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  • albaharu
    16.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    No Home No Heart 

    A princess and her knight...they fall in love

    But what the princess didn’t know it’s that her knight was planning to betray her all along... 

    This was an idea for some animations vid that I left behind but SOMEDAY i will continue them

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  • clau-gaby
    25.07.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Miss you

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  • asknicorobean
    23.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    #thabk you for this ask!!! #and excuse my shitty sketches nhnh #nico robin#analysis #? #theory#what if #gonu gomu no mi #one piece#ask blog#op
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  • veroxina
    14.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    hands    once    clasped    around    the    small    body    of   a   squirrel   as   the   young   devect’an   looked   over   the   wild   animal   almost   curiously,    sitting   on   the   very   branch   it   had   called   home  ;    releases   it   once   a   ki   is   sensed.    daiten   admires   the   scratches    &&.    the   bites   the   small   animal   had   caused,   before   turning   her   attention   to   trunks.    were   they   there   to   spar   again   . . .   ?    or   was   it   something   different   ?       ”       what   do   you   want   ?       ”

    @hopefromadoomedtimeline   gets   a   dbz   verse   starter.
    #animal cruelty tw #verse   :   dragon   ball. #ii.    we   won’t   stay   in   the   shadows   now     /     threads. #nhnh this is late i'm rlly sorry ! #if you want a new one let me know bc i know it's kinda vague n
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  • poisonepel
    17.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    "not even doctors know what's wrong with me, so I'm probably just lazy..." SILVER YOUR FATHER IS A LITERAL 500 YEAR OLD MAGIC FAERIE PLS curses is diasomnia's thing you would think that this woudlkjhkgjhh hn n h n nhnh

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  • tsukidrama
    10.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #im so sad like my ultimate fantasy is her caring about me and loving me #but shes more of a shove you up against a wall and fingerbang u kinda gal #yelena#snk yelena#snk#ask#anonymous#yelena brainrot
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  • love-lemons
    23.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    hn hn hn hnhn hn nhnh hnn nnh n

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  • alittlelove4u
    22.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    mha boys/girls saying ,,I love you“ for the first time

    including: Denki • Momo • Iida • Todoroki • Bakugou
    WARNINGS: none except my tenses and my English
    NOTE: requests are open

    Denki Kaminari

    It was after the training. For the first time since months he lost control over his quirk. Of course you brought him to recovery-girl and took care of him.

    When he finally came back, you were still sitting in the nursing room next to him with his hand in yours and your head on his shoulder. Your eyes were closed but then you heard his voice. It was nothing more than a whisper. ,,I love you,“ he said with a soft voice.

    You looked up to him, to see him looking at his hands. You always knew that he was insecure about his quirk and felt helpless in these situations, but you never left his side and always told him that he’s a great hero.

    He realized that he loves you weeks ago but was too scared to tell you anything.

    ,,I love you too,“ you said with a lovely smile and squeezed his hand softly. Denki finally looked you in the eyes and as he realized that you were serious, he kissed you softly. Trying to show you how much he loves you. To him you are the most perfect human being in existence and he’s thanks the gods evey day for the privilege to know you. He would have never dared to believe that you would even like him and yet, you just said that you love him.

    Iida Tenya

    Tenya didn’t say it directly. He’s too shy for that.

    But one time he gave you a book as a present. It was a random Saturday morning and you recognized the book, because he’s read it multiple times and sometimes he even read it to you.

    ,,Well, you said you like it. So i got you your own copy,“ he said with a shy smile and rosy cheeks.

    As you stated reading it, you found little notes on the pages. Some sentences were underlined others were crossed out. You recognized Tenya‘s handwriting and couldn’t stop smiling. He marked every sentence that reminds him of you or that sounds romantic.

    You finished the book a flew days later, late at night. As you finished reading, you saw that the very last page had a fold. There was one last note that Tenya left for you.

    ,,There are many people who wrote stunning poems about the people they love, but none of these can describe what you make me feel. From the deepest roots of your anger to the way you tuck your hair back. There is nothing that I couldn’t love about you. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. I love you Y/N“

    Still in your pyjama and with the book in your hands you run to his room. It took him a while to get up and open. He seemed alerted as he saw you, but you just pulled him into a hug and kissed him.

    ,,Y/n, what are you doing here? Did something happen?“ he was still concerned until you hold the book up. For a second Tenya stiffened, afraid that you might reject him.

    You were still hugging him tightly with you face in his neck. ,,I love you too, Tenya.“

    Momo Yaoyozoru

    Momo had a plan. She would cook you your favorite meal and after that the two of you would go star gazing. She would tell you that she loves you and kiss you unter the stars.


    Just a flew days before your special date, Momo caught the floo. Fever, Headaches and much more. She was laying in bed all day and of course you took care of her.

    ,,Y/n you really don’t have to stay here. You’ll get sick too,“ she protested as you brought her her favorite tea and sit down.

    ,,I don’t care. You are sick and my ma always said that you take care of people you love.“ You didn’t really though about the things you said but Momo froze for a second.

    ...for the people you love...

    ...you love...

    You took care of her...this means you love her. Right?

    Momo didn’t know if it was because of the fever or the weird medicine that Midorya brought her.

    ,,I love you, Y/n!“ Momo shouted as loud as she could and sit up. She had forgotten all of her plans. All she could think about is that you love her and she loves you too!

    ,,What?“ You asked, still in shook but with a growing smile on your face.

    ,,I love you.“ she reapeded, this time calmer and soft. But she started doubting herself. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way? Maybe she didn’t hear you correctly.

    ,,I love you too, Momo,“ you said with the biggest smile on your face and kissed her.

    Todoroki Shoto

    You and Shoto were laying in bed, listening to music and just relaxing after a hard day. Your head was on his chest and his arms around your waist.

    Shoto realized that he loves you just in that moment. You were singing along to some song and were playing with his fingers. He was looking at you and thought that even if the world would end right now, he wouldn’t care because you were with him. He could stay in this position forever.

    I love you. He thought and almost said it out loud but there was this little voice in the back of his head. How could you, the most stunning person, love him, when not even his own mother could love him. He was probably unable to be loved.

    Maybe I did something bad in my previous life? Maybe all the people who love me are cursed. No...I’m the curse.

    He would give all his belongings, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s if it would mean that you could love him. He would even forget his groll against his father.

    Shoto stiffened and you noticed that. He seemed so distant and scared. ,,Shoto? Babe are you okay?“ you looked up to him and slowly run your finger over his cheek.

    Shoto needed a second to put away his thoughts. ,,Yeah.“

    ,,You are lying,“ you noted and the hurted look in your eyes, broke his heart. ,,I thought we can talk about everything.“

    He looked at you for a flew seconds. He’s already hurting you. ,,W...What would you do, if I’d love you?“ Shoto knows that his question is probably weird but he just wants to know it.

    You are quiet for a moment. Processing the question. ,,I would love you back,“ you replied with little smile.

    They boy with the red-white hair is speechless. You would love him back. You wouldn’t leave him.

    Shoto doesn’t say anything but he smiles and places a gentle kiss on your forehead. He was relaxing again and even though he didn’t say it, you both knew what this question really meant.

    Bakugou Katsuki

    Just like Momo he wants everything to be perfect but nothing reaches his expectations. He took you out to three different dates last week and every time he almost said it, he got to scared. He can’t stop thinking about it.

    The two of you were sitting in the common room, watching some sitcoms. You were sitting next to him with his arms around you. I love you. He thought but it wouldn’t fit. Who wants to hear their first ,,I love you“ on some random couch.

    ,,Do you wanna go get something to eat later?“ you asked with a sleepy voice and looked up to him.

    I love you

    You looked so beautiful and it made Katsuki only angry because he couldn’t find a proper way to tell you how much he loves you. ,,Yeah.“

    He didn’t say anything else and you just keep watching TV. Until you stood up and left his arms, wich he didn’t like. He loves it when you cuddle, because it calms him down.

    ,,What are you doing?“ he asked with a grumpy face and held your hand.

    ,,I promised Mina to help her with her hair. We can get food afterwards. I won’t need long,“ you explained and placed a soft goodbye-kiss on his lips.


    ,,See you later. Bey, Babe,“ you walked around the couch and gave him a last kiss from behind.

    ,,Bey, love you,“ Katsuki said and regretted it immediately. Not because he didn’t meant it but he didn’t wants to say it like that. It slipped from his mouth and he froze.

    ,,What?“ you stopped walking as you realized what he just said. With rosy cheeks and a big smile you turned around. He actually said it. You weren’t stupid, of course you knew why he took you on so many dates.

    ,,Nothing,“ he denied it, hoping he could say it later right, but you were tired of waiting. With a big smile you jumped on the sofa and looked at him. His cheeks were burning and he was afraid to look you in the eyes.

    ,,Nhnh. You said, that you love me,“ you just love it to tease him. You sit on his lap and grinned at him. You wouldn’t leave him until he said it again.

    ,,So what? I do.“

    ,,Say it again,“ you pull a pout and wrapped your arms around his neck. Katsuki couldn’t resist your puppy eyes.

    ,,I love you,“ he said, still a little grumpy but smiling as you kissed him.

    ,,I love you too, Katsuki,“ you giggle happy and Katsuki could swear this was the most beautiful sound he ever heard. It’s rare that someone says his name with so much love in their voice.

    Bakugou held you as tight as he could.

    #iida tenya#momo yaoyozoru#kaminari denki#shoto torodoki#bakugou katsuki#mha hcs#mha headcanons #bakugou x y/n #denki x y/n #bnha iida #iida x you #momo mha#bnha momo #bnha shoto todoroki #todoroki x you #todoroki shoto x reader #denki x reader #mha todoroki #iida x y/n #mha fluff
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  • itsdamiandarling
    14.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Damian X Reader Smut

    author x male reader

    TW: Makeout session, dry humping, fingering

    Nhhnh…”, slowly opening your eyes, the rays of sun that sneaked through the open cracks of the blind tickling your nose, before you groaned quietly and turned around while rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. Tiredly looking at the sleeping brunette for a few seconds as he was still fast asleep, You grumbled lightly as you cuddled closer to his shirtless body, wrapping your arms around hm and pressing yourself against his side with one leg slung around his hips – you were horny

    Even though, you and him had made love almost all throughout the night, you still didn’t have enough, his cum that trickled down your ass and inner thighs only spurring you on more as you started grinding against his outer thigh while you were pressing kisses to his neck, licking and nibbling on the sensitive skin and leaving little red marks behind, the submissive partner as possessive as your dominant lover.

    Your hand traveled along hid body was the last thing he needed before he opened his eyes with a soft groan, his raspy voice barely mumbling your name, only to groan quietly when you bit a little harsher into his neck. “Mhhh… still not enough, bunny, mh?” He said in a raspy morning voice, it was the mixture of a chuckle and groan that made you shiver and simply grumble a “Mh” back, before you rose just enough so he could free his arm and wrap it around you as you were laying back down against his side, his other hand grabbing your leg and pulling it higher up and caressing your leg.

    Not putting too much effort into it, you let your hips sway against him, lazily thrusting your half-hard cock to grind just enough to feel the friction, soft murmurs and groans of Damians name leaving your lips before he decided to seal them. “Mhhn~”, quietly moaning into his mouth, the kisses shared weren't hard or desperate – at first at least. Though, as seconds passed, he kissed you harder and more sloppily, hid teeth nibbling on your lip, just to let his tongue dip between them, kissing you more passionately and in return, hearing your soft whimper and feeling your hips stuttering against his outer thigh.

    As he turned onto his side as well, his legs now tangled and your cock firmly pressed against his own, letting your hips dance together, your voice cracking badly when you moaned louder than before, however, you two weren't in this position for long as you needed to move more freely, thus pushing him onto hid back once again, though this time, you were on top, not even sitting but lazily laying there and letting your weight push him more into the mattress – but nothing he couldn’t handle.

    Your soft legs rubbing up against his own, they tangled again while Damians hands started running down your beautiful back and further to your ass and the moment he touched you, another needy whimper against his lips erupted from your throat and his own groan made your hips jerk against his, before you started humping again, grinding your cock rather idly and never in a rush – You weren’t particularly the most active person early in the morning, especially when you simply didn’t have to be.

    For a few moments he simply kneaded and massaged your ass, earning soft little sighs and whines in the process, only to hear the most blissful moan when he spread you and started circling your hole, more of his seed from a night of love making slowly started trickling down while the sweet scent of your Slick mixed into it creeped into his nose and make him growl quietly. “Nhnh~ Dami…” – “Mhh~, you like that, mh?”, his deep, raspy morning voice was making you shiver so violently as you could merely nod and bury your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his strong, musky scent and leaving butterfly kisses on his skin behind once more.

    “My Baby loves being bred, huh?”, pushing two of his fingers inside, your whimpery moan making his cock twitch against your as he let his hips thrust a bit to encourage you to keep grinding for the friction, his fingers stirring up your sticky, cum-filled insides, pushing his seed out more as his husky voice sent a chill down his spine and made him moan, “Mhhh~ fuck, you’re overflowing with my cum, your little swollen hole can't hold it, mh?” – “M-Mhm~”, something inside of you just needed to answer him, even if it was just an approved whine as your hips were shaking and your lazy thrusts becoming more erratic.

    “But my princess still wants more, even after being bred so much. What a naughty little thing.”, the smack against your ass and his fingers pushing as deep as possible inside and playing with the sticky mess that was your drenched, filled hole made your voice crack pitifully when a whiny cry erupted from your throat.

    Tilting your head back and grabbing his cheek, You pulled him back into sloppy kisses as he continued fingering you, the feeling of his digits pushing out more and more of his seed and your Slick as he started thrusting and playing with your insides making it impossible for you not to full on moan into his mouth as your tongues danced messily, drool trickling from the corner of your mouth. His and your own precum smearing around, the squelching noises coming from your ass as he was making a mess out of your already gaping, bred hole made you a shivering mess.

    Pushing your ass back into his hands and against his greedy finger, his seed dripping from it over your balls and cock, drenching and covering his lap in all kinds of fluids that made him deeply groan against your lips, which in return only earned him your pitiful, blissful whimper as you humped him faster and harder than before.

    “Mhn~ Mh Damian…Dami… Fuck~”, cursing loudly, you dug your nails into his scalp as your thrusts became sloppy and irregular, so close to your release, your twitching hole gaping even more when he spread you further, cum running down your inner thighs as your hips were stuttering and moving so vigorously against his by now, making sure to get the most friction, letting you hold onto his body so desperately as he made a mess out of you with such simple touches alone.

    Rubbing against and playing with your ass, it only took a few more thrusts of his fingers and you humping him so desperately that you couldn’t avoid pulling away from him and throwing your head back with a loud, pitched moan, beads of sweat trickling down the side of your face, while he took the chance to lean in and kiss along your prominent adam’s apple and littering your neck with new little marks and hickeys, sending another chill up your spine and the goosebumps spreading making your hair on your arms stand up, it was the last thing you needed before everything broke down on you, your hips stuttering and your voice cracking as you were whimpering and crying out his name together with curses. The orgasm sweeping through your body, making your hole tighten around his fingers as you walls were pulsating so much, your cock twitching and coming all over his lap and in the end, pulling him with you over the edge before falling back on top of him, still feeling your lover come undone as he cummed in his pants.

    Panting heavily, you snuggled back into his arms, your face buried in the crook of his neck as you both let your hips ride out the orgasm together, still twitching and with his sticky, wet fingers drawing on your ass, you truly felt like falling back asleep, but he was not in the mood to sleep again. “Hey, hey, Baby~ don’t fall asleep on me.”, his chuckle only made you groan as you mumbled something incoherent, not caring about how sticky, wet and sweaty you both were

    “Only 5 more minutes, then we need to take a shower ‘cause we’re sticky ‘n gross…”, yawning himself, he snuggled his head against yours, You instantly returning the gesture, sighing blissfully as he scented you again, both of your scents mixing together making you sign happily and contently. Tilting your head back just to exchange little kisses, arms lazily wrapped around him while you completely ignored the mess, you slowly drifted off to sleep and even though, he wanted to be persistent, he couldn’t help but feel the drowsiness overtaking as well and in the end, instead of soft purrs, soft snores were heard from you both.

    5 more minutes might have ended up being 4 more hours instead…

    #gay smut#gay #x male reader #male reader #x male!reader #male!reader
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  • ntynn
    02.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Đến sinh nhật của babe rồi a yêu babe nhiều luôn xinh đẹp bên a nha yêu em nhnh lắm luôn

    From lover 💗

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  • asphalts-garbage-or-something
    30.10.2020 - 6 monts ago
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  • asphalts-garbage-or-something
    27.10.2020 - 6 monts ago
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  • skyjack242
    11.09.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Đột nhiên bị ‘cà khịa’ không rõ lý do, cô gái tò mò tìm hiểu thì đụng chạm ‘thánh sống ảo’, mượn ảnh suốt nhiều năm để làm nữ đại gia

    Những bức ảnh ăn cắp trên mạng cùng hàng loạt status bịa chuyện đỉnh cao của cô nàng tên T. đang là tâm điểm bàn tán ồn ào trên MXH.

    Trong cuộc sống hiện đại, có lẽ ai cũng từng một lần “không sống thật” với chính mình khi dùng mạng xã hội. Đó có thể là một bức ảnh dùng app che đi khuyết điểm trên gương mặt, nâng vòng 1 sửa vòng 3, hoặc vài câu “thả thính” khiến ai cũng xiêu lòng.

    Tuy nhiên có lẽ ít ai làm được cả 2 việc trên cùng một lúc – ấy là “ảo” cả phần ảnh lẫn phần lời. Một cô gái tên T. bị dân mạng bóc mẽ sự thật không trượt phát nào, kèm theo cả tá bằng chứng cho thấy T. chuyên đi mượn ảnh không xin phép, thậm chí “chém gió” đủ đường để khoác lên mình vỏ bọc một tiểu thư giàu có, ảo tưởng bản thân tới mức khó tin.

    Sự việc khởi đầu từ chuyện T. chia sẻ một bài viết khoe tin vui được bạn trai cầu hôn của một cô gái khác không hề quen biết gì với T. trên group mạng xã hội có gần 1 triệu thành viên. Thay vì gửi lời chúc mừng đến thiếu nữ may mắn có chuyện tình đẹp đẽ, T. lại viết bằng giọng đầy mỉa mai: “Mấy bé gái được cái nhẫn xíu xiu đã khoe ầm lên. Ngày xưa được tặng cả bộ tôi còn mãi không ưng. Các chị em sang lên nào, phụ nữ hiện đại không ngại độc thân!”.

    Chủ nhân bức ảnh cầu hôn tỏ ra vô cùng ngạc nhiên khi chẳng động chạm đến T. mà cũng bị “cà khịa”, vô số người cũng bức xúc thay cho cô vì đọc status của T. thấy đầy mùi ghen tị.

    Vì tò mò không biết nhân vật T. là ai mà ngang nhiên mỉa mai mình, cô gái được cầu hôn đã vào trang cá nhân của T. để xem. Không ngờ, cô ấy phát hiện ra mình đen đủi va phải “thánh sống ảo” mặt dày nhất năm 2020!

    Gần đây T. có khoe một bức ảnh đi máy bay ngồi hạng thương gia của hãng hàng không 4 sao, kèm theo caption khoe túi hiệu trăm triệu “vứt lăn lóc khắp nơi”. Nhìn thì tưởng sang chảnh, nhưng nhiều người cảm thấy ngờ ngợ như đã trông thấy bức ảnh ở đâu rồi. Quả nhiên nghi ngờ của dân mạng là đúng, sau một hồi lùng sục thì ai đó đã phát hiện ra bức ảnh thuộc sở hữu của ca nương Kiều Anh – hot mom 9X rất nổi tiếng được nhiều người yêu mến!

    Bức ảnh đã xuất hiện trên trang IG cá nhân của Kiều Anh từ cách đây 3 năm, chiếc túi xách lấp ló bên góc phải màn hình là món phụ kiện được cô nàng khá yêu thích. Có lẽ T. nghĩ ảnh chụp lâu năm thì “mượn tạm” không xin phép cũng chẳng vấn đề gì, tiếc là cư dân mạng quá thông minh và hung dữ nên đã nhảy vào mắng cô nàng gay gắt. Tự nhận mình là phụ nữ độc lập, tự chủ kinh tế, sang chảnh này nọ, ấy thế mà phải “chôm” ảnh trên mạng về bịa là của mình. Không hiểu T. muốn gia nhập showbiz hay gì?

    Một status khác của T. bị dân mạng bới ra cách đây vài hôm cho thấy cô nàng khoe được bạn trai tặng bánh Trung thu nhân bào ngư. T. liên tục khẳng định mình là người “tinh tế”, thành đạt nên quà tặng cũng phải tương xứng với cô.

    Tưởng bánh Trung thu của T. có giá tiền triệu, song dân mạng chưng hửng khi tìm kiếm loại bánh cô ăn có giá chỉ… 145k/ chiếc, thuộc thương hiệu ít phổ biến.

    T. thanh minh với thái độ “trịch thượng”, chê người khác “không cùng đẳng cấp” với một người chỉ xài hàng cao cấp như cô (?!?) Dân tình còn soi ra điểm mâu thuẫn vô lý trong lời nói của T. xoay quanh chiếc bánh Trung thu: ở trên cảm ơn bạn trai tặng, nhưng ở dưới lại tuyên bố bánh xịn mua bằng tiền đi làm của chính cô nàng.

    Thêm một lần khác nữa T. bi dân mạng bóc phốt chê cười, đó là story trên FB của chính cô, khoe đi shopping sương sương mất 50 triệu và số dư tài khoản lên đến hơn 300 triệu. Tuy vậy, các thánh soi trên MXH đã nhnh chóng phát hiện ra bức hình chụp tin nhắn giao dịch ngân hàng ở trên cũng là đồ “đi chôm”, copy trên báo mạng từ cách đây khá lâu.

    Sau khi theo dõi đầy đủ tình tiết của câu chuyện, cộng đồng mạng được phen cười đau ruột với chị gái ham hố sống ảo nhất năm 2020. Không biết T. “chém gió” đủ thứ như vậy nhằm mục đích gì, còn đôi co với hội chị em như thật, song chỉ vài bằng chứng sơ sơ ở trên cũng đủ để hàng chục nghìn người lắc đầu thở dài. Thật buồn vì kẻ đáng bị mỉa mai lại có sở thích đi mỉa mai người khác, rồi kết cục vẫn nhận về cả núi gạch đá!

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