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  • Im in a band.

    - Noah Centineo x Reader

    - you’re in a band and dating Noah Centineo, that’s it.

    an: This was one of my “I had no internet so I challenged myself to use just images that I previously had on my phone.” Enjoy! 💜🖤

    I forgot to post this yesterday so here it is today! Enjoy!


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    Comédia romântica adolescente bunda mole da Netflix que serve como exercício para entender roteiro escrito “por algoritmo”, sem alma nenhuma.

    Um guilty pleasure meu, um segredinho besta, é gostar muito de comédia romântica.

    O Amor Acontece, a inglesa Love Actually, é um dos filmes que eu mais choro no filme. Só de lembrar já me arrepia.

    Apesar dos pesares, sou um romântico incondicional.

    E por isso eu gosto muito de assistir esses filmes açucarados que por vezes entram na moda, por vezes dão uma diminuída de produção, mas sempre tem…


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  • “If you love somebody, that’s what you do. You try to do everything you can.” - Mr. Kavinsky

    To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

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  • noah centineo movies aren’t movies with noah centineo in them, noah centineo movies are a genre

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  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021)

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    NAME: Gage Aberforth
    DATE OF BIRTH: October 12th, 1904
    PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City, New York
    OCCUPATION: Pianist 
    FACE CLAIM: Noah Centineo


    SPECIES: Vampire


    Trigger Warnings: Attack, Blood, Death, Tortured

    Gage Aberforth was born the first son of two immigrants who had made their way over to America. Wanting to raise their family somewhere that could provide them with opportunities and chances that they never had, his parents settled in New York City. After Gage, the family grew to have three more boys and a girl, giving Gage is first real job, being a big brother. Gage had easily taken on the role of big brother, that protective side of him growing as his siblings grew. Carefully watching over them to make sure that they were alright. He took time to help his parents when it was needed, caring for his siblings, cleaning the house, or doing odd jobs that they requested of him. While he was willing to do anything for his family, it wasn’t long into his childhood that he found something he loved almost as much as them.

    When he wasn’t caring for his brothers and sisters, or in school, Gage was learning to play music. His love for music had started with the piano that took up a big portion of the small living room in their apartment. Without really knowing how to play, his fingers moved against the keys and filled the apartment with music. Was it perfect? No, but it definitely had some potential. His mother had a friend who worked as a music teacher and offered to help teach Gage how to perfect the talent laying within. It took years for him to get confident in what he did, but soon enough he was ready to walk up on a stage and begin to play in front of others. His teacher was able to find him gigs to play out and before he knew it, he was sitting in front of audiences in different venues, and even playing for the woman of his dreams.

    He was still young when it happened. Trying to prove to his parents that he could make it as a musician. Prove that he didn’t need to be married and have a family right away. His parents agreed that he played well, but he needed to be realistic. Gage held too much respect for his family to just take off and ignore how they felt, so he made a deal with them. If he could spend the summer earning enough money, they’d let him go off and live the life of a musician, but if it not, he had to do what they wanted. He spent almost every night in bars and small clubs playing music and entertaining those who decided to show up, only getting bigger gigs every once in a blue moon. During one of his smaller shows, there was a girl that he easily spotted in the crowd. A girl he easily spotted in the crowd, just by the smile that was on her face. It looked like she had been talking to someone, but he honestly didn’t know, nor did he care. She was beautiful and he had to meet her.

    From the moment he spoke to her, he just knew something special was there. Some in the beginning told them it was puppy love, but Gage knew it was more than that. Jane had dreams like his, and they wanted to travel the world together. He wanted to support her in everything she wanted to do, which started an idea they both shared. With his hand holding Jane’s, Gage entered his parent’s apartment with an announcement: Jane and him were going on the road and touring the world. His parents weren’t happy at first, but his mother could tell he had made his decision. So, she kissed him goodbye and wished him the best of luck on his journey. Little did she know, that was going to be one of the last times she heard from her son.

    It was while they were in Paris, one of their favorite cities, that tragedy struck the couple. It was at night and before they could do anything about it, someone had been trying to force Gage to the ground, pulling his wife to the other side of the room. He had fought back, with everything he had, but it wasn’t enough for the weapons that they had. The next few hours were the ones that have haunted Gage for the rest of his life. They were forced to watch as each other was tortured, beaten, forced to drink something that he couldn’t place, and eventually the blood being sucked from their bodies. First, they went after Jane and took out enough that she was severely depleted, but she wasn’t dead. Gage continued to fight, no matter what they did to him. No matter how they hurt him or threatened to kill him, he continued to fight. She was the love of his life and he couldn’t stand seeing her hurt. Some of the group took Jane out of the room and off to somewhere Gage could never find. They turned on him then and did the same thing, except they didn’t take him out of the room, but threw him out of the window in hopes that it would make it look like a suicide and no one would question it.

    The next twenty-four hours had gone by in like a burning flash. Gage woke up somewhere outside of Paris with a note that told him to feed on blood. Confused, he thought it was a prank and tried to go find his wife when he realized how weak he was. It wasn’t long after that he felt the fangs in his mouth and did as he was told in the note. Next, he spent weeks researching what he was supposed to do as a vampire. He learned about everything and found some that were like him. They taught him the best ways to live his life. Once he felt comfortable and knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to try and find his wife. Maybe if he made it out of that situation as vampire, so did she.

    Hundred years later and Gage has gotten good about being the same person he used to be on the outside, and keeping his pain on the inside. The loss of his wife had hit him hard, and knowing he couldn’t go back to his family was harder. Eventually he needed money to keep himself going and found his way getting back into music. He would play for a while in a city before leaving and taking up space in another city. While he was working from city to city, he eventually began his hunt for a daylight ring because if he was going to continue to look for his wife, he needed to be able to do it during all hours of the day. Gage gave himself a deadline of a hundred years. If he hadn’t found her by then, he would have to move on. Let her go, no matter how hard it might be. It took him decades to get his hands on one of those rings, but recently he was able to officially gain one. He has only five more years to find his wife before his deadline, and his next stop was where it all began.

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