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  • zyphyrr
    04.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Niki Nihachu but make her pixelated and a bad outfit design

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  • randomfansstuff
    04.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    not to be controversial on main but c!niki lied to herself when saying she doesn't miss lmanburg and that its destruction was justified (back during the bday party)

    #im not wrong idc #dream smp#dsmp#niki nihachu#mcyt #c!niki #c!niki nihachu
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  • artlesscomedic
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "he used to plant stuff around the caravan. and then my man tommy-- used to sing to the plants to make them grow better!"

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  • agatadasz
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Something that just bothered me during the newest Wilbur's lore stream is how when he was talking with Ranboo about the original L'Manberg members he mentioned Niki and Jack and then ask Ranboo if he knows who the originals are and then when Ranboo mentioned Fundy, you know the guy who definitely joined L'Manberg before Niki and Jack and was the first born in the nation citizen as well as canonical Wilbur's son, and Wilbur just said nah he joined two weeks later. And like correct me if I'm wrong but if you count Niki and Jack Manifold as the original members you have to count Fundy as well? Also I don't remember Wilbur even talking about wanting to check on Fundy? But maybe I just heard something wrong... Ether way can't wait for the family reunion...

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  • agatadasz
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    You know I have been thinking about L'Manberg and its destruction. Many will argue about if destroying is was a right thing to do or not, wondering if it was deserved but if you think about it... After Tommy got exiled it started to completely fall apart. Fundy and Niki left to make their own place, Quackity made a place that he originally called Mexican L'Manberg right next to the actually L'Manberg and claimed it as his own, Jack Manifold also had his own place and Philza as we learned wasn't even truly a citizen of that country.

    Then there are the politics of L'Manberg that also changed after exile. At the beginning Tubbo was promising peace and he absolutely followed through with that until the exile, his last decision for the peace. Everything after that was more aggressive and hostile mostly thanks to Quackity's suggestions and Fundy hyping it up. This ended up putting L'Manberg in more danger and also was the thing that sealed it fate.

    And then finally let's look at Doomsday. Of course many fought for the country but not many of them was an actual citizen. I mean friendly reminder that when Tubbo told Quackity that he can't execute Ranboo he decided to no longer be the part of the country as well. So what about the others? Well Fundy didn't fought for the country that he was born in. He watched the destruction laughing. Niki also went against it. She was the one who burned the symbol of L'Manberg. She was done with it. Jack Manifold fought against the Doomsday squad because his one land was close and that was it. Even Ranboo was rather staying out of it.

    And that's the thing. L'Manberg was falling apart even before it's last day. It was a finished symphony that people tried to prolong but failed.

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  • silly-ghostz
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I want Niki nihachu to put her little hands around revivebur’s fucking neck and deck him into the god dam ground

    #I hate that cocky son of a bicth #/hj kinda#mcyt#dream smp #dream smp headcannon #niki nihachu#wilbursoot#revived wilbur#lore
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  • nachosforfree
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    noticed a somewhat unfortunate coincidence in my designs

    #niki techno n ranboo bond over face markings while philza sits in the corner #em draws shit #art#doodle#dream smp#dsmp#wilbur soot#technoblade#niki nihachu#ranboo
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  • craftem
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    jack’s 8.3.21 stream

    - jack celebrates his one year ‘birthday’ on the server and heavily reflects on his past and present, relationships and possessions; he’s been having an extremely difficult time mental health-wise

    - he resolves that while niki and tubbo have continually shown him kindness, he must rebuild manifoldland again far away from everyone else

    !detailed stream recap under the cut!

    tw for alcohol, alcoholism

    - jack logs on the server in front of a cake and sings himself ‘happy birthday’, that he’s been here on the server for a year

    - he says he hasn’t done much really these days and all he did today was roll out of bed and set out the cake for himself, and that he hasn’t left his room in the hotel in 80 days

    - his vision goes black and he says that he has been drinking a lot, so it might be all the alcohol catching up to him

    - once his vision comes back, he shows that he’s dressed up in his old l’manburg uniform

    - looking around his room, he remarks that he hasn’t cleaned in a while upon seeing the cobwebs now strewn around

    - he admits that not much has happened and there needs to be customers to fund a hotel, so now the jack manifold hotel has not been doing too well

    - he says he hasn’t gone outside, hasn’t seen anyone, and he’s given up on the pub as well since there’s no customers to host either

    jack: “i must say the investment into alcohol for the pub has been the only thing keeping- let’s not speak about that part.”

    - he decides to go look around at the things that have changed while he hasn’t been outside but his vision goes again

    - he visits shroud the spider and says they’re the only two left on the server, he asks the spider’s name and apparently it replies as he repeats “shroud?” back to it

    - he tries to go into the sewers but can’t see where it is, but he has to go further down

    - he reminisces how he, tommy, tubbo, and quackity did heists through the sewers and they were called ‘the beatles’

    - he moves onto punz’s kingdom and then the massive beetroot farm which he’s shocked to see, then to the pizza farm

    - he does an mlg water bucket and is happy to find that he’s still got it

    - next he goes to the museum and visits the features, he looks at the map and searches for l’manburg when he spots it, the obsidian scaffolding on the map

    - he awkwardly tries to speak about anything else on the map before moving on to the walls, reminiscing about taking them down and putting them back up, and then going to the camarvan and the eret’s control room

    - he says that he joined after eret’s final control room probably, and looks through wilbur’s chest to find the book that reads “i’m sorry -eret” to him

    - jack says he wants to see l’manburg from when it was blown up before and goes to the older version of the map; he finds manifoldland and l’manburg, saying he misses when they were all friends

    - he leaves the museum to actually go to where l’manburg was to find that it’s now a cavern instead of glass and then to manifoldland

    - he finds that he still has stuff in his chests and his unfinished secret base is still there as well

    - he follows the nether portal in his secret base to where he was killed by tommy when tommy was exiled; he stares into the lava below for a moment before leaving, saying he doesn’t want to visit there

    - he wonders if snowchester has changed and decides to go visit but stops by tubbo’s war monument house, surprised to see it since tommy had burned it down

    - after that, he goes to fundy’s place because he hasn’t seen him in a while and hasn’t seen him since the last war

    - he’s surprised to see another large museum-like building and sees strange signs on it but just writes it off

    - jack looks for fundy’s base since he built it as a joke but it’s nowhere to be found except for a few stray blocks in the sky

    - he remembers how he was a detective for sam but no one logged on for him to interrogate; he admits that he’s been pretty useless the past 80 days

    - running back to the hotel, he sees that a hole has been blown in the side of the hotel; he’s surprised and insists he’s been taking good care of the hotel

    - he gets frustrated that everything he cares about “gets blown up or destroyed or taken advantage of or betrays me (that happens a lot)”

    - he says he’s not sure if he wants to be here anymore or have anything to do with this place anymore

    - tubbo logs on, messages “you smell of shit”, and then leaves again

    - jack doubles down on his previous statement that he wants nothing to do with this place and gets angry about the failed partnership with las nevadas

    - he decides to check on how las nevadas is doing

    - jack then talks about how at least tubbo decided to join the server and say at least something, that he’s been one of the only people he can trust

    - tubbo and niki have been the only people he can trust, even though niki’s an anarchist he doesn’t care so long as she’s happy and tubbo’s always been kind so he’s also alright

    - he says that since tubbo saying that is the nicest thing people have done to him in the past while, he’s still set on not wanting any more part of this

    - tubbo logs on again to say “shit BOIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!” and then leaves again

    - he arrives at the tunnel from the cookie outpost to las nevadas and breaks his way through the obsidian wall to find that las nevadas is looking pretty finished and done to him

    - he leaves and blocks off the obsidian again, sarcastically saying how funny it is that something someone has promised him has fallen through again

    - he says he doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone again, fighting other people’s wars, building a hotel and pub for others, fighting and killing for others, he’s never done anything for himself

    - he wants to go off and do his own thing, start the “dream ssp, survival singleplayer”

    - he says that when he abandoned manifoldland the day tommy died was for someone else still, so new manifoldland will stick strictly to the name and will only be him there and that’s it

    - he says that even though niki and tubbo have been kind, they’ve been gone for the past 80 days so he needs to find a new place to live

    - he heads out to find a place for new manifoldland, away from everyone else and wraps up the lore!

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  • metfell-got-naenaed
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago


    My favorite playlists are tubbo and Wilbur!

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  • thespoonisvictory
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #asks #filed under: anons I wish would make a tumblr blog for their takes so I could follow or at least expose their blog #wilbur soot#nihachu#dream smp#dsmp analysis#dsmp meta
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  • timedeo
    04.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    if you'd be interested in participating in a syndicate-focused multi animator project... like this post? just doing an interest check

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  • church-of-prime
    04.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    a series i’m starting on my arttok — turtlefix

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  • shrugofgod
    04.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    nothing haunts me more than not knowing how c!tommy, c!niki, or c!fundy reacted to l'manburg's anniversary

    #we got 3/6 but Where Are The Other Three #especially since None of them are the type to let opportunities for angst slide #its almost sadder not knowing though #it's like-- yknow how its good that we dont see c!tommy's therapy on screen #because he deserves some privacy and space to process it all after everything he's been through? #yeah#dream smp#tommyinnit#niki#nihachu#fundy #q and eret also count in this to a lesser extent
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  • sapphic-soapie
    04.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i'm fucking sobbing, the tubbo lore today was so fucking IM JUST SCREAMING LIKE WHAT THE FUCK the fucking acting like holy shit, maybe on spot and out of nowhere he's not the best, but prepared and ready, his acting is fucking heartbreaking but like in a good way, it's just like so raw and realistic and emotional, like it physically hurts and the way he finally opened up about his trauma, and the way wilbur responds honestly just pisses me off because you just KNOW he's fucking lying to tubbo about being sorry, tommy knows he hasn't changed and he's told tommy he might try what he did again, but he lies and m//nipulates everyone else into thinking he's a good person and he's changed and blah blah and i think his interaction with tubbo was a good fucking example of that because it's so clear he's putting up an act to regain his trust AND YOU CAN TELL BECAUSE HE THINKS BEING FORGIVEN EARNS IMMEDIATE TRUST BACK AND HE GETS SURPRISED WHEN TUBBO TELLS HIM HE DOESNT TRUST HIM BECAUSE JUST A FLIMSY PATHETIC APOLOGY WONT WORK AND IT NEVER DID AND NOW HE HAS TO ADD ONTO WHAT HE PROMISES TO DO WHICH IS SHOW HIS APOLOGY IS GENUINE THROUGH HIS ACTIONS like holy shit bro, tubbo has been the only one he's apologized too that is hasn't just worked and he's walked off, tubbos been the only one too push him further than some shitty apology and i honestly have a feeling niki will be the next person to do it because she's one of the other people who had a genuine attachment to wilbur aside from tommy and tubbo wilburs so close with tommy he doesn't even have to try and m//nipulate him to a point he's just honest about certain things because he knows tommy won't leave anywas and tubbo and niki are the only ones who got abandoned and while it did damage them it did detach them from further m//nipulation, they weren't stuck in pogtopia with him like tommy was, they have a reason to despise him and were given a chance to realize how awful of a person he was without him there to influence their emotions the other way anyways, in conclusion fuck c!wilbur and fucking three cheers for tubbo for standing up to that absolute shit head and communicating some of his trauma finally which forced wilbur to realize tubbo won't be to easy to get to

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  • fluffy-cats-and-magic-hats
    04.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    this was just a sad invention, that wasn’t real, i know. but we were happy. 

    i guess i couldn’t let that go.


    the fucking wilbur stream destroyed everything ever actually i am in so much emotional pain /pos

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  • iammissingautumn
    03.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Since I’m deep in the L’Manberg feelings and we’re celebrating anniversaries, here’s my playlists. For each of that patch of land’s eras.

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