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  • thoma-and-lannion-daily
    07.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I specifically love this one because it doesn’t even look like it’s in demizu’s style it looks like a runny-nosed manga reader was like ‘u forgot lani’ and then scribbled him in with a blunt pencil

    #oh the art of drawing tiny characters in the background so low quality it becomes a new kind of art #i want this in museums and for smart art people to go ‘and here we see this incredible piece made by a sleep-deprived manga artist’ #im only kidding im so sorry bury me with all these pictures of my sons #I’m allowed to roast my sons anyway I’m their parent #lannion alone#cuvitidala arc#manga #the promised neverland #yakusoku no neverland #tpn lannion
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  • distortingmirrors
    07.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Send my muse a dream!


    You’re lying on a bed full of nice pretty flowers and the sky is clear with bright sunlight, Birds are tweeting and there’s a slight cool breeze making the flowers on the field to sway slightly, All in all it’s quite peaceful and tranquil for you (Send your muse a dream)

    For a few moments the Mirror Man is confused at his surroundings. He’s out from the mirrors? Able to touch the flowers that he lays in without the tendrils? He doesn’t know but doesn’t question it. 

    Instead he shifts his position to put his hands behind his neck. Gaze staring up at the clear blue sky with sunlight shinning down. Something familiar about this scene pulls at his foggy memories. Something about laying in a empty field away from everyone and everything, only having the company of the clear sky.

    Peaceful and tranquil are quick to come into his head about the scenery. For a few moments he was thinking maybe there’s also tea or coffee around that he could have. It would be perfect to have with this relaxing moment! 

    But then... Why is there this ache in his chest? Why can’t he feel his face? Why is there nothing there?

    The dream is cut short as he startles himself awake. Tendrils moving around to look before some slump to the ground next to him. He doesn’t move for a few moments before disappearing from the mirror. The ache in his chest still lingers.

    #anon#anonymous #[ mirrors shaking mirror man awake ' oh no your not getting a good sleep! >:T ]
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  • genvy
    07.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    why did i take these i look like a lunatic

    #6 hours of sleep 😍 #i ❤️ tumblr for posting these twice for no reason i thought my activity feed was fucking up but they really just posted twice OKAY.
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  • lexiklecksi
    07.05.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    History of my sleeping disorders

    6-year-old me: “dad I'm scared of the monsters under my bed”

    9-year-old-me: “sleeping is easy, but falling asleep is hard”

    12-year-old me: “mum I'm scared to go to bed because falling asleep feels like dying”

    14-year-old me: “I wish to fall asleep and never wake up again”

    17-year-old me: “I've been awake for 72 hours due to my mania”

    20-year-old me: “what even is sleep?”

    22-year-old me: “I've befriended my sleep paralysis demon”

    #oops bit sarcastic in the end #oversharing#sleeping disorder #mental health awareness #2 am thoughts #living with bipolar #sleepless night#no sleep#sleepless#long nights#night owl
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  • harpyboi
    07.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    a michael i drew last night on my phone at like 3:00 am because i couldn't sleep and decided to mess with colors and coloring styles. you can tell i was sleep deprived but i kinda like how funky this looks

    anyway i don't know what you did but he disagrees

    #achievement hunter#michael jones#fahc michael#my art #i should fuck around with colors more often #sleep deprived as i was #i had a lot of fun with this one #this is also kinda a vent but shhh no one needs to know
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  • rightintothepacific
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    my brain is so foggy from stress today that in zoom class I'm catching 1 word in 100

    #and then no idea what the words mean in context #pleas just need sleep and a fucking break #in 5ish weeks i can
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  • eru-lloyd
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    mind go zzzzzz

    #finally done with 3/3 ob gyne paper cases and my brain’s already roasted #cant sleep because my mind is running with ideas #it’s already 1 am here and I still want to draw but my body says no #so yeah im fucking stuck staring at the ceiling #(:#random eru
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  • remolds
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    im so tired of going into the ethan winters tag already jesus
    #it's only been a day since the game was released #are you all alright??? #anyway if you hate ethan then sucks for you #he wins father of the year #and if you woobify any of the villains in this game then dni because i have no time for that #making canon divergence is fine #just make it make sense #anyway im gonna go to sleep i will see you guys tomorrow <3
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  • lcvesickgirls
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    2 exams today 3 exams tomorrow and im finally done<3

    #🗨 #and then i will sleep for like 3 days #no but srsly im so exhausted #i almost passed out yesterday ajssk
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  • inconclusionray
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "...and in one of the lego bins, I found a tiny treasure chest that said "tooth saver." So I, of course, opened it. Because why not reenact the dead dove meme." -- @hereeatthiskitten

    #i don't have to sleep with her you say? #no im gonna #hereeatthiskitten #true conversations between two dorks
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  • cyberangeldust
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    good morning (i say at 12:08 pm)! today will be a busy day :) ish. kinda. i have a wikipedia page to revive, a dude from the gas company to let into my home, and phonecalls from my mother to look out for.

    really wish i could go back to bed -_- i don’t feel nearly enough rested to deal with today. but!! such is life. if i need to, i’ll jus grab a monster or something (and die later on in the evening due to The Jitters)

    #lawrence.txt #my heart got all fucky this one time i drank too much monster in one day #.... on no sleep #with like. nothing else in my system #twas quite the morning #anyway can this fuckin gas dude get here he's making me anxious #i wanna be autistic in PEACE!!!!!!!
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  • eboxafrica
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Malai Recruits Strongman For New Single ‘’No Sleep’’ (Official Video)

    Malai Recruits Strongman For New Single ‘’No Sleep’’ (Official Video)

    Singer Malai is out with a new banger with accompanying visuals titled ‘No Sleep’ Featuring Strongman; directed by Kobbyshots. Stream No Sleeping by Malai featuring Strongman here — https://li.sten.to/Nosleep Artists from Kumerica has been very instrumental in the influx of Drill (Asakaa) genre in the Ghanaian music scene and they seem not to be backing down anytime soon. On “No Sleeping”, Malai…

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  • romanticwriterfrom93
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I’m going for an interview in a few hours! Wish me luck! <3 

    #I'm trying to get another job as a barista #hoping this works #I'll be a part timer but I want to have more stable income so I need the job #I'm still working a sales job and on my books as well #I couldn't pick up a full time job because of that #It was hard for me to sleep last night because of it #I need this to work out #there are like no jobs near where I live
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  • twoface
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    orange is the best colour being a mix of the two other best colours with the happiness of yellow and the passion of red how could it not be

    #i love orange..id say yellow is my favourite colour but i know orange is the best colour #what 25+ hours of no sleep does to a man
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  • pomegrantegf
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i always catch myself thinking "yeah i'm a pretty chill person it takes a lot to make me mad" but then i get tired. or hungry. or stuck in traffic. and i remember that i am literally simmering w/ rage under the surface at all times

    #i have so much repressed anger 😃 so much 😃😃 #i'm running on 4 hours of sleep for a whole day flying/in airports i hope no one irritates me #bc i might comically ignite like jack jack in the incredibles or hades in hercules
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  • smashedpumpkins
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hype house but its jeremy fragrance, jerma, the cock destroyers, lana del rey and all those racist minecraft youtubers that 14 year olds love

    #posts that make no sense bc ur abt to pass out from all ur sleep meds 💖💖❤️💖❤️❤️💖💖💖 peace and love on planet earth 💖💖💖💖💖
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  • frncnluthor97
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I was freaking out for five minutes because I saw a boy in my room. He's standing in the corner, I think he's doing something (m'not sure bcos he's moving) then in just one sec he wasn't there anymore. I swear it's so cold here rn, am i having hallucinations????????

    #creepy #maybe I didn't just get enough sleep last night #but I'm fucking freaking out #the thought of having a ghost here while i did something dirty for like multiple times is just T_T no no that's embarrassing af #srsly I'm freaking out #BUT I SAW HIM I SWEAR
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  • alessia-sunflower28
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Bruce: Why shouldn't you put a toaster in a bathtub full of water?

    Tim who hasn't slept in 72 hours: Because your toast would get soggy.

    Jason and Steph: Yeah.

    #batfam#batfamily #batfamily incorrect quotes #bruce wayne#jason todd#tim drake#stephanie brown #tim go to sleep please #jason and steph have no excuse for being like this #they're just chaotic
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  • summergirl2408
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    If you are anxious about finishing an assignment in time nothing feels better than someone else telling you they haven't even started on it yet

    #i'm writing a lab report rn and it is due tomorrow at noon at the latest #i am really stressed because of it and I'm honestly expecting to get no sleep at all tonight due to finishing it #i just texted a girl i study with and turns out she hasn't even started on the lab report #and not even cause she is lazy but because she still has to finish correcting another lab report #so now i am still very stressed but at least feel somewhat better cause I know I'm not alone #university stuff#university student#university life
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  • taatdragun
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    So I started playing Skyblock with my brother (it's an easy way for us to hang out while I'm up at school) and I have to say. It's very good. People on there are very sweet.

    #people on there are really nice ;n; #I've had like 6 differwnt people give me stuff and run #it's simultaneously funny and very endearing #also like oh no a new hyperfixation in the works #rip to my sleep schedule lol #also not to mention the amount of people that save me when i am being slaughtered by 20 wither skeletons
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