” for years.

    He, I think, works in a very dual world. Good-Bad, black-white; etc. My mind tells me it’s because he is literally presented as half a side, the supposed, good imagination. And so…he works that way. And also, like some people, he is SLOW with change, specially changes that attempt to his very way to see the world.

    Roman, he is learning, slowly, but he is trying to adapt! It’s just…not that easy for him. Think about it, he has his view of the world, and the others, turned so frecuently (because ALL of the sides are learning together) that, it takes trial and error for him.

    First he was told by Thomas, make Virgil go away. Then they ALL learn that Virgil is good, and he makes an effort after. He need to be told! He needs time to learn a new way to treat others. And it’s just because that’s how he IS! He is not the archetype of the guy that learns super easlily and adapts well to the “bad” guys, being good now. He is not that adaptable, because he is the ego! And his world view is very dual, because he has always believed that’s just how it is. He is the hero, the bad guys are those guys, etc.

    Sorry, for the rant. I am almost done.

    It’s just that, I don’t like this. I think I care so much for Roman, not only because he is my favorite, but because he is now, in my eyes, the under-dog. He is the guy that is disliked, because he is seen as un-sensitive, mean, cruel, dumb, and all the others.

    He is just….not as adaptable, like the others are presented. (Even if I don’t think Vigil is going to adapt very well to Janus being now on the main table). He need time, to learn how to be kind to the ones who were “enemies” before. And he deserves empathy. His world has chances SO many times (like being told he did good by being selfless on the wedding, and now maybe not so much, because maybe it was a futile thing to go).

    I love roman, and I get it, trust me, this might be TOO intense on my part….it’s just….it was a little much, for me. Knowing that Roman will now become unliked again, because he was mean to his perceived by him previous “enemy”. And come, on, it’s not like Janus did not bit back! He defended himself, and remember, he used to manipulate Roman with his low-self esteem.

    Give Roman some time, okey? He will get better. He is learing, not unlike any of the others, and he is kind. That I have no doubt.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant. This in no way is ment to offend anyone, please, don’t come for me. If you disagree, your opinion is SUPER valid, just as is mine. And here, we can discuss on a series we all love, and just pervive in different ways.

    Peace, loves ✌🏻

    (Btw, I am stating a campaign if in the next episode Roman is again portrayed by the end as mean, it’s just….so sad and wrong 🥺)

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  • Every single fander can i get a


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    (also reminder to tag spoilers)

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  • I have never clicked a notification faster in my entire life.

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