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    So judging from his clothes, I’m guessing Ebalon family was also one of those prestigious families who always produced the next in line for the position of Masters in Elrianode. If Ebalon family was not one of those families who pretty much had a guaranteed spot in the El Masters group (thanks to their lineage/ natural affinity to power of the moon/ influence/ etc.) then Noah, as a young child, would not be wearing clothes that’s showing a clear moon motif. That’s something the family gave him to wear. They also seem pretty well-off, given not only the type of clothing they’re wearing but where they are too. They seem to be in a nice garden, possibly owned by the family? 

    The reason I bring this up is because Noah said his brother became El Master despite everyone showing concern/doubting him. 

    So this naturally narrows down some of the possible things we can assume about Ebalon:

    • The Ebalon we know might not be the eldest son in the family. Maybe he had other contenders just like how Perihart had elder step-brothers who wanted to be the next Master of the Sun.
    • He might’ve been too weak or sickly to become one – this explains his willingness and desire to help people because no one could help him and he wants to be the light to save others (also the power of the moon is the power of healing and rest!!!)

    I mean I really wonder why people thought he wouldn’t be able to become an El Master if he comes from a family that was almost guaranteed a spot, like Solace or Denif.

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  • There was someone I looked up to.
    Someone who never got discouraged in the face any hardship. Someone who emitted as much light as he could so that he can bring light to others. Someone who managed to become a Master all on his own when everyone doubted him.

    …My brother I was so proud of.

    “One does not become a Master simply to be respected by people. Being a Master means you help out others before anyone else. You are too young now, but when you grow a bit older, Noah, I would like you to join me in helping others together.”

    “Do you think there are people who need help from someone like me?”

    “Of course.”

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  • Okay, I’m done. So done with the double standards! I don’t care how likeable your fave character is from TD! If you’re not gonna reprimand them for the bad things they done and blow a gasket about the bad things that your non-fave has done, stop talking! Your pretense is not needed.

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  • Hello!!! Can you hear my voice~!!!

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  • @noah-ollxvander

    Work had gone long that night.  She had planned on arriving back at her flat close to five, but they were now pushing seven and she was just making her way through the from door.  Her eyes were trained on the notes in her hand, skimming through a form one of her employees had filled out during a meeting with a particularly difficult client.  She was going to have to take over on this one when they returned tomorrow, if for no other reason than she would prefer to be the one to tell an elderly wizard to kindly fuck off if need be.  But she needed to familiarize herself with his needs before the their meeting the next day, to see if the relationship could be salvaged before she told him where to shove his attitude.

    Noah was clearly there, she could hear him bustling around as she absentmindedly shuffled inside.  She tossed her purse on the countered, almost to the bottom of the document.  “Smells good,” she muttered, unsure if he was even in the room to hear her.  

    Finally she read the last few words, carefully tucking it into a file folder and back into her bag before looking up and wrinkling her brow at the sight before her.  “What the fuck did you get up to today?”  She snorted, unsure of how to react.  It looked like Christmas had thrown up in her kitchen.

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  • Noah: Sian???

    Noah: Have you seen my son???

    Noah: 165cm, white hair-

    Noah: Clearly gay, but we haven’t had the talk yet.

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  • Oh look, it’s Noah, there, in the pond.
    Shhh. He slumbers.

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  • Oh my happiness is an understatement =)

    A quick test to see how fast I can bust out some cinematics

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  • something is wrong

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  • I have good news and bad news

    Good news: I drew something again

    Bad news: It’s really heavy venting

    but hey at least i drew something right

    (PLEASE tell me if i need to tag more things!! I know how shitty it is to be triggered by incorrect tagging so I really don’t want to do the same!)

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