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    i wanna do one of those ‘give me a number and i’ll answer the question’ things but i cant find one :(

    so if someone could maybe reblog this with one or even send me one that would be great. thanks 💕

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    and she was .art.

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    Are you obsessed yet?

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    Meaow 🐈‍⬛

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    Yes, senpai

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    Give us attention plz

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    04.12.2021 - 12 hours ago


    "Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live on the Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Amyway Center between the young guns of Orlando Magic against the burning stars of LA Clippers with me — David Steele also Jeff Turner here with twenty seconds left on the fourth quarter."

    "104-105 for the Clippers. Can Orlando Magic turn it around and force them to the game 7 or tonight we will see rain in the middle of summer in Orlando and is it gonna be the last time we see the matchups between the Dynamic Duo of LA, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard — against the Young Magician with his breakout season, Samuel Rosinante."

    All the eyes focused on the television.

    "Time out for the Clippers is over and now we back to the court with Paul George having the possession, Samuel wasting no time to give him some pressure.."

    "George pass to Kawhi. Back to George. Will he waste the time or kill it in style. PG walking around with the ball in his hands. 10 seconds left. George step back jumper.."

    "No!! Samuel strip the ball away from his hands then quickly give a sign to the referee. The last time out for Orlando. Will they really turn it around with this last chance or they gonna miss the opportunity for become the NBA Champions. We will be right back."

    Heart pounding fast with the tension that keep getting higher.

    "Coach Mosley already given his last instructions to his team and now with the ball on Cole Anthony. He give it to Samuel who double teamed by Kawhi and PG. He penetrate inside with force then pull the trigger.."

    "BANG!! 106-105!! Samuel Rosinante force the Clippers to the Game 7 in Los Angeles after pull the fadeaway jumper right on the face of two best perimeter defender of the NBA! That young boy turn up the heat in Orlando! Good Night Ladies and Gentlemen!!"


    You lower your head in shock as you feel a sudden sting of pain and bloods running down from your broken nose. You raise your head then turn around and found all of your teammates looking towards you, or they mean the man in front of you who has his fist clenched and stains of blood on his knuckles.

    "Fuck!", you cursed under your breath.

    "Nate! Jesse! Replace me to explain our strategy for a minute!", Coach Mosley ask his assistant then turn his attention to you.

    "C'mon boy! Let's talk outside..", you quickly stand up and follow him from behind.

    The door closed and your coach even ask the security guards to leave for a moments since he know you really well that the more quiet the place, then the more honest you can be. That's one of the reason that your team can reach the NBA Finals, he use many different ways to reach his players — the stronger the connections between him with his players then the better their chemistry, on or off the court.

    "First, you even came very late on training this morning. I let it slide. Then, didn't show up at lunch? I tried to understand that you're tired but you are the captain of this team goddamit! Now this, spacing out when we analyze our match yesterday?! Huh?! Really Samuel?!"

    "Sorry coach", he laugh his ass off.

    "Listen, I don't give a shit about your sorry even though you're the closest one that I have in this team but please don't keep your problem by yourself. We can't have this you now! So please, tell me buddy. What is it?"

    "Well nothing but my personal issues with my girlfriend", you glance away.

    "We're all feel the same boy but you can't be the one who understand her you know. She need to understand you too and she must be proud of you that you reach your first final, did she ever attend your match in the finals so far? I think I didn't even saw her even in our ECF. Am I right?"

    You shrugs.

    "I don't know how many times I told you this that I'm badly shocked when I knew that you dated that woman, Samuel. She's a hoe, a fucking whore! She even blow Luka Doncic dick when he drop a triple-double on your ass two years ago."

    He walking around in front of you for awhile then he talk to you for the last one before he back into the coaching room, "I give you fifteen minutes. Call her and tell her that you're gonna met her later once it's all over, tell her that you made it, tell her that you love her. That's it, If I see you still act like this tomorrow then I'll bury you by myself."

    You took a deep breath and play around with your phone in your hand while thinking back about the moment that she look really sad once you leave her yesterday night, back through the space and time.

    Your apartment filled with the scent of your girlfriend, Kim Jennie. The famous model and one of the member of k-pop girl group, Blackpink.

    With her hair tied in bun that exposing her kissable neck and silk robe that covering her petite body, she open the door and greet you warmly with her gummy smile.

    "Oppaa!! You're so awesome! How does it feel when the crowd cheering your name huh?", she teasing you while wrapping your arm on with her hands.

    "What are you talking about Jen? I'm not really heard about it you know.."

    "Mwoyaa~", she whined cutely as she guide you to the bedroom.

    She push you onto the bed then untied her robe and shows her private parts barely covered with red laced lingerie, "It's time for you to drink your drugs honey.."

    "W-Wait a minute, Jen-", she put her body on top of you while attack your lips recklessly.

    The tongue that more venomous that a cobra sneakily slide into your mouth and put your tongue under her dominance in second, slowly drown you with lust that she brings with her.

    "Mmmhhh I know you want it oppaah aahhh I can feel how hard your big cock already..", she slide her hands inside your shirt with her leg rubbing your bulged cock.

    Sudden thought passed on your mind and you change your position quickly then push Jennie to the bed, away from you.

    She pouted with tears that start to coming out from her eyes, "Why? Do you even have a heart to leave me like this? You jerk!"

    You approach her with a hug.

    "I'm sorry honey, we really need to go to Cali now. I'm their captain, the one that they look as an example. So plea-"


    "Go! Just Go! Bring you shit with you! I don't care anymore! Go!!", she throw your packed bag to you then crying like a mess. You step out of your apartment with heavy heart and guilt that glued that always stick with you along your way.

    Until now.

    It's already more than a year since you tied Jennie in a relationship and for you, she feels like the sun of your moon — she brings many impacts for your performance on the court and help you reach an All-Star status.

    The long it goes then the more you can't live without her, so it's the same with Jennie. She's pretty much a social butterfly and that's what where it all started between both of you but she just agreed with you when you told her that she can't be like that anymore since you're easily get jealous, or kinda possessive.

    You keep flipping your phone and hesitating to call, ask her if she still mad at you, and ask her if she missed hearing your voice because you do miss her so damn bad. You type her nickname that you made for her on your phone then dial her number.



    "Aahhh aaaahhh w-wait a minute my boyfriend c-calling.. aahhh calm down..", Jennie reach her phone while struggling with cock that pumped in her pussy.

    She slide up the green button.

    "H-Hi oppaahh.. How's your training there ahh.. You good ri-riightthh??"

    You chuckled, "I'm good honey but should I be the one who ask you? You sound so breathy there, you good?"

    "Aahhh I'm g-good oppaahh mmhh I'm just tired since I finished my night jogging just n-nooowwwhh heheheehh w-whyy you call mee oppaahh?"

    Jennie keep resist herself to not moan even the big cock keep banging her roughly, "I miss you Jen, let's go on a long holiday trip later. Just the two of us."

    "Aahh! Yesss! Yeeess!! I miss you too oppaahh let's talk about it later okaayy see yoouu!!", Jennie quickly cut off the call.

    plak plak plak plak plak ..

    "Aaaaachh aaaaaahhhh fuuuucckkk Im cummiinngg!!!", her hips jerked as she feel the warm cum of the big cock flowing together with her grool inside her pussy.

    "You sound hornier even you just hear that bastard voice, do you love him that bad?", the big man asked.

    "I love him so much that you couldn't have imagined but at the end of the day — I have needs too you know."


    You just smile like the first time you fall in love with Jennie before you back to the coaching room and look more than ready to bring the rain to LA, that's what only matters now.

    "This is the last one, Jen. You will be my only priority after I won my ring", you thought.


    Game 7

    Staples Center

    4th Quarter, 01:15.

    96-94, Magic lead.

    Timeout Clippers.

    The players and staffs gather up with you in the middle of it, "About a minute and a half left, we up but we need to put our focus in highest stake. Remind each other to manage the distance and whoever guard PG or Kawhi, do your best to cut their passing lanes. Got it?!"

    You look at each eyes of the other four who ready to step back into the court then answer you with nods.

    Reggie pass to George as the Clippers with the possession. You spread you arms as long as you can to reduce the space since there's some distance on your height difference with him. George glance at your left and make a stance that he's about drive that way.

    "On your left! Watch out!"


    You caught in a screen from their forward, Ibaka. George quickly change his direction and drive to your right. Your own forward, Carter Jr, fill the space to catch George but he quickly pass to Batum that left wide open. He shoot from behind the line.



    The crowd cheering loudly as the Clippers take the lead. Fifty seconds left, you pass to Mo Bamba and he quickly pass it back and create an one-on-one situation between you and George.

    He spread his arms as if he's showing off about his long wingspan. George keep his distance only two feet away from you while grinning, "C'mon boy, shoot it or I'm gonna take your trophy at home! She even suck my dick last night!"

    The clock ticking.

    That words didn't work on you as you already heard it about thousand times in the regular season. You faking your drive on his right and create more space. You step on your left side that caught him off the guard then pull an one-legged fadeaway jumper.


    You grinning back at him.


    Twenty six seconds left with Clippers having the last possession. The crowd already stand up from their seat with their eyes on their best shooter on the court and NBA MVP, Paul George.

    And again, he set himself up in one-on-one position with you. He play around with ball around his legs, "Loosen up your D or I'm gonna bring the scariest nightmares to you, Samuel."

    "That's not how it's work, G. You have to earned it."

    Ten seconds left.

    "I want to tell you how good the Kim Jennie dancing on my cock all night but we don't have much time left, so sad right?", He smirked.

    "You talk too much for a blabber."

    Five seconds left.

    "Fuck Jennie and Fuck you too, motherfucker."

    George fake step on your left then quickly change his direction to the right as the screen from Zubac already set up. Mo Bamba try to approach him from the front but it's already late for him as George pulled up a jumper and make the crowd cheers.


    Silence. The loud sound of their cheers turned off, you took their food in their own house as you block his last shot from behind.


    "YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!", all the staffs also all bench players of Orlando Magic running into the court to celebrate their win.

    They hugging the Magic players nearby and cheering as loud as they can, pouring their hearts out after all of their hard work finally paid off after their team crowned as the NBA Champions. Coach Moshley running then jump at you, "Samueell! You bastard! We fucking won the chip!"

    It last awhile that he cried while hugging you but at the end, there's nothing but respect.

    You approach Paul George, one of the best player in the league also your closest friend on US Team. You put your arm around his neck from the back, "Keep doing what you do, G. The better day gonna come for you, trust me."

    He pat your back without saying anything. You kinda feel bad too but in a match, you can have two winners right? Hard to swallow but it is what it is.

    "See you soon, George."

    He turn around then smirked, "Ah you're right, see you soon."

    After that, you go back with your team and gather to pop the champagne before the trophy presentation begin. Tears of joy from the vets because they finally gonna get their rings and the rookies with sophomores who still can't believe that they're reach their dream this early represent the emotions inside the arena, even though there's almost no crowds left.

    The team can't stop cheering as they enter the locker room while you holding the NBA trophy and Finals MVP trophy on each of your hands as if it's your babies — wondering how happy your girlfriend is when she know about it.

    You try to call her but there's no response, you keep trying again and again but only one massage from her that make you stop.

    *pic of a bottle and two glass filled with liquor*

    'I waiting for you here honey, let's celebrate it together.'

    The flower blooming inside your stomach with butterflies dancing around it beautifully. You leave earlier than the others and wear your best suit as you leave to the address that Jennie sent to you beforehand.

    Yard House.

    That's the name of the place. There nothing but dark reddish vibe that you can see from outside as you approach the building and make you thought, 'Did Jennie really rent this place by herself?'

    You stopped by one of the guards an the front entrance even after you shows him your ID, his eyes widened as he communicate through the tool on his ear while looking at you. Not long after that, without no words said — he open the door for you to come in but just like the legend said, don't judge a book by it's cover.

    Two big man of the Clippers, Zubac and Ibaka greet you with Ibaka who holding a steel bat. He smirked before he swung the bat right on your ribs, "Bienvenido al infierno, mago."

    Bugh! Bugh! Bugh!

    You panting heavily as they drag your body on the floor with broken ribs to where the different kinds of gatherings. There's full of Clippers players, coaching staffs, also even their wives and girlfriends sitting in a circle with you in the middle of them.

    Two of them strip off your clothes easily, left you fully naked with all your joints and mouth sealed with duct tapes. You're still surprised with this unexpected situation but things get worse as you see your girlfriend walking with the Paul George who put his hands around her neck from the back.

    "Is this too soon for us to meet again, Samuel?", George smirked then making out with Jennie right on your face.

    They're all laughed at you. His wife approach him and tap his back, "You forgot this one babe, take her higher.."

    He show you the glass bottle with pills inside it and pour them all on his hand, "Open your mouth slut, I'm not gonna put my dick inside you if you won't behave like a good girl."

    Jennie open her mouth widely and he put it all into it then swallow it with force until there's nothing left. She shows it to George, "It's all gone, Daddy.."

    He pat her head and whispering something that you can't hear while Jennie just look at you with her eyes half-open, about all of the males inside the building begin to take off their clothes while your girlfriend approach you then also begin to strip off.

    Jennie put back the thin see-through long sleeve one piece lingerie with nothing underneath then throw her clothes at you, "Keep my clothes oppa, It's just business so don't mind about it that much. I just can't bear it anymore.."

    "Hahaha! What a heartfelt moments for the Magician with his Queen. You have no idea how thirsty this whore is, also you should've listened to your coach before Samuel", the naked George give a peck on Jennie lips while you can't do nothing but glared at him.

    George looking at you for awhile then laugh by himself, "I thought there's something left and then I realized that you forget to wear your crown, champ. Hahahaha!!!"

    He put Jennie undies then put it on your head.

    You feel that you're about to burst in anger and the humiliation that caught you off guard then now, all the naked males surrounding you and Jennie in front of you with their varieties of their cocks looking ready to play while their spouses just chillin' — watching their husbands/bfs congratulate the NBA champ.

    Jennie surrounded by several people around her lining up to get blowed while the others jerking off by themselves but still they left some space for you to witnessing your trophy girlfriend get banged, Paul George lining up at first with Kawhi and Reggie Jackson beside him while Jennie shows her gummy smile as she look crazily happy with many cocks in front of her.

    "Come here my lovely cocks.. come to your mommyyy mmmhhh aahhh sluurrrpphhh ngghhhh slurrrrppphhhh..", Jennie keep blowing George's cock inside her mouth while each of her hands busily stroking any cocks that they put in her palms.

    George grab her hair and begin to fucking her face, "Yeaahhh how the hell your stupid bf let whore like you sleep alone every night huh?! You suit better as a prostitute than a model Jennie! Aaaghh fuuckk!!"

    Glock Glock Glock Glock Glock Gggggrrrrllll...

    Her eyes about to popped out as her throat forced to slide open with the tip of George's cock and cumming in deep inside it alongside with facial that she received from the cocks that she jerked off.

    "Bring your cock hereee aaahhh I need moooree ngghh fuck my dirty moutthh ggglllrrr sluuurrrpphhh nggghhhh..", grool keep spilled out of her mouth while the bigger and smellier cocks keep alternating to fuck her tiny mouth.

    Why? Why you feeling like this? Aren't you supposed to be mad? Dammit. Your body keep trembling with your blood that boiling but not for the jealousy or betrayal but the pleasure of what they did to Jennie and what Jennie do to you, your cock standing straight — hard as rock.

    "Sluuurrpphh sluuurrpphh aaahhh yeesss paint me with your cuummhh sluurppphhh mmmhhhh sluuurrpphh aaahhhh soo delicouuss..", her face and chest already covered in cum with some stains of it placed on the top of her head.

    It's haven't even reach half of them but her make up on her face already look like a mess. Now, Ibaka comes up to tear the fabric that covered her glory holes. He grab her hair and drag Jennie like an animal few inches away from you.

    Ibaka slide in his black cock into her tiny pussy and stretched it widely, "Oooohh G-Gooooddd yeesss soooo huuuuuuggee.."

    He pound her peach ass so hard until it make her eyes rolled up and her mouth that keep opened. The others who haven't got their chance yet just keep jerking themselves and shooting their cum all around her hair and face, "Ngghh shit! This whore grip my cock tight! Nngghh Fuck Im cumming!!"

    Serge pound her pussy several times then give her a creampie but it thrown out as Jennie pissing it out and make it flooded on the floor all around her.

    "Nngghh yess fill me moree.. fill my dirty ass and my stupid cunt with your big cocks daddyy.. pleasseee fuck the hell of your whoree..", Jennie squeeze her ass cheeks to spread her twiching holes open with her trembling hands.

    Morris and Zubac step up, Zubac lay on the ground and let her sit on her cock — putting Jennie in cowgirl with her face still facing you while Morris slide his cock into her dry ass hole. Jennie feel really full down there and she feels more heavenly pleasured when both of them begin penetrating  their cocks into her holes alternately with rain of cums that endlessly poured all around her, she feel blessed.

    Crrrttt.. Crrrtt.. Crrrtt..

    Load of cum shooted on her face but her smile hasn't faded yet. Jennie licked the cum that can reached by her tongue then she look at you, "Ahh aaachhh I look prettier with load of cum all around my face right, oppaahh?? Are you turned on already hmmmhh??? Aaahh aacchhh fuuuckk!! Fuck mee hardeerrr!!"

    Your cock twiched and Morris noticed it, "Jennie, why don't you give blowjob to the champ huh?"

    Without said any words, Jennie lick your cock slowly from the base until the top while looking at you fiercely as if she wants to prove how needy is she. Her hands hanging on the cock that she jerking while her holes still fucked roughly by the forward and the center, sucking her sane little by little.

    "Sluuurrpphhh aahhhh your cock taste the besstt oppaahhh its better than all of themm..", a compliment can be an insult if it heard by the wrong people. With their competitive side, Zubac and Morris pound her holes more rougher than animal could ever be.

    Plak! Plak! Plak! Plak! Plak!

    Jennie pull out your cock from her mouth and just stroke it so hear moan could be heard by all the people inside the bulding, "AAAAAHHH AAAHHHH AAAACCCHHH YEEESS POUND MY STUPID CUNT! OOHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK HARDEEERR OOOOHHH GODDDDD!!!!"

    Grool and squirts keep spilling out from her pussy with her body that can't stop trembling in lust but it's an endless banging for her as Zubac and Morris still keeping the same energy, not yet — not until they spill their seed inside her holes.

    The hot scene make the others jerking off harder also Jennie who keep stroking your cock uncontrollably, you try to gather you legs as you resist to not to cumming like a bitch in front of your opponents.

    "Uugghhh Marcus! I can't hold it anymore!", Zubac gritting his teeth.

    "Shoot it! Shoot it! Aaaghhh!!", These two grab her body tightly and give their last stamina to pumped their orgasms until they reach their climaxes. Jennie let go of your cock as her body start to getting weak after she burst dozens of squirts and load of seeds planted inside her womb, she can even feel the warmth in her belly.

    You survived, at least.

    "Move out! Move out! Now it's the time for the OG! Hahaha!!", Their coach — Tyronn Lue nakedly approaching Jennie with his old fat belly that popped out but George hold him.

    "Coach, you begging to trade him to our team last season right? But It was ended badly — and now, It would be great if you do a threesome with him and show how it must be done."

    He nodded while Jennie already move her body to sit on you then slide your cock into her pussy easily that earned loud cheers from the others, they're all gather to surronding the three of you — even their spouses also join them.

    Jennie bend her body a bit to spread her gaped ass hole, "What are you waiting for Daddy? I feel empty here, pleasee fill it with your thick cock.."

    "Better not begging me to stop later..", Lue smirked.

    "I won't, trust me."

    He shove his cock hard into her ass hole and make Jennie jerked in surpise with the size of it that exceed her expectation, 'how this old man cock can be this big? Fuck I love it!'

    Jennie begin to moving her hips along with how rough Lue's penetrations inside her ass, you keep groaning since your cock feel sucked by her pussy. The others jerking off again but now added with their spouses who raised their dress as they also begin to fingering herself.

    Jennie squeezing her own perky tits while making out with you after she take off the duct tape that cover it since she need to keep her mouth and hands busy, "aahh ahhh ammhhhh I know that you moan my name oppaaahh.. I know that you love it when I make you feel good like thiss uuhhhhh God.. Daddyyhh fuck me harder!! I'm your fucking whooree!!"

    "YEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!", they're all cheered and make the old man gritting his teeth hard as he increasing the pace of his cock penetrations.

    plak plak plak plak plak plak plak..

    Jennie release her lips from yours then put her arms around your neck and hug you instead as she feel her ass burning while Tyronn Lue pounding it harshly, "Agh! Aghhhh! Fuck! Im close! I'm fucking closee!! Aahhh!!"


    "Aakhh! Aakkkhh!! Jeenn!! I'm cumming too!! Uugghh!!!", you raise your hips a bit and make your dick poke the entrance of her womb then pour loads of cum that you hold for a long time.

    "Yeeeaaahhh thats itt!!", "The champ is cumming, ladies and gentlemen!", "He cumming like a bitch!", "He must be feeling it too!", "I don't know that handsome man love cuckold thing", "Nah! It's just his girl is a whore!", "Shut up, let's congratulate him and give two of them our blessings for their relationship."

    Ccrrtt.. Crrrtt.. Crrtt.. Cuuurrrrr... Cuuuuuurrr..

    Tyronn Lue move away as his players along with their spouses together cumming and pissing towards the bad couple, you and Jennie. She making out with you to distract your attention from their disgusting cum that covered all of your body too, until their sacks and bladders left empty — make both of you look like a tart cake.

    All of them cleaned up then gathers up for the last time before they leave and George is the one who spit his words out, "For one last time, the NBA Champion and the Finals MVP. Congratulations, Samuel Rosinante."

    They left.

    Jennie keep making out with you for awhile then put her lips away from yours after she can't hear nothing but silence, both of you just looking at each others and let the eyes do the talks but within a minute — Jennie already lost.

    "I'm not gonna ask for your forgiveness or even beg for it, I just want to remind you that I have my needs to and that is having you beside me — always. I hope that you could understand my position, you know really well that I love you to death right?"

    "I know Jen, I understand. You don't have to worry about it anymore since I already fulfilled my dreams, so I can give you every second of my time. Kim Jennie, you're the death of me."

    Both of you making passionately while Jennie moving her hips slowly on your cock even with bodies fully covered in cums and piss, tighten the loose ties in your relationship — love is a word full of ambiguous meanings but In the end, it's depends on how you express it.

    Jennie smiled between her kisses, "Congrats for your trophy oppa, I'm proud of you.."

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    2 for 1 special

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    Miss kitty & miss bear 🐱🐻

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    ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ sᴇᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴᴄᴇsᴏʀᴇᴅ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ?

    ɢᴏ sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍʏ ᴏɴʟʏғᴀɴs ʀɪɢʜᴛ ɴᴏᴡ ɪᴛs 35% ᴏғғ

    ᴏɴʟʏ 4 sʟᴏᴛs ʟᴇғᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇs $5.48 ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ᴍᴏɴᴅᴀʏ ᴅᴇᴀʟs

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