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    It’s nice to get back to a routine of early morning sessions in the studio. I cleaned up the mess and reorganized my materials and inventory this week and everything feels better! It’s hard for me to work when the space is so cluttered. My studio isn’t very big so anytime I have a show things get a little chaotic! I never quite finished renovating my studio last year and I’m starting to make notes about what needs to change. Hoping to find some time this Spring to finally finish the areas that need attention. Working on some fun ideas this weekend and also sending some custom orders out, my favorite kind of work.

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  • My best friend would be SO upset if she knew I still think about this guy.

    So I basically got rejected right before new year’s eve, and I hold it together until new year’s day. Then I’m like “yeh, that’s definitely a rejection. I guess it’s over. Back to self care and health. My resolution is to get abs, so I’m gonna work out like crazy starting today!” And then the next day it hit me and I start bawling while my friend sends me pics of herself in Hawaii. And I hold back for the whole month while she’s there so I don’t ruin her moment.

    A week into her trip she’s texting me and she feels bad about talking about herself and her trip so much, but I don’t mind. Then asks how I am. And I’m like “Not the best, but I’m trying” and she’s like “why?” And I’m like “Josh…” and she goes…

    “Oh…. I forgot he existed tbh.”

    Meanwhile, I’m literally bawling my eyes out, crying more than I’ve ever cried for my whole adult life and it was pathetic. Crying to a degree I haven’t cried since half my life ago when I was getting bullied and was suicidal. Probably the lowest point in my life.

    She still doesn’t know how bad it was. I was crying every single day. I didn’t wanna ruin her time, but I also felt too ashamed to tell her how bad it was anyway. She’s kinda clueless about this (might go into more detail later, don’t want this to be a novel).

    Also, I wasn’t crying entirely because of him and the rejection. There’s a lot of complexity to it (might go more into detail about that later too). But I was a total mess.

    #Personal#him#the guy#josh#rejection #can't stop thinking about him #ashamed#best friend#upset #she doesn't get it #she's clueless #trying not to be toxic #negativity#crying#bawling#pathetic#new year #new years eve
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  • 2019 Haikus

    January, dear
    We thought we had made it out
    New year, same ol’ me

    February, love
    I couldn’t face my own mind
    But dinner was great

    March, you reveal me
    False ideas of happiness
    This, nearly our end

    April, please be kind
    The blue ocean, the white sand
    Your wandering eye

    May, you cut so deep
    Five years, and the wound still bleeds
    I take off your ring

    June, your Sun blinding
    A sweet little life to love
    Reason to wake up

    July, the answer
    Hands no longer mine to hold
    Finally, let go

    I’m lonely, August
    Why did the pills stop working?
    Emotional flood

    September, a change
    We hoped I’d be better, but
    You tell me to leave

    City of angels
    October, a vacation
    You are paradise

    November’s cold blade
    We are okay, he is not
    It’s not my problem

    Something terrible
    December, my bones ice cold
    Happy holidays

    #personal#writing#mine#writing therapy#words#poetry#haiku #haiku on tumblr #monthly haiku#2019 #year in review #new year #poetry on tumblr #poetry on life #poetry on love #poems on tumblr #shane#boyfriend #idk if im happy with this but whatever
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  • It’s currently 5 am in Korea. I’m recently back from visiting family in the states and the time difference has Fucked me HARD. So I’m bored. Here we go.

    The school year is about to start. I’m very excited to be back to work. I know there has been a lot of concern with the coronavirus recently, but so far it’s stayed away from my town.

    My school is great. I love it and the people I work with a lot. But I’ll be honest, besides like two people, my school isn’t the best with communicating with me through text message. For the most part, if they can’t tell me in person, then I never know. Because if this, I don’t know a lot of information for the start of the school year. I have reached out to one of my coworkers, but she has yet to respond. But also, it isn’t her responsibility AT ALL to act as a translator for me. So pray for me. Because there was a work event I was told about in January that’s supposed to happen later today. No one has said that it’s canceled. But equally, no one has confirmed that it’s still happening.

    And on a slightly different note. I’ve never in my life been a teacher two years in a row at the same school. So I’ve been working on a new first day of school PPT for my classes. And I never knew this could be so hard. Because now I’m sitting here like “well. They already know me. So I don’t really need my Get to Inow Me! PPT. So fuck” gotta do one based on what I did during vacation 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and I didn’t do anything super wild during vacation. So that won’t be a long section in my PPT. So now I’m debating what sort of (if any) game I should include for the first day. I could let them play Uno or some other game that doesn’t require English. OR I can make a full English review game. I see benefits for both. And I’m torn.

    Wish me luck!

    #english teacher#rural town #talk program in korea #teaching english#new year#rambles #teaching english abroad #teaching english in korea #south korea
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    It has come to everyone’s attention that in 2019, protests have been happening in Hong Kong. It was the number one topic in the news. Traveling to Hong Kong was discouraged. But that did not stop my parents. They’ve missed the city so much, they still pursued on visiting to celebrate New year’s. I was afraid. Everything I saw on tv was pure violence. The airlines discouraged wearing black and white, but foolish me, packed so much black and white clothes without thinking. 

    Our vacation there wasn’t what I had expected. Everything seemed normal. Some areas were affected from past protests but other than that, it seemed peaceful. The people did not look bothered at all. From uneasiness, I started to feel calm. Maybe it wasn’t what they had described it to be?

    But during New Year’s Eve, I noticed that more guards were in sight, truckloads of them. They weren’t just guards who stood by, they were heavily packed with gear. As I walked around the streets with my family, more trucks of police came. Since it was New Year’s Eve, it got a bit crowded. Everyone was out to party. I felt restlessness but I didn’t want to show it. My dad and brother joked around and told me to stay calm, nothing would happen to us, they said. 

    Then the night came, a few hours before the clock strikes 12 and a new year would begin. We were at Victoria Harbour, we bought hats with lights, and sat on benches to wait, it was very cold. Suddenly, shouts grew louder and louder. It was the protesters. They walked around the Harbour, and everytime they came back to our area, their number would grow more and more and their shouts grew louder and louder but no violence was inflicted. Instead of fear, I felt admiration. It was admirable to see the people unite fighting for the same cause. I noticed most of the protesters were young. It was admirable that at a young age, they are already involved in something as big as this, they are fighting for their nation. I noticed that it wasn’t just the protesters shouting chants but those around us seated as well waiting for the countdown. I felt so much respect for the people and their unity. When the countdown came, they had stopped their chants and celebrated the New Year with us. 

    This city will always hold a special place in my heart.

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  • Ranzal + icons

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  • “Новый год я встретила одна.
    Я, богатая, была бедна,
    Я, крылатая, была проклятой.
    Где-то было много - много сжатых
    Рук - и много старого вина.
    А крылатая была - проклятой!
    А единая была - одна!
    Как луна - одна, в глазу окна.”
    Марина Цветаева.

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  • Dear Ben, 

    recently I realized that since 2010, there have only been 2 years when I haven’t moved. 2014 and 2019. I moved in 2011, in 2012, in 2013, in 2015, in 2016, in 2017 (twice), and in 2018. It’s been a busy decade, I now see. 

    Wonder how the next decade is going to be like, as I choose to believe in my abilities, as I work to stop thinking about what I want and actually do it.


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  • Nineteen New Year’s Eves in a row. Nineteen times for the Doctor to get it right.

    “You want fireworks?” The Doctor took Yaz’s hand, “I’ll give you fireworks!”

    Chapter 1: Leap

    It had begun with a seemingly one-sided argument between the Doctor and the TARDIS about the different calendar systems on Earth.

    “So what if it’s not perfect?” The Doctor huffed. “Yeah, but it’s only 27 seconds.”

    “You two having a domestic?” Graham said, seeing the Doctor standing hands-on-hips beside the console.

    “She doesn’t share my appreciation of leap days,” the Doctor said, “you like leap days, don’t you Graham?”

    “Yeah, who doesn’t love an extra day on the old calendar?” Graham usually found things more amusing if he went along with the Doctor’s ramblings. “Imagine if we didn’t and we ended up having New Year’s Eve mid-morning!”

    The Doctor leapt a bit as Ryan and Yaz strolled up. Yaz was still in her pajamas, her dark hair rolling in waves over her shoulders, not yet confined to her cinnamon roll buns.

    “Is it New Year’s already?” Ryan asked, never quite sure what time it was when they were on the TARDIS. His phone kept running on Sheffield time, but that meant nothing when you were running around on an alien planet three galaxies away.

    Yaz’s tea steeped in the water as the warmth steeped into her hands. The rush of adrenaline after their last adventure had kept her up later than the others, though she was happy to spend that time with the Doctor. As far as Yaz could tell, the time traveller had no need for sleep, yet had all the energy of a hummingbird.

    “What do you think, Yaz?” The Doctor asked, curious about her thoughts on the tradition.

    “Sounds great,” Yaz agreed without fully comprehending the context of the question. She’d gotten a bit lost in thought, her eyes drifting about as the Doctor spoke enthusiastically. Whatever it was, it no doubt involved running so she excused herself to change.

    The Doctor had quite a wide range of success with flirting over the years. She’d been most successful with River, though she was in love with The Doctor before she even met her. She’d changed her appearance to please past companions, sometimes even keeping the same face– that took a lot of focus, mind you– but this, well, she’d not been entirely sure what she’d expected. After Yaz’s mum asked Yaz if they were seeing each other, she’d said no, hadn’t she? It was for the best, things didn’t always end well with the Doctor, but this response just confused her even more. It led to quite a lot of self-doubt, and she almost wished she could consult one of her previous selves for advice.

    Hmmm… she pressed her lips together as she watched Yaz take off down the corridor. She became increasingly aware of Ryan and Graham’s presence and took a couple steps back until she had returned to her original spot beside the console. “Right! So, where to first then? Or when I should say!” She began bopping about the console, “oh, hush.”

    “We didn’t say anything,” Ryan said, having only been exchanging a look with Graham.

    “Not you, the TARDIS!” The Doctor exclaimed.

    “Again?” Graham said.

    “What?” Ryan looked quizzically at them, clearly having missed something.

    “Alright, where’re we off to then?” Yaz joined them back at the console, clad in a brown leather jacket and perfect buns.

    “The biggest party of your life, Yaz,” the Doctor grinned and she finished setting the controls. Yaz always loved this bit, trying to sort out which buttons did what as she moved about the console. The more she watched, the more it seemed that the Doctor and the TARDIS worked together as two halves of a whole, neither one entirely deciding upon what the result might be. Perhaps that’s why they so often ended up somewhere they didn’t mean to go. “Ready?”

    For more –> https://archiveofourown.org/works/22851808/chapters/54617968

    @ sheregenerated on all other social media :) enjoy the crumbs, thassies!

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  • [Sketch] Happy New Year 2020! (Year of the Mouse)

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  • to ja jedyna jestem zdania, że warto się uśmiechać i świat naturalny jest cudowny, jedynie ludzie go psują i zamieniają w wielkie miasta.

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