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    chapter 36 | “ugh couples”

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    summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
    taglist: @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
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    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Dream in a dream

    twenty-seven ― [Kneecopter]

    | masterlist | << twenty-six || twenty-eight >> |

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong​​ @enha-pen​@giyyuzz @luvrseung​ @yukii0-0​ @lokideadontheinside​ @gu8ki​ @missmadwoman​ @youngestdelacour​ @staysstrays​ @woniewhite​
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    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ‘ ⭒ YEAR 2000 ⭒ , — enhypen!au

    ▸ chapter two

    ▸ pairing enhypen x fem!reader, romantic pairing will be introduced within this series containing one of the members of the hyung line

    ▸ genre enhypen!au, fluff, angst, DRAMA, romantic-pairing, dystopian!au, tragedy, comedy, sort of enimies to lovers

    ▸ warnings this fic will contain occasional cursing + suggestive themes (none with the minors involved!)

    ▸ series masterlist

    ▸ description it’s the year 1999, soon to be 2000, you’re spending the night celebrating at the party your friends are throwing at their penthouse. when the clock strikes midnight the fireworks explode creating art amongst the night sky. as your friends celebrate the turn of a new century the world turns to disarray from the millennium bug setting off. a problem in the coding of computerized systems that was projected to create havoc around the world at the beginning of the year 2000.

    everything felt bright and warm as you came out of your deep sleep, eyes slowly opening to sight of a leather suv interior. the road outside your window now accompanied by a countryside view as you continued driving the same route as the previous night.

    you almost forgot you were sitting on top of jay's lap until his sleep was disrupted by him now groaning and shifting around until his eyes peaked open to the shining morning.. or afternoon. there was no telling if the clocks were accurate anymore after last night's events. it still felt odd to be in his embrace, not to mention the guilt you feel for being the reason behind his discomforting sleep.

    it appears that you've been driving since the second the car left the hotel building by the looks of everyone in the same spot. surely you must have made some stops for gas, if the stations were even working anymore. with the sun brightening up the space you finally had the chance to glance around to those around you. an unfamiliar face sat on the far right side with heeseung sat next to you and jay in the middle row of seats. the youngest of the group, niki, sat on the floor in front of you, paired by jake in the passenger's seat holding a map to give directions to the driver.

    “how long until we’re there?” jungwon’s tired voice asked from the seat behind you.

    jake stopped examining the paper as he glanced at the driver before turning his body to face us sitting behind him, his sentence cutting off after a simply spoken “soon.” his appearance looked worn out, his eyes droopy with darkness circling them as he continuously ran a hand through his messy hair. he must not have slept the entire night. it was pretty apparent that you were looking at him a bit too long as he made eye contact with you before giving you a weak smile.

    he slowly turned back to the map leaving you behind to continue scanning over him, after a few moments of debating you finally spoke up, “jake..”

    the eyes you felt growing on you after going through with your decision made it feel like a mistake. everyone seemed shocked to hear his name coming from your mouth.. there was a bit of unresolved history between the two of you back in seoul. though shocked he turned back to face you, gosh, now it's too late to take your actions back so you pushed through it. “I can handle the map so you can rest if you want.”

    “oh uh, yeah thanks.”

    almost hesitantly he held out the map towards you, it was your turn to give him a slight smile as you took it into your hands unfolding it. your destination finally becoming clear, the road from seoul lined with a highlighter drawing it’s way towards a starred location, “we’re right here.” jake pointed to the car's location. you nodded your head at his words, keeping your eyes glued downwards continuing to look into the paper.

    “you alright?” jay asked you quietly, whispering in your ear as you shifted in your shyness from your slightly embarrassing actions. am i alright? perhaps it's time to try to fix the things held between the two of you before it grows worse, which from the size of this supposed safe house it was bound to.

    though you didn't give an audible response, the way you settled your back comfortably against him gave jay the answer he was looking for.

    the wheels kept turning as light conversation came from around the car, none of it happening in your row until heeseung peered over your hand to see the papers you had. “may i?” he held the map's right corner between his fingers before turning it over; the back of it was detailed with pictures, outlines, and descriptions of everything included on the land you were making your way to. the lush property had multiple structures built on it with plants foraging amongst the terrain, small markings indicating what they were and how to properly care for the gardens.

    the largest building labeled the name ‘main house’ with a floor plan of the structure, “there's only five bedrooms?” heeseung questioned the man in the driver's seat.

    you could see him looking at the middle row from the rearview mirror, his face accompanied by glasses framed in a dark brown with lighter brown specs. he seemed to be in his thirties, maybe forties by the looks of the apparent aging around his eyes. “I’ll explain more when we get there.”

    growing impatient niki spoke up for the first time since the hotel last night, “when exactly is that?” he sounded as annoyed and uncomfortable as he looked. the sight of him sitting cramped on the floorboard of the suv made you want to thank jay for allowing you to sit with him, despite how numb his legs must be by now. you answered for him telling niki, “the map says it should be right here.”

    right on time everyone peaked their heads up to stare out the front windshield. trees crowded the view from all around you until they finally parted slightly as a dirt path on the right came into view. as the drive down it began you turned the map back over attempting to find out more clues of this mystery house. just as it read you came down a path going multiple ways. the driver's eyes returning to you through the mirror awaiting the directions to be read to him, “it says to go down the path named.. orchid?” nodding his head he drove towards one of the dirt roads without so much as a sign signifying the path names.. who the hell is this guy?

    after another five minutes spent traveling you approached a large iron gate. the car came to a stop and without saying so much as a word the driver dropped the compartment in front of jakes knees open retrieving a packet before stepping out closing the door behind him. those who could see him watched as he began turning the pages quickly searching for something until his movements stopped about halfway into the papers. he turned towards the trees in the area on the left before venturing his way completely out of sight.

    “you're telling me we sat inside of a car for who even knows how long just for this weird guy to ditch us in the woods?”

    “sunghoon, be patient.”

    you kept your attention on the trees trying your best not to laugh as the exchange from the two turned into bickering between the leader and his hyung.

    “will you shut up? look at the gate, it’s opening.” jungwon scoffed in the back seat as the man made his way back to the car before opening his door and sitting back down.

    the tires crunched from the now gravel pathway as the car drove through the threshold of the gates. upon entry you could see the multiple outlined structures and gardens from the drawings on the map.

    what seemed to be the main building was a mere one story house; it was quite small in comparison to the vast landscape it was built on. after pulling up alongside the place we were finally able to get out of the car for the first time since leaving seoul last night. niki went first from the middle row followed by you, then jay stumbling out of the tall vehicle. he struggled a bit to catch his balance, i guess having a person sit on your legs for over twelve hours really does a number on them. “you okay?” you asked whilst propping your hands on his shoulders to help balance him out.

    “yeah, better now.” jay responded a little breathy, paired with a sweet smile to show his gratitude.

    the moment didn’t last long before more people came crawling out of the car forcing the two of you to move out of the way. the driver who you still have yet to learn a name for quickly unloaded all of your supplies onto the porch of the house.

    “i have a few errands i need to run and then i’ll be back, you are not to leave the premises understood?” his voice was stern as he stood with his hands on his hips, staring down from the elevated steps in front of the group.

    jungwon crossed his arms, clearly unhappy with this stranger as he questioned him. “what so you're just gonna leave us here alone?”

    all of us just stood there waiting for him to speak, for him to elaborate, for anything. but all he did was take his hands off his hips as he walked down the few steps back over to the drivers side of the car. slowly climbing his way back into the suv before turning the key and revving the engine once more. it’s a surprise the car would still start from all of the wear on it by now. no one was sure what there was to do or if there was any reason to stop him.

    the time to search for any need as to why he should stay ran out as he nonchalantly lit up a cigarette after rolling his window down.

    “oh trust me kid. you’re not alone here.”

    before there was a chance to figure out the meaning behind his words he simply continued on the gravel driveway. the entirety of it creating a crescent moon shape, each end paired with matching gates to the ten feet tall iron fencing. the engine sounded as you’d expect as the tires kicked up debris leaving your group behind in it.

    ▸ song of the chapter : J’s Lullaby - Delaney Bailey

    ▸ authors note i left certain identities unknown and the main romantic pairing undecided because i want them to be based by you guys! after each chapter feel free to comment, anon ask, or message me whoever you would like to be seen in this series ((:

    ▸ taglist is open | @maeumiluv​ @nomy0520​ @luvrseung​ @tsunchani​​ @tobiosbbyghorl @xxxfae @hobistigma

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    [01:18 AM]

    TW: Extremely dark topics.

    The forced air of sorrow suffocated me as the moon peeps in through the blinds, almost as if it's sneaking a glance at our current predicament. My eyes traveled through friend to friend, some looking more on edge than the others. I couldn't miss all the tense shoulders or the way Jay was playing with his ring, quietly waiting for one of us to speak first. Jungwon and Sunghoon both look so tired, understandably so.

    Though the ambience was quite tight, I know we all shared a weird sense of relief. It's done. This has to be the last testimony of our friendship and love.Oh, the things we shared together. Dorms, clothes, friends, dreams.. everything. Though you could say it's because we cared for each other and you wouldn't be wrong but most of it had to do with us having similar tastes. All entirely different people but we harboured the same goals, chased the same dreams. We wanted the same things... and people.

    So we learned to share.

    And we loved her. I exhaled thinking about the sheer agony the past few months were. I can still hear the heartwrenching pain in heeseung's voice as he called me to stay away from "his girl" because she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. She meant the same to me as well. Riki apparently graffitied Jay's mum's car and he himself would find animal carcasses in his mail, possibly by Jay. Sunghoon would leave threatening voicemails for Jungwon everyday day and I, admittedly spread nasty rumours about sunoo when I saw him cosy up with y/n. It might've been quite the show but it was honestly painful and it was getting us nowhere as nobody was willing to give up. No more.

    We all loved her but alas, sunghoon got her heart. Upsetting but still less cruel than possibly having to see her love another man. Sunghoon has a slight smile as he's the one who's getting her heart but that was the deal, the one who does the toughest job gets the biggest reward. The rest of us will just have to do with the rest of her body. I personally love her lean arms and small hands never mind how cold.

    (So what do you think love? I personally think yan!enhypen were extremely selfish in this one. They could've easily shared their beloved with a few more guys, considering the amount of organs and limbs one has!)

    Gif by @racha

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    ⊱ REQUESTED BY: @rinhyun (💌)

    ⊱ SYNOPSIS: Whilst watching your friend walk away to chase his dreams, you realized this was the first time such simple words like "see you soon" felt so heavy to utter.

    ⊱ TYPE OF WORK: oneshot/fic.

    ⊱ GENRE: angst, unrequited love, childhood best friends to long distance friends.

    ⊱ PAIRING: nishimura riki x fem!reader.

    ⊱ WORD COUNT: 1.6k+ words.

    ⊱ WARNINGS: usages of japanese terms (honorifics and nicknames such as kaa-san, etc.), this is set around the time before the events of i-land.

    ⊱ AUTHOR'S NOTE: i decided to fit your idea into a more realistic trope (since riki leaving for korea actually happened in real life), i hope you'll like this! credits to my beloved ren @mygnolia for beta reading this for me when i felt like my writing skills have rusted REN IS THE TRUEST MVP IN MY HEART ☝️ /lh

    There were a lot of perks that entailed being Nishimura Riki's best friend; or 'bestest friend', as he'd like to call you jokingly.

    One of them was that you would need to have a strong immunity to his tendencies of pulling pranks on you; most of them were harmless and somehow, you never minded them.

    Whenever Riki would pull little pranks on you, the way his eyes crinkled into crescents as laughter bubbled up from his mouth like soda pop often made you look at him with a fond yet exasperated look.

    Besides the occasional pranks, the other perk was getting to listen to him talk on and on about his dreams — of course, the latter was a given.

    Everybody knew Nishimura Riki was ambitious; the vigor as he reached out for his dreams, the glint in his eyes, the passion in his heart.

    Riki had always been there in your memories. You were his best friend since childhood; you still remembered the first time you met him, shyly hiding behind your mother's legs when she introduced you to the boy that would end up becoming your dearest friend for years.

    Riding a bicycle for the first time together, jumping in puddles together, discovering music together… watching Riki join a dance academy whilst you tried your best at studying.

    Yet, even someone like you stood meek in comparison to his desire to shine on a stage. You thought that if you pretended the feelings weren't there, they would go away — but they didn't, they never did.

    You tried, you really did; but how could you look away when he always gave you that stupid grin? When he always bought extra snacks for you after school because he knew how hard you've been working? When his laughter always sent butterflies flying around in your stomach?

    Even after all these years, you couldn't look away.

    You knew he didn't feel the same way, but staying beside him was already enough for you. But deep down, you knew; one day, Riki would travel away to chase his dreams and leave.

    And you were right.

    The sound of luggages being dragged around and the rustlings of people getting up from their seats felt like a taunting ambience to your ears. You could barely register whatever announcement the voice from the intercom was saying. Your mind was buzzing with anticipation, and it was not the good kind.

    "(Y/N), you alright there?"

    The feeling of a hand resting itself on your head brought you out of your daydream. You almost forgot that the very same boy who had been occupying your mind was here, sitting right beside you.

    Riki peered into your face with a raised eyebrow, he was actually a little concerned when he noticed you hadn't been talking as much as you usually would.

    Weird, he couldn't place his hands on it. Was there something bothering you? Were you not feeling well? He wanted to ask, but his lips were too frozen to move.

    It was unusual of him, Riki was known for his straightforwardness, after all. But for some reason, there was this weight inside his chest that prevented him from asking you directly. He didn't know why either, but you looked so... sombre.

    You lifted your head to look at him with a rueful smile as a response. "H-huh? Yeah, I'm okay." That bleak smile of yours didn't sit well with him, you could tell. You didn't mean to make him worried, you were just too immersed inside your thoughts.

    But today was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in his life. You didn't want to let your feelings ruin that for him… maybe, it wouldn't hurt to pretend for his sake, would it?

    "I'm just kinda sad to see you go, you know?" You put on your best smile, the best one you could muster whilst ignoring your aching heart.

    Although, in all honesty, you didn't know whether you said them to reassure Riki or you were just beating around the bushes about your own conflicted feelings. It truly is hard being in love with your own best friend when he's leaving for another country, isn't it?

    Riki seemed convinced by your little act, however, he returned your grin with a smile of his own. But before any of you could say anything more, the intercom cut through — this time, with an announcement that shattered your mask of happiness for a split second.

    "Good afternoon, passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight JL2157 to South Korea. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for departure. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes. Thank you."

    If a few moments before, the light left in your eyes was barely flickering; then, that light was now gone completely.

    "Oh, that's my flight." Riki muttered quietly, looking down at the watch on his wrist while the other hand grabbed onto the handle of his luggage.

    It's really happening, he's leaving.

    This was the moment Riki was waiting for his entire life. You, as his best friend, should know this better than anyone. Yet, why… just, why does it hurt so much?

    "Seems like you have to get ready to see me on television soon, huh." Riki stood up from his seat with that same smile on his face. Excitement, elation, and nervousness — all of them were so evident on his face, so evident to the point it pained you.

    You didn't even know if you could keep up this facade of happiness any longer. A feeble nod was all you could manage to give to him.

    "Riki-kun, there you are!"

    Just in time as Riki's mother, the same woman who you grew to look up to ever since you were a kid who always tripped on the stairs, came hurrying towards the both of you with hasty steps.

    She had gone to the restroom for a while, leaving you and Riki alone only minutes ago. But those brief moments between the two of you were already broken by the announcement earlier.

    Although you might've underestimated her hasty pace, because in just a blink of an eye, she was already engulfing Riki in a tight hug.

    "Kaa-san— oof!"

    The aforementioned boy let out a suffocated yelp from the embrace, yet he returned his mother's affection all the same. "Make sure you text us when you get there safely, okay?" She planted her face onto his shoulder with a sniffle, almost as if she was holding herself back from crying.

    "Mm, I will." Riki's voice was a reassuring whisper. But your eyes were too busy gazing upon his face one more time, silently etching his features into your memories.

    Who were you kidding? You had done this exact thing hundreds of times before. But this might be the last time you did so when he was still within your reach. You didn't even realize you had been staring at him until Riki held out his fist towards you.

    A friendly gesture that was always a tradition between the two of you — such a shame this might be the last time you would do this after a long while.

    "Fistbump?" Riki tilted his head to the side, that same soft smile playing on his lips as he signaled towards his extended fist.

    If only this weren't such a poignant moment, you would've teased him; you would've said that having a smile on his face was a foreign look.

    But you could barely even gather the strength to smile back at him right now, much less tease him whilst you were already trying not to break down and let your feelings for him explode like a bursting dam.

    At least, one fistbump wouldn't hurt.

    "Fistbump," you affirmed, bringing your fist to collide against his own for one last time.

    "This is the final boarding call for passengers booked on flight J2157 to South Korea. Please proceed to Gate 3 immediately."

    It was as if time itself was urging the farewell moments between you and Riki to come to an end, you hated it.

    Riki glanced over to the crowd slowly moving towards the said gate, bringing his luggage closer to his figure before turning to his mother. "Kaa-san, I'll text you on the plane. Tell the others goodbye for me, okay?"

    "And (Y/N)," he turned to you next, almost taking you by surprise when he did so. But you were even more taken aback when you felt a sudden flick on the center of your forehead — Riki was snickering like a scheming gremlin upon invoking that flabbergasted expression on your face.

    "It's nice to see your goofy face before I go."

    Even at this sort of moment, he still found the time to joke?

    You couldn't help the way the ends of your lips began to curl into a small smile, tinted with a hint of nostalgia. Well, that's the Riki you knew.

    You rolled your eyes at his old forehead flick tactic, but that smile on your face couldn't manage to fool anyone.

    "See you soon, yeah?" He seemed content upon seeing the smile on your face, leaning back with a satisfied smile.

    See you soon, he said. The concept of the word 'soon' had always been far too vague for your liking. It could mean weeks, months, years, any of them — even if you ticked off your calendar day by day, you could never guess when.

    See you soon, he said. But when will that 'soon' come? What will become of you and him by then? Would you still stay the same as you were now? Maybe, maybe not.

    Riki wanted to become a star, he always shone like no other on the stage. Meanwhile you wanted to live with a sense of sonder, embracing life as it came and went. You and Riki lived in two different worlds, it had always been that way.

    See you soon, he said — and what else could you do besides agreeing? You're supposed to be his best friend, after all.

    "Yeah... see you soon, Riki."

    Such harmless words had never felt so bitter on your tongue before.

    © meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!

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    wc: 1.4k+

    ⸻ ☆ ( 章 06 。) ❛❛ what's your number? ❜❜

    Gripping tightly onto her warm cup of coffee, Yn sprinted through the halls attempting not to bump into any of the other sleep-deprived students who were likewise late for their lectures. She pulled open the door as slowly as possible, aiming to enter the hall unnoticed. It was the first time in months that she fell off her routine, completely throwing off her sleep schedule. She already lacked sleep and internally felt like a walking zombie, but today She felt like absolute death. She immediately scurried to an unoccupied seat closer to the door, settling in before her professor could turn around. Rummaging in her tote bag, Yn managed to get organized in a matter of two minutes. She was quick and didn't want to get a mouthful from a grouchy adult. Normally, Yn would be sitting closer to the front because of her poor eyesight. However, today she had to manage. Before she could get any notes down, Yn felt a light tap on her shoulder causing her to turn around. She was greeted by a messy-haired brunet whose smirk tugged into a playful toothy grin when she returned his greeting.

    "Hey," he spoke in a low tone as he leaned closer to the row where Yn was sitting. "We still on today?"

    Yn smacked the boy's hand lightly before giving him a bright smile. "Mhm," She hummed, turning back to her notes before anyone around the pair got annoyed by their light chatter.

    Jake was giddy, and for the past few days, the only thing he thought of was the coffee "date" Yn had agreed to go on with him. He spent the entire morning pestering Sunghoon about his outfit, begging for some assistance. Jake was into hoodies and preferred comfort over style. However, today he wore black ripped jeans along with a matching black jean jacket and a turtleneck. His bangs were styled and parted, exposing his forehead, and he wore rings that complimented his hands. The shift in his casual style earned numerous glances from people in the lecture hall. There was no doubt — Jake was gorgeous.

    After the lecture, many girls huddled up as they gazed at Jake and gossiped. His efforts didn't go to waste, though the only person he wanted to impress was Yn, who didn't seem to react to his style shift. Yn carefully picked her bags as her friends approached her, inviting her to lunch. Her smile dwindled before shyly rejecting them.

    "Oh, right, you're going out with 'weird staring dude,' right?" Winter muttered, looking back at where Jake was standing, casually packing his bag.

    Yeji smacked Winter on the arm, giggling at her comment. "Hey! Let's not call him that. Plus, he looks a little different today, don't you think?."

    "You're right. He looks a lil edgier," Winter spoke, trying to hide her laughter. "He's looking like a try-hard bad boy."

    "Winter!" Yn smiled, hitting the girl lightly. "Well, I'd better get going then! I'll call you guys at night."

    "You better!" Winter spoke, giving her a stern look.

    Yn grinned at the two before making her way up to the row where Jake was standing. The boy's gaze was darting everywhere but her as he twisted the rings on his fingers. Yn didn't exactly picture him as the shy type, but she found it endearing how the boy would react to her subtle actions.

    "Jake," Yn beamed. "Shall we get going?"

    The boy's head jerked up almost immediately as the nervousness on his face completely disappeared into a genuine thrilled expression. He seemed like a cute pet dog, and Yn didn't hate it at all.

    "Shall we?" Jake grinned, joining her side as they made their way out of the hall. The two of them had lots to chat about, and no moments were awkward or tense as Jake was always successful in making her laugh.

    Sunoo and Riki greeted Yeji and Winter outside of the lecture hall with drink trays in their hands. The two offered the beverages to Winter and Yeji, who glanced at them with odd expressions.

    "What's the occasion?" Yeji questioned, suspicious of their actions. "You guys never buy. It's always us buying."

    "Hm, just felt like it!" Sunoo hummed as he enjoyed his smoothie.

    Riki agreed, and the group started chatting about random things while standing in the hallway.

    "Yo isn't that him," Riki spoke in a dark low tone, nudging Winter, who almost choked on her coffee.

    Heeseung, Jay, Sunghoon, Jungwon, and Karina stood close to the door of the lecture hall, peering in, attempting to search for someone.

    "He left already?" Jay asked, furrowing his eyebrows in suspicion.

    "Damn, well get it then." Heeseung chuckled before nudging Jay away from the door. "He wasn't lying about the date, I guess."

    "No shit. If he was lying, why would he go outta his way to dress so well." Sunghoon chimed in.

    "That's true," Karina smiled. "Well, I hope everything goes well."

    The group then walked away as they chatted and kicked at each other.

    "So it's true," Winter mumbled. "Jake is the Jake we were talking about."

    "Yeah, he's friends with him. So that confirms it." Yeji sighed, ruffling her hair in frustration.

    "Should we do something? Like, stop Yn or?" Riki questioned, glaring at the group that was enjoying their conversation as they walked off.

    "No," Yeji started. "Jake probably doesn't know, and I think he genuinely likes Yn. It's not his problem he's friends with him, right?"

    "That's true," Sunoo clasped his hands over his head. "I just don't want Yn to get hurt... again."

    "Yeah, of course. We must stay on guard."


    "Do you not like it?" Yn was shocked at Jake's odd taste buds.

    "How do you even drink this stuff?" Jake almost yelled, furrowing his brows in utter shock as he trembled after one sip of Yn's coffee order. She had forced Jake to try her drink after seeing what he had ordered — a strawberry Frappuccino.

    Yn couldn't hold her laughter in as she saw the way his shoulders tensed in absolute disgust. "aw, common you're so weak Jakey!"

    Jakey? Jake didn't know when she started using the nickname, but he didn't mind. Frankly, he enjoyed it, smiling sheepishly as ears burned. Words of endearment did wonders to him, and Yn was just so natural at it.

    "Oh crap, look at the time!" Yn panicked as she started packing her things. "We were talking so much I totally lost track of time!"

    Jake came back to his senses as he started packing his own bag as well. "Oh damn, it's so late already! I didn't realize either."

    "I really enjoyed today. Too bad it's over already, huh." Yn pouted as she sipped on her ice coffee, waiting for Jake to finish packing.

    Jake was taken aback by her comment, panicking as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He didn't expect such a positive outcome. "Yeah, I really enjoyed it too."

    "We should do this again. What's your number? It'll be easier if I have your number... so I can contact you."

    Jake froze at Yn's words, and his face fell pale at the disastrous realization. He couldn't give out his number. She would find out it was him who called him. He, who low-key traumatized her.

    "Ummm, I don't uh..." Jake started, struggling to find a reasonable excuse. "Um yeah, um, I don't have a number!"

    Yn furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she pointed at his phone. "Then why do you have a phone?"

    "Oh Nah, this?" Jake panicked, stuttering as he darted his eyes away from Yn's intense gaze. "Um... it's just uh... for uh... socials!"

    "Socials?" Yn was beyond confused at this point. The boy she thought enjoyed the date seemed to be avoiding further contact with her. Did she do something wrong? Did he not enjoy the time she spent with him? Did he realize she wasn't someone he genuinely enjoyed spending time with?

    "Yeah, uhh, I don't have a number, so I mainly use this phone for my social media," Jake spoke, trying to sound enthusiastic. "We can uhh... add each other on Instagram or something?"

    "Oh." Yn bit her lip as she slowly nodded. "Um, sure I guess." She typed her username into the search bar and gave the phone back to Jake. "There, that's me."

    Jake anxiously added Yn and then stuffed his phone back into his back pocket. He was still nervous about what had transpired and wanted to run away from the situation. He wanted badly to give her his number. He wanted her to contact him casually to ask how his day was, but he couldn't. "Well, uh... I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked in a questioning tone receiving only a slight nod from Yn.

    "Yeah... I'll see you tomorrow Jake."

    "He didn't even attempt to ask to accompany me back home.." Yn thought as she sighed, pushing her way out of the coffee store.

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    @berriniki @luvrjn @fiantomartell @shoftiiel @sthinqsz @acciomylove @abdiitcryy @ielaa @baekswoons @sunshinehanjisung @candidupped @missmadwoman @ja4hyvn @yangrden @liliansun @hutao-s @httpheeseung @todorokiskitten @primorange @uanel @babygay-stay @woniecf @yourlocalhotgf @ddeonubaby @enhacolor @atrirose @rinhyun @sseastar-main @wonjaems @msxflower @navi-llera @heesplanet @nishinet @n1k1tty @mochisnlix @luv3iza @c9tnoos @90sni-ki @icywhatim @yurazuyori @woniecore @squiishymeow @gu8ki @jakesim-p @beomsun @babygay-stay @chirokookie @chuntians @luvrseung @wonyofanclub

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  • misssparklyprincess
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    Pairing : Boyfriend!Jay x fem reader  // masterlist // promptlist //

    Genre : Angst and fluff Warnings : Mentions of pet dying and a tiny bit of blood Word count : 1267 longer than expected... Prompts : (a) 1. “I’m fine. Stop asking.” (f) 43. “Lets get ramen.” “Its 3am” Requested : Yes by @rsvnxorion
    A/N : To the person requesting this i hope you are doing fine!! And hopefully will this make you feel a little better.
    DISCLAIMER: english is not my first language so keep in mind please! Request is still open so feel free to sent in some prompts   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Requesting without prompts is possible if givin a lot of details.


    Collapsing on the ground, a loud thud coming from your knee hitting the floor harshly. Left hand covering your mouth in utter shock. Letting your phone slip on the ground as your right hand clutched for your heart. Staring into the distance of your apartment in pure agony, trying to get your breathing back to normal. You received a rather sad phone call from your mother. She told you all of your four cats had caught a viral infectious disease that has zero chances of survival, and they have not found a treatment yet. Your mother got the cats right after she divorced your father when you were just a young girl. Getting the cats was like a healing process for both of you. Rasing for cats was a handful sometimes, but you managed to help your mother out as much as you could. Riki, your second youngest cat, was the most sensible to catching the flu. He was the first one who got very ill. It was only natural for your other cats to catch this illness as well. You were so attached to them that leaving them behind felt strange when you moved to South Korea to attend university.  

    Getting rather quickly used to being far away from your furry friends and mother. Mainly because you were so caught up with your studies and trying to balance out your social life, leaving barely any room for homesickness. And when you did feel down on lonely days, you had your boyfriend Jay to cheer you up in any way. He always tried his hardest to make you feel comfortable and happy. He knew what it feels like not seeing your loved ones for so long, so seeing his favorite person in the world feeling miserable was the last thing his heart could handle. 

    Managing to get your heartbeat and breathing back to an average pace, you did not know how to feel or react. Feeling nothing at all, no thoughts, not even a single tear leaving your eyes. You just sat on the cold floor in your dark living room, staring into nothingness. You were snapped out of your trance when you heard your front door unlock. You quickly get up from the ground, straightening your posture, wiping some access dust from your bottom half. Trying to act casual as you saw Jay's figure enter the apartment. Discarding his jacket and shoes in the far corner near the front door. An awkward tension was hanging in the air, or it was you who felt that way.  

    "Baby, why is it so dark" his smooth voice filled the room, you panicked, trying to come up with an excuse. You told him you just woke up from a nap and felt thirsty, so you were about to grab a glass of water. Standing there just looking at each other, "ehm baby... why is your phone on the ground?" he spoke, breaking the silence again. You were ready to dig your own grave. Why did you have to be so highly awkward and clumsy? Face palming yourself, "I dropped it when I heard the door unlock it just startled me a little" the lie continued all because you did not want to be confronted with the distressing news you've received not too long ago.  

    Jay knew you all too all well when you were bothered by something. He saw how you would twist your hair around your index finger, avoid eye contact, and most importantly, how you would bite your lip. The only source of light filling the room came from the moon outside, giving him just enough to see the blood-forming on your bottom lip. Reaching behind you for the light switch turning on the light to get a better look at you. Squinting, your eyes needed to adjust to the sudden brightness. His tall figure was towering over your tiny body, taking a step back so he could not see your misery.  

    Jay felt afflicted as you tried so hard to avoid him. Staying close as he followed you towards the kitchen. Grabbing a glass from the cupboard, filling it up with some cold water. Gulping it down as you leaned on the counter. Jay doing the exact same sitting opposite you "Are you okay?" you nodded. Trying to make small talk to avoid any confrontation. Even though Jay answered all your questions about how practice went, he still felt the need to ask you again if you really were feeling fine, like you told him a few minutes ago. "I'm fine. Stop asking." shutting him down. He was not having it pulling you close by the waist. Grabbing your hands and securing them around his own waist. Tugging some stray hairs behind your ear, softly stroking your cheeks with his thumb.  

    "Please tell me what's on your mind. I am not letting you suffer all by yourself," a shaky breath leaving your lips. Inhaling deeply, you couldn't hide it anymore, owning Jay an explanation. Filling him in on what your mother had told you on the phone. Jay listened very carefully, thinking of the right words to say for you not to become even sadder. Leaning your head on his chest, the sound of his steady heartbeat made you feel a bit calmer. "I just feel so guilty for leaving my mother behind. I can't help but blame myself" at this point, you still felt numb. "Y/N, first of all, this is not your fault. Remember that, please do not blame yourself! What happened to your cats is something you don't have control over; it's just how nature works," gently stroking your hair. "As for your mother, she is a strong woman who will just like you get through this painful chapter. Even if she is far away, I think she wants to see her daughter happy instead of feeling distressed for 'leaving' her," feeling reassurance after his sweet words.  

    "But it doesn't explain why I feel numb. Why am I not crying? Am I heartless!??" feeling stressed all of a sudden. A soft giggle left Jay's lips, giving you a sweet peck on the forehead. "You are not heartless silly," taping his chin, eyebrows furrowed as he was thinking. "Your brain may try to protect you by shutting down emotionally. That is why you are not feeling any emotional pain and possibly not even physical pain" Hearing this, you understood why you weren't crying so hysterically like your mother. Jay continued talking about how he will help you through this. And if you wanted, he'd buy you a plane ticket to go see your mom.  

    Feeling at ease now, tension leaving your body as you leaned up to give Jay a kiss on the cheek. The tips of Jay's fingers brush your jaw, pulling it towards him. Slowly leaning in, he closed his eyes as did yours, feeling his plush lips press softly on yours as he kissed you lovingly. His free hand is on your lower back, holding you flush against his body. Arms circling around his neck, fingers combing through the hairs on the back of his head, deepening the kiss.  

    It was as time had slowed, and before you knew it, you felt Jay pull away. His lips curved in a smirk seeing your flustered face. Leaning in one more time to capture your lips for a soft peck, "Let's get ramen." he broke the sensual atmosphere. "It's 3 am," you said dead-panned. His soft giggles were the only thing heard "Even better" before tugging you along to the nearest convenience store.  

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  • emeraldenha
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    chapter 35 | “part of the process”

    prev || masterlist || next


    summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
    taglist: @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
    #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki#nishimura riki #niki x reader #enhypen imagines
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  • hrtattcker
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    meanwhile in the Almost! universe...

    #almost! #just thought this would be funny #they are in love you honor #niki imagines #almost! universe
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  • enhashoney
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Imagine taking a dance class with Niki…

    (Fluffy Stuff)

    I feel like taking a dance class with Niki would be such an amazing experience. 

    It would start with you two meeting at the dance studio while you panic at the fact that you will be taking an intermediate dance class for the first time. You wanted to take a beginner class but your boyfriend Niki would never allow it because he would probably honestly get bored in a beginner class. Niki, being your talented dancer of a boyfriend, would beg you to take a dance class with you since he has not seen you dance in forever and you finally give in when he bribes you in saying he would treat you to food afterward. 

    The dance teacher comes out of the waiting room into the room where the class is going to be and you could feel yourself caving in on yourself as you regret letting that tall baby man convince you to go to a dance class even though you have not been in years. Sensing your nervousness, Niki comes up behind you and looks in the mirror as he puts his head on top of yours saying that everything is going to be okay and that he will be there with you, helping you, if needed. You look up at your boyfriend with worried eyes and he gives you a peck on the forehead which helps calm and ease your nerves. 

    The dance class started and to your surprise, you find that you are having a much easier time with the combo than you thought you would. That was until the teacher started a complicated little section of the choreo chalked with difficult footwork. As you find yourself tripping on your own feet the teacher calls for a five minute water break. In that time you find yourself getting super frustrated as you try to go over that point in the choreo over and over again. Just when you feel like you have had enough of this footwork combo, Niki comes up to you and looks at you with cute eyes suggesting that he can help you. You accepted his help and after a few tips it was back to feeling easy. He smiled watching you smile and enjoying the dance class. 

    After the teacher was done teaching the class, it was time to do mini group performances of the dance. You were in a group of about six people and you killed it. You channelled your inner badass and finished the number with nothing less than style and grace. After your turn it was Niki’s and you stood at the sidelines cheering your boyfriend on as he absolutely dominates the choreo with such ease. He comes up to you after finishing the choreo and he looks at you slyly, raising his eyebrow in a cocky arch asking, “so, what did you think?”. You laugh at him patting his shoulder because you can't reach his head looking at him thinking he is the cutest baby in the whole world. 

    At the end of classes, sometimes the teacher asks for one last special group of people to go again for them to film and of course the group was literally just you and your cute boyfriend. As you two start the dance, all goes super well, then we got to the little improv part after the choreo and everything was just amazingly falling into place. Your chemistry was beyond amazing and the other people who were taking the class could feel that! By the end of the performance that you and Niki put on, everyone in the room was in awe of the dance that you two had just put on for everyone. 

    After class was finished, you decided to retrieve the video of your final performance with Niki from the teacher. You and Niki watched the video and talked the class over some dinner and even you two yourselves were in awe of how much chemistry you two have. After some ideas were tossed around, you and your loving boyfriend decide to make a dance instagram where you two post your work together. Let’s just say that this dance video from the class is the first of many on your journey together as a now dance couple. <3

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  • misssparklyprincess
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    Pairing : non idol! Sunghoon x fem reader  // masterlist // promptlist //

    Genre : fluff Warnings : none Word count : 828 Prompts :none 9. “I’m not going to stop poking you until I get some attention” 40. “Am I your lockscreen?” “You weren’t supposed to see that.” Requested : yes by @nanasmitek​
    A/N : i hope you enjoy took a little longer than anticipated! DISCLAIMER: english is not my first language so keep in mind please! Request is still open so feel free to sent in some prompts (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


    Sitting comfortably on the couch watching a random series trying to kill some time while you were waiting for your boyfriend. You and Sunghoon were supposed to walk back home after his classes ended. But unfortunately, your classes ended sooner than planned. Deciding to walk about with his roommate Jake to their dorm since waiting in the freezing cold was just not an option for you. Your phone screen illuminates with a message from Sunghoon saying he's five minutes away. Excitement rushing through your body, finally being able to hang out with your boyfriend. Both your schedules were packed for midterms, and the only time you saw him was during lunch break. And most of the time, the contact only lasted for 5 minutes since either he or you had to get back to study.  

    Hearing the door unlock, followed by a loud thud of a bag dropping on the floor. Rushing to where the sound was coming from, you saw Sunghoon cleaning up his stuff. Admiring how stunning he looked, even if he was only doing a simple activity. He turned around, seeing you stare at him, barely drooling. He laughed at your state. "I know I am handsome," he said smugly. You snapped back to reality, rolling your eyes at his remark. "You sure are," muttering under your breath, hoping he didn't hear. But Sunghoon heard you clearly. Walking back into the living room, you sat back in your previous spot.  

    Sunghoon took the empty seat next to you, pulling you into his side by the waist. A heavy sigh left your lips as you rested your head on his chest. Even though you've only been dating for a month now, you always felt safe in his embrace. Taking in the sweet scent of his perfume you, snuggle closer into his side. The peaceful silence is interrupted by the sound of your phone. Feeling a little annoyed at the sudden disturbance, none the less you grabbed your phone to see who it was. Reading the messages, you decided to respond. One of your classmates had some questions about the assignments that needed to be finished next week.  

    Sunghoon grew a little impatient, he wanted your attention, but you were too focused texting your classmate. Of course, he understood you were, from nature, a helpful person. Honestly, he would've done the same thing, especially since he is class president. But right now, on both your free schedules, he wanted nothing more than your attention. Softly letting his slender fingers graze over your exposed thigh. Kissing the nape of your neck. Unfortunately, you didn't budge and continued typing. He decided to use a different method, lightly poking your sides. You squirm a little at his sudden touch but not enough for you to look up at him. Poking you a little harsher than before, only to get a small 'stop' from you. This time he was aiming for your face, poking your soft cheeks. Getting carried away on how soft they feel under his touch. Getting annoyed at your boyfriend, childlike behavior looking him dead in the eye, "Can you stop for a second?" you said with a severe tone, turning back to your phone.  

    "I'm not going to stop poking you until I get some attention," he spoke softly, a hint of desperation in his voice. Feeling bad for neglecting your precious boyfriend. Locking your phone, you swung your legs over his and looked up at him. His lips curved in a soft smile, happy he finally got what he wanted. You started talking about how your classes went and how nice it was of Jake to accompany you to their place. Sunghoon made a mental note to thank his best friend later for bringing you back to their dorm safely since there are many perverts on campus.  

    Unfortunately, your little moment got interrupted again by the sound of your phone ringing. Muttering a slight apology, "I should probably say I'm busy, so they won't bother us anymore," you grabbed your phone, reading the message first that was shown on your lock screen. Sunghoon isn't the type to check your phone to see who you were texting, but he happened to see your wallpaper. He swore it was a picture of you two on your second date. His heart felt all warm as you took the time to get him as your wallpaper. It meant a lot to him, but Sunghoon was full of himself. "Am I your lock screen?" he said teasingly. Shocked at his words, "You weren't supposed to see that." you exclaimed, feeling embarrassed. You slightly relaxed when he started laughing, hugging you tightly. Pecking you on the cheek multiple times, "Don't worry, I got you as my lock screen as well," going in for a kiss on the lips this time. You happily returned the kiss, letting yourself melt in his touch. Spending time with Sunghoon is much better than helping your classmate.  

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  • wonyofanclub
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    entxt fic and smau recs !!



    multiple x reader

    ⌑ enhypen’s s/o babying them by @moaberryjjunie. ot7 x reader. fluff, headcanon.
    ⌑ take my heart, but please don’t break it! by @envirae. 02z x reader. fluff, angst, crack, smau, completed.
    ⌑ bet by @seungstarss. enhypen hyung line x fem!reader. angst, crack, smau, completed.
    ⌑ take it by @cloudninescenes. enhypen hyung x reader. smut, series, completed.
    ⌑ we were friends once by @haechanhues. 02z x reader. angst, fluff, smau, completed.

    heeseung x reader

    ⌑ sugar daddy by @jayflrt. fluff, crack, smau, completed.
    ⌑ we’re dating! (not really) by @jayflrt. fluff, crack, imagine.
    ⌑ trust me by @liliansun. fluff, angst, enemies to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ revelations by @seungstarss. fluff, angst, smau, completed.
    ⌑ sorry i’m a nymphomaniac by @osakisho. sequel: sorry i’m a total coward. angst, smut, fluff, imagine.
    ⌑ springtime flow (part 1, part 2, part 3) by @heenuna. fluff, smut, series, completed.
    ⌑ summer miracle by @heenuna. fluff, smut, series, completed.
    ⌑ heeseung as a bad boy by @eeunoia. fluff, angst, imagine.
    ⌑ second chances by @softforqiankun. fluff, angst, crack, soulmate au, smau, completed.
    ⌑ catch us, dispatch! by @jalnandanz. fluff, slight angst, crack, idol au, smau, completed.
    ⌑ your baby cousin is a cat? by @jay-ke. fluff, imagine.

    jay x reader

    ⌑ take this love letter! by @enhyupn. fluff, crack, angst, smau, completed.
    ⌑ break your heart right back by @ddeonuism. fluff, angst, friends to lovers, imagine.
    ⌑ babe, you’re a trendsetter by @heenuna. fluff, smut, imagine.
    ⌑ baby you’re my god by @heenuna. smut, imagine.
    ⌑ are you blackmailing me? by @liliansun. fluff, angst, strangers to friends to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ chef in session by @haechanhues. fluff, angst, mystery, smau, completed.
    ⌑ break your heart right back by @ddeonuism. fluff, angst, friends to lovers, imagine.
    ⌑ deuce! by @ddeonuism. fluff, angst, crack, smau, completed.

    jake x reader

    ⌑ pick & choose by @liliansun. fluff, angst, soulmates au, smau, completed.
    ⌑ what? physics? by @heenuna. smut, imagine.
    ⌑ athena’s kid wants kisses for his boo-boos by @jensrose. fluff, comedy, camp half-blood au, demigod au, imagine.

    sunghoon x reader

    ⌑ little lucky charm by @ddeonuism. hogwarts au, fluff, imagine.
    ⌑ the baby project by @wonwoosh. fluff, angst, crack, enemies to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ bite! by @beom1e. horror, angst, fluff, humor, smau, completed.
    ⌑ jealousy, jealousy by @nikihoon. fluff, angst, friends to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ valentine’s mishaps by @ikigyu. fluff, romance, slight angst, imagine.

    sunoo x reader

    ⌑ let my love run wild by @ddeonuism. fluff, humor, light angst, crack, smau, completed.
    ⌑ operation: code cupid by @lovesicknana. fluff, romance, angst, drama, smau, completed.
    ⌑ for me by @linoragi. fluff, crack, smau, completed.

    jungwon x reader

    ⌑ dear, class president. by @wonwoosh. fluff, angst, crack, classmates to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ let me hug you for awhile by @yangw0nnie. fluff, imagine.
    ⌑ formula of love by @amakumos. fluff, crack, classmates to lovers, smau, completed.

    ni-ki x reader

    ⌑ none yet.


    yeonjun x reader

    ⌑ let’s play pretend by @igyus. fluff, angst, suggestive, smau, completed.
    ⌑ soulmates, i guess by @juunnies. fluff, crack, soulmate au, imagine.

    soobin x reader

    ⌑ sarcoline sunset (part 1, part 2, part 3) by @fluffi. fluff, angst, enemies to lovers, soulmates-ish au, series, completed.
    ⌑ people watching by @bluhr. fluff, humor, angst, smau, completed.

    beomgyu x reader

    ⌑ outnumbered by @envirae. fluff, angst, crack, smau, completed.
    ⌑ a series of unfortunate events by @pr0dbeomgyu. fluff, angst, crack, slice of life, enemies to friends to lovers, smau, completed.
    ⌑ casted by @iyeonjuni. fluff, angst, smau, completed.
    ⌑ voices by @soobmint. fluff, angst, strangers to enemies to lovers, soulmate au, imagine.

    taehyun x reader

    ⌑ when the ice begins to thaw by @soobmint. fluff, mild angst, imagine.
    ⌑ underneath the golden sun (part 1, part 2, interlude, part 3) by @angelictaehyun. fluff, angst, enemies to lovers, soulmates-ish au series, completed.

    huening kai x reader

    ⌑ none yet.
    #enhypen#enhypen fics#enhypen imagines#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen fanfiction #enhypen x reader #enhypen recs#enhypen recommendations #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #niki x reader #txt #txt fic rec #tomorrow by together smau #soobin x reader #yeonjun x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #huening kai x reader #tomorrow by together imagines #tomorrow by together fics #txt x reader #txt smut #enhypen hard hours
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  • jalnandanz
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    CHAPTER 6 — diy fiona photocards

    a/n: hi,,,, ive been sick the whole day its was horrible 0/10 !!!! also. sus unknown number !!! what will happen next ?!!

    summary: lee heeseung still remembers the fancall he had a few months ago, specifically you. but before he got a chance to ask for your number, the staff had rudely snatched the phone away from him ?! a few months later, he finds out that you are part of a newly debuted group... the same group that had beaten his by a point from a music show win. from there, an unexpected friendship blossoms, with heeseung trying to hide his crush on you, not knowing you were starting to warm up to him.

    previous | next ☆ series masterlist

    taglist (open): @amakumos @jungwoniics @ja4hyvn @scented-morker @sunarindior @oreoisa @kissuzies @liliansun @c9tnoos @hanarinlol @hakuyeo @vlykai @wonamour @heelvsme @ryuflix @ily-cuz-i @acciomylove @beomslonghair @prettywon @tomorrowbymoa-together @hutao-s @soobnny @im-on-a-hellavator @astrid-potato @uarealienated @enhacolor @myouikomi @lhsng @luv3iza @arikiu @kyleeanne @shinsou-rii @fairycheol @heeseunqie @oureris @missmadwoman @av3z @son9oi @nicksszzz @mitsukifilms @baekhyunstruly @babygay-stay @angelicncity @jakehugger @vampsvngie @avis-writeshq @dinosdance @hooniesoul @chirokookie @tlnyjoong

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  • bus-stop-to-kpop
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Drunk - Dazed (vampire!Ni-ki x Reader)

    Pairing: Ni-ki (Nishimura Riki) x gn!Reader

    Requested: kinda?? part 2 of given - taken

    Genre: angst, vampire!au

    Trigger Warning!!: blood, mentions of death, kidnapping

    Summary: When Ni-ki finally reaches out to you after you turned, you suddenly get kidnapped. Ni-ki discovers that you are linked in a special way and he needs to save you.

    Word Count: 1,339

    A/N: You had to wait for it pretty long, I apologize for that, but I hope you still like it. Honestly I wasn’t planning to end it like that at first but yeah. I think it could have been better, but my brain just isn’t able to think of something else right now. I hope I’m not disappointing any of you T.T -Admin J

    I suggest you read (Part 1) first

    It had been a while since Ni-ki had left you blacked out and bleeding on the floor of the institution. You were woken up by the excruciating pin of the sunlight burning into the skin of your arm. It left a permanent mark on you, signaling the start of your new life.

    You were alone. There was no place you could return to. After all your family probably wouldn't be happy to see you as one of the creatures they despised. Especially not after you had been declared dead and the institution had been burnt to hide what had happened.

    There was no way you could return back to the human life. And as for vampires, the only one you would've trusted, Ni-ki, had betrayed you. Your co-workers were right, you should never have gotten so close with him.

    For years you lived in a dark part of the forest, there was a little hut, which had probably belonged to a lumberjack, but had been long abandoned. For the time being you killed animal to satisfy your need for blood.

    You wanted to be as far away from humans as possible, scared that being too close to them would trigger something in you and you wouldn't be able to control your urges to drink blood.

    That was until a mysterious invitation arrived at your home. A simple white letter inside a pitch black envelope. An invitation to a so called bloody birthday party. At first you tried to convince yourself it was just a prank by some teenagers, but no one had ever been this deep into the forest.

    A bloody birthday. You recalled something you were taught at the institution. It was an old tradition, when a vampire turned 100 years old, a party would be arranged for him to drink the blood of humans. No human attending a party like that would ever come out alive. You thought things like that weren't practiced anymore, but it seemed you were wrong.

    "I'll see you again, Y/N." Ni-ki's last words suddenly echoed in your head. Was it possible that he had send you this invitation? He was the only one who knew you were still alive too. So it had to him!


    The party seemed ordinary. A bunch of high school kids huddled together talking loudly over the blaring music. Your heightened senses were quite overwhelmed at how noisy it was. But you tried to focus on your task at hand. Finding Ni-ki. It was hard because you were constantly bumping into drunk people and it was way too loud to actually concentrate on a single thing. Your head was already hurting. In the end you decided it would be the easiest to ask people if they knew where Ni-ki was.

    "Excuse me? Do you by any chance know where Ni-ki is?" You approached two guys that looked a little older than the average of the party. There was a weird smell surrounding them, but you assumed it was just the alcohol.

    The taller one nodded and motioned for you to follow him. He led you through the crowd into some hallway, where it was a lot less noisy. When he suddenly stopped in his tracks you couldn't even ask what was wrong before a hit to the back of your head knocked you unconscious.


    Somewhere in a room not too far away Ni-ki doubled over in pain as well. "What's wrong?" Jake asked storming to the younger's side, who held the back of his head in pain. When Ni-ki pulled his hand back, it was painted red with blood and his eyes widened, "What is going on?"

    Upon the side of blood a lot of the other vampires gathered around him as well. Before he could question the blood for longer a scream pierced his ears so loud that he had to cover them, "Did you hear that?" He asked the others who just shook their head.

    Another scream, but no one seemed to be affected besides Ni-ki. "How can you guys not hear that? Someone is calling for help! It's so loud." That's when Jay realized something, "Ni-ki, back then, you didn't kill that human, right?" "W-what?" Ni-ki was confused on how that had anything to do with his pain at the moment.

    "That worker. The one you protected. You turned them didn't you?" Jay questioned again. All eyes were on him as Ni-ki admitted that he had in fact not killed you back then. "Then the two of you are linked. If they're calling out to you for help, they're probably in danger." Jay explained. Jay had also experienced a link like this with Heeseung after the older had turned him. A sort of connection that allowed two vampires to communicate without actually talking.

    "Then we need to help Y/N!" Ni-ki's eyes widened in shock. It was his fault you were in danger. He should have come to see you earlier instead of just delivering the invitation to your doorstep, but he had said some pretty mean things and he was scared of facing you.

    "Do you know where they are?" Jungwon asked and Ni-ki shook his head. "Try using your link." Heeseung suggested. Ni-ki closed his eyes focusing solely on you, he tried talking to you, but nothing happened, until he was hit by an incredibly strong smell. His nose scrunched in disgust, "It smells like dog." "Werewolves?" Sunghoon questioned. "What do they want with Y/N?" Ni-ki asked, but the others were just as confused as him.


    Meanwhile the two boys from the party had brought your unconscious body to a different location. Your body was tied to a chair. Every part of your body was hurting and your head was throbbing with pain. You were sure there was still blood dripping from the wound on the back of your head.

    "What is Sunoo planning?" A voice from the dark corner of the room questioned. "How would I know? I don't even know who Sunoo is!" It had been the same question for the last hour. Another groan after your answer the person asking the questions seemed to loose his patience, but you really didn't know anything about Sunoo.

    "Listen, I hope you know that if you continue like that it won't end well!" The guy stepped out of the shadows and roughly grabbed your chin with his hand. The claws formed out of his fingers digging into your skin.

    "There's no use K! I don't know them." Another voice suddenly spoke up. The werewolf just as surprised as you let go of you to turn around. More figures stepped out of the shadows, you recalled some of their faces from the institution. And he was also there, Ni-ki big eyes were looking at you worriedly.

    Before you could even blink one of the vampires had overwhelmed K, pinning him to the ground. Some others swarmed out of he room to take care of the other wolves, while Ni-ki walked over to you.

    "Y/N I'm sorry! This is all my fault." Ni-ki knelt down in front of you, begging for forgiveness, "I was too scared to face you after what had happened. I thought you would hate me." Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

    "I resented you, for a long time. But I learned to live as I am now." Ni-ki looked up at you. Your voice was quiet but Ni-ki had no problem understanding what you were saying. "Eternity is lonely Ni-ki. I was alone, had to teach myself a completely new life. If you promise me to stay with me from now on, I might be able to forgive you." A thankful smile formed on Ni-ki's face as he jumped to hug you.

    A groan left your lips upon his enthusiasm, after all your body was hurting and still bound to an uncomfortable chair. "I'm sorry!" Ni-ki quickly apologized before taking off the restraints and helping you up, to walk away from the place you had been captured in.

    #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki x reader #enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen vampire au #kpop#kpop au #kpop vampire au #kpop x reader #enhypen angst#kpop angst#admin j
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  • writerfrommoon
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Enhypen as your admirer

    Heeseung lee

    You dont know who the hell keeping the flowers in in front of your house door. At first you hated it but as days passes you started to used to it. all its say by L. HS

    Sunghoon park

    He would try to hide the fact that he is your secret admirer .you thought he just one of the students in the campus but no. he more than that

    Sunwoo Kim

    Candies, letter,teddy on your locker. So obvious someone is being your admirer you tried to find it .but ended up getting tired after a million try

    Jungwon yang

    You were just doing the cheerleaders dance there you hear a shout about your name it was a daily thing. Pretty sure it was someone who sends you a rocket with candy

    Jake shim

    His clumsy atitude, the way he act around you is obvious that this might be your admirer but not to create misunderstanding you decide shrugged it off.

    Jeongseong park

    He would look at you all the time observing every little move of yours, he mostly likely to gift you your fav stuffs regardless whether if it's expensive or not

    Riki Nishimura

    Your friend told that one of the student crushing on you. You decided to shrug it off since it might be a rumor. But not until you saw some little letter saying how pretty you are

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  • meijiamikas
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    eight. park sunghoon stan

    synopsis: you and park sunghoon—a popular figure skater in your country—had met and ended on the wrong note. but when word comes around that the both of you are a popular “ship” throughout the campus, all hell just breaks loose for you!

    masterlist. ☆ previous. ☆ next. ☆

    taglist (open!/send an ASK): @shguacamole @ja4hyvn @soobin-chois @yizhoutv @odxrilove @enhacolor @amakumos @msxflower @abdiitcryy @iheartbeomz @missmadwoman @nyfwyeonjun @beomsun @sunghoonluvr @enhyped-up @yvesismywife @renjunvrse @acciomylove

    #fic: over the moon #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki #enhypen nishimura riki #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen sunghoon#kpop smau #enhypen x y/n #niki smau #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon scenarios#sunghoon smau #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen x female reader
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  • neptune-on-descendant
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    How To Love Niki (Enhypen)

    Images are not mine. Credits to Charles Frizzell, HYBE, & Gasoline.

    Based off of my interpretation of his love style according to his birth chart. Take this with a grain of salt, bc of course I don’t know him personally and his own preferences take precedence over an astrological interpretation <3

    Placements Considered for this Synthesis:

    Ascendant/houses, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Chiron, Juno & major aspects to any of these placements.

    Niki is a very driven person

    One of the things I admire most about him is his endless ability to dream (Pisces Moon), his courage & optimism needed to pursue such feats (Sagittarius Sun), his unrelenting, patient attitude towards working towards his goal (Cap Venus/Taurus Mars), and his unbending belief that he will get there (Aquarius Rising).

    With all of this said, he is a very work-oriented person. Working comes naturally to him, because it’s all he’s done from a very early age.

    Support his drive & encourage him as he goes along.

    He may have a tendency to get caught up in working towards a goal, even when he’s with you.

    He needs someone that understands this about him and allows him the space to work.

    Someone who criticizes his attention to his work will only hurt him.

    That Pisces Moon wants to please his loved ones, so if he feels he’s the cause of someone’s unhappiness the criticism will turn inward.

    Say you admire his drive. You support his dreams. You can’t wait to see him achieve his goals.

    One of my best friends shares 3 of his placements (Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Capricorn Venus) & they’re quite wonderful in a committed relationship

    It takes Niki a long time to actually get there, though, because he wants to be truly sure you’re the one for him

    He will analyze what you do around him before you’re together, especially with the people he trusts

    “They came up to me first and started talking, what do you think that means?”

    Yep, and you will have to make the effort most of the time when getting to know Niki

    The nice thing is, he likes when you come up and talk to him first. That Sagittarius Sun will never say no to a conversation, and all he needs is that door to be opened and he’s a chatterbox

    He’s just worried about saying the wrong thing or being awkward, so he’ll wait for you to initiate conversation

    Say hi to him & be friendly whenever you see him. The more open you seem, the more he’ll be comfortable with approaching you

    Also, seriously, if you can get a mutual friend of yours to help get you two together that would speed things up a lot

    If he knows for a fact you like him back he’ll make the move and ask you out

    On a date he is romantic, and he will know how to sweep you off your feet

    He’ll go for the traditional gestures; flowers, paying for dinner, buying you whatever you want if you go shopping together, winning you a stuffed animal at an arcade/theme park

    I can just see him having the biggest heart eyes when he looks at you

    Pisces Moons are one of those placements that dreams of having that beautiful, movie-like love story

    As he is a Capricorn Venus, I definitely can see him really wanting to have the same love that he sees in his favorite romance movies

    There will be a playful edge to the date too. The more he shows you his goofy side, the more he trusts you

    Be goofy with him, joke with him, laugh at his jokes, just be able to let go and have fun

    Don’t mistake his childlike side for immaturity, he’s very serious about relationships.

    I’ve speculated his rising to be Aquarius, so this puts his Saturn in his 7th house closely conjunct his descendant

    He views relationships as something to be responsible towards. I like to think of it like watering plants—he operates under the idea that in order to keep up his close relationships, he needs to put effort in and keep them thriving

    Make sure you meet him halfway with this.

    With his Pisces Moon, he could have a tendency to over-extend himself in a relationship.

    In an unhealthy relationship, he’ll be the one giving more, putting more effort in, and getting down on himself when the other person isn’t giving him the same effort back

    So please, be just as invested in the relationship as Niki is. He’s willing to change for you where it’s reasonable, and you should be for him.

    When he wants to have a serious conversation about the relationship, sit down with him and listen with an open mind.

    He’s doing it for the benefit of both of you.

    Niki has an interesting configuration in his chart. He has a Taurus Mars & Leo Saturn. They’re squaring, and they’re both in retrograde.

    This turns a lot of his struggles inward.

    I have to look at this more when I analyze for his personality reading, but it honestly surprises me because he seems very action-oriented.

    I do however think he hides a lot of himself behind a facade, especially with Neptune conjunct his Ascendant, the energy here is very much “What I don’t want you to see, you will not see and it won’t even cross your mind.”

    Ah, the ever-elusive Neptune energy. I love it because of its endless mystery, but it takes a lot to see past that mist.

    Looking at Niki as we see him is like looking into frosted glass. We can make out enough, but it’s foggy and unclear.

    So when you love him, you’ll slowly get to see who he really is.

    With that retrograde Mars-Saturn square, you may see that he’s actually a lot more afraid of failure than he seems.

    My guess is he overcompensates for this fear. He pushes himself, throws himself into progress so he doesn’t stay stagnant.

    Please make sure he doesn’t overwhelm and overextend himself

    He could neglect his basic needs in favor of working harder

    Take care of him; make sure he eats proper meals, sleeps a good amount, takes breaks

    Make sure he knows that he is not his achievements or lack thereof

    He’s more than what he works for

    He has a tendency to over-identify with his reputation. If he isn’t doing good, if he isn’t achieving what he wants, his mood will significantly drop

    It’ll feel like he got the ground pulled out from beneath him

    He needs to learn that he’s still just as worthy without having to do something first

    To love Niki is to help him connect with what just makes him happy, without gaining some sort of result out of it

    Love him through his highs and lows just the same

    At his very lowest (and Pisces Moons can have very low points), he can feel like he’s trapped in a hurricane

    On the outside it won’t seem like it’s that big of a deal, but little things tip you off

    He’ll be really quiet and tend to seclude himself

    He’ll zone out a lot and instead fall into a thinking pattern of what went wrong

    Cast him a lifesaver and reel him back in to shore

    Tell him he’s worthy whether or not he achieved his goal

    Tell him all of your favorite things about him, how you admire his drive and dedication

    Tell him he inspires you, but that it’s okay to take a break sometimes

    Watch a comfort movie with him and keep him engaged so he doesn’t drift back out to sea

    Once he’s got a hold of himself a bit, he can open up and you can listen to him

    Listen intently and allow him to sort through his thoughts

    Hold his hands and assure him you’re there for him, to advise him or just listen

    When he’s at his highest, he’s lively and excited, jumpy and won’t stop talking about what made him happy

    Match his energy please. Be just as excited for him. Cheer, jump around, celebrate him.

    He’ll feel accomplished and on top of the world, don’t bring him down.

    Another thing: when Niki says he loves you, he means it.

    He doesn’t fall in love a lot, and if the stars aligned in his favor he would only fall in love once and get it right on the first try.

    He’s willing to make the relationship work, he is absolutely not afraid of the tough times.

    Please do the same for him. Be committed to growing and maturing with him.

    Because if you both meet with the same energy, it will last forever.

    So when he says he loves you, say you love him back. And back that up with your behavior.

    With all of his Earth placements coupled with his Sagittarius/Pisces, Niki is an old soul with lots of wisdom.

    He likes to impart his knowledge as well, where he can teach he will.

    Let him teach you to dance. It’ll make him feel accomplished because he was able to show you how much of a master at his craft he is.

    There’s a part of him that wishes people would view him as less of a baby and more as someone who’s strong and independent

    So don’t baby him please

    Empower him, show him that you trust his judgement and when you want to add your input, simply tell him directly

    Please don't take advantage of his soft heart. He has an incredibly large capacity to love, and exploited, he could get caught up in an unhappy relationship. (I recommend reading for the full picture).

    Lastly, make sure he feels understood by you. With all of that Neptune, and his Aquarius rising, Niki has the tendency to feel like no one understands him.

    Make sure he knows he's not too much, that you see him for who he is and like what you see, and he'll feel loved and cared for.

    This sweet, lively sprite with a somber & wise heart is surprisingly delicate within his strength.

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  • jakeyuni
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    ⌗ enhypen’s reaction when their s/o is sensitive to loud noises:

    pairing: bf!en- x gn!reader • genre: fluff, angst • cw: mentions of loud noises, pet names, crying — mostly fluff, wc: 590.
    requested (?): yes.

    ໒ ✿ HEESEUNG: ꒱

    his initial instinct upon seeing you being scared of or surprised by the loud noise(s) is to take a hold of your hands. he looks into your eyes for any sense of discomfort and when you tell him that you don’t do so well with loud noises, he immediately coos at you. telling you that’s he so sorry it bothers you :( this boy just wants to rubs your back while trying to calm you down, letting you rest your head on his shoulder in the meantime.
    “you’ll be okay y/n, deep breaths sweetheart.”

    ໒ ✿ JAY: ꒱

    the way jay’s protectiveness kicks in upon seeing you all upset is just so reassuring. he pulls you by your arms and has you lay sideways on your couch with your head rested on his chest. he whispers sweet nothings in your ear while caressing your face and tells you that everything is going to be okay while you calmly drift off to sleep. the noise that had scared you prior no longer in your train of thought.
    “i’m here now baby, it’s alright.”

    ໒ ✿ JAKE: ꒱

    this angel of a boy just knows exactly how you’re feeling and engulfs you in his arms. your head tucked under his chin as you let out a couple of tears because of how the noise made you feel. jake rocks both his and yours bodies side to side to help your sensitivity subside a bit. after a couple of minutes of peaceful silence, he lifts your head up and kisses your forehead. his eyes brightening at the small smile that forms on your face.
    “i’m glad you’re feeling better now, my love.”

    ໒ ✿ SUNGHOON: ꒱

    i do feel like sunghoon might be a bit confused at your reaction at first, but he quickly catches on. you call out for him and grab onto his shirt while crying a bit. hoon knew you hated being overwhelmed with noises — especially loud ones; so he peppers kisses all over your face. kissing all your tears away while you laugh at his sweet antics.
    “let it all out darling, i’m here.”

    ໒ ✿ SUNOO: ꒱

    the way sunoo is soso comforting makes me all gushy inside. so sweet to you, it’s insane. he takes both of your hands and leaves kisses over them both constantly as you sniffle in his arms. he holds you so tight and plays with your hair as you leave a couple of pecks onto his cheeks as a wordless but considerate ‘thank you.’
    “it’ll be okay, lovely. not leaving you ever.”

    ໒ ✿ JUNGWON: ꒱

    jungwon is very mature and great at handling you in situations like these. that’s why when he hears you whimper a bit because of the noise, he wraps his hands around your waist and tells you to breathe. after you’ve calmed down, he urges you to hydrate yourself. after you’re back to normal, won cuddles you as if it’s the last time he’d ever be able to do so.
    “come on bubs, just a sip. and then we can go nap, yeah?”

    ໒ ✿ RIKI: ꒱

    tbh he is so confused at first like he kind of laughs at your reaction because he thinks you’re faking it (?). but when you look at him with teary eyes he feels so bad. immediately pulling you into his lap as he kisses the side of your face. and when you tell him about how the noise made you feel super overwhelmed, he takes note of this for next time and plays with your hands as you fall asleep in his arms.
    “i’m so sorry, y/n. i love you so much. come on, tell me how you’re feeling.”
    DISCLAIMER: this work is pure fiction and not a real-life depiction of any person whatsoever. you are responsible for your own media consumption. any forms of copying, translations, reposts, etc, are completely prohibited.

    © jakeyuni 2022. all rights reserved.

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  • nik1lvs
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    #. . .ENHYPEN reaction to their S/O hugging them out of the blue.

    #pronouns — they/them

    #warnings — n/a

    #genre — fluff

    note ! my first time writing something I'm hella nervous lmao + ctto for the format & layout im using <33

    ! . . . HEESEUNG

    — startled by the sudden hug, "what was that for" giggles as he tries to hug you back. "stop running away" but catches you anyway cuz DAMN he tall. gives you a lot of hugs after.

    ! . . . JAY

    — was watching the tv while you leaned closer and hugged him. smiles and asks you "why". "i don't know i just felt like hugging you" he laughs at your reply and grabs you in a way you can lay on his lap.

    ! . . . JAKE

    — is absolutely melted but he is a big tease. he giggles and grabs you by your waist. this man's giving you a LOTTTT of hugs and kisses. "i should hug you more often"

    ! . . . SUNGHOON

    — like jake, he's a big tease. "what was that for" he smiles widely still flustered by it. you just go back to your room at the sudden reaction, embarassed. "come back i wanna hug you!" he calls you out. gives you tons of kisses later.

    ! . . . SUNOO

    — he's whipped. super dramatic "OMG Y/N HUGGED ME!!!" goes on screaming all around the house. hugs you back tightly. is super sweet and gives you a lot of cuddles :(

    ! . . . JUNGWON

    — is super confused "what" "huh" "eh" "why". literally doesn't feel anything but confusion. it makes you feel a bit embarassed so you just run back to your room until jungwon follows you like a kitten. with his pleading eyes he snuggles into your bed with you "can we cuddle?" IS SUPER ADORABLE.

    ! . . . NI-KI

    — acts like he doesn't care. you get a bit frustrated at him so you proceed to get up and leave, but he grabs your arm pulling you in. "don't go" he says as he grabs you in a tight hug.

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