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  • continent-of-wild-endeavor
    29.11.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Why are there no sweaters in the thrift stores? It's November.

    I understand that I can't find overalls because my desire to have loose pants that stay up arose at the same time they became trendy. Ok, no overalls for me. But sweaters?? It's such a broad category! Why are they not there??

    #I tried to buy cold weather clothes in late august once and was told they don't put that stuff out til later #ok its later where's the warm stuff #thrift shopping #consignment shops do have them #but in addition to something for me to wear I'm also looking for one to cut down for Hemmie #and i'm not gonna do that to a nice sweater
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  • kerkusa
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Museum Friends

    #aka birds 2.0 #aka the addition of brewster in acnh makes for the perfect coffee shop au #good omens#animal crossing #also my original try at this concept tried to stick to the original brewster/blathers designs more closely #and it just did not look good #for some reason the shapes were really escaping me #so i made them more how i would normally draw them and it looks nice and theres probably a lesson there idk #mostly the lesson is draw fat round birbs it heals the brain #aziraphale#crowley#ineffable partners#ineffable spouses
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  • vaguely-concerned
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    the fact that autolycus seems sort of serious about cleaning up his act a bit at the end of the winter's tale leads me to think that while perdita's shepherd brother is not very bright he is extremely hot. and autolycus, nothing if not an opportunist at heart, looked at that and decided that if he were ever to mend his crooked ways slightly it might as well be for the love of a good himbo who just sincerely declared his friendship and his faith in him despite all the available evidence, and went along with it

    #perdita's bro does have two girls hanging off his arms already which I take as additional circumstantial evidence lol #I love autolycus tho he's just like -- 'not to help the prince out for surprisingly selfless reasons but --' #like he does some moist von lipwig level corkscrew thinking around it to convince himself he's not actually doing the right thing #but that's just his self respect as a thief and a crook talking I suspect he's secretly a bit nice actually (*gasp*!!!) #the winter's tale #shakespeare
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  • melliminx
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Nov 26, 2021

    Representatives have confirmed that Solstice Entertainment has officially acquired Imaginaut Entertainment Rumors of the merger have been floating around since late this summer, but was not made official until November.
    Solstice expressed that Imaginaut would keep it's name and management to retain their personal color and philosophy, but at the same time welcomed the smaller agency into the Solstice label family.
    Imaginaut is known as being the home of the girl group Melliminx who serve as it's sole active artist along with various female trainees. With their addition to the Solstice Entertainment roster, Melliminx is the third female artist after ab.z (under sub-label Prismade Media) and Hijinx (under sub-label Biotune Entertainment).
    #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ news. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ melliminx. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #fictional idol community #kpop oc#oc kpop#kpop addition#kpop au #oc!kpop #idol oc #idol!oc #: ).
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  • melliminx
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ✧ * º • –– HEARTCODE is the debut studio album of the first Melliminx subunit, melmi Bloom consisting of members Plum and Joohwa. The album, containing nine songs, was released on November 1, 2021 and was promoted for four weeks. HeartCode had two title tracks: “Got It” and “Dance With Me” which were promoted at the same time: there was a single stage for “abittipsy” and “Last Night” as well.

    ✧ * º • –– TRACKLIST

    001. Got It :: Title :: Insp

    002. Dance With Me :: Title :: Insp

    003. Blossoming :: Insp 

    004. abittipsy [ Joohwa Solo ] :: Promoted :: Insp

    005. Last Night [ Plum Solo ] :: Promoted :: Insp

    006. You You You :: Insp

    007. Shine :: Insp

    008. No More :: Insp

    009. Lovegame :: Insp

    ✧ * º • –– INCLUSIONS

    BLOOM VER :  1x CD + 1x Photobook (90p) + 1x Photocard ( 1 of 8, random) + 1x BLOOM Photocard ( 1 of 4, random ) + 1x Polaroid ( 1 of 6, random )
    JOOHWA VER :  1x CD + 1x Photobook (90p) + 1x Photocard ( 1 of 8, random) + 1x GOT IT  Photocard ( 1 of 4, random ) + 1x Polaroid ( 1 of 6, random )
    PLUM VER :  1x CD + 1x Photobook (90p) + 1x Photocard ( 1 of 8, random) + 1x DANCE WITH ME Photocard ( 1 of 4, random ) + 1x Polaroid ( 1 of 6, random )

    ✧ * º • –– ERA NOTES

    Marshmellis were hoping for a another album. But another album for the whole group, who, in 2021, had only had one OT4 comeback before Joohwa’s solo debut in the summer.

    They were a bit : | when it was a subunit. That quickly changed when the highlight medley was released however

    Imaginaut was certainly on something to whip out a studio album for a subunit consisting of the two most popular members in Korea and Internationally.

    And making three album versions. It was a money move that paid off tenfold.

    The sales and charts were pretty dang good and through promotions, melmi Bloom pulled off a whole five music show wins.

    Both a win and a lose for Marshmelli because it got their girls attention but it also fed the solo stans

    Someone asked Seulbee on VLIVE why she wasn’t in the unit and she said “because I don’t want to be”. She did however proudly work on all the songs in some shape or form.

    In conclusion Miss Kim Seulbi only makes bangers and Marshmelli Twitter had no doubt that she and the Bloom gals put everything into this.

    Concept and styling for “So Easy” was more chic and elegant with girl crush energy while still remaining feminine in shapes, complemented with makeup and accessories. The Suit Stages. Yep.

    Whereas “Dance With Me” was more reminiscent of Melliminx styling but more mature. City pop girlie energy.

    Overall very lovecore aesthetics with a little edge but. Not really. Joohwa had a sparkly pink gun. Yeah.

    Not much to say other than that Imaginaut was rolling in money from multiple fansigns both in person and online, and Seulbee by extension was rolling in royalties as she deserves.

    Plum was having a great time, saying she’s always wanted to form a unit with her same age friend in the group

    Joohwa was apologetic that there wasn’t all four of them together, but she went out of her way to include Seulbee and Eunjae in any way she could

    Fans noted that the two have the energy of actual friends with Plum being more outwardly chaotic and Joohwa the more worrying reasonable one who tries to ground her.

    ✧ * º • –– STYLE SNAPSHOT

    #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ discography. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ joohwa. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ plum. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #fictional idol community #kpop oc#kpop addition#kpop au#oc kpop #oc!kpop #idol oc #idol!oc #brought to u by me going insane bc i just wanted. coochie music and sm with lovecore aesthetics xx
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  • pineowlple
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Haters be like: I bet you think you’re so cute, huh?

    Me: Bitch, I’m fabulous!

    #pokemon brilliant diamond #pokemon bdsp#Dawn #this game is beautiful #this game is great #it’s also not a 1:1 #theres some slight additions and alterations that just make it nice
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  • hellguarded
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    smth i wanna clear up ---  ig’s fur  ( and by proxy, his hair )  is not soft.  it is thick, yes, and as a hellhound it bunches up around his neck into something one could consider a  mane,  but even then it is not all that pleasant to touch.  it can bristle like needles, and there’s numerous little barbs and spikes hidden underneath his fur coat, so when you really rake your fingers through it and touch him near skin rather than just the surface area of his fur, you’ll feel those.

    though much like a dog, shortly after a good wash it is, indeed, surprisingly softer than usual for about 2-3 days, before returning to its naturally rough and coarse state.

    #≥ file 073: CERBERUS // page 3: additional notes #( with that said i am home and boy am i tired ) #( i feel v grateful for all the nice messages tho! i didnt expect them. <3 )
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  • melliminx
    19.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ✧ * º • –– JELLY is the first single album released by fictional South Korean girl group Melliminx. Released on July 23, 2019, the album contains a title track of the same name, “Jelly” along with two B-Sides. “Jelly” was promoted for three weeks, followed by a week of promotions for “Sweet and Sour”.

    ✧ * º • –– TRACKLIST

    001. Jelly :: Title :: Insp

    002. Sweet and Sour :: Promoted :: Insp

    003. Yayaya :: Insp

    ✧ * º • –– INCLUSIONS

    1x CD + 1x Photobook (60p) + 1x  Selfie Photocard ( 1 of 12, random) + 1x Double Scoop Photocard ( 1 of 8, random ) + 1x Coupon Postcard ( 1 of 4, random)

    ✧ * º • –– ERA NOTES

    Melliminx doing more for the world than any military. They gave us a bright summer single. They gave us bright colors. Fun.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t get any wins, but “Jelly” and “Sweet and Sour” became very popular among the Korean general public.

    Fans were pleased with the timing both on the part of from how their earlier album was released and in the nearing peak of summer.

    The music video had a mix of Tokyo Mew Mew and Totally Spies vibes and starred who would become to be known as FYWLD’s Suwoong as the male actor!

    Melmi continued to show that their music style is consistently cute but with an attiude mostly provided by Seulbee

    They continued their “color coordination” from Meltmi with several of their stage outfits, but also embraced a lot of pastel patterns and prints with flowers and fruit.

    Their makeup was so bright and colorful with heavy warm blush and colorful (and glitter) freckles galore

    You know their waiting rooms and their van still has glitter bits. I know this. We all do.

    In the grand tradition of covers with taste, Melmi did a special stage for Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick”.

    Joohwa got  a negative article saying she was rude to a fan at a fansign, but other reports say that the fan was behaving inappropriately towards her. Someone leaked alleged Kakaotalk messages between her and a friend where Joohwa said that the fan “sneezed into his hands” while in line and she didn’t want to touch that, thanks.

    Eunjae said that they had dyed her hair blonde (or tried to) for the comeback, but the creative director for their jacket photoshoot said it washed her out so bad and they dyed it back to a dark brown.

    On the other hand, Seulbee said she was still thriving with her light colored hair, but hoped she could change it soon. She was also very open on VLive and did a whole live showing her process for producing music + expressed how she wants to one day make a song in collaboration with Marshmelli.

    They did a cute dance video for “Sweet and Sour” at a waterpark and did a photoshoot there!! The smaller designer who made their swimwear sold out of several of the pieces the girls wore.

    Plum leaked her own predebut footage of singing and dancing shows she was in as a kid in Thailand and China and knew absolutely no shame for how some fans thought it was “cringey”.

    ✧ * º • –– STYLE SNAPSHOT

    #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ melliminx. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #✧ * º • ––  ⎧ discography. ⎫  sugar spice and everything nice #fictional kpop idol #kpop oc#kpop addition#kpop au#oc kpop #oc!kpop
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  • taealhasblade
    16.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    At this point my father's just making excuses for why we can't adopt a kitten.

    #senseless excuses #its just a fucking kitten #im just asking for ONE more furry friend is that too much to ask for #i mean i love my rabbit but a kitten would be such a nice addition to the family #besides its time oreo (my rabbit) got a friend
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  • flowery-king
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #there's so many nice artists n people on Twitter but unfortunately the negative out ways the positive #thank you for the addition <3
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  • cithaerons
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i think the queen’s gambit is one of the few shows / movies that comes very close to being better than the book, not because the book was anywhere close to bad (it was EXCELLENT) but the show was SO good

    #i think the show managed to convey pretty much every single thing that happened in the book #and then added a few additional layers that weren’t present that complimented it nicely #as well as presenting it all in a visual form gorgeously
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  • abyssaldissonance
    12.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Nightbane should wear Fortitude by Robert Graham.

    #headcanon#nightbane#shitpost #it smells nice in addition to having a dope fucking lid
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  • afieldinengland
    11.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #thank you!! #julian this prompt is absolutely insane i love you so. essentially songs hammer frankenstein would listen to sat bolt upright on the beach #like an absolute weirdo doing his best to look incognito while simon helder and the angel urgently dug a grave behind him #he’s still in his ordinary everyday clothes with the singular addition of sunglasses. perched haughty in a deckchair and complaining #he would consider it a nice family day out #answered
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  • personalized-chaos
    08.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ID: Pencil sketch of Mike Milligram from cover of The true lives of The Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem with his hair and red parts of his clothes being bright pink instead. /End ID

    Me: I finally drew something I like

    My brain: literally none of it is yours, not the pose not the style, nothing, you just redrew someone else's drawing

    Me: but I drew something I like :)

    #obviously there's nothing wrong with doing this as long as you don't claim it as yours it can actually help you a lot #and yk art is about having fun after all #also when I say something I like I don't mean Mike fuck that guy I just like his jacket and the way this looks #also pink hair supremacy or well the red-ish pink you know which one I simply only had pink highlighter on me #in addition to how this can help you not only that you can identify better the things about the style you like learn better dynamics etc #all that obvious stuff it also helps you notice mistakes in the art which yeah kinda weird but yk it's nice to realize that other artists #also make mistakes and quite big ones but you don't even notice until you start looking very closely and examining every line #and you know what that means? those mistakes in your art aren't so obvious either! #plus it can be also fun tbh this pose? fucking bonkers my man Mike has a giraffe neck but no one notices so it's fine #what an art positivity hour we're having rn huh #and I thought I was just going to test new fillings into my mechanical pencil
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  • rustyskateblade
    08.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    zach hyman hebrew jersey featuring some red wings propaganda so nobody gets any ideas

    #should i be posting this at a time when i know more of my mutuals are online? probly #but i’m too exicted abt this jersey it looks so cool #also #the dylan sticker was mostly to cover up my fuck’t up hand but i think he’s a nice addition #OH and ignore how cringey this is i simply Do Not take pictures of myself Ever #while you’re at it go ahead and ignore how dirty my mirror is too lmaoo
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  • freesomebodybyluna
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Finally watched a quiet place II w/ my roommate rn and it was like good and all but what was the point!!!

    #ouougshshsh #i hate that it was basically a whole movie building up to a 3rd addition like it left my bestie & i feeling kinda empty #i also hated that the nice community was just killed off like that esp the guy that almost made it 😭😭😭 #dl
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  • barbaracleboy
    05.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Hey. so, I’m kinda unhappy at the moment, so I’m not gonna be on Tumblr for the next few day. I’ve set up a big queue, though, so content should still be coming in even while I’m gone. When I come back I’ll check up in the Bug Fables tag and like and/or reblog a bunch of art I find that I like.

    Just thought I’d give a heads up, for anyone curious as to why I’m gonna be posting stuff but talking or responding or whatever.

    #also if you say anything nice on any of my posts I'll probably respond #'cause taking time out of your day to say you like my thing (rather than/in addition to giving a like or reblog) is nice and I appreciate it #anywho you all enjoy yourselves #...hopefully I feel better soon
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  • escapenightmare
    05.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #— ash's lovers. #— rizale. #i saw the original post before #but nice to see the new additions
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  • starbuck
    03.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #I hope this isn’t Too Much - I was trying to be thorough without being overwhelming haha #but I’m also somehow afraid it’s not enough bc I know I’m forgetting stuff #but eBird and it’s associated sites/apps are such a great resource and I can’t recommend them enough #as are local birding organizations if you can find one in your area! #and binoculars are sort of the essential tool of a birder #it’s also nice to have a camera but not in any way a necessity #better to just focus on seeing and identifying rather than documenting at first anyway - that’s what I did #I got into bird photography later on #but yeah lmk if you want any additional info! I’m happy to help in any way I can! :))
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  • knitcowboy
    03.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Ah dudes. How do i stop feeling like i need to fight against time, and that im constantly behind on things.

    #my post #i just ahhhhh #my bachelor's will take 4 years instead of 3. i want to make two master's instead of one. that means several more years before i can do my #doctorate. and in the meanwhile I'd like to become fluent in two additional languages. write. read more. transition. #and realistically i understand that all of those things take time. and that im allowed to take that time. but at the same time I'm like oh #my god!! if i cant graduate by this age then I'm a failure #even tho like. i dont want to settle down with a mortgage when im 30. so what time limit am i even chasing?? #I just want to live. and i want to know and learn and experience. #sorry its ramble time props to you if youre reading i guess lmao #but one of my dreams now is to move to Hungary and do a doctorate there maybe. it would be just so wonderful. it would be warmer than here #i could use the skills ive been trying to learn for the past two years daily #they probably have a nicer looking university than the one im at now #just.. it sounds so nice #even tho like yeah. it's an unrealistic dream. im more than aware that the Hungarian government would want me dead. its fine. its a fantasy #I just need to stop feeling like im doomed to. i guess take too much time?? to realize my dreams
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