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  • books-and-draws-eclectic
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Wylan: Is there no way we can get rid of him? *glares at Kuwei*

    Inej/Nina, sighing: Not without cause, Wylan.

    Wylan: I have cause, it is because I HATE him.

    Kuwei: *keeps grinning at Jesper*

    Jesper: *looks at Wylan nervously and inches closer to him*

    #wylan van eck #jesper fahey #kuwei yul bo #inej ghafa#nina zenik#wesper #six of crows #crooked kingdom #crooked kingdom scenes
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  • justdaphne
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Trying my best x Kaz Brekker

    Trying my best is a song by Anson Seabra

    SoC duology spoilers

    I know you think I got it all figured out. ‘Cause I walk around like my head's in the clouds. But I'm just a boy with his heart pourin' out of his head

    It’s basically everyone’s pov vs Kaz’s Pov. Everyone’s pov is literally: omg kaz he’ll get us out. He’s the scariest, deadliest bastard of the barrel. And meanwhile most of his pov is : is inej ok? Jordie oml, the harbour, farm, Inej’s freedom, dead bodies, ...

    I wish that you could see the pain that I've seen. All of the times I spent being not me. I hope you know that it's not always happy in my head

    There are times in the duology when Kaz was debating whether to tell Inej what happened to him, what caused him to be like he is now.

    Cause I don't know. The perfect road to go down. But I know. Trying my best. Trying my best to be okay. Trying my best but every day, it's so hard. Holding my breath. Holding my breath 'til I can say. All of the words I want to say from my heart

    Remember there are many times Kaz told himself to keep it together? Like the time during the Ice court heist when he saw the bodies and it reminded him of Jordie. Or even the bathroom scene when he was trying to keep it together while bandaging Inej.

    If you really wanted, I could let you inside. It's been so long and I've got nothing left to hide. Would you believe me if I told you that I've got flaws? Now it's time to let the curtains unfold. And tell all the stories that I didn't want told. I let it out so I unburden my soul, I won't stop

    Back to the bathroom scene when Inej asked him what happened. Tell her everything. He did, with rage. but it is an improvement. He definitely felt more relieved I bet.

    *the rest of the song is a repetition*

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  • inejghafa17
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Inej: If you found out you only had one day left to live, what would you do with it?

    Jesper: Say goodbye and mend my relationships.

    Nina: Something illegal.

    Wylan: Accept my fate.

    Kaz: I would message ten people saying that if they don't forward the message to 10 other people, I would die tomorrow.

    Inej: Wait, what?

    Jesper: That's awesome, can I change my answer?

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  • revvs-trash
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    matthias isn't dead. he was never shot. it's all a part of kaz's scheme to get the drüskelle off of his back so he and nina can start over and live peacefully in ravka.

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  • crows-and-gray-morality
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nina and Matthias

    Nina: “They call me Princess Ilse of Engelsberg.”

    Matthias: “There is no Princess of Engelsberg, it’s a fishing town.”

    Nina shrugged.

    Their conversations are sometimes so deep and romantic and emotional and so full of pain but sometimes … Nina is Princess Ilse of Engelsberg 🤷‍♀️

    Is it sitcom? Is it a book about 6 traumatized teenage criminals? Is it a love story between a man who grew up in a hate group and a girl who was the object of hate? Is it all of the above? Yes … Yes, it is.

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  • greeeesha
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Nikolai the idiot

    I can’t wait for the ‘‘Nikolai lantsov being a crackhead’’ for 5 minutes and 34 seconds straight compilations when season two comes out

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  • thedelusionreaderbitch
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #nina zenik imagine #six of crows #kaz brekker #shadow and bone #grishaverse #nina zenik x reader #kaz brekker x reader
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  • thedelusionreaderbitch
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Romantic! Nina Zenik/Platonic! Kax Brekker x Brekker! fem! Reader - One's Path

    A/n: Hey ya'll I did it! I answered a request! That wasn't at the bottom of my list... Well that sucks! Also this wasn't really proof-read because I'm tired so I'm sorry about that!

    Warnings: Hints at suicide, reader prolly had anxiety and social anxiety, death, I think that's it? You have been warned!

    Request: Can you do a nina zenik x fem! Reader who's Kaz's sister and just a lot of angst in genral plzz??? I love ur writing btw!

    I do not own shadow and bone/six of crows or it's characters! I also do not own this gif!

    "You know I love sunsets as much as you do- but don't you think this is a bit excessive?"

    You turn around to face her with a small smile on your face, the sun framed Nina's body making her look like an angel. Even if she was anything but that. A saint maybe, but not an angel.

    "Sunsets are the only thing that isn't covered up by the Ketterdam smog, I don't know if I would have survived this far without them." Your voice quietly trails off near the end of your sentence.

    The weight of your words dawn on Nina and she quickly takes your hand in hers squeezing it in hope that it's reassuring you. Somehow.

    "We'll get out of here, I promise."

    You look over at her with tears glistening in your eyes.

    "That's a pretty heavy promise to keep."

    Yet Nina just nods entirely seriously pulling your hands away from hers but then she hooks your pinky finger with hers.

    "I promise. And I'll show you all of Ravka and you'll get to meet the king and queen. Then we'll travel the rest of the world."

    Giggling you lean forward pressing your lips onto hers for a brief kiss before pulling away.

    "I'll hold you to that Zenik."


    "Another bad day?" Your girlfriend walks over to you as you continue to pick at your nails not meeting her eyes.


    "Would going out make it better?"

    You quickly shake your head thinking about all the people who would be there, and there were already tones of people in the slat. Just thinking about going outside was already giving you anxiety - all the people would be looking at you then you would fuck up somehow and they would think that you're a blithering idiot.

    Besides, there were no good sunsets in this part of town today.

    Then, it was as if your whole view on all that changed when your brother walked by.

    You felt your chest tighten up, the palms of your hands started to get clammy, and your breathing was starting to stagger a bit.

    The thing was, you were nothing like your older brother. Kaz was ruthless and would do anything for getting a job done. He was fearless. You wish you could say the same thing about yourself, yet you always thought everything through, again and again. And again... Probably more times than Kaz himself does, wasting a whole lot of time.

    Kaz had changed after Jordie died - you both had. Even so, you hadn't changed in the same way. You had become ridden with worries, thoughts, and voices that weren't always quite your own. Or some days when they were all just your voice those were the worst days.

    While Kaz had become cold and uncaring that was the opposite of what you needed, you needed someone who could be there for you. Perhaps not all the time but even every now and then would be nice. Because that's what family is for right?

    "On second thought maybe that is a good idea."

    You swiftly go to stand up and the world spins for a second making you nearly topple over. You feel Nina's hands grab onto your arms right before you face plant into the wood of the shitty floor of the Slat.

    "Thanks." You mutter as she quickly leads you out of the criminal-ridden building to the outside.

    You could barely think about anything else now. The only thing you could think about was Kaz, yet even if he wasn't there for you he needed you. And you knew you'd probably never leave Ketterdam, not for now at least.

    Looking over to Nina you smile slightly.

    "Have I ever told you what an amazing girlfriend you are?" You breathe out as the both of you start walking randomly, aimlessly.

    A grin spreads across Nina's face as she takes your hands in hers bringing you close.

    "No, but care to show me?"

    Smiling up at her you nod and bring her into a kiss.

    It's full of love along with passion and every now and then you'd bite on her lips gently to tease her.

    Finally, you both pulling away because air is suddenly a necessity. Laughing you look up to her as she engulfs you with her fiery yet soft embrace.


    Shots ran across the city as the enemy gang was getting closer and closer. Too close for comfort.

    "Nina! Now!" Kaz yells at her to use her badass death powers.

    Coming out from behind a building Nina lifts her hands and corpse's previously alive people from not very long ago rise from the ground doing whatever is the corpses witch's bidding.

    The enemy gang yells and screams ring across the alleyways like church bells chiming. But you know they're not all dead not yet.

    Pulling out your gun for its holster you take a breath steadying yourself before jumping into action.

    Shoots rang out from all directions as the Crows kill every rival gang member insight. Their bodies either dropping to the ground unconscious or dead. Most likely the latter.

    The excitement was starting to get to you, you had done jobs before but they had never given this... Rush. The adrenaline was pumping through your veins and you became for the first time in a long time careless.

    That was your mistake.

    A bullet was fired in your direction but you didn't give yourself enough time to dodge it and you could hear your name being pulled from Nina's lips screaming as if she was in pain.

    But the bullet never hit you.

    Being shoved to the side you topple on the ground leg bending in a unnatural way before nearly screaming out in pain. You wince instead and you glance to the side hoping - praying to find some rival gang member shot. Only to find your brother with a bullet to the head.

    Your brother who was cold and uncaring, your brother who did everything calculating with careful steps that didn't take that long, had taken his own life to save yours.

    This time all you do scream, but this time it's in rage.

    You start to fight everyone who's in your way because why did it even matter? All your family is officially dead now and Nina could find someone else better if she really wanted to! There was no point. Not anymore.


    "You look an awful lot like your brother. You even have the leg to prove it."

    You still all your movements and right then is where you very nearly kill the king of Ravka yet you calm yourself listening to a voice in your head that tells you to do that later.

    "I'm here for Nina Zenik, and if you don't tell me where she is then our deal is off."

    Nikolai sighs before launching into a long very fake story about why she wasn't at the little palace, if even she was very much in fact at the little palace.

    Oh, fuck it.

    You throw a knife at his head and it leads in the middle of his right eyeball but if through far enough that it still kills him.

    "Y/n! Seriously did you have to kill the king! I liked him!" A very annoyed female voice echos through out the room.

    "He was annoying me." You say flatly as she walks over to you.

    "You know all this revenge stuff is getting to you - I can tell. Do you really think it's necessary? Don't you think Kaz would want you to just finally be happy?"

    At the mention of your older brother's name you nearly burst into tears for a brief second before building your wall up again. Your brother deserved vengeance, after everything he had gone through only to never obtain it? You owed him that much, at least.

    "Kaz isn't here, though is he?"

    And with those simple words you start walking out of the comprised little palace with Nina in tow and the ghosts of your family haunting your way. Your path for revenge.

    Words 1347


    Shadow and bone taglist: @kaqua @rika90 @thefandomplace @musical-theatre-obsessed-dumbass @gallysonegoodlung @navs-bhat @sumsebien @dontjudgeabookbythecover @brekker-zenik @alohastitch0626

    #nina zenik #six of crows #kaz brekker #shadow and bone #inej ghafa#grishaverse#jesper fahey #wylan van eck #nina zenik x reader #nina zenik imagine #nina zenik supremacy #the crows #kaz brekker x reader #grishaverse x reader #the dregs #okay I'm done now :)
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  • spoopycookie
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Matthias: Did you buy eggs like I asked?

    Nina: Even better!

    Matthias: What the fuck did you-

    Nina: [holding up a chicken] Her name is Fluffy.

    #grishaverse#leigh bardugo #six of crows #crooked kingdom#kaz brekker#jesper fahey#inej ghafa#nina zenik#matthias helvar #wylan van eck #helnik #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone #incorrect six of crows quotes #incorrect quotes
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  • thedelusionreaderbitch
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Kaz Brekker x fem! Reader - His Love

    A/n: So this wasn't a request but I have like little to no motivation to do anything... Sorry

    Warnings: Mentions of the darkling because yes that's now a warning, mentions of being touch starved, mentions of self isolation, I think that's it? You have been warned!

    Summary: Kaz Brekker goes to see his basement lover

    I do not own shadow and bone/Six of Crows or it's characters! I also do not own this gif!

    His damp curls were roughly thrown back up by his gloved hand. His dark eyes flowing through people like water before deciding that they were no threat - or that they were.

    The dark angles of his face didn't help the menacing look he was displaying. Only it darkened the way when he was there as if a trail of darkness that swallowed everyone up who dared to try and get close. Many had tried; all had failed.

    Yet there was a secret that no one knew about not even the silent Wraith knew about. There was a shadow summoner, daughter of the Darkling right underneath the Slat who just so happens to be Kaz Brekker's lover.

    Perhaps you would think that the Bastard didn't love the woman underneath, that he was only using her, but you would be wrong. Oh, so wrong. He loves that girl more then anything. More then life and death itself.

    "Treasure." He whispers into the darkness around him, the only thing illuminating anything was the lantern in his hand. Even that only brightened a very small circle around him as if the light was fighting back against the dark.

    "I'm here." Kaz whips his head around to see his lover was right behind him.

    The beautiful woman places a careful hand on his cheek before kissing it softly once and he shivers in pleasure, nearly dropping the lantern. The dark tendrils swirl around her feet and her wrists as they warp themselves around him every now and then. He had gotten long since used to that.

    He close's his eyes for a fraction of a second thinking about how it took so much time for them to get used to physical contact, with some of the Crows now it was okay but even then it wasn't great.

    Unless it was with her.

    Feeling her skin on his was something he now craved, they were both extremely touch starved so they were almost always touching somehow. Maybe not before, but now was the present and he didn't want to focus on the past.

    Quickly he places an arm around her waist before placing down the lantern. Then he brings her close.

    "Did you miss me Dirtyhands?" Her voice is like silk nothing like his rough rasp that cuts through the air like a blade. Her voice moves and creates music, either a soft melody or a raging symphony.

    He was going to tease her but he stops short when he looks at her eyes and how they look in the light, something he didn't get to see very often.

    "Yes." Finally he breaths out and the summoners playful expression disperses before changing into a low hum.

    "Bad day?"

    He doesn't respond he just turns around so he's facing her, warping both arms around her now then he nuzzles his face into her neck.

    She mumbles meaningless words to herself before taking his hand in hers and leading him to her bed.

    "Love, I know this isn't the best time..." Her voice trails off for a bit and he looks at her whole heartily always listening. He wasn't going to be like other lovers who looked past all her ideas and opinions, Kaz was going to embrace everything. Even her faults as she did his.

    Y/n's voice picks back up again regaining her confidence and as she did the shadows twirled around in the background almost like they were men at sea that were fighting. But it was hard to tell with the little light in the room.

    "But I think I should meet your friends."

    One part of him wants to scream and to keep her all to himself, that part also reminds him that it would be a risk. A big one. Yet the other part of him wants her to be able to control her powers so maybe she would have the courage to leave the basement.

    "On one condition."

    She faces him and she seems other worldly to him. It just doesn't make sense how she can be so beautiful draped in darkness yet covered in sweetness. She was a candy disguised as a drug, addictive and sweet but something you slowly started to depend on.

    "Okay, on two conditions."

    "Name them Brekker, I wanted to cuddle you so hurry up."

    "You have to scare them a bit so they don't spill secrets."

    She rolls her eyes as if saying; 'Wow, you have great friends.' And the shadows seem to agree with her as they roll their inky orbs with her.

    "And you start to work with me."

    She stills for a second before letting out a breath.

    "Are you sure?"

    "No one would dare to touch you love, I should be asking you if you're sure."

    "Yes." She breaths out taking his hand in hers. "I'll do it."

    Words 807


    Shadow and bone taglist: @kaqua @rika90 @thefandomplace @musical-theatre-obsessed-dumbass @gallysonegoodlung @navs-bhat @sumsebien @dontjudgeabookbythecover @brekker-zenik @alohastitch0626

    #kaz x reader #six of crows #kaz brekker #shadow and bone #inej ghafa#grishaverse#jesper fahey #wylan van eck #kaz brekker x reader #nina zenik #kaz x y/n #the crows#soc#crooked kingdom #grishaverse x reader #the grishaverse#sab #shadow and bone netflix #matthias helvar#aleksander morozova
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    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Inej: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail

    Jesper: Oh, no, it's okay!

    Wylan: Well maybe you shouldn't have used your one phone call to prank call the cops

    #jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #kaz and inej #inej ghafa#kaz brekker#kanej#wesper#soc #six of crows #six of crows incorrect quotes #six of crows incorrect #nina zenik#matthias helvar#helnik#grishaverse#the crows #shadow and bone #sab#crooked kingdom#leigh bardugo#ck
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    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Book Characters Who Would Slay the Met Gala:

    Blue Sargent - The Raven Cycle

    Allison Reynolds - All for the game

    Kevin Day - All for the game

    Literally all of the Crows - Six of Crows

    Henry “Monty” Montague - The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

    Genya Safin - Shadow and Bone

    Zoya Nazyalensky - Shadow and Bone

    Nikolai Lanstov - Shadow and Bone

    Evelyn Hugo - The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    Celia St. James - The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    #the raven cycle #trc #the raven boys #blue sargent #all for the game #aftg #the foxhole court #tfc#the foxes#allison reynolds#kevin day #six of crows #soc#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#nina zenik#matthias helvar #wylan van eck #jesper fahey #the gentlemans guide to vice and virtue #tggtvav#henry montague#monty montague #shadow and bone #grishaverse#s&b#genya safin#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov #the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
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  • romantichopelessly
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    absolutely LOSING MY MIND at this stupid beefcake witch hunter and this bisexual waffle-loving witch

    #Helnik fucking owns me #stream shadow and bone episode six right fucking now #im screaming and crying and throwing up #helnik #six of crows #shadow and bone #Matthias helvar#Nina zenik
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  • compluras
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    @pistolslinger​ asked: ‘  hope  made  me  stubborn.  ’ for nina ? !

             a million thoughts burst into her mind. there were so many that there were too many to pick one to form into words. as loud as they were, they were hopelessly quiet. hope was perhaps one of the most dangerous things a person could have. hope, and perhaps even spite, was what carried her through a fjerdan voyage that should have killed her. killed them. hope crushed her in his final moments. clinging to something that was beyond her. that would be beyond her forever. but it was easier to joke, than to acknowledge that heavy grief that weighed so heavily within her. she slaps a smile over her face.   ❛   hope does a lot of things. and i doubt it was only hope that made you stubborn. seems to me you had a predisposition to it.   ❜   an easy wink. 

    #i ??? wow i #anyway#pistolslinger #responded: NINA ZENIK. #& answered !
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    15.10.2021 - 13 hours ago


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  • cynqell
    15.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    jesper: can i bother you for a second?

    kaz: you always bother me but go on.

    #jesper = scared bby #but thats ok bc everyone fears kaz #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#alina starkov#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#the darkling #shadow and bone #sab#freddy carter#amita suman#kit young#danielle galligan#calahan skogman #jessie mei li #jessi mei li #ben barnes
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  • illburnyouontheceiling
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Nina: The more you weigh... The Harder it is to kidnap you! Stay Safe! Eat Waffles!

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  • decafetherealki
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Inej and Kaz’s marriage would be so chaotic.

    Not on purpose. Firstly, they would want a small (VERY small) wedding that's pretty enough for Inej bc she’s the religious one and it’s important to her. Kaz mainly just wants the legal benefits and making Inej happy so as long as it isn't a huge ordeal, whatever.

    But like. It was supposed to be just them and the Crows, but then they get attacked by a rival gang on the day. Inej’s dress is covered with blood. Jesper had to shoot the officiant. Wylan blew up the venue. Kaz, of course, has a backup place and Nina is PISSED that the beautiful meal she had planned is gone.

    More things go wrong. Wylan is kidnapped and held hostage. Inej has to go save him in a full-on Suli wedding getup. Kaz is trying to find someone else to officiate and blackmails someone. Jesper is murdering the people who took his boyfriend. Nina had wanted to bring over Inej’s parents as surprise guests but now she's basically their bodyguard with everything going down.

    No worries! Kaz has ANOTHER backup plan. Wylan comes back still ready to be the ring bearer, damnit (and he didn't lose them while being held hostage!!!). Things finally start moving and Inej is thrilled to see her parents have also joined (and are suitably terrified). The wedding starts out like a damn speedrun except right when they get to the vows everyone realizes Kaz has been stabbed.

    This man is so pissed that they stop the wedding to save his life-

    Inej has to get back to sea soon so they move the wedding onto her ship. It's great. They can double it as a honeymoon where they hunt down slavers or something. Jesper and Wylan ask to be dropped at Colm’s to visit and Nina can take Inej’s parents to Ravka before visiting Os Alta after the wedding. Perfect. They’re all on the ship.

    They realize they left the officiant behind.

    Inej is captain so she can technically marry other people, but not herself. So instead she makes Nina captain for the day.

    The ship is attacked.

    Everyone is fighting and Nina decides to just marry them Pirates of the Carribean style. They finally get married and get rid of all the attackers. Nina returns Inej’s title as captain and for like....an hour there is just silence.

    Inej’s parents very quietly just push a ruined wedding gift towards them and everyone just loses it.

    Wylan and Jesper are furious that their wedding will never top Kaz and Inej’s.

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  • crows-and-gray-morality
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Meet the Dregs:

    (Aka Kaz’ Crew)

    The Dregs are a gang of criminals that operate in the Barrel, the pleasure district of Ketterdam. Their symbol is a crow drinking from an almost empty cup. They commonly say: “No mourners. No funerals.”, meaning good luck. Their leader was Per Haskell until Kaz Brekker overthrew him and took over the gang. They own the 5th Haven and the Crow Club as well as the Silver Six (in Rule of Wolves)

    Known Members

    The Crows (duh.)

    Kaz Brekker (former lieutenant and now leader of the Dregs)

    Inej Ghafa (former member and “spider” of the Dregs now a feared pirate queen.)

    Jesper Fahey (former member and sharpshooter now helps to lead an merchant empire)

    Nina Zenik (former member and heartrender now “corpsewitch” and soon to be Queen of Fjerda)

    Members loyal to Kaz Brekker

    Anika: She has short yellow hair that is shaved on half her head. She has the Dregs' crow-and-cup symbol tattooed on her forearm and dresses in Barrel flash, including striped trousers. She is waiting outside while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. When the Dregs beat Kaz on the stairs, Anika and Keeg yell at them to stop. Anika is the first to take Kaz side when he tells the Dregs that Haskell is no longer a fit leader. Anika blocks the door when Haskell tries to get help from Rollins. She accompanies a wounded Kaz to the rest of the Crows at the Geldrenner Hotel. Anika, disguised as a Dime Lion, kidnaps Wylan and helps to beat him up (on Kaz’ orders) At the end of Crooked Kingdom she is still loyal to Kaz and seems to be one of his most trusted members.

    Pim: He is a bruiser for the gang, so he is fairly large. He has shaggy hair. He is waiting outside while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. When Kaz leaves for the Ice Court heist, he tells Haskell that he will leave Pim in charge. When the Dregs beat up Kaz, Pim looks away. When Per Haskell is instructing Varian to attack Kaz again, he blocks Varian's path. Pim and Anika accompany Kaz after the coup to the Geldrenner Hotel, when he was severely wounded.

    Dirix: He is waiting outside while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. Jesper hands his revolvers to Dirix and threatens to write "forgive me" on his chest in bullet holes if Dirix doesn't take care of them. His weapon of choice is an axe. Dirix was supposed to be part of the crew for ice court heist but he is killed before he can board the schooner. Inej finds his dead body.

    Keeg: He is a bruiser for the gang. Keeg is a stout boy who dresses in Barrel flash, plaid and suspenders. He is waiting outside while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. When the Dregs beat up Kaz on the stairs, he and Anika yell at them to stop. Keeg disguised as a Dime Lion, kidnaps Wylan and helps to beat him up (on Kaz’ orders)

    Rotty: He is part of the crew to Fjerda. Rotty grabs Oomen, after he stabbed Inej, and pulls him on the schooner so Kaz can question him. … and you know … kill Oomen. Specht, Rotty, and the rest of the crew wait on board of the Ferolind for the Crows to return from the Ice Court. He is loyal to Kaz, delivers Information and works for him throughout the events after the heist. Even when the other Dregs turn their back on him. Kaz gives Rotty half of Per Haskell’s share,three million kruge.

    Specht: He is a former member of the Kerch navy and a forger of documents. Specht has a grizzled jaw and tattoos extending halfway up his neck. Kaz makes Specht the captain of the Ferolind on their way to Fjerda. Specht, Rotty, and the rest of the crew wait on board of the Ferolind for the Crows to return from the Ice Court. Specht and Rotty deliver information to/work for Kaz and are loyal to him even after the rest of the Dregs turn their back on him. Specht also participates when they try to find Alys by breaking into Smeets house. Specht keeps him occupied by dealing cards at the club cumulus with Jesper. He also forges many documents for Kaz plans. At Kaz's request, Specht helps Inej hire a crew for her new warship and becomes her first mate. Kaz gives Specht half of Per Haskell’s share, three million kruge.

    Muzzen: He is a bouncer and an enforcer at the Crow Club. Muzzen is tall, with huge shoulders—the same height and build as Matthias. He is waiting outside while Kaz parleys with Geels from the Black Tips. Muzzen is tailored by Nina to look like Matthias and they give him the same wounds and injuries. He is supposed to take Matthias' place in Hellgate for as long as they needed for the ice court heist, because Kaz pais him well. But he is killed by the Drüskelle who come for Matthias.

    … and I think many other members that weren’t named.

    Let’s not talk about Dirty Back-stabbers (aka members loyal to Per Haskell even though they owe Kaz … well, … everything 🤷‍♀️)

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  • neverhaveieverheardkazbrekkersay
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Kaz: The waves will break every chain on me

    Nina: My bones will bleach

    Inej: My flesh will flee

    Matthias: So help my lifeless frame to breathe

    Inej: And God knows, I'm not dying but I breathe now

    Nina: And God knows, it's the only way to heal now

    Wylan: With all the blood I lost with you

    Kaz: It drowns the love I thought I knew

    Kaz: The lost dreams are buried in my sleep for him

    Wylan: And this was the ecstasy of a love forgotten

    Jesper: And I'm thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets

    Inej: And my blood is all I see

    Kaz: As you steal my soul from me

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