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    Originally posted by macabre-interloper

    (Based on the tv show: Are You Afraid Of The Dark? from 1992)

    “Make sure to come back home early.”

    “All right!”

    I call back to my parents and begin to walk down the street to meet up my new friend,Gary. I moved here four days ago and Gary was the first to talk to me and consider himself my friend, we began to talk and know each other some more besides we were planning up ahead our Halloween costumes since Halloween is in almost two weeks.

    “So what are you planning on being?” Gary asks walking side by side to me. “As a witch, what about you?”

    “I’m still not sure wether to dress up.”

    I stop i. my tracks and stare at him through his glasses, “But we’ve been planning this for days now, you gotta figure out something. We have to have fun before we get older you know?” i continue to walk and hear Gary sigh behind me.

    “You’re right.”

    We entered a Halloween shop and bought our costumes. We held onto them and made our way into our secret place and sat down by the wood. Kiki, Frank, David, Kristen, Betty Ann and Eric came. Gary made an exception for me to be able to come since they don’t let just anyone in the Midnight Society, on Halloween night will be my turn to tell a spooky story if I get enough votes i’m in.

    Gary and I tried getting the fire on since the logs were wet and Frank asked us why we weren’t hurrying.. Betty Ann grabbed Tucker’s comic book and look through it, Kiki helped us with the fire and it was time for the story

    “Submitted by the approval of the Midnight Society I call this story The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner.” Kiki throws in the fire some dust and begins telling her story. About an hour later we all headed to our own homes once Betty finished her storytelling. “You’ll do fine, start brainstorming some ideas.”

    Gary kept on telling me when he saw me deep in my thoughts, knowing why i was worried. “I will, thanks.” we stop in front of my house and i look back at him. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” we awkwardly hug each other and I ran inside my house and locked the door behind me.

    I kicked the door when I got angry at myself for not asking Gary out. “(Y/N) time for dinner.” My mother called from the kitchen and I ran over to her before she gets angry at me.

    Halloween is here and that means today is the day and see if i’ll be accepted. We were on our last period in school and began researching some thing’s for Science when Gary came over and sat next to me.

    “You ready for tonight?”

    He dressed up as a werewolf, he had some old ripped clothes, his hair all messy and two brown dog like ears on him along with his glasses as usual. “I guess so, I’ll try my best on making it scary.” i smile over to him. The bell rings and we both start walking out of the classroom.

    “You l-look nice by the way.” Gary complimented pushing his glasses up, and i looked to see him staring at the floor but his cheeks were blushing. “Thank you.” when we arrived outside a few kids ran and began grabbing some colored leaves and throwing them in the air. Other’s already had their pumpkins to carve at home.

    “Would you like to go and trick or treat with me once you finish your story?” Gary asks and stops walking. I stop as well and look at his dark eyes and happily nod, “I’d love to!”

    Night approached and we made it to our spot, “(Y/N) go for it.” Gary looks at me and I nervously nod and grab some dust before throwing it into the fire, “Submitted by the approval of The Midnight Society, I call this story the tale of the living mummy..” I begin to tell them my story, combining some stories I written out with this one, i continue. “All that was left were some ashes and old rags once the mummy disappeared..the end.” i look around and see everybody silent.

    I look over to Gary and he looks around at our friends, “And now the votes, thumbs up means yes, thumbs down mean no..Betty Ann.” he looks over to her and she gives me a thumbs up.

    “Eric..Kiki..Frank…Kristen..David.” they all give a thumbs up. “And me.” Gary also gives me a thumbs up and I happily smile at him. “Congratulations (Y/N), welcome to The Midnight Society.”

    I let out a happy squeal and Betty Ann comes and hugs me. “So glad to officially have you in.” i thank all of them and said my goodbyes, Gary quickly following me.

    “That story was amazing, i knew you could do it.” i blush deep red and thank him again. “If it weren’t for you none of this would’ve happened to thank you Gary.” i take a hold of his hand and quickly place a kiss on his cheek.

    Gary smiles and interwhines his fingers with mine as we hold hands, “Let’s go trick or treating.”


    It’s been fifteen since we last got together as The Midnight Society. Everyone graduated from school and went their separated ways forma while, we all still remained friends as for Gary and I we were finally married to each other. I never thought we’d stay together for this long, since that Halloween night i told my story. I became an author and write mostly horror ones while Gary became a lawyer and also a writer.

    It was a chilly afternoon and the few leaves that were on the trees began to fall down, the neighborhood was filled with pumpkins and decorations, some people already outside with their kids trick or treating like us.

    “Trick or treat!”

    I hold onto Gary’s hand and smile wide when I see goth of our kids rushing down to us with their candy in their bags, “Look at the many candies we have.” our daughter shows us the bags and our son comes in already eating a chocolate bar.

    “Not so fast there son, or it’ll be impossible to put you to sleep.” Gary tried to warn our son who refuses to listen. Hopefully it won’t be like last year, it was late at night when our boy came into our room waking us up by jumping on our bed. “Mommy don’t let him take my candy again.” my daughter says to me also remembering how her brother ate her entire bag last year.

    “Of course he won’t right?” i stare down at my son and he angrily looks away.

    “Don’t get angry at your mother, now answer her” Gary tells his all serious and our son looks down at his feet.

    “I’m sorry, i won’t eat her candy.”

    We begin walking around the neighborhood and I hold onto my boy’s hand while
    Gary carries our daughter. “Look who it is.” I look to where Gary is staring and I see our friends up ahead.

    My son let’s go of me and runs towards his friends, Gary places our daughter down and she follows her brother. They each all had kids and today ours would tell their first storytelling by the familiar fireplace, we all started to hang out but it was getting a bit late. The kids stayed a while longer and began to leave to the secret hideout.

    “Mommy, Daddy can we go?!” they both ask and grab onto our clothes and shook us back and forth.

    I stare down at them ,then smile up at Gary who fixes his dark eyes on them and pats their heads. “Alright but be careful.” “We will!” the twins leave running to their friends and we stay outside our house and smile towards their direction. They are the youngest in the group but they’ve been looking forward to this day.

    “They’ll do great i’m sure of it, just like you did back then.” I smile and lean closer to Gary and rest my head against his chest and wraps an arm around my waist. “I know, but real soon we’ll have another storyteller.” i answer him and smile down at my stomach that’s been growing a bit.

    “I’m so glad I met you and The Midnight Society.” I say looking up at Gary, he smiles down at me and places a quick kiss on my lips.

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  • #nickelodeon #these used to scare me when i was little #llol
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  • Be careful what you say in the central park zoo. The animals are listening to every word.



    Originally posted by apricotedits

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  • avatar: the last airbender.

    don’t repost anything, like/reblog! ♡

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  • korrasami ♥

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  • beck: where’s jade?

    andre: she went out.

    beck: … she’s grounded.

    andre: are they not allowed out when they’re grounded?

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  • Comix come to Life

    comic by: holden age 6, 1997.

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  • I followed Jessica Borutski’s tutorial on drawing Leni Loud! 😀
    Aside from fashionista, Leni’s so sweet, cute, and beautiful like her younger sister, Luan and her voice actress! 😀🥰

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    Yesterday Nickelodeon and Netflix announced a new series titled Sharkdog from Singapore-based artist Jacinth Tan! The main characters, human Max and his best friend Sharkdog, always get themselves into predicaments, but they always have each other. Sharkdog is the second series originated from the Nickelodeon Global Animated Shorts Program, the first being It’s Pony. There was also a series of interstitials airing on Nickelodeon Singapore featuring the characters.  The series will be produced out of Singapore and will be exclusive to Netflix.

    Sharkdog does give me some It’s Pony vibes from the looks of it, but I’m still interested in it and I’m thinking it would be enjoyable regardless. What do you think about this?

    Info from Animation Magazine


    Edit: Here’s an interview from Nick Singapore with Tan talking about her creation!

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  • From Zap2It, here’s the listings for Ollie’s Pack, The Loud House and The Casagrandes in April 2020!

    Ollie’s Pack

    4/6 - “The Chosen One…Stinks”/“Not Another Superhero Movie”
    4/7 - “New Kid on Campus”/“The Chosen One(s)”
    4/8 - “Lord of the Caf”/“Doom for Rent”
    4/9 - “Sorry to Father You”/“Race to Sploosh Mountain”
    4/13 - “Major Snooch”/“We’re With the Band”
    4/14 - “King Swelly Belly”/“Yard Sale Fail”
    4/15 - “Cleo for President”/“The Janitor”
    4/16 - “Charmed and Dangerous”/“Science Unfair”
    All episodes at 4:00 Eastern

    The Loud House

    4/27 - “Write and Wrong” (4:15)
    4/29 - “Purrfect Gig” (4:00)

    The Casagrandes

    4/28 - “Fast Feud”
    4/30 - “Never Friending Story”
    All episodes at 4:00 Eastern

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  • Heeey guys, I’m alive! 😅

    I decided to do a frame redraw from “Breadwinners”. I like this cartoon, lol

    Well, I am satisfied with my work uwu

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    While playing Animal Crossing these days I recently discovered several outfits created by the community that I can use in my avatar of Lucenda. I think I will be doing more fanarts with some of the outfits i’ve found.

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