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  • staminuptosuccess
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    This is your homework assignment.

    DO IT!!!!!

    #IDK HOW THE FUCK THIS SHOWED UP IN MY RECCOMNEDES #BUT THE ALGORITHIM CLEARLY UNDERSTANDS HOW FUCKED UP MY BRAIN IS #HOLY HELL#NOT MINE#edward richtofen#cod zombies#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#takeo masaki #call of duty zombies #codz#Youtube #😂😂😭 IM SO SORRY FOLLOWERS #PLEASE FORGIVE ME #I’m just stressed out from college #and this is how i cope #mein gott… what have I done?!
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  • wrongside
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The chaotic Russian duo you didn't know you needed; Nikolai Belinski and Vikhor Kuzmin.

    #black ops cold war #vikhor stitch kuzmin #warsaw#cod #black ops zombies #nikolai belinski
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  • jamieaiken919
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago
    #dzvagabond#asks#answers #self ship stuff #self shipping stuff #fox and bun #🦊🐰 #call of duty zombies #cod zombies#codz#edward richtofen#tank dempsey#takeo masaki#nikolai belinski
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  • bitchboyzzz
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Little NiDe ramble that probably won't make sense cause I can't form sentences today

    Ok so I personally feel that this ship started as a bit of a slow burn, but not too slow (They fall in love in Origins cause I said so lol.) Tank probably misinterpreted these feelings as platonic, and was oblivious to Nikolai putting the moves on him. Nikolai probably gets frustrated every now and then but pushes further, determined to win over his American himbo. Eventually Tank realizes his feelings for Nikolai with the help of Richtofen and immediately confesses that night. Nikolai accepts these feelings and they become badass boyfriends, the end.

    If anyone wants to ramble about this with me, feel free to do so.

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  • ultimisdempsey
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    sir ur boobs look heavy can i hold them for u

    #my art#re#cod zombies#nikolai belinski #cant stop drawing this au
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  • freakbag-fish
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    doodles of Tak being polite, and Nik being VERY rude.

    #takeo#takeo masaki#nikolai#nikolai belinski#primus#primus crew#cod zombies #cod bo zombies #zombies #call of duty zombies #nazi zombies #black ops zombies #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #my art#ultimus#ultimus crew#aether#fan art#fandom art#doodle
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  • freakbag-fish
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    my bois 🥺

    sorry that primes is a lot messier and thicker with the lines than ultimus. you can tell Primus was just a first doodle. Usually, when I like a Primus doodle, I end up making an ultimus one over it, which ends up being neater smh. vice versa.

    #nikolai#nikolai belinski#richtofen#Edward richtofen#dempsey#tank dempsey#takeo#takeo masaki#zombies#cod zombies #call of duty zombies #nazi zombies #black ops zombies #call of duty black ops #call of duty black ops zombies #cod bo zombies #primus#primus crew#ultimus#ultimus crew#nazi tw#my art#aether#fan art#fandom art #ill call it complete
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  • bitchboyzzz
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Unknown Horrors Chapter 1

    Warnings: Body horror, Gore, attempted murder,

    Pain. That's what he felt apon waking up. Takeo has been in pain before, but not like this. This pain was new to him. It wasn't your average headache or stomach cramp. No, it felt like something was ripping him apart from the inside, desperate to escape his body. He dared not to scream as to alert his sleeping allies.

    After a few minutes of constant pain, Takeo stood up and looked out the window. It was still night, and judging by the moon's position in the sky it was three in the morning. The fire in the room had long since died, leaving only a faint smell of burnt wood mixing with the scent of water. A harsh wind slapped his body, the cold wind snapped him out of his trance. Looking back at his friends, he took note of their peacefulness. Tank lay comfortably on the chest of Nikolai, who was softly snoring the night away. Now that he was wide awake, Takeo figured he'd look for Richtofen, but he'd just barely taken a step before he finds himself on the floor howling in pain. The noise alerts his friends who rush to his side.

    "Gah! Tak are you ok?!", Tank yells in a tired stupor.

    "Get Edward, please!", Takeo managed to choke out before breaking into a coughing fit.

    Nikolai rushed out of the room, full of worry for his friend. The run to the small shed went on forever, until finally he was able to kick down the door and retrieve Richtofen. When they got back, all that remained was a visibly shaken Tank.

    "Where is he?!", Richtofen exclaimed.

    "I-he....jumped", Tank stuttered trying to calm his nerves.

    "Tank, what happened? Where's Takeo?", Nikolai calmly asked.

    "He attacked me and made a dash for the woods when he heard you. I tried to follow but something in him snapped and he broke my leg.", Tank stuttered.

    "There was something in his eyes, it...it wasn't human. I'm lucky he didn't kill me. Must've regained some humanity last minute.", Tank laid back on the concrete, moaning in pain.

    Richtofen cleaned and bandaged Tank's leg, his eyes widened apon seeing the gashes left behind.

    The sun began to rise a few hours later. Tank began to regain the melanin in his skin, as well as his energy. Nikolai was still quite shocked by what had happened. Just a day ago he and Takeo were laughing and competing to kill the most zombies, and now it seems that his friend has joined them.


    "Awe! So close yet so far Mitchell!", a feminine voice yelled.

    Sara Marie Smith was a short, muscular woman of Mexican descent. Her dark skin glowed from the sweat that had built up on her body. Blood from the undead soiled her rose colored dress, the sleeves had begun to escape the seams of the garment. Her companion Mitchell was a tall, stoic man of Comanche ethnicity. He was lighter compared to Sara, and slimmer too.

    Mitchell playfully groaned as he slid a dollar to the girl. Money was practically useless now, but if you looked hard enough you'd find a vendor selling everything you need to survive. Guns, ammo, Food, anything you wanted, they had. Unfortunately they refuse to trade other material items and they won't accept the new points currency going around either. This often caused conflict between other survivors. Much so that in the city the main cause of death was murder. Luckily out here in the country vendors opened up to points once they saw the advantage in it.

    Mitchell was about to try and shoot another zombie when he heard a faint cry from the woods. His mother always told him that there were evil spirits in the woods that liked to prey on people, and to never follow their cry; however, he decided to go against his own judgment and follow it in hopes that it's either human or will instantly put him out of his misery. Sara noticing her friend leaving trailed close behind.

    "Anyone there?!", he cautiously asked.

    "Over here", a strained voice belonging to a man cried out.

    Walking a little further the pair noticed the voice belonged to an injured Japanese man.

    "We can't just leave him here", Sara whispered apon noticing Mitchell's expression.

    "Yeah, but we can't just bring him with us, sure he looks strong but in his condition he'll be nothing but a liability to us", Mitchell countered.

    "Let's just take him with us, I'm a nurse I'll be able to take care of him", Sara stubbornly replied.

    "Please...", was all Takeo managed to say before passing out once more.

    Mitchell sighed and picked Takeo up. The smaller man let out a soft wince when his body contorted to the new position.


    When Takeo woke up he found himself covered in a blanket with an interesting pattern on it, the blanket was colorful and kept him warm in the ice cold house. The bed he laid on was rather large, and it's mattress was messed up, still it was better than the concrete he'd long grown used too. He tried to get up but it seemed that his body was temporarily paralyzed. Instead of trying to fight for what won't come soon, Takeo relaxed himself and eyed up the bit of the room he could see. It was blank, yet full of life. As well as well put together, maybe the undead hadn't targeted this area. Eventually fatigue caught up to him and Takeo allowed his eyes to close.

    Not long after, Mitchell came into the room holding a foil covered meat pie and a glass of water. Setting the items down, he gently shook Takeo to wake him.

    "I've got dinner for ya, here let me help you up", he mumbled.

    Once he was propped up, Takeo silently stared at the lump of foil on the night stand. Mitchell opened it to reveal the nice, hot fry bread treat.

    "Ever eat a meat pie before?", Mitchell asked wanting to make small talk.

    "No I've only had beans and fruit these past few years, whatever this meat pie is will surely taste good", Takeo whispered, his mouth watering.

    Forgetting that he was stiff, Takeo tried and failed to grab the open foil. Mitchell chuckled and began to feed the Japanese man by hand. Once he was done eating, Mitchell had Takeo wash it down with some water. He sat by Takeo until he fell asleep. At one point Takeo had begun to scream and Mitchell gave him some medicine for it, that only made things worse so he resulted to melatonin for the ailing man.

    The sun had risen a little too soon for Takeo's liking, but he soon noticed he'd regained some strength again and took advantage of it. Going downstairs he caught glance of Mitchell cooking breakfast. Mitchell only nodded in recognition before finishing the meal. Sara came down shortly after and checked up on Takeo.

    "I checked on you last night, it had seemed that your veins had turned black and you were very pale.", she started.

    "Not only that but you were calling out for a man named Edward?", she finished before checking for a fever.

    Looking down at his arms, Takeo noticed that some of veins were infact black, but his skin was clear of any bites. It was unnerving for him, to not know what took hold of his body.

    He didn't have time to ponder any thoughts before Mitchell called them to the kitchen. Breakfast and lunch passed by faster than usual, and Takeo found himself on the porch staring at the sunset. He was about to get up when his body froze and the previous day's events replayed.


    Tank gently rubbed Takeo's back as the man quivered in pain. He'd thrown up some blood earlier and felt like shit in general.

    "Easy there Tak, Nikki is getting Edward right now. Stay awake for me", Tank said trying to stay calm.

    Takeo remained silent save for the occasional groan, and Tank feared his friend would be dead by the time Nikolai got back. Tank was about to comfort Takeo again when a blood curdling shreak startled him. Looking next to him he witnessed Takeo's body morphing, claws replaced his nails, black veins littered the man's body. Takeo begun to tear at his clothes and skin using only his claws, black blood oozing from the wounds. His eye turned a milky white, and his howls panged at Tank's ears. To make matters worse black branches sprung out of Takeo's body, grabbing onto Tank.

    "TAK?!", Tank screamed and backed up from the man.

    Alerted by the noise Takeo turned to face the American. His normal breathing were replaced by growls, and he slowly approached Tank. If it weren't for his life on the line, Tank would've appreciated seeing the flowers blooming on the branches, but for now he had to try and push the man off of him.

    Stomping of feet on cobblestone snapped Takeo out of his trance, his branches retracting back into his body. As a last resort before fully losing it in that moment was to run off. Apparently Tank had the same idea, as he followed close behind. He wasn't able to get far before Takeo screamed once more and threw Tank into the wall.

    "TAK! BUDDY, IT'S ME! DON'T DO THIS!", Tank winced in pain.

    His attempts at calming Takeo were in vain as it only made the samurai angrier.


    Before he could finish the flashback, Sara called out for Takeo to eat dinner. He sat there for a few minutes before eventually coming inside.

    "I need to get out of here."

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    Reblogs are appreciated

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  • bitchboyzzz
    02.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Unknown Horrors

    Genre: Horror

    Characters: Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski, Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Original Characters

    Crew: Primis

    Ship(s): NiDe, TaRi

    Description: An unknown disease makes its way from the Dark Aether and infects Takeo, Richtofen must find a cure before it takes his lover down and drags the group with him.

    It'll mostly stay here since Ao3 is hard for me to manage. Will try to update regularly

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  • primisnikolai
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    Nikolai collection

    #cod zombies#codz#nikolai belinski #call of duty zombies
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  • ultimisdempsey
    01.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    i have an addiction to drawing catboy nikolai

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  • jamieaiken919
    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago

    so question

    has anyone ever gone into the COD mobile files and ripped the Edward, Tank and Nikolai dialogue from the Undead Siege mode? every video I’ve found of people playing has lines cut off and other audio during the gameplay, and I’m curious if anyone has all the full dialogue in a clean format

    #call of duty zombies #cod zombies#codz #call of duty mobile #undead siege#edward richtofen#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#takeo masaki #even tho Takeo wasn’t in undead siege ;-;
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  • ultimisdempsey
    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago

    they (:

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  • ultimisdempsey
    30.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    they live rent free in my head (they r also holding hands)

    #cod zombies#nide#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski#my art #i believe in dogboy dempsey supremacy
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  • ultimisdempsey
    30.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    #cod zombies#my art#tank dempsey#nikolai belinski #theyre all i think about. #IGNORE THE PENCIL SMEARING PLS 🙏🙏
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  • gurlbye-1
    29.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Primis crew:

    Tank: richtofen! Open up!

    Edward: Well, it all started when I was a kid...

    Nikolai : No, he meant-

    Takeo: Let him finish

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  • staminuptosuccess
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Excerpt from an Ultimis fanfiction I’m working on (rough draft):

    Nikolai: Ah, is great! Reminds me of time I broke into my neighbors apartment to make some pancakes. My 2nd wife had to bail me out of jail after hitting my neighbor in the face with hot frying pan.

    Richtofen: Oooh, Nikolai! You naughty devil 😩😘

    Nikolai: I still hate my neighbor. Fuck you, Vadim!

    #edward richtofen#nikolai belinski#ultimis richtofen#ultimis nikolai#ultimis gang#codz #call of duty zombies #cod zombies #Let’s just say the christmas album and Call of the Dead’s easter egg gave me inspiration #i still miss them so much😭😭😭
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  • staminuptosuccess
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Life of Boris youtube channel is just Ultimis Nikolai messing around with a video camera drunk


    Don’t believe me? This is exactly what happened when Nikolai broke into his neighbors apartment before getting caught

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