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    ten. suggestion

    synopsis: you and park sunghoon—a popular figure skater in your country—had met and ended on the wrong note. but when word comes around that the both of you are a popular “ship” throughout the campus, all hell just breaks loose for you!

    masterlist. ☆ previous. ☆ next. ☆

    taglist (open!/send an ASK): @shguacamole @ja4hyvn @soobin-chois @yizhoutv @odxrilove @enhacolor @amakumos @msxflower @abdiitcryy @iheartbeomz @missmadwoman @nyfwyeonjun @beomsun @sunghoonluvr @enhyped-up @yvesismywife @renjunvrse @acciomylove

    #fic: over the moon #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki #enhypen nishimura riki #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen sunghoon#kpop smau #enhypen x y/n #niki smau #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon smau #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon scenarios#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen x female reader
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    nine. beta read

    synopsis: you and park sunghoon—a popular figure skater in your country—had met and ended on the wrong note. but when word comes around that the both of you are a popular “ship” throughout the campus, all hell just breaks loose for you!

    masterlist. ☆ previous. ☆ next. ☆

    taglist (open!/send an ASK): @shguacamole @ja4hyvn @soobin-chois @yizhoutv @odxrilove @enhacolor @amakumos @msxflower @abdiitcryy @iheartbeomz @missmadwoman @nyfwyeonjun @beomsun @sunghoonluvr @enhyped-up @yvesismywife @renjunvrse @acciomylove

    #fic: over the moon #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki #enhypen nishimura riki #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen sunghoon#kpop smau #enhypen x y/n #niki smau #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon imagines#sunghoon smau #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon scenarios#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen x female reader
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  • tyunsie
    23.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    maybe it was all meaningless. all of the effort you put into making him realize that you like him, or trying to get him to like you back.

    in a matter of two and a half weeks, she had him wrapped around her finger and you didn't like it a single bit.

    "riki, you didn't do your tie correctly." her long slender fingers wrapping around the material, a small grin being worn on her pretty pink tinted lips. you couldn't help but look at niki, his eyes looking directly at her. they held a look full of adoration, something you always look at him with.

    maybe it's hateful but you're angry, upset. you couldn't, or well, shouldn't take it out on her, it's not like she intended on it. maybe it's your fault for introducing them to one another. you were only being kind, she was new and needed a tour guide and you were so willing.

    only now did you regret your actions.

    it started off with exchanging shy smiles from across the class to "hey, can you help me out with this problem? i don't really get it." you knew she understood it clearly.

    i mean, seriously? she’s top of the class, alongside another kid named yang jungwon.

    not to mention, it's not like niki really could help her, considering he asks for your notes after every class.

    you knew he never really paid any attention, finding it rather boring, just like you did. but the difference is that you still tried. you weren't the smartest... did he favor people who were? is that why she stands a chance and you don't?

    "thanks, yuri." and you wish nishimura riki would smile at you the way he does to her. what did she have that you didn't?

    you may not be the best at school, but you surely weren't the worst at it either. you even took interests into the things he liked, you’d watched the entire franchise of naruto just for him, because you love to hear him talk your ear off. the way his eyes would grow wide at describing how he felt during certain scenes.

    or when you would learn what certain moves in dance or ballet are called so that you weren't sitting there confused when he would discuss it. you wanted him to feel understood and like he wasn't being ignored, you wanted to be his safe place.

    but now, it felt like everything you did for him didn't matter. not when she came into the picture and managed to destroy all of that within less than a month.

    "alright! if you can all sit in your seats so that i can start on our lesson, that'll be great." it didn't take long before the cluster of students gathered in their own seats. though you didn't move an inch, you'd already been in your seat since the first bell rang.

    before yuri, you would've been late to class. niki would have been by your side with banana milk while you held strawberry milk, being glared at by the teacher since this was the fifth time you'd been late for that week.

    you couldn't help it though, spending time with niki felt worth a few tardies on your report card. but now, he didn't even walk to class with you. instead, he's holding hands with her. he's smiling and laughing with her like she's got the best of jokes to tell.

    the ache in your heart watching them pass through the halls never faded, it was pathetic, wasn't it? feeling heartbroken over a boy who couldn't care less of who you spent your time with now. who didn't even bother to check up on you to see how you've been holding up.

    you called him your best friend but maybe he didn't feel the same in that aspect either. it’s crazy how two years of a budding friendship that blossomed with every laugh, smile, and touch would have sunk faster than a coin in a pool.

    now, you stared ahead of you. the back of the class never felt lonely because you used to have a certain boy who would keep you company. you hate your seat, only because of the fact that you had to deal with two lovebirds who can't stop looking at each other during the lecture.

    you regret sitting in the back of the class, you should've ignored niki’s complaints on how he didn't want to sit next to anyone that wasn't you. you should've sat in the front row next to yang jungwon instead.

    because maybe then, you wouldn't have to witness them tossing notes to one another. maybe then, it wouldn't hurt so much to see niki with someone else, someone who wasn't you.

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  • heesplanet
    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    FOREVER WITH YOU — nishimura riki

    pairing. non-idol!nishimura!riki x fem!reader

    genere. fluff, best friends to lovers

    word count. 1.6k warnings. none

    taglist. @decaffeinatedkittysandwich @hoes4hoseok

    a/n. hi 👋🏻 i wrote this in a few hours because i felt soft in that moment idk :'') hope you enjoy this lighthearted fic <3

    The doorbell rang and you fumbled with the strap of your bag, putting it around you in a hurry as you checked yourself one last time before exiting the house.

    Taking a deep breath, you sprayed a bit of perfume, feeling nervous for your first date with what you thought would have remained your best friend. Yet, nothing ever goes as planned.

    As you were about to step out of your room you suddenly remembered to take the keys with you, unless you wanted to be locked out of your own house.

    "No son, don't worry! She's just absent-minded. Wait." You heard you father laugh and talk loudly right down the stairs and you speedily fixed the laces of your left shoe, which definitely weren't collaborating in making you be on time.

    "Y/n!" Your father shouted from the bottom of the staircase and you replied with just as much energy, telling him you were coming.

    You run down the stairs and as you looked up to the front door your heart skipped a beat.

    Ni-ki was standing in all his full beautiful form, leaning on the doorframe, chatting happily with your father. A few strands of his black hair fell forward on his captivating eyes, he wore a simple white t-shirt with on top a blue and white striped shirt and some jeans. He was dressed casually, yet to you he always looked perfect.

    His eyes widened a bit seeing you, mouth agape at the sight of you all dressed up for him.

    He recomposed himself quickly remembering your father was still there eyeing the two of you with a smile.

    Ni-ki gave you a big grin, slipping his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Ready?" He asked you excited.

    You nodded full of energy. "Ready."

    "Have fun and stay safe, remember to come home by–"

    "Bye dad!" You quickly got a hold of Ni-ki's arm, dragging him away from the entrance of your house while your dad was shouting goodbye from the doorstep.

    Waiving up a hand to bid goodbye to your father, Ni-ki laughed at your antics.

    He suddenly halted, almost making you trip as your hand was still gripping his arm tightly.

    "Why are you running?" He asked nonchalantly, coming to intertwine your hands together, definitely a more natural look for two people going on a date instead of one dragging the other like they're being kidnapped.

    "Sorry. I was embarrassed." You mumbled still looking at your hands, leisurely walking on the empty road. The beating of your heart resounded in your ears and your cheeks slowly heated up.

    His eyes settled on where you were watching so persistently and realized.

    "Oh... I'm sorry–" As he was excusing himself for the inconsiderate action he opened his hand to let go of yours. However, the moment you felt him slip you held his hand tighter, shaking your head violently. "No absolutely. Let's go."

    He smiled widely and with his heart at peace you two walked towards the arcade.

    It was funny how both your friendship and both your relationship started there.

    "Who beat my record in centipede!?" A kid nervously shouted once in front of the much bigger game machine.

    You were playing a few meters away and heard the boy cry his frustration out, while you subtly chuckled under your breath.

    You smiled at the memory resurfacing once you came in sight of the old arcade.

    As you entered you greeted the same old man who watched the two of you grow up together– a genuine smile appeared on the man's face, watching as you two laughed at some random jokes.

    "Okay! If I win this game you have to grant me a wish and if you win, well… vice versa." You stated as you took place on one side of the air hockey table, snapping your fingers ready to play.

    Ni-ki chuckled and raised one eyebrow up in challenge. "Bet." He agreed, taking his spot on the other side– hand gripping firmly the knob of the mallet. His eyes turned darker the moment you were about to insert a coin to make the game start.

    Feeling slightly more nervous now, you activated the game hesitantly and your hand hovered over the big start button unsure.

    "Don't throw it like last time." You forewarned as the stinging pain resurfaced and you felt your pinky pulsate at the memory.

    "You placed your hand wrong."

    "Oh so you're blaming me now."

    "Let's just start the game." He concluded subtly laughing at your annoyed expression.

    It obviously wasn't the first time you two had played with the air hockey table and it was a matter of fact that Ni-ki had never lost a match.

    Even so, you were always the one to ask to play it, each time wanting to gain your vengeance.

    Well, that didn't happen yet.

    "Okay, I'm going! I'm gonna press it!" You spoke louder, moving slowly your hand on top of the button, trying hard to fool the boy who was staring at you with a big smile– patiently waiting for you to be done with whatever you were doing.

    As you pressed it you ran back to your spot, ready to kick the little puck sliding on the table.

    The game ended in a minute and you weren't sure how but you managed to score something like fifteen points. Which was great until you looked at the scoreboard. The big yellow flashing numbers indicated the final results which unmistakably hinted to your defeat.

    Ni-ki cheered to himself— a fist up in the air in sign of victory. When he landed his eyes on your blank expression, having lost for the umpteenth time,  he started laughing heartily.

    "You're so funny." He said holding his stomach and advancing towards you.

    "I didn't even do anything– oh wait I lost." You replied, still emotionless watching him look at you amusedly.

    You quickly changed the topic and run towards another game. "Who arrives last is a loser." You shouted delighted, and he immediately followed suit.

    Time elapsed and before you knew it, the sun had already set, leaving a beautiful mesmerizing pink and purple line on the horizon.

    You both put back down the guns used for the shooting game, chuckling and nudging each other at the hilarious moments you had while playing.

    "Wait here." You heard him say out of the blue, leaving you next to the entrance, right in front of the counter where the owner was cleaning the surface of the table.

    "I'm glad you two are still friends." He said smiling brightly.

    You smiled back, placing your elbows on top of the counter. "Oh, actually, I'm afraid to announce that we are not friends anymore."

    The man was surprised but nodded contently like a proud parent. "I wish you the best."

    You thanked him with a small smile on your lips, and your gaze turned to the window where the sky was a pure magnificent piece of art. Your heart started to beat faster as your stomach fluttered thinking back to the beautiful afternoon you spent with your loved one.

    Your friendship was strong but not strong enough to allow you to repress your true feelings. Feelings that grew with you both.

    Love. Love is too weak of a word to describe what you two felt.

    "Surprise!" Your vision was blocked due to the stuffed animal that no other than Ni-ki had placed in front of you. Giggling at the cute leopard plushie you thanked him, taking it in your embrace.

    "You didn't have to." You told him softly as the two of you bid goodbye to the owner and exited the arcade.

    He shrugged his shoulders, smiling sweetly at you. "Now every time you look at it, it will remind you of me." He dearly said as you wrapped your arm around his.

    "Cute." You said as you held up high the plushie in your hands.

    Ni-ki hummed. "Cute." He echoed as he stared down at you from the side.

    You suddenly halted gasping. "I almost forgot!"

    Ni-ki stopped and looked at you with a puzzled expression.

    "You won the air hockey game, so I have to grant you a wish." You told him sighing.

    He pondered for a brief moment, faking his thinking since he already knew what he wanted to ask you.

    "I... have only one request."

    You nodded, stepping in front of him to face him.

    Ni-ki adored when you looked at him attentively and ready to listen to him. You were his comfort, his shoulder to cry on, his happy pill. You were always there for him and he did the same for you.

    "Stay with me forever."

    You stared at him with bated breath. It was a dream come true, as if your world got lighten up suddenly and the other missing half, the emptiness you felt was finally filled. You two were joined at the hip but hearing him say that, made sparks of happiness boom inside your heart.

    You know how they say time is only a human construct and in that moment you felt as if both time and space suddenly did not exist anymore. You wanted to be stuck in that fantasy in that parallel world forever, but it was reality and that filled your heart even more with joy. You were ready to risk it all for him, although you did commit to it the moment you two became best friends.

    You nodded your head smiling brightly as the sky darkened– the street lamps turned on to illuminate the road.

    Ni-ki knew in his mind that if it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t have been able to share this feeling with anyone else. It was just you and him.

    He trusted you with his whole life.

    And you, trusted him.

    ©heesplanet. all rights reserved. please don't repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are much appreciated ♡

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    This baby needs to stop growing. You are a child.

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    𝐬𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞?!

    《《 au masterlist 》》

    taglist [open]; @0912005 @banana-boat-doodoodododo @wh4txium1n @freckledwinterfalls @sthinqsz @acciomylove @foolish-kpops @heelariously @msxflower @wccycc @mykalon @ddeonubaby @youreverydayzebra @softforqiankun @hibuki-chan @jongsaengseong @bangchan-fairy @gongiz @yuqiqu @thesunshineshop @enhacolor @kpop-bambi @baekhyunstruly @kyleeanne @luvrseung @danihow @theskzvibe @aeonghaseyo @yeonwon @hxxsng @clarakyunisageek @missmadwoman @ni-kisdeadoctopus @ilvaussie @ily-cuz-i @destinyg237 @kac-chowsballs @mybabywearschanel @changmin-wrlds @cocoabeen @deez-nutzz @beomsun @btstxtenha @90sni-ki @luv4dream @cha0thicpisces @hyunlixous @mochisnlix [ask or dm me if you want to be added!!]

    bold urls couldn’t be tagged!!

    © 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. @0x1lovebot.

    #jake is about to lose his damn mind omg #I low key feel bad for his friends becuz he will not shut up about this for forever‼️ #the sunshine shop #enhypenwriters#enhypennetwork #enhypen jake x reader #jake x reader #enhypen jake #jake sim scenarios #jake sim imagines #jake sim x reader #jake sim smau #jake sim fluff #sim jaeyun x reader #sim jaeyun #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen niki#nishimura riki#enhypen jay#enhypen#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen sunoo#enhypen jungwon#enhypen heeseung#enhypen smau #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social media au #enhypen crack#faithwrites🌱
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    créditos são bem vindos. <3

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    word count: 1.6k (1,655) synopsis: when your best friend gets into a fight and needs you to help to fix his wounds. contents: fem!reader, bad boy au, high school au. fluff, mutual pining. riki got into a fight, mentions of blood.

    AUTHORS NOTE: randomly had this idea and this trope is one of my favorites so <3

    THE HALLWAYS WERE CLUTTERED, tons of students rushing towards a designated area. it seemed like a mob running towards a celebrity who simply wants to go to a friends house or something. furrowing your eyebrows, you'd be lying if you said you weren't curious either.

    but the second your eyes landed on a boy with familiar blonde hair, your pupils widened and you pushed through the crowd of people to get to him. to nishimura riki — the boy who lives next door, the same kid you took a liking to ever since he shared half of his sandwich for you during a field trip. your mom hadn't prepared it, too busy with work and you didn't blame her for forgetting. she lived a tough life. but six year old yn couldn't help but grin widely when the boy handed her a part of his food. “don't worry about it. my mom packed more than enough.” sending a toothy grin right back at you.

    you couldn't believe what's happening in front of you, the same boy who was kind enough to give you half of his sandwich, is now getting in a fight with kim kihyun. you've seen enough tv shows and movies to know that if you butted in, it wouldn't end well. other than the fact that it would also be quite embarrassing.

    you winced slightly at the scene that unfolded before you, sighing and shaking your head. as you were about to walk away, you felt a persons hand wrap around your wrist. turning back to see your best friend — kang hyerim. “i already told the teachers, but you should get niki out of there. he can't get into anymore trouble.” she spoke, the worry in her tone is evident.

    but you didn't even get the chance to help him.

    “hey! that's enough, all of you!” park kyungsoo, the gym teacher interrupted, the halls quickly emptying in a matter of seconds to avoid the wrath from the man. except you. he grabbed the two of them roughly, separating them and you were finally able to get a good look at riki in the first place. his lip is bleeding and you noticed the side of his cheek is a bright red.

    “mr. kyungsoo?” you spoke up, gulping nervously as niki had finally looked up and made eye contact with you. his eyes faltered and he almost felt ashamed that you were there. “the nurse said to bring kihyun to her, i can handle niki.” please work, you begged. the nurse, jeon haeun, had offered you to be her assistant, considering you were trying to figure out what field you wanted to go in for college.

    you would consider yourself to be close to ms. jeon, and if mr. kyungsoo asked any further questions about you dragging niki away from him — you'd hope she'd have your back.

    although he had hesitated, he nodded. “fine, on. don't give yn any more trouble, nishimura.” he scolded, letting the boy go and walk towards you.

    niki's head hung low, not wanting to look you in your eyes. “are you okay?” you mumbled softly once the teacher walked away with kihyun. “niki.”

    “why are you here?” he asked, rather harshly and you're starting to regret taking him with you. raising his head up, your eyes softened once you noticed the blood on his face once again.

    you sighed and grabbed his hand without asking him, taking him to the bathroom. “hey! this is the girls bathroom.” you scoffed, sending a glare his way that made him instantly shut up. “your lip is bleeding and your cheek is bound to get bruised but you're worried i dragged you into the girls bathroom?” raising a brow at him.

    “well... yeah, i don't want them to call me a perv or something.” cracking a small grin, you chuckled to yourself at his words. “don't laugh at me.” he groaned.

    shaking your head, you grabbed a couple of napkins, soaking one of them up. “look up,” you muttered, niki doing exactly as you say and standing tall. you reached towards his face, dabbing his lips with the wet napkin, you'd be lying if you said this whole thing isn't making your heart burst. “can i ask what happened?”

    nishimura riki may be troublesome, but he isn't the type to randomly get into a fight — much less start it. kim kihyun is a coward, you knew that much. there's no way he threw the first punch.

    “does it matter?” he asked, his eyes following your eyes that were too focused on cleaning up his lips. you shrugged, grabbing a clean napkin and drying his lips. “it does if it was enough to get you to fight him. we still need to go to the nurses office, i don't exactly have the right supplies here.”

    niki chuckled softly. “you didn't think this one through, did you, yn?”

    “no, i was too busy saving you from a long lecture.” you stated, looking up at him. “you're gonna get in so much trouble, riki.” you sighed. and god, if only you knew how much his heart fluttered at the name. if only you knew just how much your words affected him.

    you couldn't understand why he did what he did in the first place, it was bothering you. what did kihyun say to him to make him react that way? “you really want to know, huh?” niki spoke, and you certainly weren't going to deny it. “i would tell you, you know that. i'd tell you anything you want to know. but i can't, not this time.”

    nishimura riki knows how much other peoples words affects you. an old ‘friend’ of yours had been talking behind your back, stating that all you did was open your mouth. how you could go on and on about absolutely nothing. it broke your heart when kim sunoo told you what the other girls said behind your back, you may have simply smiled at the boy and nodded. claiming that you could rather care less about what other people have to say.

    but nishimura riki noticed how quiet you became, you stopped beginning conversations and would keep your head down during breaks. or when one of kim kihyun's friends had said that the perfume you started wearing smells cheap and tacky — how you're doing it for attention.

    ever since then, you settled on wearing scented lotion. it's more subtle and you still smelt good (not that nishimura riki would know because he definitely did not lay his head down next to you and smell the scent coming off from you due to how close he was).

    and nishimura riki knows that if he told you that the only reason he engaged in a fight with kim kihyun is because he had called you a stuck-up who was a teacher's pet — you'd find a way to act differently. as blindly in love nishimura riki is with you, he hates how you try to change yourself because of what other idiots have to say.

    you sighed and nodded, you didn't wanna push him to tell you why. if he didn't say why, then it had to be a good reason. “c'mon, let's go to the nurses office.” you were about to leave the restroom, until you felt his hand wrap around your wrist.

    “i don't wanna go yet.”

    you gulped at the way he looked at you so intensely, shrugging it off and glancing away from the boy. “but your lip, it needs ointment. along with the bruise. if we don't do anything about it-”

    “kiss me.”

    widening your eyes, you looked up at him, letting out a nervous chuckle at his words. “what?”

    nishimura riki is known for being brave, he speaks his mind and does what he wants. but, when it came to you — he was always way too nervous to confess his feelings for you, to tell you how sometimes he catches himself staring at your lips when you talk, or how he looks at your hands and wishes he could just hold them.

    “i want you to kiss me.” now, he isn't sure where the braveness came from — or what exactly to do if you rejected him (maybe run home and cry into his pillow because, embarrassing). but he hangs onto the hope of how he notices how you tend to not look into his eyes, maybe he made you nervous just like you did to him. or how you always offer to help him in his studies, and he wonders how you haven't found him annoying yet.

    or from how you stick to him a lot more than you do to others, the way you remember the little things he says to you. like how his favorite color is blue and so you bought matching blue bracelets, as a gift for being friends for almost a complete eight years.

    you couldn't believe what he asked you to do, you wonder if he could hear the sound of your heartbeat thumping loudly against your chest. you didn't realize just how close he had gotten, his face leaning down towards yours as you shyly raised your head upwards. he's close enough for you to feel his nose brush against yours but you notice how he's waiting for you to close the gap, and so you do.

    you kissed him quickly, almost like a peck on the lips before pulling away. niki raising his eyebrows at how short the kiss was. “i... i don't wanna irritate the cut.” you told him, as to which he smiled slightly.

    “i could really care less about the cut right now.” niki stated, glancing back down to your lips. you felt your cheeks grow hot at his straightforwardness, licking your lips. “why don't you... kiss it better?”

    there is no way you are going to say no.

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  • emeraldenha
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    chapter 37 | “bad night”

    w/c: +1.4k

    “riki,” you call out his name, looking over your shoulder to where he was walking a couple steps behind. “how are you feeling?”


    you reach for his hand, but he deliberately shoves them both inside his jacket pockets. the obviousness of his actions leaves an awkward atmosphere in the air.

    spinning on your heel, you still go out of your way to weave your hand in his, and he luckily doesn't fight it this time.

    “am I late?” you voice your guilt as you enter the diner, watching yeonjun finish wiping down the last table.

    “nope, you're right on time,” yeonjun smiles softly. “I still have to reorganize supplies and do inventory; you can help with those.”

    you nod, “great, I’ll be right on it.”

    you leave your loose belongings with riki and motion for him to sit down while you work.

    “wait here, okay?” you say to riki once he seats himself in an empty booth. he nods without saying a word and you sigh as you kiss his temple before heading to the back kitchen.

    “bad night?” yeonjun asks, already starting on his share of the work when you tiredly enter the room.

    “bad night,” you confirm.

    “thanks for taking the time to help out even though this was supposed to be your shift off,” yeonjun says with a relieved and grateful expression.

    “of course,” you hum nonchalantly. “I know it's not much, but I get how tiring it must be to do all this by yourself.”

    the both of you shift from one miscellaneous topic to the other while doing your respective tasks. talking about simple and lighthearted things with yeonjun put your mind at ease.

    “is everything okay with your boyfriend by the way?” he questions you cautiously. “I don’t really know riki outside of heeseung’s own descriptions, but I could tell that he didn’t look like himself back there.”

    “I’m worried about him,” you admit earnestly. “it’s so hard to gauge what he’s thinking lately. I just want him to be alright.”

    “you got this,” yeonjun softly encourages you. “I know you. you’re mature for your age. let him open up to you and fix everything from there.”

    “thanks,” a sigh of relief escapes your lips, your mood slightly lifting. “I mean it.”

    “it’s no big deal,” he brushes it off cooly. “I feel like you’re boasting my ego too much. you keep thanking me for things.”

    “I still can’t thank you enough for what you did to help heeseung when I couldn’t,” you emphasize, remembering your conversation from the first time he took you home after getting you a job at the diner. “I can’t help but feel sort of useless to the people I care about sometimes.”

    “I don’t know, breaking his nose at graduation was quite something,” yeonjun jokes. “and it was the least I could do. I don’t really care about popularity and all that, but I’m glad it did some good. who knew my reputation could give me enough leverage to get that douche to lay off heeseung. I was so pissed at that guy, I swear. I should’ve done more than just threaten him and expose his ass or something.”

    you shake your head and smile, “you’re pretty fucking amazing, you know that?”

    “oh, I know,” he laughs.

    you laugh with him as he gently pats the top of your head.

    “hey, are you ready to go?” riki leans against the doorframe of the back room. you could detect the anxiousness and impatience in his voice, the not-so-subtle glances he takes at yeonjun. “unless you’re not done yet.”

    yeonjun clears his through before moving his hand from your hair and taking a step back.

    “no, we’re done,” yeonjun clarifies. “you two go ahead. I’ll lock up in a second.”

    riki walks away without a word, leaving you to chase after him as you uncomfortably wave yeonjun goodbye.

    “bye, jun!”

    he waves back even though you’re now out of sight, “take care, y/n!”

    you feel an aching twist in your arm with the way riki starts pulling at your wrist, the weight of your body lunging forward.


    no response.

    “yah, riki.”

    no response.

    “nishimura riki, let go of me!” your yelling finally grabs his attention.

    he snaps his head at you, slipping his hand off your wrist, “what’s the deal with him?”

    “yeonjun? we were just talking,” you reason genuinely.

    “he likes you.”

    “no, he doesn’t.”

    “I can see it.”

    “I don’t know what exactly you’re seeing, but you’re wrong. it’s not like that at all.”

    “why are you defending him?” riki argues. “do you like him or something?”

    “are you shitting me?”

    “no, I'm being serious,” he replies, his demeanor unwavering. “yeonjun could pass off as your boyfriend considering he’s the one you’ve been spending all your time with lately.”

    “and whose fault is that? you’re the one always making yourself unavailable,” you poke at his chest. “and for your information, I’m defending him as a friend. I’m defending him, because you’re being an asshole over someone I rejected three years ago.”

    “oh, so you took the part-time job knowing he used to like you?”

    “because as I said, that was years ago,” you shut your eyes tightly, upset that riki was being so difficult. “there's no way you actually believe that he still has feelings for me or whatever. you're just projecting your anger from losing the competition to act jealous.”

    “this isn't about the stupid competition,” riki tugs at a fistful of his hair. “can't you see that I'm afraid of losing you? with jungwon, it was already hard to believe that I could ever even have you in the first place.”

    “don't bring jungwon fucking into this!”

    “well, how can I not when there's a piece of your heart that jungwon still has! that he'll always still have.”

    “so what? no matter what I do, you'll keep holding jungwon against me as if I was never allowed to have feelings for someone other than you before?”

    “he was your first love!”

    “and you’re my first boyfriend!” you shout back at him, blood boiling. “my first date, my first kiss, my first everything fucking else!”

    “y/n,” he comes closer and rests a hand on your forearm. “please, just listen to me—”

    “no,” you forcefully pull your arm away from his grasp. “you’re being immature.”

    “I just want you to understand how I feel.”

    you firmly stare into his eyes, your breaths uneven and shaky.

    “you know,” tears begin to cascade down your face like light rain. “all I could do when we first started dating was be paranoid about not being good enough for you, but I see what the problem is now, this relationship isn’t good enough for you. it proves nothing about how much I care, how much time, how much effort I give. not in your eyes.”

    “that's not true—”

    “oh, really?” you laugh in a bitter tone. “because you accusing me of liking yeonjun — as if these four months have meant absolutely nothing to me — doesn't speak volumes enough, huh? you make our relationship sound like a joke. keep telling yourself it's yeonjun you don't trust; think that all you want. it doesn't change the fact that deep down, the person you've never fully trusted is me.”

    you harshly wipe the tears clouding your eyes with the back of your hand, your feet beginning to move past him.

    “are you…?” he can’t bring himself to say it.

    he can’t bring himself to say, ‘are you breaking up with me?’

    “I don't know,” you say exhaustedly, not bothering to turn around. for a moment, a still frame in time, the two of your elbows gently brush the other as you stand facing opposite directions. “I just... I can't even look at you right now.”

    you continue walking. you're not quite sure of where you're going, but that doesn't phase you until an hour later when there's less people crowding the city streets and the dull sky furthers into pitch black.

    taking a deep breath, you retrieve your phone from your bag and call the first contact that comes to mind. it only takes a couple rings for the person to answer.

    “y/n?” sunoo’s voice appears. “is everything okay? it's late; what’s going on?”

    “sunoo,” you sniffle into the phone, an overwhelming sense of emotions resurfacing. “can you please pick me up? riki and I got into a fight and everything hurts. it's really dark out and I don’t know where I am.”

    “y/n, that’s fucking dangerous,” sunoo hisses in panic. you can hear the rustling of his bedsheets later followed by the various sounds of shoes shuffling and keys rattling. “send me your location and stay on the phone. I’ll be there as soon as I can, wherever you are.”

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    summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
    taglist: @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @av3z @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
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    𝐞𝐧-𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐲'𝐬 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐞𝐫

    find more content here: enhypen masterlist
    support this series: en-sanctuary masterlist

    a/n: i know updates are on tuesdays but ! i was inspired to make this one so here it is :’D enjoyy

    『 h e e s e u n g  🐁, j a k e 🐕』

    → whatever is theirs is automatically yejun’s (aka the biggest simps)

    heeseung and jake are alike in this way 

    food? eat it, shirt? wear it, charger? get it

    somehow it’s innate in them to be possessive and the only way to do that is have yejun have their things

    “Wear this.” Heeseung physically stopped Yejun from leaving her room. “I was just about to get my—!” Without much resistance, he slipped his hoodie over Yejun, shrugging it on her smaller frame. “You were saying?” He smiled sweetly at her and she rolled her eyes, using her index finger to lightly push Heeseung’s face away, “I was going to get my own cardigan. But I guess this is going to warm me up just as well.” 


    “Jake, move over.” Yejun gently nudged Jake so she could sit in front of the fan. Jake happily obliged, eyes lighting up as she joined him on the couch. “Is that iced cider?” Yejun held her hand out and Jake passed the drink over to her, “It’s the last cold one. I just placed the new batch into the freezer so that it would get cold faster.” Yejun nodded, “Good thinking.” “Jake hyung can I have—“ “NO.”

    『 j a y 🐈, s u n g h o o n 🐇 』 

    → defends/ protects yejun for just about everything 

    if it was any other hybrid they would just retort back and maybe join in on the fun 

    but if it’s yejun? no hesitation to fight the person/ talk back sarcastically even

    knows that yejun would also do the same for them (considering that they get teased the most as well) 

    “Yejun-ah! You look as pretty as ever.” Yejun shivered at her client’s words. Jay immediately eyed Yejun’s client, letting out an irritated sigh, “Look sir, if you have nothing constructive to say, then shut it.” “Jay!” Yejun shook her head, but Jay can already see how afraid she is. “There was a reason why I’m with her. If you don’t like it, you can go off.” 


    “Can I get this?” Yejun muttered, eyes never leaving the anime figure at the highest shelf. “Noona.” Jungwon pointed at her wallet, “You don’t have much.” It was a lie, Sunghoon knew for one. She was just saving up for the 7 hybrids and herself. Sunghoon pulled Jungwon away from Yejun, “Yejun, don’t listen to Jungwon. You ought to treat yourself too. We can cut down on food for the next week or two.” The beam on Yejun’s face was everything Sunghoon needed to see. 

    『  s u n o o 🦊 , j u n g w o n 🐈, n i k i 🐆 』  

    → oddly enough they baby yejun  

    being younger than yejun also meant that they did this as a form of teasing 

    but they do baby yejun, in the funniest yet most caring way possible 

    they find it funny when the roles are reversed

    “Open up. Ahh~” Sunoo could stop the sniggers escaping himself as he spoon-fed a currently sick Yejun. “You know I can feed myself, right? I’m not dead.” Yejun dead-panned but Sunoo grinned nevertheless, “I know that. But you’re cute! So that’s that. Here’s another bite! Ahh~” Yejun sighed as she let Sunoo feed her. “Okay, thank you so much my dear Sunoo but I can handle the rest of the soup and —“ “Say AHH~”


    “Noona! You’re finally home!” Jungwon greeted, tail languidly swishing behind him. “I’m home indeed.” Yejun groaned, speeding up to embrace Jungwon. “Tired day?” “Absolutely.” As she rambled on about how her day went, Jungwon sat her down and helped to remove her shoes and socks, chucking them to one corner. Jungwon stood up, glancing down at Yejun, “Time to shower, Noona. I’ve prepped the bath for you and I’ll grab your clothes!” He added on, mirroring her wide smile. “My baby is the best.” Yejun ruffled his hair and he mimicked you again, “Says the bigger baby.” 


    It was a harmless activity, really. But here were both Niki and Yejun, arriving at the swings meant for kids. A “Please?” from Yejun was pretty much all it took for Niki to relent to her inner child and now Niki was pushing Yejun as she whooped for joy. “I forgot how fun this was!” Yejun whipped her head to tell him and Niki chuckled, “You’re such a kid.” “Nuh uh, you’re the kid! You’re bullying me into pushing you. This is child labour!” Niki joked and she hopped off the swing, “Niki! You dare say that? Come here! You’re so dead!” 

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    NCT PT. 1

    NCT PT. 2

    NCT PT. 3

    THE BOYZ PT. 1

    THE BOYZ PT. 2

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    - woojin thigh worshippers:

    masterlist | profiles 2

    ~ lee minho:

    (dance major, catfather) as you can see, this man is in love with his cats. the ideal cat person, doesn’t take people’s shit and enjoys being sarcastic and moody. get on his bad side and you might find him at your bedside with a knife in hand, super protective of his loved ones even though he pretends he isn’t, and might airfryer you.

    ~ kim sunoo:

    (biology major, thatcutebitch) essentially he’s the cute person of the campus, he has an entire fanbase but won’t share his skincare routine for free, he’s broke and wants a sugar daddy and enjoys being a bitch to his friends (he makes up for it by being cute and friendly).

    ~ lee felix:

    (dance major, yeetyeetyeet) as his name says, he’s the brownie boi, due to the brownies he makes at least twice a week that taste so good, almost like drugs (don’t worry, they aren’t drugs, they’re just amazing). he’s also a sunshine boi, taking after the dance professor with his smile brightening up the room easily, and everyone loves him for his sunny and cheerful personality

    ~ kim woojin:

    (law major, imfinethankyou) woojin is the parent of the group, a position he kinda fell into without realising. he’s amazing at law and has mother-like tendencies, so most of the time he’s trying to make sure none of his children idiots get into trouble, and often saying “i’m not good enough to get you bail yet”. he’s super protective of his group, and has been traumatised way too much by some of the stuff this lot say and do

    ~ nishimura riki:

    (dance major, rikijackson) this is the baby of the group. everyone treats him like the baby, but he’s also a nutcase who pulls weird shit most of the time. he enjoys quoting vines and spending too much time dragging his dance hyungs to practice with him. as the baby, he’s super loveable, but his bad side can get you tangled in chewing gum or waking up to tar falling on you

    ~ hwang hyunjin:

    (dance major, iamtree) sure, he’s hot, but he’s also super dirty minded, and way too thirsty for his own good. he’s the one who thirsts over the professors and he really needs to be drowned in holy water. he has a fanbase like sunoo except his fanbase are all horny as well and most of his time is spent being a simp and flirting but never getting into any kind of relationship

    ~ yang jeongin:

    (law major, peaches>bitches) this is the looks like he could kill you but is a cinnamon roll. even though he has a younger brother, he’s the second baby of the group. most of his time is spent messing around with riki and regretting taking law, although he does enjoy finding out about criminal cases and researching them. he also enjoys bullying hyunjin and roasting his hyungs

    ~ yang jungwon:

    (biology major, sheepgarden) one of the most mature people in the group, he’s super studious and sometimes is more like the big brother, even though technically jeongin is his big brother. most of his time is spent making sure the others don’t get in trouble and he also has the family trait of looks like he could kill you but is a cinnamon roll. he’s super sweet but has one rather dedicated admirer that he gets annoyed by, and he can turn very dangerous if you mess with his loved ones

    AN: as you can see this is my first time writing something like this on tumblr, although the original story is actually on my wattpad (we don’t talk about that) um yeah i’ll be working towards this for the foreseeable future as my first tumblr fic, hope you enjoy!

    #stray kids smau #enhypen smau#minsung#lee know #stray kids lee minho #stray kids lee know #enhypen sunoo#kim sunoo #stray kids felix #lee felix#lee yongbok #stray kids lee felix #kim woojin #skz kim woojin #enhypen niki#nishimura riki#riki nishimura #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin #stray kids jeongin #yang jeongin #stray kids yang jeongin #enhypen jungwon#yang jungwon#skz hyunjin#skz jeongin #skz lee know #skz felix #minsung!the project
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