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  • camille-lachenille
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    The most relatable part in Rule of Wolves is when Nikolai said he wrote bad poetry, sometime in rhymes, about death when he was a teenager. Like, everyone wrote at least a bad poem about death as a teenager, even the king of Ravka.

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  • helniklover97
    05.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Fjerda: Grisha are evils and demoniac, they must be exterminated. All the countries must take me as example.

    Ravka: I do whatever the fuck I want, and look how beautiful is my Second Army, not like your army sad and with no style.

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  • helniklover97
    05.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    After a mission in Fjerda Nina and Matthias come back at the Little Palce with Trassel. Matthias is full of joy and can’t wait to introduce Trassel with their daughter of two months, Nina is a little worried about how the wolf will behave with the child.

    In their room Trassel immediately goes from the baby girl and start smell her, Nina is about to pick her up when the baby grab the nose of the wolf and start caress him, Trassel start wagging his tail, he sit on the floor and start kiss her make her laugh.

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  • hoe-for-nazyalensky
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Zoya: Why are you wearing a tux?

    Nikolai: It's after six. What am I, a farmer?

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  • camille-lachenille
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    The most relatable parts in King of Scars :

    - that moment when Tolya is afraid of being underground so he recites poetry during the whole distance

    - when Nina says she is able to sew but she is too lazy to mend her clothes so she just walk around with holes in her socks.

    - every single time Zoya someone wants to slap, torture or kill Yuri

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  • helniklover97
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Matthias is the type of boyfriend that when he and Nina are in the streets of Ketterdam, and start rain, though Nina is wearing a coat and a cloak, he gives her his own cloak and then he takes her in his arms like a bride for don't get her dirty in puddles. And when they arriving at their home at her amazed look he say “I’m a thief, a traitor, a deserter and an heretic but I’m still a gentlemen”

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  • the-loosest-moose
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #grishaverse#grishaverse spoilers#grishaverse au#zoyalai #zoya x nikolai #nikolai x zoya #zoya nazyalensky#nikolai lantsov#nikolai duology #nikolai duology spoilers #king of scars #king of scars spoilers #rule of wolves #rule of wolves spoilers #textfic#text fic #pictures and prose
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  • helniklover97
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    At the Grand Palace arriving the fjerdan ambassador, and after a king talk with king Nikolai and General Nazyalensky he delivery a letter to Matthias from Brum and the Drüskelle, the letter is full of insults, offences and threats against him, Nina and their daughter. Matthias read the letter, then he gets up, he approaches to the ambassador and towering over him, with a glacial calm say:

    Matthias: said to Brum and to the Drüskelle, that if they only try to hurt my wife and my daughter, there will be no place in the world where they can hide in who I will not find them and I will not make them regret the day they decided to take it out on my family

    The ambassador swallows and moves away.

    Matthias: I think I’m scared him.

    Nikolai: man it would have scared anyone.

    Ivan: I even got scared.

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  • helniklover97
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Not Matthias that when see his little daughter sleep in her crib whit tightening a wolf peluche, start crying thinking that would have been very sweet with her

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  • kolarpem
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Morning Doodle: "To rid himself of the monster, Nikolai had allowed himself to be subjected to extreme heat and cold. He had brought in bewildered Sun Summoners to use their power on him with no discernible result except the sensation that he was being gently roasted from the inside." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 6

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  • helniklover97
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    During a mission on the path there is big and muddy puddle, Matthias takes Nina in his arms like a bride for not get her dirty and take her on the other side.

    Fedyor: mmh mmh.

    Ivan: looks at the sky while pretending not to understand “don’t you think that the weather is great today?”

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  • helniklover97
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    I imagine that when Nina breastfeeding her daughter, Matthias look at them enchanted and totally in love, thinking that this is best show that he has see in his life

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  • lantsovs-emerald
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • kolarpem
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Morning Doodle: "The swath of darkness crawling with monsters had split Ravka in two, until Alina Starkov had destroyed it during the civil war." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 6

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  • helniklover97
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Matthias Helvar at 15 years old: hard work and training is all matters in life, ease and comfort make people lazy and spoiled. Carrying a holy life is the most important thing and the life what I’ve intention to live, no sex before marriage, no alcohol, no sweets and above all no Grisha corruption.

    Matthias Helvar at 21 years old: he’s lying down in a big and comfort bed in the Little Palace, naked cause he’s just finished to make love with Nina, and now they are eating waffle with melted chocolate and there a empty bottle of wine on the floor, “well at the end Grisha corruption is not so bad”.

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  • holden-caulfield
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    A Special Occasion

    main masterlist

    REQUESTED: "Hey holden !! I hope you're having a great day. If you're still writing for the Grishaverse, do you mind writing a nikolai lantsov fic x royalty reader, rivals to lovers [more of the request can be seen by clicking the link]
    SUMMARY: there is a thin line between love and hate and the reader and nikolai are forced to discover just how thin it is.
    WARNINGS: pronouns used are she/her and there are two different povs: nikolai and the reader.
    WORD COUNT: 3048
    A/N: this request>>>>> oh my lord, it was amazing. the moment i read it i was like "woah." thank you very much for entrusting me with this, i hope i delivered :)

    the princess −

    The big day was sadly approaching. The happiest day of your life, or so they said.

    You weren't exactly keen on meeting this new king your parents were so excited to marry you off to.

    They said he was the most powerful man in all of Ravka but Ravka never sounded too appeasing to you. It was a country, just like another, just like yours, and it was never your top priority looking after it.

    There might have been another reason as to why you weren't that interested in meeting king Nikolai Lantsov of Ravka, and that reason was that another certain redhead had been clouding your mind recently.

    You didn't know his name, you knew nothing of him if not what you had seen from a distance: a handsome pirate with a dashing smile and a quick tongue.

    You had seen him in the port, heard him talk to his crew; he was charming and was so different from all the people you knew. He was everything royals weren't, everything you had ever longed for, and the simple knowledge you could have never met him saddened you every day.

    Or couldn't you?

    the king −

    He had finally agreed to a marriage. After the entire triumvirate's continuous allusions to a political marriage − mainly Zoya's since David and Genya didn't care much about it anyway − Nikolai had finally accepted to settle down.

    Settle down. Nikolai didn't like that expression. He had been ready to marry Alina in order to secure his country, that's true, but he knew it wouldn't have been serious. He knew Alina had other things on her mind and he knew he could have been free if he wanted, free to roam the world, but now was different.

    He had to marry someone, a stranger, and he had to make it convincing. He had to lead a country and a family; that meant no more time at sea.

    It had always been a great part of his life, the sea. It was a safe place, away from the court that never seemed to fit him, away from the place he called home but treated him as nothing more than a wayward child who had been given a far too great responsibility.

    He loved the sea and he hated the prospect of giving it all up for a marriage he didn't even want. But maybe he hated even more the prospect of having to give up the only thing that had sparked his interest during those lonely days at court, trying to organize an entire country; a certain captain of a certain ship that seemed to be visiting Ravka quite often.

    A beautiful sight, maybe too much he thought, with a bright smile and a wicked sparkle in her eyes.

    The moment he settled his eyes onto hers, he had decided he had to meet her. It wasn't a want, it was a need.

    He couldn't possibly approach a captain as the king without a plausible reason, but a certain privateer surely could.

    the captain −

    You hated having to set port in Ravka once more, but it was necessary. You had begged your parents to let you travel the sea. And they had agreed, on one condition: the princess couldn't do such low things.

    And the princess wouldn't have.

    You had managed to convince the best healer of your country to tailor you, just enough to hide your identity. The healer couldn't do wonders, but you hoped you would have had the chance of meeting the great Genya Safin, the best tailor to ever live, and you had hoped she would have helped you.

    So you put on your uniform once more, you picked your hat and headed to your trusted healer. It didn't take much, although it prickled your skin a little, and you were on the sea in no time.

    Ravka was already in sight and with it, Genya Safin. You had no idea how you could have met her, but when you would have finally, sadly, been queen of Ravka, you could have had appointments with her with no problem.

    You set foot on the port, as usual, and began your routinely tasks your parents had given you. Boring, but it was better than staying at court waiting for the inevitable moment of the wedding.

    You turned back towards your ship, ready to set sail again.

    "That is my spot, actually."

    You turned around to meet the owner of the voice and almost stumbled back into the water. Luckily your ship was there to give your hands a handhold.

    "I could think about lending it to you in exchange of a name though."

    "I didn't know pirates had reserved spots in royal ports." you answered playfully.

    The person in front of you was the charming pirate, the one that had stole your heart long ago and that threatened not to give it back anytime soon.


    "You don't look like a privateer."

    "You don't look like a Ravkan, why are you here?" he asked again. His tone was playful, he didn't care about the answer. "In my spot, furthermore."

    He added the last sentence with a smirk and you swore your whole body heated up. Never had a man had such an effect on you; you cursed yourself for it.

    "Well, pirate, i have royal matters to attend."

    "Are you royalty?"

    "At the service of it." you quickly lied; you needed to if you wanted to live that life.

    "Then that makes two of us." he said and he took a step further. "But you are still in my spot."

    He glanced at the ship behind your back, then set his wonderful muddy green eyes back on you.

    "And what are you gonna do about it?" you challenged. You prayed to every Saint you knew that he accepted your challenge.

    "You are not paying attention, captain," he said, his voice so low and sweet you couldn't help but let yourself be lost in his words. "Your name and i'll simply forget about it."

    He casually placed his arm on the hull of your ship, leaning against you a little more, his eyes the only thing you could see.

    "Has this ever worked with someone?" you asked, a mischievous grin on your face.

    A twin one appeared on his. "I'm hoping it works on you."

    You slowly released yourself from his hypnotizing gaze, taking hold of one of the ship's ropes.

    "Who knows..."

    You started climbing back on the ship, ready to set sail again and leave your charming pirate − alas, privateer − on ground.

    "You are not going to give me your name, are you?" he almost shouted, following your figure with his eyes as you found your place behind the helm.

    "I'm saving it for a special occasion, pirate."

    He glanced at you once more, "Privateer."

    the king −

    It was here, the day. Not big, not special, just the day in which he would have met his future partner for life.

    The wedding would have been in a week and yet he couldn't find a single spark of excitement in himself.

    He couldn't feel anything. Until he started talking to her.

    The princess wasn't giddy, she wasn't haughty, she was... nothing. She didn't even spare a word for Nikolai, maybe it was better that way. Did he really want to talk to her? Not really.

    He wanted to have nothing to do with her, but sadly he had to.

    "I was thinking we could settle some rules." casually proposed Nikolai over a cup of tea.

    She was sat in front of him, her gaze set on the wide variety of plants of the royal gardens. She didn't even look remotely interested and Nikolai didn't know whether he should have been glad or offended.

    "Rules?" she asked, raising one eyebrow and finally looking at him.

    She was pretty, gorgeous even, but she was nothing more than that. He didn't know her and had no interest in finding out.

    "To make this arrangement go as well as we can." he said nonchalantly, placing his teacup back down on the table. "Unless you want to keep on ignoring me, then we can simply ignore each other forever. Although the people will probably think something is up if a husband and a wife don't even as much as glance in the other's direction once in a while."

    "Oh i'm sorry, is my lack of eye contact bothering you? I'm sure you must not be used to people not watching you."

    Nikolai fought the urge to roll his eyes. This marriage wouldn't have gone as easily as he wished it could have been.

    He found himself thinking back of the mysterious captain: perhaps he found it difficult to accept the princess because he was stuck on her.

    He knew he should have stopped, forgotten her, chosen what was best for his country. But Saints, he had no intention of doing so.

    "You are right, people's eyes usually are on me. Rightfully so."

    "I don't know about that last part, there's not much to look at."

    She had chosen war and Nikolai was happy to bring it to her: it would have kept him busy.

    "Unlike you. The problem is when you open your mouth."

    He had a polite smile on his face. She had an expressionless face, a gaze so cold Nikolai felt shivers down his spine. Then a smirk, and he swore it reminded him of someone.

    "Do you ever know when to shut yours?"

    "Care to teach me? Or haven't you learned yourself yet?"

    She bit her cheek and that seemed to cheer him up a bit.

    She abruptly got up from her chair, her gaze still as cold. "If you'll excuse me, i have to go as far away from you as possible. If i have to murder you, it should be after our marriage."

    And with that she stormed away. Nikolai couldn't believe her: out of the two, he should have been the one to leave. She was the one that had started it after all.

    The time alone however gave him something to think about: whenever he would have been able to meet again with the intriguing captain.

    the princess −

    The next days in Ravka had been a calvary; you avoided the king as much as you could, but it seemed difficult to avoid him in his palace, despite its vastness.

    At breakfast, he simply had to remark your 'peculiar morning appearance'. You would have loved to retort but he looked the same from early morning to deep night: always undoubtedly perfect. Not a hair out of place, not a wrinkle on his clothes and that was infuriating.

    In the afternoon, you always seemed to cross his way and you couldn't restrain yourself from commenting. Something futile, something useless, but you had to comment. Just to annoy him, it always made you feel better; a little revenge for the morning.

    The nights were the worst: you had managed to bargain a room alone, at least until the wedding, but you always found yourself thinking about him.

    How insufferable he could be and how impossible it was to escape from him. The thoughts of the king were usually accompanied by the thoughts of the pirate and how you had no chance with him.

    A princess marrying a pirate? Escaping with him? Silly and totally unacceptable.

    This made your nights sleepless and in the morning you always suffered from it.

    You didn't know how longer you could bear this situation and you couldn't help but think about how it could have only worsened after the wedding, in a few days. You couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe, that wedding shouldn't have happened, that maybe your parents could manage well enough without you.

    the privateer −

    Nikolai had to meet her again. Well, Sturmhond had to.

    He asked Genya to tailor him again. She didn't question him, but she threw him a look, one that said 'maybe you should stop this and start focusing on what really matters'. Good thing Nikolai liked ignoring hidden meanings behind gazes.

    He hadn't discovered her name yet, despite having met her other times already, and every time he saw her he slowly fell deeper and deeper for the captain.

    He didn't know how it was possible to fall for someone he didn't even know the name of, and yet every time he saw her, he felt his heartbeat quicken, his body growing warmer, his smile bigger.

    She was a spell; stronger than the sea, she strayed him further and further away from shore, but maybe he didn't despise being a castaway, lost at sea. As long as he could be lost with her.


    "Pirate." she said with a smile.

    He sat next to her under the moonlight. Their usual place, their usual time, under the stars. He wouldn't have exchanged those moments for anything. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if she were the princess; it would have been easier.

    "I told you, it's privateer."

    "I can never seem to get it in my head, you know?"

    "Maybe a name would be easier to remember." he whispered. He wasn't sure he wanted to say it out loud, he was afraid he would have ruined the magic that reigned over them by revealing his name.

    She would have said no, but what if she said yes? Would he have told her Sturmhond or would he have told her Nikolai?

    "I told you i'm keeping it for a special occasion." she said, smiling broadly.

    Nikolai loved her smile and yet he found himself thinking; it reminded him of something, of someone. It felt so close and so distant.

    "And what is this special occasion?"

    She gazed at the stars, reflecting on her eyes. She never looked more endearing.

    "Run away with me."

    He suddenly came back to reality. "What?"

    "Run away with me. From all of this, from all responsibilities. It could be just us, at sea, we'd be pirates. Real ones."

    She turned to look at him, a look so sweet and so naive. But he couldn't find a good reason not to say yes.

    There were a lot of reasons, more than a lot. It was more difficult finding a good reason to leave everything and escape, and yet it seemed like the only option.

    He could have her, he could have everything and he could leave the rest behind. The triumvirate would have managed without him, wouldn't it? Zoya could be a leader. He could have been a pirate, nothing more for once, and he could have been it with her captain.

    "I know it sounds stupid but think about it. What do we really have here?"

    He leaned in, just enough to brush his lips with hers. "Nothing, everything i need is with you."

    He kissed her feverishly and yet passionately, he kissed her because he wanted to seal the promise he was going to make to her. He wouldn't have looked back.

    "When do we leave?"

    "Tomorrow, the king's wedding. I don't think they'll miss us."

    She smiled, he got lost in her eyes again.

    "I don't think so either."

    the princess −

    You had done it, and there was no turning back. You had asked your beloved privateer to run away with you. It was foolish but you didn't care.

    You thought of your parents: yours was a powerful country, they wouldn't have been too destroyed by the missed arrangement. You could have met them some other time, they would have eventually understood.

    You thought of Nikolai: he wouldn't have understood. His country needed that marriage, he needed an ally, but were you his only possibility? There were probably hundreds of princesses ready to throw themselves at his feet; he could manage.

    You ran through the corridors, giddy as a child who had just kissed her crush. It felt like a dream and waking up wasn't in your plans.

    You woke up the next morning with resolve written all over your face. After having quickly dressed up with the first thing you found, you ran down the corridors to meet Genya.

    You should have been getting ready for the wedding: your dress had already been picked out, everyone was ready. Everyone but you.

    You arrived breathlessly in front of Genya's room, but you weren't the only one.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "What are you doing here?" you replied, panting hard.

    Nikolai looked at you confused. "I have to speak to Genya."

    "Well, me too, and it's rather important."

    "You'll have to wait then."

    "You will have to wait then." you kept on retorting, trying to impose yourself.

    "Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

    "I could ask you the same thing."

    He remained silent, chest heaving, and you kept on staring at each other. No one dared to make a move, no one dared to speak.

    "Listen," he began, his tone suddenly calmer. He took a step closer to you and lowered his voice, afraid someone could hear. "I know i haven't been exactly nice with you but-"

    "You don't say."

    "But," he repeated, more resolute. "I hope you can find happiness somehow."

    You stared at him, mouth agape. You didn't recognize the words as his. He had never been kind to you and you felt suddenly uneasy.

    "Now, i would love if you could move so that i can speak with Genya."

    You steeled yourself in front the door, placing your hand firmly on the handle to prevent him from entering. "And what if i don't? What are you gonna do about it?"

    His face went blank. His previous condescending attitude was gone, replaced by utter confusion. He glanced at the door to Genya's room then back at you.

    You looked at him in confusion: he really was a puzzle. He had just argued with you, been nice to you and zoned out, all in the span of a minute.

    A smile abruptly spread on his face. You furrowed your brows; it was weird, you had never seen him smile, and yet you felt as if you did. It awfully reminded you of a smile you had seen many times before, but it was impossible.

    He casually leaned himself over you, one hand firmly placed on the door and then, the other found its place on the back of your neck just as his lips found purchase on your own.

    Your first thought was to push him away but then the sparks erupted. You knew this kiss; you loved this kiss.

    You both pulled away and, instead of green, you found hazel eyes looking down at you. The hair was not reddish anymore, it was that perfectly styled blond you hated but couldn't help but admire. The smile, however, was the same, and you asked yourself how it was possible you hadn't recognized it before.

    "So that's why you didn't want to tell me your name, huh?"

    You were still distraught after the revelation: it was so clear, how could you have not seen it? Was it the love you felt for the pirate that prevented you from seeing it? Was it the hate you so desperately wished to feel for the king that clouded your eyes?


    "How did i know it was you? It was my superior intellect of course." he said smugly and in his words you recognized both the prince's snarky attitude and the pirate's playful tone. And you loved it.

    "How did you manage to be the most lovable person i've ever met and the most hateful at the same time?"

    He chuckled lightly. "Duality, princess. Or should i call you captain?"

    "You should call me by my name now that you know it." you said challengingly.

    You wanted to be mad, you wanted to hate Nikolai because that's what you thought you should have done from the beginning. But as his hazel eyes gazed into yours, you saw the green ones you fell in love with and how could you hate such eyes?

    "I want to hear you say it."

    "I'm keeping it for a special occasion, or did you forget?"

    He took your lips in for another kiss. You were kissing the king and you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. "Would our wedding be an occasion special enough?"

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    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay, everybody stay calm, it’s happening, everybody stay fucking calm.

    Credit photo to the owner

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  • helniklover97
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    I adore the fact that at the Little Palace Matthias has find in Botkin a real father figure, and they start together to training the young Grishas. And that he is enter in the Nikolai most trusted men and he find a new family among them and among the Grisha.

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    Morning Doodle: “ 'The monster is getting stronger.' There, now. He’d said it. Not a bit of waver to his voice, not even the barest note of worry, though he wanted to choke on the words." Leigh Bardugo's King of Scars CH 6

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