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  • bluelueblueblueblue-oh-no
    08.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    He was working in the basement the whole time. 

    The book club is doing great. 

    Oh yeah, the fire earnings of Niki are her fire in her head. She can control it. 

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  • st3ve-89
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i literally only watch the feral boys.

    aka dream, sapnap, george, quackity and karl

    and then tommy, jack, ranboo, tubbo and wilbur

    yet i still follow niki, philza and techno

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  • nihaachuu
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hey! I forgot to post it on here but if you want any Guild Esports merch, you can use code NIKI30 for 30% off!

    Quite a deal ❤️

    #nihachu rp #not the real nihachu
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  • that-spider-fan-over-there
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alright, I've been debating doing this for a while, and I don't know where to start, but I'm tired of seeing the fun stuff on my dash without being able to enjoy it on my own.

    And if most of you are moving to this fandom, might as well join you guys, gals and non-binary pals. I'm not leaving the Sanders Sides fandom for a long time, but I also wanna understand it all, despite my attention spam being a handful. I genuinely wanna watch it.

    Which is why I'm asking:

    How, and where do I begin to watch the Dream SMP? And, is it possible to catch up on everything, considering the 15.000+ hours of stream I'd need to see, or can I skip some of them? And, is there a channel where I can watch it?

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  • shyrose57
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Techno is perhaps the oldest of them, with teeth too sharp, and eyes that follow blood far too well, but he is far from the only one. 

    Wilbur’s fingers are slender and pale, and so, so cold. He feels more like a corpse than he did when he was one, and his laughter puffs out clouds of chilling frost.

    Opposite of him, Jack runs hot. Too hot. There is lava in his veins, and his skin flashes metallic in the light, molten and frozen all at once-he will never burn again, as he did in his final breathe. 

    Niki is neither. Niki is warm, and thin, and her eyes-have they always been so dark? Have they always been so green? The flowers curl and tangle through her fingers and ribs alike, and she giggles at the sensation. 

    Quackity’s feathers burn gold in the light, and more than once, have drawn blood when pricked. He smiles, and his eyes are plastic, his words are honey, nobody can hear them anyways. His absence is as empty as his presence, is he even real?

    Punz quirks blue lips and tilts his head, his blood doesn’t follow the movement. Nothing does. His blood, his breath, his body is still, even as he runs and fights, and trades. Still, still, still, it will never move again. 

    Purpled blinks moss from his lash, and bats at the frost climbing his arms. He is where he is, and that is survival for him. Where is the sound, he steps on twigs, he stumbles through water. There is no snap, there is no splash. There is no noise.

    Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. He curls his lips, the world shudders. He smiles, it eases. Does he love it? Does it love him? Maps upon his skin, treasure in his veins, perhaps he is to be loved, but it’s a dangerous thing to do, worse things than him can attest to this. 

    Tubbo holds the bee in his hand, it whispers it’s secrets to the honey on his lips. Pop, pop, pop, the taste of candy rocks are red, blue, white all on his tongue. Bang, bang, bang, rings the bell, it is he who rings it, he who decides the final toll, and they who will deliver if he only ask it of them.

    Ranboo hums, a two-toned voice equally empty as it is melodic. Partially of void, partially of monsters, he always comes it twos. Twos, twos, twos, his loyalty may seem the same, but is it split if they are all on the same side? His friends laugh at the notion, and he shakes his head. How silly, how silly, to think him bound by such a thing.

    Do you think the world will tremble, when her children learn to play?

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  • towomey19
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sailor Moon AU:

    Aight it time to flesh out one of the many dsmp/mcyt anime aus I have. The characterizations/relationships are adjusted a bit because I don’t want any romance. Other than that, here are my ideas:

    - Sailor Moon/Usagi: Wilbur

    - Sailor Mercury/Ami: Fundy

    - Sailor Mars/Rei: Tommy

    - Sailor Jupiter/Makoto: Crumb

    - Sailor Venus/Minako: Eret

    - Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru: Niki

    - Chibi Moon/Chibiusa: Tubbo

    (In this au, wilbur and niki’s relationship is platonic, so tubbo is just wilbur’s adopted kid in the future)

    - Sailor Pluto/Setsuna: Phil

    - Sailor Uranus/Haruka: Puffy

    - Sailor Neptune/Michiru: Techno

    (The relationship between puffy and techno is also platonic, the main reason I picked phil, puffy, and techno for these three sailor guardians because of the group dynamic the original characters have)

    - Sailor Saturn/Hotaru: Ranboo

    And I also reworked the original sailor guardian outfit to be more gender neutral and allow room for outfit variations depending on the person.

    Sailor Moon’s outfit (represented on wilbur):

    the skirt has been changed into shorts with frill sections on the outside

    the cape was added because I thought it fit the vibes of the people more

    the bow at the back of the skirt is now a sash on the waist which is tied into a bow

    the gloves and short sleeves are substituted out for a long sleeve style sailor shirt

    the hair ornaments are now shoulder accessories

    Inner Senshi outfit (more masculine version) (represented on tommy):

    almost the same design as wilbur’s outfit, minus the accessories on his shoulders

    Inner Senshi outfit (crumb version)(represented on crumb):

    similar to tommy’s outfit except the shorts are now a frilly skirt and her tiara is now a combination of itself and crumb’s signature box head

    Sailor Saturn’s outfit (represented on ranboo):

    shares aspects with the Inner Senshi outfit

    there are long frilled pants instead of frilly shorts

    the cape has an additional sheer layer on top of the original

    the sleeves of the shirt are now detached and are more puffed out

    Outer Senshi outfit (represented on techno):

    the same as ranboo’s outfit but instead of puffed out sleeves, theirs are flared out

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  • adioslele
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    And now the post you've all been waiting for!! Here's the master post for my dsmp magic au; powers, headcanons, silly comments and all! (I'll also post a plain summary list tomorrow without the background and cute stuff for reference if anyone wanted that)

    You can read it here under the cut, but I'll also be rb-ing with an ao3 link if you'd rather read it there

    (Power inspiration comes mostly from The Young Elites/Shadow And Bone because I am a nerd and read too much) and the Kagerou Project

    Right! We’re not getting into why they have magic. This is a canon where a dude fucked a fish and got a fox son out of it, okay. I do not need to explain why they suddenly have magic. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline. Either way an explanation is going to be foregone.


    - It is rumoured that he is some kind of end hybrid, but no one can figure out what kind and there’s no hard evidence either way

    - Evidence collected so far is. Limited, frankly. Ponk is sure he saw a scratch bleed purple once, but it might have been the lighting. Ant is convinced he’s never seen Purpled touch water. Punz thinks he’s seen wings at some point, but never got to check.

    - He does, however, have reduced hearing in his right ear and burn scars across the backs of his legs from too many tnt jumps, as well as a slight limp and a missing finger on his left hand. Those aren’t hybrid traits though. Bedwars does things to a man

    - There is also no hard evidence that he has any powers, hybrid or otherwise, but there are stories and sometimes you’ll hear about him dodging a skeleton’s arrow shot from behind, or mining right around a lava pocket that no one knew was there, or making a jump that would be just impossible for anyone else

    - (Okay I’m gonna lift the veil here a bit about his power. I was going to keep it a mystery but I love this so so much and I need everyone to hear it)

    - Somehow the end is more connected to the code than the overworld or the nether. The dragon is generally considered the ‘end’ of the game, right? Purpled, being a hybrid from the end, is also connected and his powers are a very very good instinct for the game and also sometimes reality will bend just a little to suit him. They’re very subtle, and that’s why no one can pin down what he does, because they’re deliberately unnoticeable.

    - Not even he knows exactly what he can do, and that’s the scary part. Who knows what he could be capable of, if even he’s never tested it’s extent?

    - If I had to give c!Purpled a soundtrack it would be Violet by Those Who Dream


    - Hannah Rose. Hannahxxrose. Hannah my beloved. She’s a dryad, which means pointy ears and funky hair colours, like petal colours

    - Her hair changes colour based on the season and where she is in the world. It’s most colourful in flower forests, and in all other biomes where flowers appear, it’s the colour of the flowers. In biomes without natural flower spawns (oceans, deserts, all that), her hair is natural brown

    - Fun plant magic! think Poison Ivy from DC, when she controls all the plants and roots and stuff. I’ve never seen a DC movie in my life but that sounds about right

    - Using physical powers is banned in certain areas of public servers because they can give unfair advantages in competitive games, right? Anyway Hannah spent a lot of time on places like that so she hadn’t much time to practice or learn how her powers worked and she’s not very experienced with them

    - She has tripped up on her own vines before because of this. Purpled thinks it’s very funny until she trips him too

    - She usually keeps a cane in her inventory for bad days or when she has to walk far, but if she dies and respawns without one she can usually convince one of her vines to help her back to her base or where she died to pick one up

    - Sam did make her a couple of braces for her lower back and left knee, but they’re uncomfortable and can irritate her skin (like trees growing over signs/nails/other artificial things) so she doesn’t wear them often

    - She did wear them at the red banquet though, for agility’s sake. Safer in the long run

    - She doesn’t like visiting the nether very much because according to her, the nether flora has ‘attitude’ and won’t listen to her

    - (They’re actually just very petty and prone to gossiping. The story of the time she picked a couple of mushrooms has been blown out of proportion among the plants of the nether, and now they say she uprooted an entire biome with one hand behind her back. Arguably very cool, albeit doubtful, but definitely something that would spook saplings)


    - The origins mod is telling me mermaid Niki. I respectfully disagree

    - That’s right Niki is a blaze hybrid here. L’mantree who?

    - Her hair is golden naturally and I love it

    - Not blonde. I mean gold gold, like in Rumpelstiltskin when he spun straw into gold thread

    - Also she runs really hot (good to hug. nice and toasty. human space heater) and has claws that she let the kids paint when they were younger

    - Pyromancy and pyrokinesis!! Pyrokinesis is born from her hybrid origin, but pyromancy is her own power separate from that.

    - For those of you who don’t know, pyrokinesis is the ability to create and control fire, and pyromancy is divination by fire. Telling the future with fire, basically. Literally hot girl shit

    - Despite it’s rep, her pyrokinesis isn’t very aggressive. Hers is more like a hearth fire or campfire than a forest fire. Dangerous when she gets angry but with a pretty limited range

    - She likes candles and fire baths and doesn’t like the snow because her socks get wet and they’re the one thing she hasn’t been able to dry with her power yet

    - There are lots of kinds of pyromancy and I think Niki has tried most. Regular reading from flames is most accurate but can be hard to get a read on, so she likes to have some time for that, usually before big events. She used to burn plants, which was quicker and easier to understand but fairly vague, until she realised it made Hannah and Wilbur uncomfortable so her regular methods are salt and smoke now


    - Wilbur also has pointy ears! He is a little elf boy but he likes to hide his ears with his beanie because he’s self-conscious about them

    - Has nature-related powers also similar to Hannah’s, but his are more gentle and involve internal properties of flowers rather than the actual physical plants

    - Basically he grows flowers and herbs and things that can be used in potions and stuff, which is why he’s also very good at brewing

    - They grow out of his hair and around his feet if he’s not directing them anywhere, but with some focus he can get them to grow in his palm. Good party trick

    - He likes cornflowers best (coincidentally the same flowers you make blue dye from :eyes:)

    - He has a pretty good handle on his power but is affected by strong emotions like love or anger. He’s generally good at preventing it from overflowing (he goes gardening a lot <3) but an angry Wilbur is dangerous

    - The flowers grow differently according to how he’s feeling, changing the type of flower, how quickly they bloom, and the vibrancy of their petals

    - He has a hard time identifying other people’s emotions and tone because they don’t display them like he does, and don’t experience them outwardly

    - It’s obviously pretty impossible for people without the same power to display their feelings and intent exactly the way he does, but his friends do try to be more literal around him and make sure to clarify things if he asks

    - This has made him a lot less nervous about the whole thing because he knows his friends will help as much as they can <3 It’s all about the found family

    - He grows lots of flowers accidentally, like in his hair or in Friend’s wool, and is generally pretty chill about it but gets kind of flustered if he does it to another person

    - pogtopia was full of accidental poppies and foxgloves. They were not having a good time down there


    - Tommy has fangs. You knew it was coming. He enjoys biting people for no reason

    - He’s never been ashamed of his mutation and Wilbur really admires him for that, since he’s always hidden his

    - Also his eyes change colour but like. Subtly. I think he deserves a funky mutation like that

    - Some days you’re convinced his eyes are blue and then you’ll turn around and they’re maroon or purple

    - Now! His power! My initial thoughts say sound manipulation? I think it is called audiokinesis or echokinesis? Essentially he can make his voice/other sounds very loud or very quiet and sound different/echo by shifting the acoustics of a room or whatever

    - Idk I just think some of his best acting is founded in his control over the sound of his voice and I wanted to include that somehow

    - With an entirely auditory power his other senses (especially visual) are impaired. He has limited colour vision (like bats) and strong astigmatism, which gives him frequent headaches :(

    - Say what you will about Pogtopia but at least it was dimmer than the surface

    - Exile wasn’t good for his headaches because the sun was always out and it reflected off the sea quite often, and Dream wouldn’t let him keep his emergency sunglasses

    - He echolocates >:) It’s very very annoying, especially when he does it randomly when he’s bored by a conversation, but he’s good to go caving with

    - He also makes little noises to comfort himself and is comforted by other people’s little noises because he can use his power like a stim toy and it reminds him that he’s not helpless or alone


    - Okay Techno’s power is fun I love this part. We’re giving him ferrokinesis

    - It’s because magnets and metal and danger. Also he should get a funky vibrating sword when he’s angry

    - Fun fact! I have also allowed this to explain the whole human compass thing. He can literally sense the magnetic poles and lodestones, so he never gets lost

    - He collects, presses and labels Wilbur’s flowers. He started doing it after SMPEarth when he and Wilbur wrote letters to each other from different servers and Wilbur would leave flowers in the envelopes, and then on the dsmp he uses it to help identify Wilbur’s emotional state when he’s nonverbal/after he’s fucking dead

    - He has trouble keeping in routines and remembering to do things, so he has a big whiteboard on the wall next to his door that he had intended to use like a to-do list (and it still mostly functions like that! He uses different colours of pen to try and combat the objects-fading-into-surroundings thing and while it doesn’t always work he can usually remember to see it before he leaves the house)

    - Though there are little doodles all over it, from visitors (Phil and the Syndicate mostly) and Techno himself, like a little cartoon pig yelling about feeding the dogs and a flower garden sprouting from one corner

    - Technically he can shapeshift between full human/full pig but he prefers somewhere in between

    - I was originally going to say piglin hybrid like a lot of hcs but then I remembered this is my AU and I get to make the rules. The bitch is a regular pig hybrid. Not even a boar he’s just a pig

    - His favourite food is golden carrots but sometimes if he has too many he can get loopy on the saturation. Phil puts as many of them in his cooking as possible because he thinks it’s hilarious


    - Now. Ponk. Probably the one I watch the most of any streamer on the SMP so I have lots of Thoughts (TM)

    - Magma cube hybrid! I’m not sure what it is with me and nether mobs I just love them all so much. Did a tier list and they were right up at the top with creepers and foxes

    - It’s hard to see his mutation because of his mask (and also his power, which he uses to disguise it) but he’s got lil stubby horns and sometimes glows like a magma block

    - He glows instead of blushing when he’s happy or angry or embarassed. In the daytime it’s barely noticeable and all good but at night he’s like a lantern

    - Mob pathfinding makes them avoid lava/blocks that could cause them damage, and coincidentally Ponk’s glow simulates that of lava so mobs are generally scared of him when he is

    - He gets a fucking OP power okay. Most of you probably won’t have read any Marie Lu but I’m thinking along the lines of Adelina’s power with illusions. At the height of his power he can trick all of a person’s senses to convince them of anything he wants them to

    - He doesn’t like to use it against other people often as it’s pretty terrifying for everyone involved but he’s like. one of the most powerful people on the server

    - Actually he can’t even remember the last time he did. It might have been to cover up his tired eyes and clear the scratch from his voice when he visited Sam after he didn’t sleep for a week (Sam noticed. He always does. Stupid empaths)

    - He has a pet turtle he named Oogway and he made it a little black belt and a flower crown. Tommy thought it was a teenage mutant ninja turtle and called it Leonardo for a solid three months


    - The whole vibe I’m going for for Sam in this AU is that he’s open and friendly but very susceptible to external influences. (i.e. I just fucking know the prison has some sort of sentience and it controlled him and that’s why he hurt Ponk. I refuse to accept that love is dead)

    - So I thought some kind of psychic power would fit best? And now he’s an empath

    - Meaning he can feel and (to some extent) affect other people’s emotions as they feel them

    - Apparently one thing you can sometimes do with empathy is psychometry, which is described as “the power to perceive residual information of an object, place or person”

    - He hates visiting war zones/places of tragedy. L’manburg basically. He can feel the ghosts of children and hope and pride and potential and it’s terrifying that it was all cut short so quickly and so often

    - He also has trouble with the community house and Eret’s museum purely because of the volume of the history in both places

    - Ah that got a bit dark. oops.

    - Psychometry isn’t all bad though! The woo station and Snowchester are so full of love that Sam can’t help smiling, and places like Skeppy’s skyblock map or El Rapids are playful and warm

    - And another something cute! His connection with Fran is so deep that he can feel her emotions too! He can feel that she gets the most excited when she sees him and it makes him feel better no matter what happened that day

    - Ponk thinks he works too hard trying to make people happy so he’s really glad when Sam takes the time to sit down by himself with Fran. Plus it’s an excellent excuse for cuddles

    - He wears a gas mask because redstone is a really small particulate and he has both bad asthma and a mild allergy to the stuff so the mask keeps him from breathing too much in

    - The allergy is common to all creepers, as the active redstone signal reacts with the gunpowder in their bodies and irritates them

    - Creeper hybrid, but this time with spice and all of my wild mc biology thoughts

    - He doesn’t have much of a mutation other than being weirdly tall, but his freckles are like silver glitter, his skin is vaguely iridescent, and his natural hair colour is a green-grey (Again google is telling me it’s called xanadu. Very pretty colour 10/10 would recommend)


    - Herobrine genetics obviously means the eyes, right? But also he’s a little bit unsettling outside of that in ways you can’t put your finger on. Does he really have the regular number of fingers or arms? Are you sure you can’t see through him? Are his feet really touching the floor? When you look at them it’s all normal but you can’t help seeing things out of the corner of your eye

    - His power is light based and basically he can manipulate it around him, like reflecting things off of her, or around (for invisibility!), or lighting up an area beyond the range of a torch

    - This also applies to cool stuff like lenses, diffraction, and refraction (high school physics coming back to haunt many of us) For anyone who didn’t take hs physics or isn’t there yet, diffraction ad refraction cause the splitting and bending of light through different materials and causing rainbows. It’s used a lot in fibre optics it’s very cool.

    - Anyway to summarise, light manipulation allows for invisibility, heat creation, and tiny rainbows, among a range of other things

    - Their betrayal of L’manburg wasn’t calculated at all. When you’ve lived as long as Eret has, a lot of things lose their significance and if she’s being honest, she didn’t realise the nation was so important. She thought they were all just messing around together, like a long and complicated game of capture the flag.

    - This is one of the reason he decided to start the museum. He wanted to make sure he didn’t forget significance again and remind himself that everything ends up being important to someone

    - (These aren’t power hcs for the au they’re just things I like to consider sometimes)


    - I have seen exactly one (1) person mention the possibility of Hbomb being an immortal but I saw that and ran with it

    - I love Hbomb. I want vault hunters in here. I want catmaid H. I want Theveir. I want L’cast. All of his content is SO entertaining

    - Immortals on the dsmp seem to be really into their preservation of history (looking at you, Eret’s museum) and I think L’cast is Hbomb’s way of doing it. Eret preserves events and objects, H preserves the people’s memory.

    - (I want to know what made them like that! What happened in the past for their need to try safeguard it? How effective were they really, if so little made it to Mizu?)

    - And then also I want him to be a shapeshifter :) Local lil tricksy shapeshifter man turns into bastard cat on a regular basis to annoy people

    - He especially likes hanging out with Fundy, not least of all because he gets so flustered, but also because once H got stuck with cat ears for a few years when he was still learning his power and he feels some kind of solidarity with Fundy because he got teased a lot for it

    - Shapeshifting does mean he has almost no mutations but he always keeps a braided friendship bracelet on so he doesn’t get caught out in some shapeshifted form (Niki and Eret have the matching ones)

    - And also for some reason he’s always got a streak of blue hair when he shifts. Makes him recognisable

    - Also Theveir is his weird gay cousin who his homophobic aunt sent to live with him to ‘straighten him out’ without realising the dsmp was a homonormative society


    - She’s got her cool ass curly horns. I know in some sheep breeds both sexes can have horns but even if Puffy was a hybrid of a breed without, she would grow in the horns by sheer willpower

    - Now I know for a fact that pyrokinesis is one of the most popular powers and everyone was expecting someone to have it and I’m giving it to Puffy

    - ‘but what about therapuffy?? what about kid Dream and Foolish??’ I hear you cry. Actually her pyrokinesis makes her a better mediator and more level-headed than a lot of people because she had to spend so much time and effort trying to control such a destructive power

    - I think it’s cool to consider how that might contribute to her distrust of the egg as well. Spending so much time in her own head and learning how her own thoughts worked made her much more aware of outside forces working on her mind

    - Unlike Niki, Puffy’s pyrokinesis is a full magic power rather than just one of her hybrid traits, which means both that she has to work harder to control it and it operates on a larger scale.

    - Campfires with her are pretty terrifying but a lot of fun because she likes messing with the size and colour and temperature of the flames, both for fun and also to make sure her marshmallows are perfectly toasted. You haven’t tasted good marshmallows until you’ve had one of hers


    - Fundy’s whole schtick is that he has fox ears. That is also what I’m giving him because it’s cute and also badass. Foxes are so cool damn

    - I’m debating between red fox and corsac fox ears. Red fox because it looks most like his skin and corsac because they’re most suited to plains/open air biomes like most of the smp is

    - Fox hybrid means a couple of less obvious non-human traits too! I think a little jump boost, maybe, and natural night vision

    - Having sensitive hearing (as foxes often do) and being in proximity to a lot of explosions mean he’s become HoH, particularly in his right ear

    - To start with, as his hearing deteriorated, he tried to hide it and try not to jump when someone walked up on him on that side, but eventually it got bad enough that Hbomb noticed. He didn’t ever bring it up but he was very careful to make more noise when coming up behind him, and always on the left

    - The only note on his power that I had before this was #GiveFundyMagic2k21 which was. really not very much information. But a very good note nonetheless

    - In any case I have since had further thoughts and I think I’ve settled on dreamwalking as Fundy’s power

    - There are several reasons. First was that there’s a lot of nuance and detail and is an interesting thing to consider in relation to the universe, especially considering a lot more people have visible powers. Second was just that I thought it would be really fucking funny

    - He’s mostly nocturnal also! It comes from a) his fox traits, but also b) if he sleeps at the same time as other people there’s a big risk he ends up dreamwalking and that doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep for either party

    - Overall it’s easier to sleep during the day, even if that’s when most people (read: Tubbo) decide to be reckless and mess around with ravagers and run down the prime path very loudly. When asked, Fundy says it’s like hearing cat zoomies, if the cat swore colourfully and had a sword


    - Quackity. Mr Quack. Dr. HQ my beloved

    - Duck wings and breathing underwater. Cool shit for a cool kid

    - During the Schlatt administration he hid his wings for a really long time and they ended up scarring quite badly. He can still fly but not for extended periods of time without needing a heat pack and a few hours off of them

    - When he was relearning to fly, Sapnap used his power to steady the air/slow his fall which made him feel better about the whole thing. Just the whole idea of being held by someone you’ve learnt to trust while you relearn things from your childhood that were scared out of you and realising there’s no way they’ll ever let you fall or hurt again

    - The breathing underwater is a little bit useless because he so rarely goes into the water (you can pretty much get anywhere over land, and boats are always faster than swimming even if you don’t need to come up for air)

    - But it is useful for hiding and/or getting out of the way, when he’s scared or just messing around

    - Makes it very easy to sneak up on people. Karl has forbidden him from doing it to him but he always checks water sources as he’s going just in case Quackity’s decided to sit there and wait


    - Considering the fact that Karl’s time travelling stems from an outside force and not his own power, I think that shouldn’t be his power and I should get to give him something else. There’s no point having canon if you just follow it

    - Original thoughts were dogboy Karl but then I had more of them (the thoughts) and decided instead to say he can understand/speak all languages (plus animals!) Google is telling me these are called omniligualism and zoolingualism and those are lovely nice big words

    - So no dogboy Karl but he can speak to dogs and that’s great

    - This will obviously help when he time travels! Different languages in different periods and different regions, so good ol Karl should be able to understand them all

    - (He can speak to Michael! Tubbo and Ranboo take Michael to visit Niki one time and bump into Karl in Kinoko, who starts speaking to him in piglin. It takes all of Ranboo’s strength and a whole host of promises to come back to make Michael let go)

    - I wanted to bring in elements of his old skin with all the wild blocky colours, so he has coloured patches on his skin like vitiligo, in other colours (purples, greens and blues especially)

    - He’s also pretty susceptible to sunburn (a common effect of vitiligo) so Sapnap makes sure to keep a bottle of sunscreen on him at all times and Quackity has a range of colourful umbrellas for really sunny days.

    - Karl’s favourite one has a pattern of little sheep all over. Sapnap is convinced they’re clouds and not sheep. Quackity refuses to comment on the matter


    - Sapnap is nether fae! fun fact: this is a thing I just made up.

    - mostly I just wanted an excuse to give him pointy ears and magic

    - A lot of people assume his power is something like pyrokinesis, but fire res and strength are natural nether fae traits (evolution and that, especially considering the nether is like. 70% lava)

    - This is why he can still have lava baths! He likes swimming in lava lakes and runs hot in overworld, and he has pointy ears which are almost definitely pierced in at least threeplaces. Gold earrings, obviously

    - He’s allergic to iron (fae traits) which is some kind of issue obviously because iron is the most common early-game armour/weapons and remains the most common material for backup gear owned by everyone on the server

    - He, Quackity and Karl all have gold (or diamond, if they can get it) backup tools and a spare set of netherite armour to avoid this issue but it’s still irritating

    - Windwalker sapnap windwalker sapnap. Like one of those airbenders from atla but cooler

    - He was definitely in demand among the nether folk because he could get rid of the fog temporarily. Just blow it away. Increase render distance setting but it’s just some guy

    - In the overworld he’s definitely more powerful (pros of having an atmosphere I guess), though maybe not as useful in regular day-to-day activities. He doesn’t quite have the ability to control the weather but clouds/fog/things like that are fair game, which came in handy in childhood hide and seek games and also when endermen are around


    - When Quackity first met Hannah, he thought she was related to wilbur because of the ears. evidently he had seen very few fair folk in his life and neither of them would let him forget it, not least of all because it turned out he had also assumed Sapnap and Wilbur were cousins for years

    - Tommy and Purpled (and Ponk, to an extent) are in high demand when people intend to go on caving trips, because each of their powers makes caving and mining a lot more effective and safer. Tommy’s echolocation allows him to find hidden tunnels and stay away from mobs, as well as sometimes locating ores as the stone sounds different. Purpled’s instinct allows him to find safe paths around hidden lava pockets or dead ends, so if he turns around in the middle of mining you’d best follow him. If you can convince him, Ponk will glow, and it looks so much like the glow of lava that a lot of mobs stay away for fear of getting caught in it. No need for torches!

    - (Tommy and Purpled did consider making a business out of it, before everything kicked off)

    - The Puffychu household is permanently a little bit on fire I think. When they’re both immune to fire and one is a blaze there’s not much consideration for fire safety or flammable objects, like humans for instance. They do try and put most of it out when they have visitors, but it’s always good to take a couple fire res pots or wear netherite when you go over

    - When Tommy was little, he wanted to be like Niki because he thought she was so cool. Before he knew she was a blaze, she would pass her hands through flames to impress him and then panic when he tried to put his whole little toddler hand in the fire. He did get a little burnt, but then he thought for a whole six years that all adults were fireproof and you got the ability when you grew up

    - The first person who Karl mentions the time-travel to ( I say mentions. He really only alluded to it) is Eret, because he thinks they might be someone to talk to about history and storytelling. Eret, who luckily understands what Karl is trying to say, takes him to his next meeting with Foolish and H and they all dub him an honorary immortal. Karl had no idea that anyone but Foolish was different lifespan-wise but after thinking about it he admitted it did make sense

    - The only reason Connor isn’t there is because he was busy with Mario Kart. He’s a variety streamer he doesn’t have time for history discussions

    - Eret and Foolish are old immortals. Hbomb is a newer immortal and he’s constantly in a state of >:D. Connor has been there since the beginning of the universe

    - It’s nether fae custom to always keep gold on you for if you see a piglin. The two species have had their wars but they’re on mostly good terms now. Sapnap was really shocked when he realised people in the overworld didn’t consider gold a valuable resource and tried to give all of his friends gold

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  • nicxdiangelno
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    have i mentioned i love niki as a villain ?

    #mcyt#dream smp#niki nihachu #niki character design #villain niki #it was never meant to be
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  • fucking-tragedy
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hello, have a niki WIP

    Good night

    #my art#dream smp#niki nihachu#dsmp niki#dsmp#dsmp fanart #the masquerade dsmp #tales of the smp #dream smp fanart #niki fanart#nihachu fanart #niki nihachu fanart #mcyt niki#niki mcyt#mcyt fanart #tales of the smp fanart #totsmp
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  • dreamsurvivormultiplayer
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    petition to let Niki take the first of Wilbur’s new canon lives. she deserves it.

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  • giditzky
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dream smp as onion headlines (part 2/6)

    Aaaaa thanks for all the love on part 1 btw!!! Will post part 3 tomorrow

    (part 1)

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  • sootpologist
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    niki’s voice..........

    #liveblog#nihachu #she........
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  • pontsalin
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Thought I’d repost all the cyberpunk designs I got so far

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  • moriphyte
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    god has let me live another day and im about to make it everyone’s problem


    wil and niki moirails

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  • raisans-art
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Summary: They didn't know how it happened.

    But they just knew that they were human once.

    Humans with lives beyond what they knew.

    But what happened, happened.

    And now they're not.


    Dream SMP is over, Origins SMP now.


    It's been a bit since I actually posted anything about this but it's been a few chapters of this! I've been posting to this story and have forgotten to notify ya'll on Tumblr so ye! Only 4 more chapters until it's finished and then it gets a squeal book! Read it if you like short chapters with varying levels of angst!

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  • nova-sne
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Back to Blue

    Another Fic with a bit of Skeppy-Techno because I’m sad there was no Skeppy in the banquet.
    (It was going to be longer but I got lazy, now on ao3)

    There was a lot of chaos after Foolish was executed

    Puffy was screaming at Bad with tears rolling down her cheeks as Niki and Sam tried to calm her down.. Eret stood there looking absolutely horrified at what just happened. Fundy was starting to panic as the situation he was in seemed oddly familiar.

    “It’s one down and a couple more people to go” Bad said calmly.

    “Alright, who's next Bad?” Hannah asked, scanning the room eagerly.

    Before Bad could throw out a suggestion, a voice spoke up that made him freeze.


    Everyone turned to the source of the voice. Bad looked horrified as he turned and looked at the last person he was expecting.


    Blue Skeppy

    His Skeppy

    “Bad.” Skeppy repeated “What are you doing?”

    “Skeppy…” Bad’s voice was a whisper “Is that… is it really you?”

    “Umm… Yeah?” Skeppy carefully climbed down from the small entrance to where Bad was standing. “What’s going on?”


    “Skeppy.” Eret began “Step away from Bad.”

    “What?” Skeppy looked at Eret, and everyone else. He noticed Puffy dried tears, she had stopped crying. “Puffy, you look like you were crying, are you ok?”

    Puffy snapped out of her initial shock and hastily wiped her eyes. “Skeppy, you’re blue.”

    “What are you talking about? I’ve always been blue.” Skeppy walked closer to Bad.

    “Skeppy, get back now”

    Everyone jumped at the new voice. Quackity was there, holding a sword and aiming it at Bad.

    “Hey!” Skeppy jumped to Bad’s defense, “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Skeppy, you don’t understand what’s happening, get out of my way.” Quackity snarled, looking at Bad angrily.

    “No! You’re going to hurt him!”

    “Skeppy, please, come here.” Niki pleaded “We’ll explain everything I promise, just please back away from Bad.”

    “Listen to Niki, Skeppy” another voice called out.


    “Techno?” Skeppy looked at him, ignoring the gasps of shock and the army of dogs surrounding him. “What’s happening, why do you want to hurt Bad, what has he done?”

    “Skeppy, do you trust me?” Techno began.

    Skeppy looked at Techno, and then looked at Bad, who was silent. He noticed that Bad, Ant, Ponk and someone else he didn’t know had armor, while the people on the other side had nothing, and looked… scared. Of Bad.

    “I do.”

    “Then go to the others, we’ll explain everything.”

    Skeppy began to slowly walk toward where Niki, Sam and Puffy were. Sam gently grabbed his arm and directed him behind him.

    “Bad, is there anything you want to say for yourself?” Quackity had his armor on, and looked ready to fight.

    Bad had a lot of emotions on his face right now, he looked as though he was trying to process what’s happening.

    “I… I don’t-“

    “Look at what you’ve done!” Quackity gestured “This has gone completely out of control, Bad! You tricked these people into going to this party you set up and basically led them to their deaths. You just killed someone and was planning to kill everyone else in this goddamn room, if Skeppy hadn’t stopped you!”

    “Bad…” Skeppy looked at him “Is this true”

    “I-” Bad was a loss for words. “Skeppy… I did this for you-”

    “So you’re still obsessed with that stupid egg?!” Skeppy looked angry.

    “Skeppy, the egg promised me I’ll get you back-”

    “Get me back? What are you talking about?” Skeppy glared at him. “I trapped myself in the first place to stop you from paying attention to it, and I thought it worked because I woke up on some island unharmed, so I thought you got me out, that you chose me over the egg after all. I guess what I did was all for nothing.”

    “Skeppy, you weren’t ok.” Bad argured “You were acting strange, you turned red and all you wanted was the egg. I did everything I could to get you back, and the egg promised me that it would get you back.”

    “And in order to do that, you would sacrifice our friends?!” Skeppy shouted “You would lead them here with some false sense of security only to brutally slaughter them?” Skeppy shook his head. “You should have left me alone.”

    “Skeppy… please” Bad begged weakly “I did this for us, for our friendship.”

    “If you truly cared about our friendship, you would've picked me over that thing in the first place.”

    “Enough. Bad, drop your weapons.” Technoblade aimed his crossbow at him and the others “ All of you. We’re destroying the egg.”

    “Bad, what do we do?” Ponk asked him.

    “We outnumber them, we can stop them.” Antfrost told them.

    Then, the chaos resumed..

    Somehow, Puffy got a weapon and brought it down on Antfrost’s head. Techno shot his crossbow and fireworks exploded. People began yelling and Bad found himself fighting Quackity. Purpled joined the fray and began fighting the other eggpire members. (“How is he on their side?!” Bad thought angrily)

    “Bad! What do we do?!” Hannah yelled.

    Bad had a lot of thoughts in his head, and without thinking he opened his mouth and yelled “Run!”

    Hannah and Ponk made a mad dash to the exit, Bad followed behind them.

    While Hannah and Ponk mourned for the egg, Bad didn’t spare the egg a thought.

    Should Bad have not listened to the egg in the first place?

    How was he going to face the others?

    Skeppy was back, but did he lose him again?

    Meanwhile, everyone was starting to calm down and began to pile out of the room, after deciding to lock up the egg.

    Skeppy looked very shaken up by what just happened, and Techno stayed back to walk with him behind the others.

    “Are you ok?” Techno asked.

    “What did Bad mean when he said I turned Red?”

    “I’m not sure…” Techno said “Quackity told me that you were affected by the egg, and was acting strange, so maybe that was it.”

    “Bad said he did this for me… something happened to me and it must have changed me or something. I’m not actually mad at Bad, it’s mostly the eggs fault”

    As Skeppy walked in front of Techno to meet up with Sam, Techno noticed something. “Skeppy what is that on the back of your neck?”

    “What?” Skeppy placed a hand at the back of his neck. “I don’t… wait a minute... ”

    Skeppy lowered his hoodie, and to Techno’s horror, he saw something that greatly resembled a burn.

    “Skeppy take off your hoodie.”

    “What- no I not going to-”


    Skeppy muttered a few words under his breath before taking off his hoodie, a white shirt under.

    It was much worse than Techno thought.

    Burn scars were littered all over his arms, and through the thin white shirt, Techno could see that the back was even worse. It was similar to Tubbo’s own scars, but much worse.

    “What the hell!?” Skeppy looked at his arms, horrified.

    “Skeppy, those look awful!” Sam noticed “What happened?”

    “I- I don’t know?” Skeppy was staring at his arms, petrified.

    “Skeppy, what is the last thing you remember?”

    “Remember…?” Skeppy thought about it, “All I remember is that I locked myself in that dumb egg, and then waking up in some island. I couldn’t find Bad anywhere so I came here and found a way to the egg room, it was the last place I remembered being in.”

    “How long were you on the island?”

    “I don’t know. I just woke up today.”

    “Those scars don’t look like it’s a normal death.” Techno noted. “How many lives do you have?”


    “Yeah… I don’t think you have three anymore.”

    “Do you think Skeppy lost a canon life?” Niki asked Techno.

    “Maybe that explains why he’s blue again.” Sam added.

    “They don’t look that recent.” Niki said. “We can try to patch them up. I’ll take you to my underground city.”

    “I’m fine,” Skeppy waved her off,“You should go check on Puffy, she doesn’t look like she’s ok.”

    “I’ll take him to where I live, Phil can bandage him up.” Techno said.

    Niki left them to go to Puffy. Sam muttered something about beginning to build the containment for the egg and left them as well.

    Skeppy followed Techno to the nether portal that led to his house.

    “Techno” Skeppy began slowly “Do you really think I lost a canon life?”

    “I hope not. Do you feel any differently?”

    “No…” Skeppy suddenly stopped. “Wait, does this mean that Bad lost a life as well?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Oh, you don’t know… Bad and I connected our lives together. Basically, if he dies, it doesn’t affect me but if I die, then he loses a life as well as I do. So until I lose all three he has infinite canon lives.”

    “That sounds like a lot of pressure.” They resumed walking.

    “Yeah, but if I really died and that was what let me come back then maybe Ant is also back to normal.”

    “But if that was the case then Bad should’ve come back when you died since your lives are apparently connected.”

    “Maybe it only worked on me.” Skeppy had a determined look on his face and began walking faster to the portal.

    “I’m free from the egg now, but Bad is still trapped, so now it’s my turn to get him out.

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  • braveboyhalo
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    the average mcyt twitch chat racing to cross as many boundaries as they can

    #philza#tommyinnit#tubbo#goergenotfound#niki nihachu #tagged the repeat offenders <333 #please god...emote only mode my beloved
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  • madam-magma
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Pokemon Au Teams :)

    In this post I explained a bit of my Pokemon / Fakemon dsmp au and now I wanted to share some of my team ideas. 

    A lot of these are very bareboned and will most definitely change ( maybe not Ponk’s though, I really like his team :> )

    Also! All of this stuff will be tagged as pokemon au on by blog :)

    Ponk would have: A Trevenant, Liepard, Parasect, Rotom, and Skitty

    Foolish would have a Heliolisk

    Hannah would have: A Gardevoir, Florges, Roserade, and Grimmsnarl

    Ant would have a Purugly

    Philza would have: An Absol, Staraptor, Luxray, Honchkrow, and Sigilyph

    Niki would have: A Mienshao, Lurantis, and Alcremie

    Ranboo would have a Hydreigon and Meowstic

    Wilbur would have: A Chatot (though not used in battle), Noivern, Braviery and a Slowking (maybe even Galarian form :o )

    Dream would have an Aegislash and Pyroar

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  • loudly--unladylike
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Someone redeemed Niki speaking german for 1 minute on her stream only this time Fundy was in vc and without missing a beat he just immediately switched language, no questions asked, pretty iconic ngl

    #mcyt#nihachu#fundy #meanwhile krinios and gold are also in vc like help
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