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  • Sasha: What do you mean a sun is a star? A sun is a sun!


    Armin: Sasha, are you okay?


    Niccolo: I don’t know.

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  • how nicolo sees sasha vs how others see her

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  • Chocolate Hearts

    Jean’s presence was starting to unnerve Nikolo. Normally, he wouldn’t mind having the man in his kitchen, but this time was different. He clearly wanted something, but every time he opened his mouth, all that came out was meaningless small talk. Whatever the man wanted he should just say it already.

    With a sigh, Nikolo put the dishes down and turned to face Jean.

    “Alright, I think you’ve dragged this on long enough. What do you want?” he asked, crossing his arms as Jean automatically denied wanting anything “Bullshit. Now out with it or stop bothering me.”

    Jean regretted coming over in the first place, but since he was already here, he might just as well go through with it.

    “I need your help with something”

    “I figured as much” Nikolo deadpanned “And that is?”

    “Well, you helped Mikasa make chocolate around this time last year, right?” Jean said “So I was just wondering… well, if you’d teach me too?”

    Ah, so that’s what it was. He should’ve figured; Valentine’s Day was tomorrow after all. But who did Jean want to make chocolate for? Mikasa? From what Sasha had said, it seemed the soldier had had a thing for the black-haired woman for years, but to Nikolo, it was obvious she only had eyes for Eren. Surely Jean saw it too, right?

    “It’s not Sasha, is it?” he wondered, but quickly shook his head. Even if it was, it was none of his business.

    “No can do?” Jean asked, having noticed the cook shaking his head.

    “What? No, no, I’ll give you a hand” he said “I was just thinking of something for a moment, is all.”

    With a smirk, Jean asked: “Something or someone?”

    With a rare smirk on his face, Nikolo asked back: “And who do you want to make chocolate for?”

    Jean looked away with a slight blush.

    “Thought so” Nikolo said as they reached an unspoken agreement to not throw jabs at each other.


    In Nikolo’s opinion, heart shaped chocolates were a little tacky. Not that he told Jean that; he just let the guy do as he pleased. And it turned out to not have been a bad decision; the man was surprisingly artistic. That’s something the cook learned as he looked at the perfectly cut chocolates, half of them already decorated by the still focused scout.

    “I didn’t know you had an artistic streak in you” Nikolo commented, jealously realizing that when it came to decorating, Jean was definitely better than him. Good thing Sasha appreciated taste over how her food looked… “Whoa no, I’m not going there!”

    “There are lots of things you don’t know about me or the rest of us” Jean smirked “Though maybe you would if you actually showed some interest instead of always just focusing on Sasha.”

    Nikolo blushed, unable to come up with a witty comeback right on the spot like he hoped he would. Damn it.

    “…So, who is it that you focus on?” he tried to change the subject, making Jean immediately avert his eyes. Nikolo however, would have none of that “Hey, I helped you! The last thing you could do is to tell me what for!”

    “That’s private” the soldier said, focusing on his work again. Nikolo stared at him, unable to hold the words in: “Just… tell me one thing.”


    “It’s not Sasha, is it?”

    “No” Jean said with a chuckle “It’s not Sasha.”

    He burst out in laughter when the cook sighed in relief. Needless to say, Nikolo didn’t appreciate that.


    “Nikolo, are you here?” Sasha called out as she entered the kitchen, only to be met with silence. Seems like the cook wasn’t present… but he might have left something tasty lying around.

    Sasha grinned, ready to look for some snacks. Preferably something Nikolo wouldn’t give her so easily if he was here…

    “He’s left something to cool down on the table” she realized, seeing the cloths that covered something. Had they been sitting there overnight? Or had he just taken them out and covered them so no bugs or anything would get to them? Either way, Sasha was happy to play the role of a bit bigger bug that a cloth wouldn’t stop.

    Lifting the fabric, she was delighted to find what she recognized as chocolate.

    “Yay!” she cheered, taking one of the heart shaped treats, biting it happily. As she munched on the treat, Sasha observed the remaining chocolates. All were heart shaped and beautifully decorated, even more so than the stuff Nikolo usually baked.

    “But why would he make them heart shaped?” she wondered as she finished the chocolate, licking her fingers before taking another one. Nikolo had scolded her for the habit plenty of times and she’d mostly stopped by now… when he was present, that is.

    “Heart shaped… is he planning a love confession?” she wondered, feeling happy and sad about the idea at the same time. If it really was the case, then she’d be glad because he would’ve clearly found something, or someone in this case, that made him happy even though he was a prisoner. And since the only non-Eldian woman she could think of was Yelena, it made it highly likely that the woman was an Eldian, which would mean that Nikolo’s attitude problem towards her kind had gotten a major turnaround. As for the part that made her sad, Sasha knew that if Nikolo confessed to someone, he’d have less time to spend with her, unless he got rejected of course. Not that Sasha hoped that; she didn’t want to see him sad, even if it would mean that she could see him as often as she had so far. Even if she had first stuck around for the food and to soften up the pair of Marleyans working in the restaurant (but mostly for the food), she had ended up genuinely liking Nikolo and would want to spend time with him even if he refused to cook anymore.

    “Or could the woman be… me?” Sasha wondered, blushing at the idea, yet not minding it in the slightest. Still, she shook her head, telling herself to not get carried away. Nikolo clearly saw her as an annoyance; there was no way he had that kind of feelings for her “Probably because I keep snatching his food.”

    Of course, knowing that didn’t stop her from snatching a third piece of chocolate. And when she was halfway done with it, the door opened. Just her luck.

    “Sasha?” Nikolo was shocked to see her, but since this was a usual occurrence, the shock was gone in a flash, replaced by irritation “Those aren’t for you!”

    Yeah, she’d figured as much. And she wanted to know who they were actually for.

    “Then who are they for?” she asked, expecting Nikolo to turn in to a stuttering mess, but instead he said: “I don’t know and it’s not any of my business anyway.”

    Walking over, he took the chocolates away from the confused woman.

    “I helped Jean make these, but he wouldn’t tell me who they were for” Nikolo admitted. He wasn’t sure if it was okay to tell on the guy like this, but it’s not like he had told Nikolo to keep it a secret, either.

    “Oh!” Sasha let out, feeling both happy and guilty of her happiness at the same time as she realized that the chocolates weren’t Nikolo’s “So these are for Armin? Then I’m sure he won’t mind if I take a few!”

    Nikolo stared at her blankly.

    “…Armin? You think they’re for Armin?

    “Definitely; he’s so smitten!” Sasha said with a snigger. Eyebrows raising in disbelief, Nikolo said: “I thought he had a thing for Mikasa?”

    “Sure, when we were kids” Sasha said with a snort “He still cares for her a lot, but his heart belongs to Armin.”

    “…Right” Sasha liked to pull pranks, so Nikolo wasn’t sure if he believed her… but then again, Armin and Jean were pretty close as far as he could tell, so maybe it was true after all?

    “So~” Nikolo didn’t like that tone “Where’s my chocolate?”

    Nikolo scoffed.

    “What makes you think I’ve made you any, you greedy little pig?”

    “…” Sasha pouted, and Nikolo couldn’t keep himself from thinking that it was cute.

    “…Chocolate takes a while to set, so I’ll bake chocolate cookies for you instead, okay?”

    “Okay!” Sasha cheered, hugging Nikolo “Thanks!”

    Blushing hard, Nikolo yelled: “Careful or I might drop the chocolates!”

    Sasha laughed, but let go of the cook anyway. She eyed the remaining chocolates, wondering if she’d still be able to snatch one.

    As if reading her mind, Nikolo said: “Steal any more of these and you won’t be getting any cookies.”

    Sasha pouted, but took his warning seriously. She’d learned it the hard way that he meant what he said. She didn’t want to take the risk of missing on any of his cooking. Sitting down in a chair at the corner of the room, she knew better than to get in to Nikolo’s way, Sasha watched the Marleyan get to work with a small smile on her face. It didn’t take long for them to start chatting, mostly Sasha though as Nikolo worked, but she didn’t mind. She was more talkative by nature, and she knew he was listening. He always did.

    Maybe he would make chocolate specifically for her one day instead of just cookies.

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  • SnK -fic, starring Vampire! Sasha and Her meal! Nikolo


    It was irrational beyond belief, Nikolo knew, yet he still couldn’t help but stare at himself in the mirror, looking at the two small wounds on his shoulder. The bitemarks on his shoulder. And it wasn’t just any bitemarks; he had been bit by a vampire; he was sure of it.

    He knew exactly how crazy it sounded, but he’d been thinking about it so much and it was the only explanation that made sense. The wounds he had looked exactly like the bitemarks he’d see in vampire fiction. They weren’t in the usual place but, aside from that, they matched. Also, he’d gotten them from the woman he encountered on his way home; there was no doubt about it. It had been dark and there had been no one else around. She’d been staggering and at first, Nikolo had thought she was just drunk, but as she got closer, he realized that something was off, that she wasn’t okay. And when he got to touching distance of her, trying to ask what was wrong, she had literally lunged at him. Nikolo had had no chance to defend himself, shock rooting him to the spot, as he heard his clothes ripping and felt teeth sinking in to his shoulder. It was only then that he’d tried to fight her off, but she’d been too strong, and soon he’d felt his consciousness slipping. When he had returned to his senses, he was lying on the street, his shirt partly shredded and shoulder hurting.

    Naturally, he hadn’t told anyone. What could he even say? That a vampire attacked him? No one would believe him even if he showed the bitemarks.

    “What’s going to happen to me? Does being bitten by a vampire have side effects?” that’s what he was worried about the most since he hadn’t died from blood loss. Didn’t people change in to vampires in some stories? “God, there’s no way that’s true, right?”

    Nikolo shook his head, rebuttoning his shirt. Maybe everything would be fine; maybe nothing would happen and this would all end up being a weird, unreal feeling memory.

    …Is what he thought until he turned around, seeing a young woman standing in front of his open window, staring at him.

    “What the hell!?” Nikolo yelled. Why was there a woman he didn’t know in his apartment? Wait, how did she get in? This was the fifth floor!

    “Hang on” Nikolo thought “How did I miss her reflection in the mirror?”

    Dread filling him, the man glanced behind him, only to whip around completely as he saw nothing. Nothing, just his own reflection. The woman wasn’t reflected on the glass.

    “What did the old stories say again?” he wondered as he slowly turned to face the woman again “They can’t handle garlic, sunlight or crosses, they have… no… reflection…”

    Oh, dear lord.

    There was a freaking vampire in his bedroom!

    Nikolo backed up against the mirror, his wide eyes now completely on the vampire. How did she find him? …This was the same one that bit him earlier, right? Why was she here? Did she come to silence him!?

    “Umm… hi?” the vampire spoke. Yes, spoke. It seems this thing could speak… hang on, should he reply to that?

    “Sorry if I scared you” it continued, holding its hands up “I just need to talk to you.”

    Talk to him? What would a vampire possibly want with him?

    “This can’t be real… I must be dreaming; I must’ve been doing that for a while already” Nikolo deducted. He saw the vampire frown, probably because of his lack of answer, but it was fine. It was just a dream, right?

    And yet, despite thinking that, when the vampire took a step forward, Nikolo downright fainted out of fear.


    “Oh no no no no, what did I do!?” the young vampire, Sasha, panicked as the human male passed out right in front of her “Is he dead!?”

    She went over, bending down and shaking him, but he didn’t react.

    “Calm down; you’ve been taught about humans. They had this thing that you use to check if they’re alive… what was it again… pulse? Yeah, that’s the word… now where… neck?” Sasha tried the man’s neck, trying to feel something. And she… did? Yes, she was pretty sure she did. He was still alive, that was good.

    “Okay…” she breathed out unsurely “What now?”

    Should she go get help? …No, Connie would know what to do even less than she would. Jean would yell at her, and Sasha sure as hell didn’t want to face Mikasa’s silent fury. Eren was out of question; he’d just kill the human if he found out that Sasha had messed up. Armin? No, he’d do the same… she was on her own in this.

    “Well, the whole mess is my fault to begin with” Sasha thought with a sigh. Normally, she would’ve messed with the human’s memories after her meal, but with this one, she had panicked after the bite as she’d realized something.

    This human was badly anemic.

    She wasn’t supposed to attack anemic or otherwise sick humans in the first place; her father had taught it to be immoral. However, she’d been so hungry that she didn’t pay proper attention to who she chose, and once she’d started her meal, it had taken her great effort to stop. He’d already fainted back then.

    “Wiping his memory back then could’ve harmed him because of his condition… and now it’s too late anyway…” she just hoped he hadn’t told anyone he was attacked by a vampire; Sasha wouldn’t be able to handle it if their kind would be smoked out of hiding because of her “I need to get him to agree to stay quiet.”


    Nikolo felt a little groggy as he sat up in his bed, wondering when he got there in the first place.

    “Was I out drinking? No no, I never drink that much…” what had happened again? He’d been looking at his wounds and… and… “That better have been a dream!”

    “Are you okay?”

    Seems like it wasn’t.

    “Wah!” Nikolo backed up against his wall as far as he could when he spotted the brunette vampire kneeling at his bedside, looking worried. Oddly human too, save for her a bit too pale skin and the fangs peeking out.

    “You don’t need to be scared; I’m not dangerous” the vampire girl tells him “I just wanted to talk.”

    So, a vampire was telling him she was not dangerous? That there was no reason to be afraid?

    “Got it, I’m going to die” Nikolo realized, still staring at the thing like a deer in headlights.

    Realizing that the human wasn’t believing her in the slightest, Sasha sighed. What was she supposed to do now? She was in horrible trouble if someone found out about all this, and the whole vampire race would be in major trouble if the fact that they existed became a widely accepted fact among humans. Her uncontrollable hunger had gotten her in to some trouble before too, sure, but never to this extent.

    Nikolo just stared, wide-eyed, only blinking when the vampire sniffed. Wait, did it really? His ears must be tricking him, or maybe it was his eyes and he was actually the one sniffing- no, definitely the vampire. Why? What did it have to be afraid of?

    “It looks… pretty humanlike right now” he realized as he watched the sniffling thing, the sniffling girl “Should I… do something?”

    “Uh… are you alright?” he asked, immediately wondering if it was a mistake. Maybe he should’ve used this chance to run the hell out and get help while he still could.

    Well, it was too late. The vampire’s big, way too innocent looking eyes were already on him again.

    “I’m fine… but I’ll get in trouble if someone finds out I messed up” she answers.

    “Messed up?” Nikolo repeated, momentarily forgetting that he should be wary “What happened?”

    The vampire kept sniffling for a while before saying: “If someone finds out I attacked a human without wiping away it’s memories afterwards, I’ll get in serious trouble. And if the word about vampires spreads among humans, we’ll all be in danger!”

    Oh. Well, it seems she did have things to worry about… but wouldn’t everything be okay if she just got rid of him?

    “Maybe she hasn’t realized that; she doesn’t seem very bright” Nikolo realized. He chose not to pry in to the subject, just in case he was right. Instead, he asked: “So… you came here to ask me to keep quiet?”

    “Yup!” the vampire girl confirmed, clapping her hands together in a prayer “Could you please, please do so?”

    “…Sure” what else could he say? Not that he didn’t mean it; after all, if he told someone they’d just think that he was crazy “But… if you’re able to erase memories, why didn’t you just do that in the first place instead of coming all the way here?”

    “Oh yeah, that’s another thing I wanted to tell you about” Sasha remembered “It can only be done after a bite, and the memories can be taken away up to two hours at max, so it’s too late now. I didn’t do it back then because it was too risky.”


    “Yeah!” the vampire says “There’s way too little iron in your blood!”

    “…Huh?” that wasn’t something Nikolo expected to hear. First of all, he was pretty sure he ate properly, so him being anemic was weird. Secondly, did a vampire of all things just consider it important enough of a thing to come and inform him about?

    “You know, iron. I was taught that it’s important for humans to have it in their bodies, but you clearly don’t have enough. The taste of your blood was off and,  now that I think about it, you smell kinda off too” the vampire rambled on, making Nikolo raise an eyebrow at the last part “Normally, I wouldn’t have bitten you ‘cause I would’ve smelled the problem, but I was so hungry that I wasn’t paying proper attention. Sorry about that, but anyway, you really should go see a doctor!”


    “…” the vampire started to fidget uncomfortably as Nikolo just stared, so eventually he spoke: “…That’s all?”

    “Yup” the chatty creature said, trying to fend of Nikolo’s hard gaze with an awkward smile “That’s about it.”

    “Alright, now how do I get rid of this thing?” Nikolo wondered, still too cautious to flat out ask the vampire to leave “Surely it isn’t planning to stay around until sunlight?”

    That would suck since sun had set only around two hours ago. Unfortunately, the vampire made no move to leave, still standing at his bedside.

    “…Is there something you still need?”

    “Eh? Well, no” the vampire said, fidgeting a little, and Nikolo was sure she blushed. That was weird “It’s just, well, I’ve never actually talked to a human. Or seen one up close when I or someone else wasn’t dining.”

    That made sense, Nikolo supposed. He was familiar with cats and dogs, but never really spent any time with other types of animals, the ones he used for food.

    “Don’t compare yourself to what you eat, idiot!” That’ll only give you a headache” Nikolo thought, forcing the thoughts away. Wanting something else to think about, he asked: “Is it okay for you to be talking to me in the first place?”

    The vampire averted her gaze suddenly, which told Nikolo all he needed to know.

    “Not really” she admitted “But I shouldn’t have come here in the first place, so if I get in trouble, it won’t be much worse than it would’ve been anyway.”

    That made sense, in a way.

    “Does the sun damage humans?” the vampire girl asked out of the blue, making Nikolo raise an eyebrow “What?”

    “Does the sun damage humans? My friend says it can do so, but humans are active during daytime, so I don’t really believe it” the vampire explained. Nikolo just blinked, not quite believing his ears. Why did she even…? “Ugh, whatever. If I answer her questions, she’ll probably leave once her curiosity has dimmed.”

    “If we’re exposed to it too much then yes, it does” Nikolo told her, and the vampire’s eyes widened in surprise “Really!?”

    “Yes, really” Nikolo said, unable to keep himself from chuckling “If we’re exposed to sun too much, our skin will burn- ah, not literally, but it’ll get red and sensitive to touch.”

    “Oh…” the vampire said in wonder “Has it happened to you?”

    “Sure, many times” Nikolo admitted “It’s not exactly pleasant.”

    “I can imagine; the sun’s painful” she said, and Nikolo kept himself from pointing out that it was probably way more painful for her than him “I’m Sasha by the way.”

    “Huh?” Nikolo said once again. Did a vampire just introduce herself to him!?

    “…Usually at this point, a vampire would answer with their own name” Sasha told, innocently tilting her head to the side “Do humans not do that?”

    Unable to help himself, Nikolo blushed a bright shade of red.

    “Your face got all red” Sasha innocently pointed out, leaning a little closer “Is that normal for humans? Does it hurt?”

    “Ah, yeah… I mean, it’s normal and no, it doesn’t hurt” the man said, clearing his throat “I’m Nikolo.”

    “It’s nice to meet you Nikolo!” Sasha beamed and, for some reason, Nikolo felt the damn blush returning “Say, can you tell me more about humans?”

    “Like what, exactly?”

    “Why do humans eat so many different things?”

    Well, that was easy enough to answer, though Nikolo wasn’t sure how much the vampire would understand or if he should keep it as short as possible.

    “She’ll interrupt me if I babble too much, won’t she?” with that in mind, he started telling her about humans’ needs for different vitamins and proteins, talked about the varying tastes and eventually even went to details about cooking. He was sure he was blabbing too much, but to his surprise the girl listened with rapt attention, occasionally asking a question or two. As time passed, Nikolo found himself completely relaxed, convenient that he wouldn’t get himself killed that night. He even dared to ask the creature of the night a few questions of his own, which she answered with the best of her ability. As Nikolo knew nothing of vampires he couldn’t be sure, but again he got the feeling that the girl wasn’t very bright.

    Before either of them realized it, they had talked in to early morning, the sunrise only an hour away.

    “Whoah, it’s getting late” Sasha was the first to realize as she looked out the window.

    “Early, you mean” Nikolo corrected with a yawn “It’s not safe for you to move around in sunlight, right? Maybe you should go home.”

    “Yeah, I probably should, least my boss locks me out of the house” Sasha shuddered “The shed would keep me alive, but the sunlight gets in a bit too much.”

    Nikolo couldn’t keep himself from feeling a tiny bit of sympathy towards her.

    “Anyway, go see a doctor, okay?” right, Nikolo had forgotten about that. He nodded, and Sasha smiled as she went over to the window “Farewell, Nikolo.”

    “…Bye” was all Nikolo was able to say, surprised at how disappointed he felt by the idea that he’d never see the vampire girl again.

    “Don’t be stupid; forget about her” he thought “She’d only bring you trouble anyway.”


    Nikolo did go see the doctor, and it turned out he really was anemic. Nothing that some iron supplements couldn’t fix, but still.

    “She was right after all” Nikolo thought, his mind trailing off to the vampire girl. It had been a week since she broke in to his home, and he hadn’t gotten her out of his mind ever since “C’mon, get a hold of yourself!”

    Nikolo sighed as he unlocked his front door, ready to turn in for the night. His shift had been exhausting. Opening his bedroom door, he almost got a heart attack when he caught a familiar vampire going through his bookshelf.

    “What the hell Sasha!?” he yelled, getting the girl’s attention.

    “You’re back!” the girl cheered. Staring at her, Nikolo asked: “Just what are you doing here?”

    Smiling sheepishly, Sasha said: “Well, I planned to not bother you anymore, but I just… I couldn’t help it; I wanna hear more!” Nikolo swore she was making a puppy face right now. He hadn’t known vampires could do that “Please?”

    Nikolo stared. Farewell, was what she’d said. Back then it should’ve made him glad, but it didn’t. Now she was back again and it should’ve annoyed the hell out of him, but… it didn’t. He was glad she was here.

    “Sure” so what if he hang around with her? Everyone had a weirdo or two as a friend; his weirdo just happened to be a vampire.


    They just had to make sure they didn’t get caught.

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  • Requests! I’m doing them! Or I’ll try to. 

    So, send in the thing and pick one or two prompts from this list.

    #rivamika#nicosasha #it's been a long time since i've written those two #yeah that's all i'm tagging #please send
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  • Inktober day 7 - Enchanted

    Nicolo x Sasha <3

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  • It’s started! Theme of day 1: Reincarnation

    Day 1: Reincarnation

    Sasha was exited. She wouldn’t have cared all that much about coming to the city, but Jean had promised to take her and Connie to a seafood restaurant. She had never eaten seafood before, but she knew what it was and was eager to try it. She was sure it’d be tasty!

    “I want to eat already; Jean should hurry up!” she thought with a sigh “Just how hard is it to pick a necktie, anyway? Men and their shopping obsessions!”

    “I’m telling you, this one’s better!” Connie said, holding out a necktie with a picture of a sun on it “Put that boring thing away!”

    Jean was holding a dark blue tie in his hand, Sasha saw. She thought that the one Connie picked was funny, but it wasn’t really Jean’s style. Wanting to get this over with, she voiced her opinion, getting Jean to pick the dark blue tie. Finally.

    “Food!” Sasha cheered. Finally, the best part of the day.


    Nikolo fought the urge to hum as he cooked; he had been made fun of for that before. He just couldn’t help it sometimes; cooking, especially seafood, made him so relaxed that sometimes he started to do it without realizing it.

    “Gross” Nikolo glared at the man who had uttered the word on reflex; that was not a word that should be uttered by a cook in the kitchen. Just what was gross?

    “Do you think she has no table manners in general or does she simply not know how to eat a lobster properly?” another one asks. Nikolo can see them staring out in to the dining space of the restaurant, making him realize that they’re simply speaking about the eating habits of a customer. That made sense.

    Deciding that it had nothing to do with him, Nikolo returns his full attention to his cooking. However, he gets distracted as he notices that all of his colleagues’ peek in to the dining hall every now and then, some amused, others disgusted. Curiosity getting the better of him, he abandons his position the moment he’s sure nothing will be ruined, wanting to see what everyone else has seen.

    Just like some of the others, he’s more disgusted than amused at what he sees. The woman in front of him has absolutely no table manners, that’s the only explanation he can think of, as he stares at the uncivilized being. Normally, Nikolo didn’t like using the word “gross”, but now it really fit.

    So why the hell couldn’t he tear his eyes off of the woman? He’d seen what he wanted; he should just go back to work before he lost his appetite for the rest of the week from watching this brute. Cute brute, he would admit, or at least would be cute if she ate in a proper way, but still. She was by no means the first cute customer they’d had, yet she was the only one this had ever happened with.

    And then their eyes met.


    Sasha felt like she was in heaven; the food looked, smelled and, most importantly, tasted just heavenly. It had gone beyond all her expectations!

    “I wonder if whoever cooked this is good at making other types of dishes as well?” she thought, her eyes trailing off from the food for a while to peek in the kitchen from over the counter, locking eyes with one of the chefs looking her way.

    And after she did, she could no longer look away.

    She didn’t understand why; the guy didn’t look special… or did he? Why else would she get stuck like this? It’s just that… something about seeing him stirred something inside of her, something she couldn’t place. Like a memory she knew for sure was there, but had no idea from when and where.

    “Where? Where have I met him?” she wondered, her meal entirely forgotten. Had they been classmates as kids or something? …No way; she’d gone to a very small school, she’d remember. Had he perhaps been starring one of the cooking shows she’d watched?

    “Sasha?” she heard Connie say as he tugged at her ponytail lightly, getting her attention as she looked away from the man “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, nothing at all!” she said quickly. Not that she was lying; there was nothing wrong, just something weird is all “Why?”

    “You were staring off to the kitchen instead of eating; that’s not like you” Jean said, turning to look to the direction Sasha had been looking at “Did you see something interesting?”

    “No” Sasha said, her eyes following Jean’s. The man she’d locked eyes with was gone “Nothing at all.”


    Nikolo’s heart was still pounding fast as he prepared to go home. After his eyes had locked with that woman’s, he’d been paralyzed, he hadn’t been able to move. He had no way to explain it, but somehow, he’d been taken over by this irrational feeling of longing when looking at her eyes. He’d wanted her, but not in the perverted way mind you. He’d just wanted to see her closer, hear her voice, perhaps touch her hand… and he had absolutely no idea why.

    “Get a hold of yourself, idiot” he told himself “You’ll probably never see her again anyway.”

    With that in mind, Nikolo walked out of the back door of the restaurant, ready to forget the whole thing-

    Only to come face to face with the woman he’d been watching at in the restaurant. He almost got a heart attack as he yelped in surprise, taking a few steps back. Just what was she doing here!?

    “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you” she spoke. Her voice stirred something in Nikolo as well, something he couldn’t name. He hated the fact that he wanted to hear more. Shaking his head slightly, he managed to get out: “It’s fine. Can I help you somehow?”

    “Ah no, it’s just…” Sasha stuttered, wondering how she should say it. She’d wanted to ask him if they’d met before, but now she was chickening out, so instead she said: “You’re one of the cooks here, right? I just wanted to say that your food is delicious! Especially the sauce on the clams!”

    Nikolo blushed; he had made the sauce. He told her that, not intending to brag or anything, but he was glad he did when he saw the awe on her face.

    “Really?” she asked “You’re a genius!”

    “Mister Nikolo, you’re a genius!”

    Those words jolted a memory in Nikolo’s mind, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember from when and where. Unable to help himself, he asked: “Have we… met before?”

    Sasha’s eyes widened; he remembered something?!

    “You think so, too?” she asked, adding hurriedly: “I mean, I felt like we’ve met before, but I couldn’t put my finger on it so I thought I was imagining it, but if you know- “

    “I don’t” Nikolo interrupted, wondering if she’d been waiting here for him specifically. The idea should’ve been worrying, freaky even, but instead he just felt warm inside “I just felt like we’d met before.”

    “Oh” Sasha let out. It was quiet, awkward. She didn’t know what to say and part of her just wanted to leave, but a bigger part of her didn’t. She needed to know more, needed answers. Sticking out her hand, she said: “I’m Sasha.”

    Nikolo took the offered hand.

    “Nikolo” he said, and as soon as their hands touched, a crying face stuffed with food surfaced in his mind. It was Sasha, but Nikolo had no idea when this had happened. Startled, he let go, surprised as he saw Sasha staring at him with wide eyes.

    “…What?” he asked.

    “We’ve met before” Sasha whispered “I remember you in a very old looking kitchen, working on pizza…”

    She did? It’s not like he never made pizza, but he could only recall using modern kitchens-

    “You idiot, it needs to go to the oven first!”

    …What the heck was that? Why did he suddenly have a memory of Sasha, yes, definitely her, reaching out for an unbaked pizza? This was weird, too weird, Nikolo just wanted to go home and forget-

    His eyes met Sasha’s again. No, he didn’t want to forget. Ever. He really had no idea why, but he wanted to be by her side, he wanted to be there forever.

    “Holy shit Nikolo, you just met her!” he told himself, a blush raising to his face “The fuck are you thinking of a shared rest of your lives for already?!”

    Or at all; he knew nothing about her. Unknown to him, Sasha had similar thoughts.

    She wanted to hug him, hug and never let go. The desire was growing, but obviously she held herself back. Instead, she said: “You know… I’m kinda hungry.”

    “Huh?” after how much she’d eaten? Really?

    “Don’t look at me like that; I waited here for hours!” she said, defensive, puffing her cheeks. Again, what she said should’ve been alarming to Nikolo, make him think he had a stalker, but all he could think of was how cute she looked “So… can we go get something to eat?”

    Sasha was afraid he was going to say no, she was pretty sure he would because he’d think it was weird, but she had to try. She had to know more.

    “Sure” Nikolo said, ignoring the voice in his head that sounded oddly like his friend Grior that told him to refuse. But he couldn’t; he wanted to know more, wanted to know her “Any place in mind?”

    “I’m not from around here” Sasha said, trying to hide her surprise to his agreement “Lead the way?”

    Nikolo smiled, taking her hand on reflex, only realizing what he’d done after he was holding her hand. But to his surprise, she didn’t pull away. He could see her blushing, making him sure he was blushing as well. This situation just didn’t make any sense-

    “Whatever” Nikolo cut himself off “Commonsense is often overrated anyway.”

    He had no idea who this woman was but, with time, he’d get to know her… but oddly enough, he already felt like he never wanted to let go.

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  • So Sasha had a chef boyfriend and no one decided to talk about it

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  • Hi yes I am here to add spice to this very pure ship because that’s just what I do. Have some nicosasha makeouts. ;)


    Grior leaves the kitchen without a word, as usual. He’s never been a friendly person, though Nicolo has noticed that he’s become increasingly cold in the past few months. They used to exchange something similar to pleasantries when they met in Marley and agonized together initially about being held prisoner. Now they spoke little.

    Really, Nicolo has never minded working in silence. He did, however, recently feel the need to discuss the day’s events, as lacking as they may have been. And maybe his voiced thoughts usually strayed to Sasha and things related to her…but it doesn’t matter. Grior was never someone he considered a friend, even before they came to the island.

    He had, at least, kept his mouth shut about her tonight. He wouldn’t say she was acting differently than normal. She just stood a bit closer to him that day, both prior to and following the meals, when she returned her dishes. When she kissed his cheek before leaving - because she’s bold, so bold (though the only remaining people were her close-knit group of friends) - she lingered. She put her hand on his other cheek and stayed there for longer than normal. She was moving a little as she did so, but Nicolo was distracted. Connie and Jean were making odd motions while glaring:  it wasn’t the first time it happened, he just couldn’t figure out what they were trying to communicate.

    Keep reading

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  • Nikosasha…💕

    Song: Clarity - Zedd (male version) https://youtu.be/O1a4uZA58nY

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    Nicosasha 😢💔

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    I gotta say, the only good thing Yelena has done so far was killing Grior

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  • Nicolo going on and on about how amazing Sasha is while Grior literally bangs his head against the wall (Nicolo doesn’t notice because he’s too busy mooning over Sasha)

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  • Nicolo & Sasha.

    Pose from Kate foX.

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