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    Here you go, @ravenclawbitch426 @elegant-codger @nightmonkeyparker

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    @laaltamatar @nightmonkeyparker for you weird bitches

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    Burn the Witch - Teaser [Bucky Barnes x Reader]

    [Alias:  A false or assumed identity]

    All things considered, it wasn’t your choice.

    It was just your job. They gave you orders and you followed them, no questions asked.

    You attacked when they told you to, killed when they told you to, disappeared when they told you to.

    It hadn’t been your choice for years.

    If ever.

    [Shrike: Also known as butcherbird. It often imitates the songs of other birds to lure its prey before it impales them on sharp objects such as twigs, thorns or barbed wire fences.]

    So you came up with excuses. First it was because you had to, then because you didn’t know any other way to survive, then because-

    Well. Because you had already become what they wanted you to.

    [Honey trap: Seduction in order to gain information.]

    It wasn’t so different than what everyone else did, people used each other every day. At least you were honest to yourself about it.

    Just a mission, and nothing more.

    Until it wasn’t.

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