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  • bad-medicine-baby
    01.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Vinikki collage cause why not? ❤️‍🔥

    #motley crue#vince neil#nikki sixx#vinikki#devil husbands😈 #collage is made by me #sorry if you hate it #I understand why #it’s been a while since I was doing collages #I was into Motley Crue band a little and into Vinikki mood #so here it is
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  • addict15drugs
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Fuuuck I love him🥰

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  • decadesfool
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    LOL THESE PICTURES— he looks uncomfortable

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  • nikki-fcking-sixx
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    baby daddy

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  • nikkisqueenofsleaze
    30.11.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Thinking about making a cake for Nikki’s birthday again 🎂🖤

    #motley crue#nikki sixx #mimi bobbi speaks
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  • takeme2yourheart
    30.11.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • thesmokingguns
    30.11.2021 - 16 hours ago


    WArning: MINORS DNI 18+ mention of breast play, cheating, sexual themes


    Bags of clothes, a few boxes scattered around the walls of the apartment. Things in the bathroom cleared out so that Tommy could see how much space had actually been in there. No socks hanging out under the bed that he’d find later.

    No, you had been thorough in your removal of yourself from his life. In the next few minutes you’d be here to collect your boxes with the van you had rented and moving on and out of his life. For good this time. You had made that one clear.

    The hiss of an engine made him peak out the window, surprised to see you standing on the sidewalk smoking as a team of people came to collect your packed belongings. Getting ready to move you somewhere that you wouldn’t tell him. To start a life where he wasn’t important. To feel special and loved and not find lipstick smeared on boxers when you did laundry. A life where he hadn't been caught with Miss October sitting on his lap, his hand up her shirt and their lips pressed together at a small hotel restaurant.

    You had warned him if he cheated on you again you’d leave but he hadn’t really believed it. There had been too many times before where you had stayed. But as the door opened and you walked in wearing a babydoll dress in soft blue he had been sure you’d see him and stay.

    Instead you jumped at his presence. He had promised that he would be out with someone, a friend, family, a band member, maybe even Miss October. But you should have known that Tommy didn’t keep his promises. He had made that clear.

    “Why are you here?” You sighed after pointing out what was getting taken. Tommy reached for your hands but you were pulling back, shaking your head, “What are you doing, T? Don’t you know it’s too late?” And the way you said it made him aware he had really lost you. There was no way you were going to stay with him and just let this one brush under the rug.

    This time he went too far because it wasn’t you crying as you found Revlon velvet red on one of his briefs alone in your laundry room. This time the whole country had seen him cheat on you and they all knew about his infidelity when you did.

    It was the embarrassment and shame of your mother calling with your father yelling in the background. The pitying looks his band mates had given you when you attended his birthday party. It was the way your friends had stopped calling you, not wanting to be around someone who let a man walk all over them.

    And when he had pulled you aside, noticing how you were about to cry. When he held you as you sobbed out, asking questions about why you weren’t good enough. He had made you realize that it wasn’t you that wasn't good enough but it was Tommy.

    It was like looking at someone for the first time, years after knowing them and suddenly here this person was in a whole new light. And you knew you shouldn’t feel those things but he started helping you find a place to live, spending time with you while Tommy recorded drum tracks, and making you realize that the right person will put in the effort.

    But you felt wrong about it.

    Even standing in front of Tommy as he looked at you now you’d felt guilty for looking at someone else and just thinking ‘what if?’ How could he actually act on it and still come home to your bed?

    No. You needed to leave. And you needed to stop talking to him. Because two wrongs didn’t make a right in this situation. And you knew rockstars couldn’t be trusted.

    You left the ring Tommy had given you on his bureau. Thankful he had left the apartment when he realized there was no convincing you to stay. Reminding you that you weren’t worth the trouble of a fight.

    It felt surreal as you closed the door behind you, leaving your home for the last three years. Leaving your life with Tommy. And feeling that warm feeling of guilt making your cheeks blush as you imagined your new life and maybe having him in it.

    It was three days later and most of the boxes were unpacked. Some furniture had been delivered with more to come in the coming days. A knock on your door made you look up and there he was, bottle of champagne and takeout Thai offering to celebrate you leaving.

    It took everything in you not to pounce over to him and stand on tiptoes to kiss his lips. His lips that were spread in a smile to celebrate you. When did he get so good looking? Why hadn’t you ever seen it?

    “Hey Peach, I figured you were busy settlin’ in so I brought over some fine dining and thought we’d have a toast to the new place.” He set the food on the living room table and came to hug you. Tattooed biceps and smelling like the afternoon sunshine from riding his Harley the short distance, he wrapped himself around you. Squeezing you against the firmness of his body.

    You settled on your feet, avoiding his eyes because if you made eye contact you felt like he’d see the aching that was vibrating through you. A primal need for him like nothing you had experienced before

    “Sit down, make yourself at home. I was just unpacking some art for the walls.” But he was sliding his arms around you when you turned guiding you to the couch as you soaked in his warmth and leaned against him so he could do the walking for both of you.

    An hour later you were stuffed. Full of champagne bubbles and pad Thai. Your stomach hurt from too much food and laughing so hard you thought you were going to puke.

    The sound of his pager going off made you stop laughing as he unclipped the device and his smile faltered. The way he licked his lips and how he almost lifted his eyes to look at you made you freeze.

    It was Tommy.

    “You should head out. I don’t want to keep you hostage.” You tried to make the joke lighthearted as you cleaned up the mess. Busying yourself as he stood, wiping his hands against his black denim and not seeming to not what to say to you; at the end of the day you were his best friends ex-girl.

    Curled up on the couch that night in the floral shirt nightie, matching robe barely tied around your waist you looked at the house you had bought. A block away from Nikki Sixx, your boyfriends best friend. There was no way Tommy wasn’t going to find out where you were and part of you feared him coming to your door or maybe he wouldn’t come for you.

    Your hair was half up in a clip as you ran your finger over your lips, watching the way your shadows danced in the candle light. You needed to call the electrician tomorrow to get the lights turned on.

    A knock on the door made you jump, the handle jiggling and a thump-thump-thump. You suddenly felt very alone and your heart was in your throat as you moved to open it.

    Nikki practically ran you over, moving into the house and slamming the door behind him. He was moving you against the door frame as he turned the lock and reached out for you.

    “I shouldn’t have left earlier. I’m sorry.” Your mouth was dry and you tried to shrug your robe that was was falling off your shoulder back over it. But he noticed the movement and his eyes skimmed over bare skin until he reached your face. His hand cupping your cheek as you didn’t even bother breaking eye contact with him.

    The way he kissed you, bending down, one hand on your cheek as he tested out the way your lips felt before slidding his hand up the side of your thigh until it was clinging to a bunch of silk and resting on your waist. the blades of your shoulders made a this against the door and you whimpered, the small movement allowing his tongue inside of you. Stuffed in your mouth was his. Twirling and tasting you like he had never wanted to kiss another.

    His knee went between your legs, grinding into you with a desperation you hadn’t expected from him. His hands moving over your body now, pulling loose the ribbon holding your robe on, the silk fluttering to the floor. His hands rough, pushing up overt your breasts, squeezing them through the nightgown as he jumped against you, still not breaking the kiss.

    Nikki was tugging at the nightgown, smirking as you gasped Again at the sounds you were making for him. The cool night air chilling your nipples until they hardened in pebbles that his thumbs brushed against. A strangled moan had him swallowing the sound, echoing it back.

    “I need you.” You whimpered, hands sliding under his Arms, squeezing his biceps as you slid you thigh up and springs his waist, letting him lift you. Your nightgown was like a belt hanging loosely off your body. The only thing separating the pair of you was your silk thing and his rough denim.

    “Can I take you to the bedroom? I want to make love to you all night and day until the sunset tomorrow.” He was carrying you, letting you kiss him between words. Glad that he had done the house tour with you so that he knew exactly where he was going.

    “Please. I want to be stuffed with you. I need-“ he was laying you against the bed, his hands pulling both the nightgown and thing off in one swift motion.

    “I’ve waiting for you so long, Peach. Let me just have tonight.” He was looking at you with his olive eyes and suddenly you realized that all this time it was him.

    Maybe you had been to afraid to be in love and that’s why you had stayed with Tommy for so long. But here, now with Nikki you weren’t afraid of anything.

    “You can have forever.”

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  • duffslut
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nikki Sixx, Rachel Bolan n' Ozzy Osbourne

    #GOD this picture is so beautiful #i assume i'm in love with them all #ozzy Osbourne#Nikki Sixx#Rachel Bolan#skid row#Motley Crue#Black Sabbath
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  • cosmicrealmofkissteria
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nikki and Tommy's back tattoos~ 😍😍😍

    #those are some AMAZING works of art and I love them~ #Nikki Sixx#Tommy Lee
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  • thayerslayer
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not the best photo, but look what else I bought!

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  • hopeless-80s-muse
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cherry Juice - Part 18 [Vampire!Nikki Sixx x OC]

    Characters: Nikki Sixx x OC; Tommy Lee x OC; vampire!motley crue
    Story summary: Cherry gets woken up by a thirsty vampire. Once she recognizes him, she quickly realizes that he has no plans of trusting her with his dark secret. Not just yet, at least.
    Previous chapter: Nikki takes Cherry out for food as he still doesn’t trust her to leave on her own. He openly tells her that there’s been a lot of sexual tension between them and that he’d be more than happy to ‘fuck it out and see what happens’

    That Friday, I woke up with a rush of adrenaline in my veins: Beth, my best friend—who I hadn’t seen in over three months—was coming to the gig!

    Then, my excitment was replaced by a wave of anxiety when I remembered her crush on Vince. And me not being able to tell her about him being a vampire. Like the rest of them.

    Plus, as Doc had tried to subtly warn me—and by ‘subtly’ I meant ‘talking to me about it for half an hour after making sure that nobody was listening’— seeing my best friend was a big test for the band to figure out if they could actually trust me by the end of the tour.


    I buried my face in her bleached blonde hair as soon as she walked into the hotel’s reception and even found myself inhaling her familiar scent.

    I couldn’t bring myself to move my arms from her. Unless that accidental hug to Nikki in that dark bedroom counted—and it didn’t—this was my first time hugging someone other than Tommy since before that dreadful night in my apartment.

    ‘I missed you, Beth,’ I whispered. ‘I missed you so fucking much.’

    ‘Sure,’ she said sarcastically, rolling her big eyes contoured with a heavy black line with wings. ‘While you were enjoying life in New York? I’m surprised you even remember my name.’

    There was no course in New York, Beth. If only you knew what I’ve actually been through over these past few months.

    ‘I still missed you,’ I said instead.

    ‘Missed you too,’ she smiled more sweetly. ‘Especially at the festival. It was really good, this year.’

    I was there! I was there with Nikki. I even saw you but couldn’t come and say hi because it would have ruined my cover.

    ‘Oh my god!’ she started whispering but ended up with a squeaky tone, looking far behind me. ‘They’re here.’

    Yes, they’re here to keep an eye on me.

    ‘Ok, but calm down, yeah?’

    ‘Yes, I know,’ she rolled her eyes again and pursed her lips before quoting something that I had actually told her months ago when she had literally started crying at the thought of Vince existing. ‘They’re just normal human beings. I remember, Cherry.’

    The. Fucking. Irony.

    I reluctantly moved closer to the band, spread across the reception’s seating area. As I introduced her, I felt a strong wave of fear as soon as Nikki moved towards her. Obviously, he smelled it. She couldn’t see it as he was giving her a quick hug, but he arched an eyebrow in my direction and silently spelled the word ‘careful’ with his lips.

    ‘Good to meet you, dude,’ told her Tommy. ‘We heard so much about you.’

    She broke into the same laugh that I had heard tons of female fans make. ‘You’ve heard about me?’

    ‘Yes,’ I muttered. ‘About how much of a crazy fan you are.’

    Judging by Vince’s smug smile—somehow even more confident than usual—I could tell that Tommy had told him about my friend’s crush on him. He kissed her hand and told her that she was even more beautiful than how I had described her. 

    Seriously?! The most obvious and overused pick-up line in the history of bad pick-up lines! But, because it was Vince, it still worked on Beth, whose face was now the same color as her scarlet bandana.

    Then, Mick reminded them about an interview.

    ‘Shall we get lunch together in the meantime, Cherry?’ she asked me.

    I instinctively turned around. While he was probably doing a good enough job of hiding it from Beth, I could still see panic in Nikki’s green eyes.

    But, this time, Tommy was quicker. He placed a hand on the bass player’s shoulder in a reassuring way and told me, ‘Of course. Just come back before our makeup session.’

    I mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ to him and carefully avoided Nikki’s eyes, grabbing Beth’s arm and turning around before he could say anything.

    I was walking out! I was actually walking out without any of them for the first time in over three months.

    ‘Where are you staying?’ I asked Beth once we sat down at the first diner we found.

    She made a dramatic hand gesture. ‘Err, with my horrible best friend who’s been living my dream, duh?’

    If only you knew, Beth. If only you knew.

    ‘Ok, Cherry. Let’s get to the point, though,’ she said. ‘You either lied to me over the phone when I asked you if you had slept with any of them,’ she stated, counting the options on her fingers, ‘or something has happened afterwards.’


    She tilted her head to the side. ‘Nothing would make me more suspicious than a turtleneck.’

    I froze. ‘It’s fall, Beth.’

    ‘Yeah yeah yeah. So, if I were to pull it down,’ she began, moving her index and middle finger towards me on the table as if they were legs, ‘I wouldn’t find any hickeys?’

    No, but you’d find some fucking vampire bites. And then we’d both be dead!

    ‘Ok, ok, fine!’ I said, opting for the lesser of evils and pushing her hand away once she got close to me. ‘I-I sleep with Tommy, sometimes.’

    Her jaw dropped. ‘Holy shit, Cherry. You sleep with Tommy fucking Lee?’

    ‘Yeah, but we’re not romantic, so don’t get any weird ideas.’

    ‘Who cares if it’s romantic or not. Tommy fucking Lee,’ she repeated.

    I rolled my eyes. ‘Yes, that’s his name, Beth.’

    But she was too busy getting the attention of the waiter. ‘You know the mains we just ordered? Could you bring them out around… half an hour after our drinks?’ she asked, batting her eyelids as I hid my face behind both hands. ‘My friend has a lot to tell me before that.’


    With the pass that I had given her proudly on display, Beth had enjoyed the entire gig backstage with me, squeezing my hand or hugging me during pretty much every song.

    I guess the worst was out of the way: she had already met Vince, watched the gig, and now that the last song was about to end, we could have gone back to the hotel. 

    No danger of my friend being bitten and accidentally drained by any of them, after all.

    As I felt an arm on my shoulders and turned around to find Vince between me and her, though, I realized I had spoken too soon. ‘You girls are partying with us tonight, yeah?’

    ‘I-I don’t think—’

    ‘Of course, we are!’ she immediately said.

    When I raised my eyes, I found Nikki’s smug grin and his gaze already on me. ‘Hurry up, then. The limo’s waiting.’

    I shot him an evil look but was forced to follow him, as Beth and Vince were already heading towards the door.

    ‘Are you really testing me like this?’

    ‘Believe it or not, Cherry,’ he said, looking straight ahead, ‘our entire lives don’t revolve around you. We were partying anyway. Vince just may or may not have figured out that your friend has a soft spot for him. Unless you’ve given her a reason to change her mind during your lunch together?’

    I snorted and nodded my head towards them. ‘Do you think she’d let a fucking bloodsucker near her, if I had?’

    He moved a lock of hair behind my ear before whispering into it: ‘Says the one who invites one into her pussy every other night. Get in,’ he then ordered as soon as I parted my lips to insult him, holding the door of the limo for me.

    Once I got in, Tommy—who had already drunk an entire bottle of JD by that point— pulled me onto his lap. ‘Look at that. Cherry finally does us the honor of partying with us again.’

    ‘It’s not like I have a fucking choice, is it?’ I couldn’t help telling him under my breath.

    ‘Come on, princess. Have fun for once,’ he smiled and pulled me into a sloppy kiss.

    I heard clapping and cheering from Beth and Vince’s side, whereas I saw Mick quietly gazing at Nikki out of the corner of my eyes, but I didn’t move them so as not to risk making eye contact with him, too.

    Once we got to a bar, it didn’t take us long to finish two rounds of drinks, so Vince eventually offered to get us a third. ‘Tequila?’

    ‘No tequila for me,’ said Nikki, showing me the hint of a smirk, and I could just tell he was picturing the time Tommy convinced me to let them do body shots on me, ‘unless I get to enjoy it like last time.’

    ‘Then no tequila for you,’ I immediately clarified through gritted teeth.

    Once Vince headed to the bar, Beth sat down next to me and whispered: ‘Cheryl Louise Miller, you left something out earlier.’

    It was never good news whenever she used my full name. ‘What?’

    She showed me a mischievous smile. ‘Are you really gonna play dumb with me after I’ve known you since we were six? Come on. The sexual tension between you and Nikki is unbearable,’ she emphasized. ‘Also, don’t turn around, but he’s looking at you right now, too.’

    Yes, he’s probably checking that I behave and don’t tell you anything I’m not supposed to.

    ‘Forget about it, Beth,’ I shook my head. ‘He’s just been fucking with me lately.’

    ‘Well, he really looks like he’d rather be fucking you. Especially when you and Tommy were kissing in the limo. I mean, talk about looks that kill!’

    I shook my head again at her terrible joke. ‘I want nothing to do with him, so change subjects, Beth. Please.’

    ‘Why? You know I’m a Vince girl, but Nikki Sixx is really fucking hot, too.’

    Because he’s drank my blood countless times.

    ‘Because he’s always been rude to me since I started working for them…’

    Because, due to his stupid mistake, I had to spend almost three months locked in their stupid house, and I’m still not free to go wherever I want.

    ‘… he’s always made my job more difficult than it needs to be…’

    Because he treats girls like disposable tissues. Because it’s pretty fucking messed up that I feel attracted to him. And…

    ‘Because he’s going to mess me up, Beth. End of the story,’ I hissed, crossing my arms.

    She raised both arms to surrender but was quick to forget about the whole thing when Vince came back and sat down next to her, bringing an arm behind her shoulders and pulling her towards him.

    I couldn’t help feeling incredibly tense at the thought of her getting so close to him. I knew he was probably just interested in sex—which was already not a pleasant thought, considering this was my best friend we were talking about—but… what if he ended up smelling her and not being able to resist? What if he decided to feed on her? And, if he did, would he have stopped?

    The risk of my friend becoming one of their ‘casualties’ was making my heart beat much faster than normal, and I could feel my forehead get sweaty.

    Once I met Nikki’s gaze, I just knew that he was smelling my fear again.

    ‘I’m just gonna go to the toilet,’ I said quickly, even though neither Beth nor Vince could have cared less in that moment.

    Before I closed the door, though, I found Nikki behind me. ‘Would you just calm down, Cherry?’ he said quietly.

    Once I let my back fall against the plastic cubicle and sighed, he let some cold water run from the sink and then splashed some on my cheeks and forehead with his hand. ‘Your fear was filling up the entire room.’

    ‘Oh, I’m sorry, Nikki. Did I spoil your vibes with the fact that I’m freakin’ terrified at the thought of my best friend getting close to a…’ I bit my tongue before the v-bomb could escape my lips.

    He dried my face with a rough paper tissue but an unexpected gentleness. ‘She clearly just wants to have sex with him,’ he laughed.

    ‘Yeah, but I don’t know what he wants. What I do know is that you’ve all killed humans before. So, forgive me for stressing over the one bit of family that I have left back home.’

    I pushed the door open and walked back towards our seats, where Mick and Tommy were still busy with some girls.

    I turned around to look for Beth. 

    She wasn’t there.

    Neither was Vince.

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    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nikki’s lil’ smirk pt. 2 ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

    #Nikki Sixx owns my heart
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    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    The Dirt x Reductress / The Onion part 2

    part 1

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    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    🖤 He knows if you've been bad or good , So be good for goodness sake… 🖤

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    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nikki Sixx & Mick Mars 

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    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Album # 110 Motley Crue: The Dirt Soundtrack (2019)

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