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    City Lounge: New York (Book Five, Chapter Six: Honey Day)

    City Lounge: New York (Book Five, Chapter Six: Honey Day)

    Chapter Six: Honey Day: Hayley was back here again. Neil sat across from her. The smaller woman didn’t know whether to speak or not. Neil was smiling at her this time. Hayley didn’t know what she found creepier, the stone-faced look Neil usually had or that smile. “Uh…” she said. No words came out. What could she say to such a woman? She could just run out of here. But she never does. “Hi,”…

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    Sexy Fan of the Day

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    Available now from @tucknyc! DONUTS Unisex, Women’s, and Kids’ Tees, Tanks, Hoodies, & More whatamaneuver.net/collections/tuck

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    I Brought Her A Car and She #Cheated and Gave That Mouth Up

    I Brought Her A Car and She #Cheated and Gave That Mouth Up

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    #busting windows #caught.cheating #I Brought Her A Car and She Cheated and Gave That Mouth Up #new york#Youtube
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    Tribeca, New York

    5 bedrooms, 6 baths

    7,137 sq ft


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    Discover New York City with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    #Comics #Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #New York
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    Streets of East Harlem: Park Ave and East 131st Street in East Harlem, upper Manhattan

    #east harlem#new york #New York City #nyc#nyc streets #nyc street photography #Streets Of New York #streets of nyc #Streets of NY #streets of New York City #manhattan #Manhattan Step By Step
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    AU Leonardo x Blind Murdock Reader:(TMNT 2014/2016) Chapter 8 (B) Final

    “Mikey I told you not to eat next to the console!!”

    You’ve lost count of how many times he’s warned the male about what cheese does to the system. Mikey slurps up the pizza, raising his hands.

    “Waft Pizza!”

    Guilty as charged.

    Hearing them argue is routine now. You love it. Something so simple meant a whole lot.

    After greeting all three brothers, you're headed to the dojo. It’s your ritual. Leo is almost always there, or tending to his little tree. You have no idea what type. Lack of sight kind of did that. You could have just asked him, but you never really. You liked how calm he’d be when he was trimming it. It was soothing. Your hands graze over the walls as you walk through. Upon getting to your destination, you stop at the entrance, listening for the rhythms of his breathing. It’s slow, controlled. From your spot, you can tell he’s sitting.

    “(Y/N).” you smile. You’re not sure if his eyes are open or not. But you're assuming he’s just gotten so used to sensing your presence the same way you sense his. 

    “Hey Leo, how was patrol last night?”

    Usually you go out with the boys, but yesterday was an important day to you, and of course Leo understood that, so he didn’t press when you told him you’d be unavailable that night.

    "It was pretty quiet. I think criminals are finally getting the message. Truthfully, maybe they heard daredevil moved in and they decided to switch careers. “ you snicker.

    “What can I say, I have a reputation.”

    “Yes you do.”

    He wasn’t wrong, crime was at an all time low. Maybe you did instill a bit of fear in the city’s criminals. Leo watches you keenly, and he notices the look on your face. It’s adorable, they way you seem to fidget when you want to ask a question, but unsure of how to go about it. He can’t help but feel honored. You’re far different from the girl he met a few months ago. He can barely believe that it’s the same person.

    You seemed so cold at the start, but he knows that was just a front. A barrier to protect yourself. Getting to know you was one of the most amazing things he realized. Watching you slowly become a part of his family, rather than the warrior or vigilante everyone else saw. He was the only one who got to see this side of you. It was weirdly empowering for him. To be someone you trusted, cared about.

    “Leo..” Looks like you’d finally worked up the courage to ask your question.


    You take a step inside, and Leo just sits there, admiring you. He knows it’s bad but sometimes he’s glad you're blind. If you saw how often he’d stare at you, you’d probably be a little weirded out. But he can’t help it. In his eyes, you’re just so radiant.

    “This might be a little weird but I..well a few weeks ago I was talking with the boys and Donnie pointed out that I’d have a general idea of what you guys look like through my hands. So they let me touch their faces, you know you walked in on it.” you give a nervous chuckle, brushing your hair behind your ear.

    “I was just wondering if maybe I can..touch your face?”

    He swallows. That might not be such a good idea. He wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he’d have if you touched him. So far he hadn’t had any troubles. When you asked for more time, he respected that. Hell he was so grateful that you were honest with him about what you wanted. It was easy for him to wait, as long as he kept you at a safe distance he’d be fine. Until now that is.

    “Sure.” He replied. “Come on, don’t make it obvious.” He had to mentally calm himself down.

    That cute little smile graced your lips again, and you moved closer, taking a seat right in front of him. Your knees touched, and you raised your head. You could hear his heart so clearly. Ever harsh thump against his rib cage.

    “He’s nervous.”

    You made him nervous. A little fluttery feeling erupted in your stomach at the realization. Opening your palms, you reached for him slowly. The minute your hands touched his skin, you could feel the temperature rise in the room. The air felt thick, but not in a suffocating or uncomfortable way, more like anticipation. Your fingers glide softly over his cheeks, up to his forehead, then back down, sifting past the mask. You grin when you get to his nose.

    “Gosh do all of you have a cute little nose.” Leo’s eyes light up. Was it just him or were you actually gushing, at his nose of all things.

    “I can’t imagine Raph talking too well to you calling him cute. “

    “Oh he didn’t.” Leo laughs softly and you're still venturing over his face curiously, you’re trying to map out as much as you can. When your thumbs brush just below his mask this time, somehow your touch feels different. It elicits a strange feeling throughout his body now.

    “What color are your eyes?” you say it just above a whisper, and he takes another breath before he answers.

    “Their blue.”

    “Blue…” you can picture it. He’s almost certain you're finished, but then your thumb lands on his lips. You brush his lower lip, and he’s frozen solid. He’s afraid to move, because if he does, there’s no telling what he’ll do.

    “Your lips are so soft Leo.” you really were testing his will now.

    “(Y/N).” His strained tone has an instant response. Goosebumps rise on your skin.

    “I’m ready.”

    His forehead creases. Did he hear that right?

    “I’m ready Leo.”

    You can tell it’s not what he expects, and you’re thankful for him. After the talk you had, Leo never pushed. He respected your need for space and time to figure things out. He didn’t walk around like a kicked puppy either, or ignore you. He was still the same sweet guy you’d fallen for. The one you supposed you’d been waiting for.

    “I want us to be..something more. I care about you so much and in the time that I’ve met you, I generally enjoy so many things now. I look forward to waking up in the morning, even going to school because I know when I get back I get to see you guys, I get to see you Leo. You’re the highlight of my day. You make me feel so safe and secure and cared for and weightless. When you’re around I don’t have to worry because I know you’re looking out for me, you all are and I just want to return that happiness because the only conclusion I’ve come up with is that the only way for me to possibly be happier than I already am...it’s to be with you. “

    The one thing that’s running through his head right now is that he prays that this isn’t some dream. Because if it is, he wouldn’t mind sleeping forever. He doesn’t say a word, and when he shifts forward, your hands drop from his lips, and land on his chest.


    He can’t control himself anymore, his lips find your own, and you blush. You were right, his lips are so freaking soft. This kiss, it’s filled with every needy stare, labored breath, intense heartbeat. You know he’s been dying to do this, probably the same way you’ve been longing to feel it. You retaliate, hands wrapping around his neck as he pulls your body to him, deepening the kiss. You’re both hungry, starved is more like it.

    With every desperate touch of your lips, there’s a heavy breath. His hands feel like their roaming, and you can’t stop the moan that escapes when his large palm settles on your breast. You’ve never been touched like this, or at all for that matter. Not many teenagers in your school were into the whole brooding blind thing you suppose.

    And honestly, you’re glad that you never turned to sex to fill the void you’ve felt until this point. Because this moment with Leo, it feels right. His touches are intimate, and you're in the Dojo for goodness sake, anyone could walk in on your two, but your mind is too fogged by the rush of it all. The feeling of elation that rises from your chest, and goes throughout your body. Leo parts, but he doesn’t stop. He’s placing desperate kisses all over your skin. Along your neck. He pushes your hair gently to the side, and when he begins to litter little bites on your skin, you moan once again. He’s marking you. Claiming you.

    “L-Leo..” he picks you up in one swift move, pulling back to watch your breathless form.

    “Are you sure..this is what you want.” there’s a slight tinge of fear in his voice. You banish any doubts he has with a deep kiss. When you pull back, you're holding his cheeks in your hands.

    “I’m positive Leo.”

    He can breathe easy now. Because although he’s sure he’s not asleep, he needs to double check.

    “I love you (Y/N).” he’s so happy he can finally tell you all that he’s been keeping to himself.

    The way you glow, he knows he made the right choice. “I love you too Leo.” your eyes well up, and he stalks outside, heading for his room. He’s about to take away all your pain. Cover you in nothing but love. All night long.

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